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Sharekhan ValueGuide 1 February 2011


From Sharekhan’s Desk ValueGuide Index

Volatility ggets
olatility ets an eext
It has been a sombre
beginning for this
03 Sharekhan Top Picks 7
equity market this Stock Idea 11
year. The Stock Update 19
benchmark index
registered a double- Mutual Funds 37
digit decline over Sector Update 38
the past one month
even as the equities View Point 39
markets rallied globally. In the year to date India is the
second worst performing market globally with Egypt being
the worst. Our market dropped on macro-economic
concerns of persistently high inflation, hardening of Report Card 4
interest rates and an unexpected sharp slowdown in the
Earnings Guide I
industrial production. Even though corporate earnings for
Q3FY2011 were largely in line with expectations, the
market witnessed earnings downgrades in several TRADER'S TECHNIQUES
companies across sectors on account of concerns related
to margin pressure from the rising raw material cost and 40 Sensex 41
spiraling energy prices. 06 Crude 41

Sharekhan Special Turmeric 42

Derivatives View 42
Monthly econom
econom y rre
onomy eview
The Index of Industrial Production (IIP)’s growth for
November 2010 came in at 2.7%, much below the consensus COMMODITIES CORNER
estimate of 6.6%. The year-till-date (YTD) growth now
stands at 9.5% as compared to 7.4% in the same period of 43
the previous year. The year-on-year (Y-o-Y) inflation rate for
December 2010 increased to 8.43% from 7.48% recorded Copper 44
in the previous month. 36


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February 2011 2 Sharekhan ValueGuide

Sharekhan ValueGuide 3 February 2011


HDFC 540.0 708.0 19-Nov-07 Hold 603.4 11.7 -14.3 -12.8 2.3 25.6 -4.5 -3.4 0.0 10.7
HDFC Bank 358.0 2240.0 23-Dec-03 Hold 2008.0 460.9 -13.8 -12.8 -2.9 27.8 -3.9 -3.3 -5.1 12.6
Infosys Technologies 689.1 3817.0 30-Dec-03 Buy 3040.9 341.3 -9.9 3.1 13.4 28.4 0.4 14.2 10.8 13.2
Larsen & Toubro 1768.0 1955.0 18-Feb-08 Buy 1569.2 -11.2 -17.7 -24.1 -8.0 13.2 -8.3 -15.9 -10.1 -0.2
Reliance Ind 283.5 1190.0 5-Feb-04 Hold 917.0 223.5 -10.6 -11.4 -8.2 -8.1 -0.4 -1.8 -10.3 -19.0
Tata Consultancy Services 426.3 1260.0 6-Mar-06 Hold 1154.4 170.8 2.4 12.6 42.8 61.0 14.1 24.8 39.5 41.9
Aditya Birla Nuvo 714.0 925.0 6-Dec-05 Hold 772.0 8.1 -7.8 -7.6 -4.9 -9.7 2.7 2.3 -7.1 -20.4
Apollo Tyres 37.0 91.0 27-Jul-09 Buy 53.1 43.4 -21.9 -26.7 -18.8 -3.8 -13.0 -18.8 -20.7 -15.2
Bajaj Auto 293.1 1545.0 15-Nov-05 Buy 1221.5 316.8 -18.1 -23.6 -10.8 43.8 -8.7 -15.3 -12.9 26.8
Bajaj Finserv 545.0 585.0 26-May-08 Buy 408.0 -25.1 -13.1 -14.9 -5.4 21.1 -3.2 -5.7 -7.5 6.7
Bajaj Holdings 741.9 1042.0 26-May-08 Buy 717.0 -3.4 -18.1 -23.6 -1.9 29.6 -8.8 -15.3 -4.1 14.3
Bank of Baroda 239.0 998.0 25-Aug-06 Buy 829.0 246.9 -3.9 -17.1 10.2 51.0 7.0 -8.1 7.7 33.0
Bank of India 358.0 533.0 29-Oct-09 Hold 439.9 22.9 0.0 -10.5 3.3 28.0 11.5 -0.8 0.9 12.8
Bharat Electronics 1108.0 1834.0 25-Sep-06 Hold 1685.0 52.1 -1.1 -0.3 -3.6 -11.9 10.2 10.5 -5.8 -22.4
Bharat Heavy Electricals 602.0 2781.0 11-Nov-05 Buy 2190.0 263.8 -6.5 -11.8 -10.8 -7.5 4.2 -2.3 -12.8 -18.5
Bharti Airtel 313.0 335.0 8-Jan-07 Hold 332.9 6.3 -5.4 3.5 3.8 10.3 5.4 14.7 1.4 -2.8
Corp Bank 218.0 735.0 19-Dec-03 Buy 553.0 153.7 -13.8 -30.4 -4.4 29.6 -3.9 -22.8 -6.5 14.2
Crompton Greaves 50.4 312.0 19-Aug-05 Hold 265.0 425.8 -11.7 -16.5 -0.1 12.4 -1.6 -7.5 -2.3 -0.9
GAIL 476.0 585.0 1-0ct-10 Buy 452.0 -5.0 -9.9 -4.3 6.1 16.2 0.4 6.1 3.6 2.4
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals 599.0 371.0 17-Jul-08 Buy 293.8 -51.0 -18.8 -21.1 8.1 13.1 -9.5 -12.6 5.6 -0.3
Godrej Consumer Products 145.0 456.0 7-May-09 Buy 335.0 131.0 -11.7 -19.9 -1.8 44.4 -1.6 -11.3 -4.1 27.3
Grasim 1119.0 2500.0 30-Aug-04 Hold 2300.0 105.5 -2.6 -4.5 23.6 16.3 8.5 5.9 20.8 2.5
HCL Technologies 103.0 622.0 30-Dec-03 Buy 483.0 368.9 8.6 21.4 26.3 42.5 21.0 34.5 23.4 25.6
Hindustan Unilever 299.0 246.0 24-Nov-05 Reduce 273.7 9.2 -10.9 -5.8 11.2 20.7 -0.7 4.4 8.7 6.4
ICICI Bank 284.0 1190.0 23-Dec-03 Hold 996.0 250.7 -10.3 -17.1 6.8 24.1 0.0 -8.1 4.3 9.4
Indian Hotel Company 76.6 106.0 17-Nov-05 Hold 92.7 21.0 -8.3 -11.1 -8.2 0.7 2.2 -1.5 -10.3 -11.3
ITC# 34.8 207.0 12-Aug-04 Buy 153.5 341.7 -8.8 -9.2 3.3 30.8 1.6 0.7 0.9 15.3
Lupin 80.7 520.0 6-Jan-06 Buy 420.0 420.4 -13.1 -6.5 10.0 37.4 -3.2 3.7 7.5 21.1
M&M 116.0 809.0 1-Apr-04 Hold 675.0 481.9 -10.4 -7.1 8.3 35.9 -0.2 2.9 5.8 19.8
Marico 7.7 140.0 22-Aug-02 Hold 114.9 1,391.6 -0.9 -14.4 -2.1 19.9 10.5 -5.2 -4.3 5.7
Maruti Suzuki 1460.0 1358.0 23-Sep-10 Hold 1190.0 -18.5 -14.6 -18.6 0.9 -11.1 -4.8 -9.8 -1.4 -21.7
Piramal Healthcare 146.0 522.0 16-Mar-04 Hold 449.9 208.2 -3.4 -4.3 -5.6 20.8 7.6 6.0 -7.7 6.5
Punj Lloyd 519.0 128.0 12-Dec-07 Hold 89.2 -82.8 -19.8 -24.4 -27.3 -50.6 -10.7 -16.3 -28.9 -56.4
SBI 476.0 2990.0 19-Dec-03 Hold 2650.0 456.7 -6.0 -19.0 2.0 34.5 4.7 -10.2 -0.4 18.6
Sintex Industries^ 143.0 233.0 26-Sep-08 Buy 147.3 3.0 -19.5 -31.4 -17.9 12.4 -10.3 -24.0 -19.8 -0.9
TGBL (Tata Tea)^ 78.9 122.0 12-Aug-05 Buy 94.8 20.1 -13.9 -22.9 -17.4 2.5 -4.0 -14.5 -19.3 -9.6
Wipro 251.0 528.0 9-Jun-06 Hold 438.0 74.5 -8.1 2.1 7.8 11.2 2.4 13.2 5.3 -2.0
3i Infotech 66.0 82.0 6-Oct-05 Buy 47.2 -28.5 -22.7 -28.3 -24.5 -40.2 -13.8 -20.5 -26.3 -47.3
Allied Digital Services 189.5 326.0 14-Aug-09 Buy 127.6 -32.7 -18.7 -29.2 -31.9 -28.9 -9.4 -21.5 -33.5 -37.3
Axis (UTI) Bank 229.4 1637.0 24-Feb-05 Buy 1214.0 429.3 -8.1 -18.2 -7.3 18.5 2.4 -9.4 -9.5 4.4
Cadila Healthcare# 198.3 861.0 21-Mar-06 Buy 782.0 294.4 3.6 12.0 26.7 71.7 15.5 24.2 23.8 51.3
EMCO 81.2 ** 29-Jun-09 Hold 63.8 -21.4 -3.2 6.2 -3.6 -31.9 7.8 17.7 -5.8 -40.0
Eros International Media 186.0 247.0 15-Nov-10 Buy 156.2 -16.0 -2.1 -15.6 - - 9.1 -6.5 - -
Greaves Cotton 53.2 106.0 24-Dec-09 Buy 92.0 72.9 -8.8 -0.9 33.2 71.5 1.6 9.8 30.2 51.2
IL&FS Transportation 362.0 452.0 14-Sep-10 Buy 247.9 -31.5 -16.0 -21.0 -18.2 - -6.4 -12.5 -20.1 -

February 2011 4 Sharekhan ValueGuide



IRB Infra 287.0 285.0 14-Sep-10 Buy 187.3 -34.8 -17.0 -27.5 -32.7 -25.7 -7.5 -19.7 -34.2 -34.5
Max India 212.0 234.0 24-Nov-09 Buy 150.4 -29.1 0.5 -6.6 -3.0 -27.0 12.0 3.5 -5.2 -35.6
Opto Circuits India 199.0 355.0 13-May-08 Buy 238.1 19.6 -8.1 -18.9 -9.7 13.1 2.4 -10.1 -11.7 -0.3
Patels Airtemp 88.2 122.0 7-Dec-07 Buy 76.7 -13.1 -14.8 -18.5 -12.7 -17.6 -5.0 -9.7 -14.7 -27.4
Thermax 124.2 909.0 14-Jun-05 Buy 654.0 426.6 -26.4 -26.6 -12.5 0.7 -18.0 -18.6 -14.5 -11.2
Yes Bank 332.0 415.0 2-Dec-10 Buy 262.8 -20.9 -14.3 -27.4 -12.5 8.6 -4.5 -19.5 -14.5 -4.3
Zydus Wellness 184.0 653.0 15-Oct-09 Hold 576.1 213.1 -2.3 3.9 6.5 87.8 8.9 15.1 4.1 65.5
Ashok Leyland 72.0 84.0 13-Sep-10 Buy 52.7 -26.8 -18.5 -27.6 -25.5 6.8 -9.1 -19.7 -27.2 -5.9
BASF 220.0 712.0 18-Sep-06 Hold 569.0 158.6 -10.5 -17.8 19.5 56.8 -0.3 -8.9 16.7 38.2
Deepak Fert 50.6 215.0 17-Mar-05 Buy 164.0 224.1 -4.2 -18.1 6.3 50.2 6.8 -9.3 3.8 32.4
Federal Bank 258.0 500.0 16-Mar-10 Buy 346.9 34.5 -12.5 -27.8 4.1 38.6 -2.5 -20.0 1.7 22.1
Gayatri Projects 393.0 552.0 5-Apr-10 Buy 228.6 -41.8 -25.8 -37.6 -39.7 -32.1 -17.3 -30.8 -41.1 -40.1
Genus Power Infrastructure 20.7 29.0 21-Jun-10 Buy 17.4 -15.9 -23.7 -30.4 -20.2 8.0 -15.0 -22.8 -22.1 -4.8
India Cements 113.0 ** 25-Jan-10 Reduce 88.5 27.7 -15.8 -22.4 -10.2 -20.8 -6.1 -14.1 -12.2 -30.2
Ipca Laboratories 132.0 381.0 5-Nov-07 Buy 279.0 111.4 -12.9 -12.1 6.1 27.8 -2.9 -2.6 3.6 12.6
ISMT 43.0 69.0 8-Oct-09 Buy 52.4 21.9 -17.7 4.3 10.7 -2.1 -8.3 15.5 8.1 -13.7
Jaiprakash Associates 16.7 151.0 30-Dec-03 Buy 83.8 402.7 -20.9 -30.8 -27.5 -37.2 -11.8 -23.4 -29.2 -44.7
JB Chemicals 99.0 174.0 22-Jul-10 Buy 115.1 16.3 -17.7 -8.5 19.3 86.7 -8.2 1.4 16.6 64.6
Kewal Kiran Clothing 427.0 615.0 7-Oct-10 Buy 510.0 19.4 -15.0 -4.0 51.0 127.0 -5.3 6.3 47.5 100.0
NIIT Technologies 210.0 285.0 19-Jan-11 Buy 188.4 -10.3 -3.3 -11.9 6.6 19.0 7.8 -2.4 4.2 4.9
Orbit Corporation 400.0 130.0 17-Dec-07 Buy 59.4 -85.2 -23.4 -46.3 -52.0 -56.2 -14.7 -40.5 -53.1 -61.4
Polaris Software Lab 164.0 234.0 3-Nov-10 Buy 190.4 16.1 0.6 11.4 5.6 10.9 12.1 23.4 3.2 -2.3
Pratibha Industries 65.2 95.0 18-Jan-10 Buy 54.8 -16.0 -18.8 -28.2 -33.7 -9.6 -9.5 -20.5 -35.2 -20.4
Provogue India 61.0 95.0 6-Jul-10 Buy 42.8 -29.9 -30.6 -39.5 -26.7 -26.1 -22.6 -32.9 -28.4 -34.8
Punjab National Bank 180.0 1460.0 19-Dec-03 Buy 1065.2 491.8 -11.3 -18.3 -3.0 25.2 -1.1 -9.4 -5.2 10.3
Ratnamani Metals 54.0 160.0 8-Dec-05 Buy 120.1 122.4 -0.2 -13.3 -4.0 14.3 11.2 -3.9 -6.2 0.7
Selan Exploration 58.0 507.0 20-Mar-06 Buy 362.0 524.1 -7.9 15.3 14.3 2.0 2.7 27.7 11.7 -10.1
Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas 370.0 500.0 4-Oct-07 Buy 275.0 -25.7 -29.2 -35.2 -35.6 -22.0 -21.1 -28.2 -37.1 -31.3
Subros 41.2 53.0 26-Apr-06 Buy 38.3 -7.0 -14.7 -17.0 -19.9 -19.1 -5.0 -8.0 -21.7 -28.7
Sun Pharmaceuticals^ 60.4 510.0 24-Dec-03 Buy 412.0 582.1 -10.3 -2.8 23.2 46.8 0.0 7.7 20.3 29.3
Torrent Pharma 185.0 685.0 4-Oct-07 Buy 596.0 222.2 3.4 5.9 10.6 36.7 15.2 17.3 8.1 20.5
UltraTech Cement 384.0 1150.0 10-Aug-05 Hold 1010.0 163.0 -7.6 -10.0 16.6 4.1 3.0 -0.3 13.9 -8.3
Union Bank of India 46.0 382.0 19-Dec-03 Buy 334.9 628.0 -3.4 -15.4 2.2 30.7 7.7 -6.2 -0.1 15.2
United Phosphorus 163.0 218.0 27-Aug-09 Buy 141.1 -13.5 -15.8 -31.7 -22.8 -8.6 -6.2 -24.3 -24.6 -19.4
V-Guard Industries 162.0 237.0 6-Sep-10 Buy 167.3 3.2 -5.1 -15.0 9.4 100.3 5.8 -5.8 6.9 76.5
Mahindra Lifespace 799.0 527.0 9-Jan-08 Hold 316.5 -60.4 -17.0 -31.6 -33.5 -13.9 -7.6 -24.2 -35.0 -24.1
Orient Paper and Industries 21.4 60.0 30-Aug-05 Buy 50.0 133.6 -7.7 -18.6 -6.6 10.9 2.9 -9.8 -8.8 -2.3
Tata Chemicals 411.0 404.0 31-Dec-07 Buy 337.0 -18.0 -14.9 -15.5 -1.5 16.9 -5.2 -6.3 -3.8 3.0
Unity Infraprojects 138.4 151.0 26-Feb-08 Buy 76.0 -45.1 -20.7 -22.6 -28.0 -31.8 -11.6 -14.2 -29.7 -39.9
Allahabad Bank 73.0 270.0 25-Aug-06 Buy 203.7 179.0 -10.6 -20.2 1.9 53.1 -0.4 -11.5 -0.5 34.9
Andhra Bank 85.0 168.0 25-Aug-06 Hold 140.0 64.7 -7.5 -23.6 -5.4 39.6 3.0 -15.3 -7.6 23.1
IDBI Bank 106.0 182.0 19-Jun-09 Buy 136.0 28.3 -15.7 -23.8 14.3 19.5 -6.1 -15.5 11.7 5.3
Madras Cements 111.0 90.0 28-Jan-10 Reduce 95.7 16.0 -12.4 -26.1 -6.7 -16.6 -2.4 -18.1 -8.9 -26.5
Phillips Carbon Black 135.0 212.0 21-Aug-09 Buy 129.1 -4.4 -26.1 -36.7 -34.7 -30.5 -17.7 -29.9 -36.2 -38.7
Shree Cement 445.0 1825.0 17-Nov-05 Hold 1590.0 257.3 -22.7 -30.7 -12.7 -21.4 -13.8 -23.3 -14.7 -30.7

**Price target under review ^ Reco price adjusted for stock split #Reco price adjusted for bonus

Sharekhan ValueGuide 5 February 2011


Volatility gets an extension

from sharekhan’s desk It has been a sombre beginning for this equity market this year. The benchmark index
registered a double-digit decline over the past one month even as the equities markets rallied
globally. In the year to date India is the second worst performing market globally with
Egypt being the worst. Our market dropped on macro-economic concerns of persistently
high inflation, hardening of interest rates and an unexpected sharp slowdown in the industrial
production. Even though corporate earnings for Q3FY2011 were largely in line with
expectations, the market witnessed earnings downgrades in several companies across sectors
on account of concerns related to margin pressure from the rising raw material cost and
spiraling energy prices. The eruption of social unrest in Egypt and some other countries in
the neighbouring region towards the end of the month added to the market’s woes. Given
the global concerns and certain India-specific issues, the foreign institutional investor (FII)
flows reversed with the foreign investors withdrawing close to one billion dollars in January
2011 alone.
After the sharp correction the valuations have turned reasonably attractive but investors
remain anxious. The anxiety is justified since the macro-economic headwinds have started
to blow again at home. Food inflation has surged to over 17% for the week ended January
22, 2011 vs 15.57% in the previous week. The Wholesale Price Index climbed to 8.43% in
December 2010 from 7.48% in the previous month. To curb inflation and inflationary
expectations the Reserve Bank of India is expected to aggressively hike the key policy rates.
The northward bound interest rates will further slow down the economic growth. Industrial
growth has already slowed down—the Index of Industrial Production (IIP)’s growth for
November 2010 came in at 2.7%, much below the consensus estimate of 6.6%. The IIP
growth was dismal mainly due to a moderate growth in the manufacturing (up 2.3%) and
mining (up 6.0%) sectors and a drop in the consumer goods segment (down 3.1%).
The Q3FY2011 results of Indian companies were more or less in keeping with expectations
but the cost pressures are beginning to pinch and will take their toll on the future performance
of India Inc. We expect the consensus earnings growth estimate for FY2012 to slip to
around 17-18% from over 20% a couple of months ago.
However, most of these factors seem to have been already discounted by the market. The
key hangover that still keeps the market dizzy is the possibility of a spill-over of the social
unrest in some parts of the Middle East and North Africa to the neighbouring oil producing
countries. It could potentially stall the nascent recovery in the USA and some parts of
Europe. But more importantly, the resultant big upsurge in the crude oil prices would derail
the import-dependent Indian economy.
The key event this month is the Union Budget 2011-12. The finance minister has a tough
task at hand. There is a need to invest in reducing supply-side bottleneck to avoid overheating
of the economy and also kick-start infrastructure spending. At the same time, the focus
would be on fiscal consolidation. In line with this objective, the government could withdraw
some of the fiscal stimulus measures that were taken to boost industrial growth during the
lean phase of 2008-09. However, some semblance of political stability and proactive policy
action would go a long way in boosting sentiments among the investors. Keep your fingers
crossed as increased volatility could be the norm in this month.

February 2011 6 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Sharekhan top picks
The markets tumbled down sharply in January 2010 on account technology space due to its attractive valuations and scope for
of macro-economic concerns, political instability and the inorganic initiatives given the huge cash on its books. Indian
emergence of social tension in Egypt and the Middle East. Hotels Company is likely to show a better financial performance
Consequently, the benchmark indices, Sensex and Nifty, slipped going ahead on the back of improving occupancy rates (ICC
by 8.5% each in the past one month. The mid-cap space Cricket World Cup 2011 in Q4FY2011 will be added advantage)
continued to see selling pressure with the CNX MIDCAP Index and increasing room tariffs. Though the stock has fallen quite a
losing 9.5% last month and almost 37% in the past three months. bit and offers an attractive entry point for the long-term investors,
Our portfolio of Top Picks performed in line with the markets we are removing Sun Pharmaceuticals from the Top Picks list as
and lost around 9% during the month. the uncertainty related to Taro Pharmaceutical Industries’ audited
accounts and the possible write-off in Q4FY2011 would act as a
In this month, we are adding two stocks to the Top Picks basket:
drag on the earnings of the company and the stock’s performance
Indian Hotels Company and Polaris Software Lab. Polaris
in the near term.
Software Lab has been our top pick in the mid-cap information


(RS) FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E TARGET (%)
BHEL 2,190 24.9 18.7 15.8 27.1 28.8 27.7 2,781 27.0
Indian Hotels 93 - 103.0 29.0 - 2.8 8.8 106 14.3
ISMT 52 10.3 7.5 4.6 12.1 15.0 19.6 69 31.7
ITC 154 29.0 23.6 19.9 29.2 32.4 31.6 207 34.9
ITNL 248 14.0 11.2 8.3 27.0 23.3 25.2 452 82.3
JB Chemicals 115 9.1 7.5 6.3 20.5 20.7 20.8 174 51.2
Max India 150 - - - - - - 234 55.6
Polaris Software Lab 190 12.4 9.5 8.6 - 20.9 20.0 234 22.9
Selan Exploration 362 19.5 17.3 11.3 20.1 19.5 23.3 507 40.1
United Phosphorus 141 11.6 9.6 7.8 17.6 16.7 19.4 218 54.5
Yes Bank 263 18.6 12.5 10.4 - 19.9 19.6 415 57.9
* CMP as on February 04, 2011


(RS) FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E PRICE (%)

BHEL 2,190 24.9 18.7 15.8 27.1 28.8 27.7 2,781 27.0

Remarks:  Bharat Heavy Electricals Ltd (BHEL) is a premier power generation equipment manufacturer and a leading EPC company. It has emerged as the prime beneficiary of the four-
fold increase in the investments in the power sector in India.
 BHEL currently has orders worth Rs158,000 crore on hand, which provides revenue coverage for the next three to four years.We believe the order inflow momentum would
continue to remain strong for the company. However, the key challenge for BHEL would be the timely execution of projects.
 The company is confident of bagging orders for at least five boilers and four turbines as far as the bulk tendering by National Thermal Power Corporation (NTPC) is concerned.
The order finalisation for the same is expected in Q4FY2011.
 The company has already expanded its capacity to 15GW in FY2011. Also, the project to expand the capacity to 20GW by FY2012 is being executed on a fast track. In our
view, the stabilisation of the new capacity coupled with the de-bottlenecking of the supply chain would aid order execution and sustain robust growth in BHEL’s revenues in
the coming years. We estimate the profits to grow at a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21.8% over FY2010-13E.
 At the current market price, the stock is trading at 15.8x and 13.8x its FY2012E and FY2013E earnings respectively. The near-term positive trigger in the stock is the order
inflow in the power equipment business. We have, therefore, included BHEL amongst our Top Picks.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 7 February 2011



(RS) FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E PRICE (%)

INDIAN HOTELS 93 - 103.0 29.0 - 2.8 8.8 106 14.3

Remarks:  An improvement in the macro environment and the consequential improvement in foreign tourist arrivals and domestic corporate travel have created a favourable business
environment for a rebound in the hotel Industry. We believe Indian Hotels, being the largest hotelier in the country with its presence in India and key destinations across the
world, is on track to capitalise on the growth opportunities in the coming years.
 Hotel occupancies have shown a remarkable improvement and this is likely to be followed by an improvement in average room rates (ARRs). Thus, we foresee the company
witnessing a substantial improvement in its profitability in the near to medium term. The profit growth will also be aided by new property additions.
 Turnaround in international properties and an improvement in ARRs would be the key monitorables in the coming quarters.

 We believe a rampant increase in new property addition would act as one of the key risks to the performance of the hotel industry and Indian Hotels in the coming years. Also,
any failure/delay in the turnaround of International properties would pose a risk to the performance of the company.
 At the current market price the stock trades at 29x its FY2012E earning per share (EPS) of R3.2. We maintain our Hold recommendation on the stock.

ISMT 52 10.3 7.5 4.6 12.1 15.0 19.6 69 31.7

Remarks:  ISMT, an integrated seamless tube manufacturer in India, is set to benefit from the improvement in demand from its traditional automobile sector. Its enhanced product
offerings would help to increase its penetration in the growing power and E&P sectors.
 With tube production capacity expanded to 475,000 tonne per annum, the sales volumes are expected to grow at a CAGR of 27.8% over FY2010-12. The new premium
finishing mill (PQF) technology will help increase the addressable market and thus the market share (currently 30%).
 A favourable sales mix, savings from power cost (due to the start of the 40MW power plant in Q4FY2011) and a reduced production cost are likely to help sustain the margins
at 18-19% despite competition.
 Any delay in the commencement of the power plant and a slower export growth especially in Europe and over capacity in China are the key concerns for the company.

 Volume growth and sustainable margins will help earnings to grow at a CAGR of 49% over FY2010-12. At the current market price, the stock is trading at 4.6x FY2012E EPS.
We maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock.

ITC 154 29.0 23.6 19.9 29.2 32.4 31.6 207 34.9

Remarks:  The cigarette business that dominates the category continues to be a cash cow for ITC. The company endeavors to make a mark in the Indian FMCG market and with
successful brands such as Bingo, Sunfeast and Aashirwaad, ITC is already in the reckoning among the best in the industry. With the new portfolio of personal care products
gaining market share, its FMCG business promises to compete with the likes of Hindustan Unilever and Procter & Gamble.
 Where the Union Budget FY2009-10 spared the cigarette industry from any excise duty hike, the Union Budget FY2010-11 has proposed a steep excise duty of 11-18% on
cigarettes. However, the business has shown sound resilience in the past in the face of similar harsh taxation moves. Thus, even though faced with a tough year, we anticipate
lower single-digit volume growth in the cigarette business in FY2011.
 ITC’ other businesses such as hotel, agri, non-cigarette FMCG business and paper, paperboard and packaging are showing strong up-move and will provide a cushion to the
overall profit in FY2011.
 An increase in taxation and the government’s intention to curb consumption of tobacco products remain the key risks to ITC’s cigarette business over the longer term.

 We expect ITC’s bottom line to grow at a CAGR of about 20% over FY2010-13. At the current market price, the stock trades at 19.9x its FY2012E earnings. We maintain our
Buy recommendation on the stock.

ITNL 248 14.0 11.2 8.3 27.0 23.3 25.2 452 82.3

Remarks:  ITNL is India’s largest player in the build operate transfer (BOT) road segment with 10,269km lane in various stages of development, construction or operation. It has a pan-
India presence and a diverse project portfolio consisting of 23 road and bus transportation projects and a metro rail projects.
 It is well equipped to capitalise on the huge and growing opportunity in the road infrastructure sector due to its established track record in operating BOT road projects, its
execution capabilities and the strong support from IL&FS.
 It has a fair mix of annuity and toll projects in its portfolio which provides revenue comfort. Further, it is present across the value chain except the civil construction services
which it outsources to the local contractors. This helps the company to handle a large number of projects at a time and diversify geographically, reducing the risk of
 Thus, we expect the sales and earnings to grow at a CAGR of 45.5% and 30% respectively over the next two years.

 At the current market price, the stock is trading at 11.2x and 8.3x its FY2011 and FY2012 estimated earnings. We maintain our Buy recommendation with a price target
of Rs452.

February 2011 8 Sharekhan ValueGuide



(RS) FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E PRICE (%)

JB CHEMICALS 115 9.1 7.5 6.3 20.5 20.7 20.8 174 51.2

Remarks:  JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals, a well-known name in the Indian formulation market, is set to show a steady growth in its domestic and international businesses on the back
of a deeper penetration in the existing markets (prescription sales in India and aggressive sales promotion in Russia/CIS), entry into newer markets (emerging countries like
South Africa, Venezuela, Romania, Australia) and launch of new products.
 We expect its business to grow at a CAGR of 15% over FY2011-13E, driven by a CAGR of 15% each in its domestic formulation business and international operations.

 Contract manufacturing from Lozenges with orders from Australia and European Union (EU) companies would also boost the growth as all of its manufacturing facilities which
are approved by the authorities of leading regulated markets, like the USFDA, UK MHRA and TGA (Australia).
 Given the strong free cash flow, a low debt /equity ratio of 0.2x, return on equity (RoE) of 20% plus and a limited capital expenditure, the company is well placed to pursue
inorganic opportunities. Though the receivable days in its Russian operations seem to be relatively higher (about 160 days), the company is quite confident about the quality
of the receivables and we do not expect any significant negative surprise in terms of write-offs.
 Considering the double-digit growth in its revenues and the earnings from its core business, its strong free cash flows and healthy return ratios (18-20%), the company is
trading at an attractive valuation of 7.5x its FY2011E and 6.3x FY2012E earnings.

MAX INDIA 150 - - - - - - 234 55.6

Remarks:  Its life insurance business, ie Max New York Life (MNYL), accounts for 85% of the revenues and is growing at a steady pace. MNYL’s annual premium equivalent (APE) has
grown 10.8% year till date (YTD) compared to the 2.2% decline in the industry. Further, MNYL’s market share (among the private players) has expanded to 6.6% in November
2010 from 5.9% in the corresponding month of the previous year. Given the substantial growth in premiums and better operating metrics, we expect a strong growth in
revenues going forward.
 In order to contain cost overruns, the company has entered into a long-term tie-up with Axis Bank for distribution of its products. As a result, the company has rationalised its
agency force and branch network, leading to a sharp reduction in its operating costs. We expect MYNL’s distribution network to expand in line with Axis Bank’s branch
expansion plans. This will bring down the operating expenses-to-sales ratio (currently 30%) and contribute significantly to the bottom line.
 MNYL is now focusing on traditional policies having a longer tenure (ten years and more). While other companies are focusing on mass products, MNYL is targeting affluent
customers, mainly in the top 100-120 cities in India which contribute 80-85% of the revenues. We believe this will lead to a further improvement in the persistency ratio
(currently 81%) and increase the operating efficiency.
 Max India is aggressively expanding its healthcare business and plans to add 1,000 beds in FY2011. The healthcare business has turned positive at the earnings before
interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) level. We expect it to turn profitable post-expansion. Max Specialty Films (packaging films) continues to grow at a robust
pace as it reported EBITDA and profit before tax (PBT) of Rs23.2 crore and Rs13.7 crore respectively in H12011. However, an increase in crude prices will lead to a decline
in the margins though not substantially as the price gets negotiated at the beginning of every year.
 Max India is among the best managed companies in the insurance space which gets reflected by way of a balanced product mix, high persistency ratio, higher average case
per agent etc. We believe that post-correction the stock has turned attractive and we reiterate our Buy recommendation with a price target of Rs234.

POLARIS SOFTWARE LAB 190 12.4 9.5 8.6 - 20.9 20.0 234 22.9

Remarks:  For the Indian IT services industry, the strong revival in demand has been led by an increase in the IT spending by customers in the BFSI vertical. Polaris Software Lab
(Polaris) with its strong presence in the BFSI space and offerings in both, the service and solution segments, is well poised to capitalise on the incremental spending from
the sector.
 Intellect, the flagship banking product of the company, would be a game changer on a longer-term perspective. Over the years, Intellect has been growing steadily with new
client additions and increasing geographical reach. The expected increase in the revenue from the product business augurs well as it would help improve the margin
dynamics as well as the overall profitability of the company.
 Polaris has carried out several mergers and acquisitions. Polaris has filled the gap in its product offerings, got new clients and entered newer geographies, thereby creating
a strong presence in the BFSI space. With a war chest of Rs500 crore, we believe that the inorganic initiatives will continue to form an integral part of Polaris’ growth strategy.
 Polaris is one of the few integrated midcap IT companies having a strong foothold in the BFSI vertical and offerings in both, the service and solution segments. We expect a
compounded annual growth of 22% in its earnings over FY2010-13. At the current market price the stock trades at 9.5x FY2011E and 8.6x FY2012E earnings. Ex-cash (end
Q3FY2011), the stock trades at 5x FY2011E and 6.3x FY2012E earnings.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 9 February 2011



(RS) FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E PRICE (%)

SELAN EXPLORATION 362 19.5 17.3 11.3 20.1 19.5 23.3 507 40.1

Remarks:  Selan Exploration Technology (Selan) is set to benefit from its huge capital investment plans of around Rs100 crore (Rs40-50 crore for seismic survey in FY2011 and another
Rs40-50 crore in FY2012 for drilling activities in the Brakrol and Indorora fields). This will enable Selan to monetise its oil assets and could substantially increase its
hydrocarbon reserve base. We highlight that the company’s healthy cash position of Rs79 crore as on March 31, 2010 and its internal accruals in FY2011 and FY2012 are
sufficient to fund its aggressive capex plans.
 We believe that the company would witness a substantial jump in its crude oil production volume after the commercialisation of wells in its two important oilfields—Brakrol and
 Any delay in the company's capex could significantly affect the company’s drilling activities and could also delay the development of the two important fields.

 The company’s reasonably good cash flow from operating activities of Rs43.1 crore despite lower profits in FY2010, its low debt-to-equity ratio of 0.1x in FY2010 and strong
long-term growth prospects support the re-rating of the stock. We maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock with a price target of Rs507 (valued at EV/2P oil reserves
of $2.1 per barrel on the reserves of 73.6 million barrels).

UNITED PHOSPHORUS 141 11.6 9.6 7.8 17.6 16.7 19.4 218 54.5

Remarks:  United Phosphorous (UPL) is one of the top five generic agrichemical manufacturers in the world with a presence across major markets such as USA, EU, Latin America, and
India. The company’s product portfolio is well diversified and spans pre harvesting crop protection, post harvesting crop protection and non crop protection products. UPL is
amongst the fastest growing global agrichemical companies, as a result of its acquisition led strategy.
 The management has slowed down its inorganic growth initiatives in the past few years, owing to high valuations. However, the management has recently stated that
valuations have corrected and the company is actively looking for potential acquisition candidates. UPLs high cash balance coupled with its low net debt-equity ratio puts it
in a good position to consider inorganic growth options. Any acquisition undertaken could act as a potential trigger for the stock.
 A slowdown in revenue growth coupled with the deterioration in the earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) margin had led to a contraction in
the return ratios for UPL in the past year. Going ahead, the EBITDA margin is expected to improve as (1) the high-cost inventory moves out of the system and (2) the benefits
from the restructuring of Cerexagri accrue. The management has guided for a 5% top-line growth for FY2011 & EBITDA margins of 20-21%, largely on account of prolonged
winter conditions in Europe. We believe that macro headwinds like adverse climatic conditions are likely to have an impact only in the short term, but we remain positive on
the company’s long-term growth prospects.
 At the current market price of Rs140.6, the stock trades at attractive valuations of 9.6x its FY2011E EPS and 7.8 its FY2012E EPS of Rs14.7 and Rs18.2 respectively.

YES BANK 263 18.6 12.5 10.4 - 19.9 19.6 415 57.9

Remarks:  Yes Bank has grown its advances at a CAGR of 74% over FY2006-10. The bank’s management expects to sustain the growth momentum with a targeted growth of 35%
CAGR in advances over FY2011-15 led by the corporate and SME segments. In our estimates we have factored in a loan growth of 45% CAGR for the next three-year period,
 The net interest margin (NIM) is expected to decline in the rising interest rate scenario, though not substantially due to the strong re-pricing power on the asset side and
favourable asset liability duration. We believe the increase in the deposit base led by robust branch expansion and higher advances growth to the relatively high-yielding
segments like retail and SME would support the NIM in the long term. However, keeping in mind the bank’s dependence on bulk deposits, we have factored in a 20-basis-point
decline in its NIM in FY2012.
 Although asset quality risks have emerged from the microfinance, telecom and real estate sectors, yet we do not expect any significant deterioration in the bank’s asset
quality. Yes Bank’s total exposure to microfinance institutions (MFIs) is close to 1% of the loan book (ie Rs300 crore with its exposure to Andhra Pradesh-based MFIs at only
Rs75 crore). In case of advances to the telecom operators (6.2% of its total loans), the bulk of the exposure (close to 95%) is spread among the large and established players.
With gross NPA of 0.22% and net NPA of Rs 0.06%, Yes Bank’s asset quality remains among the best in the industry. The bank's restructured assets are merely 0.23% of its
loans (Rs69 crore), much lower than that of its peers. We expect the bank to have gross NPA of around 0.5% in FY2011 and that of 0.6% in FY2012.
 Yes Bank’s return ratios have consistently remained at higher levels (18-20%) despite several rounds of equity infusion. We have considered a 10% equity dilution in FY2012;
despite that the bank will maintain its RoEs and RoAs at about 20% and 1.3% over the next two years led by a 40% CAGR in its earnings.
 The bank is aggressively increasing its branch network (has a target of 250 branches by Q1FY2012) to attain a critical scale that would enable it to considerably improve its
current account - saving account (CASA) in the coming years. However, in the near term, aggressive expansion would increase the cost-income ratio.
 In our view, the strong growth in the earnings, consistent return ratios and stable asset quality should contribute to better valuations. Currently, the stock is trading at an
attractive valuation of 1.8x FY2012 and 1.3x FY2013 BV. We recommend Buy on Yes Bank with a price target of Rs415.

