Internship Report


Chowk Shaheedan Branch Multan.

Submitted to: Mr. Mohsin Ali Khan

Submitted by: Jhon Abbas ; Roll # 10557 MBA Marketing (morning) Session Jan 2009 to Dec 2010


Internship Report


National University of Modern Languages, (Multan Campus)

Banking sector owes a pivotal importance in the economy of any country though it’s vibrant functions. This is the deep-seated motivator that geared up me to join any bank for internship.


Internship Report

Moreover, the practice and familiarity learned during this tenure would also attest very helpful and alleviating in the awaiting proficient life. Making analysis of financial statements is an important part of our MBA program. It is a comprehensive, practical and extremely accessible presentation about Bank Alfalah Limited. I have tried my best to present this report with full description. Every effort is made to expose all the relevant concepts in this report. There is a balance of clarity. My objective in making analysis this report is to provide a fundamental knowledge about the company. I hope, it serves a stock of knowledge about the Bank Alfalah Limited. It is the requirement of the MBA course that all the students of MBA have to spend six weeks in any organization to get practical exposure and get familiarized with the ways to live in the organizational environment which is dramatically different from the educational enjoinment. That period is called ‘’Internship Period” If spends properly and sincerely, enables the students to be more confident, more knowledgeable, more responsible and more committed to its work in the practical field. I have also assigned to do internship of six weeks period in Bank Alfalah Limited it has enabled me to understand the practical scenario and sharpen our decision making power and utilizing the resources in an effective manner. So that our resources could generate maximum profit. In preparation of this report. I have putted all my best efforts and tried my level best to give maximum knowledge. Despite of my all coherent efforts. I do believe that there will be a room for improvements in the efforts of learner like me.


Mr. I am very grateful to my entire well-wisher for this support. the creator who is the entire source of knowledge & wisdom endowed to mankind. I am very thankful to Mr. Mr. Naqaash. Ishaq. May ALLAH give them reward in kind of His bless and love! 4 . Mr. Adnan. Syed Arif Raza Zaidi (Branch Manger) and his team especially to Mr. Almaas who provided me every kind of help during internship and in preparing this report. I have also completed a report based on familiarity with my past studies in order to get a bit familiar with practical experiences in the organization.Internship Report ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: All praise & thanks go to Almighty ALLAH. I also acknowledge with thanks to Mr. By the grace of ALLAH Almighty I have accomplished this report. Mohsin Ali Khan who give me opportunity to do internship and make an internship report. Salman and Mr. love & sincerity. Offer my thanks from the depth of my soul to the last messenger Hazrat Muhammad (PBUH). Mr. who is forever a torch of guidance and knowledge of entire humanity. Sohaib.


Bank Alfalah has implemented different policies to make it one of the best bank in Pakistan. micro finance banks and Islamic banks.Internship Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY: Pakistan after getting independence. Bank Alfalah Limited also introducing new products and services and increase its operations by opening new branches in Pakistan. which increase of 15% from the past year was. The increase in 6 . foreign incorporated commercial banks. venture capital companies. like the nationalization of banks in the 1970. The total employees of Bank Alfalah in 2009 were 7. However today the banking industry of Pakistan has been growing over the past few years. Since the privatization of the bank.642. investment banks. There are number of different banks established in Pakistan. Today Bank Alfalah Limited is operating in more then 95 cities of Pakistan and operating its foreign branches in Bangladesh. and Bahrain. discount & guarantee houses. including local incorporated commercial banks. Afghanistan. development financial institutions. did not inherent a strong banking industry and since then a number of events in the industry. housing finance companies. The Abu Dhabi Group bought the majority shares of the bank and so got the right to control the bank's operations. Bank Alfalah Ltd was incorporated in 1997 and was later privatized by the government of Pakistan. Also the state bank of Pakistan monetary policy has been very friendly toward banking sector. mainly because of consistent policies implemented by the government of Pakistan.

by creating some edge in the industry. To create this edge.Internship Report the number of employees joining Bank Alfalah shows that people feel confident in Bank Alfalah as a prospect employer. Behavior of increase the number of customer every day.71. Te stock prices and earning per share of the bank have also increased over the years but it is before the year 2009.990.301 (000) and its total assets for 2008 amounted to Rs 348. It also promotes itself by sponsoring different events.The earning per share in 2008 is 1. it has to compete in an industry that has grown in 2009 in overall assets The major 5 competitors of Bank Alfalah. technology has played an important role in the industry as banks are continuously trying to improve its products and services by introducing innovative products.764 (000). employees with customer also helps to 7 .035(000). pose close competition and are mainly large nationally incorporated banks and a few international banks.301. For Bank Alfalah Limited.41 that reduce in 2009 earning per share is 0. that all wants to become the leading bank of Pakistan. This figure shows improvement as compared to previous years but in 2009 the earning after tax reduces to Rs 897. The profit after taxation for Bank Alfalah in 2008 amounted to Rs 1. Bank Alfalah Limited promotes its products and services through print and electronic media. The reduction in earning is due to the financial crises in all over the economy. The financial statistic of Bank Alfalah are also as Impressive as their human resources.

Internship Report TABLE OF CONTENTS Topics Introduction Industry History and Background History of Organization Information about the organization Vision & Mission statement Products and Services Organizational structure and Department Structure Board of Directors Board Audit committee 8 page # 9 9 11 12 12 13 16 16 17 18 .

which means ‘joint stock fund’.Internship Report Departments Internship Experience Internship Experience Working Experience Duties and responsibilities Accomplishment Problems during Internship Strategies Marketing Strategy Competitive Strategy Financial analysis Balance sheet Profit &loss Account Horizontal & Vertical Analysis Ratio analysis SWOT analysis PEST Analysis Conclusion Recommendation Certificate References 19 38 38 39 39 40 40 41 41 43 44 44 45 46 48 55 58 61 62 63 64 Industry Introduction and Background: It has not so far been decided as to how the word ‘Bank’ originated. Some authors opine that this word is derived from the words ‘Bancus’ or Banque’. Perhaps it was the Babylonians who developed 9 . the necessity of a controlling or regulating agency or institution was naturally felt. for no record is available to ascertain the validity of any of the opinions. Banking in fact is primitive as human society. for ever since man came to realize the importance of money as a medium of exchange. which mean a bench. It is therefore. not possible to decide as to which of the opinion is correct. Other authorities hold the opinion that the word ‘Bank’ is derived from the German word ‘Back’.

of which 487 were located in West Pakistan alone. IT is evident that the temples of Babylon were used as ‘Banks’ because of the prevalent respect and confidence in the clergy. there were 631 offices of scheduled banks in Pakistan. commerce and industry.  State Bank of Pakistan  Commercial Bank of Pakistan  Saving banks. while there were only two Pakistani institutions. so that problems of time and demand liability. of Pakistan. coinage currencies. the expert committee recommended that the Reserve Bank of India should continue to function in Pakistan until 30th September 1948. Consequently the Governor-general of Pakistan Quaid-e-Azam inaugurated the State Bank of Pakistan on July 1. By the end of June 1948 the number of officers of Scheduled banks in Pakistan declined from 631 to 225. There were 19 foreign banks with the status of small branch offices that were engaged solely in export of crop from Pakistan. The customers of the bank are not satisfied with the uncertain condition of banking. As a new country without resources it was very difficult for Pakistan to run its own banking system immediately. At the time of independence.  Cooperative banks  Specialized credit institutions. exchange etc. Therefore. The banking structure in Pakistan comprises of the following types. 1948. are settled between India and Pakistan. 10 . Similarly the Reserve Bank of India was not in the favor of Govt. The Govt.Internship Report banking system as early as 2000 BC. Habib Bank of Pakistan and the Australian Bank. Commercial banks have been the most effective mobilizes of savings and have been providing short-term requirements of working capitals to trade. of Pakistan decided to establish a full-fledge central bank. Thus a landmark was made in the history of banking when the state bank of Pakistan assumed full control of banking and currency in Pakistan. The non-Muslims started transferring their funds and accounts to India.

