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Editorial Stanley
Written by/Escrito por:
Edward R. Rosset;
Member of the
Bachelors of Art Association
of Euskadi
Miembro del Colegio de Licenciados de
Filosofia y Letras
de Euskaki

Published by / Editado por:

Editorial Stanley

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Angela Gomez Martin

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First Published 1993 - Primera edicion 1993

Reprinted 1994 - Reimpresion 1994
Reprinted 1996 - Reimpresion 1996
Reprinted 1997 - Reimpresion 1997
Reprinted 1999 - Reimpresion 1999
Reprinted 2001 - Reimpresion 2001
Reprinted 2004 - Reimpresion 2004
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The contents of this book have been divided into

thirty different structures.

How to use this book:

Teachers can use this book in class as a complement
to any method in the following way.
One of the students reads a sentence choosing the
answer which he considers correct. Then, the other
students are asked for their opinions. This will give
occasion to numerous doubts and questions on the
part of the students. Once the right answer has been
established, the pupil or pupils could be asked to
build up similar phrasing. The answers to the
different levels may be found in the Key Book.
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To be 1y 2
Has, have, adjectives, greetings 3y 4
There is, there are, much, many 5y 6
Some, any, a, an 7y 8
Had, man/men, woman/women, child/children 9y 10
Was, were, this, that, these, those 11 y 12
There was, there were 13 y 14
Present, habitual, it is cold/hot, etc 15 y 16
Do, does, don't, doesn't 17 y 18
Much, many, int. pronouns, possessive adj 19 y 20
The possessive case 21 y 22
"Going to" form 23 y 24
On, in, at 25 y 26
Regular and irregular verbs 27 y 28
Did 29 y 30
The time, gerund after prepositions 31 y 32
Future, shall, will, by car, by coach, on foot etc 33 y 34
Do, make 35 y 36
Imperative, I think so, etc 37 y 38
Tell, say, so much, so many, so 39 y 40
Habitual, continuous 41 y 42
Past continuous 43 y 44
Can, could, to be able 45 y 46
Present perfect 47 y 48
Relative pronouns 49 y 50
The one who, nouns as adjectives 51 y 52
Past perfect tense 53 y 54
Future perfect tense 55 y 56
Comparatives, superlatives 57 y 58
Must, have to 59 y 60
Conditional 61 y 62
Active and passive 63 y 64
Irregular comparatives and superlatives, as ... as 65 y 66
Imperative 67 y 68
Age, question tags 69 y 70
Still, yet, already since for during 71 y 72
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1. John is a 11. Robert is a

a) woman b) dog a) woman b) dog
c) cat d) boy c) cat d) boy
2. 'Where is the table?' ' is in the 12. The boys .... in the room.
a) are b) is
a) She b) He
c) a d) am
c) It d) —
3. 'What is Mrs Brown?' 'She is a ' 13. I .... a girl.
a) man b) woman a) are b) is
c) boy d) girl c) am d) on

4. 'What is Mr Brown?' 'He is a ' 14. 'Where the cat?' 'It is in the room.'
a) man b) woman a) is b) are
c) boy d) girl c) am d) in
5. A dog is animal. 15. The chair in the garden.
a) a b) an
a) are b) is
c) in d) the
c) am d) on
6. 'Where is chair?' ' It is in the
16. They not cats. They are dogs.
a) a b) — a) are b) is
c) the d) on c) and c) am

7. The dog the cat are sitting in the 17. ' you boys?' 'No, we are men.'
room. a) Is b) Am
a) in b) and c) Are d) Or
c) on d) not
18. Mr. Smith a tall man.
8. 'Where is the cat?' 'It is the room.' a) is b) are
a) in b) on
c) am d) on
c) a d) and
19. Dogs animals.
9. Mrs Brown is sitting on ...
a) is b) the
a) the room b) a chair
c) the table d) table c) are d) am

10.' What is Mary?' 'She is a ' 20. The tables in the house.
a) man b) boy a) is b) am
c) table d) girl c) and d) are


1. Mrs Smith a woman. 11 the dog on the chair?

a) is b) are a) Is b) Are
c) am d) on c) Am d) In

2. Is the cat the table? Yes, it is. 12. He is from Oxford. He is ....
a) are b) in a) American b) English
c) is d) on c) French d) Canadian

3. Are the boys the garden? No, they 13. Where the boys? They are in the
are not. garden.
a) in b) on a) is b) am
c) and d) a c) in d) are

4. The table is in the room. 14. The boy and the girl in the room.
a) not b) no a) are b) is
c) a d) and c) isn't d) are no

5. The cat on the table. 15. The Kangaroos in Australia.

a) is no b) isn't a) are b) is
c) is'nt d) aren't c) on d) am

6. They boys, they're girls. 16. I .... not a man.

a) isn't b) aren't a) are b) and
c) are no d) is not c) am d) is

7. Canada in Europe. 17.'Peter, you a girl?' 'No, I am not.'

a) aren't b) are not a) are b) am
c) isn't d) is no c) is d) isn't

8. He is English. He is Cambridge. 18. Boys, you in France, you are in Spain.

a) from b) on a) are b) aren't
c) in d) a c) isn't c) am

9. He is from the U.S.A. He is 19. Mr. Williams, you in the house?

a) English b) U.S.A. a) is b) are
c) British d) American c) am d) or

10. The pyramids in Egypt. 20. Hello, boys, .... you English ?
a) are b) is a) am b) is
c) am d) and c) isn't d) are

HAS - H A V E - A D J E T I V E S - G R E E T I N G S

1. The house four rooms. 11. The doors are nice. They are
a) have b) has a) doors nice b) doors nices
c) is d) are c) nice doors d) nices doors
2. The boys a dog. 12. The cat is black. We have a
a) have b) has a) black cat b) cat black
c) are d) is c) cats black d) blacks cat
3. 'Goodbye John'. 'Good .... Susan'. It is 13. Mrs Green a white chair in the
10 p.m. room.
a) morning b) afternoon a) is b) has
c) evening d) night c) are d) have
4.'It is 7 p.m. Good ....' 14. Susan and Leslie four nice dogs.
a) morning b) afternoon a) are b) is
c) evening d) night c) have d) has
5 you got a cat? 15. The boys a big ball.
a) Have b) has a) have b) has
c) are d) is
c) are d) is
6. The boy and the girl a white cat. 16. Mary, .... you got a dog.
a) have b) has
a) has b) have
c) are d) is
c) is d) are
7. Mr and Mrs Brown a boy and two
17. Animals .... four legs.
a) are b) has
a) have b) has
c) have d) is
c) are d) is
18 she got a house ?
8. The house windows.
a) Have b) Are
a) has b) have
c) Is d) Has
c) are d) is
19. We have two .... in the garden.
9. The houses windows.
a) chairs white b) white chairs
a) has b) have
c) whites chairs c) chairs whites
c) are d) is
20. This is a
10. We have
a) white houses b) whites houses a) car nice b) nice car
c) house whites d) houses whites c) cars nice d) nices cars


1. 'Have you got a dog?' ' Yes, I got a 11. The boy and the girl a black cat.
nice dog.' a) have b) has
a) has b) have c) are d) is
c) are d) am
12. The girls .... a window in the room.
2. 'Has she got a cat?' 'No, she got a
a) has b) are
a) has no b) have no c) have d) is
c) hasn't d) haven't 13. The cat is white. It is a
3. 'Has the house got a garden?' 'Yes, it a) cat white b) white cat
a nice garden.' c) white cats d) cat whites
a) have b) has
14. The girl is nice. She is a
c) is d) are
a) nices girls
4. This dog is nice. It is a
b) nice girls
a) nice dog b) dog nice
c) nice girl
c) dogs nice d) nice dogs
d) girl nice
5. 'Has Mrs Green a table?' 'Yes, she a
white table.' table is in the .....
a) are b) is a) room little b) rooms
c) have d) has c) little room d) little rooms
6. It is 8 a.m. 'Good '. 16. The man is .. the room.
a) morning b) afternoon a) on b) or
c) evening d) night c) and d) in

7. It is 3 p.m. 'Good '. ._ _. .

17. The catA is .. .the
. . chair.
a) morning b) afternoon
a) on b) or
c) evening d) night
c) and d) in
8. 'Have you got a chair?' 'No, I got a
18. The little girls two books.
a) have no- b) has no a) are b) is
c) haven't d hasn't c) and d) have
9. 'Has Mr Smith got a house?' 'Yes, he 19. ' you got a cat?' 'No, I haven't.'
got a nice house.' a) Has b) Have
a) is b) are
c) Are d) Is
c) have d) has
20. The Smiths .... got a big house.
10. The room two windows.
a) are b) is a) aren't b) haven't
c) has d) have c) isn't d) hasn't


1. Yes, a lamp in the room. 11. There two little trees in the garden.
a) there is b) there are a) are b) is
c) is there d) are there c) has d) have
2. Susan, a chair in the garden? 12. There a nice door in this house.
a) there is b) is there a) are b) is
c) there are d) are there c) has d) have
3. Are there many windows in the house? 13 there many windows in the house?
Yes, ... many. a) Are b) Is
a) there are b) they are c) Has d) Have
c) is there d) are there
14 there a little girl in the room?
4. Is there a dog in the house? No, a) Has b) Have
a) there isn't b) there is no c) Are d) Is
c) there aren't d) there are no . _ __ , A
15. Mum, .... there water in the glass?
5. Yes, many glasses on the table. a) are b) have
a) there is b) is there c) is d) has
c) are there d) there are .f _ ...
16. Susan, .... A1
there many cups in the
6. In the garden three big trees. cupboard ?
a) there are b) there is a) is b) has
c) are there d) is there c) are d) have
7. Carol, much coffee in the cup? 17. The glasses are on the table. They ....
a) are there b) is there on the table.
c) there are d) there is a) there is b) there are
o This
8. rr,.. morning
. , ...
many children . Al
in the c) have d) are
park. 18. There .... many boys and girls in the
a) there is b) there is park.
c) is there d) there are a) is b) are
n9 a man in • 11- j o
the garden? ) have d) has
a) Is there b) Are there 19. The little girl .... in the garden.
c) There is d) There are a) has b) is
1A T ., , , . ., 0 _T .. c) have d) are
10. Is there much tea in the cup? No, there
.... much. 20. Mary, .... you got many books ?
a) isn't b) is no a) are b) is
c) aren't d) are no c) has d) have


1. 'Are there many lamps on the wall?' 'Yes, 11. In this glass there milk.
a) have b) has
a) there are b) there is c) is d) are
c) is there d) are there
12. 'Susan, are there many cups on the
2. 'Is there a dog in this house?' 'No, ' table?' ' There .... two.'
a) there isn't b) there aren't a) is b) are
c) there is no d) there are no
c) has d) have
3. 'Are there many Italians in England? 'Yes,
13. 'Is there a lamp on the wall?' 'Well,
b) there is there .... two lamps.'
a) there are
c) are there d) is there a) is b) have
c) has d) are
4. 'Are there four rooms in the house?' 'No,
five.' 14. In this house there four rooms.
a) there are b) there is a) are b) is
c) are there d) is there c) have d) has
5. 'Are there two tables in the room?' 'No, 15. There .... many things in the house.
there ... one.' a) isn't b) aren't
a) are b) have
c) haven't d) is
c) are d) is
6. 'Are there many animals in the house?' 16. Jennifer, .... tea in the coffee-pot?
'No, there only one.' a) are there b) are
a) is b) are c) is there d) there is
c) have d) has
17 many girls in this school ?
7. 'Is there a chair in the garden?' 'No,
a) Is there b) Are
a) there are no b) there is no c) Are there d) Have
c) there isn't d) there aren't 18. 'Are there many tables?' 'No, there ....
8. 'Is there much water in the glass?' 'No, many.'
a) isn't b) are
a) there is no b) there isn't
c) is d) aren't
c) there are no d) there aren't
9. 'Are there many trees in this park?' 'No, 19. 'Is there much milk in the cup?' 'No,
many.' there '
a) there are no b) there aren't a) isn't b) aren't
c) there is no d) there isn't c) is d) are
10. 'Are there many people?' 'No, ..
20. 'There a lot of rooms in this house.'
only one person.'
a) there is b) there are a) is b) are
c) there isn't d) there aren't c) isn't d) aren't


1. 'Is there any coffee in the cup?' 'Yes, 11. Has Peter got interesting books to
there is ...' read?
a) much b) many a) some b) any
c) some d) any c) an d) much
2. In this garden there are very nice trees. 12. 'Have you got any glasses?' 'No, I
a) some b) any haven't got ...'
c) much d) ones a) some b) many
3. 'Are you reading a book?' 'Yes, I'm reading c) any d) much
... interesting book.' 13. 'Are there any good papers in this
a) an b) any country?' 'Yes, there are ...'
c) some d) a a) an b) any
4. Mrs Green is having .... coffee with milk. c) some d) much
a) some b) any 14. 'Are there many pubs in this town?'
c) much d) an 'Well, there are ...'
5. 'Is there any water in the glass?' 'No, a) any b) many
there isn't ...' c) some d) much
a) some b) a 15. We've got interesting people here.
c) an d) any a) any b) some
6. Mr Smith is having a cup of tea and ... c) much d) an
a) any b) some 16. Have you got paper, please ?
c) a d) an a) some b) much
c) any d) many
7. There are children playing in the
street. 17. There aren't .... trees in this park.
a) any b) some a) any b) much
c) an d) a
c) some d) an
8. Is there .... wine in the glass?
18. In this town there aren't supermarkets.
a) some b) a
c) any d) an a) much b) some
c) any d) an
9. 'Are there many girls in this class?' 'Yes,
there are ....' 19. Have you got .... more coffee, Mum?
a) any b) some a) some b) any
c) an d) much c) many d) a
10. 'Is there any beer in the glass?' 'No,
20. Sorry, I haven't got .... milk.
there isn't ...'
a) many b) a
a) some b) any
c) many d) much c) some d) any


1. 'Is there any tea in this house?' 'Yes, 11. There are cups of tea on the table.
there is ... in the kitchen.' a) some b) any
a) any b) some c) a d) an
c) much d) ones
12. Is there beer in the glasses?
2. 'Are there any girls in your class?' 'No, a) a b) an
there aren't ...' c) some d) any
a) many b) some
c) any d) much 13. Have you got chair for me?
a) any b) an
3. The Browns haven't got ... children.
c) some d) a
a) any b) some
c) much d) an 14. Have the Evans got flat?
f\\ o |-» -tr
b) some
4. I haven't got books to read.
d) a
a)\ some u\ an
b) c)' an
c) much d) any IS.Sorry, there isn't .. more tea.
5. Has Mr Evans got ... coffee? a
) some b) any
a) some b) any c
) man
y d) one
>an d)many 16. Have they got ...,. books?
6. Are there lamps in the house? a) any b) some
a) some b) ones c) much d) a
c) any d) an
17. There aren't ... flats to rent.
7. Have the Collins got children? a) much b) some
a) an b) some c) any d) a
c) ones d) any
18. We haven't got .... cinemas here.
8. Is there book on the table? _N _„..
a.) any b) some
a) a b) an
c) much d) a
c) some d) any
19. Are there ..... boys in this class?
9. This is interesting newspaper.
v F
* a) much b) any
a) a b) an
c) some d) a
c)any d)some
20. There isn't . beer in the bottle.
10. Is there coffee in the kitchen?
b) some
a) some b) any
c) d) any
c) a d) an