February 2011 10 Sharekhan ValueGuide

NIIT Technologies 12

Sharekhan ValueGuide 11 February 2011

STOCK IDEA NIIT Technologies


Creating its own differentiated strategy

 Strong recovery in its focus verticals: NIIT Technologies Ltd (NTL), a mid-sized IT
Price target: Rs285 services company, has built strong domain expertise in niche industry verticals like
Market cap: Rs1,241 cr
insurance, travel, manufacturing & retail. With the recent surveys/channel checks
showing signs of a revival in IT spending and the demand environment getting
52-week high/low: Rs235/157 more broad based, the IT spending in these lagging sectors is likely to catch up in
2011. Moreover, the company has the advantage of a well-balanced geographical
NSE volume (No of shares): 1.5 lakh
mix of revenues from North America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific.
BSE code: 532541  Non-linear revenues—the growth engine: NTL is one of the few mid-cap Indian IT
NSE code: NIITTECH services vendors that have over the years built up a strong non-linear revenue plat-
form through organic and inorganic initiatives. Currently, NTL derives around
Sharekhan code: NIITTECH 27% of its total revenues from its non-linear initiatives like managed services and
IP asset-based services rather than commoditisable time & material (T&M) kind of
Free float (No of shares): 3.6 cr
pricing model. In the last six quarters, NTL’s non-linear revenues have grown at a
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN faster rate (much ahead of the blended 4.8% growth at the company’s level) and
would turn out to be a game changer for the company in the coming years.
Public &
 Building strong footprints in the domestic IT arena: Over the last couple of years,
Others Foreign NTL has increased its focus on the burgeoning Indian IT market and is building its
15% 24% footprints in the domestic IT space. Recently, NTL was awarded a prestigious
“Intranet Prahari” project for the Border Security Force (BSF) valued at Rs228
crore involving the complete turnkey implementation of IT solutions across the
Institutions entire force, which is a strong testimony to NTL’s growing acceptance in the do-
10% mestic IT space. As a matter of fact, excluding the BSF deal, India’s share in the
overall revenues has grown to 16% from 8% two years back. The company is also
Non-promoter an active player in the APDRP projects and the other system integration projects in
40% the government space.
7%  Niche player, attractive valuation: With its strong domain expertise in a few niche
verticals and competitive advantage in terms of significant contribution from its
non-linear initiatives, NTL is well placed to benefit from the overall improvement
PRICE CHART in the demand environment. Consequently, we expect the company to show a steady
growth of 19% CAGR in its net profit over FY2010-13. Moreover, the company
has healthy cash on the books with minimal debt which leaves scope for further
acceleration in growth through inorganic initiatives and act as another re-rating
trigger for the stock. We initiate coverage on NTL with a Buy recommendation and
12-month price target of Rs285 (8x FY2013 earnings of Rs35.6 per share).
180 Key financials FY2009 FY2010 FY2011E FY2012E FY2013E
170 Revenues (Rs cr) 980.0 913.7 1226.0 1345.6 1598.2
160 Net profit (Rs cr) 114.9 124.7 177.5 169.7 210.2
150 % YoY chg (14.9) 8.6 42.3 (4.4) 23.9


EPS (Rs) 19.6 21.1 30.0 28.7 35.6

PE (x) 10.7 9.9 7.0 7.3 5.9
EV/EBITDA (x) 6.7 6.3 4.5 3.7 2.7
PRICE PERFORMANCE RoE (%) 27.5 25.7 27.9 22.8 24.2
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m RoCE (%) 29.7 27.6 32.7 30.7 31.6
Dividend yield (%) 3.1 3.3 4.3 4.1 5.1
Absolute 9.0 -8.4 15.0 10.2
Relative 13.3 -3.4 7.6 0.4
to Sensex

February 2011 12 Sharekhan ValueGuide

NIIT Technologies STOCK IDEA


In 2004 NTL was spun off the information technology (IT) ser- ADM Managed Cloud Packaged BPO
services computing impl.
vices division of NIIT, which holds a 24% stake in the company
Application Infra Software as SAP
currently. NTL provides application development and management
development mgmt a service
services, managed services, and package implementation and busi-
Application Production Platform as
ness process outsourcing (BPO) services in the banking financial management support a service
services and insurance (BFSI), travel, transportation & logistics, Application Managed Infrastructure
retail & manufacturing and government industry verticals. As of renewal security as a service
December 2010, NTL had about 5,358 employees across offices in Application
North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. North America con- testing
tributes about 35% of its total revenues; Europe, the Middle East Data warehousing
and Africa together contribute about 35% followed by Asia Pacific & bus. intelligence
and India with 14% and 16% contributions respectively. The ma- Application
jor clients of the company include British Airways, Singapore Air- integration
lines, Holcim Group, Emirates, Toyota Motors, DB Systel, Tesco, Source: Company
Cathay Pacific and Myanmar Air. INVESTMENT ARGUMENTS
The company has over the years done three acquisitions: It acquired Well placed to capture the recovery in the niche verticals
Room Solutions, UK in 2006-07 and Softec Gmbh, Germany in NTL is focused mainly on four key verticals: BFSI, travel, transpor-
2007-08. The acquisitions were carried out mainly to gain entry tation & logistics, and retail & manufacturing. Over the years,
into the industry solutions business in the insurance and airline NTL has built strong domain expertise in its niche industry verti-
space. In December 2010, NTL also acquired a healthcare plat- cals. With our recent surveys/channel checks showing signs of a
form “Preferr” focused on automation of health record. Besides, revival in IT spending and with the demand environment getting
NTL has entered into a partnership with Hitachi Information Sys- more broad-based, the IT spending in these lagging sectors espe-
tems, Japan to jointly offer cloud computing services and with ESRI cially travel, transportation & logistics and manufacturing is likely
Inc for geospatial information systems (GIS) services. to catch up in 2011. This will result in strong business visibility in
ACQUISITIONS the coming years. Moreover, the company has the advantage of a
Date Particulars Amt (Rs cr) Remarks
well-balanced geographical mix of revenues from its North Ameri-
can, European and Asia-Pacific operations.
May-06 Room Solutions, 98.9 Acquired insurance platform for
UK processing commercial insurance INDUSTRY VERTICALS (%)
transactions for Lloyds the largest re-
insurance market in the UK. 100%
21 19 16 15 18
Feb-08 Softec GmbH, 16.4 Acquired solutions in the area of 80% 13 11 9
12 12
Germany airline revenue accounting and flight
operations. Softec clients include about 60% 25 28 31 32
40 small to medium airlines within
Europe, Africa and Asia.
Dec-10 Healthcare platform NA The healthcare platform “Preferr” 20% 42 44 43 43 41
“Preferr” enables seamless collaboration among
all providers, namely physicians, FY 0 7 FY 0 8 FY 0 9 FY 1 0 Q 3 FY 1 1
hospitals, diagnostic facilities and
B FS I TTL R e ta il & M a n u f a c tu r in g O th e r s ( in c l G o v t.)
Source: Company
Source: Company
Management team
8 9
Rajendra Singh Pawar, chairman and managing director, is the co- 10 10
9 11 16
founder of the NIIT group. He is a B-Tech with about 38 years of 80% 13
experience in the IT field. He is part of a panel of six experts in the
newly constituted Prime Minister’s National Council on Skill De- 50 50 50 43 35

velopment, chaired by the prime minister of India. 40%

Arvind Thakur, CEO and joint managing director, a B-Tech from 20%
32 32 33 35
IIT, started his career as an industrial engineer with Bharat Heavy
Electricals. He joined NIIT in 1985 as a member of the core team FY 0 7 FY 0 8 FY 0 9 FY 1 0 Q 3 FY 1 1
and has since then been handling key organisational roles. N o r th A m e r ic a EM EA A PA C In d ia

Source: Company
Business of the company
NTL is a focused player in the BFSI, travel, transportation and Over the years, NTL has built differentiated services in its focus
logistics, retail & distribution and government industry verticals. verticals. The company was named the number 1 service provider
It offers application development management (ADM), managed, in the travel industry for two years in a row (2008 and 2009) in the
cloud computing, packaged implementation and BPO services. Datamonitor Black Book of Outsourcing. NTL’s cargo handling
solution has seen success over the last one year with wins across
South East Asia.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 13 February 2011

STOCK IDEA NIIT Technologies


2009 Particulars 2008 2013 CAGR (%)
Information Technology Banking and financial services 136 157 3.0
Outsourcing 2009 survey
Energy & utilities 33 39 3.8
1. NIIT Technologies Government 152 190 4.5
2. TCS Healthcare 26 32 4.1
3. Interglobe IGT Hi-Tech 57 65 2.7
4. Lionbridge
Hospitality 9 10 2.5
5. Oracle
6. HCL Insurance 52 59 2.7
7. Xicom Life sciences & pharmaceuticals 11 13 3.3
8. Sawis Manufacturing & process 100 107 1.5
9. Travel DT Retail 58 67 3.0
10. Ciber Telecom, media and entertainment 76 92 4.0
Travel and transportation 29 33 2.7
Source: Company
BFSI: Leading the growth from the front Others 35 43 2.7
Total 774 907 3.2
Over the years NTL has built strong domain expertise in the BFSI Source: Gartner Forecast Worldwide IT Spending, 2007-2013
space, with its offers including both services and solutions. The
BFSI vertical contributes around 41% of the total revenues of the Travel and transportation: Better tomorrow in the offing
company with more than 60 active accounts. In the last six quar- The travel, transportation and logistics vertical contributes around
ters, the BFSI vertical has shown a 3.3% compounded quarterly 32% of the total revenues of the company with more than 60 ac-
growth rate (CQGR) with the revenue reaching Rs117.2 crore in tive clients. NTL is a strategic partner of International Air Trans-
Q3FY2011. Going forward, we expect the BFSI vertical to drive port Association (IATA) in the travel & transportation offering
the growth led by both services and solutions (Room Solutions) space. In the last six quarters, the travel and transportation vertical
businesses in FY2012 and FY2013. has shown a 6.1% CQGR with the revenue reaching Rs91.5 crore
BFSI: REVENUE TREND in Q3FY2011. With the overall business visibility improving in the
500 global travel industry, we expect this vertical to also drive the
company’s growth in the coming quarters.
Rs (crore)

100 250
Rs (crore)

FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 TTM
Source: Company
As per Gartner Forecast Worldwide IT Spending, 2007-2013, re- 0
leased in October 2009, the spending in the banking and financial FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY09 FY 10 TTM
services vertical would grow at a compounded annual growth rate
Source: Company
(CAGR) of 3% over 2008-2013 to reach a size of $157 billion; the
insurance vertical would grow at 2.7% to $59 billion; the retail The travel and transportation vertical had suffered a slump in
vertical would grow at 3% to $67 billion; and the travel & trans- 2008 and 2009 with the global recession setting in. However,
portation vertical would grow at a CAGR of 2.7% to $33 billion 2010 saw the sector getting back on its feet with the future look-
in the same period. The TPI data regarding the total contract value ing much better. The recent IATA data on the global airline in-
of the deal signed also shows that there has been traction in the dustry indicates a better business visibility for CY2011 with a
retail, BFSI and travel & transportation industries. We believe that 6% year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth in the revenues.
the strong domain expertise of NTL in these industry verticals will AIR TRAVEL INDUSTRY LOOKING UP
enable it to capture the strong demand upcycle.
Particulars 2006 2007 2008 2009E 2010E 2011E
Revenues ($ bn) 465 510 564 482 565 598
Growth (%) 12.5 9.7 10.6 -14.5 17.2 5.8
Particulars 2008 2013 CAGR (%) Passenger growth (%) 5 6.4 1.5 -2.1 8.9 5.2
Americas 316 380 3.8 Cargo growth (%) 4.8 4.8 -1 -9.8 18.5 5.5
Europe 170 189 2.1
Net profit ($ bn) 3.6 12.9 -16 -9.9 15.1 9.1
United Kingdom 77 88 2.3
Source: IATA
Asia Pacific 147 166 2.5
Manufacturing and retail: Still not out of the woods
India 6 11 14.5
Middle East & Africa 14 16 3.2 The manufacturing and retail vertical contributes around 9% of the
Latin America 44 57 5.6 total revenues of the company with more than ten active clients. As
Total 774 907 3.2 per the management’s indication, the manufacturing and retail verti-
Source: Gartner Forecast Worldwide IT Spending, 2007-2013 cal is still showing some weakness and is expected to lag behind the

February 2011 14 Sharekhan ValueGuide

NIIT Technologies STOCK IDEA
other two verticals in terms of growth in the medium term. In the ment departments involving application development, complete in-
last six quarters, it has shown a negative CQGR of 1.1% in revenues frastructure set-up including data centre, roll-out and training across
to Rs25.7 crore in Q3FY2011. The recent PMI data shows a strong multiple locations, and facilitation of historical data capture.
revival in the manufacturing sector in both the USA and Europe with
the monthly PMI touching around 57; a reading above 50% indi- Non-linear revenues—the growth engine
cates that the manufacturing economy is generally expanding. NTL is one of the few mid-cap Indian IT services vendors that have
over the years built up a strong non-linear revenue platform through
RETAIL & MANUFACTURING: REVENUE TREND both organic and inorganic initiatives. Currently, NTL derives
140 around 27% of its total revenues from its non-linear initiatives like
120 managed services and intellectually property (IP)-based services
100 rather than commoditisable time and material (T&M) kind of pric-
ing model. In the last six quarters, NTL’s revenues from the non-
Rs (crore)

60 linear initiatives recorded an impressive CQGR of 5.6%, which
40 was much ahead of the blended 4.8% growth at the overall
20 company’s level. We believe NTL’s non-linear initiatives would be
0 a game changer for the company in the coming years.
FY 06 FY 07 FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 TTM
NTL has been undertaking non-linear initiatives to lower its de-
Source: Company pendence on headcount to grow revenues. The share of its non-
EUROZONE PMI MANUFACTURING INDEX linear revenues has increased from 18% in FY2007 to 26% in
60 FY2010. The company has forayed into managed services, IP/plat-
55 form-based services, cloud computing and GIS services.
FY 13E
FY 07




















Source: Bloomberg


Source: Sharekhan Research
Offerings in non-linear space
Managed services: NTL offers remote infrastructure management
services, production support and managed security services. This
business has grown at a fast clip for the company since its incep-
40 tion in 2007. The company provides these services from its data
35 centres across the UK, India and Thailand, and the revenues from
30 these managed services grew by 47% in FY2008 and by 34% in
















FY2009, and contributed about 13% of NTL’s revenues in FY2010.

Source: Bloomberg Platform based offering

Government: Domestic spending on an upswing Room Solutions: Room Solutions, a 100% subsidiary of NTL, of-
The government industry vertical contributes around 10% of the fers integrated technology solutions to the general insurance indus-
total revenues of NTL. In the government space, NTL is witnessing try in the UK and Europe. It was acquired in May 2006 for around
traction in the execution of the turnkey solutions for various govern- $25 million. Room Solutions offers solutions in the areas of policy
administration, Internet enabled front-office administration, risk
exposure management, business intelligence and financial account-
30 ing. The company also provides asset schedule services as well as
25 offers professional support and maintenance, consultancy, and train-
ing services. It was formerly known as Room Underwriting Systems.
Rs (crore)

15 The company was founded in 1990 and is based in London. In the

insurance space, through its acquisition of Room Solutions, UK NTL
has strengthened its position across the insurance vertical in the life
5 insurance, pension, annuity, non-life insurance, policy administra-
0 tion, claims management and re-insurance areas. According to in-
Q4FY 10 Q1FY 11 Q2FY 11 Q3FY 11 dustry reports, Room Solutions is one of the seven dominant players
in the European market for General Insurance Policy Administra-
Source: Company
tion Systems in terms of the largest number of installations.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 15 February 2011

STOCK IDEA NIIT Technologies


Particulars 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
1600 Government 14 14 15 15 15 15.5
1400 Financial services 20 20 21 21 21 21.5
1200 Health 4 4 5 5 5 5
Rs (crore)

1000 Comm & hi-tech 15 16 16 16 16 16.5

800 Energy 5 5 5 5 5 5
600 Media & ent 3 3 3 3 3 3
400 Retail 10 10 10 10 10 10
Manufacturing 20 19 19 19 19 18.7
Transportation & infra 4 4 4 4 4 3.8
FY 08 FY 09 FY 10 FY 11 FY 12 FY 13
Other 5 5 2 2 2 1
Source: Company Total 100 100 100 100 100 100
Other platforms Source: Gartner
Through acquisitions and partnerships, NTL has acquired IPs/plat- Building strong footprint in the domestic IT arena
forms which have furthered its drive towards non-linear initiatives:
“Monalisa” (an airline revenue accounting platform acquired Over the last couple of years, NTL has increased its focus on the
through the acquisition of Softec GMBH) and “COSYS Intelligent burgeoning Indian IT market and built its footprints in the domes-
Solutions” (CIS) to help air cargo ground handling agents improve tic IT space. Recently, NTL was awarded a prestigious “Intranet
their cargo handling capabilities. NTL has a strategic partnership Prahari” project for the BSF valued at Rs228 crore. It involves the
with Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) to globally mar- complete turnkey implementation of IT solutions across the entire
ket and implement the state-of-the-art CIS. force and is a strong testimony to NTL’s growing acceptance in the
Platform-based offerings contribute around 14% to the total rev- domestic IT space. As a matter of fact, excluding the BSF deal,
enues of NTL India’s share in the overall revenues of NTL has grown to 16%
from 8% two years back and the government’s share in the overall
Recently, the company acquired a healthcare platform “Preferr”, revenues has increased from about 3% in Q2FY2010 to 10% in
which enables providers to meet federal guidelines for electronic Q3FY2011. NTL is also an active player in the Accelerated Power
health records. It enables seamless collaboration between all pro-
Development and Reform Programme (APDRP) projects as well as
viders, namely physicians, hospitals, diagnostic facilities and labo-
ratories. Though, in the short term it would not contribute to the the other system integration projects in the government space.
revenues, there could be traction in the medium to long term. NIIT GIS
Cloud computing: Still at nascent stage NIIT GIS Ltd (ESRI India; an 88.99% subsidiary of NTL) provides
NTL has forayed into the cloud computing space through a part- end-to-end GIS-based solutions ranging from software products,
nership with Hitachi Information Systems. The services would be application development, training, data conversion and technical
offered from NTL’s data centre in Bangkok to Hitachi’s clients in support. NIIT GIS today enjoys market leadership in the field of
Japan. NTL expects to start generating revenues from this business GIS with the largest installation base across different vertical seg-
from Q3FY2011. The company has already started work in the ments in India, Nepal and Bhutan. It was formed in 1996 as a joint
cloud initiative with a couple of engagements in the testing space. venture between ESRI Inc (the USA) and NTL. The US-based ESRI
As per Gartner Inc, worldwide cloud services revenue is forecast Inc is the world leader in the GIS mapping and solutions space, and
to reach $68.3 billion in 2010, showing a 16.6 % increase from produces and markets the famous ArcGIS package.
the 2009 revenue of $58.6 billion. By 2014, the cloud computing The GIS segment is also witnessing traction with the mapping of
industry is expected to show a strong growth with the worldwide cities and towns being done by municipalities. NTL recently
cloud services revenue projected to reach $148.8 billion. Gartner
delivered a project named “OneMap” for the government of
Inc estimates that over the course of the next five years, enterprises
Singapore to map the entire country. The Indian GIS market is
will spend $112 billion cumulatively on software as a service (SaaS),
platform as a service (PaaS) and infrastructure as a service (IaaS) witnessing a major transformation, with increasing government
combined. By 2012, 20% of businesses will not own any IT assets. spends on projects like APRDP-R and National Land Records
By 2012, 80% of Fortune 1000 enterprises will be using some Modernisation Programme (NLRMP).
level of cloud computing services and 30% will use a cloud com-
puting system and/or application infrastructure services. NIIT’S GIS PERFORMANCE RS (CRORE)
Particulars 2009 2010
CLOUD SERVICES BY REGION (%) Revenues 45.5 50.0
Particulars 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 EBITDA 17.1 13.4
North America 60 58 56 54 51 50 PBT 16.6 12.9
Western Europe 22.5 23.8 25.2 26.5 28.5 29 PAT 15.1 11.7
Eastern Europe 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.5 2.8 Source: Company

Middle East & Africa 0 0.7 0.8 1 1 1.2 The GIS revenues of NTL have shown good traction as can be seen
Japan 10 10 10.5 11 12 12 from the revenues of the first nine months of FY2011—the same
Asia-Pacific 3 3 3 3 3 3 are much higher than that recorded in the same period of FY2010.
LATAM 2 2 2 2 2 2
Total 100 100 100 100 100 100 Excluding the BSF deal, the government’s share in the overall rev-
enues of NTL has increased from about 3% in Q2FY2010 to 10%

February 2011 16 Sharekhan ValueGuide

NIIT Technologies STOCK IDEA


30 1800
25 1600
20 1200

Rs (crore)
Rs (crore)

15 1000
5 400






FY 09 FY 10 FY 11E FY 12E FY 13E
Source: Company
2 5 .0
18 2 0 .0 1 9 .2 1 9 .4 1 9 .5
1 8 .6
1 7 .0
16 1 5 .0
1 3 .6 1 4 .5
1 2 .6 1 3 .2
14 1 1 .7
1 0 .0
in %

10 5 .0

8 0 .0
6 FY 0 9 FY 1 0 FY 1 1 E FY 1 2 E FY 1 3 E

4 O PM ( % ) NPM ( % )











Source: Company
Healthy balance sheet
Source: Company NTL has a healthy balance sheet and cash reserves. The company
in Q3FY2011. India’s contribution to NTL’s revenues has also in- has been consistently generating strong cash flows except for in
creased from 8% in Q1FY2009 to 16% in Q3FY2011 (excluding Q3FY2011, which was marred by the high booking of bought-out
the BSF order). revenues in the last two quarters which took the DSO days to around
100 days in Q2FY2011 from the average 72 days in the earlier
According to Gartner Inc, the domestic IT services market is ex- quarters. Going forward, we expect NTL to generate healthy cash
pected to grow at a CAGR of 17.1% from $6.2 billion in 2009 to flows in FY2012 and FY2013 as the major capital expenditure in
$13.7 billion in 2014 driven by large government spending in areas the special economic zone (SEZ) expansion will be over in FY2011.
such as e-governance and defence projects. Also, Gartner Inc ex-
pects IT-managed services to grow in areas like data centre,
virtualisation, business continuity/disaster recovery, security and Cash balance down due to the payment of dividend, higher DSOs days
and payment for acquisition of Preferr
networks as many domestic organisations would be focusing on IT
infrastructure efficiency. 200

135.4 139.8
Rs (crore)


113.3 110 112.6
We expect NTL’s consolidated revenues to grow at a CAGR of 100

15% over FY2010-13 to Rs1,598.2 crore by FY2013. The non- 50

linear revenues are expected to grow at a rate higher than the
company’s average growth over FY2010-13.










Particulars FY10 FY11 FY12 FY13 CAGR % Source: Company
NTL has an impressive dividend pay-out policy having distributed
Linear revenues 673.7 806.2 969.7 1145.9 14.2
close to 30% of its profits as dividends in the last three years.
% YoY chg -9.3 19.7 20.3 18.2
Non-linear Revenues 240.1 296.4 375.9 452.2 17.1 DIVIDEND YIELD (%): IMPRESSIVE DIVIDEND POLICY
% YoY chg 1.3 23.4 26.8 20.3
3 .8
Room Solutions 103.7 115.7 141.9 162.0 11.8
3 .6
% YoY chg -10.4 11.6 22.6 14.1
Non-linear revenues 136.4 180.7 234.0 290.3 20.8 3 .4
excluding Room Soln 3 .2
% YoY chg 12.5 32.4 29.5 24.0
3 .0
Total revenues 913.8 1102.6 1345.6 1598.2 15.0
% YoY chg -6.8 20.7 22.0 18.8 2 .8

*Excluding BSF boughtout of Rs123.4 crore in FY2011E 2 .6

FY 0 7 FY 0 8 FY 0 9 FY 1 0
Source: Company

Sharekhan ValueGuide 17 February 2011

STOCK IDEA NIIT Technologies


Particulars Q3FY11 Q3FY10 Q2FY11 % YoY % QoQ
Currency volatility Net sales 300.6 230.1 324.6 30.6 -7.4
The rupee has been volatile and appreciated in the near term. In the EBITDA 62.3 50.7 59.3 22.9 5.1
event of continuous appreciation of the rupee vis-à-vis the US Dollar EBIT 55.2 41.8 52.1 32.1 6.0
there could be a revision in our earnings estimates for the company. Other income 2.7 -1.5 1.7 -280.0 58.8
Tax provision 9.0 4.8 9.7 87.5 -7.2
Supply-side constraints PAT 48.9 35.5 44.1 37.7 10.9
Over the last few quarters, the IT sector has faced supply-side con- Minority interest 1.1 0.2 0.6 450.0 83.3
straints which have led to higher attrition. NTL has already pro- Net profit 47.8 35.3 43.5 35.4 9.9
vided two salary hikes in FY2011; as its attrition rate is still run- Margin (%)
ning high at around 18%, we expect NTL to face high wage infla- EBITDA 20.7 22.0 18.3
tion in FY2012. NPM 15.9 15.3 13.4
Tax rate 15.5 11.9 18.0
Slower than expected recovery in Europe
Europe has had a bumpy ride and its recovery has been slow. Any VALUATION: NICHE PLAYER, ATTRACTIVE VALUATION
delay in resolving the European crisis might have an impact on the With its strong domain expertise in a few niche verticals and com-
performance of the company as Europe, the Middle East and Africa petitive advantage in terms of significant contribution from its non-
together contribute about 35% of the revenues of the company. linear initiatives, NTL is well placed to benefit from the overall
improvement in the demand environment. Consequently, we ex-
Tax holiday set to expire by March 2011 pect the company to show a steady growth of 19% CAGR in its net
The full tax holiday enjoyed by NTL under the Software Technol- profit over FY2010-13. Moreover, the company has healthy cash
ogy Parks of India scheme is set to expire on March 2011; on ac- on the books with minimal debt which leaves scope for further
count of this the effective tax incidence of the company will in- acceleration in growth through inorganic initiatives and act as an-
crease to around 27% in FY2012 from the current level of 10%. other re-rating trigger for the stock. We initiate coverage on NTL
This would be despite the commissioning of its Noida SEZ facility with a Buy recommendation and 12-month price target of Rs285
in Q1FY2012 as getting new incremental business from the SEZ (8x FY2013 earnings of Rs35.6 per share).
facility will take some time.
NTL reported an impressive financial performance for Q3FY2011 600.0
with its earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisa-
tion (EBITDA) margin improving by 240 basis points QoQ to 20.4% 15x
on the back of lower bought-out sale and higher offshoring. The 11x
BSF bought-out sale was down at Rs14.8 crore from Rs53.7 crore 8x
in the previous quarter. Also, the offshore contribution to the rev- 5x
enues improved to 43% from 41% in the previous quarter. 100.0
The operating revenues of NTL were down 7.4% QoQ at Rs300.6

















crore and excluding the BSF bought-outs the same were up 5.5%
at Rs285.7 crore. The net profit for the quarter grew at 9.9% QoQ
to Rs47.8 crore.

For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of the companies mentioned in the article.

February 2011 18 Sharekhan ValueGuide

Ashok Leyland 20 JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals 28
Bajaj Holdings & Investment 20 Kewal Kiran Clothing 28
Bank of Baroda 21 Larsen & Toubro 29
Bharat Heavy Electricals 21 Marico 29
Cadila Healthcare 22 Orient Paper and Industries 30
Corporation Bank 22 Polaris Software Lab 30
Eros International Media 23 Punjab National Bank 31
Greaves Cotton 23 Reliance Industries 31
HCL Technologies 24 State Bank of India 32
Hindustan Unilever 24 Tata Consultancy Services 32
Housing Development Finance Corporation 25 Thermax 33
ICICI Bank 25 Torrent Pharmaceuticals 33
Infosys Technologies 26 UltraTech Cement 34
Ipca Laboratories 26 United Phosphorus 34
IRB Infrastructure Developers 27 V-Guard Industries 35
ITC 27 Yes Bank 35

Sharekhan ValueGuide 19 February 2011


Price target: Rs84
Price target revised to Rs84
Market cap: Rs8,122 cr
52 week high/low: Rs82/46
NSE volume (No of shares): 43 Lakh Q3FY2011 performance a temporary blip; outlook bullish: During Q3FY2011, Ashok Leyland
BSE code: 500477
reported its worst performance in the last six quarters. Apart from the lower than expected
volume growth, the company reported a sharp jump in staff costs and other expenses. Higher
depreciation and other expenses dented PAT margins to the second lowest level in the last
Sharekhan code: ASHOKLEY five years. The Q3FY2011 PAT came 44% lower than our estimate at Rs43.4 crore.
Free float (No of shares): 81.7 cr
Contribution per vehicle the biggest positive surprise: We track contribution per vehicle of
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN automobile original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) as the key ratio of the sustenance
Public & of profitability in the long term. Inspite of the adverse product mix (higher proportion of
buses), the contribution per vehicle increased by 11% QoQ and 0.7% year on year (YoY)
in Q3FY2011.
FIIs 39% Bullish outlook ahead: The volume and margin guidance signal the most profitable quar-
29% ter in Q4FY2011 in the history of the company. The management has maintained its
volume guidance at 95,000 units for FY2011 thereby indicating an average monthly run-
Institutions rate of 10,000 units per month in Q4FY2011. The FY2011 operating margin has been
guided between 10.5%-11.0% which indicates the margin at 12.6% for Q4FY2011, the
PRICE PERFORMANCE second highest in five years. The biggest trump card is the ramp up at the tax free Pantnagar
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m plant to 3,000 units per month from January 2011, which would support margins in
Q4FY2011 and FY2012. We are positive on the stock after the management’s commen-
Absolute -10.2 -22.5 -18.0 12.9
tary on the business, although we are revising our EPS estimates downward for FY2011
Relative to Sensex -5.2 -17.5 -22.8 -0.2 and FY2012 by 9.6% and 8% respectively. We maintain our Buy recommendation on the
stock with a revised target price of Rs84 per share.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,


Price target: Rs1,042
Price target revised to Rs1,042
Market cap: Rs8,328 cr
52 week high/low: Rs952/545
NSE volume (No of shares): 4.9 lakh  For Q3FY2011 the consolidated revenues of the company stood at Rs246.9 crore as
BSE code: 500490 compared to Rs132.8 crore in Q3FY2010. The increase in the top line for the quarter
NSE code: BAJAJHLDNG was mainly on account of a higher profit on the sale of investment at Rs225.4 crore as
Sharekhan code: BAJAJHLDNG
against Rs112.5 crore in the same quarter of the last year.
Free float (No of shares): 6.9 cr  The consolidated net profit almost doubled to Rs501 crore due to a 73% increase in its
share of profits on investments in associate companies to Rs255 crore.
Public &  The market value of investments as on December 31, 2010 stood at Rs22,302 crore as
Others against Rs22,100 crore in September 2010.
24% Promoters
36%  For Q3FY2011, Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finserv reported a strong set of numbers. How-
ever, for Bajaj Auto, we have reduced our price target due to the macro headwinds
likely to hit going forward. We value BHIL based on our price target for Bajaj Auto
Non-promoter Institutions and on the base case scenario for Bajaj Finserv and the other group companies on cost,
corporate and give it a holding company discount of 50% for the same. Furthermore, the com-
pany has cash and liquid investments worth Rs5,679 crore on its balance sheet. How-
PRICE PERFORMANCE ever, we value these investments at a 40% discount on account of their volatile nature.
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m Consequently, we arrive at a fair value of Rs1,042 for the stock (based on the company’s
Absolute -10.8 -15.3 7.9 24.2 fully diluted equity), which is significantly above its current market price of Rs749.
Relative to Sensex -6.9 -11.9 0.8 12.3 We, therefore, maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock with a revised price
target of Rs1,042.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 20 Sharekhan ValueGuide


Price target: Rs998
Price target revised to Rs998
Market cap: Rs30,418 cr
52 week high/low: Rs1,050/544
NSE volume (No of shares): 3.8 lakh  Bank of Baroda (BoB)’s Q3FY2011 results were ahead of estimates as the net profit
BSE code: 532134
grew by 28.5% YoY to Rs1,069 crore. A strong growth in the NII compensated for the
increase in provisions during the quarter, leading to a healthy growth in profits.
Sharekhan code: BANKBARODA
 Led by an expansion in margins and a strong growth in advances, the NII grew by 43%
YoY and 12.5% quarter on quarter (QoQ). Advances increased by 32.7% YoY and
Free float (No of shares): 16.8 cr
7.4% QoQ contributed by a strong growth in the domestic and overseas advances. The
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN credit to deposit ratio climbed to 73.6% compared to 71.5% in Q2FY2011.
Public &  Overall margins went up by 18 basis points to 3.2% on account of an increase in the
Others Foreign
6% 19%
domestic margins which increased by 20 basis points QoQ to 3.82%. Re-pricing of
advances, higher credit deposit (CD) ratio and a tight control on the cost of funds
contributed to the increase in domestic margins.
Promoters 17%  The overall non-interest income showed a flattish growth as it grew by 2.6% YoY,
53% Non-promoter mainly due to a decline in the treasury income. However ex-treasury, the non-interest
corporate income grew by 14% YoY.
 BoB continues to maintain a superior asset quality compared to its peers due to control
on slippages and improved recoveries. Incremental slippages were at ~1% for M9FY2011
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m (Rs1,230 crore) which is much lower compared to peer banks like Bank of India,
Absolute -4.8 -14.9 16.5 65.1 Punjab National Bank, Union Bank of India etc. The provision coverage improved to
Relative to Sensex 2.1 -9.0 12.2 41.9 85% (including written off accounts).
 We maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock with a price target of Rs 998.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,


Price target: Rs2,781 Price target revised to Rs2,781
Market cap: Rs111,263 cr
52 week high/low: Rs2695/2060 RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
NSE volume (No of shares): 5.4 lakh  Bharat Heavy Engineering Ltd (BHEL) has reported a net profit of Rs1,403.6 crore, a
BSE code: 500103 year-on-year (Y-o-Y) increase of 30.9%. Revenues for the same period grew by 24.6%
NSE code: BHEL  Overall, the operating profit margin improved by 310 basis points on a yearly basis. Boosted
Sharekhan code: BHEL by a low interest charge and a lower tax rate, the net profit jumped by 30.9% YoY.
Free float (No of shares): 13.7 cr  The company has standardised its method of warranty provision calculation at 2.5%
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN of revenue to remove the mismatch in revenue recognition. This has resulted in a one
time increase of Rs444 crore in revenue, Rs88 crore in profit before tax (PBT) and
Others Rs60 crore in profit after tax (PAT).
12%  The company’s order inflow during the quarter stood at Rs12,200 crore (down 22%
YoY). The closing order backlog was up 17.9% YoY to Rs158,000 crore as at the end
Foreign of Q3FY2011.
 We have marginally upgraded our estimates for FY2011-12 by 2-7%, after accounting
for M9FY2011 results and a better margin outlook. We are now estimating a com-
pounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9% in its top line and 21.8% in its earn-
PRICE PERFORMANCE ings over FY2010-13.
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m  We are downgrading our target multiple from 22x to 20x. We are rolling over our
Absolute -5.0 -13.1 -7.8 -2.8
target multiple on an average of FY2012 and FY2013 estimates. We remain positive
on the stock and revise our target price to Rs2,781. At the current market price, the
Relative to Sensex 0.3 -7.5 -13.2 -14.0
stock trades at 16.3x and 14.3x its FY2012E and FY2013E earnings respectively, which
looks attractive. Hence, we maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 21 February 2011


Price target: Rs861
Strong results; in line with estimates
Market cap: Rs15,683 cr RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
52 week high/low: Rs809/413
 Cadila’s Q3FY2011 numbers have come in line with our expectations. The bottom line
NSE volume (No of shares): 87,096 registered an 18.9% Y-o-Y growth. The top-line increased by 17.7% YoY due to: a) a
BSE code: 532321 33.1% Y-o-Y increase in the US generics business arising from 4 new product launches;
NSE code: CADILAHC b) a 21% Y-o-Y increase in the consumer business; c) a 16.6% Y-o-Y growth in the
Sharekhan code: CADILAHC domestic formulations business. However, adjusted OPM contracted by 20bps on a Y-
Free float (No of shares): 5.2 cr o-Y basis to 22.3%, largely restricted by a 52% increase in the R&D costs and higher
other expenses.
 Key highlights: a) Hospira JV would launch Gemcitabine in the US shortly; Taxotere
Public &
Others supplies have been started, launch would follow soon b) Brazil is the priority market
5% for Cadila and it expects to scale up with new launches; c) Nycomed JV would see price
Institutions erosion due to genericisation of products. API supplies would start from FY2012; d)
Licensing deal with Abbott would spruce up growth in FY2012; e) Cadila plans to file
transdermal products in FY2012; and f) Capex is expected to remain steady at Rs375
crore for the next two years as Cadila plans to invest ~Rs250-300 crore in vaccines
75% over the next 2-3 years.
 With a ramp-up in JV agreements and potential upside to the growth prospects of
domestic and international formulation businesses, we remain sanguine with the
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m management’s revenue target of $3bn in FY2015. We maintain our current estimates
Absolute 2.3 12.9 22.0 72.3 and forecast an EPS of Rs50.6 in FY2013.
Relative to Sensex 7.6 20.1 15.4 57.9  At CMP of Rs766, the stock trades at 22.8x FY2011E and 18.7x FY2012E earnings.
We maintain Buy with a price target of Rs861.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs735
Price target revised to Rs735
Market cap: Rs8,267 cr
52 week high/low: Rs815/405
 Corporation Bank’s results were higher than our estimates as the net interest income
NSE volume (No of shares): 1.0 lakh
(NII) grew by 40% year on year (YoY) to Rs842 crore while the profit grew by 25.5%
BSE code: 532179
YoY. The net profit growth was driven by a strong growth in the NII and lower oper-
ating expenses.
Sharekhan code: CORPBANK
 The advances during the quarter grew by 27% to Rs71,934 crore. The current account
Free float (No of shares): 61.4 cr
and savings account (CASA) deposits grew by 100 bps to 24.3%.
 The NIM increased by seven basis points QoQ to 2.71%, contributed by an increase in
Public & others
5% the yield on loans (up 30 bps QoQ) and the yield on investments (up 29 bps QoQ). The
cost of deposits increased by 12 basis points sequentially to 5.72%.
 The cost-income ratio of the bank fell from 39% in Q2FY2011 to 33% in Q3FY2011.
The bank made a pension liability provision of Rs55 crore during the quarter and will
57% make a provision of similar amount during Q4FY2011. The bank will be required to
make a provision of Rs28 crore per quarter FY2012 onwards for pension liability.
 The bank’s gross NPAs increased by 21 bps QoQ to 1.26% and its net NPAs increased
by 19 bps QoQ to 0.58%. Slippage during the quarter were of Rs632 crore. Of the
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m total slippages, Rs204 crore belonged to three accounts which are expected to turn
Absolute -10.7 -21.3 0.5 32.7 performing in Q4FY2011. The bank’s provision coverage ratio (PCR) stood at 72.81%
Relative to Sensex -5.8 -16.2 -5.4 17.4 during the quarter.
 We maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock with a revised price target of Rs 735.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 22 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Price target: Rs247
Stellar performance
Market cap: Rs1,444 cr RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
52 week high/low: Rs218/128
 Stellar operational performance: Eros International Media Ltd (EIML) reported a strong
NSE volume (No of shares): 12.4 lakh performance for Q3FY2011, with the consolidated revenues growing by 86.8% year
BSE code: 533261 on year (YoY) to Rs279.8 crore driven by the strong box office collection from Golmaal
NSE code: EROSMEDIA 3 and continued traction in the satellite right syndication business. The earnings before
Sharekhan code: EROSMEDIA interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation margin expanded by 720 basis points YoY
Free float (No of shares): 2 cr to 22.2% on account of a higher revenue contribution from the satellite right syndica-
tion business and catalogue sell. In Q3FY2011 the net profit grew by 167.3% YoY to
Rs42.8 crore.

