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Summer entertaining
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Painting masonry exteriors


Staying safe

around your pool


November 2010 • $5.90


Volume 5, Issue 10
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Take the confusion out of fertilisers and get your garden growing. Limitation of liability: NZ Projects How To
magazine has been produced to provide the basic
56 NO FLIES ON YOU and general information required when undertaking
Swat up on these great tips for kicking the bugs out of your home. home improvement projects around your home. It is
not designed to replace the advice you may require in
certain applications around your home. The contents
Last month you installed it and now we tell you How To keep it looking great. of any article may need to be modified for a particular
62 DESIGN SERIES site and circumstances pertaining to some projects.
Welcome to part one of our designing comfortable homes series. Local bylaws pertaining to certain construction or home

Mix technology with watering timers – perfect for every garden. 4 improvements should always be adhered to and we
advise contacting a suitably qualified tradesperson
when you require expert services or advice.

Complete this plan with all members of your household
gEt yOU
tO gEt tHRU

Name Phone numbers

Name Phone numbers

emerGencY SurViVAl iTemS Ge TAwAY KiTS
Name Phone numbers
Torch with spare batteries or a self-charging Everyone in the house should have a packed
Name Phone numbers torch getaway kit in an easily accessible place which
Name Phone numbers Radio with spare batteries
Torch and radio with spare batteries
Wind and waterproof clothing, sun hats, and
strong outdoor shoes Hearing aids and spare batteries, glasses or
mobility aids
First aid kit and essential medicines
1. If we can’t get home or contact each other we will The Getaway Kits are stored in the Emergency water and easy-to-carry food
Blankets or sleeping bags
meet or leave a message at: rations
Pet supplies
Extra supplies of special dietary items
Name 4. The radio station (inc AM/FM frequency) we will Emergency toilet - toilet paper and large
First aid kit and essential medicines
tune in to for local civil defence information during rubbish bags
Contact details For infants or young children – formula and
an emergency Face and dust masks
food, nappies
Name (back-up)
Check all batteries every 3 months.
Change of clothes (wind/waterproof clothing
Contact details and strong outdoor shoes)
Name (out of town) 5. Friends/neighbours who may need our help or who Toiletries – towel, soap, toothbrush, sanitary
can help us items, toilet paper
Contact details
Name FooD AnD wATer For 3 DAYS or more Blankets or sleeping bags
Non-perishable food (canned or dried food) Face and dust masks
2. The person responsible for collecting the children Address
from school is: Food, formula and drinks for babies and Pet supplies
Phone small children Important documents:
Name Water (at least 3 litres per person, per day) Identification (birth and marriage
Name for drinking certificates/driver’s licences and
Contact details
Water for washing and cooking passports
3. Emergency Survival Items and Getaway Kit A primus or gas barbeque to cook on Financial ( insurance policies and
Phone mortgage)
Person responsible for checking water and food A can opener
precious family photos
Consider stocking a two-week supply of food
6. On a separate sheet of paper draw a plan of the and water for prolonged emergencies such as a iF we HAVe To eVAcuATe we will:
Items will be checked and replenished on: house showing places to shelter in an earthquake pandemic. Check and replace food and water
or storm, exits and safe assembly areas and where Take our Getaway Kit
every twelve months.
to turn off water, electricity and gas. Turn off electricity and water
(check and replenish at least once a year) How To STore wATer
Turn off gas only if we suspect a leak or if
• Wash bottles thoroughly in hot water. Fill asked to do so by the authorities
each bottle with tap water until it overflows.
Add five drops of household bleach per litre Take our pets with us
IMPORtAnt PHOnE nUMbERS For Police , Fire or AmbulAnce cAll 111 of water (or half a teaspoon for 10 litres)
Local Police station Water Supplier • Store in a cool dark place and replace the
Medical Centre Gas Supplier water every 12 months

Insurance Company Electrician

Vet/Kennel/Cattery Plumber For more information visit the civil Defence emergency management
of fice at your nearest council or
Electricity Supplier Builder
Council Emergency Helpline
produCed by the ministry of CiVil defenCe and emerGenCy manaGement
Black & Decker Black & Decker

Funny how history goes: a couple of

entrepreneurs in Baltimore, Maryland,
USA in 1910, invest $1,200.00 in a small The iconic Black and Decker hexagon logo
machine shop and, through the course of – which represents a nut – was unveiled in
1912 not long after the company began.
100 years of innovation and hard work
they help win a war, explore the moon and
create an icon known the world over.

This is the story of S. Duncan Black and Alonzo G.

Decker, whose entrepreneurial spirit gave rise to
the most recognisable
DIY brand in
the world. Black
and Decker are
a company and a
brand synonymous
with innovation; its
timeline reads like an
almanac of historical firsts and the legacy
Black and Decker have left behind continues to

Portable hand tools of the kind we use today were

merely the stuff of fantasy in the early 1900s. Those
dreams first became a reality in 1916 when Black and
Decker filed for a patent on a half-inch portable electric
drill with a pistol grip and trigger switch. Cumbersome
by today’s standards, this innovation represented a
world first and a turning point in the history of what
was possible in the tool industry.

The company’s penchant for innovation didn’t stop at

product development, it extended into the way business
was done. Black and Decker hosted clinics in 1925 to
help distributors understand the relatively new concept
of DIY and further educated them by showing how
to demonstrate Black and Decker products to their
customers. Educating those who were to sell their
products was key to their success. Two converted Pierce-
Arrow buses even toured the USA offering product
demonstrations to salesmen and plant operators. A six-
by Shaun Evans
passenger Travel Air Monoplane later superseded the

Black and Decker also took the innovative step of

harnessing mass media to get the DIY message out to
consumers, while promoting the unique pistol grip and
trigger switch of the electric drill to an eagerly awaiting

4 5
Black & Decker

began with the launch of drills and accessories designed

to fulfil this glaringly obvious market need. The “Home
At the same time the patent for the electric
Utility” line of drills and accessories was born and so
drill was filed, Black and Decker patented a
was the ability for homeowners everywhere to take up
portable air compressor; a useful product when
the DIY challenge.
tyres weighed 45 kilograms and gas stations
had no free air. Chronologically, following on from the 1946 DIY 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of Black & Decker
being incorporated globally
revolution, Black and Decker released the first jigsaw
and finishing sander in 1953, the first hedge trimmer
Up until the outbreak of the Second Word War, Black and and lawn edger in 1957 and the first cordless outdoor
hedge trimmer in 1962, thus fuelling the desires of DIY
Decker’s expansion continued with the establishment of
manufacturing plants in Canada, the UK and Australia, enthusiasts across the globe.
as well as the release of their first ‘consumer product‘
The expertise and innovative reputation of Black and
the Cinderella washing machine. When war broke out,
Decker took the company to new heights in 1961 when
their machines were put to work making fuses, gun
the first cordless drill powered by nickel-cadmium
shells and ordnance for the Allies. Their efforts were
cells was released. This was followed in 1963 with the Ever since Black & Decker led our rst
notable and their proud service earned them not one but patent for a portable electric drill n 1916,
development of a cordless, minimum torque space tool
four Army-Navy “E” awards for excellence in wartime we’ve been one of the world’s great
for the NASA astronauts to use in zero gravity on project
production. innovators in power tools for home users.
Gemini. In 1971 the team at NASA called on Black and From our revolutionary trigger switch to
Revolution takes many forms and in 1946 Black and Decker again, this time to build a power head for the features that save time and effort, our power
Decker learnt of factory workers taking portable drills Apollo Lunar Surface Drill, which was used to remove tools are continually evolving to make the
home to use for small jobs around the house – sound core samples from the surface of the moon on Apollo 15, job easier and your results better.
familiar? The start of the worldwide DIY revolution 16 and 17 missions.
g e t

Since Black & Decker brought the rst
lawn e edgers and hedge trimmers to
consumers back in the 50’s, our products
have become
be synonymous with summer.
Now This is ev
evident with the term Whipper
Snipper™ being used for Line trimmers which
is owned by Black & Decker.

One name says it all: DUSTBUSTER®.
It’s a household word that symbolizes how
Black & Decker continually pushes the home
cleaning envelope with smaller, lighter and
better performing products. Black & Decker
Dustbusters have been around since 1979
Black and Decker helped to successfully remove and are constantly improving and providing
core samples from the moon surface during consumers with better cleaning solutions for
NASA’s Apollo missions. around the home. Freecall 0800 339 258

Black & Decker Black & Decker

Iconic companies tend to produce iconic products and you can be assured that not only are you working with
Black and Decker gave the world the Dustbuster in 1979.
This revolutionary product introduced a completely new
the best in the business but that the company will
continue to look for new ways to improve your DIY
Happy Birthday
concept in household cleaning products and helped to experience, including new tools, innovative technologies Black and Decker –
expand Black and Decker’s scope from the workbench to and exciting battery advancements.
here’s to making
the kitchen bench and beyond.
history in the future!
Black and Decker entered the history books again in
1984 when they became the official supplier of power
tools and accessories to the delicate refurbishment of
the Statue of Liberty near New York’s Ellis Island.

In 1985 the company released the Piranha carbide tooth,

circular saw blade, followed in 1988 with the Univolt
charging system, capable of charging a multitude of
power tool battery packs.

Back in 1960 Black and Decker acquired DeWalt

Incorporated, then a respected manufacturer of radial
arm saws and other stationary equipment. By 1992
DeWalt, under Black and Decker guidance, became the
successful platform for high-performance industrial
tools in the professional marketplace that we know

Innovation continues at Black and Decker and the

distinctive orange and black design launched in 2001
continues to promote consumer confidence. With 100
years of knowledge and experience in the DIY market, Dulux Hauraki Gulf
The cosmopolitian shades of the Hauraki Gulf

Paint walls with

a mouse-click at

The new Dulux website is the home of painting inspiration

and advice. With our easy to use online tools, you can plan
a painting project and see it through with perfect results.

