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When it comes to contentious issues like terrorism and jehad, there is a need to be more focussed as it is a matter of life and death. These are issues where one can ill-afford to grind one’s own axe. Jehadi terrorism is an ugly fact that is staring at our face. Most of the terrorist activities today have its base on a holy book which uniequivocally tells its followers to convert or kill. It is true that faith is personal and one cannot and should not try to encroach on other’s faith. However, it is also equally true that our freedom ends where the other’s nose begins. If terrorism springs out of a holy book which is divine and beyond “intellectual understanding”, then it is also incumbent on the civil society to study the book with a view to understand terrorism. If Muslim protagonists say that jehad is an inner war and is meant to improve one’s own character, then any civil society would not have any problems with it. However, if the “holy book” does tell its adherents to convert or kill, then it should be dealt with civil and criminal laws as it infringes on the safety and security of the society. The intelligentsia should deal with any holy book in an objective manner and should avoid shrill rhetorics. Sifting facts from propaganda is the sacred duty of any seeker of Truth -- whether it be on the side of science or spirituality. Appeasement of barbarians will do no good to the civil society. Lawbreakers should be dealt with strictly even if the excuse be a holy book -- that is directly dictated by “GOD”. 3

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ATTEMPT TO EQUATE GITA WITH QURAN SRI SRI & JEHAD PORTRAIT OF THE GOOD MUSLIM Mughalistan to split India 3 types of jehad against Hindus History of Islamic jehad in India Using Kafir women in Islamic game Aryabhatta Sex makes man a fool THE HINDU CONCEPT OF WAR


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Times of India cons 5-star Guru Ravishankar into degrading Bhagavadgita to Koranic level

It is a pity that Sri Sri Ravishankar could not see through the clever game being played by the newspaper to bring down Gita to the level of Quran. Nor could he rebut the inane profanity hidden in the theme. The Gita does not command Hindus to kill all non-Hindus, or for that matter, not even atheists. Sri Krishna advised a wavering Arjuna at Kurukshetra to wage war in the cause of righteousness and justice, and nothing more. Even after explaining the import of ‘dharma’ and righteousness, Sri Krishna left the final choice about taking up arms to Arjuna, saying that it was for him to make the correct decision, in accordance with ‘dharma’. – RAM OHRI
In the whole discussion Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the moderator, both cut a sorry figure. The Maulana took them for an easy ride and neither challenged the Maulana and presented the true meaning of jihad. It is evident that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has absolutely no knowledge of Islam or its basics – Vinod Kumar

By Ram Ohri
jihad which has tormented innumerable civilisations and countless countries for centuries and taken toll of crores of innocent lives. The attempt to underline some kind of spiritual equivalence between the Gita and the Quran is nothing short of an affront to sacred Hindu beliefs, nay to the Gita, itself.

“I am with you: give Firmness to the Believers I will instill terror into the hearts of the Unbelievers.”
– Quran 8.12 —————————– Recently a very clumsy attempt was made to downgrade the Gita during an interactive discourse organized by Times of India on a quixotic topic, ‘Jihad in the Gita and the Quran’. The title of the debate implied that the doctrine of jihad has been preached both in the Gita and the Quran – something totally false and highly offensive to Hindu ethos. The participants were Maulana Wahiduddin and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, while the well known columnist, Narayani Ganesh, acted as moderator. First things first. The scriptural soul of Hinduism, the

Gita, does not preach, nor even remotely mentions, anything comparable to the Islamic doctrine of jihad which is a permanent holy war against all non-Muslims, as ordained in Islamic scriptures. It is difficult, nay impossible, to fathom the intent of Times of India group to select such a wonky theme suggesting that jihad has been sanctioned in Hindu scriptures, too !. There is no moral equivalence between what Gita preaches and what Quran ordains. The choice of the subject of the discourse shows total mental bankruptcy because it tries to equate the two incomparable scriptures. Apparently the leading lights of Times of India group as well as Narayani Ganesh have neither read the Gita, nor Quran. Otherwise they would not have ventured to wade into the minefield of

It is a pity that Sri Sri could not see through the clever game being played by the shamsecularist newspaper to bring down Gita to the level of jihadi orthopraxy, enshrined in the Quran. Nor could he rebut the inane profanity hidden in the theme. The Gita does not command Hindus to kill all nonHindus, or for that matter, not even atheists. Sri Krishna advised a wavering Arjuna at Kurukshetra to wage war in the cause of righteousness and justice, and nothing more.


Even after explaining the import of ‘dharma’ and righteousness, Sri Krishna left the final choice about taking up arms to Arjuna, saying that it was for him to make the correct decision, in accordance with ‘dharma’. On the other hand, Jihad is not, repeat not, merely a struggle with one’s self, as claimed by Maulana Wahiduddin. It is Islam’s holy war against ‘kaffirs” (in Indian context read Hindus) as ordained in the Quran Importance of jihad has been highlighted by M.J. Akbar, in his tome, The Shade of Swords, where in the Introduction itself he has reiterated that “jihad is the signature tune of Islamic history”1. Elaborating the Islamic doctrine he says that though the Prophet did say that the ‘greater’ jihad (i.e., jihad-e-akbar) was the struggle to cleanse the impurity within, it was the lesser jihad (i.e., jihad-e-asghar) which had “powered the armies of Islam and made them all conquering”.2 For Muslims, M.J. Akbar, continues, jihad is not merely a question of cleansing the inner spirit; it is also a call for holy war regularly heard since the beginning of Islam. He has drawn pointed attention to the saying by the Prophet himself that “Paradise comes under the shade of swords”3.

1997, when he proclaimed that the acme of this religion (i.e., Islam) was jihad. M.J. Akbar’s exposition of jihad is a clear rebuttal of the falsehood being preached by Maulana Wahiduddin and several others to hoodwink the gullible Hindus.
The claim of Maulana that jihad has nothing to do with the concept of holy war against infidels is again comprehensively rebutted by the well known exposition of jihad by Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid (a former Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia) in his commentary titled, ‘Jihad in the Quran and Sunnah’.

The learned scholar, an acknowledged authority on Islam, emphasizes that Allah has ordained that Al-jihad (i.e., the holy fighting in Allah’s cause) should be carried out by the following three means :
• with the heart (i.e., intentions or feelings) ; • with the hand (ie., with weapons, etc.) • with the tongue (i.e., by speeches and preachings, in the cause of Allah).
Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid further elaborates that Allah will reward all those who participate in jihad with lofty dwellings in the Garden of Paradise.3 He clearly states that

A similar message was conveyed to his jihadi hordes by Osama bin Laden during an interview on CNN news channel on May 10,

the property of the vanquished kaffirs, including carrying away of their women and children. A typical example of the ‘slaughter in the land’ was the beheading of nearly 800 Jews, chained and menacled, under supervision of Prophet Muhammad, in the public square of Medina in the year 627 A.D., after the
jihad, or fighting in the cause of Allah, is superior to non-obligatory prayers, fasting, Zakat, Umra and even Haj. As explained in Sahi Muslim No. 4696, Abu Huraira, an important companion of the Messenger of Allah, had emphasized that the Prophet had declared that a Muslim who died, but did not fight in the way of Allah, nor did express any desire or determination for jihad died the death of a hypocrite.4 A similar message for waging a holy war against infidels is contained in Verse 74 of Surah Nisi which says that whosoever fights in the way of Allah, be he slain or victorious, on him we shall bestow a vast reward. Logically a taqiyah practicing cleric like Maulana Wahiduddin should have been confronted with Verse 8.12 and Verse 74 which openly preach jihad through terrorizing the socalled infidels. But unfortunately Sri Sri failed to do so perhaps because of his lack of knowledge about the Quran and the doctrine of jihad. The conceptual framework of jihad has been lucidly enunciated in Surah Anfal, namely the eighth Sura (i.e., chapter and 9th Surah titled ‘Taubah’ of the Quran, although this holy war has been enjoined on the faithful in many other chapters also. In fact, there are more than 200 verses in the Quran exhorting the Muslims to wage a holy war against the infidels. More importantly

Battle of Ditch. Another example is from Indian history when after Muhammad bin Qasim’s victory over Raja Dahir of Sind, when Hajjaj reminded bin Qasim of the Prophet’s commandment :”Give no

quarter to infidels but cut their throats. Then know that this is the command of the great God. You shall not be too ready to grantprotection, because it will prolong your work”.5

The fourth important component of jihad is the imposition of ‘jiziya’ or poll tax on the so-called ‘dhimmies’, i.e., nonMuslims living under protection of the Muslim rulers. Originally meant for only Christians and Jews (the people of the Book) later on it was extended to ‘kaffir’ Hindus also. Otherwise the Quranic punishment for ‘kaffirs’ is death and destruction.
The scriptural sanction for enjoying the spoils of war, including carrying away of women and children of the vanquished ‘kaffirs’ is accorded in verse 8.69 of Surah Anfal which says “Eat ye the spoils of war. They are lawful and pure”. Thus the Quran proclaims that there is nothing improper about plunder and enjoying the spoils of war; it is a mujahid’s prerogative. The only condition imposed is that ‘holy’ one-fifth of the spoils of war (including the captive women) must be sent to the Prophet, and after him, to the Caliph as his share of the war booty. The command about treatment to be meted out to the plundered womenfolk is contained in

the doctrine of jihad has at least four major components, e.g., forcible conversion of the so-called ‘kaffirs’ on pain of death, the scriptural sanction for ‘slaughter in the land’ in verse 8.67 after defeating the kaffirs and recourse to ghanima which means plunder and seizure of

verse 4.24 which asserts : ” All married women are forbidden (to you) save those (captives) whom your right hand possesses.”6 Obviously, they are to be used as concubines, as indeed they have been throughout history.. Interestingly, Islam has a doctrine of using deception and telling lies to further the cause of Islam. It is called “Taqiyah”, or recourse to deception, which is duly sanctioned in Verse 16.106, which approves that under certain circumstances and Muslim can tell a lie (in the cause of Islam) for which no action will lie against him. ‘Taqiyah’ is also approved in many more Verses , namely 16.106, 3.28, 2.225 and 66.2. Explaining the utility of taqiyah Sahi Bukhari recounts the assassination of a poet, Ka’b bin al-Ashraf under orders of the

Prophet.7 The men who volunteered to murder Ka’b used deception to gain the poet’s trust by pretending that they had turned against Prophet Muhammad in order to draw the victim out of his fortress and then killed him. Sahi Bukhari 84:64-65 categorically affirms that Hazrat Ali had confirmed that lying is permissible in order to deceive the enemy.8 . No wonder Maulana Wahiduddin and many others like him keep on confounding gullible Hindus, even Hindu seers, through their lectures laced with taqiyah. Sadly the wayward discourse clearly highlighted that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has not read the Quran at all. More importantly the discourse further showed his astonishing inability to comprehend what Sri Krishna had preached at Kurukshetra which was in no way comparable to the doctrine of jihad

He failed to point out that Gita preaches the concept of righteousness while doing one’s ‘karmic’ duty, above everything else. But Gita does not sanction the senseless killings of the kind which are ordained in innumerable verses of the Quran. Nor does Gita sanction plunder after victory, nor the carrying away of the hapless women and children of those vanquished in war and sharing them as ‘war booty’.
enunciated in the Quran.


