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The making of public historical culture in the American West; 1880-1910, the role of historical societies.
Laugesen, Amanda. Edwin Mellen Pr., ©2006 245 p. $109.95 Looking at the cases of Oregon, Kansas, and Wisconsin, Laugesen (history and American studies, Flinders U., Australia) seeks to demonstrate the crucial role played by state historical societies in the formation of the public historical consciousness, paying particular attention in their position of mediators between the local and the national. She is also concerned with the processes of professionalization underwent by the state historical societies as they moved from organizations founded by pioneers and antiquarians to organizations more intimately connected with academic historical production and the effect of this transformation on the stories they told about the history of the American west. AS222 2006-012666 978-0-87413-937-2

Nearer; essays.
Saltzman, Arthur. Parlor Press, ©2006 355 p. $20.00 (pa) In this collection of 25 essays, Saltzman (English, Missouri Southern State U.) offers reflections on wide-ranging topics. The title essay offers a perspective on parental love inspired by the hero of the 1957 science fiction film The Incredible Shrinking Man. Three of the essays, “Getting Known,” “My Animal Instincts,” and “In So Many Words” have been named Notable Essays in the Best American Essays series. In addition to six critical studies of literature and writers, Saltzman has published another collection of essays Objects and Empathy (2001), which won the First Series Creative Nonfiction Award. AE5 2006-013005 978-0-7166-0107-4

The World Book encyclopedia; 22v.
Title main entry. World Book, ©2007 14300 p. $899.00 ★★★★ Previous editions are recommended in Best Reference Books, Guide to Reference Books, and General Reference Books for Adults. Providing a readable yet detailed reference for students in middle and high school, as well as the general reader, this encyclopedia is updated annually and remains a fascinating read. More than 3800 specialists are involved in writing, reviewing, and fact checking, ensuring the reputation of this reliable and up- to-date reference. The illustrations and photos are detailed and plentiful, with many descriptive maps, tables, and drawings. Particularly thorough are entries on large topics, such as architecture, painting, or weather. These entries delve into all aspects of the topics, providing the reader with insights into how buildings are made, for example, and the education required to build them. Such entries include detailed outlines cross-referencing related topics. The large quantity of biographical entries is impressive and entices readers to keep reading. Some of the science entries include an illustrative science project. Volume 22 contains a comprehensive index and a section on how to write papers, give a talk, and carry out research. AM7 2006-000102 0-7546-4560-6

Between the real and the ideal; the Accademia degli Arcadi and its garden in eighteenth-century Rome.
Dixon, Susan M. Univ. of Delaware Press, ©2006 156 p. $55.00 Although the members of the Accademia degli Arcadi largely supported restraint, elegance and Enlightenment ideals, they were also well aware of their proximity to the court and the papal curia and the tensions those views, particularly the participation of women, would create. Therefore the Arcadians expressed themselves in a less-direct way, in their meeting gardens, as well as more directly in theater. Dixon (art history, U. of Tulsa) describes how Arcadian developments of space and the physical world expressed their views, how their friends and enemies perceived those views as expressed in their garden and landscape, and how the Arcadians came to be regarded as social reformers. As the gardens are currently under renovation this is particularly timely. Distributed by Associated University Presses. AZ105 1-55238-172-2

Mind technologies; humanities computing and the Canadian academic community.
Title main entry. Ed. by Raymond Siemens and David Moorman. (Media studies) Univ. of Calgary Press, ©2006 317 p. $44.95 (pa) The “mind technologies” Siemens (humanities computing, U. of Victoria, Canada) and Moorman (a senior policy advisor with the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, Canada) reference in the title to this collection of 18 papers is a term that refers to the “computer-assisted tools, methodologies, and structures that capture the ways in which those in the arts and humanities carry out the practices associated with their disciplines.” Presented in the belief that the Canadian academic community has made an internationally significant contribution to this realm, the collection contains case studies of innovative projects and activities that have resulted, including contributions to areas of archival representation and communication of results; technologies associated with critical inquiry and analysis; and activities of knowledge transfer, training, education, and support. Distributed in the US by Michigan State U. Press.

The responsive museum; working with audiences in the twenty-first century.
Title main entry. Ed. by Caroline Lang et al. Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 276 p. $99.95 Sending patrons through static displays when they have just come in from the world of video games may already be a lost cause. In this collection of articles designed to help administrators and curators think of museums as learning spaces responsive to their audiences, contributors work from experience to describe understanding and developing audiences at the theoretical, policy and practical levels. Topics include influences on museum practice, government policy, the public access debate, prioritizing audience groups, building capacity for sustainable audience development through networks and partnerships, developing web resources, evaluation, funding, applied research, audience advocacy, creating environments for learning, museum professions, and a hint of where museums will go from here. Topics include responses on such issues as developing the inclusive model, digital technologies, and taking collective responsibility for making museums accessible.

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The figure of the road; deconstructive studies in humanities disciplines.
Morris, Christopher D. Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2007 276 p. $74.95 Morris (English, Norwich U., Vermont) packs literature, religion, philosophy, visual art and popular culture on this road trip to where artists and writers anticipate the aporia or “pathless place.” Given the aporia is a world understood as wholly figural, he analyzes the path of American literature to that not-so-distant place, the linear tropes leading to it by de Man and Derrida, the implications for theology both within the Christian Acts of the Apostles and the Four Roads of Taoism, the reflexivity of the road film and its influence on the intellect and soul, the myriad paths of popular culture that are in fact only one, whether they be painted as televised baseball, the graphic novel or the video game, the figural road as university in Christo and Jeanne-Claude’s The Gates, and in a nimble conclusion, the ultimate fate of curriculum and ethics.

Opportunity; optimizing life’s chances.
Morris, Donald. Prometheus Books, ©2006 461 p. $28.00 In this accessible and wide-ranging text, Morris examines the nature of opportunity from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. The focus is on the identification of high-end opportunities—those crucial decisions which have the power to alter the course of a life. The volume concludes with a selection of aphorisms and quotations on the topic of opportunity. A former instructor of philosophy, Morris is currently a professor of accounting at Eastern New Mexico U. B126 2006-001102 978-0-87220-709-7

Readings in Han Chinese thought.
Title main entry. Ed. and trans. by Mark Csikszentmihalyi. Hackett Publishing Co., ©2006 220 p. $39.95 In this reader, Csikzentmihayli (Chinese and religious studies, U. of Wisconsin, Madison) introduces students without knowledge of Chinese studies to the kinds of religious and philosophical conversations that he or she might have encountered in the classrooms or hallways of Han dynasty China. The material is divided into sections on ethics and statecraft, knowledge, and the natural world. Every chapter is devoted to a different topic and contains a general introduction followed by three or four translations of Han texts, arranged chronologically, with short prefaces for each. B298 978-90-04-15160-4

B29 2006-411840 1-55111-823-8

First philosophy; fundamental problems and readings in philosophy, concise ed.
Title main entry. Ed. by Andrew Bailey. Broadview Press, ©2006 593 p. $49.95 (pa) Containing 30 readings on six major topics in philosophy, the concise edition of this introductory textbook is offered as a streamlined alternative to a lengthier textbook of the same name. Each reading is prefaced by a set of notes providing relevant background information. The readings are also heavily annotated by editor Bailey (philosophy, U. of Guelph), and each is accompanied by some critical thinking questions plus suggestions for further reading. B105 2006-024137 0-8204-8884-4

Democritus; science, the arts, and the care of the soul; proceedings.
International Colloquium on Democritus (2003: Paris, France) Ed. by Aldo Brancacci & Pierre-Marie Morel. (Philosophia antiqua; v.102) BRILL, ©2007 348 p. $147.00 The colloquium was titled Deémocrite: La philosophie, les savoirs, les techniques, and the participants, like the editors, are scholars of ancient philosophy. They analyze the thinking of Greek philosopher Democritus (460-370 BC) on death and dying, social and psychological harm, zoology, and other matters. Five of the 11 essays are in French. B319 2006-004912 978-0-8139-2553-0

Common sense; its history, method, and applicability.
Ledwig, Marion. Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2007 157 p. $62.95 Ledwig (philosophy, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) not only defends common sense, as many philosophers have done before her, but also explores such matters as how far it generalizes, whether it can be found in proverbs and game theory, and how it helps people survive childhood until real thinking develops. B105 2006-026637 978-0-8047-5423-1

Socrates and the irrational.
Hans, James S. U. of Virginia Press, ©2006 225 p. $29.50 Socrates has long been enthroned as the epitome of Greek rationalism, but Hans (English, Wake Forest U.) finds that his ideas were a bit more complex than the Platonic and later equation that rational is good and irrational is bad. He looks closely at the Ion, the Apology, the Phaedrus, and the Republic dialogues. B395 2005-034699 978-1-4051-1521-6

The honor of thinking; critique, theory, philosophy.
Gasché, Rodolphe. (Cultural memory in the present) Stanford U. Press, ©2007 410 p. $24.95 (pa) In 14 essays written, and mostly published, over a period of 10 years, Gasché (comparative literature, State U. of New York-Buffalo) considers the act of thinking in light of views by Martin Heidegger and his French intellectual descendants. His topics include the sober absolute, the comparatively theoretical, and thinking within thought. Only names are indexed. B105 2006-483270 978-3-937202-98-3

A companion to Plato.
Title main entry. Ed. by Hugh H. Benson. (Blackwell companions to philosophy) Blackwell Publishing, ©2006 473 p. $149.95 Perhaps if we thought of Plato as more flesh and blood than marble on a pedestal, we would reach a better understanding of what he had to say. This collection does exactly that in its 29 articles by leading scholars, and it also shows how that same flesh and blood has influenced that of millions of others. Contributors work through descriptions of the Platonic method and the dialog form and Platonic epistemology, metaphysics, psychology, ethics, politics and aesthetics, concluding with his legacy in articles about learning about Plato from Aristotle, the impact on Plato in Hellenistic philosophy, and his influence on Jewish, Christian and Islamic thought. Topics include form and the dialogs, definition and forms, methods of dialectic, ignorance, recollection, perception, knowledge, cosmology, language, mathematics, religion, paradox, the soul, eros, pleasure, the unity of the virtues, justice, goodness, the law and the arts. B398 2006-003548 978-0-8018-8469-6

Mind and its place in the world; non-reductionist approaches to the ontology of consciousness.
Title main entry. Ed. by Alexander Batthyany and Avshalom Elitzur. (Phenomenology & mind; v.7) Ontos Verlag, ©2006 323 p. $115.95 Scholars of philosophy or the natural sciences grapple with the problem of consciousness following the non-reductionist path broken by Karl Popper, John C. Eccles, and others—a tradition they feel needs to be polished up again and set on prominent display. Their topics include the impulse to reductionism, consciousness and the intentional awareness of instantiable, a radical externalist approach, and the near-death experience and the failure of materialism. Distributed in North and South America by Transaction Publishers.

Plato and the virtue of courage.
Rabieh, Linda R. Johns Hopkins U. Press, ©2006 209 p. $45.00 For guidance to the deeply troubling questions raised by the call to courage, Rabieh (classics, Tufts U.) turns to Plato, and in the process seeks to shed light on his thinking as well. Her topics include the benefits of spear fighting, steadfastness of soul, the role of spiritedness in the Republic, and an education for courage.

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Culture and philosophy in the age of Plotinus.
Edwards, Mark. (Classical literature and society) Duckworth, ©2006 198 p. $31.00 (pa) Edwards (patristics, Oxford U.) examines four third-century Romans who would have called themselves philosophers—Plotinus, Longinus, Porphyry, and Iamblichus—and the cultural and intellectual milieu in which they wrote. He is not so concerned with the elements of their philosophy itself, but does summarize parts where necessary to his description of the Platonic tradition, literature and dogma, magic and occult sciences, and other features of the time. Distributed in the US by International Publishers Marketing. B745 2006-007029 978-1-58044-105-6

Body and story; the ethics and practice of theoretical conflict. (reprint, 2005)
Terdiman, Richard. Johns Hopkins U. Press, ©2006 265 p. $25.00 (pa) In order to explore the clash of theories in the human sciences, Terdiman (literature and the history of consciousness, U. of California-Santa Cruz) orchestrates a collide between two conflicting theories: Enlightenment materialism and Post-structuralist textualism. His goal is not to find a resolution between them, but to investigate the nature of a world in which multiple and even contradictory theories have explanatory or interpretive traction. The 2005 edition was cloth bound. B945 2006-921347 978-1-932236-90-3

The dicts and sayings of the philosophers.
Title main entry. Ed. by John William Sutton. (Middle English texts series) Medieval Institute Pub., ©2006 163 p. $15.00 (pa) The long prose text purporting to be a compendium of lore collected from biblical, classical, and legendary philosophers and sayings, traveled through many lands and languages. It became popular in England during the 14th century, and this Middle English version was printed by Caxton in 1477. In this edition, words possibly difficult for learners are glossed at the bottom of the page, and compiled in the end matter. Explanatory notes, a bibliography of other editions and secondary works, and a thematic index are included. B745 2006-052166 978-90-04-15386-8

Michael Polanyi; the art of knowing.
Mitchell, Mark T. (Library of modern thinkers) ISI Books, ©2006 195 p. $25.00 Hungarian-born Polyanyi (1891-1976) was a physical chemist, but as wars wracked Europe and the world, his attention turned from science to philosophy. Treating him as a political philosopher, Mitchell (government, Patrick Henry College, Virginia) looks at his thought, particularly his insistence that a new conception of knowledge must be introduced that acknowledges the reality of moral and spiritual ideals. B1499 2005-032017 0-415-24339-4

Hume on causation.
Beebee, Helen. Routledge, ©2006 236 p. $88.00 Beebee (philosophy, U. of Birmingham) challenges the conventional views of Scottish philosopher David Hume’s (1711-76) thoughts on the metaphysics of causation. After an introductory chapter, she looks at his discussion of relations and a priori reasoning, causal reasoning, and the idea of necessary connection—the order in which he presented the ideas. Then she explores the interpretive disputes surrounding his ideas, develops a projectivist interpretation, and discusses the skeptical realist interpretation. B1608 978-0-8264-8639-4

Knowledge triumphant; the concept of knowledge in medieval Islam, 2d ed.
Rosenthal, Franz. (Brill classics in Islam; v.2) BRILL, ©2007 355 p. $90.00 Arabic and Semitic scholar Rosenthal (1914-2003) retired from Yale University in 1985. He argues here that knowledge is the quickening concept in Islamic civilization, and explores its myriad manifestations and functions. His topics include human knowledge and divine knowledge, the plural of knowledge, Shi’ah notions of knowledge, knowledge as light in Sufism, and monographs in praise of knowledge and the educational literature. The first edition was published by Brill sometime before 1970; this second is slightly revised. B765 2006-047330 978-90-04-15431-5

Rethinking Mill’s ethics; character and aesthetic education.
Heydt, Colin. Continuum Publishing Group, ©2006 165 p. $120.00 Given the rise of neoliberalism and all its variants and anti-variants, and ever-present concern about utility as it applies to governance, it is no wonder that Heydt (philosophy, U. of South Florida) feels compelled to set readers straight on the riches behind the works that Victorians would have caught in an instant but modern readers probably have missed completely. Heydt illuminates and provides contexts for Mill’s work on aesthetics and life as art, the contrast with Bentham and the related issues of internal culture, the ethics of Mill that includes narrative and imagination as well as the “proper religion” of humanity, family and gender relations within the social and political dimensions of aesthetic education, and that form of education’s social and political dimensions in the industrial economy and the workplace. Now you have no excuse for misappropriating the thoughts of Mill again. B1616 2005-037800 978-0-8264-7540-4

From a topical point of view; dialectic in Anselm of Canterbury’s De Grammatico .
Boschung, Peter. (Studien und Texte zur Geistesgeschichte des Mittelalters; v.90) BRILL, ©2006 346 p. $134.00 Historiographers of the 19th and early 20th century considered Anselm (1033-1109) to be the founder of the characteristic theological method of the 13th century, but failed to pay much attention to his De Grammatico, which is an introduction to dialectic. At least part of the reason, says Boschung, is that the scholars lacked sufficient training in logic to understand the work’s logical theory. He considers such aspects as its influence, its structure, its fallacies, Anselm’s sources, and his semantic distinctions. The study served as Boschung’s 2006 Ph.D. dissertation in philosophy at the University of Zurich. B808 2006-008838 0-7546-5670-5

Personal autonomy in society.
Oshana, Marina. Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 190 p. $99.95 Oshana (philosophy, U. of Florida) does not attempt a precise taxonomy of autonomy in its many guises, but offers an admittedly worldly, naturalistic interpretation that is significantly different from both the newHumean and the Kantian models. She emphasizes the nature and function of autonomy, and the conditions of its existence within peoples’ daily lives. B824 2006-017968 978-0-8047-5338-8

Idealist political philosophy; pluralism and conflict in the absolute idealist tradition.
Tyler, Colin. (Continuum studies in British philosophy:) Continuum Publishing Group, ©2006 220 p. $120.00 Tyler (political theory, U. of Hull) combats idealism’s reputation as otherworldly, unrealistic, and dangerously conservative as he analyzes the work of Hegel, Green, Caird and Bosanquet. Using newly-discovered British idealist manuscripts, he concentrates on such issues as Hegel’s take on the formation of states and the nature of war, Green on franchise reform and its application to his “working theory of life,” Caird’s work on history and Sittlichkeit, Bosanquet on individuality and the sate, and the applications of idealism to such current preoccupations as cultural diversity. In the process he notes the inevitability of idealism creeping in without notice on such issues as the design of civil institutions, political and social pluralism, and the tragedy of human progress.

Interpretation and difference; the strangeness of care.
Bass, Alan. Stanford U. Press, ©2006 194 p. $24.95 (pa) In his 2000 Difference and Disavowal: The Trauma of Eros, Bass, a psychoanalyst practicing in New York City, presented a clinical perspective on resistance to the interpretation of psychoanalysis as therapy. Here he uses that work as a foundation to explore the philosophical issues involved in such resistance. Nietzsche, Heidegger, and Derrida are the pivots of his account. He does not provide an index.


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T.E. Hulme and the question of modernism.
Title main entry. Ed. by Edward P. Comentale and Andrzej Gasiorek. Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 248 p. $99.95 Scholars of English from Britain and the US look at the life and work of British intellectual Hulme (1883-1917), who appeared suddenly in 1902 and took a commanding position in the modernist milieu there. Their topics include imagism and modernist theories of language, his art criticism, the new psychologism, antinomies of original sin, and his feelings. B1647 2006-001712 978-1-4051-0623-8

Foucault 2.0; beyond power and knowledge.
Paras, Eric. Other Press LLC, ©2006 240 p. $29.00 (pa) Upon the publication of the 3000 pages of Foucault’s Dits et écrits, one Foucalt scholar commented that it still would not be possible to come to a full evaluation of Foucault’s place in 20th century intellectual life without access to the 13 semester-length lecture courses offered by Foucault at the Collège de France. Having studied these lectures, Paras (Minda de Gunzburg Center for European Studies, Harvard U.) agrees wholeheartedly, observing that the lectures show the development of Foucault’s thought at a time when he was producing little material in print, yet was formulating some of the foundations upon which he would rest Discipline and Punish and The Use of Pleasure and also shed light on the transformation that would place Foucault’s later thought in opposition to his structuralist ideas of the “death of the subject” and his Archaeology of Knowledge. B2430 2006-017387 978-0-8166-4516-9

McDowell and his critics.
Title main entry. Ed. by Cynthia Macdonald and Graham Macdonald. (Philosophers and their critics; v.13) Blackwell Publishing, ©2006 247 p. $89.95 Ten scholars of philosophy from around the anglophone world were commissioned to analyze and critique the work of colleague John McDowell. He in turn was permitted to comment on each analysis. Among the topics they toss about are austerity and openness, selfknowledge and inner space, acting in the light of appearances, and Aristotle’s use of prudential concepts. B2430 2006-049063 978-90-04-15337-0

Lacan’s medievalism.
Labbie, Erin Felicia. U. of Minnesota Press, ©2006 264 p. $25.00 (pa) Labbie (English, Bowling Green State U.) argues that French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan (1901-81) can be considered a medievalist because he cites courtly love poetics as a means of developing and articulating his theory of desire, and because his methodologies follow those established by the medieval scholastic scholars who sought to determine the potential for the human subject to know and to represent real universal categories. B2430 2006-017974 978-0-8047-5111-7

Althusser; the detour of theory.
Elliott, Gregory. (Historical materialism book series; v.13) BRILL, ©2006 410 p. $116.00 Originally released by Verso in 1987 as the revised edition of the doctoral thesis of Elliott (PhD, Balliol College, Oxford, UK), this study provided an account of the intellectual career of structural Marxist theorist Louis Althusser (1918-1990). The study focuses primarily on Althusser’s later, more directly political phase, placing it, as Althusser would wish, in their particular historical context. Although Elliott now recognizes a number of deficiencies in the study, including a misreading of Althusser’s attitude toward Eurocommunism and levity in discussing Maoism, he has resisted the urge to revise the text beyond expanding the bibliography of Althusser’s published writings, adding a long postscript in which he takes stock of Althusser’s posthumously published work, some incidental stylistic revisions, and updated references. B2430 978-0-8264-8680-6

Minima memoria; essays in the wake of Jean-François Lyotard.
Title main entry. Ed. by Claire Nouvet et al. Stanford U. Press, ©2007 249 p. $21.95 (pa) Scholars of French and comparative literature and of philosophy—among them Jacques Derrida—explore the impact of 20th-century French philosopher Lyotard. Their topics include his aesthetics of Holocaust memory, the writings of the differend, his infancy, and childish things. There is no index. B2430 2004-109129 0-89870-971-7

Deleuze and Guattari’s philosophy of history.
Lampert, Jay. Continuum Publishing Group, ©2006 178 p. $120.00 Lampert (philosophy, U. of Guelph) works through Deleuze’s philosophy of time, including the “pure past” to build a coherent philosophy of history that includes both Deleuze’s and Guanttari’s major thoughts on the subject. He examines the three syntheses of time—the contracted present, the virtual co-existence of the past, and the dark precursors of the future, moving to the problems inherent in historical chronology, the delicate margins of causes such as “quasi-causes” and “becoming casual,” and the theory of beginnings, and closes with the co-existing levels of temporality. Major works examined here include Anti-Oedipus, A Thousand Plateaux, Difference and Repetition and The Logic of Sense. B2430 2006-021222 978-0-252-03142-7

Socrates meets Sartre; the father of philosophy meets the founder of existentialism; a socratic cross-examination of Existentialism and human emotions.
Kreeft, Peter. Ignatius Press, ©2005 222 p. $11.95 (pa) Christian philosopher Kreeft (philosophy, Boston College) uses an imaginary dialogue between Socrates and Sartre to challenge the fundamental concepts of existentialist philosophy. The conversational style and nontechnical language he employs serves to make the concepts discussed accessible to both students and general readers. Kreeft is also the author of Socrates Meets Marx and Socrates Meets Machiavelli. B2599 2005-023350 978-0-8264-9028-5

Diary of a philosophy student; v.1: 1926-27.
De Beauvoir, Simone. Ed. by Barbara Klaw et al. Trans. by Barbara Klaw. (The Beauvoir series) U. of Illinois Press, ©2006 40 p. $40.00 Written when she was a student of 18-19 years at the Sorbonne and translated into English for the first time in this edition, Beauvoir’s diary contains the youthful thoughts, desires, and confusion one would expect from a teenager, but it is also full of quotations and thoughts about the many books she was reading and the art she enjoyed seeing, providing an insight into the literary and cultural trends of Paris in this era. Verlaine, Gide, Merleau-Ponty, and many others are cited and discussed; Klaw (French, Northern Kentucky U.) translates their quoted passages into English. Heavily annotated and concluding with a bibliography and detailed index, this volume offers scholars and students of the philosopher a rich resource for Beauvoir’s early life and influences.

Leibniz reinterpreted.
Strickland, Lloyd. Continuum Publishing Group, ©2006 172 p. $110.00 British historian of philosophy Strickland joins many modern scholars in asking how someone obviously as intelligent as Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz (1646-1716) could be so unreservedly optimistic about the world and history that Voltaire made a fortune ridiculing him for it. He looks closely at what exactly the German philosopher meant when he said that this was the best of all possible worlds, saying that previous scholars who have tried did not focus their attention closely enough or for long enough. B2691 2006-034888 978-0-8204-9529-3

Phädon, or, on the immortality of the soul.
Mendelssohn, Moses. Trans. by Patricia Noble. Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2007 185 p. $29.95 (pa) Noble’s (Schiller Institute) main interest is ancient Greece, and over the years she has found the German writings on it far superior to anything in English. Having translated several other works, she here offers the first modern and concise English translation of Mendelssohn’s (1729-86) translation of Plato’s discussions of Socrates in his jail cell in the final hours before his execution in 399 BC. There is no index.

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The aesthetic in Kant, a critique. (reprint, 2004)
Kirwan, James. (Continuum studies in philosophy) Continuum Publishing Group, ©2006 200 p. $39.95 (pa) Kant’s Critique of the Power of Judgment is both seminal in the study of aesthetics and problematic in its assertions about taste and desire. Kirwan (Anglo-American studies, Kobe U.) re-examines Kant’s text to find new solutions, working from recent research on the Critique and its contexts. He finds new relationships between the subjective and the universal in taste, the nature and the dependency of the sublime to the observer, and the issue of the “true” and “false” sublime, and the relationship of free or dependent beauty to what Kant called “fantastic desire.” This is a paperbound reprint of a 2004 book. B2798 2006-006916 978-1-4051-1197-3

The collapse of philosophy and its rebirth; an intellectual history with special attention to Husserl, Rickert and Bakhtin.
Nikiforov, Vladimir. Edwin Mellen Pr., ©2006 435 p. $129.95 A Russian scholar of logic and mathematics who fled the Soviet Union in 1988, Nikiforov describes a circle of thinkers who inhabited a shared Russian-German cultural space beginning in the 1890s, and their concern with individualism. His topics include phenomenology as the descriptive study of mental phenomena, the supra-individualist against the individual, and responsibility as the attitude of participation in a being-event. Quotations are in English translation. B3279 2006-029023 978-0-8207-0389-3

A companion to Kant.
Title main entry. Ed. by Graham Bird. (Blackwell companions to philosophy; 36) Blackwell Publishing, ©2006 530 p. $149.95 Bird (emeritus, philosophy, U. of Manchester, UK) presents 33 essays that provide a survey of the philosophy of Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). The focus, naturally enough, is on Kant’s most celebrated and influential works, the Critiques, but issues from earlier in his career are discussed as well, including Kant’s cosmology and his debts to Liebniz and to the British Empiricists. Papers exploring the Critique of Pure Reason discuss transcendental idealism, the transcendental aesthetic, Kant’s refutation of problematic idealism, his critique of rational psychology, his philosophy of mathematics, and the metaphysical foundations of natural science. The philosopher’s moral philosophy is the subject of the next set of papers, which explore his account of freedom; formulations of the moral law; metaphysics of morals; and conceptual accounts of liberty, equality, and independence, among other topics. The Critique of Judgment is discussed in the next four papers, which explore such issues as rational judgment and the structure of nature, aesthetic theory, and the philosophical significance of Kant’s biological teleology. Finally, the influence of Kant is explored in the writings of Hegel, Husserl, Heidegger, and the philosophers of the 20th century analytical tradition, among others. B3068 2005-028101 0-8047-5136-6

Heidegger’s philosophy of religion; from God to the gods.
Vedder, Ben. Duquesne University Press, ©2007 336 p. $21.50 (pa) Vedder (philosophy, Radboud U., the Netherlands) argues that in the philosophy of unrepentant Nazi Martin Heidegger (1889-1976) there is a concept of religion in which truth is a given that moderates religion’s principal truth claims. Others have discussed at length Heidegger’s claim that Christian philosophy is impossible, he says, so he focuses instead on unfold his implicit thinking on religion from out of his own philosophy. B3279 978-0-7734-5617-4

The keywords of Martin Heidegger; a philosophical-lexical analysis of Sein und Zeit .
Griffiths, David B. Edwin Mellen Pr., ©2006 364 p. $119.95 Part of Heidegger’s project, it seems, was to defy traditional logic but not replace it with a new system. Often the result is incredibly obscure, almost an attempt to cease communication rather than engender it. Here, rather than offering a mere concordance, Griffiths, who formerly taught history and humanities at York U. in Toronto, places the terms under consideration in a significant context, allowing each to comment upon each other in a remarkably logical fashion. He has chosen close to 200 of Heidegger’s terms significant to Sein und Zeit, calling in experts and alternate or inconsistent nomenclature when needed, and clearly explaining for the layman why, for example, certain commentators considered some terms negative while others thought them to be positive. The result is a very helpful guide to this nearly opaque work, and Griffiths remains true to the text and objective throughout. B3279 2006-023110 978-0-7425-5282-1

The radical enlightenment of Solomon Maimon; Judaism, heresy, and philosophy.
Socher, Abraham P. (Stanford studies in Jewish history and culture) Stanford U. Press, ©2006 248 p. $55.00 Scholars of his own time and later have generally accepted Maimon’s (1754-1800) account of his rejection of Talmudism and turn to Kabbala and Maimonidean philosophy as a movement from the provincial PolishLithuanian Judaism of his youth to German modernity. Socher (Jewish studies, Oberlin College) is not so sure. He finds Maimon’s self-representation to be a site of uneasy heretical hybridity, and describes his transformation not as geographical or intellectual but as a cultural translation. B3245 2005-031884 0-7546-5471-0

Martin Heidegger; paths taken, paths opened.
Smith, Gregory Bruce. (20th century political thinkers) Rowman & Littlefield, ©2007 333 p. $29.95 (pa) Unrepentant Nazi Heidegger (1889-1976) opposed every element of liberal and cosmopolitan society and technological civilization, admits Smith (political science, Trinity College), so why should anyone pay attention to anything he said? First, he answers, because Heidegger was brilliant and his attitudes toward liberalism are so well founded that they must be answered; and second, because his work is having an impact in the world, and ignoring it will not make it go away. B3313 2006-009324 978-0-7425-4263-1

A critical introduction to the philosophy of Gottlob Frege.
Rosado Haddock, Guillermo E. Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 157 p. $99.95 Rosado Haddock (philosophy, U. of Puerto Rico) responds to the recent flow of work that pins Frege as a epistemologist in the Kantian tradition or a philosopher of mathematics by taking a balanced approach to the various and often opposing schools of thought and assessing Frege in terms of his whole philosophy rather than specific issues. He begins with the Begriffsschrift in terms of its identity statements and functions, then moves to the first and second parts of Die Grundlagen der Arithmetik, working from the need for clarification of the nature of mathematics all the way to numbers of properties of objects, the nature of geometry, and the attempts at a definition of “number.” He examines the basic distinctions in sense and referent, and function and object, then closes with the fundamental philosophical issues in Grundgesetze and commentary on the Zermelo-Russell paradox, the controversy on the foundations of geometry, and Frege’s abandonment of logicism.

Nietzsche’s On the Genealogy of Morals ; critical essays.
Title main entry. Ed. by Christa Davis Acampora. (Critical essays on the classics) Rowman & Littlefield, ©2006 337 p. $29.95 (pa) One of the projects of this opaque but increasingly popular text is to ask ourselves how we can know ourselves better. In these 20 papers international contributors do just that, examining genealogy in general, specific passages, later applications, and the work’s impact on politics, ethics and aesthetics. Topics include re-evaluation and the turn to genealogy, interpretation in Nietzsche’s second Untimely Meditations and the title work, the metaphors of genealogy, the will to power combined with the problem of a past, slave morality, agent and deed, why it matters how we read the work, finding the übermensch, Nietzsche’s aphorism and the art of the polemic, remaining strangers to ourselves, nihilism as will to nothingness, the structure of an ambivalence between Nietzsche and Jews, virtue ethics, and the “beasts of prey.” Critiques cover myth and enlightenment, Nietzsche and Deleuze, and approaches by way of Foucault and Derrida.


Reference & Research Book News February 2007







Decadence of the French Nietzsche. (reprint, 2005)
Brusseau, James. Lexington Books, ©2006 229 p. $26.95 (pa) This is a paperbound reprint of a 2005 book. In philosophy, decadence studies truths dedicated to the intensification of thought. The best truth is that which incites the most thinking, so right and wrong lose relevance and thought no longer exists to pursue truth; truths exist to accelerate thinking. So asserts Brusseau (philosophy and letters, Mexican National U.) as he examines two themes: the conditions of French Nietzscheanism from Nietzsche through Deleuze, and what philosophy looks like when the traditional relation between thinking and truth are reversed. He also examines whether in decadence truth is in actually sacrificed for thinking. By way of application of decadent theory, he also examines how decadence has emerged from both French Nietzscheanism and many of the objections to it. B3376 2006-022764 978-0-7425-4191-7

P r e f a c e s and W r i t i n g s a m p l e r and T h r e e d i s c o u r s e s o n imagined occasions.
Title main entry. Ed. by Robert L. Perkins. (International Kierkegaard commentary; 9-10) Mercer University Press, ©2006 454 p. $50.00 From wherever Søren Kierkegaard (1813-55) is read, scholars of philosophy comment on the three works he published pseudonymously. Their topics include paratextualism in Prefaces and contemporary literary culture, author creation in Writing Sampler, his confessional discourse in Three Discourses on Imagined Occasions, and the experience of time by the side of the grave. B4715 2006-006166 978-0-8126-9463-5

The philosophy of Jaakko Hintikka.
Title main entry. Ed. by Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn. (The library of living philosophers; v.30) Open Court Publishing, ©2006 971 p. $42.95 (pa) Hintikka (philosophy, Boston U.), a major figure in logic and several other branches of philosophy, begins the volume with his intellectual biography. Next come 27 descriptive and critical essays, with his reply to each, on his work in the history of philosophy, logic and language, truth and consequences, and epistemology and the philosophy of science. Finally, a bibliography lists his books and papers published between 1953 and 2005, and some forthcoming. B4825 2006-011716 978-0-8386-4100-2

Wittgenstein’s philosophical investigations; critical essays.
Title main entry. Ed. by Meredith Williams. (Critical essays on the classics) Rowman & Littlefield, ©2007 238 p. $29.95 (pa) Eight essays by US and British scholars of philosophy comment on the later work of Ludwig Wittgenstein (1889-1951). Reflecting roughly the development in his posthumously published Philosophical Investigations, they consider reference and meaning, rules and their application, the interiority of mind and the alleged uses of private languages, and necessity and grammar. For the benefit of readers new to the work, references are included to classical philosophy texts that help clarify the text. B3918 2006-048722 978-90-04-15467-4

The metaphysics of religion; Lucian Blaga and contemporary philosophy.
Jones, Michael S. Fairleigh Dickinson U.P., ©2006 287 p. $57.50 The work of Romanian philosopher Blaga (1895-1961) was suppressed at the height of his career by the rise of the Communist Party and the creation of the Popular Republic, says Jones (philosophy, Liberty U.), and so is not well known outside of his own country. He argues that Blaga’s philosophy is a systematic attempt to account of all human experience, and has contemporary relevance to Anglo-American philosophy. Distributed in the US by Associated University Presses. B5802 2006-010210 978-0-7391-1697-5

Arnold Geulincx’ Ethics with Samuel Beckett’s notes.
Title main entry. Ed. by Han van Ruler et al. Trans. by Martin Wilson. (Brill’s studies in intellectual history; v.146: Brill’s texts and sources in intellectual history; v.1) BRILL, ©2006 368 p. $129.00 Both drawing and diverging from the humanistic intellectual climate of his time, French philosopher Geulincx (1624-69) sought to reinvest the classical approach to ethics with an input of Christianity. Wilson, who also translated his Metaphysics recently, presents the first English edition of the Latin De Virtute et Primus Eius Proprietatibus. The work was appreciated for its lyric qualities as well as its doctrines by 20th-century Irish poet Beckett. B3999 2006-013872 978-0-7391-1601-2

Jewish philosophy and psychoanalysis; narrating the interhuman.
Oppenheim, Michael. Lexington Books, ©2006 261 p. $70.00 Oppenheim (religion, Concordia U.) compares ideas about the domain of the interhuman of Jewish philosophy with the field of the interpersonal identity of Freudian psychoanalysts, finding a rich but partially hidden vein of insight on the life of persons with other persons. After an extended and energetic apology to nearly all who specialize in each of the two fields he explains the Jewish philosophical narratives of the interhuman as they are found primarily in Rosenzweig, Buber and Levinas, then moves to psychoanalytic narratives of development from some of its chief practitioners, moving on to the mutual contexts of gifts and giftgiving in terms of engendering social relationships in a multitude of symbolic forms within class and ethnicity, familial relations, the public and the private, and gender. He then works through the twin perceptions of transference and transcendence, closing with an analysis of the work of Irigaray. BC171 978-90-420-2130-3

Between philosophy and religion; Spinoza, the Bible, and modernity; v.1: Hermeneutics and ontology.
Polka, Brayton. Lexington Books, ©2007 277 p. $80.00 Polka (emeritus humanities and social and political thought, York U.) begins a two-volume set engaging Benedictus Spinoza ((1632-77) as a thinker who is at once biblical and modern. Understanding how he makes the God of the Bible the subject of knowledge that is at once sufficient and necessary for humans being, he argues, demonstrates how the Bible and modernity are not fundamentally opposed, but profoundly related to each other. The second volume considers politics and ethics. B3999 2006-008837 0-7546-5618-7

The logic of expression; quality, quantity, and intensity in Spinoza, Hegel, and Deleuze.
Duffy, Simon. (Ashgate new critical thinking in philosophy) Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 284 p. $89.95 Duffy (philosophy, U. of Sydney) explores how French philosopher Gilles Deleuze (1925-95) strategically redeployed the thought of Jewish-Dutch philosopher Benedictus de Spinoza (1632-77), especially in relation to how German philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel (1770-1831) interpreted him. Both of the later philosophers, he argues, adapted the first into their own systems, and Deleuze also incorporated Hegel’s adoption of Spinoza.

Essays in logic and ontology.
Title main entry. Ed. by Jacek Malinowski and Andrzej Pietruszczak. (Poznan studies in the philosophy of the sciences and the humanities; 91) Editions Rodopi, ©2006 394 p. $104.00 Continuing the work of those prominent in the Lvov-Warsaw school between the world wars Jerzy Perzanowski, head of the Department of Logic at Nicolaus Copernicus U. strongly encouraged those investigating philosophical problems by means of logical methods. This collection is one of the outstanding results. The eight papers here include a comprehensive analysis of making logic the basis of ontology, a presentation of a logical theory of ontological modality, and an essay on the ontology of what is not there. Others address the problem of adopting inconsistency by investigating the relations between contradiction and negation in paraconsistent logic, Moore’s paradox within the logic of acquisition, formal tools for systematic investigation of Strawson’s notion of presupposition, social relations in classical analytical interpretive sociology and a proof that methods from standard first courses in logic can be used to test connectives from natural language.

Reference & Research Book News February 2007


Epicurus and Zeno. on expressivism. David and Frank Jackson.95 Dunn (philosophy. U. Eckert (philosophy. Braddon-Mitchell. and how they understood and misunderstood what they saw when they did. BD161 2006-026574 978-0-87462-668-1 The philosophy of mind and cognition. arguably Lithuania’s greatest philosopher. Bernard Lonergan & Richard Rorty on knowing without a God’s-eye view. Locke and Montesquieu. Heidegger. Benson and Stangroom are also the authors of The Dictionary of Fashionable Nonsense (Souvenir). She found that people then were not very interested in that. Johnston describes the trends from Socrates and Plato to Aristotle. $24. Marx. and cognitive science. (Marquette studies in philosophy. Spinoza. Martin. together with what we are going to make happen in the world.00 (pa) What a mind is. relativistic tensions in MacIntyre’s. Ashgate Publishing Co. ©2006 202 p.95 (pa) This textbook uses a dialog format to introduce undergraduates to the traditional questions of philosophy. BD21 2006-279201 1-55111-649-9 Relativism in contemporary American philosophy. Fudge. with no clear winners identified. acquiring a “god’s-eye view. BD232 2005-034563 0-7546-5412-5 Philosophical conversations. ©2006 192 p.) set out the issues in the philosophy of mind for readers who are approaching it for the first time. North Park U. No. ©2006 224 p. ©2006 270 p. ©2007 325 p. Putnam and Rorty in an overall account of knowledge as he describes epistemological relativism (ER).” may be a semantic and philosophical impossibility. the issues of self-knowledge and the corresponding desire to know. Broadview Press. Calling for a return to the intellectual tradition of the Enlightenment. Why truth matters. how it is related to the brain and other body parts. an introduction. Included are new translations of “Socrates and the Problem of Self-knowledge. worked on the idea that experience is constantly self-reflective and dynamic.” “On the Nature of the Poetic Image.knowledge by Richard Moran and J. what he called an “ungraspable” phenomenon which cannot be objectified. Sartre and Derrida. Snell. The anthology is tailored for an undergraduate course introducing the philosophy of mind. After giving readers a comprehensive introduction to the definitions and concepts. Bergson and Zeno. meaning. they expose the faulty thinking of everyone from religious fundamentalists and Holocaust deniers to relativist intellectuals and postmodernist academics. characters in each dialog advocate for different answers. Johnston.95 Philosophy scholars Braddon-Mitchell (U. of Sydney) analyzes a range of contemporary views in moral psychology and in theories of agency to demonstrate the way such views obscure or distort the role of values.J. Philosophers have found that one of the key elements of the project.. self-knowledge. BD171 2005-051783 978-0-826-47608-1 Theories of mind.00 Mosteller (philosophy. how humans could lose their humanity. Botz-Bornstein. ©2006 351 p. He argues that a “natural fit” exists between an expressivist account of values and the best account of the role of values in the lives of reflective agents. identity. and the question of being. Derek. or analytical functionalism—is the best candidate for a philosophy of mind. Dunn. ©2006 151 p. $38. and humanity in early modern England. Rorty’s response. Mosteller. Johnston’s appraisals and summaries also serve as references and refreshers. an introductory reader. The first edition was published in 1996. Title main entry. and the ways in which his work relates to Bakhtin. –7– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Hume. of San Diego) reviews the major definitions of relativism in the American experience and the classical arguments against it. Wittgenstein. and in fact only brought it up as an opening to talk about humans. $120. is to welcome disillusion as a therapy and then radicalize it. ©2006 238 p. Ophelia and Jeremy Stangroom. Critiquing recent contributions to the theory of self. R. $24. and challenge some of the conventional thinking in the field. opening each chapter with the most basic ideas and building to crisp explanations of some of the most complex ideas to ever hit paper. 2d ed. These questions lead naturally to what they thought made an animal an animal. Johnston describes the mental workings of 18 of the greats. BD418 2006-014906 978-1-4051-3323-4 Vasily Sesemann. animals.00 (pa) Sesemann. by reasoning about truth and values. So she here explores what people through being human meant. $35.00 Fudge (literary and cultural studies. They believe that a certain kind of functionalism—common-sense. the epistemology and hermeneutics of the questions. (Continuum studies in American philosophy) Continuum Publishing Group. So that students may understand and appreciate all sides of these issues. from Socrates to Derrida. Martin teaches philosophy at Dalhousie U.00 (pa) It appears the modern project of attaining purely rational knowledge is declining. recent attempts to generate an ER without built-in problems. $84. Thorsten. Working chronologically and also through themes. we possess a unique. neurosciences. of Sydney) and Jackson (Australian National U. Lacan. Dunn asserts that. 7) Editions Rodopi.BD21 978-0-8264-9020-9 BD221 2006-000668 978-0-8264-8636-3 A brief history of philosophy. Mosteller addresses MacIntyre. (On the boundary of two worlds. Aquinus. U. non. Robert. and importance of the truth. ethics.) examines the causes of this disillusion and defends the human capacity to know by analyzing alternatives offered by the work of Richard Rorty and Bernard Lonergan. of Massachusetts-Dartmouth) gathers 21 readings providing a background to the field in the 20th and 21st centuries in the company of psychology. Ed. the editors of the ButterfliesandWheels. perhaps under its own weight. Benson. determinism. Middlesex U. Continuum Publishing Group. formalism and the question of being. ©2006 211 p. $14. Descartes. BD418 2006-007947 0-7425-5063-X Through a glass darkly. Sesemann’s relation to neo-Kantism. BD450 2006-014459 978-0-8014-4454-8 Brutal reasoning.” “The Foundations of Politics” and a bibliography of Sesemann’s works. and finally articulating the move toward an “ER-free” epistemology.. why they looked at animals at all. Rowman & Littlefield. Nietzsche. formalism. Seven chapters focus on questions in such areas as religion. Timothy.95 In this accessible text. how it is structured. Continuum Publishing Group. Robert M. Cornell U. $27. $99. who differ in some ways but agree that philosophy has relied too much on intuitionism. Lonergan responds with transcendental theory or intentionality analysis. says Snell. England) intended to study beliefs about the reasoning capacity of animals before Descartes’ 1637 beast-machine hypothesis. ©2006 133 p. Although this can be read cover to cover to give high school students and the general public a running start.95 (pa) In this accessible text complete with portraits. the effects of contingency. and moral imagination in the Baltics. and knowledge. Press. including his time in a Siberian labor camp for six years. freedom. and whether other things besides people have minds are among the basic questions pondered by the philosophy of mind.observational way of coming to know our own minds and hearts. experience. $45. BotzBornstein describes the role of the concept of experience in philosophy in the early twentieth century and Sesemann’s life and work within that context.45) Marquette University Press. Putnam’s and Rorty’s epistemology (generating a threeway debate). BD111 978-90-420-2092-4 Values and the reflective point of view. showing that relativism and its opposition have remained remarkably consistent in both content and approach. and agency. by Maureen Eckert. David Velleman. Snell works through the “end of philosophy” argument. summary boxes and precise definitions of key terms. U.com website critically examine the current trend of skepticism regarding the reality. rationality. Blackwell Publishing. Erica. Kant. and the relationship between critical realism and conversation. possibility. Snell (philosophy.

00 Grant (philosophy. Cohen. Press of America. v.) reflects on the framework for thinking about life and the universe presented by contemporary thinker Bernard Lonergan in his Insight: A Study of Human Understanding. and representation and cognitive architecture. (Broadview guides to philosophy) Broadview Press. and etymologies are listed when appropriate. Darwin and E. 3d ed. Liddy. especially his famous contention that metaphysics cannot be separated from physics. Wilson. and the mind. Suitable for use as a textbook in a one-semester course on human nature.14) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Baofu. and statistics. reading Lonergan’s Insight. psychology and cultural studies. They describe current approaches and theories and identify the technical problems involved in their formulations. UK) points out that approaches to “naturephilosophy” range from the 1830s to the present and that rather than dying out this inquiry seems to actually be growing. BF39 2006-017399 0-8058-6168-8 Time and memory. commonsense psychology. California State U. then describes the epistemics of the human sciences. (The study of time. mnemonic practice. losing track of time in pursuing Oppenheimer. Univ. BF38 2006-000715 978-0-8204-8179-1 Philosophies of nature after Schelling. ©2007 447 p. $49. Alfred.00 (pa) Aimed at advanced students and researchers. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –8– . BD632 2006-022859 0-8204-8871-2 An inquiry into the philosophical foundations of the human sciences. Peter. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. he begins with sectoralism and the basic dimensions of the human. BD581 2005-037058 978-0-8264-7902-0 APA dictionary of psychology. BF38 2006-040848 978-0-415-36862-9 The future of post-human space-time. this volume reviews longitudinal models and analysis procedures for use in the behavioral and social sciences in 17 contributions from experts in the field.000 entries and includes terms and concepts drawn from a diverse range of subject areas. ©2007 250 p. aesthetics. BD638 2006-049032 978-90-04-15427-8 Philosophy of psychology. Appendices list the biographical.95 (pa) Loptson (philosophy. including dialectical historicism. $39. narrative and dementia. and that space and time will eventually be superseded by post-humans both in this universe and in multiverses. overcoming skepticism and radical relativism and reunifying the human sciences under philosophy. body memories and gender. and expanded treatment of the Christian theory of human nature through incorporation of the ideas of the Marx scholar and social theorist G. v. He then moves to universalism and the complex dimensions of the human. then surveys his current understanding of various aspects of it. phenomenology and methods..O. (Routledge contemporary readings in philosophy) Routledge. (Transversals. pharmacology. Schilling’s reconstruction of dynamic physics after Kant and Fichte as well as Oken and Carus. molecular and population biology. Editor van Montfort teaches qualitative research methods at the Free U. Grant. In a unique approach sure to open debate. the return of memories to the visual field. Cambridge) Ed. Ed. in Amsterdam.) is surprised that no one has compared the two philosophers before. family memory and gratitude and meetings as sites of organizational memory. test and assessment.95 Championing neither Newton’s absolutist perspective of space-time nor Einstein’s relativist counterpart.00 (pa) Liddy (Catholic thought and culture. frameworks. and a variety of other humanities courses. including the work of Aristotle. contemporary readings. Perec’s commentary on Lieux. Individualism and collectivism in the universal. U. $33. new diredtions in philosophy) Continuum Publishing Group. Iain Hamilton. an ontological dilemma. philosophies and methods linked to the social sciences. under whom he studied in Rome. and psychological and psychotherapeutic approach entries separately. Having identified the similarities. synonyms.A. the balancing mechanism. other anthologies. African-American identity. inventing and commemorating.00 Malone-France (George Washington U.95 (pa) Reprinted from journals.12) BRILL. Rousseau. and monographs published over the past quarter century or so. including discussion of new developments in genetic and paleontological record. Lexington Books. U. offers his own perspectival theory of time-space. music in prose. ©2006 287 p. the id/ego system. philosophy. Fresno) takes the generalist’s point of view in describing the approaches. Marx. including the rational universal. remembrance in cinema.BD450 2006-276146 1-55111-653-7 BD995 2006-931314 978-0-7618-3605-6 Theories of human nature. Malone-France. ©2006 673 p. Conference (12th: 2004: Clare College. $24. Kant. Readers are expected to be students of the philosophy of psychology or philosophy of mind. Particular attention is paid to problems arising due to the categorical nature of the data available. ©2007 1024 p. $68. ©2006 202 p. Loptson.” Grant closes with lively comparisons of the naturephilosophy of Schilling and Deleuze. and the meanings of “nature” and “intelligence. $120. and describes how sectoralism came to its current impasse. Baofu. computer programming. $45. ©2007 260 p. Richard M. Part of this phenomenon may be the increasing attention to the relationship of science and philosophy and therefore the increasing attention to Schiller’s work. 30 articles address the basic concepts of the field: pictures of the mind. conceiving a better way to understand space and time. Whitehead. Derek. covering such topics as the ideal and the real. ©2006 321 p.00 In this collection of papers from their 2004 conference contributors from the International Society for the Study of Time explore inscribing and forgetting. he explores the profound and fundamental divergences in their understandings of reality and human experience. Ed. and the necessity of philosophical theism. Title main entry. redress. Freud. of the West. He argues that space and time can be understood from multiple perspectives in relation to culture. $130. Irregular plurals. courses in western civilization. ©2006 232 p. Gary R. of Guelph) offers a survey of theories about human nature. society.. Claassen. The text has been updated and revised throughout for the third edition. the workings of transcendentalism in naturephilosophy. institutional/organizational. that each perspective exists in each of these realms for good reasons. physics. variants forms. $35. (San Francisco State University series in philosophy. VandenBos. Title main entry. Grant takes the rather opaque thought of Schiller into new depths. ethics.95 This comprehensive reference contains 25. a prolific futurist writer. by Jo Alyson Parker et al. ©2007 201 p. by José Luis Bermúdez.95 (pa) Claasen (sociology emeritus. Longitudinal models in the behavioral and related sciences. nature. noting that both evolved from pure mathematics to mathematical physics and then to natural philosophy to help interpret and assimilate a fundamental shift in physical models— Newton for Kant and Einstein for Whitehead—and ended up producing a monumental work of philosophical system-building. by Kees van Montfort et al. religion. Peter. Seton Hall U. temporal order formation in semantic memory. BD555 2006-030583 978-0-7391-1605-0 Startling strangeness. historic time and geography. Specific topics include the body as a medium of memory. $70. starting with the relations between Platonism and antiphysics. and the incidence of harmony and conflict. the text is clear and concise and should be accessible to general readers. American Psychological Assn. PSYCHOLOGY BF31 2006-010293 1-59147-380-2 Deep empiricism. International Society for the Study of Time. (European Association of Methodology series) Lawrence Erlbaum. including anthropology. Though primarily intended for graduate and undergraduate students and practitioners and researchers in psychology and related fields. individualism and collectivism. He begins by recounting his own introduction and changing ideas about both the work and its author.

He explores the mind’s role in life. following the generally accepted premise that mind evolution proceeded from a primeval non-verbal phase to a recent period that incorporates language. BF441 2006-002506 978-0-8058-5260-8 The selfcreating mind. who work in psychology and law in the US and New Zealand. traumatic and false memory. of Sydney. children’s memory. Each scenario features instructions for facilitators. a dual coding theoretical approach. Ed. Danielle and Kenneth Feiner. $89. Some of the major themes addressed in the 42 chapters include lifespan development. Oxford U. by Maryanne Garry and Harlene Hayne. van Dulmen. family romance. particularly in the areas of human memory. by Bookmasters. $38. Allan. law. Ed. Thistlethwaite is a medical educator at the U. health. Berryman et al. disorders of memory. –9– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . References have been updated. memory for images. U. the constructivist model of memory. Contributors. Heffernan (psychology. applications to legal problems. BF175 2005-053098 0-88163-420-4 Do justice and let the sky fall. graduate students. and historical biology. New Zealand) aim the book at scientists. ©2006 251 p. economics and politics. ©2006 213 p. Garry and Hayne (Victoria U. 3d ed. $39. inventor of the modern mind.00 (pa) Paivio (U. errors. Sage Publications. participants. ©2006 140 p. UK) presents a practical guide to such topics. and health professionals. always keeping Leary the human rather than Leary the icon in mind. Higgs. lawyers. suggestibility. by Julia C. language and other core areas. of Leicester. Radcliffe Publishing. BF109 2006-042896 1-56980-315-3 Making it real. Psychology Press. Mind and its evolution. this volume provides a broad overview of methods employed in the contemporary practice of positive psychology. he turns here to psychiatry. Paivio. $21. the different modes of presentation in psychology course. psychological problems. BF109 2006-013766 0-8058-5232-8 Liberating Oedipus?. ©2007 517 p. 1944). of Montenegro. Jill and George Ridgway. and Brown. Peter D. asserts that. structures and images. Kovacevic teaches political psychology and leadership studies at the U. ©2006 306 p. and van Dulmen is a psychology professor at Kent State University.M. $64. sex and gender. Suggestions are given for group discussion and debriefing. Northumbria U. (Eminent lives) HarperCollins. ©2007 317 p. offer an introductory psychology textbook consisting of self. The main part of the volume is devoted to an investigation of the sociopolitical importance of the psychoanalytic thought of Jacques Lacan. They cover primal scene. Subject and author indexes are provided. verbal short-term memory. personality. It has been reorganized and has more examples. or how to prepare for examinations. alterations in the components of a memory. Kramer.BF77 1-84169-393-6 BF175 2006-023954 978-0-7391-1148-2 A student’s guide to studying psychology. although much of Freud’s thought is now archaic. Kovacevic. (Relational perspectives book series.95 Taking a position in the no-man’s land between the irreconcilable proand anti-Freud camps. Lawrence Erlbaum. ©2006 222 p. 3d ed. and academic freedom. and empirical research report writing. ©2007 245 p. and separate boxes explaining methodology. who came upon a forgotten stash of papers. Inc. $39. BF109 2006-048659 978-0-06-059895-2 Unconscious fantasies and the relational world. Kramer sees Freud as a mythmaker. encoding and retrieval in long-term memory. an informal introduction. This edition contains new chapters on the brain and health psychology. Marcuse. Ong and Manfred H. and excerpts from interviews are integrated throughout the book. Chapters discuss the nature of psychology as an academic subject.contained chapters linked to the reader’s everyday experiences. He begins with a chronological examination of Freud’s works and the Liberation Thesis of Reich.. ©2007 229 p. and the arts. BF161 978-0-7618-3524-0 Human memory. relationships. Mary B. and illustrations. the life of Timothy Leary.95 (pa) This resource for healthcare educators in university and workplace settings contains a set of scenarios designed for use in communication skills training sessions that involve simulated patients (actors). Thomas M. by Anthony D.S. distortions. a practicing psychiatrist. BF318 1-84619-022-3 Freud. and why it continues to malfunction in a significant minority of people. Having previously considered history. how it has become conscious of itself. more on careers. clinical practice. sensory memory. the associative model of memory. Lexington Books.00 Clinical psychologist Knafo and psychoanalyst Feiner address some questions about fantasy life and its relation to reality that could be of importance in psychoanalytic theory. the discipline he invented has become an inescapable part of our culture. Distributed in the U. emotions. Thistlethwaite. UK) et al. and the simulated patient. Chapters cover topics such as body language. Snooks. of Wellington and U. $55. and the costs of doing controversial research. and social relations. a practical guide to experiential learning of communication skills. John. Press of America.95 Featuring contributions from both senior academics and those just beginning their careers. implicit memory. BF371 2006-020697 1-4129-1629-1 I have America surrounded.. Loftus and her contributions to science. Kramer. $45. $55. Heffernan. Title main entry. Howes. ©2007 453 p.31) Analytic Press. thought. Filip. Press. ethics in research. exercises. personality. A sketch of her career in her own words is included.95 This volume collects 11 essays relating to the research of psychological scientist Elizabeth Lotus (b.. and castration fantasies. how to study during lectures. v. research methods and statistics.00 Kovacevic explores how psychoanalytical theory can join political theory in creating alternative political norms and values. also discuss the misinformation effect. and repressed memories—all areas that she made contributions to. health. how it emerged from inchoate matter. Lawrence Erlbaum. It includes chapters on historical and current perspectives. ©2007 644 p. BF121 2006-001716 978-1-4051-2698-4 Psychology & you. and neuroscience and memory. Title main entry. essay writing and reference skills. psychoanalysis as critical theory. gives reassuringly solid reasons for Leary’s successes and failures. BF204 2005-021707 978-0-19-517218-8 The Oxford handbook of methods in positive psychology.00 (pa) Snooks (Australia National U.) continues his two-decade endeavor to develop and apply what he calls dynamic-strategy theory to explain all living systems. These core chapters are supplemented with additional chapters on higher-order structures in long-term memory. $65. letters and a diary while researching Leary’s fugitive years. $24. The emphasis is on advances in the field since the publication of the Handbook of Positive Psychology by Oxford in 2002. Berryman (psychology. and perception and thinking. a storyteller and a writer whose books will survive among the classics of literature. Elizabeth F. ©2005 230 p. Editor Ong teaches human development at Cornell U. $79. Knafo. of Western Ontario) updates the dual coding theory of mind in light of recent psychological research on memory. Title main entry. He also extends the theory to the interpretation of mind evolution. and autobiographical memory.00 (pa) Noting that undergraduate psychology students have often complained to him about not knowing what is expected of them in writing essays.95 (pa) The bulk of this work by Howes (State U. Barricade Books. Ed.95 (pa) For undergraduates. of New York at Oneonta) is designed to serve as the core text material for a course covering the traditional field of research into memory. of Otago. Univ. Blackwell Publishing.95 Journalist Higgs. and Ridgway has been involved in communication skills teaching as both a simulated patient and as a facilitator at Leeds U. Kramer approaches Freud both critically and sympathetically. stress. Graeme Donald.