Public &
8%  EIML co-producing Rajnikanth’s next film RANA: EIML has entered into a co-pro-
Others Institutions duction agreement with Ocher Studios Pvt Ltd, the production house of Rajnikanth’s
15% 5%
daughter Soundarya, to produce RANA, a live action film where Rajnikanth plays a
corporate triple role. The film is likely to release by Q4FY2012. The budget of the film will be
around Rs60-70 crore excluding VFX budget.
Promoters  Valuation: We remain positive on EIML in view of the increasing traction in its TV
syndication and new media revenues, and the strong market positioning in the movie
PRICE PERFORMANCE box-office revenues. Going forward, we expect the strong momentum to continue with
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m an impressive slate of movie releases in FY2012. On the other hand, the incremental
Absolute 2.1 -16.2 - - revenue contribution from the high-margin business segment would further strengthen
Relative to Sensex 11.1 -9.2 - - the company’s profitability. At the current market price of Rs158, the stock is trading
at 10x and 8x FY2012 and FY2013 earnings estimates. We maintain our Buy recom-
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
mendation on EIML with a price target of Rs247. 
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs106
Full throttle to continue
Market cap: Rs2,288 cr
52 week high/low: Rs112/51
Results above expectation; growth trajectory to continue: Greaves Cotton’s Q2FY2011
NSE volume (No of shares): 83,676
results were above our expectation primarily on account of a stable margin on a year-on-
BSE code: 501455 year (Y-o-Y) basis. The company’s revenues for the quarter grew by 22.3% year on year
NSE code: GREAVESCOT (YoY) to Rs419 crore driven by the strong sales of the engine division.
Sharekhan code: GREAVESCOT We expect the company to report an overall revenue growth of 26% and 13.2% for FY2011
Free float (No of shares): 2.4 cr and FY2012 respectively.
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN Engine division: Highest ever revenues: The engine division reported a revenue growth of
Public & 19% YoY to Rs350 crore driven by strong sales in the three-wheeler segment. The PBIT
Others margin of the division expanded by a hefty 160 basis points sequentially whereas the same
Foreign 11% saw a marginal 50-basis-point blip YoY on account of a higher raw material cost during
Non-promoter the quarter.
Promoters Infrastructure equipment division: Positive PBIT after 8 quarters of losses: The infrastruc-
ture division reported a PBIT of Rs25 lakh after eight consecutive quarters of losses. The
division reported revenue of Rs48.3 crore, which indicates a 36% Y-o-Y growth.
Outlook and valuation: We maintain our positive view on the stock. We have upgraded
PRICE PERFORMANCE our FY2011 earnings for the company by 10% to Rs6.7 a share as we expect the infra-
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m structure equipment division to report a strong comeback and the engine division to con-
Absolute -6.5 -1.4 39.6 70.1 tinue to see a strong volume growth in the coming quarters. Consequently, we have also
revised upwards our FY2012 earnings estimate marginally by 4% to Rs7.5 a share after
Relative to Sensex -1.3 5.0 31.4 50.4
factoring in a moderate growth on the high base of FY2011. We maintain our Buy recom-
mendation on the stock with a price target of Rs106 (14x FY2012E earnings).
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 23 February 2011


Price target: Rs622 Price target upgraded to Rs622
Market cap: Rs34,751 cr
52 week high/low: Rs518/318 RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
NSE volume (No of shares): 8.7 lakh  Performance in line with expectations: HCL Technologies (HCL Tech) reported a rev-
BSE code: 532281 enue growth of 7.5% in USD terms to $864 million in Q3FY2011, broadly in line with
NSE code: HCLTECH our expectation. The revenue growth was led by a 6.5% volume growth and a 1%
Sharekhan code: HCLTECH cross-currency benefit. In INR terms, revenues were higher by 4.9% quarter on quarter
(QoQ) at Rs3,888.4 crore. Infrastructure management services continued to lead the
Free float (No of shares): 24.1 cr
revenue growth with a 9.4% QoQ growth while IT services grew by 7.3% QoQ led by
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN a 6.8% volume growth. Net profit for the quarter under review was up 20.7% QoQ to
Public &
Rs399.7 crore, which is in line with our estimates.
Foreign  EBITDA margins remain stable, below expectations: The earnings before interest depre-
23% ciation and tax (EBITDA) margins remained stable at 16.3% against our expectation of
17%. Management expects margins to improve by around 200 basis points by Q4FY2011
Institutions led by higher utilisation and optimisation in the selling general and administration costs.
Non-promoter  Valuation and view: We have tweaked our earnings estimates for FY2011 and FY2012
corporate and have introduced FY2013 estimates. HCL Tech has continued its strong perfor-
mance on the revenue front. However, margin performance still has to catch up. The
PRICE PERFORMANCE management has indicated at a strong demand environment with a robust deal pipeline
across verticals. We expect HCL Tech to show a superior CAGR in earnings of 34%
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m
over FY2010-2013E with broad based revenue growth and margin improvement. With
Absolute 8.9 10.1 31.7 31.3 improved business visibility and consistency in financial performance, we now value
Relative to Sensex 13.2 16.1 23.3 19.6 HCL Tech at a 25% discount to Infosys Technologies (from 30% discount earlier)
which comes out to 15x FY2013E earnings. We have upgraded our target price to
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
Rs622 from Rs519 earlier. We maintain our Buy rating on the stock.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs246
Price target revised to Rs246
Market cap: Rs59,571 cr
52 week high/low: Rs320/218
NSE volume (No of shares): 20.9 lakh  The company’s net sales grew by 11.6% YoY to Rs5,027.0 crore in the third quarter.
BSE code: 500696
The top line growth was entirely driven by a strong volume growth of 13% in the
consumer business.
 In line with our expectation, the raw material cost as a percentage of sales went up by
Sharekhan code: HINDUNILVR
202 basis points YoY to 51.1% during the quarter. The raw material cost surged due
Free float (No of shares): 104.7 cr
to a sharp increase in the prices of the key inputs. This along with a 100-basis-point Y-
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN o-Y increase to 14.8% in the advertisement cost as a percentage of sales resulted in a
Others 353-basis-point Y-o-Y decline in the OPM to 12.4%. Thus, the operating profit of
17% HUL declined by 13.1% YoY to Rs624.3 crore.
 However, a higher other income resulted in just a 2.8% Y-o-Y decline in the adjusted
FIIs Promoters
18% 52%
PAT to Rs586.0 crore.
Revised estimates: We have revised downwards our earnings estimate for FY2011 and FY2012
by 3% and 9.5% respectively to factor in the lower than expected growth in the core soap
13% and detergent segment. Also, considering the sustenance of the higher advertisement spend
we have increased our advertisement expenditure assumption for FY2011 and FY2012.
Outlook and valuation: We expect HUL’s top line and bottom line to grow moderately at
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m a CAGR of 12.0% and 8% respectively over FY2010-13. Hence, considering the poor
Absolute -4.4 -7.0 8.7 9.3 earnings visibility amongst the FMCG space we maintain our Reduce rating on the stock
Relative to Sensex 1.1 -0.6 3.4 -4.7 with a revised price target of Rs246 based on 20x its FY2013E EPS of Rs12.3. At the
current market price the stock trades at 25.3x its FY2012E EPS of Rs10.7 and 22.0x its
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of FY2013E EPS of Rs12.3.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 24 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Price target: Rs708
Higher treasury income drives PAT growth
Market cap: Rs93,747 cr
52 week high/low: Rs780/460
NSE volume (No of shares): 24.2 lakh  Housing Development Finance Corporation (HDFC)’s Q3FY2011 results were broadly
BSE code: 500010
in line with our estimates as the net interest income (NII) grew by 20.5% year on year
(YoY) to Rs1,079 crore. However, profit after tax (PAT) came in higher than our esti-
NSE code: HDFC
mates at Rs890.9 crore due to additional treasury income from the IL&FS stake sale.
Sharekhan code: HDFC The loan growth continued to remain healthy at 20.6% YoY (and 2.6% sequentially).
Free float (No of shares): 146.4 cr
 The NII grew by 20.5% YoY and remained flat on a quarter on quarter (Q-o-Q) basis
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN at Rs1,078 crore. This was mainly driven by a strong growth in disbursements (25%
Public & others MF & FI
YoY) and stable margins.
12% 13%
 Strong growth in profits (32.7% YoY) was partly driven by a sharp increase in the
treasury profits and relatively lower tax rates (26.5% vs 28%). The company booked
treasury gains of Rs167.2 crore compared to Rs51.4 crore in Q3FY2010.
 Grew by 26% YoY and 7% QoQ to Rs1,228 crore. However, operating profits ex-
cluding treasury gains grew by 15% YoY and declined by 2.7% QoQ which suggests
75% weakness in operating income. The operating expenses during the quarter increased by
18.5% YoY while they declined by 4% QoQ.
 During the quarter the spreads were at 2.33% compared to 2.34% in Q2FY2011
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m while net interest margin (NIM) remained stable at ~4.3%. Although the management
Absolute -3.8 -9.8 8.9 32.8 expects to maintain the spreads at the current levels by passing on the increase in the
Relative to Sensex -1.3 -3.0 1.6 19.5 cost of funds, the rising rates may levy pressure on the spreads.
 We maintain our Hold rating on the stock with a price target of 708.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs1,190
Price target revised to Rs1,190
Market cap: Rs119,220 cr
52 week high/low: Rs1,277/773 RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
NSE volume (No of shares): 38.9 lakh  ICICI Bank’s Q3FY2011 results came in above our estimates as net profits clocked a
BSE code: 532174 growth of 31% year on year (YoY) to Rs1,437 crore led by a strong growth in the net
NSE code: ICICIBANK interest income (NII) and a reduction in provisions. The margins remained stable at
Sharekhan code: ICICIBANK
2.63% while the current account-savings account (CASA) ratio increased to 44.1%.
Free float (No of shares): 115.1 cr  Since Q2FY2011, the bank’s advances have continued to pick up as they grew 15.3%
YoY and 6.4% QoQ in Q3FY2011. This along with stable margins led to a 12.3%
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN YoY increase in the NII. The deposits grew at a modest rate of 10.1% YoY.
MF & FI  NII growth was largely in line with our estimates. A sharp reduction in provisions
Public & 23% (Rs464 crore vs Rs641 crore in Q2FY2011) led by an improvement in the NPAs con-
tributed to the growth in profits. The consolidated PAT increased 78% YoY to Rs2,039.4
crore mainly due to the inclusion of Rs384.1 crore from the transfer of surplus from
non-participating policyholders' funds for M9FY2011.
Foreign  The core fee income registered a growth of 14.3% YoY, mainly contributed by the
40% large corporate segment and the international business. Overall the non interest in-
come increased by 12.3% YoY and 5% QoQ.
 The trend on the asset quality front remained positive as gross and net NPAs declined
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m
to 4.75% and 1.39% respectively from 5.03% and 1.6% in Q2FY2011. This The
Absolute -3.1 -4.2 18.7 30.8 provision coverage increased to 71.8% from 69% in Q2FY2011.
Relative to Sensex 1.6 0.7 11.9 13.5
 We maintain our Hold recommendation on the stock with a revised price target of
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 25 February 2011


Price target: Rs3,817
Upgraded to Buy
Market cap: Rs184,380 cr
52 week high/low: Rs3494/2333
 Volume disappoints, margins stable: Infosys Technologies (Infosys)’ performance for
NSE volume (No of shares): 9 lakh
Q3FY2011 was below our expectations with a net profit growth of 2.5% sequentially
BSE code: 500209 to Rs1,780 crore (our expectation was of Rs1,848.1 crore). The quarter’s volume growth
NSE code: INFOSYSTCH has disappointed as the volume grew by merely 3.1% quarter on quarter (QoQ). How-
Sharekhan code: INFOSYSTCH ever, there was a blended pricing uptick of 0.5% on the constant-currency and cross-
Free float (No of shares): 48.2 cr currency benefits of 1.2% which took the revenues in dollar terms higher by 5.9%
QoQ to $1,585 million. In rupee terms, the revenues were up by 2.3% QoQ to Rs7,106
crore. The company has marginally increased its full year revenue guidance in dollar
Public &
terms to 25-26%, which is lower than our expectation. It has increased its full year
15% earnings guidance in rupee terms to Rs118.7–118.9.
 Favourable demand outlook: The Infosys management has indicated at a positive de-
Foreign mand environment and termed FY2012 as a “Normal Year” for sector demand, with
Non-promoter 56% the overall client IT budget for CY2011 expected to be higher as compared to the
6% CY2010 budget. The fact that more clients are inclined towards offshoring augurs well
8% for demand visibility and margin performance.
PRICE PERFORMANCE  Valuation and view—upgrade price target: We remain positive on Infosys’ strong or-
ganic led growth model and its strong margin mechanism and superior corporate gov-
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m
ernance. We have revised upward our estimates for FY2012 and introduced our FY2013
Absolute 7.4 11.3 18.2 33.0 estimates in this note; consequently, we have revised upward our 12-month price tar-
Relative to Sensex 7.2 14.8 8.0 17.0 get for Infosys to Rs3,817 from Rs3,461 earlier. At our price target the stock would be
valued at 20x FY2013 earnings estimates. We upgrade our rating on Infosys from
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of Hold to Buy.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs381
Improvement in operating margins—key monitorable
Market cap: Rs3,920 cr
52 week high/low: Rs350/Rs214
 For Q3FY2011 Ipca reported an adjusted PAT of Rs52.7 crore. The adjusted PAT de-
NSE volume (No of shares): 1.1 lakh
clined by 12% YoY largely due to lower than expected revenues from domestic formula-
BSE code: 524494 tions. The total income grew by 17.9% to Rs466.4 crore, essentially due to a 32.9% Y-
NSE code: IPCALAB o-Y growth in export formulations. The OPM contracted by 330bps to 19.5% on ac-
Sharekhan code: IPCALAB count of higher marketing costs of expanded field force and freight costs (up 260bps).
Free float (No of shares): 6.8 cr  The management has indicated that the margins would be under pressure for the next
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN couple of quarters. It intends to stabilise its field force expansion in the next two quar-
ters, thereby releasing some pressure from the operating margins. Ipca is still awaiting
Public &
Promoters the USFDA approval for the Indore SEZ, while the UK MHRA has already approved
20% the facility. The WHO would also inspect the facility. These two factors would be the
FII key monitorables in the near to medium term as they could act as catalyst for re-rating.
Corporate 16%
 We expect the margins to rebound from H2FY2012E once the field force starts con-
tributing to the top line. We maintain our estimates for FY2011 and FY2012. We also
introduce our FY2013 numbers in this note and forecast an EPS of Rs30.5 for FY2013.
38%  At the CMP of Rs313, Ipca is attractively valued at 15.6x FY2011E and 13.1x FY2012E.
PRICE PERFORMANCE Based on the earnings visibility from the expanded field force in the domestic market
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m and increasing contribution from Russia and the US in the export formulations seg-
ment, we maintain Buy with a price target of Rs381.
Absolute -2.8 7.8 9.5 35.0
Relative to Sensex 1.9 13.4 3.1 17.2

The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of

the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 26 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Price target: Rs285
Price target revised to Rs285
Market cap: Rs6,709 cr
52 week high/low: Rs313/186
NSE volume (No of shares): 12.6 lakh  Earnings well ahead of estimates: IRB Infrastructure Developers (IRB)’s consolidated
BSE code: 532947
net profit for the quarter grew by a strong 45.5% YoY to Rs133 crore led by robust
performance of the EPC division and a much lower tax outgo. Its sales for the quarter
NSE code: IRB
grew by 54.4% YoY to Rs669 crore driven by the stellar growth of 100.6% in the EPC
Sharekhan code: IRB division. The revenue from the BOT space grew by just 3.7% YoY. Though the overall
Free float (No of shares): 8.3 cr EBITDA margin declined sharply by 855 basis points YoY to 43.9% due to increase in
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN the proportion of the EPC revenue, in the EPC division, margins expanded by 451
basis points YoY to 23%.
Institutions bodies  Upgrading FY2011 earnings estimates: Higher than expected margins in the EPC divi-
3% 4%
sion and lower than expected effective tax rate has led us to upgrade the company’s net
13% profit estimates for FY2011 by 8.2%. However, we maintain our estimates for FY2012
Public & and further introduce our earnings estimates for FY2013 wherein we expect an earn-
ings growth of 10%.
Promoters  Price target downgraded to Rs285, maintain Buy: IRB has not been able to bag any
new orders in the last 9 months, primarily due to a slowdown in NHAI’s awarding
PRICE PERFORMANCE activity. However, the project awarding activity is again expected to pick up from
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m March 2011 onwards and IRB being one of the largest BOT player in India will benefit
from the same. We revise our target price to Rs285 as compared to Rs311 earlier.
Absolute -1.3 -18.6 -16.0 -10.7
However, we maintain our Buy recommendation as the stock looks very attractive at
Relative to Sensex 5.8 -13.0 -19.1 -23.3 the current levels given the steep price correction in the recent past and on an improved
outlook of NHAI’s awarding activity going ahead.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs207
Price target revised to Rs207
Market cap: Rs130,191 cr RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
52 week high/low: Rs185/115
 Q3FY2011 results above expectations; strong performance by cigarette business: ITC’s
NSE volume (No of shares): 63.8 lakh Q3FY2011 results have come above our and Street’s expectations on the back of better
BSE code: 500875 than expected performance by the cigarette business. The total revenues grew by 20.4%
NSE code: ITC YoY to Rs5,513.7 crore. The operating margins stood flat at ~ 37%. Hence the oper-
Sharekhan code: ITC ating profit grew by 18.8% YoY during the quarter to Rs2,029.3 crore. This along
Free float (No of shares): 770.6 cr with higher than expected other income resulted in a 21.4% YoY growth in the ad-
justed net profit to Rs1,389.1 crore.
 Upward revision in estimates: We have slightly revised upwards our estimates for
Others FY2011 and FY2012 to factor in higher than expected growth in the cigarette busi-
17% Domestic
ness. Also we have introduced FY2013 numbers in this note.
36% Outlook and valuation: As indicated by the company, cigarette sales volume has shown a
strong improvement in Q3FY2011 and we expect it to improve further in the coming quar-
ters. This along with a strong growth in the non-cigarette FMCG business and agri business,
FIIs we expect ITC’s top line to grow at a CAGR of 16.4% over the period of FY2010-13.
On the other hand, with reducing losses in the non-cigarette FMCG business, expected
PRICE PERFORMANCE improvement in the profitability of the hotel business and the sustenance of strong profit-
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m
ability in the Agri business, we expect the bottom line to grow at a CAGR of 20% over
FY2010-13. We have revised our price target upward to Rs207. In view of strong earning
Absolute 2.8 2.2 17.8 43.9 visibility in the FMCG space and a potential upside of 23% from the current levels, we
Relative to Sensex 7.4 6.3 10.0 30.2 maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock. At the current market price the stock
trades at 22.1x its FY2012E EPS of Rs7.7 and 17.8x its FY2013E EPS of Rs9.0.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 27 February 2011



Price target: Rs174
RoW to drive growth
Market cap: Rs1,129 cr
52 week high/low: Rs148/Rs53
NSE volume (No of shares): 1.4 lakh  Results below estimates: JB Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Ltd (JBCPL)’s Q3FY2011
BSE code: 506943
results have come below our estimates. The adjusted net profit is up 17.6% year on year
(YoY) to Rs34.7 crore as against our expectation of Rs39.4 crore. The top line grew by
9.4% during the quarter. The mainstay export business saw a muted 3.8% growth while
Sharekhan code: JBCHEPHARM the domestic formulation business witnessed a growth of 15.4%. The operating profit
Free float (No of shares): 3.8 cr margin (OPM) remained muted at 19.9% due to an expansion in the field force.
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN  Russia, CRAMS—key growth drivers: JBCPL remains positive on its contract supply
business for lozenges with orders from South Africa, Australia, and UK amongst other
33% geographies. Further its product launch line up for FY2012 (three in Russia) would
also boost the growth. We forecast revenues of ~$6 million from the contract research
and manufacturing services (CRAMS) business in FY2011 and $8-10 million in FY2012.
 Maintain estimates, introduce FY2013 estimates: We remain optimistic about the ex-
Institutions Foreign port business with an expected compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15% over
3% Institutions FY2011-13E and thus maintain our current estimates. We also introduce our FY2013E
numbers in this report and expect the company to post an earning per share (EPS) of
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m  Maintain Buy: At the current market price of Rs135, the stock trades at a price/earn-
Absolute 8.6 11.0 39.3 122.3 ings (P/E) of 8.8x FY2011E and 7.3x FY2012E earnings. Considering the double-digit
growth in the revenue and earnings from its core business, the strong free cash flows
Relative to Sensex 11.4 19.4 29.9 100.0
and the healthy return ratio (18-20%), we maintain our Buy recommendation on the
stock with a price target of Rs174 (9.5x FY2012E earnings).
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,


Price target: Rs615
Robust performance—led by volume and realisation
Market cap: Rs696 cr
52 week high/low: Rs649/226
NSE volume (No of shares): 17,285  Kewal Kiran Clothing Ltd (KKCL)’s Q3FY2011 earnings were ahead of our expecta-
BSE code: 532732
tion by 7.8%. The profit after tax (PAT) came in at Rs11.3 crore as against our expec-
tation of Rs10.8 crore (+77.2% on a year on year [YoY] basis), led by strong operating
NSE code: KKCL
leverage playing out. The operating margin expanded by 350 basis points and came at
Sharekhan code: KKCL 27.1% for the quarter as against our expectation of 26.5%.
Free float (No of shares): 32 lakh
 The income from operations for the quarter came in at Rs63.34 crore, (+62.8% YoY),
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN which is above our expectation of Rs58.7 crore. The value growth of 62.8% was on
Foreign account of a 46% volume growth (sold 0.85 million garments as against 0.59 million
Public and
12% in Q3FY2010) and 10.53% growth in the realisation. The per piece realisation for the
7% 3%
quarter came in at Rs724.
Non-promoter  To incorporate strong Q3FY2011 results, we have slightly upgraded our earnings for
FY2011-13. We believe that KKCL, with a strong collection of brands, is smartly po-
sitioned in one of the fastest growing fashion apparel segments and we believe that the
company will emerge as one of the most successful apparel brand stories of India. In
view of the pedigree of its brands and its disciplined management which has a consis-
PRICE PERFORMANCE tent track record and financial acumen, we maintain our Buy rating on the stock with
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m a price target of Rs615 (~14.5x FY2012E earnings—a 50% discount to large retailers
like Titan).
Absolute -6.8 0.3 58.0 136.3
Relative to Sensex 1.4 8.6 53.4 106.5

The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of

the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 28 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Price target: Rs1,955
Upgraded to Buy
Market cap: Rs102,293 cr
52 week high/low: Rs2212/1371
NSE volume (No of shares): 6.1 lakh  In Q3FY2011, L&T has reported a strong 40.3% increase in its revenues (stand-alone)
BSE code: 500510 to Rs11,321.7 crore for Q3FY2011 on account of a 43.0% year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth
NSE code: LT in the E&C segment. The revenues also reported a strong growth due to the low base
Sharekhan code: LT
effect. The company’s management has maintained its 20% Y-o-Y growth guidance
for the FY2011 earnings, indicating an expectation of a strong growth in Q4FY2011
Free float (No of shares): 41.0 cr
on a high base.
 The operating profit margin at 10.1% was lower than our expectation of 11% due to
Foreign a sharp rise in the raw material cost and the other input costs. The interest cost of the
company increased due to its higher borrowing levels and a rise in the interest rates.
Public &
The net profit came at Rs805.2 crore, up 15.6% Y-o-Y.
46%  The order inflow for L&T remained sluggish during the quarter, coming in at Rs13,366
DII crore (down 24.9% Y-o-Y due to a delay in order awarding decisions across sectors.
 We have fine-tuned our estimates in view of the M9FY2011 results, margin pressure
and muted order inflow growth. We expect L&T’s earnings to grow at a compounded
annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.9% over the next three years. We have also revised
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m our sum-of-the-parts (SOTP) price target to Rs1,955, where we have downgraded the
Absolute -15.3 -15.5 -9.6 2.4 target multiple for L&T’s core business from 22x to 21x on the FY2012 estimates. We
Relative to Sensex -11.0 -10.2 -14.4 -6.1 upgrade our recommendation on the stock from Hold to Buy.

The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of

the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs140
Price target revised to Rs140
Market cap: Rs7,617 cr
52 week high/low: Rs153/96
 Results ahead of expectation: Marico’s Q3FY2011 results were ahead of expectation
NSE volume (No of shares): 4.4 lakh
mainly on account of a higher than expected revenue growth during the quarter. The
BSE code: 531642 revenues grew by 22.1% YoY on the back of a strong volume growth of 15% and a
NSE code: MARICO price-led growth of 7% during the quarter. As anticipated, the OPM declined by 256
Sharekhan code: MARICO basis points YoY to 12.2% mainly on account of a sharp Y-o-Y increase in the raw
Free float (No of shares): 22.8 cr material cost, which increased by 537 basis points YoY to 52.7% during the quarter.
Hence, the operating profit stood flat YoY at Rs99.7 crore. However, a lower inci-
dence of tax resulted in a 6% Y-o-Y increase in the adjusted profit after to Rs70 crore.
 Key monitorables going ahead
 The impact, if any, of the price increases on the growth in the sales volume of
Foreign & Parachute, Saffola and value-added hair oil portfolios.
 The growth in the domestic same-clinic sales of Kaya in the coming quarters. Im-
Promoters provement in the profitability of the Kaya business in the coming quarters.
63%  The movement in the prices of the key raw materials (including copra and sun-
flower oil).
Outlook and valuation: With a consistent steady growth in the focus portfolio, a strong
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m growth in the international business and a revival in the Kaya business, we expect Marico’s
Absolute 5.5 -6.2 1.7 30.4 top line to grow at a CAGR of 17% over FY2010-13. New product launches and an
Relative to Sensex 13.0 0.3 -2.1 12.1 increase in the reach of the recent launches would further add-on to the top line. We expect
Marico to maintain its OPM in the 12-13% band over FY2010-13. Hence, we expect
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of Marico’s bottom line to grow at a CAGR of 16% over the same period.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 29 February 2011



Price target: Rs60
Upgraded to Buy
Market cap: Rs979 cr
52 week high/low: Rs69/43
NSE volume (No of shares): 2.2 lakh  In its Q3FY2011 Orient Paper and Industries posted a net profit of Rs30.9 crore (a
BSE code: 502420
growth of 2.3% year on year [YoY]), which is well ahead of our estimate mainly on the
back of higher than expected profitability in the cement and electrical divisions. Fur-
ther, the paper division also revived during the quarter and posted profit at EBIT level
Sharekhan code: ORIENTPPR after six consecutive quarters of losses.
Free float (No of shares): 12.8 cr
 The net sales of the company grew by 18.1% on year-on-year (Y-o-Y) basis to Rs438.4
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN crore, driven by its paper division and electrical division. In spite of posting a strong
Institutions Promoters realisation growth of 22.8% YoY, the cement division’s revenue growth was restricted
34% 34% to 7.4% due to a Y-o-Y drop in the volume by 12.5%.
 On the margin front, the OPM dropped by 122 basis points YoY to 16.9% on account
of an increase in the cost pressure. However, on a sequential basis the margin ex-
panded significantly by 12 percentage points led by an increase in the profitability of
1% Public & all the three business divisions.
31%  We are marginally upgrading our earnings estimates for FY2011 and FY2012. The
revised earnings per share (EPS) estimate for FY2011 stands at Rs6.6 and that for
PRICE PERFORMANCE FY2012 stands at Rs9. In this note we are also introducing our FY2013 estimates with
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m the EPS estimated at Rs11.1.
Absolute -11.2 -17.5 -6.8 5.9  In the light of the increased profitability of the cement division (qoq) and the revival of the
Relative to Sensex -6.3 -12.2 -12.3 -6.4 paper plant, we are upgrading our recommendation on the stock from Hold to Buy and
maintaining our price target at Rs60. At the current market price, the stock trades at a PE
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of ratio of 5.6x and an EV/ EBIDTA of 3x discounting its FY2012 earnings estimate. 
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,


Price target: Rs234
Intellect going strong, margins concerns remains…
Market cap: Rs1,765 cr
52 week high/low: Rs215/132 RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
NSE volume (No of shares): 7.2 lakh  Performance a mixed bag: Polaris Software Lab (Polaris)’ performance for Q3FY2011
BSE code: 532254 was a mixed bag. Revenues at $89.1 million were marginally above our expectations
NSE code: POLARIS (our expectation was of $88.6 million) reporting a 6.6% growth in US$ terms led by a
Sharekhan code: POLARIS 4.7% volume growth. Revenues in rupee terms were up 3% quarter on quarter (QoQ)
Free float (No of shares): 7.0 cr at Rs399.9 crore against our expectation of Rs397.6 crore. The earnings before inter-
est, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) margin performance disappointed
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN with a 250 basis points QoQ fall to 13.1% against our expectation of a fall of 40 basis
Foreign points on the back of higher headcounts added in last 6 months. The fall in EBITDA
Public & 19%
margins was cushioned by higher foreign exchange (forex) gains of Rs11.5 crore. The
35% net profit growth was restricted to 4.2%; the net profit came in at Rs50.1 crore. Going
Institutions forward, we expect forex gains to remain high looking at the average hedging rate of
15% the company which is around Rs48-49 to the US dollar.
 “Intellect” continues to lead growth: The revenues from “Intellect” grew 16% QoQ to
29% 2% $20.7 million whereas services revenues grew 4% QoQ to $68.4 million. During the
last nine months the company has won 52 “Intellect” deals, which is a clear reflection
PRICE PERFORMANCE of the growing acceptance of the “Intellect” product suite.
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m  Valuation and view: Our underlined investment thesis of “Intellect” led growth is play-
Absolute 2.9 8.0 0.2 0.7 ing out well with it having a strong revenue trajectory. Going forward, faster growth of
Relative to Sensex 7.4 12.4 -6.4 -8.9 revenues from “Intellect” is expected to continue in the coming years. We maintain our
Buy recommendation with a 12 month price target of Rs234. At our target price, the
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of stock is valued at 8x FY2013E earning.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 30 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Price target: Rs1,460
Price target revised to Rs1,460
Market cap: Rs36,398 cr
52 week high/low: Rs1,395/842
NSE volume (No of shares): 3.2 lakh  Punjab National Bank (PNB)’s net interest income (NII) growth in Q3FY2011 was in
BSE code: 532461
line with our estimate as the NII grew by 45% year on year (YoY) and by 7.6% quarter
on quarter (QoQ). However, at Rs1,090 crore the bank’s net profit came in lower than
NSE code: PNB
our estimate (a 7.8% growth YoY) due to a sharp increase in the provisions.
Sharekhan code: PNB
 The NII increased by a robust 45% YoY on account of a strong growth in the advances
Free float (No of shares): 13.3 cr
and an increase in the margin. The advances increased by 29.8% YoY and by 6% QoQ
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN while the deposits grew at 23.5% YoY.
Public & others  The net interest margin (NIM) increased by 11 basis points QoQ to 4.17% which is
5% among the highest in the sector. The margin growth was mainly contributed by an
19% increase in the lending rates and a rise in the investment yields during the quarter.
However, the current account and savings account (CASA) ratio declined by 150 basis
Promoter points QoQ to 39.1% due to a contraction in the retail deposits.
MF & FI  The bank’s NPAs have continued to rise in the last three quarters led by rising slip-
pages. Its gross NPA additions were Rs3,104 crore in M9FY2011 compared to Rs2,838
crore in FY2010. This contributed to the sharp increase in its provisions. Its restruc-
PRICE PERFORMANCE tured loans were at Rs14,362 crore of which Rs1,255 crore have slipped to the NPA
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m category (Rs25 crore in Q3FY2011).
Absolute -7.4 -14.7 6.0 27.3  We maintain our Buy recommendation on the stock with a revised price target of
Relative to Sensex -2.3 -9.1 -0.2 12.6 Rs1,460 (1.9x FY2012 book value).