Perhaps due to his inadequate knowledge of the Quran and the Hadith, or sheer timidity, Sri Sri could not rebut the bogus contention of Maulana Wahiduddin that jihad means nothing more than trying to control one’s desires and that some Muslims presently engaged in “violent activities which they claim to be jihad” should be ignored because “these people belong to non-governmental organizations”. How is it that all these non-State actors like Al Qaeda, Lashkar-e-Tayyeba, Jasih-eMuhammad, Taliban, Harkatul-Jihad-e-Islami, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, etc., responsible for killing thousands of innocents, are a speciality of Islamic States like Pakistan, Iran, Syria, Palestine, etc ? What is most important is that all these non-state actors are the creation of

various Islamic governments who invariably support them in their nefarious activities. Before closing this rejoinder it must be pointed out that the notorious July 2008 email circulated by Indian Mujahideen had quoted verbatim three Ayats of Quran (in Arabic along with English translation) exhorting the faithful to kill the infidels. After pouring enormous ridicule on Hindu Gods and Goddesses, they had commanded the Hindus to convert to Islam failing which they shall be slaughtered as surely as their forbears had been by Muhammad bin Qasi, Mahmud Ghazanvi and Muhammad Ghauri in the past. And within four months Lashkar-e-Tayyeba’s ten fidayeens carried out the notorious Mumbai Massacre of 26 /11 in which nearly 180 innocents were slaughtered, a ghastly event about which a threat had been duly administered by Indian Mujahideen. That shows the ugly face of the Islamic doctrine of jihad. It is a shame that the preaching of righteous war by Sri Krishna at Kurukshetra is sought to be equated by Times of India group and Narayani Ganesh with what Indian Mujahideen had vowed to do the killings and which hey actually did, in accordance with the Quranic verses.

falsehood being propagated to equate the Gita, both morally and spiritually, with the Quran. My humble advice to Sri Sri and other Hindu seers is that either they should read in great detail the Quran and the Hadith along with two authentic commentaries, Sahi Bukhari and Sahi Muslim, or they should scruplously refrain from participating in such weird discourses often organized by the sham-secularist groups and individuals to denigrate Hindu ethos and morally equate “adharma” with ‘dharma”.
1. M. J. Akbar, The Shade of Swords, p. xvi 2. Ibid. 3. Jihad in Quran and Sunnah, published by Maktaba Dar-usSalam, Riyadh. 4. Suhas Majumdar, Jihad – The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War, p.20. 5. Dr. Titus, Indian Islam, p. 10. 6. Suhas Majumdar, Jihad – The Islamic Doctrine of Permanent War, p. 29. 7. Sahi Bukhari 52.271. 8. Sahi Bukhari 84:64-65

A much greater shame, however, is the gullibility of Hindu preachers like Sri Sri to acquiesce in the

Ideological Profligacy of a 5-star Guru


By Vinod Kumar

The Times of India recently conducted a discussion between Islamic scholar and peace activist Maulana Wahiduddin Khan and Hindu spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on the issue of Jihad in the Quran and Bhagvadgita. The discussion was moderated by Narayani Ganesh, a well known Columnist. Right at the beginning Maulana Wahiduddin started with “Let’s discuss the misunderstanding of the term jihad. Jihad is an Arabic word that has neither a mysterious meaning nor relation to any sacred duty. Jihad is a simple word; it means to struggle, to strive. Jihad is to achieve a positive goal in life through peaceful means.” “The Prophet of Islam has said: “Do jihad against your own desires.” That is, doing jihad against yourself. So jihad means to control your desires.

Jihad is to discipline your own behaviour. The Qur’an says: “Do jihad with the help of the Qur’an” (25:52). The Qur’an is a book of ideology; it is not a weapon. So doing jihad with the help of the Qur’an means to try to achieve one’s goals through an ideological struggle.” He continued.

Before we accept the Mualana’s definition of jihad let us look at the subject of jihad from the basic scriptures of Islam and what other Islamic scholars and commentators have said on the subject in some details. One or two sentences here and there do not do justice to this important topic.
Jihad has been going on in the world ever since Islam was born in the seventh cen-

tury but its latest manifestation has been, among other places, most notably in Palestine, Chechnya, and Kashmir. Even, in February 1998, when World Islamic Front issued a fatwa and a call for Jihad to “every Muslim who believes in Allah and wishes to be rewarded to comply with Allah’s order to kill the Americans and plunder their money wherever and whenever they find it”, it did not arouse much interest in the general public. It took direct assault on 9/11 on the fundamental symbols of what America stands for that it created some curiosity. Today, Jihad is, no doubt, one of the most discussed terms in the world. What is Jihad? What drives a man to commit such horrendous acts against humanity? What motivates Islamic terrorists? Why do they operate under the name of Jihad?



Dr. Eyad Sarraj, a Palestinian psychiatrist answers (Newsweek, April 8, 2002) “This is the influence of the Koran, the most potent and powerful book for the past 14 centuries. God promised Muslims who sacrificed for Islam that they would not die. They will live on in paradise. Muslims hold to the promise literally.”
How valid is this assertion? What is Jihad? View of traditionalists: Dictionary of Islam defines jihad as “a religious war with those who are unbelievers in the mission of Muhammad. It is an incumbent religious duty, established in the Quran and in the Traditions as a divine institution, enjoined specially for the purpose advancing

Islam and repelling evils from Muslims.”[i] In an introductory note to an article “Jihad in the Qur’an and Sunnah” by Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid, ex-Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia and of the Sacred Mosque of Mecca, Abdul Malik Mujahid, General Manager of Maktaba Dar-usSalam, Saudi Arabia on the website (www.islamworld.net) writes: “Jihad is regarded as the best thing, one can offer voluntarily. It is superior to nonobligatory prayers, fasting, Zakat, Umra and Hajj as mentioned in the Qur’an and the Ahadith of the Prophet(pbuh). The benefits of Jihad are of great extent and large in scope, while its effects are far-reaching and widespreading as regards Islam and the Muslims.” Sheikh Abdullah, ex-Chief Justice of Saudi Arabia defines Jihad as: “Praise be to Allah swt Who has ordained Al-Jihad (the holy fighting in Allah’s Cause):

1. With the heart (intentions or feelings), 2. With the hand (weapons, etc.), 3. With the tongue (speeches, etc., in the Cause of Allah) Allah has rewarded the one who performs it with lofty dwellings in the Gardens (of Paradise).” [ii] Other contrary Views Many non-Muslim modernists, as Maulana Wahiduddin also said in this discussion, in the West deny that it has anything to do with violence. Many academic Muslims also dissociate Jihad with “Holy War”. “In its primary sense it is an inner thing, within self, to rid it from debased actions or inclinations, and exercise constancy and perseverance in achieving a higher moral standard” – they claim. “Jihad is not a declaration of war against other religions and certainly not against Christians and Jews as some media and political circles want it to be perceived. Islam does not fight other religions” – they emphasize. The Council on AmericanIslamic Relations, a Washington-based group, asserts that jihad “does not mean ‘holy war.’” Instead, jihad is “a central and broad Islamic concept that includes the struggle to improve the quality of life in society, struggle in the battlefield for self-defense . . . or fighting against tyranny or oppression.” CAIR even denies that Islam includes any concept of a “holy war.” Many other who go under the banner of modernists hold similar views on the nature of


jihad. How is one to conclude what Jihad really means in Islam? Ironclad definition of anything to do with Islam and its practical manifestations can only be derived from what the basic scriptures of Islam have to say on any particular issue. What are the basic scriptures of Islam and why are they so important? The single most basic scripture of Islam is indeed the Qur’an. The next after the Qur’an are the traditions – the Sunnah — of the Prophet — also known as Ahadith. The Qur’an is compilation of the Revelations from Allah to Prophet Muhammad and the Sunnah is what Prophet Muhammad did or said. Of the traditions, the ones compiled by Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim are the most authentic. Authenticity of Imam Bukhari’s work can be judged from the fact that he is reported to have collected over 300,000 Hadiths — traditions of the Prophet — but “chose only approximately 7275 of which there is no doubt about their authenticity.” [iii] Each Hadith comes with its line of transmission that leads directly to Prophet Muhammad or his companions. Why are the Qur’an and the Sunnah of the Prophet so important to Muslims? Instead of giving my personal opinion let me say what Rafiq Zakaria, an eminent Islamic scholar and also known as modernist progressive secular Muslim has to say on this.

“The Quran is, therefore, regarded by Muslims as immutable and unchangeable, not metaphorically but literally. This is a matter of faith for them, and reason can never deflect them from it.” [v] (Italics mine) He went on to say. After enumerating the five pillars of Islam, he echos the sentiments expressed above in another book and goes on to observe “it (the Quran) contains guidelines a Muslim must follow.” [vi] Maulana Mawdudi, a great Islamic scholar and thinker expresses similar views. Islam stands for complete faith in the prophet’s teachings. It stands for complete obedience to the system of life shown to us by the prophet and any who ignores the medium of the prophet and claims to follow God directly is not a Muslim. [vii] Maulana Wahiduddin has also expressed similar opinions. Human reason or direct approach to God without the medium of the prophet makes one sinner, if not apostate from Islam. No freedom of slightest deviation is allowed. One has to follow the teachings of the Quran and of the

“To Muslims, the Quran is the creation of god. However, it is equally important to remember that there could have been no Quran without Muhammad. He is not only its transmitter but also the embodiment of its teachings… Muhammad and the Quran are inextricably intertwined.” [iv]

Prophet. If we want to understand why the Muslims carry out jihad, we have to understand what the Quran and the Sunnah have to say on this topic. The opinions of Islamic scholars and other commentators are not valid if they are not in conformity with the above. What do the Quran and the Sunnah have to say on the subject of Jihad? There is no chapter devoted exclusively to the subject of jihad in the Quran. The Ayats pertaining to jihad are spread throughout the Quran. If one were to sort them out and present them in a concise manner, one would, in all likelihood, be accused of quoting them out of context. But in each of the authentic Hadis – the Sunnah of the prophet — there is a section dealing with the practice of jihad. So let us turn our attention to the Sunnah. On close scrutiny of the Sunnah as compiled in Sahih Al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim, apart from the traditions of the prophet, frequent reference is made to the Quran. So what is recorded in these two books is both, the Sunnah of the Prophet as well as the revelations from God. Imam Bukhari and Imam Muslim have facilitated our work in informing us, in a concise form, what the concept of jihad in Islam is? Dr. Muhammad Muhsin Khan of Islamic

University, Medina Al- Munawwara, Saudi Arabia, the translator of Sahih Al-Bukhari, in the glossary of Arabic words translates Jihad as “Holy fighting in the cause of Allah or any other kind of effort to make Allah’s word (Islam) superior which is regarded as one of the principles of Islam.” [viii] Jihad defined: Let us first try to find out what is Jihad? We don’t have to too far. The section on Jihad starts with invocation to Allah and Chapter I opens quoting verses 9:111-112 of the Quran: “Verily Allah has purchased of the believers Their lives and their properties; For theirs (in return) Is Paradise. They fight in His cause, so they Kill (others) and are killed It is a promise in truth which is binding on Him.”[ix] Allah has made a binding promise with His believers to kill in His cause and if they are killed they will get Paradise in return. And again it repeats in chapter 2 “the best among the people is that believer who strives his utmost in Allah’s cause with both his life and property and goes on to quote verses 61:10,11,12 . It says “it (fighting in Allah’s cause) is a bargain that will save you from a grievous punishment….. He will forgive you, your sins and admit you into Gardens beneath which rivers flow, and to beautiful Mansions in gardens of Eternity.” And calls it “The supreme achievement.” [x] Indeed the promise of Gardens with Rivers and Mansions must have sounded very alluring in the harsh desert climate of Arabia. Evidently, it does even today. The superiority of Jihad: “A single endeavor (of fighting) in Allah’s Cause in the forenoon is better than the world and whatever is in it.” Says Hadis 50 in chapter 5. [xi] And “a place as small as a bow in Paradise is better than all that on which the sun rises and sets (i.e. all the world).” And continues, repeating, “A single endeavour in Allah’s Cause is better than all that on which the sun rises and sets.” [xii]


The superiority of martyrdom is so great that “nobody would wish to come back even if he were given the whole world and whatever in it, except the martyr who, on seeing the superiority of martyrdom, would like to come back to the world and get killed again (in Allah’s cause.)” [xiii] And what is there in Paradise? Houris. “And if a houri from paradise appeared to the people of the earth, she would fill the space between Heaven and the Earth with light and pleasant scent and her head cover is better than the world and whatever is in it.” [xiv] Who would not like to die to be in company of such houris? Obligations of a Believer to Jihad What are the obligations of a Muslim of a general call to arms and what sort of Jihad and intentions are compulsory? Most people don’t like to fight and Muslims are no exception to it. But what are they to do when Allah says: “March forth, whether you are light (young, healthy and wealthy) or heavy (ill, old and poor) And strive with your wealth and your lives In the way of Allah; that is better for you If you but knew. Had it been a near gain (booty in front of them) And an easy journey they would have followed you, But the distance (Tabuk expedition) was long for them and they would Swear by Allah (saying) “If we only could, we would have surely have come out with you.” Allah reprimands: “They destroy their own souls, and Allah knows That they are liars.” (9:41-42) [xv] Allah continues His reprimand: “O you who believe! What is the matter with you that when you are asked to march forth in the Way of Allah, (i.e. Jihad), you cling heavily to the earth? Are you pleased with the life of this world rather than the hereafter? …. (the verse). If you march not forth, He will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people and you cannot harm Him at all, and Allah is Able to do all things.” (9:38-39) [xvi] Is Jihad obligatory: This is best explained by Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Humaid: “So at first “the fighting” was forbidden, then it was permitted and after that it was made

obligatory- ( 1 ) against them who start “the fighting” against you (Muslims)… (2) and against all those who worship others along with Allah… as mentioned in SurahAIBaqaraSl (II), Al-lmran (III) and Baraat (IX)… and other Suras (Chapters of the Qur’an).