He defines the debates about how feelings and behaviors relate. Baywood Publishing Co. George A. Ed. American Counseling Assn. accompanied by analysis. been taught by one of them. and effect. In this work. as well as its inherent paradoxes and conflicts and its propensity to disintegrate and cause harm. James D. organizational. ©2007 379 p. ©2006 201 p. using emotional insulation and refusing to empathize. Old Dominion U. BRILL. A downloadable Web supplement is available. Fleming. Praeger. applies it to political case studies from the Cuban Missile Crisis to Colin Powell’s erroneous presentation at the United Nations about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction. expect favors but give none. Lawrence Erlbaum. $29. Hammond. the search for wisdom in a troubled time.00 Laird (psychology. BF469 2006-040227 0-8058-5299-9 Dreams of love and fateful encounters. the topic of romantic love. ©2006 214 p. $69. she explores the positive aspects of romantic love as a crucible for growth both for individuals and for the culture at large. and informal argument. $147.95 On August 10. refinements and extensions. Nina W. safety engineer. and training or facilitating skilled performance in such areas as medicine and military tactics. she carefully describes the specific behaviors you can diffuse by recognizing them and moderating the impact on yourself. assisting way-finding.) has a name for these people and she assures us they and not we are the problem.00 (pa) Memory for location. nonemotional feelings such as confidence and pride as well as self-esteem. Allen. focusing on an anthropological aspect of human experience: the affective world. and other passions. as well as their terminology. Kenneth R. Ethel Spector. or married one of them. cognitive feelings of knowing and familiarity.95 (pa) Person (clinical psychology. Chapters include vignettes. Press.95 Mostly European but some North American psychologists present 11 papers from a workshop on mental models and deductive reasoning held in Brussels at an undisclosed date. postures and gaze as they relate to action. BF447 2006-010277 978-0-19-531174-7 Coping with infuriating. these essays take a provocative approach to Chinese history. developed in practice. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –10– . the destructive narcissist pattern. Peters (his daughter) conceptualize approaches to minimizing harmful human error. Press. which holds that feelings do not cause behavior but in fact follow from behavior. more than isolated incidents. $79. CRC / Taylor & Francis. or just take it. levels of organization and the mind-body relation. ©2006 424 p. Richard W. Title main entry. historical and judicial material to illuminate their basic philosophical concepts. regardless of the topic. The harrowing. including blocking identification. by Paolo Santangelo. $35. BF575 2005-053577 0-89503-315-1 Applied spatial cognition. analyze literary. relational reasoning. questions and themes on emotions in Chinese civilization. Peters. This book is intended for both practitioners and students of counseling. geographers.95 (pa) Halstead (counselor education. BF531 978-90-04-15544-2 Human error. BF637 2006-009720 978-1-55620-235-3 Love. and lawyer in California. then works through hundreds of studies on emotional expressions. $39. perception of self. aimed equally at general readers and her fellow psychoanalysts. $29. systems and computer engineers. ©2007 110 p. mean. Title main entry. They survey some of the recent research related to the role of mental models—representations in the mind of real or imaginary situations—in reasoning. emotions in Chinese medical texts. Saint Joseph College. inquiries. In six chapters he describes his model. never listen. Peters. Ed. falsification. and the emotional condition of revenge as represented in pre-modern Chinese fictional narratives. U. they discuss human error inquiries from evidence-based data collection and risk assessment to analyses of errors at the managerial. and distance cognition are among the practical aspects explored by psychologists. He provides a theoretical summary on emotion and on self-perception. Title main entry. Among their topics are memory retrieval and context effects in conditional reasoning. One such human factors approach is FODISE entailing: frequency. during childbirth. $110. motivation and hunger.. but ultimately encouraging narrative is aimed at parents—particularly fathers—who are dealing with the death of a child.00 Hammond (emeritus. hatred. BF623 2005-043548 978-0-8493-8213-0 Feelings. ©2007 234 p. David. David and Kim Fleming suddenly lost their son. In this memoir. Person. Halstead. Oxford U. critical people.00 (pa) As the title suggests. With case scenarios. Far from urging those who must endure those with destructive narcissistic behaviors and attitudes to get over it. Take heart. psychology. Oxford U. The text concludes with a review of professional ethics and discussion questions. BF531 2005-025705 978-0-19-509889-1 Noah’s rainbow. Santangelo (history of China. Lawrence Erlbaum. The topics covered include melancholy in Imperial China. understanding your own cognitive distortion.BF442 2005-040691 0-8058-4183-0 BF575 2006-021042 0-275-98984-4 The mental models theory of reasoning. and other researchers. Laird. as he and his wife grieved for the death of their son and prepared for the birth of their second child. David (a sports journalist for ESPN) recounts his emotional journey during the year that followed.95 As experts on industrial problem-solving. $39. attitudes and cognitive dissonance. they discuss influencing spatial activity in such real-world and electronic contexts as pedestrian and building design. by Gary L.. ©2006 191 p. and institutional levels.J.. His theory is grounded on the recognition of the tension between the two standards for evaluating judgment—correspondence competence (wherein judgment corresponds to empirical facts) and coherence competence (wherein judgments don’t logically conflict with other judgments)—and on the declining importance of rationality in assessing judgment. ©2007 395 p. of Colorado) sums up the scientific theory of human judgment and rationality and. the power of romantic passion. must be understood to offer effective intervention to a client. and Barbara J. ©2007 258 p. The contributors. G. orientation. and mobility in specific populations such as young children and visually impaired drivers. Clark U.) builds on William James’s concept of selfperception theory. who are specialists in Asian studies and Chinese history. quality engineer. Connecticut) created this monograph in response to a perceived lack of a framework with which counselors can gain a deep understanding of the core problems and patterns that. from research to cognitive technology. BF575 2006-025844 1-58562-240-0 Beyond rationality. Brown.) complains that in much of the psychoanalytic literature. take credit for the work of others. when not seen as a manifestation of neurosis. Both authors have JD degrees. Peters and B. and are the means of our knowing about our bodily state and behaviors. and know what is right and best. American Psychiatric Pub. by Walter Schaeken et al. opportunities. a father’s emotional journey from the death of his son to the birth of his daughter.A.95 No doubt you have worked for one of them. severity. They brag. spatial problem solving. $55. that illustrate how strategies may be applied by clinicians. the father is also a psychologist. get behind it. Columbia U. detection. ©2007 338 p. Noah. Ed. Assessment of client core issues. in an effort to show its political relevance to the general public and to policy makers. In particular. autonomic arousal and emotional feeling. has still been relegated to the periphery in spite of the obvious fact that psychoanalysts confront issues of romantic love in their clinical practice on a not infrequent basis. Universitã L’Orientale of Naples) provides an introduction to the articles and a conclusion in which he considers the analysis of non-literary documents. causes and control. and concludes with the relationships between self-perception. 2000. for assessing the client’s “living story” and designing a treatment plan that focuses on relational issues and strengthbased process. Brown (education.

and proactive approaches to prevention. $17. U.00 Pressley and McCormick’s text is the first graduate-level child development textbook written specifically for future educators. Silem Mohammad. The editors also aim to gather information on conflict phenomena from diverse methods and different settings as well as consider their common features. Sage Publications.200 references and updates U.2) Martinus-Nijhoff. by P. Nelson is Director of the Cognitive Humanistic Institute in Chiang Mai. Joanne and Arrica Rose Scaglione. v. potential. Santa Barbara) and Grant (coaching psychology. ©2006 219 p. Heidegger.95 (pa) Staiger (anthropology. The study was conducted at a high school in metropolitan California. Ed. $60. ©2007 228 p. and field experiments). occupations. Australia) introduce multiple perspectives on this maturing profession and emerging area of scholarship. Title main entry. about the neurological systems facilitated by the development of gaze-following.setting. Jones. and other creatures that are animate though physically or mentally dead. The handbook lists scholarly business references. Stober and Anthony M. prior to his death in 2006. how learning is influenced by individual differences. in a city where Whites have become the minority and where there is no longer a clear racial majority. $125. Major topics covered include the impact of biology and early experiences on the developing mind. intended for primary and secondary educators as well as parents. BF723 0-8058-4750-2 Evidence based coaching handbook. Fielding Graduate School. examples. Pressley. Each chapter covers a specific methodology (such as Markov chain models. $108. of Massachusetts. The contributors. Two sections address stages specific to England’s school system. Grant. ©2007 498 p.00 Joining with others to see Spot run turns out to be very important for children’s language development. presentation. The later chapters discuss professional development and the leading and managing of others in early childhood professions. $19. This introductory textbook teaches the fundamental skills that coaches use when working with individuals in such areas as relationships. positive psychology. of Sydney. how to develop skilled clients. New York U. zombies. Pressley taught teacher education at Michigan State U. how to empower victims to cope and solve problems. ethical and existential elements of vampirism.22) Open Court Publishing.) and De Dreu (organizational psychology.K. Among the topics are Blade Runner. ©2006 261 p. work in the fields of management. Title main entry. ©2006 223 p. life coaching is based on the understanding that good psychological skills can help anyone to lead a more fulfilling life. and best theories and practices for working with children in each age group on different skills. Staiger. The Netherlands) compile 24 chapters on methods of negotiation research. McGraw-Hill. and consolidation skills. The book is not indexed. Ed. Title main entry. ©2006 362 p. the authors all agree on the importance of studying individuals in relationship to others and on the fact that joint visual attention and gaze-following are part of the dynamic development system in infants. Rowman & Littlefield Education. Michael and Christine B. BF713 2006-278853 0-07-327130-6 Learning difference. and about the ways older children and adults use another’s direction of gaze to learn about various social interactions and the intentions of others. Annegret Daniela. Thailand. New York) reports findings from an ethnographic study exploring how race is formed and how it functions within an intensely multiethnic and multiracial urban high school. and sometimes manipulate racial meanings to accomplish certain goals and navigate through the social minefield of the school. Ed. The authors answer questions about the significance of a child’s ability to look where another is looking. Human development. U. Stober (organizational management/development. Guilford Pr. Title main entry. and aim to increase the accessibility of works. ©2006 398 p. Despite their different emphases. political science. The remaining chapters are stand-alone discussions of key issues in child development. generate. McCormick.95 (pa) The authors of this book. and communication. the study reveals that organizational reforms meant to desegregate schools actually become the means by which racial exclusion is perpetuated and that adolescents adopt. Coverage includes goal. BF637 90-04-14858-2 Methods of negotiation research. by Richard Greene and K. v. who works in children’s music. Press. 8th ed. UK. its development and significance. by Ross Flom et al. vol.W. vampires and vegetarians. and Halloween. The latter includes adult learning. BF723 2006-012305 1-59385-352-1 Child and adolescent development for educators. Stanford U.. Title main entry.95 (pa) Mostly American scholars mostly of philosophy explore philosophical implications of popular works regarding vampires. Potsdam. issues and controversies. Richard. are a K-12 principal. the consequences of unchecked bullying. Scaglione. 2004-2005. Rousseau. and family. –11– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . and moral development while the second chapter deals with emotional and social changes. improve communication between fields. One section contains short scenarios designed for kids to read and respond to. Nelson. and psychoanalyticallyinformed coaching. putting best practices to work for your clients. (International negotiation series. $209. McCormick is with the School of Education at the U. de Dreu. Ethical issues are also addressed. statistics. Sage Publications. BF1556 2006-020701 978-0-8126-9601-1 The undead and philosophy. a practical. The first chapter examines physical. peers. the phenomenon of cyberbullying. psychology. though the contributors forgo discussion of policy for that of research-based strategy. $32.13 (pa) Emphasizing the role of family. $105. chicken soup for the soulless. Lawrence Erlbaum. and promote the application of methods across fields. ©2007 676+ p. conflict resolution. counselor. by Dianne R. sociocultural factors. the development of academic competence and motivation. both traditional and innovative and common and atypical. $34. and what educators need to know about child mental health.BF637 2006-015372 978-1-57886-507-9 BF722 2006-922116 978-1-4129-2075-9 Bully-proofing children. and health. ©2006 334 p. hands-on guide to stopping bullying. Romero and Aristotle. and her daughter. including how to teach conflict resolution. Twenty-one chapters explain common acts and motivations of bullies. including advice for using information and communications technology to aid study and work. how to identify bullies. and teacher. The former includes humanistic. It offers a solid understanding of major theories of development as they inform research and practice in educational settings. BF724 2006-009402 978-0-8047-5316-6 Life coaching skills. Vander Zanden et al. Here they present the program they’ve developed to deal with problems involving bullies and their victims. and Australian contributors to a dozen chapters discuss both single-theory and integrative approaches. 9 (3) and 10 (1).00 Carnevale (psychology. $44. “golden rule”-type morals are identified by the authors for each vignette. While the school is publicly celebrated for its academic success and racial integration in an inner-city area. this psychology textbook describes development during the seven stages of life in two-chapter sets. Ed. ©2007 327 p. a guide for students. BF637 978-1-4129-3394-0 Gaze-following. (Popular culture and philosophy.95 Pointing out that evidence-based workplace and executive coaching must be balanced with business restrictions on access to information. an international group of scholars. law. cognitive.S. and adventure-based frameworks. BF637 2005-029366 978-0-471-72086-7 Early childhood. comparative case studies. Ed.. The volume is a reprint of the journal International Negotiation. and the author’s experience using it. Chapters cover a variety of methods.95 (pa) A rapidly growing field. Spinoza. Clarkson U. behavior-based. according to these essays on the development of joint attention in infants. The eighth edition adds 1. by Tina Bruce. Carnevale and C. gender role development. race and schooling in the multiracial metropolis. US. of Amsterdam.00 The first section of this introductory early childhood text discusses the education not of young children but of the readers themselves. its strengths and weaknesses. John Wiley & Sons. cross-cultural research. demonstration.

and reflecting in a certain way. Yoon. Press. Japanese. Holderlin and others on the fate of the arts in modernity and postmodernity. Contributors from North America and Europe consider such topics as collective responsibility and an agent meaning theory. analyzing the turning points and revelations they found in their own work and that of their predecessors and contemporaries. the good news is that it is comprehensive compendium of magical lore and traditions with over 400 entries that describe philosophies. Facts On File.00 The art of fengshui has had a deep and extensive impact on Korean. and therefore requires several types of theoretical models addressing different descriptive levels. the rationality of collective guilt. Chinese geomantic principles and their applications for the building of graves and houses. Trans. ©2006 206 p. Inc. 1932) Bosman. of Bonn) examines the notions of Hegel. cultural.95 Kekes (philosophy and public policy. (reprint. BF1582 2006-007783 978-0-86698-352-5 Culture of fengshui in Korea. All this. Press. This. Heidegger. In particular. Title main entry. Coverage includes the origins. leaving the field open to Lancre. St. He supplies all the details that his contemporaries could want. and Korean cities. by Harriet Stone and Gerhild Scholz Williams. Von Vacano. but here offers further thoughts. There is no introduction or index. Vanderbilt U. For students and scholars of Asian studies and geography. historical injustices. French and Howard K. New Zealand) explores the nature of geomantic principles and their applications in Korean culture. Trans. The historical range reaches from ancient Egypt to 20th-century politics. ©2006 586 p.) thinks that is a shame. studied esoteric traditions in London. ©2006 331 p. corporate responsibility and moral taint. by Gerhild Scholz Williams.. Geulen. religion and science and the topics cover everything from astral travel to zombies. U. Machiavelli. sociologists have tended to wander away during the past couple of decades. Eva. with particular focus on Seoul and Kaesong. Adorno. Wettstein. Von Vacano (political science. and other East Asian cultures. is relevant in an introductory sociology course. according to the new foreword to a book originally published in 1932 by Rider & Co. BF1621 2006-028454 978-0-7591-1040-3 The art of power. Jewish mysticism. a study of early modern witch hunts. a painstaking (no pun) jurist thrilled with demonology and ambitious to become a vigorous and merciless witch hunter. ©2006 236 p. seeking out their motivations and collective obligations to declare that all the great work of art may have been done.” BH301 2006-025575 978-0-7391-1088-1 The encyclopedia of magic and alchemy. and Jensen (sociology and religious studies. Chinese. Pierre de. Guiley.95 (pa) Sørensen (comparative religion. Nietzsche. evolution. Jesper. coming to resemble them.30) Blackwell Publishing. BF1623 2004-056852 0-89254-138-5 The enlargement of life. Albany) looks at literary works that show something important about the place of imagination in a good life. State University of New York. by Peter A. and the making of aesthetic political theory. ©2007 283 p. his report. this volume presents a treatise that views numbers as “symbols of the beginning and development of the universe. readings in a rumor after Hegel. Benjamin. ©2005 156 p. It appropriate for students in grade 9 and up. reflects his conviction that women were inclined towards evil and that witchcraft was real.307) ACMRS. Theosophist and Freemason. Lexington Books. She plays the thoughts of each against each other. ©2006 370 p. $82. Texas A&M U. Kekes. v. Leonard. Ed. (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies. and spread of geomancy. $62. Williams (German. The encyclopedia contains black-and-white photographs and cross-references. Jensen. BH301 2006-019343 978-0-8014-4511-8 A cognitive theory of magic. and the role of geomancy in the iconographical warfare between Japanese colonialism and Korean nationalism.95 (pa) This year’s annual anthology contains 20 essays clustering around the chosen philosophical theme. he says. (Cognitive science of religion series) AltaMira Press. Rosemary Ellen. of Auckland.. U.50 The bad news is that it is not a how-to book. particularly in The Art of Life. U. Ed. constantly asking why there is a compulsion to say art is at an end. $60. procedures and famous practitioners of magic. a Jew. the development of geomancy in Korea. He has discussed some of the works before. The meaning and philosophy of numbers. The book is published by the Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies in collaboration with Brepols. and what the relationship is between aesthetic or sensory cognition and the fields of morality and politics. the use of geomantic ideas in Chinese. moral imagination at work.00 By looking at the work of the two influential thinkers. the relationships between geomancy and Korea’s main religions. Stanford U. v. an exploration of East Asian geomancy.16: Medieval and Renaissance texts and studies. He argues that the craze illustrates how applying different sociological conceptions can highlight different features of a historical phenomenon. ©2006 337 p. Hong-key.95 (pa) While historians have been paying ever more attention to the witch hunts. $26. v. and social phenomena. $75. Nietzsche. Ibis Press is an imprint of Nicholas-Hays. Pierre de Lancre’s Tableau de L’inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons (1612). One.” That this sounds reminiscent of Kabbala. Diego A. $19.) pursues such questions as how political theory can explain the persistent political power of images and other forms of sensory perception on people’s imagination.00 The French king appointed two men to investigate alleged witch activities among the Basques near the borders of Spain and Navarre. Louis) provides footnotes explaining references.. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –12– . Inc. Lexington Books. is hardly surprising since Bosman (1879-?). Cornell U. Gary. $12. by James McFarland. Here he establishes a comprehensive model as a framework to link these different explanatory levels. Rowman & Littlefield. (Midwest studies in philosophy. Lancre. $34. ETHICS BJ21 2006-025658 978-1-4051-6036-0 Shared intentions and collective responsibility. he examines the three processes of making pictures.95 (pa) As part of a series that reprints little-known texts relating to the Western spiritual tradition. Particularly interesting is the chapter on Heidegger and myth and the epilogue that comments on what Geulen calls “the mysterious yearning for the chasm. London.BF1566 2006-002136 978-0-7425-4697-4 BF1779 2006-024929 978-0-7391-1348-6 The path of the devil. On the inconstancy of witches. Sørensen. of Southern Denmark) sees magic as a synthetic concept that covers a broad range of cognitive. (The Ibis western mystery tradition series) Ibis Press. soon returned to his studies. an occult enthusiast. John. ©2007 215 p. ©2007 218 p. materials. BF1588 2005-027036 0-8160-6048-7 AESTHETICS BH39 2006-006598 978-0-8047-4424-9 The end of art. Washington U. and how various issues arise when scientists began to operationalize variables and compile quantitative data and statistical analysis. rituals. and the evil intentions of health care in the US. $28. $29.95 (pa) Geulen (German. Buddhism and Confucianism. Korean native Yoon (geography and environmental science.

and globalization.95 (pa) For managers and college students.2. –13– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . history. O’Brien and Paeth (both: religious studies. by John Stradling. balance. BRILL. The collection is meant to simplify supplementing introductory business ethics textbooks. law. philosophy. Thoemmes Press. and Jack Canfield.95 (pa) Whereas liars deliberately distort the truth. reasons. v. and wealth.interest. or at least highly stable. and context with little common ground across cultural communities. the Catholic bishops’ Columbia River Watershed Pastoral Letter. the largest Internet resource for inspirational tools.needed anthology on the two subjects. the volume also contains commentary to the essays. BL31 2005-055320 978-90-04-13980-0 Eden’s garden. Lipsius. which ponder moral error theories. places. Blackwell Publishing. $279. by Gary L. justice. John Wiley & Sons. A brief survey of topics includes engaged Buddhism. Volumes two and three are scheduled for 2007. the Ghost Dance. The two volumes of this set are paged and indexed together. He also provides an introduction setting Lipsius’ 1584 attempt to reconcile Stoicism with Christianity in historical and philosophical context. and economics.1: A-Bhu. the Redwood Rabbis. ©2006 189 p. US philosophers and social scientists ask whether there are universal. or whether all morality in relative to time. tradition. (Popular culture and philosophy) Open Court Publishing. Justus Lipsius On constancy . and this is a translation and adaptation of the 1998-2005 fourth German edition. $22. Reisch. Essays do not consider normative questions of moral life. ©2007 301 p. by Bron R. Title main entry. incidence. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. $450. $124. ©2006 326 p. knowledge.95 Martineau is with Conscious One. Meant for students of ethical theory. Ukraine and the spirit of constitutionalism. divided by issues of ontology of morality and problems. Among the fields examined are biblical studies. Nathaniel Branden. and ideas are among topics of particular entries. bullshitters have no interest in whether what they say is true or not. Saddam Hussein’s trial. address normative theories. and everyday and personal life issues. Ed. and society. by Hans Dieter Betz et al. techniques. place. The entries range from paragraph-long profiles of minor figures and organizations to entries of dozens of pages on major world religions and environmental movements. The text combines practical tools. 2v. ethics. ©2006 272 p. ethical traditions at the interface with international law.95 (pa) Sellers (Oxford U. Title main entry. Justus. education. Articles are predominantly Christian. ©2007 719 p. and concrete levels of being and their political implications. motivation. products. Roman Catholicism. ©2006 152 p. Frankfurt (moral philosophy. Taylor et al.” BJ1421 2006-025918 978-0-8126-9611-0 Bullshit and philosophy. Ed. Joe Vitale. which the editors have used in their own courses. sustainability. Title main entry. The 2005 edition has been reprinted with corrections in 2006. 3d ed. $37. examines the notion of sin in a contemporary world that values scientific and nonreligious approaches to the study of human behavior. by Jennifer Gunning and Søren Holm. disagreement. and some prior knowledge of moral theory is assumed. guaranteed to get perfect results every time. Richard J. BJ1401 2006-017583 978-0-7425-5239-5 RELIGION BL31 2005-440756 978-1-84371-138-4 The encyclopedia of religion and nature. The comprehensive reference to theology and religion is rooted in the tradition of modern Protestantism but not bound to any particular theological school or program. (Religion and business ethics) Rowman & Littlefield. and supervenience. self. making moral judgments in a changing. He offers interested general readers a self-help text for balancing the pressures of work and the needs of one’s personal life. Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Rowman & Littlefield. hunting and the origins of religion.00 Law. and moral realism. v. Rowman & Littlefield. Ed. by Russ Shafer-Landau and Terence Cuneo. character. People. pluralistic. Ed.95 Shafer-Landau (philosophy. moral truths. In arguing for the importance of the notions of sin and evil to the nonreligious mind. practical theology. Hardcastle and George A. a retired minister in the United Church of Christ. BJ1581 2005-007351 978-0-7546-4881-9 Ethics. by John Sellers. Ed.) compile 18 recently published articles on business ethics that come from the perspective of religion in a much. BJ1188 2006-017737 978-0-7425-5011-7 Universalism vs. $24. Ed. and online interactive courses for personal growth and enlightened spirituality. Title main entry. Title main entry. management practices. There is little or no cross-referencing in the text. $26. law. BJ1251 978-1-904675-15-0 The power of you!. and so are the more dangerous to truth. religious approaches to economic life. Here scholars of philosophy take up his challenge to consider the nature. corporate social responsibility. an anthology.. $99. $34. by Thomas O’Brien and Scott Paeth. Martineau. religion. ©2005 1877 p. Their perspectives include the origin of moral norms. Their topics include the surprising controversy over umbilical cord cell banking. Coleman reconceptualizes those notions as “indelible pieces of our evolutionary history. martial arts.95 (pa) In the shadow of 9/11.95 (pa) Coleman. Trans. Arthur Joseph. Calvin College) prepare a collection of 38 readings in metaethics. expressivism. BJ1611 2006-005811 978-0-471-79362-5 Religious perspectives on business ethics. This is one of the core findings by Harry G. pre-Islamic Egypt. of Wisconsin) and Cuneo (philosophy.BJ1012 2006-007481 978-1-4051-2951-0 BJ1500 2006-008772 978-0-7425-5090-2 Foundations of ethics. semantic puzzles. their diverse religions. ©2007 359 p. the entire 10 volumes—and presumable an index—are expected to be available by 2010. science. Contributors work in religious studies or management and business ethics fields in the US. Carl Jung (1875-1961). and includes some editorial material by Kirk.) in his 2005 volume On Bullshit. Topics include responsibility. volcanoes. teleology. and significance of the phenomenon. how you can create happiness. They consider rethinking and responding to it. and the continuing disaster of Bhopal. psychology. the social sciences. and Zimbabwe’s Matopo Hills. ©2007 504 p. $17. and the law. science. Title main entry. Dorothee Soelle (1929-2003). and medicine are among the fields represented by scholars and activists as they explore the traditional areas of ethical concern that remain unresolved and newly discovered areas of ethical interest that may or may not have to do with new technologies.) modernizes and otherwise slightly revises Stradling’s translation as published in Rudolf Kirk’s 1939 edition. philosophy. There is no index. but instead involve the legitimacy of normative theories and theorizing. and its appearance in politics. by Don Browning. relativism. Ashgate Publishing Co. Coleman.00 Religion in Geschichte und Gegenwart was first published in 1909-13 by Mohr Siebeck. De constantia translated by Sir John Stradling (1595). ©2006 208 p. encyclopedia of theology and religion. defining it. children and media coverage of traumatic events. but much in the index. movements. Princeton U. rethinking sin and evil in an era of scientific promise. myths and realities of the international financial war against terrorism. U. Ed. Bristol Phoenix Press. The essays. DePaul U. and skills with inspirational and practical advice from renowned contributors such as Dr. each provides a list of further reading. and threatening world. explanations. Utilitarianism. works. constructivism. and the Earth’s living systems are explored by scholars of natural and social sciences and religion. sociology. Their studies have grown from the growing concern about the historical and possible future role of religion in the degradation and protection of the environment. sensibility theories. Religion past & present. Scott.00 Relationships among human beings. Ed.

BL60 2006-922461 978-0-7618-3468-7 Mapping gender in ancient religious discourses. Press of America. Praeger. v. Thomas R.50 North American scholars of religion offer theoretical perspectives on the coincidence of religion and violence in the world today and the implications of both in issues of politics and terrorism. marriage. clergy and ordination. several branches of psychology. from the broad Roman imperial world as late as the fourth century CE. U. comparing founder-figures Socrates and Jesus in the classroom. ethics and religious studies. and Greco-Roman literature. and diversity in the 21st century American. $79. culture. by Patrick McNamara. and liabilities lie in wait. Georgetown U. and consider such topics as AIDS and HIV. by Jeffrey S. $15. $12. ©2007 258 p. curriculum. and gender. and modern perspectives. and the religious brain in volume one.00 Scholars mostly of religion but also of gender and other concerns in the social sciences begin with synthetic essays on how the relationship between homosexuality and religion plays out in law. Ron. Wadsworth Publishing Co. and spirituality) Praeger. Gale. McFaul (emeritus. Title main entry. and the third the psychology of religious experience. mental health. Finally. $269. in isolation and in interaction. Many terms are drawn from the disciplines of sociology.95 In describing this work. perils. by Mary Alice Trent et al. ©2006 111 p. Siker.00 University classroom instructors of religion address such questions as what methods should be used to compare religions. ©2006 862 p. Title main entry. ©2006 224 p. Specific topics include the role of the authoritative in the comparative process. Ed. $28. $85. and the separation of the sacred from the secular and develops possible scenarios for the impact of the world religions on the course of the global village. New and experienced scholars in sociology. his approach demonstrates how to counter an argument with argument to help students develop polemic skills.00 Scholars of religion. theology. of Virginia Press. BL65 2006-933309 978-0-7618-3558-5 Research in the social scientific study in religion. the social sciences. the biological sciences. he applies the foregoing discussion to issues of violence. religion. In addition to presenting ideas about the central question. University of Chester) defines and succinctly explains terms used in religious studies and theology. an examination of the life and work of Alister E. v.BL41 2006-048992 978-90-04-15267-0 BL65 2006-021027 978-0-275-99313-9 Comparing religions. Ed. The sections cover theory.00 (pa) The 11 articles continue the series’ effort to provide a wide assortment of studies that extends the value of religious and spiritual constructs to understanding the human experience. and philosophy. Only names are indexed. Ed. an encyclopedia. Title main entry. BL51 2006-932739 0-495-00914-8 The future of peace and justice in the global village. ©2006 320 p. In general. anthropology. v. though religious processes associated with biologicalness are occasionally addressed—for example the health benefits and risks of religiosity. ©2006 233 p. Ed. Illinois) writes that it addresses one specific question: “Will the global village be a place where the inhabitants experience an increase in peace and justice or hatred and hostility?” He explores the role that the world religions will play in shaping the answer to that question. Richard M. North Central College in Naperville. by Clayton Crockett. Title main entry. variant uses of religious beliefs to justify social attitudes. Georgia) explains how Belfast-born (1953) theologian McGrath has challenged evangelicals to develop a spirituality that addressed the deepest needs of Christians. $275. Piedmont. Press. of Pittsburgh) intends to provoke undergraduate students into give-and-take discussion and even heated debate in a philosophy of religion course. look at evolution. and the classics explore and interrogate ancient conceptions of gender. After introducing the basic concepts underlying the discussion. pastoral counseling. and queer theology. by Thomas Athanasius Idinopulos et al. possibilities and perils? Title main entry. They draw primarily on Continental philosophy as a methodology. but was biblically and theologically based and historically rooted in the Reformers.95 (pa) In this pocket-size (5x7″) guide. 3v. Univ. how brain and evolutionary studies alter our understanding of religion. Larry S. by Todd Penner and Caroline Vander Stichele. Greenwood Press. but also other scientists and a few scholars of religion. BL82 2006-006886 1-58901-125-2 Key words in religious studies. (Numen book series. and the emphasis is on biological processes associated with religiousness.00 The meeting is definitely taking place in the house of science. and what risks. Mostly psychologists. Their topics include Africa-American and Euro-American perspectives on teaching Langston Hughes and the Harlem Renaissance. BL65 2006-026203 0-313-33088-3 On the philosophy of religion. Gale (emeritus. sexuality. Geaves (religious studies. there is no index. Religion. early Christian. Geaves. There is no index. McGrath. Muslim and Hindu paradigms of the God-world relation.84) BRILL. and afterlife beliefs of Catholic and Protestant undergraduates. (Biblical interpretation series.00 (pa) McDonald (Christian studies. ministry. Ed. and being Muslim in the central Texas Bible Belt. $120. Ed.113) BRILL. ©2007 203 p. The volumes are paged and indexed separately.95 (pa) Faculty members at Oral Roberts University and other institutions of Christian higher education in the US discuss racial and religious diversity in such schools. and postcolonial. toward a new political theology. ©2007 146 p. Press of America. psychology. emphasizing how they can be understood to intersect with religious discourses in antiquity and the rhetorical representations and modes of argument in those discourses. The second volume discusses the neurology of religious experience. Ed. To prevent debaters from taking short cuts. the focus is on Western monotheistic religions. what the purposes and benefits of such comparison are. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –14– . ©2007 278 p. methodology. $27.95 (pa) The central question is whether it is rational in some sense to believe that the God of traditional Western theism exists. McFaul.17. and comparing Hinduism and Islam as orientalist constructions. ©2006 166 p. Title main entry. They consider Jewish. post-modern. genes. BL53 2006-021770 0-275-98788-4 Homosexuality and religion. (Psychology. McDonald. (Studies in religion and culture) U. $49. $22.. He then does the same with the ethics of the world religion. Puritans. BL65 2006-050925 978-90-04-15447-6 Where God and science meet. sex. ©2007 280 p. by Ralph L. The core articles survey attitudes and practices in a range of religions and Christian denominations. (Series: title) BRILL. reflecting the intersection of these disciplines with religious studies. Title main entry. Univ. and spirituality. studies in the history of religions. and Pietists. he compares and contrasts the worldviews of major religions and explores the common ground between them. the role of the world religions in the 21st century. Truett-McConnel College. BL65 2006-009476 978-0-8139-2562-2 The merging of theology and spirituality. BL60 90-04-15473-6 Religion and violence in a secular world. and other fields explore such topics as intolerance toward others and belief in an active Satan.

Peter Lang Publishing Inc. of Bergen. and other religions. praxis. language. and the aftermath of a relative’s suicide. collected talks. $35. Title main entry. He begins by refuting several assumptions that had blocked progress in understanding the text. U. Norway) planned this volume as a complement that would review the key subjects of the emerging field. ©2006 201 p. and the brain. $44. and controversy.) argues that Tamil religious expression. function. In his ethnography of Tamil Hindu revivalism. BL1164 2006-011680 978-0-472-06956-9 Women in religion. ©2007 328 p. and cult practice. BL600 2006-048593 90-04-15342-X Cage of freedom. BL1202 2006-024490 0-275-99006-0 Theorizing rituals. activists servants. cognition. Gobind Sadan Institute). (Culture and history of the ancient Near East. in various cultures. Willford (anthropology and Asian studies. ©2006 266 p.” and a lexicographic survey of terms related to ritual from an emic perspective. interlinked with past and future. deference. Fisher. Praeger. dynamics. mind. and near death experiences. Rosen. the relationship between rituals and other forms of social action. efficacy. in which they are saints. reflexivity.95 (pa) In this compilation of lectures by Watts. ethnography. religion.00 The intersection of science and religion through the ages. Inc. He also explores the different strategies employed middle and elite class Tamils to challenge Malay categories of ethnicity and the impact of internal class divisions among Tamils. Eiser (he teaches biology and in the Center for Ethics) and Laderman (American religious history and culture) both teach at Emory U. Cornell U. Longman.” To this end. and symposia on the topic of science and religion. healers and healing. we once again hear the call to reevaluate Western culture’s constructs and to open our minds to other possibilities. of Waterloo) contend that ethnography is a way for teachers to find “a way into the heart of spiritual dwelling and communication. Islam. and the origins of the universe.23. ©2006 245 p. Andrew C. royal constructions of opposition. including the Tamil Hindu community. and genetics and religion. Susanne. But no one could quite figure out what it said. In interpreting Eastern philosophies for Western audiences. The next six revisit such classical topics as ritual and the psyche. of Heidelberg).95 Rosen. Alan. Ed. ©2006 777 p. in which they serve as everything from founders to slaves.” The examples demonstrate rather than define these hazy concepts by relaying personal experiences of spirituality and teaching in such circumstances as Ground Zero. BL1055 2006-014342 978-1-57731-180-5 Eastern wisdom modern life. and teaching. who includes biographies of women and direct quotations to show how powerful the female has been and continues to be in a wide range of faiths. Smith. 1960-1969. BL458 2004-058389 0-321-19481-0 Phrygian rock-cut shrines. $69. with which about two-thirds of Hindus worldwide identify themselves. ©2006 346 p. underlying metaphysics. the societal role of ritual.33 (pa) Is the history of religion always the history of the beliefs and practice of men? Not if one looks carefully. Mark S. including definitions. ethology. whether by universal belief or by that held privately by women practitioners themselves. dissertation in classical archaeology and ancient history at the University of Stockholm. (Society of Biblical Literature resources for biblical study. complexity. Society of Biblical Literature publishes the paperbound edition. New World Library. BL624 2006-022389 0-8204-8879-8 Essential Hinduism. Title main entry. M. where they have organized a faculty reading group. Steven J. relationality. conceptual alternatives to “ritual. ©2007 888 p. Mormon missionary work.) takes up the challenge again. Mary Pat. The remaining chapters explore paradigmatic concepts: agency. death and dying. communication. undergraduate courses. $219. Theoretical approaches are reviewed in chapters on action.95 Ashton and Denton (drama and speech communication. the Vedas. by Jens Kreinath et al. integration. by Arri Eisen and Gary Laderman. partly at least to indicate where and how further surveys and excavations should be undertaken to clarify issues she raises. and Stausberg (history of religions. Spirituality. Watts. concepts. armed with recent developments in the study of myth and ritual in anthropology and ritual studies. gender. Ed. it attracted much scholarly attention because it displays a combination of ritual and mythic material unique in the Ugaritic corpus. the man who introduced millions of Western readers to Zen and other Eastern philosophies. by Will Ashton and Diana Denton. African cosmologies. and by 1980. Willford. participation.. Watts questions the value of a divine patriarch and of monarchial religions. no. symbolically reject state and elite ideologies of Malay Islamic modernism but paradoxically serve to legitimate modern Malay narratives of ethnic affiliation. and ritual and meaning. 2v. transmission. creation. She draws on already published and recorded material. and virtuality.00 Berndt-Ersöz explores Phrygian cult and cult practices through a detailed analysis of rock-cut monuments in their preserved context in central Anatolia. $279.D. an encyclopedia of history. historical perspectives. U.00 Having recently published an annotated bibliography of work on theories of human ritual (publish in 1998 as volume 82 of the same Numen book series on “Studies in the History of Religions”). in Hinduism where they range from goddesses to social activists. there have also been religious revivalist movements among non-Malay and non-Muslim minorities. Each of these sections begins with a general introduction to the topic. Tamil identity and the ethnic fetish in Malaysia. Christianity. and domination. (Numen book series) BRILL. Scholars. embodiment. A sampling of essay titles includes Taoist contributions to science in China. of Michigan Press. consciousness. and semiotics. notes Fisher (comparative religion. in which they are equals in word. approches. Navajo spirituality. and sonic theology. An underlying question is the role of the Phrygians in the formative stage of the Iron Age and subsequent centuries. aesthetics. and in the present are the topics of the essays of this 2-volume reference. framing. ©2006 410 p. or mutilated. $26. issues. intersection. U. culture. performance. the cosmos. Snoek (sciences of religion. and society. in Confucianism and Daoism. $236.00 When the Ugarit text often called The Birth of the Beautiful Gods was first published in 1933. focusing on the tradition of Vaishnavism. the first four dealing with such methodological and metatheoretical issues.. He considers such aspects as the one and the many. especially for the working classes. They present 35 chapters in all. the 86 essays are grouped into the broad topics of general overview. Sharpe.25) BRILL.51) BRILL. festivals and holidays.95 (pa) Alongside the widely recognized Islamic resurgence in contemporary Malaysia. $110. scholars had wandered off to greener pastures. the natural world. U. sets out the fundamentals of the religion. –15– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . a frequent writer about Hinduism. emotion. Written by academics and other specialists worldwide. which they define as a subgenre of autobiography that “expands the horizons of our consciousness. v. $15. Brill publishes the hardbound edition of this book. rhetorics. Ed. topics. science in the classical Hindu world. U. they use autoethnography.BL240 2005-026762 0-7656-8064-5 BL795 2006-049930 978-90-04-15242-7 Science. and in combination with other Phrygian religious material groups. where they can be immortals and adepts. Germany). Smith (New York U. dharma. BL1640 2006-004855 978-90-04-14674-7 The rituals and myths of the feast of the goodly gods of KTU/CAT 1. Title main entry. Berndt-Ersöz.E. media. in Buddhism where they are nuns and teachers. structure. Kreinath (Institute for Religious Studies. stories from within. of Heidelberg. The study is updated from her 2003 Ph. ©2006 283 p. He also discusses the nature of reality and the impact of an individual’s relationship with society on reality. Fisher relates the experiences of women as bodies and souls in indigenous religions where they can be divine. neurotheology.

Title main entry. Vodun. with many religions discussed under such topics as globalization. lesser-known belief systems such as Wicca. BL2540 2006-010823 978-1-57075-679-5 A Naos of Nekhthorheb from Bubastis.00 The conferences began in 1999 with the express purpose of exploring the diffusion of the cults of Isis in the Mediterranean. investigate institutions that. annotated. ©2006 832 p. but its architectural form and the exquisite quality of its sunken relief carvings have remained unknown to most Egyptologists because the fragments were scattered. Hindutva ideas of the past. such as Buddhist monasteries. Truman State U. Egyptian cults and local elites in Boeotia. Petry. of Scranton. controversies and issues. Mozella G. abortion. economic oppression. Issues she considers involve the social and economic problems of exile. BL2015 2006-554474 81-7304-673-5 Introduction to new and alternative religions in America. Each of the five volumes is devoted to a separate theme (and contains its own index). and the process of getting to know others’ beliefs. or shrine. $399. Manohar. Title main entry. a documentary history. no.15) Scarecrow Pr. The second explores debate and controversy that have risen. evangelical Christian countercult movements. (BMP Research Paper 156) The British Museum Press. of South Florida. Judaism. religious and spiritual imperialism. (Religion in the GraecoRoman world. Nine of the essays are in French. with volumes on Asian traditions. the concept of the separation of church and state. ©2006 480 p. BL2565 2006022454 978-0-8204-8191-3 Nile into Tiber. by Laurent Bricault et al. $40. Connecticut College) have assembled a fascinating and thorough resource on the many new and alternative religions to be found in the U. new directions. Penyak and Walter J. and images of Isis and her cultic shrines. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. ©2006 317 p. $64. Rastafari. were discovered by Edouard Naville during excavations in 1888. Caribs and Arawaks. India and Europe. most from India but two from Germany. continuity and change. as she sees religious diversity closely tied to Caribbean life. metaphysical. by Satish Saberwal and Mushirul Hasan. and concludes with a bibliography. $48.. education. Gallagher and W. and have developed low-cost forms of organization and activity so that they are growing.) present 162 texts for graduate and undergraduate students or others interested in religion in Latin America. the temple of Isis at Pompeii. The subsequent volumes contain articles on religious movements. v. shamanism and mediumship. Title main entry. religion in everyday life. and Hinduism. have the effect of social separation. and religious diversity. Egypt in the Roman world. and contains lengthy articles on between 8 and 12 topics. Title main entry. Daoism. $40. and neopagan movements. African diaspora traditions and other American innovations. (MLK.00 (pa) Penyak (history. and this series of narratives and points of fact punctuated with explanatory text helps by describing a range of beliefs and their applications. 5v. the evolution of political Islam in Jammu and Kashmir. but have loosened the belt a bit to consider broader aspects of cultural interaction between Egypt and Rome. Title main entry. ©2007 562 p. The volumes are paged and indexed separately. Among their case studies are Jews in Europe under Muslim and Christian rule. Chapters were written by religious and Asian studies scholars from North America and Asia and cover the history and content of these religions and specific aspects in different societies. BL2525 2006-022880 0-275-98605-5 Crucial issues in Caribbean religions. The articles discuss each movement in depth. Faith in America. $79. survival techniques.00 Scholars of religion explore the major trends in religion in the US over the past half century at a level accessible to general readers and nonspecialist scholars and students. and liberation theology. such as the political impact of the religious right. Among the 20 topics are the Hellenistic face of Isis as cosmic and savior goddess. v.00 For students and general readers. Netherlands) Ed. and asserting religious ideas in Germany. and new religious movements and violence. in religions that are minorities in the US. Jr. often in competition with each other. Latin American studies. by Charles H. Pennsylvania) and Petry (emeritus history. religious practice.derived religions in the Caribbean. religious restrictions and protections.00 (pa) Fragments of the monumental naos. Protestant Christianity in China. changes. popular religiosity. $194. Orbis Books. The British Museum has recently stored the fragments together in a place where researchers could. challenges. The first volume looks primarily at transformations in organized religious life in mainstream and other varieties of Christianity. U. the ultimate teen guide.) and Gallagher (religious studies. the author’s travels and observations. Ed. and among various population groups. religious iconography and temple building in the 30th dynasty. Colloque international sur les etudes isiaques (3d: 2005: Leiden. Neal. ©2006 423 p. (It happened to me. the Inquisition. by James Miller. Sections also consider such topics as ecclesiastical realities. films. proceedings. and women and religion. Praeger. Spencer. film the Internet. and universal spirituality are also discussed. Mitchell. and related themes. beginning in indigenous religions and ending with Protestantism and Roman Catholicism entering the 21st century.95 Mitchell (religious studies. Michael Ashcraft. the law. The initial volume delves into history and controversies. He also discusses the role of the naos and its context in the city and temples. U. It describes the religious diversity now in the US. New Age. and religion in a world of terror. the relationship between religion and politics. and Orisa or Shango in Trinidad. philosophy. Ontario. Syncretism. publications. The third considers the retreat into personal spirituality from such perspectives as fiction.99 Ashcraft (religion. religious rites of passage most closely associated with the teen years. The book focuses on the religious lives of the majority Han Chinese people around the world and the adoption of Chinese religions by non-Chinese people in contemporary societies in North America. Ed. ©2006 265 p. culture and social development. Spencer has undertaken the task. Ed. ABC-CLIO. BL2450 2006-051764 978-90-04-15420-9 Religion in Latin America. and Jewish and Christian traditions. and Lucumi. These include Catholic and Protestant Christianity. $85. $300.S. Fairfield U. ©2006 135 p. The sources for the study are books. Canada) provides 12 chapters that detail Chinese religious practices and their interpretation around the world.00 About 40 percent of today’s teenagers are curious enough about religion and spirituality to visit faith-based websites each month. Distributed in the US by South Asia Books. Ed. Ed. ©2006 126 p. using them and fragments in the Cairo Museum.. memorial studies in religion. ethnocentrism and cultural dominance. Gay. describing its history. ©2006 1504 p. sexism. and Black studies. Kathlyn. and civil religion. reconstruct the original structure and decoration. slavery. and women’s studies. 3v.159) BRILL. Miller (East Asian traditions. Lippy. Islam. and interviews. There is no comprehensive index. BL2428 978-0-86159-156-5 Religion and spirituality in America. by Eugene V. BL2525 2006-002837 978-0-8108-5508-3 Assertive religious identities. The sections are generally chronological.BL1802 2006-001695 978-1-85109-626-8 BL2525 2006-022954 0-275-98712-4 Chinese religions in contemporary societies. what agnostics and atheists believe. leaders. ostensibly religious or social. Obeah. Latin American and Caribbean studies. focusing on learning and tolerance. by Lee M.10) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –16– . Praeger. Kingston.95 Social scientists. An index of foreign words and phrases is included. Regla de Palo. Tampa) discusses the relationship of major world religions to indigenous and African. slavery and racism. interreligious dialogue and engagement. Each article is signed. Queen’s U.

95 Although now considered more in terms of economics. Mozella G. Bradford. history. the influence of the Jewish diaspora. Jr. Malaysia and The Philippines. and. ©2006 267 p. BL2775 2006-016169 1-59102-476-5 The social role of liturgy in the religion of the Qumran Community. Prometheus Books. U. ©2006 267 p. $45. A final chapter surveys Judaism’s developments up to the modern period.56) BRILL. ©2006 98 p.) and fellow psychologist Altemeyer (U. Prometheus Books. of Chester) presents a convenient glossary of about 450 terms. morals. but as Bradford frequently points out. a new translation of the Hebrew text. China. BL2600 2005-041990 978-0-7546-0667-3 Key words in Judaism.00 Questions of history. $32. by Tanya Storch. Roderick. morally.. and Bob Altemeyer. U. Protestants in Singapore. Russell C. no. Hayes (religious studies in classical Judaica. who inspired Bennett’s media-baiting trial and eventual imprisonment. v. ©2007 245 p. reconstruction. Buddhism. but he was convinced he had taken the right path. (Supplements to the journal for the study of Judaism.D. Bennett the truth seeker. and intellectually. v. BL2760 2006-008265 978-1-59102-413-2 The new Damascus Document. In this collection contributors consider the riches of transmissions in various periods. his devotion to “science. and contextualize it in the contemporary literature. and agnostics and inactive believers in the Manitoba parent group. ©2006 363 p. In this rejoinder to Rick Warren’s bestselling The Purpose Driven Life. International Conference on the Deuterocanonical Books (2d: 2005: Pápa. $12.00 Arnold (religious studies. and the Asian migration period. using a light-hearted point-counterpoint approach. and ideology play a role in discussions of the Books. by Géza G. Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion) offers a composite edition of the 12 ancient and medieval manuscripts with notes. spent a dozen years as a member of the American evangelical subculture. Xeravits and József Zsengellér. Christine Elizabeth. and ideas of Judaism through late antiquity. v. Southern California and New Spain. New Guinea and the marginalized Hmong and Maori. practices. 60) BRILL. Each is defined and cross-referenced. of South Florida-Tampa) explores the intersections of the Caribbean of major world religions with indigenous religions and religions derived from Africa. BM175 2006043094 90-04-15030-7 Atheists. ©2006 412 p. of Manitoba) have surveyed mostly active atheists in North America—ones who have joined clubs or spoken publicly about atheism—and present their findings. He argues that fundamentalist Christianity as espoused by Warren stunts an individual’s growth personally. Price exposes Warren’s book as stale fundamentalism and demonstrates that the popular ideology of a “personal relationship with Christ” actually has no biblical basis whatsoever. Ron. Georgetown U. Journalist Bradford is not shy about his admiration of the mercurial Bennett’s writings.118) BRILL. what am I here on earth for? Price. and also traces his work with the National Liberal League. and despite its popularity with no less than Twain and Darrow. he outlines an alternative for people who are seeking maturity and meaning in life. Hayes. Geaves.00 He was banned in Boston before Boston banned.. examines the transformation of the Israelite heritage prior to the first century CE. D. theology. $20. (MLK. She argues that the religious diversity and mixture of the Caribbean are strongly based on the issues that are the basis of life in the region. She surveys the biblical sources and related extra-biblical evidence. Press. in providing a window into the self-understanding of the community in relation with God and with God’s people.00 Price. Wacholder (emeritus Talmud and rabbinics. and the use of flood imagery in 4 Maccabees in its ancient Jewish context. They discuss such matters as whether people become atheists because they are bitten by another atheist. ©2007 197 p. $32. The texts are unique. he says. $24. ©2006 415 p. ©2007 425 p. and a wide array of faiths side by side in American life and death. when that faith was a part of the history of the Netherlands West Indies. BM176 978-90-04-15700-2 The reason-driven life. the role of scripture in the last words of Mattathias. a strong influence can become a forked road. DePauw U. Kriya Yoga meditation. (The Pacific world. texts. 1500-1900. $154. (Studies on the texts of the desert of Judah. ordinary American atheists. Bruce E. BM165 2006-028863 978-0-313-33206-7 The emergence of Judaism. (Greenwood guides to historic events of the ancient world) Greenwood Press. and a commentary on the composite text that questions elements of conventional scholarship and how it applies to historical and systemic questions. $124. Ed.) is here more concerned with the emergence and development of the religious traditions. The Philippines. theology. Ben Zion. Robert M. which found the Sikh religion. religious ethnocentrism. the Midrash on the Eschatological Torah of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Australia. and the public expression of that self-understanding. Mitchell. Bennett tested the limits of taste and patience of his day. now a humanist and host of Heretics Anonymous discussion groups for disenchanted Christian fundamentalists.00 Putting aside the history and civilization of the Jewish people. and describes the rise of classical rabbinic Judaism and its establishment as the normative tradition of Judaism. Russian Orthodoxy in Alaska. Arnold. Wacholder. –17– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . (Studies on the texts of the desert of Judah. Malaysia. Bennett founded his periodical The Truth Seeker in 1873. Prometheus Books. his devotion to free speech and his increasingly radical ideas seem at odds with his gentle Shaker upbringing.95 (pa) This small book (it measures 4x5″) will be useful for students and others who want quick access to concisely presented information. free thought and human happiness” roused the ire of Comstock. the Iberian Catholic period when clerics were involved with the courts of Japan and with missions to China. Title main entry. Price is affiliated with Johnnie Colemon Theological Seminary. which reveal the thinking of a particular strand of early Judaism. a groundbreaking study of America’s nonbelievers. After a brief preface Geaves (religious studies. They seek to find the place of the Maccabaean literature within the circles that wrote them. culture and social development.95 (pa) Mitchell (religious studies. ©2006 159 p.10) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Yale U. Hungary) Ed. and that is why so many of the religions remain very much alive after long attempts to eradicate them. v. BM175 2004-057064 978-90-04-14108-7 Religions and missionaries in the Pacific. $122.17) Ashgate Publishing Co. translation and commentary.00 In a radical re-reading of the known material. suffragists and a forerunner of the American Civil Liberties Union. the Pacific has been an important focus of religious and cultural interaction since the sixteenth century. BL2790 2006-012115 978-1-59102-430-9 The books of the Maccabees. The 15 papers address such issues as whether the category of Deuterocanoncal Books has a Jewish origin. Hunsberger. Bennett’s religious skepticism. ideology. but there is no indication of pronunciation.BL2565 2006022454 0-8204-8863-1 BM50 2006-006887 1-58901-128-7 Crucial issues in Caribbean religions. including Islamic. proceedings. $175. both the CD texts available since 1910 and the fragmentary additions of the ten manuscripts found in the caves of Qumran. Indiana) discusses the many liturgical texts among the Dead Sea Scrolls and the ritual contexts that contain them.00 (pa) The late (1946-2003) Hunsberger (Wilfred Laurier U. memorial studies in religion. and examines the significance of the liturgical and ritual practice as an expression of the social structure and overall worldview of the Qumran community.M.

(Studies in Judaism) Univ. Abrams. As part of Brill’s Dead Sea Scrolls Electronic Library. executive director of the Dead Sea Scrolls Foundation in Jerusalem. Shemesh (Bar-Ilan U. BRILL. Symposium of Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature International (8th: 2003: Jerusalem) (Studies on the texts of the desert of Judah. BM205 978-0-85303-663-0 Discerning wisdom. ©2007 211 p. Vallentine Mitchell. v. (Ashgate world philosophies series) Ashgate Publishing Co. $170. He hopes to find in these older texts a common framework that is not apparent in modern thought and practice. Distributed in the US by ISBS. in 1996. Yale).66) BRILL. a comparative study. genre classification. of Oxford) dispels the notion that as Christianity grew Judaism proper was somehow reduced. ©2006 239 p. Florida State U. with brief commentary. when the first Hasidic court was established. covering such issues as the pilgrimage economy of Jerusalem. and the views of the institutional sponsor. on American politics and public policy including such issues as American Judaism and policy towards Israel. BM496 2006-923908 978-0-7618-3487-8 British Chief Rabbis. BRILL. collected essays. BM198 2006-049914 90-04-15356-X The Dead Sea scrolls electronic library. Neusner (theology. but intends to deal with all the prophets in turn. Rather he focuses on what has become of them since the initial discovery in 1947.. Unfortunately. Press of America. BM536 2005-030619 0-7546-0955-3 The Dead Sea Scrolls. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –18– . The contributors use various approaches to answer that question.00 The Dead Sea Scrolls contain portions of at least eight previously unknown writings that are widely considered to be wisdom texts from the second and first centuries BCE. Altshuler integrates the theoretical observations and the historical events to recount the beginning of Hasidism as a story of a messianic movement. 1664-2006. Bard College) details how Israelite Scripture was received and recast in the language communities that produced the Bible in two Testaments of Christianity and the dual Torah of Judaism. Lavishly and colorfully illustrated. which included writings by Saul Bellow. by Emanuel Tov. $19. the Jewish image of God. provenance. Ed. (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. $54. and Shalom Hartman Institute) and Clements (Orion Center. She examines the years 5500 to 5541 (1740-81 AD) to reveal such issues as who the first Hasidic zaddik was. and its handover to the editorial control of Norman Podhoretz.00 (pa) Interested in the mechanism by which a sacred text can maintain its authority after it has been translated into a different language and adapted to a very different context in which it was composed.Jewish Ashkenazim from 1664 to the present. Vallentine Mitchell. and other issues of ten compositions or fragments. he is not concerned with how the documents were generations and ended in hidden at Qumran. the spiritual leaders of the Anglo-Jewish Sephardim. $99. which is translated here by Joel Linsider. the biographical background of Cohen and his political evolution.62) BRILL. The accompanying brief manual outlines the database’s elements: Hebrew/Aramaic texts of all the known scrolls found at Qumran. ed. extending far beyond its relatively small readership.00 Abrams (U. While Abrams pays attention to the literary output of the magazine. No publication information is provided for the original Sod ha-meshihi shel ha-Hasidut. U. translations into English.95 Having previously written a book comparing the core of Confucianism with the key ideas of the New Testament. The symposium addressed the question of what lines of continuity and discontinuity connect and differentiate the Dead Sea Scrolls from early rabbinical literature.39) BRILL.50 This is a history profiling all of the Hahamim. Nathan. but the work is also available in a network version for multiple users. rabbinic literature and the Dead Sea scrolls. ©2007 372 p. $168. Fields. U. Goodman. $279. ©2006 128 p.00 A scholar of Jewish mysticism. BM487 2006-049204 978-90-04-15335-6 Commentary magazine. BM487 2006-051759 978-90-04-14749-2 The messianic secret of Hasidism. 1945-59. some focusing on specific comparative case studies and others addressing the wider issues of historical and comparative methodology. this release replaces the The Dead Sea Scrolls Reader (edited by Parry and Tov.) does not include translation or critical editions of entire texts. $162.00 These papers were originally presented at the Eighth International Symposium of the Orion Center for the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in January 2003.S. but now are found. rev.BM176 2006-049637 978-90-04-15309-7 BM487 90-04-14062-5 Judaism in the Roman world. the American Jewish Committee. and the impact they have made and are continuing to make in history and religion. Editors Fraade (history of Judaism. a journal of significant thought and opinion. (CD-ROM) Title main entry. ©2007 457 p. and James Baldwin. Yao (religion and ethics. A concluding chapter considers the significance of the corpus as a whole. Except in the chronology. Weston W. Goff.. so Goff (religion. exhibits of the Dead Sea Scrolls attest to continuing fascination with these mid-20th century finds that have revolutionized biblical and Judaic studies. UK) presents the first full-fledged monograph on Commentary magazine in the era before the death of its founding editorin-chief. and the Chief Rabbis of the Anglo. $79. a source book. of Wales. Xinzhong. and sacred spaces as interpreted by disapora Judaism. lemmatization and morphological analyses. the new rabbinicism. Josephus. of Jerusalem) suggest that these studies are models for future research. ©2007 201 p. a period from which no other wisdom text in Hebrew survives. Martin. Most of the volume is comprised of excerpts. v. but Fields. $129. The only other book-length treatment of this corpus. and the civil rights movement and race relations. Brigham Young University is the co-publisher. Derek. how they have and have not been made accessible scholars and the public. the sapiential literature of the Dead Sea scrolls. In examining these matters he pays particular attention to the shaping forces of the magazine. Abrams declines to address whether he sees connections between the liberal anti-communist politics of the early era and the politics of the later neoconservative period under Podhoretz and onwards. offering coverage of all published DDS texts including scrolls identified in 2004 and 2005. Mor. The author’s emphasis is divided between examining the spiritual guidance offered by the 22 profiled men to their respective Jewish communities and the activities they undertook in order to negotiate the place of Judaism within the wider English society. improved images of most texts and fragments included in the database. of Wales-Lampeter) here compares wisdom as presented in the books of preQin Confucianism and in the Wisdom Literature preserved in the Old Testament. Qumran sectarians and the Essenes. He begins with the book of Jeremiah. Cohen.0 software.95 (pa) Once they were lost. the power of both scribes and texts. and what aspects of their beliefs and activities generated opposition forceful enough to crystallize their opponents as an enduring stream within Jewish society since the end of the 18th century. Neusner. a short history. Philip Roth. the physical attributes of sacred scripture. Wisdom in early Confucian and Israelite traditions. Distributed in the US by ISBS. $75. Hebrew U. He focuses instead on interpretation. Matthew J. and searchable Wordcruncher 7. consists mostly of translations. ©2007 275 p. Altshuler. American foreign policy and anti-communism. proceedings. Jacob. BM292 978-0-85303-610-4 Rabbinic perspectives. and its visual style. 2004-2005). ©2006 —— p. He closes with a fascinating essay on the limitations of evidence about the diaspora in the late Roman period. They all pay special attention to the nature of sectarian and rabbinic law and the ways one may elucidate the other. This is a standalone CD-ROM. his main attention is on the magazine’s influence. (Ancient Judaism and early Christianity. Taylor.116) BRILL. ©2006 406 p. offers a fuller history than that. There is no index. Eliot E.00 In 19 essays that work well as interrelating chapters Goodman (Jewish studies. (Brill’s series in Jewish studies. v. Yao. v. Windows 2000 or XP operating system is required.50 Recent U. ©2006 440 p. exploring themes and concerns. BM487 2006-937089 978-90-04-15760-6 Jeremiah in Talmud and Midrash. who its members were. who would go on to transform it into one of the leading organs of neoconservatism.

$75. v. Freud-Kandel..) explores how the concept of a kingdom of priests—promised to the children of Israel by God according to Exodus—and the tensions it hints at were of central importance to Jews during the Second Temple period. Jewish and Christian traditions) BRILL. $55. by Christian Wiese. Ed by George H.00 In order to understand the historical relationship between Judaism and science. of Oxford) traces the role of the Chief Rabbinate in Britain since Joseph H. and rabbinic scholars have taken his particularist views as central and his universalist ones as window dressing. Title main entry. exodus narratives in the cultural context. Stern. They analyze his career and his path to the extreme. and literature discuss what people made of it from those three perspectives in 13 papers from a July 2004 conference in Groningen. $139. and in his commentary provides significant detail in his descriptions of its historical. Greek and Latin words. etiquette and rules of debate. social scientists. Distributed in the US by ISBS. This said. the Judeans and the Ass. of Pennsylvania Pr. scholar. a historical introduction.13) BRILL. Zunz. The work served as his Ph. Noah J. Among her topics are ancestry and professional skill in several texts. textbooks and religion in the Middle East. Kellner (Jewish thought. Barclay. social harmony. and the liturgical argument encapsulated. ancestry and merit in ancient Judaism. (Studies in European Judaism. Josephus. and Jews and science in the 20th century. Hirsch. she observes that the present Chief Rabbi presides over an even more divided Jewish community. pseudo-Hecataeus. describe his years in Schwerin as an ecclesiastical councilor. ©2006 240 p. by Eleanor Abdella Doumato and Gregory Starrett. $199. and Barclay wisely includes indices for ancient texts. Teaching Islam. (Greenwood guides to science and religion) Greenwood Press. explore the politics of religion in his thought. Martha. only programs in each country to tailor a normative Islam for domestic consumption.00 Responding to accusations that the content and character of official education programs in the Middle East are a danger both to local children and to international peace and security. (Themes in biblical narrative. (The Littman library of Jewish civilization) Littman Libr. U. Schonfield. $65. Ed. she examines forces that eroded this model in the subsequent terms of Chief Rabbis Israel Brodie and Immanuel Jakobovits. by John M. BP43 2006-012601 978-1-58826-450-3 A kingdom of priests. the prayer book. Barclay (divinity. Princeton U.95 Himmelfarb (religion. says Efron (science. ©2006 423 p. cover controversy as the way of the Torah. His topics include modern and traditional views of the liturgical narrative. The passages. Medieval Jews and natural philosophy. ©2005 456 p. van Kooten. Along with the translation and commentary Barclay provides a very able introduction and a series of appendices on Apion’s other perceptions of antiquity. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Flavius. uniformity of practice. Title main entry. Durham U. and then radical reformer throughout the contentious 1840s to 1870s. and examine his attitude toward Karaism. the sources of apologetic encomium. After an analysis of Orthodox active engagement with the dominant culture that flourished under Rabbi Hertz based on his theological views. London) explores deeper meanings to the Jewish liturgy than are obvious in the words in the text. ©2007 348 p. Ed.) it is necessary to realize that there is no such thing as Judaism and no such thing as science: both have changed so radically over the centuries that nothing definitive can be said about either except in the context of a particular time and place. and political thinker.. educators. They find no evidence of mindless fanaticism or trans-regional jihadi ideology.. Miri J. Routledge. Hertz’s election in 1913. The bibliography is well-chosen. and compare his work to that of Frankel. BM648 2006-051766 978-90-04-11791-4 Orthodox Judaism in Britain since 1913. and place him within the contexts of the Reform controversy and radical reform itself./Jewish Civiliz. by Hanina Ben-Menahem et al. dissertation for the University of Cambridge at an undisclosed date. ©2006 343 p. These forces included immigration and the ‘Jacobs affair’ over the promotion of a rabbi whose orthodoxy was questioned.00 Freud-Kandel (Hebrew and Jewish studies. (Jewish culture and contexts) U. (The Littman library of Jewish civilization) Littman Libr.” is of central important to Jewish monotheism. BM610 2006042947 978-90-04-15398-1 Controversy and dialogue in the Jewish tradition. BM755 2006-046511 978-1-904113-29-4 Against Apion. of Haifa) reverses the equation. and the nature of the name Yahweh. and was bequeathed to Christians. purity laws. despite his opponent’s charges that his move away from rabbinic tradition and his rejection of the significance of Jewish ceremonial law made him another Paul of Tarsus. he looks at particulars such as the nature of the Talmud and early Rabbinic literature. Jeremy. BM755 2006-049685 90-04-15265-2 Redefining Judaism in an age of emancipation. $59. Kellner. $55. and the legal character of Jewish marriage. European scholars of religion. and Einhorn. the silence of language. Philo and Alexandrian Judaism. Efron. Ed. BM750 978-0-85303-713-2 Revelation of the name Yhwh to Moses. They describe his place in the debates about circumcision. Following the English. Lynne Rienner Publishers. ©2007 430 p. –19– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . and other scholars examine the actual content of government-produced religious studies textbooks. Leo Baeck College. controversy and truth. Vallentine Mitchell. ©2006 394 p. Ed. Menachem. ©2007 267 p. Himmelfarb. $115.00 Apion may have mocked their names. Lastly. and of history and civics textbooks that incorporate religious themes in a number of majority Islamic countries. historians. the pagan Graeco-Roman world and early Christianity. Title main entry. taken from the first part of the editors’ Controversy and Dialogue in the Halakhic Sources. U.00 An anthology of passages from the entire range of rabbinical literature highlights the rabbinical awareness of the centrality of controversy in halakhic discourse. $134. $49. translation and commentary. technology. ©2006 264 p. v. attracted the attention of pagan writers. comparative perspectives on Samuel Holdheim (18061860). the sources are provided in Hebrew. ©2006 270 p. the liturgy.10) BRILL./Jewish Civiliz. G. BM651 2006-046151 978-0-8122-3950-8 Maimonides’ confrontation with mysticism. including those on Manetho. sectarianism. connected with the phrase “I am that I am. and society. Bar Ilan U. and trans. a reader. perspectives from Judaism. as translated from Hebrew into English by his father. and the origins of halakhic controversy.) works from the new critical text established by the Munster Josephus project in this new and elegant translation of Josephus’s apologetic treatise. The book is eistributed in the US by ISBS. The edition he uses was the standard in western Europe from the early 19th century until after World War II. places and names.00 Schonfield (Hebrew and Jewish studies. a rabbi. Inc. an ideology forsaken.D. Title main entry. BM670 2006-040969 1-904113-00-1 Undercurrents of Jewish prayer.BM538 2006-014784 0-313-33053-0 BM723 0-415-34003-9 Judaism and science. and the issue of whether this work was an expression of Judaism in Roman dress..00 Holdheim appeared to remain fundamentally loyal to Judaism as he evolved into a liberal. and modern scholars. philosophy. These 14 papers ably analyze Holdheim as a radical reformer. (Flavius Josephus. thus bringing into question the notion that Jews are distinguished from non-Jews by some essential characteristic that makes them ontologically distinct and superior. but Josephus warns against making light of those who saved Alexandria.00 The revelation is described in chapters three and six of the Book of Exodus. and the end of priesthood.50 Egyptian Jewish thinker Moses Maimonides (1135-1204) contradicted himself on the issue of universalism and particularism. literary and rhetorical contexts.

U.00 (pa) Advancing levels of education. Edwin Mellen Pr. and demonstrates the effect of globalization on the embrace of Islam in the region. Iraq. $169. and passed down among students of medicine for a century until it was revived and espoused by a Mu’tazili leader in Central Asia a century later. Durham U. Pade. and politics in the Islamic realm. their organizations. BP161 2005-026433 978-1-4051-2174-3 Islamic economics.” analyzes Islamism as an ideology. transliterated Arabic words and phrases by trilateral root. and then examines how Islam’s expansion relates to issues of diaspora. Wilferd and Sabine Schmidtke. Abu-Rabi. Ba-Yunus. There is no index. say the contributing anthropologists. Zionism. They look beyond immediate events to trace long-term trends from coffeehouses of the Ottoman Empire to the near future. Farmer. Title main entry. Shari L. $31.00 Wilson (economics. BRILL. as so many scholars are. Islam. much quoted by modern Muslim economists. and the emergence of fundamentalism.95) BRILL. and religious scholars. Texas) has synthesized ideas of many other scholars of ideology. v. (Jerusalem studies in religion and culture. U. ©2006 220 p. economic. BP166 90-04-15177-X Muslims in the United States. Amarillo College. modernity. BP173 2006-022466 0-8204-8843-7 The Blackwell companion to contemporary Islamic thought. the appearance of the first specialized works on Islamic economics. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. greater east of travel. of responses to his work. Eickelman. $49. by Armando Salvatore and Dale F.95 Scholars of religion and scholars of many fields in the Islamic world briefly outline some of the major trends in Islamic thinking roughly since the end of World War II. Greenwood Press. democracy.3) BRILL. Islamism. Title main entry. Lowin. (reprint. but that approach has not been used to study the similarities and differences between the two Abrahamic religions. The study began as her 2002 Ph. by Ibrahim M. Ed. ©2007 243 p. a movement. UK) and El-Ashkar (finance. and the beginning of the decolonization process. Abu lHusayn al-Basri’s Mu’tazili theology among the Karaites in the Fatimid age. $93. El-Ashker. the years leading up to his election as God’s chosen. Free U. Thailand) analyze the development of Islamic economics from the economic concerns found in the Qur’an and the Sunnah to the 20th century. He describes the origins and historical trajectory of Islam from the classical to the era of western influence. It has generally been held that his work was ignored by Mu’tazili scholars of his time. $220. He closes with observations about homogeneity. the rise of the nation state. the challenge from western Islam and the possibility of an Islamist superpower or an Islamist revolution in a western state.5) BRILL. ©2006 254 p.. She is not concerned. Stonehill College). of Oxford) and Schmidtke (Islamic studies. They cover economic though during what they call the Rightly-Guided Caliphate. ©2006 675 p. $155. They present excerpts. Brian R.00 Ba-Yunus (emeritus sociology) and Kone (both anthropology. Songkia U. $109. that is. 1044) criticism of the Mu’tazila school of the rational speculative theology was immediately registered and controversially debated in the Karaite community under the Fatimid caliphate. (Islamic history and civilization. Abraham in Islamic and Jewish exegetical narratives. says Lowin (religious studies. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –20– . Ed. and political studies of the Middle East and Asia. 65) BRILL. and communities. during the later eras of administrative and economic reform under the dynastic caliphates of the Umayyads and Abbasids.95 Demant (history. colonization. Understanding radical Islam. BP173 2003-069726 978-90-04-15622-7 Public Islam and the common good. justice. U. by Jane Dammen McAuliffe. (Blackwell companions to religion) Blackwell Publishing. State U. He also describes the specificity of Islamic practice in black Africa and the sociocultural basis of the local variation in the adoption of Islam.00 The stories a people tells about its ancestors can illuminate how that people understands itself. and qur’anic verses and suras that are cited in the Encyclopedia. and economic elite—want a say in political and religious issues. v. placing each within its own context. of Louisville) traces the history of globalization and Islam in West Africa to its ancient roots.00 The sixth and final volume of the series—a towering achievement of Koran scholarship— anchors and provides entry to the series with five separate indexes. (Themes in Islamic studies. Praeger. with determining precedence in the stories—who stole what from whom when—but with the function of the stories within the tradition that created them.95 Without claiming to provide a comprehensive account. Ahmed A. proper names of people. carefully distinguishes between the religion of Islam and the political ideology of Islamism. (Social. the status of women. Badru (pan African studies and sociology. They cover contributing scholars and their academic institutions.. $156. jihad and terrorism. dissertation in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago. of Berlin) argue that physician l-Husayn’s (d.BP64 2006-051780 0-7734-5535-3 BP161 2006-019253 0-275-99078-8 The spread of Islam in West Africa. Madelung. and the emergence of Islamic banking during the 20th century. political. the dilemma of the Muslim world. Afghanistan and Osama. pluralism. They also consider the dimensions of their population. Peter R. intellectual developments during the political decline of the caliphate.95 (pa) Farmer (social sciences. Institute of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies. sharia.F. Among more specific themes are secularism. $55. ©2006 450 p. and the later “Seven Marks. v. Ilyas and Kassim Kone. She seeks to fill that gap by examining the Islamic and Jewish version of the early biography of Abraham from his birth through his miraculous escape from the flames of the Chaldean furnace. places. ©2006 144 p. medieval ideology in the twenty-first century. historians. languages. Ed. BP133 2006-045840 978-90-04-15226-7 The making of a forefather.. BP133 90-04-14764-0 Rational theology in interfaith communication. Badru. rulers and dynasties. Westernization. and evaluates the tangled relationship of Islam and the west that will define coming years. of New York-Cortland) explore the Muslim American perspective on their religion and their major concerns in the US in light of the current hostility against them. almost all from the US and Europe. 2004) Title main entry. and women. a specialist in Middle Eastern and Islamic affairs.D. and Islamism in The West. and an element of tribalism. the Shiite interlude of the 1980s. ©2006 308 p. ©2006 279 p. ©2006 172 p. This is a paperbound reprint of a 2004 book. a short history. terrorism. BP67 2006-014298 978-0-313-32825-1 Islam vs. de Sao Paulo). index volume. and the rise of new communications media throughout the Muslim-majority world have contributed to the emergence of a public sphere in which large numbers of people—not just an educated. Four major intellectual movements are seen to dominate contemporary Muslim intellectual life: nationalism. as in modern Arabic-English dictionaries. globalization. the Arabic following an English translation. $130. Islamism. He relates the past to the three waves of Islamism from the Sunni jihad of the late 1960s to the early 1980s. into what he hopes is a fair and accurate account of Islamism as it exists in 2006. jihad. and state ideology. religious and social groupings. BP173 2006-049043 978-90-04-15134-5 Encyclopaedia of the Qur’an. He looks at traditional and extreme conservatism. all the articles by title. and other entities entitled to proper names.00 Madelung (Arabic. Demant. ©2006 860 p.