The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of

the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs1,190
Q3 performance meets estimates
Market cap: Rs317,787 cr
52 week high/low: Rs1,090/954
NSE volume (No of shares): 47 lakh  Reliance Industries Ltd (RIL)’s Q3FY2011 results are in line with our expectations,
BSE code: 500325
with net income at Rs5,136 crore (up 28.1% year on year [YoY]). It also reported a
significant improvement in its gross refining margin (GRM) at $9 per barrel in
Q3FY2011 vs $5.9 per barrel in Q3FY2010 and $7.9 per barrel in Q2FY2011.
Sharekhan code: RELIANCE
 The Krishna-Godavari (KG) D-6 gas production has further declined to 54mmscmd vs
Free float (No of shares): 168.3 cr
58mmscmd in Q2FY2011. The crude oil production from the MA oil field has also
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN declined by 21% quarter on quarter (QoQ) to 17,528 barrels per day (bdp).
Public & Others Foreign  RIL’s GRM improved to $9 per barrel (up 52.5% YoY and 13.9% QoQ) supported by the
18% 22%
widening of light-heavy (L-H) crude price differential and the strengthening of the middle
distillate crack spreads, and is further expected to improve gradually going forward.
 RIL continues to post a strong performance in its petrochemical (petrochem) segment
with its earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) margin improving by 129 basis points
Promoters corporate
YoY (up 66 basis points QoQ) to 15.2% due to a margin improvement in the entire
45% 5% polyester chain and strong domestic demand. However, huge ethylene capacities have
come on-stream and could pressurise RIL’s petrochem margin.
 We have lowered our earnings per share (EPS) estimates for FY2011 and FY2012 to Rs
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m 62.2 & Rs 70.1 respectively, to incorporate the reduction in the assumption of the gas
Absolute -8.0 -8.8 -6.8 -5.8 production from the KG D-6 field. The business outlook for the refining and petrochem
Relative to Sensex -3.0 -2.9 -12.3 -16.7 segments is turning positive with demand as well as the margin showing signs of recov-
ery since last few quarters. We advise investors to accumulate the stock and maintain
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of our Hold recommendation with a price target of Rs1190.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 31 February 2011



Price target: Rs2,990
Price target revised to Rs2,990
Market cap: Rs171,011 cr
52 week high/low: Rs3515/1863
NSE volume (No of shares): 20.8 lakh  State bank of India (SBI) posted a strong growth in its net interest income (NII; 43.3%
BSE code: 500112
year on year [YoY] and 11.5% quarter on quarter [QoQ]) for Q3FY2011, which is
higher than our estimates. However, higher provisions and lower contribution from
NSE code: SBIN
non interest income restricted growth in profits which grew at 14.1% YoY and 13.1%
Sharekhan code: SBIN QoQ to Rs2,828 crore..
Free float (No of shares): 25.8 cr
 NII growth came in higher than our estimates led by a strong growth in the advances
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN and an expansion in the margins. The advances during the quarter grew at 21.3% YoY
Public & others and 6.7% QoQ contributed by large corporate (13.7% QoQ), small and medium en-
11% terprise (SME; 10.6% QoQ) and retail segments.
Foreign  Margins surprisingly went up by another 18 basis points QoQ to 3.6% aided by an
14% increase in the loan yields (to 9.58% from 9.5% in Q2FY2011), higher credit deposit
(C/D) ratio and a robust CASA ratio. Despite rising term deposit rates, the bank in-
MF & FI creased its CASA ratio to 48.2% from 47.8% which helped it to contain the rise in the
16% cost of funds.
 The reported gross NPAs of the bank declined during the quarter to 3.2% from 3.4%
PRICE PERFORMANCE in Q2FY2011 led by moderation in slippages (reported) and write offs. During the
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m quarter, the bank made an additional provision of Rs452 crore for NPAs, leading to an
Absolute -5.4 -18.7 6.6 24.0 improvement in the provision coverage (including written off accounts) by 200 basis
points to 64.1%.
Relative to Sensex -0.1 -13.5 0.3 9.6
 We maintain our Hold recommendation on the stock with a revised target price to
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of Rs2,990.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,


Price target: Rs1,260
Impressive margin performance
Market cap: Rs222,732 cr
52 week high/low: Rs1,187/692 RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
NSE volume (No of shares): 15.2 lakh  Profit outperformance driven by higher forex gains: Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)’ per-
BSE code: 532540 formance for Q3FY2011 was quite in line with our expectations in terms of top line growth.
NSE code: TCS It posted a sequential growth in revenues of 7% to $2,144 million driven by a 5.7% vol-
Sharekhan code: TCS
ume growth and 1.2% pricing uptick (positive surprise). On the other hand, TCS contin-
ued to show strong margin performance with a 28 basis points margin expansion at the
Free float (No of shares): 50.9 cr
earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) level to 28.1%, which is ahead of our expectations.
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN The net profit for the quarter was higher by 10.6% to Rs2,330.2 crore, which is ahead of
Public & our expectations of Rs2,194.5 crore. The outperformance at the net profit level was largely
Others Foreign
5% 12%
on the back of higher foreign exchange (forex) gains of $11.6 million against a loss in
Institutions Q2FY2011. The company has signed nine large deals during the quarter.
Non-promoter  Surpasses full year hiring target: TCS has already surpassed its full year hiring target of
corporate 50,000 employees by adding 50,361 employees in the nine months ended December
2010. For Q4FY2011, the management has indicated at adding another 12,000-15,000
Promoters headcounts.
 Valuation and view: TCS’ management commentary on the future outlook continues
PRICE PERFORMANCE to remain positive and strong hiring and higher laterals addition is a clear reflection of
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m robust business visibility. On the other hand, we also draw comfort from TCS’ margin
Absolute 3.6 13.8 45.2 47.3 performance (180 basis points improvement in the last 6 quarters) and pricing uptick.
We continue to remain positive on TCS and we maintain our price target of Rs1,260.
Relative to Sensex 8.7 23.4 37.4 35.4
At our target price the stock is valued at 20x FY2013E earnings. We maintain our
Hold rating on the stock.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 32 Sharekhan ValueGuide


Price target: Rs909
Upgraded to Buy on correction
Market cap: Rs7,903 cr
52 week high/low: Rs927/560
 The company’s net sales increased by 67.4% to Rs1,216.1 crore led by a robust growth
NSE volume (No of shares): 51,930
in both the energy and the environment division, and a favourable base effect. The
BSE code: 500411
energy division posted a strong year-on-year (Y-o-Y) growth of 76.8% in revenues
NSE code: THERMAX whereas the environment division grew by 44.9% year on year (YoY).
Sharekhan code: THERMAX
 The company was able to pass on most of the increase in its raw material cost in the
Free float (No of shares): 4.0 cr
quarter and reported an operating profit margin (OPM) of 11.5%. Boosted by almost
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN a nil interest charge and a lower tax rate, the adjusted net profit jumped by77.4% YoY
to Rs100.2 crore.
14%  The order inflow for the Thermax group amounted to Rs1,234 crore (down 20%
YoY) during the quarter. The company’s current order backlog at the group level stood
15% at Rs7,154 crore (up 27% YoY) while at the stand-alone level the order book amounted
Promoters to Rs6,654 crore (up 18% YoY
Foreign 62%
 In view of the muted order inflow (down 8.2% YoY) in M9FY2011 and the delay in
order awarding, we have downgraded our estimates for FY2012 and FY2013 by 2-
PRICE PERFORMANCE 4%. Now we expect the profit of the company to post a compounded annual growth
rate (CAGR) of 32% over FY2010-13.
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m
Absolute -16.4 -12.4 -8.1 12.9
 We are revising our price target to Rs909, which is 20x the average of FY2012 and
FY2013 earning per share (EPS) estimates. At the current market price, the stock trades
Relative to Sensex -10.4 -6.3 -11.5 -3.0
at 15.8x and 13.6x its FY2012 and FY2013 earnings estimates respectively. Hence, we
upgrade our rating on the stock from Hold to Buy.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs685
Q3 results in line with estimates
Market cap: Rs4,911 cr RESULT HIGHLIGHTS
52 week high/low: Rs624/385  Aggressive expansion overshadows strong growth: Torrent Pharmaceuticals (Torrent)’s
NSE volume (No of shares): 64,586 Q3FY2011 results were in line with our projections. The bottom line declined by 7.3%
BSE code: 500420 year on year (YoY) to Rs76.9 crore (we had forecast Rs75.5 crore). The net sales
NSE code: TORNTPHARM growth (up 19.5% YoY) was driven by a strong growth across the international busi-
nesses (up 18.5%; the USA, Brazil and Germany) and a steady domestic formulation
Sharekhan code: TORNTPHARM
business (up 16.8%). The operating profit margin (OPM) declined by 350 basis points
Free float (No of shares): 2.4 cr to 16.6% due to the lower margins from Germany’s tender sales, high expenditure on
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN investment and staff expansion coupled with adverse currency fluctuations. However,
Public &
the same improved by 70 basis points sequentially.
3%  Long-term bet: Though the planned investments and entry into new geographies have led
8% Foreign
to a weaker operating performance, we believe that Torrent would be able to rebound the
Institutions same once its key geographies like the USA, Brazil and Mexico start contributing meaning-
4% fully in the next two years. Further, increasing exposure to chronic therapies (cardiovascu-
lar system [CVS], central nervous system [CNS], and diabetes) in the branded business and
Non-promoter licencing income from deals like AstraZeneca would act as a re-rating factor.
 Buy, introduce FY2013 numbers: To incorporate the increasing expenditure (lowering
margins) on account of the capacity build-up and the high tax rate, we slightly tweak
PRICE PERFORMANCE our FY2011 earnings. Our FY2012 earnings estimate remains unchanged. We also
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m introduce FY2013 numbers in this note and forecast earnings per share (EPS) of Rs50.9
Absolute 2.2 3.8 -1.6 38.3 for FY2012. We anticipate a 15% compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) growth in
the revenues along with an even better 21% CAGR in earnings during FY2011-13. At
Relative to Sensex 6.7 8.1 -8.1 25.0 the current market price of Rs580.5, Torrent is discounting its FY2011E earnings by
16.8x and its FY2012E earnings by 12.7x. We maintain our Buy recommendation and
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of estimates on the stock with a price target of Rs685.
the companies mentioned in the article.
For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 33 February 2011


Price target: Rs1,150
Results ahead of estimates
Market cap: Rs27,951 cr
52 week high/low: Rs1,175/820
NSE volume (No of shares): 2.7 lakh  UltraTech Cement (UltraTech)’s operating performance for Q3FY2011 includes the
BSE code: 532538
performance of Samruddhi Cement. The net sales of the company grew by 0.9% year
on year (YoY) on a like to like basis to Rs3,715 crore which is largely in line with our
estimates. However, the reported net profit of the company exceeds our estimate to
Sharekhan code: ULTRACEMCO Rs319 crore on account of higher than expected blended realisation.
Free float (No of shares): 10.0 cr
 The overall volume (including clinker and export sales) for the quarter increased by
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN 4.1% YoY to 9.59 million tonne (mt). Whereas the blended realization has fallen by
3.1% YoY to Rs3,874 per tonne.
Non promoter Others
coporates 11%  The OPM expanded sharply by 636 basis points quarter on quarter (QoQ) to 19.1%
5% largely due to an increase in the blended realisation by 9.7%. Consequently, the oper-
ating profit increased by 73.6% QoQ to Rs707.8 crore.
Institutions  The company is in the process of setting up additional 9.2 mt of cement clinkerisation
21% Promoters plants at Chhattisgarh and Karnataka which is expected to come on stream by early FY2014.
 We are downgrading our earnings estimates for FY2011 and FY2012 to factor in lower
than expected cement volume. Consequently our revised EPS stands at Rs52.4 and
Rs63.6 for FY2011 and FY2012 respectively. Further we are also introducing our
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m FY2013 earnings estimates with the EPS standing at Rs68.8.
Absolute -3.1 -8.5 22.7 12.2  Given the slow volume offtake & poor pricing scenario, cost inflation in terms of rising
Relative to Sensex 1.5 -3.8 15.6 -2.6 coal prices and limited upside from the current levels, we maintain our Hold recom-
mendation on the stock with a price target of Rs1,150. At the current market price the
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of stock trades at a PE of 16x discounting its FY2012E earnings.
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs218
Price target revised to Rs218
Market cap: Rs7,151 cr
52 week high/low: Rs220/ Rs143
NSE volume (No of shares): 16.2 lakh  For Q3FY2011 United Phosphorus Ltd (UPL) reported a net profit of Rs83.9 crore, an
BSE code: 512070
increase of 33.5% year-on-year (Y-o-Y). However, adjusting for foreign exchange (forex)
differences, the adjusted PAT came in at Rs119.4 crore, up 163.5% YoY.
Sharekhan code: UNIPHOS
 The volume growth during the quarter was healthy at 15% YoY; however, the consoli-
dated income grew at a slower pace of 7.8% YoY to Rs1,248.4 crore due to adverse
Free float (No of shares): 32.3 cr
exchange movements (-5% YoY) and negative price impact (-3% YoY).
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN  The operating profit margin (OPM) expanded by 115 basis points YoY to 18.1%,
Public & mainly on account of lower raw material and employee costs.
9% Promoters  The management has guided for a 5% top-line growth for FY2011 and expects an
earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) margin of 20-
21% during the fiscal. The muted top line growth was mainly on account of a pro-
Institution longed winter condition in Europe. We believe that headwinds like adverse climatic
17% condition are likely to have an impact only in the short run and we remain positive on
the company’s long-term growth prospects.
 We have fine-tuned our FY2011 & FY2012 earnings estimates which now stand at Rs.
14.7 & Rs. 18.2 respectively. We have also lowered our target multiple to 12x FY2012E
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m mainly due to the difficult macro economic conditions (especially on the currency front)
Absolute -3.6 -26.3 -13.2 -2.1 and the pressure on the volume growth in Europe. Consequently, we have lowered our
Relative to Sensex 1.1 -22.5 -18.2 -15.0 price target to Rs218 but maintained our Buy recommendation on the stock. At the
current market price, the stock trades at attractive valuations of 8.5x its FY2012E EPS
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of and 5.5x its FY2012E enterprise value (EV)/EBITDA. 
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 34 Sharekhan ValueGuide


Price target: Rs237
Price target revised to Rs237
Market cap: Rs539 cr
52 week high/low: Rs216/71
 In Q3FY2011, V-Guard Industries (V-Guard) recorded its highest ever quarterly rev-
NSE volume (No of shares): 92,052
enue driven by higher sales in the Non-south region and a whopping growth in the sale
BSE code: 532953 of products like cables and water heaters.
 The operating profit margin (OPM) remained subdued at 9.3% during the third quar-
Sharekhan code: VGUARD ter due to a higher raw material cost.
Free float (No of shares): 0.9 cr
 The company’s interest cost jumped due to higher working capital borrowings during
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN the quarter. The tax rate was lower because of the rising contribution from its new
Others Kachipuram plant, which enjoys tax benefits. However, aided by a lower tax rate and
25% a muted growth in depreciation, the company registered a growth of 62.4% in the
quarter under review.
6%  The company has maintained its Rs700 crore sales target for FY2011 and indicated an
Foreign OPM of 10-10.5% for the same period. We already have built in a margin of 10.1%
1% 68%
for the year. We are expecting a compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 40.3%
and 46.7% in its revenue and earnings respectively over FY2010-13.
 We have lowered our target multiple to 10.5x from 12.5x in view of the macro headwinds
PRICE PERFORMANCE (eg input cost pressure). We have also rolled forward our target multiple to the average
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m of the FY2012 and FY2013 estimates. At the current level, the stock is trading at 9.3x
Absolute -0.3 -12.3 56.0 91.6 and 6.3x on its FY2012 and FY2013 estimate which looks attractive given the company’s
sound growth trajectory. We maintain our Buy recommendation on V-Guard with a
Relative to Sensex 4.1 -8.7 45.7 73.3
revised price target of Rs237.
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Price target: Rs415
Result in line with expectations
Market cap: Rs9,466 cr
52 week high/low: Rs388/223
NSE volume (No of shares): 21.6 lakh  Yes Bank’s results were in line with our estimates as profits grew by 52% year on year
BSE code: 532648
(YoY) to Rs191 crore. The growth in profits was driven by a strong growth in the net
interest income (NII) and non interest income.
Sharekhan code: YESBANK
 Led by a strong growth in advances the net interest income increased by 53% YoY to
Rs323 crore. Advances during the quarter grew by 66% YoY while deposits grew by
Free float (No of shares): 25.3 cr
79% YoY. The current account-savings account (CASA) ratio improved marginally to
SHAREHOLDING PATTERN 10.2% from 10.1% in the previous quarter.
Public & others
 The net interest margins (NIMs) declined by 20 basis points QoQ to 2.8% led by an
27% increase in the cost of funds. The cost of funds increased by 40 basis points QoQ to
7.1%, contributing to the drop in margins.
 Overall the non-interest income grew by 26.5% YoY and 23.4% QoQ led by a strong
MF & FI growth in the transaction banking and financial market incomes.
Foreign  During the quarter, the gross non performing assets (NPAs) have come off marginally
55% to 0.23% while net NPAs remained at Q2FY2011 levels ie 0.06%.
PRICE PERFORMANCE  The bank is aggressively increasing its branch network (has a target of 250 branches by
(%) 1m 3m 6m 12m
Q1FY2012) to attain a critical scale that would enable it to considerably improve its
current account - saving account (CASA) in the coming years. However, in the near
Absolute -9.6 -22.1 -9.3 -4.4 term, aggressive expansion would increase the cost-income ratio (35.8% in Q3FY2011).
Relative to Sensex -5.5 -18.2 -14.7 -13.1
 We maintain our Buy recommendation with a target price of Rs415 (2.7x FY2012E
book value).
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of
the companies mentioned in the article. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

Sharekhan ValueGuide 35 February 2011


Monthly economy review
Economy: RBI likely to hike interest rates by 25 bps in January while the incremental CD ratio expanded to 100.3% for the pe-
review riod and was higher than the ratio seen during the previous month.
 The Index of Industrial Production (IIP)’s growth for November  The yields on the government securities (G-Secs; ten-year matu-
2010 came in at 2.7%, much below the consensus estimate of rity) stood at 8.22% as on January 14, 2011, up by around 12
6.6%. The year-till-date (YTD) growth now stands at 9.5% as basis points from the previous month’s levels. The G-Sec yields
compared to 7.4% in the same period of the previous year. across the long-term maturities have expanded on a month-on-
 The year-on-year (Y-o-Y) inflation rate for December 2010 in- month (M-o-M) basis due to expectations of further rate hikes.
creased to 8.43% from 7.48% recorded in the previous month. Equity markets: FIIs are sellers whereas MFs are buyers
 The IIP growth for November 2010 came in at 2.7%, much  During the month-till-date (MTD) period in January 2011 (Janu-
below the estimates. The muted IIP numbers reduce the prob- ary 1-13), the foreign institutional investors (FIIs) were net sellers
ability of a 50-basis-point hike in the forthcoming review meet. whereas the domestic mutual funds were net buyers of equities.
However, given the inflationary trends we still expect a 25-
 For the MTD period in January 2011 (January 1-13), the FIIs
basis-point hike in the repo/reverse repo rate and feel the cen-
sold equities worth Rs2,486.6 crore while the mutual funds
tral bank shall maintain a hawkish stance in its commentary in
bought equities worth Rs434.8 crore.
the policy document.
 Among the emerging markets on a YTD basis, Thailand has
 The trade deficit for November 2010 came in at $8.9 billion,
shown the highest growth of 25.6% since April 2010 followed
lower than the trade deficit level recorded in October 2010. The
by Korea, which has grown by 20.4%, and Indonesia, which has
trade deficit contracted by 11.6% YoY. Exports continued to
grown by 19.4%. Among the laggards, China has contracted by
expand and were the highest in the last 26 months after a growth
13.7% since April 2010 followed by India, which has grown by
of 26.5% year on year (YoY). The rate of expansion of exports
8.6%, and Hong Kong, which has grown by 11.7%.
was higher than the 11.2% Y-o-Y expansion in imports.
Banking stocks face heat due to interest rate pressures
Banking: Banks hike deposit rates amid tight liquidity conditions
Since our last issue (Sharekhan Monthly Economy Review dated
 The credit offtake (non-food) registered a growth of 24.6 % YoY
December 24, 2010), the BSE Bankex has underperformed the broader
(January 14, 2011), which was higher than the growth of 22.3%
market, posting a decline of 7.4% as compared to a decline of 4.9%
recorded in the previous month (as on December 17, 2010). The
in the Sensex. The underperformance is on account of the margin
credit growth thus far stands above the Reserve Bank of India
pressure that the banks are expected to face due to the rising interest
(RBI)’s estimate of 20% YoY for the full year.
cost. Banks have raised their deposit rates quite aggressively in view
 The liquidity situation deteriorated during the month. The aver- of the lagging deposit growth and the tightening liquidity scenario.
age deficit for the MTD period increased to Rs108,4000 crore These deposit rate hikes have raised concern on the future maintain-
from Rs102,645 crore for December 2010. Deposits registered a ability of the net interest margin (NIM) by the banks. In our view,
growth of 17.2% YoY ( as on January 14, 2011) as against 14.0% the NIM of the banks is likely to experience a marginal impact in
a month ago. Deposits are increasing after aggressive deposit rate Q3FY2011 and a greater impact of around 20-25 basis points in
hikes by the banks. Q4FY2011. 

 The credit-deposit (CD) ratio was at 74.4% (as on January 14,

2011) as compared to 74.5% as on December 17, 2010. Mean- For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

February 2011 36 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Sharekhan’s top equity fund picks
Last year, after moving in the 16,000-18,000 band in the first eight Information Ratio is one of the most important tools in active fund
months, the Indian stock market rallied hard in September. On the management. It is the ratio of active return (the return over the
back of heavy foreign fund inflows (about $5.4 billion) it gained a index return) to active risk annualized. A higher Information Ratio
whopping 2,000 points in that month, recapturing the 20k peak indicates better fund manger.
for the first time since January 15, 2008. But thereafter it got stuck
We have selected the schemes upon ranking on each of the above 5
in a range again—fluctuating between 19,000 and 21,000—and
parameters and then calculated the maximum value of each of the
closed the year at the higher end of this range. Thus, 2010 did turn
5 parameters. Thereafter, we have calculated the percentage
out to be a year of consolidation, as was indicated by us in this very
underperformance or over performance of each scheme (relative
column exactly a year ago. No wonder then that despite record
performance) in each of the 5 parameters vis a vis maximum value
foreign fund inflows in the year (nearly $30 billion vs the previous
among them.
peak of nearly $18 billion in 2007) the market managed to give
relatively modest returns of 17% in 2010. So what’s in store for For our final selection of schemes, we have generated a total score
2011? Well, our Fundamental research team believes that 2011 for each scheme giving 60% weightage each to the relative perfor-
would turn out to be another year of modest returns despite the mance as indicated by the one, two and three year returns, 20%
strong economic growth and robust earnings growth momentum. weightage to the relative performance as indicated by the Sharpe
ratio and the remaining 20% to the relative performance as indi-
The real gross domestic product (GDP) growth has spiked back to
cated by the Information ratio of the scheme.
8.9% levels in the first two quarters of FY2011 and the Street ex-
pects a growth of 8.5-9.0% in the real GDP in FY2011 and FY2012. All the returns stated below, for less than one year are absolute and
Apart from the consumption boom, the expected pick-up in the for more than one year the returns are compunded annualised.
private investment cycle is also likely to aid the GDP growth in
All the returns stated on next page, for less than one year are abso-
FY2012. Corporate earnings are also expected to remain strong
lute and for more than one year, the returns are annualised.
with an earnings growth of close to 20% annually in FY2011 and
FY2012. However, the downward risk to the strong growth mo-
mentum has cropped up in the form of the macro headwinds that
have emerged domestically, such as the stubbornly high inflation AGGRESSIVE FUNDS
(both food and fuel), hardening of interest rates and stressed li- MID-CAP CATEGORY
quidity. These shall leave little scope for multiple expansion (higher Scheme Name NAV Returns as on Dec 31, 10 (%)
price-earnings ratios) and limit the gains during the year. 3 Months 1 Year 2 Years
IDFC Premier Equity - Plan A 34.79 -0.48 32.07 63.38
The market will continue to take its cue from global events too. HDFC Mid-Cap Opp 16.34 0.58 32.13 60.27
The recovery in the USA is expected to gain ground in 2011 but the
Sundaram Select Midcap 163.02 -0.63 20.76 60.99
European region is likely to remain fragile and result in risk aver-
Birla Sun Life Mid Cap- Plan A 118.78 -0.79 13.30 57.80
sion-driven bouts of volatility in the equity markets globally. Though
some fear that the recovery in the USA may prompt a flight of UTI Mid Cap Fund 33.53 -3.29 18.94 58.30

funds from the emerging markets back to the US equity market, we Indices
think that is unlikely. If anything, a strengthening US economy will BSE MID CAP 7802.71 -3.48 16.15 55.30
result in a flow of funds from bonds to equities. However, India is MULTI-CAP CATEGORY
unlikely to see a repeat of 2010’s record foreign inflows in 2011. Scheme Name NAV Returns as on Dec 31, 10 (%)
3 Months 1 Year 2 Years
We have identified the best equity-oriented schemes available in
HDFC Equity 298.50 0.63 29.22 62.98
the market today based on the following 5 parameters: the past
performance as indicated by the one, two and three year returns, HDFC Top 200 225.66 0.40 25.05 55.94

the Sharpe ratio and Information ratio. Reliance Equity Opportunities 38.40 -0.96 30.45 65.02
Templeton India Growth 130.46 0.44 21.96 58.00
Sharpe indicates risk-adjusted returns, giving the returns earned in
excess of the risk-free rate for each unit of the risk taken. The Sharpe Fidelity India Growth 13.22 2.01 27.21 55.88

ratio is also indicative of the consistency of the returns as it takes Indices

into account the volatility in the returns as measured by the stan- BSE 500 7961.06 -0.29 16.35 48.77
dard deviation.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 37 February 2011



Scheme Name NAV Returns as on Dec 31, 10 (%) Scheme Name NAV Returns as on Dec 31, 10 (%)
3 Months 1 Year 2 Years 3 Months 1 Year 2 Years
Birla Sun Life Frontline 94.70 1.27 18.70 50.36 Reliance RSF - Balanced 23.64 -1.45 22.11 46.49
Equity - Plan A
HDFC Balanced 56.47 1.63 25.49 47.52
Franklin India Bluechip 228.33 1.69 22.96 50.62 HDFC Prudence 220.12 0.22 26.32 52.80
DSP BlackRock Top 100 Equity 106.43 0.50 16.80 43.83 Birla Sun Life 95 - Growth 322.45 0.54 19.66 42.71
DSP BlackRock Balanced 68.89 -0.67 15.66 38.14
Principal Large Cap 30.85 0.65 21.03 59.48
Tata Pure Equity 106.45 -1.63 18.95 45.18
Crisil Balanced Fund Index 3578.07 1.56 13.57 29.93
BSE Sensex 20509.09 2.19 17.43 45.80 Scheme Name NAV Returns as on Dec 31, 10 (%)
Scheme Name NAV Returns as on Dec 31, 10 (%) Fidelity Tax Advantage 23.58 0.62 29.24 55.32
3 Months 1 Year 2 Years ICICI Prudential Taxplan 151.03 1.79 24.11 62.21
Fidelity India Special Situations 19.74 -0.18 22.41 48.98 HDFC Taxsaver 249.07 -0.62 26.42 58.64
Birla Sun Life India GenNext 25.53 -2.03 28.49 42.68 HDFC Long Term Advtg 148.90 1.91 28.37 55.72

UTI India Lifestyle 12.20 -2.32 22.98 41.65 Religare Tax Plan 18.60 -1.27 22.13 49.70
Tata Service Industries 25.72 -4.25 8.17 49.05
CNX500 4940.95 0.32 14.13 46.70
ICICI Prudential Infra 31.95 -1.05 9.98 36.06
Every individual has a different investment requirement, which depends on his
Indices financial goals and risk-taking capacities. We at Sharekhan first understand the
individual’s investment objectives and risk-taking capacity, and then recommend
BSE Sensex 20509.09 2.19 17.43 45.80 a suitable portfolio. So, we suggest that you get in touch with our Mutual Fund
Advisor before investing in the best funds.

The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of the companies mentioned in the article.


Regulation to limit profitability in MFI sector
 The committee has recommended for capping the lending rates one Self Housing Group (SHG)/ JLG (3) not more than two
at 24% and margin at 10% (12% for MFIs having outstanding MFIs should lend to a single borrower. The committee has sug-
loans below Rs100 crore) levels for MFIs. gested that the ticket size of the loan to a borrower should not
exceed Rs25,000.
 The committee has therefore recommended that a separate cat-
egory be created for NBFCs operating in the microfinance sec-  It is recommended in the report that all NBFC- MFIs should
tor and such NBFCs be designated as NBFC- MFI. have a minimum net worth of Rs15 crore and maintain a CAR
of 15%.
 The committee recommends that bank advances to MFIs should
continue to enjoy “priority sector lending” status.  The committee has recommended that MFIs should maintain
provisioning for loans at all times at 1% of the outstanding
 It is recommended in the report that the MFIs can recover only loan portfolio or 50% of over-dues of 90 to 180 days and 100%
three charges from the borrower (1) upfront loan processing
of over-dues over 180 days.
fee which should not exceed 1% of the gross loan amount (2)
interest charges (3) insurance charge.  Capping of interest rates at 24% and margins at 10% and cap-
ping of other charges collected by MFIs are likely to impact the
 It is the responsibility of the MFI to ensure that no coercive financials as some of the NBFCs have traditionally been charg-
methods of recovery are used while collecting installments. If
ing interest rates in the range of 30% - 36%. Also the increase
any such methods are used, the MFI and its management will
in provisions to be made by the MFIs will have an impact on
be subject to severe penalties.
the profitability of the MFIs. However if the Malegam Com-
 If the recommendations of the Malegam Committee report are mittee report is accepted, the AP MFI Act may not be required.
accepted, then there will be no requirement for the AP MFI Act. This will boost the investor confidence in the MFIs. In our view,
the suggestions made by the Malegam Committee report are
 The committee has suggested that (1) an individual borrower fundamentally positive for the MFIs in the long run.
should be lent money only if he is a member of a Joint Liability
Group (JLG) (2) a borrower cannot be a member of more than The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of the companies mentioned in the article.

February 2011 38 Sharekhan ValueGuide


Short circuit
Q3FY2011 results have negative surprises Higher other income and lower tax rate marginally mitigates the
Exide Industries (Exide)’s total income for the quarter grew by 15% disaster at the PAT level
year on year (YoY) to Rs1,051 crore (11% below our expectations On account of a higher than expected other income (highest for
of Rs1,186.8 crore). The contribution margins came as a shocker; any quarter) and a lower than expected tax rate at 27%, the recur-
they got eroded by 570 basis points quarter on quarter (QoQ) to ring profit after tax (PAT) stood at Rs124.4 crores indicating a
35%, the lowest in the last seven quarters. This coupled with higher decline of 25% QoQ.
other expenses dented operating margins to 15.2%, again the low- Short term challenges exist but long term story intact
est in the last seven quarters. The Q3FY2011 profit after tax (PAT)
came 27% lower than our expectations. We believe that the company achieved peak free cash flows in
FY2010. Given the current operating environment and additional
Operating margins to remain depressed in Q4FY2011 also capex requirements, the free cash flows would remain subdued over
We believe that the operating environment will remain challenging the next two years.
in Q4FY2011 as well. The negatives of a higher OEM mix and Also, a significant proportion of the current free cash flows may be
lackluster environment in industrial and automotive replacement diverted towards the growing insurance business whereby the com-
segment would sustain in Q4FY2011. This coupled with 20% higher pany has 50% equity participation.
lead prices would add to the woes.
The company remains vulnerable to short term challenges given
We would closely watch price hikes undertaken in Q4FY2011 to 20% higher lead prices sequentially. The weakness in the indus-
pass on the higher cost push. In the absence of pricing action, mar- trial and automotive replacement market and an unfavourable prod-
gins in the short term can come under further pressure. uct mix would bring in only modest earnings growth over the next
However, some respite can be expected from Q1FY2012 onwards two quarters.
as new capacities get commissioned and the volume mix again
changes in favour of the better margin replacement market. For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,

The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of the companies mentioned in the article.

Strong performance; but priced in
 Q3FY2011—stellar performance; above estimates: Shoppers given the inflationary situation in the raw material prices (do-
Stop posted a strong quarterly performance aided by a robust mestic cotton prices up 56% YoY) and the general high level of
revenue growth (+24% year on year [YoY]), consistent margin food inflation, this could spoil the consumer sentiments & dis-
(10%) and a significantly lower interest cost (-57% YoY). The cretionary spending going forward
earnings for the quarter came in at Rs27.9 crore (+45% YoY),  Efficiency improves on various counts: We are enthused with
way ahead of our estimate. On the consolidated front, despite a the strong operating efficiency that played out in the Shoppers
Rs18 crore loss on the Hypercity format, the profit for the quar- Stop format (bought out to consignment/ concessionary inven-
ter came in at Rs16.6 crore versus our estimate of Rs11.6 crore. tory for the quarter at 44% (lowest so far) and shrinkage levels
 Hypercity breakeven still away: Hypercity posted a top line of at an all time low level at 0.19%).
Rs163 crore, EBITDA level loss of Rs9.02 crore and PAT level  Growth built in price; remain neutral: On the back of improved
loss of Rs18 crore for the quarter. We expect the company to operating metrics coupled with a strong expansion the market
breakeven at the EBITDA level in the best case scenario by mid has rewarded the stock with 100% appreciation over the last
FY2013. 12 months. At the current price of Rs371, the stock trades at
 Expansion continues in full swing: The Company is all set to 32x its FY2012E earning per share (EPS) and 17x enterprise
add 18 Shoppers stop stores, spread across 1 million sq ft and value (EV)/EBITDA which we believe to be reasonable and hence
3-4 the Hypercity stores annually to reach 18 stores in the next maintain our neutral stance.
24 months. We believe that given the strong retail space expan-
sion coupled with buoyant consumer sentiments, the overall
revenue growth would remain strong.
For further details, please visit the Research section of our website,
 So far consumer buoyancy remains strong: Till now there was
The author doesn’t hold any investment in any of the companies mentioned in the article.
strong consumer buoyancy on account of high confidence. But

Sharekhan ValueGuide 39 February 2011

February 2011 40 Sharekhan ValueGuide


The Sensex posted a negative monthly close in January 2011, which SENSEX: WEEKLY CHART
was a bearish engulfing bear candlestick pattern. The Sensex also KST (-4.79913)

broke below the 200 DMA ie 18739, which is a bearish sign for the 5

market. As per the Elliott wave theory, the Sensex is about to com- 0

plete a W-X-Y-X-Z corrective pattern around the 17550 levels, -5

which is a crucial support on the weekly chart. The index has sup- 0.0%

port around the 20 MMA ie at 17550, and it should start its new 20500

move in the northward direction for a short-term target of 19260 23.6% 20000


and a medium term target of 20650. It has support at 17550 in the 38.2%

short term and the medium term, hence the 17550-mark is an im- 50.0%



portant level to watch out for. If the market breaks down below 17500

this mark, then the downside momentum will gain strength. So as 17000

long as this level is not broken on the downside, the medium term 100.0%


bias remains positive. 15500

On the weekly chart, the momentum indicator (KST) has given a

MACD (88.3914)

negative crossover and is trading around the zero line, but is ex-
pected to turn on the positive side as soon as the index gets a posi- 500

tive close on the weekly chart. On the daily chart, the momentum
indicators KST and MACD are trading around the oversold zone
November 2010 February March April May June July August September November 2011 February March April


below the zero line and it is expected to give a positive crossover * BSE - SENSEX (18,425.18, 18,466.21, 17,982.17, 18,449.31, +121.551)
soon, which will become a positive sign for the markets in the short 23000

term. The Sensex has been correcting from the last three months, 21000


retracing the rally from 15960 to 21109 by 61.8%. On the daily 19000

chart, the 20 DMA (19041) and 40 DMA (19305) remain crucial



resistances on the upside. So the Sensex is likely to rally for the 16000

target of 19260 and 20650 with reversal packed at 17500. But if 15000

the index does not sustains above the 17500-mark then the bearish 13000

alternate will open up on the down side. 12000

The key resistances for the Sensex would be the 20 DMA(19041) 11000

and 40 DMA (19305). On the contrary, if the market does not 10000

sustain above 17500 it may fall up to the 15000-mark, opening a 9000

bearish alternate. Overall the Sensex has been correcting, retracing

the previous rally by 61.8% from the last three months and is ex- 8000

pected to take support at 17550 levels and start a new move in the 7000

northward direction for the conservative target of 19260.


2006 A M J J A S O N D 2007 A M J J A S O N D 2008 A M J J A S O N D 2009 A M J J A S O N D 2010 A M J J A S O N D 2011 A M J J A S O N D 20

Crude oil is poised strongly on various time frames. Since the CRUDE
low of 1,626 crude had formed an impulse on the upside and 500

had entered into a sideways consolidation. The consolidation 0


lasted for several months. From September 10, the oil started -500

a fresh rally on the upside. In terms of wave structure, this is 7000

100.0% 4300
wave 3 up. The upward move is taking support at the rising 6000 4250

trend line and the 21 WEMA. In the last week crude formed a 5000
‘hammer’ – a bullish candle at 21 DEMA. The bullish candle 61.8%

has been formed at the backdrop of a positive weekly MACD. 50.0% 4000 3900

A detailed structure ie the daily chart shows that the current 38.2% 3500 3800

move is unfolding in a channelised manner. Recently a short 3000


term correction found support at the lower end of the chan-


2500 3550
nel, where the oil formed a huge bullish outside bar and sur- 3450
passed 21 & 50 DEMA. From the equilibrium line the daily 2000
MACD has started a new cycle on the upside. Hence crude is 0.0%

unlikely to close below the 50 DEMA (4,050). On the upside 2008 A M J J A S O N D 2009 M A M J J A S O N D 2010 M A M J J A S O N D 2011 M A

September October November December 2011 February


the targets for crude are 4,400 (upper channel line) and 4,530
(61.8% retracement mark).

Sharekhan ValueGuide 41 February 2011



Turmeric is near its crucial support of the uptrend line. In our last
TURMERICQUINTAL - 1 MONTH(9,774.00, 10,060.00, 9,760.00, 9,870.00, +28.0000)
update we had mentioned that it had completed its five waves up b

with multiple tops. The downside happened as anticipated; now `

there is a high chance of a pullback as it’s forming an ending di- 13000

agonal just above the uptrend line. On the upside it is expected to A 11000

provide a pullback till 11400 and above that, till 12300, which are C 9000

23.6% and 38.2% retracement levels respectively. On the lower 8000

side it has crucial supports at 9700 and 9500 levels. The momen-
a 6000
tum indicators on the daily chart were too oversold and have ap- ^
proached the zero reference line, thus giving a positive divergence
during the formation of the ending diagonal pattern. Now tur- 4000

meric seems to have completed an expanded flag pattern. So a

bounce back is highly probable, at least to test the 20 DMA. On _

the contrary, if the 9700 level is broken on the lower side, then this
would be just a wave 2 of wave 3 down which was a triangle pat- 2000

tern instead of an ending diagonal pattern. Hence the strategy for

turmeric for the current month is to go long with a minimum tar-
get of 11400 and a reversal below 9700. A S O N D 2007 M A M J J A S O N D 2008 M A M J J A S O N D 2009 M A M J J A S O N D 2010 M A M J J A S O N D 2011 M A M J


After bidding a warm farewell to 2010 with a gain of 18%, the mar- Top five stock futures with highest open interest in the current series:
ket started 2011 on a dismal note on account of a couple of negative STOCK FUTURES(SHAREKHAN SCRIP CODE) OPEN INTEREST (RS CR)
news items and global jitters-- the January series ended 8.20% down. RELIANCE 1488.0
The February series started the month on a choppy and dull note, TATAMOTORS 1094.2
witnessed selling pressure on every rise and flirted with the 5400-
5450 range for a couple of days. However, these levels acted as a
SBIN 880.9
good support, which has acted as a gyrating point for the current
series. The February series has started the month with Rs11,210 crore Top five stock options with the highest open interest in the current series:
in Nifty futures, Rs32,360 crore in stock futures, Rs51,493 crore in STOCK OPTIONS(SHAREKHAN SCRIP CODE) OPEN INTEREST (RS CR)

index options and Rs1,961 crore in stock options which was mar- TATAMOTORS 738.6
ginally lower as compared with that in the last month. Market-wide RELIANCE 586.1
roll-over was in line with the Street’s expectations whereas the Nifty TATASTEEL 460.2
witnessed higher roll-over as compared with the previous month. SBIN 308.4
The Nifty roll-over stood at 66.71% vs 61.20% in the previous month. HINDALCO 208.7

View: After giving a dismal performance for the January series, the
On the option front, 5700-5800 on the call side and 5400-5500 on
market has seen some bounce from its recent lows. Aggressive call
the put side have the highest number of shares in open interest. The writing was seen in 5700-5800 strikes, so going forward these lev-
implied volatility has cooled off marginally from its recent high and els may act as a strong hurdle and any rise around these levels can
is hovering at around 18-20% for the current series. The put-call be taken as an opportunity to go short. However, the market will
ratio for the February series has started around 1.31 and remains trade in a broader range of 5400-5700 for this expiry and any close
below 5400 levels can take us to lower targets of 5300 & 5200 .
above 1.10.
One can take put options (European-style settlement) of lower strikes
with a favourable risk-reward ratio. 

February 2011 42 Sharekhan ValueGuide

Sharekhan ValueGuide 43 February 2011

Copper – can correct lower before charging to Rs500 level 2. High prices can affect China’s demand. Imports fell in December
as high prices deterred buyers.
Copper prices have surged sharply in the last three months on strong 3. Speculators are cutting back their bullish bets as shown by the
demand from China, looming deficit, a recovering US economy and weekly CFTC data.
strong global manufacturing. A decline of nearly 30% in London Metal
4. Shanghai inventories have reached nine-month high level.
Exchange (LME) inventories from February 2010 to September 2010
helped the red metal rally nearly 22% in the said period. SHANGHAI COPPER WAREHOUSE INVENTORY



Qty ( in tonnes)
575000 170000
Qty ( in tonnes)

475000 110000
425000 90000
375000 70000















5. The metal has rallied despite rising inventories at the LME ware-
houses. LME 3-month copper closed at $8,345 on 12/10/10. LME
We expect that copper would eventually rise to the Rs500 level this inventories stood at 3,48,625 tonne that day. On February 2, 2011
year as China’s economy grows at a healthy pace, the US recovers (at the red metal closed at $9,945, while LME inventories increased to
least in the short-term), global manufacturing remains strong and on 3,93,775 tonne. This means that copper prices surged nearly 20%
an impending deficit. However, in our opinion, copper can first correct despite a rise of nearly 13% in LME inventories.
lower before it reaches the level of Rs500 as the intrinsic fundamentals
of the metal are somewhat mixed presently. COPPER LME PRICES & STOCKS DATA
Supportive factors: 400000 11000
1. China’s economy is likely to grow well above 8%, which would be 390000 10500
a healthy growth, and the same bodes well for the metal.
Qty ( in tonnes)

Price ( $/ ton)
2. US economic recovery is gathering momentum – In the last two months, 9500
the data out of the US have been encouraging as manufacturing ex- 370000
panded, the services sector continued to do well, jobless claims have 360000
come down, vehicle sales have been strong, industrial production con- 8500
tinued to rise, and the housing sector looks like stabilizing. 350000 8000

3. Copper in deficit this year - The world may be short of 822,000 340000 7500



tonne of copper in 2011, which is more than double the deficit of

last year, according to Barclays Capital. Macquarie expects a
550,000-tonne shortage, while the International Copper Study
Group projects a gap of 435,000 tonne. The deficit estimate ranges
from 2.5 lakh tonne to 8 lakh tonne. 6. The US economy is recovering well as reflected by recent data.
4. Global manufacturing has remained strong and is continuing to However housing and unemployment are still weak. The employ-
expand as shown by the PMI manufacturing data out of the US, ment picture is unlikely to improve to a healthy level anytime soon.
Europe, and China. Experts opine that it would take another five years for the employ-
ment scenario to return to the pre recession levels.
5. Record low interest rates in the US would support recovery. The
US Fed is unlikely to raise rates before 2011 end. 7. The cash-to-3 month spread is easing as inventories rise.
Bearish factors: Conclusion: Copper prices are likely to correct lower in the short-term
because of the negative factors mentioned above. Prices can correct to
1. China and other emerging markets overheating – China has al- Rs425 levels on the MCX before we see a more sustainable bull run,
ready started tightening its monetary policies as it hiked interest which could materialize once the deficit impact on inventories becomes
rates and the cash reserve for banks. It is trying to contain its prop- clear and if China’s imports increase. Copper can rise to Rs500 levels
erty bubble and has made the norms for home loans more strin- in that case. But in the short-term, a healthy correction is due.
gent. Emerging markets in general are facing high inflationary pres-
sure and policymakers have started tightening policies.