Allah made “the fighting’ (Jihad) obligatory for the Muslims and gave importance to the subject-matter of Jihad in all the Suras (Chapters of the Qur’an) which were revealed (at Medina) as in Allah’s Statement:
March forth whether you are light (being healthy, young and wealthy) or heavy (being ill, old and poor), strive hard with your wealth and your lives in the Cause of Allah. This is better for you if you but knew. (V.9:41). [xvii] Rewards of Jihad: Where would one killed in Jihad go? The Muslim killed in Jihad would go to Paradise and “their’s (i.e. those of the Pagan’s) will go to Hell Fire. [xviii] What are the special benefits of fighting in Allah’s cause? Whoever believes in Allah and His Messenger and lives the life of a good Muslim will rightfully go to Paradise, no matter if he fights in Allah’s cause or not. But there is a special place for those who do. Paradise has hundred grades which Allah has reserved for Mujahidin. The distance between each grade is like the distance between the Heaven and the Earth. [xix] And what will those who fight in Allah’s cause get in Paradise? Bat Ye’Or well known writer on Islam


Quoting Koran (9:39) “If you march not forth, I will punish you with a painful torment and will replace you by another people and you cannot harm Me at all, and Allah is able to do all things.”, Sheikh Abdullah bin Muhammad bin Hamid of Sacred Mosque of Mecca (Saudi Arabia) writes “Allah disapproved of those who abandoned Jihad (i.e. they did not go for Jihad) and attributed to them hypocrisy and disease in their hearts, and threatened (all) those who remain behind from Jihad and sit at home with horrible punishment. He (Allah) accused them with the most ugly descriptions, rebuked them for their cowardice and spoke against them (about their weakness and their remaining behind).[xxi]

notes “the ideology of jihad was formulated by Muslim jurists and scholars, including such luminaries as Averroes and Ibn Khaldun, from the 8th century onward. For example, Ibn Khaldun (d. 1406) stated, “..the holy war is a religious duty, because of the universality of the Muslim mission and the obligation to convert everyone to Islam either by persuasion or by force…”. Modernists views refuted: As noted above, Council of American Islamic Relations asserts that Jihad is “struggle in the battlefield for self-defense . . . or fighting against tyranny or oppression” But Sahih Muslim, one of two most authentic traditions does not agree with it. Self defense or oppression has nothing to do with the concept of Jihad. It quotes Prophet Muhammad saying: “I have been commanded to fight against people, till they testify to the fact that there is no god but Allah, and believe in me (that) I am the messenger (from the Lord) and in all that I have brought. And when they do it, their blood and riches are guaranteed protection on my behalf except where it is justified by law, and their affairs rest with Allah.”[xx] However, there is no evidence in the core scriptures of

Had Jihad been just “striving” and “an inner thing, within self, to rid it from debased actions or inclinations” where was the need to “march forth”? Why would Allah accuse those who did not “march forth” of “cowardice”, and “hypocrisy and disease in their hearts”? To scholars of Islam the message of the Koran and Ahadith is clear. It is true that not every Muslim is engaged in Jihad. It is true not only today; it was true during the time of Prophet Muhammad also. Those who did not were called hypocrites and their fidelity to Islam was in question. It is evident from the above that Maulana Wahiduddin’s contention that Jihad has “no relation to any sacred duty” and “it means to struggle, to strive. Jihad is to achieve a positive goal in life through peaceful means” have no foundation in Islamic scriptures. And if Jihad, indeed, is “mental struggle against passion or internal struggle” – it would be welcome, I am sure, by all non-Muslims. What a nonMuslim is primarily interested in is Jihad that affects his (non-Muslim’s) survival.

Islam that Jihad is an internal struggle within the self. In support of his contention, the Maulana quoted verse 25:52 saying: “The Quran says: ‘Do jihad with the help of the Quran’. As is the common theme of the Quran ‘to fight with the unbelievers’, the verse quoted by the Maulana does not disappoint. It also says: “So do not follow the unbelievers, and strive against them a mighty striving with it.” ‘It’ might mean the Quran – the word Jihad does not occur in any of the three translations I checked but by defining jihad as peaceful struggle the Maulana has completely fooled a general unbeliever into believing that the Quran asks his followers to fight peacefully.

[i] Warraq, ibn. Why I am not a Muslim. New York, 1995, pp.12 [ii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 1, pp. xxiv [iii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 1, pp.xvii [iv] Zakaria, Rafiq, Muhammad and the Quran, Penguin Books, New York, 1991, pp. 3 [v] Zakaria, Rafiq, Muhammad and the Quran, Penguin Books, New York, 1991, pp. 4 [vi] Zakaria, Rafiq, The Struggle within Islam, Penguin Books, New York, 1988, pp. 304 [vii] Mawdudi, Abul A’la, Towards understanding Islam, Islamic Circle of North America, Montreal, 1986, pp. 61 (First published in Urdu in India in 1932) [viii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 1, pp. lxxiv [ix] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol.4, pp. 34 [x] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 36-37 [xi] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 41 [xii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp 41 [xiii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 42 [xiv] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 42 [xv] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 58-59 [xvi] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 59 [xvii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 1, pp. xxvi [xviii] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 55 [xix] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp. 40 [xx] Sahih Muslim, Translated by Abdul Hamid Siddiqi, New Delhi, 1994, vol. 1, pp.17 [xxi] Al-Bukhari, Sahih Al-Bukhari. Translated by M. Muhsin Khan, New Delhi, 1984, vol. 4, pp.xxx-xxxi

In the whole discussion Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and the moderator, both cut a sorry figure. The Maulana took them for an easy ride and neither challenged the Maulana and presented the true meaning of jihad. It is evident that Sri Sri Ravi Shankar has absolutely no knowledge of Islam or even of its basics
The whole exercise of equating the Gita and the Quran is disingenuous. The Gita and the Hinduism at large have no concept of jihad in the Quranic sense. The Kurukshetra war is not about jihad but about injustice which as the Maulana says does not exist in Islam – (In Islam, there is no war against injustice). In Islam, whatever Allah decrees is justice when it says: “God gives abundantly to whom He will and sparingly to whom it pleases.” (13:26) In the Gita the basic theme is fight for righteousness – not for any god or religion or an individual while to the contrary the basic theme in the Quran is to fight for Allah against those who deny His Revelations. In Kurukshatra war Sri Krishna did not exhort Arjuna to fight because Sri Krishna wanted it or for a God – or for even Arjuna’s sake but for the justice. Against the injustice that had been done to the Pandavas. This step was taken after all other means to bring justice have been explored and exhausted. Yes, like any other religious ideology, Islam also would like to improve the life of its followers, in its own way but that is nowhere called what is known as Jihad.


Divorce on September 11?

From the website: Indymedia 18

Ironically, honorable Muslims are the worst Muslims; for, they give a bad religion a good name and aid in its continuation. The survival of Islam would be a terrible calamity to befall humanity. These harsh statements are hard facts that the 'good Muslim' ought to consider deeply. This series of articles will attempt to shed light on this reality. [read in Bangla] Those folks, who consider themselves to be good Muslims, must be troubled witnessing the constant horrors being created by their coreligionists. Muslims are now commonly viewed by nonMuslims as a dangerous segment of the population, who hold very strange views of the world and their fellow humans. Those non-Muslims, who are well-versed in Islamic theology and the ambitions of the Islamists to institute Sharia law, are right in being mistrustful of the Muslim population. The horrific state of the Islamic world and the dysfunctional behavior of their coreligionists should awaken the 'good Muslim' consider whether there is something intrinsically wrong with Islam. The 'good Muslim' must ask themselves why their brethren behave so violently toward each other and toward nonMuslims. It should make an honest person wonder whether Islam is truly what it claims to be. It is worth considering this question rigorously, since so many lives are at stake. We know from Islamic history, and by looking around the world today, that Islam is evidently not a religion of peace. The talk of Islam being the religion of peace is just talk. Islam has long proven itself to be a religion of violence and hatred that commonly inspires its adherents to commit acts of obscene bloodshed and intolerance. In light of all this, it seems that those, who proclaim themselves to be Muslims, would be wise to reexamine the claims of their religion. Islam has historically created undemocratic societal structures, which are steeped in nepotism and tyranny. Where Islam is the law of the land—that is, lands ruled by Sharia law—it has been devastating to the well-being and civility of its citizenry. Without doubt, Muhammad has betrayed his followers leaving behind an unjust religion (an obvious example being inferior


status and rights of women to those of men) producing an untenable mess. It is futile for Islamic apologists to attempt to deny these statements, as the facts speak for themselves. We know that Islamic terrorism is the result of Muslims acting upon Islamic doctrine. The adherents of no other major religion attempt to settle their real or imagined grievances with such consistent acts of savage violence as do Muslims. Both the Quran and the Sunnah obviate the fact that Muhammad himself was a terrorist, a mass murderer and a robber, who urged his followers to conquer the world by any means necessary. He claimed that this is what his God, i.e. Allah, demands to be done. This Islamic supremacism is sheer barbarism and insanity. Truth be told that radical Muslims are only following in Muhammad’s footsteps and acting upon his commandments. Though the 'good Muslim' prefer to acknowledge only the peaceful and sane Islamic traditions, the time has come for them to abandon this infantile approach and to stop overlooking the truly dark contents of their religion, and what it demands of them and its negative impact upon

humanity. The time has come for Muslims to take off their blinders and to embark upon an objective and critical examination of Islam. The evidence will unmistakably lead them to conclude that Muhammad was a full-blown madman, who deserved to be recorded by history as nothing less than the most notorious criminal and deceitful human being to have ever lived. The question at hand is whether decent folks, who currently call themselves Muslims, are willing to continue compromise their integrity by practising and promoting Islam, despite knowing many of its horrors. Many educated Muslims are now beginning to realize that adherence to Islam cannot be justified and are discretely walking away from it. It has become clear to them that the founder of Islam, Muhammad ibn Abdullah, was just one more charlatan, who fabricated a religion—a religion, based primarily on fear, hatred and violence, and a most violent one at that. Islam should rightly be abhorred by all persons of conscience. The 'good Muslim' must decide whether they want to live a lie and go down the dark path of Islam, or make the courageous decision to abandon it entirely and help expose it for what it truly is. It is time for the good Muslims to come to the realization that Muhammad’s Islam, taken in totality, amounts to a colossal fraud and a terribly harmful ideology. Those Muslims—who act as Imams and Islamic "academics", thus, working to

further the goals of this fundamentally unjust, inherently violent, and highly intolerant religion—do a greater harm to humanity. If these above-mentioned groups of otherwise good persons continue in their ways and succeed in keeping Islam alive and flourishing, the world, in due course, will turn a dark place, where no sane people would want their children to live in. The time has come for all Muslims—both laymen and learned, moderate and fundamentalist—to objectively examine the religion they currently believe to be infallible and beyond the need for critical examination. The horrible truth about the Islamic religion must become known if humanity is to survive. It has become obvious to many Muslims that there is something seriously wrong with Islam. But what is that? What is wrong with Islam? Was Muhammad merely a sick human being and a liar? Is Islam the corrupted product of many different hands? These questions are well worth asking as there is so much at stake. Those good honorable people, who adhere to Islam, must ask themselves whether Islam is in fact a religion come from God as Muhammad proclaimed. Many Muslims—now aware of Muhammad’s questionable behavior and actions (murder, assassination, thievery, pedophilia etc.)—should be wondering whether they should continue blindly following this sick man, and his hateful and violent religion. Unfortunately, the fear that