BQ7496 2006-013715 978-0-8248-3106-6 Contexts and dialogue. Sweden. proceedings. ©2006 592 p. U. BQ7662 978-90-04-15548-0 Citizens of the world. California) explores the phenomenon by taking as a case study one of the most important Chinese Buddhist monks. they remain a facet of modern life.95 (pa) Recognizing that no small volume could possible encompass the wide historical. Norton. As a case study. Davidson and Christian K. BQ8789 2006-012705 978-0-8204-8624-6 Secular spirituality.. Wedemeyer.00 (pa) Hurtado (New Testament language. and the influence of Maitripa and his circle on the formation of Sutra Mahamudra in the Kagyu schools. ©2007 244 p. SchmidtLeukel (systematic theology and religious studies. and personal varieties of Buddhism. and so make the ongoing dialogue between them more conscious and fruitful. BP370 2006-042601 978-90-04-14373-9 Understanding Buddhism. with an emphasis on the belief in reincarnation. Her main focus is how the Baha’i ethic of being citizens of the world has interfaced with the growing globalization during the century and a half since the religion rose from religious current within Shi’ite Islam. Nasr describes the factors that have led to the Shia revival and explores its likely political consequences within the Moslem world from the Middle East to South Asia and in relations between the Moslem world and the West. As part of a series that treats spiritual expressions that are less formal than traditional religions. Warburg. International Seminar on [Title] (10th: 2003: Oxford) Ed.-Chico) analyzes the development of writing and its complex relationship to the oral tradition during the 15th century in the kingdom of Lan Na in northern Thailand as one part of the story of the transmission of the Tipitaka and related Pali texts of Buddhist literature. but continuing to influence popular culture. Larry W. $71. literature and theology. Society for Asian and Comparative Philosophy) U. and promises. $249. $28. organizations. BRILL. but to reveal certain paradigmatic assumptions embedded in the two systems. Daoxuan (596-667). Whitman College). and so worthy of investigation. and textual transmission in Buddhist Northern Thailand. ©2006 245 p. BQ4012 978-1-903765-18-0 The Shia revival.D. –21– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Lexington Books. Avoiding the twin traps of either essentializing the conflict between the Sunnis and the Shia. archeologists and paleographers have found in the early texts and artifacts and shows how the dimensions and configuration of these physical objects expressed first belief. (Iran studies. a history and sociology of the Baha’is in a globalisation perspective. (Monograph no. geographical. $20. ©2006 198 p. ©2006 262 p. BP605 2006-010885 978-0-7591-0818-9 The revival of Buddhist monasticism in medieval China. dissertation in the history of religion at Uppsala University. alternative translations of Sanskrit sources in the writings of Rjy Tsong kha pa.00 Veidlinger (religious studies. ©2006 268 p. ©2007 245 p. ©2006 261 p. Yogacara Buddhism and modern psychology on the subliminal mind. Vali. Thurfjell explores the sorrow rituals of conservative Shi’ism as practiced and experienced by five informants in Esfahan. visiting Baha’i communities in many countries and doing two periods of fieldwork at the Baha’i World Center in Haifa. $52. religion. and explores instead some of the many possible meanings they may hold for different people at different times. Perry. He also sketches the historical settings and development of Buddhist views. to the high classical developments in Central Tibet in the early 15th century. of Hawai’i Pr. by Ronald M. ©2006 287 p.) reflects on both Buddhism and modern psychology in a way that uses each as a mirror to examine the other’s assumptions. W. Schimdt-Leukel. without numerous internal conflicts and differences. and draws on his research in Thailand in 1999. Thurfjell. U. Huaiyu. (American university studies. according to Nasr (Middle East and South Asia politics. of the West. He finds that according to such studies early Christianity was complex rather than simple. Noting that self-identified pagans (aka: Wiccans or witches) come from diverse backgrounds though many support countercultural mores.00 Warburg (sociology of religion. His goal is not to boil them down together into some kind of buddhachology. Other topics of the 10 essays include textual criticism of the Rnying ma’i rgyud ‘bum tradition. Hurtado. (Numen book series. Veidlinger. (Understanding faith) Dunedin Academic Press. politics. v. says Sharp (history. hopes. Eerdmans.00 European and US scholars of religion address a range of issues in Tibetan religion and its literature from the far eastern oasis of Dunhuang in the 10th century.00 The US military recently allowed a soldier to be buried with a Wiccan symbol on his tombstone. (The pagan studies series) AltaMira Press.21. Chen focuses especially with his understanding of the crisis confronting the Buddhist community.95 Chen (religious studies.W. He also describes the institution of the celibate monkhood. U. BP573 2006-024949 978-0-7391-1339-4 Tibetan Buddhist literature and praxis. $115. The book includes b&w photos of influential personalities and a glossary. She points out that scholar practitioners have had to adopt innovative research methods. Montreal) treats their increasing numbers. Concordia U. Sharp. Naval Postgraduate School). Rutgers U. $20.95 (pa) People seem to have believed in spirits and magic since before the earliest record. ©2006 248 p. often derided and ridiculed. W. or painting either group as monolithic. $25. Margit. writing. The earliest Christian artifacts. Chen. BP194 2006-012361 978-0-393-06211-3 Spreading the Dhamma. Barbara Jane. reincarnation and spiritism in nineteenth-century France. and current debates over public image and direction. of Hawai’i Pr. Hurtado includes a comprehensive of early Christian texts and a nice set of monochrome photographs with his very accessible text. Quotations are in Chinese with English translation. ©2006 180 p. meaning. Distributed in the US by ISBS. studies in the history of religions. ethics. 253) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Davy. BR62 2006-022843 978-0-8028-2895-8 Introduction to pagan studies. and social influences. instances of ritualization among Islamist men in contemporary Iran. David. while anthropologists ponder the meaning of such beliefs in distant and exotic tribes. a story that now includes compact disks. how conflicts within Islam will shape the future. $93. manuscripts and Christian origins.B. which he attributed partly to shortcomings in ascetic and ritual practices of monks and nuns. of Glasgow) focuses on basic Buddhist insights into life and its existential challenges. Daniel M.106) BRILL. historical. (Southeast Asia—politics. with regional variations and schools of theology emerging almost from the first days.00 Revising his 2003 Ph. $23. literary. 1) BRILL. This is probably the most thorough study to date of Baha’i by someone who is not a believer. Davy (PhD. studies in its formative period. of Edinburgh) explains what papyrologists. of Copenhagen) spent 10 years doing research for her interpretation of the religion. and even today. this volume presents a study of contemporary paganism.BP194 2006-049188 90-04-15345-4 BQ568 2006-008330 978-0-8248-3024-3 Living Shi’ism. He quickly abandoned his ambition to find the true meaning of the rituals. Jiang. There is no index. California State U. $69. Analyzing his writings. beliefs. practices (counter to media portrayals). The study is based on his doctoral dissertation in South Asian Languages and Civilizations at the University of Chicago.00 (pa) Jiang (religion. noting that conflict between the two is often more about political power and economic resources than religious differences.. 900-1400. orality. VII: Theology and religion. memory) U. Lynn L. U.. he examines the French spiritualist movement founded by Allan Kardec (1804-69). Nasr. Tao.95 The resurgence of Shia Moslem power that began with the 1979 Iranian revolution and has become even more visible in the wake of the American invasion of Iraq is likely to spread across the Muslim world.

95 Theodoret of Cyrus. Rodney. the media. Stark (social sciences. the letters. a fifth-century Antiochene bishop. Berghahn Books. BR118 2006-000644 0-8204-6383-3 Theodoret of Cyrus. Theodoret of Cyrus. by Matthew Engelke & Matt Tomlinson. Scholars of history and religion. $65.) explores the differences between Christians and others in their daily lives. 2v. Southeast Missouri State U. The two volumes are paged and indexed together. and movements that drew specifically from Christian ideas to influence other people’s political views. Ed. U.7) BRILL. Building on the reverend’s success in ending the Cold War. $120. He also describes supportive statements in certain media outlets. modern politics. She also presents selected letters. The themes are the founders of the faiths. Truett Seminary) explores in detail through the ninth through eleventh chapters of St. Joel A.95 The purpose is to illustrate the breadth and significance of Christian activism in. Weaver. and to a lesser degree of literature and other fields. recovering an early Christian Elijah Redivivus tradition.00 Since 1992. the role of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon in the collapse of communism. Paul’s argument in the letter. the real story of how Christianity became an urban movement and conquered Rome.249) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. commentary on Daniel. by Basil and Gregory Nazianzen that cast light on Gregory’s life. many excerpted. ©2006 340 p. Daily life of Christians in ancient Rome. and influence on. Title main entry. predicted that the Jews would be convinced that Jesus is the Messiah upon the return of the prophet Elija. (The Greenwood Press “Daily life through history” series) Greenwood Press. Title main entry. Topics include anthropology’s contributions to Christianity. Hanley. v.95 Relegating the history and theology of Christianity to minor mention. Domenico and Mark Y.00 A missionary in the Bolivian highlands wonders about whether people understand their own customs. pluralism. One of his first was this treatise arguing for the importance of Daniel as a prophet and countering the Jewish position on the character of the work. HarperCollins. apologetic. $24. its theological content and its role on modern research. ambiguity in rural life. For example. particularly those of Paul Tillich. $159. $57. Ward also explains Moon’s strategies to end terrorism and counter-terrorism. Paragon House. the limits of meaning in sermons and its wealth in moral economies. Thomas J. Modern begins in 1789. maintains the Reverend Sun Myung Moon and his Unification Church should be credited for the fall of communism in the Soviet Union and the ending of the Cold War. no. a city northeast of Antioch.246) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. ©2007 283 p. and even his fellow academics that Christianity was a backwater religion forced down the world’s throats.83) BRILL. BR115 2006-015695 0-313-32362-3 Abraham’s children. offers a substantial introduction to the bishop and his work. $199. series VII. He claims Moon succeeded by explaining his theories of unification succinctly and becoming highly influential through his personal contacts with forces on both sides. Stark. T&T Clark is an imprint of Continuum. Ed. and how Christianity developed and identified itself in a hostile environment before it was legalized. though Europe and North America get the most attention. Australian scholar Silvas translates and comments on not only the 30 letters generally recognized as having been written by Gregory (335-394). He argues that Scott’s theological literary criticism may alternately be incorporated into the framework of David Tracy’s fundamental theology. rather than to cite every example of it. ©2006 666 p. (Writings from the Greco-Roman world. T&T Clark. Bishop of Cyrrhus. Theology and religion. that some contemporary faith systems that centered on positive virtues prepared the way for the rapid spread of Christianity. reality and ritual in humanitarian work. case studies in the anthropology of Christianity. ©2007 201 p. Ed. and the semiotics of sacral action. BR127 2005-020666 978-0-567-08171-1 Theodoret of Cyrus on Romans 11:26. BR65 2006-026008 978-0-8204-8608-6 Nathan Scott’s literary criticism and fundamental theology. (American university studies. a prophecy Weaver (biblical languages. Silvas. found ample time to write commentaries on books of the Old and New Testament. The result is not only a powerful and persuasive narrative but also an excellent source of statistical information about how Christianity took root and advanced across the known world. by Norman Solomon et al. institutional power and interpretive practice in the pursuit of Christian truth. the environment. BR115 2006-042661 1-84545-170-8 Cities of God. James W. v. BR65 2005-16881 90-04-13051-9 March to Moscow. and that paganism simply died out when people found Christianity more attractive. A selection of 36 papers were revised for publication and are presented here along with commentaries on the general themes that were approved by the whole group. including one in which USSR president Mikhail Gorbachev conceded defeat because Moon had impressed him as a most brilliant anti-communist and enemy of the state. Buhrman helps contemporary American scholar of literature and religion Scott overcome the bias that his literary criticism is so reliant on theological doctrines. Masowe Christians believe the Bible stands between them and God. The appendices include scriptural references. ©2006 191 p. He asserts that some of the primary reasons for the success of the faith was its doctrine and spirit of inclusion. and the geographic range is all of Christendom.) counters the claims of popular culture. and though he was responsible for some 800 parishes. that it cannot bear the weight of academic attention.95 Drawing on historical and archeological evidence. These nine papers. work. ©2006 134 p. Greenwood Press. and trans. VII: Theology and religion. Franco is included but Hitler is not. Christians. a longtime adherent. George W. ©2006 239 p. dogmatic. and Muslims in conversation. the image of God in humanity. William D. Ward. of Bridgeport). Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –22– . charismatic speech. Truett examines the relationship of the passage to the rest of St. $14. BR170 2006-027920 978-0-313-33564-8 The limits of meaning. Title main entry. citing meetings with officials and speeches. Buhrman. Baylor U. Ermatinger (history. but also another seven that have been proposed as his. Ed. Hill. Hill. Underpaid workers in a Christian nongovernmental organization based in Africa lose interest in their primary work. (American university studies. discuss people. BR162 2005-044740 0-06-085842-7 Encyclopedia of modern Christian politics. Gregory. $49. Jews. (Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae. ©2005 338 p. Ed. historical and sermon writing and gives a full translation of the text. ©2007 184 p. societies and cultures from around the world. $75. gender. then presents the text on facing pages of Greek and English. which were originally presented at the 2002 meeting of the American Anthropological Association. v. and life after death.BR65 2006-049279 978-90-04-15290-8 BR115 2005-034258 1-885118-16-3 Gregory of Nyssa.95 Mightily revising his doctoral dissertation in religious studies for Marquette University at an undetermined date. ©2006 280 p.00 Continuing her study of Cappadocian Fathers and the emergence of monasticism in general in Asia Minor during the fourth century AD. Paul’s letter to the Romans. He explains the life and times of Theodoret as well as his exegetical. organizations.00 In 423 Theodoret was named bishop of Cyrus. the Oxford Abrahamic Group has gathered a dozen or so theologians of the three faiths two or three times a year to present and discuss papers on differences and continuities.95 (pa) Ward (international programs. $155. by Roy P. examine the “meaning” found in the anthropology of religion as explained in these and other settings. The bibliography is particularly interesting. by Anna M. by Robert C. and writings. and explains the Jewish and Christian Elija redivivus tradition wherein the prophet serves as a forerunner of the Day of the Lord and perhaps of the Messiah. Ermatinger. not otherwise identified.

(The history of ChristianMuslim relations. $81. Sweden) explores the emergence of popular—as opposed to official—tolerant religious attitudes during the 19th century by examining closely the popular Protestant British view of Newman between his secession to the Roman Catholic Church and his death. and distribution.95 Sandoz (political science. $99. The Latin and English are on facing pages. BS440 2005-034355 0-313-33082-4 After anti-Catholicism?. Ellis. Sandoz. and pleads for a Christian “fast” from involvement in politics. commonly referenced cultures and places such as Egypt and Galilee. and society in Britain) Longman. ©2006 211 p. the eventual turmoil in identity which followed. communication in preCarolingian hagiography from Auxerre. U. of Dundee) provides the first comprehensive study of religion in the UK in the twentieth century. ©2006 283 p. and Armorico-Latin (Brittany). politics. David. an encyclopedia of the biblical world.00 Essentially translating his 2001 Ph. by Ariel Hessayon and Nicholas Keene.) traces the rise of republican government from key sources in Western Christian Protestant civilization. theology. (Eric Voegelin Institute series in political philosophy) U. T&T Clark is an imprint of Continuum.00 Having spent three years as second in command at President George W. the inclusion of overseasfounded groups. both as an object of study and as an instrument of argument. `Ammar al-Basri on the alleged corruption of the gospels. 2v. feeling that he and other Christians seduced by politics have been lured away from pursuing true Christian goals and been manipulated by irreligious politicians into supporting issues that have nothing to do with religion (although he maintains his faith in Bush’s sincerity). dissertation at the University of Utrecht. and analyze a life of one of the tradition’s great Celtic saints. Title main entry. BS500 2005-021015 0-7546-3893-6 Religion and society in twentieth-century Britain. studies in honor of Richard E.95 British and Canadian scholars of early modern history. Hiberno-Latin (Ireland/Scotland). Sidenvall. BR520 2006-013487 978-0-8262-1674-8 Muirchú Moccu Macthéni’s ‘Vita Sancti Patricii’. This platform. $25. of Oxford) here begins a set of three books illustrating the intertwining of literary threads in the three traditions of Celtic Latin that emerged from Romano-British culture of the first four centuries of the Christian era: Cambro-Latin (Wales). Brown. Greenwood Press.1890. van. life of St. and the soul of America. and the growth of secularism in the cultural revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s. English and humanities. Free Press.00 Howlett (classics. $149. U. He argues that the core distinction of American republicanism are the notions of human dignity and of the human capacity for self-government under Providential guidance. (Utrecht studies in medieval literacy. allows him to approach several conceptual and theoretical problems inherent in the received view. monks and their family in the Chartrain from 1000 to 1200. John Henry Newman and Protestant Britain. in the Arabic Churches and in their relations with early Islam. (Brill’s series in church history. It was a major source of Christian polemical and apologetic arguments. Among the topics are the Paradise story and its exegesis in the Arabic Apocalypse of Peter. Wolfert S. Egmond.00 The 19 papers portray the centrality of the Bible. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Ed. ©2005 207 p. and the social and political agendas of a variety of faiths. Tischler. Ashgate Publishing Co. BR759 2005-052868 978-0-567-03076-4 The Bible in Arab Christianity. deftly explaining the various Christian dissenting groups in an age mistakenly assumed to belong to the Church of England. ©2006 344 p. ©2006 255 p. What caused this change? Brown (religious and cultural history. and suggest further print and online sources for deeper study. Louisiana State U. Lund U. Carolingian eucharistic thought and the sermons of Ademar of Chabannes. Nancy M. time and place of origin. Scripture and scholarship in early modern England. v. Callum G.95 Sidenvall (theology and religious studies. BR516 2006-046810 0-7432-8712-6 Conversing with the saints. $39.BR252 978-90-04-15463-6 BR1710 2-503-51760-9 Medieval monks and their world. The two volumes are paged and indexed together. ©2006 230 p. ©2006 747 p. BR759 2005-057986 978-0-582-47289-1 All things in the Bible. and literature explore the scholarly criticism of the Bible in England between the late 16th and early 18th centuries. Among their topics are Egyptian monasticism. and the early 14th-century context for the doctrine of divine foreknowledge in Wyclif’s Latin sermons.) here describes groups of people such as professions or nationalities.00 US historians honor their colleague. and a Nestorian Arabic Pentateuch used in western Islamic lands. (Religion. v. ©2007 421 p. of Missouri Press. Kuo. Tischler (emerita. he says.D. David Kuo came away from the experience deeply disillusioned with the marriage of politics and Christianity. First he re-examines corpus questions such as authorship. $188. Title main entry. Patrick. biblical criticism and the New Testament canon.00 (pa) Far from declining into a mere refuge for the few and the odd. BS315 2006-051757 978-90-04-15558-9 Republicanism.6) BRILL. v. UK) Ed. theological constructs such as the Fall of Man and the Resurrection. Ireland is first as he reconstructs a life of Saint Patrick that he suggests was written in the final decade of the seventh century. and Jeremy Taylor’s 1647 Liberty of Prophesying and its readers. Bush’s Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives. T&T Clark. $99. ©2006 199 p. the continuing influence of Victorianism and revival. Among their topics are the Genesis narrative in the circle of Robert Hooke and Francis Lodwick. some elements of religion in the UK have taken on a militancy unimaginable when faith appeared to be on the wane in the 1960s and 1970s. 1845-c. Ed. religion. For each he will edit. Egmond subjects three ninth-century Merovingian texts to a kind of analysis they have not previously received. –23– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Four Courts Press. BR1720 978-1-85182-980-4 Tempting faith. by David Blanks et al. Mingana Symposium on Arabic Christianity and Islam (5th: 2005: Birmingham. cite biblical passages and cross-references in the text. an inside account of political seduction. at the end of the century. Samson and David will follow.95 Having produced 2003 a reference to men and women in the Bible. $59. $32. He does not provide an index. Entries range from a page or less to several pages. proceedings. Howlett. including New Age movements. by David Thomas. $60. reflecting on the personal and public issues that caused him to turn away from the politics of religion. events and activities. the experience of war. Erik. translate. Pennsylvania State U. Sullivan. David..25) BRILL. in particular the forms of communication used in the texts. and was attacked and defended for its integrity and authenticity as a God-given word. Then gets down to his main purpose: analyzing the content.. and other matters of possible interest to lay readers of the Hebrew or Christian Bible. Here. ©2006 230 p. now retired from Michigan State University with 11 essays reflecting his interests in the Middle Ages. he recounts his experiences in the Bush administration.15) Brepols Publishers. pagan gods. ideas and realities. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company.

BRILL. $174. Among their considerations are approaches in translation studies and their use for studying the Septuagint. history. Ohio).BS511 2006-008742 978-90-04-13088-3 BS1160 2006-013827 978-90-04-13765-3 The recycled Bible.) examines the nature and impact of biblical traditio-historical research. v. and the metrical psalms and The Gammage Cup.00 Colleagues. the trouble with King Jehoshaphat. The Chronicle of the Kings of Judah as a source of the Deuteronomistic history. ©2007 365 p.” He describes the first studies of tradition in the Hebrew Bible. Title main entry. music.34) BRILL. Canada. No index is provided. former students. the work of Gunkel.51) BRILL. The Netherlands) Ed. Sawyer. $194.00 Both established and new scholars are represented by the 17 papers on the Old Greek version of the Hebrew Bible and related topics. There is no index.00 Knight (Vanderbilt U.95 Offering readers a one-volume reference source about 21st. subsequent practitioners such as Gese. The contributing German. but they also consider the Ancient Near East and ancient Greece. and critical reactions. ethical. Dozeman and Konrad Schmid. 3d ed. and blessings made to the ancestors. Peters. thus creating the master narrative of salvation history as a progression beginning with the divine promise of land. of Steubenville. Richter and Steck. $155. The space between refers to the blend of cultural criticism and autobiography that the contributors—religious scholars from the US. (Society of biblical literature studies in biblical literature. $110. the nomadic text. politics and psychology. Among their topics are Hebrew and homebrew. but also at debates about euthanasia and the death penalty in the western world. Septuagint and cognate studies. and analyzes past and present perceptions about this aspect of study of “tradition history.255) Peter Lang Publishing Inc.115) BRILL. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –24– . John Six in conversation with vampire studies. BS538 2005-034703 978-1-4051-0136-3 Rediscovering the traditions of Israel. v. Wiebe. v. ©2007 348 p. BS1181 2006-008538 978-90-04-13766-0 Christian theology in a pluralist context. they focus especially on rituals of human sacrifice and ancient polemics against it or transformations of it in the Israelite-Jewish and Christian cultures. Franciscan U. Ed. autobiography. posterity. Ed.00 Recycled refers to how the Bible has been used in a wide range of Western cultural texts. by Karin Finsterbusch et al. chronological. by Melvin K. ©2007 572 p. BS1199 2006-051765 978-90-04-15299-1 Human sacrifice in Jewish and Christian tradition. by Fiona C. Brill publishes the hardbound edition of this book. and ‘en with dative indicating instrument in the Septuagint of Ezekiel. culture. ©2006 360 p. it most certainly does.faceted nature of the Bible and its impact on the world and help to bridge the gap between specialist biblical studies and other disciplines. medieval and modern. BS651 2006-022710 978-0-8204-8827-1 Reflection and refraction. Ed. the paperbound is published by the Society of Biblical Literature (978-158983-163-6).00 Six papers and three responses present various perspectives on the thesis that the Priestly author of Genesis and Exodus was the first the combine the tradition of the ancestors with the story of Moses and the exodus. ©2007 239 p. $129. 16) BRILL. Bergsma. Black.95 Partly for its own value. and ending with the exodus from Egypt and the journey to the promised land. He does not consider New Testament texts. Title main entry. no. International Organization for Septuagint and Cognate Studies Congress (12th: 2004: Leiden. with traditio defined as the process of transmission from one generation to the next.00 Just as the concept of jubilee has been interpreted differently in various modern contexts. The hardbound edition of this work is published by Brill (978-90-04-13766-0). Second Temple literature. Alt.00 European and American scholars investigate the degree to which ancient practices and traditions of human sacrifice are reflected in medieval and modern traditions. $149. ©2006 197 p. The articles emphasize the multi. Among the questions he pursues is why to mess up a perfectly good creation story with foreign material. and North American theologians were inspired by the work of the Pentateuch Seminar of the Society of Biblical Literature since the early 1980s. John Chrysostom and Job and Psalms. proceedings. The 30 articles are written by distinguished specialists and are organized into sections on revealing the past. Society of Biblical Literature publishes the paperbound edition. BS1171 2006-049031 978-90-04-14512-2 The Blackwell companion to the Bible and culture.54) BRILL. Graeme Auld. He surveys the history of its reinterpretation as a legal. A. the place of the enclitic personal pronouns in the Old Greek psalter.113) BRILL. by Thomas B. series VII: Theology and religion. and messianic concept from the roots of the jubilee year in ancient Near Eastern law and practice through its original formulation in pre-exilic Israel and its various re-uses in the Hebrew Bible. (Society of Biblical Literature symposium series. a theologian now working outside both church and academe. explores how to develop a doctrine of creation that responds to today’s worldwide multi-religious context. the Septuagint and the vocalization of the Hebrew text of the Torah. Ed. $71. Swiss. such as literature. Steven L. no. Title main entry. Only names are indexed. von Rad and Noth. Douglas A. a methodological and constructive inquiry in the doctrine of creation. v. He turns then to the Scandinavian debate beginning with Mowinckel and progressing to Engnell and the Uppsala Circle. the use of dôr in Psalms 14 and 24. Knight. (Septuagint and cognate studies. Ed. and what methods are suitable to develop pluralistic theology. BS744 2006-029246 978-90-04-15122-2 The jubilee from Leviticus to Qumran. He contrasts traditio with traditum. Title main entry. a process which is at times rigid and faithful and at others inclusive of intentional or unintentional alterations. (Semeia studies. and the space between.H. the pastoral epistles as hypertexts. In antiquity. $111. so it was during biblical times. and England—use to explore the connection between Western culture and the Bible. the era of source criticism. a history of interpretation. and Qumran writings. and reading in practice. ©2006 555 p. the composition of the Pentateuch in recent European interpretation. (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. Title main entry. and the resulting influence that culture and the Bible exert on one another. ©2006 232 p. by Robert Rezetko et al. and partly as an example for other theological issues. theology. ©2006 215 p. studies in biblical historiography in honour of A.century approaches to the Bible. and the biblical exegesis of Hebrew roots in the Septuagint. says Bergsma (theology. $111. the content of the transmission itself. (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. art. Gressmann. Wiebe. John Sietze. (Blackwell companions to religion) Blackwell Publishing. the notion of Jerusalem as a holy city. ending with commentary on whether tradition history has a future. by John F. the Bible and the senses. this volume explores the ways the Bible has affected all the major social contexts where it has been influential: ancient. and friends of Scottish Hebrew Bible scholar Auld present 30 essays on such topics as historiography and theodicy in the Old Testament. BS680 2006-051652 978-90-04-15085-0 A farewell to the Yahwist?. If this fine work is any indication. In modern times they look not only at Jewish and Christian traditions. (American University studies.

dissertation in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament for Harvard University. v. but because people who make up laws generally link them to legendary history and locate the origins of the laws so far back in time that no one can dispute them.27) BRILL. Ed. and how those interpretations continue to influence modern conceptions of its unity or coherence. among them Noah. Stein.124) BRILL. essays in honor of Bernard C. He proposes minimally that a single trident group in a single generation of time wrote the whole book. ©2006 212 p. by Mark J. vines. an indexed bibliography.1: The origins of penitential prayer in second temple Judaism. theoretical approaches.00 The late 1990s saw a flurry of significant publications on the Second Temple era. The idea worked admirably. $55. lament in Trito-Isaiah’s penitential prayer and within Jeremiah and Joel. rhetorical study. v. he references journal articles to their abstracts in New Testament Abstracts. harvests and knives. Their topics include nationalistic exegesis in the Greek Isaiah. and has poisoned relations between Christians and Jews even to our own time.BS1199 2006-030223 978-90-04-15124-6 BS1520 2006-026032 978-0-8204-8618-5 Seeking the favor of God. Calum. Byron G. v. of Evansville. ©2006 328 p. ©2007 161 p. by Cilliers Breytenbach et al. and the Modern Era. confession as a theological expression. set solidly within the context of time. Cornell U. Curtis. and the chronotope and its discursive function in the Gospel of Luke.21) BRILL. $134. Title main entry.00 Rising from the milieu of the Society for Biblical Literature’s Isaiah Group. lots about Joseph and his brothers. allusions. Title main entry. BS1255 2006-009625 0-8018-8500-0 Anti-cultic theology in Christian biblical interpretation. Johns Hopkins U.00 Looking for the social matrix that gave birth to the strange 14-chapter form of the book of Zechariah. the state of scholarship. she shows that its anti-cultic interpretation derives from factors external to the text and that its meaning has been shaped to reflect the interpreter’s theological concerns.D. the Book of Zechariah in social-location trajectory analysis. and characterization. no. Rachel and Onan. Lavik. a study of its laws and institutions in the light of biblical narratives. and articles on the Gospel that were published during the 25 years and are generally accessible in major theological libraries. ©2006 287 p. Connecticut) cites without annotation books. Gregory T. no. U. Lategan on the threshold of diverse theological discourses. Humphrey. he also tries to establish grounds that make unitary authorship once again a tenable hypothesis. ©2007 274 p. (Supplements to Novum Testamentum. Tull. Published under license from the Society of Biblical Literature. and she finds significant rhetorical features nestled amongst the motifs of messengers. Indiana) argues that such an interpretation is fundamentally incongruous with its broader literary context.K. Boda et al.00 How do you persuade a large number of very critical readers and listeners that a biblical text is about someone else and not themselves? Lavik (Old Testament.111) BRILL. $150. post-70 CE Judaism. BS1515 2005-037069 978-90-04-13041-8 Up the steep and stony road.). The Gospel of Mark. and theological motifs. the concept of guilt in Isaiah. intertextual readings in the Septuagint. rivers. Brill publishes the hardbound edition of this book. the rhetoric of Isaiah 18. the writings of Martin Luther. Unlike previous writers however. $122. Qumran. (Society of Biblical Literature symposium series. (Early Judaism and its literature. Stavanger) takes a fascinating passage of the Book of Isaiah which has often confused lay audiences and scholars alike and analyzes how its textual design. plot. priestly performance as speech act. an inductive. Valerie A. Going further. Curtis asks again whether it may have but one principal author. points of view. Ed. (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum.. ©2006 334 p. Carmichael. BS2585 2006-047060 978-0-7734-5553-5 “As those who are taught”.00 Yes. BS1665 2006-028511 978-90-04-15112-3 Illuminating Leviticus. $116. Wong. –25– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . the eponymous prophet. no. Qumran. ©2007 404 p. He argues that there is a fundamental connection between the rules and the stories about first happenings in this epic. BS1305 2006-049078 978-90-04-15086-7 Compositional strategy of the book of Judges. and in response the Society of Biblical Literature set up a series of annual meetings designed to encourage mutual consultation. he does not begin with an assumption that the book is an integrated text.. admits Carmichael (comparative literature and law. Ed.00 Scholars from South Africa present 19 selected and revised papers presented to an August 2004 colloquium at Stellenbosch held to honor their fellow biblical scholar Lategan. but actually they concern some of the most dramatic incidents and famous people in biblical sources. but Stein (religion. and these 11 papers chosen from those meetings cross the typical disciplinarian lines of the Hebrew Bible. Marta Høyland. As in his earlier bibliography of the previous 25 years. the socio-ideological setting or settings for penitential prayers.112) BRILL. and the contributions of form criticism. motifs and rhetoric are created to persuade and how the strophes within each stanza relate to each other. v. he indexes only authors. School of Mission and Theology. Robert Lowth’s 18th-century commentary. Among them are studies of the whole Gospel. Wong. $62. The arrangement being topical. Lategan. wordplays. chapters. BS1520 2006-051754 978-90-04-15434-6 A people tall and smooth-skinned.25) BRILL. v. $146.97) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. (Studies in biblical literature. The study is revised from her 2004 Ph. a study of Isaiah 66:1-4 and its reception. Title main entry. based on language and plot parallels. $119. Society of Biblical Literature publishes the paperbound edition. the interpretation of Isaiah from the LXX to the SBL. The result is a model of rhetorical analysis of a traditionally difficult text. the laws may seem excessively dry and strange. Press. the literary lament of Ezra 9:6-15.00 Like other synchronic scholars. 1980-2005. and early Christianity. not because the rules were made up at various times to deal with specific problems. recurring themes and motifs. by exploring whether significant rhetorical links exist between narratives from different sections. a Scottish scholar of Hebrew and Old Testament studies. the Philistines of the plague narrative. specific passages. The topics include hermeneutical considerations concerning the so-called third quest of the historical Jesus. by Claire Mathews McGinnis and Patricia K. Critically analyzing its reception from the Patristic Era.95 The passage has often been used to proclaim God’s rejection of the Jerusalem temple and cult. place and language. ©2006 249 p. As she works through a very close reading she finds phonetic and syntactic elements as well as semantic choices that build to a consistent but still pragmatic poetic technique. Second Temple literature. and Isaiah’s polyphonic message. and selectively notes reviews of books. $173. Hugh Minear. ©2006 342 p. resulting not only in accomplished work but also in avenues for future research. Edwin Mellen Pr. BS2361 2006-049065 978-90-04-15304-2 The New Testament interpreted. (Supplements to Vetus Testamentum. examines Judges through a close reading of literary and rhetorical features such as narrative structure. Contributors address penitential prayer with the context of the Second Temple era. its relations to other works. Fairfield U. Rather he investigates whether that view is justifiable.95 Humphrey (religious studies. the New Testament. vineyards. the perspective of a 12thcentury rabbi in northern France. 15 essays by scholars from the Americas and Europe consider interpretations of the Old Testament book over the millennia. Johannine christology. and the renowned descendants David and Jonathon. (Society of Biblical Literature Academica Biblica.

dreams. supplemented by the New. Arthur. especially in terms of social location. McGrath. and how language figures in our perceptions of both experience and religion and how they relate to each other. ©2006 306 p. McMurry U.00 In 1957 Johannine scholars were startled by John A. Final reflections consider the future of Johannine scholarship. Gordon. eventually coming to the main point of religion. subjecting ambiguity in theology. Anita. the experience of liberation. and theology. The contributors. the relation of Christianity with other religions. these essays focus on two interrelated themes in that document: politics and rhetoric. ©2006 194 p. The response of characters to the experience is his main concern. Miller. but he has not assumed readers to be familiar with any of these fields.39) BRILL. Cedarville U. Ussher elegantly finds that anyone who shows the results of justification can be regarded as being justified. no. $12. and church.. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –26– . BS2625 0-567-08097-8 Experience and religion.95 In what he warns is a radical and original interpretation of the theology of Paul.95 (pa) Luther comments on the Christography of Nestorius. Monro. Kauppi explores how non-Christian readers received Luke’s references to various gods and other aspects of the contemporary Greco-Roman religion. Oxford U. BT77 2006-016856 978-1-56478-424-7 New currents through John. new readings of John 2:12-25. $129. contributors examine such topics as anthropology as a feature of Johannine eschatology. and that ambiguity.. the doctrine of God as trinity. commentary and questions for study. the role of tradition and dogma. showing how myth. This is a reprint of the United Church Press edition of 1967. authority and justice in the major churches in England. Brunner and Barth part ways on the nature of God. and its related legal theory that the scope and power of government should be limited to what the Scriptures of the Old Testament. ©2006 214 p. Barr. ©2007 744 p. he suggests that the movement adopt a somewhat less ambitious pedigree than John Calvin and John Knox. He studies representative churches of five major denominations in England. Marc A. They also examine community and cultural conflicts. $139. a lay essay in theology. Five decades later this absorbing collection shows how the tide has turned again. theology. Distributed by the David Brown Book Company. His selections include primary readings. by Francisco Lozada and Tom Thatcher. and spirituality) Equinox Publishing Limited. no. Ohio) traces the origin and development of the late-20th-century movement to apply Old Testament or Mosaic Law to the civil realm. (Gender. ©2007 282 p. salvation in Christ.. The scholarly work draws on legal theory. Arthur here examines assumptions underlying ideas about how the Church should regulate the conduct of its members and make decision. ©2006 245 p. BS2655 2005-030617 0-7546-5499-0 A history of the idea of “God’s Law” (Theonomy). McGrath (historical theology. He explains that the dream-vision scenes include both divine irruption into human experience and human perception of divine activity. by Alister E. Title main entry. Britain) argues that the transformation among early Christians led them to reinterpret their old life as a kind of slavery. Ashworth (biblical studies. rhetoric and politics in the Book of Revelation. Greco-Romans read religion in Acts. Nicholas.. theology. 3d ed. particularly Christianity. Judaism as presented in John. Clauson. clearly command or to what can be deduced from them. $24. working out how human freedom allies with both prophecy and commitment. After his investigation. Miller (religion. development and place in political and legal thought. She shows how charges of erotic transgression are inherent is such a study.) works through theories of Julia Kristeva and others to develop a poststructuralist and postmodernist approach that allows for the reality of a multiplicity of languages and identities within the faith. philosophy.) introduces key ideas. but others interpret them to make sense of them and discern the will of God. visions. and the perception of God’s will in Luke-Acts. but as an inner maturity and liberation. symbol and liturgy function as means of resistance in an imperial setting.95 (pa) Munro (liturgy and theology. Edwin Mellen Pr. Lynn Allan. at least one of which was Jewish. Ashgate Publishing Co. His goal is to distinguish Luke’s appropriation of the gods for his own theological purposes from possible interpolation of references to them by his readers. (Resources for biblical study. as it applies to the present and future experience of the world. Title main entry. $153.95 Having studied physics. Ed.50 (pa) Mosley came to a mutual crisis point in both his life and his faith. the role of the church. which allows for duality and alternative thinking. personalities and schools of thought in 361 readings with summaries. He managed to sort out that faith and experience might just be able to work together. ©2006 464 p. ©2006 165 p. including the then-established dictum that John used the synoptic gospels as his source. the sacraments. Ed. In this agile and deeply personal text Mosley finds compelling ways to describe religion in terms of how the world works. who are scholars of religion and the Bible. a global perspective. and thereby get a better understanding of Luke’s theology and purpose. and biblical studies) Ashgate Publishing Co. The 12 papers were selected from a number of symposia over the years. the person of Christ as divine and human.49) BRILL. and rather than abandoning religion as unfashionable or even irrelevant.F. scripture and interpretation as sources of theology. history. Dalkey Archive Press. (Biblical interpretation series. BS2825 2005-037070 978-90-04-15107-9 Resurrecting erotic transgression. its origins. T&T Clark is an imprint of Continuum. consider the rhetorical strategies and tactics in Revelation and demonstrate their connection to the situation in Roman Asia Minor.BS2589 2006-043092 978-90-04-15474-2 BT77 2006-001999 978-1-4051-5358-4 Convinced that God had called us. ©2006 156 p. BT83 2005-034644 978-1-84553-104-1 Paul’s necessary sin. $115. He is a master of the conundrum. (Ashgate new critical thinking in religion. (reprint.85) BRILL. After an introduction to the old “new look” and the new critical orthodoxy.) examines the many dream-visions in Luke-Acts. $99. and Canon Law. and aspects of two worlds present in the gospel. Ashworth. liberty. and so mark an intersection between Luke’s theology and anthropology. the effects of human nature in sin and grace. Birmingham. (Society of Biblical Literature symposium series. and he finds that some just do what they are told. Timothy. the role of John 21 in defining discipleship and John 13 in defining community. v. Robinson’s assertions that a “new look” at the fourth gospel would soon replace the old orthodoxy. Law. BT88 2005-034562 0-7546-5437-0 The reality of Apocalypse.00 Revising his 1999 doctoral dissertation at the Lutheran School of Theology in Chicago. subordination in Johannine Christology and the Roman family. and the end times as everlasting death and everlasting life. and introduces how methods of understanding poetry within an ambiguous context can apply to scriptural reading and interpretation. Blackwell Publishing. Charles Sturt U. 277) T&T Clark. Ed. New materials include increased coverage of Catholicism and Orthodoxy and works by women. $99.95 Clauson (history and law. ©2006 248 p. is built into hermeneutics and allows for boundary-crossing and category-breaching. proofs of the existence of God and the grounds of faith. BS2615 2006-025611 978-90-04-14672-3 The Christian theology reader. BT82 978-0-7734-5598-6 Foreign but familiar gods.00 Slightly revising his doctoral dissertation for Princeton University. (Library of New Testament studies. Kauppi. $49. John B. by David L. rather than of what might be revealed. 1967) Mosley. Woodbrooke Quaker Study Center.00 To recapture the meaning of the Apocalypse for the original readers of the Book of Revelation. Title main entry.T. $116. and shows how Paul used the universal image of the movement from childhood to adulthood to illuminate his transformed sense of how God acts: not as an external authority or guide.

©2007 361 p. Deane. ©2006 218 p. Holmes. particularly theodicy. $67. a journal of Western spiritual traditions. sources and historical background. Press. Luther and Zwengli.123) BRILL. its relationship to works by Bucer.15) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. The editor of Gnosis. Hus and Berengar. Spruyt analyzes the debate on Hoen from Hardenberg’s Vita Wesseli Groningensis on through the work of de Hoop Scheffer and Moll to the Leiden Historical School.95 Gnosis. ideals of tradition and progress. BT93 2005-017427 978-0-295-98547-3 Nietzsche and theology. would have known. Stanford U. admitting that the very Christology he offers shares much of the genetic code of the Nietzschean discourses he rejects. He finds common ground among them. $147.95 Having produced a 2001 work on the broad relationship between religion and family values in Western societies. Roth. He considers why Christology has not been able to play a more decisive role. Several of the scholars took part in two earlier volumes.. v. Providence Theological Seminary. however.J.) responds Christologically to the Nietzschean tradition. $99. Like many emblems of universality. Poole. theology. and biblical studies) Ashgate Publishing Co. this one has concealed a number of cultural fissures. Poole explains the various controversies that have arisen from Juan Diego’s sighting of the Virgin Mary in 1531. Lehtipuu. of Washington Pr. Outi. in dialogue with Karl Barth. ©2006 195 p. and of Luke’s overall purpose and Jesus overall teachings. He shows what they reveal about the state of religion in contemporary Western societies. dissertation in theology at the University of Helsinki.BT90 2006-929292 978-0-7618-3547-9 BT702 2006-008827 0-7546-5767-1 Through a glass darkly. v. and Jesus’ listeners. Newman (philosophy. Univ. (Ashgate new critical thinking in religion. ©2007 249 p. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. ©2007 202 p. strategies of interdenominational and intra-denominational competition. because it allows the Christian story to parasiticize grammars of power and violence while also being open itself to invigoration from a host of viral discourses. Erasmus. BT378 2006-049211 978-90-04-15301-1 The afterlife imagery in Luke’s story of the rich man and Lazarus. by David Patterson and John K. less strident and more healing. BT707 2006-022364 0-8204-8667-1 Fire in the ashes. he says. the experience of direct “inner knowing. including the influence on Luther and later dissent from Wyclif. Episcopal priest Berry (emeritus philosophy and religion. BV823 2006-050608 978-90-04-15464-3 The Guadalupan controversies in Mexico. varieties of religious commitment. and its continuing influence. (Theology and religion interdisciplinary perspective series) Ashgate Publishing Co. Poole objects to Diego’s canonization but ensures through his comprehensive research that his opinion is well grounded rather than mere iconoclasm. and the Holocaust. culture. The Da Vinci Code. Newlands.00 Jewish and Christian philosophers and theologians engaged in interfaith dialogue through the biennial Pastora Goldner Holocaust Symposium step outside conventional theological frameworks to search the ashes of the Holocaust for theology. Smoley. Richard. The study is mildly revised from her 2004 Ph. U. There is no index. but modern scholars and theologians argue that the promise and threat are not the point of the parable at all. (Supplements to Novum Testamentum. ideas) BRILL. medieval heresy. (Issues in systematic theology. the transformative engagement. HarperSanFrancisco. Canada) here looks at some of the specific media debates. $45. Press of America. argues that the Gnostic legacy may yet bridge the chasm between faith and science. Ed. Stafford. $99. David. and where necessary explains why their doctrines take different conceptual and descriptive directions. of Guelph. Smoley presents and explains a family tree of Gnosticism from ancient civilizations to its many branches that include Kabbalah.95 Holmes (systematic theology and ethics. $65. postures and paradoxes in philosophical perspective. Freemasonry. introduced many to the secret nature of such teachings and the central (and suppressed by the Church) role of the sacred feminine. Jay. (The Pastora Goldner series in post-Holocaust studies) U. Berry. $70. Title main entry. the work’s contents.00 Journalist Spruyt. and the impact of the work in terms of its printing history and dissemination. and reform in the early sixteenth-century low countries.00 (pa) Distressed by the power of religious and political forces seeking to impose on the general population ethical views they claim to derive from the Bible. He looks at the story. Bart Jan.00 What most people remember most about the Lazarus and the Rich Man story that Luke has Jesus tell is the image of bliss and torment in the afterlife. the book. Mexicans fuse religious devotion and national identity. gives details on Hoen’s life and thought and the circumstances of his trial. whose historical specialization includes the history of Christian humanism in The Netherlands and the political philosophy of conservatism. Eberhard Jüngel and Wolf Krötke. the ambiguity of the Christian tradition. and Hinduism/ Buddhism. ©2006 318 p. and how an appropriation of this feature can make the Christian voice less demanding and more inviting. $23. God. of Helsinki) puts the narrative in the context of stories and folktales that Luke’s readers. ©2006 244 p.D. ©2006 90 p. the evidence within it about Hoen’s character and thought. –27– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . and how a hermeneutical retrieval of the tradition in the service of the future may be achieved. Colgate U. the gnostic legacy from the Gospels to the Da Vinci Code . Spruyt.95 Deane (theology and religious studies. $24. evil. history. He includes an edition of the original Latin text and a contemporary German translation. Colorado State U. religion. Their unifying premise is that the relation between God and evil has been complicated by the Holocaust. and that a dialogue among Christians and Jews of various religious persuasions is necessary to deal with the issue. the bestselling book. alchemy.) explores how ambiguity emerges as an important ingredient in the Christian paradigm. the man. focuses on Hoen’s famous work opposing transubstantiation.” has been marginalized in Western religions as a traditional counter-culture. Newman. Erasmian humanism. BT660 2006-005160 978-0-8047-5252-7 Forbidden faith. Lehtipuu (U. and other matters. $155. BT738 2005-026467 0-7546-5201-7 Christ and human rights. Cornelius Henrici Hoen (Honius) and his epistle on the Eucharist (1525). ©2006 296 p. Manitoba) describes and evaluates what the three seminal 20th-century Protestant theologians take to be the function of a doctrine of the divine attributes. George.. ©2005 350 p. Christopher R. Such semiotic cross-pollination is a good thing. Donald L. Nietzschean thought in Christological anthropology. BT1390 2006-280881 0-06-078339-7 Revisiting the doctrine of the divine attributes. including questions about Diego’s existence that have persisted to the 21st century.00 In the symbol of Our Lady of Guadalupe. of Glasgow) argues that the central Christian doctrine of Christology—the transcendent mystery of Christ—has much to contribute to a culture in which global human rights may be positively addressed.. BT130 2006-022459 978-0-8204-8696-3 Pious pro-family rhetoric. (Studies in medieval and reformation traditions.95 Newlands (U. and the friend.

Printed writings. Radboud U. but she was a white woman. by Heleen Murre-van den Berg. No index is provided.00 In 13 papers from a January 2005 conference in Leiden. a devotional pamphlet. ©2006 117 p. Anne. and outlines important events. The cross-referencing is thorough. revival events.95 Paver (emeritus. (The communication. Patricia. Grasso and Robert P. 2v. ©2007 280 p. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Uniting Church Theological College. and convinced that assimilation was the only way. Wim. $89. renewed motivations for missionary activity. spiritual caregivers face the challenge of reinventing their profession in Dutch hospitals as elsewhere. Radboud U. $89. 1590-1834. and even some members of the academy have found diverging during the past years.95 (pa) As a missionary nurse and teacher in a residential school in the wilds of British Columbia. and identity. Nijmegen Medical Centre. Based on a factor analysis. and growing colonial and imperial investment in the region. ©2006 — p. Smeets. ©2007 1178 p. He closes with commentary about what can happen when Christians embrace communication technology and what happens when they do not. pastoral. Using material from the Salamanca Archive manuscript source in the Russell Library. and advocates for development of Christian identity in the swirl of knowledge and information so the spiritual needs of people will matter. media. The others are The Irish College at Alcalá de Henares. a collection of certaine promises out of the word of God.95 (pa) Dignitatis Humanae. Four Courts Press. thereafter training as priests at the college. Distributed by the Michigan State U.. In a study of practices in the overlapping domains of healthcare and worldview. BX830 2006-017198 978-0-7425-5193-0 Renewing pastoral practice. and how its technology has changed. The first volume contains 227 articles on people. with others coming from law as well as philosophy and theology. by M. contemporary reflections on Vatican II’s declaration on religious liberty. Press. $116. The study questionnaire and other methodological notes are appended. which students. which seems to be the only cross-reference between the volumes. NUI. BV3773 2006-006370 0-313-32828-5 Spiritual care in a hospital setting. Trans. historians of the Middle East and of Christianity describe examples of the intense interest the Middle East shown by Christianity and the West in general during the 19th century. Phoenix. and further reading is suggested at the end of each article. they say was generated by curiosity about holy places. v.95 Anne Phoenix published The saint’s legacies. includes a list of students and biographical notes on them. Robert S. This is the third volume of her series of books on the six Irish Colleges founded in the Iberian peninsula. Of the American scholars offering perspectives on it four decades later. Maynooth. no. an empiricaltheological exploration. (The early modern Englishwoman. and empirical theology) Ashgate Publishing Co. and another in German. (Explorations in practical. v. $55. by Michael McClymond. Simon Frasier U. $225. while carefully considering the theological differences within the faith. 1605-1769. how it is a relational activity. The result is an unfettered voice from another age. Editor Kelm (history. pastoral. Greenwood Press. BV4500 2006-045880 0-7546-0992-8 Encyclopedia of religious revivals in America. Smeets (theology.BV2813 1-55238-166-8 BV4319 2006-018432 978-0-7425-5195-4 The letter of Margaret Butcher. Calvin College) provides theoretical and biblical analyses of the nature of communication itself. by Kenneth L. how it is a form of art and expression of culture. The editor (his affiliation is not noted) has provided a discussion of the work and its context and a biography of the writer. Paver. BV4011 2005-026469 0-7546-5565-2 Anne Phoenix.) lets Butcher speak for herself but is careful to bring her within her own contexts rather than ours. Pembroke. The Irish College at Santiago de Compostela. $31. (Explorations in practical. Sheed & Ward. and empirical theology) Ashgate Publishing Co. churches. by David Como. John E. revival practices or phenomena such as speaking in tongues and radio and television. the Netherlands) queried 545 such caregivers on their views on quality assurance in healthcare and their role in it. Hunt. most are surprisingly political scientists. and themes such as confession and eschatology. historians.. (Studies in Christian mission. Trinitarian perspectives on pastoral care and counselling. Manley. or. $99. That interest. BX920 978-1-84682-032-8 Theological reflection and education for ministry. ©2006 290 p. BV3160 2006-049212 978-90-04-15471-1 Communication.32) BRILL. Ed.13) BRILL. ©2007 158 p. of Calgary Press. O Connell (a former librarian of NUI. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –28– . ©2007 180 p. Ed. Melbourne) argues that theological reflection under pastoral supervision may be a key to reforming the curriculum of theological schools and integrating theory and practice. the Netherlands. BV4164 2006-021156 978-0-7546-5754-5 Catholicism and religious freedom.15) Univ. The second volume presents 106 primary documents from as far back as 1527 and as late as 2005. ©2006 273 p. its implications for interpersonal relationships. the search for integration in theology. he shows how thinking about it can renew a pastor’s vision of the ministry of care.00 Given the increasing secularization and technology. and each provides a cumulative index. Ed. $134. Title main entry. $26. BV4335 2006-047517 978-90-04-15189-5 New faith in ancient lands. and social scientists offer a reference to religious revivals in the US and Canada from the 18th century into the 21st. Title main entry. A clear facsimile of the pamphlet is found in this little volume.00 Religious scholars. One of the papers is in French. culture. Ed.95 (pa) Fortner (communication. of Queensland) looks to a central doctrine of the Christian faith for guidance in shaping pastoral theory and practice.. $29.5) Ashgate Publishing Co. v. Western missions in the Middle East in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. a devout and outspoken Puritan. This is a translation of Kwaliteit van de geestelijke verzorging in zorginstellingen. Fortner. He ends with theodicy and suffering.and policy. he recommends policies reinforcing the legitimacy of their role and followup international research to further clarify the relationship between modern medicine and spiritual care. in 1631. ©2006 339 p. Galway) describes college life and the rectors. Ed. (Empirical studies in theology.. she was in a perfect position to observe the Haisla people. was declared by John Paul II to be one of the major texts emerging from the 1962-65 Second Vatican Council. part of an ongoing series of facsimiles of hard-to-find works written by early modern English women writers. Title main entry. The two volumes are paged separately.95 Pembroke (pastoral studies. Neil. mounting eschatological and millennial expectations. missionary-imperialism on the North Pacific coast. a missionary. O Connell. ©2006 224 p. In addition to pointing out how the Trinity has relevance for pastoral care and counseling. a Christian theory of communication. by Mary-Ellen Kelm (Legacies shared series. or The Declaration on Religious Freedom: On the Right of the Person and of Communities to Social and Civil Freedom in Matters Religious.driven nature of health care. religious denominations or groups associated with revivals. series 1. He examines what communication is and how it relates to theory. Title main entry. Part 4. and religion series) Rowman & Littlefield.00 This history highlights the Irish College at Santiago de Compostela from 1605 to 1769 and its association with early Irish exiles in Spain who were forced to leave Ireland because of Penal Laws. 1649-1785 and The Irish College at Lisbon. U. the use of media and the development of digital culture.

27) BRILL. ©2006 174 p. $128.00 Orsini was a rare example during the period of an Italian who played a central role in the Avignon papacy’s Italian policy. BX1263 2006-049271 90-04-15502-3 Giulia Gonzaga and the religious controversies of sixteenth-century Italy. of Louisville). $24. They present six cases during their period of study in which Catholics tried to harmonize evolution and Christianity. Estonia. and its account of kingship and tyranny and other matters. but information about them has been fragmentary. and so can cast light on why the reformation failed to become established in Ireland as a whole. Javier. Thomas F. 18771902. 1147-1254. including his attacks on the people and their Church. Sometimes they went north. between the close of the Council and the late 17th century. Mario I. v. the Chronicon and its sources.. $65. immediately with the aim of protecting papal interests. the Pope’s visit in 1987. an effort which Honorius III coordinated the Dominicans from 1216 to 1227. the wide-ranging protests that resulted in tragedies. v. $168. Press. in gaining support for human rights. There is no subject index. U. Distributed in the US by ISBS. He considers the Abbey of St-Vanne in Verdun. The cases are often mentioned during debates. the spirit and the temple in his letters to the Corinthians. ©2006 454 p. BX1546 2006-047567 978-90-04-15357-8 The popes and the Baltic Crusades. Comerford. Aguilar (divinity. Spain). de Navarra. U.00 Not every crusader went south. his life and career. Here Fonnesberg-Schmidt (medieval history. and Gregory IX further involved the mendicant orders in follow-up.3: The second period of the Pinochet government. The pontificates of Gregory IX and Innocent IV that followed included crusades on Prussia. v. –29– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . He contends that blasphemy can be not only a manifestation of deep belief and rebellion. Brendan. of a projected five. BX1505 1-85182-995-4 Angelus pacis.67) BRILL. of Illinois-Chicago) explores the connection between blasphemy and religious belief by analyzing the social uses of blasphemous speech among different groups in colonial Mexico between 1520 and 1700. 1073-85) and Henry IV of Germany (10561106). and religious issues.. v. The study began as his 2004 doctoral dissertation at the National University of Ireland-Galway. giving rise to confusion. $134.. (Church. Mariano et al. Healy. but ultimately to bring about conditions under which the exiled papacy could return to Rome.95 Revising his doctoral dissertation in history at Trinity College. BX1795 2005-032623 978-0-8018-8389-7 Dangerous speech.3) BRILL. v. $109. They detail who acted and for what reasons. v.BX1198 2005-033953 978-0-7546-5526-8 BX1543 2-503-51807-9 The chronicle of Hugh of Flavigny. Kathleen M. Edwin Mellen Pr. 1326-1334. where Hugh was a monk. Porter. He was dispatched to Italy as legate by Pope John XXII in the spring of 1326 with the charge to bring about the pacification and general reformation of Italy. where he teaches today. of the Holy Cross. Artigas. BX2651 90-04-15408-6 Religion and reformation in the Tudor diocese of Meath. $98. She begins by analyzing papal policy on the Baltic crusades up to 1198. the legation of Cardinal Giovanni Gaetano Orsini.) and Rafael A. Russell. ©2006 270 p. Aalborg U. $50. Tuscan dioceses in the first century of seminary education. Pontifical U. and culture in the Medieval West) Ashgate Publishing Co. Patrick. Blake R. Scott. $99. Glick (history. demographic. Russell traces the life of the Italian noblewomen through the lens of the religious beliefs she held and the subversive agenda she pursued in the atmosphere of religious uncertainty and controversy that pervaded the Italian peninsula at the time. charts the social and religious state of the diocese in the years surrounding the introduction of reform. Four Courts Press. (Late medieval and early modern studies.D. Camilla. but the reform of priests and pastors under the 1563 decree by the Council of Trent that all dioceses in Catholic territories build seminaries to train parish priests.95 (pa) Villas-Flores (history and Latin American and Latino studies. (Medicine. Villa-Flores. then covers the events of 1980 under the new constitution. U. Beattie. ©2007 387 p. He places the Church in the context of Chile. ©2006 264 p. the beginning of the pontificate of Innocent III and his subsequent interpretation of missions among non-Christians in the Baltic region and elsewhere. Fonnesberg-Schmidt. and Melanchthon’s interpretation of the letter to the Romans in his 1521 Loci Communes. Scotland) examines the civil alliances in Chilean society that helped to reconstruct what had been destroyed under the Pinochet regime. BX1468 2004061089 0-7734-5653-8 Negotiating Darwin. Aguilar. The result was a curious and variable combination of crusade and mission rivaling the complexity of the crusade for Jerusalem. (The medieval Mediterranean. what decisions were made. ©2006 326 p. looked at the Pauline canon and Paul and his opponents.95 In this volume of the series. Title main entry. Paul the exorcist and healer. Livonia. Here scholars of religion consider his theology from such perspectives as Paul’s understanding of faith as participation. but after her death.00 Gonzaga (1513-66) was renowned by contemporaries for her beauty and chaste widowhood. says Beattie (history.00 The first two volumes. Ed. BX1908 2006-049029 978-90-04-15393-6 A social history of the Catholic Church in Chile. ©2007 245 p. Healy discusses Hugh’s account of the conflict between Pope Gregory VII (r. reform and the investiture contest in the late-eleventh century. Martínez (philosophy.00 The matter under study here is not priests and pastors pursuing reform. Comerford (history. ©2006 242 p. Revising her 2003 Ph. Andrews. BX1428 2006-009138 978-0-8165-2563-8 Reforming priests and pastors. Paul and his theology. Dublin. U. a cache of letters showed that she had maintained a long and intimate relationship with a man who was decapitated and burned the next year for the heresy revealed in the letters. the Vatican confronts evolution. (Pauline studies. they say. of Arizona Press. a year after they were opened. political. how the events unfolded. Denmark) describes the crusades against the Slavs initiated by Eugenius III in 1147 which continued to the end of Innocent IV’s pontificate in 1254. The diocese is close to the English seat of power in Dublin and encompasses large swathes of the Pale and the Gaelic midlands. and the nature of care for the newly converted. he says. 1980-1990.8) Brepols Publishers. He finds the work of the Catholic church was indispensable in gathering up those who supported democracy. (Education and society in the Middle Ages and Renaissance. The dioceses she examines span a wide range of economic. Iben. U. science. and in giving those who could not otherwise speak a chance to do so with some measure of personal safety. Georgia Southern U.26) BRILL. Rome) have worked in the archives of the Holy Office in Rome since 1999. a social history of blasphemy in colonial Mexico. the years of Pinochet’s rule. and the move toward democracy that could only come with the downfall of Pinochet. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. whether Romans 8 shows that he was a trinitarian. and religion in historical context) Johns Hopkins U. $81. ©2006 237 p. Finland and Russia.00 Irish historian Scott. ©2006 162 p. by Stanley E. faith. assistant editor of Breifne. of St. but also a powerful verbal device for multiple social purposes. (The northern world. and how they were put into practice. reconciliation.) explores how that played out in a number of diocesan seminaries in the part of Italy now called Tuscany. Boston U.00 Artigas (philosophy. dissertation at the University of London.

BRILL. Gelpi. religion. by John D. by John Patrick Donnelly. Title main entry. Assume that all books contain appropriate scholarly paraphernalia.6) BRILL. the most influential of the many new monastic orders founded during the 16th century in the context of the Protestant Reformation and reforms in the Roman Catholic Church. $49. ©2006 489 p. the spiritualist Anabaptists. No information is provided about an original edition. enlightens readers on much more than just his native dialect by explaining his systematic theology by way of his life experiences. The result. Inner Traditions International. $129. Mennonites and Doopsgezinden in the Netherlands from 1535 to 1700. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –30– . BX4655 978-90-04-15530-5 Crusade against the Grail. and radicals were generally studied by those of their own persuasion. the image refers to how the myth of the desert teeming with monks spread through the history of Christianity. Donald L. history. We note if the book should contain. ©2006 229 p. v.00 They called themselves the Poor of Lyon or the Poor of Christ. They also review his life. the Templars. Anabaptism literature and hymnody. BX3706 2006-007237 978-0-87220-839-1 Doing theology when God is forgotten. Title main entry. Title main entry. Ed.95 (pa) For those not blessed by time in the Ninth Ward. U. Mette B. Title main entry. by Jitse Dijkstra and Mathilde van Dijk. (Studies in Medieval and Reformation traditions.95 Ziegler (systematic theology. and philosophical theology. while he was still firmly in his teens. and the Church of Rome. and trans. In this new approach to the study of historical Anabaptist belief and practice the contributors include the coming generations by proposing new areas of study. and their detractors called them Valdesianus. $81. BX4931 2006-043093 978-90-04-15402-5 Parables. by Claire Davison. A companion to Anabaptism and spiritualism. spirituality. and as he walked with Jesus he found new and unfamiliar theological paths. the Netherlands. so he was free to envision Jerusalem as he thought fit. Ed. Donnelly (history. Ziegler. pastoral ministries. Marquette U. ©2007 344 p. 1540-1640. a Franciscan at the University of Paris in the early fourteenth century. Rahn. Audisio (emeritus early modern history. dawlin’?” Gelpi. (Brill’s studies in intellectual history. v. and his emulation of his beloved Cathars even unto the manner of his death overshadow his account of his search for the Grail. ecclesiology and political thought. is bound to be controversial. Anabaptism martyrdom and its considerations. BX4905 90-04-15007-2 The encroaching desert. Rahn traveled extensively in southern France to conduct research. BX3708 2006-921363 978-0-7618-3404-5 Preachers by night. $189. v. and the Christian life. a five-fold conversion that challenges personal and institutional neurosis and psychosis. the English Bible. his obsessions and his willingness to allow them to be used by nazi myth makers. U. Five volumes of his writings have been published since 1990. $129. ©2006 263 p. $37. ©2007 574 p. Press of America. metaphysics. the theological achievement of Wolf Krötke.00 Though he traveled much. $16. Throw in the Knights Templar. Anabaptism in Moravia and Silesia. ©2006 286 p. a late medieval theologian. (Brill’s companions to the Christian tradition. followers of Vaudès. of Copenhagen) explains how his topography of the city was composed of a range of theologico-literary topoi and included such features as the Garden of Eden. (Issues in systematic theology. the beginnings of Swiss Anabaptism. an Italian Franciscan who first studied and then taught at the University of Paris. There is no index. ©2007 258 p. Univ. BX4881 978-90-04-15454-4 Jesuit writings of the early modern period. Nine of the 10 essays are from a March 2005 workshop in Groningen. of Provence) says their movement was the only medieval religious dissent to have endured pursuit and persecution from the 12th century to the threshold of modern times. Ed. Rahn’s short and sad life.) assembles representative early writings by members of the Society of Jesus. But scholars of religion and literature here focus on his theology. Only names are indexed. Schwenckfeld and Frank on early modern spiritualism. here for the first time translated into English. theologian and philosopher. or both. BX4891 2006-021691 978-1-59477-135-4 Closer walk. including a theology inculturated into the US.95 (pa) Completely convinced that Eschenbach’s Parzival was an historical account and the heretical Cathars left clues in Pyrenean caves as to where they had hidden the Holy Grail. Title main entry.118) BRILL. and religious scholars in Europe and the US present case studies illuminating the context in which the theme of Egyptian hagiography was used during Late Antiquity. Otto. they explore his logic and metaphysics. Looking mostly at his Latin works. $163. Hackett Publishing Co. ©2006 418 p. Cistercian monk Bernard (1090-1153) never visited the Holy Land.95 Himself a Jesuit. politics. The study began as his doctoral dissertation at the Toronto School of Theology. ©2006 204 p. The result is a sincere act of gratitude for the opportunity he was given for this long and productive walk. Swiss and South German Anabaptism from 1526 to 1540. women and gender roles in Anabaptist and spiritualist groups. and how its themes and motives were transferred to and reused in the different contexts of the medieval West. the struggle between the Cathars. Friedman and Chris Schabel. opposition to Protestantism.14) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. ©2007 253 p.00 (pa) Historians of medieval philosophy comment on the work of Francis.00 Historians. Stayer. classicists. missions and Asia and the Americas. and his opponents. Scotland) explores the thought of contemporary German theologian Krötke.BX3606 978-90-04-15640-1 BX4827 2005-044222 978-0-8204-7874-6 Francis of Marchia. ideas. confessions of a Jesuit yat. which created the reputation that made his public positions and actions important in his own time. and the essays here reflect the expansion of modern interest from his natural philosophy to his political philosophy. BX4700 2006-049192 978-90-04-15503-9 A companion to John Wyclif. of Aberdeen. Ed. and Rahn found himself a member of the SS working for Himmler. and a constant dialog with the Great Church. Here he describes the lives and trials of the itinerant preachers as they struggled to maintain a clandestine faith.. active in the Catholic Charismatic Renewal since the 1960s and at the Jesuit School of Theology at Berkeley since 1973. BRILL. the Melchiorites and Munster.00 Wyclif (1330-84) is best known as the first translator of the Bible into English and as the inspiration for the popular heresy movement called Lollardy. Trans. popular. Bernard of Clairvaux’s mapping of spiritual topography. He also believed that the Cathars’ claims to higher spiritual integrity prompted violent suppression by forces raised by the Vatican in the form of an indiscriminate crusade. $70. which was completed before Krötke set out his full scale treatment of the doctrine of God’s attributes in Gottes Klarheiten. $124. a “yat” is what people from New Orleans call themselves. Gabriel. and the role of Anabaptism in the early modern state. The first section contains writings of founder Ignatius of Loyola. Philip Gordon. by Russell L. Babylon. Their thirteen comprehensive essays cover the contributions of Karlstadt and Muntzer to the Reformation of the Commoners. His was an early vocation. Roth and James M.00 For generations Reformation historians focused on who was right. a subject index and/or a bibliography. v. culture. and the wilderness. The desert itself was not moving. which came into English as the Waldensians. epistemology and philosophy of mind. Ed. Audisio. Egyptian hagiography and the medieval west. Brunn.148) BRILL. and attacks on the order. BRILL. but readers of that will find here the process by which he developed that doctrine through his earlier work. the Waldensian Barbes (15th-16th centuries). Marpeck and the later Swiss Brethren. Bruun (Centre for the Study of the Cultural Heritage of Medieval Rituals. but lacks. an approach that he makes both accessible and rigorous. Others consider education. by Ian Christian Levy. trinitarian and christological theology. as in “Where y’at. 1521-1700. U.