Visit and bring your decorating dreams to life.

Adhesives Adhesives

Selecting the wrong glue for your project or repair job can often lead to it
falling apart or, in a worst case scenario, cause irreversible damage to what
you were trying to fix in the first place. With a myriad of glues and adhesives

available at Mitre 10, the trick is in matching the correct glue to your project.
This can be a daunting prospect with so many options to choose from.

No matter what type of glue you need, you must ensure it’s fit for purpose
and that the materials you are bonding are prepared in accordance with the

Check the manufacturer’s details to ensure the adhesive you plan to use
is appropriate for the materials you want to work on and the environment
you are working in. For example, water-soluble glues and adhesives are not
suitable for situations where they are likely to get wet on a regular basis.
by Scott Wilson
Preparation of the surface you are working, before applying the adhesive,
So you thought that glue was glue and that if is extremely important. In most cases, this will mean it needs to be dry and

it’s sticky, it would stick, right? Think again! free of dust and dirt. Some surfaces may need to have paint removed or the
substrate exposed before applying the glue. Good preparation will help you
achieve maximum adhesion.

In order to make your job easier, here’s our How To guide to glues.

PVA or white glue

One of the staples of any standard workshop, PVA glue is used for a wide
range of woodwork projects. Non-toxic and easy to use, most PVA glues come
in handy, squeezable bottles and can be stored for fairly long periods of time.
As the glue doesn’t adhere well to plastic, it’s fairly simple to clean the nozzle
out prior to use, rather than finding it all blocked up and impossible to use.

These glues are water-soluble and can be removed when wet with damp rag,
making cleaning up excess glue an easy job. If you are staining or lacquering
your project, however, sand the PVA surface thoroughly before applying
stain, as the glue will show up as a white blemish under the surface.

A good example of this glue is Selleys Aquadhere Interior glue but there are
other options that offer slightly advanced performance. For a stronger bond
and water resistance, use Selleys Aquadhere Exterior in the same way as the
interior product. Durabond is even more durable, featuring great resistance
to acids, chemicals and water (although it is not suited to permanent water

10 11
Adhesives Adhesives

Typically used by tradespeople for construction work

such as fixing wall linings or flooring, these adhesives
Cutting a large hole in the nozzle to create a
can also be used around the home as they are extremely
large bead of glue will often lead to a mess
versatile and offer high durability.
when the glue is being applied. It’s always
better to cut a slightly smaller hole in the nozzle Construction adhesives are supplied in tubes with a
and apply more beads of glue. nozzle at one end and need to be fitted to a caulking gun
for use. The size of the hole in the nozzle dictates the
size of the bead of glue. When you have finished with a
tube of construction adhesive, it pays to seal or plug the
tip of the nozzle to prevent it hardening; try using an

Construction adhesives appropriately sized nail.

Construction adhesives can be broken down into two basic types: Instant glues
Solvent-based adhesives use a solvent within the mixture to make the glue These are terrific for those ‘fix-it-now’ emergencies that
easy to work with. As the solvent evaporates, the glue dries. Examples crop up around the house from time-to-time.
include Selleys Liquid Nails High Strength, Clear and Press ‘n’ Go and Sika’s
If you’ve broken a family heirloom, such as an old plate
Nailbond PB, SB and Premium construction adhesives as well as ADOS
or vase, and the pieces are big enough to put it back
Nail-It. In addition to the readily available ‘generic’ products, manufacturers
such as GIB® and James Hardie have their own construction adhesives that together, instant glues such as Superglue or one of the particular tasks. They do require a bit of care, as they

are specifically designed for their products. Selleys Quick Fix range will allow you to fix it quick, will also stick your fingers together in an instant.
3MG 6587/0508

provided you take a bit of care.

Water-based adhesives work on a similar principle but use a water base Because they can dry out quickly, keep the tube or

instead of a solvent base. Selleys and Sika produce water-based adhesives The advantages of these instant glues are that they will bottles tightly capped and store them out of the reach of

such as Liquid Nails (Liqud Nails Fast) and Nailbond (Nailbond WB and stick to almost anything and there are specific glues for children to prevent any accidents.

Nailbond FAST). The advantage of water-based glues is that they are easier

Bonds ALL
to clean up and don’t have the odour issues associated with solvent-based
adhesives. There is also quite a drive to move towards products that have

plastics low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) levels, such as water-based adhesives
over solvent-based adhesives, as they are more environmentally friendly and
healthier for those using them.
Easy to apply adhesive zero solvent
Fast bond technology adhesive
Strong technology
Specially formulated adhesive &
Just as fast and just as strong as
primer combination allows the repair
of all plastic items, even those the old solvent-based adhesives,
previously impossible to repair items but without the harmful fumes.
made from Polyethylene and • Fast Bonding
Polypropylene. • High Strength
• Low VOC
(Test Certificate ref. F0909-12)
• Cleaner
• Healthier
• Easier New water-based
plastics Nailbond FAST ®

For more information contact your Selleys Representative

0800 735 539

0800 SIKA NZ

Epoxies Contact adhesives such as ADOS F2 or Selleys Kwik

Grip range, are applied thinly to both surfaces, which
Epoxy glues are designed for very high performance and are then carefully brought together. It really is essential
come in two parts: the resin and the hardener. These that this be done with caution because, once the two
need to be mixed together to create a chemical reaction,
which will allow the glue to cure to create a very durable,
surfaces meet, the bond is almost instantaneous and
they will not be able to be repositioned. However, this WIN with
high-strength bond. does do away with the need to clamp or secure two items
together while the glue is drying.
Epoxies are available in a number of different packages
from separate tubes or tubs, right through to dual- Both Selleys and ADOS offer contact adhesives in
syringe cartridges that dispense resin and hardener a useful spray can option, which is very handy for
– 5 prize packs to be won valued at over $200 each
in the required quantities. Selleys Araldite range even applying the thin layer of adhesive needed to create an
comes in ‘singles’ packs that only need to be mixed even bond. They are also ideal when working with really
together before use. thin materials such as paper or fabric. However, it does kiwicare are experts in DIY pest control and
pay to lay down a suitable backing sheet before spraying
Drying times for these glues can range from just a few
to avoid any overspray.
garden care. our products are proudly made
minutes through to an hour or more. Once the resin and
by kiwis for New Zealand homes and gardens.
hardener have been mixed, you only have a limited time
to use the glue before it starts to cure. To avoid wastage, Hot glue Whether you want to rid your home of ants
mix the adhesive in small quantities so you can make Perfect for use in crafts and extremely handy where or help your roses bloom, there is a
the most use of them before they start to cure, rather temporary bonds are needed to hold items together for a
than mixing a large amount and having it cure before
kiwicare product for you.
short period of time.
you are finished.
The adhesive itself comes in sticks or cylinders that are
Because they require mixing, they can be a bit messy to Each pack coNtaINs:
inserted into an electric gun and then heated until they
use and care must be taken not to inadvertently mix the become liquid and pliable. The glue is then applied by • No Lawnweeds turfclean – Controls a greater range of
caps of the two different products or ‘contaminate’ each
pulling the trigger of the gun. When the glue cools, the lawn weeds than other products on the market, working especially
component with residue from the other. well on established weeds including hydrocotyle and clover while
two surfaces being bonded are fixed together. Because
the thermoplastic glue requires heat to activate it, take not harming your grass.
When cured, epoxy glues provide an extremely rigid
bond and can be tooled (drilled, sanded or machined) in caution when using it, as getting it on your skin can be • No Insects and Disease spectrum – A systemic combination
• No Bugs super – With a professional strength formulation, just
a vey painful experience. fungicide and insecticide for use on a wide variety of tress, roses
the same way as the material it is adhered to. one spray protects your home from crawling and flying bugs for up
and ornamentals that is quick acting, has no leaf burn, and can be
to 6 months.
Fullers offer both the gun and additional sticks of glue applied all year round.
Contact adhesive for sale at Mitre 10. • No Weeds Buster – A broad spectrum systemic herbicide for
• No spiders – Ready to use long lasting surface spray will protect
your home from whitetail and other spiders for up to 3 months.
These are great for specific tasks, such as gluing large, the control of annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds
without harming the soil. • No ants Gel Bait – Long lasting gel bait for interior and exterior
thin sheets of material together or applying laminates use that effectively controls ants by poisoning the whole nest.
• organic No caterpillars – The BioGro® certified organic way to
and veneers to backing substrates. • No Bugs Bug Bomb – For a quick knockdown of insects such
keep your veggie patch free of caterpillars and with no withholding
period you don’t have to wait before eating your crop. as, adult Borer beetles, Silverfish, Fleas and Flies.

• No Rats & Mice Bait Blocks – Get rid of rats and mice or leave • A great 5L Hill’s pressure sprayer
in place to control rats or mice that find their way into your home
before they become a problem.
• No Insects Lawngard prills – Controls lawn and soil dwelling For more information on how to control pests in your home or
insects such as ants, grass grubs, porina caterpillars, cluster flies, garden visit
carrot rust fly, wire worms, earwigs and slaters.