Muhammad’s Islam implants in the mind of Muslims has rendered them incapable of thinking rationally about the religion. This is changing though, as more and more Muslims become exposed to the grotesque truth about Muhammad and Islam. Upon learning the truth about Islam, honest people of integrity begin the profoundly liberating process of apostasizing from Islam. It can definitively be stated that no decent person of sane mind, knowing the real facts about Islam, could remain in the religion with a clear conscience. We, the informed apostates of Islam, know for certain that Muhammad’s Islam is, in reality, the exact opposite of what it claims to be. Most Muslims genuinely do not know how evil the Islamic ideology really is. It is an indisputable fact that Islam institutionalizes discrimination against women and nonMuslims, effectively puts an end to freedom of speech and conscience, and ensures perpetual warfare amongst mankind. Islam is not a religion of peace. Islam is not a flawless faith received from a god. Muhammad was not the perfect man. This “religion” is so perverse in fact that it demands that those, who leave it, be killed: Bukhari, Vol. 9, Book 84, No. 57: Narrated Ikrima Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostle for-

bade it, saying, ‘Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire)’. I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changes his Islamic religion, then kill him.’” Quranic verses (referring to the prescribed treatment for apostates): 004.088 YUSUFALI: Why should ye be divided into two parties about the Hypocrites? Allah hath upset them for their (evil) deeds. Would ye guide those whom Allah hath thrown out of the Way? For those whom Allah hath thrown out of the Way, never shalt thou find the Way. PICKTHAL: What aileth you that ye are become two parties regarding the hypocrites, when Allah cast them back (to disbelief) because of what they earned? Seek ye to guide him whom Allah hath sent astray? He whom Allah sendeth astray, for him thou

(O MUhammad) canst not find a road. SHAKIR: What is the matter with you, then, that you have become two parties about the hypocrites, while Allah has made them return (to unbelief) for what they have earned? Do you wish to guide him whom Allah has caused to err? And whomsoever Allah causes to err, you shall by no means find a way for him. 004.089 YUSUFALI: They but wish that ye should reject Faith, as they do, and thus be on the same footing (as they): But take not friends from their ranks until they flee in the way of Allah (From what is forbidden). But if they turn renegades, seize them and slay them wherever ye find them; and (in any case) take no friends or helpers from their ranks;PICKTHAL: They long that ye should disbelieve even as they disbelieve, that ye may be


Taliban using children to further their violent jehadi cause
upon a level (with them). So choose not friends from them till they forsake their homes in the way of Allah; if they turn back (to enmity) then take them and kill them wherever ye find them, and choose no friend nor helper from among them, SHAKIR: They desire that you should disbelieve as they have disbelieved, so that you might be (all) alike; therefore take not from among them friends until they fly (their homes) in Allah’s way; but if they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them, and take not from among them a friend or a helper. 004.090 YUSUFALI: Except those who join a group between whom and you there is a treaty (of peace), or those who approach you with hearts restraining them from fighting you as well as fighting their own people. If Allah had pleased, He could have given them power over you, and they would have fought you: Therefore if they withdraw from you but fight you not, and (instead) send you (Guarantees of) peace, then Allah Hath opened no way for you (to war against them). PICKTHAL: Except those who seek refuge with a people between whom and you there is a covenant, or (those who) come unto you because their hearts forbid them to make war on you or make war on their own folk. Had Allah willed He could have given them power over you so that assuredly they would have fought you. So, if they hold aloof from you and wage not war against you and offer you peace, Allah alloweth you no way against them. SHAKIR: Except those who reach a people between whom and you there is an alliance, or who come to you, their hearts shrinking from fighting you or fighting their own people; and if Allah had pleased, He would have given them power over you, so that they should have certainly fought you; therefore if they withdraw from you and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah has not given you a way against them. 004.091 YUSUFALI: Others you will find that wish to gain your confidence as well as that of their people: Every time they are sent back to temptation, they succumb thereto: if they withdraw not from you nor give you (guarantees) of peace besides restraining their hands, seize them and slay them wherever ye get them: In their case We have provided you with a clear argument against them. PICKTHAL: Ye will find others who desire that they should have security from you, and security from their own folk. So often as they are returned to hostility they are plunged therein. If they keep not aloof from you nor offer you peace nor hold their hands, then take them and kill them wherever ye find them. Against such We have given you clear warrant.


SHAKIR: You will find others who desire that they should be safe from you and secure from their own people; as often as they are sent back to the mischief they get thrown into it headlong; therefore if they do not withdraw from you, and (do not) offer you peace and restrain their hands, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them; and against these We have given you a clear authority. Muslims ought to think deeply about the implications of the quranic verses. See my recent article, The Reality of Friendship in Islam, for another perspective on this matter. Muhammad was a deranged man. He was so deranged that he himself believed his own lies. He made his living and satisfied his “needs” by creating enemies, then raiding and looting their property. Muhammad and his gang of criminals butchered thousands of people during their raids. Often the women and children were spared death only to be enslaved and sold for profit or used as concubines and free labor. Many of the modern-day followers of Muhammad’s cult of Islam want to re-live that savage age. They want to slaughter ‘infidels’ and take their wives. They want to see stoning, amputation, and imprison women inside fulllength black garb on every street. The early Muslims became Muslims by being duped or threatened by that mad man. Modern Muslims, even the most educated, are Muslims due to either fear or ignorance, period.

The good Muslims must be terribly disturbed when witnessing the constant horrors being created around the world by their coreligionists, who rightly justify their evil deeds in the name of Islam. Tragically, according to Islam, Muslims need only treat Muslims justly; to hell with the rights of infidels.
The misery and loss of life caused by Muslims, acting upon the dictates of Islam, are

staggering. The harm that Islam has wrought upon humanity is without parallel among the world’s religions. It has now become crystal-clear to sensible people that Muhammad’s legacy is the most shameful and harmful legacy of all of the leaders the world has come to know by name. The name Muhammad now denotes disgust, distrust and dishonesty. Though for Muslims, as any ‘true believer’ will tell you, Muhammad is still the perfect man, whose every word and example is to be obeyed without question…??? It is quite reasonable that many Muslims are considering walking away from this sick man’s cult/belief system as millions of good people have done before them. Only an imbecile would continue to believe that Muhammad was the messenger of god. Truth be told, many Muslims stay in Islam simply out of fear for their lives. Though the following statement is harsh to be sure, it is nonetheless true: Educated Muslims, especially those living in non-Muslim-


majority countries, should be ashamed of themselves for not taking the time to learn and consider the objective truth about Islam from easily available sources and then wholly abandoning Islam, help expose this horrible fraud. Those Muslims, who choose to cling to Islam stubbornly knowing what they now surely know about it, are stabbing themselves and humanity in the back. Fifty years from now, Islam will be seen as a belief system far worse than even Hitler’s Nazism, and those human beings who remain “Muslim” will be looked upon as mentally ill freaks that no reasonable person would trust or respect. Adherence to Islam in the 21st century is fast becoming known as the ultimate selfbetrayal. Now that the truth about Islam has become

known, there is no excuse for a free man or women to remain Muslim.

Islam should rightly be abhorred by all persons of conscience. Muhammad’s Islam is a fundamentally unjust ideology, with hatred and violence flowing through its veins. ‘The good Muslims’ must decide whether they want to live a lie and go down the dark path of Islam, or make the courageous decision to abandon this religion entirely and help in the effort to expose it for what it is. It is time for the good Muslims to come to the realization that Muhammad’s Islam, taken in totality, amounts to a colossal fraud and a terribly harmful ideology.
(Saleem Smith is a Canadian Ex-Muslim. He has his own blog in which he expresses his views on Islam and other issues.)


Pakistan-Bangladesh plan a Mughalistan to split India

Mughalistan (or Mughalstan) is the name of an independent homeland proposed for the Muslims of India. This Mughal-Muslim state in the Indian subcontinent will include all of North India and Eastern India, and will be formed by merging Pakistan and Bangladesh through a large corridor of land running across the IndoGangetic plain, the heartland of India. This Mughalistan corridor will comprise Muslim-majority areas of Northern India and eastern India that will be partitioned for the second time in history. The comprehensive plan for a second partition of India was first developed by the Mughalstan Research Institute (MRI) of Jahangir Nagar University (Bangladesh) under the patronage of the two intelligence agencies, Pakistan’s Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) and Bangladesh’s Director General of Forces Intelligence, DGFI. The “Mughalistan Reaserch Institute of Bangladesh” has released a map where a Muslim corridor named “Mughalistan” connects Pakistan and Bangladesh via India. The Pakistani Punjabi-dominated ISI’s influence on MRI is evident even in the Punjabi-centric pronunciation of the word

‘Mughalstan’ (without the “i”), instead of the typical Urdu pronunciation (Mughalistan). Islamic Jihadis in India have been well-armed and wellfunded by the neighbouring Islamic regimes, as part of Operation Topac – the late Pakistani President Zia-ul-Haq’s grandiose plot to balkanize India. Not surprisingly, Osama Bin Laden has thrown his support behind the concept and creation of this Greater Pakistan to “liberate” the Muslims of India from the Hindus. The Mumbai underworld (led by Karachibased don Dawood Ibrahim who executed the gruesome 1993 Mumbai bombings), Jamaat-eIslami, Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and Hizbul Mujahideen have declared their unified support for creating this undivided Islamic nation in the Indian subcontinent. The Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and Indian Mujahideen are working in tandem with the aforementioned organizations to waged Jihad against the Hindus of India. It is important to note that in its “holy war” against India, the Lashkar-e-Tayyaba has openly declared Hindus to be the "enemies of Islam" who should all be converted or killed. The Lashkar-e-Tayyaba group has repeatedly claimed through its journals and websites that its main aim is to destroy the Indian republic and to annihilate Hinduism. Jaish-e-Mohammed has vowed to "liberate" not just Kashmir, but also to hoist the Islamic flag atop the historic Red Fort after capturing New Delhi and the rest of India. SIMI has championed the "liberation of India through Islam" and aim to restore the supremacy of Islam through the


resurrection of the Khilafat (Islamic Caliphate), emphasis on the Muslim Ummah (Islamic) and the waging of Jihad on the Indian state, secularism, democracy and nationalism – the basic keystones of the Indian Constitution – as these concepts are antithetical to Islam. The Indian Mujahideen have sent several emails claiming responsibility for several bombings in Lucknow, Varanasi and Faizabad (in Uttar Pradesh), Bangalore, Jaipur, Ahmedabad and New Delhi in 2007 and 2008. The emails refer to notorious Islamic conquerors of India (Mohammed bin Qasim, Mohammad Ghauri and Mahmud Ghaznawi) as their role-models, refer to Hindu blood as “blood to be the cheapest of all mankind” and taunt Hindus that their “[Hindu] history is full of subjugation, humiliation, and insult [at the hands of Islamic conquerors]". The Indian Mujahideen’s emails warn the Hindus to “Accept Islam and save yourselves” and or else face a horrible fate: – “Hindus! O disbelieving faithless Indians! Haven’t you still realized that the falsehood of your 33 crore dirty

mud idols and the blasphemy of your deaf, dumb, mute and naked idols of ram, krishna and hanuman are not at all going to save your necks, Insha-Allah, from being slaughtered by our [Muslim] hands?” Background Pakistan’s emergence in 1947 was as a “mutilated, truncated, moth-eaten Pakistan, in M.A. Jinnah’s own words, because the Muslim League’s original plan did not envisage the partition of Punjab and Bengal. Today, Mughalistan is Jinnah’s dream come true. The Partition of India provided temporary respite to the Indians and merely postponed the inevitable outcome. By 1971, all across Sindh, Western Punjab, Gandhara (Kandahar) and Eastern Bengal, the native populations of the Indian Religionists (Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jains) have been wiped out almost entirely by conversion, massacre and mass exodus. Extrapolating this scenario, we find ominous results. This Islamic beach-head, which squeezes India from both sides (Pakistan and Bangladesh), gradually links up