Illinois Valley Community College. France A. crises of faith and practice. whether it affords a gratuitous spirituality for Calvinists. BX7635 978-0-7734-5568-9 Reformed orthodoxy and philosophy. $36. Goudriaan (philosophy. Rogal. There is no index or bibliography. with Boyd S. Clark Co. Mastricht and Driessen were from successive generations.. the concepts of development and identity. Reprinted here are 14 of his published essays reflecting on his own efforts to reconcile his religious beliefs and his professional standards. John Jay and African American poet Phillis Wheatley. Countess of Huntington. becomes the heart of practice. Neilson and Ronald W. In this biography of Tutu. Grundy wisely sticks to the first century of the Middletown Meeting. Mostly. the soul and the body. Allen. the providence of God. by Carl L. early reform. Goudriaan’s conclusions are particular interesting as they reflect the ongoing differences in political alignments and in theology. $28. the authorized biography of Desmond Tutu. Ed. were integral to all the eighteenth century revival movement and to Methodism in particular. $24. no. and whether Christian faith can be separated from Christian life. and archival research to present a portrait of the man from his childhood through Tutu’s political activities following the fall of Apartheid. (Brill’s series in church history. $99. Oglesby) explores some of the personal and organizational challenges that Wesley. including full narratives about committees. human reason.95 Nearly 30 former and current members of the Southern Baptist Convention describe their experiences in the ongoing struggle between fundamentalists and moderates or liberals in the denomination. and approaches to the idea from Korean.00 Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1984. and the births. Arrington.95 Rogal (emeritus humanities and fine arts. her substantial finances.95 (pa) She corresponded with the Wesleys.00 The complex relationship of religion and other forces such as politics and culture can depress saints and delight despots. The Arthur H. George Washington. the reasons for belief in God. responses to slavery and war. John.95 Arrington was one of the founders of the New Mormon History movement in the late 20th century. the thoughts of Calvin on the kingdom of the Christ. made various improvements and repairs. built their third meeting house by 1793. Copernicus. Title main entry. $119. Erasmus U.J. Samuel J. ©2006 194 p. and her ability to know which candlesticks were at which chapel awaiting the new preacher. The efforts of Selina Hastings. divine accommodation. BX9422 2006-049210 978-90-04-15498-8 France Davis. was finally connected to the city sewer system in 1969. PA. we read of her concerns for John Wesley’s peace of mind. v. Edwin Mellen Pr. Allen (the former director of communications for South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission) combines first-hand knowledge from his 30-year association with Tutu. John Wesley’s book stock and the Arminian Magazine catalogue of 1789. Free Press. John R.G. Caribbean and African contexts. Leonard L.19) Scarecrow Pr. Although works based on town records abound. conscience. ©2006 177 p. operated an orphanage and established a seminary. relatively few scholars consider the riches to be found in the records of a community that has sustained itself for over 250 years in America. internal politics that led to some separating from the Meeting and politics in the wider world. 1625-1750. University of Tennessee Press. They are introduced by editors Neilson and Walker—fellow historians from Brigham Young University. Bucks County. –31– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 .95 Middletown Meeting started in 1750. and the means by which she intends to illuminate all with it. from his 1946 birth in rural Georgia. Lady Huntingdon and her correspondence. University of Utah Press. BX9422 2006-047805 978-90-04-15509-1 The evolution of a Quaker community. and the priority of Christian doctrine. Goudriaan. They also examine the family. the questions of unity and justification. Edwin Mellen Pr. Davis.. and family patterns. Leonard J.13) BRILL. BX8495 2006-047057 978-0-7734-5541-2 Religion without ulterior motive. closing with commentary on contextual theology and the Reformed tradition. Walker. changing economic views. creation. Their narratives detail questionable tactics to gain power by the fundamentalists and extreme actions once it is attained. the bastion of academic Mormonism. and their Methodist organization faced as they published. representing almost 200 years of thought about theological and philosophical issues that were tearing their world apart. In this collection. Oral historian Atiya has recorded and written his story.00 Voetius. the first professional historian to hold that post. and theological and political aspects of divine and natural law. We read her assessments of the Calvinism with which she is so closely associated. In this collection of 14 articles contributors consider Abraham van de Beek’s concept of “religion without ulterior motives. concentrating on the evolution of faith development.BX5700 2006-046808 0-7432-6937-3 BX8611 2006-011340 0-87062-348-6 Rabble-rouser for peace. Grundy. Kell. Mosaic physics. and Nayra Atiya.A. Martha Paxson.95 Now pastor of the Calvary Baptist Church in Salt Lake City. Gisbertus Voetius. she informs us that women of the period could be capable and powerful as well as prayerful. to his life and work in the ministry. the human being. Ed. Schlenther. Aza. evangelism. his brother Charles. he says. Their enterprise was intended to spread the evangelical message through books. an American story told. ©2006 481 p. Petrus van Mastricht. which begins as she is married and ends as she is dying. rather than faith. natural theology. Middletown meeting. voices of the Southern Baptist Convention holy war. Archbishop Desmond Tutu. BX9225 2006-014451 978-0-8108-5793-3 Exiled. 1750-1850. BX6462 2005-011123 1-57233-448-7 Reflections of a Mormon historian. Tyson. ©2006 356 p.) reconstructs the views of these three leading lights of the Reformed tradition. The result is a study of what happens when politics. information from his interviews with the Tutu family and access to the Tutu family papers. secondary causality. by E. Title main entry. $40. ©2006 391 p. through his coming of age in the segregated South. and he was named Church Historian of the Latter-Day Saints Church in 1972. by Reid L. marriages and deaths of those involved in the Meeting. but also to provide income to conduct that mission. $25. ©2006 360 p.26) BRILL. and is still in regular use. Arrington on the new Mormon history. business.. distributed. spent years working against South Africa’s Apartheid system and is credited by many for having played a major role in South Africa’s truth and reconciliation process. BX6495 2006-020550 978-0-87480-873-5 In the midst of early Methodism. special status. $155. Van der Borght. ©2007 276 p. v. and fears that the denomination is becoming radicalized over matters of secular rather than sacred concern. and Anthonius Driessen. setting their arguments in context and comparing their ideas on such issues as holy scripture. and sold books in the British Isles and North American during the 18th century. (Revitalization: explorations in world Christian movements) (Pietist and Wesleyan series.. Davis recounts his life. Grundy makes good use of the detailed records kept by the Meeting. ©2006 248 p. ©2006 331 p. $119. They address the issues of whether this concept places religion only within the private domain.” in which religion preserves its autonomy and respects the autonomy of other elements of life. Ed. (Studies in reformed theology. She appointed chaplains and ran the business of nearly 70 chapels.

CB245 2006-925551 1-932236-80-5




Curiosity and wonder from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment.
Title main entry. Ed. by R.J.W. Evans and Alexander Marr. Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 265 p. $99.95 European and American scholars of history and literature explore how the two emotions were expressed during the early modern period. Their topics include the metaphorical collecting of curiosities in France and Germany, the jocund cabinet and the melancholy museum in 17thcentury English literature, and wonder-working and the culture of automata. CB411 2006-005879 978-0-8387-5619-5

The triumph of the therapeutic; uses of faith after Freud.
Rieff, Philip. ISI Books, ©2006 290 p. $18.00 (pa) Rieff’s groundbreaking work, first published by Harper and Row in 1966, caught the scent of the cultural changes that came ripe in the next 40 years. In a series of essays that fully represent his conservative point of view, Rieff finds irony, in that this therapeutic age, which identifies itself as fiercely committed to the growth of human potential and personal fulfillment, is actually anti-therapeutic and even, in some respects, anti-human. He regards Freud as the key transitional figure from the Judeo-Christian to the purely therapeutic, and takes the broad view on Freud’s legacy, changes in Western culture, community, the analytic attitude, the replacement of the theologian by the therapist, including the roles of martyr and myth-maker, and the passage to a nearly completely therapeutic culture, complete with all the nearly unheralded irony. CB245 2006-012437 978-0-7391-1612-8

Enlightenment and emancipation.
Title main entry. Ed. by Susan Manning and Peter France. (The Bucknell studies in eighteenth-century literature and culture) Bucknell University Pr., ©2006 233 p. $51.50 Two of the most important elements of modernity, enlightenment and enlightenment are studied separately, to the detriment of our understanding of what modernity actually is. Here contributors ask whether enlightenment actually was a force for emancipation and come up with a range of answers including Condorcet’s measure of the abolition of slavery in the French colonies, Voltaire’s role in toleration and emancipation, the relative enlightenment of Rousseau and Burke and the resulting impact on paradox and rhetoric, the manipulated roar of the crowd on the issue of liberty, civility in Scotland, science and sedition in Bourbon South America, the anachronism of the queen consort, emancipation by women’s pens, emancipation by women’s radical politics, Diderot’s delicate approach to the critical, musical enlightenment, the recovery or at least the creation of a necessary past, and the very real and ever-present second face of the enlightenment. Distributed by Associated University Presses. CB430 2006-001715 978-1-4051-3190-2

The West at war.
Title main entry. Ed. by Bradley C.S. Watson. Lexington Books, ©2006 222 p. $27.95 (pa) Based on papers presented at an April 2005 conference of the same name, this book contains 11 chapters examining cultural, political, religious, ethical, and policy dimensions of the “war on terror.” Watson (American and Western political thought, Saint Vincent College) has organized the material into sections that consider the nature of the clash between “certain versions of Islam and/or Arab culture and the West,” ethical and religious reformulations of “just war” and ethical limits of liberal democracy “in the face of an enemy committed to its overthrow,” and the political “hearts and minds” aspects of the Western war against its declared enemies. CB251 2006-016477 978-1-59797-062-4

Beautiful things in popular culture.
Title main entry. Ed. by Alan McKee. Blackwell Publishing, ©2007 231 p. $59.95 Scholars and other pop culture analysts explore such consumer icons as superheroes in comics, shoes, crime fiction, “post-gay” websites, and a villain in the Xena: Warrior Princess TV show that they highly rate. The most unusual of the 13 essays treats why a 1943 propaganda film about a massacred village can be considered beautiful. McKee (creative industries, Queensland U. of Technology) situates these attractions in the context of critical debates over high vs. mass culture aesthetics. The few b&w photos include self-styled pop princess Kylie Minogue, and the beautifully styled Ducati 916 motorbike. CB465 2006-048126 978-0-07-301903-1

The last crusade; Americanism and the Islamic reformation.
Palmer, Michael A. Potomac Books, Inc., ©2007 273 p. $26.95 Surveying the history of the Islamic world from its origins to the present time, Palmer (history, East Carolina U.) has constructed this narrative primarily for the purpose of arguing that Islam is essentially a civilization that has failed in the project of modernization. That, and not imperial or other transgressions by the West, is the reason that Islamism of Osama Bin Laden resonates within the Islamic world and sets it in conflict with the forms of modernization known as Americanism. He predicts years of conflict that will only end when the world has converted to Islam or the West has been able to impose modernism on the Islamic world. Distributed in the US by Books International. CB351 2002-007485 1-58044-025-8

Oceans in world history.
Buschmann, Rainer F. (Explorations in world history) McGraw-Hill, ©2007 138 p. $21.88 (pa) Buschmann (California State U., Channel Islands) intends this short work as a complementary text for introductory world history and maritime history courses. In four chapters, he explores the role played by maritime exploration, trade, and travel in the interconnection of formerly isolated societies. The first three chapters discuss topics reaching to antiquity including the early oceanic migrations of Austronesian peoples, the making of an Indian Ocean commercial and cultural world, and the creation of interacting Atlantic and Pacific webs in the context of European maritime expansion. The final chapter describes the role of oceans in globalization since 1800. The introduction and four chapters all include a timeline of key events in both human and geological history.

Studies on the personal name in later medieval England and Wales.
Title main entry. Ed. by Dave Postles and Joel T. Rosenthal. (Studies in medieval culture; 44) Medieval Institute Pub., ©2006 391 p. $60.00 Focusing mostly on forenames—Christian or baptismal—but also some family names, Historians from England, the US, and Tasmania explore not particular names but naming patterns within particular social groups and regions as well as in England generally. Chapters also look at the Domesday jurors, and names and ethnicity in Anglo-Norman England. CB359 2006-042600 978-0-7614-7650-4

Renaissance and Reformation; 6v.
Title main entry. Ed. by James A. Patrick. Marshall Cavendish, ©2007 1584 p. $671.36 The six volumes of this reference, written for the middle school student, provide alphabetical entries on the people, issues, and events of the European Renaissance and Reformation, as well as individual entries on each country. Among the numerous biographical entries are many artists, writers, philosophers, and political figures. The entries are well illustrated in color and b&w plates and many include inset boxes that detail related issues, events, or the careers of significant people. The lengthy entry on theatre, for example, contains boxes on the Fool, the commedia dell’arte, Lope de Rueda, Anthony Munday, and Thomas Middleton, among others. Volume Six contains thematic indexes, resources for further study, and a glossary, among other resources. Patrick is the chancellor of the College of Saint Thomas More, Fort Worth, Texas. The contributors teach mainly in the US and the UK.

CC72 978-1-84217-211-7

Social archaeology of funerary remains.
Title main entry. Ed. by Rebecca Gowland and Christopher Knüsel. Oxbow Books, ©2006 312 p. $120.00 In this collection of 19 papers, contributors analyze the placement, position and condition of human remains in a variety of sites and explain the reasons they were buried, alone or in groups, in that particular manner in that particular place. Topics include surveys of the patterns of preservation of human skeletons, Neolithic practice in England and Ireland, cremation, animals as companions in death, dietary variations from analysis, combinations of cultures, age identity, gender, lessons learned from monasteries, late Renaissance and early modern disease culture, the investiture contest as a model, the incidence of violence and domestic violence, meanings behind fragmentation and body modifications, and the art of the living in funerary performance. Distributed by the David Brown Book Company.

Reference & Research Book News February 2007







The archaeologist’s fieldwork companion.
Kipfer, Barbara Ann. Blackwell Publishing, ©2007 467 p. $74.95 Kipfer, a lexicographer and author, provides a guide to information and materials needed when doing archeological fieldwork, compiled in one volume that can be carried while in the field. Aimed at students, amateurs, and professionals, the book covers classification and typology; sample forms and records; lists and checklists; mapping, drawing, and photographing settings and artifacts; measurements and conversion, including charts and using equipment; and planning and designing projects. Resources are listed in the final chapter, including organizations and journals, ethical guidelines, legislation, and government information. Chapters cover topics in alphabetical order; no index is supplied. CC76 978-1-84217-233-9

Recent advances in ageing and sexing animal bones; proceedings.
Conference of the international Council of Archaeozoology (9th: 2002: Durham) Ed. by Deborah Ruscillo. Oxbow Books, ©2006 261 p. $130.00 This collection of 18 papers comes from the conference held in August 2002 and includes a range of new research and applications. Topics on new approaches to aging and sexing include using osteohistology, examining mandibular dentition, a simple table test for sexing Candi Humeri, and sexing fragmentary ungulate acetabulae. Papers on testing existing methods of aging include reconciling rates of long bone fusion and tooth eruption and wear, determining the accuracy of measuring tooth crown heights, understanding problems and biases in age determination, and using a Bayesian approach in tooth wear. Papers on tooth eruption and wear are also in a separate section, and other general topics include applications of osteometrics and epiphyseal fusion and sexual dimorphism. Distributed by The David Brown Book Co. CC165 978-0-9741873-3-4

Who owns objects?; the ethics and politics of collecting cultural artefacts; proceedings.
St Cross—All Souls Seminar Series and Workshop (1st: 2004: Oxford, UK) Ed. by Eleanor Robson et al. Oxbow Books, ©2006 134 p. $48.00 (pa) As an informed stroll through any western museum will attest, archeology has become inextricably bound with ethics and considerations of cultural sovereignty. Drawn from a seminar series held from October to December 2004, and motivated in part by the looting of cultural objects in recent military conflicts, these nine essays reflect the long and strong debate amongst archeologists, museums, and the legal antiquities trade. Their contributors describe the case for an open public debate on cultural artifacts, changes in collecting over the past 50 years, accessibility to the public and to scholars, new legal and voluntary codes, views from the antiquities and coin trades, the debate on cultural property, recent UK regulations against illicit trade in cultural objects, and lessons on repatriation learned from the Glasgow experience. Distributed in the US by The David Brown Book Co. CC77 2006925172 9780387342184

In the field; the archaeological expeditions of the Kelsey Museum.
Talalay, Lauren E. and Susan E. Alcock. Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, ©2006 103 p. $19.50 (pa) The Kelsey Museum of Archaeology was founded by its namesake, Frances W. Kelsey, at the University of Michigan in the 1920s. In this book, all 20 of the museum’s expeditions to date are featured chronologically. B&w and color photographs are accompanied by text explaining the sites and the significance and context of the team’s finds. Most of the sites lie along the Mediterranean— Carthage, Cyrene and Apollonia in Lybia, Paesteum in Italy, Pylos in Greece, and Kedesh and Sepphora in Israel are among them. Inland sites include Seleucia-on-the-Tigris in Iraq, Antioch of Pisidia in Turkey, the Monastery of St. Catherine at Mount Sinai, and the museum’s current dig at Vorotan, Armenia. This book is distributed by David Brown Book Co. It measures 10x10″. CD974 2001-045862 978-0-8108-5742-1

Between dirt and discussion; methods, methodology, and interpretation in historical archaeology.
Title main entry. Ed. by Steven N. Archer and Kevin M. Bartoy. Springer, ©2006 235 p. $99.00 Probably a shower, of course, but anthropologists and related scientists look at what else is necessary between digging up artifacts from historical periods and presenting findings to a conference. They do not champion some interpretive methodologies over others, but evaluate and critique methods they use themselves or have seen others use, with a goal of improving their internal consistency or their connection with larger theoretical and methodological contexts. The 12 essays are from a 2004 conference in St. Louis, Missouri. CC77 0-7156-3438-0

Effective approaches for managing electronic records and archives. (reprint, 2002)
Title main entry. Ed. by Bruce W. Dearstyne. Scarecrow Pr., ©2006 167 p. $30.00 (pa) Arguing that multiple approaches are needed towards the proper management of electronic records, Dearstyne (information studies, U. of Maryland) presents eight articles from a variety of perspectives. After a historical retrospective of the impact of digital technologies over the past four decades, discussion address what exactly is meant by the term “electronic record,” the implication of attempting to translate theory into practice in developing strategic approaches, and case studies of the Minnesota state government and the National Archives of Canada. Also included is a discussion of legal implications and issues. This is a paperbound reprint of a 2002 book. CJ814

Rethinking wetland archaeology.
Van de Noort, Robert and Aidan O’Sullivan. Duckworth, ©2006 167 p. $22.00 (pa) The relevance and practicality of wetland archaeology has come under criticism from many voices in mainstream archaeology, say the authors, both UK-based wetland archaeologists. In this book, they suggest an agenda for redirecting the discipline in order to integrate it into broader geographical, cultural, and theoretical frameworks. They describe important discoveries and figures, illustrate wetlands’ contributions in the study of landscapes, and assess deficient theories including those favoring “dryland” populations while overlooking the possibility of communities that lived and worked in bogs and marshes. Finally, a discussion of politics and practice in wetlands archaeology portray the challenges to establishing the discipline’s credibility and how its practitioners may do so. Distributed by International Publishers Marketing. CC79 978-1-84217-125-7

Roman provincial coinage; v.7.1: De Gordien I er á Gordien III (238-244 aprés J.-C.). Part 1: Province d’Asie.


Butcher, Marguerite Spoerri. The British Museum Press, ©2006 395 p. $240.00 Several thousand bronze coins are documented from the Roman province of Asia in AD 238-244. Most were minted in the name of the emperor Gordian II (238-244) and his wife Tranquillina, but some for Gordian I and II, Pupienus, and Balbinus. They were minted by over 70 cities in the province, and are analyzed by die. The arrangement is by Roman conventus. The coins are from the same principal collections used throughout the series. Co-published by Bibliothéque nationale de France; the text is in French. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company.

Beyond affluent foragers; rethinking hunter-gatherer complexity; proceedings.
Conference of the International Council of Archaeozoology (9th: 2002: Durham, UK) Ed. by Colin Grier et al. Oxbow Books, ©2006 200 p. $80.00 The term affluent forager was coined some 20 years ago as a shorthand for the specific socio-economic conditions of prehistoric coastal fisherhunters in productive environments, where they no one had to work very hard to stay fat and happy. In one of several topical volumes that form the proceedings of that assembly, archaeologists present case studies and comparative and theoretical studies on such people. The 13 papers are not indexed. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company.


Reference & Research Book News February 2007







An illustrated history of the Knights Templar.
Wasserman, James. Destiny Books, ©2006 191 p. $19.95 (pa) After their founding in 1119 they served crusade after crusade, won significant battles, gathered power in the name of their faith and on their own, and eventually became amongst the most admired and feared of men. That is exciting enough, but in 1307 their order collapsed and their leaders were burned under charges of heresy and perversion. Why would this ill-fated private army become the object of so much rumor, resentment, repression and research? Enthusiast Wasserman traces the reasons why the Knights Templar continue to inspire tales both tall and small and serve as the model for myriad secret organizations by inquiring into the nature of their contacts with saints, kings, heretics and the original Assassins. Along with more than 170 color and monochrome illustrations he describes the history of the order, its significance in modern thinking, and its treasures. Distributed by Inner Traditions. CT25 2006-001570 978-0-472-09928-3

American portraits; biographies in United States history, 3d ed.; v.2.
Title main entry. Ed. by Stephen G. Weisner and William F. Hartford. McGraw-Hill, ©2008 324 p. $47.19 (pa) This second volume in a two-volume set collects biographical essays on figures in American history, and is meant for college survey courses. The three sections and 18 chapters are organized chronologically and feature people such as John Rockefeller, Theodore Roosevelt, W.E.B. Du Bois, Margaret Sanger, Eleanor Roosevelt, Martin Luther King Jr., Betty Friedan, and Cesar Chavez. Weisner (history, Springfield Technical Community College) and Hartford, a writer and project editor, aim to profile these individuals and also show their influence on history as well as history’s influence on them. In this edition, the article on Huey Long has been replaced with a more recent one on him, and essays on Ronald Reagan and Bill Gates have been added. Articles were selected based on their readability and interest, and are preceded by a contextual introduction in each section, along with introductory notes to each chapter and supplemental primary documents. The bibliographies have been updated. There is no index. CT225 2006-019847 978-0-7627-4101-4

Early modern autobiography; theories, genres, practices.
Title main entry. Ed. by Ronald Bedford et al. U. of Michigan Press, ©2006 309 p. $70.00 This collection brings together researchers from literary studies, women’s studies, history and politics in order to examine the practice of autobiographical writing and self-representation in the 15th, 16th and 17th centuries. Rejecting the critical tradition that insists on the 16th century as a key moment in self-understanding, the contributors develop new readings of significant autobiographical works while also suggesting the importance of many texts and contexts that have rarely been analyzed in detail. As a whole, the volume asserts that early modern writing displays a constant interplay between the grand ideals of self and the recording of quotidian events and observations. CT119 2006-020187 978-1-58765-292-9

Laid to rest in California; a guide to the cemeteries and grave sites of the rich and famous.
Brooks, Patricia and Jonathan Brooks. Insiders’ Guide, ©2006 340 p. $15.95 (pa) This guide to about 1,000 gravesites of movie stars and other celebrities focuses on those in California. Organized by region, the sites are then arranged alphabetically by town and cemetery. Each grave is listed with birth and death dates and exact location in the cemetery. Two hundred and fifty of the listings include obituaries, as well as nearby homes and close places to take a food break. Some of the listings: Truman Capote, Frank Zappa, Dean Martin, Marilyn Monroe, Liberace, John Ritter, Walt Disney, Nat King Cole, and Richard Nixon. B&w photos of cemeteries and many gravestones are incorporated, and location addresses and phone numbers are listed. There is no bibliography. Patricia Brooks has written other guidebooks, and Jonathan Brooks is a freelance journalist. CT274 2006-013892 978-1-889963-88-4

Great lives from history; the 19th century, 1801-1900; 4v.
Title main entry. Ed. by John Powell. Salem Press, ©2006 2944 p. $360.00 The essays of this four-volume set comprise 617 taken from the Dictionary of world biography (Salem Press, 1998-9) and 120 new essays. The entries give biographies of people mainly from the U.S., France, Germany, and England, though lives of people from many other countries are also included. Of the entries, 123 are devoted to women. Many professions are represented, of which the most common are: government and politics, art, music, science, business, and literature. The bibliographies that accompany each entry are annotated and have been updated. The contributors are academics and independent scholars mainly in the US. Appropriate for high school libraries. CT214 2006-025152 978-0-07-353455-8

Good company; a mining family in Fairbanks, Alaska.
Isto, Sarah Crawford. U. of Alaska Press, ©2007 254 p. $24.95 (pa) This is a historical memoir of the author’s family in Fairbanks, Alaska. Her parents, gold miner Jim Crawford and his wife Alta, were both born in the first decade of the 20th century during an era of optimism for the social benefits of technology; they died in 1994 and 2005, respectively. Using family interviews and manuscripts, historical texts, university and city documents, and newspaper articles, Isto details the family’s private history, politics, and legend against the backdrop of 20th century global events. Isto is a Juneau-based retired physician and is a skillful, evocative writer. Unlike many memoirs, the book is referenced and indexed. CT275 2005-021510 0-299-21754-X

American portraits; biographies in United States history, 3d ed.; v.1.
Title main entry. Ed. by Stephen G. Weisner and William F. Hartford. McGraw-Hill, ©2008 321 p. $47.19 (pa) For use as a supplement in American history survey courses, this volume (the first in a two-volume set) brings together biographical essays on figures such as John Smith, Daniel Boone, Tecumseh, Andrew Jackson, Nat Turner, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and William T. Sherman. Weisner (history, Springfield Technical Community College) and Hartford, a writer and project editor, present in 19 chapters, profiles of individuals that show how they influenced and were influenced by historical events. Articles were selected based on their readability and interest, and are preceded by contextual introductions to sections, which are organized chronologically. Primary documents and introductory notes are included. Changes to this edition include replacing the articles on Benjamin Franklin and Phyllis Wheatley with more current pieces on them. A new essay on Sarah Bagley is included, and the bibliographies have been updated. The book lacks an index.

Chasing Montana; a love story.
Soderlind, Lori. U. of Wisconsin Press, ©2006 272 p. $22.95 (pa) Soderlind (journalism, Norwalk Community College, Connecticut) describes this autobiographical narrative as a work of creative nonfiction—names changed, time frames adjusted. A child of the 1970s, she writes about seeking self understanding as she flees New Jersey for Montana. CT862 978-0-7165-2842-5

Kathleen Lynn; Irishwoman, patriot, doctor.
Ó HÓgartaigh, Margaret. Irish Academic Press, ©2006 180 p. $75.00 Ó Hógartaigh (medicine, Victoria U. of Wellington, New Zealand) presents a biography of Kathleen Lynn (1874-1955), a prominent, controversial female physician who worked with Dublin’s poor, established a hospital for infants, and was a political activist involved with Sein Féin. Dr. Lynn’s life offers a lens on changes in the medical profession, views on public health, suffragism, and Irish politics during this period. Based on primary and secondary sources, the book includes photos of Dr. Lynn with staff and patients at St. Ultan’s. Distributed in the US by ISBS.

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Dictionary of women worldwide; 25,000 women through the ages; 3v.
Title main entry. Ed. by Anne Commire and Deborah Klezmer. Thomson Gale, ©2007 2572 p. $325.00 Consulting standard biographical dictionaries while editing their encyclopedia Women in World History, the editors found that entries on women typically accounted for five percent or less of the texts and that even the women that were included were typically accorded shallower treatment than men. Some 25,000 alphabetical entries provide details on the lives of significant women in world history from the 32nd century B.C.E. to the present, including birth and death dates, important relatives, and accomplishments. Also included are 85 genealogical charts of historical ruling families, largely European, but also including Japan, Ancient Egypt, and Byzantium. The entries are presented in the first two volumes and the final third volume contains listings of entries indexed by historical era, geography, and occupation.

Dictionary of battles and sieges; a guide to 8,500 battles from antiquity through the twenty-first century; 3v.
Jaques, Tony. Greenwood Press, ©2007 1354 p. $299.95 This three-volume work alphabetically lists 8,500 individual battles from across the world’s recorded history, from the Battle of Megiddo in 1468 BC to the US invasion of Iraq. Making no attempt to distinguish or categorize the different battles, the author includes the following information in the entries: the name and date of the battle, the name of the war and the basic military context in which the battle was fought, the opposing commanders (if known), and the outcome of the fighting. A chronological reference guide to all the battles included precedes the alphabetical entries. An appendix lists significant wars that did not have major recorded battles. A bibliography and an index are also included. D25 2005-058936 978-0-8160-6577-6

Dictionary of wars, 3d ed.

D16 90-04-15646-1

The idea of universal history in Greece; from Herodotus to the age of Augustus.
Alonso-Núñez, José Miguel. J.C. Gieben, ©2006 152 p. $54.00 Alonso-Núñez has expanded a lecture he delivered in the history and classics departments at Harvard University in May 1998. He explores the evolution among Greek and Roman writers of the idea that there is a single history of the world. He points out that a universal historiography requires a universal conception of time and space in which humans are the actor. Throughout the evolution, he finds, some writers focused on politics and others on ethnic and cultural aspects. Dist. in the US by Brill. D16 2004-116090 0-7619-4773-6

Title main entry. Ed. by George Childs Kohn. Facts On File, Inc., ©2007 692 p. $85.00 Kohn has written and edited numerous reference texts, including three other Facts on File works. The third edition of this Dictionary provides summaries of all notable global conflicts, civil wars, mutinies, punitive expeditions, undeclared wars, rebellions, and revolutions from ancient times to the present, spanning some 4,000 years. Completely updated and expanded to reflect changes since the 1999 second edition, it now contains some 1,850 cross-referenced entries. Contains both a geographical and general index, but lacks bibliographical information either at the end of each entry or as a general listing at the end of the text. Illustrated in b&w. D25 978-1-59237-116-7

Encyclopedia of warrior peoples and fighting groups, 2d ed.
Davis, Paul K. and Allen Lee Hamilton. Grey House Pub., Inc., ©2006 654 p. $135.00 Aimed at high school students, this encyclopedia takes readers on a tour of duty that includes the Arab Legion, the Buffalo Soldiers, the Goths, the Green Berets and the Knights Templar. In addition to the detailed portraits of important military forces and militarized groups throughout history, the text contains supplemental readings, including letters home from Roman soldiers, the Samurai Creed, and Robert E. Lee’s “Farewell to the Army of Northern Virginia,” as well as maps of important regions, such as the kingdoms of the Fertile Crescent, Napoleon’s Empire, the Roman Empire and the British invasion of Zululand. This second edition includes an index of entries and a historical timeline that puts the entries in chronological order. D25 2006-029128 978-0-275-99315-3

Teaching and learning history.
Timmins, Geoffrey et al. (Teaching & learning the humanities in higher education) Sage Publications, ©2005 250 p. $40.95 (pa) Written by a team of history professors at the U. of Central Lancashire, UK, this text examines current trends and practices in the learning and teaching of history. The focus is on undergraduate programs in Britain, Ireland, North America, and Australasia. A sampling of topics includes progression and differentiation; dissertations and content; and seminars and group work. Assessment issues are covered in the last chapter. D20 2006-046708 978-0-07-353453-4

Traditions and encounters; a brief global history.
Bentley, Jerry H. et al. McGraw-Hill, ©2008 675 p. $71.25 (pa) Bentley, Zeiger, and Streets (history, U. of Hawai’i and Washington State U.) present this text for high school and undergraduate courses in world history, de-emphasizing Western-centered perspective in favor of more global ones. Twenty-nine chronologically arranged chapters are organized under the larger epochs of the seven eras of global history, beginning with the early complex societies of 3500 to 500 B.C. The title of the book describes the themes that unify the book’s content: the traditions of individual societies and the encounters, ideological and physical, among them. Each chapter is approximately 20 pages, and opens with a vignette to set the stage for the era in question. Additionally, each contains a written primary source, as well as dozens of maps and images. Chapters conclude with a chronology, a summary, and suggestions for further reading. Specific topics include: early African societies and the Bantu migrations, the empires of Persia, the realm of Islam, the foundations of Christian society, nomadic empires and Eurasian integration, the making of industrial society, and World Wars I and II. D25 2006-048603 978-0-19-280653-6

Fields of conflict; battlefield archaeology from the Roman Empire to the Korean War; 2v.
Title main entry. Ed. by Douglas Scott et al. Praeger Security International, ©2007 450 p. $175.00 This two-volume set grew out the 2004 eponymous conference on battlefield archaeology, the third to address the field and the first to be held in association with the American Battlefield Protection conference. The 24 papers presented open with discussions of techniques, theories, and methodologies for the infant discipline, but the bulk of the papers report the results of research at battlefield sites dating from the Roman Battle of Varus in 9 AD to the Battle for Hill 209 during the Korean War. A concluding chapter takes stock of the state of the discipline and future directions. D51 978-0-7156-3448-6

Celebrity in antiquity; from media tarts to tabloid queens.
Garland, Robert. (Classical inter/faces) Duckworth, ©2006 177 p. $23.50 (pa) Proving that celebrities can exist without paparazzi, Garland (classics, Colgate U.) highlights the careers of such renowned individuals as Alcibiades, Socrates, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Augustus, Jesus, Nero and Theodosia in terms of their successful self-promotion. Garland concludes with a comparison of celebrity in antiquity and the present day. Distributed by International Publishers Marketing.

Battlefield; decisive conflicts in history.
Title main entry. Ed. by Richard Holmes and Martin Marix Evans. Oxford U. Press, ©2006 376 p. $30.00 Holmes (military and security studies, Cranfield U. and the Defence Academy of the UK) has taken the battle entries from The Oxford Companion to Military History, of which he was general editor and presents them here, revised according to recent scholarship. He has also added new articles in order to provide somewhat greater balance than the earlier work, which emphasized events in Europe and North America in the past three centuries. The entries typically describe the events and results of strategically important battles in major wars in rather broadbrush strokes. The material covers battles in Ancient Egypt to the 2003 Anglo-American invasion of Iraq.


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Anastasius I; politics and empire in the late Roman world.
Haarer, F.K. (ARCA; classical and medieval texts, papers and monographs; no.46) Francis Cairns Ltd., ©2006 351 p. $130.00 Striding boldly where her post-modern colleagues fear to tread, Haarer (classics, King’s College, London) presents an imperial biography. She uses the reign of the Roman emperor Anastasius, 491-518, as a framework within which to narrate and evaluate the political, economic, military, and religious policies pursued at the turn of the sixth century. The Isaurian revolt, foreign policy in the east and west, the search for religious compromise, administration and domestic policy, and building are the areas she considers. The study is revised from her 1998 Ph.D. dissertation for Oxford University. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. D128 2006-389491 1-84415-360-6

Europe 1789 to 1914; encyclopedia of the age of industry and empire; 5v.
Title main entry. Ed. by John Merriman and Jay Winter. (Scribner library of modern Europe) Thomson Gale, ©2006 2,500 p. $595.00 Written by academic specialists at universities in Europe, Australia, and North America, the entries of this reference are authoritative but also accessible to the undergraduate student and general reader. There are entries for countries, cities, and people, as well as different styles of art and architecture, events, inventions, and political parties. An approach that emphasizes society and daily life is present, and entries are included describing classes and class systems. As is common in encyclopedias, the majority of the entries are biographical, with many entries devoted to composers, artists, and writers, as well as the more expected political figures and leaders. The volumes are well-illustrated with b&w images and groups of color plates devoted to different themes. Each entry concludes with a bibliography. Maps are provided at the beginning of all five volumes. Volume five contains a comprehensive bibliography. Forming a comprehensive reference when combined with its companion set, Europe since 1914; encyclopedia of the age of war and reconstruction, the substance and quality of the entries is consistently high throughout all 10 volumes. D424 2006-014427 0-684-31365-0

The medieval soldier. (reprint, 1971)
Norman, Vesey. Pen and Sword, ©2006 278 p. $16.99 (pa) Norman describes how the function of the military changed from the beginnings of feudalism with the early Lombards and Franks, moving to the Vikings and Saxons, getting down to such details as how chain mail was actually made and used. He describes the rise of chivalry and the process of becoming a knight, the growth of the military orders and their influence in the Crusades, the campaigns of the Crusades and their dependence on technologies of arms and armor, and the ships that brought them to those campaigns. This is a reprint of the 1971 edition published by Arthur Barker Limited. Distributed by Casemate. D155 2006-019410 1-57607-862-0

Europe since 1914; encyclopedia of the age of war and reconstruction; 5v.
Title main entry. Ed. by John Merriman and Jay Winter. (Scribner library of modern Europe) Thomson Gale, ©2006 3135 p. $595.00 Encompassing the era from 1914 to the present, the entries of this 5volume reference provide an often sobering insight into the many cataclysmic events of Europe’s recent past. Because their experience bears close ties to more western Europe, both Russia and Turkey are included. The two world wars, their participants, victims, and long-term and farranching impacts are a predominent theme. Many entries are biographies—of writers, artists, filmmakers, political figures, and thinkers. Entries are included for individual countries and for some major cities, particularly where their history during this era was of widespread importance. Other categories include economic history, concepts and ideas, daily life, law, and philosophy. A thematic list of contents and a very substantial comprehensive index are included in volume five. Both editors are at Yale U.; the contributors are academics and independent scholars in North America and Europe. The volumes are well illustrated with b&w images and a group of full-page maps is found at the beginning of each volume. “This is a companion set to the 5-volume Europe 1789 to 1914; Encyclopedia of the Age of Industry and Empire.” D511 2006-047268 978-0-582-42379-4

The Crusades; an encyclopedia; 4v.
Title main entry. Ed. by Alan V. Murray. ABC-CLIO, ©2006 1390 p. $385.00 Murray (medieval studies, U. of Leeds, UK), together with an editorial board containing many impressive credentials in Crusade scholarship, have assembled an authoritative resource on the Crusades that encompasses the people, places, events, and ideology in entries that are accessible to the advanced high school and undergraduate student and will be of interest to the general reader. There are 1000 signed entries on the Crusades from the 11th-14th centuries, written by 120 specialists based in 25 countries. Each entry concludes with a list of scholarly bibliography (often in languages other than English). Main subjects for the entries include countries, cities, military orders, kings, battles, queens, patriarchates, and individual crusades, among other topics. Many maps and b&w illustrations, a selection of primary sources, and a bibliography by region are included. D157 2006-926785 978-0-7546-4077-6

The chronicle of Ibn al-Athir for the crusading period from al-Kamil fi’l-ta’rikh ; p t . 1 : T h e y e a r s 4 9 1 - 5 4 1 / 1 0 9 7 1146; the coming of the Franks and the Muslim response.
Ibn al-Athir, Izz al-Din. Trans. by D.S. Richards. (Crusade texts in translation; 13) Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 401 p. $99.95 The Complete Work of History begins with creation and ends abruptly in 629/1231-2 when Ibn al-Athir’s died. This volume takes up the story as he introduces his narrative reference to the background and initial progress of the First Crusade, and ends with the death of Zanki, which may be understood to mark the end of a stage in the response of Islam to the phenomenon of the Crusades. It is not concerned with the Crusades alone, however, but ranges far as to Baghdad, to Turkish nomads invading Transoxania, and to the rise and fall of dynasties in the Maghreb and Spain. Richards provides footnote explaining references and sometimes literary features. D214 2005-054498 1-57488-971-0

The origins of the First World War, 3d ed.
Joll, James and Gordon Martel. (Origins of modern wars) Longman, ©2007 346 p. $36.00 (pa) Martel (history, U. of Northern British Columbia) updates Joll’s (d. 1994) account first published in 1984 and augmented but not thoroughly revised in 1992. They look beyond the immediate well known crisis of 1914 to find the origins of The Great War in such trends and conditions as the alliance system and the old diplomacy, the primacy of domestic politics, the international economy, and the mood in 1914. They include maps happily at the end for easy reference. D521 2005-027236 978-0-8160-6061-0

World War I.
Carlisle, Rodney P. (Eyewitness history) Facts On File, Inc., ©2007 454 p. $75.00 Carlisle (history, Rutgers U.) has written numerous articles and some 15 books on history. Designed for general readers, his latest text provides a basic overview of WWI—how it started, the high cost of lives, why the U.S. became involved, and its connections to later conflicts. The material is presented in a chronological series of 12 chapters, covering the years 1903 through 1927; each chapter features an introductory essay, a chronicle of events, and a selection of direct eyewitness testimony from statesmen and cabinet members, journalists, frontline tourists, soldiers in the field, sailors and survivors of torpedoed ships, and ordinary citizens. Also included are 28 official documents, biographies of 58 key individuals, a glossary of technical and informal expressions of the era, and 16 maps. Illustrated in b&w.

War in European history, 1494-1660; the essential bibliography.
Black, Jeremy. (Essential bibliographies) Potomac Books, Inc., ©2006 116 p. $14.95 (pa) Black (history, U. of Exeter, UK) believes that there are two, equally important, areas of military history: accounts of the military, its organization, weaponry, and conflicts and consideration of the relationship between war and wider themes of international competition, statebuilding, and social developments, among others. Both of these themes are present in his brief historiographical essay surveying the main topics of European warfare from 1494 to 1660. The essay is followed by a bibliography which point readers towards what Black believes are the most important scholarly works on the topic.

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Ludendorff’s own story; August 1914 - November 1918; the Great War from the Siege of Liege to the signing of the Armistice as viewed from the grand headquarters of the German army. (reprint, 1918)
Ludendorff, Erich von. Scholar’s Bookshelf, ©2006 473 p. $49.95 (pa) A reprint edition first published in 1918, this volume is an account by Ludendorff, who was a Quartermaster-General of the German Army during World War I. He recounts in detail the war from this point of view—as well as his role as Chief of the General Staff in the Eastern Front—from August 1914 to November 1918, and details such as campaigns in Poland, Masuria, Russia, and Rumania, in addition to the conduct of war. D545 2006-931228 1-60105-038-0

French strategic and tactical bombardment forces of World War I.
Martel, René. Trans. by Allen Suddaby. Ed. by Steven Suddaby. Scarecrow Pr., ©2007 461 p. $60.00 (pa) Martel, who fought the Great War from the sky as an observer and bombardier, first published this most important and detailed description of the French art of bombardment in 1939. It is only now that his work has been translated into English and edited, revealing how strategy and tactics in French aviation warfare developed as the war progressed to include simple bomb-dropping, creating and effectively using bombsights, targeting based on intelligence, flying in formation and as escorts, and using aerial photography to assess damage. The able and accessible translation gives the general reader better insight into the non-technical aspects of the world of the bombardier, as Martel also writes of the propaganda war about bombing on both sides and closely describes the work of pioneers in war aviation to make a new technology fit a war fought on very traditional principles. D744 2006-015707 0-275-98879-1

Our greatest battle (the Meuse-Argonne). (reprint, 1919)
Palmer, Frederick. Scholar’s Bookshelf, ©2006 629 p. $39.90 (pa) A soldier and press relations officer in the American Expeditionary Force during World War I, Palmer disdained the jerry-built histories and personal narratives that flooded the market as soon as war-time censorship ended. As a result of special facilities for information and observation, he says, he offers a comprehensive and intelligent account of the greatest battle in which Americans ever fought. The history continues and supplements his America in France. D546 978-0-85303-691-3

Thanks for the memories; love, sex, and World War II.
Leder, Jane Mersky. Praeger, ©2006 185 p. $39.00 Freelance writer and journalist Mersky examines the impact of WWII on relationships between men and women. Focusing on the areas of love, sex, and marriage, she describes how the war’s disruption of ordinary home life and the subsequent entry of women into the workforce allowed for a relaxing of the social restrictions that had formerly kept women in check. The personal stories of ordinary people—single, married, military, and civilian—are interwoven throughout the narrative. D756 2006-046517 978-0-7432-8710-4

The king’s own loyal enemy aliens; German and Austrian refugees in Britain’s armed forces, 1939-45.
Leighton-Langer, Peter. Vallentine Mitchell, ©2006 401 p. $85.00 Leighton-Langer was one of them. He left his native Vienna for Britain in 1938 at aged 15 and took time out of his business career to serve as a soldier during World War II. Most of the information for his account of the Germans and Austrians fighting with the British—besides his own experience—comes from published sources, but he also consulted the National Archives in London, especially the diaries to be found there. Distributed in the US by ISBS. D570 2006-009170 978-0-521-86434-3

11 days in December; Christmas at the Bulge, 1944.
Weintraub, Stanley. Free Press, ©2006 201 p. $25.00 The Allied troops huddled and died in mist and mud, trapped in pockets by driving rain and snow. No one had expected Hitler to amass forces secretly and break through the lines of the Ardennes forest, or the fierce fighting that was to be called the Battle of the Bulge, and the Allied troops desperately lacked food, supplies, arms and ammunition. The only way to get supplies was by air. The only way to win was to conduct air strikes. If only the weather would clear. Then George S. Patton strode into a Luxembourg chapel and began a private prayer with “Sir, whose side are you on?” The weather cleared. Weintraub (arts and humanities emeritus, Pennsylvania State U.) takes readers through some of the most harrowing days in history, giving insights from commanders, soldiers, and even prisoners of war like Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. D756 2006-025916 978-0-275-99094-7

The AEF way of war; the American army and conflict in World War I.
Grotelueschen, Mark Ethan. Cambridge U. Pr., ©2007 387 p. $75.00 Taking his cue from military historians who have begun to investigate the role of ideas in the conduct of war, Grotelueschen (US Air Force Academy) examines the relationship among command, doctrine, and operational adaptation in the World War I campaigns of the American Expeditionary Forces. His narrative centers on the ideological war waged within the AEF between commanders who adhered to the traditional ideas of the prewar army based on infantry manpower, the rifle and bayonet, maximization of maneuver, and hopes for decisive operational or strategic results and those who increasingly appreciated the modern, industrial ideas more prevalent in the European armies based on the integration of modern weaponry, maximization of firepower, and methodical attacks on specific units in pursuit of modest operational results. In analyzing the AEF’s doctrinal war, he focuses on the organization, training, and combat operations of four of the most active divisions. D570 2006-026200 0-313-33181-2

Destination Normandy; three American regiments on DDay.
Bennett, G.H. (Studies in military history and international affairs) Praeger Security International, ©2007 222 p. $49.95 Bennett (humanities, U. of Plymouth, UK) examines the American involvement in the Normandy campaign at the regimental level, focusing on the 22nd Infantry Regiment, which landed on Utah Beach in June 1942 and became involved in a war of siege against German fortifications; the 116th Infantry Regiment, which took heavy casualties in forcing its way off Omaha Beach and breaking through the Nazi’s Atlantic Wall; and the 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment, which suffered the worst misdrop of any American parachute regiment and wound up fighting in isolated groups for control of bridges, roads, and dry land in the midst of a vast swampland. D757 2006-019333 978-1-56663-713-8

World War I.
Keene, Jennifer D. (The Greenwood Press daily life through history series) Greenwood Press, ©2006 217 p. $65.00 Keene (history, Chapman U.) provides, for students and general readers, an account of the daily lives of American enlisted men during World War I, recounting their experiences from training camps to France and back home. She gives an overview of the causes of the war and the overall strategy, but focuses mostly on their experiences in service. Topics discussed include the effect of the war on men and women at home; morale, personal habits, and religion; diversity, particularly the experiences of African American and foreign born soldiers and female nurses and war workers; fighting and service roles; casualties, death, and the 1918 influenza pandemic; the reaction of soldiers to the Armistice; and their postwar lives.

Firestorm; the bombing of Dresden, 1945.
Title main entry. Ed. by Paul Addison and Jeremy A. Crang. Ivan R. Dee, Inc., ©2006 260 p. $16.95 (pa) Among the most controversial episodes in the history of WWII, the bombings of the German city of Dresden by English and American forces resulted in the deaths of thousands of civilians. In this volume, nine contributions from leading international scholars discuss the attacks and their long-term consequences from a wide range of viewpoints. The editors are affiliated with the U. of Edinburgh.


Reference & Research Book News February 2007

the small boat operations that defeated the Japanese. $49.D757 2006-026012 0-275-99185-7 D767 1-86105-941-8 Rommel’s lieutenants. Using official documents. Title main entry. $24. Mitcham. ©2007 226 p. their characteristics. 1944-5. and other sources to discuss the personal as well as military aspects. Humboldt U. Burton is a former naval systems engineer. plans for the political and economic administration of an occupied Soviet Union nevertheless existed and influenced the chaotic policy that actually did come to fruition. Japanese military forces attacked the US military base at Dutch Harbor Alaska and invaded the Aleutian Islands of Attu and Kiska. Leonard and John F. Rearden. 1940. $32. Key occasions of fighting. it gives readers a cockpit view of the events and an understanding of why such heavy losses occurred. Inc. December 1941. and that by the time the Wehrmacht made its idiot move to Moscow the killing of civilians had become routine. Crawford. memoirs. Gaskin. Potomac Books. mass murder. Megargee. Brazil. Samuel W. “The Desert Fox”) led his first field command of WWII. $19. ©2005 188 p. This text for scholars and general readers tells the stories of the men who worked under Rommell in the 7th Panzer Division during this campaign. its policies toward the Axis. ©2006 192 p.95 Megargee (Center for Advanced Holocaust Studies) locates all the flaws in the myth that the military geniuses of the Wehrmacht were morally correct and the SS was completely responsible. Praeger Security International.. Central America.95 (pa) Twelve international academics contribute 11 essays to the first fulllength study exploring World War II from the perspectives of various Latin American countries. the men who served the Desert Fox.10) Berghahn Books. ©2006 430 p. the collapse of Allied airpower west of Pearl Harbor. France. battling both the Japanese and the harsh weather conditions of the Arctic.95 (pa) In June of 1942. Peter.00 Although they were never fully implemented by the Nazis because Hitler’s expected easy victory over Soviet forces never materialized.a.e. ©2006 177 p. She draws on news reports. Panama. a photographic chronology. and recollections. B&w historical photos are included. D764 2005-016578 978-0-7425-4481-9 Latin America during World War II./Allied forces and the Japanese as they fought for mastery of the Pacific. 1977) Lord. political and economic planning for German occupation policy in the Soviet Union.95 In 1940 in France. (Jaguar books on Latin America series) Rowman & Littlefield. This narrative of the Aleutian campaign emphasizes the personal experiences of the Americans who fought in the campaign.95 This account traces the efforts of Army and Navy soldiers from the British Commonwealth to take over the Arakan coast while the troops of the British 14th Army in India retook Burma during World War II. Haining. including his staff officers and company. and diplomacy on both sides are described by the day on which they took place. Naval Institute Press. $29. how it dealt with the internal Axis threat. which killed five million Germans and 35 million Soviets. Puerto Rico. (Total war (unnumbered)) Rowman & Littlefield. history. $29. explain technologies and strategies that were employed. D767 2006-017325 1-59114-466-3 Eastern Front day by day. Steve. D760 2006-014787 978-0-15-101404-0 The Banzai hunters. D764 2006-019691 1-84545-186-4 Lonely vigil. D767 2006-015542 1-59114-096-X Blitz. letters. (Studies on war and genocide. Mitcham is the author of 20 books on WWII. Kay. region. A skilled military historian. Harcourt. combat and genocide on the Eastern Front.k. Geoffrey P. Germany) describes the development of this planning and analyzes the extent to which economic and political plans interacted and conflicted with one another. Bratzel. Haining recounts their story. that genocide and war crimes were a part of the military plan reinforced by early victories. Burton. and publishing executive. Pictorial Histories Publishing. Ed. Ecuador.. regions.95 (pa) In 1942-43. the Dominican Republic. reports. 1941-45. London journalist Gaskin kept running into the date. 1941. Chile. after which the US initiated the 15-month campaign to force the Japanese out of the Aleutians. German Field Marshal Erwin Rommell (a. (Bluejacket books) Naval Institute Press. Days that marked major campaigns such as Stalingrad and Kursk receive longer treatment. Distributed in the US by Trafalgar Square. Mexico. $18. the Solomon Islands were at the center of the conflict between U. This text tells the story of the Coastwatchers—daring individuals who operated behind Japanese lines for the purpose of gathering critical intelligence and helping downed pilots. and their specific purpose. D769 2005-905610 1-57510-120-3 Forgotten warriors of the Aleutian campaign. and describe the different factions of the armed forces on both sides (i. $75. (reprint. $27. magazine editor. This work overviews the collapse of Allied air forces during the period between December 8 and 24. This is a reprint of a volume originally published in 1977 in New York by Viking Press. the story of December 29. she had to reconstruct that one night of German bombing in one square mile of London. and its responses to the economic and social dislocations caused by the war. Lord based his narrative on information gathered through interviews with participants as well as on archival and field research. ©2006 322 p.95 (pa) Photographs and maps abound in this chronology describing key events in the four year battle for the Eastern Front during World War II. Jim. he finds that the military operations and war crimes were inextricably linked. Beyond this question. 1941. by Thomas M. The volume is illustrated with b&w archival photographs. Sidebars provide biographies on major personalities from the Eastern Front. Kay (PhD. and finally realized that before she could continue. Written for a wide audience. v. Walter. and Venezuela. D764 2006-010951 1-59797-010-7 Fortnight of infamy. D768 2006-010909 978-0-7425-3741-5 Exploitation. the Panzer Division). ©2006 242 p. He closes with fascinating chapters on how nazi military failures led to exposure of the policy of genocide and how post-war politics factored in the fabrication of history. and regimental commanders. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –38– . strategy. He is a former journalist. Japan opened the largest front in the history of warfare: an aircraftdriven invasion of colonial possessions throughout the Far East that crumbled the entire Western imperial legacy of the 19th century. War of annihilation. coastwatchers of the Solomons. ©2006 192 p. Columbia.S. battalion. Alex J. John. Robson Books. the two most important aspects of the planning that are discussed in the work are the Nazi’s vision of a Neuordnung for the Soviet territories in which political borders would be arranged along ethnic lines and Soviet populations would be forced to make way for the resettlement of Germanic peoples and the Hungerpolitik or “starvation policy” that aimed toward the forceful seizure of agricultural produce and the consequent starvation of the Soviet population. or territory responded to the outbreak of war in Europe in 1939 and the events leading to the global conflict that erupted in December 1941. $17.00 As she conducted research for a completely different story in her own town. if and how it cooperated with the Allies. ©2006 351 p. ©2007 202 p.95 While America was preoccupied with the aftermath of Pearl Harbor. 1940. and territories including Argentina. Margaret. and are accompanied by full color maps. Each of the essays examines how the specific country. resettlement. 1940-1941.

U. Edward W. Mel Mermelstein’s By Bread Alone: The Story of A-4685. Illustrated in b&w. ©2006 250 p. The Nazi Assault on Humanity. The Greatest Generation. Here Crispin. This fictionalized narrative of Perkins’ experiences is based upon material from those letters as well as archival research and interviews with relatives of Perkins and current and former military personnel. He disagrees with passion and eloquence. Ishizuka. Donald L. Vallentine Mitchell. and the terrible cost of bombing for the German people. Karen L. $35. Louis. and builders. 19062006. Many b&w photos are included. Guyle. and scripts from two BBC radio broadcasts. Cesarani is a professor of history at Royal Holloway. $29. and how the event was represented by official war artists. Inc. libraries. including weapon systems. San Francisco. by Esther Goldberg.95 This book traces the development and design of the U-boat from 1906 to 2006. as well as other sources. He shows how the shift from labeling resistance “partisans” to “bandits. Army Air Corps during WWII—and his young bride back home in St.95 Blood (formerly of the U. Each section has a chronology. of Illinois Press. reflections on America’s dedication to war. a public educator. The text tells the life history of the exhibition from its conception and the development of its exhibition strategy and design. Wood. Distributed in the US by Books International. of Northern Iowa) acquired a suitcase full of old letters. Blood. English professor Jeffrey S.” a touring exhibit produced by the Japanese American National Museum which traveled from Los Angeles to New York. Distributed in the US by ISBS. ©2006 366 p. Title main entry.95 (pa) At a flea market in the fall of 2002.95 (pa) The few living eyewitnesses to the horror are now old. children’s testimonies. ©2006 401 p. German submarine warfare. Vallentine Mitchell. D802 2005-032891 1-59797-021-2 Hitler’s bandit hunters. to its manifestation as a venue for bringing history alive and fostering the processes of revelation that unfolded as former internees and visitors confronted the experience of the camps. European borders. has written extensively about his experiences and his insights from them in articles. ©2006 224 p. and Dresden. locations of death camps and ghettos. and also discusses bases. and layouts of concentration camps. $19.00 Miller (history. showing places mentioned in the memoirs. the filming of the liberation and its impact. the conditions of the Jewish ghettos and the concentration camps. ©2006 244 p. and sailors. Press of America. D805 978-0-85303-716-3 The U-boat century. $24. Simon & Schuster. and topics covered. (The Asian American experience) U. in occupied territories of Eastern Europe and Russia for the period 1942-45. the nazis’ rise to power. Distributed in the US by ISBS. we won it mostly by ourselves. From Kolin to Jerusalem. keeps his explanations as simple as possible and includes a glossary and a reading list. ©2006 671 p. with coordinating page numbers and quotes.50 This volume compiles 13 essays based on the 60th anniversary seminar held at the Imperial War Museum London in April 2005. deportations. the end of World War II and the impact of the Holocaust. Over the decades. new historical perspectives. Jak Mallmann. D769 2006-015432 1-59797-016-6 Holocaust. and other institutions. ©2006 120 p. Copeland. Univ.95 (pa) Ishizuka is a third-generation Japanese American. Inman’s war.” a shift rooted in earlier German military and political thinking. takes a chronological look at the submarine and its history from World War I and II to the modern German Navy. Leon Weliczker Wells’ The Janowska Road. the editor describes memoirs with a range of regions and experiences. Potomac Books.S. anti-submarine weapons. Bardgett led the team that created the Imperial War Museum’s Holocaust Exhibition in London. Hanover. By placing resistance in the category of “bandits” and formulating military doctrine in accordance. $17. Ed.50 (pa) For teachers and students. a naval historian and author of several other books on Uboat operations. $69. Blood traces Bandenbekämpfung from its origins through its formulation and implementation. D804 0-85303-724-8 Worshipping the myths of World War II. memorialization. Atlanta. a digest of published survivor memoirs with study guide and maps. He concludes with a personal narrative telling students what he learned about history and remembrance while researching and writing this book for them. of Aachen. focus and features of the memoir. Wood. essays. Hana Greenfield’s Fragments of Memory. D810 2006-013077 978-1-55778-860-3 Masters of the air. Philip W. and Eva Gossman’s Good Beyond Evil: Ordinary People in Extraordinary Times. by Suzanne Bardgett and David Cesarani.D769 2006-003052 978-0-252-07372-4 D804 2006-929003 978-0-7618-3542-4 Lost and found. Jeffrey S. young people often do not grasp how the Holocaust can relate directly to them. v. Copeland (U. and although advocates and the media have attempted to bridge the gap between the knowledge of that generation and the understanding of those to come. America’s bomber boys who fought the air war against Nazi Germany. and Little Rock between 1994 and 2004. Naval Institute Press. It also contains accounts from liberators and relief workers. Title main entry. and poems. Essays provide a brief history of the camp. Showell. now a retired city planner in Denver. $32. was far more than simply a semantic change. Ed. Germany) analyzes the shift in Nazi military operational doctrine from Partisanenbekämpfung (the combating of partisans) to Bandenbekämpfung (the combating of bandits). ©2006 202 p. He includes period photographs. a soldier’s story of life in a colored battalion in WWII. M. for example. $24. Paragon House. Heinrich Himmler unleashed extraordinary brutality and discarded many of the prevailing laws of warfare. and when evil lies in others. he has watched the war become softened and sweetened into four myths: The Good War. She presents a text based on “America’s Concentration Camps: Remembering the Japanese American Experience.3. He uses material from the U-Boot-Archiv (Deutsches U-Boot Museum) in Germany. publishing details.. survivor’s experiences. war is the means to justice. Lafayette College) celebrates the triumph of US bombers over Berlin. A lesson plan and 30 maps are included. the SS and the Nazi occupation of Europe. Inman Perkins—who was serving in a “Colored Battalion” in the U. Potomac Books. These were later revealed to be the correspondence between Sgt. Inc. –39– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . reclaiming the Japanese American incarceration. Miller. the organization of flotillas. she is now an independent writer and documentary producer. D781 1-59114-892-8 Holocaust memoir digest. a Q&A guide to help young adults really understand the Holocaust. Crispin.. and describe medical and emergency relief efforts. of London. D790 2006-050461 978-0-7432-3544-0 Belsen 1945. ©2006 217 p.95 Having been seriously wounded in World War II. this third volume of the digest contains information on five memoirs published from the 1960s to 2002: Primo Levi’s Survival in Auschwitz. The essays are from an international group of scholars and curators who discuss recent research on the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp by the British army in 1945. attempts to answer 94 questions posed by middle school and high school students about the events and situations leading to World War I. Aiming to make them more accessible to schools. Showell. formerly with the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles for 15 years. $39.

what role the media has played in transatlantic relations. the great divide. in which the participants. Islam.00 Established in the summer of 1940. Special Operation Executive. Kashmeri. Florida Atlantic U. U. He also examines how the decolonization and national liberation movements of Asia and Africa. Gen. by Frank B. D1056 90-04-15317-9 Senso. the Japanese remember the Pacific War. a missed opportunity for peace? Title main entry. the perceptions of the Cold War among Soviet allies. Northern Ireland) and Osgood (history.95 Much ink has been spilt regarding the differences between Europe and the United States over the Iraq war and Kashmeri (a fellow of the Foreign Policy Association). (Muslim minorities. Title main entry. a period of rapid fluidity marked the Soviet approach to foreign policy that. and author who served in World War II. however brief. and other to debate international politics and the US-Europe relationships. of these activities.S. but it is the erosion of these monoliths. the activities of committed communists within the SOE. He explores the evolution of the Cold War as an international system from its original construction in the wake of World War II to the fall of the Soviet Union. Britain’s Special Operations Executive (SOE) was intended to encourage popular resistance in territories occupied by the Axis powers and by the end of the war had come to embrace the range of activities now called covert operations.D810 2006-002155 0-415-39110-5 D840 2005-036713 1-58367-139-0 The politics and strategy of clandestine war. half of them former servicemen. of Manitoba. of Ulster. and Vietnam in combination with the US construction of a global system of military bases and political alliances intended both as a counter to communism and as a means to project its own power abroad. and the evolution of the US-Japanese-Soviet relationship. $120. Cary is a translator and interpreter. cross-reading Finland and Ireland. Soviet shifts in policy approaches toward East Germany. v.95 Following the death of Joseph Stalin. who reflect on the causes and spirit of the war. (The Harvard Cold War studies book series) Rowman & Littlefield. Ed. ©2007 214 p. ©2006 468 p. like many others. The transatlantic drift debates. proceedings. $162. and a review of the previous historical writing on the SOE. editor. viewing them as foundational for today’s world of covert operations and are of particular interest because they are based on greater access to the files of the than were previously available. asserts Heller (history. 1945-2005. a global history. sees the split as having roots in the changing transatlantic relationship. D2025 2006-024848 978-0-7391-1661-6 The Cold War after Stalin’s death. $22. Gibney. by Neville Wylie. D2025 2006-028570 0-275-99301-9 America and Europe after 9/11 and Iraq. multiculturalism. he argues that the Atlantic alliance has grown rotten and that the US needs a fresh approach that moves away from the tilt towards Britain and instead forges a “special relationship” with Europe as a whole and promotes multilateralism. Ed. addressed such questions as whether political and military tensions could lead to a disruption of economic relations between the US and Europe. $44. M. ©2006 318 p. by Klaus Larres and Kenneth Osgood. Tuula. Sakaranaho. $29. Sakaranaho (comparative religion. the Cold War served as a means of blocking internal social and political revolutions around the world be redefining them in terms of international ideological and state rivalry between East and West. that can highlight the issue. D840 2006-018721 978-0-7425-5451-1 Religious freedom. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –40– . army training and brutality. reasons for it. Introductions to each chapter provide historical context. U. ©2007 357 p. This edition includes comments from political and intellectual leaders. Wesley Clark. the papers discuss such topics as relations with the US’s Office of Strategic Services in North Africa. the US positions on German reunification and nuclear disarmament as purposely designed to forestall the easing of tensions. the influence of Great Britain and France on Western policy towards the Soviet Union. of Nottingham. Sarwar A. diplomats. Inc. Ed. Canada). expanded ed.-European Relations (2004) Lexington Books.95 (pa) For both the United States and the Soviet Union. (Studies in intelligence series) Routledge. describe their support of the war effort. the “TransAtlantic Drift Debates” were initiated for the purpose of bringing together American and European politicians. Offering different perspectives on these issues and providing varying answers to the question of missed opportunities. ©2006 87 p. Korea. former US Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger.00 Taking the two countries as case studies. W.95 (pa) This collection contains translations of about 300 letters written by Japanese citizens who experienced World War II. Basing part of his analysis on interviews with such figures as George H. Trans. 1940-1946. and former Spanish Foreign Minister Ana de Palacio.E. The late Gibney was a foreign correspondent. ushered in deep and lasting changes in its interactions with the West and within its own sphere of influence and has left Cold War historians debating the question of whether Washington missed an opportunity for bringing the Cold War to an end much earlier than the world actually experienced. and whether objective differences in national interests are dictating a fundamental shift in the USEurope relationship. and financial warfare. economic warfare. their questioning of government policies. American Foreign Policy Council conference on U. Heller.00 (pa) Beginning in 2003. the 14 papers presented by Larres (history and international affairs. Bush. Henry. Praeger Security International. their opinions about the war afterward. and letters are grouped according to topic. ©2006 366 p. of particular concern with regards to covert organizations.6) BRILL. journalists. D811 2006042246 0-7656-1643-2 The Cold War and the new imperialism. $18. This volume contains the proceedings of the fourth of these debates. UK) focus on the non-military. and the very recent immigration of Muslims to the two countries. The ten papers presented by Wylie (international relations. She concedes that Ireland—90% Roman Catholic—and Finland—85% Evangelical Lutheran—are hardly models of multiculturalism. the SOE’s political support of Yugoslavia’s Josip Broz Tito. Sharpe. US) examine the postStalin era of Soviet foreign policy. by Beth Cary.. U. more political. U. arrests and interrogations. Monthly Review Press. The letters. what conditions are necessary for a transatlantic consensus on the US of force. looking first at the imposition of Stalinism in Europe and the expansion of the communist sphere through revolutions in China. primarily drawn from the right side of the political spectrum. ©2007 128 p. the rhetorical framing of “peace” in Soviet and American political speeches. and civilian life. psychological warfare. touching upon such issues US views of the new Soviet leadership. the signing of the Austrian State Treaty as an example of the “new course” of Stalin’s successors. Following a discussion of the possibility of distortions creeping into the archival record. $69. Title main entry. and the scope of the SOE’s involvement in irregular political warfare. of Helsinki) challenges the allegation that Islam and therefore Muslims inherently constitute a problem for religious freedom as it is understood and implemented in a multicultural Europe. were influenced by the international Cold War system and explores the 1970s transition from third world revolution to neoliberalism.. as well as the populist rebellions and revolutions in Latin America. former UK Prime Minister John Major. written in 1986 at the request of the Asahi Shimbun newspaper.