How to enter tHe draw CONDITIONS OF ENTRY

Go online to and click on ‘Promos’ to submit your You may enter only once. There are 5 prize packs
entry or send your name, physical address, daytime phone number and as outlined. The prizes are non-refundable, non-
email address on the back of an envelope to: transferable or redeemable for cash. The winners
will be notified by phone or email by 31 January.
Projects HOW TO – Kiwicare Competition, PO Box 34-974, Birkenhead, Employees of MMS Publishing and their immediate
Auckland 0746 before Friday December 31 2010. families and agencies are not eligible to enter. All
entrants with a valid email address will be notified
You must include the missing words in this phrase: of the winners of this competition. Prices quoted in
this promotion were accurate recommended retail
KIWICARE: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ IN DIY _ _ _ _ CONTROL AND GARDEN CARE prices at time of publication.

14 15
Painting Painting

If you are painting over bricks or block work,

remember that they are porous and will require
a sealer to be applied before painting with a
low gloss level paint.

Last month we looked at painting the exterior of your weatherboard

home and with the sun shining, the opportunities to add value to
your home are only a couple of coats of paint away.

Weatherboard homes have a unique set of rules, as ready, masking tape for the windows and methylated

Masonry wall
do masonry homes. Masonry includes brick, fibrolite, spirits to remove acrylic-based paint splatter.
concrete and stucco exteriors. All of these finishes will
New concrete needs to be left to cure for at least 28
wear over time and will require a re-paint to liven up

the look and increase the value of your home. days before attempting to paint. As it dries, new concrete
will push salt and lime to the surface. This is a natural

Preparation process and you can help by wiping away the build up.

Whether you are working with a new or old concrete Once the concrete has cured, use a wire brush to clean
surface will make a big difference in your starting point. the surface then rub the surface down to remove any
Taking time to prepare will always pay off in the quality loose sand or debris. Fill any cracks or holes with an
by Shaun Evans of the finish you achieve. Make sure you have drop sheets exterior filler, sand to a smooth finish and dust off.

16 17

Keep your
place cooler...
Applying an appropriate primer/sealer to the surface will seal it
with a Resene and prevent any further lime leaching.

CoolColour™ Old concrete has very little moisture left in it. The first step in
this case is to water blast the surface to remove any loose paint,
mould and dirt. A reputable paint prep or house wash solution
Ever thought a house or building
will help with this process; most will contain antifungal agents.
would look great painted in a sleek,
dark colour – then had to shelve A primer is required for an old concrete surface. All concrete is
plans for fear of the heat damaging porous and, depending on age, lime can still leach out. Primer also
the substrate or the building
helps bind old, powdery concrete together, which will reduce the
getting unbearably hot in summer?
number of top coats required to finish the job.
Well, forget all that. A Resene
CoolColour™ looks like a normal As with new concrete, you need to ensure all gaps and holes are
colour, but is designed to reflect filled and then sand the surface smooth, once this is complete
more of the sun’s energy keeping remove the dust from the surface.
the paint, substrate and building
cooler, reducing heat related
Correctly filling cracks and holes can differ depending on
Available in a range of exterior
finishes and colours. their size.
• F or cracks under 1mm use a brush-on filler (always
brush across the crack).
• F or cracks over 1mm use Selleys No More Gaps exterior Get the job done in a single day with Forestwood’s new water based decking stain.
or similar. • Low odour stain that applies easily and dries quickly • F or larger holes use a joint tape or approved masonry • Excellent penetration
Get the job done in a ensures
single daylasting
with protection
Forestwood’s new water based decking stain.
filler. • Contains
• Low odour stain that applies easilysuperior
high performance waxes for water
and dries repellence
Use a 35-50 mm broad knife to apply the masonry • Excellent
• Resists mouldpenetration
and fungusensures lasting
and contains UVprotection
filler. Using the right solution will enable you to get the • In 5 litre and 1 litre cans, in five fashionable colours water repellence
• Contains high performance waxes for superior
professional finish you want. • Resists mold and fungus and contains UV protection
For more information go to or see your nearest Wattyl stockist.
• In 5 litre and 1 litre cans, in five fashionable colours
For more information go to or see your Wattyl stockist.

Painting Painting

Pick up your free copy

of the LATEST edition of
Magazine in store...

Tapware Buyers Gui

your kitchen Equipm
the job t for
y want
... get what you reall

Bold Ba throoms
Add the WOW factor

4 Rolle
to your bathroom

r tray
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sleeve oller
Plus 4E  xtens
ion pol
eye with Nat Davis

• The designer’s

for acc
L w water pressure
• Low

• Autoflo - Electronic

4 50-7
5mm b
Efficiency Labelling

about the new Water
+ All you need to know

With MORE products, DULUX® Weathershield® X10

DESIGN TIPS & the latest on
the new Water Efficiency The only house paint guaranteed
Labelling scheme for as long as you live in your house*
s T
op 6 Most reputable paint manufacturers now produce paints that are self-
Rainjet features Nat’
priming. However, using a specific primer does not add to the cost and will
facial spa mode for
a little luxury
at home

New Zealand
reduce the number of coats of paint you will need to apply. For example, using
design is in a

a primer that also seals for your old concrete wall will not only seal and bind
Rainjet Slide Shower
league of
FSLR it’s own
A water efficient shower
doesn’t compromise

the surface, it will reduce the number of coats of paint required from three
on the
quality of your shower.
different functions includin
facial spa mode.

to two.
Waka Swi
vel Spout Sin
k Mixer

Choosing the correct primer for your project will depend on what surface you
NZ designed and
NZ identity in your own
Check out the rest
of the V-Line range
on page 10 are working with. As concrete gets older, the surface becomes more porous
and salt deposits that have built up in the concrete can be difficult to remove;
Nat Davis, Judge
from TV2’s Dreamh
this is where a sealer is the perfect primer.
explains the ins
outs of choosing
V-Line Wall mount bath spout your tapware. Read

Add some sophistication

to your
on below to find
why she has chosen
A similar situation may arise if the surface you are working with has recently
bathroom with the elegant these products as

been plastered. Stopping lime from leaching through waterborne paint

V-line wall mount bath
spout. her top 6.

surfaces requires a specific primer coating.


Primers are the key to attaining a quality finish and should be applied with a
roller before filling of holes and cracks. However, after you have filled these,
it is recommended that you spot prime these areas before painting. Guaranteed for as long as you’re living in your house. We guarantee, as long as Weathershield is applied to your house
in accordance with the instructions for use, Weathershield will not PEEL, FLAKE or BLISTER for as long as you’re living in your house.
Refer to the back of the product label for more details.
To find out more information visit or call us on 0800 800 424



The basics are often overlooked when painting your Use a roller on the flat wall surfaces. After coating about

home. Stirring the paint in the can is the first step, no 1m2, lightly roll across the area with an almost dry roller
matter what surface you are painting. Use a flat paddle
to maintain a wet edge and avoid marks where the paint
stick and stir the paint from the bottom of the can
overlaps. For rough surfaces use a PAL No.4 or No.3
up. Keep going until you are sure all the lumps have
dissolved. roller sleeve. This will help fill any naturally occurring
holes in the block work for a smooth finish. Combine
Always start painting under the eaves; gutters and
this with low-level gloss paint and you can achieve a
fascias first. Next, paint the window frames, window
smooth-looking finish on a previously rough surface.
sills and finally the down pipes. Any paint that is
dripped onto the surface of the wall from these first For all other paint finishes and smoother surfaces, use a
steps will be covered later. PAL No.2 or No.1 roller sleeve.

sprayers If that special someone in your
life is planning some home
I’d like to take out a n one year subscription $49.00

BIll Payers:
renovations this year, then a

– the alternative
subscription to Projects HOW Postal address:
TO is the perfect Christmas gift. Suburb: Town/City:

Postcode: Phone number:

A subscription is a fantastic gift:
• Every month the latest issue full of HOW TO is home
delivered Enclosed is my cheque n made payable to Complete Subscriptions or
The Wagner 115 sprayer is great for practical paint- Spray in smooth back and forth motions, 300mm
• It’s the gift that keeps on giving, right throughout the year charge my card n VISA n Mastercard n AMEX n
ing, featuring a “hopper” into which you can pour away from the surface to help achieve a ‘Goldilocks‘ • HOW TO is full of home renovation inspiration and Total amount to be charged to credit card:
your paint. coverage – not too think and not too thin. practical know-how
Card number: Expiry date:
Protect areas not to be painted with cardboard, • Just $49 for one year (11 issue) subscription
Painting your house this summer can really add Cardholders name:
newspaper and masking tape. Make sure it is not • **SAVE 24%** off the retail price
value to your property and provide a real lift for Signature:
windy on the day you spray, to reduce the amount
the whole family. Be sure to ask for advice at your
of overspray. And, IT’S EASy TO SubSCrIbE:
local Mitre 10 before starting your project; the staff recIPIent:
Phone/Fax: 64 9 575 7870
Start in difficult areas, such as the corners, edges are well trained and are there to help you through Phone: 0800 624 700 Name:
or smaller sections. This will help you find your the process. Safety is always key when reaching Email: enquiries@ Postal address:
rhythm before moving onto larger sections. the higher parts of your home and a good ladder
Suburb: Town/City:
combined with the right extension pole can reduce or, post the form to: Complete subscriptions Limited,
The Wagner Airless 115 has all the manoeuvrability FREEPOST 167004, PO Box 125115, St Heliers, Auckland 1740. Postcode: Phone number:
the risk of falls.
you require and with a 9.5 litres capacity, you’ll
power through your project.
you can suBscrIBe to Projects usIng Message:
your FlyBuys PoInts – simply go to: and type ‘Projects’
Office use - code: December 2010
in the search box to order a 1 year
subscription. Just 230 points.
Pool Safety Pool Safety

The splashing of kids playing in the pool, comes with a lifetime warranty to give you piece of mind

while the adults cook on the barbecue and that your kids are safe. It is also lockable by key.

wait patiently for their turn at cooling off, The magnetic safety latch has a self-closing function
all the while reminding the little ones “don’t with absolutely no resistance to closing and uses ‘closed’
as its default position. The latch needs to be opened
run!”: these are the sounds of summer but
by pulling on a knob at the top the magnetic shaft,
remind us that the joys of owning a pool
approximately 1500mm high out of reach of young kids.
come with a responsibility too.
If you are fencing a pool please follow these NZ Pool
Accidents around the home from slipping and Fence Regulations:

accidental drowning in residential pools are the most
needless of events and with some good products and • Minimum height from ground to top of fence: 1200mm.

prudent planning, they can be minimised or eliminated • Maximum gap between bars or under fence: 100mm.
completely. • Gate must be self closing and self locking.
• Gate latch knob must be positioned min. 1500mm
New Zealand Pool Fence Regulations have been in place
from ground.
for a number of years and have been very successful in
reducing the number of child fatalities from drowning. • Gate(s) must open outwards from pool area.