There is done reasonable growth in deposits from the establishment of Pakistan. The Government of Pakistan in the late 90’s introducing the need for the privatization of state owned banks and companies. 1948. 1974. The network of bank branches now covers a very large segment of national economy. there were 14 Pakistan commercial banks that functioned all over the country and in some foreign countries through a network of branches.Internship Report Up to December 31. 1973. specialized credit and financial institutions have also developed over the years. Besides this growth. The separation of East Pakistan and its repercussion in the form of economic depression has caused a lot of difficulties to the banking system in Pakistan. 11 . into the following five banks: All these commercial banks were nationalized in January 1. The numbers of branches have increased appreciably and there is now on branch of bank for every 3000 heads of population approximately. and were recognized and merged  National Bank of Pakistan  MCB Bank Limited  Habib Bank Limited  United Bank Limited  Allied Bank Limited The state bank of Pakistan is the Central bank of the country and was established on July 1.

These ratings denote a very low expectation of credit risk.The bank is engaged in commercial banking and related services as defined in the Banking companies ordinance. Since its inception. We perceive the requirements of our customers and match them with quality products and service solutions. as the new identity of Habib Credit Exchange Bank (HCEB) after the privatization in 1997.Internship Report Historical Overview of BAL Bank Alfalah has gone through different phases over the years. has rated the bank ‘AA’ (double A). Chundrigar Road. Bank of Credit and Commerce International (BCCI)—1972 Habib Credit and Exchange Bank—1992 Bank Alfalah—1997 Bank Alfalah Limited was incorporated on June 21st. 1997. Karachi. Its name had been changed in the following sequence. Entity Rating for long term and A1+ (A one plus) for the short term.A. I. The bank is listed on the Karachi and Lahore Stock Exchange with a ticker name of “BAFL”. 1997 as a public limited company under the Companies Ordinance 1984. This facilitates commitment to a culture of innovation and seeks out synergies with client and service providers to ensure uninterrupted services to it customers. The Bank is currently operating through above 301 branches in 95 cities. respectively. 1962. the management of the bank has implemented strategies and policies to carve a distinct position for the bank in the market place. The Bank has invested in revolutionary technology to have an extensive range of products and services. strong capacity for timely payment of financial commitments in the long term and by highest capacity for timely repayment in the short term. a premier rating agency of the country. Credit Rating: PACRA. we have emerged as one of the foremost financial institution in the region endeavoring to meet the needs of tomorrow and today. 12 . This facilitates our commitment culture of innovation and seeks out synergies with clients and service providers to ensure uninterrupted services to its customers. During the past five years.I. Building. Its banking operations commenced from November 1st. with the registered office at B.

caring for you …. Mission: "To develop & deliver the most innovative products.Internship Report The ratings of first and second and third unsecured listed and subordinated TFC issues of PKR 650 million.. thus providing value to the stakeholders of the bank". PKR 1.  To reinforce a corporate culture that fosters learning. Information about the organization: Vision: "To be the premier organization operating locally & internationality that provides the complete range of financial services to all segments under one roof". establishes a competitive advantage and enhances profitability. Objectives To please their customers by fulfilling the financial needs as best as possible. deliver quality services that contributes to brand strength. creativity and flexibility. excellence in customer service and our commitment to being a responsible corporate citizen.1. 13 .Our customer" The objective of Bank Alfalah is as follows:  To get maximum share of the market  To price the products optimally  To expand more the network of branches in several other cities of Pakistan as well as in the countries of the world. For this the management has adopted the strategy of. Values: The values of Bank Alfalah Limited are philosophy of honesty.250 million and Rs. manage customer experience.325 million have been maintained at AA(Double A minus). they believe in placing the client at the center of business and all of the products and service. transparency in customer dealings. product innovation.

Internship Report  To invest further in banking innovations which include Islamic banking. Bank Al-Falah has a uniquely defined menu of financial products.  To create maximum economic values for share holders through a constant relationship focuses on financial services. Product and Services: With the mission to provide all-encompassing banking services to the customers. SME  Home loans and other areas of product development to provide higher levels of services and values to the clients. Currently it is one of the most comprehensive portfolios of personalized financial solutions that are custom-tailored to serve the requirements not only of conventional customers but also fulfill the needs of the corporate sector:  Money Gram  Agriculture loans  Swift  Car Financing  Rupee Travelers Cheque  Online Banking  Credit Cards  ATMs  Home Financing  Corporate and Structured Financing Money Gram 14 .

L/C opening etc. This service is 15 .. Car Financing Car Financing is one of the major renowned products of Bank Al-Falah and can be utilized in terms of Financing of Used Vehicles. Refinancing Facility (only for Al-Falah Customers) and it is characterized in terms of:  Lowest Mark up  Lower Insurance  Quick Processing  Lower Down Payment Rupee Travelers Cheque Rupees Travelers Cheque are as good as cash and are accepted at the major shops.Internship Report Money Gram provides the faster transfer of money from one country to other. Loan against Car. It is the easy and safe way to send money to the relatives. Balance Transfer Facility. Agriculture loans The bank also offered agriculture loan this loan is used various purposes for the development of agriculture sector. by connecting on-line with the world wide interbank Financial Telecommunication Network (SWIFT). hotels business establishments and all over the country and abroad. travel agents. The charges is deducted from the person who sends the money. It provide loan for cultivation of land and equipment for the development of this sector SWIFT The bank has also started replacing conventional telex messaging system for fund transfer.

Online Banking To provide enhanced and value added products to customer bank is constantly striving for additional facilities. All ATMs are linked through a state-of-the-art Satellite Based Communication System which offers 24 hours real time service. travel. Bank provide fully automated on-line telephone banking facilities to its customers enabling them to carry out banking transactions like balance inquiries. entertainment.Internship Report being offered to facilitate instant fund availability to travelers and business people who used to carry a large sum of money with them. It has been bifurcated in terms of “Home Buyer. cash deposits. Credit Cards Bank Al-Falah Visa Card is everywhere and globally accepted and welcomed at locations displaying the VISA logo. Home Financing Major features of Bank Alfalah Home Financing are Lowest Mark-up.000. There are 3 major types of Al-Falah credit cards. Multiple Repayment Options and Free Valuation.000 establishments in Pakistan. This system allows the banking facilities such as cash with drawls.000/up to 20Years 16 . Home Improver. and Home Balance Transfer Facility”. AlFalah VISA pays for shopping. 10. statement requests. and funds transfer. product information and exchange rate. Automated Teller Machine (ATMs) The bank offers 24 hours self service banking facilities to it customers on country wide basis through deployment of Automated Teller Machine.000 ATMs in more than 150 countries around the globe and over 10. It is accepted at nearly 30 million merchants and 870. meals and much more. Home Construct. Financing Limit Tenure : : up to Rs. account statements. Quick Processing. balance inquiries.

Internship Report Equity Participation : 30% Borrower / 70% Bank Organizational Structure & Departments: 17 .

Bank’s management is divided into different groups. there are regional. hub and area managers who are managing and guiding the working of different branches of bank.Internship Report Chief Executive Officer Co-Chairman Central Management Committee Group Heads Regional Managers Area Managers Hub Managers Branch Managers It’s a general hierarchy of bank which is showing about the main authorities of Bank Alfalah Limited who are controlling its management in Pakistan. Co-chairman is providing supervision to group heads that are responsible for controlling the affairs of different groups. Board of Directors 18 . After group heads in the hierarchy. regions and areas.

Khalid Mana Saeed Al Otaiba Mr. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mubarak Al Chairman Nahayan Mr. Abdull Khalil Al Mutawa Mr. Abdullah Nasser Hawalileel Al.E.Internship Report The board of directors has the authority in guiding Bank affairs and in making general policies.Director Director Director Director Director Director & CEO Mansoori Mr. Ikram Ul-Majeed Sehgal Mr. Nadeem Iqbal Sheikh Mr. Some directors are the personnel of the Bank Alfalah Limited follows H. Sirajuddin Aziz 19 .

