Process Control Narative

Equip. Layout

- Instrument & Control Philosophy - Control system Arch. Configuration - Shutdown Hierarchy Func. Block Diagram

Instr. Layout F&G Layout JB Layout

Instrument Index

Instrument I/O List

Cause & Effect Matrix Cable Block Diagram Instrument Datasheet */ Major Equipment Spec Control system Database/ IO Allocation/ Configuration (VD)

Control Room Layout (LER, CCR)

Instrument Hook-up Instrument Support Details

Cable Routing/ Cable Tray/ Tubing Tray Sections & Details

Instrument Cable Schedule

PDMS 3D model

Panel Layout & GA (Vendor Data)

Material List/ Instrument Bulk MTO

Tubing Schedule

JB Wiring Diagram/ Mars. Cabinet Wiring Diagram

INSTRUMENTATION & CONTROL DETAILED ENGINEERING FLOWCHART Prepared by Nguyen Van Bay Engineering. Dept. – PTSC M&C NOTE *: Instrument Junction Box Datasheet will be prepared later based on Cable Schedule and JB Wiring Diagram.

Instrument/ F&G Loop Diagram

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