There’s a wide range of fencing options for pool owners • Check with your local council for other requirements
and, over the years, a market leader has emerged that to make your pool safe.
provides safety for your family alongside quality of
There are many options for securing your pool fence and
gate on display at your local Mitre 10 store. However,
The Magnalatch covers all the safety requirements the success of the magnetic safety latch has to be taken
required by New Zealand Pool Fence Regulations, while into account and is well worth the price, whatever your
going further with quality materials and simple design. budget is. Installation is easy and you can mount the
Made from hi-tech engineered polymers and quality safety latch onto almost any material with the most
stainless steel components, the magnetic safety latch basic tool kit.

Pool safety by Shaun Evans

24 25
Pool Safety




1 x 30KG BAG OF
Please fax, email or post your details and proof
of purchase to us and we will courier your
FREE goods. This offer ends 30th March 2011.
*Conditions apply.
VERY SAFE! Exceeds NZ anti-slip standards

Once you are in the pool area, there is another risk to

450x450mm and 300x300mm, the design combinations
safety and it is why we are always telling our kids not to
are varied.
run. The combination of pool coping edges and hard, wet
surfaces means injury from slipping is a real hazard. In addition to slip resistance, the quality manufacturing
process means these pavers have a low porosity and good
Premier Pavers have come to the rescue with a range
resistance to mould and algae. Although still requiring a
of textured products. The ‘Milano’ range of pavers go as
sealer to complete the job, there is an additional benefit
far as exceeding the New Zealand Slip Co-efficiency (the
in using an anti-slip sealer to further enhance safety.
rating which indicates the amount of force required to
slip in wet and dry conditions) requirements, which are If you are the proud owner of a pool, make sure your
Moss and
only usually required for public spaces. This means that family, friends or even an unknown children wandering EASY CARE! algae resistant
you can achieve the highest available quality of safety through your section, do not become the victim of a
around your pool. preventable tragedy. Talk to the team at Mitre 10 and
put you pool safety plan into practice.
The biggest problem with choosing a surfacing product EASY TO INSTALL! Our laying method will help prevent weeds and ants
has often been the inability to find a material that is
slip resistant, comes with a matching bull nose for the
The best value for money paving in NZ - extremely
pool edge and a matching garden edge paver that would
durable, very safe and very low maintenance.
enable you to coordinate your entire landscaping design.
PaveDirect Ltd -
Paver installer with over 12 years experience and over 300,000m2 of pavers laid!
Premier Pavers has taken care of that with style and
coordination to suit everyone. With sizes ranging from *You receive 1x free 30kg bag of PREMIER-SWEEP-IN-GROUT with each order of $1000 excl gst/freight spent on Premier Pavers. This does not apply
600x600mm, 600x300mm and 600x150mm through to in conjunction with any other offers. This offer ends the 30th March 2011.

Children are only 100% safe around the
pool when supervised by an adult. FOR FREE QUOTES AND ADVICE CALL
0800 22 22 98 YEAR
The name in
See our catalogue for details


Entertaining Entertaining

Oh yes, summer is certainly here and Christmas
is on its way. For most Kiwis, this means outdoor
entertaining: BBQs, lazy weekend lunches and
gatherings of family and friends enjoying the
best weather of the year and the festive season.

centre of attention
However, sitting around on up-turned beer
creates, drinking from mis-matched plastic
tumblers and eating burnt BBQ offerings on
paper plates doesn’t really do a lot for the image,
by Scott Wilson so here’s our summery guide to everything you
need to set up the best outdoor area in your

Outdoor table and chairs

There’s little doubt that the most important items in any
outdoor living and entertaining area are the table and
chairs that will turn the space into something attractive
and practical.

The first decision you need to make is how big it has to

be; whether you plan to use it for you and your significant
other; or whether you plan to regularly invite hoards of
family and friends around to enjoy your hospitality.

The huge range of outdoor furniture at Mitre 10 will

allow you to select a table to suit your needs as well as
the option of individual chairs or benches, like the Fiord
three-piece setting shown.

Made from kwila, this particular version has a table

stretching 1800mm long with two spacious benches of
1600mm, making it comfortable to sit three adults on
each side. If you plan to seat more around your table,
consider the larger setting with a 2300mm long table
and two benches at 2070mm long.

Also in kwila are other options with individual chairs

or circular tables to suit smaller area. If dark timber
isn’t your style, there are other hardwood options, not
to mention aluminium, resin and steel in a range of
different styles.

Plates, cutlery, glassware and

Having a classy outdoor table is one thing, but you can
take your garden party to a whole different level with a
tableware setting that will add both functionality and

28 29
Entertaining Entertaining

Placemats are a great start and will help protect the set is made from 18/10 stainless steel and has a 50-year
surface of the table from spills, hot plates or cooking guarantee.
trays and saucepans.
What would an outdoor New Zealand BBQ be without
This setting of six standard placemats and two larger cool, refreshing drinks to accompany some well-prepared
ones for hot trays comes from the Jason Amaryllis food?
range, which carries a strongly New Zealand design.
New Zealand has some fantastic beers and award-
These look spectacular on the hardwood table surface
winning wines that are great accompaniments to good
and additional designs are available to suit your tastes.
food. Honour these beverages appropriately with stylish
Plates and bowls can also have a huge impact on the glassware as they always seem to taste much better
styling of your table, as well as the practicality of serving when served this way.
your food. The porcelain Classic 16-piece Coupe dinner
set from Jason is available from Mitre 10 and can be According to the experts, the taste of wine can be
used in formal settings indoors as well as the relaxed maximised and improved in the appropriate glasses
environment of an outdoor dinner party. The Classic set and, whether you are having red wine or white, still
also offers matching accessories, such as platters, jugs, or sparkling, Grosvenor has a wine glass to suit your
cup and saucer sets, teapots and sugar bowls. Take your requirements.
time to browse the selections available, as there are
Grosvenor’s Indulge series has both red and white wine
other styles available from the Jason range.
glasses as well as champagne flutes, while water and
When it comes to cutlery, ditch the plastic and go for juice are perfectly suited to the short and long tumblers
something more substantial. Invest in cutlery that from their Refresh series. If something cold, brown and Patio umbrellas Cantilevered umbrellas will need a weight that
really adds style to your table setting. bubbly is more your style, footed pilsner Metro glasses counterbalances the weight of the offset umbrella
Patio umbrellas are ideal if you want something that
are perfect for those refreshing summer ales. and in this case, a three or four-point stand is a good
Disposable cutlery is considerably easier to clean up you can move around your outdoor space. Round
(rinse it and chuck it in the recycling) but a quality Umbrellas umbrellas range in size from 2.7m to 3.3m and the
stainless steel set from Stanley Rogers will handle larger they are, the more shade they create – funny
As much as we love long days in the sun, a spot of shade Umbrella frame and fabric
repeated dishwashing with ease, which still makes that. Take into account how much outdoor space you
provides a welcome retreat in the height of summer and, When it comes to fabric colours and frame textures, you
cleaning up fairly easy. have, as a large patio umbrella can quickly overwhelm
more importantly, can reduce the harmful UV impact of also have a few options.
a small patio. If you’re looking for an umbrella to shade
Stanley Rogers has two styles available, the Albany and the sun.
a long rectangular table to seat eight or more people,
the Baguette, which come in 56-piece stainless steel sets. The umbrella frame is usually constructed from
Adding a patio umbrella to your outdoor table setting a rectangular umbrella option (2.7 x 4.8 metres) will
aluminium or hardwood; the former suiting most
The Albany is made from 18/0 stainless steel and comes will add comfort and shade, making it much more provide stylish cover.
outdoors styles, while a wood frame complements a
with a 25-year quality guarantee, while the Baguette comfortable for those using it. Serious shade seekers should consider a tilting patio tropical or traditional setting.
umbrella, which can be adjusted to provide shade
The most common umbrella colours are black, blue,
regardless of the sun’s position. If you don’t want a table
green and sandstone, so you can take your pick on the
umbrella, consider a cantilevered umbrella pole, which
shade but check that the fabric is ‘UV stabilised’.
is positioned to the side – great for shading a spa pool or
children’s sandpit.
BBQ plus accessories
Mitre10’s Category Manager of Outdoor Furniture, A BBQ isn’t just a welcome accessory; it’s an out-and-
Janet Grosse, says while patio umbrellas can be table out necessity for your outdoor entertaining area if you
or free standing, as a basic rule of thumb, the larger the want to be fully set up this summer.
umbrella, the larger and weightier the base needs to be.
Today’s modern gas BBQs or gas grills are perfect for the
“Base weights vary from 7-25kg and are produced in a
modern family as they are safe and easy to use, simple
variety materials ranging from resin, which you fill with
to clean up and able to cook considerable quantities
water for stability, to concrete, granite, timber and a flat
of food fairly efficiently. In short, they are more of an
sheet of steel.” Choose the base depending on how often
outdoor oven than a typical BBQ.
it will be moved (choose one with handles), whether it
is under a table (a flat base is ideal) or if you have a The Nova 2010 from Gasmate is a great example of
wooden deck you wish to match the base to. what’s on offer.

