Some call it "southern gospel." Others think of it as "shapenote music." The younger generation may identify it as "the Nashville sound." We've chosen to label it "country and western." Whatever the name, the overall style is unmistakable, for in recent years it has swept across our country to capture the attention and the devotion of millions of Americans from all walks of life. You hear it not only in the deep south. or on the midwestern prairies, or in isolated mountain communities, but just as frequently in the great urban centers from coast to coast. Harmonically it is simple and unsophisticated; poetically it is direct and down-to-earth. It is the music of the common people, music of the heart, with roots buried deep in the musical traditions of the past hundred-and-fifty years. Here, for your inspiration and blessing, is a third volume of the finest and most popular of these hymns and gospel songs. Some are old, and some are contemporary. Some are by unknown writers, and others have been penned by your favorite gospel artists. But each, in its own way, contains the gospel and the great truths of the Christian experience. Many will select this book for use with a choir. Often it will serve as a resource for solo or quartet performance. But it is primarily designed as a hymnal-perhaps as a supplementary hymnbook in your church for use in Sunday evening song services or for sing-alongs in the home or smaller church gatherings. Whenever and wherever you use it, we are hopeful it will be a means of enrichment and blessing to your soul' Here are a few tips to guide you if you use the matching record as your accompaniment: 1. Twenty of the favorite songs were selected for the record. 2. The album is mixed in a "sing-along" style (Instruments left and Voices right), so you can "tune out" the voices and sing only with the instruments. 3. Only selected verses are recorded, and at times an extra chorus or a key change is added to enhance the arrangement. Thus, you should listen to the record before using it with a group. 4. Occasional solos and small-groups are used on the record, and these may be imitated, if desired. In any event, you should BE CREATIVE in your approach to this book! Let your imagination "have a field day!"




Sing-Along Record Sing-Along Cassette

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~ ,Ls:. ~~~H~~~!~~!~O~R~~~~~

85 86 87 88 89 90/ 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1

more.@ I~)H:") v Siu~sfJjwli()1J h {. what will do? The an .on me from heav-en's 0- pen door.ures Sav .pen door.gels beck . CHORUS C G have no friend like You. And I can't feel at home in this world an-y . vic .ry.yond the blue.ward go.·\SCAI"I. and now I on .to .'ry hand some .ior saints on are laid up par -doned me ev .Lll Corpor.est praise from tho drift heav.This World Is Not My Home G C G Traditional My My The treas .Olld(')'\'.where be . If heav-en's not my home. Division "IT)u'/.gels beck .on me know He'll take me thru songs of sweet . back from heav-en's shore.uiou.en's 0 . C Lord. Arr. I am weak and poor. are shout . The I Their an . :\11 righ(~ rc-s('Iv('d .

Olll~' I!J~i) by .[I_S.row ior my the in.111\ _. .'!'-()pr)LlIld MII~i. .. urdu' lnc. way.\. own.\11 rights reserved. a that the strang God wrong er gave for in back the his the <c::« G D7 G nightsightright- Praise the Lord! saw the light.. Lscd 11\ petmission Music. I Saw the Light HANK WILLIAMS _g_ c G would ries Straight is Wor - n't and the let fears gate my I and dear Say claimed for nar . l\lusil.-\(ldl~R(). 1 111111"I h-d assi~llerll\) ""I""""-_()""I.4 H.\11li~h!s outside ihc.W. InL. aml Hit-lam l\lu~j(".. Atutl-Rose-Opr-vland lnc . publislu-r..

row in G C Praise the saw the G C '-" Fine light p--+-r----- ________ (I saw the li~!_) " .5 CHORUS G C G in night. PY. no sor .

Iy sin do . sus.C.t: .fraid..r: ~ . I'm and gon .. there's real Iy been a change in me.______ CHORUS G G7 c- 0 c6 Am < say..::> A7 07 013 G ~ G C G that's Je when sus said. gain.ish Je .sus+ what John. chap ." <c.6 A.. "I'm and no.t ~ ~ ." be -lieve. . C Born Again ANDREW G CULVERWELL fool .ter three.gain.way. I my take real .) and and "Je God. 0 not so a .> Born a . ~ C C G G ." f -----r:_______ f' . was "Be born born a a gain.

gain. a . . I'm ~~$~==tt= $i=i4c.cause of Cal .gain.7 ~ :~f¥=4=-~~*q%~=-~_-c_~ a . just like Je sus said.fess That Je .$~::::~~1I He Is Lord He i< from the dead and He is Lord! Ev-'ry knee shall bow.f~4-=t4~~~~ ~ "'~~~c=:l1~::j~~ that I've been born a gain. He i< Lord! He is ris . G Born ----------- ~_~--u~-~_1_(.sus Christ is Lord.r--===l:==------. ev-'ry tongue con .. and all be .

1a pain From Firm or deep de . D try the my care Spir .pres ..ment.L. aud r-outrofk-r! pe-rrrussinu hv Ikn Sperl' Mnsir.tent .tion.sio n. With I'm F c si!. B. No Now And F mat - ter with close His is what word our ob to re ses sion. stay.. 2.con .:'( ·l()/Iil 'vashvilk- '['~ :)T!II'I lnu-rn. Say . don't feel . on .point .TlIITd Hr-n IIV I. Now I'm press . E ~ yen though He's gone now. guide me.ior on of day the the by Lord. SIH"'I. ward. !\II riglll~ lO'snwd. tions hide me... Through my dis .lone now. c c7 F F B.da . step leads me home-ward.ta . F stand stand on ing ing this on on Sol the the id Sol Sol Rock id id I'll Rock.ap . F I'm Standing on the Solid Rock HAROLD LANE 1.I:SES. I'm I'm So F Drn "Dr B'rn z. strife Each and dis . is its foun.8 H.uiunal "'p\Tigh( .. r-------L---1 l~j77 S.ments. temp .\(: . Rock.

. I'm tan's Sa .ing F ra ges: ges: fEf?F1 Rich. not from Sa Not from F A r wa wa ges.tan's F Dm F F i~i Rock .=rp. on the Rock On the of Rock i of A A ges. ges.CHORUS F 9 rng ing on the Rock. J . Rich but in love.. stand Stand . I'm rich.--- j --------"'__J J II . ges.

bring for it Your to touch.J. We are are so so blessed blessed by by the the T' F Gm -F- F7 B' We just The B' can't A F B' der You've from Your un t'ries F stand won why You've loved and wha t You've us brought so us much. & GLORIA GAITHER We Are So Blessed is C B' GREG NELSON c7 F F maj7 """C Om C7 I. through.10 W." You. We 2.ty You . We We are are so so F mal F p- Gm blessed! blessed! We just Take what can't we find Or the Take it that ev - can 'ry F Om7 c7 F E' F "Thank you. When we're emp. Lord. we Lord.

we love You so much! .ver .11 F fill us 'til we o .. When we're hun . ~ to know We are F Om C7 -C-- F so blessed! Take what we have to bring.gry You feed us and cause us to know know. F c7 F all- ev 'ry thing! Lord.. Take it A F B.------..flow. love You so much! --------------- .