Seeley. These are amongst the many discoveries in 1999 at Northgate House. Ed. $299. ©2006 194 p. U. ©2006 190 p. and that 1812 misunderstanding. ©2006 221 p. he himself established that a previously anonymous and undated Latin chronicle concerning early East Anglia had been compiled in the late 10th century by Byrhtferth. Fiona and James Drummond-Murray. People.. he devotes much attention to cross-Atlantic military relations. It is not an ethnographic study. schoolmaster at the newly founded abbey of Ramsey. DA65 2006-022876 0-275-99039-7 The new British.3) Edwin Mellen Pr. ©2005 160 p. DA87 1-904048-54-4 Nelson. held in one hand to tip out a small measure of wine. the volumes of this 20-volume set biographically profile the 19 men and one woman who have served as British Prime Minister during the 20th century. items found. ©2006 436 p. Jeremy. the impact of culture and community on young Pakistanis. $26. Distributed in the US by Trafalgar Square Publishing. alloy bowls. Hawkes. and assesses their political legacy. 1998-2000. aspirations. $52. language. Trans. deep in the eastern fenlands. identity. relevant sociological contexts. Wilson. nonferrous metal objects. Britain) examines the experiences of British.95 Finally retired from medical practice. Pocket Essentials.00 Carolan. and descriptions of textiles. IRELAND DA3 2004-24726 978-0-7391-1798-9 DA125 2006-279082 0-7453-1847-9 Dreams. Victoria. is free to pursue his life-long interest in early medieval history. $58. and other questions about the influences on him.00 The data set that forms the basis for this study by Cressey (U. questions. (The early chronicles of England. and the significance of his work from the perspective of the early 21st century. In 1981. (Muslim minorities. $29. Ikhlaq. exertions that not only uncovered new evidence about the Roman pottery industry in the area but also the location of natural resources and the names of potters. and the site. provides a concise biography of English Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson. and ed. and at an intermittent watching brief at Kent House in 1999 and 2000. It provides a grave inventory and illustrations of graves. she also details other battles he participated in. his marriage. UK) consists of interviews exploring the life stories of thirty British-born Pakistani and Kashmiri young people about their visits to go see relatives back in Pakistan and Kashmir. City of London. Distributed by The David Brown Book Company.95 (pa) Stapleton (politics. v. diaspora. ©2006 3520 p. Amrit. The early 21st century. and cultural shift. It includes 216 inhumation graves in use from the sixth to eighth centuries. (Oxford University School of Archaeology. analysis of the skeletal remains by Guy Grainger. Distributed in the US by University of Michigan Press. (reprint. In the same format he uses throughout the series. provides a different perspective than did the Cold War. particularly his role in the Battle of Trafalgar during the Napoleonic Wars.. $49. Carolan. v.00 (pa) Some were stout. The volume is beautifully illustrated with maps. Focusing on the relationship between young boys and girls.00 (pa) From Lord Salisbury to Tony Blair. Books International. the potters’ workshop. he says.5) BRILL. and the Pakistani community. he discusses the sources and attribution of that chronicle. –41– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . DA145 1-901992-55-1 Roman pottery production in the Walbrook Valley. $119. 20v. Wilson examines how gender relations of the population have been reshaped over the past 30 years within the context of local and global discourses. Pluto Press. In this introductory book to his life. Exeter U. color photographs of the artifacts and field site and line art. $15. the period when he was captain of the HMS Victory. The series being American. by Birte Brugman. of Birmingham. Inc. Each volume also contains a chronology detailing international and domestic British political and cultural events during the Prime Minister’s tenure and a guide to further reading. Gill. experiencing the community. Praeger Security International. such as the Battle of the Nile. and tensions between Islam and culture. glass beads. Hart.95 Din (U. Kent. insubstantial. describes their activities while holding the premiership. Finds include kilns. of Bradford. DA125 2006-018449 978-0-7546-4047-9 Sir Arthur Bryant and national history in twentiethcentury Britain. DA153 978-0-7734-5545-0 A military history of Britain. Unpublished at the time of Hawkes death in 1999. Lexington Books. and so he chooses some surprising topics to follow down the three centuries. Ashgate Publishing Co. each of which is examined in a separate chapter. a comparative edition and translation of the Latin annals. kin. $89. DA28 978-1-904950-53-0 20 Prime Ministers of the 20th century. The interviews (and some works of literature) are used to explore such themes as journeys. Din. a maritime historian.. he explores such issues as the experience of school. Each individually authored volume contains a chronological narrative that briefly examines the life of the person in question prior to coming to 10 Downing Street.GREAT BRITAIN. race. (MoLAS monograph. gender. Sonia Chadwick and Guy Grainger. a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. Some b&w photos are included. then presents a Latin edition with facing pages of English translation. popular culture. South Asian women in Britain. of Durham) investigates the extent to which Bryant (1899-1985) tried to revive the role of national historian and revive the Whig tradition of English/British history.00 This report describes the excavations of the Fingelsham Anglo-Saxon cemetery in east Kent directed by Sonia Chadwick Hawkes between 1959 and 1967. generation and change. Moorgate. the information aims to stimulate new research. and unused samian ware indicating there may have been a shop. 25) Mus/London Archaeology Service. ©2005 221 p. ©2006 164 p.95 Military structures and cultures.64) Oxford U. by Cyril Hart. DA155 978-0-9549627-1-5 Diaspora youth and ancestral homeland. homeland. British Pakistani/Kashmiri youth visiting kin in Pakistan and Kashmir. Others were slender. indicating cooperation and trade. $108. Julia. rather it is a narrative study of lives that utilizes a cultural studies approach in order to investigate questions of identity. national. mostly after the unfortunate dust-up in the 1770s. Title main entry.born people of Pakistani origin who were between 14 and 19 years old and lived in Bradford at the time of the study. The chronologies from all 20 volumes are also gathered together in a separately bound volume accompanying the set. places. The Anglo-Saxon cemetery at Finglesham. ©2006 191 p. demonstrated here in a six-volume series on Anglo-Saxon chronicles. Byrhtferth. Monograph no. DA125 2006-049042 978-90-04-15346-2 Byrhtferth’s East Anglian chronicle. and the conflicts themselves are part of the story that Black (history. his intentions and practices. Distributed in the US by The David Brown Book Co. from 1775 to the present. in 2000 in Copthall Close.School of Archaeology. struggles. She also considers the role of the British state and the pressures of the market and the politics of South Asia in reconfiguring patriarchal power. Black. oh yes. The most significant discovery is that the kilns were producing Verulamium region white ware. ummah (the Islamic community of believers). 2005) Stapleton.95 (pa) An activist on gender and race issues in Britain and South Asian politics. and pottery by other authors. and subjects are indexed separately. and his legacy. a timber well. excavations at 20-28.) tells. their parents. just the thing for grain. ©2006 307 p. Cressey.

history. gender roles. The volume is aimed at students studying for history exams in sixth-form and university courses in the UK as well as teachers desiring to enrich their history instruction. and his “ever widening” social and economic ties to other important figures from London and beyond.. and the chronicling of a British.95 “I feel like killing someone!” roared the fashionable young man. title) Oxford U. personality aspects. it then lay dormant until late 2004. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –42– . DA155 1-874350-41-8 A record of Samuel Pepys’ financial accounts. Ed. Distributed in the US by ISBS. as opposed to an exclusively English. Entries are included even if they do not specify an amount. $84. Among their topics are Charles’ art purchases in Madrid. Twist. Ed. Oglesby) mines Pepys’ famous diary for yet more data about the daily life of upper middle class Londoners during the late 17th century. of London. Focusing on the middle class. Cohen. 3d ed.00 Using research done on collections and archives in England. Ashgate Publishing Co. 1660-1669. Honed by Waterloo. DA533 978-1-905043-07-1 The mid Tudors. Edwin Mellen Pr. and ladies with lovers. DA175 2005-036416 978-1-4051-0649-8 Edmund Burke’s Irish identities. the rise of the aristocracy. the glories and ignominies of real war. in Wessex.00 (pa) The annual publication presents papers concerning the archaeology and history of England and its neighbors during the Anglo-Saxon period that are comprehensible to non-specialists. Clanchy. and places. Color and b&w photos of objects. Title main entry.95 Rogal (emeritus humanities and fine arts. who was equally as fashionable but never as compulsive a duelist. Edward VI and Mary. Lee was formerly head of history at Bromsgrove School. DA345 2006-011511 978-0-415-30215-9 A life of John Julius Angerstein. surrounded by the likes of the Prince Regent. and historians have tended to follow them since. Scotland. this text introduces students to the rulers of England and their aspirations in the period between the Norman Conquest and the death of Edward I by showing the multicultural influences that shaped the medieval English polity and placing that history in a European context. This is all style over content. economics. $75. Prince Charles’s journey to Madrid. language mixing in Anglo-Saxon inscriptions. three new chapters examine the social and economic history of the period. Angerstein was a person of some note. neighbors. Although in his day. by Alexander Samson. philanthropy. from 1986 to 1990. $109. Ed.19) Wessex Archaeology. and Wales. and strategies and tactics of King Alfred and the Vikings 876-886. 1066-1307. Illinois Valley Community College. a New Man who defended the modernity of the British ancien régime. DA533 2006-012782 0-300-11213-0 Household gods. widening circles in finance. the British and their possessions. Twist’s narrative of Angerstein’s life underscores the merchant’s business acumen.00 An Irish-born British statesman. and a reforming Whig who vehemently opposed the revolution in France and was therefore adopted by latter-day political conservatives. high society. Wiltshire. Here historians delve into some of the underlying of the journey and the failure of the match. DA506 978-0-7165-3365-8 Market Lavington. ©2006 243 p. The Spanish match. morals. $40. She describes ideas of bad taste.DA155 978-0-947816-22-3 DA447 978-0-7734-5486-6 Anglo-Saxon studies in archaeology and history. Title main entry. ©2006 344 p. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. ©2006 330 p. punctuate her discussion. the life in Paris of debtors and idlers (the article on how to get invited to a ball is particularly enlightening). the politics of translation. and unearthed 42 inhumation burials probably spanning from the late fifth and sixth centuries. and provided footnotes explaining. Title main entry. The 12 papers are not indexed. Questions addressed include (for example) the degree to which the monarchy was weakened during Edward’s reign and the level of success Mary Tudor achieved in implementing her religious objectives. $23. 1735-1823. Lee. by Seán Patrick Donlan. the Spanish literary response to the visit. antiques. Title main entry. Protestants heralded the event as a religious victory. Gronow. An updated and enlarged concluding discussion is included that takes account of—without detailing—subsequent investigations. (Wessex archaeology report. ©2006 207 p. and additions and amendments have been made throughout the text. the five senses and Anglo-Saxon coinage.. The report was completed in 1992.. Stephen J. Ed.95 (pa) This text explores the reigns of Edward VI and Mary and examines key issues concerning that period that have been debated by historians. $90. but what glorious style it is. his charitable generosity.95 British merchant and government loan contractor John Julius Angerstein (1735-1823) used his wealth to found a number of charities and to collect fine art. including the surprisingly rigid etiquette of camp life. Edwin Mellen Pr. (series. Anthony. and the best way to rub elbows with royalty. a protestant of the established church with extensive links and sympathy with Catholicism. Clanchy is professor emeritus of medieval history at the Institute of Historical Research. Phillip and Richard Newman. ©2006 274 p. ©2007 155 p. $99. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. are probably only some of Burke’s (1729-97) identities. by Sarah Semple. the Hyde Park set. The bibliography and suggested further reading sections have been fully updated. and is a Fellow of the British Academy. according to his biographer Twist (retired.00 Excavations were undertaken at Grove Farm. Irish Academic Press. particularly focusing on the creation of wealth.) explores the history of British fondness for home interiors and domesticity. In this third edition. she examines what shaped consumer demand. Yale University Press. and households during the time of modernism. Cohen (history.T. Captain Gronow’s guide to life in London and Paris. 1547-1558. U.95 Far more than a listing of names and dates.. (Blackwell classic histories of England) Blackwell Publishing. with revisions in 1995 and 1997. $149. ©2006 198 p. interiors. and eventually up to his impeccable collar in debt. he has becomes somewhat historically obscure.School of Archaeology.95 When Charles returned to London without the Spanish Infanta as a bride. Williams. by Christopher Summerville. Deborah. DA396 2005-021329 0-7546-4087-6 Regency recollections. ©2006 606 p. 1623. $54. no. Samuel J. Rogal. v. and friends. ©2006 296 p. Scholars in a wide range of disciplines on both sides of the Atlantic and the Irish Sea look into it. and the arts in eighteenth century London. already typeset. UK). Distributed by The David Brown Book Co. $33. singling out the 1830s to the 1930s. an Anglo-Saxon cemetery and settlement. Gronow describes the gentleman’s son’s life in the army. (Questions and analysis in history) Routledge. Cambridge U. M. Ravenhall Books.13. DA506 2006-046985 978-0-7734-5583-2 England and its rulers. and a French view. He has extracted entries relating to money spent and received over the nine years. Brown U. The 11 papers are from a spring 2003 conference at Stratford-upon-Avon. for example what the Rota Club was that he paid dues to. Archaeologists mostly from Britain but also Japan and Italy discuss such topics as topographical place-names and the distribution of tun and ham. and what sort of thermometer it would have been that he bought. managed to record the life of a Regency dandy largely from his own experience. and so he did after picking several quarrels on a fashionable street in Paris. ©2006 261 p. including religion.

Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. (MoLAS archaeology studies series. ©2006 224 p. ©2005 278 p. Distributed by The David Brown Book Co.00 A stalwart historian of industry and towns. the suburbs of Shrewsbury 1760-1960. DA690 2006-445309 978-1-84217-065-6 The archaeology of the upper city and adjacent suburbs. archaeological excavations (1991-1998) for the London Underground Limited Jubilee Line extension project. Oxbow Books. allowing the mobile British reserve forces to counter-attack at the place of their choosing. $40. The text is accompanied throughout by maps. Distributed by The David Brown Book Company. Treen. After considering suburbs. this report presents the findings of archaeological excavations at 9 Albert Embankment in London.50 (pa) The 2. DA690 0-7524-3749-6 Water resources and their management. social context. ©2006 311 p. fields. Bucknell University Pr. Tyler. Then they discuss implications for understanding the region in the sixth and seventh centuries and the Angles there. by The David Brown Book Company. London. The excellently preserved remains of Dugal Campbell’s 18thcentury Irish Barracks are also described. The fieldwork conducted there uncovered the remains of a pothouse operated by the Doulton company. $55. ©2006 197 p. explores the archaeology of the landscape from the Neolithic to the present. and objects cast in clay molds that were found. (CBA research report. metalworking. and Greenfields. ©2006 80 p. a dark age hillfort in south-west Scotland.00 (pa) Illustrated throughout with b&w photos. concrete obstacles. ©2005 63 p. David. These surprising enterprises include Churchill’s involvement with cinema in an essay about Charlie Chaplin and as a scriptwriter and consultant for Alexander Korda’s film studio. $60. (MoLAS monograph. DA670 0-904761-72-X Beyond the bridges. and the Ministry of Defense has protected it from modern agriculture. (Lincoln archaeological studies. The first chapter gives background on the project and procedures used. Steane. and 20th century to present a unified account of what science now thinks has been going on there since Mesolithic and Neolithic times. Distributed in the U. Kate. C. 10. DA670 978-1-84217-217-9 The Tower of London new armouries project. streets. Churchill’s evocation of paintings as templates for narrative in his first history and in his only novel. including the gas trenches. and hills. –43– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . (WHARRAM. 22) Mus/London Archaeology Service. Atkin. Graham and Steve Kelly. DA687 0-904220-36-2 Beaches. He sets out to explain how Shrewsbury appears to have grown over the past 200 years. Barrie.00 (pa) Thomas. which include those in and around Lincoln Cathedral. animal bones. and argues that the rare habitat should continue to be protected. In defence of landscape. and “The Dream. ©2006 658 p. the remains of medieval buildings. the authors (affiliations not cited) examine the larger context of London’s pottery industry and make connections between their findings and relevant documentary sources.. in which he discusses the 20th century with the Victorian ghost of his father. Ride. who worked at the facility for 17 years and led the archaeology section of the Porton Down Conservation Group for 17. Robert Cowie. ©2006 210 p. Thomas. Paul in the Bail. including traces of Roman deposits.DA566 2006-002796 978-0-8387-5632-4 DA677 1-901992-50-0 Winston Churchill’s imagination. 144) Council /British Archaeology. York U. census returns.S. Laing and Longley set out the stratigraphic. diagrams. which probably began operation in the 1870s and continued until 1926.00 Steane and others from the city of Lincoln Archaeology Unit staff describe excavations of the Upper City at Lincoln in England and adjacent suburbs from the period of 1972 to 1987. Paul K. Lloyd and David Longley. Mint Wall. and building. and hardened weapon emplacements. artefacts. 19th. which is not cheap! Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. no. Trinder here looks at the suburbs of the town where he has lived for some four decades. networks. The volume is thoroughly illustrated with photographs and diagrams (many in color). Tempus Publishing. Los Angeles) reaches beyond Churchill’s 38 volumes of writings to find moments that Alkon deems hallmarks of Churchill’s imagination. $90. drawing on maps. DA677 978-1-901992-63-2 The Doulton stoneware pothouse in Lambeth. and reminiscences but very little on property deeds and the official records of the corporation. and M. began establishing a defense landscape combining natural barriers such as rivers with anti-tank ditches. William. In addition to describing various artifacts. Phillimore. $39. The juicy bits about the royal family are in a different volume. excavations at 9 Albert Embankment. the anti-invasion landscapes of England. Oxford Archaeology carried out a series of archaeological investigations at the Tower of London. This report summarizes what was found there. and West Bight. Distributed in the US by Trafalgar Square Publishing.00 (pa) Fearing the threat of invasion in 1940. 15) Mus/London Archaeology Service. Alkon. 12) English Heritage. Foot. Distributed in North America by the David Brown Book Company. among them the parish of Meole Brace and Coton Hill.12) Oxford Archaeology. Keevill. and the status. The excavations provided valuable insights into everyday life in the medieval village and also revealed environmental evidence relating to the land-use history of the valley and plateau. and integrate the findings with those of both archaeological and antiquarian efforts during the 18th. Data on artefactual and environmental finds is integrated into the presentation of the stratigraphic sequence. he focuses on various specific places. and economy of the Mote of Mark. contexts. $65.00 (pa) During the period 1997-2000. $16. St. ©2006 267 p. Christopher et al.750 hectare site at Porton Down in southern England was turned into a chemical and biological research facility during World War I. Trinder.” a story Churchill reserved for posthumous publication. North Yorkshire. a study of settlement on the Yorkshire Wolds. $55. Archaeological Publications.3) Oxbow Books. Lord Randolph Churchill. The authors conclude that the defenses would successfully have served to hold up and divert a German attack. U. DA600 2006-404116 978-1-902771-53-3 The royal palace. abbey and town of Westminster on Thorney Island. DA690 978-1-86077-393-8 The Mote of Mark. and b&w photos and drawings of artifacts. $37. and features constructed within the royal garden. Distributed by Associated University Presses.00 This volume presents the results of excavations carried out between 1971 and 1983 on the site of a medieval dam and pond at the southern end of the deserted English village of Wharram Percy.00 Alkon (English and American Literature. no.00 The 1973 and 1979 excavations at the rampart were undertaken to establish the potential for identifying a stratigraphic sequence and correlating it with observations from excavations in 1913. which is organized by Land Use Blocks and Context Groups. (Oxford archaeology occasional paper. $15. ©2006 160 p. an archaeology of Porton Down. 1940. and Jane Sidell describe and discuss the excavations during the 1990s in advance of the subway extension. Maps and archival photographs document the locations of the defenses and the surviving condition of individual structures is assessed. Kieron. Ride. of Southern California. This work combines archaeological evidence of the surviving pieces of this defense system in 67 areas of the English landscape with documentary investigation in order to reconstruct the system as a whole and analyze the strategy behind it. The monochrome photographs are of particularly high quality. Laing. newspapers. followed by descriptions of each site.

John. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –44– . Galway. ©2006 273 p. and museum director Lacey. the notion of community has had little place in Irish history. Press.00 During a single year at least 26 Cork civilians died at the hands of the IRA. Devon and Wessex.000 of them from late medieval and post-medieval times. ©2006 200 p. and cultural scholars. DA908 978-1-85182-959-0 Rendering to God and Caesar. $75. $38. artists. the activities. 1985-94. cinema. 12 fold-out. informers and the Anti-Sinn Féin Society. $40. English and Irish historians look at events and attitudes on both sides of the Celtic Sea from the perspective of those who took part in them without the benefit of modern hindsight. DA930 1-904890-12-1 Vienna voices. and excavation produced reports that were completed in 1994. in the US by ISBS. Dist. EUROPE. how the Church of Ireland related to the Irish state and the Catholic Church to the Northern Ireland state. a personal memoir and history of the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. Distributed in the US by ISBS. There is no index. ©2006 247 p.) investigates the impact of Christianity on the landscape of southwestern Britain from the conversion period about 450 AD to the Norman Conquest.00 The enormous influence of the Donegal kingdoms on Ireland as a whole during the early medieval period has generally been underestimated and misunderstood. ©2006 213 p. writers. the author. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. ©2006 221 p. Lacey. by Andrew Higgins Wyndham. Central Connecticut State U. the head of research at the Centre for Conflict Resolution Journalism in Derry. Dublin. few changes were found necessary for publication a decade later.00 With the exception of religious communities. and inter-church relations and religious borders in Ireland. DA966 2006-001345 978-0-8139-2544-8 The Kirwans of Castlehacket. ©2006 208 p. the Irish churches and the two states in Ireland. but because it in fact was. and the voices of the people. set off for Budapest to bring medical supplies and to witness the rebellion against Soviet authority first hand. says Irish archaeologist. contributes an introduction. He infers changes in the structure of the landscape from sites. explore social and cultural issues raised by the transformation of Ireland’s image from a bastion of tradition to a cutting edge of modernization. Wallace. Oxbow Books. then a young Oxford undergraduate. monuments. Medieval pottery from Wood Quay. His main sources are the various texts knows as the annals. by Robert Armstrong and Tadhg Ó hAnnracháin. the Kirwans. relations with Britain and America. Manchester U. BALKANS. The 12 essays are from a September 2003 conference in Dublin. Ed. and the historical background to the pottery. Borgonovo analyzes the existence of the network. and ideological changes that resulted from adaptations to the new religion. Then he maps these changes and interprets them as reflecting the social. $70. $65. history. some 10. whose parents were born there and forced to leave when Hitler came to power in 1938. Irish Academic Press. Title main entry.00 Over 200.95 Social scientists.000 shards of pottery were recovered from the excavation. Co. Stephen. who directed the project. Patrick F. seeking a balance between history and memoir. Brian. DA911 978-1-84682-028-1 Spies. it was not obvious nor inevitable that Ireland would become partitioned 20 years later. folklore and mythology in an Irish horseracing family. Along with the volume. DA962 0-7190-7346-4 Raunds area survey. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Turner. $50. the alleged IRA persecution of ex-soldiers and the strength of the IRA intelligence efforts in Cork city and places these trends in the context of the British reprisal campaign in Cork city and the IRA’s guerrilla struggle. Archaeologist McCutcheon illustrates—mostly in drawings with some photographs—and describes a representative selection of these. so the historians here are constructing an idea of Irish community as well as describing examples of it. and migrations. Paisleyism. Clare. AD 500-800. a pro-British intelligence network operating in the city. myths. Sam. Michael. 1949-73.95 At the outbreak of the failed Hungarian Revolution of 1956. $60. Six years of field-walking. IRA sources claim that some of the civilians were members of the Anti-Sinn Féin Society. a traveler listens to the city of dreams.00 (pa) Turner (archaeology. moderate. Title main entry. which was most dominant across the island for much of the period he covers. Four Courts Press. ©2006 276 p. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. Ó Corráin. magnetometer surveys. the intelligence war in Cork City 1920-1921. and there was a great deal of cultural exchange between the Gaelic and Ascendancy—Anglo-Irish.00 (pa) Weinberger (English. ©2006 351 p. Irish communities in 17thcentury western France. Lynch. historians. (Writing travel) Parlor Press. Four Courts Press. (CD-ROM included) Title main entry. race and ethnicity. RUSSIA. the countryside in early medieval Cornwall. and the communion of saints and Catholic reformation.DA690 978-0-85989-785-3 DA959 978-1-85182-996-5 Making a Christian landscape. DB957 2005-058170 0-06-077261-1 Journey to a revolution. She considers how each dealt with the border itself. by Roger Swift and Christine Kinealy.00 When Queen Victorian died in 1901. ©2006 292 p. Weinberger.00 In Castlehacket in the west of Ireland.00 The detailed landscape survey was part of a major program of archaeological research into the evolution of the landscape in part of midland England from the Mesolithic onward. DA690 978-1-84217-180-6 Politics and power in victorian Ireland. as illustrated by the acclaim of the Kirwan family in local folklore and song. He recounts those events here.) has traveled to Vienna often over the past 20 years. $24. ©2007 198 p. University of Exeter. Parry. Northamptonshire. the politics of 19th-century Ireland have since been portrayed as a simple divide between Catholic nationalists and Protestant unionists. Borgonovo. the communities of Clonmal 1608-49. language. says Lynch. McCutcheon. Here. He focuses on the Cenél Conaill kingdom. of Virginia Press. Royal Irish Academy. HarperCollins. cropmark analysis. She also discusses the purpose and methodology of the study. He analyzes the cultural boundaries between the Gaelic and Ascendancy worlds on a local scale in the 18th and 19th centuries. ©2006 218 p. the resident landlords were an Irish family. ©2006 240 p. place names. FORMER SOVIET REPUBLICS DB851 2006-012174 1-932559-89-2 Cenél Conaill and the Donegal kingdoms. the literature. English speaking—worlds. $65. $65. political. Ed. table-sized maps are included inside a nesting double box. DA930 978-1-85182-978-1 Re-imagining Ireland. Here she reflects on the physical city. Their topics include imagining political representation in the 17th century. Ronan. Newcastle U. an archaeological study of the landscape of Raunds. or simply live with the divided nation. sometimes alone and sometimes with her husband. DA962 978-0-7165-2832-6 Community in early modern Ireland. Four Courts Press.00 Ó Corráin (contemporary Irish history. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Jill Knight. $18. Distributed in the US by ISBS. the 1974-6 waterfront excavations. and patterns of fields and farms. Four Courts Press. Daithí. $34. Distributed in the US by ISBS. which reached the hinterlands about 1070. Korda. U. Ed. historian. Among their topics are the Celtic Tiger. Trinity College Dublin) looks at the Catholic Church and the Church of Ireland as examples of organizations that have operated on both sides of the border after the partition of Ireland in 1920 and tried to adjust to.

$285.00 A native of Hungary. active in Bruges but originally from the Italian city of Lucca. Prussian general von Clausewitz was one of a group called “the Scharnhorst party” that chose to fight for Russia rather than honor the new Franco-Prussian alliance.C. religion and thought. the years between 1300 and 1460 were an economic crisis. presenting Clausewitz’ 19th-century account with an introduction by Gerard Chaliand (Ecole Nationale d’Administration. and history. 1774-1914. Illustrated with b&w photographs. political thought and ideology. colonizing Canada following the Cartier voyages. social. . DB2763 2004-011379 0-86516-426-6 Small-town martyrs and murderers. . Title main entry. Other topics covered encompass food and fashion. literature. printing and translation as part of the paradigm shift. Sebestyen. ©2006 292 p. changing the image of French music. DC183 2005-047217 978-0-374-27341-5 The city. Benedictine College. Woell (history. (Culture and customs of Europe) Greenwood Press.7) Brepols Publishers. Andress (modern European history. based on newly released official Hungarian and Soviet documents. of Portsmouth) offers a new interpretation of the mass killings that have become the most vivid image of the revolution.DB957 2006-043654 0-375-42458-X DC195 2006-003245 978-0-87462-311-6 Twelve days. . ©2006 1284 p. cinema. literature. The text demonstrates that Hungary was “. performing arts. democracy’s guide. Dague (modern history. culture and even food. Farrar. architecture. Haine (European history. and an extensive bibliography. by describing the French Amadis in the 1540s. ABC-CLIO. Pennsylvania). Kansas) examines the development of the army’s field and bureaucratic administrative operations during the First French Empire. but was the result of dogmatic and fundamentalist thinking and dreadful decisions by a group of people whose survival was threatened by famine. the story of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. Loretto. best known for his favorable view of the US in the first volume of Democracy in America (1835). The entries on battles are accompanied by maps of the campaigns. the text is suitable for both the specialist and the general reader. and realizing the dialogism in Rabelais’s Prologues as part of the recognition of changes in Renaissance epistemology. external war. by Marian Rothstein. Transaction Publishers. Illustrated throughout with b&w and color photographs. marriage. Paris). ©2007 148 p. he argues. Susquehanna Univ. and economic background. Joseph. Ed. DC220 2006-019409 978-1-85109-646-6 Charting change in France around 1540.00 For those interested in the battles. Lambert. Western Illinois U. but also introduces socio-metrical analysis by tracking the Napoleonic careers of the major military administrative figures. DC33 2006-017935 0-313-32892-7 The encyclopedia of the French revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. the duke and their banker. by Gregory Fremont-Barnes. Scott. with topics including a biography of Napoleon. family. $72. DC611 978-2-503-52025-4 Alexis de Tocqueville. only to take a rather abrupt about-face and begin to consider itself a civilization superior in language. and how France became a nation well aware of its own merits. He focuses on the family’s simultaneous relations with the city of Bruges and the duke of Burgundy. Haine. Anton and Dusan Caplovic. Holy Names U. –45– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . the construction of a military bureaucracy. v. and education. and memory in the events at Machecoul. ©2006 315 p. and related themes of the wars that occupied Europe from 1792-1815.00 (pa) The boom-and-bust cycle turning more slowly in those days.. religious revolution and counterrevolution in western France. DC203 978-0-7734-5613-6 Illustrated Slovak history. Edwin Mellen Pr. the merciless war for freedom in revolutionary France. D. Ten introductory essays provide the background and context to the wars. ©2006 215 p. a pawn. Straus & Giroux. not otherwise identified.00 (pa) Slovak publisher Ladislau Bolchazy presents an English edition of the work created by the late Slovak economic historian Anton Spiesz. The English translation includes a foreword by President Ivan Gasparovic. $21. armies. $119. media. He considers the process as evolving.95 American essay and story writer Epstein presents a biography of French aristocrat and social critique Tocqueville (1805-59). ©2006 340 p. a political. Victor. his family fled from Hungary when he was a small child. A few b&w photos are included.) describes aspects of the culture and customs of France within a historical context.. Edward J. the Rapondi family and the formation of the Burgundian State (1384-1430). His account. Watertown. Kopanic (St. $17. violence. Carl von. The introduction sets the context and describes von Clausewitz’s account as a “global analysis of conflict. 1) Marquette University Press. Francis U. ancient Rome and classical Greece. Lambert. Fremont-Barnes is an independent scholar in Oxford. UK. U. He also traces the antecedents and precedents through the 17th century and during the French Revolution. relates Napoleon’s Russian campaign in which the French army made it to Moscow but retreated after Tsar Alexander set fire to that city. 3v. . this 3-volume reference contains a wealth of information in its authoritative entries and full bibliography of places to look next. Spiesz. (reprint. ©2006 232 p. including treaties. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. he explains just how far. Sebestyen lives in England where he has worked for numerous British newspapers. Distributed by Associated University Presses.” lauding the author’s eye for appreciating a situation in all its diplomatic. including the land. he presents a new account of the event.95 A specialist in Napoleon. ©2005 441 p. $32. $24. The Terror. engaging in religion in new ways.95 For general readers. before the fundamental changes of about 1540.00 According to editor Rothstein (French.. Pantheon Books. and military history. The six essays here describe aspects of that fundamental change. maps and diagrams. David. and housing.00 (pa) In this study. some 60 pages of endnotes by Michael J. W. Dague. bibliography. The work lacks index. Epstein. Vol. but thrive for over half a century. DC33 2006-011406 978-1-57591-108-3 Napoleon and the first empire’s ministries of war and military administration. and eyewitness testimony. and military ramifications. Woell. On the 50th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution.reaching were its local and national repercussions for the French Revolution and beyond. Bart. In addition to tracing the events leading up to the bloodshed in this small community. and leisure activities. The Terror was not an inevitable outcome of revolution. There are over 800 signed A-Z entries written by an international team of contributors. ©2006 420 p. France considered itself inferior to Italy. an afterword by Slovak archaeologist Dusan Caplovic. 1996) Clausewitz. Press. (Studies in European urban history (1100-1800). gender. trapped between bigger powers” of Moscow and Washington. $37. particularly Minister of War Henri Clarke. Everett Thomas. a struggle for sovereignty in Central Europe.) recounts the story of the massacres that took place in March 1793 in the French town of Machecoul. (Marquette studies in history . $49. In 1812. Andress. Title main entry. Many of the entries are biographies of key figures. $26. ©2006 224 p. investigates how this family managed not only to survive. political. when it was most successful.95 (pa) This is a reprint of a 1996 book titled The Campaign of 1812 in Russia (Blue Crane Books. One notable exception was the Rapondi family. and counter-revolutionaries. after disastrous defeats by Napoleon. Ed. Massachusetts). his family’s diaries. DC36 2006-047175 0-06-059898-0 The Russian campaign of 1812. just one battleground in the great East-West struggle in the second half of the twentieth century. Bolchazy-Carducci Pub. many merchants who had loaned their otherwise idle capital to princes found that the promises and fortunes of such luminaries were not as reliable as merchants might wish. political and military leaders. including the London Evening Standard. and even table of contents.3 contains a selection of primary documents. Carthage College) and contributors. DC235 2006-050052 1-4128-0599-6 Culture and customs of France. Particular attention is paid to the roles of religion. originally published as Ilustrovane dejiny Slovenska: Na ceste k sebauvedomeniu in 1992. experienced from the Russian side. (Eminent lives) HarperCollins. no.00 (pa) A specialist in the French Revolution. people. $50. and art. Only proper names are indexed. ©2006 208 p.

and illustrations including line art. clothing and eating habits to consciousness of time and rites of passage. Ed. music. scurvy politicians.. and general readers. Looking at such cultural productions as poetry. Colgate U. but the publisher is yet to be revealed. by Laurel Cohen-Pfister and Dagmar WienroederSkinner. DD239 2006-019413 1-85109-733-3 Ancient West & East. 8) Brepols Publishers. gender equality. ©2006 371 p. Bloomington) and Hoffmann (German studies. 1789-1914. Inc. Nine itineraries are provided as an introduction. this volume introduces modern German culture. There is no index. ©2006 398 p. ©2007 228 p. and the Hôtel de Ville. performing arts. which is aimed primarily at history and art history students. essays on the emergence of Europe. $24. She does not provide an index. Here there are transcendent artists. Roeck pays special attention to the role of female and male citizens in music.unification era. how grandchildren understand nazi crimes and their grandfathers’ pasts. Ed. of Zurich) offers an overview of bourgeois culture and aspects of everyday life in Germany from the Renaissance through the 18th century. followed by media. Michel. music. This third edition continues to reflect trends in social history. entertainment. and St. four notes. This series of 16 articles with an introduction explore aspects of this evolving series of relations in terms of trans-generational memory. and Dierk O. and the hangman’s representation was actively exploited. including lifestyle. $188.00 Dürer’s horsemen surge over lost and living souls. (re)presenting the past in post-unification culture. Virginia Commonwealth University) provides students and general readers with an overview of Nazi Germany. the chora of Hermonassa. Quotations are in German with English translation.00 For students. shaped. Joseph A. papers. period photographs and maps. and food. and the present post. visual arts and architecture. v. The result is accessible down to the high school level and should also suit the general reader or traveler. time of rebellion. history.. places and events. a reference guide from the Renaissance to the present. Hannele. Roeck.. (Studies in European urban history (1100-1800). DE1 978-90-04-14950-2 Nationalism versus cosmopolitanism in German thought and culture. Although not designed for experts in the field of German history. and Goethe’s Poetry and Truth. German identity narratives have emerged which explain that Germans were also the victims of deadly oppression by their government and victims of Allied warfare. The contents of the next issue are listed. idiosyncrasies in language. ©2006 308 p. $83. youth culture. multiculturalism. gestures. transnational reconciliation. and film.95 The anthology was inspired by a symposium held in conjunction with the March 2001 exhibit Spirit of an Age at the National Gallery in London. representation of executioners in Northern France and the Low Countries in the late Middle Ages. travelers. such as the lives of average citizens during the period. (Monograph supplement: Colloquia Pontica) BRILL. a period during which the office of the hangman became established in the European penal system. Ed. the book covers aspects of Nazism often neglected. with eight articles. The book measures 10x11. $119. Title main entry. media. composers. DD256 2006-024670 978-3-11-018982-7 Bell towers of Paris. literature and fine arts. ©2006 388 p.25″. and sexuality. the Romantic movement rises and falls. Fraser. economic.5 no. Joseph Haydn perfects the symphony. arts. (European nations) Facts On File. art.95 (pa) Approximately 35 Paris bell towers are shown here in color photos. Euphemia’s church by the Hippodrome of Constantinople within the broader context of early seventh-century history and architecture. Article topics include untying the Cretan hieroglyphic knot. saints. Fraser (German. The text. ©2006 202 p. The result is a complex web of public and private relations that define who were or are the perpetuators and who were or are the victims. Polish-German relations. scholars examine the contrast between and surprising overlap between calls for a German nation state and a vibrant Europe during the long 19th century.00 In the decades since Germany was infested with nazism and millions died as the result of its ideology.2) Walter de Gruyter.115) BRILL. Title main entry. B&w historical photos and a chronology are included. v. v. and social factors that powered the rise and fall of the Third Reich. Hoffmann. (Studies in medieval and reformation traditions. and lifestyle. showing sights such as the Eiffel Tower. the air war and German literature. Leisure activities are described. while reemphasizing the crucial role played by racial ideology in determining the policies and practices of the Third Reich. The scattering of states becomes a nation. television. $24. Bernd. In addition.00 This final volume of the series published by Brill is a double issue. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. a stroll through the City of Light. ideas. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –46– . the question of whether to write or remain silent about the German air war. and 120 pages of reviews. but is supplemented by information on history. DD17 2005-023373 0-8160-4521-6 Victims and perpetrators. Indiana U. DD204 2006-051810 0-7734-5523-X Civic culture and everyday life in early modern Germany. Kant’s What is Enlightenment?. Setboun. This crisply written reference includes essays on period from the tribal origins of German through the present post-unification era along with hundreds of entries describing people. and production and consumption information. Title main entry. legal. while introducing readers to fundamental research problems. $129. $85.) discuss the ambivalent attitude Germans have toward their country and past. DC707 2006-010841 978-0-8109-5489-2 A concise history of Nazi Germany.95 (pa) Using a writing style which combines narrative storytelling with analysis. and social aspects such as lifestyle. fashion. role reversals in the victim-perpetrator complex. Bendersky (history. the foothills of the northwestern Caucasus in the eighth to fourth centuries BC. John Caspar Riesbeck’s Letters of a Travelling Frenchman. Not only focusing on pop culture. the Museé d’Orsay. culture. churches. which are related through alphabetical listings of terms in the “From A to Z” sections at the end of each chapter. religion. the Louvre. and modified for various reasons by various social and cultural groups in various religious and secular contexts. Michel de Montaigne’s’ Diary of a Journey to Spas. 1933-1945. The authors include impressions and attitudes from magazines. many of them shot with a backdrop of the Paris nightlights. includes excerpts from many important primary sources. and one of the most sophisticated cultures in the world grows and then is strangled by brutes. Bendersky. surveying the major political. ©2006 286 p. and the most obscene of murderers. Harry N. there was an increasing demand for professional executioners as capital and corporal penalties became the responsibility of the state and other public authorities. and architecture. (Popular culture in the contemporary world) ABC-CLIO. ©2006 856 p. $85. and other places. the Sorbonne. Abrams. Pop culture Germany!. symbols. DD901 90-04-15269-5 Germany. by Mary Anne Perkins and Martin Liebscher. Joseph W. Rowman & Littlefield.00 (pa) Klemettilä (not further identified) focuses on the period from the 14th century to the early 16th.DC611 2-503-52278-5 DD240 2006-044684 978-0-7425-5363-7 Epitomes of evil. Biesinger. Adolf Eichman stands in a glass cage.00 Roeck (U. $98. a concise chronology. Specific topics include the limits of understanding in generational identities in recent German memory literature. Coverage spans the postwar years. Klemettilä. ©2006 405 p. views from these towers are photographed. by Pierre Guicheney. kings. Edwin Mellen Pr. as well as facts. political.1-2. The topics range from life styles. and individuals. stereotypes. taking readers on Setboun’s journey to places such as Notre-Dame. (Interdisciplinary German cultural studies. Catherine C. and social structures. and historical consequences in the German present. including Albrecht D(:u)er’s letters. 3d ed.

In addition to presenting a catalogue of known examples. he collects.00 Though it supplements the New Pauly reference. Jean. Wiener et al. title. sports and entertainment. Ducat.dozen contributions discuss such topics as the dating of Crambeck parchment ware. Trans. DE61 1-84217-185-2 Ancient Greece. by Emma Stafford et al. which marked the merging of the Greek and Roman civilizations. personages. $45. an account of Greek colonies and other settlements overseas. France) Ed. The volume is not indexed. Ed.S. Ed. daily life and customs. This extended volume of the Journal of Roman Pottery Studies was compiled to honor her vital contributions to the field. The signed articles. DE61 2006-012905 978-0-8262-1667-0 The shotgun method. Mogens Herman. –47– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . ©2006 157 p. dates of rule. The focus is on the public system of education (paideia). (Brill’s New Pauly supplements. Tables are included for the late antique Germanic kingoms in Britannia and in western Europe and Italy. $120. gold medal colloquium in honor of Philip P. widely known from Classical times. youth and society in the classical period. education and training. Greek history. ©2006 140 p. religion and ritual. Classical Press of Wales.DE5 978-90-04-15320-2 DF82 1-905125-07-0 Brill’s New Pauly: Chronologies of the ancient world. containing tables detailing the dates and names of dynasties and other ruling bodies in Eurasia in ancient times. southern Italy. The volume’s parameters are from the end of the 3d millenium B. Title main entry. the politics of Spartan mercenary service. v. by Hubert Cancik and Helmuth Schneider.00 Rhyta (singular rhyton) are horn-shaped vessels with two holes in them. and military practice and policy in the classical Greek city. and covers a period from the second millennium BC to the early Middle Ages. medicine and health. A small collection of maps and a key to pronunciation is included at the start of each volume. and evidence for the presence of the domestic cat in Roman Britain. Sienkewicz. 3v. and censors are listed. as well as important thinkers and literary figures. dates and dynasties. C. war and weapons. and Egypt. Tsetskhladze. Hansen. trade and commerce. by Thomas J. Copenhagen U. In this study. as little was recorded about private instructional practices. by The David Brown Book Co. exploring Greek history and culture from the earliest archaeological evidence to the Battle of Actium in 31 B. usually at opposite ends. Henkelman. by Stephen Hodkinson and Anton Powell. Included at the end of the third volume are category. which is done very few years as new evidence and information comes to light. $207. and why Sparta did not destroy Athens in 404 or 403 BC. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. Hansen (Greek. Distributed in the U.of America. DF85 2006-051506 978-90-04-12204-8 Greek colonisation. to the end of the 7th century. Title main entry. Archaeologists discuss such topics as pottery making and social reproduction in the Bronze Age Mesara.) takes broad aim and estimates the population in all the poleis in the Greek homeland and founded as colonies from Spain to Caucasus and from the Crimea to Libya in 334 BC. v. Sicily. Title main entry. Dannell and Pamela V. Archaeological Institute of America. $187.E. in acknowledgement of the contact China had with the West through trade. ©2006 564 p. Enzyklopädie der Antike published beginning in 1996 by J. military and civic geography. (Mnemosyne supplements. Oxbow Books. $249. Irving. the performing arts. Ed.E. and distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. Pamela-Jane Shaw. Title main entry. and subject indexes. ©2006 942 p. by the David Brown Book Company. DF214 2006-016525 978-1-58765-281-3 Brill’s New Pauly. by Gocha R. Significantly. are thoroughly referenced and cross-referenced. ©2007 1028 p. Among the areas discussed are Aegean Anatolia in the Early Dark Age. dictators. Mitchel Memorial Lecture Series) U. $79. Presented over the course of three volumes. technology. death and burial.00 The translation continues of Der Neue Pauly. etzlersche Verlagsbuchhandlung und Carl Erns Poeschel Verlag GmbH in Stuttgart and Weimar. The volumes are not individually indexed. government and law. (Prehistory monographs. the Iberian Peninsula.9: Mini-Obe. B. language and literature. DE5 978-90-04-12272-7 Spartan education.M.00 Sienkewicz (Monmouth College) presents 315 topical articles. proceedings. $194. Sardinia. DF221 2006-045296 1-931909-14-8 Sparta & war. Betancourt. LA) Ed. encyclopaedia of the ancient world: Antiquity.00 (pa) Kay Hartley is widely recognized in Britain and elsewhere as an authority on Romano-British mortaria and the stamps of their potters. BRILL. throne name. he discusses their typology. The 20-volume English version includes updated annotations. and whether southeastern Anatolian pottery from Late Minoan Crete is evidence for direct contact between Arzawa and Keftiu. Ed. There is no index. rarely over a page long. DF82 1-905125-11-9 Aegean bronze age rhyta. $100. ©2006 138 p. ©2007 363 p. Robert B. proceedings.. by Malcolm H. by Walter Eder and Johannes Renger. including Egypt.1) BRILL. China is included. 19) Inst. by Geoffrey B. With variations. and the carrying capacity of the ancient Greek polis world. Trans. Title main entry. 60 AD. of Nice) is a recognized French authority on classical Sparta. and women’s lives. v. Published by the Institute for Aegean Prehistory Academic Press. General Meeting (104th: 2003: New Orleans. $50. Classical Press of Wales.1) BRILL. Archaeological Inst. and development. ranging in length from one to eight pages. the tables provide the ruler’s name.12: An archaeological miscellany. Roman consuls. this volume is a standalone reference.95 To complement the many studies of specific details of ancient Greece.00 Five papers explore what pottery can reveal about society on the island of Crete during the Minoan period.C. v. U. by Wouter F. Ed. and brief notes.E. Also included are numerous biographical entries on political and military leaders. More than two. when Alexander the Great set off to conquer the Persian empire.00 Jean Ducat (retired. personal name. (Magill’s choice) Salem Press. the demography of the ancient Greek city-state culture. mechanical functions. science. of Missouri Press. The first section contains tables for the many dynasties of the ancient Near East. names. the Great Essex Earthquake of ca. navigation and transportation. The second section contains western Europe. /Aegean Prehistory Press. (The Fordyce W. history. and uses. Distributed in the U. for the Huns. papers in honour of K F Hartley. Among specific topics are commemorating the Spartan war dead. translates and evaluates sources ranging from the well-known to the obscure that deal with Spartan education. Translated from the French by Emma Stafford. Koehl examines examples from much earlier in region of the Aegean Sea. DF220 2006-027437 1-931534-16-0 Journal of Roman pottery studies. International Sparta Seminar (5th: 2004: Rennes. genealogy. and Anton Powell (affiliations not cited).50 The 10 papers discuss war and society. In addition to emperors. One essays looks at the Phoenicians in the Mediterranean as a non-Greek model of overseas settlement and presence. and ed. and for bishops and patriarchs. ©2006 484 p. He also considers the proportion of the population settled in the hinterland.S. $39.C. the impact of recent studies in Minoan pottery. Pottery and society. traditions and trends in the production and consumption of storage containers in proto-palatial and neo-palatial Crete.00 The 12 essays here and a second volume update again the history of Greek expansion from an archaeological perspective. the entries discuss art and architecture. ©2006 361 p. ©2006 309 p. Xenophon’s view of why the Spartans fight so well even in disorder. Koehl. settlements and social structure.

DF543 2006-006939 0-7546-5902-X A companion to the Roman Republic. Lucia. 10 in English and most of rest in Italian. by Antonios Rengakos and Antonis Tsakmakis. architectural terracottas in ancient Italy. Oxbow Books. a writer and dramatist. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. of California at Santa Barbara). Oxford U. Oxbow Books. this volume reflects the change in focus during those years from Thucydides’ method of investigation and his values to his modes of representation and his thinking. and Latium. Ed..00 Lewis (history. Distributed in the US by International Publishers Marketing. Umbria and Abruzzo. Employing a phenomenological approach. Theoretical Roman archaeology conference (TRAC 2005).. They are not indexed Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. cover Etruria. popular power. the living city. and gender. The 32 contributors. DG272 978-1-84217-248-3 The Byzantine aristocracy and its military function. proceedings. as early Greek political thought. a research fellow at the U.E. fragmentary as it is. who are international scholars in classics and history. Distributed by The David Brown Book Co.95 Drawing on recent archaeological and historical research. Title main entry. $70. southwestern Crete. Conference Deliciae filictiles (3rd: 2002: Rome. 1900 C. Butterworth. ©2006 180 p. of Birmingham Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity. Rengakos is professor of Greek literature at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. The papers include discussions of warfare. $149. as its ranks could be entered through either heredity or capability. $48.J. It also registers a new interest in interpretations based on sociological and political categories. intellectual milieu. ©2006 137 p. predecessors. ©2006 378 p. DF901 978-1-84217-206-3 Romanitas. by The David Brown Book Company. the Survey’s co-director presents the results of a detailed study she made of two types of religious structures in the area: outlying churches and icon stands. reliability as a historian. the chief official of Athens around 594 BC. with sections addressing civic structures of church.) and Morstein-Marx (classics. John. from the author’s philosophy of history to his self-awareness as a writer. constitution. nine of whom offer very accessible and well-illustrated accounts here. (Variorum collected studies series) Ashgate Publishing Co. democracy. outlying churches and icon stands in Sphakia. rhetoric and public life. narrative techniques. Cheynet. UK) Ed. weapons and the garrison at Newstead. provide a survey of current trends in Thucydidean studies. BRILL.95 Put together by Rosenstein (history. $27. ©2006 178 p.A. the evidence determining whether London was ever a colonia. the account of an anonymous traveler on the Antonine Wall in 1697. DG235 2005-021926 978-1-4051-0217-9 Brill’s companion to Thucydides.00 The first wide-ranging collective work on Thucydides in 38 years. After reviewing recent research generally.DF224 978-0-7156-3456-1 DG223 978-1-84217-208-7 Solon the thinker. U. St. Ohio) examines the poetic fragments of Solon. literary and epigraphic evidence. the material turns broadly thematic. The Faliscans. Wilson.00 (pa) Three of the 11 papers were commissioned to mark the 15th year of the Conference by taking stock of it to date and projecting its course in the future. They were originally published between 1980 and 2003. by R. the goal of this work is to present some of the most important themes of and debates about the rise and fall of the Roman Republic in a manner that takes into account the most recent research in the literature. two centuries of conservation and archeology of Hadrian’s Wall and later Roman African red slip ware from the frontier region in a province of Upper Egypt. and the relationships between the Roman and the Other. historical method. ©2006 508 p. proceedings. Eight of 14 are in French. just community. Martin’s Press. the Romanization of the countryside in western Gaul. The final four chapters introduce areas of continuing historical controversy such as imperial expansion under the Republic. Quotations are in Greek with English translation. ©2006 354 p. and Laurence. the civic and military significance of contributions toward Hadrian’s Wall. International Theoretical Roman Archaeology Conference (15th: 2005: University of Birmingham. patronage. of grasping the certainty of justice and the arbitrariness of fate. Following chapters that discuss the raw material of the historiography of Rome (the historical scholarship from the early 20th century to the present. Ed. and military.) has justly earned the appreciation of generations of colleagues and pupils. Butterworth. elements of military fortifications of Roman Britain. Alex and Ray Laurence. Title main entry. $48. including aristocratic values. Rome. $70. They focus on key individuals from each stratum of Pompeian society to create a compelling narrative that reanimates the sights and sounds of the living city. essays on Roman archaeology in honour of Sheppard Frere on the occasion of his ninetieth birthday. DG272 978-1-84217-219-3 Making a landscape sacred. $60. Ancient history) Blackwell Publishing. and questions of Roman identity. Ashland U. DG70 2006-050451 978-0-312-35585-2 Pompeii. by Ben Croxford et al. and another eight their military role.E. They cover the relationship between urban defenses and civic status in early Roman Britain.S. the chronological framework is presented in chapters that narrate military and political developments from the origins of Rome to the death of Julius Caesar. Duckworth. political thought in archaic Athens. and his legacy. Jean-Claude. He concludes that the poetry. and the transformation from Republic to Empire. ©2006 947 p. oligarchy and the invention of political science. she analyzes the rationale for the positioning of these structures and considers their symbolic function.00 (pa) The Sphakia Survey is an archaeological investigation of how humans have interacted with the landscape of a particular area in southwestern Crete from their earliest arrival ca. the 10th anniversary was similarly commemorated. Italy) Ed. In this text. social structure. covering Thucydides’ life. Oxbow Books. Ohio State U. 3000 B. Distributed in the U. Tsakmakis teaches Greek literature at the University of Cyprus. DF229 2006-049068 978-90-04-13683-0 Deliciae fictiles III. law.95 The aristocracy formed the social framework of the Byzantine Empire from the seventh to the fifteenth centuries. the relationship between Rome and Italy. and of judging both good and bad rulers. Six essays consider the general characteristics of the aristocracy. including history and collective memory. by Ingrid Edlund-Berry et al. Other topics include modeling Roman demography and urban dependency in central Italy. ©2006 737 p. religion. by Nathan Rosenstein and Robert Morstein-Marx. issues of political culture. Nixon. agrarian change and the economy. the archaeology of the Roman city. reveals the birth of thinking about the polis as a lawful. $114. Campania and Magna Graecia. Ed. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –48– . rhetoric. but it would probably be a mistake to try to delineate it too closely. art and architecture. There is no index. ©2006 242 p. Lewis. Oxbow Books. social issues of demography.00 Specialists in architectural terracottas from Italy and elsewhere consider roofing systems and decorations on them made from the material throughout ancient Italy. (Blackwell companions to the ancient world. including charming introductions that explain how they came to know and admire Frere as a mentor and friend. and its bottom side trailed off into other classes. offer a vivid portrait of Pompeii during the 25 years leading up to the eruption that destroyed it. new discoveries and interpretations. and wild and domestic animals in the Roman sacrificial ritual. and Sicily. the 44 papers. literature.00 Frere (archeology of the Roman empire emeritus. $336. says Cheynet. until the end of the Turkish period in ca. Title main entry. Beginning with the tenth chapter and continuing to the 25th. He finds there Solon’s way of understanding Athens and the men in it. and the physical geography and environment of Italy). samian cups and their uses.C.

(The medieval and early modern Iberian world. then examines the period from Diocletian to Alaric. ©2006 351 p. the Roman state. (Blackwell history of the ancient world) Blackwell Publishing. $84. John M.) traces the city-state’s rise through an examination of the life of Enrico Dandolo. LLC. and religion 1500-1700. 1300-1550 (2004).95 Although Belaruse appears to be the perfect partner in developing strategic communications with Europe. by Sebastian Schütze (Queen’s U. Kingston. $99. which formed a barrier between the Islamic Caliphate and the Byzantine Empire. v. U. Most of the contributors are based in Italy or Spain.republic of Florence was the epicenter of a number of major social. texts and commentaries. (reprint. The second edition incorporates new findings since 1999. the Enlightenment) and the emergence of national ideologies and movements. Voltaire. politics. Fullpage b&w plates accompany the article on Spanish Counter-Reformation art. French and American archives and is a unique study of Catherine’s velvet glove/iron fist manipulation of French intellectuals.95 Identifying a need to create a common regional framework of intercultural dialogue within Central and Southeast Europe. Title main entry. The era covered by this first volume of four begins in 1770 and ends with the emergence of Romanticism. Blackwell Publishing. Rousseau. The result is a near-total lack of congruence. Brook. ©2006 317 p. perceptions and practices. –49– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Coverage includes Dandolo’s efforts to reform the Venetian Church. He explains the linkage between domestic and foreign policy. and the passage from pagan to Christian. Articles describing the Spanish states and Spanish influence throughout Italy are supplemented with articles describing economic. A history of Florence 1200-1575. $188. social. The timelines. v. She examines the impact of their ideas during the 34 years of Catherine’s reign.) is also the editor of Italy in the Age of the Renaissance. but here specialists in western Europe.95 Known as the “birthplace” of the Renaissance. Najemy (history. economic. conceived of a reader containing a “representative collection of fundamental texts that had contributed to and/or reflected upon the formation of narratives of national identity” in the region.1: Late enlightenment. Johns Hopkins U. Hungary) and Kopecek (Institute of Contemporary History. Ontario. and intrigue beyond fiction. Najemy. Madden (history. ©2006 395 p. the barbarian kingdoms. In this study. by Thomas James Dandelet and John A. Najemy traces the causes and effects of these important changes as he describes all of the major phases of Florentine history from 1200-1575. Canada). (always with the exception of J-J Rousseau). Press. the first volume of which is presented here by Trencsenyi (history. Rowman & Littlefield. Mitchell (ancient history. Alex. Professor Gorbatov’s monograph is based on original research in Russian. and the role of Putin in the quarrels and moments reconciliation that have not led to integration. the political economy. rather than from Jews of the Middle East. Title main entry. ©2006 234 p. he first describes the archeological record and the nature of the evidence. and leaders who are variable at best. American historian Brook. DK32 2006-001693 1-933146-03-6 Violence in late antiquity. she sought to end nearly five centuries of Russian isolation from the West by nurturing a relationship with French philosophers who were developing an opposition to the state and looking to northern and Protestant countries for models of freedom. his role in the Fourth Crusade. Inna. California.95 Christianity was nearly an outlaw faith for too long. Marino. and Islam and in different centuries cross previously inviolable disciplinary boundaries to consider the larger picture as they discuss the prevalence of violence. DG312 2005-026459 0-7546-5498-2 Discourses of collective identity in Central and Southeast Europe (1770-1945).. violence and rhetoric. DK67 2006-005839 978-0-7546-4630-3 Enrico Dandolo and the rise of Venice. Mitchell. and religious violence.00 Dandelet (history. ©2007 298 p. who ruled Venice as doge from 1192 until his death in 1205. Byzantium. Drake. the efforts to integrate under Yeltsin in a dizzying array of treaties. and religious particulars during their rule. ©2006 259 p. Sardinia.g. the society and economy of the Mediterranean and Middle East. poorly planned and executed treaties. Distributed in the US by Books International. scholars from the Balkan Summer University in Plovdiv. playing games behind the Kremlin walls. political. the Italian city. In 12 concise chapters. Ed. Berkeley) and Marino (history. Ed. and the social. DK34 2006-016939 978-0-7425-4981-4 Spain in Italy. $84. of Exeter) wisely takes a top-down approach in his treatment of the latter days of an empire that did not appear to know it was at its end. Czech Republic) in the hopes of contributing to the emergence of a non-nationalist vision that goes beyond national grand narratives. $74.00 (pa) This is a paperbound reprint of a 2003 book. and Sicily for centuries. society. DG540 2006-051689 978-90-04-15429-2 Catherine the Great and French philosophers of the Enlightenment. Economics and Strategic Research) finds the reasons include strangely convoluted domestic politics. by Balazs Trencsenyi and Michal Kopecek. Press. They would be of little interest outside of specialist history circles except that they—or at least their leaders—adopted Judaism.. Central European U. $39. Cornell U. (Post-Soviet politics) Ashgate Publishing Co. explores their entire history rather than just the Judaic aspect of it. 2003) Madden. from which the 19 articles of this volume derive. Danilovich (Kazakhstan Institute of Management. Ashgate Publishing Co. of California. the transformation of the ancient world.95 The Khazars were a Turkic people who established a large empire in southern Russia during the early Middle Ages. and the final reckoning of the Eastern empire. ©2006 515 p. AD 284-641. Justinian may have been too optimistic about restoring the Roman empire too soon. maps and summaries are particularly well done. says Gorbatov. political and cultural transformations. Montesquieu. Russia has so far been reluctant to take back its former fellow USSR republic in any form of strategic alliance. U. of California. their essays were translated into English for this publication. failure to integrate. held in Santa Barbara. Diderot and Grim. emergence of the modern ‘national idea.A. DG737 2005-037147 978-1-4051-1954-2 Russian-Belarusian integration. legitimate violence. Thomas F. Stephen. Venice grew from a struggling merchant commune into a powerful maritime empire. when the first was published. thus undermining Jewish historical claims to territory there. which has led some to speculate that Ashkenazi Jews descended from them.32) BRILL.’ Title main entry. 2d ed. $39. by H.. were a key political and religious power in Italy in the 16th-18th centuries. The volume’s 44 readings are presented with the intent of shedding light on the transformation of cultural patterns (e. $99. Gorbatov.95 When Catherine II became empress in 1762.95 Scholars of history and literature in the US and Europe present 27 papers from the March 2003 Shifting Frontiers Conference. Academica Press. ©2007 469 p. administrative. He then traces the issues of conversion to Christianity and the politics of religious identity. The Spanish. ©2007 594 p.. the majority of which are thematic. the challenges of the late sixth century. In this text for scholars and general readers.DG311 2005-037149 978-1-4051-0857-7 DJK3 2006-000224 963-7326-52-9 A history of the later Roman Empire. Ed. Saint Louis U. Between the 11th and 13th centuries. a specialist in Khazars. San Diego) were two of the organizers of a 2003 conference held at the American Academy in Rome. Kevin Alan. Danilovich. Central European U. and religious environment in which he worked. $25. DG677 2002-013623 978-0-8018-8539-6 The Jews of Khazaria. Bulgaria. U. who ruled the kingdom of Naples. Violence is so heavily associated in late antiquity that few have thought to study it.

this volume studies the transition to adulthood among the adult children of immigrants to Sweden.28) BRILL. Central European U. (The medieval and early modern Iberian world. the liberator of the republics of the Soviet Union. dissertation in medieval studies at the Central European University in Budapest.DK69 2006-023949 978-0-7391-1632-6 DK4409 2006-045334 978-0-8214-1695-2 Soviet-Cuban relations 1985 to 1991.00 (pa) Prior to the events recorded in this book. particularly those that concern culture. $55.95 Giedre (art history and theory. The final chapter profiles notable people in Finnish history. $47. His topics include the foreign policy theories of the two countries. Ed. some 500. transform them into irreconcilable moral categories that went beyond left and right to encompass struggle over “everything from models of femininity and definitions of the nation to ideas about citizen activism and service to the state. $305. Pelkmans (Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology) offers the results of research carried out during extended stays in the Georgian province of Ajaria between 1999-2001. and the initiator of a comprehensive transformation of Russia’s role in international affairs. they drove out much of the province’s Muslim population. sociologists and anthropologists. He includes here information that has come to light since the BBC film he worked on.000. a supplemental bibliography. their transitions to marriage and cohabitation. Grand Duke Vytautas of Lithuania. $30.) presents a sequel to his 1988 bibliography. Eva. The study is based on her 2002 Ph. DK679 2006-007157 978-0-8014-7330-2 The Visigoths in Gaul and Iberia. cultural politics in Pilsudski’s Poland. Alberto. Jason. and was rather astounded to discover that there were as many relevant publications in the 20 years between 1984 and 2003 as there had been from about the beginning of time through 1983. Muslim. of Aberdeen) reassess relations between the Soviet Union and Cuba during the final years of the former. symposia. and chapters in books that are about something entirely different. ©2007 149 p. only to driven out in turn after their betrayal by the Russians. the founder of a new economic system. crediting Yeltsin with being the “leader in the destruction of the communist dictatorship.00 Russian politician Anatoly Chubais has compared Boris Yeltsin to Peter the Great and Tsar Alexander II in terms of his importance in transforming Russia. ©2005 287 p. Cook has found evidence that the British Secret Intelligence Service had a hand in it. Mervyn J. from Ice Age prehistory through the present. she examines the goals of the left-liberal intelligentsia as revealed in letters to Pilsudski. gender. Rather she investigates how and why it happened that he came to be considered a great hero of Lithuania. Beginning in the late 19th century. $42. and Kurds populated the Ottoman province of Van.D.95 (pa) In this volume. Tempus Publishing.. identity. the Armenian minority revolted against Ottoman rule. With the help of the Russians.” The goal of her work is to describe how these “moral nations” took shape following the coup.00 Armenians. Distributed in the US by Trafalgar Square Publishing. and the writings of Polish literary figure Tadeusz Boy-Zelenski. The same problem remains. ©2006 313 p. U.00 Lavery (history. history and international studies. $36. of Washington Pr. and examines the educational attainment of Swedish young adults of different origins. religion—including Christian. ©2007 258 p. DP96 978-90-04-14594-8 Making a great ruler. Ellison. Andrew. ©2006 296 p. politics. shares a border with Turkey.) offers a survey of the history of the nation of Finland. 1984-2003. (Jackson School Publications in International Studies) U. inter-ethnic partnering. Cook. and the Gorbachev factor and glasnost. Festschriften. ©2006 240 p. and civil war. Ferreiro. Bain. Turks. and interactions—provides a common theme in Pelkmans’ account of Ajarian lives. the explosion of women’s activism that followed the coup. In order to do this. though she does a little of both as introduction. (Utah series in Turkish and Islamic studies) University of Utah Press. seeking to establish an independent country. $22. Mickunaite. Canada).00 Ferreiro (European history. DK505 2006-020005 978-963-7326-58-5 The history of Finland.99 (pa) Featuring the work of a team of demographers.00 Bain (politics and international relations. which he cites without annotation. with its ancient Christian traditions. and its current culture. Lavery. journals with very limited distribution. of Washington) basically agrees with that assessment.00 The conventional tale is that Russian aristocrats sensationally murdered the priest and magician in 1916 for fear of his influence on the czar’s family. and Soviet-era atheist religious traditions. $25. in the judgment of the authors. religion. DL1032 2006-021333 978-0-313-32837-4 Boris Yeltsin and Russia’s democratic transformation. rather than the country of origin. (Greenwood histories of the modern nations) Greenwood Press. by Justin McCarthy et al. DL643 2006930452 0-7618-3570-9 To kill Rasputin. according to Plach (history. v. Eva et al. and discuss Finland as part of the Swedish realm. Giedre. The research focuses on the host country.95 The May 1926 coup in Poland. DK254 0-7524-3409-8 The clash of moral nations. independence. ©2006 889 p. U. Seattle Pacific U. Distributed in the US by Books International. She traces the making of his myth from his own efforts to the post-Soviet era. Mathijs. Press. also served to exacerbate divisions and. The sections are mostly thematic. Pelkmans. The Armenian rebellion at Van. As Ajaria. The result is a fascinating study of the changes that are continuing to occur following the collapse of the former Soviet Union. Lithuania) is not primarily interested in the deeds of Vytautas the Great (1348-1430) or with exposing the misperceptions that underly his image. values. ©2006 262 p.” He makes the case for Yeltsin’s importance through reviewing and appraising his role in Russian affairs from his removal from the Gorbachev Politburo in 1987 to his resignation from the presidency in 1999. led by Józef Klemens Pilsudski. $35. changing perceptions in Moscow and Havana. and modernity in the Republic of Georgia. while certainly a result of the great cleavage between left and right in Polish politics. Press. geography and climate of the country. Univ. DR435 2006-019190 978-0-87480-870-4 Defending the border. Ellison (emeritus. the architect of a democratic constitutional structure. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –50– . he says: the wide dispersal of information about Visigoths in Gaul and Iberia throughout congresses. the responses of right-nationalist and socialist political forces to the coup. Oklahoma State U. Title main entry. Wilfrid Laurier U. and family transitions to adulthood in Sweden. the country’s roles in WWII and the Cold War. Herbert J. Plach. Russian rule (dubbed the Age of Oppression). and their efforts to balance work and family.. idealism and institutionalism during early encounters. ©2006 337 p. the life and death of Grigori Rasputin. partly drawing on recent theories of international relations. Nine chapters introduce the culture. Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. He tracked down nearly 8. who describe the political and military events in the region from the 1870s to 1919. 1926-1935. Lexington Books. but some focus on particular genre. DK288 2006-015001 978-0-295-98637-1 Immigration. (Ohio University Press Polish and Polish-American studies series) Ohio University Press. $45. Bernhardt. and economy. (Culture and society after socialism) Cornell U. 19th century autonomy. ©2006 195 p. Press of America.