HAD - M A N / M E N - W O M A N / W O M E N - C H I L D / C H I L D R E N - PEOPLE

1. My grandparents eleven children. 11. There many intelligent people in

a) are b) had this country.
c) has d) had got a) is b) had
2. The Evans have four , two boys and c) have d) are
two girls. 12. The Jones two children, a boy
a) childs b) child and a girl.
c) children d) childrens a) are b) is
3. Three or four were sitting on chairs. c) had d) hadn't
a) man b) men 13. Many people drinking wine.
c) mans d) mens a) is b) have
4. Mrs Brown was standing with four or c) are d) had
14. Women many children last century.
a) women b) woman
a) have b) had
c) womans d) womens
c) are d) has
5. Susan some pieces of bread
15. Yesterday I.... six cups of tea.
a) have b) had
a) have b) has
c) there was d) was
c) had got d) had
16. There are .... people in this town.
6. There many people in the park.
a) much b) a
a) is b) are
c) any d) many
c) had d) have
17. These .... are very happy.
7. Many people reading this book.
a) is b) had a) children b) child
c) have d) are c) childrens d) childs

8. The boys a ball in the garden yesterday. 18. I .... some coffee yesterday morning.
a) have b) had a) have b) there was
c) are d) had got c) was d) had

9. Last century many families .... ten children. 19. There .... some women in the garden.
a) had b) has a) is b) have
c) have d) had got c) are d) had

10 people have only two children. 20. Those .... are drinking beer.
a) Much b) Many a) man b) mens
c) Any d) A c) mans d) men

HAD - M A N / M E N - W O M E N / W O M E N - C H I L D / C H I L D R E N - PEOPLE

1. There are some in the kitchen. 11. The house four rooms.
a) woman b) women a) are b) have
c) womens d) womans c) had d) is

2. The Evans family a house in the country. 12. The men reading newspapers.
a) had b) are a) is b) have
c) had got d) is c) has d) are

3. There some people playing with a ball. 13. There are people in the football
a) is b) are ground.
c) have d) had a) much b) many
c) any d) a
4. A pound .. twenty shillings.
a) has b) had 14. The Browns .. three children, a boy
and two girls.
c) are d) is
a) has b) had
5. The plural of man is c) are d) had got
a) mans b) men
15. Those people . drinking tea.
c) mens d) man
a) have b) are
6. The plural of woman is c) had d) is
a) woman b) womens
16. 'Have they got any tea?' ' No, but they
c) women d) womans
.... some yesterday.'
7. Have you got any coffee? Well, yesterday a) have b) has
I ... some. c) had d) are
a) have b) was 17 is the plural of man.
c) had d) am a) Mans b) Mens
8. Some people are sitting but are c) Men d) The men
standing. 18. These people a nice house.
a) many b) much a) have b) has
c) any d) an c) are d) is
9. In this town there some interesting people. 19. The first king of Nepal .... 18 children.
a) are b) is a) have b) had
c) have d) has c) has d) are
10. The plural of child is 20. I .... ten cups of coffee yesterday.
a) children b) childs a) have b) had
c) childrens d) child c) has d) was


l. The two boys .... sitting in the garden 11. The chairs in .... room here, are very
yesterday. comfortable.
a) was b) were a) this b) that
c) had d) have c) those d) these
2. Where your little dog yesterday? 12. The children very good yesterday.
a) are b) was a) was b) had
c) were d) is c) have d) were
3. you at home all morning yesterday? 13. I very cold this morning.
a) Are b) Have a) had b) was
c) Were d) Was c) have d) were
4. it hot yesterday? 14. The chair near the window.
a) Were b) Are a) was b) were
c) Is d) Was c) had d) have
5. The children at home all day 15. These two boys .... playing tennis last
yesterday. Saturday.
a) were b) are a) was b) had
c) was d) have c) were d) are
6. Where the cat ? 16. In my grandparent's house the chairs
a) were b) was .... comfortable.
c) are d) has a) were b) was
c) had d) have
7. The two girls playing in the park.
a) were b) was 17. It .... very hot last night.
c) have d) had a) is b) had
c) have d) was
8. Yes, houses here are very nice.
a) these b) this 18. My brothers .... playing football.
c) that d) those a) have b) is
c) were d) was
9. The pictures on wall there, are
beautiful. 19. Where .... you last Sunday?
a) that b) this a) was b) were
c) those d) these c) had d) are
10 people here are very violent. 20. These people .... very stupid.
a) This b) That a) was b) had
c) These d) Those c) were d) have


1 Mrs Green at home in the morning? 11. John and Mary very good yesterday.
a) Were b) Was a) was b) were
c) Had d) Has c) had d) have

2 you in England in 1992? 12. Where was the dog? It in the garden.
a) Was b) Had a) are b) were
c) Is d) Were c) is d) was

3. Where .... the children yesterday? 13. Where were the two children? They ....
a) was b) were at home.
c) are d) had a) were b) was
c) are d) have
4. ... the girls happy yesterday?
a) Are b) Were 14. Where was Mr Brown in the morning?
He ... in the park.
c) Was d) Had
a) were b) was
5. The picture in your room. c) are d) had
a) were b) was
15. There are many people in .... houses here.
c) are d) has
a) those b) this
6. The dogs in the garden yesterday. c) these d) that
a) were b) are
16 you happy when you had a baby?
c) was d) had
a) Was b) Were
7. The boys are in .... room here. c) Had d) Have
a) that b) those
17 she in Spain on holiday last summer?
c) this d) these
a) Was b) Were
8. The girls are in room there. c) Have d) Had
a) this b) that 18. Those children .... at home all day.
c) those d) these a) have b) had
9. The pictures are on walls here. c) were d) was
a) this b) that 19. The dogs .... in the park all morning.
c) these d) those a) was b) were
10. These people live in .... houses over c) had d) have
there. 20 girls here are very nice.
a) that b) this a) Those b) That
c) these d) those c) This d) These


1. There .... ten boys playing football. 11. There many people listening to
a) was b) were that man.
c) had d) have a) was b) were
c) had d) have
2. What there in your room? There
were many things. 12. There a little milk in the cup.
a) was b) were a) was b) were
c) is d) are c) had d) have

3. There a man standing near my house. 13. Was there any coffee in the cup? No,
a) were b) was there
c) had d) have a) was no b) were no
c) hadn't d) wasn't
4. Was there any milk in the glass? No,
there any. 14. Were there many trees in the park? No,
a) was no b) wasn't there
c) weren't d) were no a) hadn't b) wasn't
c) weren't d) were no
5 there much tea in the tea-pot?
a) Was b) Were 15 there many cinemas in 1945?
c) Had d) Has a) Was b) Had
c) Were d) Have
6 there many people at the concert?
a) Was b) Were 16. There .... much time.
c) Had d) Has a) weren't b) wasn't
c) was d) were
7. In 1980 there many trees in this
street. 17. What .... there on the radio?
a) was b) had a) were b) was
c) have d) were c) had d) have

8 there a cat in the room? 18. There .... many people there.
a) Have b) Had a) weren't b) wasn't
c) Was d) Were c) hadn't d) haven't

9. What there in the glass? 19. There .... much milk in the jar.
a) were b) had a) hadn't b) haven't
c) has d) was c) wasn't d) weren't

10 there many girls at your school? 20. There .... two cats on the roof.
a) Was b) Were a) had b) wasn't
c) Had d) Have c) were d) was


1. There only a little milk in the cup. 11. No, there many people listening to me.
a) was b) were a) wasn't b) weren't
c) had d) have c) were no d) was no
2 there any beer in the glass? 12. 'Was there any water yesterday?' 'No,
a) Had b) Have there any.'
c) Was d) Were a) was no b) were no
3. 'Were there many cards on the table?' c) wasn't d) weren't
'No, there any.' 13. 'What was there in your cup?' 'There
a) hadn't b) weren't ... two things.'
c) wasn't d) was no a) was b) were
4 there many pieces of bread? c) had d) have
a) Was b) Were 14. There .... many rooms in my house.
c) Had d) Have a) was b) were
5. There many parks in London last c) had d) have
century. 15. There.... many pictures in that museum.
a) was b) were a) had b) have
c) had d) have
c) were d) was
6 there many people in the library
yesterday? 16. There .... any butter in the fridge.
a) Are b) Was a) weren't b) wasn't
c) Were d) Had c) was d) were
7 there many children playing with 17. What was there in the room? There ....
you yesterday? many things.
a) Are b) Were
a) were b) was
c) Was d) Had
c) had d) have
8. Were there large families last century?
Yes, there .... 18. Yes, there .... some coffee.
a) had b) were a) was b) were
c) was d) have c) have d) had
9 there many people in England in the 19. No, there .... any milk.
XV century?
a) weren't b) wasn't
a) Were b) Was
c) hadn't d) hasn't
c) Is d) Are
10. No, there any milk in my glass. 20. What .... there on the table?
a) was no b) were no a) had b) were
c) wasn't d) weren't c) was d) have


1. I to London every year. 11. It very hot yesterday morning.

a) am going b) go a) is b) had
c) going d) have c) was d) have
2. He always football in the mornings. 12. These people never on time.
a) play b) plays a) comes b) are coming
c) going to play d) playing c) come d) coming
3. We never tea for breakfast. 13. He always coffee after lunch.
a) have b) has a) have b) has
c) going to have d) are having c) is having d) having
4. We to the cinema on Sunday 14. Children always a lot of water.
evenings. a) drinking
a) are going b) going b) drink
c) go d) have c) are drinking
d) drinks
5. The mother money to the children
every week. 15. We never .... tennis on Sundays.
a) is giving b) is going to give a) play b) are playing
c) give d) gives c) playing d) plays
6. The children many things when they 16. Those boys .... football now.
play. a) play b) are playing
a) are breaking b) breaks
c) plays d) playing
c) break d) breaking
17. He .... a lot of water when he runs.
7. I water when it is hot.
a) drinks b) drinking
a) drink b) drinks
c) is drinking d) drink
c) am drinking d) drinking
8. We TV every evening. 18. The teacher always .... clearly.
a) watching b) are watching a) speaking b) is speaking
c) watch d) watches c) speak d) speaks

9. She letters to her mother every week.. 19. We never .... water with meals.
a) write b) writes a) drinking b) drink
c) is writing d) writing c) drinks d) are drinking
10. I very cold this morning. 20. Mrs. Smith .... tea at 5 every day.
a) have b) has a) have b) has
c) am d) had c) having d) is having


1. My mother bread every morning. 11. My mother here in the mornings.

a) is buying b) is going to buy a) come b) comes
c) buy d) buys c) is coming d) coming
2. He a beer every evening in the pub. 12. I three cups of tea every morning.
a) has b) have a) has b) am having
c) is having d) having
c) having d) have
3. The children often with the dog in
13. The father with his children in the
the garden.
a) play b) plays
a) play b) plays
c) are playing d) playing
c) is playing d) playing
4. It very cold last night.
a) is b) had 14. Your mother you very much.
c) have d) was a) is loving b) loves
c) love d) loving
5. I never beer in the mornings.
a) drink b) drinks 15. We always .... football in the morning.
c) is drinking d) drinking a) play b) are playing
£ My
6. ** parents4. always
i * the
to *u theatre
*u * on ) rplays
J d) rplaying
Saturdays. 16. They sometimes .... late.
a) are going b) goes a) arriving b) are arriving
) go d) going c) arrive d) arrives
7. Peter never tennis with his sister. 17. The Browns often cards.
a) play b) are playing a) play b) are playing
c) plays d) playing c) playing d) plays
8. She always TV in the mornings. 18. We never .... tea in the .
18. We never .... tea in the morning.
a) watch b) watches
a) are having b) have
c) watching d) are watching
c) having d) has
9. Peter, you cold? Yes, I am.
a) have b) has 19. It was .... cold yesterday.
c) are d) is a) much b) very
c) many d) some
10. The parents tea with their children
every day. 20. It's not .... hot today.
a) are having b) have a) very b) much
c) has d) having c) some d) any


1. Peter, you come here every day? 11. People on Sundays.

a) do b) does a) don't works b) don't work
c) doesn't d) — c) doesn't work d) doesn't works

2. Carol drink wine with her meals. 12. Mary to school in the mornings.
a) does b) doesn't a) doesn't goes b) don't go
c) do d) don't c) don't goes d) doesn't go

3. What you do on Sundays? 13. When Mary to school?

a) does b) do a) does/go b) does/goes
c) don't d) doesn't c) do/goes d) do/go

4. Mary do anything in the morning. 14. My sister anything on

a) does b) doesn't Saturdays.
c) don't d) isn't a) doesn't b) doesn't do
c) don't d) don't does
5. My brother work very much.
a) doesn't b) does 15. We in class.
c) do d) don't a) doesn't speak b) speaking
c) don't speak d) speaking
6 Mr Brown on Sundays?
a) Does/work b) Do/work 16. They don't .... very much.
c) Does/works d) Do/works a) work b) works
c) working d) to work
7. When the children TV?
a) do/watches b) do/watch 17. Children much.
c) does/watch d) does/watches a) aren't reading b) reading
c) don't read d) read
8. a) Do you go out on Sundays?
b) Go you out on Sundays? 18 you tennis on Sundays?
c) Go out you on Sundays? a) Do/plays b) Does/plays
d) Do go out on Sundays? c) Does/play d) Do/play

9. The children on Saturdays. 19. She T.V. in the evenings.

a) don't come b) doesn't come a) doesn't watch b) watch
c) don't comes d) doesn't comes c) don't see d) doesn't see

10. What you for breakfast? 20.What .... they usually.... for dinner?
a) do/have b) does/have a) do/has b) are/have
c) do/has d) does/has c) does/have d) do/have


1. How much money you spend on 11. People usually on Saturdays.

Saturdays? a) don't/works b) don't/work
a) does b) do c) doesn't work d) doesn't works
c) don't d) doesn't
12. What John at school?
2 Peter football on Sundays? a) does/do b) do/do
a) Does/plays b) Does/play c) does/does d) do/does
c) Do/play d) Do/plays
13. What your little sister .... for
3. Joan, you TV in the evenings? breakfast?
a) do/watch b) does/watch a) does/have b) do/have
c) do/watches d) does/watches c) do/has d) does/has
4 your mother on Sunday 14. a) Does Mary does a lot of work?
mornings? b) Does Mary a lot of work?
a) Does/cooks b) Do/cook c) Does Mary do a lot of work?
c) Does/cook d) Do/cooks d) Mary does a lot of work?
5. When you to town? 15. What .... you .... in the mornings?
a) do/goes b) does/go
a) do/does b) does/do
c) does/goes d) do/go
c) does/does d) do/do
6 your little sister tennis?
16. When .... they .... home in the evening?
a) Does/play b) Does/plays
a) does/come
c) Do/play d) Do/plays
b) do/comes
7. My parents tea with meals. c) do/come
a) don't drinks b) don't drink d) does/comes
c) doesn't drink d) doesn't drinks
17. She anything in the office.
8. My father TV in the a) doesn't do b) does
mornings. c) doesn't d) does do
a) doesn't watches b) doesn't watch
c) don't watch d) don't watches 18. We much in this house.
a) doesn't speak b) speaking
9. My brother any work in c) don't speaks d) don't speak
the evenings.
a) doesn't do b) doesn't 19. They there very often.
c) don't do d) don't does a) don't go b) doesn't go
c) are going d) don't going
10. What you usually for dinner
on Sundays? 20. When .... she the shopping?
a) do/have b) do/has a) do/do b) do/does
c) does/have d) does/has c) does/does d) does/do