\.J. . There are tast .ence sea .sence and I why Gm F stand in in His His own pres .son And God sing with gives me my heart.row.Lil Ii r: 1 r.ges. .row I and can ----.12 W. & GLORIA This Is the Tin1e I Must Sing GAITHER F WILLIAMJ. .I'1 ~('l'llrTd. .1.----------F CHORUS F this is the F Rock of the A . mOT .ing. Il!"rmissioll or (iailliO'l' ~lll~i. 11ll'TII:tlj''II:LI ""IJlTi.\11 rights rc-a-rvcd .------------ I 'IWI III \\'illidlrl .l!.son es . l '~I'(I II\. I have 2. GAITHER 1. go where He's plans for to lead . For But Gm shack -Ies this is can the hold time me no I must I have learned of life's And I know there's a rea . And this is the time must sing..\( :\1'1.dom. "He I is can sing.ed of days filled with free sor .( i. (:".

I- I.7 B&" And by His stripes we are . you.7 A' life same was for He.7 E' CHORUS This This Je . B' E' E.7 A. B. He was bruised for our ties. The Healer L.sus heal. . A' A'o E' A' E' in iq ui B' our trans .sions. er He'll do of of Cal . Yet my He's the Lord was A'm E' A' E. EI7 Fm7 Gm B. E' men to He was wound-ed for . A'm 13 LOIS IRWIN E E ~ E' The And giv .

B' e And as good Chris. i i ~i ~'-" (Chris-tian bear His name.) . King He in F CHORUS F will trust Him with the jour .ney.tian bear His F B. t:\ F name.14 NoOne JOHN E. WALVOORD F ~' Knows This Road Like Jesus DONWYRTZEN c7 F Dm7 F B' e Son of Throne-less Man.

ing ly .. Everyday J.._ in .. y dais.. Why He a did wor - ges of time se ...P. .. .ful ------. Thru the Is for I will ~ D A7 is tacet D pa manserve of his to a mys ..) . .... Tho the un 2...... Thru 3... ..ments us .. God God I'm has has so sum -moned eho .rail . Ev -'ry.sen thank His for His ap that God still seTV .E. D People JOEE. . who walk be - side D A7 D A7 D E7 E7 Jl"Iir' A7D. ~ . .ter un .. each verse for ~ Al -ways serv ing so will ..ple like you and G point . (will. .. . ly. leet bear to im the His mor mightsan tal...<Jay peo .. D 15 PARKS > ry.. ry.

:I. I 'I:LI III .16 M. I )j.r G :t ~ ~ ~ ~ :t said your I be that self .eousI I D G D deep on in Iy side good in nev side er your changedheart is the A A D D But a When the voice world in be side gins kept to D tell see .\. plaud- ~ Just But the keep your G D Brn D Spir .l 1<":"1 i .right .r'lll(" 1"'11(11-1'\. I Have Decided MICHAEL G CARD -. ixiun (.. that don't ex I'd pect change them by to and ap ion :\11 ril!.. God!" f:J (:''IlI'ri<.[ I 'IE atiou' you me change.C. 0111_'f:.\11 ( eyes on made it Him and clear tell to me: your-self: that "I've be kind gun of the work a of lie..hl~ l'I'~n\ \"(1.')( :_\ 1'1. .orPOI.

a .na ------------.fI- I. J. D D i it r U'---" to the Lord! ~ ~ l! . [I. ~ I! G D G D I! I! . ~ ~ 17 CHORUS G have de - cid ed I'm gon-na live like a be -Iiev - I. [I.bleGen-na leave it to the the. Turn my ~ G D back on the De . [J.[I. Gorr. I.ceiv ------------ er. leave ~ .G. ~ ~ ~ ~ er.

geth-er in a fam . 2. rna-rna sang ten ..ver hear us lin .in' cir yon-der in a lit . work.. Just poor' join out him of black in land a F DIn F c7 F dirt. Daddy Sang Bass CARL PERKINS F I. ~ Dad-dy sang bass.'ry coun -try cloud.ber I was aft . try'n' to make but I'll a re liv ..'Iy gain up de.___... in' be. sing .that's broth -er has all done we gone were.geth-er . mile. er lad. times were rna-rna would hard and things were call in all of bad. sing .tie loud.P. while. . on. But there's a You could sil .hind for a ev . song.lit-tle '""' F peo-ple.18 C.. We'd get to We'll be to .or. re re mem-ber when mem . -. me and lit-tie broth-er would join right in there.

.. Lord.... In the sky.bled One of these days and it won't be long. 8'1 ~ j. in the --- sky.join them in song. I'll re ...'ly cir . ..... 19 .. in there... ... -----------~ ... I'm gon-na join the fam ... ~ Sing-in' seems to help a trou .

THOMPSON D G D A7 D Brn Cj A B7 E7 A are tion's end hour. __. and Fa .T. I home. D Lead Me Gently Home. ed. Father WILL L.L. own. _). CHORUS A7 D A7 Lead Lead me gently home. part when ing days sore tri - come. come.20 W. ne'er take from You I'll me as Your roam.d. me gent1y lead me gent -Iy. me gent-Iy Fa .ther. me. Fa ._ A7 Ail" Bm G G7 D Sin o no more shall be near to tempt keep me.ther.ther. . . Lead Fa .ther.

7 F E.ed meJe . I I'U so glad was bound.7 E. A.sus lift .sus lift .ed me. Je . teU the world Je· sus lift .7 1.ed me. ry. jab! Je . sus lift . teU the world Je . I'm I I'D so glad was bound.7 Fm7 E. Je .21 A D D ~ D Lead me gent . tell the world Je . me. .Ie .ed r me!) .sus set me Je .ed me. B. I'm I I'll so glad was bound.sus set me free. by David Culross A.sus lift .ing glo .Iy I'm So Glad Traditional Arr. hal . sus set me freeJe . 3.ed me! (lift .sus lift· ed me- Sing . I'm 2.sus lift .ed Je.

lowed G I FI 4_ # my tion's choice done! r B07 '1 i=•..t ior and Ai> J and He ~ my is J God! mine.. .. vine. J and and He Well He may drew this me glow and ing I heart re . 0 2.lowed on. fol . 'Tis hap done. 'Tis Happy Day! EDWARD F. the day great fixed my choice that trans . ._ z[ ~ I ing heart He drew me and re fol . RIMBAULT hap· py done._\ I"""2 R.22 PHILIP DODDRIDGE o 1. vine.. "I And tell Charmed to its con "I rap fess ture the all voice a di ~ broad... "I On I Thee. > J EO JJ1) ~ Eo py the day great that fixed trans.tion's done! I f' 1. . my my am Sav Lord's .fess lure the all voice a di broad. 1 iOT ~ my is God! mine. 0 2.• fid On I Thee.. Eo And tell Charmed to its rap con . -'-If-i=L:±-~ ~ " " ~_ 1. JOice.--------. am my my Sav Lord's .

sus washed my sins way.:. Cm7 ~ 0 hap .) .(my sins a- day. em7 And live re joic And live re .J When Je .way.23 CHORUS He taught me to watch and pray.joic ing ev . to watch and pray. B~7sus 0 hap .maj7 B. E' '.'ry pass . E' em He taught me how to day. When Je .py day.. 0 hap .sus washed E' G em my A. E' B.7 sins .

me. 0 I dare not reach my heav . fore threat . JOHN W.P.w.'ning. Lead Me. Lead me.24 J. 0 Lead Me E' road E. lies foes be are r lurk How can I Sa . PETERSON ~ that ing. .en - Iy home. me.tan his find pow'r my has ~ ~ B' E' beck teet ons and em G E' "pma/ ::l to guide me.