with a Fifth Column within India and gains fresh territorial and demographic victories within the last two decades (Kashmir valley, several districts of West Bengal and Assam, Malappuram district in Kerala and the Hyderabad-Deccan region). The Islamic Anschluss creeps steadily and bloodily, until the Western beach-head (Pakistan) is linked up demographically with the Eastern beach-head (Bangladesh) through the formation of a Islam-dominated belt called “Mughalstan”, that will then run through Jammu, Mewat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal and Assam. Jammu & Kashmir It is an open secret that wherever the Muslims are in a majority, the rights and freedom of the non-Muslims are severely curtailed. Take for example Kashmir. It’s the only state in India which is a Muslim majority and let us see what happened there. Hundreds of temples were razed, Hindus were forced to flee, their women were raped, children were killed and houses forcibly occupied. The entire Kashmiri Hindu population (known as Kashmiri Pandits) having been driven away, killed or converted between 1990 and 2000 in a silent, mass genocide. The Muslims in Kashmir have been enjoying a special status under Constitution’s Article 370, hardly any central law is enforced there, the number of income-tax payers is among the lowest and unlike other poor states, J&K gets 90 per cent central financial assistance as grants and only 10 per cent as loans. Still there are complaints that a ‘Hindu central government discriminates’. The other minority, Buddhists mostly located in Ladakh, too, are harshly treated


and discriminated against by the mainly Sunni Muslim governance in Srinagar. The Buddhist Association, Leh, has been submitting memorandums to the central government about how Buddhist youths are denied jobs and a fair chance to join the Kashmir Administrative service and professional colleges in spite of clearing the entrance exams. The number of Buddhist minorities is fast decreasing causing concern amongst their leaders. Even their dead are not allowed to be buried in Muslimmajority Kargil area and monasteries have been denied to be built. Leh district continues to see rampant conversions of Buddhist women to Islam. The Kashmir Valley today has a 98 per cent Muslim popu-

lation. Poonch district, which is contiguous with Pakistan, has a Muslim majority. Jammu district has seen regular attacks on Hindu civilians and temples. The Hindu-population of the adjacent district of Doda is being squeezed out by Islamic violence. As a result, Doda is now a Muslim-majority district, where the population ratio between the Muslims and the Hindus in Doda district is now 55:45. Doda town has a 90 per cent Muslim population. Out of the seven subdivisions, Banihal, Kishtwar and Balesa are Muslim dominated areas. Bhaderwah, Thathri and Ramban have a Hindu majority. In Ladakh, Kargil district has a Muslim majority. Northern India In the backward Mewat

region of Haryana (and Rajasthan), Muslims form 66% of the local population. In 2005, the Congress (I) state government in Haryana quietly created a Muslim-majority district called Mewat, by vivisecting Gurgaon district. This move strengthened the clout of Islamic groups in the region. After all, it was in Haryana’s Mewat region in 1992, that Muslim mobs in Nuh town had hacked Hindus, destroyed Hindu temples and brazenly slaughtered cows openly on streets after seizing them from Gau Shalas (cow shelters). Today, the mass conversion of Hindu villagers to Islam, purchasing tens of thousands of Hindu girls for use as sexslaves, cow-slaughter and social boycott of Hindus is common in


Muslim families in Mewat. The average Muslim birth rates of 12-15 children per household in Mewat is increasing even more by cases like the Mohammed Ishaq family where the patriarch has sired 23 kids from his wife, Bismillah. The 2008 bomb blasts targeting Hindu temples and civilians in Jaipur underscore the rising tension in Rajasthan. Muslim-majority cities like Old Delhi and Malerkotla (in Indian Punjab) provide not only shelter to Jihadi terrorists, but also geographic continuity to Muslim-dominated districts of western Uttar Pradesh (UP), especially Agra, Aligarh, Azamgarh, Meerut, Bijnor as well as Muzaffarnagar, Kanpur, Varanasi, Bareilly, Saharanpur and Moradabad. Muslim attacks on Hindu religious processions, religious riots and bomb blasts are common place in UP as was seen in Mau, Ayodhya, Lucknow and Kanpur. The UP state population of Muslims has risen to 18% today. Next door, Bihar has a 17% Muslim population and religious tensions are simmering. Along the Indo-Nepal border of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar, around 1900 Islamic seminaries have come up on both sides of the Indo-Nepal border in recent times. "There has been an exponential increase of Madrassas on both sides of Indo-Nepal border in the recent past of which around 1100 are in India while the rest are in Nepal," revealed Director General of Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) Tilak Kak. These large number of Madrassas, which serve as have come up in a disproportionate way and are not proportional to the Muslim population in the area. India’s Task Force on

Border Management, in its report of October 2000, wrote about the ominous developments along the India-Nepal border: “On the Indo-Nepal border, Madrassas and mosques have sprung up on both sides in the Terai region, accompanied by four-fold increase in the population of the minority community in the region. There are 343 mosques, 300 Madrassas and 17 mosques-cum- Madrassas within 10 kilometres of the border on the Indian side. On the Nepal side, there are 282 mosques, 181 Madrassas and eight mosques-cumMadrassas. These mosques and Madrassas receive huge funds from Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Iran, Kuwait, Pakistan and Bangladesh. Managers of various Madrassas and Ulema maintain close links with the embassy officials of those countries located at Kathmandu. Financial assistance is also channelized through the Islamic Development Bank (Jeddah), Habib Bank of Pakistan and also through some Indian Muslims

living in Gulf countries. Pakistan’s Habib Bank, after becoming a partner in Nepal’s Himalayan Bank, has expanded its network in the border areas including Biratnagar and Krishna Nagar. It is suspected that foreign currency is converted into Indian currency in Nepal and then brought to India clandestinely. Madrasas and mosques on the Indo-Nepal border are frequently visited by prominent Muslim leaders, Tablighi Jamaats (proselytizing groups) and pro-Pak Nepali leaders. Officials of Pak Embassy have come to notice visiting Terai area of Nepal to strengthen Islamic institutions and to disburse funds to them. Pro-Pak elements in Nepal also help in demographic subversion of the Terai belt.” West Bengal and Assam: The Weakest Links in the ChainAccording to the 2001 census, the Muslim population is 28% of the total West Bengal population. In Assam, the Muslim population comprises atleast 31% of the total state population. Arun Shourie wrote this in the Indian Express in 2004: “Muslims in India accounted


for 9.9 per cent (of India’s population) in 1951, 10.8 per cent in 1971 and 11.3 per cent in 1981, and presumably about 12.1 per cent in 1991. The present population ratio of Muslims is calculated to be 28 per cent in Assam and 25 per cent in West Bengal. In 1991 the Muslim population in the border districts of West Bengal accounted for 56 per cent in South and North Parganas, 48 per cent in Nadia, 52 per cent in Murshidabad, 54 per cent in Malda and about 60 per cent in Islampur sub-division of West Dinajpur. A study of the border belt of West Bengal yields some telling statistics: 20-40 per cent villages in the border districts are said to be predominantly Muslim. There are indications that the concentration of the minority community, including the Bangladesh immigrants, in the villages has resulted in the majority community moving to urban centres. Several towns in the border districts are now predominantly inhabited by the majority community but sur-

rounded by villages mostly dominated by the minority community. Lin Piao’s theory of occupying the villages before overwhelming the cities comes to mind, though the context is different. However, the basic factor of security threat in both the cases is the same. Figures have been given showing the concentration of Muslim population in the districts of West Bengal bordering Bangladesh starting from 24 Parganas and going up to Islampur of West Dinajpur district and their population being well over 50 per cent of the population. The Kishanganj district (of Bihar) which was part of Purnea district earlier, which is contiguous to the West Bengal area, also has a majority of Muslim population. The total population of the districts of South and North 24 Parganas, Murshidabad, Nadia, Malda and West Dinajpur adds up to 27,337,362. If we add the population of Kishanganj district of Bihar of 986,672, the total comes to 28,324,034. (All figures are

based on the 1991 Census.) This mass of land with a population of nearly 2.8 crores has a Muslim majority. The total population of West Bengal in 1991 was 67.9 million and of these, 28.32 million are concentrated in the border districts, with about 16-17 million population of minority community being concentrated in this area. This crucial tract of land in West Bengal and Bihar, lying along the Ganges/Hughly and west Bangladesh with a population of over 28 million, with Muslims constituting a majority, should give cause for anxiety for any thinking Indian.’’ And what if, from these figures, I had advanced two warnings. First, ‘‘There is a distinct danger of another Muslim country, speaking predominantly Bengali, emerging in the eastern part of India in the future, at a time when India might find itself weakened politically and militarily.’’ And second that the danger is as grave even if that third


Islamic State does not get carved out in the sub-continent into a full-fledged country? What if I had put that danger as follows? ‘‘Let us look at the map of Eastern India — starting from the North 24 Parganas district, proceeding through Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and West Dinajpur before entering the narrow neck of land lying through Raiganj and Dalkola of Islampur sub-division before passing through the Kishanganj district of East Bihar to enter Siliguri. Proceed further and take a look at the north Bengal districts of Darjeeling, Jalpaiguri and Cooch Behar before entering Assam, and its districts of Dhubri, Goalpara, Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar and Barpeta. A more sensitive region in Asia is difficult to locate...’’ To quote Sandhya Jain’s article “India’s Cancer Wards” in “The Pioneer”: ‘Mr. R.K. Ohri, ex-IGP, Arunachal Pradesh, cautioned that an Islamic Caliphate is rising on India's flanks, from Bangladesh to West Asia, and that the shadow of the Mughalistan corridor is now visibly manifesting in various districts along the Indo-Nepal and Indo-Bangladesh border. The demand for a 'Muslim Banghboomi' has already been raised, warns ex-MP B.L. Sharma (Prem). Traveling in West Bengal to check out certain atrocities against Hindus some years ago, his convoy was attacked by Bangladeshis. When demographer J.K. Bajaj and his colleagues prepared a mathematical model of the demographic challenge facing India, they found it exactly matched the map prepared by Bangladesh's Mughalstan Research Institute.