1. Is there coffee in the cup? 11. There aren't houses in this town.
a) much b) many a) much b) a lot
c) a lot d) some c) some d) many

2 has done that? 12. ' were you running this morning?'
a) When b) What 'Because I was late.'
c) Who d) Why a) When b) Why
c) How d) Who
3. Those are the children and that is ..
house. 13. Mary is playing with friend.
a) his b) their a) his b) your
c) your d) our c) her d) its

4. My brother Peter has friends. 14.' do these children usually go to

a) much b) a lot school?' 'They go by bus.'
a) Who b) Why
c) any d) many
c) How d) Where
5 do you go to London?
15. That's Mary and this is .... brother.
a) Where b) When
c) What d) Who a) his b) her
c) their d) its
6. We haven't got tea in the house. „ , „, „ „,. , , , . .
16. Those are Mr&Mrs Jones and this is ....
a) many b) some
c) any d) a lot ., ,. ,.
a) her b) his
7. There were people in the park. c) its d) their
a) a lot of b) a lot 17. That's Tom and this is .... dog.
c) much d) lots a) her b) its

8. There's coffee in the coffee-pot. c) his d) their

a) many b) much 18.'.... don't you have breakfast?' 'Because
c) lots d) a lot of I'm late.'
9. ' do you play football?' 'We play in ) when b
) How

c d) where
the morning.' ) Why
a) How b
) why 19. There are .... things to do here.
c) When d) Who a) lots b) many
10.' don't you have lunch?' 'Because I c) much d) a lot
am studying.' 20 has got my books?
a) When b) Why a) Why b) When
c) How d) Who c) Who d) Where


1. Peter is playing with friends. 11. Little Susan is playing with mother.
a) her b) its a) his b) its
c) their d) his c) her d) their
2. The children are going to the cinema 12. ' does Mr Brown watch football?'
with .... friends. 'On Saturdays.'
a) her b) its a) When b) How
c) their d) his c) Why d) Where
3. Ther e are teachers in this school. 13. Has she got coffee in her cup?
a) many b) much a) many b) a lot
c) any d) lots c) much d) lots
14. There aren't cartoons on TV.
4. There are people here today. a) much b) lots
a) lot of b) lots of c) a lot d) many
c) much d) a lot
15. We haven't got ,. time.
5. We are having dinner with... friends tonight. a) much b) a lot
a) our b) their c) many d) lots
c) his d) her
16. Those boys and girls are with
6. ' do you watch TV?' ' Usually in the
a) his b) her
a) Why b) When
c) its d) their
c) How d) Who
17. The dog is playing with .... bone.
7. We don't eat meat.
a) his b) her
a) many b) a lot
c) its d) their
c) much d) some
18. The little girl is playing with doll.
8. She doesn't have books.
a) his b) her
a) much b) lots
c) its d) their
c) many d) some
19 do you come so late?
9 do you go to school in the mornings?
a) When b) Where
a) Who b) How
c) Why d) How
c) What d) Where
10. There is . beer in the glass. 20 were you last night?
a) lot of b) a lot of a) Where b) Who
c) much d) lots of c) Why d) When


1. That red car in the street is 11. a) The Carters' dog is black.
a) the Tom's car b) Tom's the car b) Carter's dog is black.
c) the Tom's the car d) Tom's car c) Carter's the dog is black.
2. a) The Brown's boys are here d) The dog's Carter is black.
b) The boys's Brown are here 12. a) That's David's sister.
c) Brown's boys are here b) That's David's the sister.
d) The Browns' boys are here
c) That's the David's sister.
3. Those green balls are ... d) That's sister's David.
a) the girls's balls b) the girls'the balls
13. What colour is ?
c) girls' the balls d) the girls' balls
a) the Smiths' house
4. Mrs Brown is b) Smith's the house
a) The Peter's mother c) the Smith's the house
b) Peter's the mother
d) Smith's house
c) Peter's mother
d) The Peter's the mother 14. Is that ?
a) Jim's the sister b) the Jim's sister
5. 'Is that ball?' 'No, it isn't.'
a) children's b) the childrens' c) Jim's sister d) sister's Jim
c) childrens's d) the children's 15. Mr. Grammer is our .... teacher.
6. You can say "the legs of the dogs" or a) children b) childrens
a) the legs' dogs b) the dog's legs c) children's d) childrens'
c) the dogs' legs d) the leg's dogs 16. That is .... house.
7. We don't usually say 'the kitchen of my a) Mr. Browns' b) Mr Browns's
mother' but c) Mr Brown's d) Mr Brown
a) my kitchen's mother
b) my mother's kitchen 17. The .... is in the garden.
c) kitchen's my mother a) ball's boys b) ball of boys
d) the kitchen's my mother c) boys' ball d) boys' the ball

8. That is 18. This is ....

a) Tom's mother b) mother's Tom a) the Lina's car b) Lina's car
c) Tom's the mother d) mother's the Tom c) Lina car d) Lina's the car
9.That is 19. 'Is that ....?' 'No, it isn't.'
a) the dog's the ball b) the dog's ball a) the Ken's bike? b) Ken's the bike
c) dog's ball d) dog's the ball c) Ken bike d) Ken's bike
10. a) Mary's the cat is here 20. '.... is very good.'
b) The Mary's cat is here a) My dad's car b) Dad's the car
c) Mary's cat is here
c) Dad's my car d) My car's dad
d) The Mary's the cat is here


1. That is my 11. a) The butchers' shop.

a) father's the car b) father's car b) The butcher's shop.
c) car's father d) car's the father c) The shop's butchers.
2. Who's ? d) The shops' butcher.
a) Ben's sister b) sister's Ben 12. These are those
c) the Ben's sister d) the sister's Ben a) mans' cars b) mens' cars
3. This is the c) cars' men d) men's cars
a) boys' the ball b) boys' ball 13. That is very big.
c) ball's boys d) balls' boy a) women's child b) child's woman
4. Is that ? c) woman's child d) childs' woman
a) Tom's bicycle b) bicycle's Tom 14. My is my uncle.
c) the Tom's bicycle d) the bicycle's Tom a) father's brother
5 are black. b) brother's father
a) The cat's legs b) Cat's legs c) father's the brother
c) The legs' cat d) Legs' cat d) brother's the father
6. a) The legs of the chair. 15. Who is your ?
b) The chair's legs. a) son's friend b) son's the friend
c) The legs' chair. c) friend son d) friend's the son
d) Legs' the chair.
16. My is my aunt.
7. a) The house's door. a) mum's the sisterb) sister's the mum
b) The door of the house. c) mum's sister d) sister's mum
c) The door's house.
17. I want to play with
d) Door's the house.
a) sister's my doll b) my sister's doll
8. a) My car's father is red. c) doll's my sister d) my doll's sister
b) My father's car is red.
c) The car's my father is red. 18. That is
d) The father's my car is red. a) John's the flat b) John's flat
c) flat's John d) flat's the John
9. a) The children's school.
b) The school's children. 19. Those are husbands.
c) The children's the school. a) the women's b) the woman's
d) The school's the children. c) women's d) the women's the

10. These are the ... 20. I am my My name is Paul.

a) girls' apples b) girls's apples a) mother's the son b) son's mother
c) apple's girl d) apples's girls c) mother's son d) the son's mother


1. What today, fish or meat? 11 to have anything to eat today?

a) do you eat b) are you going to eat a) Your aren't going b) Aren't you going
c) eat you d) do you eating c) Do you go d) Go you
2 to rain tonight? 12 to rain today?
a) Is it going b) Does it a) Is it going b) Does it go
c) Is it d) Going
c) Goes it d) It goes
3. When to play basketball?
13. She to put sugar in her coffee.
a) they go b) are they going
a) are going b) does go
c) do they go d) they are going
c) goes d) is going
4 soup tonight?
14. What to do after breakfast?
a) Does she have b) Has she
c) Does she has d) Is she going to have a) are you b) you are
c) do you d) are you going
5. Where going to play this
afternoon? 15 come to the party?
a) the boys are b) are the boys a) Is she going to b) Does she to
c) the boys are they d) they are c) Is she to d) She to
6. How going to travel? 16. What .... for breakfast today?
a) do you b) you are a) does he eat b) he eats
c) are you d) does he c) is he going to eat d) eats he
7. When the Evans going to have dinner 17. Where .... you .... tonight?
out? a) are/going b) are/to go
a) do b) are c) do/going d) does/going
c) does d) are they
18. When .... she .... to come to see us?
8. Mrs Evans to prepare something
a) -/is b) is/going
to eat.
c) does/go d) does going
a) is go b) is going
c) goes d) go 19. I .... not .... out tonight.
9. Mum, I to have some toast. a) do/go b) am/go
a) do b) am going c) am/going d) do/going
c) go d) are going 20. The children .... not .... to eat anything
10. When going to eat the cake? tonight.
a) do they b) they are a) are/going b) do/go
c) are they d) are c) do/going d) are/go


1. No, I to have any breakfast today. 11 to telephone you this morning?

a) am no going b) am not going a) Is she go b) Is she going
c) don't go d) go not c) She is going d) Goes she

2. We to have any coffee after lunch. 12. We to do it today.

a) aren't going b) are going a) have go b) are go
c) don't go d) go not c) are going d) going

3. He to telephone me this afternoon. 13. ' to put sugar in your coffee?' 'No,
a) isn't go b) isn't going I am not.'
c) does not d) doesn't go a) Do you b) Are you go
c) Are you d) Are you going
4. The children to eat fish today.
a) aren't going b) are going not 14. I to get up this morning.
c) don't go d) go not a) am not go b) am not going
c) don't d) am going not
5.What to make for dinner?
a) is she go b) is she going 15. She .... not .... to come with us.
c) does she go d) goes she a) is/going b) does/go
c) does/going d) do/going
6. Mum, to make some tea?
a) you are b) you're going 16. We .... not .... to stay at this hotel.
c) are you going d) do you go a) do/going b) are/go
c) do/go d) are/going
7. We to watch the match on TV.
a) go b) are going 17. They .... to speak to us.
c) going d) don't go a) are going b) go
c) going d) do go
8. They to have supper at 10.
a) are going b) going 18. Is she tonight?
c) go d) goes a) go to come b) to coming
c) going to come d) to come
9. When going to come?
a) are you b) do you 19. I .... not .... to speak to her.
c) you are d) you a) am/going b) do/go
c) do/going d) am/go
10. At what time the children going
to finish? 20. Are we .... on holiday this year?
a) do b) are a) to go b) going
c) is d) have c) to going d) do go

ON - IN - AT

1. Don't sit the table, sit on the chair! 11. My office is the fourth floor.
a) on b) at a) in b) on
c) in d) by c) at d) into

2. There is something the water. 12. In Great Britain you drive .... the left.
a) in b) on a) in b) at
c) at d) over c) onto d) on

3. There is a man the door. 13. The tall woman was standing the
a) in b) at window.
a) on b) in
c) on d) into
c) at d) into
4. There are many people .... the room.
14. He is not standing at the door. He is ....
a) into b) on
the corridor.
c) at d) in
a) in b) on
5. There is paint the ceiling. c) at d) into
a) in b) on
15. I saw him .... the station.
c) at d) into
a) in b) on
6. There is someone the park. c) into d) at
a) at b) on 16. There were many people .... the concert.
c) in d) into a) at b) on
7. There was a woman the window. c) in d) by
a) at b) in 17. They have a house .... the Alps.
c) on d) over a) in b) on
8. The shop is the left. c) at d) by
a) on b) in 18. He has been .... work all morning.
c) at d) into a) in b) on
c) at d) by
9. He was waiting the street for his
girlfriend. 19. She was sitting .... the back.
a) on b) at a) in b) at
c) over d) in c) by d) on

10. It is on this page, the top. 20. The picture was .... the wall.
a) at b) in a) on b) at
c) on d) into c) in d) by

ON - IN - AT

1. Where is the car? It's Pond Road. 11. She was standing .... the back.
a) on b) into a) into b) in
c) at d) in c) on d) at
2. It's parked just the corner. 12. There were dirty marks the ceiling.
a) on b) into
a) onto b) in
c) in d) by
c) at d) on
3. Where is the chair? It's corner of
the room. 13. She lives .... the ground floor.
a) on b) in a) into b) in
c) by d) at c) at d) on

4. Do you take sugar your coffee? 14. The garden is ... the back of the house.
a) in b) on a) at b) in
c) at d) into c) on d) into
5. Turn left the traffic lights. 15. My mother is .... the hairdresser's.
a) at b) in a) on b) in
c) on d) by
c) at d) into
6. Where is it? It's the front page.
16. I saw her .... the bus.
a) on b) in
a) in b) at
c) at d) into
c) on d) into
7. Where do you live? I live Manchester.
a) into b) at 17. There was a strange man .... the plane.
c) on d) in a) at b) on
c) into d) in
8. Where were you on Saturday? I was ...
the concert. 18. I am always here .... Christmas.
a) at b) on a) on b) in
c) in d) into c) by d) at
9. Where is the medicine? It is the bottle. 19. I don't do any work .... weekends.
a) into b) in
a) at b) in
c) on d) at
c) on d) into
10. Where is it written? It's written .... the
20. All fishermen are .... sea.
a) into b) in a) on b) in
c) on d) at c) at d) into


1. We arrived ... London very late. 11. Haven't they you the books yet?
a) on b) in a) given b) gave
d) at d) — c) giving d) give
2. She has already arrived home. 12. Has the child .... the medicine?
a) on b) in a) take b) taken
c) at d) —
c) took d) taking
3. The train has arrived ... the station on
13. Have you football today?
a) played b) playied
a) on b) in
c) plaid d) playd
c) at d) —
14. They have a lot of whisky.
4. You haven't the lesson properly.
a) studied b) studyed a) drunk b) drank
c) studyied d) studid c) drinking d) drinked

5. Has she for the new job? 15. I have already .... the meat.
a) applied b) applyied a) fry b) fried
c) applyed d) aplied c) fryed d) fryd

6. We haven't that yet. 16. They have arrived .... England today.
a) tryed b) tryied a) on b) at
c) tryd d) tried c) in d) -
7. Mr Smith has already arrived the 17. They .... in London for two years.
office. a) live b) lived
a) in b) at c) living d) are living
c) on d) —
18. She .... to Madrid by plane.
8. The children haven't arrived home yet.
a) go b) goed
a) in b) —
c) went d) god
c) at d) on
19. He .... a letter to his friend.
9. Have you all the bread?
a) write b) writed
a) eat b) eaten
c) ate d) eating c) written d) wrote