February 2011 44 Sharekhan ValueGuide

Sharekhan ValueGuide 45 February 2011
Sharekhan PMS

Sharekhan PMS
Sharekhan’s Portfolio Management Services (PMS) use the expert management skills of our independent fund managers,
backed by the expertise of 35 financial research analysts, to get the best possible returns for you. We have PMS to suit every
investment need of yours.


ProPrime uses in-depth independent fundamental re-

search through primary analysis in high-quality compa- ProPrime Performance - January 2011
nies. This is for the long-term investors with a moderate Scheme Jan 2011 (%) Since product’s inception (%)*
risk appetite. The portfolio consists of a blend of quality
Diversified Equity -16.27 165.54
blue-chip stocks and growth stocks. ProPrime ensures a
Sensex -10.64 231.56
balanced portfolio with a relatively medium risk and a
Nifty -10.25 219.65
good growth potential.
BSE 200 -10.41 213.22
*September 24, 2004

Profile of fund manager: Suhas Samant, Fund Manager for Sharekhan ProPrime PMS (over 19 years
ProPrime experience across equities, fund management and PMS)

ProTech uses the knowledge of technical analysis and
the power of the derivatives market to identify trading ProTech Performance - January 2011
opportunities in the market. The ProTech line of prod- Scheme Jan 2011 Since product’s Product
ucts is designed around various risk/reward/volatility (%) inception (%) inception date
profiles for different kinds of investment needs. There Nifty Thrifty 2.50 111.03 Feb 16, 2006
are three ProTech products, namely Nifty Thrifty,
Trailing Stops -6.99 -7.61 Oct 15, 2009
ProTech Diversified and Trailing Stops.
ProTech Diversified 4.03 11.05 May 17, 2010

 Nifty Thrifty Nifty futures are bought and sold on the basis of calls to go long or short generated using
an automated trading system. The exposure never exceeds the value of the portfolio, ie no
leveraging. But Nifty Thrifty allows us to go short or hedge on the Nifty in a falling
market, thereby allowing you to earn irrespective of the market direction.
 ProTech Diversified ProTech Diversified is a systematic trading portfolio with an investment philosophy to
generate absolute returns irrespective of the market direction by adopting a long-short
strategy for a basket of stock futures and index futures with no human intervention. This
is done in a diversified manner by investing in Nifty, Bank Nifty and ten stocks.
 Trailing Stops Momentum trading techniques are used to spot short-term momentum of five to ten days
in stocks and stock/index futures. The trailing stop loss method of managing risk or pro-
tecting profit is used to lower the portfolio’s volatility and to maximixe its returns. Trad-
ing opportunities are explored on both the long side and the short side as the market
demands to get the best of both upward and downward trends.

Profile of fund manager: Rohit Srivastava, Fund Manager for Sharekhan ProTech PMS (over 14 years
ProTech experience across equities, fund management and PMS)

Profile of fund manager: Abhinay Jain, Fund Manager for Sharekhan ProTech Diversified PMS (over 8
ProTech Diversified years experience across equities, fund management and PMS)

February 2011 46 Sharekhan ValueGuide

Sharekhan PMS

Sharekhan PMS
PROPRIME VIEW - Suhas Samant, Fund Manager

At Pro-Prime PMS we like to invest in fundamentally strong and new ideas as well as take the opportunity to trade in
large-cap companies. The focus remains on the mid-cap stocks for the simple reason that, over a period, mid-cap
companies outperform the benchmark indices. With the recent participation from the exchange-traded funds, volatility
has gone up substantially and to tackle the same we invest in a disciplined manner with systematic exits.
The recent headwinds in the Indian market are due to the selling by the foreign institutional investors and certain
concerns with respect to the government’s indecisive stance and inflation.
In reality, these headwinds will be short-term in nature. The market is actually providing an opportunity to invest at lower
levels because, factually all the stock prices at this moment are at 13000 level of the Sensex and are having much cheaper
valuations due to improved top line, bottom line and margins, and rectified balance sheet of the Indian companies.
Our long-term view remains intact. We are going long on equity, as except price corrections nothing will force us to
change our view and come on cash. As a strategy, we will take an opportunity to reshuffle the stocks and their weightages,
and stay invested.

PROTECH VIEW - Rohit Srivastava, Fund Manager

The markets have started to trend positively since August 2010 and the results can be seen in the recent months and
particularly in January this year. The net asset value (NAV) is slowly making new highs. When trend-following models
start to make money it’s a sign that the markets are starting to trend. Last year till August we were witnessing a non-
trending market and the system witnessed a 13-month drawdown. However, things have changed since then. Our
returns since September 6, 2010, the lowest point seen by the NAV is 16.18% up to January 31, 2011. We expect this
trend to continue in the coming year as non-trending years are often followed by strongly trending ones, often with
huge gains.

The markets themselves have been bearish since October 2010 but they could see a small bullish stint over the next one
to two months. Seasonality is bullish between February and May. Also, the average advance-decline ratios are in
oversold territory so sentiment indicators are at an extreme low in the near term and the markets could rebound soon.
Global markets also continue to strongly trend up. Commodity prices are likely to remain firm which could keep the
pressure on inflation. The Nifty could target 5800-5900 in the coming months with 5350 being a strong support level,
marking 61.8% retracement of the June to October rally.
PROTECH DIVERSIFIED VIEW - Abhinay Jain, Fund Manager

Volatility is back! Since the historic event of 20% upper circuit we have been noticing a gradual and continuous fall in volatility
and India VIX (Volatility Index) has contracted from 45% to 15% in the last six quarters. We believe that VIX has bottomed out
at around 15% and is likely to expand from here, which is evident from the sharp rise in the last couple of weeks.
The market has corrected more than 10% in the last month, eroding majority of the gains made in 2010 and the mid-cap
stocks are even deeper in the red, indicating a lot of cautiousness and uncertainty in the near future. The market is likely to
remain highly volatile all through this month, as continuous foreign fund outflow and inflation worries might daunt the
market from time to time and the budget, which is scheduled later in this month, might further add to the volatility.
ProTech Diversified Performance: Under ProTech Diversified we have delivered a return of 4.03% as against the Nifty,
which has fallen by over 10%. Going forward, the returns are likely to improve as we expect volatility to increase and
ProTech Diversified will provide a natural hedge not only against a fall but also against volatility.

Disclaimer: The information and views in this report is that of the Portfolio Manager and Sharekhan does not accept any responsibility (or liability) for errors of fact or opinion. Investors have the
right to choose that financial product/s that suits them the most. Sincere efforts have been made to present the right investment perspective. The information contained herein is based on the
Portfolio Manager’s analysis which he considers to be reliable.
The portfolio manager does not guarantee any returns on this product This material is for personal information and the stock price, sector projections shown are not necessarily indicative of future
price performance. The information herein, together with all estimates and forecasts, may change without notice.The SEBI Portfolio Manager Regulations require the Portfolio Manager to give the
Disclosure document to the client at the time of client registration. You are requested to keep in mind the risk factors mentioned therein. This brief disclaimer cannot disclose all of the Risks and
other factors necessary to evaluate your participation in the said portfolio product. This report does not purport to be an invitation or an offer to buy or sell any product of Sharekhan. Clients Any
third party or anyone else have no rights to forward or share our calls or SMS or Report or Any Information Provided by us to/with anyone which is received directly or indirectly by them.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 47 February 2011

February 2011 48 Sharekhan ValueGuide



Product Ticket Size No of calls Profit / Loss (Rs) Profit/ Loss (%)

Smart Trades Ideas 500,000 22 -7696 -1.54

Derivatives Ideas 300,000 15 11711 3.90

Nifty Ideas 125,000 13 11461 9.17


In this, ideas are generated based on the market’s pulse or the flavour of the season (the stock calls are not based on fundamental
research). This is ideal for the short-term delivery trader with a medium risk profile. All ideas are actively traded and the product’s
performance is reported on a daily basis. In addition to the daily report, a monthly report card shall also be released.

These ideas are generated by Sharekhan Derivatives Desk based on the analysis of open interest in the market and the other
indicators. It is a leveraged product and ideal for aggressive traders. These ideas are reported on a daily basis. A monthly report
shall also be released.

In this, trading ideas are generated in the Nifty (both short and long) based on technical study. It is meant for aggressive traders
wanting to actively trade on the market indices. These ideas are reported on a daily basis. A monthly report shall also be released.
If you do not have time to monitor the market tick by tick, to shift through pages of research or to pour over complex charts, then
Premier Ideas are what you need.

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represent that information contained herein is accurate or complete and it should not be relied upon as such. This document is prepared for assistance only and is not intended to be and must not alone betaken
as the basis for an investment decision. The user assumes the entire risk of any use made of this information. Each recipient of this document should make such investigations as it deems necessary to arrive
at an independent evaluation of an investment in the securities of companies referred to in this document (including the merits and risks involved), and should consult its own advisors to determine the merits
and risks of such an investment. The investment discussed or views expressed may not be suitable for all investors. We do not undertake to advise you as to any change of our views. Affiliates of Sharekhan may
have issued other reports that are inconsistent with and reach different conclusion from the information presented in this report. This report is not directed or intended for distribution to, or use by, any person
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of investors. Persons in whose possession this document may come are required to inform themselves of and to observe such restriction. SHAREKHAN & affiliates may have used the information set forth
herein before publication and may have positions in, may from time to time purchase or sell or may be materially interested in any of the securities mentioned or related securities. SHAREKHAN may from time
to time solicit from, or perform investment banking, or other services for, any company mentioned herein. Without limiting any of the foregoing, in no event shall SHAREKHAN, any of its affiliates or any third
party involved in, or related to, computing or compiling the information have any liability for any damages of any kind. Any comments or statements made herein are those of the analyst and do not necessarily
reflect those of SHAREKHAN.”

Sharekhan ValueGuide 49 February 2011

SHAREKHAN EARNINGS GUIDE Prices as on February 04, 2011
Company Price Sales Net Profit EPS (%) EPS PE (x) ROCE (%) RONW (%) DPS Div
(Rs) Growth Yield
FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E FY12/FY10 FY10 FY11E FY12E FY11E FY12E FY11E FY12E (Rs) (%)

HDFC 603.4 4,297.8 5,327.8 6,341.0 2,826.5 3,492.1 4,167.5 19.7 23.9 28.5 20% 30.7 25.2 21.2 - - 21.2 22.1 7.2 1.2

HDFC Bank 2,008.0 12,194.2 14,824.2 18,013.4 2,948.7 3,984.0 5,298.0 65.3 88.2 117.3 34% 30.8 22.8 17.1 - - 17.2 19.6 12.0 0.6

Infosys Tech 3,040.9 22,742.0 27,802.0 34,566.0 6,266.0 6,945.0 8,822.0 109.2 121.0 153.7 19% 27.8 25.1 19.8 36.6 38.0 27.2 28.3 25.0 0.8

Larsen & Toubro 1,569.2 43,854.2 51,249.0 61,258.0 3,829.0 4,486.0 5,528.0 57.4 73.8 91.0 26% 27.3 21.3 17.2 18.0 19.8 21.7 22.0 12.5 0.8

Reliance Ind 917.0 203,740.0 242,121.2 255,367.1 15,739.0 20,455.3 23,043.4 47.9 62.2 70.1 21% 19.1 14.7 13.1 11.8 12.1 12.7 12.5 7.0 0.8

TCS 1,154.4 30,028.9 37,529.8 46,725.0 6,872.9 8,762.0 10,272.0 35.1 44.8 52.5 22% 32.9 25.8 22.0 47.0 45.5 38.5 35.4 20.0 1.7
Apple Green
Aditya Birla Nuvo @ 772.0 5,046.0 5,436.0 6,012.0 283.8 302.2 367.5 25.0 26.6 32.4 14% 30.9 29.0 23.8 8.2 8.9 6.3 7.1 4.0 0.5

Apollo Tyres 53.1 8,120.7 8,707.0 10,213.8 653.4 337.3 606.6 13.0 6.7 12.0 -4% 4.1 7.9 4.4 14.3 19.7 14.4 20.9 0.8 1.4

Bajaj Auto 1,221.5 11,921.0 16,886.8 19,528.7 1,865.1 2,618.4 2,978.3 64.5 90.5 103.0 26% 18.9 13.5 11.9 58.6 53.3 82.6 68.3 40.0 3.3

Bajaj Finserv 408.0 984.2 - - 554.5 - - 38.6 - - - 10.6 - - - - - - 1.0 0.2

Bajaj Holdings 717.0 716.9 - - 1,357.3 - - 128.0 - - - 5.6 - - - - - - 30.0 4.2

Bank of Baroda 829.0 8,745.8 11,217.0 13,256.5 3,061.2 4,008.4 4,750.4 83.7 109.7 130.0 25% 9.9 7.6 6.4 - - 24.5 24.3 15.0 1.8

Bank of India 439.9 8,372.6 10,388.0 11,770.0 1,741.1 2,737.0 3,228.0 33.2 52.1 61.5 36% 13.3 8.4 7.2 - - 17.9 18.3 7.0 1.6

BEL 1,685.0 5,180.4 5,733.8 6,772.6 752.4 802.7 946.8 94.1 100.3 118.3 12% 17.9 16.8 14.2 21.8 21.2 15.3 14.8 19.2 1.1

BHEL 2,190.0 32,880.3 41,414.4 48,840.6 4,310.7 5,722.9 6,806.5 88.1 116.9 139.0 26% 24.9 18.7 15.8 48.0 45.9 28.8 27.7 12.3 0.6

Bharti Airtel 332.9 39,615.0 57,267.0 72,167.0 9,291.0 6,309.0 9,196.0 24.5 16.6 24.2 -1% 13.6 20.1 13.8 17.0 18.9 14.4 16.1 1.0 0.3

Corp Bank 553.0 3,396.7 4,190.0 4,725.6 1,170.1 1,477.3 1,914.6 81.6 103.0 111.3 17% 6.8 5.4 5.0 - - 23.3 21.2 16.5 3.0

Crompton Greaves 265.0 9,140.9 10,008.0 11,378.0 824.1 931.2 1,058.9 12.8 14.5 16.5 13% 20.6 18.3 16.1 39.3 36.4 28.0 24.9 0.2 0.1

GAIL 452.0 24,996.4 31,581.0 36,005.0 3,139.8 3,330.0 3,923.0 24.8 26.3 30.9 12% 18.3 17.2 14.6 18.3 18.0 17.5 18.0 7.5 1.7

Glenmark Pharma 293.8 2,500.6 2,997.0 3,471.0 324.5 475.5 526.3 12.0 17.6 19.5 27% 24.5 16.7 15.1 15.0 15.3 16.6 15.6 0.4 0.1

GCPL 335.0 2,041.2 3,439.0 4,412.5 339.6 439.8 555.6 11.0 13.6 17.2 25% 30.5 24.6 19.5 25.1 19.8 31.8 27.6 4.3 1.3

Grasim 2,300.0 19,933.4 19,897.0 24,055.0 2,759.5 2,021.0 2,398.0 301.0 220.4 261.6 -7% 7.6 10.4 8.8 7.8 8.2 13.8 13.8 30.0 1.3

HCL Tech** 483.0 12,522.9 15,928.7 19,237.3 1,207.0 1,618.6 2,199.4 18.6 24.3 32.2 32% 26.0 19.9 15.0 22.4 27.2 24.8 27.5 4.0 0.8

HUL 273.7 17,523.8 19,357.8 21,661.0 2,102.7 2,090.0 2,311.5 9.6 9.7 10.7 6% 28.5 28.2 25.6 115.7 118.0 99.3 92.0 6.5 2.4

ICICI Bank 996.0 15,592.0 15,953.5 18,386.0 4,025.0 5,261.0 6,444.1 36.1 45.7 56.0 25% 27.6 21.8 17.8 - 9.8 11.1 12.0 1.2

Indian Hotel Co 92.7 2,521.0 2,909.8 3,480.9 (142.0) 69.5 243.8 -2.0 0.9 3.2 - -46.4 103.0 29.0 4.4 9.2 2.8 8.8 1.0 1.1

ITC 153.5 18,382.2 21,561.7 25,101.3 4,061.0 4,999.1 5,898.2 5.3 6.5 7.7 21% 29.0 23.6 19.9 42.2 42.1 32.4 31.6 5.0 3.3

Lupin 420.0 4,740.5 5,624.0 6,631.1 681.6 860.9 1,041.6 15.2 19.1 23.1 23% 27.6 22.0 18.2 21.6 21.4 24.6 22.7 13.5 3.2

M&M 675.0 18,381.9 22,881.8 26,611.5 2,087.2 2,653.2 2,935.0 35.2 46.5 51.5 21% 19.2 14.5 13.1 25.7 26.8 24.7 24.9 9.5 1.4

Marico 114.9 2,660.8 3,158.1 3,657.5 252.1 274.1 324.1 4.1 4.5 5.3 14% 28.0 25.5 21.7 30.0 30.6 35.7 31.8 0.7 0.6

Maruti Suzuki 1,190.0 28,958.5 36,091.1 43,725.7 2,497.6 2,267.9 2,801.7 86.4 78.5 97.0 6% 13.8 15.2 12.3 20.1 23.0 17.7 18.8 6.0 0.5

Piramal Healthcare 449.9 3,624.5 2,546.0 1,803.8 488.8 191.8 327.4 23.4 9.2 15.7 -18% 19.2 48.9 28.7 1.6 2.2 -21.3 2.0 0.0 0.0

Punj Lloyd 89.2 10,447.8 9,220.6 10,780.4 (107.0) 122.2 339.8 -3.2 3.7 10.2 - -27.9 24.1 8.7 7.2 11.0 3.9 9.8 0.3 0.3

SBI 2,650.0 38,639.6 49,648.0 56,025.0 9,166.1 11,644.0 14,636.0 144.4 183.4 230.5 26% 18.4 14.4 11.5 - 17.0 20.2 30.0 1.1

Sintex Industries 147.3 3,319.2 4,223.4 5,275.0 327.8 419.1 562.0 10.6 13.5 18.1 31% 14.0 10.9 8.1 13.2 15.7 18.0 19.8 1.2 0.8

TGBL (Tata Tea) 94.8 5,820.9 6,066.0 6,520.5 374.1 296.1 393.4 6.1 4.8 6.4 2% 15.5 19.7 14.8 7.8 9.1 7.8 9.7 2.0 2.1

Wipro 438.0 27,195.7 31,198.0 37,627.0 4,665.0 5,386.0 6,299.0 19.0 22.0 25.7 16% 23.1 19.9 17.0 22.0 24.4 24.6 24.8 6.0 1.4
Emerging Star
3i Infotech 47.2 2,448.5 2,586.5 2,894.8 259.7 248.4 278.6 11.8 11.3 12.6 3% 4.0 4.2 3.7 12.0 12.9 21.2 19.7 1.5 3.2

ADSL 127.6 697.5 907.5 1,134.4 107.8 142.1 170.6 23.2 30.2 36.3 25% 5.5 4.2 3.5 21.5 22.7 19.2 19.1 1.0 0.8

Axis (UTI) Bank 1,214.0 8,960.0 11,151.0 13,476.0 2,513.0 3,280.0 4,124.0 62.1 81.0 101.8 28% 19.5 15.0 11.9 - - 18.9 20.2 12.0 1.0

Cadila Healthcare 782.0 3,686.9 4,443.3 5,214.7 509.7 686.5 838.7 24.9 33.5 41.0 28% 31.4 23.3 19.1 28.0 27.8 32.8 29.9 5.0 0.6

EMCO 63.8 978.6 1,052.4 1,171.5 35.4 11.3 49.7 5.7 1.7 7.3 13% 11.1 38.4 8.8 4.9 10.7 1.8 7.4 1.4 2.2

Eros Intl Media 156.2 640.9 704.8 847.2 82.3 122.3 150.4 9.0 13.4 16.5 35% 17.4 11.7 9.5 23.1 21.0 25.8 19.4 0.0 0.0

Greaves Cotton** 92.0 1,347.2 1,697.5 1,921.5 118.0 164.6 183.4 4.8 6.7 7.5 25% 19.2 13.7 12.3 48.6 43.5 33.3 3.0 15.0 16.3

IL&FS Trasport 247.9 2,402.9 3,554.6 5,089.8 344.3 430.2 576.9 17.7 22.1 29.7 30% 14.0 11.2 8.3 18.1 16.1 23.3 25.2 3.0 1.2

IRB Infra 187.3 1,704.9 2,439.4 3,996.4 385.5 479.6 618.4 11.6 14.4 18.6 27% 16.1 13.0 10.1 15.8 15.1 21.4 22.8 1.5 0.8

Max India 150.4 7,729.0 - - (44.0) - - -3.2 - - - -47.0 - - - - - - - -

@Stand-alone financials **June ending company
Note: For Grasim and Apollo Tyres we have shifted our estimates to consolidated

Sharekhan ValueGuide 50 February 2011

Company Price Sales Net Profit EPS (%) EPS PE (x) ROCE (%) RONW (%) DPS Div
(Rs) Growth Yield
FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E FY10 FY11E FY12E FY12/FY10 FY10 FY11E FY12E FY11E FY12E FY11E FY12E (Rs) (%)

Opto Circuits India 238.1 1,077.6 1,525.1 1,806.0 263.4 337.7 408.4 14.4 18.4 22.3 24% 16.5 12.9 10.7 16.4 17.3 19.7 20.1 4.0 1.7

Patels Airtemp 76.7 72.2 85.4 102.6 8.7 9.9 12.4 17.1 19.5 24.4 19% 4.5 3.9 3.1 41.2 40.0 25.3 24.7 2.0 2.6

Thermax 654.0 3,185.5 4,571.3 5,964.9 256.3 385.5 499.8 21.5 32.4 42.0 40% 30.4 20.2 15.6 48.4 47.9 28.2 27.8 5.0 0.8

Yes Bank 262.8 1,364.7 2,010.0 2,774.0 477.7 715.3 942.0 14.1 21.1 25.2 34% 18.6 12.5 10.4 - - 19.9 19.6 0.0

Zydus Wellness 576.1 268.1 344.0 435.1 46.7 57.4 84.1 12.0 14.7 21.5 34% 48.0 39.2 26.8 70.0 58.6 46.9 46.9 3.0 0.5

Ugly Duckling
Ashok Leyland 52.7 7,244.7 11,045.1 13,189.9 427.0 625.3 817.6 3.2 4.7 6.1 38% 16.5 11.2 8.6 14.0 16.6 16.3 19.5 1.5 2.8

BASF 569.0 1,627.0 2,631.4 3,140.2 96.1 156.2 193.6 23.6 38.3 47.5 42% 24.1 14.9 12.0 22.3 26.6 17.3 18.6 8.0 1.4

Deepak Fert 164.0 1,288.0 1,614.7 2,096.5 172.1 186.0 235.3 19.5 21.1 26.7 17% 8.4 7.8 6.1 12.4 14.0 18.5 19.9 4.0 2.4

Federal Bank 346.9 1,941.7 2,284.9 2,663.5 464.5 565.6 780.4 27.2 33.1 45.6 29% 12.8 10.5 7.6 - - 11.5 14.1 5.0 1.4

Gayatri Projects 228.6 1,252.5 1,519.6 2,070.2 53.3 67.0 101.1 48.0 54.1 65.2 17% 4.8 4.2 3.5 11.4 14.3 21.1 22.7 5.0 2.2

Genus Power Infra 17.4 653.8 780.2 934.0 51.5 62.4 78.0 3.5 3.9 4.9 19% 5.0 4.4 3.5 16.0 17.0 16.5 17.2 1.0 5.7

India Cements 88.5 3,771.3 3,666.5 3,929.8 325.3 111.5 170.9 10.6 3.6 5.6 -27% 8.3 24.6 15.8 4.4 6.4 3.3 4.8 2.0 2.3

Ipca Laboratories 279.0 1,566.6 1,874.1 2,226.2 205.4 249.8 298.4 16.4 20.0 23.8 20% 17.0 14.0 11.7 23.7 22.5 25.8 24.8 2.8 1.0

ISMT 52.4 1,193.3 1,540.7 2,038.1 74.6 102.5 165.8 5.1 7.0 11.3 49% 10.3 7.5 4.6 11.5 14.7 15.0 19.6 0.0 0.0

JP Associates 83.8 10,089.0 13,123.2 15,737.1 706.0 851.0 1,059.0 3.3 4.0 5.0 23% 25.4 21.0 16.8 10.2 10.3 9.4 10.8 1.1 1.3

JB Chemicals 115.1 741.0 859.1 993.5 106.5 129.2 154.7 12.6 15.3 18.3 21% 9.1 7.5 6.3 21.4 22.0 20.7 20.8 2.0 1.7

KKCL 510.0 175.3 228.4 282.9 32.5 41.1 52.3 26.5 33.3 42.4 26% 19.2 15.3 12.0 27.3 29.6 22.0 24.3 6.0 1.2

NIIT Technologies 188.4 913.7 1,226.0 1,345.6 124.7 177.5 169.7 21.1 30.0 28.7 17% 8.9 6.3 6.6 32.7 30.7 27.9 22.8 7.0 3.7

Orbit Corporation 59.4 487.1 496.9 729.8 95.0 90.4 147.7 8.3 7.9 13.0 25% 7.2 7.5 4.6 12.3 15.5 10.2 14.7 1.3 2.1

Polaris Software 190.4 1,353.8 1,569.8 1,884.0 152.9 197.6 220.2 15.4 20.0 22.2 20% 12.4 9.5 8.6 24.8 25.9 20.9 20.0 3.5

Pratibha Industries 54.8 1,007.2 1,435.6 1,792.6 56.5 86.0 119.7 6.8 9.0 11.8 32% 8.1 6.1 4.6 25.2 27.8 22.8 23.0 3.0 5.5

Provogue India 42.8 480.7 527.1 607.2 28.2 32.1 42.3 2.5 2.8 3.7 22% 17.1 15.3 11.6 7.3 8.2 4.4 5.5 0.2 0.5

PNB 1,065.2 12,088.0 15,580.0 18,061.0 3,900.0 4,487.0 5,755.0 123.7 142.3 182.5 21% 8.6 7.5 5.8 - - 23.0 24.6 12.0 1.1

Ratnamani Metals 120.1 852.0 958.7 1,150.8 81.4 84.9 108.1 17.7 18.5 23.5 15% 6.8 6.5 5.1 18.6 21.1 20.9 21.5 2.2 1.8

Selan Exploration 362.0 70.8 76.2 108.4 28.8 32.2 49.6 18.6 20.9 32.1 31% 19.5 17.3 11.3 24.8 31.5 19.5 23.3 0.0 0.0

Shiv-Vani Oil & Gas 275.0 1,252.0 1,354.5 1,418.5 199.1 229.9 288.9 42.9 49.6 62.3 21% 6.4 5.5 4.4 16.9 17.4 13.9 13.9 1.0 0.4

Subros 38.3 905.4 1,128.3 1,308.0 27.6 29.9 40.1 4.6 5.0 6.7 21% 8.3 7.7 5.7 14.4 15.1 13.3 15.2 0.7 1.8

Sun Pharma 412.0 4,102.8 5,827.4 7,455.6 1,351.1 1,752.8 2,258.2 13.0 16.9 21.8 29% 31.7 24.4 18.9 20.8 22.4 19.4 21.0 2.8 0.7

Torrent Pharma 596.0 1,832.9 2,176.7 2,525.2 231.2 292.5 386.5 27.3 34.6 45.7 29% 21.8 17.2 13.0 26.1 27.9 30.4 30.8 6.0 1.0

UltraTech# 1,010.0 7,049.7 13,090.7 16,854.4 1,093.2 1,239.4 1,743.0 87.8 52.4 63.6 -15% 11.5 19.3 15.9 15.7 19.4 12.9 15.6 6.0 0.6

UBI 334.9 6,167.2 8,057.0 9,222.0 2,074.9 2,135.0 2,773.0 41.1 42.3 54.9 16% 8.1 7.9 6.1 - - 18.9 20.8 5.5 1.6

United Phos 141.1 5,460.2 5,755.1 6,632.2 537.6 647.2 783.8 12.2 14.7 18.2 22% 11.6 9.6 7.8 14.5 16.1 16.7 19.4 2.0 1.4

V-Guard Ind 167.3 454.1 707.2 957.2 25.5 37.7 54.4 8.5 12.6 18.2 46% 19.6 13.2 9.2 26.3 30.1 24.3 28.4 3.0 1.8

Vulture's Pick
Mahindra Life@ 316.5 320.7 426.7 535.2 79.4 103.5 130.9 19.3 25.1 31.7 28% 16.4 12.6 10.0 14.0 16.1 10.4 12.0 3.5 1.1

Orient Paper 50.0 1,619.8 1,875.3 2,162.1 159.3 127.0 173.5 8.3 6.6 9.0 4% 6.0 7.6 5.6 17.8 22.3 14.8 17.4 1.5 3.0

Tata Chemicals 337.0 9,544.0 11,041.5 12,557.9 751.2 660.5 859.2 29.5 25.9 33.7 7% 11.4 13.0 10.0 12.9 14.9 11.9 14.0 9.0 2.7

Unity Infraprojects 76.0 1,476.8 1,740.3 2,215.3 85.1 102.0 132.8 11.5 13.8 17.9 25% 6.6 5.5 4.2 17.2 19.3 16.7 18.4 1.0 1.3
Allahabad Bank 203.7 4,166.4 5,111.5 6,233.7 1,206.3 1,544.2 1,976.2 27.0 34.6 44.2 28% 7.5 5.9 4.6 - - 21.0 22.7 5.0 2.5

Andhra Bank 140.0 3,159.4 36,967.2 4,400.1 1,045.8 1,277.4 1,404.3 21.6 26.3 29.0 16% 6.5 5.3 4.8 - - 26.2 24.0 11.2 8.0

IDBI Bank 136.0 4,558.4 6,356.9 7,587.4 1,031.1 1,588.1 2,190.1 14.2 16.1 22.3 25% 9.6 8.4 6.1 - - 13.4 16.3 11.2 3.0

Phillips Carbon 129.1 1,232.6 1,568.1 1,669.0 122.7 132.8 143.0 43.4 40.0 43.1 0% 3.0 3.2 3.0 23.7 20.1 23.9 20.4 5.0 -

Madras Cements 95.7 2,800.9 2,926.3 3,044.9 353.7 216.6 278.6 14.9 9.1 11.7 -11% 6.4 10.5 8.2 10.2 11.1 12.6 14.4 2.0 2.1

Shree Cement 1,590.0 3,632.1 3,413.0 4,030.0 725.5 207.5 287.9 208.3 59.6 82.7 -37% 7.6 26.7 19.2 8.2 10.8 10.4 12.9 8.0 0.5
#UntraTech numbers are post merger of Samruddhi Cement.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 51 February 2011


HDFC  HDFC provides housing loans to individuals, corporates and developers. It has interests in banking, asset
management and insurance through its key subsidiaries. As these subsidiaries are growing faster than HDFC, the
value contributed by them would be significantly higher going forward.
HDFC Bank  HDFC Bank was established in 1994 as a part of liberalisation of the Indian banking industry by the Reserve Bank of India
(RBI). It was one of the first banks to receive an 'in principle' approval from the RBI to set up a private sector bank. Its relatively
high margins (compared with its peers), strong branch network and better asset quality make HDFC Bank a safe bet.
Infosys Tech  Infosys is India's premier IT and IT-enabled service company. It is one of the key beneficiaries of the strong trend of
offshore outsourcing. It is relatively better positioned to weather the tough business environment and also among
major beneficiaries of the revival in IT spending.
L&T  Larsen & Toubro, being the largest engineering and construction company in India, is a direct beneficiary of the strong
domestic infrastructure boom. Strong potential from its international business, its sound execution track record,
bulging order book and strong performance of subsidiaries further reinforce our faith in it. There also lies great growth
potential in some of its new initiatives.
Reliance Ind  RIL holds a great promise in E&P business with gas production from KG basin starting from April 2009 and crude
oil production commencing from September 2008. We expect the company’s GRM to pick up with a likely
improvement in the light-heavy crude oil price differential. The company is likely to fetch premium over Singapore
Complex’ GRM due to its superior refinery complexity and captive use of KG D-6 gas. We expect the petrochem
margins to be maintained in the medium term on uptick in the domestic demand. However, the likely delay in the ramp
of KG D-6 peak gas production (to 80mmscmd) is a matter of concern.
TCS  TCS pioneered the IT services outsourcing business from India and is the largest IT service firm in the country. It is
a leader in most service offerings and is in the process of further consolidating its leadership position through the
inorganic route and large deals. The company crossed the mark of $2 billion in revenues in a quarter and is
outperforming the IT pack.
Apple Green
Aditya Birla Nuvo  We believe the value businesses of the company (insulators, textiles, fertilisers, carbon black and rayon) have started
witnessing increased efficiency as reflected in sharp improvement in their operating margins, while the growth
businesses (retail, BPO, life insurance and financial services) are showing improved revenue visibility and gaining
strong market share. We believe strong internal cash flows from value businesses coupled with promoter funding
coming in would meet the funding requirement of the growth businesses.
Apollo Tyres  Apollo Tyres is the market leader in truck and bus tyre segments with a 28% market share. A strong demand in the
OEM and replacement tyre segments coupled with the commencement of additional capacity at its new Chennai facility
is likely to see a healthy growth in its volume going forward. The European and South African acquisitions have yielded
regional and product diversification. The Indian operations contribute about 64%; VBBV contributes around 24%;
and Apollo Dunlop, South Africa contributes approximately 12% to the consolidated revenues.
Bajaj Auto  Bajaj Auto is a leading two-wheeler automobile company. It is moving up the value chain by concentrating on the
executive and premium motorcycle segments. The success of the new launches will drive most of the growth for the
company during the year and help the company to regain its lost market share in the 125cc segment.
Bajaj Finserv  Bajaj Finserv is actively present in businesses such as vehicle finance, consumer finance, distribution etc with insurance
being the dominant contributor to revenues. It is one of the top few players in the fast growing life insurance segment
and also has a sizable presence in the general insurance segment.
Bajaj Holdings  Bajaj Holdings is the holding company of the Bajaj group, having a 30% stake each in Bajaj Auto and Bajaj Finserv.
The two-wheeler sales are expected to improve going forward with new product launches. The insurance business
makes it one of the largest players in the insurance space.
Bank of Baroda  With a wide network of over 3,200 branches across the country, BoB has a stronghold in western and eastern parts
of India. The bank has laid out aggressive plans to grow supplementary businesses including insurance and on-line
broking, which should boost its fee income.
Bank of India  BoI has a wide network of branches, spread across the country and abroad, along with a diversified product and services
portfolio and a steady asset growth. The asset quality that had posed some concern is witnessing a reversal now.
Bharti Airtel  Bharti Airtel continues to lead the domestic telecom market in terms of both, the subscriber base and the revenue market
share. In its zest for high growth, it has acquired Zain Telecom’s African operations in 15 countries. With 3G and
the BWA auction behind us, the company’s entry into the under-penetrated and relatively less competitive African
market, with its unique outsourcing and minutes factory model, would open up new avenues for its growth and

Sharekhan ValueGuide 52 February 2011


BEL  Bharat Electronics Ltd (BEL), a PSU manufacturing electronic, communication and defense equipment, is benefiting
from the enhanced budgetary outlay for strengthening and modernising the country’s security. The growth in revenue
is also expected to be aided by the civilian and export orders. The company’s current order book of Rs14,000 crore
provides revenue visibility for the next two years.

BHEL  BHEL, India's biggest power equipment manufacturer will be the prime beneficiary of the four-fold increase in the
investments being made in the domestic power sector. The current order book of Rs1,58,000 crore stands at around
4.8x its FY2010 provisional revenues and we expect the company to maintain the strong growth momentum.

Corp Bank  Corporation Bank has one of the highest Tier-I CAR among its peers. This leaves ample scope for the bank to leverage
the balance sheet without diluting the equity, quite unlike the other state-owned banks. The bank is most aggressive
on technology implementation giving it a competitive edge over its peers.

Crompton Greaves  The outlook for Crompton Greaves' key businesses—of industrial and power systems—is buoyant. Its consumer
products segment has also been doing well. The synergy from the acquisition of Pauwels, GTV and Microsol will drive
the company’s consolidated earnings.

GAIL  GAIL India, a leading gas transmission company, is aggressively expanding its pipeline network and plans to invest
more than Rs30,000 crore over FY2010-14 in a phased manner to double its gas pipeline network to over 14,000km
and its transmission capacity to around 300mmscmd. This provides strong revenue visibility in its core gas utilities
business. Despite the subsidy burden, the strong growth visibility in its core gas transmission business would drive
its earnings to post a CAGR growth of 13% over FY2010-13.

Glenmark Pharma  Through the successful development and out-licensing of three molecules in a short span of six years, Glenmark has
become India's best play on research-led innovation. It has built a pipeline of 14 molecules (recent addition of GRC
17536) and has managed to clinch five out-licensing deals worth $1,059 million (received $137mn as initial milestone
payment). Its core business has seen stupendous success due to its focus on niche specialties and brand building. Out-
licensing deals of its key molecules would provide further impetus to the earnings.

GCPL  GCPL is a major player in toilet soap, hair colour and liquid detergent segments. The acquisition of Godrej Sara Lee
has expanded GCPL’s product portfolio to aerosols and household insecticides and has tremendously improved its
growth prospects and business model in the domestic market. Further, the recent acquisitions of Tura, Megasari and
the Argentine acquisitions has helped it expand its geographic footprint. We expect the international business along
with recent acquisitions to drive a strong growth in the coming years.