B' 25 ALBERT E.way. (. He set me freeyes. BRUMLEY E. on high . (. a .ing and pris. F7 ~ ~ ~ ~ SOT· row drift. in' thru. Once like Now J Good-by a bird am climb to sin in . 3.B. But Je My feet Dai -Iy sus came are plant I'm work and . ing too.7 E'7 I. 2.ed turn me felt. ry to to to God! God! God! He I'm I'm set home me free. No free Dark-ness Naught of -dom from of night this world my has can r. ward bound.7 I. ed . . ry-bound my J e-sus to see.on high.E. ing- And lis. I'm g10 .tened to me. And I'm pray .er things that J dwelt.(.c:> . . er ground. For g10· ry to God! He set me free. each day.round. And B' ~ ~ B. con-found. . ~ ~ ~ He Set Me Free A.

And Mark. ior. Luke.saac.vab.:> cit en saw y tered caUed that my glo cit Sav ~ ry. y.shipped Je .ho . My Friend o the and of sights Tim Cal ova .sion. through be - showed me showed me bowed down from A . So My 0 E' bright friends glo and knew so me to B' F Ev- Cm6 07 ~ fair. God! When I en .tered They showed fell I just the me right gate all down cried. I .26 I Bowed on My Knees and Cried. wor .sion to man . by David Cui ross B' F7 B' B. J3 . well. ham. "Holy" Source unknown An.bra and man .7 :t ~ ~ ~ ~ <c.cob.

The To the For E r. E'ma/ EO F B' Gm d7 ~ r. B' F7 B' ----------- ~ D Ho- ly.sus. ho ly_" . ~ ~ r. E ~ 27 B' E. clapped my hands and sang. E ~ J.~~ Gm G.sus.7 tr4f=i F7 E' E'ma/ EO ~ B. "Glo-ry. ~ ~ want to see want to give praise to 7"' Je . Je .J. ! . ~ ~.ry to the Son of God_" . ~ F B' F7 B' E' bowed on my knees and cried. ~ . give praise. g10 .

.28 I... ... All rig-hisreserved ....t1l such a good time A ff f F shine.S..-----... I ~r. Hav .. llivisioll ofTlw l.walk-ing in the :t :t c7 ~ F :i --good love~ Hav-ing such a good time... -@'----+ r -~E-f time.-----.tli(j1) (:\S(:.. Walking In the Sunshine IRA F...F.. .___. STANPHILL F G7 . ~ -.olld("[Y. walk-ing in the le) C"pyrig-III I'IW) hy Sil1g.\I').

y. love. Lord. =* can . Praise the .-- 29 -~i-~~m¥i7wtjJ4~ .dIe to the to the al . . Lift Him . D D Dsus D D7 G bod .-=-:t=-=~~=-t=.SSJrg§l REBA RAMBO Lift Him Up fr then will the draw rocks all men and stones unwill I I ~~+--~~~4~4!=---st=p~~ Me. all all all ye ye ye peo-ple. love. Lord. Show His up. lift Him praise the show His up. ¥$ :::f_c~4 hI Bm we up.. G D G D E7 A7 ~~-F~=4=--~~===t~~=::F4~-~-=-~r =F~-==r~~~----t-~~~-¥-r~f'~~~~~-~¥-ti~==tJ=-d=l~ ~~i.ner voic ." Lift G D ~~n=R--~~s=t=t~=r+~F3I Him the His up.____. peo-ple. peo-ple.sun ..shine of God-s -e-~ love.------Lord! love. raise His lift your let your ban . name.ways sk~ sky! shine.

F is Ev Sold tum . gretWith Sor out Je . ior I scorned His t-':I'-----~_T_- ~Y-l~lv atfE1: :1f1tt J ¥E de for nied.ken that I re dream.fae .\l'i.l{i"1l r.UI (:()Iponrioll_ . me. I.5.. STANPHILL F c .*~~±--=$=_t~tJ3+d -Z I wSJ a bro . ny! ----------- I'H'I_ ITllI'W.i'>l1 or'nu' ZOlHil'f\.sus row.llllI ILl St:!llpllill .:~pir.'i{:. bles sil . F Thirty Pieces of Silver IRA F.'(1 1<' and I~j!h In ~illt. \~si!.\.30 I.ace in He rich came es or in to such as fame.ver and of ~UN life's things *¥~rt~i: ~i i &f ~ =TEll :. 1)..-i-.\11 ri!.[bb . If But our Sav .F. pain and by ag our 0 F - side.tion pal .(II.

--------------- i c F And know just how much He loved me F by the price He paid.31 F price of slave. B' F F And my heart I have giv . .en to this Christ be - trayed.

en is near.7 . world.hind I'm My F9 C F9 B.L.. leave be .by..32 M.row I'll rise on His up and WordIly- Heav . I A walk day. and may-be talk two.7 E' A. Good-by MOSIE A.7 LISTER by. .en Heav . To feast ev . and and can't stay herecan't stay here- pine. world. more Good When by I to each tear step a -cross and each to that This And world I'll where I roam nev . Good-by. Good-by. in the sky.'ry day mor . is near. can for not I'll be my home. more. World.

B. good E .7 E' and -----or B'm6 - ~2¥C F9 BIP SA E' by! can't stay here- Good-by. My feet won't stay on the Gon-na rise with a shout. gon-na Gon-na ride with my Lord through the sky. world.33 CHORUS 'Cause I an7 And when I hear that last trum-pet sound.

He'll come make your lift worth Iiv .ed me up to show me what liv . . came down'- thafswhatHe came down' is.strong arm He lift .

C. 'Cause I've ev -'ry found a thing bet ..ten to fm-ishedwith me me please. C F c BO t. t. ~ ~ ~ 35 VERSES BO F You're gon-na But the t./ have some Lord keeps dis .. t! F BO F c7 F D.ments. t. way~ . :r. ~ ~ '--.t. ~ i! i! t.ap-point on as-sur . twice left wor-ry He a sent .ter am. ing me so won't you He's not lis . 'Cause I I don't t.bout His this Spir era itzy He made me world.

I lil'Isi"1l .24 The Steps of a Good Man cl Jjb~ steps of a good man =t ~tj are or . \1'].\"it:.dered by j tbe _'.• '1'\ I i~hl I ~Ii-l·.36 From Psalm 37:23.hold -eth him with His c % D7 B: hand.lti. \11 ril!:I'ls n's"I\("(1 .. i ERICA HOWARD Lord.!"plr.'C.In :"Iilll. For the Lord up . 011".. ~F=t~~f=d 1-'Y'----'1~ T £:-=t-f ~-J-~ [~ cm6[ aJ="~I~' G f t. And ~~~~¥~4±±FH cast down.1 lhr Zumk-rvan {:"i"f)()LII i"II . ( . With His \n.