Experts feel the latter has been prepared by the ISI because the 'Mughalstan' spelling indicates a Punjabi mind! Bangladesh's reputed human rights activist Salam Azad laments that Bangladesh is the best place in the world for the return of the Taliban. Madrasas, he said, are teaching that "Muslims are the best in the world; non-Muslims will be converted, beaten, killed, married, raped, because non-Muslim women are regarded as maal-iganimat (free war booty)… Minorities will be oppressed, indigenous people will be attacked, in my country there is oppression everywhere and this is being done by the so-called educated people of the madrasas." West Bengal BJP leader Tathagatha Roy said the extent of atrocities against Hindus in Bangladesh can be seen from the fact that in several districts there was not a single woman between the ages of seven to seventy years who had not been raped in that country. He apologized for the indifference of the

BJP Government which did not grant refugee status to Hindus fleeing oppression in Bangladesh. North Eastern Students Organisation chairman Samujjal Bhattacharya said all 49 tribal belts and blocks in Assam have been occupied by Bangladeshis. The shadows have spread to Arunachal, Nagaland, Manipur and Meghalaya Today, Hindus residing within a 50-km radius of the border are feeling the heat. They are being harassed on Indian soil and forced to move as the infiltrators establish themselves along this corridor, thus de facto extending the Bangladesh border into India.’ The West Bengal administration, which had taken a serious view of the problem in the initial stages of the Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee government, now seems to have accepted it as a fait accompli. The chief minister had adopted some steps to contain the menace when the BJP strongman L.K.Advani was the union home minister from 1998-


2004. But his initiative has slackened after the installation of the UPA government at the Centre since 2004. In case the ramifications of the unfolding scenario are not yet clear to Indians, the bombblasts and religious riots are a roaring continuation of the 1400year Jihad against India – an ongoing war that will culminate in the Islamisation of what’s left of Hindustan. Already the demographic battle is underway and the Mughalistan scenario looks feasible. The book “Religious Demography of India” published by A P Joshi, M.D. Srinivas and J K Bajaj of the Centre for Policy Studies (CPS), Chennai, reveals that in 2001, Muslims comprise over 30% of the total population in the Indian-subcontinent (comprising India, Pakistan and Bangladesh). The total Muslim population zoomed from 12.5% (1991) to 30.3% (2001), in just 10 years (from ex-IAS officer V.Sundaram’s article in “News Today”: Deathly Demographic warnings for India). According to the 2001 census report, Indian population is 1,027,015,247.3. Of this, 1.5 crore people are Bangladeshi infiltrators who are living in India. The Intelligence Bureau has

reportedly estimated, after an extensive survey, that the present number is about 16 million. The August 2000 report of the Task Force on Border Management placed the figure at 15 million, with 300,000 Bangladeshis entering India illegally every month. It is estimated that about 13 lakh Bangladeshis live in Delhi alone. It has been reported that one crore Bangladeshis are missing from Bangladesh [August 4, 1991, Morning Sun] and it implies that those people have infiltrated into India. These infiltrators mainly settle in the north-east India and in West Bengal. This is shown by the fact that there has been irregular increase in the Muslim population in these states and many of the districts have become Muslim majority. The proportion of Muslims in Assam had increased from 24.68 per cent in 1951 to 30.91 per cent in 2001.Whereas in the same time period the proportion of Muslims in India increased from 9.91 per cent to 13.42 per cent. In West Bengal, the Muslim population in west Dinajpur, Maldah, Birbhum and Murshidabad 36.75 per cent, 47.49 per cent, 33.06 per cent and 61.39 per cent respectively, according to 1991 census.

This has not only caused the burden on the Indian economy, but also threatens the identity of the indigenous people of the north-east of India. In Tripura, another north-eastern state of India, the local population has been turned into a minority community over a short period of time by the sheer numbers of cross-border migrants from Bangladesh. In 1947, 56 per cent of Tripura’s population consisted of tribal (or indigenous) population. Today this stands at a 25% of the total. In many districts these infiltrators are the one who decides the outcome of elections. Outcomes of the 32 per cent of Vidhan Sabha seats in Assam and 18 per cent of seats in West Bengal are decided by them. This is due to the fact that political parties are helping them to get ration cards and voters ID and hence using them to win elections. According to the report, at present there are 80 lakh Bangladeshi infiltrators in Bengal, 55 lakh in Assom, 4 lakh in Tripura and 5 lakh in Bihar (Katihar, Purnia and Kishenganj districts) and Jharkhand(Sahebganj district). As far as West Bengal is concerned, the concentration of


infiltrators is quite marked in the border districts like North and South Dinajpur, Cooch Behar, Nadia, Murshidabad, Malda and North and South 24 Parganas. The affected areas in Assom are Dhubri, Goalpara, Karimganj and Hailakandi, while a similar scenario is noticeable in Kailashar, Sabrum, Udaipur and Belonia areas in Tripura. Pakistan's ISI is believed to have a hand behind this large-scale infiltration which has been playing havoc with the economy of Bengal and Assam. Home ministry sources say Harkat-ul-Jehadi-Islami(HUJI), the dreaded militant outfit active in Bangladesh, has succeeded in sending a large number of militants along with the infiltrators to West Bengal. The Home ministry had laid stress on an early completion of barbed-wire fencing along the borders with Bangladesh. Of the 2216 km-long border the fencing could be completed only along 1167 km till 2007. The continuous infiltration has brought about serious demographic changes to Bengal's border areas and made the border-map, drawn after the 1974 Indira-Mujib agreement, somewhat irrelevant. The Centre has consequently sought a detailed report from the state government on changes in the population pattern in 66 blocks of nine border districts. DGFI & ISI Plan To Capture West Bengal and Assam Through Vote Machinery To facilitate Mughalistan and the concomitant partition of India and Bengal, the DGFI-ISI have jointly planned to change the demography of West Bengal and Assam on a priority basis. As many as 53 out of 294 Assembly constituencies in West Bengal have a high concentration of voters who happen to be illegal Muslim from Bangladesh. Similarly, the fate of 40 Assembly seats

in Assam depends on the votes cast by illegal Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators. All this has been revealed by a recent report of the union home ministry on infiltration from India's neighbour. The report has been prepared on the basis of facts and figures provided by the Task Force on Border Management and Assam's former governor S.K. Sinha. As such the Bangladeshi Muslims can control the West Bengal Assembly, and dictate terms to the state government of West Bengal in all respects. The picture of plight of majority Hindu electorates worsened in the State, as Muslim electorates have a clear majority in three districts viz. Malda, Murshidabad & North Dinajpur and 63 (sixty three) blocks in West Bengal. Again, an analysis upon the projection into the 2001 Census hints at abnormal Muslim growth everywhere in West Bengal, where the Muslim population is 28% of the total state population. There are at least 5 powerful Muslim ministers in the West Bengal state cabinet: Abdur Rezzak Mollah (Minister of Land & Land Reforms), Anisur Rahaman (Minister of Animal Resources Development), Mortaja Hossain (Minister of Agriculture, Marketing & Relief, Minster of State), Anarul Haque (Minister of State for Public Health, Engineering) and Abdus Sattar (Minister of State for Minority Development & Madrasa Education). In West Bengal, there are 45 Muslim Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) out of 294 seats. There are 5 Muslim Members of Parliament from West Bengal out of 42 seats: Mohammed Salim (Calcutta North East), Abu Ayes Mondal (Katwa), Abu Hasem Khan Choudhury (Malda), Abdul Mannan Hossain (Murshidabad) and Hannan Mollah (Uluberia), all of whom strength the control of Islam in various government institutions and the police hierarchy. As the UPA Central Government and the CPI(M) State Government have paid no attention for the threat of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators in West Bengal, the Bangladeshi Muslims have captured land, money and unequalled power of voting throughout the border districts in Bengal in many places. With the passive support of both the UPA Central Government and the CPI(M) State Government and with the active support of all the political parties in West Bengal (except for


the BJP) for winning the Muslim votebank’s support, the DGFI & ISI has actively put down roots in the soil of West Bengal for their purposes. Not only are they successful in the ongoing demographic change of West Bengal by means of mobilizing the election machinery of Bengal, they have also opened their fronts everywhere in smuggling, trafficking, drug peddling, illegal cow smuggling, trans-border gang robbery and of course terrorism, with the active grassroots support to the Harakat ul-Jihad-I-IslamiBangladesh (HUJI-B), Lashkare-Tayyaba and Jaish-eMohammad. Now in its most advantageous position, the DGFI & ISI’s joint collaboration is now promoting activities of Mughalistan in Kolkata, Howrah & other districts. The Dhaka-based Mughalistan Research Institute has identified various areas marked as “Mini Pakistan” in W.Bengal & Eastern India. This

Mughalistan, as we know, comprises the entity of Greater Pakistan, right from Afghanistan to Myanmar including Bangladesh, whole of W. Bengal, Assam & many other portions of India. This Pan-Islamic movement gets petro-dollars from the Arab World and fake Indian Currency from Pakistan and Bangladesh for the maximum manifestation of their plans. The Muslim infiltration from Bangladesh gives oxygen to the Pan-Islamic movement in India. Now they have direct access into the West Bengal State Assembly and into the Ministry of Bengal within Writers Building, Kolkata. But sadly, West Bengal’s vote politics undermine the situation by turning a blind eye to this colossal tragedy, unabashedly providing voters’ ID cards to the Muslim infiltrators and setting a dangerous peril for Bengali Hindus and India. The North-Eastern region is connected to rest of India by a

small strip called “The Siliguri Corridor” or “Chicken’s Neck”. The Islamists have planned to isolate the North-East of India from the rest of India, in order to facilitate the creation of Mughalistan. This Operation is named as “Operation Pin code”. For this they have planned to infiltrate 3000 Jihadis into North Eastern region. According to the Task Force, there are 905 Mosques and 439 Madrasas along Indo-Bangladesh border on the Indian side. Some excerpts from the report, "Demography survey on eastern border" by Bhavna VijAurora in “The Telegraph” are startling. “There have been reports that more Madarsas and mosques are sprouting along the borders, which in itself is an indication of increased Muslim population in the area," disclosed an intelligence official. The last such study was done by the Intelligence Bureau and the home ministry in 1992, and their report kept a secret in view of


the sensitive findings. It was ultimately leaked and the estimated number of illegal migrants from Bangladesh was anywhere between 1.5 crore and 2 crore. It's time for a fresh survey, according to sources. There have been renewed intelligence reports that militants are using madarsas and mosques as safe havens, and also for storing arms and ammunition. According to reports, the largest number of madarsas and mosques has come up in bordering areas with Nepal, lower Assam and Bengal. This complements another secret survey that has revealed that nearly 40 per cent villages in the border districts of Bengal are predominantly Muslim. There are reports that concentration of the minority community, including the Bangladeshi immigrants in the villages, has resulted in the majority community moving to urban areas. Along with madarsas and mosques, a large number of Muslim NGOs have sprung up in the area bordering Nepal. Most of these madarsas are used for anti-India activities by Pakistan-backed terrorists. The NGOs ostensibly work for the social and educational uplift

of the Muslim community and receive substantial and completely unregulated funding from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Libya and other Islamic countries," an intelligence report said." When India was partitioned in 1947 on religious grounds and Muslims got West Pakistan and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh), they had a vulture´s eye on the entire northeast. Muslims were not satisfied with both the Pakistans. They wanted the whole of the northeast region (undivided Assam) integrated with East Pakistan. Manul Haq Chowdhury, Jinnah´s private secretary, who remained in Assam and later became a minister in Assam assembly, wrote to Jinnah in 1947: “Quaide-Azam, wait for the next thirty years, I shall present Assam to Pakistan on a platter.” Since then, a sinister game plan to ‘grow more Muslims in the northeast’ has been going on surreptitiously. Today, out of the total 24 districts of Assam, six districts, namely, Nagaon, Goalpara, Dhubri, Karimganj, Barpeta and Hailakanndi have 60 per cent Muslim population while other

six, namely, Bongaigaon, Kokrajhar, Kamrup, Nalbari, Darang and Cachar districts have above 40 per cent of them. Out of the 126 assembly seats, the election of 54 MLAs depends on the Muslim vote bank. There are 28 Muslim MLAs and four ministers, namely, (i) Rocky Bul Hussain (Nagaon), Minister of State for Home Affairs; (ii) Ismail Hussain (Dhubri), Minister for Flood; (iii) Dr Nazurul Islam (Doboka), Minister for Food and Civil Supply, and (iv) Misabul Hussain Laskar (Borkhola, Cachar), Minister for Cooperatives. There are two Lok Sabha MPs in Assam, namely, Anwar Hussain from Dhubri and A.F. Gulam Osmani from Barpeta and one Rajya Sabha MP, Smt. Anwara Timur (Nagaon). The Muslim community of Assam has provided one former Muslim Chief Minister—Smt. Anwara Timur (Nagaon) and one former President of India—Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (Lakhtokia, Guwahati). Earlier, in the Assam Gana Parishad (AGP) Ministry, headed by Prafulla Kumar Mahanta, there were two Muslim ministers, namely, Maidul Islam Bora from Kamalpur, Kamrup district and Sukur Ali from Barpeta. Several high-ranking officers including deputy commissioners are from this community. Obviously, the Muslim community, including the Indian Muslims and the Bangladeshi Muslims, have become a dominant group in Assam and it is they who decide who would be the Chief Minister of Assam and what would be the major policies of Assam pertaining to detection and deportation of illegal Muslim migrants and care of Muslim welfare. Tarun Gogoi, the