10. They haven't the film yet. 20. We .... to her yesterday.
a) see b) saw a) speak b) spoke
c) seen d) seeing c) spoken d) speaked


1. The children haven't yet. 11. She .... me yesterday's newspaper.

a) come b) came a) give b) gave
c) coming d) comed c) given d) gived

2. Have you my new book? 12. I some francs in the bank.

a) seed b) sawed a) change b) changed
c) seen d) seing c) changes d) changing

3. He arrived .... the meeting just in time. 13. She arrived ... the meeting ten minutes
a) in b) on early.
c) — d) at a) at b) in
c) to d) —
4. Have you seen him? No, he hasn't arrived
.... home yet. 14. I up at seven o'clock yesterday
a) — b) in morning.
c) on d) at a) wake b) waked
c) waken d) woke
5. The plane arrived ... Majorca twelve
hours late. 15. He .... a loaf of bread.
a) — b) in a) buy b) buyed
c) on d) at c) bought d) buyd

6. She a piece of bread yesterday. 16. The little girl .... the glass on the table.
a) eat b) ate a) puted b) putted
c) eaten d) eating c) puten d) put

7. I a man in the street. 17. He .... to buy the newspaper.

a) saw b) see a) stop b) stopped
c) seeing d) seed c) sloped d) stoppen

8. The little girl ... the wrong bus. 18. I .... in Paris yesterday.
a) take b) took a) was b) be
c) taken d) taking c) went d) beed

9. She a lot of beer. 19. 'Is that expensive?' 'I .... £10.'
a) drink b) drunk a) pay b) payed
c) drinked d) drank c) paid d) payd

10. The children .... late last night. 20. It was cheap. It .... me £5.
a) came b) corned a) cost b) costed
c) camed d) coming c) costs d) costted


1. Did you .... to the cinema? 11. Where the children play yesterday?
a) went b) go a) do b) does
c) going d) to go c) done d) did
2. Did she .... the tennis match? 12. When did Mr Smith .... to London?
a) win b) won a) go b) went
c) winning d) to win c) gone d) to go
3. Did the old woman .... in the street? 13. What last Saturday?
a) falling b) to fall a) you did b) did you do
c) fell d) fall c) did you d) you done
4. What did you last night. 14. Where you go yesterday?
a) do b) did a) do b) does
c) to do d) doing c) did d) went
5. Did the teachers the football match? 15. They didn't .... anything.
a) lost b) to lose a) do b) did
c) losing d) lose c) - d) does
6. When did little Tom .... the milk? 16. What did she .... last night?
a) drink b) drank a) did b) do
c) drunk d) to drink c) - d) done
7. What last Sunday? 17 she .... the tennis match?
a) you did b) did you did a) Did/win b) Did /won
c) did you d) did you do c) Does/win d)Does /won
8.'When that?' 'Last night.' 18. She to the cinema.
a) they did a) not went b) didn't went
b) did they did c) didn't go d) doesn't went
c) did they do
19. We in the morning.
d) did they
a) don't come
9. What did Carol last Sunday? b) didn't come
a) do b) did c) came not
c) done d) — d) not came
10. Why did you me a present? 20. They it yesterday.
a) gave b) to give a) didn't do b) didn't
c) given d) give c) not did d) not do


1. Did you in the race? 11. a) Liked you the present?

a) run b) ran b) Did you liked the present?
c) runed d) running c) Did you like the present?
2. a) Went you to London? d) Did like you the present?
b) Did you went to London?
12 champagne on Christmas eve?
c) Did you go to London?
d) Went to London you? a) Did you drink
b) Drank you
3. a) Played the boys?
c) Did drink you
b) Did the boys play?
d) Did you drank
c) Did the boys played
d) Did play the boys? 13 Mr Smith last night?
4. Where ? a) Saw you b) Did you see
a) fell you b) did fall you? c) Did see you d) Did you saw
c) did you fall d) did you fell
14 to him last Sunday?
5. What last night? a) Did you speak b) Speak you
a) you did b) did you do c) Did speak you d) Did you spoke
c) did you d) did do you
15. What .... they .... in London?
6. a) Liked you the film?
a) did/see b) do/saw
b) Did you like the film?
c) did/saw d) do/see
c) Did you liked the film?
d) Did liked you the film? 16. When .... you .... to Madrid?
7. a) Worked she very hard? a) did/go b) did/went
b) Did work she very hard? c) do/go d) do/went
c) Did she work very hard?
17. They to school yesterday.
d) Did she worked very hard?
a) didn't came b) don't come
8. a) Played you cricket? c) didn't come d) don't came
b) Did play you cricket?
c) Did you play cricket? 18. She anything last night.
d) Did you played cricket? a) doesn't did b) didn't
c) doesn't do d) didn't do
9. a) Did the children go?
b) Went the children? 19. They to play yesterday.
c) Did the children went? a) wanted not b) didn't want
d) Did go the children? c) not wanted d) don't wanted
10. a) Did Mary win the match?
20. We the football match.
b) Won Mary the match?
a) didn't win b) didn't won
c) Did win Mary the match?
d) Did Mary won the match? c) don't win d) don't won


1. Before to school she had a good 11. 6.50 is

breakfast. a) Ten past six b) Ten to seven
a) go b) going c) fifty past six d) fifty to six
c) to go d) of go
12. She doesn't approve of
2. After the plates she dried the glasses. a) to drink b) to drinking
a) washing b) wash c) drink d) drinking
c) to wash d) of wash
13. 10.05 is
3. 1.45 is
a) ten past five b) five past ten
a) a quarter to one
c) ten to five d) five to ten
b) a quarter to two
c) forty five to two 14. She ran six miles without
d) forty five past one a) stops b) to stopping
4. 10.30 is c) stop d) stopping
a) half past ten b) a half past ten 15. I love .... in the hills.
c) thirty past ten d) thirty to eleven a) to run b) running
5. I have no intention of it to you. c) runing d) run
a) to give b) give
16. 12.55 is
c) to giving d) giving
a) five to one
6. I love up early and going to the b) five past one
country. c) one to five
a) getting b) get d) one past five
c) to get d) to getting
17. I feel tired after .... all day.
7. What's the advantage of a car? a) to work b) to working
a) to have b) having c) working d) of work
c) to having d) have
18. He insisted .... doing it.
8. Before out I telephoned my friend.
a) in b) on
a) to going b) going
c) at d) to
c) go d) to go
19. I stopped .... at five.
9. They finished early.
a) to eat b) eat a) to work b) the working
c) eating d) to eating c) to working d) working

10. He is interested in languages. 20. I like It's great !

a) learning b) learn a) to swim b) to swimming
c) to learn d) to learning c) swimming d) swim


1. At what time did you finish .... the car? 11. Before out, have something to eat.
a) to wash b) washing a) to go b) to going
c) to washing d) wash c) going d) go
2. 5.10 is 12. He went to school without breakfast.
a) ten past five b) five past ten
a) to have b) to having
c) ten to five d) five to ten
c) have d) having
3. After football we went for a drink.
13. They accused him of a spy.
a) to play b) play
c) to playing d) playing a) to be b) being
c) to being d) be
4. I finished the book last night.
a) reading b) read 14. 5.20 is
c) to read d) to reading a) twenty past five
5. I can't translate it without .... a b) five past twenty
dictionary. c) twenty to five
a) to use b) use d) five to twenty
c) using d) to using 15. 2.50 is ....
6. I'm not interested in .... it. a) fifty to three b) two to fifty
a) to buy b) buy c) ten to three d) ten to two
c) to buying d) buying
16. I don't want to insist on .... that.
7. 12.20 is a) doing b) to doing
a) twenty past twelve c) to do d) do
b) twelve past twenty
c) twenty to twelve 17. I don't like .... in public.
d) twelve to twenty a) I speak b) speak
8. I love in the morning. c) to speaking d) speaking
a) to ride b) to riding 18. She hates .... to the dentist.
c) ride d) riding a) she goes b) to going
9. 2.55 is c) going d) go
a) five to three
19. I stopped .... here a long time ago.
b) five to two
a) come b) coming
c) fifty five past two
d) fifty five to three c) to coming d) to come

10. This is the reason for here. 20. She's very interested in .... to you.
a) to come b) coming a) speaking b) to speaking
c) I come d) to coming c) to speak d) speak


1. How you go to town tomorrow? 11. Hey, boys, .... we go to the beach
a) did b) will tomorrow?
c) shall d) — a) will b) shall
2. Hello boys! What we do tomorrow? c) do d) did
a) will b) do 12. Mary, we go to the cinema?
c) did d) shall a) will b) do
3. They all went train. c) shall d) did
a) on b) in
13. We early tomorrow.
c) in the d) by
a) will finish b) finish will
4. I'll arrive in London .... train. c) did finish d) shall finished
a) on b) on the
c) on the 9 o'clock d) by 14. The children all the cake.
a) did eat b) did ate
5. I'm afraid she come in time.
c) shall eat d) will eat
a) shan't b) won't
c) will d) shall 15. She .... want to do it.
a) won't b) -
6. Do you think that pass your exams
c) don't d) shall not
in June.
a) you'll b) will you 16. We'll go .... bicycle.
c) to d) you a) by b) in
7. 'Will you go bus?' 'No, I think I'll c) on d) at
go ... foot.' 17. They came .... plane.
a) by/by b) on/on a) in b) on
c) on/by d) by/on
c) at d) by
8. 'What next year?' 'I'll go to the
18. What do tomorrow, girls?
School of Commerce.'
a) shall we b) we will
a) do you do b) did you do
c) will we d) do we
c) will you do d) do you will
9. What next Sunday morning? 19. I think stay here.
a) do Carol do b) will Carol do a) I'll b) -
c) does Carol do d) does Carol c) I d) I am

10. The classes tomorrow morning. 20. They are going .... coach.
a) start will b) shall start a) in b) at
c) will start d) start shall c) on d) by


1. 'How are you going to Bristol?' '.... car.' 11. Brian, you run in the marathon?
a) On b) By a) shall b) will
c) In d) In the c) do d) shan't
2. According to the "telly", tomorrow it 12. This year you have to study a lot.
rain. a) will b) shall
a) will b) shall c) shan't d) does
c) shan't d) don't
13. Do you think come tomorrow?
3. I think he be the best this year. a) will they b) they
a) shall b) will c) will d) they will
c) shan't d) doesn't
14. I always go to Paris plane.
4. Do you think you ... finish in time? a) on b) in the
a) will b) shall c) in d) by
c) shan't d)won't
15 I .... the door for you, Madam?
5. I don't think they ... go tonight. a) Shall/open b) Will/opening
a) shan't b) won't c) Shall/opened d) Will/open
c) shall d) will
16. What do you think they do?
6 we .... football, boys? a) will b) it will
a) Shall/played b) Will/play
c) will it d) -
c) Shall/play d) Will/played
17. Shall we go .... bicycle or .... foot?
7. When you repair your bicycle?
a) on/on b) on/by
a) shall b) do
c) by/by d) by/on
c) will d) won't
18. They .... come tonight.
8. I think they are coming .... foot.
a) won't b) don't
a) at b) a
c) won't to d) shan't
c) in d) on
19. What time .... we go tomorrow?
9. I'll probably go ... taxi.
a) do b) shall
a) on b) in
c) will d) -
c) at d) by
20. Today you .... have to speak to him.
10. When do you think leave?
a) shall b) do
a) will she b) she'll
c) shan't d) will
c) shall she d) she shall


1. I'm going to some coffee. 11. I'm going to .... the shopping.
a) do b) make a) do b) make
c) made d) did c) made d) did
2. I some tea last night. 12. I the washing up yesterday.
a) do b) make a) do b) make
c) made d) did c) made d) did
3. Why don't you an effort? 13. She a cup of tea for me.
a) do b) made a) do b) make
c) make d) did c) made d) did
4. She me a good favour last year. 14. She is a boat.
a) do b) made a) make b) doing
c) make d) did c) do d) making
5. We are going to a journey. 15. Don't .... a noise!
a) do b) make
a) do b) make
c) made d) did
c) made d) have
6. They are going to an exercise.
16. He is .... a lot of money.
a) do b) make
a) doing b) having
c) made d) did
c) making d) made
7. I didn't my homework on Saturday
17. Don't .... a hole in the wall!
a) make b) have
a) do b) make
c) do d) made
c) made d) did
18. I'm going to .... my hair.
8. She the beds last night.
a) make b) do
a) do b) make
c) doing d) have
c) made d) did
19. She is .... the housework.
9. My mother the ironing.
a) do b) make a) making b) having
c) made d) did c) doing d) to do

10. Are you going to .... this translation? 20. I'll .... the shopping tomorrow.
a) do b) make a) do b) have
c) made d) did c) make d) doing


1. Have you dinner yet? 11. Why don't you .... an effort?
a) make b) do a) make b) made
c) made d) done c) done d) do
2. 'What are you , Carol?' ' Nothing.' 12. We are going to a long journey.
a) make b) doing a) made b) make
c) made d) done c) do d) did
3. I'm going to some work. 13. My sister is .... nothing this morning.
a) make b) do a) doing b) making
c) made d) did c) done d) made
4. She has been .... the shopping all morning. 14. Mary, me a favour!
a) do b) doing a) make b) do
c) made d) making c) does d) made
5. The carpenter is a chair.
15. This thing is of gold.
a) doing b) make
a) done b) have
c) made d) making
c) made d) making
6. They are too much noise.
16. We aren't going to anything.
a) doing b) make
a) do b) having
c) making d) to do
c) make d) doing
7. These children haven't.... their homework.
17. Don't war, peace!
a) done b) made
a) do/make b) make/do
c) doing d) making
c) do/do d) make/make
8. What did you last night? I went to
18. Don't that exercise!
the cinema.
a) do b) have
a) do b) make
c) make d) did
c) did d) made

9. She several mistakes in the dictation. 19. I'll my duty.

a) make b) made a) make b) do
c) did d) do c) have d) done

10. Have you the tea yet? 20. She is going to .... her job.
a) done b) made a) do b) have
c) did d) make c) make d) made


1. Children, here! 11. Children, your homework, tonight!

a) you come b) come a) make b) do
c) comes d) to come c) you do d) do you
2. 'Is it going to rain?' 'I ' 12. It is already nine o'clock, come on ...!
a) hope so b) hope yes a) get up b) you get up
c) hope that d) hope if c) get up you d) don't get up
3. Mary, down!
13. Will she come tonight? I ....
a) you sit b) sit you
a) don't think so b) think not
c) sit d) you sits
c) don't think d) think so not
4. 'Is it going to be warm?' ' I '
14. Will Jenifer come to the party? I
a) don't think so b) think not
a) hope not b) hope no
c) don't think d) think no
c) don't hope so d) don't hope
5. Tony, smoking!
a) you stop b) stop you 15. 'Will she finish in time?' 'I ....'
c) stop d) stops a) expect so b) expect yes
c) don't expect so d) don't think
6.' Is it raining?' ' I ' m ....'
a) afraid so b) afraid 16 here, children!
c) afraid yes d) afraid if a) Do you come b) Come
c) Come you d) You come
7. The children are in bed, a noise!
a) don't do b) don't make 17. Mr. Brown, .... with me, please.
c) doesn't make d) doesn't do a) come b) come you
8. 'Will your sister come for Christmas?' c) you come d) comes
'I ....' 18 making that noise!
a) hope that yes b) hope yes a) You stop b) Stops you
c) think that yes d) hope so c) Stop you d) Stop
9. 'Do you think the weather will be good?'
19. 'Is she there?' ' '
'I think ....'
a) I'm afraid so b) I fear yes
a) that yes b) yes
c) I'm afraid yes d) I fear that yes
c) so d) if
20. 'Is she coming?' ' '
10. Susan, so many things!
a) I don't hope so b) I hope that not
a) don't buy b) buy
c) I hope not d) I don't hope
c) buy not d) buy no