Grasim  Due to the de-merger of its cement division, Grasim Industries has become a holding company for the cement business
and is left with the VSF and chemical divisions. On the other hand, due to a strong demand for VSF in the global market
the company’s realisation is healthy. Further, the company is in the process of adding another 120,000 tonne capacity
by FY2013 with an investment of Rs1,690 crore.

HCL Tech  HCL Tech is one of the leading Indian IT service vendors. It has outperformed its peers in terms of better financial
performance in the past few quarters on the back of ramp-up in business from large deals bagged earlier. We expect
a strong growth for HCL Tech with a revival seen in demand for IT services from hi-tech and manufacturing verticals.

HUL  HUL is India's largest FMCG company. The volume growth in the soaps and detergents business is recovering (due
to the pricing actions implemented by the company) which will drive the top line growth in the coming quarters.
However, the increasing key input prices coupled with higher ad-spends would put profitability under pressure in
the coming quarters. Hence the near-term profitability is likely to be muted. In the long term, HUL will be one of the
key beneficiaries of the Indian consumerism story.

ICICI Bank  ICICI Bank is India's second largest bank with a network of over 2,000 branches in India and a presence in around
18 countries. The bank has once again entered an expansionary mode after making a conscious effort to de-grow
its advances book due to asset quality concerns. The bank offers substantial value unlocking opportunities with the
expected listing of its subsidiaries like ICICI Securities and ICICI Prudential Life Insurance.

Indian Hotels Co  Indian Hotels is the largest hotelier in India with a vast portfolio of hotel properties around the globe. Over the long term
the company would benefit from increase in tourism and corporate travels in India. Also, a turnaround in profitability
of its overseas properties would boost its earnings. The occupancies in the domestic business have revived as the macro
economic environment has improved. This will be followed by increase in room rates going ahead, which augurs well
for the company.

ITC  ITC has a strategy of effectively utilising the excess cash generated from its cash cow, the cigarette business, to
strengthen and enhance it’s other non-cigarette businesses. This would nurture the growth of these businesses some
of which are at nascent stage. Thus we believe the company will deliver sustained and steady growth in coming years.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 53 February 2011


Lupin  Lupin is set to take off in the export market by targeting the US market (primarily for branded formulations) while
maintaining its dominance in the anti-TB segment globally. Further, with an expanded field force and therapy
focused marketing division; its formulation business in the domestic market has been performing better than the
industry. Its ongoing R&D activities are also expected to yield sweet fruits going forward. Further, a swift ramp-
up in branded products would add further sheen to its growth.
M&M  M&M is a leading maker of tractors and utility vehicles in India. New product launches are likely to drive its growth
going forward in the automobile segment, while the company has consolidated well in the tractor segment with the
acquisition of Punjab Tractors. Further, its investments with world majors in passenger cars and commercial vehicles
have helped it diversify into various automobile segments, while the value of its subsidiaries adds to its sum-of-the-
parts valuation.
Marico  Marico is India's leading FMCG company. Its core brands, Parachute and Saffola, have a strong footing in the market.
It intends to play on the broader beauty and health platform. It follows a three-pronged strategy that shall ensure
its growth in the long term. The strategy hinges on expansion of existing brands, launch of new product categories
and growth through acquisitions. While the domestic product portfolio is likely to achieve a steady volume growth,
the international business is expected to post a robust growth on the back of increase in distribution to neighbouring
countries and extension of international product portfolio.
Maruti Suzuki  Maruti Suzuki is India's largest small car maker. The company is the only pure passenger car play in the domestic market
and has been outperforming the industry consistently. With new launches and strong existing product basket, the
company continues to outperform the market growth rate. Suzuki has identified India as a manufacturing hub for small
cars for its worldwide markets.
Piramal Health  Piramal Healthcare has sold its domestic formulation business to Abbott International for $3.7 billion and pathlabs
business to Super Religare Laboratories for Rs600 crore. The two deals have resulted in wiping out approximately
60% of the top line business value from Piramal Healthcare’s books. Though we remain confident on the company’s
CRAMS and critical care businesses, we believe that the residual business of the company would trade at a significant
discount to its trading history given the fact that these are lower-margin businesses.
Punj Lloyd  Punj Lloyd is the second largest EPC player in the country (first being Larsen & Toubro) with global presence. In
FY2007, it acquired SEC and Simon Carves, which helped it plug gaps in the services offered by it. However, in recent
times, the profitability has come under severe pressure due to cost overruns/ liquidated damages in some of its
subsidiaries’ projects and rising working capital requirement. Thus going ahead, the successful execution of its projects
holds the key as the company enjoys a very robust order book.
SBI  Despite being the largest bank of India, SBI is growing at a high rate which is commendable. Its loan growth is likely to
remain healthy with improving core operating performance and stable net interest margins. Successful merger of associate
banks could provide further upside for the parent bank. The asset quality of the bank would remain a key monitorable.
Sintex Industries  A key player in the plastic specialties space, Sintex Industries has a diverse business model with presence in construction,
prefabs, custom moulding and textile businesses. Being a pioneer in the monolithic construction technique, it is
witnessing a strong traction in the order inflow for this division. Given the need for affordable housing, we expect
its order book to remain buoyant in the future. With presence in exciting growth businesses, its revenues and profits
are expected to post a CAGR of 22.0% and 27.6% respectively over FY2011-13E.

TGBL  Over the past few years, Tata Global Beverage Ltd (TGBL, formerly Tata Tea) has transformed its focus from being
a mere tea and coffee company to a complete beverage maker. The recent addition of “Mount Everest” mineral water
and ready-to-drink beverage “T!ON” to its product portfolio coupled with its tie-up with Pepsico Inc for making
a mark in the non-carbonated beverage space are likely to add new growth drivers for the company in the long run.
Its intention to acquire companies in the US, Europe and Russia also augurs well to enhance its geographical footprint.

Wipro  Wipro is one of the leading Indian IT service companies. The company has lagged the other IT biggies in terms of
performance. With the sudden change in leadership and under-performance in terms of financials, the stock performance
could be under pressure in the near term.
Emerging Star
3i Infotech  3i Infotech offers software products and solutions to the banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector. The
growth has slowed down due to slump in its cheque processing business in the USA which is expected to revive by
early 2012. However, we remain positive on the long-term prospects with news flow relating to ICICI stake sale being
one of the key triggers. Moreover, the company is taking the necessary steps to de-leverage its balance sheet.
Allied Digital  The company is a leading player in the fast-growing remote infrastructure management service. ADSL continues to
show strong quarterly performance with better execution of orders coupled with higher RIMS revenues that helped
maintain the margins. ADSL has announced a few strategic tie-ups with technology OEMs which strengthens its
position in the RIMS space.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 54 February 2011


Axis Bank  Over the last few years, Axis Bank has grown its balance sheet aggressively. Notably, the bank has maintained a delicate
balance between aggressive balance sheet growth and profitability. Besides the core banking business, the bank plans
to foray into the asset management business. We expect the quality of its earnings to improve as the proportion of
fee income goes up.
Cadila  Cadila's improving performance in the US generic vertical and emerging markets along with steady progress in
CRAMS space enrich its growth visibility. With key subsidiaries turning profitable and aggressive take on Para IV
filings, the company is all set to harvest the fruits of its long-term investments.
EMCO  A leading player in the transformer space, Emco is fast emerging as an end-to-end player in the power transmission
and distribution (T&D) space. Furthermore, its new business initiative (coal mining) could be value accretive in the
future. However, recently there have been growing concerns on falling realisations of its transformers segment and
cost over-runs in its T&D project space.
Eros Intl Media  Eros is one of the largest integrated film studios in India with multi-platform revenue streams and a well-established
distribution network across the globe. With its proven track record, de-risked business model and aggressive ramp-
up plans, we believe the company is well poised to gain from the rising discretionary spending on film entertainment
driven by the country’s favourable demographics. Thus, EIML is a compelling value play on the Indian media and
entertainment industry.
Greaves Cotton  Greaves Cotton is a midsize and well-diversified engineering company. The Company’s core competencies are in Diesel/
Petrol engines, Power Gensets, Agro engines & pumpsets (Engines segment) and Construction Equipment
(Infrastructure equipment segment). The engine business accounts for ~85% of the company’s revenue, while the rest
comes from infrastructure equipment. With strong growth in sales of automotive engines and expected revival in the
construction equipment sales, we expect the company to post a robust CAGR of 50.6% in profits over FY2009-12.
IL&FS Trans  ITNL is India’s largest player in the BOT road segment with a pan-India presence and a diverse project portfolio. The
fair mix of annuity and toll projects, and state and NHAI projects along with the geographical diversification across
12 states reduces the risk to a large extent and provides comfort. Further, a strong pedigree along with the outsourcing
of civil construction activity helps ITNL to scale up its portfolio faster. Thus, it is well equipped to capitalise on the
huge and growing opportunity in the road infrastructure sector.
IRB Infra  IRB is the largest toll road BOT player in India and the second largest BOT operator in the country with all its projects
being toll based. It has an integrated business model with an in-house construction arm which provides a competitive
advantage in bidding for the larger projects and captures the entire value from the BOT asset. Further, it has a profitable
portfolio as majority of its operational projects have become debt-free and it has presence in high-growth corridors
which provides healthy cash flow. Thus, IRB is well poised to benefit from the huge opportunity in the road
development projects on the back of its proven execution capability and the scale of its operations.
Max India  Max India is a unique investment opportunity providing direct exposure to two sunrise industries of insurance and
healthcare services. Max New York Life, its life insurance subsidiary, is among the leading private sector players, has
gained the critical mass and enjoys some of the best operating parameters in the industry. With insurance penetration
picking up in India and with the company entering into a tie up with Axis Bank we expect to see a healthy growth
in the company’s annual premium equivalent (APE) going ahead.
Opto Circuits  A leading player in manufacturing medical equipment like sensors and patient monitors, Opto Circuits has diversified
into invasive space, supplying stents for medical use. A lower cost base and an attractive pricing strategy have enabled
the company's stents to gain acceptance globally. A steady growth in the non-invasive segment and increasing
acceptance of DIOR, a revolutionary cardiac balloon, in Europe would also drive its growth. The Criticare acquisition
has further enabled it to diversify into gas monitoring system and strengthen its position in the USA. The Cardiac
Lifesciences acquisition could put the margins under pressure in the near term.
Patels Airtemp  Patels Airtemp, a manufacturer of heat transfer technology products, would benefit immensely from the strong boom
in its user industries, particularly oil and gas, refineries and power. It currently has a strong order book of Rs72 crore
while the order inflow is expected to remain steady in the next two years as well.
Thermax  The energy and environment businesses of Thermax are set to benefit from a continuing rise in India Inc's capex. Its
order book stands at Rs6,354 crore, which is 2x its FY2010 revenue. We are positive on its recent entry into super-
critical boilers, its diversified sector exposure and robust order inflow outlook from the power sector.
Zydus Wellness  Zydus Wellness owns three high growth brands, Nutralite, Sugar free and Ever Yuth in the niche health and wellness
segment. The company focuses on rampant growth by increasing the distribution of existing products, scaling up
the existing product portfolio through variants and new product launches leveraging the three brands. Also, the tax
benefit from the new facility would aid in a strong bottom line growth in the coming years. Thus, we expect the
company’s profit to register a strong CAGR of 32% over FY2010-13E.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 55 February 2011


Yes Bank  Yes Bank, a new generation private bank, started its operations in November 2004 and is the only greenfield bank
approved by the RBI in the last decade. The bank is promoted by Rana Kapoor and Ashok Kapur. Yes Bank follows
a unique business model based on knowledge banking, which offers product depth and a sustainable competitive
edge over established banking players. Knowledge led banking also enables the bank to generate strong fee income,
which eventually translates into higher return ratios.
Ugly Duckling

Ashok Leyland  Ashok Leyland, the second largest commercial vehicle manufacturer in India, is a fair play on the current strong
demand environment in the CV segment. With a strong macroeconomic recovery, the company is the key beneficiary
in the uptick in commercial vehicle business. Moreover, the new greenfield facility in Pantnagar in Uttaranchal, which
started commercial production in March 2010, will provide strategic cost benefits to the company going forward.
We expect the company to post a robust CAGR of 27.4% in profits over FY2010-14.

BASF India  BASF India is set to benefit from the changing demographics and the resulting consumption boom in India. The company
is building a 9,000TPA engineering plastics compounding plant at its existing Thane facility. The company is likely to
benefit from the new capacity addition that would help it cater to the demand from user industries like automobile,
construction, white goods, home furnishing and paper.
Deepak Fert  DFPCL manufactures and supplies industrial chemicals and ANP fertilisers. With the chemical prices stabilising, the
revenue and margin of the company is expected to expand in the future. Its new technical ammonium nitrate (TAN)
plant has commenced operations in September 2010. We believe, this will contribute significantly to the company’s
top line as well as bottom line going forward.
Federal Bank  Federal Bank is the fourth largest private sector bank in India in terms of asset size and has traditionally been a strong
player in south India especially Kerala. The bank is expected to witness an improvement in its RoE due to leveraging
of its equity and easing of cyclical asset-quality pressures.
Gayatri Proj  Gayatri Projects is a Hyderabad-based infrastructure company with very strong presence in irrigation and road
businesses. The order book stands at Rs8,000 crore, 6.4x FY2010 revenue, as 40% of the order book is comprised
of irrigation projects in Andhra Pradesh (AP) where execution is very slow. It is also setting up a 1320MW power
plant in Andhra Pradesh, which has already achieved financial closure in August 2010. We believe the execution in
AP will pick up in FY2012. Further, we feel the company has potential to transform itself into a bigger player and
expects its net profit to grow at a CAGR of 44% over FY2010-12.

Genus Power  Genus, India's leading electric meter making company, is all set to reap the benefits of APDRP’s initiatives like 100%
metering programme and replacement of mechanical meters with electronic meters. Given its strong order book, the
huge opportunity in its chosen niche space and its proven execution capabilities, we believe that Genus can sustain
~20% growth rate in the foreseeable future.

India Cements  India Cements’ present cement capacity of 14MMT is likely to reach 16MMT by H2FY2011. The capacity addition
will lead to volume growth and drive the earnings of the compnay. The company is also setting up a 100MW captive
power plant, which is expected to come on-stream by March 2011. However, we expect the OPM and profitability
to contract in FY2011 due to severe pressure on cement realisation in southern India.

Ipca Lab  A well-known name in the domestic formulation space, Ipca has successfully capitalised on its inherent strength in
producing low-cost APIs to tap the export markets. The company's ongoing efforts in the branded promotional
business in the emerging economies, revival in the UK operations, pan-European initiatives and a significant scale-
up in the US business will drive its formulation exports. The Indore SEZ approval is likely to be the next trigger.
ISMT  A leading maker of seamless tubes, ISMT is likely to benefit from improving demand in its traditional user industries
like automobile and mining. It would also gain from efforts taken to expand its product offerings and increasing the
size of addressable market by penetrating into energy and oil exploration sectors. It is also set to gain from lower power
cost with its captive power plant coming into operations in Q4FY2011. We expect the profit to grow at a CAGR of
49% over FY2010-12E.
Jaiprakash Asso  Jaiprakash Associates, India's leading cement and construction company, is all set to reap the benefits of India's
infrastructure spending. The company has also monetised very well on the real estate properties of Yamuna
Expressway. Moreover, the marked improvement in macro environment has improved accessibility to capital and
thus eased the concerns of liquidity to some extent. However, higher leverage could act as drag on the valuation.
JB Chemicals  JBCPL has carved a niche for itself in the OTC space and is morphing from a company focused on Russia to the one
that is entering newer growth areas. The focus on building a brand in the OTC market will boost the growth of the
company’s export division whereas the ramp-up in the domestic segment would lead to a robust growth in medium
to long term. The monetisation of a large number of product registrations in the OTC space and the foray in the USA
and European Union markets with at least two to three product launches in FY2011 along with the potential CRAMS
opportunity will drive the growth in the long term.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 56 February 2011


KKCL  KKCL is a branded apparel play with four brands in its kitty. Killer, its flagship denim brand, has created a niche space
in the minds of consumers. With a gross market turnover of approximately Rs145 crore, Killer is ahead of its rival-
-Spykar. We believe that a strong brand profile, a disciplined management and a consistent track record coupled with
a robust balance sheet position (cash on books at Rs97 a share) puts KKCL in a sweet spot.
NIIT Tech  With its strong domain expertise in a few niche verticals and competitive advantage in terms of significant contribution
from its non-linear initiatives, NIIT Technologies is well placed to benefit from the overall improvement in the demand
environment. Consequently, we expect the company to show a steady growth of 19% CAGR in its net profit over
FY2010-13. Moreover, the company has healthy cash on the books with minimal debt which leaves scope for further
acceleration in growth through inorganic initiatives and act as another re-rating trigger for the stock.
Orbit Corp  Given its unique business model, Orbit is expected to cash in the massive re-development opportunities in southern and
central Mumbai. The company has shown marked pick-up in volume in the recent past. Further, it plans to launch atleast
one project every quarter which would ensure steady cash flow going ahead.
PNB  Punjab National bank (PNB) has one of the best deposit mixes in the banking space with low-cost deposits constituting
around 39% of its total deposits that helps it maintain one of the highest margins in the sector . A strong liability
franchise and technology focus will help the bank boost its core lending operations and fee income related businesses.
Polaris  Polaris Software Lab (Polaris) is one of the few integrated midcap IT companies having a strong foothold in the BFSI
vertical and having offerings in both, the services and solutions segments. We expect a compounded annual growth
of 22% in its earnings over FY2010-13. Notwithstanding the overhang of the stake sale by Citigroup, the current
valuation offers a highly favourable risk-reward ratio.
Pratibha Ind  Pratibha Industries is a dominant player in water & irrigation and urban infrastructure space. The company’s
backward integration into making HSAW pipes has enabled it to bid for pipeline related projects at competitive prices.
It has also diversified into other high-margin areas like road BOT, power and oil & gas. The current order book stands
at Rs3,607 crore (excluding orders relating to its BOT projects), which is 3.6x its FY2010 revenues. Given the government
thrust on development in these segments, we expect the PAT to post a CAGR of 37% over FY2010-12.
Provogue India  Provogue India is a strong bet to play the up-cycle in the discretionary consumption space. The company’s core
business—fashion apparels—is set to benefit from the revival in consumption demand. Further, its subsidiary
Prozone, which is developing multipurpose infrastructure in tier II cities with a well-funded balance sheet and good
portfolio of land bank, has started delivering properties from the current year, with the first mall at Aurangabad
becoming operational in October 2010.
Ratnamani Metals  Ratnamani Metals and Tubes is the largest stainless steel tubes and pipes maker in India. In spite of the challenging
business environment due to increasing competition, we believe the stock is attractively valued at a discount of ~34%
to the average of large pipe players due to lower scale of operations. We believe with the increasing order backlog of
the EPC contractors, the order inflow visibility is set to improve going forward.
Selan Exploration  Selan is an oil exploration & production company with five oil fields in the oil rich Cambay Basin off Gujarat. The
initiatives taken to develop and monetise the oil reserves in its Bakrol and Lohar oil fields are likely to significantly
ramp up the production capacity and lead to re-rating of the stock.
Shiv-vani  The company is the largest on-shore oil exploration service provider in the domestic market. Its strong order book of
Rs3,000 crore, which is 2.4x its FY2010 revenues, provides great visibility to its revenues for more than two years. The
earnings are estimated to show a compounded average growth rate (CAGR) of 21% during FY2010-12E.
Subros  Subros is the largest integrated manufacturer of automobile air conditioning systems in India. It is expected to be the
prime beneficiary of the buoyancy in the passenger car segment led by its key clients Maruti Suzuki, Tata Motors and
Mahindra & Mahindra.
Sun Pharma  With a stronghold in the domestic formulation market, Sun Pharma has become an aggressive participant in the Para
IV patent challenge space. Along with the exclusivities in the USA, the recent completion of the Taro acquisition has
provided the much-needed boost to the stock. With most of the potential bad news (relating to Caraco) already priced
in, we do not expect any significant de-rating ahead. The integration of Taro and Para IV approvals would act as re-
rating factors for the stock.
Torrent Pharma  A well-known name in the domestic formulation market, Torrent has been investing in expanding its international
presence. With the investment phase now over, Torrent should start gaining from its international operations in
Russia and Brazil. The impending turnaround of its German acquisition, Heumann, will also drive the profitability
of the company.

UltraTech Cement  Due to the amalgamation of Samruddhi Cement (the cement business of Grasim Industries) into UltraTech Cement,
the latter has emerged as India’s largest cement company with approximately 52 million tonne cement capacity.
UltraTech Cement is likely to benefit from the likely improvement in its market mix. Ramping-up of new capacity and
savings accruing from new captive power plants will improve the company’s cost efficiency.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 57 February 2011


United Phos  A leading global producer of crop protection products, intermediates, specialty chemicals and other industrial
chemicals, United Phosphorus has presence across value-added agricultural inputs ranging from seeds to crop
protection products and post-harvest activities. A diversified product portfolio, a strong distribution network and
presence across geographies along with its inorganic growth plan, make United Phosphorus a good investment play
in the agro-chemical space.

UBI  Union Bank has a strong branch network and an all-India presence. With strong return ratios and stable performance
in terms of various operating parameters, the bank is a good investment play.

V Guard Ind  V-Guard Industries is an established brand in the electrical and household goods space, particularly in South India.
Over the years, it has successfully ramped up its operation and network to become a multi-product company. The
company has recently also forayed into non-South India and is particularly focusing on the tier-II and III cities where
there is a lot of pent-up demand for its products. We expect VGI to more than double its net revenues and earnings
over FY2010-12.
Vultures’s Pick

Mahindra Lifespace  The company is the first in India to own two integrated business cities (IBC; which is a combination of SEZ and domestic
area)—one in Chennai and the other at Jaipur and both have become operational. Further, it has acquired land at
Pune and Chennai to come up with two more IBCs. Apart, it has 7.2mn sq ft of residential and commercial projects
under construction across various cities. Consequently, we expect the company's stand-alone net profit to grow at
a CAGR of 28% over FY2010-12.

Orient Paper  Orient Paper has increased its cement capacity from 3.4 million tonne to 5 million tonne along with a 50MW captive
power plant to save on the power front. We believe, the company will be able to deliver impressive volume growth
in FY2011 due to commissioning of the new capacity. Further, change in its market mix in favour of western region
compared to southern region augurs well for the company. However, the disappointing performance of its paper
division and decline in the cement prices will be the key concerns.

Tata Chemicals  With a combined capacity of 5.5MMTPA Tata Chemicals is the second largest soda ash producer in the world. By
acquiring controlling stake in Rallis India, Tata Chemicals has increased its presence in the agri-business. The company
is all set to expand its agri-business portfolio with the introduction of specialty fertilisers and setting up a green field
urea plant.The regulatory changes in the fertiliser industry is further likely to benefit the company.

Unity Infra  With a well-diversified order book, Unity Infrastructure is expected to be the key beneficiary of the government's thrust
on infrastructure spending. The order book remains strong—at Rs3,814 crore, which is 2.6x its FY2010 revenues.
We expect its top line to post a CAGR of 25% on the back of a strong order book during FY2010-12. Further, it
plans to enter new segments like power and road BOT projects.
Allahabad Bank  With a wide network of over 2,200 branches spread across India, Allahabad Bank enjoys a strong hold in north and
east India. With an average RoE of ~19% during FY2010-12E, coupled with improving asset quality trends the bank
is one of the stronger players in the public sector space.
Andhra Bank  Andhra Bank, with a wide network of over 1,200 branches across the country, has a strong presence in south India especially
in Andhra Pradesh. With an average RoE of approximately 24% during FY2010-12E, the bank is available at an attractive
IDBI Bank  IDBI Bank is one of leading public sector banks of India. The bank is expected to improve its core performance significantly,
which is likely to reflect in the form of better margins and return ratios. Furthermore, the recently received capital assistance
from the government would fuel business growth going forward. Moreover, a huge investment portfolio adds substantial
value to the bank.
Madras Cement  Madras Cement, one of the most cost-efficient cement producers in India, will benefit from capacity addition carried
out by it ahead of its peers in the southern region. The 3 million tonne expansion will provide the much-needed volume
growth in the future. However, poor regional demand and much higher pressure on realisation due to upcoming
capacities will see the company post de-growth in FY2011 earnings estimates.
Phillips Carbon  Phillips Carbon Black Ltd, a leading carbon black manufacturer in India, is one of the key beneficiaries of the revival
seen in the domestic tyre industry. The company also generates substantial revenue from the sale of surplus power
in the open market after meeting its captive demand. The surplus power sale is likely to be a major positive impact
on its earnings. Consequently, we expect the company to report significant improvement in its financial performance
over the next two years.
Shree Cement  The company’s cement grinding capacity currently stands at 12 million tonne and is expected to go up further to
13.5MMT by the end of FY2011. Additionally, the company is also setting up a 300MW power plant entirely for
merchant sale, which is expected to come on-stream by FY2012. Thus, volume growth of the cement division and
the additional revenue accruing from the sale of surplus power will drive the earnings of the company.