30 31
Entertaining Entertaining

This LPG-fuelled four-burner gas grill has a double- Fuelled by charcoal in the bottom tray, the Charmate
skinned brushed stainless steel roasting hood, which Smoker & Grill also has a water bowl and two grills,
provides maximum heat retention for whatever you are depending on whether you are grilling, searing or
cooking. smoking your food.

The all-metal cabinet trolley has a powder-coated fascia There are a range of BBQ accessories available that can
and side shelves, while the doors allow for discreet make your food taste better, your clean up easier or the
storage of the LPG cylinder and other accessories. cooking process more simple, including a really great
range of items from Hinton Enterprises.
Enamel flame tamers under the grill improve heat
distribution while reducing cold spots and flare-ups and One of the simplest and most effective is the Barbeque
there are individually controlled stainless steel tubular
Magic non-stick hotplate liner, which is simply laid on
the hotplate before cooking. This means that you can
The cooking surface is made from a grate and a wipe the hotplate liner clean with a paper towel or wash
reversible cast iron hotplate. Whether you are cooking it in hot soapy water once you have finished cooking;
sausages or steak, pork or patties, you should be able to they work with even the stickiest marinated foods.
find the appropriate surface on which to achieve your
Hotplate Magic liners are perfect to cook fish and
perfect culinary result. In addition, it also features a
seafood without worrying about leaving half of the meal
warming rack inside the hood and a flush-mounted high
on the old plate.
output side burner allows for cooking versatility, such
as boiling potatoes or other cooking options. Sunday brunches are relaxed and stress free with the

If charcoal-based cooking is more your style, consider Hotplate Magic liner, as they are perfect to cook bacon,

the Charmate Smoker & Grill; a great little kettle- eggs and even pancakes all with ease. No need to use

type BBQ and smoker that provides a little something any fats or oils in the cooking process, making it a
different with a distinct flavour. very healthy and hygienic way to entertain family and
friends. to lamb or a whole juicy snapper just by adjusting the
sides of the cradle to hold the food.
To aid with simple cooking of items like chicken, pork

Kitchen drawers need some DIY? or ham, a simple adjustable roast cradle as supplied By raising the meat onto the cradle, the meat is cooked
by Hinton Enterprises is an easy and hassle-free way only by the air temperature in BBQ. This eliminates the
to turn your hooded BBQ into an outdoor oven. The overcooking of the bottom of the roast, where it is in
adjustable roast cradle is best used in the centre of the direct contact with the pan. Also by having the meat
BBQ with the outside burners going. The cradle can elevated, excess fat drains into the roasting dish without
cook anything from your Christmas ham or leg of pork the meat sitting and stewing in it.

Quality cutlery, cookware and glassware at DIY prices.

Available at selected Mitre 10 MEGA and Mitre 10 stores.


Aerofast Fastlock
range Tool Storage
The AEROFAST FASTLOCK range of DIY / Handyman tiedowns are New from Stanley Mechanics is a range of professional quality
the most popular tiedown in New Zealand. Made from durable UV Tool Storage products suitable for DIY or workshop environments.
treated Polypropylene webbing, premium rubber handled ratchets Exclusive to Mitre 10, these have a tough and durable painted finish.
and high tensile steel S-Hooks. These 500kg Break Strength Tool Chest’s are available in either 6 drawer or 9 drawer models with
tiedowns are an essential item for any serious home handyman. a variety of drawer sizes to accommodate a wide range of tools and
All AEROFAST products conform to AS/NZS
AS storage needs.
4380:2001 standards. The 7 drawer Roll Cab comes complete with 5” heavy duty castors
Available in: Single – 5m, Tw in
Twin for easy maneuverability, either Chest is compatible with the Roll
Pack – 4m, Triple Pack – 4mm,
4m, Cab so customers can mix & match to suit their needs.
Quad Pack – 4m All models feature heavy gauge steel
Made in New Zealand
d fo
for construction, are fully lockable featuring
New Zealand Condi itio
Conditions. internal drop down lock mechanisms for
added security, all are fully specd with roller
bearing drawer slides to provide ease of use
when opening & closing. Deluxe extruded
aluminum extrusion drawer handles add to
the professional image. Non-slip drawer
liners are included with all models, as is
a top mat for the Roll Cab.

If you don’t have a hooded BBQ, the new Spit Kebab Cookware
box by Steel Fern outdoor cookware will let you use
If you are using the side burner of your BBQ or gas grill
your flat top BBQ to roast a whole chicken or use the
for boiling potatoes or cooking corn, it pays to have high-
simple basket attachment to cook chicken wings or
quality saucepans for the job.
sausages rotisserie style.
With the right saucepans, you can take your food
The Spit Kebab box kit comes with a battery-operated
straight from the BBQ to the table and serve it directly
motor, which means you can independently run the
without being ashamed of the state of your cookware.
spit over a kettle BBQ or even over a wood fired
brazier, making it the perfect camping and holiday Stanley Rogers saucepans are stylish, effective and
accessory. perfect for this role, while stir fries and other foods can
be cooked in one of Wiltshire’s fry pans or woks.
If you want to add some unique smoked flavours
to your BBQ or grilled food, Hinton Enterprise’s Hard-wearing, with a non-stick surface, a stay-
stainless steel smoker box is just the ticket. cool handle and designed for even heat distribution,

To use, simply fire up the BBQ with the filled smoker

Wiltshire’s products will allow you to expand your Projecta
j battery
y chargers
cooking repertoire, changing you from a backyard BBQ
box in position and, when the smoke starts to come Projecta battery chargers
cch provide some of New Zealand’s best options for the home
burner into a charming chef in no time at all. handyman to t the serious professional. Two standout models are recommended
out the hole in the top, add the food you wish to smoke
by Mitre10 0 for the DIY user.
and close the lid. The smoke will only continue for 10
Starting with the basic MC400 4 amp Charger, users will find a simple
-15 minutes by which time the effective smoking will
os effective unit for the home garage. It is a manual charger
have taken place.
protected against overload and reverse polarity connections with a
sshut down mechanism which automatically resets and re-starts.
The smoker box comes with two single-use sachets
of wood smoke pellets in Hickory and Jack Daniels Projecta’s PC400 - a great investment, covers a range of
applications such as smaller batteries found in recreational and
flavours, plus ten refill pack bags of Hickory, Savoury
passenger vehicles, boats, motorcycles, caravans, jet-skis etc.
Herb, Pecan Nut, and Jack Daniels are available. Output can be selected between 1, 2 and 4 amps and its 6
stage charging maximises battery life and performance. This fully
automaticc model with two charging modes (normal and calcium) can be used
on Wet, AGM and GEL batteries with a h
host of features including a battery ‘Rejuvenation’ mode.

Project Project

Retain In last month’s issue of How To magazine, we laid a

new concrete path and installed a gate as the first
part of the improvement to a somewhat untidy
outdoor area along the north side of the house.

and fence Before

As this was an area used for entertaining, an improvement was
necessary and, in part 2 of the job, a small retaining wall, a fence
and some new gardens complete the look.

by Scott Wilson

HAND TOOLS Quality By Design

36 Guaranteed Forever
Project Project

Because the path has been laid on the lower area of the
sloping section, the retaining wall alongside won’t just
create a barrier between the lower level and the upper
level, it will also allow the top space to be levelled out,
making it far more useable and much tidier.

Before any construction takes place, run a string line

along the proposed line of the wall to gauge the position
and the height (Pic 1). It’s important to do this now,
as it will allow you to make any changes before the
physical sections of the work have been undertaken.
It’s much easier to change at this point than it is when
construction is underway.

Once this has been established, mark the positioning of

the posts, then dig or bore holes for these to be concreted
in place (Pic 2). One way of doing this is with a spade
and some hard physical labour, or you could use a post-

1 2 3
hole borer. This may cost a few bucks to hire but the
time it saves is considerable, especially if there are a
number of holes required. What may often take a few
hours with a spade can often be knocked out in less than
half an hour with a borer.

Take care when boring the holes, to make sure they are

DUX 1267
accurately placed along the line and sunk to the correct
depth. This is usually one-third of the height of the
posts at a minimum, but we’ve sunk each of these to

Capture colour.
around 500mm.

Using Drymix “Quick to Set” concrete, each of the posts

With your free Dulux Colours is fixed into place in their holes and checked for plumb
of New Zealand iPhone App and placement to the string line before being left for the
concrete to set (Pic 3).

Each post has also been left 50 mm-100 mm longer than

the expected required length, so they can be trimmed to
height later on.

The face of the retaining wall is being constructed from

H4 treated 200 mm x 50 mm tongue-and-groove timber,
especially designed for this job (Pic 4).

After the posts have been checked for their levels and
everything is straight, the first section of timber is fixed
to the posts using 100 mm galvanized flat-head nails
(Pic 5). The second section is then placed on top, locking
together using the tongue-and-groove system. In some
cases it may need some ‘encouragement’ to fit together
properly but, rather than hammering directly on top
of the tongue (which will damage it), use an off-cut of
the tongue-and-groove timber as a ‘buffer’ on top of the
piece you are trying to move into place.