I.' Will you come with me?' ' I am ....' 11. Children, talking!
a) afraid b) afraid not a) you stop b) stop you
c) don't afraid d) don't afraid so c) stop d) to stop
2. It's too early, .... yet! 12. Soldiers, fire yet!
a) don't goes b) don't go a) don't open b) not open
c) go not d) you don't go c) open not d) you don't open
3. Boys, football in the park! 13. 'Will they come in time?' 'I ....'
a) don't play b) play not a) expect so b) don't expect so
c) you don't play d) play no c) expect no d) expect that yes
4. Carol, all the milk! 14. People of Normandy! the invaders!
a) drink no b) drink not a) You crush b) Crush you
c) don't drink d) not drink c) Crush d) Crushing
5. Bob, this tin of beans. 15. 'Is he coming?' 'I ....'
a) you open b) not open a) believe yes
c) open d) open you b) believe so
c) don't believe so
6. 'Is it cold?' ' Yes, I '
d) don't believe
a) am afraid so
b) am afraid that yes 16. Children, .... that!
c) don't afraid so a) don't make b) don't do
d) don't afraid c) don't you make d) you don't do
7. OK, boys, .... with me! 17 doing that, will you!
a) you come b) come you a) Stops b) You stop
c) comes d) come c) Stop d) Stop you
8. Darling, that! 18. 'Will you be on time?' 'I ?'
a) don't b) don't do a) expect so b) don't expect
c) you don't do d) don't you do c) so expect d) I don't expect so
9. All right, girls, some coffee. 19. Mrs. Smith, please .... with us!
a) do b) you do a) you come b) come you
c) make d) you make c) come d) do you come
10. 'Will she come with us?' 'I ....' 20. 'Is she there?' 'I '
a) hope no b) hope not a) don't think so b) think not
c) don't hope d) don't hope so c) don't think d) think yes


1. What did you ? 11. She .... that it's going to rain today.
a) say b) tell a) tell b) say
c) said d) told c) said d) told

2. Why don't you .... me about it? 12. Don't .... her anything yet!
a) say b) tell a) tell b) say
c) said d) told c) said d) told

3. I didn't know these houses were .... 13. What is that man ....?
big. a) telling b) saying
a) so much b) so many c) to say d) said
c) so d) as 14. Your mother was just.... me that when
4. There were people there! you came.
a) so much b) so many a) telling b) saying
c) so d) as c) say d) tell

5. Did your teacher .... you that? 15. What did you .... last night?
a) tell b) say a) said b) say
c) told d) said c) tell d) told

6. Don't him anything yet. 16. They .... that it was too late.
a) tell b) say a) say b) told
c) told d) said c) said d) tell

7. That is what he 17. The boys didn't ... me anything.

a) tell b) say a) say b) tell
c) told d) said c) said d) told

8. And this is what she ... 18. Did they .... you what to do?
a) tell b) say a) told b) say
c) told d) said c) tell d) said

9. What did your teacher .... about it? 19. She .... me that.
a) tell b) say a) tell b) say
c) told d) said c) told d) said

10. Darling,.... the children to go to school! 20 us what happened.

a) tell b) say a) Tell b) Told
c) said d) told c) Say d) Said


1) This child is big! 11. What did Mr Smith .... your mother?
a) so many b) so a) tell b) say
c) so much d) as c) told d) said
2. There are trees in this park! 12. The teacher .... him the answer.
a) so many b) so a) tell b) say
c) so much d) as c) told d) said
3. There is water in this glass!
13. What did they .... about the weather?
a) so many b) so
a) tell b) say
c) so much d) as
c) told d) said
4. Your father me that he's going to sell
14. He .... that he'll arrive in the morning.
the car.
a) tell b) say
a) tell b) say
c) told d) said c) told d) said

5. Will you .... us a story, Mum? 15. I love you ...., darling!
a) tell b) say a) so b) so many
c) told d) said c) so much d) much

6. What is that man ....? 16. We've got .... tea!

a) tell b) say a) so b) so much
c) telling d) saying c) so many d) much

7. I'll .... them when I see them. 17. What did he ?

a) tell b) say a) say b) said
c) told d) said c) tell d) told
8. What did your nephew ... last night? 18. He didn't .... us anything.
a) tell b) say a) say b) told
c) told d) said c) said d) tell
9. What are you going to ... at the meeting
19. Mum, .... me a story!
a) tell b) say
a) tell b) say
c) told d) said
c) told d) said
20. Johnny, always ... the truth!
10 me all your problems.
a) tell b) said
a) Tell b) Say
c) Told d) Said c) say d) told


1. Every day he a bottle of beer. 11. We always tennis at six.

a) is drinking b) drinks a) am going to play
c) drink d) is going to drink b) play
2. She you something this afternoon. c) are playing
a) is going to tell b) she is telling d) playing
c) tells d) tell 12. We .... tennis at six today.
3. We .... it now. a) are going b) are playing
a) are to eat b) are going to eat c) play d) playing
c) eat d) eating 13. I often .... milk before going to bed.
4. They usually .... a party on Saturdays. a) drink b) am going to drink
a) are having c) am drinking d) drinking
b) have 14. Who .... the tea today?
c) are going to have a) makes b) is going to make
d) having c) made d) make
5. Fred usually.... football on Sunday morning. 15. They never .... tennis on Sunday.
a) plays b) is going to play a) are playing b) are going to play
c) is playing d) play
c) play d) playing
6. Margaret .... a game of tennis at the
16. They a party tonight.
a) have
a) plays b) is going to play
b) having
c) is playing d) play
c) are going to have
7. Who .... the tea in this office? It's terri- d) had
17. I .... in the morning.
a) make b) is making
a) leave b) am going leave
c) makes d) is going to make
c) leaving d) am leaving
8. He has so much money that he ... a new
car every year. 18. They always a lot of noise.
a) buy b) is going to buy a) making b) are making
c) is buying d) buys c) make d) are going to make

9. I .... there every day at seven. 19. I sometimes , in French.

a) go b) am going a) speaking b) am speaking
c) am going to go d) gone c) speak d) am going to speak

10. I there this evening at seven. 20. The play at eight tonight.
a) go b) am going a) is going to start b) starting
c) going d) gone c) start d) to start


1. David, champagne tonight? 11. We often .... lamb on Sundays.

a) do you drink a) eat b) eating
b) are you going to drink c) are eating d) are going to eat
c) you drinking
12. We lamb next Sunday.
d) drink you
a) have b) having
2. They usually ten miles every day. c) don't have d) are going to have
a) are running b) run
13. We a coffee at the moment.
c) are going to run d) running
a) have b) having
3. It .... very often in winter. c) are having d) are going to have
a) is raining b) is going to rain
14. They always .... their presents under
c) raining d) rains
the Christmas tree.
4. She always .... too much in class? a) find b) finds
a) is speaking b) is going to speak c) are finding d) are going to find
c) speaks d) speak
15. It .... very often in this country.
5. The children usually carols on a) rain b) is raining
Christmas eve. c) rains d) is going to rain
a) are going to sing
16. We don't usually tea.
b) are singing
a) drink b) are drinking
c) sing
c) drinks d) are going to drink
d) singing
17. She always very hard.
6. I never .... letters in my office.
a) work b) works
a) type b) typing
c) working d) is working
c) am typing d) am going to type
18. We often that.
7. I all the letters this afternoon.
a) are buying b) buys
a) type b) typing
c) buying d) buy
c) types d) am going to type
19. We .... to him as soon as possible.
8. We usually .... coffee after dinner.
a) are going to talk
a) have b) having
b) talking
c) are having d) are going to have
c) talk
9. He .... very hard all the year round. d) are talking
a) study b) studies
20. I'm tired. I ... all night
c) studying d) is going to study
a) sleep
10. He said that he .... very hard this year. b) sleeping
a) study b) studies c) am going to sleep
c) studying d) is going to study d) am sleeping


1. I TV when you came. 11. She .... the dishes while I was having a
a) watch b) watched nap.
c) was watching d) am watching a) wash b) washed
c) was washing d) is washing
2. She a bath when the telephone rang. 12. I in the garden when it started to
a) have b) had rain.
c) is having d) was having a) worked b) work
c) was working d) am working
3. We were going to play football when the
teacher .... us. 13. I .... the tea when there was a knock at
a) call b) called the door.
a) made b) was making
c) is calling d) was calling
c) make d) making
4. They tennis when it began to rain. 14. I .... the book when the light went off.
a) play b) played a) am reading b) read
c) are playing d) were playing c) reading d) was reading
5. I TV when she called me. 15. I was speaking to Mrs. Jones when it...
a) watch to rain.
b) watched a) began
b) was beginning
c) was going to watch
c) begins
d) am watching d) was going to begin
6. When the accident happened he too 16. They TV when the Smiths came.
fast. a) were watching
a) drive b) was driving b) watched
c) is driving d) drove c) watching
d) watch
7. When the phone ... she was playing the
17. They were playing cards when the
piano. police ....
a) rings b) rang a) come
c) is ringing d) was ringing b) were coming
c) came
8. When they came I the violin. d) were going to come
a) play b) played
c) am playing d) was playing 18. She .... letters when the phone rang.
a) type b) typing
9. She fell off the ladder when she .... the c) types d) was typing
walls. 19. I .... to your husband when you came.
a) paint b) painted a) was speaking b) speaking
c) was painting d) painting c) speak d) spoke
10. My father took a photo when I 20. I .... the ironing when I heard the news.
a) didn't look b) wasn't looking a) was doing b) am doing
c) am not looking d) don't look c) did d) made


1. I for a loan, but then, I inherited 11. She a letter when her uncle came.
some money. a) wrote b) writes
a) asked b) ask c) was writing d) is writing
c) was asking d) was going to ask 12.1 was driving on the motorway when I
2. She was going to do the washing, but the ... the accident.
machine ... down. a) see b) saw
a) broke b) breaks c) was seeing d) was going to see
c) was breaking d) was going to break 13. They ... them, but , the prices fell.
3. He .... the kitchen, but he had to work a) are going to export
during his holiday. b) exporting
a) paint b) painted c) export
c) was painting d) was going to paint d) were going to export

4. I was having a shower when the phone .... 14. She .... the beds when she heard a noise.
a) rang b) ring a) made b) is making
c) was ringing d) was going to ring c) was making d) makes

5. We .... lunch when Christine arrived. 15. I was going to take the car, but, it
a) had b) have was
a) breakdown b) going to break
c) were having d) are going to have
c) broken down d) broken
6. The washing machine broke down when
16. I was .... you when you came.
I ...the washing.
a) to phone b) phone
a) did b) do
c) phoning d) going phone
c) was doing d) was done
17. When I was sweeping the carpet I ...
7. She .... a nice dress when I saw her. the jar.
a) wear b) wore a) was breaking b) broke
c) was wearing d) was going to wear c) am breaking d) break
8. I a photo while he was jumping. 18. She ... a beautiful dress at the wedding.
a) am going to b) was taking a) was wearing b) wears
c) taking d) took c) is wearing d) has worn
9. When I was washing up I .... a plate. 19.I was ... for money, but I won the pools.
a) break b) broke a) going to ask b) asked
c) was breaking d) was going to break c) asking d) ask
10. He .... a beautiful car when I saw him on 20. He ... on the pavement when he saw the
the motorway. accident.
a) drove a) walked
b) drives b) is walking the accident
c) was driving c) was walking
d) was going to drive d) was going to walk


1. Excuse me! you speak English? 11. What can we do for her? We do
a) could b) can nothing.
c) will be able d) be able a) can b) could
c) aren't able d) won't be able
2. He spoke too fast. I .... understand
anything. 12. Can you come tomorrow? I don't know
a) couldn't b) can if I...
c) were able d) won't be able a) could b) am able
c) will be able d) can't
3. I smell something burning when I
arrived. 13. My father .... speak several languages.
a) is able b) was able
a) can b) were able
c) could d) will be able
c) could d) will be able
14 you help me, Susan? I can't do it
4. If you give me money I... to go to the cinema.
a) can b) could
a) Are able b) Can
c) will can d) will be able
c) Will be able d) Were able
5 she cook before she got married? 15 to finish it in time?
a) Can b) Could a) Will you be able
c) Were able d) Did she can b) Can you
6. We ran after the thieves but we to c) Could you
catch them. d) Will you can
a) couldn't b) can't 16. They ... to arrive by 8.
c) won't be able d) weren't able a) can't b) couldn't
7. I looked for the pub everywhere but I.... c) won't be able d) won't can
find it. 17 you come with me?
a) didn't can b) didn't could a) Will can b) Can
c) couldn't d) wasn't able c) Will be able d) Do you can
8. Did they escape from the fire? Yes, they 18. When I was five I ... swim.
... to escape. a) can b) will be able to
a) could b) did can c) could d) was able
c) were able d) will be able 19. How many languages .... speak?
9 she drive a car when she was young? a) will you be able
a) Can b) Could b) do you can
c) Did you can d) Did you could c) are you able
d) can you
10. 'Why doesn't she come tomorrow?'
'Because she ....' 20. We .... go today, I suppose!
a) can't b) don't can a) could b) will be able
c) are able d) will can
c) couldn't d) can not


1. Jeremy, .... to come next week? 11. Hello, boys, to come in time for
a) can you b) could dinner?
c) will be able d) will you be able a) were able b) were you able
c) can d) could you
2. Do you think he .... to find the key?
a) will be able b) can 12. Do you think we .... to do it in time?
a) will be able b) can
c) could d) is able
c) could d) were able
3 to escape from prison?
13. Yes, I .... play the piano at the age of
a) Were you able b) Could
c) You could d) You were able a) could b) can
4. I'm afraid I.... go shopping this afternoon. c) was able d) will be able
a) won't be able b) can 14. I'm sorry but I ... come with you.
c) can't d) couldn't a) don't can b) won't be able
c) can't d) didn't could
5. I .... feel anything after the operation
last week. 15. We .... do it this afternoon.
a) can't b) couldn't a) can b) don't can
c) wasn't able d) won't be able c) won't be able d) were able

6. She remember anything about the 16. ... you do this for me?
accident . a) Will you can b) Do you can
c) Did you could d) Can
a) can't b) doesn't can
c) wasn't able d) can 17. She ... to do it properly.
a) won't be able b) doesn't can
7. They to arrive in time.
c) can't d) cann't
a) will be able b) can't
c) couldn't d) don't can 18. Does it hurt? .... you feel anything?
a) Could
8 you do it for me, please? b) Do you can
a) Will be able b) Could c) Can
c) do can d) Did can d) Will you be able to
9 Sandra make the beds today? 19. Diana, ... to do this tomorrow?
a) Does she can b) Can she a) could you b) will you be able
c) Can d) Could she c) can you d) will you can