!:111 1'1:.ness am I of the laid the grace that He gave.\illl!'I"). His mer . 37 IRA F.F. stripes on His back.S.thy am I of and sick . Un . sing.Unworthy I. un- c" c7 F7 so EO ~~-1-=F=J~~10~ wor .thy and now by His grace.en loved me a a so slave.thy to the with ~~=±c=f~~=f so+ EO ~1lt~1_1£-==f--tpp~-) Ai> EO ~~~~~¥A~=w-m:-----'---~~-~~~ hold to His blood that was an .per. III( r: c=t¥~-1=t==. r: ~f4~~~· (:'lp\Ti\.thy My sins caused Un .lllllll. shed. Un My Un wor . can.~ .row wor . 2.wor .der He wore on His I walk with the stand.. A My I mazed that faults and thrill just a King would reach my fail . Un .gels to hand.'11)1 .___/ His own. STANPHILL I. 3.ures have to know that He down to wov .wor .cy has made me I~_~~ -.thy.-==T~~'\111 ig:III' 1"'~('I\'('d . crown much- c+ c7 F7 This Of A love I thorns.wor .Lt:~ . tha t pau .ry to come.not un . King. glo .thy sor . head.

sky. I'm G7 C7 F B' F bound for the King-dom of the free. coun. You may 2.38 M.L. I'm Bound for the Kingdom MOSIE LISTER where I'm to a head. Well.ed. I Well.try you may where they and in I that know I'll cit .y have a in the crown. I'm ask me go . .

<J~<J..._ King -dom free.. r---~----r J~I. ~ R¢4: and the free. ~~. of the bound fl- . F t. t.-~4 ~-~4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 39 c" F F7 of the B. for the ~IT .__ ~ I ~ .sus £]3 soon is t. I'm F I with the glo ~ ry :r:. i1 Yes.____. ~ ~ :c jP 3 1~~ ffldtf o • ver there.r __ ~ . ~ ~ ~ ~ F7 B. _b_. .. ~ ~ F t. . F (} r-"-I~ I G7 c7 F B' ~ . t41zdJ J And my Je ... I ~ ------- • E ~ .

40 M. If fear and by doubt faith come a you gainst your reach out to mind?'d Ily permission or The Hr"IIS()I\ COIllI). N<l~h\iJl\' .tIl\.\ll rights reserved. Illl. Ily J(lhn 'I'. l. CHORUS F7 _n_ F F7 help! heart.. touch you He has you died! free! Rise and be ~ B' F7 B' Bb? E' faith a. Rise and Be Healed MILTON BOURGEOIS ED 1. ~ ~ F7 _& F F7 B' soul! F7 ~ F F7 B' healed in the name D7 ~ of ::t rise in your Rise and be (:()pvrighl I ql:!.IIIV:' AS(:AI'. Have 2. B('rl~()Jl ]'Ulllishillg (:(IIllP. . sus.B. It is He win Je . Has your He will faith meet been your c7 em JR D E' for and you set F7 B.

.. Where 2. ..7 F B'..& G Gm em em7 F9 ~ F7 B' ti -:•.-'.~~ ~4IFW:--*+ft-+f'-r .7 In Stir the our midst hearts Hell to be.---------~~~-~~Ff f tfJ Iflf4r tf' ~ A' B.. gl.. Kin-dling a Te~ us ho - Iy to flame.He praise and prom-ised.. ry..9<.In~. ' .=~~.~~.41 Where Two or Three Are Gathered JOHN W..ship. ---'iiiiiiiiiiii'= "'"----... are gath-ered.:ur two or three for.~.•.~ - .." ."...6 em I-z--. PETERSON I.. 0- Gath-ered . are~ '~i=.our . we~ in Je - sus' to name.7 B. A.._.usB. .".7sus E'sus E' A.t. . tm ~lf--t~ B.". -!'.~=vi±t: ~nitAu 1~~ b .!ili. wor . A' n~me and y..7 . .. pr~~ kt¥ B.

Division of The Zondcrvun Corporaunn All rig-hIs re-sr-rvr-rl .er Than this Heav .\SCAP).© !!Hti by Sillg~pira(i()11 (.fered hill and diemore find Ev .en's last hu an ing man swer life mind for was could your (i. lrr.feared to suf .:! Cop~Tig-hl lfJ7ti.

found . need.43 ~ ! . A7sus A7 A G CHORUS 0 G Em7 ~rjust un soul's a der deep dream. Wa ..ler from which A A9 0 A7 0 07 G Gmaj7 ~__. And when came to qo 0 A A#o Bm =z: Bm t! t! Christ for my sal va tion.ter from the A A9 0 G Em7 Wa . stand.---/' nied.

born A' ~ ~ ~ a a new . I'm new . I'm New-born Again ~. I'm new ~born new . So glad. .als here be low. Free grace. low. I'm free. free grace.~-: and has for ~ Abo Traditiona1 . sin .44 A. gain.born .born a - gain.~~ talk .ner. Free grace. Been a long time a .in' 'bout my tri .in' 'bout my tri .. ed=t= A" long time a Db Ab E.als here be - low. I'm new-born a- gain.7 A' ::1 ::l . gain. free grace. so glad. I'm me. ~ dy .ing set me you and fTfq~-F~Tlove.~. Free grace.

J.geth We walk r r HbTJL~'¥f G C G My Fa-ther and I go hand in er to . ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . Thru heat of Thru "0' of day or cool of or cool of ev .geth-er in this in .this I~T land.P. ~ ~ geth .s->: I'm so It is glad He G G D E G G c G c His hand is who walks be guid ._ ~G~--5.m~w~ .'ning. .. Wewalk to . .E. road. My Father and I c c 45 JOE E.side me All aWhen I'm W G c G G A D B G .. geth -er.'ning. j.~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ . PARKS G ----------- my heav'n-ly my heav'n-ly Fa-ther Fa-ther ----- Walks with Stooped to I ~ 1.. ev . rrr===-J~+t?~J.

And am You'll en "I know they feel the going to walkwith joy the Ho .\hulII<1 ~1 llsi" IIlL I ~sed bv pr-rnnssum. yield. luu-mauonal ('opyright secured.46 D.hl 19b? by . (f. If are you sweet. Sweet.) Copyril!. All rig-hIs rt'SI"lV("(1. ceive :--------1 G C G And Till you Am There are You're the You can C G Em 0 G ~1 G 07 G C G of aU that the the we you can saved you in this not re from your place.Iy Spir .it.ence Je sus Spir . There 3. Sweet Ho . .A. say.ings say He Spir . sweet bless .Iy ~ CHORUS G C G I ~ pres . Sweet Spirit Em DORIS 0 AKERS 1. There's 2.

out a doubt we'll know that we have G D~o Em Am G G6 -=~4±t-.47 Dove.vived When we shall leave this place. Fill-ing us And for these bless . .ings We lift our hearts in Em c G D~o Em c With .~ vb ==t =fu'-4=r-.¥=t1F}44 ~ O~ g D7 G been re . Stay right here with us.

