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Daytona Beach police solve murders dating back to 1991

Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL) - March 1, 2007

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DAYTONA BEACH - Years ago, Gwendolyn Jackson gave up trudging to the Police Department to check on the case of
her only daughter, Vicki Lynn, who was strangled.

On Wednesday, the gray-haired, 58-year-old woman who raised both of her granddaughters sat across from Police
Chief Mike Chitwood. A smile stretched across her lips as he told her police know that prison inmate Alfred L. Robinson,
who they believe is a serial killer, murdered her daughter nearly 16 years ago.

She had never given up hope, her faith sustaining her, but her faith in the Police Department had waned until
detectives knocked at her door a month ago, she said.

"When they told me about it," she said, "I said thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Jesus."

Chitwood congratulated his detectives and the State Attorney's Office after Wednesday's grand jury indictment of Robinson
in the 1991 killings of Vicki Lynn Jackson and Johnnie Mae Williams, both of Daytona Beach. It was one of two
indictments Wednesday that brought forward murder suspects in cold cases.

Robinson, 44, is already serving a life sentence for strangling two women in the Jacksonville area, also in 1991. The cases
of Jackson and Williams, however, languished until detectives Steve Grant and Tammy Pera took another glimpse at
the women's files as part of the chief's cold case squad. They found DNA evidence left by the killer at both murder
scenes, and when they ran it through a national database they matched it to Robinson, Chitwood said. "Four murders in
one year," he said. "He was on a killing spree and he is a true serial killer."

Both women were found nude in abandoned lots and backyards after being raped and then suffocated, Chitwood
said. Williams, 55, had been a known prostitute; Jackson, 25, was a former employee of the Carriage House Motel and
eight months' pregnant when she was murdered. Besides the murder charges, Robinson will also face a charge
of manslaughter for the death of the unborn baby. He also is likely responsible for the murder of another woman in
1989, Chitwood said. But investigators lack the physical evidence to charge him with that slaying.

"This is what I consider the face of evil," Chitwood said of Robinson. "Every one of us has a date with destiny, and he
got his."

Two youngsters stumbled upon Williams' body in mid-February of 1991 as they played in a wooded lot near the
intersection of Maley and Adams streets. Williams, who was born in Georgia, had been arrested several times for
prostitution, police said. But she also worked at the former Daytona Plaza Hotel and Walt Disney World in Orlando. At
the time of her murder, she left behind a son serving in the U.S. military and a daughter in Las Vegas. Detectives were
not able to find any surviving family members to tell them the good news. "The Police Department became her family,"
said Detective Pera. "We wanted to make sure her voice was heard."

Jackson's body was discovered in the backyard of an abandoned North Street house in early April, less than two

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months after Williams. After moving here in 1972, she had attended Mainland High School where she played the
clarinet. Later, she worked at the library of what was then Bethune-Cookman College, her mother said.

After her daughter's murder, Gwendolyn Jackson raised both of her young granddaughters, Valencia and Christina, who
don't remember their mother except for the few pictures shown to them.

"I want him to suffer every day like I did," said Christina Jackson, 19. "I don't feel no remorse or anything,"

Both deaths are eerily similar to the asphyxiation slayings of two women near Jacksonville whose bodies were found only
10 days apart in January 1991. Robinson stuffed a piece of bedding down the throat of 27-year-old Lisa Fenton. He
later received a life sentence after pleading guilty to first-degree murder in that killing, and in the murder of Sharon
Robinson, 44, The Florida Times-Union reported. The victim and the suspect were not related.

Besides finding the suspected serial killer, Daytona Beach cold cases were heating up Wednesday with the grand jury
also indicting a Holly Hill man who police say shot and killed two men in 2004.

Charles Levon Coleman, who was acquitted of a home invasion Friday, was charged with the shooting deaths of Israel
Luis Garcia and Carl Lee Speights III. Garcia, 26, was shot to death in a car Dec. 2 outside a friend's house on Essex
Road, police said. Speights, 31, a passenger in the car, also was killed.

With the indictments of Coleman and Robinson, the cold case squad has charged a total of three men with the murders
of five adults and an unborn fetus.

And they're not done, continuing to look for new evidence in the back log of nearly 75 open murder cases, including
three women slain by a serial killer beginning in Decemeber of 2005, Chitwood said.

To celebrate, Vicki Jackson's family will go to her grave on Mason Avenue and place on her headstone a double portion
of pink bubble gum, her favorite.
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