10. Jean, .... you give me some tea, please? 20. We .... to escape from the fire.
a) do can b) are you able a) could b) will can
c) will be able d) can c) did can d) were able


1. Have you had enough? Yes, thanks, .... 11. Is your sister going for a walk? She's
too much. already ...
a) I've ate b) I ate a) going b) gone
c) I eaten d) I've eaten c) went d) go
2. It .... for ages in this country. 12. Have you ever driven a car? No, I've
a) hasn't rained b) has rained never ... one.
c) doesn't rain d) did rain
a) drive b) driven
3. How long .... training for? c) drove d) driving
a) has she been b) did she be
13. She has never been Scotland.
c) she has been d) she is been
a) at b) a
4. I a holiday since 1980. c) on d) to
a) have taken b) haven't taken
c) didn't take d) didn't have 14. I .... about it for the last six months.
a) haven't heard b) didn't hear
5. What .... doing all this time?
c) heard not d) don't hear
a) have been you b) did you do
c) you have been d) have you been 15. We haven't .... New York yet.
a) gone to b) gone at
6. I .... to the gym for months.
c) been to d) been in
a) haven't be b) haven't been
c) didn't be d) don't be 16. I haven't ... lobster years.
7. Who .... written this article? a) eaten/for b) ate/for
a) have b) had c) eaten/since d) ate/ago
c) has d) having 17. They .... for six months.
8. Has she done the exercises? No, she .... a) didn't meet b) haven't meet
them yet. c) don't meet d) haven't met
a) haven't done b) hasn't done
18. What .... doing lately?
c) didn't do d) doesn't do
a) have you been b) you have been
9. Have you ever eaten caviar? No, I've c) are you d) you are
never ... any.
19. He yet.
a) eating b) eat
c) ate d) eaten a) don't finish b) didn't finish
c) doesn't finish d) hasn't finished
10. Where is your brother? He has to
the cinema. 20. I've never America.
a) gone b) going a) gone to b) been in
c) go d) went c) been to d) gone in


1. She .... at the office. 11. 'Have you finished?' ' Yes, doing
a) has just arrived b) arrives the exercises.'
c) arrived has just d) just has arrived a) I already finished
b) I've already finished
2. Have you done it? Yes, I it. c) I finished already
a) have done already d) I've finished already
b) have already done
12. I have never been .... Portugal.
c) already have done a) to b) at
d) already did c) in d) on
3. Where is Bronson? He to the gym. 13.'Where's your mother?' 'She ....
a) is going b) has gone shopping.'
c) is gone d) has going a) is gone b) has gone
c) is going d) has going
4. We meat for ages.
14. We .... any fish lately.
a) don't eat b) haven't eaten
a) haven't eaten b) don't eaten
c) didn't eat d) didn't ate c) didn't eat d) haven't eat
5. Have you your dinner yet? 15 you .... to him yet?
a) have b) had a) Have/spoken b) Have/speak
c) having d) has c) Did/speak d) Do/speak

6. We him for months. 16. I him since 1990.

a) haven't see b) haven't seen a) didn't see b) don't see
c) am not seeing d) haven't seen
c) didn't see d) don't see
17. She yet.
7. How many times .... to the USA?
a) hasn't arrive b) hasn't arrived
a) have you been b) you have been c) doesn't arrive d) didn't arrive
c) have you gone d) you have gone
18. We've just
8. 'Where's Carol?' 'She to church' a) finish b) to finish
a) has been b) is gone c) finished d) finishing
c) has gone d) is going 19. 'Where is he?' 'He's '
a) already gone b) already going
9. It for ages.
c) gone yet d) nearly gone
a) haven't rain b) haven't rained
c) hasn't rained d) hasn't rain 20. We the tickets.
a) are just buying
10. 'Where's Susan?' ' She .... to school.' b) just bought
a) is going b) has gone c) have just bought
c) is gone d) has going d) are already bought


1. This is the man I saw yesterday. 11. This is the car the Browns want to
a) whose b) whom sell.
c) to who d) which a) that b) who
2. And this is happened. c) whom d) whose
a) which b) that 12. That's the pen I like.
c) what d) who a) who b) which
3. Look at those men, .... one is it? c) whom d) whose
a) what b) who 13. Is this the house .... you are looking
c) that d) which for?
4. The party,.... we enjoyed so much, ended a) who b) whom
late. c) that d) whose
a) which b) who 14. This is the man . son is so clever.
c) whose d) whom a) who b) whom
5. a) At whom did you see? c) that d) whose
b) Whom saw you?
15. That's the boy . came yesterday.
c) Who see you?
a) whom b) which
d) Whom did you see?
c) who d) whose
6. a) Who are you talking about?
b) Whose are you talking? 16. I bought the book ... you like.
c) Of who are you talking? a) who b) which
d) Of whom are you talking? c) whom d) whose

7. a) What did happen? 17 is this money?

b) What happened? a) Who b) Whose
c) What did you happen? c) Whom d) Which
d) What did happened?
18. This was . I wanted to tell you.
8. This is the woman son is so clever. a) who b) that
a) that b) which
c) which d) what
c) whom d) whose
19. Tell me .. happened!
9. Did you hear she said?
a) who b) which
a) that b) what
c) who d) which c) what d) that

10. And this is she told me. 20. I've sold the car .. you liked.
a) that b) who a) that b) whom
c) what d) which c) who d) whose


1 did you have lunch with? 11. This is the map without .... we could
a) Who b) That have got lost.
a) whom b) which
c) Which d) Whose
c) whose d) who
2. He is the only one .... understands me.
12. The. party, you enjoyed so much,
a) which b) whose ended at 4 a.m.
c) who d) whom a) who b) whose
3. ' dog is that?' 'It's mine.' c) whom d) which
a) What b) Whose 13. Do you know spoke at the meeting?
c) Which d) Whom a) whom b) who
c) whose d) which
4. I don't agree with .... you said.
14. My grandfather, is 82, goes running
a) what b) whose
every day.
c) which d) whom
a) that b) who
5 did you speak to? c) whom d) which
a) What b) Whose 15. This is the window is so difficult to
c) Which d) Whom close.
a) what b) who
6 is this pen? It's mine.
c) which d) whose
a) What b) Whose
16. This was the party .... lasted all night.
c) Which d) Whom
a) whose b) that
7. This is the house .... roof is green. c) what d) whom
a) what b) whose 17 are you speaking about.
c) which d) whom a) What b) Which
c) Whose d) That
8. Did you hear .... she said to me?
a) what b) whose 18 did you speak to?
c) which d) whom a) What b) Which
c) Who d) That
9 of these boys do you like?
19. ' book is this?' 'It's mine.'
a) Whose b) What
a) Whom b) Whose
c) Who d) Which
c) That d) Which
10. That's the girl he fell in love with. 20. The girl came was very pretty.
a) whom b) which a) who b) which
c) whose d) of who c) whom d) what


1. Sandy is came late last night. 11. Marconi was invented the radio.
a) the one who b) the one which a) that which b) the one which
c) that who d) what c) the one which d) the one who
2. That dog is was barking all night. 12. This body is .... the police found.
a) the one who b) the one which a) the one who b) the one which
c) that who d) what c) that which d) that that
3. Is that pen you liked so much? 13. Those people are very healthy. Yes,
a) the one that b) the one who they are ....
c) that who d) what a) people of the country
4. This cake is very good. Yes, it's a b) country people
a) cake of chocolate c) people in the country
b) chocolate cake d) people country
c) chocolate pie
14. That chair is .... my father liked.
d) cake chocolate
a) the one that b) the one whom
5. Those children are .... came last night. c) that who d) that whom
a) the ones whom b) those that
15. This chain is made of silver. It is a ...
c) the ones who d) those which
a) chain silver b) silver chain
6. I prefer .... don't speak so loud. c) silvery chain d) silver's chain
a) those who b) those which
16. That dog is .... barks so much.
c) the ones whom d) whose
a) the one that b) who
7. That's a nice table! Yes, it's a c) which d) the one who
a) table of plastic b) plastic table
c) table plastic d) plastical table 17. This table is I want to buy.
a) the one who b) which
8. Those houses are ... you like, aren't c) the one which d) whose
a) those who b) those whom 18. This house is made of stone. It's a ....
c) the ones that d) the ones who a) stone's house b) stony house
c) house stone d) stone house
9. These men are .... were fishing on the
bridge. 19. Those boys are . were swimming in
a) the ones who b) those whom the river.
c) those which d) the ones which a) the ones who b) who
c) that d) the ones which
10. 'Are those the men?' 'Yes, those are
told me that.' 20. This train is .... always arrives on time.
a) the ones which b) the ones who a) the one which b) that
c) those who d) those that c) the one who d) which


1. 'Which door is that?' ' That is the ' 11. Are those books .... you want to read?
a) kitchen door b) door kitchen a) the ones who b) the ones that
c) kitchen's door d) door's kitchen c) those what d) which
2. Those people are .... were robbing the
12. That country is .... you are going to
visit, isn't it?
a) those that b) the ones who
c) those whom d) the ones whom a) that b) which
c) the one that d) that who
3. 'Look at those children!' ' Yes, they are
I saw earlier.' 13. This secretary is types so well.
a) whose b) the ones whom a) the one who b) who
c) those who d) the ones which c) whose d) that who
4. This flight is I wanted to take.
14. This shop sells books. Yes, it is a
a) the one who b) the one that
a) shop books b) shop's books
c) that which d) what
c) book shop d) book's shop
5. Good policemen are catch thieves.
a) the ones whom b) those whom 15. This computer is .... I want to buy.
c) those who d) what a) the one that b) which
6. This train is .... goes so fast. c) the one who d) that
a) that which b) what 16. This plane is .... comes from New York.
c) the one who d) the one that a) the one who b) the one which
7. This planet is .... on which we live. c) that wich d) the one
a) the one b) that
17. This factory is .... makes tools.
c) what d) whose
a) which b) the one who
8. This table is made of stone. Yes, it is a
c) that d) the one which

a) table stone b) stone table 18. That TV set is .... doesn't work.
c) stone's table d) table's stone a) that which b) the one who
9. This glass is for drinking wine. Yes, it is c) the one that d) which
a 19. Your friend Tom is ... wanted to come.
a) glass's wine b) wine's glass
a) the one who b) the one which
c) glass wine d) wine glass
c) which d) whom
10. This bottle is only for water. Yes, it is
a .... 20. My sister Mary is .... is coming with us.
a) water's bottle b) bottle water a) the one which b) who
c) water bottle d) bottle's water c) the one who d) whom


1. When she arrived most of her friends .... 11. My friends were no longer there. They
a) have left b) had left
c) have leave d) had leave a) have leave b) have left
2. The house was dirty. She it for ages. c) had leave d) had left
a) hadn't cleaned b) hasn't cleaned 12. He was no longer running his shop. He
c) hadn't clean d) hasn't clean it.
3. When I arrived the pub was no longer a) had sold b) has sell
open. It .... down. c) had sell d) has sold
a) has closed b) has close 13. She was no longer alive. She .... years
c) had close d) had closed ago.
4. She didn't recognise me. I quite a lot. a) has died b) had died
a) had changed b) have changed c) has die d) had die
c) have change d) had change 14. I couldn't catch the train. It
5. There was a lorry by the house and a car a) already left b) left already
... near by. c) had already left d) has left already
a) had stop b) had stopped 15. He said that he .... earlier.
c) has stopped d) has stop
a) had come b) has come
6. She was nervous because she .... before. c) came d) is coming
a) has never driven
16. I saw that the car .... at the traffic
b) had driven never
c) had never driven
a) had stopped b) stops
d) had never drove
c) has stopped d) stopped
7. The place was very quiet. Everybody
17. I noticed that he anything all
to bed.
a) has gone b) is going
a) didn't say b) hasn't said
c) had gone d) was going
c) hadn't said d) hadn't told
8. She was afraid because she .... before.
a) had never flown b) didn't fly 18. When I arrived everything .... a lot.
c) has never flown d) don't fly a) has changed b) had changed
c) changed d) is changed
9. Now there were three cinemas. They
another one. 19. I .... on that typerwriter before.
a) have opened b) have open a) never type b) am never typed
c) had opened d) had open c) never typed d) had never typed

10. I didn't recognise him. He a lot. 20. She saw that the cinema down.
a) changed b) has changed a) had closed b) has clossed
c) had changed d) is changed c) closed d) is closed


1. The teacher was late. He late before. 11. I fell in the street. I.... like that before.
a) had never been b) had never be a) have never fallen b) have never fell
c) has never been d) has never be c) had never fallen d) had never fell
2. I was happy to see her again. I.... her for 12. I found that my old friend again.
a long time. a) had got married b) has got married
c) has marry d) had got marry
a) haven't seen b) hadn't seen
c) haven't see d) hadn't see 13. She found that the old man ....
a) has already left
3. He was a stranger. I him before. b) had already left
a) had never seen c) had already leave
b) have never seen d) has already leave
c) had never saw
d) have never saw 14. I didn't recognise my cousin. He ....
a) had grown up b) has grown up
4. They didn't come . They .... something else. c) had grew up d) has grew up
a) have arranged b) have arrange 15. She .... to me like that before.
c) had arranged d) are arranged a) never speaks b) had never spoken
5. When I went to see them, they .... dinner. c) never spoke d) is never spoken
a) had already finished 16. She was tired. She .... letters all day.
b) had already finish a) has beeen typing
c) have already finished b) typed
d) are already finish c) had been typing
d) is been typing
6. When they arrived the film ....
a) had already begun b) has already begun 17. Her eyes were red. She
c) had already began d) has already began a) has been crying
b) had been crying
7. He was nervous because he .... before. c) was crying
a) has never worked d) is been crying
b) has never work 18. He was annoyed. He .... her all evening.
c) had never worked a) has been phoning
d) has worked never b) is been phoning
8. I went to bed early. I.... to bed so early. c) phoned
a) had never gone b) had never been d) had been phoning
c) has never gone d) am never gone 19. When I rang he ....
a) has already left b) had already left
9. I such an easy exam. c) left d) is already left
a) never took b) had never taken
c) have taken never d) had never took 20. He loved the zoo. He wild animals
10. We went on holiday to Portugal. We .... a) had never seen
there before. b) has never seen
a) had never be b) have never been c) never saw
c) have never be d) had never been d) is never seen


1. By 10 o'clock they .... walking for 24 hours. 11. We .... this house off by 1999.
a) will be b) will have a) will have paid b) will pay
c) will have been d) have been c) have paid d) will have pay