Of course
you can make it
because GoldenEdge makes it easy with
Easi-Planks, Easi-Panels and Primed HMR Mouldings

5 Easi-Planks
Made from 18mm
GoldenEdge MDF in a range
of convenient lengths and
widths to suit the DIYer.
These come in a range of
thicknesses from 4.75 to
18mm, ideal for all sorts
of projects.
Primed HMR
This range of mouldings are
machine coated with a
premium acrylic undercoat.
When the retaining wall sections are in place, the tops Can be painted or stained.
Sizes In 5.4m lengths.
of the posts can be trimmed to height and a capping
section placed on top of the wall (Pic 6 & 7). In this case, 4.75 and 6mm
Sizes (mm)
1200x600, 1200x900, 1200x1200
a section of 75 mm x 50 mm timber was used – nailed 1800x300, 1800x400, 1800x600 Bevelled Architrave
9, 12 and 18mm
into place using 100 mm galvanized flat head nails.
2400x300, 2400x400, 2400x600 1200x600, 1200x900
When filling behind the wall, consider using a coarse, Bullnose Architrave

porous material along the bottom to allow for appropriate

drainage. Then complete the fill and level it off with a Splayed Architrave

product appropriate to the surroundings (Pic 8).

We used a high-quality garden mix, which was smoothed Colonial Architrave

out with a rake and levelled off ready for planting.

Square Dressed Bevelled Cornice

GoldenEdge Medium Density Fibreboard (MDF) is

the ideal material for a wide range of interior projects.
Whether you are making kitchen joinery, bookcases,
storage cabinets, furniture or toys, you’ll make it
easier with GoldenEdge MDF.

6 7 from your nearest

Mitre 10 or Mitre 10 Mega
CLAUDE 14612

Project Project

It’s important that the first picket is installed perfectly

plumb, so use a level to ensure this is the case before
nailing it into place (Pic 10). Use grooved galvanised
nails to nail the palings in place; these are specially
manufactured for the job. The rest of the palings should
follow suit fairly simply.

It’s your choice whether to butt them hard together or

leave a uniform gap between them but it does pay to
check them at various points as you fix them in place
to ensure they remain plumb (Pic 11).

Also, ensure the top of the palings remain level with

each other as they are fixed in place or trim them off
with a circular saw once the fence is finished.

Now complete, the new fence, gate, path and retaining

wall have totally transformed this area from something
that was previously untidy and dishevelled into an
area that is both attractive and far more practical.

The addition of some selected plants and a coat of

8 9 11
stain to the fence, gate and wall will complete the

The next stage of this project is to complete the fence.

It would have been possible to have completed this

already, shortly after hanging the gate, but leaving it
until now made it much easier to carry the required
items into place for the retaining wall.

As with the first stage of the fence and gate project

(November Issue 2010), two posts need to be concreted
into place after being checked for plumb and placement.
Marking the holes and boring them when using the
posthole borer makes considerable sense, although
some loose material may need to be removed from the
hole before the posts are concreted into place.

When the concrete has cured, horizontal rails are then

nailed in place between the posts (Pic 9). Fix these to
each post using galvanised flat head nails before the
vertical palings are secured in place.

The choice of palings may vary considerably depending

on the style of fence you are putting up. If you have a
pre-made colonial or gothic-styled gate from MLC, you
can purchase matching pickets from Mitre 10, or you can
opt to use rough sawn 150 mm wide pickets to complete
your fence like we have done on this project.

42 43
Checklist Checklist

Homegrown • Fruit trees often produce a very heavy crop on one

branch and the weight will often snap it. Thinning
• As the weather warms up, your soil will start to dry out the fruit will reduce the weight and improve the
out quickly; mulching it is a great way to conserve quality of the remaining fruit.
water and suppress weeds. Pea straw and compost
• Grape vines can also suffer from heavy crops; remove
make great mulches when applied a couple of
any poorly developed or diseased trusses.
centimetres thick.
• Keep the water on your citrus trees; they need plenty
• A
 lways water and fertilise your plants before you
of water for the production of juicy fruit.

• T
 omatoes will be very busy growing. Keep pinching Flower garden –
out the side shoots and watch for heavy trusses of
fruit, as they can break the branches; support these summer care for roses
by tying them to the stake. • Roses will need some protection from the sun and will
benefit from mulching to conserve water. Make sure
• P
 rotect your strawberries and grapes from the birds
you keep the mulch away from the trunk, as disease
by covering them with bird netting.
and bugs will burrow into the soft wood.

• H
 arvest strawberries in the morning when the fruit
• Summer pruning will improve the quality of the
is dry and remove any fruit that has gone mouldy to
autumn flowers and the development of new shoots.
reduce the spread of disease.
New shoots start to form and it is these that need to

• W
 atch for any pests and diseases that can develop at be dealt with.
this time and remove any fruit that shows signs of
• Pruning is best done as the first crop of flowers fades.
pest and disease to stop the spread.
• Cut new shoots that have formed near the top of the
• G
 ive everything a good feed and choose a fertiliser
plant by a third and if they are lower on the branch,
with a low nitrogen rate but higher potash rating (see
cut to the highest point of those shoots.
fertiliser article in this issue).
• Remove fallen leaves from your roses, especially if
• P
 lant peas and dwarf bean seeds for a late crop.
they are diseased; this will help to reduce the risk of
• P
 lant lettuce, parsley and radish seedlings for re-infection.
by Sandy Johnson successive crops.
• Check for pests and disease; if they are caught early,
• S
 ow cabbage, carrot, celery, broccoli and cauliflower it will make their control easier.
seeds now for autumn crops.
• Keep plants well watered as those under stress are
As we move in to the hotter months, good gardening becomes • H
 arvest early potatoes and beans. more likely to become infected.
more about maintenance; keeping your plants healthy, well
• D
 on’t let your rhubarb plants produce seed heads; • Roses will benefit from a liquid feed to help them
watered and fed, so that fruit and vegetable harvest and flower remove them to preserve the following season’s crop. through drier weather.
production is maximised.
• W
 hite butterfly will be active around now; remove
the caterpillars by hand or apply NO Caterpillars or Lawn care
McGregor’s Derris Dust to keep them under control. • Cut your grass higher in the summer; it will help to
shade it from the heat.
Fruit trees • Cut the grass dry without the catcher and let the
• Check over your fruit trees. clippings fall on the lawn; the clippings will act as

• R
 emove any fruit that has fallen to the ground, as mulch to the roots, helping to conserving water.

bugs will complete their life cycle in the fallen fruit

and continue breeding.

44 45
Six Ways

Six Ways
The tranquil sound of babbling water, the plop of
the healthy fish, all in your own garden setting using

to a healthy
a pumping solution from Mitre 10 and Masterpet.....
... select the right pump and fountain for you.
Want P O N Dto build
PRO M O T I O N Sa pond? See page 10 for details. AUG’10 P3

holiday garden
Pond Fountains
King 1 Fountain with 10m Cable
Mitre10 SKU Normal Price
 146924 $31.10
King 4
EE994 King 2 Fountain with 10M Cable 6920042892026  146925 $48.85
EE995 King 3 Fountain with 10M Cable 6933163304712  146926 $75.55
EE996 King 4 Fountain with 10M Cable 6920042894020  146927 $111.10

King 1
by Sandy Johnson
King 3 King 2
It can be disheartening to return to your garden after a relaxing holiday
to find that bugs, birds and the weather have taken their toll. Preparation
is key, especially in the vegetable garden, as December and January
marks the beginning of the harvest for many fruits and vegetables.
FOUNTAIN PUMP Power Output (L/H) Head max (m)
To minimise the damage while you’re away, there are a few simple steps you can take: KING 1 7 600 0.9
KING 2 20 1000 1.95
KING 3 35 2400 2.4
1. Before you set off on holiday, remove all weeds in the a thick layer of mulch, this will conserve the water KING 4 90 4800 4.5
garden, as they will compete for precious water and applied and suppress the weeds. If you are away for
nutrients. Weeds also harbour bugs and diseases that a longer period of time, enlist the help of a neighbour
can spread unchecked through your garden. While to water your garden or set up the hose, sprinkler Pond Fountains King 3
you are weeding, check for any fruits or vegetables and add a water timer to the tap (see November issue Item Description Barcode Mitre10 SKU Normal Price
EE989 King 1 Water Pump Submersible 6920042820197 146928 $19.55
that are ready and harvest them there and then. for irrigation help). EE990 King 2 Water Pump Submersible 6920042820593 146929 $32.42
EE991 King 3 Water Pump Submersible 6920042820692 146930 $48.85
EE992 King 4 Water Pump Submersible 6920042820494 146931 $79.95
2. Check for disease and pests and apply a spray before 5. If you have a lot of plants in pots, the same precautions
apply: weed, feed and mulch. Pots dry out quicker
King 2
you go to clean up any bugs that are lingering. Use a
natural Pyrethrum spray like Yates’ Nature’s Way. than the garden, so move them to a shady spot. Group
them together and put them where the sprinkler will
King 4
It’s safe to use before harvest and remember to spray
under the leaves and in the union on the stems. reach them. Sprinkle Saturaid around the base of King 1
your pot plants and water it in; this will maximise
3. Feed the garden with a fertiliser before you mulch. the effectiveness of the water that your pot plants
Sheep pellets will break down from the moisture use by directing it to the roots and holding it there.
generated by the mulch. Plants will resist pests and
6. Mow your lawns and trim the edges. It pays not to
diseases better when they are healthy and this is
advertise that you are away by leaving your lawn
even more important when you are not there. SUBMERSIBLE PUMP Power Output (L/H) Head max (m)
untidy. Lawns will also benefit from the use of KING 1 7 600 0.9
KING 2 20 1000 1.95
Water deeply for a couple of days before you go, Saturaid, which you can sprinkle over the whole
KING 3 35 2400 2.4
soaking down to the subsoil. After watering apply lawn and water in. KING 4 90 4800 4.5

Fertilisers Fertilisers

Fertilisers help to provide your plants with the essential

food necessary to grow and thrive throughout their lifecycle.