20 .Building I. Yasar Rashid Director Director Sectary Al. Chandigar Road Karachi. Khalid Mana Saeed Al ofaiba Mr. Shakeel Sadiq Company Sectary Mr. Hamid Ashraf Registered Office B. Abdullah Nasser Hawalileel Mansoori Mr. Mr. Some auditors are the personnel of Bank Alfalah Limited.Nadeem Iqbal Sheikh Mr.I Ferguson & co Chartered accountant Chief Operating Officer Mr.I.Internship Report Board Audit committee The board audit committee is guiding in the affairs and in checking the policies made by board of Directors.Director Auditor A.A.

account holder’s name. Cash. Remittances. Different debit and credit voucher come from different department like clearing.Internship Report Departments of BAL:  Account opening Department  Accounts Department  Trade Finance Department  Agriculture Department  Clearing Department  Cash Department  Credit Administration Department  Human Resource Department Accounts opening Department Account opening department is one of the departments that come under the general banking facilities provided by Bank Alfalah Limited. code number and full address. Foreign exchange and advances posted against some of the major deposit accounts opened Accounts opening department is one of the departments that come under the retail/general banking facilities provided by Bank Alfalah. This department maintains all formalities of the accounts and account holders like it account name. Some of the major deposit accounts opened by Bank Alfalah are as follows: 21 .

5. however can be jointly opened by individuals.000. as profit is credited on a monthly basis.000.Internship Report Major Deposit Account Products: Current Account Current Accounts are non interest bearing accounts that have a minimum account opening requirement of Rs.50. The basic aim of this account is that the higher the balance the higher the return. while there is no restriction on ATM withdrawals. Furthermore all current account holders receive a Hilal debit card and there are no restriction on the number of withdraws or deposits made to and from the account. There are no restrictions on the number of deposits and withdrawal made to and from the account and all account holders receive a Hilal debit card as well.000 and profit is credited on a half yearly basis. Profit and loss saving account cannot be opened by a business corporation. Maximum two withdrawals and deposits are allowed by Cheque.50% 22 . however initial deposit must be Rs 1000. Profits are paid at 2% on all account balances. Basic Banking Account (BBA) Basic Banking Account was introduced by banks on an order by the State Bank of Pakistan and is current in nature. 2. The profit paid to account holders is as follows: Profits paid on Royal Profit Account Amount From Rs. Profit& Loss Saving Account Profit& Loss saving accounts can be opened with a minimum balance requirement of Rs.999 Profit pa. 10. No zakat is deducted on the accounts balance.000 to 999. Royal Profit Account Royal profit accounts are opened with a minimum balance requirement of Rs 50. There is no minimum balance requirement for BBA.

if computerized N. with a maximum of 3 years. credited on a monthly basis.000. This TDR pays 7%.C not available  Introduction( Existing Account Holder of Bank Alfalah)  Account opening form duly signed and completed by all concerned parties 23 .000 and above 3.000. Mahana Amdan Account Mahana Amdan account is Term Deposit Receipt (TDR) for three years that can be opened with a minimum balance requirement of Rs 100. A person can purchase a unit for Rs 100.I. Alfalah Education Alfalah education is a one year TDR that can be purchased by people having school going children’s.1. Profits are paid at 10% pa. with a maximum limit of Rs 1 million. Other features of this account include free personal accident insurance and automatic renewal for another 3 years.I.000 to 4.000.5. Bank Alfalah pays 7% pa interest on Kifayat Account.50% Negotiable Kifayat Account Kifayat account is another saving account product that can be opened with a minimum balance requirement of Rs 10. with a maximum limit of Rs 15 million.999.Internship Report From Rs.999 Rs.C  Photocopy of passport.000. Profit is calculated on a monthly basis. Requirement of Account opening: Standard Requirements  Photocopy of computerized N. while it is credited on quarterly basis.000. paid at maturity and gives an additional advantage of giving monthly school fee of the children’s if the breadwinner of the family dies. after the expiry of original period.

C is not carrying a photo  Two passport size photographs with thumb impression for illiterate The requirements of these accounts are as follows  Individual account  Company account  Partnership account  Clubs / Association accounts  Trusts 1) Individual Accounts There are two types of individual accounts 1. Salaried individual 2.N certificate of the individual  A letterhead along with a rubber stamp for proof of business or any other acceptable evidence for verifiable source  For sole proprietorship. designation and period of employment on the letter head and signed under rubber stamp of company  Attested copy of service card.Internship Report  Vermicular form if signature are not in English  Any photo ID if computerized N. or any other acceptable evidence of service Self Employed  Copy of N. letter from the proprietor confirming proprietorship 2) Company Accounts 24 . Self Employed Salaried Individuals  Employment certificate by the employer acknowledging the individual as employee along with his salary.T.I.

T.N certificate 4) Clubs / Associations / Societies  Certified copies of rules / By laws  Certified copies of certificate of Registration  Resolution of the Governing body / Executive committee for opening of of that authorized persons.C 25 .C of all partners  Rubber stamp of all partners  Partnership mandate on the firm’s letterhead to operate the account  Attested copy of registration Certificate  Attested copy of N.  An undertaking by all the authorized person on the behalf of the institution mentioning that any change will be informed to the bank immediately 5) Trusts  Attested copy of certificate of registration account authorized the person to operate the account and attested copy of computerized N.Internship Report  In this case the following documents are required  Copies of NIC of Directors of the company  Certificate of incorporation of business  Certificate of commencement of business(in case of Public Limited Company)  Article and Memorandum of Association  Latest copy of Form-29  List of Directors  Copy of Board Resolution 3) Partnership  Attested copy of partnership deed duly certified by notary public and signed by all parties of the firm  Attested copy of computerized N.I.I.

Account Opening Form: First of all. the customer fills the account opening form (AOF). The card is obtained with two signatures from the customer.Internship Report  Attested copies of Computerized N.S Card).laws. Every time a Cheque is received for payment from the client.I. 2) Specimen Signature Card: The signature of the client is obtained on a specimen signature card (S. address. the signature on the Cheque is verified by comparing it with S. The customer fills it and gives it to the account opener. 3) Requisition slip A requisition slip for Cheque book is also given to the customer. 4) Know Your Customer Form 26 . Account Opening Procedure: The procedure of opening the account is as follows.C of all trustees  Certified copy of instrument of trust  Board Resolution resolving to open and operate the account  Certified copy of By. name. 1) Introduction: The signature and account number of the account holder introducing the account to the new person is obtained on the account opening form. He also signs an undertaking that he will follow the rules and regulations of the bank. signature of customer and signature of introducer and attach a photocopy of national identity card. Filling of account opening form includes type of account. currency of account.S Card.

The minimum initial deposit is fixed for each account according to the nature of account.Internship Report Every account holder fills this form. The basic purpose of this form is to get some 5) Account Number: When all the formalities are completed. information about the customer. When he used this book completely then he can apply for another. 7) Issuance of a Cheque Book: After opening an account with the bank. 8) Entry of Cheque Book: Before issuance of a Cheque book the bank stamp every leaf with the account number of the customer. For example for PLS / saving account the minimum requirement is Rs. For this purpose cash pay-in-slip is used. 6) Depositing of amount in account: The client deposit cash in the account. BAL issues Cheque books of at least 25 leaves.5.000 only. Then that account number is written on S.S Card and account opening form. 10) Letter of Thanks 27 . the account holder makes a request in the name of the bank for the issuance of a Cheque book. enter it in the Cheque book register and computer and issues the Cheque book to the customer after his signature on the register. 9) Filing of AOF: Account opening forms are basic documents of the contract therefore these are filed in numerical order and kept for reference. This process takes a day because the Cheque books comes from Karachi head office. an account number is allotted to the customer and all the information is entered into the computer and register. Such a request is known as Requisition Slip.

then he fills this form and this form is send to credit department. Then the amendments are made in the account of the depositor. These forms are as follows:  Change of Address Form To change the address of the account holder  Change of signature form To change the signatures of the customer.  Liability / Inquiry Form This form is used if some person has acquired loan from the bank and he wants to close his current account. Account holder gives an application along with necessary documents to the bank. One letter is for the customer and one for the introducer.Internship Report A letter of thanks is prepared. whenever required by the customers.  Vernacular Form 28 . When the credit department declares him free from any debt obligations then his account is closed. One copy is send to the customer and the other copy is kept in the record along with other documents. These amendments can be made by filling certain application forms. Amendments in Accounts: BAL provides the facility of amendments in accounts.