Congress(I) Chief Minister of Assam, is giving all protection to these Muslims due to political compulsions. The Assamese community has been overpowered by Muslims. These Bangladeshi Muslims are sneaking into upper Assam too, creating serious problems for the Assamese. The demography of Assam has drastically changed and the very existence of the indigenous people is threatened. The manifold growth in Muslim population has overburdened Assam and the Assamese people are feeling harassed and tortured. The livelihoods of the local people are getting snatched away by these illegal Muslim migrants. The Janjati (indigenous tribal) communities in Assam are not organized. Therefore, their land and forests are very often forcefully occupied by these Muslims. The Nelli massacre in 1983 was the worst clash between the local people and Bangladeshi Muslims in which several Lalung Janjati people were reportedly killed and many Lalung villages were burnt. These Bangladeshis have illegally sneaked into Manipur, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Arunachal Pradesh and Tripura too. They are marrying the local girls of influential people and are thus getting protection from their inlaws’ families. After marriage with a Janjati girl, they convert her to Islam. They purchase land in the Janjati belts in the name of their Janjati wives by producing Janjati certificates in her name. Now, the new generation of Muslims, i.e. the Janjati Muslims, is growing. They give Muslim names to their children but the clan remains that of local wives, like Saidullah Ningrum, Azad Lingdoh (Khasi Muslims),

Nizamuddin Semia, Akram Semia (Naga Muslims), Shahabuddin Chowdhury, Akbar Laskar (Assamese Muslims) and others. In Assam, Muslims are using Assamese surnames like Hazarika, Barbhuian, Bargohain, Bhuiyan, Bora, Gohain and others. There are Meitei Muslims too in Manipur. In Nagaland, the Muslim menace is more serious. Dimapur has become the den of these Bangladeshi Muslims. They constitute the leading labour force in the agriculture sector owned by the Naga community. The majority of rickshaw-pullers, auto-drivers and other manual labourers is now of Bangladeshi Muslims. This has given rise to robbery, theft, illegal trafficking of narcotic drugs and liquor, smuggling of pornographic films and vulgar literature and an unprecedented rise in crime, flesh trade and prostitution. This influx has narrowed the jobs of lay workers too. The Nagaland state capital, Kohima, has become the second biggest haven for the illegal migrant Muslims who occupy most of the shops in the main market, P.R. Hills and other localities. They marry Angami

girls and become sons-in-law of the Naga people. Similarly, all the district areas such as Mokokchung, Wokha, Zunheboto, Phek, Mon and Tuensang are infested with them. They are sneaking into the interiors of Nagaland. In places like Jalukie in Zeliang area, Naginimora, Tizit and other central places of Nagaland, the pain of the presence of migrant Muslims is felt by the local Naga populace. Some ten years before, the students´ bodies had agitated against these foreigner Muslims. But the agitation was silently withdrawn reportedly due to threats from Bangladesh that the Government of Bangladesh would demolish all the camps of Naga undergrounds established in the territory of that country if the Bangladeshi Muslims were harassed in Nagaland. On seeing this unprecedented growth of Muslim population in Nagaland, S.C. Jamir, the then Chief Minister, once stated, “Muslims are breeding like mosquitoes in Nagaland.” As a result of such illegal migration of Bangladeshi Muslims and their nuptial ties with the local Naga girls, a new community called Semiya or Sumias has already emerged in


the state. Their number is estimated to be several thousand. The concentration of the Semiyas is the highest in Dimapur and Kohima districts respectively. There are fears among many that the voters’ list might have been doctored to accommodate the Semiyas as well other immigrants. The result of such immigration is gradually being felt in the state. According to a Dimapurbased newspaper, on any Muslim religious day at least half of the shops in Kohima and some 75 per cent in Dimapur remain closed. It is also a fact that control over business establishments is fast receding from the hands of the locals. A recent survey conducted by the state directorate of Agriculture showed that 71.73 per cent of the total business establishments are being controlled and run by non-locals. Out of the 23,777 numbers of shops in the state, the local people own only 6,722 shops. Since the illegal migrants provide cheap labour, they are aggravating the unem-

ployment problem. Besides, they pose a threat to the internal security as well. Reliable sources indicate that they are also involved in various unwanted activities like drug peddling and flesh trade. The Big Picture The following map shows the concentration of Muslims and Hindus in the Indian subcontinent today. The highlighted areas show riot-prone regions of India where aggressive Muslim populations range from atleast 20% to 100% of the population. Lest one mistakenly thinks that Mughalistan is the culmination of the Islamisation of India and that somehow the rest of India will be spared its fate, it must be stressed that this second partition of India is only the beginning. In Hyderabad of Andhra Pradesh, northern districts of Karnataka and certain areas of Maharashtra, the growth of Muslims is very high. Likewise, in Kerala, the Muslims now constitute 25% of the state’s population. Malappuram district was carved out to create a

Muslim majority district by the Communist government headed by E.M.S Namboothiripad. Today, the entire Malappuram district enforces the weekly holiday on Friday (not Sunday) for schools and businesses, while Hindus in neighbouring Kozhikode (Calicut) and Kannur are intimidated through highprofile massacres like in Marad. The planning and execution is well underway to ensure a continuing Anschluss where several Muslim majority pockets such as Moplahstan (in Kerala) and Osmanistan (in the Deccan) will gradually spread in size and link up with Mughalistan to form a Greater Mughalistan. This Greater Mughalistan is of strategic significance as it will provide a contiguous, strategic corridor linking the Ummah into a pan-Islamic Caliphate. The ISIDGFI-Indian Jihadi triumvirate has fondly nicknamed this panIslamic Caliphate as Islamistan (meaning "Land of Islam"), a synonym for `Islamic World' or `Dar-ul-Islam'. This geographical Islamic crescent will link the


Islamic Middle-East to Islamic South-East Asia, with the new Islamic World stretching all the way from Morocco and Bosnia in the West to Malaysia and Indonesia in the East.

There are Muslims in India today who dream of “Mughalistan” and are working relentlessly towards a further partition of India by creating “Mughalistan” in the UP-Bihar-BengalAssam corridor.
It remains the focus of mainstream groups like the Tablighi Jamaat (who have methodically radicalised the ordinary Muslims) as well as underground terror groups like the Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) and the Indian Mujahideen, who have blown up several Indian cities killing thousands of people. Until

Mughalstan is achieved, Indians will continue to see serial bomb-blasts, attacks on Hindu festivals and temples, killings of Hindu activists, conversions of Hindu women and socio-economically backward sections, and brazen cow-slaughter that will continue endlessly until the Hindu mind becomes too numb and shell-shocked to look at the bigger picture, or comprehend the future – that Mughalistan is inevitable (“Mughalstan Paindabad”).

And the creation of Mughalistan is not a question of “If”, but “When”. Unless we stand up and stop it.
All Indians, secularists and nationalists alike, must act quickly. We should ponder upon the future of India that we will bequeath to our children in the near future, if the plan of Mughalistan is allowed to proceed unhindered. Indians have to start taking responsibility for their future generations.

Lessons of history have been quickly forgotten. Indians have become twisted “politically correct” escapists who prefer to turn a blind eye to reality. Now it is not about just Kashmir any more, it is all of India that Pakistan wants.

We must do everything in our might, to ensure that the tide of Islamic expansionism is restricted and reversed, beginning right now. The common man should take all possible measures politically, socially and economically to single-mindedly achieve this goal.


3 types of jehad against Hindus


Hum paanch hamare pachees

Democracy is a number game where heads are counted, not weighed Mohammed Iqbal, Urdu poet



Godhra carnage on Feb27, 2002 (Above & Below)

The bodies of dead Hindu children lay on the floor of the civil hospital in Gandhinagar after Muslim militants stormed the Akshardham temple in Gandhinagar (Gujarat). 44 Hindus were killed and another 100 seriously injured (September 24, 2002) 40

Bangladeshi Hindu refugees whose houses were burnt by Islamic jehadis

Group of Bangla Hindu women -- rape victims while rape accused roams scotfree

A Hindu being beaten by Muslims in a mosque in Bangladesh. He was captured outside the mosque while going home. After Friday prayerswere over, the Muslims came out and grabbed the first Hindu they could. Mr. Vimal Patak a Bangladeshi born Hindu was beaten to death with sticks as the Muslim mullahs chanted “Kill the kafir! (non-muslim).”


Picture of an entire Hindu family murdered by Muslims in a cowardly attack that left 27 Hindus dead in Qasim Nagar (Jammu). July 13, 2003


A man holds a relative of a killed Hindu villager as people look on in Nadimarg, about 50 kilometers (30 miles) south of Srinagar, India, Monday March 24, 2003. Muslim militants massacred 24 Hindus in the village of Nadimarg in Jammu & Kashmir 42

by Koenraad Elst http://koenraadelst.voiceofdharma.com/books/demogislam/appendix.html

One of the most painful aspects of Muslim demographic warfare is the open attempt by Muslims to grab non-Muslim girls to use them for their own demographic ambitions, meanwhile also inflicting a good dose of humiliation on the accursed kafirs.

In Bangladesh and in Muslimmajority areas inside India, this often takes the form of simply kidnapping girls, or of threatening their families to marry them out to Muslims. In the open market-place of the West and of westernized circles in India, it takes the form of normal courtship, with the limitation that in case of a Muslim girl befriending a nonMuslim, family pressure is used on her, or physical threats on him or on both, to stop the affair; since the same is much less likely to happen in the reverse case, the net result is a considerable traffic of nonMuslim girls into Muslim households.
For example, after summing up some discriminations imposed by the Muslim state and district authorities on the Buddhists of Kargil (in Jammu & Kashmir), representatives of the Ladakh Buddhist Association complain: “As if this is not enough, there is a deliberate and organised design to convert Kargil’s


Buddhists to Islam. In the last four years, about 50 girls and married women with children were allured and converted from village Wakha alone. If this continues unchecked, we fear that Buddhists will be wiped out from Kargil in the next two decades or so. Anyone objecting to such allurement and conversions is harassed.”[1]?

In NRI papers, you can occasionally read the testimony annex warning of Hindu women who sorely regret their mistake of having married a Muslim. E.g. one Hindu woman from the West Midlands (UK) warns Hindus to be alert when “some undesirables (...) who cannot tolerate a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy even in a movie, let alone in real life (...) try to take advantage of the innocence of Hindu girls to trap them in marriages.” When a Hindu

girl is approached by a Muslim, “she should be immediately alerted that he is actually fulfilling the Islamic command of grabbing and converting non-believer women by all possible means. It is not a reflection of my personal bitterness, I remind you of fatwas issued by Mullahs in England for Muslim boys in colleges and universities to marry Chris?tian, Hindu and Sikh girls”.[2] In late 1995, “the Chalvey Muslim boys” in the Chalvey area of Slough (between London and Oxford), circulated a “notice” in and around the Slough & Eton Secondary School, informing the public that: “We Muslims don’t want Kafirs such as Sikh and Hindu children to mix with our children, specially our girls. Two years ago a Sikh boy was friendly with a Muslim girl and we made his life so difficult that he committed suicide. If your children come to this school, we will bully your boys the way we did to the boy who committed suicide, and we will make your daughter pregnant and change them into Islam. We mean what we are saying, and if you ignore it you will be very sorry.” A Sikh youth writes to the editor, lamenting yet another case of a girl trapped in a Muslim marriage and about to be taken to Pakistan: “It seems to be fashionable amongst some misguided members of our community to think that the Muslims aren’t really out to convert and brainwash young Sikh and Hindu schoolgirls. They think that all these Sikh-Muslim fights are about young

hotheads and extremists just out to cause trouble.(...) What I want to know is what these people are going to do about this schoolgirl. Is their idle chitchat about Asian unity going to return her to her family (...)

Brothers and sisters, don’t take anybody’s word for it but see for yourself what the Muslims are doing to us.(...) Just talk to the schoolboys who have been bullied and terrorised for years by Muslim gangs. Just talk to schoolgirls whom the Muslims have threatened with rape. Just talk to the parents of Sikh and Hindu girls who have run off and converted.(...) These problems are real and becoming worse.(...) time is not on our side and the number of Sikh and Hindu schoolgirls who are running away and converting is increasing each day.”
I know plenty of Westerners who married Muslim girls and converted to Islam as the


conditio sine qua non. Mostly workingclass people with little knowledge about Islam, they believe that, just like so many church weddings these days, it is merely a formality without consequences.