Fertiliser can either be worked into the soil prior to or during
planting, or used as a side dressing for established plants. There

Need for
many elements used in a plant’s growth but three are used more
rapidly than others. Because of this they are liable to rapid
exhaustion and will need to be supplemented during the season.

by Sandy Johnson
Nitrogen Fertilisers need to be used at the recommended
application rates (amount and frequency) and
The plant uses this for green growth such as stems and according to the specific needs of the plant and type
leaves. It promotes quick growth and gives good colour of soil. Too much of a good thing is damaging for the
to foliage. plant and over-fertilising will risk burning the leaves
and roots, so use wisely and apply at the rates stated
Phosphate on the packet.

This helps the plant to promote its fruit or flower and Light sandy soils require regular fertilising and the
assists in strengthening the root system, aiding in crop addition of compost. This is because they are porous
maturity. and nutrients wash out (or leach out) easily.

Potash Heavy clay soils are not as porous and so nutrients

do not leach out as readily. Clay soils do not require
Used to promote the general health of the plant, fertiliser applications as frequently as lighter soils.
including strengthening the stems and increasing the The only exception here is when you are improving
size of fruit. clay soil and then applications of natural fertilisers
like sheep pellets are advised to increase the nutrient
These three elements are represented in the majority
of blended fertilisers available and are often referred to
as the NPK rating. The NPK rating will feature on the
packaging and each letter is numbered to indicate the
percentage of each element in the product.

NPK numbers are important but a simple rule of thumb

for general gardening is to choose a product that gives
you a percentage of even balance.

Plants also require minor elements for good health:

Calcium (CA) helps build strong stems. It is present in

lime, superphosphate and gypsum.

Magnesium (MG) is very important to plants. It is

found in chlorophyll; the green pigment in leaves.

Sulphur (S) is also important in the production of

chlorophyll. It is found in superphosphate and gypsum.

Trace elements make certain nutrients available to

the plant. They are required in minute amounts and
will often be added to the fertiliser mix.

Iron (FE) Helps in the formation of chlorophyll during


48 49

Everything you need to grow

beautiful flowers to add colour
Application Fertiliser types & fragrance to your garden!
When applying fertilisers, there are a few simple rules In broad terms, a fertiliser is anything that supplies Give your flowers the best start with Yates Premium Potting Mix, top of the range
to remember: nutrients to a plant. They come in two forms: organic premium mix that feeds your plants for 9 months, and includes a wetting agent to
improve water absorption.
(natural) and inorganic (synthetic).
• Avoid depositing fertiliser in clumps instead spread For more established gardens fertilise with Yates Thrive Soluble All Purpose.
A trusted, easy to use formula for healthy green leaves as well as flowers and fruit,
it evenly. Organic or natural fertilisers are derived from plant or for longer term feeding try Yates Acticote Pots, Planters & Garden Beds which
and animal residues; for example: blood and bone, sheep you apply once a year!
• Always work fertiliser into the soil before planting or
manure pellets, fishmeal, green crops such as lupins, Protect your flowers from insect pests and diseases with Yates Guardall, and keep
sowing. beautiful roses free of insects, mites and disease with the convenient ready to use
seaweed and wood ash. Organic fertilisers have the
Rose Gun.
• If side dressing with fertiliser, always work it into natural advantage of conditioning the soil.

the soil. Inorganic fertilisers are manufactured by chemically

• If applying fertilisers around established trees, shrubs produced minerals and are often referred to as blended
or granulated. These fertilisers are treated in such a
or fruit trees, apply them around the drip line. The
way that they form granules of a uniform size. They
drip line is the point to which the branches and leaves N’T N E E
are clean and easy to use and the uniformed fertiliser YOU DO CKYARD;
extend out from the tree. Follow this line around the IG B A
particles deliver all the plants’ nutrient requirements. FLOWE R ROW
tree, as this is where the root tips will be. EAS Y T
There is a bewildering array of both organic and
• Always water newly applied fertilisers in well.
inorganic fertilisers and they come in many forms,

• Keep a diary of when you fertilised and what you but they can be broken down easily into the following
used. categories:

For more information...

Fertilisers Fertilisers

Controlled and slow-release fertilisers are Liquid fertilisers are ready to dilute with water
contained in an inorganic dry prill; this prill has a and also allow nutrients to be instantly available to
protective coating that controls the release of NPK the plant. You can use a sprayer or a watering can to
elements. These fertilisers are clean and convenient and apply this type of fertiliser and it comes in organic and
are applied directly to the surface or mixed in with the inorganic forms.
soil. The release of nutrients is controlled by moisture
If your budget is restrictive or you are a beginner
and temperature (the warmer the temperature, the more
gardener then start with the basics. There are four
the fertiliser is released). Controlled-release fertilisers
commonly used fertilisers, which will cover your basic
do not burn the plant and give great long-term feeding.
garden needs:
Soluble fertilisers are a powder form of inorganic
fertiliser that need to be dissolved in water, allowing
Results blood and bone (organic)
the release of nutrients that are instantly available for This provides nitrogen for leaf growth, phosphorus for
the plant to use. root development and will encourage earthworms. Blood

Fertilisers are not just for adding

to your garden during the growing
process; they are essential in the
preparation of you soil.

52 53

Shoot like a pro.

and Bone is a fertiliser that you can use with confidence Results sheep pellets (organic)
as it suits most areas in your garden and it is especially
An ideal natural fertiliser that will add nutrients,
good for vegetables and strawberries. Adding a layer of
improve the condition of your soil and increase worm
Blood and Bone to your compost bin will also speed up
activity. The pellets break down when you water them
the composting process.
and will not burn your plants. Sheep pellets can also
Results general fertiliser (inorganic) double as a liquid fertiliser, sometimes referred to as
a garden tea. Mix 1kg of pellets in to 10 litres of water,
Provides nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium with
using a watering can is ideal for this, when they have
added blood and bone and trace minerals, all of which
broken down in the water give it a mix and apply.
are necessary for plant development. Unless you have
a specific need then a general fertiliser is a good all- Remember, fertilisers are not for just for adding to your
rounder for vegetables, flowers, shrubs and fruit trees. garden during the growing process; they are essential
in the preparation and repair of your soil. Applying
Results lawn (inorganic)
fertiliser after your crops are finished will improve the
Formulated for use on established lawns, with high soil by replenishing valuable nutrients that have been
nitrogen content for lush green growth. A well-fed lawn exhausted during the season. To protect your home from all those unwanted creepy crawlies, you need some serious
will help to suppress weeds and will wear better. Always
firepower! Now you can take ‘em out with Total Insect Killer from Rentokil Pest Control.
ensure you spread the fertiliser evenly and water it in
Total Insect Killer is the very same product the professionals use, and it’s now available to you.
well, as large clumps will cause the lawn to burn.
Target pests directly, or use the potent formula as a barrier spray around crevices, gaps,
cracks, or door and window frames around the house – inside and out. The long-lasting A product of the pest control experts.

Good gardening! active ingredients provide a full three months’ protection! So, ready, aim, fire!
Available at all Mitre 10 stores. If the problem persists, call 0800 RENTOKIL (736 865)
Always ask the staff at your and book a service by our expert technicians.

local Mitre 10 for advice. ZERO TOLERANCE

Pest Free Pest Free

Bug out by Sandy Johnson

All bugs have a purpose in life but they

are never welcome inside your home.
Summer means an increase in the bug
and pest population and usually this leads
to an unwelcome invasion. There are
many effective chemical controls readily
available from Mitre 10 stores to help you
with keeping your home pest and bug free.

Barrier sprays are designed for easy application around

the home and they are a popular method to give you
long-term control. Especially good for flies, spiders, ants,
cockroaches and mosquitoes, they can be purchased in
a concentrate, which is then mixed with water for use
in a sprayer or as a ready-to-use spray. Barrier sprays
work by creating a film of insecticide on the surface you
spray and, depending on where you apply the spray and
its exposure to sunlight, they can last up to six months.
It won’t stain your paintwork or leave a bad smell, so
is fine to use along skirting boards and windowsills.
Whether you use a ready-mixed product or mix your
own, spend some time preparing the areas where you
will apply the spray.

56 57
Pest Free !

D O - I T - P E RT

Control The
Pest Invasion
This Summer

• Wash or brush down the house to remove existing Traps come in a variety of forms and they

meet the LOWLY mosquito

mosquito’ss cobwebs (allow drying time before applying the are effective at eradicating the source of your

spray). infestation. Encouraging ants to take a poison back

• When you are ready to spray, make sure the weather is to their colony is a proven way to stop ants in their

calm; spraying in windy conditions can be ineffective. tracks. Simply follow their trails and place the
poison where they are most likely to run across it.
• Pay particular attention to areas where flying bugs
Traps are also effective against cockroaches and by
land or build nests such as light fittings, pipes, out
placing sticky traps in the places that they hide will
door furniture and around window and door frames.
get results. Ideal areas are under your stove, fridge,
• You can also use these sprays as a perimeter defense washing machine, sink and in your drains. These
by spraying close to the foundations of your house. traps are non-toxic and work by trapping the roach

• Whitetail spiders like dark places and will often use on sticky paper.
the void in your roof to hide and build their nests.
A few simple practices can also minimise bugs choosing
Spray under the eaves and use a bug bomb in the roof
your home:
space if they persist.

