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Marketing Communication Competition
Proud Sponsor and brought to you by CSL Malaysia

• Representatives from CSL Group, Tourism Malaysia, Primeworks Studios Sdn. Bhd,
and The Association Of Accredited Advertising Agents of Malaysia (4As).

1st Prize RM2000 + Spice Mi700 DoidPad worth RM1599
2nd Prize RM 1500 + Mi410 worth RM1499
3rd Prize RM1000 + Mi300 worth RM699


1. The contest is open to all full-time and part-time students from all institutions of higher learning with
proof as registered student e.g. copy of student i.d. card.

2. Contestants are allowed to be in a team with a maximum of 4 persons.

3. Contestants are subjected to an entrance fee of RM20.00 (per team).

4. Contestants are to submit a Marketing Communication package which consists of:

4.1. A proposal with the minimum of 5-pages which includes,

i) Group details

a. Team members’ names

b. Colleges/Universities

ii) Marketing Communication Plan

a. Objectives

b. Target Audience

c. Message Strategy

d. Execution
e. Description and rationale of all creative materials submitted:

- Video (title and content summary)

- Print materials (title and content summary)

iii) Format: Font Size - 12; Font type - Arial; Double-spacing.

iv) Printed copies properly bound on standard A4 paper x 1 copy.

4.2. A video production which includes the following,

i) The video must not exceed 1 minute & 30 seconds in duration and must include

relevent audio.

NOTE: Camera must be a minimal of 6 megapixels. The type of camera or

video camera used must be stated.

ii) All videos must be compiled & submitted in playable DVD with MPEG, or AVI format

only. (PAL- colour system). x 1 copy.

4.3. A print material (e.g. Poster) which must also comply with the

following formats,

i) A standard size of A4 paper x 1 copy.

ii)The execution (focus and exposure) of illustrative art, photographic quality and

interactive appeal will be considered.

5. Subject and theme of video & print materials must be in sync with the key message:

“How to Promote Domestic Tourism Malaysia through Mobile Internet Devices (MID)”

(Kindly read Rules & Regulations Clause No. 9 below)

6. Commencement date is on the 25th January 2011 and submission must reach us by 20 March
2011 before 5pm.

7. 10 shortlisted entries will be selected and notified by 21 March 2011. The candidates’ video and

print productions will be displayed via Facebook for public voting.

8. Shortlisted candidates are also required to present their Marketing Communication Proposals to

the panel of judges in Universiti Sains Malaysia, Main Campus, Penang on 25 March 2011.


9. Entries submitted must reflect/contain the key message (Kindly read Contest Structure Clause

No. 5). The term “Domestic Tourism Malaysia” includes cultures, heritages, customs, costumes,

personal or working lifestyle, food, communities, art, performances, iconic locations, events,

festivals, or etc associated to any races or places within Malaysia.

10. Recommended genre: Drama, Comedy, Adventure, Epics or Musicals. Characters featured can

be of fiction, non-fiction based or combined.

11. The Marketing Communication Proposal must be typed in English.

12. Video entries that are in any other languages/foreign languages, English subtitles are required.

13. Contestants must submit a photocopy/photocopies of their student i.d. cards.

14. Proposal must be endorsed by the own colleges’/universities’ lecturers or any relevant academic

staffs to sign to certify that all submitting materials attached are genuine and not plagiarized.
15. Contestants may submit as many entries but each entry must be original work that has not won

any prize in other competitions. Proposal that have not been published in any form, including

adaptations are not eligible. Plagiarism is not allowed. Any entry found to have breach this rule will

automatically be disqualified.

16. Illegible, incomplete and erroneous entries and those that do not comply with the contest’s Rules

and Regulations will be disqualified.

17. The Organizer will have full copyright to the winning Marketing Communication Package

(proposal, video production, and print material). CSL Malaysia will have the exclusive and absolute

rights to use and reproduce the video without prior notice, consent, payment, or royalties to the


18. By participating in this contest, contestants agree to be bound by the contest’s Rules and

Regulations, and all decisions made by the Organizer and the panel of judges.

19. Closing date for all entries will be on 20 March 2011, 5pm. Entries received after the closing date

without reasonable reasons will not be accepted.


1. The submitted entries will be evaluated by judges appointed by the Organizer and their project

partners. Entries will be evaluated based upon originality and creativity of the entry received.

2. 10 qualified entries will be shortlisted to proceed to the presentations of their Marketing

Communication Package. Shortlisted candidates will be notified by 21 March 2011.

3. The Organizer and judges reserve the right to disqualify any entries submitted which do not
conform to the regulations mentioned above.

4. Judges reserve the right to reject entries which are found to have won in other competitions,

contain pornographic elements or deemed inappropriate.

5. The 3 winners from the 10 shortlisted productions will be selected base on the judges’ decisions

and on their popularity voting by the public. Winners will be announced on 26 March 2011.

6. Judges’ decisions are final and no correspondence will be entertained.


1. The prizes are non-refundable, cannot be transferred and cannot be exchange for cash.

2. Prize winners are required to collect their prize on 26 March 2011 at the Award Presentation

Ceremony at Queensbay Mall, Penang.

3. The Organizer shall not be liable in any way for any failure or breach by any party in connection

with this contest, prize or prizes and accepts no responsibility for any complaint by contestants

arising from this contest prize or prizes.


1. While the Organizer will exercise care in handling of entries, they shall not be held responsible for

entries damaged, misdirected or lost through the post. Proof of post is not valid as proof of receipt.

2. All winning entries become the property of the Organizer and are non-returnable.

3. The Organizer reserves the right to photograph any winner and publish and/or use the names,

particulars and photographs of the contestants and their entries at any time for the purpose of

publicity, advertising, exhibition in the future without prior notice or consent.

4. Prizes unclaimed after 1 month will be deemed to have been forfeited and the Organizer reserves

the right to re-offer the prize in any future contests.


Completed entries to be submitted to:




11800 MINDEN,