Sharekhan ValueGuide 58 February 2011

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6537415; Mr. Viresh Chandrakant Thakkar, 9998816142; Mr. Laukik Jitendra Tripathi, 9824630526; Mr. Nimit R Desai, 9898714398; Ms. Mrunaliben Prafulbhai Patel, 9879203996.  Vadtal: Mr. Mishankkumar
Vasantbhai patel, 2589572; Mr. Mehulkumar Jatinbhai Shah, 9898341352; Mr. Maitrik Kiranbhai Patel, 9998977818.  Vadtal: Mr. Arpan Parikh, 9979476697;  Valsad: Mr.Kaushal C. Gandhi, 243636; Mr.
Amin Ramju Sameja, 253720;  Vapi: Mr. Ravindra Baburao Khare, 9825208866.  Visavadar: Mr. Akash Asheshbhai Ribadiya, 9898181789.  Visnagar: Mr.Patel Bharat Haribhai /Mr.Nareshbhai Girdharbhai,
220028; Mr. Govind Maganlal Patel, 223294.  Vyara: Mr. Hitesh Kalani, 222997.  Zalod: Mr. Nileshkumar Narayanlal Kalal, 224118. HARYANA  Ambala: Mrs.Aruna Yadav, 2691014; Mr. Ajit Singh Dogra,
2670375; Mr. Priyank Jain, 2443020; Mr. Amit Mishra, 6990248.  Assandh: Mrs. Ruchi Jain, 9215588817.  Baghanki: Mr. Satya Prakash, 4238405;  Batindha: Mr. Mukesh Garg, 2221914.  Faridabad:
Mr. Subhas Chand Jain / Mr. Anilkumar Jain, 4004191; Mr. Dheeraj Kant, 9911798871; Mr. Vikas Kumar Ahuja, 2212400.  Farrukhnagar: Mr. Love Jain, 9873335670.  Fatehabad: Mr. Parmender Malik,
9416499086;  Gurgaon: Mrs. Harsha Mangla, 3222911; Mr. Nikhil Dangi, 3270581; Mr. Love Jain, 4063785; Mr. Tarun Kumar Gupta, 9911598576.  Hansi: Mr. Narender Prajapati, 3071516; Mr. Surendra
Kumar Kaushik, 4304118.  Hisar: Mr. Dipender Malik, 9416926662;  Karnal: Mr. Manish Aggarwal, 4032675; Mrs. Sarika Jindal/Mr. Naveen Kumar, 245665.  Khanna: Mr.Rajeev Garg, 503591;  Kundli:
Mr. Dinesh Kumar Bansal, 2372073;  Ladwa: Mr.Rohit Kumar, 9896485864;  Pinjore: Mr. Chander Bhan, 2447790.  Radaur: Mr. Joginder Kumar, 274014.  Rajpura: Mr. Gulshan Khurana, 223101.  Rewari:
Mr.Akhilesh Kaushik, 224633;  Rohtak: Mr. Azad Singh, 9255476147.  Samalkha: Mr. Ashok Kumar, 6499793.  Sonipat: Mr Sanjeev Gupta, 2243898; Mr.Ravinder Suresh Kumar, 6452238.  Yamunanagar:
Ms. Neeru Arora, 260432. HIMACHAL PRADESH  Hamirpur: Ms.Promila Devi, 224066;  Shimla: Mr. Raj Kumar, 6450682; JAMMU & KASHMIR  Jammu: Mr. Ajay Kapoor, 2574145; Ms. Laxie Kapoor / Mr. Ajay
Kapoor, 21073341; Mr. Ajay Kapoor, 2107722/6421; Mr. Ajay Kapoor, 9419193526;  Kathua: Mr. Rakesh Kumar, 232577.  Srinagar: Mr. Irshad Mushtaq Zarqoop, 2485730.  Udhampur: Mr. Ajay Kapoor, 202458/
59. JHARKHAND  Bokaro Steel City: Mr. Mihir Kumar Jha, 231087;  Chakulia: Mr. Prabhat Kumar Lodha, 233393;  Dhanbad: Mr. Dhiraj, 2301714; Mr. Kalicaran Paul, 9334350164;  Jamshedpur: Mr.P.Srinivas
Rao, 2321686; Mr. Dilip Agarwal, 2320019; Mr.Dilip Kumar Agarwal, 2423015; Mr. Dinesh Ahuja, 2290640; Mrs. Jayshree Vyas, 9304973177; Mr. Navin Kumar Thaker, 275191; Mr. Sunil Kumar Singh, 2441182;
Mr. Dilip Kumar Gupta, 2201533; Mr. Raman Kumar Singh, 9835758595.  Pakur: Mr. Tripurari Kumar Pandey, 9334922789.  Ramgarh: Mr. Rajeev Murarka, 230710;  Ranchi: Mr. Pravin Murarka. / Mr. Rajiv
Murarka, 2208205; Mr. Subinoy Banerjee, 3295162; Mr. Rajeev Murarka, 2242684;  Sahibganj: Mr. Naiyarul Islam, 278911. KARNATAKA  Athani: Mr. Raju Doulat Atpadikar, 292020.  Bagalkot: Mr. Ramesh
Teekappa Yalawar, 233706.  Bangalore: Mr. Raghupathi Bhai, 41674396; Mr. B. G. Anirudh., 26560931; Mr. Nagendra Gupta Prashanth, 26522725; Mr. Malar Anand, 23548398 ; Mr. Malar Anand, 41757016
; Mr. Chandrashekhar B., 22274353; Mr. Kishore Srinivasa Murthy, 41285784; Mr. Siddarame Gowda, 65731320; Ms.Lakshmi S. Sundar, 41279779; Mr. Pankaj Bafna / Bhavesh Mehta, 23445136; Mr. Vinod Mahajan,
Sharekhan Partners
32002235; Mr. Aswin Babu, 26791414; Mr. Subbiah Ganesh Valliappa, 04622552199; Mr. Vamana Prabhu R, 41744272; Mr. Varun Pratap Singh Chauhan, 41643756; Mr. Govardhan Lakshminarayan Thapsi,
41526047; Mr. Naveen kumar S U, 23147609; Mrs. Naina Patawari, 23218144 ; Mr.Vinod Kumar Mahajan, 9448411212; Mrs.Srivanitha Subbarao, 23465807; Mr.Dayananda Shayana, 9886377371;Mr.
Purushotham Channd Gowda, 9845187119; Mr. Jonak Gupta, 64531562/63; Mr. T P Ravi, 23461990; Mr. Bharath Rajathadripura Narasimhaswamy, 40975568 ; Mr. Mr. Prakash A Bijali, 9845652421; Mr. Nidhin
Vijayan Nabiar, 65791130; Mr. Dayananda Ariyur Mahadevaiah, 26764738; Mr. T K Krishnakanth, 9901065308; Mrs. Veena Vinayak, 9886796237; Mr. Ranjeet Menon/Mrs.Rajeswary Menon/Ms. Julie Thomas,
9880360360; Mr. Sanjeev A, 25583721; Ramkrishna Securities, 9739996412; Mr. Justine P M, 9845915543; Mr. Sunil Jacob / Mr. Anil Jacob, 25714772; Mr. Manjunath B H, 9632219074; Mr. Siddarame Gowda,
23217497; Mr. Smruti Ranjan Dash, 41306846, Mr. Melanahalli Bhyrappa Manjunatha, 40946432.  Bellary: Mr. Prashant Kumar H, 272209;  Belgaum: Mr. Sameer / Mr. Chandrakant Anvekar, 2427077; Mr.
Prashanth Munkur Mangaraj, 23126852.  Chintamani: Mr. Vinod Mahajan/Mr. Gopinath N A, 9343801223/9886063855.  Davangere: Mr. Raju Chilukuri, 234446; Mr. Giriprasad M K, 254288;  Dharwad:
Mr. Avinash Mehta, 2747808;  Gadag: Mr. Vivek H Kulkarni, 656946;  Gulbarga: Mr Jaganathreddy Girareddy Sherikar, 9886444521;  Hubli: Ms. Nanda Virupax Umarani, 4256666; Mrs. Bharti Shrinivasa
Bhat, 2237773; Mr. Prashant Gudisagar, 9916014139;  Karwar: Mr. Uttam Maruti Pavaskar, 229108;  Kolar: Ms. Sumar M R, 286535.  Kundapur: Mr. Vittaldas Prabhu, 234855.  Malleshwaram: Mr. M.I.S.
Iyengar, 23565041;  Mangalore: Mr. Pradeep Rao / Mr. Girish Revankar, 2441318; Mr. Shrikrishna Bhat, 6513561;  Manipal: Mr. P Gurudas Shenoy, 2574505, Mr. Vittaldas Prabhu, 2574505.  Moodbidri: Mr.
Syed Nayaz, 9742352890.  Mysore: Mr. Dinesh Bhansali / Mr. Vijayraj, 4262374; Mrs. Roopa K S, 9481815287.  Sagar: Mr. H. V. Ramamurthy, 220055;  Shimoga: Mr. Pankaj Baid, 9880598895.  Sira:
Mr. Nagesh T V, 9008561777.  Sirsi: Mr. Santosh Sharma, 266204;  Tumkur: Mrs. K N Hema, 2254299.  Udupi: Mr. Anantha Nayak, 2584663;  Vijaynagar: Mr. Gnaneshwara N / Mr. Ramamurthy B,
41515376. KERALA  Alleppey: Mr. Ajith kumar R.N., 2263636;  Calicut: Mr. Jijeesh kumar .P.G, 2741962; Mr. Vasudevan M. P., 2377006; Mr. K Mahesh Kumar, 6453221; Mr.Remmy Padmanabhan Palolickal,
2369379; Mr. Viswajith Puliyathadath, 3292761;  Chalakudy: Mr N.K.Shiju, 2706898;  Changaramkulam: Ms. Raiza Mohamed, 9744096530.  Ernakulam: Mr. P V Santosh Kumar, 353875; Mr Sinil U S,
4062093; Mr. Cherian Manamel Ninan, 353432/3258973; Mrs. Leena George, 4038398; Mr. Venkatraman V/Mr. Samuel N M/Mr. Joji Joseph, 4061369.  Irinialakuda: Mr. Pradeep Thommana Devassy,
9946242003.  Kannur: Mr. Jose Joseph, 2701250;  Kasaragod: Mr. Krishna Kishore, 225748;  Kochi: Mr. Cherian M. Ninan / Philp, 2369280; Mrs. Noby.P.Kuriakose, 2376676; Mr.Rakesh Menon, 2313306.
 Kodungallur: Mr. Arun David Poruthukkaran Rappai, 2810147.  Kollam: Mr. Soosamma Pathrose, 2399500; Mr. Shibu Raghavan, 2503244; Mr. Midhun S, 2749946; Mr. Mathew C S, 2482122.  Kothamangalam:
Ms. Sainudeen K M, 9544123080;  Kottayam: Mr.Ajith V.Karthikeyan, 9447888880;  Mannarkkad: Mr. Junhas K P, 223467;  Manjapra: Mr. Baby John, 9656784749;  Ottapalam: Mr. Sunil Kumar P K, 2243146;
 Pala: Mr. Mathews Joseph, 221028;  Palakkad: Mr. Suresh Babu, 2356507;  Pavaratty: Mr. Abhilash Ramanathan, 2645372.  Payyanur: Mr. Anilkumar Padinhattayil / Mr. Somy Jose, 9961739054. 
Perinthalmanna: Mr. Narayanan Purayannur, 396839;  Thalassery: Mr.P.Govindan Kutty, 2327150;  Thiruvalla: Mr. Jacob Varkey, 3248120;  Thrissur: Mr. T R Gangadharan, 2605877; Mr. Shinto Sunny,
2426683; Mr. K Venugopal, 2402475; Ms. Smitha Sadanandan, 9895977407; Mrs. Lisha Pradeep, 2447542.  Thodupuzha: Mr. Venugopal M S, 222805;  Tirur: Mr. Surendran Patatil, 2125167;  Trivandrum:
Jose Varghese, 2445455; Mr. Salim Mohammed Haneefa, 2683687.  Wadakanchery: Mr. Jayaprakash K/Mr. V A Xavier, 235162. MADHYA PRADESH  Alirajpur: Mr. Dinesh Subashchandra Chowdhary, 233052.
 Balaghat: Mr. Manish Burade, 247341;  Betul: Mr. Vivek Agrawal, 233233.  Bhind: Mr. Ved Prakash Singh, 9301568011.  Bhopal: Mr.Sanjay Chauhan, 4287788; Mr. Mayank Naryani, 4224358; Mr. Praveen
Patidar, 9826023107; Mrs. Anju Jain, 4236046.  Burhanpur: Mr. Ravindra R Aswani, 400185; Mr. Dushyant Arora, 401006; Mr. Vijay Gidwani, 9893567337.  Chhindwara: Mr. Sanket Chouksey, 236104 
Chhatarpur: Mr. Kuldeep Agrawal, 244210.  Dewas: Mr. Kushal Pisal, 9827240089.  Dhar: Mr. Nilesh Prakash Jain, 9981877638;  Gwalior: Mr. Mayank Khandelwal, 4029490;  Ichhawar: Mr. Manish Kumar,
274556.  Indore: Mr. Hemant Mulchandani, 2543755; Mr. Ankush Shrimal, 9993788875; Mr. Pravin Premnarayan Patidar, 4062469; Mr. Sanjay Kashyap, 4222454.  Jabalpur: Mrs.Rolly Bardia / Mr. Saurabh
Bardia, 4007775; Mr.Ashish Kumar Jain, Mr.Vivek Kumar Tamrakar, Mr.Vittal Rao Pottey, 4035112; Mr. Narsingh Kesharwani, 4071640.  Katni: Mr. Amit Jain, 401892;  Khandwa: Mr.Dilip Kumar Thadhani,
2221210;  Mandsaur: Mr. Anuj Agrawal, 400025.  Malanjkhand: Mr. Rajendra Nema, 257810;  Mhow: Mr. Mohd Sageer Mansuri, 9826799430.  Morena: Mr.Naval Agrawal, 250003;  Nagda: Mr. Pavan
Banka, 246320;  Neemuch: Mr. Kapil Balani, 225891;  Rajgarh Biaora: Mr. Hemant Jayswal, 9303734640.  Ratlam: Mr. Dhirendra Bhartiya / Mr. Ritesh Bafna, 400558;  Rewa: Mr.Rajneesh Gupta, 253417;
Mr. Praveer Singh, 232671.  Shahdol: Mr. Vivek Rawat/Mr. Anil Shrivastava, 9039664437.  Satna: Mr. Kuldeep Jaiswal, 224747; Mr.Ajay Sukhdani, 416844;  Sagar: Mr. Saket Jain, 238760.  Seoni: Mr.Mukesh
Garhewal, 222601;  Singrauli: Mr.Tejinder Singh, 267606.  Ujjain: Mr.Gaurav Surya, 2520708. MAHARASHTRA  Ahmednagar: Mr. Amit Sampatlal Khabiya, 2411667; Mr. Dattatraya Maruti Gabhale, 223341;
Mr. Suresh Tathe, 2544004/ 2347015; Mrs. Vijaya Sushil Mutha, 2323163; Mr.Shrenik Sureshlal Bhalgat, 230110; Mr. Ashutosh Vijaykumar Sonar, 2470800/2470464; Mr. Satiskumar Walke/ Mr. Deepak Dhadiwal/
Mr. Sunil Adsul, 2411005; Mr. Shivaji Kondiba Bandgar, 2451718; Mr. Mukund Suresh Borade, 6611011;  Akkalkot: Mr. Ravindra Arjun Chavan, 9850832115; Mr. Ganesh Prakash Surana, 2342871.  Akluj: Mr.
Rajendra Murlidhar Mogali, 225652; Ms. Manali Gandhi, 225620.  Akola: Mr. Amit Radheshyam Murarka, 2430781.  Amalner: Mr. Satish Khanderia, 224089;  Ambejogai: Mr. Sachin Bembade, 243043. 
Amgaon: Mr. Sanjay Chandrakumar Agrawal, 225999.  Amravati: Mr. Himanshu Surendra Bhuyar, 9970094242; Mr. Aashish B Laddha, 2572686.  Aurangabad: Mr. Kishor Soni, 2361240; Mr. Anand Kuril,
2363822; Mr. Jitendra Tejmal Burad, 2340800; Mr. Nilesh Kankaria, 6502601; Mr. Arif Akber Patel , 2471469;  Baramati: Mr. Kiran Sampatrao Sawant, 9822567641;  Barshi: Mr. Prashant Vijay Thakkar,
229137;  Bhandara : Mr. Amit Jayant Kavishwar / Shrikant Kale, 4560261; Mr. Jayesh C Vanerkar, 250498 ;  Bhilwadi: Mr. Abhijeet Jaypal Walvekar, 237272.  Bhusawal: Mr. Milind Vasant Chaudhari, 202312.
 Boisar: Mr. Imran N. Gilani, 324474.  Chinchwad: Mr.Sujay Sudhakar Kulkarni, 27614332; Mr. Prashant Shinde / Mr. Atul Deshmukh, 65103510; Mrs. Sanjana Mahadeo Magar, 46701141.  Dahiwadi: Mr.
Poornanand Ajitanand Jadhav, 220508.  Dhamangaon: Mr. Vivek Subhasrao Thakare, 251091.  Dhule: Mr. Jagdish Agarwal, 237576; Mr. Nitin Gokuldas Ahuja, 9657136680;  Gondia: Mr. Nimit Patel, 235113;
 Hinganghat: Mr. Mitesh M Joshi, 329200;  Ichalkaranji: Mr. Nilesh Kulkarni, 2439955;  Jalgaon: Mrs Mangala Kesharlal Bhadade, 2239346; Mr. Sachin Yewale, 9373550560;  Jalna: Mr. Gaurav Ramniwas
Kabra/Mr. Nitin Badrinarayan Agrawal, 9422216092.  Jaysingpur: Mr. Shrenik Ashokkumar Mangave, 229766.  Khapoli: Mr. Mukund Bembade, 262442; Mr. Pawan Rajendra Jakhotia, 9975817475. 
Khaperkheda: Mr. Naresh Ravindra Kahate, 268427.  Kirloskarwadi: Mr. Prashant Jayprakash Hake, 223324.  Khamgaon: Mr. Durgesh Nagorao Anokar, 202275.  Kolhapur: Mr. Ajay Anant Kulkarni, 6681138;
Mr. Arvind Savant, 2620224; Mr. Kamlesh Tarachand Oswal, 2541001; Mr. Shripad Vijay Deshpande, 2536609.  Latur: Mr.Mane Sudhir Vishwanathrao, 251053; Mr. Ramesh Deshmukh, 253510.  Lonavala:
Mr. Tahir Aziz Shaikh, 274602.  Mahad: Mr. Nadeem Nizamuddin Juwle, 223238/9.  Mahud: Ms. Sangita Pandurang Kadam, 246933.  Malkapur: Mr. Jitendra Tejmal Burad, 225226.  Manjri: Mr. Raju Bonal,
66784870.  Miraj: Mr. Swapnil Prakash Mane, 9960866569.  Nagpur: Mr. Amit Jayant Kavishwar / Ashok Narayan Alkari, 2222325; Mr. Hermahendrasingh Gulabrai Hura, 3256272; Mr. Radheshyam Taori,
2722360 ; Mr.Atul Gopalrao Saraf, 6455320; Mr. Pankaj Bhavnani, 2766033 ; Mr. Sanjay Jain, 2733 858 ; Mr. Pramod Kumar Bagdi, 2723487 ; Mr. Sushil Parakh, 2525584; Mr. Samit Thakkar, 6617009 ; Mr.
Vishal Asnani, 6615385; Mr. Anand Shandejamikar / Mr Gopal M. Wankhede, 5603583; Mr. Amit Jayant Kavishwar / Banarasi Agrawal, 9860608943; Mr. Amit Jayant Kavishwar, 9860608943; Mr. Amit Jayant
Kavishwar / Shridhar Tungar, 3956408; Mr. Chandmal Surana, 9326945155; Mrs. Dipika Yogesh raja, 2778910; Mr.Kapil Suresh Thakkar, 2764021; Mr. Pradeep Santosh Dingwaney, 9325099504; Mrs. Priya
Ajit Pendharkar, 2283181; Mr. Himanshu Vijay Thakkar, 2535813; Mr. Rahul Milind Khasnis / Mr. Milind Wamanrao Khasnis, 3244611.  Nanded: Mr. Mahesh Shrichand Wadhwa, 242053; Mr. Balaji Ramrao
Hambarde, 9970439137.  Nandurbar: Mr. Dhruv Rameshchandra Agrawal, 250633.  Miraj: Mr. Amol Satyaling Mhetre, 2221341; Mr. Shaktimayee Sanjeeb Panda, 9970544999;  Nashik: Ms. Vinita Sandeep
Sinkar, 2506117; Mr. Pramod Vasant Kakad, 2454104; Mr. Chandan Hemnani, 3201539; Mr. Suyog Khandve, 2597942; Mr. Kailas Puranik, 3053277; Mr. Santosh Laxman Kothule, 2524195; Mr. Rohit Raman sagore,
2581951; Mr. Chetan S Pingale, 6610996; Mrs. Neelam Nemichand Jain, 3012727; Mr. Mustafa Dilawar Mansuri, 9373888897; Mr. Sagar B Pardeshi, 9225108631; Mr. Nilesh Fakirrao Bankar, 9922011015; Mr.
Prashant Alai, 9881742524; Mr Jayesh Prakash Vispute /Mr Ishwari manoj kadlag/ Ms Leena Vilas Khairnar, 2232666; Mr. Popat Hari Gunjal, 9867697965; Mr. Lalit Uttam Dangre, 2500731.  Omerga: Mr. Yelikar
Shafik Rajak/Pandit Santosh Bibhishan, 250101; Mr. Prashant Alai, 9881742524; Mr. Vishal Shantaram Bhusare, 9960048155.  Palghar: Mr. Girish Tilwani, 251684;  Palus: Mr. Prashant Hake, 228343. 
Pandharpur: Mr.Manoj Mohan Puranik, 3290925.  Parbhani: Mr. Mahesh Khake, 9422113882.  Parli Vaijnath: Mr. Vineesh Maroo, 225024.  Parner: Mr. Jitendra Shamrao Kale, 221392.  Phaltan: Mr. Ram
Chandradas Gunani, 222449;  Pune: Mr. Vashu Balani, 27414751; Mr. Gopal Harsule, 30223599 ; Mr.Nitin Chandrakant Kulkarni, 227922; Mr.Balvir Baldevraj Chawla, 46703108; Mr. M. Ramachandran, 27030823;
Mr. Mahendra Rasiklal Luniya, 30488136; Mr. Amit Ashok Ghatol / Mr. Saurabh Ghatol, 25510838; Mr. Suhas Bhalchandra Chatane, 26990406; Mr. Ketan Ashok Shah, 26331485; Mr. Samir Nandkumar Harnol,
27272858; Mr. Anil Tabib, 9822015488; Mr. Sachin Eknath Tapkir, 25280038; Mr. Aazam Shamsuddin Sayed, 40090314; Mr. Bhushan Kasar, 26633344; Mr. Arun Sooryakant Gandhi, 65251693; Mr. Krishnamachari
Iyengar, 24361136; Ms. Aarti ashok Mohire, 26056233; Mr Manish Ashok borkar, 9730021671; Mr. Bhushan Ratnakar Mahajan, 254520604; (1)Mr.Aditya Jayant Kopardekar.(2)Mr. Rupesh Subhashchandra
Paliwal.; Mr. Rajendra Mukund Mahajani/Mrs Suvarna Rajendra Mahajani/Mr. Nikhil rajendra Mahajani , 25431604/5/6, 25431610; Mr. Yogesh Prakash Pingle, 66021317; Mr. Jignesh Kanani / Mr. Yograj Patel,
24215821; Mrs. Aditi Abhijit Kulkarni, 26055242; Mr. Ketan Ashok Shah, 9860045140; Mr. Nitin Baban Bhosale, 66021301; Mr. Ketan Ravindra Renukar, 9370910555; Mrs. Gauri Pravin Kolhatkar, 9922500525;
Mrs. Varsha Sanjay Yadav, 66021301; Mrs. Priya Sandeep Edake, 66021301; Mr. Pawan Kumar Goenka/Ms. Rajeshree Goenka/Ms. Asma Shafi Moosa/Mr. Rajiv Raman Gangwani, 40077761;Ms. Priyanka Firodiya,
24478180; Mr. Nadimahmed Nisarahmed Shaikh, 9764553130; Mr. Shivanand S Kolanure, 9503125599; Mr. Amol Anand Mantri, 9860484539; Mr. Rakesh Sadanand Dalvi, 9890178977; Mr. Rahulkumar Gandhi,
24216102; Mr. Kumud Rahul Hirway, 9860153989; Mrs. Sarita Ravindrasingh Kushwaha, 9423201751.  Rahata: Mr. Atul Sahebrao Shinde, 242163.  Rahuri: Mr. Jagannath Warkhede, 9271553457; Salil Ashok
Kelkar / Mrs. Ashwini Vinayak Phadke, 9850990529.  Ris: Mr. Jayaram Shravan Kokane, 250264.  Ratnagiri: Mr Bharat Premji Patel, 227244.  Roha: Mr. Pramod Anant Mhaskar, 9271101382.  Sahada:
Mr. Naresh Lalchand Jain, 223529;  Sangamner: Mrs. Ujwala Chandrakant parakh, 221614;  Sangli: Mr. Rajesh Shah, 2326159; Mrs. Priyadarshani Kulbhushan Patil, 6957033; Mrs. Rajnandini Suryawanshi,
9764345469; Mr. Raju Doulat Atpadikar, 222037; Mr. Sunil Anaje, 9372652417.  Saswad: Mr. Sachin Mahadev Mhetre, 223429.  Satara: Mr. Sachin Sadashiv Divakar, 234286; Mr. Jaywant Shrirang Kadam/
Mr. Umesh Pandurang Kadam, 248588; Mr. Sadashiv Ramhari Bagal, 232080.  Sinnar: Mr. Rahul Ratnakar Gujarathi, 220412;  Solapur: Mr. Amit Suresh Dhupad, 3290925.  Talegaon: Mrs. Sharmila
Hrushikesh Ranadive, 645104.  Udgir: Mr. Narsan Reddy, 258711.  Umbraj: Mrs. Shital Sagar Mahamuni, 651696.  Varangaon: Mr. Yashwant Shambhudayal Chaurasiya, 263894.  Wardha: Mr. Utkarsh
Anand Shukla, 645023.  Wai: Mr. Pisal Ganesh Uttamrao, 227534;  Yeola: Mr.Nilesh P. Shrishrimal, 268137. MEGHALAYA  Shillong: Mr. Ravinder Singh, 9774082005; MIZORAM  Aizawl: Mr. Laldintluanga
Sailo, 232778. NEW DELHI  New Delhi: Mr. Tarun Bansal, 23288539; Mr. Balender Singh Negi, 40590739; Mr. Sunil Rana/ Mr. Jitendra Chawla, 42334416; Mr.Sunil Gambhir, 22373717; Mr. Kamalpreet Singh Ahuja,
42502527; Ms. Anita Mittal, 45588396/397; Mr. Vikash Jha, 9910600557; Mr. Rajiv Mehta, 30888835; Saurabh Shukla, 55186037 ; Mr.Sharad Jagnani, 27021170; Suneel Kumar, 27619582; Mr.Vimal Goel,
55857952; Mr. Arun Jain, 26931704; Mr Narendra Singh Uniyal/Mrs. Rekha Uniyal, 64608810; Mrs.Vineeta Agrawal/Sanjeev Agrawal, 29944010-17; Mr. Tilak raj, 47563277; Mr.Hemant Kumar, Mrs.Archana
Rani, 9810996998; Mr.Raman Kumar Jha, 45665244; Mrs.Sangeeta Sharma, 45049603; Mr. Mukesh Sharma., 47057628; Mr. Ashish Mangal, 22482797; Mr. Vivek Jain/ Mr. Sanjay Jain, 9210300005; Mr.
Vinay Kumar Gupta, 29990172; Mr. Syed Mohd Sajid, 26989105; Mr. Sunil Kumar Yadav, 9810560594; Mr. Ijesh Bedi, 27831055; Ms. Sudershana Rathee, 24108011; Mr. Mr. Pawan Kumar, 26535294; Mr.
Dhananjay, 9654104100; Mr. Deepak Sethi, 65062126; Mr. Ratish Ranjan Gupta, 25393512; Mr. Gaurav Jain / Mr. Bharat Bansal, 9899426848; Mr. Suresh Chandra Agrawal / Mrs. Rekha Agrawal / Mr. Nitin Agrawal
/ Mr. Anish Agrawal, 32412089; Mrs. Rashmi Kaistha Mahajan, 27377784; Mr. Gagan Kalra, 9811310421.  Narela: Mr. Mahavir Singh, 20461351; Mr. Bharat Kumar, 9289503312; Mr. Sanjeev Kumar, 22811168.
ORISSA  Angul: Mr. Deepak Roshan, 260224;  Bhubaneshwar: Mr. Ashok K Tripathy / Vaibhavi Bandekar / Ms Saroj Kr Mishra / Sonia Mohanty, 2536821; Mr. Bhabani Shankar Mishra, 2534046; Ms.Bandana
Behera, 9437022622; Mr. Larens Kumar Nanda, 9937761040;  Baripada: Mr. Rajib Kumar Acharya, 253000;  Bargarh: Mr. Saroj Kumar Dash, 230538.  Berhampur: Mr. K V Ravi Kiran/ Ms. Gayatri Patro,
9238317050.  Bolangir: Mr. Sanjay Kumar Pradhan, 234139;  Cuttack: Mr. Narayan Venkat Rao, 9937194628; Mr. Abhisek Parida, 23456351; Mr. Juga Jyoti Mohanty, 9437442713; Mr. Larens Kumar Nanda,
2307908, Mr. Badal Kumar Beura, 2802402;  Dhenkanal: Mr. Jayaram Soni, 224930;  Nabarangpur: Mr. Satyabrata Samal, 271188.  Sambalpur: Mr. Ghana Shyam Dash, 2410508. PUNJAB  Amritsar: Mr.
Rishi Sehgal, 2552500.  Chandigarh: Mr. Yuvraj Gupta, 4614441; Mr. Baljit kaur, 9814192955.  Derabassi: Mr. Deepak Kumar, 9416192099.  Fazilka: Mr.Sunil Kumar, 261112;  Firozpur: Mr. Narinder
Khurana, 503694;  Jalalabad: Mr. Rajan Doomra / Mr. Pardeep Kumar, 9876922732.  Ludhiana: Mr. Harsh Arora, 4637221.  Mohali: Mr. Vinod jain, 6579011;  Nawanshahar: Mr. Kuldip Ram, 226266. 
Tanda: Mr. Harwant Singh, 222416; RAJASTHAN  Abu Road: Mr.Sanjay Agarwal, 222610.  Alwar: Mr. Kushal Sacheti / Mr. Sanjay Sacheti, 2360880; Mr. Ravindra Kumar, 270819;  Beawer: Ms. Mamta Chauhan
/ Mr. Rajendra Chauhan, 257141;  Behror: Mrs. Sunita Sinha, 9799371553.  Banswara: Mr. Rishi Bhardwaj, 9829295943;  Barmer: Mr. Sunil Kumar Singhvi, 9461216434.  Bhilwara: Mr. Atul Goyal, 247868;
 Bhinmal: Mr. Sanjay Jain / Ms. Babita Jain, 220050.  Bikaner: Mr. Raj Kumar Duggar, 2522539; Mr. Rajesh Surana, 2273223.  Dausa: Mr. Jagdish Prasad Swarnkar,220369.  Dungarpur: Mr.Bhaveen
Shrimal, 233944;  Falna: Mr. Mahendra Parihar, 222082.  Jaipur: Mr. Sachin Singal, 5114137; Mr. Rohan Sharma, 2297230; Mr.Gaurav Kabra, 4078014; Mr. Praveen Kumar Bangrawa, 6507631; Mr.Sunil Kumar
Bhageria, 2569629; Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sharma, 2230749; Mr. Rohit Bhargava, 2741669; Mr. Pradeep Jain, 2564260; Mr. Sumit Ghiya, 4036882; Mrs. Vimlesh Gupta,2175016; Mr. Sunil Chauhan, 9928020403.
 Jodhpur: Mr. Pankaj Abani, 9314048002; Mr.Laxminarayan Panchariya, 9784777850; Mr.Krishan Joshi, 9414560318; Mr. Mahaveer Sharma, 2633676; Mr.Gajendra Rathi, 3254385; Mrs. Sapna Choudhary/
Mr. Nikhil Saran, 2631266.  Kankroli: Mr. Kunal Jain, 329330;  Kishangarh: Mr. Abhishek Rathi, 326755;  Kota: Mr. Unnat Goyal, 2366807; Mr. Avinash K Soni, 9925643085; Mr. Zubin Hasrajani, 5149037.
 Pali: Mr. Amar Chand Sancheti, 510050;  Pindwara: Mr. Alkesh Kumar Luhar, 9983009917;  Rajsamand: Mr. Govind Paliwal, 9829880086; Mr. Madan Singh Sisodiya, 230218.  Rani: Mr. Mahendra Parihar,
236583;  Sagwada: Ms. Vaishali Sargia, 251639.  Sanchore: Mr. Manoj Kumar Maheshwari, 9414610822.  Sajot Road: Mr. Laxmi Kant Bhati, 9413520560.  Sikar: Mr. Mahesh Kumar Saini, 9351373029;
Mr. Ram Lakhan Gupta, 252466;  Sirohi: Mr.Praveen Kumar Jain, 220136; Mr.Mahendra Parihar, 222670;  Sri Ganganagar: Mr. Mukesh Singal, 2475510;  Sumerpur: Mr. Bharat Kumar, 252971;  Udaipur: Mr.
Ananth Acharya, 2426945; Mr. Mohit Chhatwani, 3294713; Mr. Rajendra Kumar Rao, 3209447. SIKKIM  Gangtok: Mr.Mahendra Mohan Marda, 9332336624. TAMIL NADU  Arni: Mr. Vinoth Kumar Nithya,
Sharekhan Partners
9443437183.  Bhavani: Mr. Somu Dhanasekar, 261119;  Chennai: Mr. Prasad, 23451091; Mr. Prasad, 26564812; Mr. Prasad, 45513692; Mr. Shanmugharaj Gnanaselvi, 43530850; Mrs. Hemamalini
Chandrashekhar / S.R.Chandrasekaran, 24328413; Mr. Kesarichand Sethia, 25386019; Mr. Kanaga Sabapathy, 9444356660; Mr. Panchatcharam perumal, 9444072219; Ms. Rekha Mohanasundaram, 42865297;
Mr. Chandramohan Rajamani, 9841070827; Ms. Anuradha Thirumalaivasan, 45526060; Mr. M Baskar / Mr. V Kala / Mr. R Sivakumar, 45528527; Mrs. N Shilpa, 26214394; Mr.Inderchand T, 26736820. 
Chidambaram: Mr. K R Ramesh, 9942610000.  Coimbatore: Mr. Madanlal R Tukrel, 4370411; Mr. R. Palaniswamy / Mr. P.S. Senthil Kumar, 4216406; Mr. Prabhu N D, 4387508; Mr. Umesh Maheshlal, 9843119887.
 Dharapuram: Mr. Durairaj M, 9944522044;  Cuddalore: Mr.Jayraman Ganesh, 236927; Mr. Subakkar Padmanaban, 228938.  Devakottai: Mr. SP Manojkumar, 270496.  Dharmapuri: Mr.Vengiyagounder
Selvakumar, 221893; Mr.Sundaramoorthi Anbalagan, 267257;  Dindigul: Mr R Senthil Kumar, 6533227;  Erode: Mr. G K Guru, 230327; Mr. Ramarathinam Manivasagam, 9865617488; Mrs. R Revathi,
2253534; Mr. Balakrishnan Ragunandhan/ Mr. Cinnusamy Kalaivani, 2264264;  Hosur: Mrs. Shobha Srinivasan Sathyanarayanan, 22224.  Kallakurichi: Mr. Ranganathan Ashok Khumaar, 225188. 
Kanchipuram: Mr. K S Saravanan, 47203561; Mr. Kanthapadi Ramachandran Ravi, 27236439.  Karaikal: Mr. A Paul daniel Gnanaraj, 221288.  Karaikudi: Ms. Vallippan Chitra, 329253;  Karur: Mr.Subramani
Bharathiraju, 646204;  Kovilpatti: Mr. Muthiah Pillai Subramani, 229607;  Krishnagiri: Mr. M Thirumurugan, 238911.  Kumbakonam: Mr. Suresh S, 2425576.  Madurai: Mr. Nagarajan Murugesan,
4347294; Mr. Mugunthan Bhalakumar, 2389100; Mr. SP Swaminathan, 4288888; Mrs. Meenakshi Sundaram K, 4288888;  Mayiladuthurai: Mr. T Saravana Kumar, 225858;  Musiri: Mr. Selvam Ayyappan,
9865210132.  Nagapattinam: Mrs.Parvathi, 9443588864; Mr. Jayanthi P, 247953.  Palladam: Mr. S Krishna Kumar, 291613.  Panruti: Mr. Syedhabibulla S, 9841478090.  Pondicherry: Mr. Ariyaputhri
Selvakumaran, 2281133;  Rajapalayam: Mr. Ranjithkumar Thangamuniyandi, 231602.  Rasipuram: Mr. M Ganapathy, 220088.  Salem: Mr. Vivekanandan Venkatesh, 6546541; Mrs. Revathi R, 2441523; Mr.
R A Arul, 2340033.  Sankari: Mr. S.P.Karthik Keyan, 242838.  Sankari: Mr. S.P.Karthik Keyan, 242838;  Thanjavur: Mr. Shanmugam Madhavan, 235263; Mr. S Engels, 253000.  Thiruchengode: Mr Ramasamy
Arunachalam, 280899.  Tirunelveli: Mr. N. Kameswaron, 2320544.  Trichy: Mr. Ravikumar Natarajan, 4542210.  Tirupur: Mr. B. Jagan, 4322356; Ms. R Kalpana, 9994491555.  Trichy: Mr. Mothi
Padmanaban, 2700997, Mr.Krishnasamy Sivakumar, 262310; Mr. Balaji Nandakumar, 9444132552;  Tuticroin: Mr. G Jasper GNANA Martin / Mr. S Aravinth Narayanan, 2345744;  Udumalpet: Mr. R Sampath,
225323;  Vaniyambadi: Mr. K.Uvaiz Ahmed /Mr. C.Md.Faisa, 9366114017.  Velachery: Mr. Gnan Guru N, 9824154282;  Vellakovil: Mr. K. G. Lokessh, 303222;  Vellore: Ms. Nalinipriya, 9790144406. 
Villupuram: Mr.Krishnasamy Srinivasan, 229755; TRIPURA  Agartala: Mrs. Sukla Ghosh, 2314095;  Belonia: Mr. Ashesh Saha, 224295.  South Tripura: Mr. Mintu Ghosh, 8014469241.  Teliamura: Mr.
Debabrata Majumder, 262436.  Udaipur: Mr.Biplap Majumder, 227021;  West Tripura: Mr. Ayan Gope, 9436135406. UTTAR PRADESH  Agra: Mrs.Kalpana Gupta, 9219618594; Mr. Shiv Prakash Gupta,
4002434.  Aligarh: Mr. Tarun Kumar/ Mr. Neeraj Gupta, 9759008438.  Allahabad: Mr. Ravi Agrawal, 2500462; Mr. Santosh Kumar Maurya, 9839246766; Mr. Prakash prasad, 9935592332; Mr. Rajendra
Kumar Jain, 9616844438; Mr. Anurag Kumar Kesarwani, 9838600951; Mr. Hanuman Prasad Shukla, 9889785844.  Ambedkarnagar: Mr. Ali Haidar, 245145.  Bahraich: Mr. H. P. Srivastav, 228284; Mr.Ashish
Jaiswal, 9792230922;  Balrampur: Mr. K. N. Gupta, 220533; Mr.Shailesh Kumar Srivastava, 9792230922.  Barabanki: Mrs. Rachna Subodh Jain, 9935023187.  Bareilly: Mr.Ajay Kumar Mathur,
9837085599; Mr. Mohd Mazhar, 2520688; Mr. Mohit Khandelwal, 2585085; Mr. Atul Kumar Yadav, 9897815330.  Bhadohi: Mr.Fazlur Rahman, 300091;  Bijnore: Mr. Satendra Kumar Malik, 9837267091.
 Budaun: Mr. Rahul Edward, 9548907333.  Deoria: Mr. Pramod Kumar Agrawal, 9415661860;  Farrukhabad: Mr. Amber Tiwari, 234074;  Fatehpur: Mr. Vishnu Kanti, 227939;  Ghaziabad: Mr. Vijay Sadana,
4103618; Mr.Rajesh Goswami, 4150236; Mr. Shashank Sharma, 4107838.  Gopiganj: Mr. Vishal Agrawal, 9335953384.  Gonda: Mr. Kameshwar Gupta / Mr. Hanumant Srivastav, 223150; Mr. Raman Srivastava,
9838813443;  Gorakhpur: Mrs. Lalita Jaiswal, 9935144041; Mr. Sameer Ahmad Khan, 9838745314; Mr. Ashok Kumar Vig, 9369299170; Mrs. Mamta Tripathi, 9415193230.  Hapur: Mrs. Urmila Gupta,
971921558.  Hardoi: Mr. Akash Singh, 9984201900.  Jalalpur: Mr. Khizra Hayat, 245145.  Jaunpur: Mr. Durgesh Kumar Dubey, 266637.  Jhansi: Mr. Tarun Gandhi, 2446751;  Kanpur: Mr. Lalit Singhal,
2307045; Mr. Girish Chandra Tandon, 3252613; Mr. Jai Prakash Saxena, 570090; Mrs.Priyanka Agrawal, 2654110; Mr. Suresh Kumar Verma, 9415495959; Mr. Akshat Nagwanshi, 9369296145;  Lakhimpur:
Mr. Sanjeev Bajpai, 259681;  Lalitpur: Mr. Pankaj Arora / Mr. Sanjay Sabharwal, 274397;  Lucknow: Mr. Anupam Atal, 2287000 ; Mr. Kuldeep Darbari, 2257721; Mr. Manish Gupta, 2201626; Mr. Prashant Kishore
Khuntia, 3234465; Mr. Neeraj Verma / Mr Mukesh Varma, 2326680; Mr. Ravi Prakash Agarwal, 9335264490; Ms. Seema Sarraf, 4024880; Mr. Shakeel Ahmed Khan, 2288888; Ms. Sneh Lata Kushwaha, 4008277;
Mr. Mohd Faizal, 4025529; Ms. Seema Gupta, 4045902; Ms. Rachna Agarwal, 2461053; Mr. Naresh Kumar Rastogi, 9415082954; Mr. Amit Kumar Singh, 9336835379; Mr. Mehdi Sarwar Alam, 9838374376; Mr.
Mahendra Kumar, 4025838 ; Mrs.Rekha Dixit, 9415061134; Mrs.Pratiksha Singh, 2739518; Mr. Vijai Bajpai, 2422342; Mrs. Veena Saluja, 4073892; Mr. Ravindra Nath Agarwal, 2745847; Mrs. Nisha Kapoor, 2995587;
Mrs. Namita Nigam, 9839125533; Mr. Mukesh Kushwaha, 406306; Mr. Diwakar Mishra, 8052937260; Mr. Sandeep Tripathi/Mr. Deepak Tripathi, 4101951; Mr. Narendra Jaiswal, 9839235808; Mr. Shantanu
Pandey, 9936616000, Mrs. Sarita Verma, 9889092838.  Mankapur: Mr. Manish Tripathy / Mr. Kameshwar Gupta / Mr. Hanumant Srivastav, 231500.  Mau: Ms. Shradha Khandelwal, 2227323; Mr. R K Singh,
9455165502.  Meerut: MR. Kuldeep Chaudhary, 2630059; Mr. Naveen Bansal, 2663312;  Mirzapur: Mr. Devesh Giri, 9721439806;  Muradabad: Mr. Akash Garg, 2435695; Mr. Mustizab Malik, 2520688. 
Muzaffarnagar: Mr. Amit Jain, 3292715.  Najibabad: Mr. Pavan Kumar Agrawal, 230448;  Nanpara: Mr. Prashant Vaibhav, 234645;  Noida: Mr.Niraj Kumar Singh, 9891187886; Mr. Sumit Saxena, 2482765; Mr.
Rajendra Prasad Sharma, 9350625652; Mr. Rajesh Kumar Rai, 2560049, Mr. Hariom Sharma, 4271196.  Orai: Mr. Sanjay Kumar Agarwal, 252569;  Pilibhit: Mr. Anoop Kumar Agarwal, 9412554791; 
Pratapgarh: Mr.Vishnu Kumar Patidar, 221027; Mr. Mohd Ersad Ahmad / Mr. Arvind Kumar Singh, 9839868719.  Raibareli: Mr. Abhishek Sinha, 9336007387.  Rampur: Mr. Shariq Yar Khan, 2325285.  Renukoot:
Mr. Ravi Kant Pal, 254265.  Saharanpur: Mr. Parveen kapoor, 2713565.  Saraswasti: Mr. Surendra Singh, 9792230922;  Shahjahanpur: Mr. Amit Yadav/Ms. Anju Agarwal/Ms. Seema Singh, 281415.  Sitapur:
Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor/Mrs. Neeru Sahni, 9415084966; Mr. Arvind Yadav/Mr. Sanjay Maurya/Ms. Anamika Pal, 9450540565.  Sultanpur: Mr. Ishwari Kumar Dwivedi, 9415156412.  Utraulla: Mr. Phoolchand Dwivedi,
253277/78.  Varanasi: Mr. Lalji Choube, 2507621; Mr. Raj Gaurav Rai, 2312087; Mr. Amit Kumar Verma/Mr. Sanjeev Tandon, 2413763; Mrs. Santvana Agrawal, 2214555; Mr. Amar Bahadur Singh, 2587018.
UTTARANCHAL  Dehradun: Mr. Ashish Sethi/Mrs. Garima Sethi, 6545914; Babita, 2710327; Mr. Saurabh Thapliyal, 2520185; Mr. Nilesh Agarwal, 432083; Mr. Vikas Gupta / Mr. Anurag Sharma, 2656004.  Haldwani:
Mr. Rajendra Pant, 9837776832;  Haridwar: Mr. Deepak Kumar Chhabra, 252046;  Nainital: Mr. Sawan Kumar Verma, 255976.  Ramnagar: Mr. Sanjay Agrawal, 251697.  Roorkee: Mr. Pravej Alam, 321013.
 Rudrapur: Mr. Vishal Garg, 9927072515.  Tehri Garhwal: Mr. Bhupendra Singh Chauhan, 9927072515. Sitarganj: Mr. Yogesh Kumar Agarwal, 254370. WEST BENGAL  Amta: Mr. Radhashyam Mahata, 265467;
 Andal: Mrs. Mahua Majumdar / Mr. Jitendra Lal Chandani, 2373212; Mr. Kailash Prasad, 9332802356.  Bakhrahat: Mr. Gadadhar Roy, 9830398245.  Bankura: Mr. Somsubhra Datta, 257350;  Balurghat: Mr.
Debabrata Saha, 270996.  Barasat: Mr.Sibdas Ray, 9331834313;  Barrackpore: Mr. Ratan Lal Ghosh, 2592-8564;  Bongaon: Mr. Laxman Gosh, 240685;  Burdwan: Mr.Prodosh Sanyal/Mr.Shekhar Maity, 3208259;
Mr. Arnab Das, 255525;  Cooch Behar: Mr. Pranajeet Bhowmik, 9933038888; Mr. Mohan Roy/Mr. Malay Sarkar, 255243;  Dalhousie: Mr. Sumit Adhikari, 9733648892;  Durgapur: Mr. Anil Kumar Tiwari, 2531080;
Mr. MD Shamsuddin , 2568987.  Gangarampur: Mr. Ranada Prasad Das/Mr. Farman Ali sarkar/Mr. Khurshed Alam sarkar, 255472;  Hooghly: Mr. Pulak Gosh, 26946012;  Howrah: Mr. Snehashis Ray / Mr. Somen,
26784207; Praveen Tewari, 32510718; Mr. Kumar Chattopadhyay, 9830895322; Mrs. Atashi Chakraborty, 26406238;  Ichapur: Mr. Robins Kumar Shaw, 32584190;  Kalyani: Mr. Arnab Majumder, 9434955026.
 Kolkata: Mr. Deepak Kanoria, 32501523; Mr. Sibdas Tapadar / Mr. Suchanda Chudhary, 033 - 5514 1949 / 2578 9022 / 2578 8516 / 3259 8572; Mr. Sujit Deb, 03523 - 256838; Mr. Kailash Todi, 26550436 / 26550739
/ 26553761/ 55206376; Mr. Ravi K. Agarwal, 22131373 /74 ; Mr. Tapas Chakraborty, 9830388328; Mr. Mahfuzur Rahaman, 9433876837; Susamoy Chatterjee, 22365539; Mr.Deepchand Jaiswal /Mr.Biswajit Banerjee
/Mr.Gyanchand Jaiswal, 22259458; Mr. Aranya Nath, 0343-3205197; Mr. Rahul Sheth, 24747629; Mr. Tapas Kumar dey, 9836109681; Mr. Partha Sarathi Chakraborti., 24196100; Mr. Bisakh sen, 9831138881; Mr.Shyamal
Banik, 9333730175; Mr. Ashish Kumar Agarwal, 30221852; Mr. Subhasish Ghoshal, 9874193375; Mr. Pradip Kumar Chakrabarti, 9831206938; Mr. Vishal Kedia/Mrs. Mrinal Kedia, 22688460; Mr. Chiranjeev Goel,
9836881316; Mr. Sudip Kumar Mondal / Ms. Manju Ghosh, 9831661197.  Konnagar: Mr. Krishna Chanda, 9830604030.  Krishnagar: Mr.Subashis Biswas, 255545; Mr. Subir Kumar Roy / Mr. Sukhenjit Das / Ms.
Rita paul, 9830025908.  Madhyamgram: Mrs. Sulata Biswas, 25268895.  Makardah: Mrs. Amita Paul, 28770893.  Malda: Mr. Siddique Hossain/Mr. MD Nazmul Islam/Ms. Asim Bari, 9832047726  Midnapore:
Mr.Giriraj Bhutra, 273385.  Nadia: Mr. Priya Ranjan Paul, 9046396807.  Paradeep: Mr. Rajan Kumar Tarai, 9556297448;  Purulia: Mr. Praveen kumar choudhary, 9933457177.  Raiganj: Mr. Farhan Wasi Alam/
Mr. Md Reyaz Khan, 9153042703.  Sibsagar: Mr. Sontosh Kumar Borthakur, 9435500272.  Sodepur: Mr. Apurba kanchan Dutta, 9231923053.
MUMBAI  Andheri: Mr. Abhinav Angirish, 26343322; Mr. Abhijit Periwal, 2673 3643; Mr. Manoj Lalwani, 26351629; Mr. Hitesh Mehta, 66921338; Mr. Ravindra Lal Jagasia, 26392584; Mr. Dipesh Chadva, 40794242;
Mr. Govind Pathak, 65217353; Mr. Etica Wealth Management Pvt Ltd, 9867742732;  Babulnath: Mr. Dipen Shah / Mr. Ashish Shah, 23610772.  Bandra: Ms. Sonia Raju Kanal, 9867777261;  Bhandup: Mr. Delvin
M. Rajan, 25947699; Mr. Swapnil Rawool, 9833016555; Mr. Ashish Ramsarup Budhiraja, 69563565; Mr. Anil Kotlapure, 9892137800; Mr. Jitesh Vasant Patil, 9930344005; Mr. Ashok Shamsunder Shetty, 25944452;
Mr. Dhanidutt Bhatt, 9820115665; Mrs. Ashakumari delvim/Mrs. Maria Hema Stephen, 25947699.  Bhayander: Mrs. Varsha Navneet Rathore, 28150382, Mr. Gaurav I Jain, 28195017.  Borivali: Mrs.Vidula S.Lele,
24225424; Mrs. Hiral Viral Desai, 28070636;  Bhayander: Mr. Kiran Laxman Chudasma, 9619194271;  C P Tank: Mr. Sanjay Jain, 67521100;  Charni Road: Mr. Rajal Rashmikant Kanani, 30015270;  Cuffe Parade:
Mr. Hem Tejuja, 40595959;  Mr. Sanjay Chembur: Mr. Sanjay M Mehta, 25290512.  Dadar: Mr. Lekhendra Trilokchand Parmar, 24366602; Mr. Varun Ajit Deshmukh, 24374110; Mrs. Prachi Chetan Chikhale, 24455622;
 Dahisar: Mr. Jagdish V. Gada, 28282306; Mr. Pradeep K. Sawant, 28973622; Mr.Mahesh V. Rege, 28919132; Mrs. Bela Sanjay Mistry, 9821166440.  Dharavi: Ms. Sunita Shivprasad Nag, 24099632.  Fort:
Mr. Nikhil Shah, 22871500; Mr. Premal Sanghvi,66632921; Ms. Salome Shah, 22666039; Mr. Rajiv Sheth, 22722781; Mr. Somen Sangani, 22070427; Mr. Sachin Morakhia, 22659327; Ashok C Shah, 9322595178;
Mr. Vijay Kumar, 22656569; Mr. Hardik Rajendra Mandvia, 64409094; Mr. Manish Negandhi, 9820257549; Mr. Mehul Shah, 66105604; Mr. Bhavin Haresh Zaveri, 22022901; Mr. Ajay Janardhan Kotwal, 24380537.
 Ghatkopar: Ms. Monisha Mehta / Mr. Gaurav Shah, 25100068; Mr. Pomesh Hirachand Momaya / Mr. Naresh N Agarwal, 9821070423; Mr. Pramod Jayantilal Shah/ Mr. Nikesh Praful Shah/ Ms. Priyanka Nareshkumar
Joshi, 25006262; Mr. Jigar Jayantilal Gogri, 9892878997; Mr. Pramod Shah, 25013158.  Girgaum: Mr.Narendra Khushalraj Kothari/Sachin Bharat Dodhiwala/Mrs. Charulata Hemant Shah, 23800734;  Goregaon:
Mr. Kamal Keshar Kanwal, 9819509264; Mr. Nareshkumar Lilabhai Barad, 28730953.  Jogaswari: Mr.Atif Ashfaq, 26788181; Mr. Imran Alimuddin Shaikh, 26366428.  Kalbadevi: Mr. Hemant Shah / Mr.Bharat
Dodhiwala, 22013789; Mr. Shekhar Natwarlal Davda / Ms. Charu Shekhar Davda / Mr. Gaurav Shekhar Davda, 23521109; Mr. Sunil Kumar Tater, 9320055223; Mr. Sudhir Vagrecha, 22442687.  Kandivali: Ms. Payal
Gulabdas Lal, 28651242; Mr. Sunny Sharma, 28680093; Mr. Pratik Shah, 28019804; Mr. Jatin K Mistry, 9987635128; Mr. Anand Laxman Chandekar, 22955998.  Khetwadi: Mr.Nayan Savani, 23809380. 
Kalachowki: Mr.Shankar Vishnu Veer, 24708245.  Kurla: Mr. Muzaffar Kazi, 26500116; Mr. Santosh Mahadev Patil, 9833447399; Mr. Santosh Baburao Sonawane, 9819104050.  Mahalaxmi: Mr. Tarun Birani,
32439684;  Mahim: Mr. Prashant Marathe/Mr. Girish Marathe/Mr. Chetan Chikale, 24320267;  Malad: Mr. Dilip Shah, 65267143; Ms. Indu Mahendra Purohit, 28806704; Mr. Shyam Sunder Kabra, 28773221; Mr.
Bhandarkar, 28030661; Ms. Nidhi Verma, 28010406; Mr. Praveen Nathulal Jain, 9833636035; Mr. Mahesh Mohan Todankar, 24384536; Mr. Meghal P Bhatt, 65133967; Mr. Girish Bhavanji Gala, 28085930; Mr.
Preetesh Kirtikumar Doshi, 30625727; Mr. Ranjeet Nathuram Mali, 65133969; Mr. Shah Samir Ajitbhai, 9821021381; Mr. Bhavesh P Gandhi, 30816115.  Masjid Bunder: Mr. Lata Metha /Rajubhai Metha, 23444590;
Mr. Mohanlal Sukhija, 23427814; Mr. Manish Vakil, 23462690; Mrs. Fatema Mustan Lakdawala, 23432455;  Matunga: Mr. Hardik Chandrakant thakkar, 9867303989; Mr. Arjun Tapan Mukherjee, 65139230; Mr. Sanket
Vinay Thakar, 24101414; Mr. Biharilal Hiralal Soni, 24157699.  Mazgaon: Mr. Bhavik Jogesh Thakkar, 23772121;  Mira Road: Ms. Naina Miyani / Mr. Chetan Miyani, 2813 1522; Mr. Balu Govind Waghmare, 9967097105.
 Mulund: Mr. Winson Martin D'Sa, 20320724; Ms. Rekha Bhagwan Jadhav, 21637711; Mr. Tejinderpal Singh Wahi, 25691033; Mr. Shambhu Sharan Singh, 25688194; Mr. Manish Laheri Thakker, 9930171719; Mr. Kalpesh
Kirti Palan/Mr. Swapnil Balasaheb Deshmukh, 25630619; Mr. Kardam Gautam Joshi, 20311957.  Nalasopara: Mr. Richard J. Almeida, 2404133;  Prabhadevi: Mr. Nikhil Ajit Doshi, 24307805;  Powai: Mrs. Asha
Kumari Delvin, 25779207  Santacruz: Mr. Bapu Ashruba Sonwane, 2617007;  Sion: Mr. Kantilal Talakshi Shah, 66661424; Mr. Santosh Pawan Surekha, 9322284514.  Vile Parle: Mr. Vasant Amin, 32416941; Mr.
Naveen Kaul/ Mrs. Renu Ashok ahuja, 9819878343. Mr. Nitin Bhalchandra Desai, 26149218; Ms. Rupal Bhatt, 26100031; Mr. Krunal Abhubhai Desai, 26245289; Ms.Ekta Choudhary, 26711392; Mr. Jaydeep Shirish Ganu,
26108163.  Worli: Mr. Chiliveri Govardhan Venkatesh, 24951494; Mr. Chirag Chandrakant Chheda, 9821143738. THANE  Thane: Mr. Balbhadra Mulshankar Joshi, 67934377; Mr. Sanjay Yewale, 25375135; Mr.
Sandeepan Marutirao Reddy, 25471720; Mr. Abhijit Joshi / Mrs.Akshata Joshi, 9224567541; Mr. Yogeshwar Vashishtha, 67257917; Mr. Deepak shinde, 25832504; Mr. Amol Lahu Kamble, 25372161; Mrs. Twinkle Sinha/
Mr. Pramod Kumar Mishra, 25372161; Mr. Ratish Ravindra Nagwekar, 25854775 ; Mr.Mohammed Idris., 25429478; Mr.Momin Faizan Mohd Ishaque, 227311; Mr. Hitendra Ramesh Gupte, 25431072; Ms. Poonam Jagdish
nenwani, 25980251; Mr. Ashok Thool, 2529936; Mrs. Janhavi Ramchandra Surpur, 21720128; Mr. Pradeep Ramchandra Shinde, 25304858; Mrs. Suman Manoj Mantry, 9920777663; Mr. Imran Khan, 9222338524;
Mr. Kapil Onkar Damodar, 9594793897.  Badlapur: Mrs.Swati Dileep Patwa, 2692841; Mr. Mahesh Laxman Khamitkar, 6449952.  Bhiwandi: Mr. Tatyasaheb Mahadev Pangare, 9823090025; Mrs. Swati Ramesh
Pawar, 9822991750.  Dombivali: Mr. Prakash V Gor/Mr. Dilesh, 2862895; Mr. Kishor Ladulal Gokhru, 2482882; Mr. Shankar Chaugule, 2442475; Mr. Harish Bhanushali, 9224767616;Mr. Ganesh Ramdas Ghanwat,
9773666182; Mr. Bhaulik Ashok Sanghvi, 9920309834; Mrs. Dipti Harish Bhanushali, 9221548869; Mr. Girish Vijay Hanchate, 9819758696.  Kalyan: Mr. Mahek naresh Gala, 9833675106; Mrs. Rhuta Shirish Shukla,
2211062; Mr. Arvind Kumar Tiwari, 6536920; Mr. Sunny Ramratan Sharma, 2211342.  Mumbra: Mr. Taher Abbas Patanwala, 9833447399; Mr. Mannalal Chandrabali Gupta, 382386; Mr. Sachin Vijay Rawool,
8898339513; Mr. Taher Abbas Patanwala, 23471824  Vasai : Mrs. Heena Rushit Dave, 6455037/38; Mr. Manoj Kurup, 9821224306; Ms. Kajal P Mandani, 9665455787.  Virar: Mr. Nasaruddin Abdulmalik Damania,
9923241118; Mr. Damjibhai Patel, 9221270777;  Ulhasnagar: Mrs. Latika S. Dudani, 2570700. NAVI MUMBAI  Airoli: Mr. Manohara.M.Shetty, 32171212.  Belapur: Ms. Seema Sonu Tandel, 27580801;  Kamothe:
Mr. Prashant M, 65220933;  Khargar: Mr. Manohar Krishnan Nair, 32694049; Ms. Manisha M Shelke, 27742699; Mr. Rajesh Vazirani, 27745680;  Koparkhairane: Mr.Ganesh Jadhav, 27545425;  Nerul: Mr. Bipin
/ Nisha Gupata, 32599995; Mr. Mahesh A Pansare, 27707929; Mr.Rajesh Kanayalal Vazirani, 27700002; Mr. Suhas Shivaji Pandhare., 9960339092.  Panvel: Ms. Supriya K. Bhandurge / Mr. Dhanesh Bhandurge,
Sharekhan Branches Bareilly Ghaziabad-Vaishali
F-3, First Floor, Friends Trade Center, Nehru Nagar, 148, Civil Lines, Bareilly-243 001. Tel: (0581) 2510922 / 925. F.F., 7A, Mahaluxmi Metro Tower, C-1/C-2, Sector-4, Vaishali,
Opp.Anjana Cinema, M.G.Marg, Agra-282 002. Bharuch Ghaziabad -201012 (U.P.).
Tel: (0562) 4032060. 221-227, 2nd Floor, Dream Land Plaza, Opp Nagar Palika, Goa-Mapusa
Ahmedabad - Maninagar Station Road, Bharuch - 392 001. Tel: (02642) 244998/99. Shop No. 4, 3rd Floor, Commnunidade Ghar, Angod, Mapusa -
Office No. 1-2-3, Sukhchen Complex, Opp. Shriji Dairy, Jawahar Bhavnagar 403 507. Tel: (0832)2253647-49 /2253853.
Chowk, Maninagar, Ahmedabad-8. Tel: (079) 30452260 / 61 Gangotri Plaza, Plot No-8A 3 rd Floor, Opp Dakshinamurti Goa-Panaji
Ahmedabad - Navrangpura School, Bhavnagar, Gujarat - 364 001.Tel: (0278) 2573938. F49/F50, 1st Floor, B- Block, Alfran Plaza, M.G. Road, Panaji,
201/202, Dynamic House, Near Vijay Cross Road, Bhubaneshwar Goa - 403001. Tel: (0832) 2421460.
Navrangpura, Ahmedabad-380009. Tel: (079) 66060141to 52 A/B-2nd Flr, 501/1741, Centre Point, Unit No.3, Kharvel Goa-Vasco
Ahmedabad - Sattelite Nagar, Bhubaneshwar-1. Tel: (0674) 2380790, 2380796. Shop No 4, Gabmar Apt, Gr Flr Swatantra Path , Vasco,
406, Shivalik Corporate Park, Shyamal Cross Road Sattelite, Bhilai Goa -2.Tel: (0832) 2510 175 / 2511 823.
Ahmedabad-380 015.Tel: (079) 6525 48 08-13 216, 1st Floor, Khichariya Complex, Nehru Nagar chowk, Goa-Margao
Ahmedabad - Paldi Bhilai (C.G.) 490006 Tel: (0788) 4075301 to 10. Shop No F-2, Regency Plaza , Comba, Margao, Goa-403601.
302, Gangandeep Complex, Opp Bank of India, Paldi Cross Bhiwandi Gorakhpur
Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad-380 007. Tel: (079) 40094411-15 Office no 1&2, Presidency Plaza, Khadipar Road, Nr Shivaji Shop No: F1, F2 ,F3 , Narayan Tower, Gandhi Gali, Golghar,
Ahmedabad - Bapunagar Chowk, Bhiwandi- 421 302. Tel: (02522) 645690 to 96. Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh - 273001 Tel: (0551) 2205063-70.
120 -121, First Flr, Pancham Mall, Nr. Jivanwadi Party Plot, Bhopal Guwahati
Bapunagar, Ahmedabad- 382350. Tel: (079) 65254116/111/112 House No-60, Chandra Prabha Barua Lane, Pub Sarania,
Shop No. 114,115 & 116, 1st Flr, Plot No. 2, Akansha Parisar, Guwahati-781003.
Ahmedabad - Vastrapur Zone-1, M.P. Nagar, Bhopal-11. Tel: (0755) 42916004262200.
A/107, 1st Floor, Himalaya Arcade, Opp.Vastrapur lake, Guntur
Bhuj D.No.5-87-89, 2nd Lane, Beside HDFC Bank, Lakshmipuram
Vastrapur, Ahmedabad-380015. Tel (079) 66090036 to 39. 1st Floor, RTO Relocation, Opp Fire brigade Station, Bhuj,
Ahmednagar Main Road, Guntur - 522 007. Tel: (0863) 6452334.
Kutch-370 001. Tel: (02832) 229463/229473/229483
Shop No 1 & 2, Kaware Complex, Vasant Talkies Road, Gurgoan
Calicut GF 10, JMD Regent Square, DLF Phase- II, Opp Sahara Mall,
Ahmednagar-414 001. Tel: 0241-6611011 to 20. 3rd Floor, 6/1002 J, City Mall, Opp. YMCA, Kannur Road, Gurgaon Road, Gurgaon-122001. Tel: (0124) 4104555 - 57.
Ajmer Calicut ñ 673001.Tel: (0495) 4014060 - 64 / 2369379.
195/11, Rajhonda, Kutchery Road, Ajmer-305 001. Gurgoan-II
Chandigarh SCF 89, 1st Floor, Sector 14, Urban Estate,
Tel: (0145) 6100919 / 6100920 / 2422665. SCO : 185, 1st Floor, Sector 38-C, Chandigarh-160036 Gurgoan - 122 001. Tel: (0124) 4115431/32.
Allahabad (Punjab). Tel (0172) 4643000/ 4643001/ 4647024. Gwalior
1st Floor, Shop No.14 & 15, Vashishti Vinayak Tower, Chennai - Anna Nagar Portion No.3, 1st Floor, Parimal Complex, Opp Kotchar
Nr Yatrik Hotel, Tashkant Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad-211 003. New No 91 , Old No 106, D Block, Chintamani, Anna Nagar Petrol Pump, Gwalior -474 009. Tel: (0751) 4097500.
Tel: (0532) 2260848, 2260849, 2260850. (E), Chennai-2. Tel: (044) 45501100 / 50 / 45501268 / 69. Hyderabad
Ambala Chennai - Chetpet 7-1-22/3/1-5/C, Afzia Towers, 1st Floor, Begumpet,
167/18, 1st Floor, Adjoining Airtel Office, Rai Market, G-2, Salzburg Square, 107-Harrington Road, Chetpet, Hyderabad-500016 Tel: (040) 66827469-70 (D) 4020354.
Ambala Cantt - 133001. Tel: (0171) 6450284to 87. Chennai-600031. Tel: (044) 28362800 / 2900 / 28363160. Hyderabad - Himayat Nagar
Amravati Chennai - Parrys 202, Skill Spectrum, Himayatnagar Main Road, Beside TTD
Tank Plaza, Above Union Bank. Rajkamal Squre. Begum Isphani Complex, No 44 Armenian Street, Parrys, Kalyana Mandapam, Hyderabad-29. Tel: (040) 42406245.
Amravati -444 601. Tel: (0721) 6451282/83. Chennai-1. Tel: (044) 25216600/11/33/44 and 42627917-19. Hyderabad - Dilsukhnagar
Amritsar Chennai - Purasawalkam 2-41, Chaitanya Chambers, Chaitanya Puri, Dilsukhnagar,
5 Deep Complex, 1st floor , Opp Doaba Automobiles , Court F-13, Dr Rajivi Tower, 231/28 Purasawalkam High Road, Opp Hyderabad, A.P. - 500 060. Tel: (040) 66805615/16/17/18/19.
Road, Amritsar - 143001. Tel: (0183) 6451903 / 904 / 905. Gangadeeshwar Temple Tank, Chennai-7. Tel: 42176004-9. Indore
Anand Chennai - Mylapore 102-104, Darshan Mall, 15/2 Race Course Rd,
F/5, Prarthana Vihar Complex, Near Panchal Hall, Vidyanagar Old No. 21 New No. 35, 3rd Floor, EVS Towers, Dr. Radhakrishnan Indore - 452 001. Tel: (0731) 4205520 to 24
Road, Anand, Gujarat-388 001. Tel: (02692) 245615 to 16 / Salai, Mylapore, Chennai-600004. Tel: (044) 43009001- 06. Indore - Vijay Nagar
655022. Chennai - Mugappair R 11 - 12, Metro Tower, AB Road, Vijay Nagar, Indore, M.P. -
Anand - Vidyanagar No , 133,S M Narayanan Nagar, Annanagar West Extn, 452010. Tel: (0731) 3062469 - 74
1st Floor, P.M.Chamber, Mota Bazar, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Chennai -600101 (T.N.). Jaipur
Anand, Gujarat - 388120. Tel: (02692) 655015 to 17. Flat No 401/402, 4th Floor, Green House, Ashok Marg,
Coimbatore C-scheme, Jaipur-302001. Tel: (0141) 4078000, 2378019.
Ankleshwar Vignesvar Cresta, 2nd Block, 3rd Flr, 1095 - Avinashi Road, Jaipur - Johri Bazar
F-1, F-2 & F-3, 1st Floor, Shree Narmada Arcade, Opp HDFC P N Palayam, Coimbatore -641037. Tel: (0422) 2213434. Khandaka Haveli, Haldiyon Ka Rasta, Johri Bazar,
Bank, Ankleshwar - 393002. Tel: (02646) 227120/21. Coimbatore (R S Puram) Jaipur -302003.
Bangalore - Advisory AMI Mid town, no 25/A3, Shope no 1, 2nd floor, D B Road, R Jalgaon
#2307, Swanlines Building, 12th Main Road, Jayanagar 3rd S Puram, Coimbatore - 641002. 1st Floor, Laxminarayan Plaza, Navi Peth, 147 CTS No. 2004/
Block East, Bangalore - 560011. Tel: (080) 42876666. Dehradun 1, Jalgaon - 425001. Tel: (0257) 2239461.
Bangalore - Gandhinagar Jamnagar
Brigade Majestic, 201 A Block,25 Kalidasa Marg, 1st Main 58, Rajpur Road, Opp. Hotel Madhuban, 4/5, Avantika Commercial Complex, 2nd Floor, Limda Lane
Road, Gandhinagar, Bangalore -9. Tel: (080) 40921538/39. Dehradun-248001. Tel: (0135) 2740 190 to 94. Corner, Jamnagar -361 001. Tel: (0288) 2676818/2671559.
Bangalore - Brigade Road Durgapur Jamshedpur
Office No.7, III Floor, No.137, Brigade Road, Next to Brigade 111/95, Nachan Road, Benachity, Dist Burdwan, 4/1, Aditya Tower, Bistupur Main Road, Opp. Bistupur Thanna,
Tower, BANGALORE - 560025. Tel: (080) 43306666 / 41122613 Durgapur, Kolkata - 713 213. Tel: (0343) 6452701 /02/03. Bistupur, Jamshedpur-831001.. Tel: (0657) 2442000 -03 .
Bangalore - Malleshwaram Erode Jodhpur
No 311, 2nd Floor, 2nd Main, Between 15th and 16th Cross, Akhil Plaza,†Block No.1, T.S.No.121, Perundurai Road, Opp A-3, 1st Floor, Olympic Tower, Station Road,
Sampige Road, Malleshwaram, Bangalore-3. Padmam Restaurant, Erode-638011. Tel: (0424) 2241000. Jodhpur-342001. Tel: (0291) 6450835 /836/804/805 /806.
Tel: (080) 40894444/40894401 . Junagadh
Erode - Gobichettipalayam 6/7/8, 2nd Floor, Raiji Nagar, Motibaug Raod,
Bangalore - Marathalli Chamundeswari Agencies Bldg, 279, Cutchery Street, Junagadh-362001. Tel: (0285) 2674020 / 2674021.
Unit no. 201 / B, 2nd Floor, Sigma Arcade -II, Marathalli, Sathy Main Road, Gobichettipalayam-638 452.
Bangalore - 560037 Tel: (080) 42063278 / 79 / 80 /81 Tel: (04285) 229013/14/15. Ground Floor, 28, Bhargava Estate, 16/116, Civil Lines,
Bangalore - Electronic City Faizabad Kanpur - 208001 (U.P.). Tel: (0512) 3920200-209.
2nd Floor, Shop No. 5, Shopping Complex Road, Electronic Mehramat Plaza, 4099, Civil Lines, Near Pushpraj Guest Kalyan
City, Bangalore-560100. Tel: (080) 65395261 to 66 House, Faizabad-224001. Tel: (05278) 222604-222519. Shop No. 9,10,11,Navjyoti Darshan Apt., Near Purnima Talkies,
Bangalore - Banashankari Faridabad Murbad Road, Kalyan(W), Pin: 421304. Tel: (0251) 2211342.
No.77 1st Floor, N.R.Towers, 100Ft Ring Road, Bhanashankari, SCF 56, 1st Floor, Near Rebock Showroom, Sector 15, Main Kannur
3rd Stage, 5th Block, Bangalore-560 085. Tel: (080) Market, Faridabad-121007. Tel: (0129) 2220825/26. Ramananda Compound,1st Floor, TPN 264 A, N.H 17, Talap,
26421481 to 85 Gandhidham Kannur - 670002, Kerala. Tel: (0497) 6451515 / 6451616.
Bangalore - BTM Plot No.147, Sector 1 A, Near Big Byte Resturant, Kukatpally
No: 736/C, 7th Cross, 11th Main Mico Layout, BTM 2nd Stage, Gandhidham ñ370201. Tel: (02836) 323113 / 323114. H.No. 215, MIG - 1, 3rd Floor, Kphb Colony, Kukatpally Village,
Bangalore-76. Tel: (080) 653952 70 to 75 / 420560 31 to 34 Hyderabad - 500072. Tel. (040) 66907250-54.
Gandhinagar Kochi
Bangalore - Jayanagar GF/04, Infocity-Super Mall-2, Infocity, CH-0 Circle,
#2307, Swanlines Building, 12th Main Road, Jayanagar 3rd Chicago Plaza, 1st Floor, Rajaji Road, Ernakulam,
Gandhinagar-382 009. Tel: (079) 64512663. Kochi-682 035. Tel: (0484) 2368411/12/13/17.
Block East, Bangalore - 560011. Tel: (080) 42876666.
Ghaziabad Kolhapur
Bardoli J-3 II Floor, RDC, Raj Nagar, Near New Ghaziabad Railway No 5, 3rd Flr, Ayodha Tower, Bldg No 1,511 / KH -1/2, Dabholkar
303/304, Millenium Mall, Opp.Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Musium, Station, Ghaziabad - 201001.Tel: (0120) 4154003,4154358. Corner, Station Rd, Kolhapur-1. Tel: (0231) 6687063-66.
Station Road, Bardoli-394 003. Tel: (02622) 657229.