I'Il.diliwi no'.. ~ nize by sim -ple. bv I.tli<)lI.M. of God.turn. (.ni.G." .\..\[II~i.(:\]') ("p\rii!li! ~I'< urc-rl [I·~-\.&D.\'-. Inl(. Upon This Rock GLORIA GAITHER Cm7 & DONY McGUIRE Db6 die. 3 111.. less truth that oth.d '11I~il(0.48 G.ers will de· r ± Ii· =-j Db6 dream Son his dreams.1\'ie\I') (. child like faith The price .\lll'i" \S(_\I' . in they pass re ..

.. A.. pow'r of hell it .. .gainst r ¥ E Ffd = }d For it.. And all the -.49 CHORUS (Sing following verses 3 A' 2 & 3) c7sus -G- rock for - ev . more pre-vail a .F'. 3 3. and e<l' 11f 'f-jl D'm 3 3 ~ er 3------. If in a . . it will stand. ~4i±±" shall nev ..self .

.__ ~ ~ Am Am7 Dm Am Dm Slain from the foun da 0 tion of the world. E....llz T F Cunis .. F Behold the Lamb DOTTIE Gm7 ~ F A F RAMBO Gm7 ~ .50 D. F 1':'1. Lamb! r Lamb! Be hold the Lamb! ._____._. e F c7 ~ :1 :1 Sac o ri flee! 0 Be 0 hold the Lamb of God! Be o hold the ~ F D·c.-Be .R.... ~ ~ ::1 ~ ~ Gm7 c7 F Gm F A Gm7 ~r F -.---./ 0 Ho ly Gm7 Am A F B. hold the Lamb! Be hold the Lamb! .

saved.~ F 0 Je AC F c#o Dm IT n'm6 L C c7 sus. With With out out Him Him I'd I'd sure be would would be be ing less- ~. r=>: .d F Like a But with Am CHORUS F sail. With· out out Him Him could would do be noth dy .R. how lost I would be. way! ~.L. With· 2. o Je sus! Do you know Him to day? Do not turn Him a .Without Him M. 0 Je sus. ing. LEFEVRE Am -C- 1. With out Him. ing. . F 51 MYLON R. Je - sus.------.

in' through.more. 1 go ..) home. home..) J home home home ----------Us(>d hy prrrujxxion. home. 1 I'd go I'm head-ed 'Cause I'll be cff~~~~tT=+r-=. I'll be home. sick an .in' go -in' go -in' home) home) home) where where where be be be ~p Copyright 197fj hv \\'nrd Musil la Div. I'd go (I'm head . When I'm 3.L .y . They say that 2.ed (' when I'm Death knocks here feel at ad c7 is in' my ~ ~ ~ Ok] ~ said joy wake that to to I would know that fmd that have I'm to am not F '-./=#: _______ be . (I'm (I'm (I'm go .in' I'm go-in' 1 I'll be' I'll be pret . lone -Iy sleep -in' and and when liv . (yes.tween the two. One day heav-en's feel.__.ty. ly pass .52 Home Where I Belong PAT TERRY ~ 1. IlIe) lntcruatiunal copyrighl slTufnj All rights reserve.) home. of\Y()[d.

c_ --. ~ . (home where I r r_r~r r L be - long. 2 B' - -----------.f ~ ~ )- --0 ~ ~ .-.! While I'm . to 3Td verse I tF CODA Q ~jfJ Oill Z long. -MT:tff~±w serve Him glad ly.- '--.) . (Piano) ~=-~~.53 ~=~~f._::_~=~~---=-:f:5f::0---=-~-==.T' ~~A -~o~r~ ~~-"'-- --~~~I~=~~¥i~-~~==tj long._ F ~~ =t c _L_~_ _& to 2nd verse I long.±.~~~~4~==t=~~f-*==t3Af-~ rfTI D.~±+¥=-ny= ¥ F F _m.-.S.~===r=~:t3C=t-J _ ~ ~ • ~_____'_J:----------1:--.- ~. sing Him all these songsI'm -----_-------- - %%.¥-j. here I'll ~~ j-=j=F==§ ..

hear feel the that sweet. Je . feel And I'm His re pres newed .tie voice touch of the Ho .sus Q.\y of the Ho . through me. gen . I)jvisioll of The Zunrkrvan Curpurauou. pow' Fmaj7 DO c7 F need Making His me touch more up like on my life ev each 'ry All righl~ reserved . 2.54 D.ceive His cleans .y F F re .tIe gen . Gentle Voice DALE STRAND I.) (:cIJlyrigitr 19BO by Sing-'lliraIH>1l (ASCr\I'). might .ence as and quick . ill mine. Sweet. hour.for He is work ..S. Spir .Iy Spir .ened kneel by right His here to pray.

. fill me now a does not BO SllS- . ___ F o Ho - Iy Spir it.55 BO F Spir - it.------ Take a way what -ev . .-.

56 W. & GLORIA C It Is Finished GAITHER WII.ges.IAMJ. GAITHER a .vil.ished. ~ On that AIl the ThA C of man's soul on Gol through the dark- CHORUS i or go ness his tha's He I~ : jJ It is fin .J. there'll be no more war.I. It is . e . con - m:!i------.

c IS~II!:.57 c fin .. It is p¥td fin ished and G7 f: ._ own the mak .fields t'ry was lAd of mine my for G7 Dm7 c7 E F j ~ @GJI --------. C L G G7 D. They were And ba t vic£d =4 flj 4.sus tEtr ~ is (to verse 5) free. the end of the con - flict. in 5_Then I my heard heart that the the Fine 2nd time Je G c }. claim .. had I been am won. E . that the praise His war Name. after verse 5 '---.n't And know now.ished..__/ Did . Yet.

illS reserved..58 S. .Zoudc-rvan <:orporalioll.R..hl J9Wl I)y Sinc. Borne up by I'm sure the C G Am glo . The Lamb Is the Glory of Heaven SHIRLEY C R. All ri.l!.... Division utLlu... NAGEL C7 Fm C that fi· nal shore. .------. gold.spiratj"Jl (AS( ::\1').N. ry @ (:(Jpyril!.

n.. t:s("d by PITllIissi(. .. .... So that oth . let me touch Je . __..ior touched me. . They shall Now I'm CHORUS o to be His hand ex- Let me touch Him... @ ClJpyright 1~)b1I)v peace with by. Sav ... ... ..E... in.. pass ........ . CII..sus.. Thenwben I Then the hand shall reach out to oth .... Let Me Touch Him V......ers may know and be blessed.:\1I rights re-served.tS Puhlishilll!.ers....ilkll.. 59 VEP ELLIS . .