 First of all the customer gives the request to close the account.  Hic specimen signature card is attached with the account opening form and marked closed. Accounts Department Every transaction which takes place recorded in the computer so all transactions in different departments are forwarded to account department. Following are different functions performed by this department:  Budgeting  Reports  Funds management  Activity checking 29 .  His signatures are verified. Since all vouchers from different departments are forwarded to current department so this department tallies all such transactions with current department after maintaining the ledger of each department. Closing of accounts The procedure of closing of account is as follows. If he is cleared from all the liabilities then further proceeds are taken.  He withdraws all his money from his account but in case of current account Rs.  Mandate to the third party to operate the account This form is used to enable any third party operate the account.  A liability form is send to the credit department if he has taken a loan from the bank. 150 is deducted as a charge of closing the account.Internship Report This form is used when some person wants to sign in any language other than English.  Permission is granted by the authorized person (the manager).  Account is closed in the computer system.

The targets determined Deposits. Expenses. etc.Internship Report  Reconciliation  Foreign exchange. Advances. Capital. Then budget of each branch is submitted to head office for modifications and for approval. The main sources of the bank are the follows:  Deposits. old Account Contracts  Maintenance of fixed assets and calculation of their depreciation  Test Keys Budgeting The main task performed by the accounting department is the preparation of the budget. etc The main uses of a bank are the follows:  Advances. Every branch prepares its own budget for the fiscal year and then budgets of all the branches across the country are consolidated at the head office in Karachi. Accounting department starts preparing the budget from October for the next year. This is one important task on the basis of which funds are allocated to various branches and also the targets are determined. whereas forecasting is based on past performance. placement in interbank markets. and revenues. Other things which are undertaken into account while formulating the budget are:  Income. After the modification and approval the budget for a specific branch is being set by the head office. The cost of generating these revenues is also estimated. Investment in securities. The revenue target is fixed keeping in view the past performance. Monthly budget meeting is held to analyze the monthly 30 . In this way a consolidated budget is also prepared. Before the preparation of budget the bank reviews its sources and funds it has and the uses of those sources. Borrowing from other banks. Fiscal year of the bank starts from January to December. Budget is based on forecasting and their own inspiration for future.

expenditure.Internship Report performance by all the branch mangers with head office.  Royal Profit Report: It includes the details of the deposit of royal profit account. liabilities and their balance. The actual performance is compared with the estimated and variance is calculated. monthly.  Income and Expenditure report: It includes all the details regarding to both the heads of income and expenditure in detail.  Sub 66 Report: It contains income. Reports In Bank Alfalah many types of reports are being prepared. which are being prepared with the help of the above reports: 31 . These are daily. Now following are the reports. These are generated from the main frame and are used for proper analysis.  Subsidiary Statement: This is a detailed report which includes all the information regarding the statement of affairs. which were at the time of nuclear explosions in Pakistan and were being freezed by the Nawaz Sharif government. general ledger accounts and their balances. Daily position of deposit and advances are also calculated in this report. The old foreign currency accounts are those. The following reports are generated daily from the main frame which are being used by the accounts department for the preparation of their own reports:  Statement of affairs: It includes information about assets. weekly. semiannual and annual reports.  Currency wise report (ccy): It provides the details of all the deposits currency wise.  New Fcy report: This report includes the information regarding only the new foreign currency accounts.

 Monthly Budget Review Report: This report is made to review the performance of the month by calculating the variance. one is sent to the area office and one to the head office for analysis but the format is different for both of them. Department prepares Asset purchase report and Asset sale report after every six months. Sorting is made according to the mainframe-generated report. A report known as activity report is prepared on daily basis.Internship Report  Daily position of advances and deposits: This report is being sent to the head office daily in which the detail is given regarding the new accounts of deposits and advances. And then if the variance is in negative. All the vouchers are checked that whether they are properly posted or is there any transaction left to be posted. Depreciation is the allocation of cost of the asset over the useful life.  Statement of affairs: This report includes assets and liabilities.5% 32 . Two copies of this report are made daily. The accounts department calculates the depreciation the assets by using straight line method. This checking makes the working of the bank more efficient and avoids any loopholes. Depreciation is accrued on monthly basis and charged at year-end. Activity Checking Activity checking is the process of the entire banking. which has taken place. positive actions are taken and reasons will also be mentioned in the report. Maintenance of Fixed Assets and Calculation of their Depreciation Account department maintains the record of fixed assets. which has taken place. Depreciation is charged at the following rates: Building 2. The report specifies every vouchering. Statement of Affairs also prepared at the weekend for the whole week as well as at the end of a month.

For example BAL has test arrangements with ABN Amro N.Y. This test arrangement can be with banks within country and outside country. The test is applied to the message.Y. 33 . Banks have arrangement with other banks with which they have quite a large volume of business and it is beneficial to have a direct arrangement with these banks. which contains codes. This test key is also different for inward and outward TT. Whenever money is transferred through TT. one to the Telex/fax operator and the third one goes to the department record.Internship Report Furniture Carpets & curtains Equipment 10% 25% 20% Test Keys Test is a coding system used to authenticate money transactions between banks. When the TT is received at the other end. this test is verified. three copies of this message are prepared.Y. Citibank N. etc. the concerned officer requests the accounting department to apply test to the message. This test key is different for every bank. When this arrangement is carried out a test key is provided to the concerned bank. American express N. One goes to the test key department. The transaction will be carried out if and only if the test matches with their own test.

Internship Report Trade Finance Department Trade Finance involves the import and export activities. Import can be defined as: “The bringing of commodities into Pakistan from outside by sea. The function of this department is to serve as a bridge between the importer and exporter in order to settle a transaction.” Requirement for the Importer These requirement / document must be fulfilled from importer before doing the import: NTN (National Tax Number) certificate 34 . This department provides protection to the rights of importer and exporter. Trade Finance Department handles two activities: Import  Export IMPORTS Import Department of BAL deals with the import of merchandise. the exporter involves his bank (the Advising Bank) in the transaction. When trade is taking place between the representatives of two countries (exporter and importer). land or air. as he wants to feel secure regarding timely payment of his goods in the required currency.

It helps to utilize excess resources of the country. “Exports mean selling goods to another country.” Exports of all eligible commodities through authorized banking channels are admissible under exchange control regulation. Requirement for the Exporter These requirement / document must be fulfilled from exporter before doing the export: Account holder of Bank Alfalah Limited  Must be a Pakistani  Membership from Chamber Of Commerce  NTN (National Tax Number) certificate  The person must have the Sales Tax Registration Certificate.Internship Report  Sale Registration Certificate  Membership from Chamber Of Commerce  Questionnaire duly filled in  NIC (attested copy) EXPORTS Exports are major sources of earning foreign exchange and play an important role in the economic development of the country.  Form E ( export form) dully filled in  Sale Registration Certificate 35 .

if the stipulated terms and conditions are complied with. his next job is to get an E-form from an authorized Bank. ISSUANCE OF E-FORMS Government has provided facility to exporter in taking E-Form from any bank and is a part of the exchange control mechanism of the State Bank of Pakistan. A bank that receives the L/C is called an advising bank because after receiving the L/C. The issuing bank sends the L/C to Bank Alfalah Limited.Internship Report Methods of Doing International Trade  Letter of Credit  Contract LETTER OF CREDIT (L / C): LETTER Of Credit (L / C) ADVISING Letter of Credit (LC) is a written and conditional undertaking by a bank on the behalf of applicant to the beneficiary to pay a certain amount at a certain date. A cover letter is prepared and is sent to the beneficiary of the L/C. A copy of the L/C is sent along with the letter. When an exporter receives an L/C. Then importer’s bank will be called as issuing bank. The process of International Trade starts with asking of importer to its bank for L/C. advising him his L/C has reached Bank Alfalah Limited and he should collect it immediately. it performs the L/C advising function. On the E-form sent by the commercial bank following things are mentioned  Description of the commodity  Quantity of the commodity exported  Amount realized  Foreign bank charges  Country of the importer 36 .

