Idea¶s Considered

Feedback on Initial Idea
(Any spelling mistakes are his and not mine, everything is copied across from the website talking about in the above Vodcast)

Being a past drug addict (heroin) , I might have some ideals. I went through a very hard recovery process that is still on going«««I struggle with it every day. The different locations should represent different ways the drugs made him feel or the lingering effects from taking them, or the loss they caused him. Raw emotions, might be better, they will still covey what you are trying to say. Lets face it; a music video moves very fast; the structure, the pace, everything moves quickly, so you would need a lot of ideals to fill up 3 minutes of music. 1. Him walking in the shadows; a perfect metaphor for how drugs take you out of your own life, and place you somewhere else: the shadows. I lived in the shadows for years; not even being able to interpret my own thoughts and feelings properly; I was a fucking shadow-walker. 2. Him all alone in an empty room. Isolation might be better represented in a closed in space; opposed to a wide open space. A wide open space might represent that the world is overwhelming for him better then isolation; lets face it, a lot of people turn to drugs as a way to cope with their lives and the disappointments of life; some of this coping has to do with they don¶t know how to fit in with the rest of the world; also the drugs back someone into a small box. The empty room would represent; that Possessions mean nothing to him; only the drugs. Now the empty room might be better if it is small(like the offices in ³Being John Malkovich´). That was a perfect metaphor for how those jobs were draining, suffocating. The same theme was touched on in a old Tom Hanks movie ³Joe Vs the Volcano´. Look out how the offices in that movie were done; the lights sucked the life out of Tom Hanks character. 3. Disappointment; He is in a room watching himself make a bad choice; that later on he wishes he could go back and change; but is unable to, so he has to live with it. This would be a good moment to show the viewer that he was a drug addict in the past; so the viewer can grasp the subtext of the video. 4. Loss of friends: Him sitting in the empty room watching people walk by from a window in the room. One of them looks up and they makes eye contact with him; you get the feeling that they know each other, then the person looks away and keeps walking; they don¶t recognize him. Another good metaphor how drugs take a person, and twist them until they are no longer recognizable to friends and family. 5. Like I said before; if you put him in a wide open space like a ³huge empty post industrial car park´, have him be scared; shaking; confused, this would show he is scared of the world. 6. Loss of family: He is standing outside a window watching his family eat dinner; they talk, laugh, drink; all while he is on the outside looking in. 7: loss of interest: someone talking to him, and he walks away and disappears into a shadow; the whole time over his shoulder, as he walks away, that person is still talking like he is still there.

8. Unstable: he is having a hard time walking at times; almost falling off the bridge; or getting dangerously close to the edge. You could show some of this when he is walking across the bridge; so this would show he still struggles with it; and the flashbacks show his past feelings and mistakes. 9: Paranoid: he is constantly cracking blinders at a window looking through them; thinking he can hear someone outside. 10: Delusional: he starts seeing things, that are not there. 11: Peaks and Valleys: any drug addict knows all to well about this. Drug use is a constant journey of peaks and valleys. Imagine a straight line; spikes above the line are how you feel when your high; and pikes below the line are how you feel when you not high. It gets to a point when your heavy addict; that you don¶t get high anymore; again you do not get high any more. So you are constantly below the straight line; and when you get high; you just remain on the straight line; you just feel normal; not high. That is why some many addicts OD; because they have to take more and more just to get high. Have him walking up and down hills; in the valley of the hills he looks like complete shit; but when he reaches the top; he is happy and looks healthy. 12: Bad Health: he looks distorted; like a concentration camp victim. He walks out of a shadow looking like that. 13: The overall mood of the flashbacks would have to be dark; grey; cold; empty. Where the mood of the journey across the bridge would have to be different; alone; unstable; sad. This is all I can think of off the top of my head. Hopefully I could give you guys a few ideals. If you want more, I would be open to putting more thought into it. «.....cheers

Post number 2:

Just thought of this......... The perfect ending would be; when he finishes walking across the bridge; show another bridge in front of him. This sums up what any addict goes through; the constant cycle of dealing with demon¶s, the thoughts (flashbacks) he had walking across the bridge. The bridge could be a metaphor for ³one day´, of what he goes through; the struggle; the next bridge would represents what he would go through tomorrow. It¶s a constant cycle, of dealing and coping with it comes to addicts. ³I got the sprint; but lose the feeling´«« the famous lines Ian recites at the end. So, to your character; that could mean, ³I got the spirit now to give up the drugs, but can¶t shake the feelings of what I went through´ You guys picked the perfect song for the subject matter. Look at the lyrics«««.

Post number 3:
1. Depression: you could show this a lot of different ways. Laying in a bed, looking toward an open window; life is passing him by. He doesn¶t have the drive to get up and participate. Sitting in the room, in the corner, curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth. You get the ideal. 2. Lost of possessions: This could be shown two different ways. Or shown once. He is stable, still has a job, gets his paycheck and goes and buys drugs with it. Later he doesn¶t have a job, so he starts selling his personal possessions at pawn shops. This leads to the empty room; he has nothing left! 3. Stealing: going through his family or friends possessions and stealing them to buy drugs. This would be after he sold everything he owns. 4. Sleepless: tossing and turning in bed, then he gets up and smokes a cigarette. 5. Withdraws: this is the worst: I wouldn¶t wish this kind of pain on my worst enemy. Imagine being struck down with the worst case of the flu ever; but you don¶t have the flu. Think about that for a moment. Your cold, in pain, headaches, throwing up, can¶t move, your whole body desperately craves the drugs, you don¶t have. Only one thing gets rid of this kind of pain, and it¶s not advil««.lol have him in a bathroom, wrapped around a toilet, shaking, pale, throwing up, crying, a blanket over him««you get the ideal. The family member is blocking him from leaving the bathroom.

6. Buying the drugs: a back ally buy in the worst part of town. 7. Being introduced to the drugs: he looks healthy, unsure; somebody gives him something. You never really need to show what he is doing, it¶s not that important. 8. Falling asleep standing up: he is waiting for a bus, standing at the bus stop, the bus and goes, he misses the bus because he is asleep standing up«««..he comes to, seeing the bus driving away. I feel like the whole presentation of the video would be better if it was in the proper progression of events, leading up to him going through withdrawals«««««« So you start with him starting his journey across the bridge, and as he walks you have the flashbacks: going back and forth between the flashbacks, him on the bridge. So the progressions of the (flashbacks) would be the following. 1. Being introduced to the drugs 2. Buying the drugs 3. Lost of possessions 4. Him walking in the shadows 5. Loss of interest 6. Falling asleep standing up 7. Stealing 8. Loss of friends 9. Loss of family

10. Him all alone in an empty room 11. Paranoid 12. Delusional 13. Peaks and Valleys 14. Bad Health 15. Disappointment 16. Depression 17. Withdraws 18. Sleepless

The end, the next bridge before him«. Now if you guys chose to do it this way; the story of the flashbacks might be more powerful. If you do it that way as well, have a few recurring side characters. One of the family members he watches through the window, is the one trapping him inside the bathroom. Also the sleeplessness at the end is perfect; and this is why: when you get use to falling asleep every night when your hammered, and then you get off drugs, it¶s really hard to fall asleep when you don¶t have a crutch; your mind is racing, and your not use to that. It would be cool to show him in a room, full of his things, and later ³him all alone is an empty room´, he has sold everything««««.talk about rock bottom; but it gets worst. Once your possessions are gone, you get use to it, ³Fight Club´ touched on this, and they were right. You don¶t miss TV after the first month! The withdraws make possessions look like child¶s play««««« ((((I understand this might be to many ideals; so use the best ones, that make the most out of the flashbacks«.Editing will tell you what flows the best. But better to have too many ideals, then too few«lol))))) I hope this helps««««««..