. "- ..-- - ---- -- =-:J .er AU my bur .'y & Sow.. U . re-nrwal... =-=-W$---§-=---- tried things bright most I'd since ev like I 'ry to got thing._-- ---- -- ~ .ior fash .. E. Ai> ED Ai> E' A' E' There is noth ._'--- -- -- -_--- - --.. !Io. I'd Rather Be an Old-time Christian ALBERT E.. a.-~----=-~ ~ ----.r=:r~:£c=~ hap ._ .ney sing and now pray to say pur· sue.. I am I would I will walk . ---- _.. a. > be an old .gion I have longed to be a lead ..tal Sav . be right- and I'm as my now I ..=1- .) than @ Cupyright 19h~.time Chris .lain (Lord. In There this are All the world man world I've y is - -_ :-_~--~~. -~ ~ like re . man would do. ..- . ...("(1by permissinn All riuhts rT'i(T\Td ..Ii .lion. BRUMLEY . 60 A... and shou t. ----~-__:~~c=-~~-~.aire with a tell the world both far and near as I > ~ :1 ~ ::i 3 to know be . bv Alher! E Brulld.B.. ~ §..ioned way.dens have been lift ..ed in the like a since the ~ ~ ~ ~ good old mor .py jour .ing in the old time way. be low. bro't me out.E. and like to be a mil .._-_..stow..

ing ev .tian (Lord.) than Chris .where go.time Chris .er be an old .thing That I'd Ab rath-er be an old .thing know. And I'm tell . walk-ing in the grand old high .y .tain love to show.61 CHORUS an-y .way. ~~ I'd rath .) than . -an .time Chris .'ry .tian (Lord.

62 Spend a Little Time with Jesus In Prayer

1. When 2. When 3. When

~~---~-~~~:,=r-=i~ aI


your grief can - not be you're wea - ry from life's the fu - lure makes you

=i-:u= ~

spo - ken, hur - ry, won -der,


If When As

you you're the

smile fined road



it's with a.

c, c,




""' c, ""'

Je - sus Je - sus Je - sus

i=P¥ -fii =-b i~ j t~ a r~-Db Ab CHORUS


in in in

prayer. prayer. prayer.

Spend a Iit- tie time with



:J :J :j
~ ~ ~

Ten Him all

a- bout


things that



Ev-'ry lit· tie need



COJl,.-rig-hl J97·1-J(j11l1 \\'_ 1'(·t{'f~OI\ Music


by p('Imissioti.

AI\ rights




sup - ply


Spend a

lit - tie time


Je ~ sus



I'm in this Church




glo - ri - ous


join, 0


born, I've had a new







grace, not

by my

works I'm

in this


© t:opyright 1~)7q)" Iur.c Nasbvilh-. Hr-mphill Music (;OIllP,lIlY/ Hr..1 J i\lJ rights rese-rved. lnternanonul ('op\Tighl se(!llnl. Ilxed h: p('l1Tli,~,~i()1l ,I'['h(' Henson (


Let the Lower Lights Be Burning

~ ~


P. P. BUSS Arr. by David Culross

1. Brighr-Iy 2. Trim your

beams fee


our Fa ~ ther's ble lamp, my





cy ther;

From the Some poor

~ ~




light sail house or ev tern er pest


But to Try - ing






us now

He to

gives make

the the

keep har

- ing - bor,

Of In

the the


lights dark

a ness


the be

shore. lost.



14H5 by Sin,l!;spil<llion

(ASeAI»), Divi~i()n ofTlw



All ri'4hls reserved






- ing!










- gling














reserved .ings peace from and rest.neath it seems no load one of can care.lieve your will come in deep dis . ten . no note one's of there.tress. When the night is dark and drear. pare. cheer. Division nfThc Zondervan Corporation. Fill your Send you heart with bless .«:) ](jIl'J by Sill. All righL>. If He you will bring be your a bur . 2. Bowed And be .der love.spair.l!. When you're bur-dened with de . sus.dens all friend be .yond to com Him. Tell @Copyright 1976.spir<lliOIl (ASCAP). a .66 Tell Jesus I. hear.bove. T He'll He re . arr. Tell Tell Je Je sus.

Let Him come and take con- your bur .cedes. F G c He feets our needs and He in - ter . --- .67 Gm the trou .den. your D Em Gm heav -y load of care: Go to Him in prayer. He will C F Gm F al ways be there- His touch will make you whole.bled soul.

PETERSON D7 c F It's time to pray to the God who watch- es o'er our sin and wrong con - (9 Copvrighr EJ:)ti bi' by p('Jlrlission 111(' An. Division uf'The /OlJdl'rv.1I1 Corpor. It's time to pray. anrl 11<"1'>' slam:a lY7j by Sing:.\J! rigilis I!·SIT\Td. The world is dark for the clouds of c war still threat . It's time to T seek His help with· out de - lay. ljSl'd . Se .piraliol1.cure the peace for which we all are cry .P.dom fly . It's time for all A mer - i ca to pray! If c we would keep the flag of free .68 J. It's Time to Pray JOHN W.w.uion .

a¥!l -0- c all A mer- ca to pray! --------- _~: T .69 E' A. Trou .6 ~-~=~i§ us in our own back .bles un .re - 'CODA D7 G7 ~qd pray! It's time for i2$l£ Bid lig: f1t?d.yard.

May May we be we be found found wor wor thy thy in in the the eyes eyes of of the the Lord. When 2. ~ Musi! ~ ..____/" G r:::.. CHORUS fJ eJ - h ~-.dor our this bat world tered shield and could not af· sword.. wor strug-gle e .----. Lord.'qual is heav'n's fi glo n'Iy at an ry rich and end.lnby Stamps-Baxter 01 The Zondr-rvan Corporillion_ . When we Here OUT A7 Em7 A9 A7 cr has with A7 0 I~J A 0 07 hear lives the might-y are ev • er shout God wan .. spair: When When we we lay be view the fore Him splen . I Ff G Em7 I r-::= in the I I Wor .J~ All rights T('S('f\TrI Wor· thy eyes of the 1~. 0 Worthy In the Eyes of the Lord MARTY [~l R.. ford. PARKS -B- A 0 Ff 07 G Em7 Em7 1.P. ~ © Cllpynght . Earth our earth.70 M. could nev .R.thy.ton prom sin ised He would and deep de send..

7 °'lA' not A. shall not be moved. shall not ~'7 be moved.uiun. '\rrJ9 C()pym~hl 19W) by Sillg~pirali(!1l (ASCAP)." be shall not moved.. ing. ges.__/ wa ters. E. lli\'i~i{JIl ufThl' Zonde-rvan Corpor. .ed by the be.1 vah.. Traditional by David Culross sball E. 0' shall ho fid A ----...71 I Shall Not Be Moved Arr.7 be. shall not not.----. sball not Fm be A'IE' moved. Just like a tree that's plant . I A. O'm/F' f". All rig-hLs rnlTv('([ .

"Well be "Well done." done. and but He'll say.A7 B D tha t He from the was the Sav .der stand will.'i hy Singspirariun ("SCAPi.der my . All rig-hts reserved. gun. . lieve Heav ~ en: meet Him: ~ ~ :t ~ G He'll "Let He'll un not un .ior God's on work you've has Iy be come. stand. D G D Be 0 Take not hear up dis Him your mayed call cross- when His run men Fa quick don't be ther in Iy to you. Division orTht' 19H.(HlIlervan Corporutiou." done. Thine say. Son." :t Arr.

.-..... ..,....

.... .... .....


to the end of




...... ...... ...... ...... .....

jour - ney,





..... ..... ..... ...... ..... ...... ..... ......
~ ~

ry of life, and the bat




















All God's Children




go - in' to



you're just

kid-din' your

If you


you cau make it


do - in'





you're just

kid-din' your

- self.