Internship Report

CERTIFICATION OF THE E-FORM After filling in the complete information about the goods to be exported, the exporter brings the E-form to the bank for verification. Bank issues E-form certification to exporter and he submits it to the custom officer along with E-form certification to certify E-form.

Documents After getting the E-form verified the exporter starts preparing his shipment. Banks only deal in documents. In order to receive payment from his goods the exporter has to send certain documents to the issuing bank via his negotiating bank. These documents are. Bill of exchange A bill of exchange is an instrument in writing containing an unconditional order, signed by the maker, directing a certain person to pay a certain sum of money only to, or to the order of, a certain person or the bearer of the instrument. It is drawn by the exporter (drawer) and orders the importer or the importer’s bank (Drawee) to pay to the order of Bank Alfalah Limited (payee) a specific amount. If the draft is drawn at sight, the importer must make the payment on receipt of the documents. If it is time draft, the payment must be made within the specified time limit. Commercial Invoice The exporter prepares it. Its amount must tally with that of the L/C. It shows the name and address of the importer as well as the invoice number. This number is very significant as it is used in all the correspondence between the exporter and his bank. It also contains all the specifications of the commodity being exported. The standard definition of commercial invoice is that it is an itemized list of goods shipped to a buyer, stating quantities, prices, and shipping charges. Bill Of Lading The shipping company or the airline that has been assigned the task of transporting the goods issues these. The shipper must ensure that the goods are shipped and handed over the right person when documents are presented to him. The standard definition of a bill of lading is contract between the seller of the goods and the carrier. The following are types of bill of lading:


Internship Report

 OCEAN Bill Of Lading  Air Waybill  Inland Bill Of Lading

Packing List / Weight List The exporter prepares these lists in order to show that the consignment is according to the order of the buyer. It gives a detailed account of the manner in which the goods have been packed and the number of cartons they have been packed in. Certificate of Origin This document certifies the origin of the exported goods. In the case of exports from Pakistan, the certificate of origin shows that the country of origin of the goods is Pakistan. The certificate of origin is a document in which the exporter certifies to the place of origin of the goods to be exported. E-Form It is a necessity for all exports out of Pakistan. All commercial banks always issue the Eform in quadruplicate.  Original: is sent to the custom officer  Duplicate: Bank receive the duplicate  Triplicate: is sent to the State Bank Of Pakistan

Export Visa This document is required when the destination of consignment is Canada, America, and U.K. Different countries fix quota for different commodities and restrict imports of those goods with in a specific limit. There fore visa is required which is in fact a permission to export goods to the specified countries.

Payment by importer


Internship Report

Exporters bank sends all the documents negotiated in LC to importers bank. Once the shipment arrives in importing country, documents are kept with the bank until the importer makes full payment to bank.

COLLECTION / NEGOTIATION: When the exporter comes to the bank with the documents, he has two options.  Send them for collection  Get Them negotiated

Collection The bank sends the documents on behalf of the exporter to the importer’s bank for payment. The payment is made in Pak Rupees and the exchange rate is the Buying rate of the day normally called the T.T. Clean Buying Rate. When the reimbursing bank is to pay Bank Alfalah Limited it credits its nostro account maintained with it (the reimbursing bank), and afterwards bank debits the exporter’s account with the local equivalent of the export proceeds calculated at the TT clean buying rate.

Negotiation The bank purchases the documents from the exporter i.e. the exporter gets them discounted before their maturity. For example, the drafts are at 90 days from B/L date. In simple words, the payment for the exports would be received after three months. The exporter might not want to block his funds for such a long time. He can get his documents negotiated the day he presents them to the bank. The exchange rate he will get will however be lower than the TT clean buying rate because the bank is paying him an amount that it is going to receive after three months itself. Contracts are not negotiated however in any case. This is because they are unsafe documents and the bank does not take the risk.


CONTRACT The exporter might export the goods based on a CONTRACT with the importer.e. There are two types of contracts. there is no surety to the exporter that the importer will make the payment. Therefore. The number of each document required by the importer is mentioned on the credit. it is titled FDBP that is the abbreviation of Foreign Documentary Bills Purchased. 40 . a file in the similar fashion is kept but it is labeled FDBC i. Foreign Documents Sent For Collection. In such a case. Usually they are:  Manually signed commercial invoice  Bills of lading  Packing list in quadruplicate  Bill of exchange Filing A separate file is maintained in each case and if the documents have been negotiated. The importer might reject the goods on receipt and deny and payment to the exporter. the contract is an unsafe document.Internship Report Dispatch The documents brought by the exporter are in the form of sets containing an original and a number of copies. If the documents have been sent for collection.

“The quality of being credible or trustworthy”. The Bank Alfalah limited credit is extended on the basis of these rules and regulations.Internship Report Credit Administration department (CAD) Credit means belief or trust. Every bank has to follow these regulations. Credit marketing department deals with extending loans (credit facility) to customers before sanction advice. These regulations tells the term and conditions under which you can extend loans to the borrower and to what extent. Another words we can define credit as “trust in one’s integrity in money matters and ones ability to meet payment when due”. If any bank violates the regulations it should be liable for penalties. State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has prescribed regulations which are called “PRUDENTIAL REGULATIONS”. Credit Facilities At BAL there are two types of credit facilities 41 .

Following are the funded facilities. This function of clearing its customers’ Cheque by a bank is performed for settling payments through the clearing houses in the State Bank of Pakistan. There are two types of unfunded credit line facility. which are as follows: Letter of Credit (LC) Letter of Guarantee (LG) Clearing Department Banks collect Cheque for their customers that are drawn on other banks. the clearing is than supervised by National Bank of Pakistan. Current finance “CF” Term finance “TF” Finance against foreign bills “FAFB” Finance against packing and credit “FAPC” Finance against imported merchandise “FIM” Finance against trust receipt “FATR” Non Funded facilities The facilities where there is no direct involvement of banks fund.Internship Report  Funded facilities  Non funded facilities Funded facilities These are the facilities in which there is direct involvement of cash fund. BAL also provides a facility of clearing. Types of Clearing are follows  Inward Clearing 42 . In cities with no SBP coverage.

 Cash receipts  Cash payments 43 . This department performs the main function. It is also responsible for the book keeping of these transactions and the safe custody of cash. All counters are dealing at the same time in deposits. withdraw and online transaction processes. Out of five counters of cash department one counter is fixing for senior citizens and females. This department is given the complete responsibility of cash.Internship Report  Outward Clearing Cash Department Cash department of Bank Alfalah works under the operations department. as result of transaction in touch local and foreign currencies.