2. By the time the Newtons come we .... 12. By the time the children come I will ....
waiting for half an hour. the beds.
a) make b) have made
a) will be b) will have been
c) have make d) made
c) will have d) have been
13. If you drink like this, by midnight you
3. By nine o'clock the match .... .... a gallon of beer!
a) will have finished b) will finish a) will drink b) will have drink
c) has finish d) is finished c) will have drunk d) have drunk
4. By the time they get to the theatre the play... 14. The secretary .... all the letters by 12
a) will already start o'clock.
b) will have already started a) has typed b) will have typed
c) will be start c) will be typing d) will had typed
d) will be started 15. I .... by the year 2020.
5. By seven o'clock they .... dinner. a) will have retired
a) will have already finished b) will retire
b) already will have finished c) am retiring
d) will be retire
c) will already had finished
d) will already had finish 16. By tomorrow he .... his mind.
a) is changing
6. I'll be back by 6. They .... by then. b) will have changed
a) will have finished c) will be changing
b) have will finished d) will change
c) will had finished
17. By the time you come, we .... coffee.
d) will had finish
a) will have b) are having
7. Next week they .... married for 10 years. c) will have had d) have had
a) will have be b) will have been 18. By this time tomorrow we .... the match.
c) will be d) have been a) will have seen b) will see
8. By four o'clock, I ... this book. c) will be seen d) are seeing
a) will read b) will have read 19. By the time winter comes we .... the
c) will be read d) have read crops.
a) will have collected
9. By this time tomorrow the match ....
b) will collect
a) will start b) have started c) will be collecting
c) be started d) will have started d) are collecting
10. By the time you come we 20. He'll be back at 2. I .... by then.
a) will have finished b) will finish a) will finish b) will have finished
c) have finished d) be finished c) will be finish d) will be finished


1. By tea-time he will .... a packet of 11. By midnight I'll sleeping for two
cigarettes. hours.
a) have smoked b) had smoked a) have be b) have been
c) have smoke d) had smoke c) had be d) had been
2. Our teacher will correcting by 5 o'clock. 12. By the time the Smiths come back he'll
a) have finish b) had finished .... to bed.
c) had finish d) have finished a) have gone b) have go
c) has gone d) had gone
3. By the end of the month I will.... two books.
a) have read b) be read 13. By the end of the year I'll .... four or
c) had read d) be reading five colds.
a) have catched b) have caught
4. By the time the doctor comes she will ...
c) had caught d) had catched
all the temperatures.
a) have took b) have taken 14. I'll .... the article before midnight.
c) be taken d) be took a) have wrote b) have write
c) have written d) had written
5. Do you think your mother will ... dinner
by now? 15. By the end of the month I'll... the book.
a) have cook b) has cook a) have finished b) be finish
c) have cooked d) has cooked c) be finished d) had finished
6. By the end of the century we will.... most 16. By dinner time he'll .... reading the
of the oxygen. papers.
a) had used up b) have used up a) have finished b) be finish
c) have use up d) had use up c) be finished d) had finished
7. By the time you read the paper I'll .... 17. They'll .... by now.
two cigarettes. a) arrive b) be arrived
a) have smoked b) had smoked c) be arriving d) have arrived
c) had smoke d) have smoke
18. By the time they come, we'll ... dinner.
8. By the time they arrive we'll.... the coffee. a) have finished b) finish
a) have made b) have make c) had finished d) finished
c) had made d) had make
19. Do you think they'll .... the invoice by
9. By the end of the month I'll... all my money. now?
a) have spend b) have spent a) send b) have sent
c) had spent d) had spend c) have send d) be sending
10. By 11 o'clock she'll .... the shopping. 20. She .... all the letters by now.
a) have done b) has done a) will type b) will be typing
c) have do d) has doing c) will have typed d) won't typed have


1. This book is than yours. 11. Susan is .... than her cousin.
a) more difficult b) most difficult a) more beautiful b) beautifuler
c) difficulter d) difficultest c) most beautiful d) beautifuller

2. This word is .... one in our language. 12. This boy is .... than his brother.
a) longer than b) the longest a) tallest b) taller
c) the longer one d) longest than c) the tallest d) the taller

3. All these houses are nice but ours is .... 13. That girl is the in her class.
a) nicer than b) nicest a) smaller b) smallest
c) the nicest d) the nicer c) littlest d) more small

4. This car is very nice but that one is .... 14. This town is much .... than we expected.
a) nicer b) more nice a) biggest b) the bigger
c) the nicest d) more nicer c) the biggest d) bigger

5. This detergent washes .... than white. 15. This book is .... than yours.
a) more white b) more whiter a) thinnest b) thinner
c) whiter d) most white c) the thinner d) as thin

6. That girl is pretty. She is .... than her 16. This TV set is .... than that one.
sister. a) more expensive b) expensive
a) more pretty b) more prettier c) most expensive d) expensivest
c) prettiest d) prettier 17. These chairs are the ....
7. This man is very intelligent. He's a) more comfortable
than you. b) most comfortable
a) intelligenter b) more intelligent c) comfortabler
c) most intelligent d) intelligentest d) comfortablest

8. This lesson is the ... 18. These clothes are the .... of all.
a) difficulter b) most difficult a) whitest b) more white
c) more difficult d) difficultest c) whiter d) most white

9. This classroom is .... in the school. 19. That pen is .... of all.
a) larger b) the largest a) the better b) the best
c) the larger d) the most large c) more good d) most good

10. This table is than yours. 20. My table is .... than Peter's.
a) more long b) longest a) longer b) as long
c) longer d) more long c) the longest d) as longer


1. This problem is not difficult. It's .... 11. That hotel is cheap but this one is
than you think. a) cheapest b) cheaper
a) easiest b) easier c) more cheap d) most cheap
c) more easy d) most easy
12. This problem is .... than that one.
2. You have to write much .... than that.
a) difficultest b) difficulter
a) carefulest b) carefuler
c) more carefully d) most careful c) more difficult d) most difficult

3. This packet is too big. I want a .... one. 13. The meal was very cheap. I expected it
a) smallest b) smaller to be ....
c) more small d) most small a) expensivest b) expensiver
4. It's a pity you live so far away. I wish c) more expensive d) most expensive
you lived ... 14. This film is I've ever seen.
a) nearest b) nearer
a) boringest b) boringer
c) more near d) most near
c) more boring d) the most boring
5. There were a lot of people. It was ....
than usual. 15. This man is .... as that one.
a) crowdest b) crowder a) so tall b) not tall
c) more crowded d) most crowded c) as tall d) as taller
6. That book is expensive but this is the 16. My shirt is .... than yours.
of all. a) more white b) whiter
a) expensivest b) expensiver
c) more whiter d) as white
c) more expensive d) most expensive
17. This boy isn't .... as that one.
7. This problem is easy. It's the .... I've
ever solved. a) so clever b) so cleverer
a) easiest b) easier c) as cleverer d) cleverest
c) more easy d) the most easy
18. This game is ... than that one.
8. Which was the .... day of your life? a) most amusing b) amusinger
a) happiest b) happier c) more amusing d) as amusing
c) more happy d) the most happy
19. This is than that.
9. Who is the woman you know?
a) more better b) most good
a) beautifuller b) beautifulest
c) best c) much better
c) more beautiful d) most beautiful
10. What is the .... town in your country? 20. Today the water is .... yesterday.
a) largest b) larger a) colder than b) as cold than
c) more large d) the most large c) coldest d) as colder as


1. I .... write to Jim. I haven't written to 11. It's very late, I .... go now.
him for ages. a) have that b) must
a) must b) must to c) must to d) have
c) have to d) have
12. You'll .... to run faster if you want to
2. I .... to go to London last week. win.
a) must b) had
a) have b) must
c) have d) has
c) must that d) have to
3. The Council do something about the
13. You .... tell anybody what I said.
a) must b) has a) mustn't to b) mustn't
c) have d) had c) don't have d) haven't

4. Come on boys! We .... score a goal! 14. I'm staying in bed because I .... go to
a) must to b) must that work.
c) have d) must a) mustn't b) mustn't to
c) don't have d) don't have to
5. Why did he go to the office on Sunday?
a) has to b) must 15. You will come with me.
c) have to d) have a) must b) have to
6. We will leave early tomorrow. c) have d) must to
a) have to b) must 16. I stay at home yesterday.
c) must to d) have a) 'll have to b) must to
7. The ship be in Plymouth by Monday. c) had to d) must
a) has b) must to
17. You .... speak so loud!
c) must d) have to
a) must b) mustn't
8. You will give it to me! c) not have d) have not to
a) have to b) must to
c) must d) have 18. She stay here. I'm afraid.
a) will have to b) will have
9. You open your mouth when you're c) must to d) musn't
a) musn't that b) musn't 19. You pay now. Pay tomorrow.
c) mustn't to d) don't have a) mustn't to b) must
c) don't have to d) have to
10. The children will .... to go to school
early. 20. We'll do it today.
a) have to b) must a) have to b) must
c) must that d) have c) must to d) have


1. Boys, you do those things. 11. You .... work much harder if you want
a) mustn't b) haven't that to pass your exam.
c) hasn't d) mustn't that a) have b) has to
2. You have a passport to visit other c) must d) must to
countries. 12. They couldn't repair it. They .... take it
a) must b) must to to the garage.
c) must what d) must that a) have to b) had
3. She has to leave early! What time does c) must d) had to
she .... leave? 13. You can take it home but you .... pay now.
a) have b) have to a) have b) will have
c) must d) must to c) must d) must to
4. When you come to London again you .... 14. To eat fast is bad for you. You .... eat
come to see us. more slowly..
a) must b) must to
a) must to b) have
c) must that d) must what
c) must d) will have
5. Children, you shout in class!
15. Children .... say things like that.
a) mustn't b) mustn't to
a) must b) will have to
c) mustn't that d) mustn't what
c) mustn't d) have to
6. She wasn't feeling well. She .... leave
16. In the army you .... wear uniform.
a) must to b) have to
a) has to b) had to
c) must d) must to c) mustn't d) have

7. Your father may .... go away next week. 17. We .... leave early if we want to get
a) has to b) have to there in time.
c) must d) must to a) must to b) get there
c) will have d) will have to
8. Will you .... do military service?
a) has to b) have to 18. You .... speak so loud.
c) must d) must to a) must b) have to
c) mustn't d) will have to
9. Last weekend she .... stay at home.
a) has to b) had to 19. I can't see. I .... wear glasses.
c) must d) must to a) have to b) must to
c) will have d) mustn't
10. My brother has .... wear glasses since
he was five. 20. It wasn't mine. I ... give it back.
a) had to b) have to a) must b) had to
c) must d) must to c) have to d) will have to


1. If I could I .... to Madrid. 11. I .... wear that if I were you.

a) would to go b) would go a) wouldn't b) shouldn't
c) will go d) must
c) didn't d) won't
2. What you do if you won the
lottery? 12 you like to borrow my book?
a) will b) must a) Should b) Would
c) would d) wouldn't c) Shall d) Won't
3. What .... happen if you didn't go to the 13. If I were a man I ... be a footballer.
office? a) should b) would
a) will b) must
c) will d) may
c) may d) would
4. If I were you I .... go fishing today. 14. I ... ask her out if I were you.
a) won't b) shan't a) will b) shall
c) didn't d) wouldn't c) would d) should
5. This place .... burn easily if it caught 15. '.... you like to come?' 'I'd love to.'
fire. a) Do b) Will
a) shall b) would
c) Would d) Shall
c) did d) must
16. I .... do it, if I were you.
6. If someone came here with a gun, what
.... you do? a) didn't b) wouldn't
a) will b) would c) won't d) shouldn't
c) did d) should
17. If it rained hard the hut ... collapse.
7. you like to buy that nice dress? a) will b) should
a) Will b) Did
c) must d) would
c) Would d) Should
18. If I could I .... help you.
8. If I were you I .... open that door.
a) wouldn't b) mustn't a) should b) must
c) won't d) may not c) would d) will

9. If he asked you,.... you dance with him? 19. You .... earn more if you spoke French.
a) could b) should a) will b) would
c) would d) will
c) must d) should
10. If she were taller she be a
20 you like to go out with him?
a) would b) should a) Do b) Could
c) will d) shall c) Will d) Would


1. If we caught that train we .... arrive in 11. If he spent all his money he .... be ruined.
time. a) could b) will
a) would b) will c) would d) should
c) would to d) should
12 you keep the money if you found it?
2 you go to the cinema if you had
a) Could b) Won't
c) Should d) Would
a) Will b) Shall
c) Would d) Should 13. Do you think she.... tell you if you asked her?
3. He understand if you explained it to him. a) would b) should
a) will b) shall c) will d) shall
c) should d) would 14. I don't think he.... find out if we escaped.
4. My mother very angry if I lost the a) should b) will
ring. c) shall d) would
a) would be b) should be
15. I wear jeans at a wedding.
c) would to be d) won't be
a) shouldn't b) shan't
5. What you do if someone stole your car? c) wouldn't d) didn't
a) will b) should
c) would d) shall 16. I .... like to live there. It must be terri-
6. If he asked you to marry him, what ...
you do? a) wouldn't b) don't
a) would b) should c) shouldn't d) didn't
c) shall d) will 17. Well, I... like to admit it. It'd be horri-
7. If he invited Jeff he have to invite ble!
Maggy too. a) didn't b) don't
a) should b) will c) shouldn't d) wouldn't
c) shall d) would
18. If I were you, I .... touch that.
8. What .... she do if she lost her money? a) musn't b) shouldn't
a) should b) would c) wouldn't d) won't
c) will d) shall
19 you like to speak up, please?
9. I don't know what I... do if I failed my exam.
a) Do b) Would
a) will b) should
c) shall d) would c) Should d) Did

10. If I were you I .... wear that tie. 20. I love to live in this place.
a) wouldn't b) shouldn't a) should b) will
c) didn't d) couldn't c) would d) wouldn't


1. This problem .... by your brother 11. The money .... stolen by the thieves if
yesterday. you leave it there.
a) was solved b) will be solved a) was b) will be
c) is solved d) solves c) has been d) is
2. My father wrote this book. It .... by my
12. Mr Johnson .... this book.
a) is translated b) translated by
a) will be wrote b) was write
c) translated d) was translated by
c) was written d) is written
3. This clock in 1750. 13. This policeman .... that man.
a) is made b) was made a) was arrested by b) arrested for
c) is making d) will be made c) arrested d) will be arrested

4. Bronson scored a goal. Yes, a goal.... by 14. We will .... by that teacher.
Bronson. a) be teached b) have taught
a) is scored b) scored c) be taught d) have been taught
c) will be scored d) was scored
15. Many things .... in this house.
5. This job ... by my friend next week. a) is said b) are said
a) is done b) did
c) they say d) they are said
c) will be done d) was done
16. This mansion .... in 1750.
6. This house was ... my grandfather.
a) is built b) was built
a) build for b) build by
c) built for d) built by c) will be built d) builded