. ASIA DS13 2005-058213 978-0-7614-7677-1 Peoples of Western Asia. bibliography. Berna. $120. Almati. foods. ©2007 223 p. and holidays. a pronunciation guide. culture. Vladimir Dedijer. Distributed in the U. Heavily illustrated with color photos and including inset boxes detailing customs and history. by Martin Gordon. 11v. Excerpts range in date from 1778 to 2001 and are classified by theme: travel in the area. they argue that UNMIK neglecting soft power by putting local politicians in charge of education. honor and influence. religion. western Asia. and how commerce grew to the counting house and thence to politics and governance. DR1313 978-1-77007-031-8 Society and politics in an Ottoman town. Hampshire College) began her account in her native Istanbul.000 new. Israeli. Each volume contains a glossary and bibliography. and the compatibility (or lack thereof) of Russian foreign policy in the region with American. Liverani takes an interdisciplinary approach to explain how the evolution of a simple farmland into a complex marketplace was far from accidental. a glossary. Gordon Childe and Marxist theory to show how Uruk in southern Mesopotamia created a revolution in the fourth millennium BCE that has served as the basis of economy-based society ever since. the volumes provide a fascinating overview of each country. There is no index. or family life. then expanded it to include Ankara. festivals. Eland Publishing. $20. and cultures of the countries of the Middle East. Israel/Palestine. the impact of sociopolitical change in Russian statehood on Russian foreign policy. $21. failed to properly regulate the media. ©2007 222 p.00 (pa) Liverani (history. Turam. arts and crafts. Our mission is to get reliable news to you quickly. THE MIDDLE EAST. population profile. $28. the politics of engagement.00 (pa) Hentea. friend or foe? Kreutz. Iain and Whit Mason. Press. modern history. Marshall Cavendish. sports. Ed. By following everyday encounters between the state and Islamic actors. and serves as a model for further studies. Anné Mariè du Preez Bezdrob was a United Nations peacekeeper in the besieged city of Sarajevo. ©2006 303 p. ©2007 250 p. Uruk. cities. describes and assesses what he judges to be the failure of the West’s information war (propaganda) activities during the Balkan Wars of the 1990s. du Preez Bezdrob. In this memoir. du Preez Bezdrob is also the author of Winnie Mandela: A Life. ©2006 157 p. A brief history of the country is provided by Frankopan. daily life. endemic crime. and comprehensive index. Andrej. Anné Marié. and indexes contained in vol. Ed. high-level books each year. Lebanon. Each volume contains a different geographic area. this resource introduces them to a part of the world little known until recently. The volumes are well illustrated with color photos. literature. The entries on each country include a map and list of statistics. Trans.95 Written for middle school students. people. of Calgary. by International Publishers Marketing. he judges NATO informational failure to be the result of a “deaf. King. when the Ottoman Empire was suffering both from domestic political and military strife and from military defeats on the European front. western Asia and northern Africa. the 11 volumes of this reference provide a thorough introduction to the geography. In it she looks at the Turkish town now called Gaziantep during the late 17th century.95 (pa) Famous writers such as Evelyn Waugh. while also looking at the propaganda efforts of other forces. 6 thematic indexes. and economy. The result is accessible but rigorous. DR1313 2006-044316 978-0-8108-5767-4 World and its peoples. and others are featured in this compilation of stories about Croatia that consists of excerpts from their writings. (BibleWorld) Equinox Publishing Limited. languages. food and drink. and history. with a more detailed bibliography. Calin. Each country’s entry includes a map and statistics. Title main entry. Title main entry. 11v. Distributed in the US by Dufour. followed by discussion of the country’s government. and failed to understand the nature of Kosovo’s ethnic divisions. and war. and each section is introduced. politics. Fitzroy Maclean. (The Ottoman Empire and its heritage. a colonel in the Romanian Armed Forces working in the psychological operation section of the Romanian General Staff and a psychological operations and information operation staff officer in NATO’s headquarters in Kosovo in 2003-4. Jordan. Marshall Cavendish.00 Canbakal (history. and North America to present a multi-cited ethnography that served as her doctoral dissertation at McGill University. Praeger Security International. or broader Western objectives. ©2007 1584 p. From the perspective of social and political hierarchy—the power of the urban elite and their relationship with the common folk—she considers privilege certified. peoples. Volume 11 is devoted to appendices. Sabanci U. President Putin’s particular contributions to those goals and characteristics. probably in 2001. the authors (both of whom served in the UN Mission in Kosovo—UNMIK) assess the international community’s performance. $359. 36) BRILL. The two Book News periodicals alert you to more than 19. used hard power ineffectively due to risk-aversion. $45. Osbert Sitwell. U. and chronology. health and welfare. Examining the causes of this failure. Egypt. $27.S. Stanford U. Rebecca West. religions. The first part of each volume describes the area’s geography.95 Following a chronological account of the UN’s involvement in Kosovo. DR2087 2006-049106 978-0-8014-4539-2 Peace at any price. –51– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . DS70 2005-037991 1-84553-193-0 Croatia. industries. or a single country.) has revised her 1999 doctoral dissertation in history and Middle Eastern studies at Harvard University. she challenges the view that there is a conflict in Turkey between Islamism and secular democracy. The major questions he wishes to address in his treatment concern the origins of Russia’s objectives in the Arab East (Al. she recounts her experiences and describes how the people she met there persevered despite the daily horrors of war. (Crises in world politics) Cornell U. Hülya. Distributed in the US by David Brown Book Co. Canada) analyzes post-Soviet Russian foreign policy towards Syria. by Peter Frankopan et al. Iraq. Hentea. DS63 2006-028576 978-0-275-99328-3 Sarajevo roses. how the world failed Kosovo. peoples. and representatives and decision-making.Mashreq). the basic goals and characteristics of Russian diplomacy. including many comparative tables of topics such as population. Oshun Books. Press. the first city.95 (pa) Turam (sociology and Middle East studies. wealth. and a dysfunctional economy. $49.11. DS51 2006-050606 978-90-04-15456-8 Balkan propaganda wars. and northern Africa. ‘Ayntab in the 17th century. judging it to be a severe disappointment and forecasting ethnic division.95 (pa) For two years during the Bosnian conflict. U. and between civil society and the state. Kazakhstan. and the Arabian Peninsula in terms of its broad historical and geopolitical framework. ©2006 97 p. of Rome) makes use of the work of V. non-inclusive politics.95 Kreutz (political science and international relations. DR1535 0-907871-89-5 Russia in the Middle East. Liverani. then details its ancient and modern history. resources. A former political journalist. $21.95 Written for the middle school student. In the end. Middle East. Mario. Canbakal. $499. war memoir of a peacekeeper. ©2007 213 p.mute” dialogue wherein the West failed to understand the psychology of the Serbs or other Balkan peoples. ©2004 390 p. between cultural and political processes. by Christina Bordianu. ©2006 648 p. by Zainab Bahrani and Marc Van De Mieroop. through writers’ eyes. Scarecrow Pr. Title main entry. including the fall of Yugoslavia.DR603 2006-023065 978-0-8047-5501-6 DS44 2005-055323 978-0-7614-7571-2 Between Islam and the state. Trans.

and George H. He takes the narrative “full circle” from the British Mandate to the US occupation. such as purple-fingered voters. Mike. Japan and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations) and Sidhu (Geneva Centre for Security Policy) declare that the “Iraq war of March 2003 was a multiple assault on the foundations and rules of the existing UN-centred world order as well as the critical transatlantic relationship.00 Unlike journalists “embedded” with the U. and even how the chemical weapons used to carry out those attacks were supplied by French. and the challenge of the world-spanning movement against the war. offering an insider’s account of the initial political and economic reconstruction strategies. Fortunately for the historical record. and shot by U. Tony Blair. Bush.S. In this book he reports on those travels. European perspectives on politics.S. including the legitimacy of the war. Remaining chapters explore legal and doctrinal issues.. combined arms theory and the conduct of US ground operations. strategy. the remarkable story of a journalist kidnapped in Iraq. Trans. scenes of carnage from Sunni insurgent bombs. DS79 978-1-56025-892-6 The Iraq crisis and world order. Ltd. Ferner. Kim. structural. as an anti-war journalist interviewing refugees from the US bombing of Falluja. $20. but there is little doubt among most observers that the Iraq war represents a crisis in the international order.00 The editors (of the Swedish National Defense College. She reveals her lingering anxieties and fear that independent journalists can no longer report the truth about Iraq. Opening chapters discuss structural and normative challenges. 2006 hanging of Saddam Hussein apparently dashed any hopes that a fair and transparent judicial process for the Iraqi dictator would also bring to light the complicity of Western leaders for his many crimes. In this work of reportage. ©2005 253 p.) worked under Lieutenant General Jay Garner in the initial days of the occupation of Iraq. $24. Zaki. institutional and normative challenges. Other Press LLC. by Lesley Freeman Riva.95 Col.95 (pa) In the “Sunni Triangle” city of Ramadi.00 (pa) Thakur (senior vice-rector.W. $39. prior to his replacement by L.” Whether it was an “assault” or not and who may be responsible for that assault are no doubt questions over which there is disagreement. $26. The political discussion is concluded with an essay that sets the war in context of international law and discusses how the creation of Iraq in the crucible of World War I created the conditions for the current conflict. ©2006 211 p. but now has been made available for the English-language market. $49. Lando. Paul Bremer. Title main entry. United Nations U. and Ba’athist Iraq. many of the photographs never made it into the mainstream American newspapers. the history of Western complicity in Iraq. Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) introduces Sgrena’s account of being a victim both of Iraqi insurgents and the US military in 2005.” depicting as they do such subjects as an Iraqi detainee hooded and comforting his four-year-old son behind barbed wire. and German firms. Photographs by the Associated Press.. ©2006 215 p.” in other words the entirety of Iraq except for Baghdad’s Green Zone. and relations between the UN and occupying powers of Iraq. Olson (US Air Force. Italy. His account provides a view of the insurgency that is unavailable to western journalists and. Chehab. He also describes how the US and other Western powers looked the other way as Saddam “gassed his own people” at Halabja because they were encouraging his war against Iran during the 1980s. a meditation on the failure that is war in general and the Iraq War in particular. DS79 2006-013912 978-1-931859-39-4 Iraq. and how was it fought?). most of which were scrapped with the arrival of Bremer. DS79 2006-020992 978-0-275-99243-9 Inside the red zone.. describing the experience of serving as a human shield in an attempt to prevent the war during the first visit and presenting reportage from the “Red Zone. He describes Winston Churchill’s bombing of Iraqis (in order to instill in them a “lively terror”) as a precedent for Saddam’s terror. DS79 2006-019926 978-92-808-1128-5 Friendly fire. CIA sponsorship of the young Saddam as he rose through the ranks of the Ba`ath Party (which the CIA also used to massacre putative Iraqi Communists on CIA-supplied lists). $15. Giuliana. especially in terms of the relationship of the United States to the United Nations system it helped set up following World War II. DS79 2006-017238 978-1-59114-527-1 Iraq and back.95 A member of Veterans for Peace. addressing the tension between American unipolarity and the multilateral international system. Title main entry. air operations and their impact. In spite of the fact that they were available from the Associated Press. (Contemporary security studies) Routledge. DS79 2004-023973 0-415-36293-8 Inside the resistance. forces. Middle Eastern journalist Chehab made contacts with the Sunni resistance to the American occupation of Iraq shortly after the capture of Saddam Hussein. innocent victims of US military operations. United Nations University Pr. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –52– . rescued by an Italian secret service agent. makes the case that the Americans and the Iraqi government must reach a political accommodation with their opponents. Title main entry. The work of 39 photographers is represented. The book includes a map and reprinted online accounts and interviews. Bush. perhaps because editors perceived their subject matter as too “sensitive. that did make it to American audiences. Mike Ferner traveled to Iraq twice. humanitarian intervention as a (flawed) justification for the war. Lando (a investigative producer with 60 Minutes for 25 years) has gone back to the period of the British Mandate of Iraq and exposed the hypocrisy of George W. inside the war to win the peace.00 (pa) This volume collects work by Associated Press staff photographers documenting the invasion and occupation of Iraq. Following an introductory essay discussing the primary puzzles of the war (when did it happen. ©2005 277 p. Olive Branch Press. Nation Books. he incorporates his knowledge of the resistance into a general account of the course of the war. Ed. a crisis that the contributors of these 31 chapters examine from disparate viewpoints. Naval Institute Press. morgues full of victims of Shia death squads connected to the US-installed government.DS70 2006-012511 978-1-59051-238-8 DS79 2006-012195 1-56656-648-7 Web of deceit. from Churchill to Kennedy to George W. The Iraq War. The Italian edition was published in 2005 as Fuoco amico by Feltrinelli. $20. by Jan Hallenberg and Hakan Karlsson. approximately a third from the Middle East. just before the invasion in March 2003 and again a year later. the Iraqi insurgency and the future of the Middle East. and a third from smaller countries and institutional actors such as the EU and NATO. Ed. ©2007 158 p. $115. Praeger. and other Western leaders as they wring their hands and cry crocodile tears over Saddam’s many victims. Barry M. a veteran for peace reports from Iraq. and the role of information management. Discussion then turns to military matters in essays exploring the use of force and coercion against Iraq as elements of US strategy. ©2006 549 p. Bush’s similar actions in the wake of the first Gulf War. and operations. Russia. Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger’s cynical encouragement of Kurdish rebellion against the central government and see-no-evil attitude towards Saddam Hussein as he brutally crushed the uprising in 1975 after it no longer served US goals. along with most of their contributors) present a collection that was originally intended to draw out political and military lessons of the American/British invasion and occupation of Iraq for Swedish military officers. in the end. Sgrena covered the war for an Italian newspaper. by Ramesh Thakur and Waheguru Pal Singh Sidhu. Britain. five essays discuss the pre-war political and strategic goals and considerations of the governments of the US. a war. Belgian. Sgrena. and other disturbing scenes in addition to more comforting images. Olson. In this memoir she describes her experience of the occupation. Journalist Chris Hedges provides the introduction. Haymarket Books. military in Iraq. a third from the major powers. His reporting profiles other peace activists alongside ordinary Iraqis just trying to survive the chaos and violence of occupation and war. ©2006 164 p. ©2007 350 p.95 The December 30. Ret. why did it happen. A range of national institutional perspectives on the war are then presented. contestation of norms of international peace and security versus state sovereignty.

95 Matthews (religious studies. analyze the degradation of Iraq’s health care system under occupation. but in general the contributors are identified only by name.22) BRILL. structural in terms of Israeli oppression and agency-oriented in terms of the Palestinian development of organizations and ideologies. v. Lonhstaff (emeritus. civil society. an illustrated guide to daily life in Bible times.95 Tel Tanninim. Ed. the Hebrew U. This analysis suggests that a preexisting willingness and readiness to resist. traveled to Washington in May of 2005 to testify before the US Senate’s Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs in answer to accusations that he was involved in Iraqi Oil-forFood program corruption and other scandals. Hendrickson Publishers. and set the occupation within the wider context of US policy in the Middle East and international law. Haddad. this is our war. of Haifa. Illinois Wesleyan U. et al. U. describe Iraqi civil society resistance to the occupation. at Fullerton. Josephus and historical method. discuss US funded Iraqi women’s non-governmental organizations as instruments of colonial policy. DS112 2005-037764 978-1-56563-704-7 Bridging the divide. his reliability as a source. $188. by Shaye J.25 kilometers north of Caesarea. Artisan. Among their topics are the impact of Zionism on Joseph Klausner’s History of the Second Temple. They consider what the work of Jewish historian Flavius Josephus (37-100 AD) reveals about the diversity of thought and practice among Jews during and before his time. and later periods. his use of sources. Stieglitz and colleagues describe the geography and hydrography of the site. Alimi (political science. ©2006 255 p. (American schools of oriental research archeological reports. everyday life in the barracks and communication with loved ones. Robert. DS119 2006-009650 0-415-38560-1 Manners and customs in the Bible. Schwartz.Schools / Oriental Research. It then describes the findings regarding the tower (or citadel) and the villa (thought to be a church or basilica in the 1930s). v. Israeli politics and the First Palestinian intifada. Byzantine. case studies on Iraq and the Palestine-Israel conflict. George. Palestinian. R. The 18 papers that emerged look at ancient and modern conceptual frameworks. place name. Stieglitz. (Ancient Judaism and early Christianity. and conversion to Judaism during the Second Temple period. Distributed by The David Brown Book Co. Title main entry. All dated and credited when possible. The Iraq chapters analyze the US occupation as a neocolonial revival of Manifest Destiny.) present the first volume of a multi-volume work reporting on archaeological investigations into the ancient Galilean city of Sepphoris. was intimately connected to Palestinian perceptions of system-wide Israeli political divisions. Eitan Y. realities on the battlefield. and nonviolent action. ©2006 224 p. Friedman. peacebuilding in the IsraeliPalestinian conflict. the abuse and misuse of Josephus in Eusebius’ Ecclesiastical History. by Zuleika Rodgers. and finds dating to the Iron Age. The few contributors whose fields are identified are theologians or archaeologists. Personal name. excavations at Krokodeilon Polis. The stories of five soldiers are featured in detail. 19961999. Alimi. Feldman jubilee volume.00 One contributor mentions in passing that his field is Jewish studies.95 GQ journalist Friedman. Strange. 3d ed. Crocodiles Mound. and Groh (humanities and archaeology. is the modern Hebrew name for the Arabic site Tell el-Melat. General Wesley Clark authored the foreword. Ed. Louis H. U. DS79 2005-058183 978-1-57965-309-5 Making history. servicemen’s photographs of life in Iraq. and the U. $42. and physical setting of five basic periods in Israel’s history. and other small finds. in Dublin in September 2004. DS115 2006-049127 978-90-04-15389-9 Studies in Josephus and the varieties of ancient Judaism. ©2007 312 p. political. pottery. (Project of the European Centre for Conflict Prevention) Lynne Rienner Publishers. political opportunities. $84. Title main entry. of Calgary. on the peoples and cultures of the Bible and how they lived. Ed. and contentious politics.110) BRILL. and maps.67) BRILL. US) present 12 chapters analyzing structural obstacles to peace and reconciliation in US-occupied Iraq and Israel/Palestine. A directory of Israeli. framing processes. James F. Devin. DS119 2006-929009 978-0-7618-3554-7 A soldiers’ portfolio. $57. ©2007 471 p. –53– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Mortar Mound. Victor H. This third edition is updated to reflect current scholarship.95 (pa) British MP George Galloway.00 (pa) Ismael (social work. $188. DS110 2005-045576 90-04-12626-0 Barriers to reconciliation.00 Most scholars today focus on the accuracy of certain events in the work of Flavius Josephus (37-100) or on his rather sketchy credentials as a historian. $24. and joint organizations is also included. and ancient text indexes are included. particularly the methodological encounters between interpretation and history. $120. and reflect on the international legal and political implications of the “Security Fence”/”Apartheid Wall. Matthews. $139. among those profiled are the only man to receive the Medal of Honor for combat and Iraq and witness to the crimes at Abu Grahib. The transcript of that testimony occupies about a third of this slim volume. in which he disputed the accusations against him and issued a stinging rebuke of the pre-invasion sanctions against Iraq and the illegal war of George W. who was booted from the Labour Party over his vociferous opposition to the invasion of Iraq and went on to form the new Respect Party. DS110 2006-022613 0-89757-072-3 Tel Tanninim. and explains cultural practices. Ismael and William W. A glossary is also new. Ed.00 Strange (religious studies. California State U. Galloway. debate the two-state and one-state solutions to the conflict. Colby College). (The Brill reference library of Judaism. ©2005 132 p. and the interface between his accounts and archaeological evidence. v. along with his editors.1. The New Press. presumably some at least have a background in historiography. ©2007 332 p. critically analyzed his historical methods. Press of America. Title main entry. (Routledge studies in Middle Eastern politics. Galloway goes to Washington. Bush and his own Prime Minister. Israel) concludes that the timing of the first intifada (1987-92). fun and camaraderie among the troops. 4) Routledge.10) Am. and the book’s appealing color art program includes about 150 new photos. selected the 256 photographs presented here from tens of thousands they collected from American servicemen and women who served in Iraq between 2003 and 2005.D.DS79 2005-053383 1-59558-062-X DS115 2005-058245 90-04-15008-0 Mr. ©2006 170 p. Title main entry. Each chapter furnishes an introduction to the historical. ©2006 323 p.. and the soldier’s unavoidable proximity to devastation and death. It first reviews the ancient literary sources about Sepphoris and the progress of the investigations in the 1980s. illustrations. on the east coast of the Mediterranean about 4. ©2006 256 p. Eight essays revised from presentations at several seminars consider such aspects as a historical perspective. religious studies. $13. accessible to general readers and students. ©2007 226 p. Canada) and Haddad (history. through essays and/or photographic narratives. and apparent contradictions in the Bible. galvanized many antiwar sympathizers in the United States who were unused to that level of defiance by a Senate witness. opportunities for tourism and sightseeing. Inc. which was an unprecedented shift in prolonged commitment to resistance to Israeli occupation compared to earlier years. combined with an opportunity dimension connected to Palestinian perceptions of Israeli politics in order to trigger the inception of the intifada. by Jacqueline S.” DS119 2006-002388 978-1-58826-365-0 Excavations at Sepphoris. the photographs are categorized by the experience they depict: initial deployment and separation from family.00 Analyzing Palestinian print sources and data gathered through interviews with Palestinian activists and Israeli journalists. $29. The Israel/Palestine chapters discuss evangelical Christian Zionism. (Supplements to the Journal for the study of Judaism. by Edy Kaufman et al. Josephus and the Books of Samuel. His performance before the committee. v. the four-year excavation project they conducted. which also contains a pair of essays in which Galloway describes his involvement with Iraq over the years and the circumstances of his trip to Washington.50 Activists and scholars took part in a research project conducted by the Centre and other organizations that looked into the role of non-government organizations in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process. the Brit who set Congress straight about Iraq. Cohen and Joshua J. Missouri State University) provides background information. It also incorporates details of coins. v. but the International Josepus Colloquium. Univ. religious tensions. of South Florida).

explore key psychosocial issues including revenge. only in Israel is not meeting traditional criteria for being Jewish a major issue. by Chavra Fraenkel-Goldschmidt. who united for the first time in centuries to try to spare the accused. Appendices provide demographic data. Hillel. by Ruth Ludlam. $24. Title main entry. Most telling is his analysis of why so few. In this narrative. v. (Brill reference library of Judaism.95 (pa) Exiled to Babylon in biblical times. (Studies in European Judaism. Or so it seemed. Baghdadi Jews in British Burma.50 This is a laudatory history of the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany. Dissent and Secession in the Judaism of the Maccabean Era.95 (pa) Harrison (emeritus philosophy. Joseph (1478-1554) began to be known as Commander of the Jews in the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation. the CiP data retains that title. and most of its members quickly fled the country. Marilyn. Vallentine Mitchell. U. whether Muslim or Jewish. and the US. Marina. Benjamin. U. those who saved Jewish lives in the Holocaust as it befell Europe and Africa. and Qumran. This being Damascus and the nineteenth century every power with a bite into the Middle East became involved.” it helped build a legal regime that set major precedents in humanitarian law and institute allocation programs that altered the cultural and physical landscape of Jews in Europe and scope and nature of social welfare and medical services to the elderly in Israel and the former of Soviet Union. U. and the media in France and England cried out for revenge for the spilling of Christian blood for what they assumed as unholy uses. $195. DS145 2006-014650 978-0-7425-5227-2 Among the righteous. of Pittsburgh) has edited the English edition. In a comparative study of how they fare in new homes in Israel. a review of lifestyle. Ruth Fredman. explore the experiences of women and children caught in the conflict. PublicAffairs. London journalist Benjamin traces the transformation of Iraqi Jews from Baghdad’s elite to displaced exiles through the personal story of her grandmother. systematic. Within a matter of weeks it also had a missing monk. ©2006 280 p. by Judy Kuriansky. Reviewing the activities of the organization through the early 2000s. being a new nationality.25) BRILL. being Jewish vs. DS121 2006-049124 90-04-14699-7 DS135 2006-5956 978-1-59051-239-5 Blood libel. and the efforts by ordinary Muslims to protect their Jewish townsmen and even strangers. then argues that the axis of political involvement is central for determining the future development of a minority group and for predicting its behavior. the author describes how. and rules. The resurgence of anti-Semitism. this collection explores some of the myriad psychosocial issues relevant to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. a hostile government had destroyed this community. and discuss therapeutic and educational efforts for understanding. ©2006 332 p. Germany. they emulated the British in lifestyle and attitudes but were not regarded as their peers. ©2006 257 p. $22. ©2007 175 p. $120. (reprint.12) BRILL. a scholar of Jewish history. and Halakhah in the Pharisees. coping. mayhem and murder. dissertation. Jews formed the single largest and most prosperous ethnic group in Baghdad. ©2006 445 p. Lexington Books. Ed. and the USA. multiple ethnicities and religions. DS135 2006-045657 0-7432-5843-6 Building a diaspora. Austria and the international Jewish community. $15. v. and negotiated on behalf of Jews with the larger society. lifestyle. $79. Cernea. (Philosophy and the global context) Rowman & Littlefield. ©2006 290 p. Title main entry. Ed. ©2006 219 p. Satloff. confirms that Russian-speaking Jews in these major diaspora countries share convergent and divergent features. “with little more than moral arguments and dogged determination. Fraenkel-Goldschmidt died in March 1995 about a month after completing the manuscript. the Damascus affair of 1840. Bernard. Their survey. Jews. active trade. Ben-Rafael (emeritus.95 (pa) Damascus had it all: open markets. DS135 2006-024353 978-0-7391-1647-0 Last days in Babylon. $25. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Some hid Jews on their farms or in their homes. The study began as his 1998 Ph. Within 20 years. ©2006 374 p. Newman. spent years finding the unheralded Muslim righteous. Illustrations include b&w archival images and family photographs. Sadducees. Florence describes the backroom diplomacy and desperate measures by Britain. the history of a family. a history of the claims conference. and Letter of Consolation to the Jews of Hesse. DS135 2006-020968 978-1-58648-399-9 Confronting the perpetrators. (Contemporary psychology) Praeger. Russian Jews in Israel.DS119 2006-025245 0-275-99041-9 Terror in the Holy Land. which also analyzed their coverage in Jewish and mainstream print media.00 When the modern nation of Iraq was founded in 1932.D. Adam Shear (Jewish history. the author of several studies of immigrant Sephardic communities in the US examines the multi-layered Bagdadhi diaspora community which flourished in colonial Burma until World War II and Burma’s independence. Ronald. Free Press. whether and how that boundary is being crossed in current public debate.00 The immigration of Jews from the former Soviet Union has been called a modern exodus. $26. and rational manner. the story of a nation. imbalance of power. and liberal opinion. Other Press LLC. Robert. Ed. Germany. Harrison. helped resolve disputes within the Jewish community. values. of TelAviv) and German and US colleagues examined the theoretical and practical issues involved in self-images of being Russian vs. of Utah) attempts to define a clear boundary between anti-Semitism and legitimate criticism of the state of Israel. He served as a judge at the rabbinical court.00 Some helped Jews to pass as Muslims under the noses of nazis. and reconciliation. Satloff. DS140 978-0-85303-628-9 Almost Englishmen. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –54– . He also wrote. and a fairly stable government. Norm. DS135 2006049125 90-04-15349-7 Proximity to power and Jewish sectarian groups of the ancient period. $49. Essenes. Henry. Regina. Israel.13) BRILL. As the title implies. Some resisted anti-Semitic laws that stripped Jews of their property and jobs. He also finds that minority groups behave in a consistent. and search for identity in groups. Policy implications are also addressed. sociology. in Jewish history at Bar Ilan University. leader of Jewry in early modern Germany. and how the political left—Jewish and non-Jewish—found itself in a corner where opposing extermination policies is somehow a defense of the Holocaust. and here are translations of his chronicle of events in the region from 1479 to 1544. ©2007 256 p. and the authorities (local as well as French) managed to accuse or convict almost every prominent member of the town’s Jewish community. Newman. 2004) Florence. et al. $143. Ben Rafael. Methodological notes are appended. Drawing on oral histories and other sources. a cosmopolitan air. Jews lived in what is now Iraq until persecution in modern times. Period photos show Bagdadhis in traditional Arabic and Western dress. Historical author Florence traces what happened when a Capuchin monk and his servant went missing.00 At some point during his life. While all need to construct new identities. lost stories from the Holocaust’s long reach into Arab lands. executive director of The Washington Institute for Near East Policy.95 Bringing together 31 contributions from professionals in mental health and related disciplines. The translation from his Hebrew is by Naomi Schendowich. which beginning in the early 1950s brought together delegations from Israel and Jewish voluntary organizations to negotiate with West Germany over compensation for Jewish victims of Nazi crimes. Columbia Medical School) presents the papers in four sections that provide context and describe the overall psychological effects of the conflict. v. madness. have revealed these acts of valor until now. DS134 2006-049033 978-90-04-15332-5 Historical writings of Joseph of Rosheim. where they enforced draconian laws and built death camps. Kuriansky (psychiatry.00 First looking at the four Jewish groups during the Second Temple period. He describes the means by which nazis extended racial murder deep into French North Africa. (International comparative social studies. inside the anguish of the IsraeliPalestinian conflict. humiliation. ©2006 251 p. When the nazis occupied France they also occupied its colonial territories. Eliezer.

a chronology.257) Peter Lang Publishing Inc. examining the formation of the Saudi state and its political processes prior to oil and thereafter.00 Dutch Orientalist Hurgonje spent 1888-1889 living in the Arabian cities of Mecca and Jeddah. and gender relations. The 21 papers are not indexed. Peterson. Nevo (Middle East history. (American university studies.Israeli relations in 1988. Culture and customs of Iran. This book translates only that second volume (in the hopes that a favorable reception will allow for a translation of the first) and contains Hurgonje’s descriptions of the educational system in the Great Mosque. Also of interest is his examination of the Meccan immigrant community of the Jâwah. The particular aspects of Jordanian attitudes that are discussed by Nevo include Jordan’s demands of Israel. resources for settlement. (Culture and customs of the Middle East) Greenwood Press. Falk. Gorny. and over 200 color and monochrome illustrations. Elton L. Theology and religion. Ohio Wesleyan U. section one: The Near and Middle East. Gerhard. Niblock. the purpose of peace. ceramics. 1920-1990.DS149 2006-028362 978-90-04-15529-9 DS244 978-0-415-27419-7 From binational society to Jewish state. food and dining. $49. DS150 2006-024805 0-8204-8862-3 Saudi Arabia. the means proffered for achieving settlement (i. In the book. religions. By using the term federal ideas. it its original Hebrew edition. outright war and oil prices. U. He concludes with the suggestion that the failure to achieve Jewish-Arab federalism within Israel has perhaps made the possibility of federalism among world Jewry more likely. and Ali Akbar Mahdi. Title main entry. festivals. women. and politics. by Piotr Bienkowski and Katharina Galor. ©2007 151 p. which is generally considered a barrier and border. literature. In November 2003. ©2007 326 p. (Handbook of Oriental studies.) discuss the land and people. v. v. and events. marriage and funeral customs.. Only limited coverage of sports. and pilgrimage rites in the holies city of Islam. and other matters underneath a central authority that would guarantee a Jewish majority and the status of Israel as “owned” by all the world’s Jews. the history of the city’s and their rulers and. religious tradition. v. ©2006 209 p. was titled Policy and Imagination: Federal Ideas in Zionist Political Thought. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Christian Zionism in religion.95 This survey of Iran (aimed at students and general readers) covers the contemporary life of the country within a historical context. Then he offers a gazetteer. resources. power. $90. family. routes. $122. UN mediation. archaeologists gathered in Atlanta. DS153 978-1-84217-209-4 Crossing the rift.00 Niblock (Arab Gulf studies. Muscat. DS266 2006-022941 0-313-32053-5 King Hussein and the evolution of Jordan’s perception of a political settlement with Israel. an area about which he had already produced much scholarly work.95 Falk (sociology. Daniel. He also explore how the development of the conurbation since then has transcended the historical boundaries and considerations of the existing settlement. DS247 2006-050958 978-90-04-15266-3 Historical Muscat.1) BRILL. and how much of the tangible historical legacy of Muscat has been gratuitously destroyed and much of the rest trivialized and bowdlerized. The focus of the analysis is on how King Hussein negotiated the conflict between Jordan’s commitment to Arabism and the inter-Arab system. and the pragmatic national and dynastic interests that necessitated a settlement. of Exeter) examines Saudi Arabia as a stabilizing force in terms of terrorism. Joseph. on the one hand. showing how elements of its complex history. from the Puritans in the 17th century through the US and British governments founding the State of Israel in the middle of the 20th to the continuing support for that state by Fundamentalist Christians. and the relative viability of any military option. and the pivotal role of Saudi Arabia in international relations in the cascading terrorism that led to the post-9/11 era. Tel Aviv U. legitimacy and survival. series VII. (The contemporary Middle East) Routledge. Snouck. (Jewish identities in a changing world. examining the daily public and private life of Meccan society during the period of Ottoman rule. literature and language. ©2006 231 p. v. the economic reforms just before the turn of the century. $155. routes across it. carpets and the history of weaving. 1967-1988. ©2006 224 p. the United States. etc. (Brill classics in Islam. he traces the development of federal ideas in the writings of prominent Zionist leaders from the Balfour declaration through to the First Intifadah. its sister city Matrah. cultural. what Jordan was prepared to offer Israel in return. Peterson defines and explains the historical environment that determined the significance and design of the capital of Oman. DS154 2005-037863 1-84519-147-1 Mekka in the latter part of the 19th century. Ed. Sussex Academic Press. ©2006 189 p. an Islamic community from the Dutch East Indies. State U. Yosef. federal concepts in Zionist political thought. how the process of development has proceeded largely without any consideration of the impact on the city’s tangible or remembered history. B&w photos are included. he means the idea that Israel’s Jewish and Arab populations can exist with independent national sovereignties in local. direct negotiations. ©2006 258 p. later producing a two-volume work describing. dress.88) BRILL. Daniel (history. $90.00 Gormy (emeritus. and its historical role as a bridge between the two regions. as well as the idea that the Jews of Israel. Israel) presents a revised version of a book that. DS248 978-90-04-15449-0 The restoration of Israel. U. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. in the first volume. and Persian music and dance. and metalwork is provided.7) BRILL. and environs prior to 1970. architecture. $70. an illustrated guide and gazetteer. daily life. He identifies models of Zionist federal plans. Israel) examines the evolution of Jordan’s attitudes towards political settlement with Israel from the loss of the West Bank to Israel during the 1967 war to the removal of the West Bank as a bone of contention in Jordanian. Nevo. He works through conditions and events chronologically.50 Analyzing the subject primarily through the public statements of King Hussein. Jewish history. of Hawaii) and Mahdi (sociology and anthropology. drama and cinema. C. Georgia to share thoughts and findings on how the Wadi was formed and developed geographically and environmentally. J. and Europe would exist in a kind of federal relationship to each other.00 Southern Jordan and the Negev were clearly part of a single socio-economic system from the Iron Age through Roman and Byzantine times. –55– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . multilateral agreements. $135.E. settlement patterns from the Palaeolithic to Ottoman periods. $67. in the second. (Levant supplementary series. Hurgronje. societal influences and politics interact. Tim.00 An American scholar of the Arabian Peninsula and the Gulf. the Moslims of the East-Indian Archipelago. of New York-Buffalo) traces the triumph of Christians in establishing Jews in Palestine. settlement patterns and interaction in the Wadi Arabah. although he argues that there is continuity between them. of Haifa. but they are divided by the Wadi. customs and learning. marriage.3) Oxbow Books. ©2006 206 p. v. and the Jewish people. a list of modern rulers. the new policies and centralized state of Faisal and its redirection during the conflicts of the 1970s. holidays.).e. 2d ed. U. painting.

Distributed in the US by South Asia Books. Marston (war studies..00 Taken from a symposium in June 2003. a list of acronyms and abbreviations. Studies and texts. journeys through theocratic Iran and its furies. ©2007 479 p. Marston and Chandar S. people. and survival. Remaining chapters take a more thematic approach to Iran. $52. Mukerjee. the Indian wars with China and Pakistan. an outsider perspective on a struggling democracy. Revised and updated throughout. v.T. of Hawai’i Pr. Shahid Javed. poetry and motifs. history. Currently.62) Scarecrow Pr. culture. journalist Hiro offers the general reader an introduction to Iran’s politics and past. 3d ed. DS382 2006-011296 978-0-8108-5601-1 The encyclopedia of the Indian diaspora. of New York) compares the democratic aspirations of Bangladesh when it gained independence in 1971 with its present day reality. (Islamic history and civilization. Title main entry. and Iran’s women and youth. Lal. pottery. He then offers some suggestions for enhancing institutional capacities to enable Bangladesh to reach its full potential. A military history of India and South Asia.” according to the bookjacket) detail the operations of the Indian Air Force during the 1965 conflict with Pakistan. with every region of the world represented.V. Title main entry. ©2006 652 p. Ohio) first visited Iran as a Peace Corps volunteer in the early 1960s and has returned a number of times since then. relying primarily on the remembrances of Indian military personnel in order to reconstruct the dogfights and air raids on the western front above and surrounding Jammu-Kashmir and on the border between India and East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). ©2006 274 p.DS270 2006-028034 978-0-8108-5330-0 DS386 2006-310088 81-7304-641-7 Historical dictionary of Iran. movements. Title main entry.25x12. places. “the most visited resource on the Indian Air Force on the Internet. the election of populist prime minister Mohammad Mossadiq and his overthrow by the US. the installation of the brutal Shah and his eventual overthrow in the Iranian revolution of 1979. (Historical dictionaries of Asia. no. government and politics. including the incorporation of entries on the “Muslimization” and “Islamization” of Pakistani society to reflect changing Western concepts of Pakistan over recent years. Ed. expatriate Bangladeshi Rahman (public administration. those on the lifestyles at the courts of the ruling elite include interpretations of excavations. and trends in the history of Iran. and aspects of Pakistan’s economy. U. the role of oil in Iranian society.S. $49.) arranges the 76 signed articles thematically. places. the “then” side of the book contains 19th. he describes the country’s political history from the establishment of the Majlis (literally. by Linda Komaroff. ©2005 418 p. those ion th arts and artistic interchange include paper. and regional costumes. economics. His reference text features a cross-referenced dictionary containing some 500 entries for key individuals. This volume presents an encyclopedic look at the “lived experience” of the diaspora. DS442 2006-028574 978-0-275-98570-7 Historical dictionary of Pakistan. the Indian diaspora numbers some 20 million people living in virtually every region in the world. with opening sections devoted to the historical context of India. luxury goods. ©2006 583 p. and the Middle East.00 Lorentz (history. Rahman. events. $60. $129. including new material on Iranian cinema. and sociopolitical analysis.. ©2006 416 p. The content of the captions is designed to promote the wonder of India rather than provide critical or historic information. an introductory essay. Mercury Books. After using the Grand Bazaar of Tehran as an opening thematic window into the country.64) BRILL. $99. Rafiqur. Flipped over. including famous cities. by Brij V.00 The “now” side of this oversized photo essay (12. He identifies the underlying conditions that have shaped the nation’s institutions.. DS289 2006-049041 978-90-04-15083-6 The India-Pakistan air war of 1965. $99. DS408 2006310842 978-1-84560-017-4 Beyond the legacy of Genghis Khan. Hiro. and more coverage of women. DS432 2006-024690 978-0-8248-3146-2 The Iranian labyrinth. the intellectual implications of frontispieces. DS318 2005-282071 978-1-56025-716-5 India then and now.95 Complaining that Indian military history has been grossly neglected by the South Asian studies community and by military historians. Nation Books. A. events. Between these bookends are examinations of army training at the Northwest frontier (1901-1947). new entries on economic topics. migration patterns and experiences from the Age of Merchants to the Age of Globalization.25″) contains color photos of contemporary sites and scenes through many regions of India. cultural life in the diaspora. (Historical dictionaries of Asia. and leadership in several key areas. and Samir Chopra. religious diversity and the Mongol legacy of dynastic legitimacy. society. Australian National U. and the conflict between the Tamil Tigers and the government forces of Sri Lanka. focusing in turn on the religious center of Qom. Burki served in the interim government of Pakistan in the mid-1990s. $8. The text features 146 new entries. Oceania. and the Middle East. the “Indianization” of the officer corps (1817-1940).com/IAF. Indian government relations with the diaspora. the second edition reflects significant events since publication of the first edition a decade ago. society. John H. $16. Jagan Mohan. a chronology.. He offers an overview of specific events. The remaining articles. and those on religion examine patronage of astrologers. no. General editor Lal (Pacific and Asian history. ©2007 238 p. Royal Military Academy. political and social groups.00 A former longtime official of the World Bank. and political culture. the opening paper examines the armed expansion of the English East India Company from the mid-18th to the mid-19th century and the final paper analyzes India’s current nuclear policy. processes.00 By the estimates of the Indian government. religious and political changes wrought by Genghis Khan’s invasion of western and eastern Asia in the early thirteenth century. $60. social. P. Shawnee State U. Burki. China) present a varied collection of 13 papers that both distill work by established scholars and present new and original research on military history in the South Asian subcontinent. Oceania.95 The authors (co-webmasters of www. As the title implies. and an extensive bibliography grouping materials by topic—history. DS395 2006-414568 984-05-1771-6 Bangladesh in the mirror.century photographs of India. Sundaram. UK) and Sundaram (military history. more expansive coverage of individual cities. Dilip. maritime trade. newspapers and magazines. Praeger Security International. or festivals.61) Scarecrow Pr. including a visit as a Senior Fulbright-Hays Fellow. those on the art of the book describe the workings of a scriptorium. and legacies. which brought Ayatollah Khomeini and other clerics to power. the performance of the Indian Army in the First World War. occupying some five eighths of the text. The color and monochrome plates are well-chosen. City U. and literary productions from the diaspora. there is no US distributor. Islamic conversion. Topics on culture and commerce in the Mongol world empire include cultural transmissions. and websites. diplomatic gifts.95 (pa) Blending travelogue. Iran’s relations with Iraq and the United States. ©2006 383 p. by Daniel P.bharat-rakshak. traditions. 2d ed. Ed. “assembly”) in the early 20th century. ©2005 378 p. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –56– . from the East India Company to the nuclear era. particularly in the areas of culture and politics. and religious practices. United International College.14 In this study. Ed. these 23 papers analyze the impact of the cultural. University Press Limited. material on Iranian tribes. focus in more detail on particular national communities. including some fold-out panoramas of cities. Rudrangshu and Vir Sanghvi. Lorentz. Manohar. The text has been expanded and updated throughout. on some 20 key political and intellectual figures such as President Muhammad Khatami and President Mahmud Amadinejad. sites. Distributed in the US by International Publishers Marketing.

13) BRILL. and trade and transit talks with Nepal in 1978. but Dosch (Asia-Pacific studies. how the Japanese railways met the challenge of war. the cultural prism. water resource negotiations with Pakistan and Bangladesh in 1976 and 1977 respectively. Former president Jimmy Carter offers his perspective on Nepal and the work of the American Himalayan Foundation. Blum et al. dissertation at Leiden University. Secretary and Librarian of the Centre of South Asian Studies. and Komura Jutaro and US-Japan relations. Natl. $55. $54.95 Mehta served as Foreign Secretary of India from 1976 to 1979 following many years in the diplomatic corps. v. ©2006 296 p.. Manohar. Chechnya. governors’ fortnightly reports and other key documents. While attention is paid to the experiences and motivations of political and religious readers. Among his topics are the impact of democratization on making foreign policy. DS485 2006-017046 0-7922-6192-5 The Russo-Japanese war in global perspective: World War Zero. Kurukshetra U. including advocacy for a multipolar global order. Manohar. Dosch. ©2007 235 p. (Delhi).. In this work. 1634-1680. (CD-ROM included) Dijk. 1975 compensation negotiations for Indians expelled by Idi Amin’s Uganda. v. Drawing from interviews with people throughout the region. $32. especially editorial page letters. challenge. Mehta. India-China boundary talks in 1960. DS485 2006-554340 81-7304-674-3 India under colonial rule. British concerns about the possibility of major communal violence. relying mostly on newspapers. last years of the ministries.D. with which the editors are affiliated. Jörn. Commentary on the region’s ecological. Tanwar’s main goal is to give voice to the marginalized. Inc. (History of warfare. public.. India) attempts to reconstruct the day-to-day human dimensions of the partition of the Punjab during 1947.20 (pa) This volume offers students a clear. Peers.2 Title main entry. having served as the lead negotiator in all but one. resolving problems through diplomacy. DS517 978-90-04-15416-2 Negotiating for India. Kashmir. Here he offers a window into Indian diplomacy by describing seven bi-national negotiations he was involved in from 1958 to 1978. scholars. and hope. personal stories of grandeur. DS529 9971-69-304-6 Peace and conflict in Ladakh. and regional relations during and after the war. In addition to the Fortnightly Reports. ©2006 163 p. 1700-1885. ©2006 212 p. Peers teaches Indian and Imperial History at the U. by David Wolff et al. Seventeenth-century Burma and the Dutch East India company. The negotiations include Prime Minister Nehru’s trip to Bhutan in 1958. Mahapatra. 1947.00 (pa) Revising her Ph.00 The two volumes collect papers presented to a conference in Tokyo at an undisclosed date. 1 January 1944-3 March 1947. Distributed in the US by South Asia Books. and ASEAN and beyond. technological change. technological and economic imperatives for joint ventures and cooperation.DS450 2006-413550 81-7708-114-4 DS485 2006-554339 81-7304-622-0 India-Russia partnership. seven case studies. U. ©2006 255 p. certain key documents sent by the Governor or his Secretary to the Viceroy are also included.40) BRILL. $45. she describes how they are far from isolated. Supplemental materials include maps.95 The human impacts of the partition of India were especially acute in the Punjab. 1958-1978. $129. Title main entry. particularly as it relates to Russia’s own separatist province of Chechnya and the question of separatist violence (“terrorism” to the governments of India and Russia). by Lionel Carter.50 Carter (formerly. Pirie. (Brill’s Tibetan studies library. the Japanese and Russian home fronts. political. Geographic Society. DS480 2006-554926 81-7304-672-7 Reporting the partition of Punjab. Ed. $78. a glossary. of Calgary. DS525 2006-020880 978-1-58826-482-4 Himalaya. New Century Pub. and other matters of the final years of the colonial ministries.00 Mahapatra (international studies. Ed. Specific topics include differences regarding Togo’s surprise attack on Port Arthur. U. press.00 The exiled Dalai Lama of Tibet introduces this volume on the gorgeous landscape.00 Pirie (anthropology. but particularly in one of the remoter villages and in the urban center of Leh. Jawaharlal Nehru U. $72. concise overview of the history of India under British colonial rule during the period 1700-1885. She begins with the historical background of Burma and a survey of features in the country on the eve of the Company’s arrival. (Seminar studies) Longman. Wil O. and humanitarians are interspersed with color photos of stunning scenery and a color map. Buddhist culture. Oxford U. Particular emphasis is placed on the evolving Russian stance towards the Kashmir separatism question in India. ©2007 583 p.) investigates how the Ladakhi people in the Himalayan region of the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir maintain their social order in the midst of economic development. DS485 2006-051899 978-90-04-15596-1 The changing dynamics of Southeast Asian politics. Distributed in the US by South Asia Books. Other areas of convergence are also discussed. and challenges of his homeland. India) traces the development of relations between Russia and India from India’s independence to the present. Tanwar. Ed. creating refugee flows of Sikhs and Hindus into India and Muslims into Pakistan and resulting in much inter-communal violence. a chronology. $35. Jagat S. v. ©2006 392 p. of Cambridge. excerpts from primary documents. DS463 2005-057754 978-0-582-31738-3 Punjab politics. and suggestions for further reading. the construction of a fragile web of order. Japanese and Western historians look at the 1905 war from the perspectives of military visions and revisions. mountaineers.00 Most studies of Southeast Asian politics focus either on domestic or international dimensions. Covering January 1944 to March 1947. Singapore University Press. and other opinions. The disk contains appendices. Notsume Soseki’s nuanced views of the conflict. Title main entry. Fernanda. Debidatta Aurobinda. $19. Dijk draws on the records of the Dutch East India Company in The Netherlands to shed light on Burma and the interaction between Burma and the Company during the 17th century. ©2006 348 p. –57– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . the war and Chinese nationalism. Lynne Rienner Publishers. Douglas M. Distributed in the US by South Asia Books. ©2006 622 p. and issues of convergence. Reference sources beyond the National Geographic are not listed. but including other sources as well. $223. Not indexed. but manage conflict and pursue peace by constructing fragile webs of order within their communities. and political conflict all around them. of Leeds) combines the two perspectives in hopes of finding a more comprehensive and holistic understanding of the region’s political dynamics. Peers takes into account both British and Indian perspectives on colonialism as he introduces the major historical developments and debates. Tanwar (modern history. by Richard C. ©2007 271 p. UK) presents the third volume of series reproducing the Fortnightly Reports of the Governor of the Punjab to the Viceroy in order to provide source material for the study of the British colonial administration in the region. constitutional activity prior to Indian independence. and social problems by 40 writers. the documents shed light on British food and supply shortage concerns during the Second World War. and strengthening democracy. cooperation between Cold War rivals in the Mekong Valley. Manohar. Raghuvendra.

The next three papers discuss legal issues. (The International Library of Essays on Military History) Ashgate Publishing Co. McCarthy. ©2006 456 p. and ended a 300-year-old dynasty. At the end of the book. and their Senate hearings. $50.D. ethnic. About a year and half later. society and rebellion in eighteenthcentury Vietnam. Individually. U. Fulbright.90 (pa) The 14 papers presented here by Wilson (the former Australian ambassador to Myanmar (Burma) from mid-2000 to mid-2003) come from the 2004 Myanmar/Burma Update Conference. Such is the task taken up by the ten papers they present.S. meaning. by Nhung Tuyet Tran and Anthony Reid. the French. $49. $44. briefly unified two traditional kingdoms. ©2006 386 p.00 The editors present ten essays revisiting “Legal and Policy Issues of the Indochina War. The essays are grouped into five sections addressing U.95 (pa) The successful struggle of Vietnam to establish its national identity against the attempted domination of the Chinese. Willbanks.95 Solheim (history. ©2006 618 p. $195.S. which. ©2006 293 p. French law and daughters’ inheritance rights in Vietnam. by Ross A. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Fullbright’s colleague. and examine the Vietnamese invasion of Cambodia. Ed. The collection provides a number of representations on the current state of scholarship on the war and its aftermath.” Fry (history. By the time the rebel armies were defeated in 1802. Indexed by name only. reporter Seymour Hersh. Army Command and General Staff College) presents a selection of 24 essays on the Vietnam War published in key scholarly journals between 1985 and 2004. Interspersed throughout are short profiles of important individuals from the era. economic. 30-plus years after the fall of Saigon. presidents and the Vietnam War. discuss the health or lack thereof of Burmese civil society. memory) U. war policies than President Johnson preferred. chair of the Preparedness Investigating Subcommittee of the Senate Armed Services Committee. and economic groups that constituted Vietnamese society. Ed. DS556 2006-000835 978-0-8248-2984-1 Phantom reflections. seeking a more aggressive conduct of the war. Fry. suggest editors Tran (history. Title main entry. Solheim. Praeger Security International. and how the law of command responsibility was reshaped in the wake of the My Lai massacre. and consider the roles of international non-governmental organizations and corporations in aiding Burmese political and economic development. of Singapore).DS530 981-230-362-6 DS558 2006-028550 978-0-275-99327-6 Myanmar’s long road to national reconciliation. ethnic pluralities in the Mekong Delta. which explore the influences of different ethno-religious groups within Indochina and outside forces on the construction of Vietnamese identity. Jane Fonda. Asia Research Institute. Ed. In turn.. Examples of topics addressed include the impact of Chinese gunpowder technology in the region. Title main entry. the conduct of the war in the field. no subject index. U. at the height of the Vietnam War. the education of an American fighter pilot in Vietnam. Black Panther Eldridge Cleaver. and demonstrates that the Vietnam War remains a controversial issue even today. and then the Americans now allows. America in the war years) Rowman & Littlefield. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –58– . say the editors. analyze Cambodia’s Khmer Rouge (and its ideology in a separate paper). including General Creighton Abrams.S. Nguyen Van Thieu. intervention in Vietnam. the stereotypical jet pilots bravado perhaps tempered a bit by time. Dutton. Carolina Academic Press. initiated his own hearings on the war. of Nevada at Las Vegas) offers the first full-length comparative treatment of the hearings. a personal journey. of California-Los Angeles) tells of an uprising of upland tribesmen and lowland peasants that began in 1773. rather than rely on the perspectives of expatriate Burmese and mostly Western academics. the Tet Offensive and the Khe Sanh. $52. hoping that they could be used to pressure President Johnson to halt escalation and seek a negotiated settlement. National U. and political landscape of the country and assess the possibilities of movement towards democracy and ethnic reconciliation. Citrus College) presents a narrative history of the US war in Vietnam that generally focuses on the political and military decisions of top leaders from Eisenhower and Kennedy’s early involvement through the Johnson and Nixon years.00 Revising his 2001 Ph. of Wisconsin Press. Occasional thoughts about the wider context of the war intrude from time to time and he differs from many of his military colleagues in now believing that the US failed to recognize the limits of its power in Vietnam and that the war could not have been won even if the military had been able to fight the war with no limitations. Title main entry. and the experiences of Vietnamese soldiers and workers in France during World War I. George Edson. seek to debunk the “myth” that Nixon and Diem’s successor. (Southeast Asia—politics. Canada) and Reid (director. DS558 2006-025641 0-275-98308-0 Debating Vietnam. for their contributions to the literature and for their use of primary sources. Mike. sabotaged the 1973 Paris Peace Accords.S.95 The author flew the F-4 Phantom II fighter plane on numerous missions during the Vietnam War and he here retrospectively narrates the “most significant events” he experienced during the war (almost all combat missions). he offers his own autobiographical account of growing up in the Vietnam War era. review the status of the agricultural sector and the wider economy. Fisher et al. DS558 2005-937561 978-1-59460-206-1 To oppose any foe. (Vietnam. argue that US involvement in Vietnam preserved global democratic security. DS558 2006-011367 978-0-7425-4436-9 The Vietnam war. $22. Bruce O.. a more nuanced historical look at Vietnam as a confluence of cultures and peoples. the legacy of U. Asia Pacific Press.00 Willbanks (U.95 (pa) In February 1966. Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara. ©2006 216 p. Stennis. borderless histories. Ed. The final pair of essays looks at the silencing of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as a prime cause for the policy failure of the war and the US intervention in Somalia as a reprise of the mistakes of the Vietnam War. the contemporary lessons for naval interception operations that can be taken from the war. of Toronto. Dutton (Asian languages and cultures. The papers were selected. Stennis. papers look at the politics of the military junta of the State Peace and Development Council. DS556 2005-032883 978-0-299-21770-9 Viet Nam. $24. John C. he says. Suggesting that these hearings “forced a far more public and more extensive debate of U. ©2007 176 p. Title main entry. $39. Praeger. explore ethnic participation in politics. sought to include insights from individuals who have had extensive recent experience inside the militarily-ruled country. Collectively. dissertation at the University of Washington. U. ©2006 310 p. William Fullbright. and Bob Dylan. by James H. of Hawai’i Pr. by Trevor Wilson. DS558 2005-053086 0-7546-2559-1 The Táy Son uprising. of Virginia Law School seminar from which eight of the ten originated.” which was also the title of the U. J. He focuses on the relationship between the Táy Son leaders and the many social. ©2006 198 p. (New perspectives in Southeast Asian studies) U. including the legal advice given to US decisions makers at the start of the war. the first six papers explore the reasons for the Kennedy administration’s complicity in the overthrow of Ngo Dinh Diem. chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee held hearings on the war. The Vietnam War era. Abbie Hoffman. the papers aim to provide a portrait of the current social. Joseph A. they had overthrown two ruling families. Vietnamese General Vo Nguyen Giap. a retrospective on the war and its meaning. and the legacies and lessons of the Vietnam War.

he looks at Nationalist approaches to Tibet issues in the prewar decade.. arguing that Nationalist political efforts to incorporate Tibet into China were much more equivocal than previous analysis has suggested and discussing political motives for the Nationalist frontier policy beyond pure frontier and minority objectives.95 For students and general readers. Part of his aim in this work is to test the theories of Edward Said’s Orientalism. politics. and describes his own hypothesis of looking at it from a perspective of biology and psychology.. U. Allen. consider factors before. by Priscilla Roberts. $29. and (the subject of some third of the papers) Sino-American relations.00 (pa) Adams (anthropology. the Netherlands and the Dutch East Indies at the world exhibitions.00 (pa) This volume examines the high rate of suicide by the Palawan people of Kulbi-Kenipaqan in the Southern Philippines. Stanford U. religion.00 The 15 papers presented in this book by Roberts (history.21) U. ©2006 286 p. and the country’s history. Bloembergen. The authors suggest that the peaceful rise could be achieved if China can strategically overcome the challenges and leverage opportunities at both domestic and international fronts. China. $29. 1880-1931. Published in association with National University of Singapore. MacDonald (U. Kyoto University. ©2006 397 p. DS735 0-7546-4847-8 Culture and customs of Indonesia. Chicago) was intrigued by the death cults of the Sa’dan Toraja people. He describes the humanitarian service by this group. which he finds to be problematic in its ahistoricism. and regime type. the forming of images of the Netherlands’ colonies. with specific emphasis on common people. Indonesia. $99. and theater. of Hong Kong) originate from a scholarly conference sponsored by the Cold War International History Project that focused attention on the role of China in the Indochina Wars of the 1960s and 70s. They begin with the mixing of Indian and Indonesian people during the first millennium. and the place was already crawling with Western anthropologists and tourists. sociology. U. ©2006 559 p. Forshee (cultural anthropology. and the development of Dutch national consciousness. Indonesia. de la Méditeranée. U. religion. of British Columbia Press. and Central Asian geopolitics. architecture and housing. festivals and leisure activities. Attention is given to all the islands. The 15 essays were originally presented to a May 2004 conference in Singapore. by Sujian Guo.00 Lin (a visiting fellow at the Hoover Institution. Berkeley) describes the culture and customs of Indonesia. Finally. He now practices law and medicine in Sacramento.. politics. military relations. after.S. DS632 2006-008332 978-0-8248-3072-4 China’s “peaceful rise” in the 21st century. and tourism on their art. cuisine and dress. ©2006 237 p. $65. ethnopsychologists. 1928-49. ©2006 272 p. the Kremlin’s perspective of the Soviet-Chinese-Vietnamese triangle. Ashgate Publishing Co. people. Title main entry. repression. this time concentrating on confrontations between the Han Chinese and various minority groups and the government’s state-building efforts in the southwest peripheries. the background to the Aceh problem. corruption. of Hawai’i Pr.. he examines the crucial final four years of Nationalist rule. Coverage includes the domestic dimension and what factors could affect the peaceful development—including reform. DS646 2006-008589 0-295-98633-6 Behind the bamboo curtain. during. Asianists. and those studying suicidal behavior. ©2007 307 p. China’s military modernization. past and modern literature and art. and marriage traditions. and the world beyond Asia. legitimacy. gender. Lin.95 Eleven international academics contribute ten chapters exploring the possibility of China having “peaceful development” given domestic and international challenges. no. Utrecht U. Marieke. an anthropological investigation of suicide in the southern Philippines. So she decided to study the impact of Christian conversion. a Christian enclave in the mountains of South Sulawesi. Shifting to the Sino-Japanese War (1937-1945). $85. France) is a social anthropologist associated with the French National Center for Scientific Research. and look at the current situation. dance. DS625 2006-022942 978-0-313-33339-2 Uncultural behavior. Hsiao-ting. Loyola U. ©2006 272 p. and social customs and lifestyle. China. She soon discovered that a lot of other people were too. by Beverley Jackson. political scientists. and on the way they were reported in the domestic daily press as well as in weekly magazines and illustrated periodicals. on their arrangement and appearance..) analyzes the approach of China’s Nationalist Government to Tibet and other ethnic borderlands from 1928 until their defeat by the Communists in 1949. Charles J-H. Adams. by Anthony Reid. He also discusses approaches to suicide in anthropological literature. Background is given on the land. and memory) U. courtship. Ed. Press. Ed. and told his story to Los Angeles writer David Drum. DS740 978-0-7748-1301-3 Verandah of violence. ©2006 478 p. the French recognition of China and its implications for the Vietnam War. (Southeast Asia. Beginning with a description of Palawan culture and society.DS559 0-9776049-0-X DS666 2006-022266 978-0-8248-3103-5 Failure to atone. Kathleen M. the international challenges—general international conditions. (Monographs of the Center for Southeast Asian Studies. Trans.95 As one of 774 civilian doctors with the American Medical Association’s Volunteer Physicians for Vietnam program. and tries to come to terms with the atrocities. the impact of the Vietnam War on the economics and politics of China. the true story of a jungle surgeon in Vietnam. domestic and international conditions. $30. colonization. a predominantly Muslin nation. (Cold War International History Project series) Stanford U. and how China can meet these challenges. and history. Fieldwork used in the book began in 1970 and spanned up to 2002. Title main entry. Failure to Atone Press. MacDonald follows with the story of one woman’s death and how the society viewed it. music. modernization. DS643 2006-328961 9971-69-330-5 Colonial spectacles. Tibet and nationalist China’s frontier. DS740 2006-015450 978-0-8047-5502-3 Art as politics. Singapore University Press. $36. of California. of Washington Press. re-crafting identities. Title main entry. Hassan served for one tour of duty in Quang Tri Provincial Hospital during the Vietnam War. social anthropologists. of Washington Pr. Sino-Japan relations. a journalist.U.00 (pa) Historians. U. He focuses on the organizational structure and ideas underlying the colonial entries. Hassan. Forshee. Ed. finding that Chiang Kai-shek and his confreres took a pragmatic stand towards Tibet.. but many have been revised in light of the tsunami of December 2004 and peace initiatives during 2005. Sino-Soviet relations. intrigues and ethnopolitics. tourism. Asian politics and development. $49. of Hawai’i Pr. and a theologian explore the history of the rocky relations between Aceh and the central government of Indonesia. He recounts other suicides documented through kinsfolk and acquaintances of victims and gives statistical information that shows patterns from which he draws five profiles. $25. and power in Tana Toraja. Distributed in the US by the U. and other cultural traits. Jill. Macdonald. he situates the Sino-Tibetan relationship in the context of international wartime rivalries. ©2006 285 p. (Culture and customs of Asia) Greenwood Press. –59– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . meaning. the wasted lives and money.00 Bloembergen (Research Institute for History and Culture. including American efforts to constrain or contain it. not just Bali and Java. The volume is aimed at Philippinists. California. Vietnam. After an introduction to the political and territorial landscape at the outset of the Nationalist era. For students and scholars in foreign policy. and the continuing sorrow. Topics include the evolution of Mao’s policy towards Indochina. English-language series. the Netherlands) examines the colonial sections of the Netherlands’ entries to world exhibitions in the period 1880-1931 in pursuit of what they reveal about the relationship between Dutch imperialism.

the Chinese turned to foreign powers to provide it with the military aid and defense assistance vital to its attempt to defeat the Japanese just as various Western powers significant military and intelligence operations inside China. $69. by Nicola Di Cosmo. It identifies 82 different ethnic groups residing in Guizhou. in relationship to its government. ©2006 287 p.00 As a companion to Michael Loewe’s 2000 dictionary of the Former Han dynasty. $40. and maps. and Shiu-hing Lo. A transliterated Manchu text is supplied in the appendix. most of the literature on revolutionary Jinggangshan focuses narrowly on Mao and the nascent Red Army forces or treats the region as the ideal of peasant revolution precisely because that is where the Chinese Revolution first began. Even the shortest entry includes a reference to the source of the information. ©2006 451 p. new challenges. Socialist State because of his own personal experiences in the region and during the time period it discusses.19) BRILL. Institute for Advanced Study) provides a translation of the diary of Dzengseo. China’s Jinggangshan base area. However. (Historical dictionaries of Asia. and local historical production.00 The Jinggangshan region of China served as an early revolutionary base area for Mao Zedong in the late 1920s and. (Routledge studies in the early history of Asia. ©2006 359 p. Maochun. such as popular religion. and text authorship. seven centuries of violence in a Chinese county.95 (pa) Lan (China studies and global studies. $29. and traditional morality. at base. Johns Hopkins) demonstrates the ways events and trends of national significance in China’s history have been experienced at the local level. Pickowicz. Yu (East Asia and military history. as such. which explain technical terms and geographical issues. DS754 2005-036379 0-7007-1611-4 Chinese politics in the Hu Jintao era.DS748 2006-051682 978-90-04-15605-0 DS779 2006-015454 0-7656-1773-0 A biographical dictionary of Later Han to the Three Kingdoms (23-220 AD). Appendices offer statistics and lists of officials for each region. he says. Chan. ©2006 242 p.. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –60– . Australian National U. Sharpe. Qing China (1636-1911) was expanding south into areas where non-Chinese people lived. he admired the first decades of the Chinese Revolution to the end. Supporting material includes genealogical tables.) aspires to cite every person recorded as having lived under Later Han or. Stephen C. Between the expulsion of the Mongols in the mid-14th century and the invasion of the Japanese in 1938. the household economy of the peasants. Historians Deal (1939-2001) (Whitman College) and Hostetler (U. institutions. Canada. William Hinton (1919-2004). new leaders. during. In contrast. $19. were compiled probably by minor officials in the administration the territories. Hinton focuses on countering negative claims regarding four aspects of the transformation of Chinese peasant life: the land system. De Crespigny (Asian studies.00 During the 18th century. As its pages make evident. but only the last was found.) argues that the current generation of Chinese leaders have not demonstrated the kind of foresight and courage needed to push forward far-reaching challenges to their archaic political and economic system. of Illinois-Chicago) reproduce and translate one such album. 60) Scarecrow Pr. Akita International U. Stanford U. DS796 2006-003663 0-8108-5061-3 The diary of a Manchu soldier in seventeenth-century China. ©2007 437 p. views of the Chinese revolution. textual description.95 (pa) This is the last book written by the American Marxist scholar of China. perhaps best known for Fanshen: A Documentary of Revolution in a Chinese Village (1967). from sometime after 1797. (State and society in East Asia) Rowman & Littlefield.E. v. Lo teaches political science at the University of Waterloo. the late Averill (formerly a professor of history at Michigan State U. beyond its strategic military centrality and ingrained social tensions. and his perspectives on military life. anonymous and untitled as most are. an outline of the administrative renderings. cultural factors. bibliographies of early and modern works. Naval Institute Press. Lam. Chan is executive coordinator of the Hong Kong Documentary Archives at Stanford University. Averill. style. DS793 2005-024390 978-0-295-98543-5 The art of ethnography. 1937-1947. a Chinese “Miao album”. as SARs. (Handbook of Oriental studies=Handbuch der Orientalistik. The original diary consists of four parts. (Studies on ethnic groups in China) U. ©2006 387 p. folklore.95 Following the Japanese occupation of Manchuria in 1931. revealing the complex dynamics of local politics and how they interacted with larger forces of revolution and reaction. Miao albums. In addition. $110. Title main entry. DS797 2006-010666 978-0-7425-2878-9 Through a glass darkly. $85.. Section 4: China. De Crespigny.. William T. He relates the events of the War of the Three Feudatories from 1673-1682. ©2006 178 p. M. and books with pictures and descriptions of these exotic people. Dzengseo. DS777 2006-015599 978-1-59114-946-0 Historical dictionary of the Hong Kong SAR and the Macao SAR. and after Mao’s sojourn there. $299. there is every reason to believe that the current system can muddle along for another couple decades. Di Cosmo supplements the text with an introduction—a brief analysis of the conquest. Facing a technologically superior enemy. Press. in the case of non-Chinese people. Oceania. This historical dictionary contains chronologies and entries on key political and economic figures. Having apparently picked Chinese Village. they retain a high degree of autonomy. yet. by David Deal and Laura Hostetler. as a case study. Trans. a young Manchu soldier who fought in the conquest of China during the seventeenth century. Macheng experienced repeated waves of mass extermination in segments of its population. ©2007 1306 p.000 people in the period from the proclamation of Lui Xuan as the Gengshi Emperor to the abdication of Liu Xie as Emperor Xian.00 Di Cosmo (East Asian studies. and the Middle East. Socialist State that Hinton sees as exemplifying the “vitriolic polemic” against the Chinese Revolution found amongst American scholars of China in general. and narrative—in addition to notes. $32.) examines the revolutionary politics of the region before. He also offers chapters disputing the earlier book’s account of the “alleged `Great Famine’” and offering a perspective on the class struggles within the Chinese Communist Party that would lead to the abandonment of socialism in 1978. Rowe. and killing. popular customs and culture. U. a rejoinder to the “spin” of Friedman. Ming K. and Selden’s Chinese Village. Yu. On the other hand. $60. allied operations and the fate of China. my service in the army. 4) Routledge.00 The Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions (SARs) of the People’s Republic of China have recently been released from European rule. William. and give information about people. ©2006 140 p. and poem devoted to each. of Washington Pr. US Naval Academy) describes these foreign aid and intelligence activities. survival. Inc. Rafe. with a hand-painted illustration. Revolution in the highlands. frequent military clashes between the Japanese and the Chinese erupted in full-scale war in 1937. and programs in both regions. The work is. Hubei Province. Wu Sangui as a historical character. DS777 2005-036819 1-58367-141-2 Crimson rain.S. Rowe (Chinese history. Hinton. arguing that they collectively undermined the authority and legitimacy of the Nationalist government led by Chiang Kai-Shek and directly contributed to his defeat by the Communist Party four years after the war was over. played key roles in the population’s proclivity for carnage. Monthly Review Press. DS797 2006-002605 978-0-8047-5496-5 The dragon’s war. the rebellion of the Three Feudatories. is prominent in the historiography of the Chinese revolution.00 Using the highland county Macheng. Rowe argues that. Willy Wo-Lap. Identifies over 8. Trans.