I also learned the procedure of issuance of Cheque book. 44 . he also check my knowledge about banking by taking a short interview. Naqaash in Account Department. Sohaib-us-Sabah. Salman. hidden cameras are there. Stock of Cheque books are balanced at the end of each day and kept under safe custody. 2nd I worked in account opening Department with Mr. Total twenty employees are working with one manger. The Charges fee is Rs. I learned how to fill current and saving deposit slips.150. I learned about KYC ( knowing your customer). How to update accounts on daily basis. When the Cheque book is issued then the signature of customer is taken on the Cheque book issuance register. 1st I worked with Mr. If customer wants to close the account then he has to given written application to head of the Operation Department. I have learned all the transactions in different departments are forwarded to account department. In this department I learned about customers behaviour. how to fill account opening form. After verifies the signature the account will be close. what are the requirements of account opening what type of document are required. Branch environment is very good. I reported to the manger of the branch who gave me brief introduction about the management and working of the branch. What types of account Bank Alfalah is offering to the customers. I have learnt the procedure that an account opening officer has to follow in order to open and maintain an account. chowk Shaheedan Multan branch for a total duration of six weeks and the departments that I have worked during that time are as follows:  Account Opening  Operations  Accounts  Credit First day. and for why he is opening A/C.Internship Report Internship experience I did my internship at Bank Alfalah. Security system is very strict. Rameez & Mr. KYC (know your customers) forms. Then he introduced me with employees. 3rd I worked with account officer Mr.

which would boos my confidence to work in future. I am now capable of dealing with different sort of customers.5% 10% 25% 20% Working Experience Impact on career My internship experience has given me a realistic preview of my field of education. Semi annually. Account department maintains the record of fixed assets. I have come to know and have been appreciated by a number of professionals who are lending their services to the banking sector for more then a decade. BAL prepares its reconciliation statements. annually reports are made that describes the proper analysis of branch. and how to be patient while doing so. weekly. The accounts department calculates the depreciation the assets by using straight line method Depreciation is charged at the following rates: Building Furniture Carpets & curtains Equipment 2. All the debit and credit entries of the main office account are recorded in the statement. Duties and Responsibilities 45 .Internship Report Since all vouchers from different departments are forwarded to current department so this department tallies all such transactions with current department after maintaining the ledger of each department. Quarterly. I have learned how to make the budget which depends on the forecasting of person. The overall experience of my internship was very good. I feel honored that I have worked such experienced professionals. Daily. I learned the sense of responsibility in its literal meaning. No doubt this internship gave me the experience. Then it is checked with physical vouchers and if there is any problem. Besides this I also gain knowledge about banking which I previously lacked and many more products being offered by the bank. Now I feel that I m better prepared to enter the world of professional work. they reconcile it.

 I learnt from this short period of job is punctuality. religion etc. First time in my life when I was doing some reasonable practical tasks. professional dressing matters a lot. to go in time and to off in time.  It was a big achievement for me. they have to fill a relationship with the bank. Problems 46 .  Create a good and effective learning environment in the bank. As part of my duty I had to fill these forms and then use the appropriate bank stamps to complete these forms. Usually the period of internship is short but we can learn a lot from this period.  Equally deal all the type of people belonging to any type any gender.  Maintain the secret information of customer accounts.  I learnt how to implement my MBA knowledge on this job. Accomplishment The main purpose of internship is to get a practical experience in the market and to get some practical knowledge. Working in team should be learnt.  The other thing is dressing. race.  Whenever a customer comes to open their account. that I learn how to do the work in team and group of people. I learnt what the practical implementation of the book knowledge is  It was first time in my life to work whole day in the company with full responsibility.  To help the senior staff during working hours to reduce his work load.Internship Report My duties and responsibilities are as follows:  Maintain a good relationship with the bank senior staff. By seeing my senior and colleagues I start to copy them in dressing.

But during the internship I faced some problems  There is no proper way to give proper training to internee. BAFL for the promotion of its new and existing products invest heavily. In this world of growing competition. in the market place is the proper marketing and promotion of its products. There is large number of foreign and local banks working in the country and it has been noticed that they are emphasizing much on their marketing strategies. These days everyone is facing pressure of competitors.  Lack of Knowledge how to face problems encountered.Internship Report For any job skills and abilities are acquired to perform the job but in case to perform professional task then man should perfect and have a lot of skills to perform any type of task.  Acquired the skill of communication & other professional skill. Same is the case with banking companies.  Operate different type of computer program especially in software. it advertises its product through: 47 . In this scenario. the key for a bank to succeed and attract its customers is adequate promotion of its products &services. Numerous organizations are providing financial services to the customer. for an organization. Strategies: Marketing Strategy This is an age of competition.  Lack of skill with dealing with different type of customers  Difficult to perform work in excel because major work is done on excel. the only way to survive and grow.

The messages of these advertisements are mainly of new financial services that the bank may introduce over time. an advertisement showed how Bank Alfalah Credit Cards helped a couple when they had no cash left during a shopping trip or how a father happily shows his family a new car that he had financed from Bank Alfalah.Internship Report • • • • • • Electronic media i. Print media Print advertisements are another major way in which Bank Alfalah advertises its product to the masses. television Print media i. Print media advertisements are mainly printed in major English and Urdu newspapers across Pakistan. Television ads for Bank Alfalah mainly try to emphasis the ‘The Caring Bank’. newspaper Billboards Business magazines Website Sponsorship Electronic media The major way in which today’s organizations promote its products and services is through television. For example. not only because it’s economical but also because the visual and audio aids help in promoting its product. Another major way in which Bank Alfalah advertises its products electronically is through its website. so that visitors can effectively know about the different services that the bank provides. which is designed in an effective manner with detailed information.e. 48 . by showing how its services can help you with the different financial problems that you face in your every day life. message in its advertisements.e.

Some of the tournaments that Bank Alfalah has sponsored over the year are as follows: Series Sponsored By Bank Alfalah Series Pakistan Vs England Pakistan Vs West Indies Pakistan VS South Africa Year 2005 2006 2007 Now days. The successful expansion program proved their 49 . BAFL is sponsoring the cricket rankings updates on Ten Sports. But due to terrorism no series is held in Pakistan from previous three years. especially cricket which is the most popular sports activity of Pakistanis and is watched by millions whenever there is a tournament featuring the Pakistani cricket team and is thus a great way to advertise their products. the financial strength of Bank Alfalah Limited has greatly enhanced during the previous years. Bank Alfalah has been sponsoring different sporting tournament.Internship Report Sponsorships Bank Alfalah also gives a significant consideration not only to its product publicity but also to the creation of public relations. Bank has proves its public goodwill by contributing money and time to public service and activities. Now the BAL focuses on the domestic series sponsorship. Competitive Strategy Despite notable economic uncertainties.

The Banking structure in Pakistan comprises of:  Central Bank  Commercial Banks  Investment Banks  Development finance Institutions (DFIs)  Specialized Banks  Foreign Banks  Bank Alfalah is a private commercial bank so the major competitors of Bank Alfalah are the following:  Muslim Commercial Bank  Union Bank Ltd  Soneri Bank Ltd  Prime Commercial bank  The bank of Punjab  Bolan Bank Ltd  Bank Al-Habib Ltd  ABL  Faysal Bank Ltd  Platinum Bank Ltd 50 .Internship Report capability and commitment in comparison with the competition in the financial sector.

Internship Report Financial Analysis: Balance Sheet 51 .

Internship Report Profit and Loss Account: 52 .

Internship Report Horizontal and Vertical Analysis: 53 .

335 21.649.181 10.690.056 3.732.491.16 9 9.02 5 7.759.947.990.467 2.85 8 2.031 13.133.563 3.291.43 8 14.722.452.75 2 7.144 20.653.76 4 2009 35.957 188.687.194 380.280 208.581.363.166.990.070.973.043 3.766.63 5 13.921 324.500 75.070.293 348.570.169 11.773.238 192.012 22.465 331.728 2.216 17.492.671.367 13.042.447.380 14.315.76 4 3.435 99.969 2.044.995.05 5 Horizontal 2008 2009 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 107% 105% 451% 131% 98% 148% 105% Vertical 2008 2009 9% 6% 1% 22% 55% 3% 4% 9% 6% 4% 26% 49% 4% 4% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 109% 109% 151% 108% 294% 89% 86% 111% 169% 113% 78% 97% 130% 109% 100% 1% 4% 86% 1% 3% 0% 95% 2% 1% 1% 1% 5% 100% 100% 1% 5% 85% 2% 3% 0% 97% 4% 1% 1% 1% 6% 100% 54 .159.006.436.222 300.786 179.Internship Report BALANCE SHEET ASSETS Cash and balances with treasury banks Balances with other banks Lending to financial institutions Investments Advances Other assets Operating fixed assets Deferred tax asset TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES & EQUITY Bills payable Borrowings from financial institutions Deposits and other accounts Subordinated loans Liabilities against assets finance lease Other liabilities Deferred tax liabilities TOTAL LIABILITIES REPRESENTED BY Share capital Reserves Inappropriate profit Surplus on revaluation of assets Total EQUITY Total Liabilities and Equity 2008 32.160 22.420 380.639 14.936.056.869.000 3.587.05 5 3.739 348.946.851 366.571.690.

