The Unofficial UFO:Aftermath RPG Manual

Chapter one: Welcome to the Aftermath In the beginning, there was the world. And the world was round, and mostly bluish, and most people agreed that, while overall it wasn't really a paradise of any sort {the odd occasional lovestruck artist nonwithstanding}, for a world, it could've been worse. Not that it was what you could call a mover and a shaker among the worlds, considering that it did nothing but laze about for a few million years. But inevitably, the world eventually heard of home improvement and decided it might as well do something about all that muck it was covered in, and it wasn't long after someone got to the point of inventing the light switch. Things sort of steamrolled after that, and the people started inventing all sorts of things, useful or not, like the steam engine, the wingnut, nuclear bomb and slinkies. To an outside observer, it wouldn't have been difficult to compare the way the world has been going to one giant party. Eventually, however, the beer began to run out, and the mob started thinking about inviting other people to the party. Some argued that someone was bound to show up soon enough anyway, what with the amount of radio noise they made, or in the worse case, call the cops. Some started scoping out the neighboring houses to see if anyone old enough to buy alcohol was in, but without any luck. Needless to say, when a giant mothership suddenly showed up in their orbit, the partygoers greeted them with a melange of reactions. In the first couple of days, there was the usual shock, resignation, disbelief, apathy and the embarrassed shuffling of feet from the scientific community. A hastily-prepared space shuttle mission was arranged to intercept and rendezvous with the rudely unresponsive starship. A large number of astronomers agreed something in the ship needed tuning up, since it was leaking some kind of powder. By Thursday, there was jubilation, heated debates and a sudden resurgence of Babylon Zoo on radio stations. The space shuttle Endeavor manages to pull up next to the starship, but since the driver doesn't answer even after an extensive amount of hullbanging it is forced to return to earth after leaving a parking violation ticket under one of the windshield wipers and taking a few snapshots for the DMV. In the meantime, the spores continued replicating like nobody's business, covering most of the atmosphere. Makeshift "ancient" cults begin springing up like mushrooms after a rain, ranging from "alien creators return" to "mana from heaven that will solve world hunger". The latter are mostly criticized for not having enough beer in their scriptures. At Sunday, sometime noonish, the spores mutiplied to the point where they completely blocked out the sun. Deciding that they've had enough of this dumb floating around business, they plummeted down onto the earth not really like so much snow as a global dumpster truck

End of the world as we know it. To put it simpler terms. any uncertain situations can be resolved quickly by the referee. and looked at the carnage of the alien aftermath. how he or she looks like. the organization determined to rally the survivors of the world and retake the planet from the evil clutches of the alien invaders. And on a Monday. while at the same time. his personality and. roleplaying can be likened to playing pretend. Go back. Chapter two: Roleplaying "All the world is a stage. Apocalypse. Chapter three: Character creation Well. As a soldier. it was probably fun to pretend to be John Wayne." . of informing how things went. but with rules. their flies still down. Roleplaying enforces rules to avoid that sort of game-stalling conflicts. no less. Before you can begin. You are a soldier in the service of the Council of Earth. an alter ego that you will play during the course of the campaign. The big one. someone would have to clean the place up. but when two actions clashed.Unattributed Roleplaying is a form of entertainment where the participants. act out imaginary characters. being dead SUCKS!" The handful of those who happened to be in the bathroom at the time walked back out. The high point of vast majority of people sharing the same sentiment for once in history was unfortunately offset by the fact that the sentiment happened to be "Man. Thus. how to allocate his physical attributes. as this guide will mostly deal with information specific to the UFO: Aftermath setting." . Buck Rogers or whatnot. And obviously. wits and firepower to accomplish the duties the CoE commanders put forth before you. you will need to create a character. a decade or so in the past. If you want to know more about roleplaying in general. . to one of the times you were playing cowboys and indians. so did the participants. If you look at that situation through your present eyes. On one hand. You'll need to decide on your soldier's name. Ragnarok. Would you like a booklet? Excellent. The brown stuff has hit the fan. it looked as though the party was over. it will probably seem childish. To all means and purposes. probably the most important part to the beginning player.Shakespeare "Everybody's a critic. among many other things. I would suggest you read Uncle Figgy's Roleplaying guide for non-RPers. or oft-called "gamemaster" who is in charge. or players. it will be the duty of your squad and yourself to use your skill. Doubtless many of them ended with heated debates over who shot and didn't shoot whom.full of sand. this is it. for example. keeping their characters within the constraints of what is "real" within the game setting.