E. Kaiser Wilhelm II. George. the British Admiralty. the shogun’s last Samurai corps.” The narrative’s focus is structured around the actions of two men: Commodore Matthew C. including an analysis of the concept of society—shakai—in modern Japan. the shifts in the perceptions of peripheral as opposed to central focus. Her main story.) examines the debates over Japanese national identity and nationalism. including how the question was handled at the local level. the affects of the civil was of 1945-1959. Commodore Perry. Hillsborough presents his third book on samurai of the 19thcentury Meiji Restoration. $29. ©2006 289 p. 1932) Falk. 1911-1950. Edwin A. ©2006 474 p. He concentrates on the spirit of the Shinsengumi and its leaders Kondo Isami and Hijikata and their place in history.. Miyume. Tanji. is their political responses to the abuse and marginalization. Kevin M. Murdock U. ©2006 385 p. and systematically abused. whose “Black Ships” were to become a symbol of Western colonialism for the Japanese. HarperCollins. Sharpe. ©2006 508 p. Building from his previous work in this three-part series. first by the Japanese and since World War II by the American military. two concepts at the core of the alternative ways in which Japanese articulate nationalism. then draws from archival records never before used to describe how naval conferences held in Washington in 1921-22. DS889 2006-000016 978-0-7656-1650-0 Breaking open Japan. Edwin A. casting a somewhat more critical eye on American imperialist ambitions than many previous American works on the subject. the real power behind Japan’s final shogunate.. the intrusion or improvements of modernity. joined him in self-inflicted death. Doak (Japanese studies.95 Now back in his native California after 15 years of living and writing in Japan. U. and a summary of how the key elements are shaping the present and future of nationalism in Japan. They were losing ground technologically. of Massachusetts Amherst) explores these acts in themselves within their historical and political contexts. Nogi Shizuko. $42. (reprint. DS839 2006-015540 1-55750-042-8 Shinsengumi. 1660-1783. and great power hegemony. have been occupied.95 Captain Alfred Thayer Mahan became formidable upon the 1980 publication of his The Influence of Sea Power Upon History. Doris G. Union U. Australia) begins by describing how Okinawans.) carefully uses a wide range of literature on Japanese foreign relations and extensive interviews with Japanese policy-makers to craft this accessible account of how Japan relates to the outside world. and yet persisting in believing Mahon. Georgetown U. ©2006 234 p. Romulus. Feifer. Coverage includes Togo’s key role in strategy and technology and Japan’s emergence as an international naval power at the dawn of the 20th century. especially where the many sources contradict each other. Tuttle Publishing. M. Instantly he was hailed by Theodore Roosevelt.00 Tanji (Asian research.00 Liu (history. rather than on details.00 General Nogi Maresuki paid a decades-old debt of honor by disemboweling himself on the day of his emperor’s funeral.) describes how Mahan’s book led the Japanese Naval Ministry to understand itself as the natural enemy of the US. Liu explains how revolutions and wars. Bargen. Perry. and one of her intentions is to show that this response is more complex than is often appreciated and is stable and constant is focus. DS884 2006-019423 978-0-8248-2998-8 Suicidal honor. ©2007 297 p. Falk’s study of the role of sea power in modern Japanese history focuses on Admiral of the Fleet Count Togo. Doshisha U. an entangled history of Mongolian independence. $26. a survey of the social hierarchy and decentralized political structure of the early 19th century as preconditions for nationalism. $65. the new Japan/China/US political triangle. DS884 2006-931236 1-60105-046-1 From Mahan to Pearl Harbor. Scholar’s Bookshelf. analysis of kokumin and minzoku.) traces the “Mongolian question” as it evolved in Chinese politics about national identity during the first half of the twentieth century. ©2006 389 p. though. Particular attention is paid to the close identification of Togo’s spirit and character with that of Japan.13) BRILL. and Masahiro Abe. when Japan was still defining what it was as a nation and what was meant by national and personal honor. Press. and the future of Japanese foreign policy. placing the people. Section five: Japan. and the many and complex reasons why the ritual of seppuku was forbidden but still practiced. DS881 2006-052884 978-90-04-15598-5 Japan’s foreign policy since 1945. $25.. in which the prevailing Han of China perceived efforts at Mongolian identity as not only alien but counter-revolutionary and an explicit form of bigotry. Iowa State U. Liu. Kevin. his wife. part of the separate Ryukyo kingdom until the 19th century. Stanford U. Asada. Cooney. failing to justify increased armaments. Myth. She also examines how these acts influenced two of Japan’s greatest writers in a time of significant and painful historical transition and redefinition of national identity. (Handbook of Oriental studies=Handbuch der Orientalistik. the role of the monarchy in raising and suppressing nationalist aspirations. but not finding the Japanese totally innocent in many of the negative consequences for the legacy of the “Opening of Japan. the Gulf War. ©2007 292 p. ©2005 230 p. Doak. Lord Abe and the American Imperialism of 1853. Geneva in 1927 and London in 1930 indicated the Japanese were an unenviable position. Xiaoyuan.95 This book revisits the history of the end of Japan’s isolationist foreign policy of sakoku in the 1850s. He describes policies spawned by occupation and the Yoshida Doctrine. of Hawai’i Pr. News of their suicide split opinion throughout the Japan of 1912 and brought into full view long-simmering questions about traditional morality within the samurai code. B&w photographs and maps illustrate the volume. protest and stuggle in Okinawa. v. Eventually the Japanese proved they were not able to filter the facts about relative battle strength and intention of themselves and the US through the pages of Mahon’s 50-year-old book. Sadao. DS881 2006-044349 978-0-06-088432-1 Togo and the rise of Japanese sea power. $93. the myth of gaiatsu and how others filter their understanding of Japan through it. U. and the Japanese Naval Ministry. the imperial Japanese navy and the United States.DS798 2006-012624 978-0-8047-5426-8 DS881 2005-926980 978-0-8048-3627-2 Reins of liberation. $36. and the emergency of ethnicity and hegemony as powerful motivation in China’s relations with Mongolia. (Grassroots pacifism in post-war Japan) Routledge.90 (pa) Originally published in 1932. Naval Institute Press. He traces the changes and conflicts in geopolitical identity from the era of China and Mongolia becoming national states after being an empire. Bargen (Japanese literature and culture. including two world wars. economically deprived. which took Mahan’s instructions especially to heart. Asada (history emeritus. Chinese territoriality. caused pressures that further complicated an already complex situation. Hillsborough. nationalism as seen from the perspective of influential Japanese theorists. Inc.00 Drawing on some 20 years of studying the literature on Japanese nationalism. General Nogi and the writings of Mori Ogai and Natsume Soseki. $120. DS894 2005-033076 0-415-36500-7 A history of nationalism in modern Japan. Coverage includes an overview of major developments in nationalism theory.95 (pa) Cooney (political science and international relations. Japan’s later perceptions of security and the resulting restructuring. –61– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . $34.

DT61 1-84217-220-4 Daily lives of civilians in wartime Africa. by The David Brown Book Company. and Richard L. the process of raising a military force for the war. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. Adés. Many of the 13 papers explore various aspects of the Egyptian language and ancient Egyptian literature. supplement 4) Warsaw U. by N. Also included are appendixes listing pharaohs and heads of governments. (Excavation memoir. $70. known and new literary and documentary texts include translations and a comprehensive index. $48. ©2006 301 p. life behind the line. topography. most working in North America or Europe. interpreters. judging from the excellent photographs of this volume. Independence.-Cairo) documented reliefs and hieroglyphic inscriptions on the walls of the temple of Queen Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari. of Durham. OCEANIA DT21 2006-026178 0-313-33540-0 More usefully employed. 77) Egypt Exploration Society. Oxbow Books. literature. revealing medical information about the mummies’ lives and deaths. Laband teaches history at Wilfrid Laurier U. (Occasional publication. Title main entry.70. and catalogs the sources of the Greek inscriptions. as well as a chronology. Lawrance. (Africa and the diaspora) U.00 Moon seeks to presents a fuller biography of novelist and founder of the Egypt Exploration Society Edwards (1831-92) than previous writers by drawing on a wider range of sources. Moon. Ed. scraps of Greek fiction of Antonius Diogenes. but the wealth of information about her in archive collections and in her unpublished writing has still not been adequately mined. and the content is fascinating. material on a rich woman whose lands may have been confiscated. v. ©2006 462 p. African employees in the making of colonial Africa. Dunand. care of the wounded and dead. A sampling of topics includes civilian casualties in the trans-Atlantic slave trade. by John Laband. Ed.. life on the front. ©2007 452 p.00 Saïs was the capital of Egypt in Dynasty 26 and well known to western classical scholars from the writings of Herodotus in particular. Their topics include the Boubou Penda-Ernest Noirot affair of 1905 in French Guinea. $39. Brenda. Distributed in the U. Coverage spans time periods ranging from the late 18th century to the present day. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. and clerks. DT62 2006-019346 978-0-8014-4472-2 A traveller’s history of Egypt. She was virtually forgotten outside the field of Egyptology until the surge in women’s studies towards the end of the 20th century.00 Historians of Africa. Here he presents his findings on cult activities there during Ptolemaic and Roman times. DT57 83-918250-3-5 Deir El-Behari in the Hellenistic and Roman periods. The site was identified near the village of Sa el-Hagar on the Rosetta or western branch of the Nile at the end of the 18th century. Paul M.95 This book on ancient Egyptian mummification is really two works in one. soldiers’ attitudes about enemies and allies. Then physician/archaeologist Lichtenberg describes his work investigating Egyptian mummies with his portable X-ray machine at archaeological digs. These theological. ©2006 332 p. by Rachael J. Adam. Roberts.00 (pa) Postgraduate students from around the world report on recent research in the field of Egyptology. $65. UK) Ed. in Canada. The volume is not indexed.00 Today. Distributed by the David Brown Book Company. Françoise and Roger Lichtenberg. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –62– . the geomagnetic and drill auger surveys. but he also discovered nearly 100 Greek inscriptions that had not been reported earlier.90) Egypt Exploration Society. and African court elders in the Kenyan province of Nyanza moving from traditional to modern between 1930 and 1960. She discusses the city’s early history. and how the war is remembered by veterans. and entertainment. writer. from slavery days to Rwandan genocide. Marc Bloch U.00 Nine contributions from Laband and other scholars discuss the impact of war on the daily life of civilians in various regions of Africa. (Traveller’s histories) Interlink Publishing Group. Mummies and death in Egypt. DT60 978-0-85698-169-2 AFRICA. In fact. a group of Demosthenes papyri that shows how careless some scribes can be and how deep the roots of medieval tradition go. and myths. some of the early Christian texts here are remarkable in their preservation. ©2006 210 p. France) describes the history of mummification in ancient Egypt from the earliest evidence to the Roman period. previous excavations. Edwards. and connects these to the religion of the ancient Egyptians. this volume offers a concise summary of the sweep of Egyptian history from the first evidence of human habitation to contemporary times. (The journal of juristic papyrology. 50-plus years after the conflict. ©2006 164 p. and the archaeology of the site. and the potential of using stable isotope analysis to investigate dietary patterns in pre. daily lives of civilians during wartime) Greenwood Press. There is no index.dynastic Egypt. Annual Current Research in Egyptology (5th: 2004: Durham. Emily Lynn Osborn. The survey of Saïs (Sa el-Hagar). The text also includes a timeline and an extensive bibliography. ©2006 234 p. the experience of being a soldier during the Korean War is generally unknown. Drawings. Cornell U. she says. (The Greenwood Press Daily life through history series. traveller and campaigner for ancient Egypt. Graceland U. DT28 2006-008596 0-299-21950-X Current research in Egyptology. Missouri) presents a concise text for students and general readers offering an overview of the daily routines of soldiers during “The Forgotten War. Pamoun (a text otherwise only known in Coptic). morale. Edwards (Center for the Study of the Korean War. Dunand (history of religion.DS918 2006-015360 978-0-313-33248-7 DT58 0-85698-175-3 The Korean War. introduces the physical and ritual practices of mummification. In the first. 1997-2002. look specifically at how African intermediaries contributed to making colonial legal institutions during the formative and mature periods of colonial rule. and trans. $65. learning to be a soldier and to fight with WWII weapons. Title main entry. and made observations and corrections to many more that had been reported.. $119. the impact of WWI on African people.00 Not all of them are reduced to shreds and fibers. Gonis et al. 15) Egypt Exploration Society. Ed. proceedings. $130. She also includes a chapter on the mummification of animals. DT61 978-0-85698-173-9 Intermediaries. Lajtar (archaeology. religion. Wilson.” Coverage includes background information on the outbreak of the war and physical and cultural aspects of Korea. ©2006 319 p. phases and campaigns. later records. $120. relaxation. (Daily life through history series. by Benjamin N.S.00 From 1988 to 1990. and again in 1995 and 2002. returning home. Lajtar. Amelia B.. American soldiers’ lives) Greenwood Press. of Wisconsin Press. Warsaw U. media. Press. Title main entry. $14. The four sections include a codex-leaf with part of the Passion of St. (Graeco-Roman memoirs. Harry. The chronological rise and fall of kingdoms and governments constitutes most of the discussion. Wilson took part it the Society’s project to survey the site and record whatever material remained from old Survey of Egypt maps. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. no. visitors’ accounts through the 18th century. Others address such topics as the ritual meaning of the materials used to construct Tut’Ankhamun’s body armor. $45. Edwards.95 (pa) Aimed at students and tourists visiting Egypt. Editor Dann teaches archaeology at the U. ©2006 157 p. ©2006 336 p. Dann. but some explorations of arts. maps. and monochrome photographs illustrate the text. DT56 2006-011522 1-56656-654-1 The Oxyrhynchus Papyri. and the consequences of Sudan’s series of civil wars on the civilian population. a study of an Egyptian temple based on Greek sources. and a dossier of the House of Apion that adds more information about their family and lands that has been previously published. Penelope. and the lives of ordinary Egyptians are interspersed throughout.

In this study. where the war led to the collapse of the Fourth Republic.” The more wellknown of these voices on Marrakesh include George Orwell and Edith Wharton. foreign policies. $54. Tutankhamun. In a new preface. why it happened. and examines the historical and social context. Horne. ©2006 517 p. –63– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Sweden). Title main entry. ©2006 511 p. $28.00 Historians and students of French culture. by Barnaby Rogerson and Stephen Lavington. Press. Politics. part of Eland Publishing.95 (pa) Redford (classics and ancient Mediterranean studies. and van Walraven (a researcher at the African Studies Center. DT154 96-21424 978-0-8018-8541-9 Africa yearbook v. by Erik Hornung et al. Ages in chaos revisited. of course. identity. v.. ©2006 194 p. memory.00 There are exceptions. $109. and the return to tradition instituted by his son and successor. and reconstruction drawings are included. $22. and Jewish religious communities. the author discusses some of the parallels of the Algerian war with the US occupation of Iraq. topography and social conflict. (Modern intellectual and political history of the Middle East) Syracuse U. Sweeney (West U. DT87 2006-022781 978-0-87586-479-2 The United Nations mission for the referendum in Western Sahara. Ed. or. BRILL.2. the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in the Western Sahara (MINURSO) was supposed to help the Saharan people achieve self-determination following decolonization from Morocco.95 (pa) British historian Horne spent much of his career studying French military history. section 1.) is not at all sure that such an explanation is adequate. 1997) Haas.95 (pa) Originally published in 2003 by Sickle Moon Books. by Patricia M. knowing when something happened is an important starting point for investigating what actually happened. Johns Hopkins U. et al. Emmet.Martín considers the reasons why MINURSO has failed to fully carry out its mandate. Sweeney. ©2006 608 p. Donald B. Villanova U. DT295 2006-003506 978-159017-218-6 A savage war of peace. (reprint. 2900-323 BC. Melber (research director. are affiliated: they are also part of the department of Near Eastern languages and civilization at the U. In this 1977 work. economy and society south of the Sahara in 2005. Christopher. DT346 978-0-7734-5625-9 Akhenaten and Tutankhamun. $30. Solà-Martin. The travelogue includes a timeline of when the respective writers were there.95 Established by the Security Council in 1991. ©2006 494 p. but in general.. no matter how bloody that insurgency might be itself. imperial structures. The book is distributed by Dufour. 2004) Redford. (Ancient society and history) Johns Hopkins U. Press. Lorcin. (New York Review Books classics) New York Review Books. the subsequent imposition of more regularized. Many photos of the site of Amarna. Solà-Martín is an Associate Research Fellow at the Africa Center for Peace and Conflict Studies at the U. but correcting the errors introduced by his mistaking the Bible for a historical record. how the Nubians and Sudanese reacted to the resulting loss of self-determination.3) Algora Publishing. and other matters of concern to historians. UK.95 (pa) A specialist in early modern history. of Pennsylvania). of Bradford. Wegner. (reprint. and France itself. The Near and Middle East. including the futility of using torture and other brutal tactics against an insurgency. 1954-1962. $24. DT83 2003-010639 978-0-8018-8544-0 Algeria & France. $23. and scholars here—named but not otherwise identified—grapple with some problems and solution involved with creating such a consensus. regional overviews are presented for West. how the past is remembered and how it has been obscured. ©2006 198 p. He also assesses the progress made in implementing the post-settlement peacebuilding measures outlined in the UN settlement proposals and considers the larger implications for peacekeeping reforms. Alexandria in late antiquity. or Theban Dynasty in Egypt. the European-Algerian community. 2003) Title main entry. Central. He combines discussion of the conflict proper with analysis of the politics of Algeria’s National Liberation Front. Silverman. Alistair. ©2006 335 p. Nordic Africa Institute. DT87 2006-032115 1-931707-90-1 Marrakesh. They look at Egyptian chronological tradition and method of dating. of Archaeo & Anth. the Netherlands) present country-specific articles reviewing political developments. Eastern. Pr. reasons why imperial Egypt exerted influence well beyond its boundary.Saharan Africa during the year 2005. many of art works at the U. 1800-2000. Ed. he turned his eye on France’s failed colonial war in Algeria. the black experience of ancient Egypt. plans. The text is accompanied by color plates. relative chronology such as dynasties. He especially notes the fierce competition for hegemony between the strong pagan. Eland Publishing. His narrative is constructed through a synthesis of France’s secondary literature on the bloody conflict and interviews with many of the key actors. Haas (history.E.00 (pa) Contemporaries attributed the high degree of popular violence in the Egyptian city during late antiquity to the fact that Alexandrians were frenzied madmen who possessed an inborn propensity to senseless violence.00 (pa) Mehler (director. Silverman. (reprint. Rogerson is a travel writer specializing in former Ottoman Empire countries. and festivals. by Andreas Mehler et al. artistic motifs. Romania) here continues his reconstruction of ancient history drawing on the scholarship of Immanual Velikovsky during the 1950s. U. and Jennifer Houser Wegner. Each essay is followed by a blurb on the author. David P. and the memories of the displaced and how they have been used to come to terms with the past in reflective and restorative nostalgia. Josef W.83) BRILL. This third volume focuses on the 18th. DT329 0-907871-99-2 From slave to pharaoh. ©2006 196 p. Penn/Mus. Solà. In addition to the country. maps. consider how Franco-Algerian identity was formulated in a number of ways for a variety of ends. Title main entry. He project four volumes. $45. and absolute chronology such as dendrology and the heliacal rising of Sirius. five counting the volume on Arthur. ©2007 296 p.) offers a general overview of the Nubian and Kushite experience of the expansionist power of Egypt and its culture up to 671 B. and Southern Africa and an article on African-European relations is included. and socioeconomic trends in Sub. $19. ©2006 218 p. This is a paperbound reprint of a 2004 book. Algeria. Archaeological research and evidence found in sculpture and other art are cited throughout. this anthology collects 40 Western perspectives on a Muslim city long regarded as a “crucible of all that is exotic. their rituals. Edwin Mellen Pr. DT353 90-04-15486-8 Empire of Thebes. v. Andreu.C. Ed.DT83 2006-049915 978-90-04-11385-5 DT294 2006-014518 0-8156-3074-3 Ancient Egyptian chronology. Germany). nostalgia. Coverage includes an historical examination of how the dark-skinned Nubians and Sudanese blacks were perceived and treated by the Egyptians. checkered history of the relationship between the communities. through writers’ eyes. and the long. Institute of African Affairs. of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology (with which all three authors.95 This beautifully illustrated volume presents an accessible account and new interpretation of the radical religious ideas and policies of the Egyptian ruler Akhenaten. Ed.. from the 14th to the 21st centuries. Pennsylvania State U.specific studies. (Ages in alignment. $215. for certain theories of history and certain individual historians. Title main entry. the separation of the Nile Valley communities based on spatial and spiritual boundaries. (Handbook of Oriental studies. Christian. most from the US and none from France. revolution and restoration. A conclusion is followed by chronological table for the dynastic period. its consequences. It turns out that the chronology of ancient Egypt is not as consensual as some might like.

the identities of mobilizers and perpetrators. and family. ©2006 355 p. DT546 2006-011557 978-0-8108-4918-1 Ethnography of the Gusii of Western Kenya. ©2007 180 p. Martinus Nijhoff is an imprint of Brill.” Straus (political science.95 Ogembo’s study of the witch-killings in 1992 in Kisii District. social customs and lifestyle. Ed. and living patterns. King Denis.00 This resource for students and researchers contains hundreds of crossreferenced entries on Gabon’s most important people. and relations between the Hutu and Tutsi. Dube proposes a theological framework for constructing a socio-political theology of the excluded in Zimbabwe in particular. they combine formal study with their own observations and experiences of the erosion and transformation of Gusii indigenous culture over the decades. more have been added to this edition. and consequences of exclusion in the context of colonization. Andrews McMeel. ©2006 210 p. including how violence spread through rural regions. regional differences in violence. DT433 2006-051768 0-7734-5801-8 Culture and customs of the Central African Republic. bears much responsibility for the predicament and suffering of millions of Zimbabweans today. In the introduction. history. leisure activities. both to other Africans and people of different continents. the army. & Douglas A. ©2007 873 p. and maps. Digest of jurisprudence of the special court for Sierra Leone. $109. art. $241. the Pygmies. Eggers. ©2006 196 p. Cornell U. economy. literature. Laucci is Legal Adviser of the Appeals Chamber. $109. U. Most of the cultural attributes and ethnographic traits they describe. empowering the excluded. gender roles. and postcolonial prime ministers and presidents. statistical tables. An extensive bibliography. and of documents relevant to Mandela’s struggle for civil rights. Title main entry. U. DT2913 978-0-7734-5577-1 A socio-political agenda for the twenty-first century Zimbabwean Church. Edwin Mellen Pr.95 A Zimbabwean contextual theologian currently living in the US. which violated Gusii tradition and Christian morality. missionization. ©2006 379 p. Coverage includes an historical overview and information on geography. as well as tributes and anecdotes from world leaders. and music. and war in Rwanda.00 In this coffee-table biography. Whitman College) provides an introductory overview of the Central African Republic. Scott. literature and the media.. Woodfork. glossary. no. the International Monetary Fund. 2005. In order to answer these questions. Therefore. ©2006 273 p. of South Africa before and after apartheid.Saharan African country. events. Edwin Mellen Pr. race. including Bill Clinton. followed by individual chapters exploring various aspects of Centrafrican culture and customs: religion and worldview. places. Marquette U. He also evaluates earlier explanations of the Rwandan genocide and attempts to develop a theory of genocide that explains events at both the national and local levels. Dube.00 Eggers (linguistics and English. of Wisconsin at Madison) still finds significant analytical and empirical gaps in the consensus literature on the genocide. and institutions. marriage. ©2006 207 p. as well as explanations of the macro-social history of Kenya in the late 20th century and of the conditions of Gusii rural life in the late 1990s. friends and associates. 2003-2005. and suggestions for further reading. Tony Blair. and focuses on the factors of deprivation and impunity. (Culture and customs of Africa) Greenwood Press. and selected bibliography. Supplementary materials include a chronology. women. Such exclusion. $120.) briefly recounts Angola’s history and supplies information on the country’s geography. Special Court for Sierra Leone. Edwin Mellen Pr. DT516 978-90-04-15234-2 Mandela. a vanishing cultural heritage. southwestern Kenya. power.. ©2006 455 p. so their account serves as a depository. Tennessee State U. rather than simply the eruption of “age-old tribal hatreds. cuisine and traditional dress. he focuses on the local dynamics of the genocide. this volume provides a basic understanding of the culture and customs of Angola. Bono. This resource for practitioners and academics presents abstracts of selected decisions. DT450 2006-013959 978-0-8108-5302-7 Historical dictionary of Gabon.95 Most of the contributors were born and bred in the rural Gusii social and cultural milieu. Jacqueline. of Paris) provide a general overview of the country’s history and geography in the introduction. society. The most notable of these gaps concerns both the reasons why the Rwandan political elites decided on genocide and why they were able to mobilize middle and lower Hutu strata to comply with their genocidal issues. Academic but accessible to the general reader. Adebayo O. $75. architecture. Gardinier (emeritus. Thabo Mbeki and Muhammad Ali. the authorised portrait. DT1302 2006-028864 0-313-33147-2 Historical dictionary of Burundi. who lived in Burundi in the 1980s.. Gardinier. presents an historical dictionary of the sub. ©2006 191 p. no. one of the least know countries in African. 3d ed. globalization. Oyebade (history.95 Aimed at students and general readers. The text also includes a chronology. HIV/AIDS. (Historical dictionaries of Africa. language. David E. Entries are listed alphabetically and cover national figures. Oyebade. Ogembo (anthropology and education. American U. Title main entry.. $119. Yates. with specific topics such as slavery.101) Scarecrow Pr.00 The Special Court for Sierra Leone was created in 2002 for the purpose of prosecuting those responsible for serious violations of international humanitarian law and Sierra Leonean law in Sierra Leone since November 30. analyze.95 Woodfork (history. $49.. of New Hampshire) investigates the causes of these monstrous actions. organized by subject. and music and dance. by Mac Maharaj and Ahmed Kathrada. Abstracts were chosen on the basis of their relevance to interpretation and application of the Statute and Rules of Procedure and Evidence or their importance in the development of international criminal law. architecture. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –64– . economics and politics. 1996. The study includes witness interviews taken soon after the event occurred. DT450 2006-019352 978-0-8014-4448-7 Culture and customs of Angola. the narrative of Mandela’s journey to freedom is accompanied images of Mandela throughout his life. glossary. Akama and Robert Maxon. 3d ed. Supplemental materials include a chronology. Laucci. (Culture and customs of Africa) Greenwood Press. and politics. Ogembo.95 While agreeing with the consensus view that the mass killings of Tutsis in Rwanda in the 1990s were genocide of a very modern form.DT433 2006-043641 0-7734-5722-4 DT546 2006-017936 978-0-313-33203-6 Contemporary witch-hunting in Gusii. education. $49.) and Yates (political science. but applicable to marginalized communities in general. $27. and World War I. completes the volume. Ed. and judgments rendered by Chambers through December 31.103) Scarecrow Pr. DT1974 2006-040796 0-7407-5572-2 The order of genocide. by John S. who grew up in a Kenya community where stories of witches abounded. orders. Subsequent chapters focus on areas such as religion. (Historical dictionaries of Africa. he argues. Martinus Nijhoff Publishers. and explain are quickly disappearing and may already be gone. Ellen K. Press. Cyril. Straus. lists of elected officials. and other such issues. gender roles. A sampling of topics includes President Omar Bongo. Appendices list kings. economy. political parties. and are now senior social scientists at Kenyan public universities. conditions. California State U. Jimmy G. His main concern is to describe the experiences. Justus M. and individuals such as Melchior Ndadaye and Jean-Baptiste Bagaza. Entries range in length from a paragraph to a few pages. and culture. Kenya benefits from the insider status of its author.). It also contains more than 60 specially commissioned interviews. $50.

(Visible evidence. of Western Australia Pr. 1903-1950. and contemporary manifestations of the twonation identity. $45.. Ed. and eventually he found a contract had been taken out on his life. ©2006 298 p. ©2006 422 p. Title main entry. 1950— 1970. DU120 2006-389603 0-17-012780-X From the land of hibiscus. ©2006 350 p. Although building on anthropological theorizations of mimesis found in the writings of Walter Benjamin and Michael Taussig. $49.95 (pa) New Zealand historians not only take stock of the country’s historiography as it stands. ©2006 313 p. ©2006 332 p. $119. $35. and the Australian Capital Territory’s Legislative Assembly. a connecting and making visible the immanent underlying Ancestral relations” of the Yolngu. Deger. Macquarie U. Title main entry. Within the cultural context of Australia. Bergin.00 As Ch’oe (Korean history. evolved into a tireless proponent of Aboriginal advancement. and 100 years of Korean dance in Hawai`i. David. of Hawai’i Pr. v. moving readers through the motives for original exploration and settlement. Alick Jackomos became a traveling tent wrestler and. $80. refugees.” Yolngu mimeses “is about a bringing forth. of Minnesota Press. DU122 2006-404193 1-920694-75-7 The Dutch down under. He went into exile only when he became convinced he could do more for his country alive than dead. the legendary Parker Ranch. ©2006 283 p. As he wrote about how the people were being betrayed.50 Peters (migration. $58. Jones. Topics include the activities of later South Korean dictator Syngman Rhee in Hawai`i. Mizukami.Australian contact. U.19) U.95 Jones (Graduate School of Management. Koreans in Hawaii. Kauka Billy Bergen (State of Hawai’i Department of Agriculture). and social justice. served as chief veterinarian at the Parker Ranch—one of the largest in the US —from 1970 to 1995. He examines in detail foreign residency. Japanese migration and residency in Australia. Broome.. It is further guided by more recent attempts by Donald Searing to apply the principles underpinning sociology to the analysis of parliamentary life. particularly focusing on how the Yolngu have deployed video production to their own purposes. beginning with the East India Company’s vessel Duyfken’s arrival on the present day Cape York Peninsula in 1606. multiculturalism. and jailed. Edwin Mellen Pr. the integration and assimilation of language. crime and media portrayals of Koreans in Hawai`i. v. v. making media in an aboriginal community. U. and citizenship. she differs from those earlier authors in seeing Yolngu video mimesis as a modality for “revelation. but also test innovate ways of writing about the past and the communities that have made the islands their home. Ed. $29. As an idealistic schoolteacher he was witness to a guerrilla war and as a new journalist he saw his first newspaper absorbed by an increasingly repressive government.2. 3d ed. ©2007 202 p. and glossary of colloquial Hawaiian used by the paniolo (cowboy). the study “is partly inspired by the work of behaviorists working in the area of legislative study. in both temporary and permanent forms. by Tony Ballantyne and Brian Moloughney. Distributed in the US by ISBS. the great migration of Dutch. Distributed in the US by ISBS. This is riveting and graphic evidence of what happens when a government becomes a sociopath. Thomson Learning / Australia.43 (pa) Hollinsworth (U. Rikkyo U. Australia) offers a broad treatment of the role of race and racism in Australian history and contemporary society. explains Mizukami (sociology. Hollinsworth. According to the author. Photographs and maps illustrate the rich history. the life of Alick Jackomos. here he profiles subsequent leaders and innovations in the ranch’s management rooted in traditional Hawaiian reverence for the land.10) BRILL. Nyarota.” DU120 0-85575-501-6 Shimmering screens. by Nonja Peters. U. art. DU125 2006-021200 978-0-8166-4922-8 Social action and institution building in the three houses of the Australian parliament.00 Dr. Western Australia) was one of 170. Jennifer. Zebra Press.95 (pa) His telephone was bugged. and explains the mechanisms and processes by which it takes place. U. the Senate. coinciding with celebrations of 400 years of Dutch. Tokyo). a ranch map.Indonesians during World War II (and resulting racial conflicts).50 (pa) In this ethnography. –65– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Australia) investigates how the aboriginal Yolngu people of the tropical north of Australia engage with modern media technology. ©2006 352 p. Not distributed in the US at this time. DU624 2006-006222 978-0-8248-2981-0 A man of all tribes. the approach goes beyond these perspectives and would be best located within the so-called ‘new institutionalism’ as defined by March and Olsen. Macquarie University) analyzes committee life in the Australian House of Representatives. and examines social science theories of race and racism in the Australian context. DU419 2006-404500 978-1-877372-16-2 Disputed histories. imagining New Zealand’s pasts. memoirs of a Zimbabwean newsman. which serves an important role in the country’s economy and culture. DU80 978-0-7734-5740-9 The sojourner community. They search for new analytical stances. and new or little-used sources. the work of parliamentary committees. 1606-2006. such as John Wahlke and Heinz Elau. ©2006 267 p. hence the highlighting of hibiscus in the title of this collection of ten essays examining Korean experiences in Hawai`i from the arrival of the first group Koreans in 1903 to the present..00 (pa) In Australia. He reviews the history of indigenous-settler relations from 1788 onward. His printing press was bombed. novel ways of framing temporal and spatial boundaries of histories. there is a long-term discernible pattern of temporary movement related to residency. often a lone voice against the corrupt and repressive Mugabe regime in Zimbabwe. $38. (Social sciences in Asia. The book includes archival photos. Title main entry. arrested. Aboriginal Studies Press. However. who was born on the Big Island. business. Deger (anthropology. its Animal Health Program. $22. This book. Billy. describes contemporary debates about indigenous policy.. After chronicling the Parker family from 750 to 1950 in the first volume. He thus presents a case study both of foreigners in Australia and of Japanese in foreign countries. of Hawai’i Pr. the relationship of the Dutch to locals and other immigrants. and society. by Yong-ho Ch’oe. ethnicity. The senior stewards. The text includes some photographs from Jackomos’ extensive archive of images of Aboriginal Victorians.000 Dutch nationals who emigrated to Australia after World War II. Grant. of Technology. Korean immigration and the Korea Protestant Church. diasporic politics and the 1931 court cases of the Korean National Association of Hawai`i. of Queensland.95 (pa) From an adventurous boyhood as a Greek growing up in Melbourne. e. he presents and analyzes data relating to Japanese sojourning. refugees. This book is distributed in the US by ISBS. Distinguished journalist and academic Nyarota was the founding editor of the Daily News. Curtin U. DU629 2003007993 978-0-8248-3086-1 Race and racism in Australia.DT2976 978-1-77007-112-4 DU122 2006-050910 978-90-04-15479-7 Against the grain. of Hawai`i) notes in the introduction.. hibiscus is both the national flower of Korea and the state flower of Hawai`i. of Japanese in Australia. ©2007 287 p. chronologically reviews the relationship between those countries. Richard and Corinne Manning. he and his colleagues were systematically and literally beaten down.” as opposed to “representation. Loyal to the land..g. Geoffrey. Ed. after mixing with the Aboriginal population in that venue. Tetsuo. $40. explores attempts to control migration and settlement patterns. He was threatened. Otago University Press.

generously illustrated survey of the Native arts of the Pacific Northwest Coast spans the region from Puget Sound to Alaska and proceeds from prehistoric times to the present. $24. pre-1989 and post-1989. rodeo. and future of the Cayuse. The study is based on firsthand observation and interviews with activists and politicians in the Czech Republic. A major focus is in on how Native Hawaiian practices have been valued and devalued by outsiders. Oregon) presents a collection of nine essays about the history.. maps. Umatilla. and Walla Walla tribes. Dean. Umatilla. $80. Designer Chan teaches at the U. the post-9/11 responses of the larger community.00 Vermeersch (East European politics) explores recent attempts of the Roma in Central Europe and their supporters to form a political movement and to influence domestic and international politics. ©2006 132 p.S. and Walla Walla.95 (pa) They were businessmen. by David E. Among her concerns are whether the relationship between Travellers and settled people were antagonistic or tolerant at different times.. our land. of Hawaii.S. art historians and Native peoples to reveal how a complex web of factors informed varied responses to the changes and challenges brought about by contact with Europeans. Title main entry. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Stanford U. and that they be seen in a traditional tipi-village selling handicrafts: they would. U. of Washington Pr. Pendleton. E78 2006-013866 978-0-295-98636-4 At risk. by Darcy A. Irish social scientist Bhreatnach examines developments in Irish society that affected attitudes to the nomadic population. and ethnic mobilization. a history of forgetting and remembering. apparently a historian in Canada. Aldona. Zabel. interviews. culture. The book (in 9. and as a resource offering non. and the RCMP at the Royal Easter show. be representing Canadian First Nations. Cañizares-Esguerra. The underlying conceptual model has been developed over 20 years by an interdisciplinary team looking at such interaction among the Kayenta Anasazi in northern Arizona. and whether the presence of the wandering beggar or boccough was important for attitudes towards mobility and alms-giving. The author argues that British Protestants and Spanish Catholics utilized similar religious discourses to explain and justify conquest and colonization—a biblically sanctioned interpretation of expansion which was part of a long-standing Christian tradition of holy violence aimed at demonic enemies within and without. Latin America and the Middle East contribute 12 essays exploring what it means to be part of the Arab diaspora and to live in the Americas. $37. and our people. expatriatism in the 1970s-1990s. $15. No subject index. and the Romani movement as seen from various theoretical perspectives. 15501700. 1939. the impact of pop culture and stereotypes on one’s experience of the Americas. Art & design by Gaye Chan. politicians. ©2006 263 p. after all.) presents a well-illustrated social history of the city in the frameworks of its indigenous history. Jonaitis incorporates into the region’s social history the observations of anthropologists.00 As part of the Historic Waikiki art project. Univ. Coverage includes an introductory overview of Roma identity and interests. E78 2006-007672 978-0-87480-853-7 NORTH AMERICAN INDIANS. their opinions and their interpretations of events. our history. of Texas.95 (pa) In order to understand the historical status of Travellers. Umatilla. popular and official records. Ed. and the situation today. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –66– . Dufour Editions. and how Romani movement leaders have understood and framed their cause. DX217 978-1-904558-61-3 As days go by. ©2006 322 p. E78 2006-046559 978-0-295-98623-4 The Romani movement. E78 978-1-55238-200-4 Becoming conspicuous. way of life. and other sources to examine the affair. of Hawai’i Pr. DX210 92-950-4253-0 Arabs in the Americas. Title main entry. by Jennifer Karson. and focuses particularly on refugees and internally displaced people. Distributed in the US by Michigan State University Press. (Studies in ethnopolitics) Berghahn Books. minority politics and ethnic mobilization in contemporary Central Europe. Environmental change and human adaptation in the ancient American Southwest. a significant vulnerable group in the post-conflict region. the interaction between activists and policy makers. Feeser. draws on letters. $45. The contributing authors include nine members of the Cayuse. the development of minority policies in Central Europe. Canadian Indian cowboys in Australia. the actions of Central European Romani activists. of Calgary Press. ©2006 344 p.. Bhreatnach. representation. Coverage includes early immigration to Latin America in the 1890s.and post-9/11. Peter. and tourism. ©2006 261 p. University of Utah Press. Mannik. society and the state 1922-70. and two tribal attorneys and one history scholar with long connections to the CTUIR. Roma and the displaced in Southeast Europe. U. The Canadian government allowed them to go to Australia for the annual show on condition that a member of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police supervise them.DU629 2005-037459 978-0-8248-2979-7 E29 2006-022704 0-8204-8111-4 Waikiki. representations of Arabs in juvenile fiction pre. $23. Clemson U. Ed. Hungary and Slovakia. having multiple identities. Title main entry.S. United Nations Publications. ©2006 222 p. $31. $29. Ed. the Cayuse. what forces shaped that relationship during the period. ©2006 196 p. $26. Mannick. ©2006 188 p. Austin) offers a comparative analysis of the Puritan colonization of New England and Iberian models of colonization. Feeser (art history.5 x11″ landscape format) includes a chronology. DX210 2006-042833 1-84545-164-3 Art of the Northwest coast. Title main entry. interdisciplinary essays on the Arab diaspora. Jonaitis. a “then and now” look at Arab experiences in Latin America. ©2006 327 p. U. Jorge. where Feeser previously taught. There is no index. Lynda. Doyel and Jeffrey S. and well known entertainers.95 (pa) Karson (Tamástslikt Cultural Institute.00 Archaeologists at mostly public institutions in the US present a sample of institutional contexts and approaches for studying the interaction between culture and the environment in the ancient southwest of the country. iberianizing the Atlantic. Press.. Andrea. but all of them also accomplished professional athletes. the impact of international organizations on the development of domestic Romani movement action. Jonaitis is director of the University of Alaska Museum of the North and professor of anthropology at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. HISTORY E18 2006-005162 978-0-8047-4280-1 Puritan conquistadors. Aoife. The text is intended for current members and future generations of the CTUIR. Arab American reclamation rhetoric.00 (pa) Cañizares-Esguerra (history. Vermeersch.00 (pa) The United Nations Development Programme addresses the situation of Roma—The Gypsies—in the Balkans using quantitative data from crosscountry surveys. U. of Washington Pr. U. Irish travellers. and Walla Walla tribal people and their government—the Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation (CTUIR).Indians insights into the CTUIR to promote greater understanding of the CTUIR and of tribes in general. in the 1920s. ©2006 236 p. Canada.95 (pa) This comprehensive. the cultural significance of Arab American literature.95 (pa) Fourteen Arab and non-Arab writers from the U. colonialism. the construction of an Arab American identity in the U. and glossary of terms and historical figures. $35.

His focus is on the ceremonies. the Millicent Rogers Museum collection. and current issues. which stimulated their research on the subject. U. Institute for Tribal Government. so his accounts of them are general rather than detailed. Her collection of Navajo and Zuni silver and turquoise. community-university partnerships. and cultural change over the past 200 years. as well as areas. and New Mexico. $49.E78 2005-029390 978-0-89013-482-5 E96 978-0-7748-1230-6 Fine Indian jewelry of the Southwest. Ed. Beginning with prehistory. of British Columbia Press. $85. dancing for life. U. letters. Tisdale.95 (pa) Muckle (anthropology. but believes the study can contribute to understanding larger cultural transformation. $24. Jessica and Alan Pence. Hardorff. Columbia College). and other witnesses from primary sources such as official reports. Robert J. Portland State U. by Richard G. of Washington Press. Sellers. They cover the tribes’ everyday life. The approach diverges from conventional approaches that promote knowledge transmission and best practices based on assumptions of their universal validity and desirability. Confederated Tribes of the Grande Ronde Community of Oregon. He traces how the Doctrine of Discovery still continues to limit Native rights and calls for its end. Ball. She also helps show readers generally how to distinguish Native from European elements in popular autobiographies like Black Elk Speaks. Egloff (Virginia Department of Historic Resources) and Woodward.00 Sociologists have shown considerable interest in the lingering presence of ethnicity and the ethnic identity of European ethnics. Inc. Robert J.95 Paper (emeritus comparative religion. four thousand years of life and art. or myths. Keith and Deborah Woodward. E78 2006-004630 978-0-8139-2548-6 Children left behind. discovered and conquered. journals. This edition integrates recent events in the Indian community and new research. and newspaper accounts. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. Court of Appeals. Gettysburg College) offers perspectives on how scholars can use Native American autobiographies of the past as teaching tools to help dispel some of the myths about Native Americans. which are observable. Canada) presents a synthetic overview of the First Nations (Native American) people of the Canadian province of British Columbia.00 Former Oregon Congresswoman Elizabeth Furse (director. E83 2006-044559 0-8061-3759-2 Beyond white ethnicity. oil heiress. Portland). $75. the US. Miller. developing a sociological understanding of Native American identity reclamation. Distributed in the US by the U. $16. students suffered routine physical. Distributed in the US by University of Washington Press. traditional lifeways.95 (pa) Sellers (English. says Fitzgerald (sociology. In these schools. fashion icon and art patron Millicent Rogers promoted and collected Indian and Hispano arts and crafts. Hopi silver work. and has been writing about the boarding school system ever since in poems and newspaper columns. Miller (Lewis & Clark Law School. $12. ©2007 189 p. Shelby J. and Manifest Destiny. Tim. –67– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . yesterday and today) Praeger. U. which has reproduced in this volume some of its finest pieces.95 (pa) Writing from a layperson’s point of view. Lewis & Clark. ©2007 251 p. and Carol Hayes is an antiques and Indian art dealer. Tisdale. interviews. Col. a handbook. of British Columbia Press. To help bridge that gap. of Oklahoma Pr. Fitzgerald. and evaluate culturally appropriate programs to support young people’s development. Allan Hayes is a writer and art director. U. Clear Light Publishers. Allan and Carol Hayes. Capilano College. an anthropological survey. and Mexico. artifacts. $29. $50. victims. political negotiations in the 1990s. Arizona. Photography by Addison Doty. Paper. Ten Speed Press. Anglos. notes the book’s conception out of ambivalence over the bicentennial anniversary of the Lewis and Clark expedition. and tribes today. (Native America. Kathleen J.00 Ball and Pence (both: child and youth care. theology. U. rather than on ideology. E98 2006-020802 978-0-7391-1393-6 First people. and American Indians. Respecting the oral nature of the events. They are joined by Blom. As a member of the Eastern Shawnee Tribe and Chief Justice. $49. discuss the history of the Virginia Indians. No index.95 (pa) For students and general readers. ©2006 215 p. Praeger. 1998) Muckle. who here presents a documentary history of the event which gathers recollections from participants. and events. E89 2005-012817 0-8204-7944-6 The desert Southwest. deliver. and Pueblo stone and shell jewelry provided the foundation for the Millicent Rogers Museum in Taos.. $34. eyewitness views of Custer’s attack on Black Kettle’s village.95 The November 1868 attack by Lt. 2d ed. He primarily approaches the topic through an anthropological lens. E98 2006-297066 978-1-58008-767-4 Washita memories. The different sources are typically preceded by introductory contextual material. $14. and describe artifacts of the Spanish. E78 978-0-7748-0663-3 Supporting indigenous children’s development. They draw from their experiences as collectors. Museum of New Mexico Pr. Giago (former president of the Native American Journalists Foundation. psychological and sexual abuse. ©2006 166 p. Giago. However. Lexington Books. ©2006 200 p. he never recorded his experience.) has taken part in Native American religious rituals for some 25 years in Canada. of Victoria) describe the evolution and practice of a community-based partnership they created in conjunction with First Nations in Canada to strengthen community capacity to design. contact with Europeans. discussing First Nations prehistory. ©2006 214 p. Thomas Jefferson.00 In her later years. Photographs by John Blom. ©2007 128 p. and former editor and publisher of the magazine Native American Review) charges. E93 2006-021772 0-275-99011-7 Native North American religious traditions. an editor and writing consultant. This volume collects some of theses materials in order to expose the dark legacy of the Indian boarding school system. E97 2006-002980 1-57416-086-9 The first nations of British Columbia. He himself attended the Holy Rosary Mission on the Pine Ridge Reservation for ten years. includes a biography of Rogers and the historical and social background of the pieces in the collection. dark legacy of Indian mission boarding schools. with photos of objects from the Museums of the Arizona Historical Society. York U. the authors present a history of Southwest art. ©2006 146 p. culture. he also covers government relations. Native America. ©2006 96 p. E98 2006-033520 978-0-275-99097-8 Native American autobiography redefined. tools and other objects used (including illustrations). but have paid little attention to ethnic identity among racial minorities. (reprint. She focuses mostly on the individual reclamation process. significant court cases. the early Indians of Virginia. she investigates the ethnic identity construction or reconstruction of Native American reclaimers.95 (pa) Beginning in the middle of the 1800s and continuing until the 1960s. George Custer and his US Cavalry forces on a Southern Cheyenne Village located along the Washita River in what is now Oklahoma was perhaps the most tragic event in the decades long subjugation of the Cheyenne in the estimation of independent scholar Hardorff. ©2006 136 p. former director of the Rogers Museum and current director of the Museum of Indian Arts and Culture/Laboratory of Anthropology.) introduces the shocking neglect of Indian issues and laws by members of Congress and the education system. Stephanie A. Title main entry. who is a photographer. Egloff. Jordan D. Hayes. ©2006 474 p.. of Virginia Press. the Bureau of Indian Affairs established Indian boarding schools conceived to “Americanize” their students. they explore the area of southwest California.

of Winnipeg) describes the many ways that the native Ojibwa people in Manitoba and northwestern Ontario interpreted conversion to Christianity during the period. Canada) presents a comparative political ethnography of the negotiation of the 2000 treaty between the First Nation Nisga’a people and the governments of Canada and British Columbia and the work of Australia’s Council for Aboriginal Reconciliation. which ousted the Spanish from New Mexico until 1692. ©2005 254 p. E99 2004-012034 1-57416-064-8 Crazy Horse. Hackett Publishing Co. They use architectural data to provide insight into family. role differentiation. $34. Coverage includes an overview of the region and the Inupiaq people. $72.race identities. ©2006 478 p. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –68– . E99 2006-411944 1-55111-790-8 Classic Hopi and Zuni kachina figures.S. the structure of Iñupiaq Eskimo nations. Ani’-Yun’-wiya (Cherokee). The perspectives of both the Cherokee Nation and the U. misconceptions of mixed. Bray. Title main entry.. by Joe S. AD 1000-1130. the “Trail of Tears”) in 18381839. Broadview Press. Ponting (emeritus. ©2006 194 p.95 (pa) Teacher and anthropologist Medicine (d. (Contemporary Native American communities) AltaMira Press.E98 2006-021717 978-0-87220-861-2 E99 2006-013499 978-0-8165-2481-5 Quest for harmony. and the commodification of all things “Indian. Ernest S. Sando and Herman Agoyo. William A. particularly the Lakota.00 Drawing on architecture and pottery. E99 2006-018523 978-0-7591-0571-3 Social life in northwest Alaska. Museum of New Mexico Pr. Bookstores. stepping stones to the seventh generation) AltaMira Press.00 In Native Barbie dolls and racist mascots. his martial prowess.. Andrea. of Calgary. Ed.by Barton Wright. communal.k. Do not order books from Book News Inc. Gray. Medicine. Distributed in the US by Michigan State University Press. J. Presented in this volume are 85 rare. spirituality. supplements Portago’s photographs with an essay about the systems and perceptions by which the Pueblo people negotiated their world. ©2006 510 p. The first volume was a social geography of the Inupiaq Eskimos and the second concentrated on the types of relations between and among the several nations formerly existing in the region. $65.00 Burch (Arctic Studies Center." They may vary outside the U.” the contributors to this collection of essays reveal the ways in which the existence of Native people continues to be challenged and the ways those challenges create harmful repercussions in social and legal policy.00 Young (religious studies. It includes a foreword by New Mexico governor Bill Richardson. The authors rearticulate Native history. to his analysis. Bray has spent two decades researching the history and ethnology of Plains Indians. 2005) was descended from the Sihasapa and Minneconjou bands of the Lakota Nation. leader of the first American revolution. ©2006 420 p. this volume examines the forced removal of the Cherokee Nation from its traditional homeland (a. renowned for his bravery. Here she extends a 1969 work on changes in family structure associated with a perceived increase in the use of alcohol. Gilman. $29. 2002) Young. In conjunction with the 2005 placing of a statue of the leader in the US Capitol’s National Statuary Hall. "list. Powell-Martí and Patricia A. During the course of her study.254) U. and integrated Christian rituals and practices into their world view in ways that they controlled and found meaningful. images of the statue. in the southwestern US. allowing the true identity of Native people to be recognized and respected. Smithsonian Institution) presents a text based on some 40 years of research in 14 Alaska Native villages and numerous libraries and archives. ©2006 173 p. the Native American Church. a Lakota life. of Arizona Press. v. The book is the third and last of a series of volumes by Burch on the early-contact nations of Northwest Alaska. Burch.95 (pa) Po’pay led the Pueblo revolt of 1680. Clear Light Publishers.95 A bookseller in Manchester. ©2007 164 p. the author of many articles and books about Puebloan culture and Hopi kachinas.. and community structure and also to complement analysis of the composition and design of the painted pottery that the Mimbres are best known for. Title main entry. how they were socialized to drinking. Sturgis. Title main entry. Susan Elaine. by Valli S. E99 978-1-55238-198-4 The Trail of Tears and Indian removal. $14. the economic process.95 (pa) Gray (anthropology. In addition to analyzing the motivations and actions of the key political players.95 (pa) Applying symbolic interactionist theory. 1500-1900) Greenwood Press. U. The 2002 edition was published by Seven Bridges. Beatrice. a chronology. Rick. she draws on native articulations regarding why people choose to drink. Ed. and the social integration process. (Contemporary Native American communities. creation legends. jobbers. Missouri) outlines the basic spiritual teaching of four Native American traditions that are in the midst of a rival: the Lenape (Delaware). 1875-1940. Supplemental materials include brief biographies of key individuals as well as a chronology and excerpts from primary documents. or the presses will fill orders. E99 2006-028658 978-0-313-33658-4 Drinking and sobriety among the Lakota Sioux.00 Designed as a reference for high school students and lower-level undergraduates. Wright. were originally given to the young to aid in religious instruction. Taking a indigenous perspective.a. E99 2006-040261 978-0-8061-3785-8 The Nisga’a treaty. Ojibwa-missionary encounters along the Berens River. a historian and tribal leader from New Mexico Pueblos present the first book on this leader and his legacy from a Pueblo perspective. He also discusses the Ghost Dance. of Alaska Press. Prices are U. Native American spiritual traditions. Lakota (Sioux) and Diné (Navajo). she developed new ethno-linguistic categories of drinking and sober states. (Civilization of the American Indian series. $45. ©2006 213 p. Here he offers a biography of Crazy Horse (1842-77). and the rational for drunken behavior. Kingsley M. ©2006 214 p. Ponting. E99 2006-003161 978-0-7591-0984-1 Po’pay. $45. sociology. Ed.00 Kachina carvings. E99 2005-051187 978-1-88963-78-5 Cultural representation in Native America. and his life-long rejection of negotiations with the US. $24. classic-era (1880s-1940s) Hopi and Zuni carved dolls from private and public collections and 30 landscape photographs that give context to the kachinas. “I will fear no evil”.S. U. particularly its social constructionist offshoot. and the tradition today. and after the Classic period. U. $50. the political process. U. by Andrew Jolivétte. The third focuses on how the nations were organized internally and how they functioned. of Oklahoma Pr. social solidarity. (Greenwood guides to historic events. of Calgary Press. the greatest war leader of the Lakota. during. his introversion. $26. Westminster College. and oral and literary traditions. identity. Portago. E99 2005-034286 978-0-89013-483-2 Mimbres society. Amy H. Univ. and the eco-crisis. household. religion. $55. (reprint. For each he looks at the people and their social organization. called Katsintithu by the Hopi people. and commemorative statements. polling dynamics and political communication in comparative context. ©2006 205 p. Ed. government are discussed. US and Canadian archaeologists explore the organizational complexity of the Mimbres people before.S. history. ©2007 155 p. he is also concerned with the dynamics of public opinion polling in the development of political negotiations.

©2007 556 p. of Louisiana-Lafayette) argues that the US has passed through periods of theism. Rowman & Littlefield. provide a textbook. libraries and museums.. Algora Publishing. cars. religion and spiritual issues. (Revisiting rural America) Johns Hopkins U. health. and personalities associated with different aspects of life. Title main entry. Carl J. government and politics. community. $155. E179 2006-003571 978-0-8018-8459-7 The battle for the American mind. the Boxer Rebellion. Caldwell. ©2007 391 p. the myth of national superiority. the top 10 book of rock & roll rebels. ethnic groups.” Abscam. ©2006 348 p. and stimulate other studies. Thomson Gale. and time zone. and famous people. date of statehood. Sharpe. Inc. to cite just a few. education. each chapter addresses the political background and antecedents of the conflict. courts. death and dying. Axelrod. from the American Revolution to the invasion of Iraq. of Arizona). essays on the origins of modern America.00 This four-volume encyclopedia offers some 550 alphabetical entries detailing historical developments in the United States following World War II. and agriculture of the state.00 ★★★★A previous edition of this work was cited in Guide to Reference Books and in Senior High School Library Catalog. civil liberties and civil rights. $399. 2d ed. (reprint. North Dakota State U. and anticommunism to the extremely specific. technology. He raises the alarm about the pernicious effects of the left’s war on American culture in virtually every sphere of American society. Among his goals is to help students of history think in a historiographical way. health and medicine. song. ©2006 356 p.95 (pa) Rodriguez compiles lists of trivia relating to the 1950s. The New Press. symbols. movie quotes. the topics covered include arts and popular culture. and unique lists such as discredited urban legends. energy. cultural. and the environment. capital. society. ©2007 1683 p. Press. Perhaps McElroy’s most original contribution is his tracing many of these problems to a putative attachment to materialism on the part of those who would destroy American culture. Maps are also incorporated. political. There is no index. by James Ciment. E169 2004-013120 978-0-7656-8067-9 Postwar America. 2v. economy. and the Attica prison riot. and everyday things that began in the 1950s. housing. Fargo) presents a history of rural America. Robert. E181 2006-026340 978-1-56802-956-6 Divided we stand. the arts. ©2007 1050 p. banking and credit. an absorbing look at how American history has changed in the telling over the last 200 years. language. the Freedom of Information Act. Rowman & Littlefield. $22. and US intervention in the Somali Civil War. Richard Nixon’s “Checkers speech. Calhoun. Each chapter describes the geography. Rodriguez. the Texas War of Independence. defense and foreign affairs. Distributed by Books International.. Potomac Books. Ed. race and ethnicity. food. 2d ed. Integrating social history with political and economic history. He attempts to put together lists that aren’t typical. $235. the rejection of American culture since the 1960s. Ed.. and all-American oddities. celebrity deaths. Vincennes U.95 The “counter-culture movement’s antagonism toward American culture” is “the most serious internal threat to America since the divisive conflicts of the 1840s and 1850s that preceded the Civil War. E175 2006-008886 978-1-59558-044-3 The 1950’s most wanted. Ward. Puerto Rico. along with the District of Columbia. Danbom. $26. communications and press. Political history of America’s wars. events. E169 2004-004029 978-0-7425-3436-0 History in the making. recreation. including information on the state name. CQ Press. Wilber W. After discussing military action. banking and finance. $24. science. $26. The entries range from broad topics such as the automobile industry. Included in the 48 conflicts discussed are all of the commonly known conflicts. relevant political issues and events during the conflict. Rowman & Littlefield. Interspersed throughout the interpretive narrative are excerpts of original documents and brief biographies of notable individuals. and economic history. the My Lai Massacre. social welfare. and skepticism. the Head Start program. a history of rural America. religions. a topical bibliography. Title main entry. with the following objectives: to synthesize rural social history. ©2006 374 p. and Native Americans and immigrants. containing brief descriptions of works ranging from Allen Ginsberg’s Howl to The X-Files. Included in the fourth volume is a guide to print and broadcast cultural landmarks of the era. This two-volume encyclopedia presents each US state in a separate chapter. as well as Shay’s Rebellion and the Whiskey Rebellion.95 Ward (history and political science. E169 2005-021866 978-0-7425-5081-0 Born in the country. men and women. Cold War crises. 4v. exploring its historical. political. US interventions in Nicaragua and Panama.” argues McElroy (emeritus.. day care. but that since World War II all three philosophies are present at the same time and are at constant war with each other. ©2006 259 p. Alan. E169 2004-013424 1-57488-715-7 The gilded age. with a focus on pop culture. history and government.95 (pa) Georgia-based writer Caldwell continues his commentary on American society by defining and diagnosing the national US disease. $19. humanism. and the Caribbean and Pacific Dependencies. ©2006 181 p. industry and commerce. Richard (history. population. Inc. Title main entry. psychological. he begins with preColumbian America and includes the experiences of white and black people. migration. family. tourism.95 (pa) The 1996 first edition has been substantially changed to meet the request of college instructors for a more updated account of American life in the late 19th century. and bibliographies have been updated. an encyclopedia of social. McElroy. tort law.E156 2005-283780 1-4144-1058-1 E169 2006-012206 978-0-7425-5038-4 Worldmark encyclopedia of the States. motto. Also added is a new afterword. education. and crime. generally repeating charges that will be familiar to anyone who has followed the so-called “culture wars” and presenting anecdotal evidence that is frequently generalized to demonstrate this perceived pervasive attack on American culture. Broadly speaking.00 This work surveys the most significant American wars from a political perspective. E169 2006-022779 978-0-87586-467-9 American narcissism. and the conflict’s political consequences. Other subjects include mining. which combines two previous chapters. $12. services.E. legal issues. M. Each item in the lists is also described.) traces the evolution of what was considered the true history of the US through representative textbooks published between 1794 and 1999. and prescribing a cure. Indian wars in the Pacific Northwest and California. David B. $20. 7th ed. Kyle. Private documents were also used. Information for articles was drawn from state and federal agencies—especially internet sites for this revised and updated edition. ©2006 301 p. and the final chapter gives an overview of the entire country. by Charles W. U. languages.95 (pa) Writing for general readers. and cultural causes and effects. This is followed by a glossary. organized crime. flag. armed forces. The second edition bristles with modern scholarship and interpretive argument as the contributing historians discuss the major trends. This edition expands the information on the late twentieth and early twentyfirst centuries and has a new chapter on the post-World War II production revolution. forgotten TV shows. John Harmon. Facts on each state precede the articles. such as fashions and fads. organizations. 2004) Richard. U. including the Kent State shootings. –69– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . economy and labor. US interventions in Lebanon. that is to realize that everyone writes in the present with what information and interests they have.00 (pa) Danbom (history. unlikely music artists. books. and a general index. a brief history of a nation’s thought.

and bilateral economic relations. the epic history of the founding of the U. understanding and accepting mutual differences. political. allowing access to the debates. the civil rights movement. Kagan. $30. the influence of the Christian Right over Bush’s foreign policy. and the Cuban Missile Crisis. Mark. the Korean and Vietnam Wars. E183 2005-058862 0-87113-925-1 Behind the veil. Title main entry.S. and the frigates’ role in the War of 1812. U. ©2006 670 p. the first battle in America’s war with militant Islam. German attitudes towards “out-of-area” military missions. Most Native American movements are also omitted. where she witnessed the revolution of 1979. views of the founding fathers and subsequent presidents. $75. an American woman’s memoir of the 1979 Iran hostage crisis. Greenwood Press. the Republic of New Afrika. by Robert D. (Issues in the history of American foreign relations) Potomac Books. Krenn. Her memoir of that period of Iranian social and political upheaval and international tension reflects the perspective of an American who grew up in the United States and married into an Iranian family. ©2006 146 p. discussing such topics as the history of US culture and foreign relations. the neoconservative co-founder of the Project for a New American Century and vocal advocate for “regime change” in Iraq.” Kurthen (sociology.00 Kagan. Ed. the South. ©2006 277 p. Described here is the story of the politics involved. Butler U. and Détente over 30 years. the Suez Crisis.95 This book traces the history of six frigates built in six major seaports in the US. and some US states and regions within them. its leaders. memories of World War II.. W. E183 2006-030909 978-1-931968-40-9 Declarations of independence. The remaining papers are more comparative in nature looking at each country’s national perceptions towards educational reform. E183 2006-014005 978-1-57488-803-4 Guests of the Ayatollah. ©2007 251 p. the occupation of the Philippines. Authorized in 1794 by President Washington. the way that both Chinese immigration and Japanese imperialism were framed as part of the “Yellow Peril.95 (pa) As part of her graduate studies. Robert. by Hermann Kurthen et al. different attitudes towards the idea of a Pax Americana. $68. of Virginia) have used this material in their attempt to recreate Premier Khrushchev’s views and strategies towards the conflict with the capitalist West during a period that included the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. in which 66 Americans were held by Iranian students demanding that the US turn over the toppled Shah following the eruption of the Iranian Revolution of 1979. the Cold War. Lexington Books. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –70– . hinting at a second volume to come in the final pages. Ian W. E183 2006-027432 978-0-7391-1599-2 A companion to American foreign relations. which causes them to miscalculate the reactions of themselves and others to historical events. views of liberal filmmaker Michael Moore. argues that the United States. ©2006 680 p.95 (pa) Krenn (history. commercial economics. $39. E183 2006-017576 978-0-393-05809-3 The color of empire. even if it has caused defenders of monarchy and absolutism to view the US as a “dangerous nation. Schwaebisch Gmuend U. Of course for Kagan this is not a bad thing because the expansionism was accompanied by an ideology of freedom and a championing of liberal. Schulzinger. in addition to Amish and communal movements or those at the local level. Toll. and other early forays into empire. Norton. Bowden. Grand Valley State U. Fursenko (a Russian historian and member of the Russian Academy of Sciences) and Naftali (director. ©2007 240 p. E183 2006-045264 0-375-41105-4 Safeguarding German-American relations in the new century. has been an expansionist and aggressive power.E182 2006-020769 978-0-393-05847-5 E183 2006-026198 978-0-313-33267-8 Six frigates. Inc. of Colorado at Boulder) are best described as historiographical assessments of the various literatures analyzing American foreign relations from independence to the early years of the 21st century in that they are more concerned with how American foreign relations has been described and judged by historians and how those descriptions have changed over different eras. Ed. and strategic interests. ©2006 562 p. and autonomist movements in the US that occurred since the beginning of the American Revolution. Michael L.95 (pa) The 24 essays presented by Schulzinger (history and international affairs. Johanyak. Immerfal (sociology. Title main entry. Norton. with background history as part of the discussion. Erwin. Erwin is an independent scholar. E183 2006-280225 978-1-4051-4986-0 Khrushchev’s cold war. Appalachian State U.00 Bowden (an American journalist perhaps best known for authoring Black Hawk Down) reconstructs the story of the Iranian hostage crisis. Johanyak spent a year in Shiraz.00 This encyclopedia contains entries on nationalist.. and speechwriter. Fursenko. Bowden’s focus is on the experiences of the hostages and the activities of the unsuccessful rescuers. which essentially launched the US Navy. the Cherokee Nation. the Dakota. $19. he describes the development of the concept of race the shape it took in early American history. ©2006 527 p. US). $35. US relations with particular regions and countries during various important periods. and AfricanAmerican reactions to the Vietnam war.” and connections between US relations with Africa.00 By the year 2003. academic discourse related to migration issues. $27. World Wars I and II.. The crisis severely weakened the administration of President Jimmy Carter and led to a disastrous special operations rescue that came to its doom in the Iranian desert. political aide. a collection of the protocols and minutes of the Presidium of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union from the Khrushchev era were finally fully declassified. W. Dangerous nation. Grove Atlantic. Toll has been a financial analyst. Knopf. Miller Center of Public Affairs. Iran. Debra. the blockade of Berlin. US). Germany) present 12 essays examining different facets of the international relationship.” The only real problem is the lack of historical understanding by Americans of their own expansionist tendencies. Entries are organized alphabetically and consist of geographic regions and movements. (Blackwell companions to American history) Blackwell Publishing. contrary to the national self-image of Americans as inward-looking and isolationist. and core attitudes in the political culture towards such concepts as individualism and universalism. presidential elections and the Cold War. James L.00 With the avowed intention of healing the German-American rift evident in disagreements over the Iraq invasion by encouraging “an open dialogue about possible solutions and alternatives that could rejuvenate the transatlantic partnership and bridge differences between both nations. Alfred A. decisions. the campaign against Tripoli. He reviews this history of American expansionism and misunderstandings from colonial times to the Spanish-American war. and desires of the Soviet leadership during this crucial era of the Cold War. and economic history) University of Akron Press. Menéndez-Alarcón (sociology. but he also offers some discussion of the thoughts and decisions of the policy makers and the motivations of the hostage-takers. The chapters proceed in a broadly chronological fashion. encyclopedia of American autonomous and secessionist movements. the US and imperialism. Kremlin Decision-making Project. Navy. Distributed in the US by Books International. A chronology of events after 1815 is appended. perceptions of the Second Gulf War. ©2006 560 p. These include Mormonism. from its beginnings. race and American foreign relations. Movements that did not aim to secure political independence as a nation or state are excluded. U.. politics. secessionist. Aleksandr and Timothy Naftali. The first half of the contributions set about defining the contours of the current relationship through discussions of cultural dimensions of the relationship.W. (Series on international. their construction was in response to the need for a strong military. and the subsequent hostage crisis played out at the American embassy. $26. the inside story of an American adversary.W. the racism of the Mexican-American war.) contends that race has played and continues to play as important a role in the formation and implementation of US foreign policy as economics. $24. international environmental issues. and peoples. In support of this argument.

volume encyclopedia cover a broad range of related subjects and themes. addressing the illegal invasion of Iraq and the subsequent Abu Ghraib torture scandal. social work. and Calvin Coolidge. Among these. Latin Americans. antiArab racism is hardly new to the United States. are cross-referenced and include bibliographical guides to further reading. broadly speaking. including Native Americans. social issues. why we must embrace China as a partner or face it as an enemy. but also large enough to tax the system. Pluto Press. She does not provide an index. this textbook offers an accessible sociological analysis of U. $24. 2v. and the diplomatic negotiations surrounding them. focusing on the role of three presidents who served during her period of study: Woodrow Wilson. Title main entry. the 265 entries presented by the editors (both of Ohio State U. she discusses their journey. In addition to exploring the place of anti-Arab racism in American society and its doleful impacts on Arab-American communities. the realignment of US armed forces in South Korea. Gender. from empire to independence. of Michigan Press. $19.) closely examines not only the images of the exotic in film and literature but also the near-invisibility inherent in those images of American imperialism. Free Press. Georgetown U. Hutton. as Salaita (English. Further. Mexican Americans. and Class (2006). and looks at the factors that influenced their attitudes to and formulation of policy on Ireland. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. ©2006 205 p. race and gender. which range in length from 500 to 1000 words each. U. ideologies and policies. She considers their personal and pre-presidential. of Minnesota-Morris.S. Drawing largely from her interviews with women. “new Americans” such as Arab Americans and Haitian Americans—and expanded material on “whiteness” and gender. Bernadette. ©2006 421 p. E184 2006-026195 0-313-33300-9 American tropics. a selection of 23 primary documents. by Walter Rucker and James Nathaniel Upton. and political science. $99. Joseph F. (Critical American studies series) U. a short essay on the recent historiography of race riots. ©2007 410 p. U. Rowman & Littlefield. 2d ed. the role of immigration in defining and controlling who could enter and who could become “American. and problematizes convention and category by keeping open the possibility that erotics is less a function of conventional gender positions and more often of variable orientations toward desire and pleasure.95 (pa) Derived from the fourth edition of Healey’s (Christopher Newport U.Palestine conflict. Isaac. and the civil liberty destroying USA PATRIOT Act. For undergraduate courses in minority groups. should engage it in order to foster those value and institutions that will be good both for China and for the world in general. E184 2006-298190 978-0-7453-2516-3 Encyclopedia of American race riots.E183 2006-003909 0-7546-4813-3 E184 2006-023631 0-8204-7493-2 The United States and the Korean peninsula in the 21st century. Das. and a bibliography of book. a second-generation Arab American describes in this book. ©2006 207 p. E184 2006-020403 978-0-7425-3772-9 Contemporary ethnic geographies in America. the Chinese Century can only happen if China adopts theses values and institutions. Hutton (former editor of the London Observer and economics editor of The Guardian) argues that doesn’t portend the authoritarian future that many westerners fear. of Wisconsin at Whitewater). in South Korea) and Joo (U. in both historical and contemporary contexts. legislation and court cases. E183 978-1-84682-010-6 Between two cultures. and implications of this ethnic diversity and contemporary immigration in terms of urban landscapes. and gender. and includes new coverage of current issues— illegal immigration. articles. Four Courts Press. and Hollywood’s depiction of alternately balmy and war-torn isles. Ortíz. ©2007 362 p. rather than fear China. of Minnesota Press. and web sites. ©2006 252 p. he shows how the invisibility of empire was so pervasive it affected even Filipino-American literature. $28.. in the US and Kyungnam U. E183 2006-049897 0-7432-7528-4 The writing on the wall. as well as presidential. minority groups. His quest invokes the conventionality of the oedipal struggle and the gendered categories it authorizes. the case of Cambodian women in America. assassinations. racist police violence. Airriess. the United States should put greater effort into embodying Enlightenment values in those areas in which it falls short.00 (pa) Ortiz (English. where it comes from and what it means for politics today. Warren Harding. the failure to address the root causes of the Israel. Allan Punzalan. articulating Filipino America. including riots. Title main entry. challenges and opportunities. of Massachusetts-Lowell) examines Cambodian women there in Lowell. $20. ethnic economies. Ashgate Publishing Co. literature and art. Whelan. –71– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Ricardo L. E184 2006-019665 978-0-8166-4274-8 Cultural erotics in Cuban America. vigilantism.95 (pa) Das (sociology.) explores the erotic dynamic behind the on-going formation and deformation of the experience of The Cuban outside of Cuba.95 The nine separately authored chapters presented by Kwak (Eastern Kentucky U. the West. ethnicity. Ed. taken up by at least four of the chapters in one form or another. Ethnicity. Salaita. $48. African Americans.) in this two. is of course a major topic. Anti-Arab racism in the USA. ©2006 607 p. are anti-lynching and civil rights organizations and activists. In other words. Virginia) text Race. The text has been updated throughout for the second edition. where the community is large enough to advocate successfully for empowerment programs.95 (pa) Although it has come into somewhat sharper relief in the wake of the September 11th attacks and the US invasion and occupation of Iraq. As he works through the legal debates over what constituted American colonies. Will. 1913-29.00 Nineteen American academics contribute 18 chapters examining the experiences of a range of ethnic groups in the U. Also included in the encyclopedia are a chronology. Steven. $65. race. U. and community institution building.S.. US) explore and analyze recent relations between the United States and the two Koreas. Ed. lynchings. by Tae-Hwan Kwak and Seung-Ho Joo. and Asian Americans. ©2006 930 p. Salaita discusses its pernicious effects in the realms of US foreign and domestic policy. Distributed in the US by ISBS. E184 2006-015038 978-0-8166-4796-5 United States foreign policy and Ireland. E184 2006-025246 978-1-4129-4067-2 Diversity and society.95 In addition to detailing examples of collective violence between white and black Americans since the Civil War. Healey. $199. Title main entry. Other topics include the US response to the rise of Asian regionalism. Wesleyan U. links and ties to the Irish-American community and to Ireland. The entries. government organizations and officials.” case studies of old and new groups categorized as “minority populations” which are progressing into majority status. This is because the Enlightenment values and the public institutions they spawned form the core of the competitive advantage that allowed the rise of the United States and Britain before it. ©2007 139 p. of Limerick) examines the formulation and implementation of US foreign policy towards Ireland. $59.00 While the 21st century may turn out to be the Chinese Century in the same way the 20th was the American Century. Progressive-era popular literature about the exotic and the Latin. Coverage includes an overview of key concepts and processes relevant to ethnic geography. by Ines M. Pine Forge Press.00 Whelan (history. and ethnic festivals. Distributed in the US by the U. ©2007 337 p. U. etc. and immigration taught in departments of sociology. Miyares and Christopher A. Newport News. racist organizations and leaders. Mitra.. a subject index.00 (pa) Isaac (English. The result is superior commentary about the more subtle effects of how America can be oblivious to itself. (Greenwood milestones in African American history) Greenwood Press. Ed. and the role of China and Japan in US-Korean Peninsula relations. of Minnesota Press. $25. and war and the military. origins. newspapers and reporting. The issue of North Korea’s nuclear program. Therefore. family changes.