794.835.720 1.943 914.694.849 1.301 -179.217 1.613 10.479.001.116.751.062 28.543.051 -85.818 300.928.247.957.454 11.674 94% 0% 1% 95% 17% 17% 17% -1% 100% 100% 111% 0% 100% -5% 1% 100% 65% 101% 100% 110% 9% 100% 57% 9% 10% -2% 100% 57% 100% 62% 100% 210% 55 .357 6.571 1.017.130 6.730.527 5.316 1.016.85 8 20% 3% 9% 4% -2% 12% 46% 112% 18% 2% 9% 6% 0% 12% 48% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 100% 90% 82% 111% 162% -2% 105% 107% 110% 100% 102% NON MARK-UP/ INTEREST EXPENSES Administrative expenses Other Provisions/Write Offs Other charges Total non mark-up/ Interest expenses Extraordinary / Unusual items Profit Before Tax (PBT) Taxation -Current -Prior years 9.924 11.004 248.582 122.926 2009 10.907.805.28 3 2.016.913.164 59.605 Vertical 2008 2009 Horizontal 2008 2009 100% 100% 100% 104% 19% 14% 0% 34% 66% 34% 3% 0% 37% 63% 100% 181% 100% 21% 100% 0% 100% 115% 100% 99% 2.298 3.54 2 1.472.85 0 1.822.845 424.182.924 2.071.419 79.50 7 -1.720 1.13 2 3. Commission and brokerage income Dividend income Income from dealing in Foreign currency Gain on sale of securities Unrealized (loss) /gain Investments Other income Total Non mark-up/ Interest income 2008 10.758 9.316 1.Internship Report INCOME STATEMENT Mark-up/return/interest income Provision against loan and advances Provision for diminution in value of investment Bad Debts written off directly Net Mark-Up / intreset income after provision NON MARK-UP /INTEREST INCOME Fee.794.253 12.628 4.732 688.790 28.261 -181.997 1.923.035.546 317.817 4.

Security analysts use financial ratios to compare the strengths and weaknesses in various companies.151. also reveal strong and weak firms. the market price of the shares is used in certain financial ratios. and by a firm's creditors. A financial ratio is a relative magnitude of two selected numerical values taken from an enterprise's financial statements.  These provide data for inter-firm comparison.419 1.281 897. the industry.346 119.019 493. Financial ratios may be used by managers within a firm. The ratios highlight the factors associated with successful and unsuccessful firms.Internship Report -Deferred Profit After Tax (PAT) -1.  These help in investment decision in case of investor and lending decision in case of Bankers etc 56 . there are many standard ratios used to try to evaluate the overall financial condition of a corporation or other organization. Ratio analysis is an important and age-old technique of financial analysis.301. other companies. Often used in accounting. Ratios are important and helpful in the reference that:  These simplify the comprehension of financial statement and tell the whole story of changes in the financial conditions of the business. Ratios are calculated from current year numbers and are then compared to previous years. If shares in a company are traded in a financial market. by current and potential shareholders (owners) of a firm.035 -11% 5% 12% -7% 1% 8% 100% 100% 100% 67% 24% 69% Ratio Analysis Ratio Analysis is a most common tool used by individuals to conduct a quantitative analysis of information in a company’s financial statements.301 -767. or even the economy to judge the performance of the company.

17 57 . CURRENT RATIO Formula and Calculation: Rs.37 2008 54268378 17142253 3.Internship Report 1.(000) Current assets Current Liabilities 2009 57778651 24420065 2.

CASH RATIO a. This ratio tells us about short term solvency of the organization Current ratio is showing better trend in 2008. 2. Cash balance is increasing in 2009 as compare to 2008. Formula: Cash Ratio = Cash Equivalent / Current Liabilities b.Internship Report Graphical Representation: Interpretation Financial position of BAL is strong in 2008 as compare to 2009. Answers: 58 .

687.9% c.(000) Cash Equivalent Current Liabilities 2009 35.056. If the cash ratio increases it is better for the bank. It shows the financial condition of the bank.Internship Report Rs.012 24420065 1. 3. DEBT RATIO 59 . Graphical Representation: d. Interpretation: Cash ratio describes the declining condition for the bank.43% 2008 32.335 17142253 1.

Answers: Rs. Graphical Representation: 60 .94% 2008 331946025 348990764 0.Internship Report a.95% c.(000) Total Liabilities Total Assets 2009 366936635 389070055 0. Formula Debt Ratio = Total Liabilities / Total Assets b.

Graphical Representation: 61 . it also describe the level of financial risk.586 2008 = 54268378 - 17142253 = 37. Interpretation: Debt Ratio describes the firm’s debt position as well as its liabilities.126. 4. Answers: 2009 = 57778651 - 24.125 c.065 = 33.Internship Report d. If the ratio is high then it is negative sign for bank.358.420. The ratio is decrease slightly but it is not good for bank overall. WORKING CAPITAL a. Formula: Working Capital = Current assets – current liabilities b.

Formula: Return on Equity = (N.T / Share holders equity) X 100 b.P.(000) N.P.6% 2008 1301301X100 1359727 9.Internship Report d.A.6% 62 . RETURN ON EQUITY a. 5. Interpretation: Calculation shows that the working capital has been decreased in 2009 as compare to the previous fiscal year 2008.T X 100 Share holder equity 2009 897035 X 100 19442692 4. Answers: Rs.A.

NET PROFIT MARGIN a. Return on equity in 2009 reaches in lowest position as compared to previous year. it also describe the profitability of the company. Interpretation: Return on equity describes the shareholder earned on their investment in any firm.Internship Report c. 6. Graphical Representation: d. Formula: 63 .

Internship Report Net Profit margin = N.T x 100 / Sales b.P.T X 100 Sales 2009 897035 x 100 35554930 0.(000) N.A.43% c. Graphical Representation: 64 .A.P.28% 2008 1301301x100 31046583 0. Answers: Rs.

 BAL is providing the facility of Money Gram to its entire people who are its customer or not and through this service it has got the leadership in Money Gram because any other bank is not offering this service.Internship Report d. 65 . weaknesses. this ratio shows the decline in profit margin in 2009 as compared to fiscal year 2008.  Bank has AA (Double A) and A1+ (A one plus) Credit Rating for long term and short term loans respectively.  Main source of profit for any financial institution is public saving which only comes from public confidence and BAL is getting this confidence which is one of the main strengths of bank  Bank Alfalah is also getting fame in the market due to its name “ALFALAH” which is leaving the Islamic and favorable impact on the minds of public. During my internship I also observe these factors of bank and made a conclusion which is as follows Strengths  Being the private organization its main aim is not to earn profit but also to satisfy its customers and slogan of BAL is also the representative of this purpose as Bank Alfalah “The Caring Bank”. Interpretation: Profit margin tells how much profit a company makes. In SWOT analysis the best strategies accomplish an organization’s mission by exploiting an organization’s opportunities and strengths while neutralizing its threats and avoiding its weakness. opportunities and threats. SWOT Analysis: SWOT stands for strengths. SWOT analysis is a careful evaluation of an organization’s internal strengths and weaknesses as well as its environmental opportunities and threats.