Fumigators or bombs produce a vapour that moves • L

 eaving containers around the garden with water
uniformly through the room getting into all the cracks in them provides a breeding spot for mosquitoes, as
and crevices. It is a blanket approach to all insects the larvae will develop in the water, make sure these
Formulated with 100% Natural
within the home. Bombs provide a knockdown effect and breeding spots are dry and clean.
Towelettes are the first line of defence when you have an infestation
raay lo
Spray llotion
insect repellent problem or want to do a quick clean up with no fuss. It • R
 educe fly populations by covering your compost bin. Eliminates both flying and crawling
is recommended that you do stay vigilant after using insects
Long-lasting effective protection against mosquitoes, flies, fumigators or bombs, as you still may need to lay baits • R
 efrain from putting animal fats or meat into the Adjustable protection setting
sandflies, fleas and all biting insects. or use barrier sprays. compost bin. and low-can warning


Available from:

Distributed by Tollesbury Enterprises Ltd

Pest Free Ponds

Pond preservation
Last month How To magazine took you
through the steps to installing your very
A pond health test kit will tell you what is happening
own piece of pond paradise in your back
under the water and let you know if the water is too
garden. The maintenance of your pond’s alkaline or too acidic, both of which will kill the good
health is vital to the life that thrives in it bacteria you need. Back this up with a master test to
and it is the treatment of the water (much analyse the nitrogen cycle and let you know whether
your filter is working properly. Also test for ammonia
like a swimming pool) that will determine
and nitrate to ensure you are on top of any potential
the success of your pond.
problems in your pond’s health.
There is a range of treatments from Blagdon that
have made looking after you pond easier and they Adjustments
have developed a system for every stage of your pond’s
It is inevitable that new and old ponds will require
evolution. The handy size of the Blagdon range of
adjustments in the water’s delicate balance, so should
treatments means that the average volume of water in
you experience alkaline pond water (pH 8-14) or acidic
a pond will be treated with one unit.
pond water (pH 1-6), use Blagdons adjusters to bring
the water into the safe range of between 6.5 and 8.0 pH.
Fresh Start
The tap water you used to fill your pond has chemicals Cleaning up
like chlorine and heavy metals, which are harmful to
For all the joy of creating an eco system in your back
fish life and plants. Fresh Start will neutralise these
yard, there is the unavoidable build-up of unwanted
Spraying safely chemicals and make your pond safe. It is a must have
• When using a wasp killer, always use them in the and unsightly algae and weeds to contend with. Luckily
for a new pond.
evening when all the wasps are in the nest. • A
 lways read and follow the manufacturer’s there is a range of tried and trusted pond treatments
instructions. to help with the prevention or eradication of these
• Wash your recycle bins with warm soapy water and
• S
 prays are only to be used where
Bio Start nuisances.
recommended. New ponds are bare holes in the ground full of water
Bugs need to be kept out of your home but it is important • B
 ug sprays are not for use on your vegetable and it is the natural process of organic matter taking
to remember that all chemicals are dangerous and if you crops. hold that brings your pond to life. Give it a helping hand
have little ones in the house, it is especially important • M
 ixing chemicals together is dangerous and with some good bacteria to reduce the time it takes to
to keep them out of reach. Use common sense and keep should be avoided. help the eco-system to establish.
your family safe from harm; poisoning in New Zealand • K
 eep a set of mixing and measuring tools just
Talk to the team at Mitre 10
homes is more common than it should be. for mixing chemicals to avoid contamination.
Barley straw has been used for algae for all your pond maintenance
• C
 hemicals must be stored safely away from
treatment for decades. As it breaks down requirements, they can help with the
under sunlight, it produces a natural algae clarity of the water, the eradication of
• W
 ear protective clothing, gloves, protective
control. Look for an extract of Barley to speed algae and weeds and even
glasses and a respiratory mask when
up the process.
spraying and mixing chemicals. with the health of your fish.

60 61

The Cement & Concrete Association of New Zealand North facing glass provides the best access to solar
(CCANZ), with support from the Energy Efficiency and gain and it is therefore preferable to orientate your
Conservation Authority (EECA), has recently published house with the long axis in the east-west direction. This
a guide on the use of glass, mass and insulation for orientation to north can be plus or minus 20 degrees
energy efficiency called Designing Comfortable Homes without having a major impact on solar gain.
(second edition). This book describes the ways that
Living areas should be located on the north face to
New Zealand homeowners can incorporate passive solar
maximise solar gain in these rooms. Living areas should
principles into the design of new homes.
be protected from the cold south face by placing the
This edition of How To features the first of a series garage and service rooms to act as a buffer on this face.
of excerpts from Designing Comfortable Homes that
Where practical, the longer axis of a house should be
will run in 5 editions. The series will cover the three
orientated east to west to optimise the north-facing
principles of passive solar design that follow the path
exposure. Rooms may also be stacked or staggered to
of solar heat gain through the house. It starts with heat
achieve a greater north-facing aspect. North-facing
collection that allows the sun’s heat to enter the house,
clerestory windows and skylights can be used to get
moves onto heat storage to keep this heat and concludes
direct sun into deep plan shapes. Particular care should
with heat containment, which traps heat in the house.
be taken over the positioning of skylights as they are
The publication in full is available for free download typically placed in a sloping roof so they tend to collect
from heat more in summer than in winter and they can be
difficult to shade.
Heat collection Heat loss through a skylight, particularly on cold nights,
Good passive solar design simply makes effective use of is also much greater than through a window of the same
the sun (and, to a lesser extent, other natural resources size. East- and west-facing windows allow penetration
such as wind and landscape) to ensure comfortable and of morning and evening sun, which can cause problems
energy efficient houses. All houses make use of passive with glare (morning or evening) and overheating (more
solar design to some extent, but many don’t make very often in the evening). These factors should be considered
good use of the sun. By providing detailed information when positioning east and west glazing.
on passive solar principles and the impact of design
South-facing glazing receives very little direct sun

decisions, this book should help you to get the most from
and therefore allows heat loss without any significant
your house design.
compensating solar gain. South-facing windows are
generally required for light and air but don’t necessarily
Glass need to be large to achieve this. If you want to be able
Windows provide the simplest way for heat from the sun to enjoy a view to the south one effective option is to use

to be collected – they are also the most poorly insulated smaller windows that frame or shape the view rather
part of the building and therefore allow large heat losses. than large picture windows.
To maximise solar collection benefits and minimise
energy losses, window size, type and orientation need to Site selection
be carefully planned.
Site selection is critical to house performance, as a

Significant energy and comfort benefits can be site that receives limited sun during the winter will
obviously get very little heating

series #1
achieved by using more energy efficient windows, like
double-glazing, which is now widely used throughout benefit from the sun when it is
New Zealand. needed most.

In addition to improved energy performance, double-

glazing also minimises window condensation and
The publication in full
reduces noise transmission. The higher the performance is available for free
specification of double glazing, the higher the inside download from
surface temperature of a double glazed window, and
therefore the warmer people will feel when close to this
If you’re thinking about building a new home, there glass.
are some important design elements to consider that
are key to making it comfortable and energy efficient. Orientation
Homes can be naturally warm in winter and cool Unobstructed north-facing glazing is best as it captures
solar energy in winter (when the sun is low in the sky)
in summer if they are built with the appropriate and it is easiest to shade from direct sun during summer Next issue: Heat Storage – thermal mass
combinations of glass, thermal mass and insulation. by providing north facing eaves.

62 63

The Original GARDENA System

The complete solution

with control
Summer is a harsh time in the garden – the hour to nine hours. Your watering days can be freely
lack of moisture and the dry, hot conditions selected and the water computer can be used to control
an automatic water distributor for fully automatic GARDENA is the Original System
mean your plants are under stress and
control of up to six watering channels. that fits perfectly in every garden.
their performance is greatly reduced. Just Quality engineered, innovative
like us, plants can survive without food for The comfort model in the range, the Gardena Water products that are modern and long
Timer T1030 Card Reader, is simply programmed by lasting. With water tight connec-
some time, but struggle and wither quickly tions guaranteed from start to
card, allowing for up to three watering cycles per day
with a lack of water. finish.
and watering times from one minute to three hours. With long lasting reliable quality,
Consistent watering will help your plants avoid Adding to its simplicity, the operation of this model the system connects to everything
this unnecessary struggle and using an automatic, relies on gravity as opposed to water pressure. from the tap, through to the
convenient and efficient timer system to regulate the distributor and the hose, keeping
The Gardena Soil Moisture Sensor can be connected the connection tight to save both
flow of water to your sprinkler system is the perfect
to any of the timers in the range and with it’s water- water and money!
saving sensor technology, it only waters according to the Also available:
Technology has influenced the application of irrigation degree of moisture in the soil. The moisture sensor is GARDENA Watering Controls: GARDENA has the right From small gardens to For more information on the
To suit a variety of applications, sprinkler for all areas of large, the GARDENA GARDENA range, please contact
systems and Gardena offers the right timer to suit a reliable and its operation is based on an electro-thermal from the classic 2 hour timer to your garden. Oscillating, Nozzle and Sprayer range Customer Service: 0800 487 594
variety of applications. From the classic two-hour timer measuring principle, allowing it to measure temperature the modern water computer with Circular and Wide-Range offers user comfort and or visit
calendar function, to efficiently Sprinklers. they are made with high
to the modern water computer with a calendar function, differences in the soil. The required soil moisture level
water your garden. quality materials.
there is a model to help efficiently water your garden. can be set with a control knob.

The Gardena Water Computer 6 Cycle C1060 is The Gardena range of timers are well engineered and
the luxury model with electronic data display and well built, which allows them to withstand the rigours
programming tailored to your garden’s individual of outdoor life, but the key to these control systems is in
requirements. It can water your garden up to six times the innovation that makes them the perfect fit for every
a day, allowing for a variable watering time from one garden. Live your garden

64 Copyright © 2010

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