If you

think this



serv-in' the Lord is just

,"t> (:opyrir;IH

11)71, Iljfl.') by WilliamJ








Cu. Inu-rn.nional



:\Jl rights



serv - in'


the board,

Then you



The Bond of Love

-~~~~ff-E£~~~--~-1. We
2. Let are us one sing in the bond now, ev of 'ry love; one;




We are Let us one feel in the His
B,7 F7


~=--=-I¥f==:i:f=f--34=-=±t~=f=f~~~~==+~<Y§fl2£lil= !-+=¥~
bond of be love. gun. We Let have us joined join our our









r::::r"""'i"_with the that the

spir - it hands,





of of

love. love.


@CopYl'il.!;hl 1971 by l.ilkll'IS


Co. Used by permissinn.

,\11 rights re-srrvr-d

) ali. The 2.) The mas-ter The king-doms of served earth a will long dis > the way ap pear » was and G c wick-ed and crum-bleand tough. STANPHILL 1.'ry-thing is all le) C"pyril\hl 19W) IJY Sill. The road that things of this trav world eled will yes come day ter a .F.) light. ------D G c (like a shin· (will turn out ing their light. now ev . know.\SCi\P). was don't crook-ed wor and .. Everything Is All Right IRA F.) And I left But theMas it ter G B Em G c G '-. Division of The ZOlldnvan Corpor. (will crum-ble and tough. (was crook-ed and (don't wor+ ry at all.-.:spirali"ll (.---' all still for the nar-row is in charge I way. ------------~~ rough.. part. 'ry-thing is all and ev. light.S.hove G c G like a shin will turn out ing their light.76 I.) fall.ry at <c::>: D G D7 G B Em rough. (was wick-ed and fall.uion All rights reserved .) But The saw a sun and the cross moon on a dis· tant hill and stars a .

77 CHORUS C Ev 'ry .ged hill Je-sus set me free.thing is all right.) On a rug . . tacet D C Ev-'ry-thingisall right. ev-'ry-thingisall right. (ev-'ry-thingisaU right. ev-'ry-thingisaU right. ~ Yes. right.

u - sta - ble? I go to the my Ia .da .ver? Where do talk run to to when when the no one winds of wants sor to row F lis.tion of trib . 13 .R.ten? threat-en? Who do I Is there a lean ref - on uge when there's in the no time foun . go to the go to the Rock! (to Rock! (to the the J . I Go to the Rock F F7 Bb DOTTIE RAMBO ------1. Where 2.ble.tion? When Rock I know that's soul needs con .78 a . Where do do go hide when 'til there's the no storms one have else all to passed F tum to? Who do o .tion.

. I go to the r I=J r......~ . When I need a F Bb F ....tain stands by j..tain and the Moun ..o.79 CHORUS ed.. ~ ~ friend... ~ ~ ~ += . Run to the Moun .. ~ ~ stand... ~ ~ ~ iii.... t .o.-.. F G tjJ ..

There is the house of plen-ty And it's _.dow E' <c. in the look out Fa-ther's house thru the to . ~ calms the sing-ing chil-dren as the Fa-ther sad Fa-ther sad ly cries.----..80 grain. Lots of Just be- win . "SCAI' All ril!.._ E' ~ sing-ing white and un -to E. My House Is Full (But My Field Is Empty) LANNY WOLFE is peace and way from con the tent-merit ta .hls ITWrVl'd .:> food yond on Cm7 F7 8. IIlC. 1~)77 hy LllIlly Wolk Xushville Musil' Cump'lllv. they? But a reap-ers. pane.9 laugh-ter har-vest.W.9 807 His ta - ble and no ties a one field is turned a of gold -en way.7 Ai> Gm Fm7 8. say: o can't the hear the Iy Cupyright Uompanv. as the but the hours --------- pass by. where are In the em7 hush house.ble.

....._ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ will go and work for me to day? ----:=== Eb --- It ~ Eb G F Ab Eb ......... .. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Fm7 B41=1: one wants to work in my field!" II ......... ~ ~ field is emp-ty.. iJ--4 iJ-4 ~ Ab 81 .... "--4 . ...

from the rain made the sea. C F F raised up the moun-tains- 0. From the sea formed the clouds to give us life a .H. You poured forth the foun-tains.bun-dant . r~r 17 Laid Your won . Lord- o please keep Your pre-cious hand on me. keep You might-y hand on me.mand. Lord.der .82 R. You touched the clouds. You have the earth and the sky in Your com . made them rain. r (on 7'" ~ me. Keep Your Hand on Me F B' F REDD HARPER F F c7 -c-- - range.) .ful hand on the Lord.

....... .. .. •• t t: ~ ~ .. 83 PARKS ....... ...P..E.. .. . I've Found the Way! J........... .. JOEE...... .. ... ....... . ......... .._ M . .................... ....... . .. ....... . .._........... ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ..

llio[l All rights n-servt-d.hl 19B1. Je sus- © Copyril. Fine \ how I've learned to love that name.D. heal ing pow'r's re leased. GARY DE HAAN name. .'.84 How I've Learned to Love That Narne G.© 19H:J by Sinl!. o to next line 112 E' name. Division nfThe Zondr-rvan COTI'OT.spir'-1lioll (ASCAP). IIT. That name is Je sus. -----There is em How I've learned to love that name.

......... All . A.-0 .. . ........~ j-fd¥JA~ -c... . ...... E' =-~~~.............7 D.... ¥4 ... . ...p.. ..t=t~..... 85 ~-..... B.. .:> em E' ~~~=fl~~~: ~ at the sound of that won ..ten-tion at the sound of that won-der-ful name! .......... . heav-en snaps to at ....... E' Gm 7 A' And de .... . .... .der-ful name.. ...._........ .......... ~~=====r==~:-~-~C~in that name ..o . ... .... ~ -~~-"9r=W=S....Eq=-td~ ..p. ........... --. ...o .. ...C..........mons ===-:--==.~- L1=......

Used 11\ l)('rmis~iOlI ofTII(' BnlsOII (~(:llpyri~hl Ill71i Company.G. .86 L. ~ BO F F F Fmaj7 F7 B' ~ Rock of A ~ ges. Cornerstone LARRY Eo7 GOSS Came for On the sin stone ners to I am aat came mains the Cor-nerthe Cor-ner- Fm DO I' the Cor-ner . Jl. D ~ BOm L C Fmaj7 -.self in Thee.IIl\'iU.iI(s reserved. cleft for F .\11.::- C c7 Bo F A+ me. inl('fII<1(iIHla] my . When I stone. --------Hcanw. Eo7sus E\7 112 Eo7 EO -U- stone. Inc.£_ E mz.muiua Let me hide All ril'.fIlSil' (:omp. --------copyrighl sr-cur-ed .

.. .. . ......... i-O i--O 87 ..... .... ..... .. ....... ~ ~ ~ ~ ...... . .... . ..... Ir4 ..... ...... ....... .... is the Cor .......... -.. ........ner- Je-sus is the ~ ...... .. ....a ~ ~ ~ ~ stone....