But once there are children and their religious education is decided on, these converts find that the entry of the new family into Islam was not just a matter of giving in to the sentimental obsession of the parents-in-law, but a firm commitment guarded by every Muslim around. These people usually have more children than their brothers with less exotic marriages, in obedience to what a Muslim calls “one of the fundamental tenets of Islam — namely, to multiply the tribe.”[3] This way,
they add a little extra to the numbers of immigrant Muslim communities, which are already growing fast enough without them. One more additional factor of numerical growth is new immigration through marriage,

i.e. young immigrants getting a bride or groom from the homeland. In a little country like Holland, with about 400,000 Muslims, some 8,000 marriage partners are brought in every year, mostly steeped in the good old ways, including the expectation of having many children. The population surplus is transferred from countries where Muslim hegemony is unchallenged to countries or regions where fresh numbers may tip the scales in favour of the Muslim community. This way, Islam tries to usurp both the women and the land of the infidels as its own breeding-ground. Even Mohammed’s prohibition of infanticide (postnatal abortion) should be seen in the same light. It is wellknown that people living in extreme ecological circumstances, like the Inuit (Eskimoes) until recently, limit their numbers by means of infanticide. The logic behind it is that the alternative would be overpopulation relative to the scarce resources, hence civil war and far more destructive suffering than is caused by infanticide. Precisely the same argument is used by ecologists in favour of birth-control: like rats in an overpopulated cage, mankind on an overpopulated planet would self-destruct, not just back to a sustainable population level, but entirely. Islamic sources allege that the Pagan Arabs also practised infanticide, and if this is true, Mohammed’s prohibition of the same would be one of his more humane interventions in Arab custom. But that should

not make us overlook its intentional demographic impact: the Arabs in their in?hospitable desert environment could only be encouraged to drop all populationcontrolling practices because the Islamic conquests provided an outlet for the population surplus. While Arabia itself remained as thinly populated as in the days before Mohammed’s natalist policies, the neighbouring countries (Syria, Iraq, Egypt) were not just culturally and linguistically but even biologically arabicized to a large extent.

So, is Islam’s demographic offensive inevitably leading to the demographic islamization of the whole world? Not if Hindus and others challenge the Muslims’ adherence to Islam. They should make sure that Islam loses its teeth before it can swallow their country.
In most of Europe, Christianity is no longer dangerous to the unbelievers, neither by numbers nor by ideological commitment. Similarly, before


the demographic presence of Islam becomes too strong, there is time enough to neutralize the political threat which Islam poses.

the border would know that he is entering territory vacated by the Muslims, where he has no place except by converting. But now, it will be the long road of freeing the intellectual atmosphere from the morbid compulsion to praise Islam, replacing it with a frank criticism of Islam, and making sure that not a single Muslim remains ignorant of it.

mighty heritage she is carrying, what treasure she would throw to the wind if she were to drop her native tradition in favour of Islam.
References: [1] Tundup Tsering and Tsewang Nurboo, representing the, Maryul Tsogapa, Kargil: “Ladakh visited”, Pioneer, 4/ 12/1995. They suggest: “Therefore, to protect the religious and cultural identity of the Ladakhi people, an anticonversion law must be enacted for Kargil as is presently in force in states like Arunachal Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh.” [2] Pratibha Bhambri: “Hindu Girls, Don’t Get Trapped!”, India Post, 26/7/ 1996. The line about Muslims not tolerating a Muslim girl marrying a Hindu boy even in a movie refers to Mani Ratnam’s movie Bombay, a target of Muslim protests for showing just such an affair. [3] Saeed Naqvi: Reflections of an Indian Muslim, p.32.

Hindu society will be alright if it resolves to mentally liberate that section of Indians whose ancestors have fallen prey to Islam and who have been conditioned since childhood to revere the Quran as exclusive revelation and to consider the nonMuslims as enemies.
A short version of this approach is sometimes suggested by Hindus as a solution to the problem of infiltration from overpopulated Bangladesh: mass conversion of the Bangladeshi immigrants. But like so many Hindus making schemes, they do not reflect on how this is to be done. It would have been much easier if at the time of Partition, the Congress leadership had accepted the oft-heard proposal of a full exchange of population: in that case, a Bangladeshi crossing

Learn from the way the Christian stranglehold on Western society was broken: make them think again about their ideological commitment by exposing its irrational basis.

A piece of practical advice to conclude with: before you start teaching Muslims, teach your own community first. Your daughter will think twice about becoming the breeding cow of a Muslim family if she is properly informed about Islam. And to get a proper perspective on Islam, she should first know what

(476 CE) MASTER ASTRONOMER AND MATHEMATICIAN Born in 476 CE in Kusumpur ( Bihar ), Aryabhatt's intellectual brilliance remapped the boundaries of mathematics and astronomy. In 499 CE, at the age of 23, he wrote a text on astronomy and an unparallel treatise on mathematics called 'Aryabhatiyam.' He formulated the process of calculating the motion of planets and the time of eclipses. Aryabhatt was the first to proclaim that the earth is round, it rotates on its axis, orbits the sun and is suspended in space 1000 years before Copernicus published his heliocentric theory. He is also acknowledged for calculating p (Pi) to four decimal places: 3.1416 and the sine table in trigonometry. Centuries later, in 825 CE, the Arab mathematician, Mohammed Ibna Musa credited the value of Pi to the Indians, 'This value has been given by the Hindus.' And above all, his most spectacular contribution was the concept of zero without which modern computer technology would have been non-existent. Aryabhatt was a colossus in the field of mathematics.


The antagonism of religion against sex is ninety-nine percent stupid, but there is one percent of truth which I cannot deny.
But I have never talked about that one percent of truth to you because there is the danger that the one percent truth may deceive you and you will forget the ninety-nine percent which is untrue. So I have been hammering on the ninetynine percent. But to make my picture complete... these are my last touches to the picture, so I cannot leave anything out. That one percent of truth is significant; in fact because of that one percent, all religions became antisex. And that truth is that sex makes man a fool, gives him the idea that he is the master of it, while he is only a slave. And the slavery has to be broken -- he has to be pulled out of this ditch. But if he thinks that that ditch is a palace then you cannot pull him out. You cannot even persuade him to come out of it; hence, the condemnation of sex by all the religions. But they overdid it, and they forgot the ninety-nine percent dangers just for the one percent. It could have been done very easily without taking the risk of ninety-nine percent falsehood. But they saw the danger of man being simply a means, and that is the lowliest position possible; you are just a means, not an end. You are being used by some unknown force of which you have no idea. And you go on thinking in your mind that all these prostrating people are prostrating to you. The man living on the instinctive level only has an hallucination of love. That hallucination is created by nature, by biology, chemistry. You have in your body drugs which are released when you are making love, and you start moving into euphoria. That is one of the reasons why people who become addicted to drugs slowly slowly become uninterested in sex. The hippies and yippies and all kinds of people -when they became too interested in drugs, they lost their fervor for sex completely, because now they had found a better way of getting into a euphoric state. Now sex seemed to be nothing compared to it. That can give you a clue that both are drugs. Nature has been using that drug in a very minute quantity; there was no need for more up to now. Perhaps nature will have to think again -- find out better drugs, create better chemistry, bring its level up to date; it is lagging far behind. Man's mind has created things like LSD far superior; so superior that a man like Aldous Huxley thought that LSD gives you samadhi -that it is actually what Kabir and Buddha and Rumi and all the mystics of the world have been talking about.


But they had bullock-cart methods to reach to this state. Now science has given us very advanced drugs, there is no need for yoga and tantra and other things -- you just take an injection. You yourself push the injection, there is no need for somebody else to do it. And for hours you are in a euphoric state which is certainly superior to what you call orgasm, because orgasm is so momentary that it only creates more desire for it; it never gives you any satisfaction. The second symptom that it is a drug is its power of addiction: people become addicted to sex. And a very strange thing about addiction is that if you have the drug, it is nothing; if you don't have it, you are missing. You never think what you are missing because when you have it, it is nothing.. Each time you have it you feel that it is just a futile effort, nothing comes out of it. You don't move a single inch in evolution. You just jump for a moment in the air and with a thump you fall back on the ground.

That's why people don't like to make love publicly, there is no other reason. The reason is nobody wants to look so foolish.

Now, in California, which is the most advanced stupid place in the whole world, they have hotels for peeping Toms -- you have to pay for it. Inside two fools are making love, and many around the room are sitting and looking and enjoying what the two fools are enjoying. They are enjoying how the couple are making fools of themselves. People pay for it, but those two people are not aware of it; they have also paid.
One man, the first day, was inside the room, but coming out he found many people really hilarious. He asked them, "What is the matter?" They said, "The show was so good!" "Which show?" he asked. They said, "You don't

know? Come tomorrow -- it is worth seeing." The man was such an idiot, and he had been doing such idiotic things, it was worth seeing. The next day the man came with these friends. Now he was outside the wall -- and then he found what the matter was: the previous day he had been inside and all these people had enjoyed him. This was tricky -- now he was enjoying somebody else! All the cultures around the world have prohibited, in some way or other, lovemaking in public places, for the simple reason that if you want to be idiotic then at least find some privacy. Don't make yourself unnecessarily a public show free of charge. A crowd will gather and they will enjoy. Nobody can pass by that place; they will all stop there. And they know they all are doing the same kinds of things. But it is an unconscious state. Love, at the instinctive level -- which is the lowest level -- is just a dream created by nature so that you can pass through this arduous job of making love. If there is no euphoria around it, you are going to refuse: "I am not going to make a fool of myself." Nature has given you a certain allurement.

Source: from Osho Book "From Misery to Enlightenment, Chapter 5"



Why dharma yuddha is different from jehad and inquisition
peace failed. Dharma Yuddha is more a code of chivalry. It entails that women, children, weak and infirm should not be attacked. No subterfuge is employed. No backstabbing and no fights during the night. It was more of a tournament where warriors showcased their strength. At the same time, Jehad and Inquisitions are quite different. Both advocate subterfuge and pre-emptive strikes and are waged in the form of religious expansionism. Both the Christian and Muslim warriors attacked with sword in one hand the Bible/Koran in the other. The Koranic concept of war – authored by Malik – justifies pre-emptive attacks and barbarism as it says that the best way to defeat the enemy is to demoralize him and scaring him to the best possible extent. However, this is not the case with dharmayuddha. The Hindus were forced to change their tactics after the Muslim invasions as most of the Muslims resorted to subterfuge. Prithviraj Chauhan had almost defeated Mohammed Ghori when he feigned surren-

Are Hindus pacifist or martian? Now there is a new argument in the mainstream media. They say that Hindu nationalists are not really Hindus. Hinduism is tolerant and a religion of peace and brotherhood, while those in the Hindutva camp are intolerant warmongers. That is the crux of the arguments. It seems as if there are two sides of Hinduism. One talks of pacifism (Sarve Bhavanthu Sukhinaha May all sentient beings live in peace) and the other talks of war (Arise Arjuna, Fight for the sake of dharma). What are the codes of dharmayuddha that was followed by almost all Hindu warriors from the ancient to the medieval age? Is it similar to jehad or inquisition in any way?It must be said that dharmayuddha (the Hindu concept of war) is radically different from Jehad or Inquisition or even the modern wars. The ancient Hindus viewed war as a means to protect dharma and resorted to war only as a last resort when all other efforts to secure

der and escaped. This generosity on the part of Prithviraj proved too costly and cost him his kingdom.The first Hindu King who employed subterfuge as a part of his war was Shivaji. Shivaji was an expert at guierella warfare. He broke all the rules of the Hindu war book and even attacked at night. This, many say, was necessitated as his adversaries cared little for dharmayuddha.

Anyway Shivaji is still remembered as one of the forerunners of Hindu nationalism as his army combated the warcry of “Allah Hu Akbar” with “Har Har Mahadev”. In this new concept of war everything was justified so long as the Hindu interests were served.

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