Lodha iThink Techno Campus, 10th Floor, Beta Building, Off. JVLR, Opp. Kanjurmarg Station, Kanjurmarg (East), Mumbai ñ 400 042, Maharashtra.
Sharekhan Branches
Kolkata (Advisory I) Palakkad Varanasi
Kankaria Estate, 1st floor, 6-Little Russell Street, 1st Floor, Shree Laxmi Vilas Buildings, 2nd Floor, Banaras TVS Bldg., D-58/12, A-7, Sigra,
Kolkata - 700 071. Tel: (033) 22830055 / 22805555. G. B. Road, Palakkad- 678 014. Tel: (0491) 6450179 / 6450188. Varanasi - 221 010 (UP). Tel: 0542 - 222 1073 / 81 / 83.
Kollam Panipat Vellore
First Floor, A. Narayanan Shopping Complex, Kadappakada, 1st Floor, Excel Tower, Opp. Mid Town Hotel, Near YES Bank, G. 104, Arni road, Grand LINGAM (near LIC office),
Kollam - 691008. Tel: (0474) 2769120 to 25. T. Road, Sanjay Chowk, Panipat-132103. Tel: (0180)4017250. Sankaranpalyam, Vellore-632001. Tel: (0416) 6454306.
Lucknow Patiala
2/159, Vivek Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow - 226 010. SCO- 135, Chotti Baradari, Patiala -147 001 (PUNJAB)
Tel: (0522) 4009832 to 33. Centurian Plaza, D. No: 40-1-129, 2nd Floor, Old Coolex
Tel: (0175) 6622200 /01/02/03/04/05. Building, M. G. Road, Vijaywada-520 010.
Lucknow - Hazratganj Pulgaon Tel: (0866) 6619992/6629993.
1st Floor, Marie Gold, 4,Shahnajaf Road, Hazaratganj, Khurana Complex, Near Balaji Hotel, Nachangoan Road,
Lucknow-226 001. Tel: (0522) 4010342,4010343. Pulgaon - 442 302. Virar
Pune - F C Road Office No.45& 47, 1st Floor, Thakur Arcade, Opp. Railway
Lucknow - Rajajipuram
301, Millenium Plaza, 3rd Floor, Opp Fergusson College main Station, Virar (W), Dist. Thane- 401303.
Neeru Enclave, Jal Sansthan Crossing, CP, 7/201, Sector - 7,
Raja Ji Puram, Lucknow - 226017. Tel: (0522) 2418996 /97. Gate, Shivaji Nagar, Pune-4. Tel: (020) 66021301 - 06. Vizag
Pune - Nigdi 10-1-35/B, 3rd Flr, Parvathaneni House, Val Tair Uplands,
SCO 145 1st Flr Feroze Gandhi Market, Near Ludhiana Stock ABC Plaza, 2nd Flr, Plot No 6, Sector No 25, Bhel Chowk, Vishakhapatman - 530003. Tel: (0891) 6673000/6671744.
Exchange, Ludhiana -141001. Tel: (0161) 6547349 / 459 /469. Pradhikaran, Nigdi, Pune-44. Tel: (020) 66300690-97. Wardha
Madurai Pune (Advisory) Behind ICICI Bank, Shivaji Chowk, Kelkarwadi, Wardha -
Saran Centre, A-2, 1st Floor, 19, Gokhale Road, 1st Floor, Plot No. 11, Bhuvneshwar Co-Op Hsg Soc, Aundh, 442001. Tel: (07152) 246464 / 252730.
Chinnachokikulam, Madurai-625 002. Tel: (0452) 4288888. Pune - 411 007. Tel: (020) 27200251 / 52. Mumbai - Andheri
Mangalore Pondicherry B/204, Kotia Nirman, 2nd Floor, Next to Fun Republic
C-1, 1st Floor, Presidium Commercial Complex, Anand Shetty 312/10, Vallar Salai,Vengata Nagar, Saram Revenue Village, Cinema, Andheri (W), Mumbai-53.Tel: 6675 0755.
Circle, Attavar, Mangalore - 575001. Tel: (0824) 6451503-4. Pondicherry - 605001. Tel: (0413) 4304904 to 09. Mumbai - Borivali
Meerut Raipur Shankar Ashish Bldg, R.S.Marg, Chandavarkar Cross Road
105, Om Plaza, Begum Bridge Road, Meerut-250001 (U.P.) "Laxmi Bhawan, 2nd floor, Opposite Sun & Sun Jewelers, Sadar lane, Borivali (W), Mumbai-92. Tel: (022) 65131221-22.
Tel: (0121) 4028354/55. Bazaar, Raipur CG - 492001. Tel: (0771) 4217777, 4281172. Mumbai - Bhayander
Mehsana Rajkot Shop No.20 & 21, Walchand Complex, Opp. Porwal School,
14-15, 1st Floor, Prabhu Complex, Near Rajkamal Petrol 102/103, Hem Arcade, Opp Vivekanand Statue, Dr Yagnik Road, Bhayander (W),Mumbai- 101. Tel: (022 ) 2804 1083/84/85
Pump, Mehsana - 384002. Tel: (02762) 248980/249012. Rajkot-360001 Tel: (0281) 2482483/84/85.
Mumbai - Ghatkopar
Mysore Rajpipla
105 & 106, Centre Point, Opp Bank of Baroda, Station Road, 202, Sai Plaza, 2nd Floor, Junction of Jawahar Road &
Shop No.3, Mythri Arcade, Kantharaj Urs Road, Chamaraja
Mohalla, Saraswati Puram, Mysore-9. Tel: (0821) 6451601. Rajpipla, Gujarat - 393145. R. B. Mehta Marg, Ghatkopar (E), Mumbai 400 077.
Tel: (022) 2510 8844 / 2510 8833.
Nadiad Rohtak
201/202, City Point Complex, Near Parash Cinema,Santram Ashoka Plaza, 1st Floor, Above ICICI Bank, Delhi Road, Rohtak - Mumbai - Goregaon
Road, Nadiad - 387001. Tel: (0268) 2550555. 124001. Tel - 099910 00715. 301 & 302, Manibhuvan CHS, Plot No.343, Above ICICI Bank,
Nagpur (C A) Salem S.V.Road, Goregaon(W), Mumbai-62. Tel (022) 67418570.
409/412, Heera Plaza, Near Telephone Exchange Square, Sri Ganesh Tower, 561, 2nd Floor, Saradha College Main Road, Mumbai - Goregaon (East)
Central Avenue, Nagpur-440 008. Tel: (0712) 2731922/23. Salem - 636 007. Tel: (0427) 6454864 / 65/ 66. Satellite Garden, Phase II, D-Wing 1, Shop No 23, Santosh
Nagpur - Dharampeth Sangli Nagar, Film City Road, Goregaon(East), Mumbai-400063.
Plot No. 79, 1st Flr, Universal Annex, Dharampeth Extension, Ranjit's Empire, Office No-36,37,38, 2nd Floor, CS No.517 , Opp. Mumbai - Kandivali
Shivaji Nagar, Nagpur-440010. Tel: (0712) 6654100. Zillaparishad, Sangli-416416. 10, Om Sai Ratna Rajul, Corner of Patel Nagar, M G Road,
Navsari Satara Kandivali (W), Mumbai-67. Tel: (022) 28632850/28090589.
1-Nirmal Complex, 1st Floor, Station Road, Sayaji Road, First Floor, Shree Balaji Prestige, Powai Naka, Satara, Mumbai - Kandivali (Thakur Village)
Navsari - 396 445. Tel: (02637) 652300/652400/248888. Maharashtra - 415001. Tel: (02162) 239824. Shop No 37, EMP-6, Jupitar CHS Ltd,Evershine Milleniam
Nashik - College Road Siliguri Paradise, Thakur Village, Kandivali (E), Mumbai- 400 101.
5 SK Open Mall, Yeolekar Mala, Near BYK College, 2nd Flr, Ganeshayan Bldg,112,Sevoke Road, Beside Sunflower Mumbai - Khar
College Road, Nashik-422 005. Tel: (0253) 6610975 to 978. Shopping Mall, Siliguri-734001. Tel: (0353) 6453475. 703, Prem Sagar Building , 1st Flr, 3 A Linking Road, Khar
Nashik Road Secunderabad (W), Mumbai - 400 052 Tel: (022) 65135333, 65133972-76.
1 st floor, Pratik Arcade, Bytco Point.Opp MSEB Office, Marrideep Bldg, 1st Floor, 12-5-4, Vijayapuri, Opp St Annes Mumbai - Lower Parel
Nashik-Pune Road, Nashik Road, Maharashtra - 422 101. College, Tarnaka, Secunderabad-17. Tel: (040) 64533871-75. C - Phoenix House, 4th Floor, Senapati Bapat Marg,
Surat Lower Parel, Mumbai-400 013. Tel: (022) 6618 9300.
New Delhi - Bharakhamba Road M-1 to 6,Jolly Plaza, Mezzanine Floor, Athwa Gate,
903 & 903A, Kanchenjunga Bldg., 18-Bharakhamba Road, Mumbai - Malad
Surat - 395 001. Tel: (0261) 6560310 to 6560314.
New Delhi-110001. 502, Rishikesh Apartment, Opp to N L High School,
Surat - Advisory S.V.Road, Malad (W), Mumbai- 64. Tel: (022) 6513 3969.
New Delhi - Pusa Road 419, Jolly Plaza, Athwagate, Surat-1. Tel: (0261) 6646841-45.
39, First Floor, Samyak Tower, Pusa Road, Near Metro Pillor Surat - Ring Road Mumbai - Matunga
No. 120, New Delhi-110005. Tel: (011) 45117000/47250666. H/7, Gr.Floor, India Textiles Market, Near Geetha Restaurant, Flat No 4B, Gr. Floor, Ashwin Villa, Telang Road, Matunga
New Delhi - Lajpat Nagar Ring Road, Surat-395002. Tel (0261) 6557761/63/65/66/6769. (E), Mumbai - 400019. Tel: (022) 6513 9230/31/32
A95 B, II nd Floor, Lajpat Nagar- II, New Delhi - 110024. Surat - Varachha Mumbai - Mulund
Tel: (011) 47250300. G-20/21, Rajhans Point, Varachha Main Road, Varachha Road, Shop No. 1, Hetal Building, Opp.Punjab Nat Bank, Zaver
New Delhi - Pitampura Surat-395006. Tel: (0261) 6453499. Road, Mulund (West), Mumbai -80. Tel: (022) 2565 6805-10.
411/412, Aagarwal Cyber Plaza, Netaji Subhash Place, Thrissur Shop No. 2, New Krishna Dham, Veena Nagar, L.B.S.
Pitampura, New Delhi - 110 034. Tel: (011) 47567000. Pooma Complex, M G Road, Thrissur-1. Tel: (0487) 2446971-73. Marg, Mulund (West), Mumbai-80. Tel: (022) 4024 1501.
New Delhi - Vasant Vihar Trichy - Cantonment Mumbai - Opera House
E-20, Basant Lok Community Center,Vasant Vihar, F-1, Achyuta, 111-Bharatidasan Salai, Cantonment, Trichy- Gogate Mansion, 89-Jagannath Shankar Seth Road,
New Delhi -110057. Tel: (011) 46084801/ 03/ 04/ 05/ 06 . 620001 (Tamilnadu). Tel: (0431) 4000705 / 2412810. Girgaum, Opera House, Mumbai-4. Tel: (022) 6610 5671-75.
Tirupur Mumbai - Thane
New Delhi - Mayur Vihar Ram Arcade, No 27, Muncif Court Street,
Shri Durga Ji shooping complex, Pocket II, Mayur Vihar, 2nd Floor, Gulmohar Tower, Opp.A.K.Joshi High School.
Tirupur- 641 601. Tel: (0421) 6454316 to 20. Naupada, Thane - 400 602.Tel: (022) 2537 2158 to 61.
Phase I New Delhi -110091. Tel: (011) 43067091- 96. Trivandrum
New Delhi - Rajouri Garden Mumbai - Stock Exchange (Rotunda)
Laxmi Bldg, 1st Floor, T.C.No.26/430, Vanrose Road,
A - 29, 2nd Floor, Ring Road, Rajouri Garden, Trivandrum - 695 039. Tel: (0471) 6450657 / 58 / 59. 1st floor, Hamam House, Hamam Street, Fort, Mumbai
New Delhi - 110027. Tel: (011) 47250400 Udaipur 400 023. Mumbai-23. Tel: (022) 6610 5600 to 15
New Delhi - Sarita Vihar 17 C, Kutumb Apt, Opp. ICICI Bank, Madhuban, Udaipur-313001. Mumbai - Vashi
103, Pankaj House, H-block, Sarita Vihar, New Delhi - 110076. Tel: (0294) 6454647 Persipolis Bldg., 108, 1st floor, Opp. St. Lawrence School,
Tel - (011) 41815060 / 41815061 / 41815062. Vadodara Sector-17, Navi Mumbai-400703. Tel: (022)27882979-82.
New Delhi - Chandni Chowk 6-8/12, Sakar Complex, 1st Flr, Opp ABS Tower, Haribhakti Mumbai - Vile Parle
623 to 625,2nd Floor, Ward No-6, Old No -285, above Extension, Vadodara-390 015. Tel: (0265) 6649261-70. 7-Alka CHS, Ground Floor, Dadabhai Road, Vile Parle (W),
Corporation Bank, Gandhi Katra, Chandni Chowk, Delhi - Vadodara - Manjalpur Mumbai - 400056. Tel: (022) 26253010/11/12/13
110006. Tel - (011) 4587 4889 to 98. 1st Floor, Rutukalsh Complex, Tulsidham Char Rasta, PCG Branch
New Delhi - South Extention Manjalpur, Vadodara - 390 011. Tel: (0265) 2647970-71.
M-6, D-15, South Ex - Part II, New Delhi - 110049. Vadodara - Karelibaug PCG - Kolkata
Tel - (011) 4359 6940. Tel: (011) 47707400 FF 3, Vardan Complex, VIP Road, Karelibaug, Vadodara - Kankaria Estate, 2nd Floor, 6-Little Russell Street,
390018. Tel. (0265) 3022302. Kolkata - 700 071. Tel: (033) 22830055
P-12A, 3rd Floor, BHS Liberty, Sector-18, Noida - 201 301. Vadodara - Waghodia Sharekhan Representative Office
C/3&4 Prarambh Complex,NR Mahesh Complex Char Rasta,
Tel: (0120) 4646200. Waghodia Road , Vadodara 390021. Tel (0265) 2520801. Dubai
Noida (Sec-62) Vapi 213, Nasir Lootah Bldg, Khalid Bin Walid Street (Bank
Shop No. 23, 1st Floor, C58/15A, TOT Mall Market, Sec-62, Royal Fortune, D-101, E-101, 1st Floor, Vapi-Daman Road, Street), P.O. Box: 120457, Dubai, U A E. Tel: 971-4-3963889
Noida - 201301. Vapi - 396 191. Tel: (0260) 6452931 to 36 Direct : 971-4-3963869.
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February 2011 56 Sharekhan ValueGuide