'ry Ev . .88 Everybody Will Be Happy Over There E.. there. [TII('Wdl hv AII)("r( E. care. more.'ry Ev .9. c C F c F C E. BARTLETT C land of sis . Hrullll. C E~ __ ~ D~7 __ G A D G that saved of land where brought us earth no to shall one that soon the ev . M.M.ry knows a bright and share.B.umph song. :t: ~ ~ ~ G C G7 C C F C :t' Ev . Uv-cl b~ permission All rights re-se-rved.·y lI> S"lIs.ev ter ges er . fair. look up .ev .tians His men shall en of all a name for .ters One who prom . sing . and will as live join we on for .ver will be and who in the great be . in the tri .'ry bod bod bod -y -y -y will will will be be be haphap hap- py py py 0 0 0 ver ver ver there.on His 'round the throne.ise broth . ::r ~ Copyright P]i!. kept us by His grace.ers saved us o .er land so glo . G7 C i- C C F C of .

ver will there. May each day that I live be the best I can give. . All ri!!. 0 -ver hap . MayYour love be re-flect-ed JAMES LOUCKS E' MayYour love in me.Ilpyric.) \!)W) by Sillgspiratiorl IASCAP).89 ~ :t: ~ c o . ~: (. be ~~~~~a:~~S=t~-=f:r We will . Reflection of Your Love From I Corinthians 13 E' be re-flect-ed in me. May Your love be re-flect-ed in I\)H:\. arr.nion.'<.hts ITS(T\Td . Division of The Zondcrvan Corpcr. :t.j_ J p5~ ==j ~~~~~g*t~~:~~t-~ shout and ~ :t. _.

As are man face y who are my dai . A And life to like be F B' is one my Lord re in flee ev tion 'ry that word will and His like .R. F And to must feel ask a tie my-self- with what loved is ones my of great the est BO .'ly world be· trait. There 2.£. ty.90 S. C -F--- DIn F7 B' my peets de.sire me to to de But God it's ex ______________.N. bear vel a like op full ness rna to tu God's ri Son. NAGEL 1. low. A Family Resemblance SHIRLEY E' R. ly proud prob to bear lems in a this fam .

.91 To bear fam 'Jy re- F On Je ~ sus has made a change in me.

Iy Just like Ghost fen on him~ the Spir great it. be.e the First and Lastl'The rev . John. Up 2. man . sound. HI tor .round to F he be . The rev .y wat .pet Gm F BO He be He . the Revelator RUSTY GOODMAN BO 1. seemed to The Ho .gan to write am a-bout the things he saw.e 13 . it turned a . While - on in the the Isle of Pat .G.gan it to pray. trum .mos pray . said.tor's ]a - name wrote was John.ers. it came down. John man was cast one day. see Spir .

...tor.Ia .. taW:s s~11~=s11 ~i~j Azj--_ John.e .la .e .....round. H H H N N ~ ~ ~ Yes..tor and when he looked a .y of God. it was John tor saw Je - ru-sa-Iem a-com-ing down. C7 F 4 ..0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ John. . the rev .0 '-. the rev . wrote a . iN iN iN iN N N N 93 CHORUS ..bout the cit ... . .

they placed a crown of thorns. He could have called .den where He prayed. Ten Thousand Angels E' RAY OVERHOLT bound the hands of Je . King!" lone. fy Him.He's All a .' They They And spat up .ci .fered ev Sal va . > They They The shame.O. in the gar . tion's won-drous plan to 'ry was blame. done." thing.lone He suf .94 R.sus on His pre· cious head howl-ing mob He yield-ed.sand an To de-stroy the world and set Him free. He could have ten thou .on the Sav." so and He to namedie- They said.ior struck Him and theycursedHim when He cried."It's fin-ished. "Cru . tz. He did not for mer cy cry.

.A...~ ... :\11 riglll~ ("""Irollnl 1)\ h-... B"x (IWI.._ h-~ ..-.__ 1'.\P...\lusi("i A~(... . ..- .'ilt'IT Adams . In the Midst of the Storm STEVE ADAMS E~7 I I .Iln .. Fr-anklin T:"-i :mlfA lntrruationnl q'pyrig\!l S(TlIn'(L l'wd by permissinn.. ~ 95 ioo4 iooo4 iooo4 iooo4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ Peace S._ r-.lill HUlls......._ ...

sus died Em F And felt the glow of the sun . W. TN :-)720:i. this arrangement iii wpYlighl B Music Sq.set On the day that Je ..ks Music Co.. adrnin hv Tn'!' Pul. Lord to Me GARY McSPADDEN & GREG NELSON G If I had seen the sun .rise When the tomb was 0- pened G © C<JjJyright EJHl..serv .96 Jesus. lruernauonal Jf-Jft'} River (Jelks Music Co.. Co. Inc . Music River ().. Nashville..d./Ydlow Huusc t'lJP~Tighl serured. All rights r .

~ ~ .... .............. Lord to me. Je sus... Il1-o4 You are Lord of all- You are Lord to me! -e- .... .. ~ ~ .. .... ......._._..... ... Prince of Peace! .... .......a..... ... G Cmaj7 Lord to me.) r -> -....... .... . 07 C G .. ....... . . .. r (to r me... ... G C G Cmaj9 C c6 ~ of 19my heart to day...._ 97 C G ..... -e- ................. ........ . rr-I BO D7sus 07 ............._______ --------- ....... ........ ..... .... .... ~ ~ ~ ~ O'su<> 07 G G C G .....

21 bur . T I. Uivisinn . f~r He He SO Gm D B. PARKS & D.)Copyrit. me. E.lif I~lln IJY Singspiratioll. pow'r my was BD Gm C Om7 C E D.7 G A. me. me. prayer en ! slaved found with Him When Just Je as sus He Bb7sus B. DON WYRTZEN Gm ~ If B.---+-----. I A.7 E.7 G A.7 E. E. for vs. He laid laid His His hand hand on on f--!:__"- r He He laid laid His His hand hand on on . E. hour. All rights f('S!T\!. E.7 E. He 2. He Laid His Hand on Me E.W.rTlw Zonrk-r van Corpruauuu. When He laid His hand on me. He He laid laid His His hand hand on on me...' ~ free. (\. me.7 E. E.dens mine that rolled. AO ---so Gm Gm7 em emfem7 F9 F7 I was When! lost bowed in in sin.98 JOE E. E.7 E..C. '"""8'> Gm B. be. AO laid laid His His hand hand on on ----------Fm He His made sav me ing whole. """8'> Gm B.d .. -u A.

. .ger g10 .- iio4 ~ ~ .low..99 C7 E C7 Fm FmF Fm7 iJT laid ~~r11 ~ His ~ Gm B... Om -..._______.... . God..ter in~ ~ to which I to that good my homewith go./ t... I'll soon be poor sing free way-far-ing strang-er. iiio4 ~ Am7 Dm F/C iiio4 ~ I'm just go ing 0- ver lor .ry . I'm just go ing 0- ver home. .....7 j on hand The Wayfaring Stranger Om Om Ii""&" Gm Arr.. Traditional by David Culross Gm . theblood-washedband....---. ----- While trav-lin' In con-cert This form will thru with rest .'ry tri .. land.. . I want to I. . sa] . ~ I There is no I want to I'll drop the sick wear cross ~ dan's sto .aI.lama 3..Jt" this world be . .ry from ev .al In that bright land When I get home And en . toil or a crown of of self . be-neath the sod. r.dan.

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