 Majority of the workforce consists of young professional.  No job rotation for employees.  BAL’s lending procedure is quite complicated that some people hesitate to come as they are requiring a huge file of documents. Opportunities 66 .  Personnel of Alfalah are well trained and highly skilled.  It was observed that at present the motivation level of the employees is not very much.. Weaknesses Beside all these strengths I also noted some weaknesses in the operations of bank Alfalah which are described below:  Bank Alfalah is charging online charges for transfer of money but some other banks not charge online transfer charges. they lack in their experience. And sometimes lack of experience becomes a hurdle while serving to the customers.Internship Report  With in very short period it has got a superb accomplishment which shows the competency of top management.  Bank Alfalah is not offering any credit facility for students. It is the point where they feel difficulty while competing with the other banks.

on the other hand it also has to face 67 . it has earned a good name by offering special products like car.  There is a very good growth trend in the Islamic banking in the country and in the world as well. So the penetration of these products could enhance market shares. in order to cope up with both conditions. some threats. mainly because of excessive amount of documentation  Other foreign financial institutions like City Bank. Bank Alfalah also has to face this situation. mainly because of low incentives as compared to the other banks.  Large business parties have fewer attractions in being a client of BAL-IBD. Standard Charted etc also having strong banking policies and there’s a chance that people might move toward these financial institutions to secure their investments. bank has an opportunity to introduce new products and services in Islamic banking. Threats Threats are the negative trends in external environmental factors. As on one side environment provides opportunities to one organization.Internship Report It is mandatory to try to make progress with consistency as well as to adopt changes with needs of time. home and credit cards facility. transactions and related services. BAL has the advantage of having Islamic Banking network and the growth in this particular field can be very fruitful for the bank.  The conventional banks those having high growth rate and high market share are always being a threat  There is an average not low turnover rate.  Bank Alfalah is spreading its network outside the boundaries of Pakistan and it has more opportunities to extend this network as State Bank of Pakistan has prescribed new policies in the prudential regulations.  In addition to excellent routine banking.

Identification of external and macro factors that influence buyers and thus change the size and composition of market overtime involves initially building customer profiles. Rapid technological change. see the shifting requirements of the buyers. evaluate changes in competitors positioning and guide the choice of which buyers to target and classify them according to respective segments. These influences include:  Political environment  Economic Indicators 68 . global competition and the diversity of buyers preferences in many markets require the constant attention of the market vouchers to identify promises business opportunities.Internship Report PEST Analysis A broad view of market is important when management is interested in introducing better services for customers.

and current ongoing military operation in Swat– all the above events indubitably made a huge impact on the economy. the strong fundamentals were compromised to prevailing global crises that’s shacked the confidence of global investors and FDI flowing in the country. violence in Karachi. Economic indicators include Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Pakistan has faced crisis after crisis. Due to this the investors are not interested in the Pakistan. The present state of the government in Pakistan is directly affecting the policies of banks. This not the end of the story after this Pakistan’ economy face lot of problems like bomb attacks in 69 . the return of Benazir Bhutto and her subsequent assassination. However. Pakistan’s economy has witnessed the most challenging period after posting six consecutive years of healthy economic growth. inflation. balance of payment. including the lawyers’ movement. ever since the sacking of Chief Justice Iftikhar Choudhary. the talibanization also develop in Pakistan and become the international issue in Pakistan and badly affected the Pakistan repute in the world and promote the uncertain conditions for the business in the Pakistan. militancy in FATA and NWFP and its impact on other parts of the country. The steep rise in oil prices to U$ 147 a barrel. Also the load shading is another factor that affects the Pakistan economy badly. Stability and law and order situation under the political regime is very important for the economy as a whole. debt of the government. soaring inflation hitting a 24% mark. Continuous political changes have disrupted the policies and objectives as each regime brings with it its own agenda.Internship Report  Socio cultural environment  Technological factors Political Environment The events in the last couple of years. Due the wrong policies of the government. huge fiscal deficits and balance of payments issues coupled with plummeting forex reserves added to the economy’s move to an unstable growth trajectory. Organizations need time to adjust to one regime and then work with it towards economic enhancement. Economic Indicators The economy of any country directly influences any financial organization. the Lal Masjid debacle.

and in Pakistan a significant segment of the population is reluctant to accept interest for their deposits due to the negative religious implications of such an act. and. 70 .Internship Report Pakistan no electricity and the unstable government. Though investing in state-of-the-art host banking solution. internet banking and now mobile banking are common IT investment in the developed world. BAFL is always willing to introduce new computer systems for keeping its staff up to date. in today world. turnaround time compliance by centralizing outward remittances. In BAFL technology has great effect on the working environment. However. With the successful implementation of new centralized database system. ATM and POS (point of sale) networks. the bank also achieved remarkable progress in business process re-engineering. the lifestyle and expectations of the customers from the service provider is increasing day by day. provide response times. account opening and credit administration. due to this the investor are not invest in the Pakistan and the existing business men are loosing their business unit due to the loss. which differentiate their products. About 70% of Pakistan’s population is based on rural areas and literacy rate of the country is very much low. the customers are becoming more intelligent and through media they keep themselves up to date. Socio cultural environment A low saving culture has offset the huge population advantage this is enjoyed by Pakistan. thus making it harder for banks to mobilize their deposits within these regions. Thus. telebanking. MasterCard. Also culture is dedicated by the religion. visa. it is now that these products and services are gaining faster acceptance in Pakistan. smart cards. Technological Factors Banks in the developed world have been turning to heavy IT investments. enhance accessibility and improve customer satisfaction.

Every concern has to strive and struggle a lot to be more profitable and to get more competitive edge.Internship Report Conclusion and Recommendations Conclusion At present there is no such organization in the world that is free from problem and challenges. 71 .

Internship Report It has been eighteen years since the establishment of Bank Alfalah. while also increasing the assets and profits of the bank. New deposit schemes have been introduced and an action plan to maintain revenue growth in future. BAL continues to develop the new products like it has been doing in past. The management of BAFL is taking strategic steps to enable the bank to emerge as a strong and progressive institution. and since its establishment it has aimed to become the leading bank of Pakistan by that provides outstanding services to its customers. The bank has seen phenomenal growth in the past few years by opening more branches in the country. Recommendations 72 . It is continuing to make efforts to refine its products and operations to make them more compatible. increasing the deposit base. As the business and economic conditions remain uncertain. The services that Bank Alfalah provides have a great market penetration not only because of their features but also the profit and markup rates that they charge.

 In Bank Alfalah. there is misdistribution of work.  Bank Alfalah although gives a number of incentives to its employees.  Education fees are also returned by Bank Alfalah to its employees.  BAL should provide loan to students at low mark up rate and easy terms & conditions. by increasing its deposit portfolio through aggressive market penetration strategies. some people are over burdened with the work. It can be harmful for the organization in the long run.  There are no incentive schemes for employees of Bank Alfalah like scholarship schemes for employees that want to pursue higher education.  Bank Alfalah Limited needs to use more marketing channels such as radio to make the public aware of its products and services. after the have finished their studies. I would like to give some recommendations to count over some problems. like personal loans at nominal markup but they are only provided to employees that are in higher ranks.  Bank Alfalah is only dealing in Money Gram.  Bank Alfalah Ltd should continuous to expand its business. So I suggest that there should be fair distribution of work in all the departments. it should also starting providing the service of other money transfer lines like Western Union. 73 .  Bank should prefer to promote worker on the basis of their talent and avoid going for personal like and dislikes.Internship Report After doing internship of six weeks in Bank Alfalah Limited. In the presence of intense competition Bank Alfalah Limited has to realize the importance of marketing.

Internship Report Internship Certificate: 74 .

com) State Bank of Pakistan ( Reports & Papers Annual Report Bank Alfalah 2009 Issues in Pakistan’s Economy by S. Bank Alfalah Limited. (2009). Akbar Zaidi International Finance by Maurice Wikipedia (www. Alfalah Milkiat Finance [Brochure] Alfalah Mahana Amdan Plus [Brochure]. Bank Alfalah Limited. Bank Alfalah Limited. 75 .bankalfalah. (2009). Levi Bank Alfalah Limited. (2009). (2009). Alfalah Quick Finance [Brochure].Internship Report References: Web Resources Bank Alfalah (www. Alfalah Karobar Finance [Brochure].

Internship Report 76 .

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