7. This exercise will .... at home by the 17. They will .... this car soon.
boys. a) be bought b) buying
a) be doing b) do c) buy d) is bought
c) have done d) be done
18. This car will ... soon.
8. Was the window pane ... the children? a) be bought b) be buying
a) broke b) broken by c) buy d) is bought
c) broke for d) broken for
19. The jar by the maid.
9. All the beds were .... my grandmother.
a) was broken b) broke
a) made by b) made for
c) is broken d) breaks
c) make by d) make for
20. The centre forward a goal.
10. Many writers were Shakespeare.
a) influence by b) influenced by a) was scored b) scores
c) influence fo d) influenced for c) is scored d) has scored


l. All the fish .... by the cat last night. 11. That dog is going to .... a car one of
a) was eaten b) has been eaten these days.
c) is eaten d) will be eaten a) be killed by b) be killed for
2. My sister ... out to the cinema by David. c) have killed by d) is killed by
a) has taken b) was taken 12. My mother all the dishes.
c) is taken d) is going a) were washed by b) washed
3. My sister out to the cinema with c) are washed d) will be washed by
David. 13. The washing by my mother every
a) has taken b) was taken day for the last twenty years.
c) is taken d) is going a) is done b) was doing
4. That film on TV is .... by all the children. c) has been done d) will be done
a) gone to be seen 14. My brother.... the TV set at the moment.
b) gone to be seen a) has repaired b) is repairing
c) going to be seeing c) repaired d) was repaired by
d) going to be seen
15. The eclipse .... by everybody.
5. The baby .... the milk.
a) will see b) has seen
a) is going to be drunk
b) will drink c) will be seen d) is going to see
c) will be drunk by 16. Your beer .... by that man.
d) is drunk by a) was drunk b) is drunk
6. The fire .... an electrical fault. c) is drinking d) has drunk
a) is caused b) caused by
17. The ball has .... by that player.
c) was caused by d) was caused for
a) thrown b) be throw
7. These boys .... the missing child.
c) throws d) been thrown
a) found b) was found by
c) founded d) was founded by 18. The accident by that car.
8. This car .... by Johnson in the race. a) caused b) is caused
a) will drive b) will be driven c) was caused d) causes
c) is driven d) has driven
19. He's a leader, he .... the others.
9. The centre forward .... two goals. a) was led b) is led
a) were scored b) were scored c) will be led d) will lead
c) scored d) were scored for
20. The others by him.
10. This work w i l l . these children.
a) will be led b) are leading
a) be doing by b) be done by
c) will lead d) were lead
c) be made by d) is done by


1. Diana's exercises are .... of all. 11. He can drink he wants.

a) the better b) better than a) so much as b) so much so
c) the best d) best c) as much so d) as much as
2. Your daughter certainly .... today. 12. This is .... hotel I've ever stayed at.
a) look best a) the better b) the best
b) looks better
c) better than d) best than
c) look best
d) the better 13. I can't walk much .... I'm afraid.
a) farthest b) farther
3. Our team is yours.
c) more far d) most far
a) best than b) better than
c) the best d) the better 14. Our situation is we expected.
4. Your exercises are .... Peter's! a) worst than b) worse than
a) baddest b) worse than c) badly d) badder than
c) the worst d) the most bad 15. He isn't you.
5. Robert's exam was mine. a) so tall as b) as tall so
a) worst than b) the worst c) as taller as d) so tall so
c) worse than d) badly
16. She is her sister.
6. 'Is today yesterday?' 'No, it isn't.' a) as pretty as b) as prettier as
a) so cold as b) as cold as c) as pretty than d) so pretty as
c) the coldest d) colder
17. She is much her sister.
7. This man is not .... that one. a) as bad as b) as worse as
a) as healthy so b) so healthy c) worse than d) so bad as
c) so healthy as d) so healthy so
18. It isn't .... it was yesterday.
8. Yesterday Johnson wasn't .... usual.
a) so hot as b) so hot than
a) as fast as b) so fast so
c) as hot so d) as hot than
c) as fast so d) so fast than
19. This train is not .... that one.
9. Those hotels won't be .... this one.
a) as slower as b) as slow as
a) so good than b) as good as
c) so good so d) as good so c) so slower as d) as slow than

10. That's .... thing you could have done. 20. He is the .... of the seven brothers.
a) the best b) the better a) eldest b) elder
c) the goodest d) better then c) older d) oldest


1. This book is not .... ours. 11. Our car is parked .... away than yours.
a) as good as b) so good so a) farthest b) farther
c) as better as d) as best as c) more far d) most far
2. This man is .... his brother. 12. The Post Office was .... we thought.
a) as rich so b) so rich so a) near that b) nearest
c) as rich as d) so rich as c) nearer than d) more near than
3. Our house is .... from the river.
13. This ship is one of
a) the farther b) farther than
a) the larger b) largest
c) farthest d) the farthest
c) the largest d) larger than
4. I still think that my essay was .... of all.
14. Today it's much .... yesterday.
a) the best b) the better
a) warmer than b) warmer
c) better than d) best than
c) warmest that d) the warmest
5. That girl isn't .... she looks.
a) as young so b) as young as 15. That woman is not .... she looks.
c) so young so d) as younger as a) so young as b) so young than
c) as young than d) as younger as
6. Our car is much .... yours.
a) worst b) worse as 16. My exercise is much .... yours.
c) as worse as d) worse than a) best than b) more good as
c) better than d) the best as
7. I think she .... today.
a) seems better b) looks better 17. This house isn't .... that castle.
c) seems best d) looks best a) as old than b) so old as
8. This is bad but yours is .... c) so old than d) as older as
a) much worst 18. You certainly look ... today.
b) more worse a) much best b) more better
c) much worse c) more best d) much better
d) more worst
19. I'm afraid yours is
9.This is good but ours is ....
a) the worst b) the baddest
a) much better b) more better
c) the worse d) much worst
c) much best d) more best
20. Hers is of all.
10.He is fast but not .... Johnson.
a) the better b) the goodest
a) so fast as b) so fast so
c) the best d) much better
c) as faster as d) so faster as


1. The children will do it. OK, do it! 11. She is coming to see you. All right,
a) tell them b) let them come!
c) — d) let they a) you let her b) let you
c) let she d) let her
2. I want to see Nora, .... come here at once!
12. Mark, take a taxi. It's too expensive!
a) let her b) let she a) don't b) you don't
c) tell her d) tell she c) don't let you d) you not
3. Mum, .... a look at those dresses! 13. He is waiting in the queue. Well, ....
a) have you b) have wait!
c) you have d) let you have a) let he b) let him
c) you let him d) let you him
4. Bob, the children to stop making that
14. Children, .... in the house. You make
too much noise!
a) let b) tell a) you don't play b) don't you play
c) say d) let you c) play not d) don't play
5. Come on girls, do it today! 15. Please, .... to see me.
a) let you b) let's a) let the boys come
c) let we d) we let us b) come the boys
c) let come the boys
6. Look, Chris is waiting for you. Well, wait! d) let's the boys come
a) let she b) let her
16. Please, .... those boys not to play here!
c) you let she d) you let her a) you tell b) tell you
7. Now, .... forget that we've got to win today! c) tell d) let tell
a) let's no b) let's not 17. Come on, boys! .. peace.
c) don't let we d) don't we a) Have b) Let's have
c) You have d) Let have
8. Carol, take this manuscript and .... it,
please. 18. Tell Sarah I want to see her. . ... to see
a) you type b) type you
a) Let her come
c) type d) let you type
b) Let her to come
9. You have to fill in the forms. Well, .... fill c) You let her come
them in! d) Let she come
a) we let's b) let's 19. Children! a noise!
c) let's we d) we let us a) You stop making
b) Stop making
10. Here comes Jean, .... to her! c) Stop to make
a) speak not d) Stop you making
b) don't let you speak
20. Let come with us.
c) don't speak a) them b) they
d) don't speak you c) them to d) they to


1. Sheila, .... go to the cinema tonight! 11. She is going to try on the sweater. OK,
a) let we b) let us .... try it on!
c) we let d) we let's a) let she b) let her
2. Mum, .... go to the shops today! c) tell her d) tell she
a) don't we b) let's not 12. 'I am thirsty.' ' Yes, .... some water.'
c) let's no d) don't let we a) let's drink b) let we drink
3. Alison, .... the children come here at c) drink you d) you drink
13. Mum, I am going to do it again see
a) you let b) let you
you do it!
c) let d) tell
a) Don't let me b) Don't let I
4 be sensible about it! c) I don't let me d) I don't
a) Let we b) Let us
c) We let be d) Let we be 14. Children, .... in the garden, not in the
5. I think you must .... your parents know a) let you play b) play you
about it!
c) you let play d) play
a) let b) tell
c) you let d) say 15. Don't .... do it.
a) let them b) let they
6. Please, Jimmy, .... on the radio yet!
a) you don't switch c) you let them d) you let they
b) don't switch 16. Tom, .... that, will you!
c) switch not a) you stop doing b) stop you doing
d) not switch c) stop to do d) stop doing
7. The children want to go out. OK, .... go 17 go there today.
out! a) Don't let's not b) Let we not
a) let them b) let they
c) Let's not d) Don't let we
c) you let them d) you let they
18. Come on Sandra, about it.
8. Olivia is already doing it. OK, .... do it!
a) let's talk b) let we
a) you let her b) let her
c) let you d) let she
c) talk us d) let's we

9 forget that we have a date! 19. Oh no! me that.

a) Let we b) Let's not a) You don't tell b) Don't you tell
c) Let we not d) Don't let we c) Not tell d) Don't tell

10. Boys, .... play with you! 20. Come on Helen, peace.
a) let I b) let me a) we make b) make us
c) you let me d) let me you c) let's make d) let make


1 she? 11. You have been there before, .... you?

a) How old is a) don't b) haven't
b) How old has c) have d) aren't
c) How many years is
12. You couldn't come tomorrow, ... you?
d) How many years has
a) could b) couldn't
2. a) He is 20 years. c) did d) were
b) He is 20 years old.
13. She can type very well, .... she?
c) He has 20 years.
a) can b) couldn't
d) He has 20 years old.
d) doesn't d) can't
3. She died at the .... 90.
a) years of b) years 14. There's a lot of coffee, ... there?
c) age d) age of a) aren't b) isn't
c) hasn't d) doesn't
4. You'll come with us, .... ?
a) will you b) you will 15. You don't come every day, .... you?
c) won't you d) don't you a) do b) aren't
c) don't d) doesn't
5. She can help us, .... she?
a) can b) can't 16. You wouldn't do it, .... you?
c) won't d) doesn't a) would b) wouldn't
c) do d) don't
6. You go to London every day, .... you?
a) don't b) won't 17 is your little brother?
c) can't d) aren't a) How many years
b) How old
7. She doesn't live here, .... she?
c) What years
a) doesn't b) will
c) does d) did d) How years old

8. You aren't very tall, .... you? 18. He died at the 82.
a) aren't b) are a) years b) years old
c) do d) have c) age of d) age

9. You weren't at the meeting, .... you? 19. He hasn't finished yet .... he?
a) were b) are a) has b) hasn't
c) have d) do c) does d) did

10. He doesn't come every day, .... he? 20. She wasn't very old, .... she?
a) has b) does a) was b) wasn't
c) do d) is c) is d) does


1. a) How old is you? 11. You wanted to go, .... you?

b) How many years have you? a) do b) did
c) What years have you? c) didn't d) aren't
d) How old are you?
12. You haven't got a camera, .... you?
2. a) I am 15 years old a) haven't b) have
b) I am 15 years c) do d) will
c) I have 15 years
d) I have 15 years old 13. They've got a dog, .... they?
a) haven't b) have
3. You' d like to go, .... you?
c) do d) will
a) didn't b) wouldn't
c) would d) won't 14. She hasn't done it yet, .... she?
a) has b) hasn't
4. You don't like onions, .... you?
a) do b) did c) does d) will
c) like d) are 15. She didn't come with you, .... she?
5. She hasn't done it yet, .... she? a) didn't b) did
a) are b) hasn't c) has d) comes
c) has d) does 16. You don't speak German, .... you?
6. They won't come yet, .... they? a) don't b) do
a) won't b) will c) speak d) can
c) would d) do
17. She had an acident at five.
7. Jenny's in Italy, .. .. she? a) the years of b) years old
a) doesn't b) isn't c) the age of d) age of
c) aren't d) hasn 't
18. They'll tell you tomorrow, .... they.
8. There were many people, .... there? a) won't b) tell
a) were b) weren't c) will d) don't
c) aren't d) are
19. She isn't very clever, .... she?
9. You don't mind if I go, .... you?
a) doesn't b) isn't
a) don't b) aren't
c) does d) is
c) do d) are
20. You come here often, .... you?
10. She doesn't like tea, .... she?
a) come b) do
a) does b) doesn't
c) is d) has c) don't d) haven't


1. Is she .... reading the paper? 11. We went out for a smoke ... the interval.
a) since b) already a) during b) since
c) still d) yet c) for d) already

2. Haven't you filled in the form ...? 12. I've been studying English .... 20 years.
a) still b) already a) during b) since
c) since d) yet c) for d) already

3. It's only 9 p.m., are you ... in bed? 13. He's been studying .... 9 o'clock.
a) still b) already a) during b) already
c) since d) yet c) since d) for

4. It's 10 a.m. and you are .... in bed! 14. Let's go to bed. It's ....very late.
a) still b) already a) yet b) already
c) since d) yet c) since d) for

5. We haven't had a decent meal.... months. 15. Sorry, I haven't finished ....
a) during b) for a) still b) already
c) since d) already c) yet d) for

6. It's impossible to sleep in this place ... 16. We met .... our holiday.
the night a) during b) since
a) during b) for c) for d) still
c) since d) already
17. I haven't seen her .... two years.
7. I haven't seen your brother ... two years. a) during b) for
a) during b) since c) since d) still
c) for d) still
18. I haven't seen her .... 1990.
8. I haven't seen your brother .... March. a) during b) for
a) during b) since c) since d) still
c) for d) still
19. Is Peter in hospital?
9. We met a lot of people .... our stay here. a) yet b) for
a) during b) since c) still d) since
c) for d) at
20. It's .... getting dark and it's still 5
10. I haven't smoked .... ages. o'clock
a) during b) since a) already b) since
c) for d) by c) still d) yet


1. We haven't been to London ... ages! 11. He's been writing that letter .... 8
a) for b) during o'clock.
c) since d) already a) still b) during
c) since d) for
2. We haven't been to London .... last year.
a) for b) during 12. She fell asleep .... the film.
c) since d) already a) still b) during
c) for d) since
3. It's 8 o'clock. Too late to go to the
cinema. 13. Thomas, haven't you finished your
a) for b) during homework ...?
c) since d) already a) still b) during
c) yet d) since
4. I haven't seen the new play ....
a) still b) yet 14. I haven't taken a holiday .... two years.
c) already d) for a) still b) during
c) for d) since
5. He is .... on holiday, isn't he?
a) still b) yet 15. We haven't met .... Christmas.
c) since d) during a) since b) for
c) during d) already
6. I don't like staying there .... the night.
a) still b) yet 16. Are you studying?
c) at d) during a) still b) yet
c) since d) for
7. Mark, haven't you got up ....?
a) still b) yet 17. Let's stay in. It's .... dark.
c) at d) since a) yet b) already
c) since d) still
8. What! Are you .... eating!
a) still b) yet 18. I haven't spoken to him .... last week.
c) for d) during a) since b) still
c) yet d) for
9. Is it .... raining?
a) still b) yet 19. We had a cup of tea .... the break.
c) for d) during a) for b) since
c) already d) during
10. Is he still here? Hasn't he gone to the
bank ...? 20. I can't sleep .... the day.
a) still b) yet a) already b) during
c) already d) for c) since d) for



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