Aracelli Reyna Mr.

Neuburger Eng 102-104 9 February 2011 One Paragraph Essay Won’t Give Satisfaction The Narrator, Sylvia in “The Lesson” by Toni Cade Bambara, is a person who does not like to feel belittled by anyone even if they mean good. Sylvia feels strongly about her opinions against the teacher and certainly does not want to give her the satisfaction of learning anything from such an educated and proper one. The classmates go on a fieldtrip, not knowing the purpose of it, go into a store, and are astonished about the prices of the toys. They are in disbelief the toys could be so expensive or that any adult would buy a toy of such value for a kid to play with and potentially destroy (11). The classmates see sail boats as well and go on with discussions of how expensive they are and how they could possibly buy a yacht instead. Bambara writes, “I’m mad, but I won’t give her that satisfaction. So I slouch around the store bein very bored and say, ‘Let’s go’” (13). After a short torture longer, the whole class left F.A.O Schwarz. In the end, Sylvia turned away and left in such annoyance by the satisfaction the teacher gained this day, but no satisfaction was gained from Sylvia.

Works Cited Bambara, Toni C. “The Lesson.” 1972. Power of Language/Language of Power. Peason Custom, 2009. 7-14. Print. 198 words

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