and deals with running and throwing. they are offset by his undeveloped muscular mass and short attention span. The conversion of points system into the English language is as follows. agility. that as your soldier gains experience. they must be approved by the GM. Also. intelligence and perception. Extremely taciturn and unsociable. and finally perception. 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Awful Poor Average Good Very good Excellent Heroic Superheroic IMPORTANT: Note that you cannot raise any of the physical attributes to the point of "superheroic". the subject has not been able to provide any information relating to any time period predating the Fall as well as showing high degree of disorientation immediately afterwards. and will greatly help with handguns and sneaking. you may decide to give your character some "personal" traits. . the cornerstone of every good scout. they must be balanced. Also. he seems to retain an above-average knowledge of combat and field tactics which brought him into his current CoE unit. and appears to reflexively attempt keeping himself unnoticeable even in social circumstances. While his alertness and agility rate rather highly. which in turn determine the character's proficiency in fourteen separate skills. and second. Dexterity is how nimble the character is. Agility determines how quickly the soldier can move.There are six physical attributes. first. while he seems to be used to fighting. Remember. willpower. Regardless. You may wish to distribute them all evenly if you want a jack-of-all-trades. he exhibits most symptoms of chronic paranoia. leading the medical staff to presume he is suffering from shock-induced amnesia. which shows the character's patience and ability to focus. thus allowing him to develop further as he wishes. he exhibits a moderate level of discomfort when handling firearms. strength. Each soldier begins with twelve points they can distribute among their physical attributes. that level only applies to skills. though. often hesitating before opening fire. or increase some aspects of your character at the cost of other. he or she will improve. but there's a catch. thus helping with rifles and snipers. Then there is Willpower. Strength represents the overall muscle mass and mostly has effect on the soldier's overall carrying capacity and handling heavy launchers. A rough example of a character description might go like this: Name: Unknown Callsign: Quinch Age: 28 {estimate} Experience level: 3 Bonus to stealth Bonus to close-range dodging Penalty to weapon initiative Penalty to psi defense Strength: 1 {Poor} Agility: 4 {very good} Dexterity: 2 {average} Willpower: 1 {poor} Intelligence: 3 {good} Perception: 3 {good} Found by a CoE patrol near Grozny base. intelligence that will increase the soldier's psionic power and help the soldier do more damage. dexterity.

the Psionic Projector. Just remember that some things. such as the gatling gun or the warp resonator. gyro-stabilised weapons. but only when properly inflicted. If you have your eye on that RPG-7.rocket launchers and deployable turrets. The purpose of hit points will be explained later. the Aliens skill helps you pinpoint the aliens and transgenants' critical organs {or facsimiles thereof} for inflicting more harm than would otherwise be the case. when it's hard to make a headshot on a creature with no head to speak of. While all experimental psionic weapons tend to be either too ineffectual or unreliable for combat. Rifles Handguns Launchers Throwing Psi Power Hit Points Speed Dodging Observation Stealth Aliens Medical Capacity . it's the second most used weapon skill in Aftermath. smell. doesn't seem to be much to look at at first. one trump card they do have. lingering in the enemy's blind spots . Super Strikers and the shoulder-launched M79. are often hard to come by. Deals with the more commonplace types of rifles. are sniper rifles. Instead. Gray's "Anatomy" turned into "Grey Anatomy". Just remember. hopefully sooner than they'll spot you. this one is hardest to master. many soldiers try to specialise in this skill. revolvers. this skill will help you spot aliens sooner. Among the weapon skills. how fast the soldier can run without getting winded. however. and most commonly used. assault guns. They are split into fourteen categories. your skills determine how good you are at doing things.trouble. An essential skill for scouts and reconnaisance operatives. Dangerous in close quarters. this skill will make it harder for enemies to hit you. it deals with any and all weapons whose payload travels in an arc rather than a straight line. like the deployable turrets. Just remember . submachine guns. are going to be hard to lug around no matter how strong you are. High speed can be very useful for soldiers who favor the hit-and-run type of attacking. this is the way to go and to sweeten the deal. Marksmanship This skill deals with two types of weapons. Covering grenades.or into . Determines how many hit points the soldier has. Stealth will help you stay undetected.the polar opposite to the Observation skill. The use of cover. or the ammunition for them. touch and gut feels. you ain't gonna be no Flash. and thus unshot-at unless you're actively looking to pick a fight. By paying attention to the little things. makes it all worthwhile. Succinctly put. taste. cover. Chapter four: ph33r my 1337 skillz To make a long story short. minimizing you profile and just plain luck. Sight. automatic and semiautomatic sidearms. this skill will help you get the most of what medical supplies you have in the field. the bottom line is to just provide the other players with some information about what the person is like. a four-barrelled turret on an elevated position can wipe out a small army.. Sneaking. they are often overlooked because of their low damage. first. aka Spoonbending. but is essential for any soldier who wants to quickly get out of . The small print some fail to notice.chest wounds may suck. plasma launchers. shadows. is that those weapons. As this type of weapon is fairly widespread.You can write the personality description any way you want to. hearing. The general misconception about this skill is that it only applies to grenades. The practical use of medikits and makeshift equipment. The second are some of the heavy. shotguns and laser rifles all fall under this category. The handling and use of small arms. The weapons that fall under this category can be summed up in five words . no matter how high it is. and those with the pedigree of being developed by the aliens slightly less so. How much raw weight your soldier can carry before it starts to bother him.

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