Bloomsburg U.D. including the triumphs and frustrations. He begins with a theoretical analysis of African American politics. and other issues of concern to the Chicano movement of the era. jobs and other factors normally associated with a good life. under the heading ¡Despierten Hermanos! (Awaken Brothers and Sisters!). E184 2005-036574 0-87417-632-8 A travel guide to Basque America. $16.E184 2006-042660 1-55885-479-7 E184 2006-023023 0-8204-8693-0 Enriqueta Vasquez and the Chicano movement. sexism. $27. (Hispanic civil rights series) Arte Público Press. as they feel excluded from quality neighborhoods. ©2006 286 p. in a mixture of diary entries. $23. E185 2006-930460 978-0-7618-3581-3 Societal suicide. Elizabeth Welt. Lewis. the American education of a Holocaust survivor. (The politics of race and ethnicity) U. suicidal. Nevada. and the lobby that he views as substantially responsible for that enabling. The selection includes his analysis of lynchings and southern racism published as a pamphlet by the CPUSA. theory. and documents interspersed with her memories and reflections. This anthology collects all 44 of those columns. Univ. In a series of three fascinating and in-depth narratives he analyzes the experiences. California State U. then works through political behavior. Ed. ©2006 105 p. and a concluding essay that considers the impact of her work in El Grito del Norte E184 2006-9731 978-0-7425-5229-6 Ten dollars in my pocket. articles from the Daily Worker discussing black unions. E184 2006-003033 978-0-472-11442-9 Mark one or more.00 (pa) Camacho (Chicano studies. No subject index.. feasts. State U.95 (pa) Between 1968 and 1972. culture. E184 2006-024379 0-932863-51-5 Unwanted and not included. 2d ed. considering the history of involvement and results. and similar matters. and laypeople.D. Oregon. victories. Trahan lived most of her life in Czechoslovakia and Vienna until she went to the US at age 23. in addition to contact information. Amis.” and an alternative explanation of the phenomenon of suicide bombers. Her 1998 memoir chronicled her life in Vienna. $21. The text includes one essay in Spanish addressing Mexicans south of the border who do not comprehend the social position and the climate for Mexicans in the U. The accounts explore the issues that can make Mexicans living in the U. how they differ in relation to Whites. $24. imperialism. and writings related to his work in the Congress of Industrial Organizations. of New York at Binghamton) takes up the same topic with less restraint and a greater willingness to criticize Israeli crimes. poverty. Harvard U. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –72– . (The Basque series) U. California State U. of Nevada Press. Blacks. Julián Segura. as well as those for websites.D. Julián Segura. an introductory essay describing Vasquez’s life and times. where she pursued a long and illustrious academic career. Zubiri. Following a discussion of Basque-American history. and festivals. clubs. and potential of the social movement advocating latitude in racial self-identification in the US. $16. the guidebook describes communities and businesses in California. businesses.95 (pa) Born in Berlin in 1924. Clarity Press. in which she wrote about racism. E185 2006-927253 978-0-7618-3540-0 The power of Israel in the United States. letters. Udogu. Ed.95 What can African American grassroots politics in South Carolina tell us about the democratic process? Working from eight years of unique research and observation. and Washington. No subject index. families. by Walter T. Camacho.S. education.S. together with a reflection on the Grito columns by Vasquez herself. of Michigan Press.95 (pa) Experienced organizational executive Lewis describes an approach to leadership in contemporary American Jewish communities that is rooted in ancient Jewish religious traditions. ©2006 231 p. the saga of Mexican people in the United States. whether that society is the rural South or anywhere else in the world. churches. Petras. his speech before the 1936 national CPUSA convention in Chicago. sociology. E. African American radical. she says it has potential to drive a wedge through traditional racism and encourage people to think differently and more humanely across racial boundaries. Nancy.) presents a collection of personal stories of Mexican life in Los Angeles. ©2006 196 p. Trahan. Some of the themes addressed include the sources of authority. both from a societal and a familial perspective.S. writings from El grito del norte . Only businesses and institutions that impart Basque culture are listed. Longeaux y Vasquez. Lewis teaches at the Spertus Institute of Jewish Studies in Chicago. Hamilton Books. and the struggles of the younger generation to overcome traditional perceptions of Chicano cultural life. ©2007 133 p. Williams. white racism inside the communist movement. some photos. the arena of psychological warfare in which Israeli and Israel lobby “terror experts” who “project the violence of the executioners onto the victims. Hamilton Books is an imprint of Rowman & Littlefield.95 (pa) This travel guide uniquely features Basque-American communities. Udogu (political science. $16. James F. Marcus Garvey. Countering arguments that the movement would undermine civil rights enforcement.95 Williams (public policy. E184 2006925773 0-7618-3514-8 African American politics in rural America. Amis. Inc. ©2006 578 p. US enabling of them. the New Mexico newspaper El Grito del Norte published columns by Chicana activist Enriqueta Vasquez. E184 2006-926036 978-0-7618-3528-8 From sanctuary to boardroom. Idaho. and traditions. The text is aimed at all sorts of community leaders. a memoir in documents. other Western states. ©2006 191 p. and teacher whose heritage is part Basque. ©2006 160 p. Howard.95 (pa) Writing from firsthand experience as a Mexican American.. practice. Kim M. Camacho. and the creation and issue of Black politics in the region of his case study. discrimination. Press of America.. immigration. and other immigrants from Latin America. and case studies from Florence County. publications. a short anthology of writings and speeches. boardinghouses. B.) discusses the birth. this work by Petras (emeritus. Of particular interest to leftist critics of US policy towards Israel/Palestine will be the chapter in which Petras seeks to refute Noam Chomsky’s dismissal of the power of the lobby. Here. examining who Mexican Americans are. Among the topics he explores the role of pro-Israel officials and journalists in the United States in taking the country into the disastrous war with Iraq.S. Long Beach) presents a collection of argumentative essays on the condition of Mexican Americans in the U. growth. activities. Directions to locations are given. Zuburi is a journalist.95 (pa) Following in the wake of the controversial paper by Mearsheimer and Walt.” Howard (history. and closes with commentary on the future of African-American involvement at the local level in rural ethnic politics. B. Asians. $59. the role of the US in backing Israeli ethnocide in the Palestinian Occupied Territories and in attacking Lebanon. by Lorena Oropeza and Dionne Espinoza. and the role of wealth in Jewish communal leadership.00 (pa) Calling African-American Communist Party (USA) activist B. The Israel Lobby and U. freelance writer. Foreign Policy. Peter Lang Publishing Inc. including professionals. ©2006 91 p. $24. Hamilton Books. and places in the US. attitudes and leadership. of two councilmen and a mayor from the region. Camacho (Chicano studies. Listings include restaurants. Univ. she tells of her life in America from 1947 to 1956. and recipes. $34. civil rights in multiracial America. Press of America. which this edition updates. a Jewish approach to leadership. and festivals. Enriqueta. South Carolina. Appalachian State U. ©2006 193 p.) finds significant contradictions between theoretical idealism and practical realism amongst political actors when those actors are working from the margins of society. and select areas of the East and South. rabbis. Amis “a major figure in the black freed struggle during the two decades between the world wars. Hal M. Ike. the importance of ethics. volunteers.) presents a selection of his key writings and speeches. Rowman & Littlefield.

Ed. Ed. educators. W. migration and settlement. Robert L. He describes the contributions and lives of innovators such as Roy L. ©2007 827 p. including ecology. Wayne State U.E185 2006-018122 978-0-275-98504-2 E185 2006-021193 0-7876-6493-6 The black digital elite. economy. Clay. and religion. Reverend Jesse Jackson. and communications. in Georgia street names. ©2006 320 p. but little on the Black Power movement. a major factor in their explosive growth and influence. sometimes used violence illegitimately and that the Party’s early emphasis on self-defense “left it open to mischaracterization. Editor Michele Valerie Ronnick (classics.” E185 2006-016675 978-0-19-530962-1 Black power in the belly of the beast. was a product of violence against black communities by white supremacists and by the state. Also included are comparative chapters discussing New Spain. Ed. Austin. $70. book reviews. and Atlantic Canada. E187 2006-280226 978-1-4051-4985-3 A companion to colonial America. Ronald H. Press. Praeger. Title main entry.. Ida Wells in pursuit of higher law. and federal police forces. ©2006 456 p. (The human tradition in America) Rowman & Littlefield. U. children and parents. Austin doesn’t shy away from criticizing the Party when warranted. ©2006 382 p. U. and James Vardaman as hope of civil rights is born. Ed. Amzie Moore in Mississippi. mathematicians.. the 12 papers address the explore such topics a the reputational politics of commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. George Mason U.00 (pa) Instructors of upper-level undergraduate courses on African American politics can find an abundance of scholarly material on the Civil Rights movement. Greek. in Ohio. and devastation by local. African Americans. Title main entry. and businesspeople. infiltration. and the Black Liberation Army and the radical legacy of the Black Panther Party. of California at Berkeley) present an anthology exploring the nature and significance of the historical memory of the American civil rights movement of the 1950s and 60s. of Southern Mississippi) shows how the BPP’s stand on self-defense.95 (pa) The emphases of Vickers (history. Ed. Among their topics are the Republic of New Africa in Mississippi. when available.) provides background information on Scarborough’s life and scholarship in the introduction. of California at San Diego) in putting together this thematic and synthetic collection intended to reflect the current historiography on Colonial America appears. E185 2006-015765 978-1-58826-455-8 Notable Black American men. policymakers.95 Barber (ballistic Missile Defense U. The geographic. by Susan M. $25. ©2006 350 p. Probing the inner workings of class dynamics. biographies include those of Abraham Galloway. In addition to chapters focusing on the colonial era experiences of particular groups such as women. U. $34. entrepreneurs. rather than in reality. Romano and Leigh Raiford. E185 2006-003040 978-0-252-07394-6 Up against the wall. exist on different economic planes. whose opera career included leading roles and the mentoring and teaching of dozens of singers. Instead. continuing the project to gain recognition for the accomplishments of men like Archie Alphonso Alexander. arguing that Party leadership. E185 2005-028940 978-0-8203-2814-0 The Civil Rights movement in American memory. class. and borderlands. of Georgia Press. colonial politics. whose large-scale engineering projects included airfields. Lucy Randolph Mason and the frontline women.95 At first glance. and Lewis Sheridan Leary. William Sanders Scarborough went on to become the first professional classicist of African American descent and the president of Wilberforce U. Philip Randolph seeking reconciliation of labor and the new politics. $39. Congressman Bobby L. philological papers. ©2006 562 p. of Arkansas Pr. Glisson. and Latin. travel narratives.S.) and Raiford (African American studies. Inc. consumption.00 Born into slavery in 1852. African American leaders of the information revolution. judging by his introductory discussion. including Huey P. (Blackwell companions to American history) Blackwell Publishing. Still others focus on more traditional historical issues. Rush. activists. Newton. of Illinois Press. opinion pieces.. Curtis J.) provides profiles of 26 African Americans who are leaders in the information industry. other chapters focus on issues that have reflect relatively recent historical concerns. social mobility—and vulnerability. deaf activism at Gaullaudet University and historical memory of the civil rights movement. Thomson Gale. regionalism.95 (pa) Romano (history and African American studies. $41. Bowser demonstrates that belief in comparability is based in hopes. media culture public memory of the civil rights movement. $179. $22. developers. analysts. Benjamin P. ©2007 191 p. New France. violence in the making and unmaking of the Black Panther Party. Title main entry. $24.95 (pa) In this collection of 16 essays. book 2. culture. ©2006 508 p. photographic memory of black power in Vibe magazine. collections of primary documents. the League of Revolutionary Black Workers. $49. His focus on structural barriers that underlie differences in white and black achievement underscore the fact that race and class are inseparable in the US. and more. by Judson L. by Renee C. Dhyana Ziegler. including computer scientists. E185 2006-015180 978-0-7425-4409-3 The works of William Sanders Scarborough. East Bay) argues convincingly that the seemingly comparable black and white middle classes. Homer Plessy. E185 2006-026040 978-1-55728-827-1 The Black middle class. though inextricably linked. Scarborough. While clearly sympathetic to the BPP’s sincere goal of black liberation.95 Bowser (sociology.. Johnson. and the adoption of civil rights movement rhetoric by the Christian right. Highlighting how contestations over the construction and representation of historical memory can reveal contrasting social and political agendas for the present and future and different attitudes towards America’s past. remembering race and gender in the Mississippi movement. chronologies and references including print and online resources and. Jeffries. by Jessie Carney Smith. A. California State U. Title main entry. U. Todd Duncan. Entries also include period photographs and illustrations. Brown. along with other unsung heroes in the African-American community and those who extended the fight into other ethnic and gender groups. sentiment and ideology. He also discusses how state forces responded to the Party’s challenge to the white monopoly on violence with a deadly viciousness not meted out to white radicals and internal tensions between those Panthers who advocated militant confrontation and those that preferred the type of community organizing exemplified by the Panthers’ free breakfast program. Here American social scientists fill that gap with essays mostly on particular organizations. occupation and subject indices are particularly well done. Clarence (Skip) Ellis. James Lawson in Nashville and Charles Sherrod in Albany. state. one might expect a book that proposes to examine the history of the Black Panther Party “through the lens of violence” to be merely a resuscitation of the stereotypical demonizations that were common from the organization’s enemies in the media and the government during their existence.. to have been on the issue of cultural difference and the importance of not constructing a monolithic narrative of colonial history. Black classicist and race leader. Sr. John T. but also on the movement as a whole. U. Working through 1954 to 1965.00 This collection of about 300 biographies joins the 500 of the first volume in the series. who never lived to see his dream of abolition. ©2006 196 p. Bowser. religion. Barber. including causes of the American Revolution. empire. Austin (history. and Native Americans. –73– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Wesleyan U. the Caribbean. Oxford U. Title main entry. contributors steer away from the “great man” theories and treatments to focus on grassroots actions by those closest to the issues—ordinary and yet extraordinary men and women who worked locally but had national impact. by Daniel Vickers. and Kenn Turner. This first collection of his published works spans a half century from the end of Reconstruction through WWI and the rise of Jim Crow and includes speeches. Univ. Lynne Rienner Publishers. The human tradition in the civil rights movement.

The contributors are academics and independent scholars in the U. the actual history of what happened in the period from European settlement to 43 years before the revolution is contrasted with what could have happened according to recent studies by leading historians if a certain battle was lost rather than won. along with the contemporary observations and reports by noncombatants. She chronicles how an 11-year-old was among the American Revolution’s first causalities. ©2006 190 p. the Dutch never leave New York. and officers who ranged from seasoned professionals to rank amateurs. Jim. battles. (reprint. A large percentage of the entries are biographies. the breakdown of the imperial system. and persevering effort. by Rodney P.95 As in Reluctant Witnesses: Children’s Voices from the Civil War and Through the Eyes of Innocents: Children Witness World War II. and have as our Prime Minister a woman who is a member of the Cherokee nation. Emmy E. young boys served on ships. The result is well-researched. Walter R. Werner.”. ©2007 266 p. except in our state-run churches where we speak German. Fremont-Barnes is an independent historian. a black drummer boy. Canada.99 (pa) When the thousands of troops faced each other eight miles north of Camden. Here. 1865) Hill. Earl Cornwallis? In this collection of accounts from the American and British commanders and soldiers. $24. Washington Crossing.95 They fought in wilderness thousands of miles from the source of their conflict or in their own sacred places. and the slide toward independence. and individuals involved in the war. and future president John Quincy Adams at age 15. well-presented.E188 2006-280411 0-06-075090-1 E208 2006-029711 978-1-85109-408-0 The birth of America. a student encyclopedia. deciding the fate of North America. William R. The editors contribute two introductory essays to the work. 5v. (Turning points in history) ABC-CLIO. E241 2005-936676 0-945726-80-5 American Revolutionary War.95 Having previously written mainly about modern Asia and Africa. Two general essays are included at the outset. and had included moments of diplomacy. E188 2006-020294 1-85109-827-5 The encyclopedia of the American Revolutionary War. and political proclamations. E241 2006-020459 1-59629-144-3 The French and Indian War. Carlisle and J. each of them preceded by an introduction. Cornwallis.4. Illustrations include a Congressional Record disposition regarding the rape of teenage girls by British soldiers. and the aftermath. Many of the entries are biographical. The volumes are well illustrated with b&w images.5 also contains appendices that include helpful guides on how to read primary sources. and re-reads the roles of William Pitt. The result is both accessible and detailed and serves well to explain the background of the building of empire and the revolutions in America and France. appropriate for high school and undergraduate students and the public library. strategy that sometimes worked. Title main entry. Geoffrey Golson.S. ©2006 1777 p. Written in 1865. Title main entry. Volume 5 is devoted to primary documents. letters. Robert Rogers and Edward Braddock. issues. Piecuch. ©2006 159 p. E208 2006-031100 978-1-85109-839-2 The Battle of Camden. and charts and graphs. Vol. All entries are signed and conclude with a list of references. then looks at the establishment of British America. He begins with Native Americans and the coming of Europe and Africa. $25. including the letter by the people of Charleston congratulating the victor. They were not unaware of their place in history. In these 13 state-by-state lessons. by Gregory Fremont-Barnes and Richard Alan Ryerson. and a glossary. HarperCollins. lofty purpose.95 (pa) Israel Putnam (1718-1790) was an American Revolutionary War general who fought at the Battle of Bunker Hill. 5v.00 This impressive 5-volume reference. armies. Maps are included at the beginning of vols. History Press. a documentary history. mercenaries. on the origins of the war and its military operations.00 This substantial reference contains over 900 entries on the battles.5) commences with a group of maps. Would the rebel troops fighting under the flags of various states under the leadership of Major General Horatio Gates prevail.. George Canning. Borneman makes it clear how France and England regarded themselves. or certain people were somehow able to get along.00 Welcome to America. ©2006 392 p. making slavery economically unfeasible. describes the fascinating people such as the young George Washington who were English but born on US soil.” The series aimed to “furnish from the pages of the world’s history a few examples of true manhood. and each volume (except v. and military history. E209 2006-026440 0-275-99306-X Colonial America from settlement to the Revolution. ©2005 270 p. this work was one a series of biographies designed “more particularly for the young. resolutions.” The biography. and the U. including acts. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –74– . swear allegiance to the King of Spain. Borneman. such as may be safely held up either for the admiration or emulation of the youth of the present day. where we speak French. each other. James Wolfe. and girls watched women take on more independent roles. poignant and thought-provoking. from before Columbus to the Revolution. Ed. including websites. Scholar’s Bookshelf. “Old Put. $29. a political. All of vol. $49. HarperCollins. a host of French and Spanish. and events of the war. Polk. or would the field fall to Lieutenant General Charles. official reports. on the origins of the American Revolution and the military operations during the war. social. the battle itself. is presented in facsimile form with no ancillary materials. as an alternative. and they also sensed this was in actuality the first real world war. a biography. maps. periodic taking and retaking of ground. states. more than half of those on the side of the British were technically Americans. Piecuch follows the events leading to battle. South Carolina in August 1780. The volumes are well illustrated with b&w images. which covers Putnam’s life from his early days to his death. $485. Ed. Ed. Ryerson is academic director of the David Library of the American Revolution. The battle had been brewing for almost five years. Penn. treaties. $485.K. ©2007 2566 p. chronology. Praeger. Quebec and the Caribbean upon which they sought to build empire at the expense of everyone else. and bibliography. chronology. firsthand and sometimes contrasting accounts of significant events. Polk here draws on information from and about as many social and ethnic groups as is available to present a creation story of the US different than any using a single perspective. General Israel Putnam. a certain historical figure died before making any ripples. ©2006 360 p. ABC-CLIO. $85. coming of age in the American Revolution. $27.5 is devoted to primary documents. by Gregory Fremont-Barnes and Richard Alan Ryerson. and the battlefields of Ohio. and bibliography are included in vol. Jamestown survives. contains over 900 entries on the people. the Pilgrims do not. Maryland becomes a permanent religious haven for Catholics and the rice crops fail in South Carolina. Werner offers an unusual perspective on wartime: that of youth.1-4 (maps of specific actions are also incorporated into the text). as well as a glossary. describing the subject’s life and the details of their involvement in the conflict. and the Native Americans whose valor was answered by decimation. countries. Title main entry. ABC-CLIO. E199 2005-058450 978-0-06-076184-4 In pursuit of liberty.

and other works. correspondence. Ed.95 (pa) After decades of success in science and one of the more technologically sophisticated businesses of the day. 1748-1799. ©2005 411 p. printing. and Canada by the University of Virginia Press. Monticello. history. 4v. courage. tracing what led up to it. Tecumseh.. gender. and pleads for more clothes for his troops. and contributors. July-September. who has published other works on the War of 1812. Ed. Harvard U. Barney. $29.E302 2006-029668 978-0-87586-488-4 E338 2006-280272 978-1-4051-4982-2 Letters from France. the Americans who fought the Second War of Independence. invited his officers to dine with him when they were not otherwise engaged.S. and patriotism in the early U. of Edinburgh) describes four stages of the legacy and reputation of US founding father Jefferson (1743-1826). then in his 70s. perseverance and therefore his appeal to the common voter became famous. ‘15. Fitzpatrick. Hickey.16. Andrew Jackson. of Southern California). and inquired gently about a gift sent by the French queen to his wife. maps. E364 2006-006463 978-0-252-03179-3 The papers of George Washington.95 (pa) It was in essence a humiliating victory. the different types of people involved. Ohio. James. author of Patriots: The Men Who Started the American Revolution. Wayne.S. Franklin. The result is no doubt biased. (The American heritage series) Hackett Publishing Co. James Madison “was perhaps the finest political intelligence among the mentally gifted group of Founders. as the Battle of New Orleans was fought after the War of 1812 ended. 1925) Title main entry. Woods.” Drawing on Perry’s correspondence with the Department of the Navy in the Oliver Hazard Perry archives at Bowling Green State University. Hickey proceeds in thematic chapters to address the myths point-by-point. and period illustrations. ©2006 460 p. Sally Hemings. beginning with the resignation of George Washington from the Continental Army in 1783. Also provided is a complete list of his diaries by date and their location. and relates the details of what happened during the war. The book includes a list of American and British squadron armaments for that battle. slavery. He discusses roles played by John Adams. $34.00 He urges Major General John Sullivan to make full use of the 16 French ships waiting off Sandy Hook.” He also left behind an extensive body of writing. Wayne State College. regional perspectives. ©2006 302 p.S. nearly everybody in the country who could get there with a gun.S. Navy.00 The fourth President of the U. E312 87-403730 978-0-8139-2579-0 Jackson and New Orleans. his papers. of Virginia Press. 1778. really inconvenient seawater. this volume presents more than 80 excerpts from Madison’s essays. The book will be of particular interest to the specialist and general reader of military history. and descriptions of the physical state of the journal. provides a narrative of the War of 1812. v. brave soldiers (mainly American). and. E332 2006-012445 978-0-8139-2619-3 Don’t give up the ship. tactics. ©2006 414 p. frantic planning sessions and desperate searches for materiel. background. Madison. ©2006 396 p. U. They retain Washington’s spelling and capitalization and make some punctuation corrections. Following a prologue summarizing the history of the war and the events that led to it. Title main entry. and the decision-making process.95 (pa) Designed to be accessible to a general audience by its editor. $39. Originally published in 1856. Thomas Jefferson. Nebraska). The diaries are from 1748 to 1799 and include explanatory footnotes. Woods (literature. Cogliano. He became a media star. Skaggs. Walker’s nearly minute-by-minute account bristles with skirmishes. U. by Ralph Ketcham. Thomas Jefferson. $85. adventurers with unlikely skills such as Packenham and Lafitte. A. 130-page index is included in the last volume only. opinion. E312 2005936683 0-945726-78-3 Union 1812. Alexander. He also reassesses longstanding debates over battle reports by his second in command. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill). Washington. each of which synthesizes and summarizes the recent literature on its particular topic. by William L. takes on the task of separating fact from fiction by exposing the many myths and biased assumptions about the war.J. ©2006 1821 p. the maritime war. are presented in sections covering politics and public life. revolutionary war series. A comprehensive. 1776-1785.50 (pa) This reprint from 1925 consists of four volumes of the diaries of George Washington originally published by the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association of the Union. $30. speeches. noted (and perhaps influenced) the relentless merchandizing of his image and writings. spies. (Jeffersonian America) U. The book is co-published by Edinburgh University Press. ©2006 223 p. and used his reputation as a man of the soil to create a quiet and effective web of revolutionaries’ diplomacy as he circulated amongst the salons. foreign relations. but exclude his weather records. –75– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . by John C. but Walker is very thorough in his descriptions of offensive and defensive actions. The text of the U. Benjamin. the private diplomatic correspondence of Benjamin Franklin. The 24 thematic chapters. (Series: title) U. Ed. James Madison. but Jackson’s strategy. George. an authentic narrative of the memorable achievements of the American Army under Andrew Jackson before New Orleans in the winter of 1814. E354 2006-040340 978-0-7432-2618-9 Selected writings of James Madison. this book provides a broad overview of the recent scholarship and scholarly debates concerning 19th century American history. Barney (American history. and others. eventually crafting the Treaty of Paris of 1783. ©2006 683 p. The result is a better understanding of the heart of a human being who was the chief traitor in a war of sedition. U. honor. U. as technologically simple as it was. $34. Algora Publishing. He receives reports on troop placements and ammunition.00 Cogliano (history. and is available for sale in the U. ©2006 276 p. Constitution is provided in the appendix. of Illinois Press. citing original and secondary sources to support his conclusions. and he traces it not chronologically but through changing ideas about such aspects as the US revolution. Donald R. Scholar’s Bookshelf. wayward and obedient cannon.95 Hickey (history. David Curtis. (Blackwell companions to American history.) also supplies background information on Madison’s career and the times in which he lived in the introduction. However. it appears. which he was told was stolen by the enemy and raffled off. $23. who saw the need to compile all of them (except those that are missing) in a complete edition. The causes of the war. Arranged chronologically. Francis D. (reprint. E302 2006-043478 978-0-87220-696-0 A companion to 19th-century America. ©2006 482 p. begged vendors to ship warm clothing to his troops. and cultures and ideas. Simon & Schuster. 2) Blackwell Publishing. $79. to the peace treaty in 1815 and aftereffects up to 1861. Bowling Green) offers the first scholarly biography in many years of this War of 1812 naval hero. donned a fur hat and a simple costume and went to France to conquer a nation infatuated with Rousseau.95 Perry is best known for his post-Battle of Lake Erie proclamation: “We have met the enemy and they are ours. Scholar’s Bookshelf. inconvenient flora. by Brett F. Hoth et al. Ed. by David R. of Virginia Press. $55.. and America and the world. $45. race. reputation and legacy. Franklin. which threatened Perry’s reputation. Langguth. its battles and campaigns. and brings to the forefront the care with which his subject manipulated finances. this collection from the earlier days of the Revolution shows Washington was not only an able administrator and tactician but also a man who found quarters for the sick in camp away from the privations of the war. Skaggs (emeritus. the economy and class formations. military concerns. and the war’s conclusion are the main themes. Walker. Ketcham (Syracuse U. E356 2005-931237 0-945726-70-8 The diaries of George Washington. Each selection is preceded by an explanatory note by the editor.) has carefully mined Franklin’s enormous correspondence from his eight years in France. myths of the War of 1812. Ed. The result is that we see just as much of Franklin as he allowed his friends and his enemies. (Library of naval biography) Naval Institute Press.00 Langguth (journalism. foolish soldiers (mainly British). E353 2006-016124 1-59114-792-1 Oliver Hazard Perry. and ethnicity. and his own reputation.

he compiles primary sources from the Civil War. events. and geography. E468 2006-020068 0-8160-3867-8 Far more terrible for women. William E.. 30 written accounts. and letters to Gerrit Smith. E457 2006-046271 978-0-06-112978-0 Andrew Jackson and the politics of martial law.95 An attorney in Indiana. The works of James McCune Smith. Selcer (Dallas Community College and Tarrant County Junior College) describes and compiles tables of data on developments in climate. Blair Publisher. This volume collects 27 of these narratives. Central Connecticut State U. (Real voices. Henry Ward Beecher. female civilian eyewitnesses. nationalism. Robert E. even going so far as to arrest a federal judge for issuing such a writ. 1850 to 1875. professional..95 (pa) In the 1930s. $35. He draws heavily from primary sources. In addition to the historical maps. but the cross-references are extensive. E464 2006-019672 0-7922-6206-9 Crafting the overseer’s image. examples are The Homestead Act. neighbors and strangers. Among the documents de discusses are the July 4th address of 1861. $39. laws. Enthusiast Wheeler explains how Lincoln.95 General McClellan sent a message to the president saying the fatigue of his men’s horses kept them from pursuing the rebels after the battle of Antietam. social. rarely heard.. and amendments to the Constitution. population.00 Stauffer (English and African and African American studies. The judge would later fine Jackson $1000 dollars for contempt of court in response and Jackson. and historic relics. the Emancipation Proclamation. Lincoln Studies Center. and concluding with Lincoln’s assassination and reunion and reconstruction. and a glossary. Native American life. $11.5X11″. Smith. $80. by Patrick Minges. would begin a campaign for a refund of the fine.” “Mother/Child. no. the war itself.B. architecture and design. the untold story of how Abraham Lincoln used the telegraph to win the Civil War. 14 National Geographic maps illustrate the movement of troops and the terrain of key battle sites. the antislavery influence and writings of Anthony Benezet. and many more. as he became the first grand commander to have realtime access to the thoughts and actions of his generals and support personnel. and the resulting creation of a new mode of leadership. real history series) John F.. popular culture. Ed. by John Stauffer. (Almanacs of American life) Facts On File. of Sheffield. University of Tennessee Press. Richard F. U.. We resist the temptation to make jokes about antennas in that stovepipe hat. transportation. territories. science and technology. the complete history from secession to Reconstruction.” “Friends and Families. Harvard U. ©2006 435 p. Timelines of certain events are included in sidebars. A section on “representative Americans” consists of biographies of people such as Sojourner Truth.00 For those grades nine and up. a son of a freed slave. made the new technology of the telegraph his own. Accompanying text authored by historians provides detail and context to the sources. Lincoln’s t-mails.) describes these events. E444 2006-019885 978-0-89587-323-1 Eyewitness to the Civil War. James McCune. The index includes a list of maps. Press. his Heads of the Colored People column in Frederick Douglass’ newspaper. He takes the reader on a selective tour of key written texts from Lincoln’s tenure. natural history. personal accounts of women in slavery. and states.would be criminal. the economy. Lee and a number of other military figures.95 Examining Abraham Lincoln’s presidential writing. years later in the 1840s. Oversize: 9. Wiethoff has also written The Insolent Slave for the series. an 18th-century opponent to slavery and the African slave trade. portraits. religion. and journal. by Neil Kagan. ©2006 234 p. Wilson (codirector. Wiethoff. providing a window of oral history into the lives of individuals whose voices were.00 A British historian of the US and specialist in the Jacksonian era. ©2006 229 p. the presidency and the power of words. Irv A. parties and other organizations.95 During the War of 1812. Matthew. Sources comprise 440 images—photographs. Union messages were sent in a cipher so successful not even publishing them in Southern newspapers for all to tackle worked. medicine and psychiatry. $26. Natl. two periods of his work as a New York correspondent.20) Scarecrow Pr. and the Gettysburg Address. George Fox U. beginning with a portrait of slavery and the time of secession.) has assembled and annotated a selection of short works by Smith (181365) from 1824 to 1864. Title main entry. $39. but only in so much as it serves his larger goal of exploring the circumstances behind the creation of the document and the role it played in Lincoln’s presidency. and other topics with political. of Leicester) describes the period. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –76– .” E446 2006-018581 978-0-8108-5765-0 To be silent.00 (pa) In tracing the life of Anthony Benezet. Ed. a timeline of selected milestones. Here. Wilson. speeches. and public image of the plantation’s slave overseer as constructed by friends and enemies. Walt Whitman’s Leaves of Grass. arts. ©2006 314 p. Knopf. ©2006 219 p.” and “Herstory. articles in Anglo-African Magazine. General Andrew Jackson declared martial law in New Orleans and suspended the writ of habeas corpus. paying attention to such matters as style. Inc. examining them in the context of ongoing debates over civil rights and the evolution of partisan politics in the United States. E449 2006-020681 978-0-19-530961-4 Civil War America. Brendlinger includes Benezet’s correspondence with his contemporaries. Douglas L. E443 2006-013080 978-1-57003-646-0 Mr. They come from his early essays. and the like. HarperCollins. the Federal Writers’ Project conducted interviews with approximately 1500 former woman slaves in some 20 states. and partisanship. asking what the horses had been doing that so fatigued them. The appendix contains casualty statistics by battle. In addition to Benezet’s antislavery tracts. Warshauer. Morse. and cities. a campaign that was taken up by other Democratic politicians who sponsored bills to compel a refund. 1829-49. and crime. places. movements. of South Carolina Pr. (Studies in rhetoric/communication) U. as a moment of transition from an independent and geographically limited country into a nascent superpower. (Historical dictionaries of U. the only president to hold a patent. or artistic significance. $40. Knox College) comes to the conclusion that it was his most powerful political weapon. civil liberties. historical eras. (The collected black writings series) Oxford U. Title main entry. no. his methods of communication that straddled the wide gap between the technology and traditional wartime communication. works of literature. Tom. Ed. ©2006 416 p.S. Here he examines in the detail the personal. Red Cloud.) follows the evolution of antislavery activity in America. and Samuel F. Black intellectual and abolitionist. The dictionary contains entries on people. Geographic Society. President Lincoln fired a message back. $105. Warshauer (history.E381 2006-000647 978-0-8108-5453-6 E457 2006-045259 978-1-4000-4039-1 Historical dictionary of the Jacksonian era and Manifest Destiny. $24. Frederick Douglass. ©2006 343 p. There is no index. Some facsimiles and excerpts from primary source documents are included. ©2006 227 p. which provides insights into his relationships and his desire to build a viable network to oppose slavery. E382 2006-007742 978-1-57233-548-6 Lincoln’s sword. battlefield sketches. disasters.” “Witches/Doctors. Terry. Corps (U. Selcer. Brendlinger (church history and theology. and are.00 Editor Kagan is former publisher and managing editor of Time-Life Books. this volume assembles information on American life during the Civil War era. Brendlinger. from 1850 to 1875. Wheeler. organizing them according to five themes: “Jezebel and Mammy.. Wheeler describes the systems Lincoln used. Corps. Alfred A. ©2006 340 p. and quotes from people great and ordinary who lived through the war. ©2006 540 p. (Pietist and Wesleyan studies. Other topics are education. $85. Authors of sources include a member of John Brown’s militia.6) Scarecrow Pr. economic. rhetorical strategy.

S. Naval Institute Press. Gen.95 Joseph Twichell cut short his seminary studies to become a Union Army chaplain in New York’s Excelsior Brigade. Murfreesboro. ©2006 310 p. naval officer Jermann provides detailed coverage of troop movements from September 9-17 and explains the vital roles played by such lesser-known persons as Col. recruitment and training. and social conditions. a chaplain’s story. This is the account of an enlisted man. Jermann. Twichell. and personnel of the two navies as well as their organization. the Civil War afloat. a former professor of military history at the Virginia Military Institute. (Voices of the Civil War) University of Tennessee Press.. E612 2006-017047 978-0-88146-012-4 Invisible Southerners. death and kinship at the Battle of Gettysburg. Alabama) explores some of the most controversial questions that have emerged from earlier studies of Camp Sumter. ©2006 305 p. the army chaplain. officers. the 1864 Red River Campaign and Union failure in the West. of Georgia Press. ©2006 430 p. the devil’s advocate. Tucker. His letters chronicle his observations at the Peninsula and Wilderness Campaigns. and other areas where the Eighth Texas Cavalry fought. Chickamauga. who were primarily poor Irish American Catholics. and manufacturing resources. E605 2005-020764 978-0-8203-2693-1 Through the howling wilderness. Press. an ordinary soldier. Dixon Miles and Brig.95 Tucker.-Shreveport) describes a campaign that send large Union army and navy forces into the interior of Louisiana to seize the Confederate capital of the state. This accessible narrative describes the impact of the discovery of this lost order on the pivotal Battle of Antietam. He noted not only the expected battles but his and others’ personal perceptions of the causes and the repercussions on ordinary people like him. (Oxford student companions to American history) Oxford U.95 Joiner (history. Emporia State U. as well as at the battles of Second Bull Run. the end of Reconstruction. $39. ©2006 322 p. The result is a better understanding about how in civil war. Julius White. Ed. Wallace State Community College. Unlike many collections of Civil War correspondence. political. (The voices of the Civil War series) University of Tennessee Press.E474 2006-017726 978-1-58980-366-4 E580 2005-016216 1-57233-458-4 Antietam.00 Davis (family and regional history. Univ. Some are exhilarating. Cutrer. It thus provides a greater glimpse into the construction of the “official” religious ideology of the Confederacy than can be found in other collections of Civil War letters. Writing about politics and slavery and the theological and cultural divide between him and his men. the infamous Confederate Civil War prison that has become known as Andersonville. primarily to use religion to influence civilian publics in support of the goals of the South. Perry. and Addie D. trends. C.14) Univ. Saint Louis U. Louisiana State U. ©2006 320 p. the divided loyalties of Native American nations.95 On September 13. Ed. and the end of the Progressive Era at 1921. E661 2006-000927 978-0-19-515670-6 No pardons to ask. They also see the two periods as very connected. $24.F. although he also included quite a bit of description of military developments at Shiloh. 1862. Fredericksburg. West) presents the letters penned by Confederate military chaplain Bunting to newspapers during the Civil War. a combination which served him well as a coping mechanism as he moved across the Mississippi theater of war.) finds evidence to support the idea that how one chose a side in the Civil War was far more complex than mere geography. technology. how the commanders in the field dealt with the situation.) and Smith (ethnic and gender studies. of Georgia Press. Generally these are later in the range scholars choose. the end of Wilson’s term as president. local and regional relationships in family and business. by Peter Messent and Steve Courtney. He explores such questions as what on earth the president was thinking. Articles of a page or two discuss people.00 Perry (history. no. ©2006 426 p. –77– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Twichell offers a valuable perspective of the Civil War from an underrepresented class of soldier. $35. King.S. Dreese. official records. the Confederacy lost and Union forces recovered what turned out to be a copy of the Confederate battle plan Special Order 191. and the political and military implications of the campaign and its disastrous failure. by Gary D. ©2006 333 p. Terry’s Texas Rangers. nor apologies to make. Gray’s 28th Louisiana Infantry Regiment. ©2007 224 p. disciplines and professions. King notes in late December 1863.00 Two-thirds of all Confederate soldiers were absent without leave. He then takes a close look at major battles and technological innovations during the war itself. and the plight of many southern African Americans in the Northern Army. but he had a sharp eye and an even sharper wit and a sincere devotion to disregard for authority. Averitt lecture series. with the progressive ideas developing out of the earlier economic. E540 2005-020762 978-0-8203-2757-0 The Civil War letters of Joseph Hopkins Twichell. He found the statements conflicted somewhat. (Jack N. Joseph Hopkins. mothers and sons. E475 2006-033337 978-0-7864-2824-3 Our trust is in the god of battles. Union and Confederate brothers. some are heartbreaking. Davis. spouses and sweethearts. The military plays a minor role as he discusses such topics as barbed wire disease. Gary D. Elisabeth Israels and Karen Manners Smith. Michael A. letters and reports of those who fought at Gettysburg and includes the stories of fathers and sons. nothing is simple. $34. and open access to Texas and the west. He examines the senior leadership. $24. E591 2006-016646 978-1-59114-882-1 Torn families. and the memoirs of participants to look at the roles played by the Union and Confederate navies during the Civil War.. by Thomas W. Bailey. Pelican Publishing Co. Each is cross-referenced and includes a list for further reading. ethnicity in the Civil War. $34. but found just as interesting a fight between a group of men and women of ill-fame and a contingent of guards and prisoners. Robert Scott. Joiner. the hangman. $44. but all remind us that 7. She focuses on the lessons of the past that haunted German immigrants. Spencer C. essays on the secret social histories of America’s deadliest prison. institutions. Anne J. $60. sibling reunions. Georgia College and State U. ©2006 95 p. Chancellorsville. the journal of William Henry King. chaplain. homecomings and even the tales of twins here.000 died outright and many more dragged their permanently broken bodies home to their families. and the last man to get away. Retired U. William Henry. She shows how ethnic and racial issues were accompanied by sometimes conflicting personal and social loyalties. defeat the army guarding the region. the Trojan women. $45. but Jefferson Davis said the army was in better condition now than at any previous time. the Civil War letters of Robert Franklin Bunting. R. Kansas) mark the beginning of the Gilded Age at 1877. events. The Gilded Age and Progressive Era..95 Bailey (history. the material in this volume was written with a specific polemical purpose. Mercer University Press. He also offers an analysis of what went wrong for both sides of the famous battle. Joiner et al. B&w historical photos and a glossary are included.A. McFarland & Co. ©2006 436 p.00 Cutrer (American studies. Arizona State U.00 Dreese has carefully chosen from the diaries. University of Tennessee Press. and other facets. Ed. $45. Bunting. Gettysburg and Spotsylvania. Donald R. a student companion. and long-standing and often desperate rivalries. E565 2005-020451 1-57233-461-4 Ghosts and shadows of Andersonville. the lost order. His account bears little resemblance to Gore Vidal’s. draws on recent scholarship. E476 2006-011466 978-1-57233-544-8 Blue and gray navies. regardless of the circumstances of their eyes or wits.

George W. Coverage encompasses society and culture. The rise and rise of Richard B. ©2006 656 p. this work traces the activist conservative intellectual movement as it emerged in the United States in the years following World War II. a chronology. A new introduction providing historical context would have been welcome. ©2006 584 p. Syracuse U. Either the economics-trained Sowell has ignored his own warning that academic degrees too often “embolden people to pontificate on a wide range of subject where they don’t know what they are talking about” or he believes he is not implicated in such a problem because of the (unsupported) “fact that academics are overwhelmingly of the political left. E747 2005-016260 0-8160-5368-5 The Nixon-Ford years. Also discussed is Cheney’s role in engineering George W. and politics and foreign policy. and the origins of the civil rights and other movements also receive attention. his political machinations during the Ford administration (besting even Henry Kissinger in bureaucratic infighting). $24.” So wrote Republican senator/historian Lodge in 1899. and congressional leaders. as well as a few foreign political leaders. historians. ©2006 351 p. lists of cabinet members. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –78– . and My Lai massacre protagonist Lt. Greene. Kaufman (emeritus. and approximately 170 pages of selected primary documents. such as Edward Said’s Orientalism. and the peace treaty. Andrew J. civil rights. (Presidential profiles) Facts On File. sexuality. The entries are intended to define the relationships of each person’s career in relation to the President.. and McCarthyism. justices of the Supreme Court.95 (pa) Dunar (history.) compile 34 essays on the history and historiography of the post-1945 period in America.00 (pa) First published in 1976. Leo Strauss. $85. this work by Pederson (Louisiana State U.) collects some 150 examples of his nationally syndicated column in which he offers his culturally conservative and economically l’aissez faire views on a range of national issues of recent years. The final section includes eight essays that are reflections by scholars on key publications. ©2006 287 p.” and his corrupt activities as the head of the oil corporation Halliburton. members of Congress. The Epilogue of the second (1996) edition has been retained as chapter 12 in this edition and a new conclusion on the current state of conservatism has been added. Inc. $34. The book is aimed at students. a listing of principal US government officials. this review of the Carter presidency has over 250 entries covering all the key personalities of the era.) is a biographical dictionary that profiles some 300 individuals important to the era in which the White House was occupied by Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1932-1945). and general readers. the answer to that question is not the figurehead princeling. Nash. John Robert. social change and movements. $25. and World War II. $25. Among the authors he discusses are Milton Friedman. Burton F. Emphasis is given to executive branch officials. Stanford U. immigrants and ethnicity. Dunar. the Cold War.” In his polemical political biography. Howard. Bush.00 (pa) Sowell (a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution. Also included are an introductory overview essay. Scholars work in history. popular music. selected speeches by Roosevelt. the desirability of school vouchers. (Presidential profiles) Facts On File. the Great Depression. women’s history. Means.” the hypocrisy of elite leftists in speaking in the name of the downtrodden. and of world-wide meaning. and UK. Cheney. governors. ©2006 480 p.” the left’s alleged desire to impose “collective conformity at all costs.00 This reference work aims to provide insight into the American historical experience during the presidencies of Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford by presenting some 250 biographical entries on key personalities of the era. The major focus is on domestic and foreign political developments as seen from the perspective of the policy-makers. Supreme Court justices. 6) Blackwell Publishing. (reprint. and a bibliography of recent works on Roosevelt and his era. the “evil genius in the corner. In a reprint of this illustrated account first published in 1902. political columnist Jack Anderson. $85. ©2006 916 p. labor and unions. Editor Greene (Cazenovia College) includes the significant government officials and elected politicians important during the Nixon-Ford years. Lionel Trilling. U. Appendices include Congressional resolutions demanding the withdrawal of Spain from Cuba.” E840 2005-034657 978-0-8160-5369-8 A companion to post-1945 America. Pederson. but overarching societal change.” his crucial role in shaping the incoming administration. $39. by Jean-Christophe Agnew and Roy Rosenzweig. E839 2006-007609 978-0-8179-4752-1 The war with Spain. Miami U. Stephanie Coontz’s The Way We Never Were. The reference also contains a chronology of contemporary events. Scholar’s Bookshelf. religion.90 (pa) Although the Spanish-American War (1898) was very brief. Russell Kirk. Andrew Johnson and the 45 days that changed the nation.00 Aimed at high school students. William D. but Dick Cheney. George H. ©2005 268 p.95 (pa) Who is the President of the United States? According to Nichols (Washington correspondent for The Nation). E715 2006-931253 1-60105-063-1 America in the fifties. E840 2005-033993 0-8160-5280-8 The conservative intellectual movement in America since 1945. ©2006 460 p. judicial “activism. Yale U. Inc. (reprint. cabinet members and members of Congress. It is primarily an account of influential conservative books and other writings and their influence on the American political scene. Kaufman. with specific essays on family. Agnew (American studies and history.E666 2006-011374 978-0-15-101212-1 E813 2006-024107 0-8156-3128-6 The avenger takes his place. a chronology.548) Hoover Institution Press.00 Part of Facts on File’s Presidential Profile reference series.. Intercollegiate Studies Inst. (Blackwell companions to American history. E742 2006-280222 978-1-4051-4984-6 Ever wonder why? and other controversial essays. and cultural icons of the period. Henry Cabot. his draft-dodging during the Vietnam War.) and Rosenzweig (history. and related fields and are based in the US. (Presidential profiles) Facts On File. as well as many figures not directly connected to government who still played a major role in American political life.. Ohio) has previously published books on Carter and on Eisenhower. (Hoover Institution Press publication no. of Alabama at Huntsville) presents a general historical treatment of the United States during the 1950s. George Mason U. to name just two of the figures who have remained important in American public life. environmental alarmism. major cultural developments. American studies. “[i]ts results were many. including the “War on Terror. ©2006 648 p. 1902) Lodge. Pr.00 Virgina-based biographer and novelist Means describes how Johnson dealt with the aftermath of the Civil War when the US presidency fell to him with Lincoln’s assassination in April 1865. from Bella Abzug to Anwar Sadat. unlocking the mysteries of the most powerful vice president in American history. John. an appendix with documents such as inaugural addresses and presidential speeches. exposing his fake public persona. President McKinley’s war proclamation. $14. startling. Ed. Thomas. and his equally crucial role in pushing the invasion of Iraq.. Brent Bozell. 2001) Title main entry. $15. including Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld. liberal mollycoddling of criminals.industrial complex endangered by post-Cold War talk of a “peace dividend.” media bias. Included in the volume are an introductory essay. William Calley. Bush’s 2000 presidential “victory. and Irving Kristol. he drew on US military sources in discussing the factors leading to war and peace. William F. Sowell.. the media. E840 2006-273300 1-59558-025-5 The FDR years. such as Black Panther leader Eldridge Cleaver. Australia. Inc. testing in education. and the like.. E743 2006-929183 978-1-933859-12-5 The Carter years. Nichols. visual arts. his services to the military.95 (pa) This is a paperbound reprint of a 2001 book. Harcourt. maps. The New Press. leisure and tourism. Buckley. and tables listing the members of the Carter White House staff. and Samuel Lubell’s The Future of American Politics. his congressional support of Apartheid South Africa. ©2006 286 p. including a chapter just discussing the Korean War. he peels back the curtain on the career of Dick Cheney. $85.

” Drawing on public and private records and the reminiscences of hundreds of friends and colleagues.a daughter may not have either the expertise or the objectivity of a historian.) argues that the US should maintain its current primacy in international politics and use its military. Arizona Historical Foundation. Bill. human rights. and the self. illustrations by Ralph Steadman accompany the text. the increased importance of interest groups in the foreign policy process. ©2006 481 p. ©2006 263 p.) counters that a grand strategy of primacy and empire is not in the country’s best interest. Warner Books. ©2006 133 p. Kuypers. she writes passionately and speaks for many. –79– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . and other topics related to his life and America.. whether out of cruelty or ignorance. noting that “. Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U. the text spans Bush’s complete life. U.).. the role of the press in furthering American propaganda. covering the 1972 Democratic presidential primaries through the subsequent blowout defeat of Senator McGovern by President Nixon (which greatly demoralized Thompson. Moyers on America.” E902 2006-011211 978-0-7425-3038-6 Fear and loathing.) explores America’s current imperial moment through the lens of her academic specialty of communications. love. DeConcini. co-authored with August (executive director. Layne.” and globalization.95 (pa) Noting that the modern American presidency is a “rhetorical presidency. the meaning of democracy. Bush. Historian Howard Zinn provides an introductory essay as does Hart Viges.95 (pa) American foreign policy is beset by problems that go beyond the activities of one warns Wiarda (international relations. E882 2006-020984 978-0-446-57990-2 The crisis of American foreign policy. a supporter of McGovern from early in the primaries). This is a reprint of the 1983 book. Anchor Books. Bush rhetorically justified his military actions in the wake of the September 11th attacks and how the US news media themselves presented those justifications to the US public. ©2006 286 p. Leon. and he makes a compelling case for getting back to reality. Layne (international affairs. Wiarda.” Kuypers (political communication. cultural.) analyzes how President George W.95 (pa) This small book carries a strong anti-war essay from the woman who has attracted a considerable amount of attention protesting the Iraq war and the Bush administration.. Routledge. a personal account of the life of George H. $29. He often focuses on what the comfortable do to the uncomfortable. the effects of a divided America. Inc. ©2007 153 p. divisions among the various foreign policy institutions. $34. his career and the profession of journalism.99 Doro Bush Koch. $19. a journalist and his times. leaders are doing wrong and why it’s our duty to dissent. Missouri State U. at a teen-abstinence educators’ conference. $9. As is clear from the title. Bush. $22. an Iraq war veteran. ©2006 199 p. $17. media bias and justifications for war in a terrorist age. demonstrating the importance of family. relationships with “friendly tyrants. Doro Bush. by Julie Leininger Pycior. of Arizona Press. In addition to reflecting on his achievements while in the Senate. Cindy. he looks at the problematic workings of US foreign policy as it relates to democratization. and public speaker. W. Ed. seeking faith healing from a television evangelist. from his boyhood years to the present day.. a position which helped him engineer consensus on the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977.S. media. Howard J. my undercover exploits in right-wing America. Arizona State U.” E859 978-0-446-69822-1 Bush’s war. Latin America. $15. (Communication. August Jr. Warner Books. U. and a general American myopia when it comes to the wider world.E840 2006-006352 978-0-8165-2569-0 E902 2006-017412 978-0-7425-3653-1 Senator Dennis DeConcini. and loyalty in the life of President Bush.95 (pa) This collection of articles and essays includes three pieces too new to be contained in the hardcover edition. but a historian doesn’t know a father the way his daughter does. (reprint. the marketing of war. $13. Having lost her son five days after he arrived in Iraq. and presents Moyers’ thoughts on the media. Sheehan. Inc. Jim A. the youngest child of former president George H. E902 2004-066018 978-1-4000-9536-0 The arrogance of American power. After describing the institutional workings of American foreign policy. and at a gathering of right-wing skinheads. to summarize a few. he elaborates on how the problems he has identified with American foreign policy have played out in the regional cases of Asia.99 (pa) The late Thompson’s inimitable style of “gonzo” journalism was on full display in this series of articles originally written for and serialized in Rolling Stone magazine. Thompson never bothered to hide his disdain for much of the American political process or for the mainstream media’s treatment of American politics. (An open media book) City Lights Books. and institutional power to advance and protect its interests.00 (pa) Political satirist Leon delights in infiltrating right wing organizations “in order to fight their repulsive ridiculousness with my repulsive ridiculousness. He is particularly concerned with how the Bush administration constructed rhetorical themes and frames justifying war and how they were filtered through the press. E902 2006-004259 978-0-87286-454-2 My father. Moyers. Finally.95 (pa) Snow (Californian State U.95 (pa) Thayer (defense and strategic studies. Hunter S. Prometheus Books. ©2005 233 p. Christopher and Bradley A. my president. and would lead to a geopolitical backlash against the US and unnecessary military interventions.W. He finds that audiences that listened to Bush’s speeches directly “had a much clearer understanding of the country’s actions” and that press bias contributed to a fractured and confused perception of the “War on Terror. Harmon. what U. ©2006 329 p. The book has footnotes and references for further information. Rowman & Littlefield. is based on dubious assumptions. E902 2006-016644 978-0-7425-5374-3 The infiltrator. Thayer. and the Middle East. These problem are rooted in partisan divisions. sub-Saharan Africa. E895 2006-016959 0-415-95204-2 Dear President Bush. remarking that America is now the hardest and most unforgiving of all the industrial nations on the earth. Texas A&M U. Koch. and politics) Rowman & Littlefield. presents an insider’s account of her father’s life. peace advocate. As with others of Thompson’s books. Dennis and Jack L. This is his political memoir of his tenure as a senator. Snow. ©2007 249 p. he also spends considerable time discussing the banking and political contribution scandal involving himself and the other “Keating Five. $27. on the campaign trail ‘72. DeConcini prides himself on having been a political centrist. Nancy. the war in Iraq. this time describing his adventures with the anti-immigrant Minutemen Project. Rowman & Littlefield. from the center of the aisle. ©2006 586 p. unfortunately their reproduction (and that of the photographs) in this edition is poorer that fans of Steadman might have hoped. E902 2006-020195 1-59102-466-8 American empire. 1983) Thompson.95 DeConcini served as the Democratic Senator from Arizona from 1977 until his retirement in 1995. $29.defeating arrogance of American public diplomacy. While reporting on campaign events. a debate.” This is the third of his books reporting on his exploits. of Georgia). Among the topics she tackles are the rhetoric of American exceptionalism.







United States v. George W. Bush et al.
De la Vega, Elizabeth. Seven Stories Press, ©2006 256 p. $14.95 (pa) Former US federal prosecutor de la Vega presents the transcript of hypothetical grand jury proceedings pursuing an indictment against George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, and Colin Powell for “conspiracy to defraud the United States” in the matter of the pre-Iraq war intelligence regarding “weapons of mass destruction,” Ba`athist connections to Al Qaeda, as defined by 18 U.S.C. Section 371. Although her prosecutors, jurors, and witnesses (mostly hypothetical federal agents) are fictional, the facts of the case are not, based as they are on publicly available information from news sources and government documents. She leaves the verdict of the grand jury to the reader. E903 2005-930260 0-7897-3470-2

The Puritan dilemma; the story of John Winthrop, 3d ed.
Morgan, Edmund S. (The library of American biography) Pearson / Longman, ©2007 210 p. $20.00 (pa) In a biography of Winthrop (1588-1649), Morgan argues that, like people in all ages, he was concerned with the question of what responsibility a righteous an owes to society. When society follows a course someone considers morally wrong, he says, most people contrast the options of withdrawing and keep their principles intact, or staying, but the governor of a Puritan colony had another answer. F72 2006-923754 978-0-7618-3495-3

Nantucket’s people of color; essays on history, politics and community.
Title main entry. Ed. by Robert Johnson. Univ. Press of America, ©2006 254 p. $35.00 (pa) Ten American academics, researchers, and independent scholars—all participants in the James Bradford Ames Fellowship Program at the U. of Massachusetts over the past ten years—contribute ten chapters exploring the relationship between African Americans and European-Americans on Nantucket, from the 18th century to the 20th century. The essays analyze and contrast questions of ethnicity, politics and community on the island, thus revealing the strengths and problems faced by those on Nantucket regarding issues of inclusion, freedom, justice and morality. At the same time they document the lives of courageous people of color who created productive communities and institutions despite the challenges of extremely difficult circumstances. F89 2005-936498 978-0-7385-4462-5

The big book of Bush cartoons!
Title main entry. Ed. by Daryl Cagle and Brian Fairrington. Pearson Technology Group, ©2005 210 p. $14.95 (pa) In this history of the Bush presidency in cartoons, international editorial cartoonists have a field day with the 2000 campaign and the administration’s stands on topics including Hurricane Katrina, Enron, gay marriage, religion, and Iraq and the war on terrorism. The book begins with an overview of trends in such drawings, in which Bush seems to be shrinking. His lame duck term offers plenty of material for a sequel. E903 2006-017826 978-1-58322-743-5

Impeach the president; the case against Bush and Cheney.
Title main entry. Ed. by Dennis Loo and Peter Phillips. Seven Stories Press, ©2006 326 p. $17.95 (pa) Rather than draw up an example bill of impeachment and defending it, as other authors calling for the impeachment of President George W. Bush have done, Loo (sociology, California State Polytechnic U.) and Phillips (sociology, Sonoma State U.) have identified 12 reasons for impeachment and recruited knowledgeable authors to address each one. The reasons they cite include the common charges of lying the country into the war in Iraq, directing the torture of captives, acting negligently with regards to Hurricane Katrina, and illegally spying on Americans, as well as accusations that have been left off of most discussions of impeachment, including overthrowing the democratically elected President of Haiti, use of signing statements to undermine congressional legislative intent, excessive secrecy, negligently ignoring the implications of Peak Oil, stealing the 2000 and 2004 elections, and violating the constitutional separation of church and state by bringing theocratic ideologies into the machinery of government. E903 2006-926772 978-0-7618-3490-8

McGowan, Louis and Daniel Brown. (Postcard history series) Arcadia Publishing, ©2006 128 p. $19.99 (pa) Both local amateur historians, the authors use postcards (reproduced two to a page) mainly from McGowan’s own postcard collection to compile a detailed history of Providence, its streets, buildings, businesses, entertainments, and waterways in the early 20th century. In addition to the brief introductory history to the city, each postcard is accompanied by a detailed caption. Not indexed. F106 2005-017102 1-57233-456-8

Encyclopedia of Appalachia.
Title main entry. Ed. by Rudy Abramson and Jean Haskell. University of Tennessee Press, ©2006 1832 p. $79.95 Adopting the definition of Appalachia used by the US federal government, comprising 410 counties from New York to Mississippi, editors Abramson (former Washington correspondent for the Los Angeles Times) and Haskell (retired director of the Center for Appalachian Studies and Services, East Tennessee State U.) include some 2000 cross-referenced entries in their encyclopedia of the region in some 30 thematic sections themselves grouped under the headings of landscape, people, work and the economy, cultural traditions, and institutions. These sections include coverage of geology; ecology; environment; family and community; images and icons; race, ethnicity, and identity; settlement and migration; urban Appalachian experience; agriculture; business, industry, and technology; labor; tourism; transportation; architecture; crafts; folklore and folklife; food and cooking; humor; language; literature; music; performing arts; religion; sport and recreation; visual arts; cultural institutions; education; government; health; and media. Within these categories, subjects of individual entries range from the broad and almost stereotypical to the extremely specific and relatively obscure. F128 2006-042150 978-0-8122-3961-4

Washington and the world; 2001-2005.
King, Llewellyn. Univ. Press of America, ©2006 295 p. $35.00 (pa) Syndicated columnist King collects his columns and commentaries from January 2001 through September 2005. As the title suggests, the focus is on the politics of Washington and (secondarily) the world. Unsurprisingly, much of the focus is on the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq, the problems of terrorism and “homeland security,” and corporate scandals, but these issues do not exhaust the list of issues discussed.

F7 2006-042166 978-0-8122-3965-2

Abraham in arms; war and gender in colonial New England.
Little, Ann M. (Early American studies) U. of Pennsylvania Pr., ©2007 262 p. $45.00 The close attention to attitudes concerning manliness and gender among both the English, whose histories have dominated perceptions of this era, and the Native Americans and French who they fought, provides the reader with a thought-provoking twist to received ideas about colonial New England. Little (history, Colorado State U.) examines sermons, letters, satirical prints, and other first-hand accounts of the wars, skirmishes, and daily encounters of English and non-English. Detailed treatment is devoted to imprisonment on both sides and the impact dressing in English or Indian clothing had on the wearer’s self-image. The result is a fascinating and nuanced view of a profoundly anxietyridden period in American history.

Before Harlem; the Black experience in New York City before World War I.
Sacks, Marcy S. (Politics and culture in modern America) U. of Pennsylvania Pr., ©2006 231 p. $49.95 The early years of black migration to New York City, according to Sacks (history, Albion College), were the crucible within which the patterns of black life and race relations in the city were forged, as white elites and poor immigrants reacted to the perceived threat of black migration and as blacks formed their own geographic and ethnic divisions, created their own organizational infrastructure and support networks, and evolved cultural patterns within a hostile environment. She explores this history in the years 1880-1915 in terms of the cultural, economic, social, and political patterns that defined black life before Harlem.

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N e w Y o r k ; 3 6 5 d a y s f r o m t h e p h o t o a r c h i v e s o f t h e New York Times.
Title main entry. Harry N. Abrams, ©2006 734 p. $29.95 This book offers a terrific browse for inhabitants of NYC as well as those on the outside. The photos of the city were selected from the many millions in the New York Times photo archives and are presented in an appealing, horizontal format (9.5x6.5″). No attempt was made to cover every subject or every part of the city; images were chosen simply because they stand out in some way—as newsworthy or as particularly memorable or evocative. Each is accompanied by a caption or a paragraph or two setting the context. The rationale for the arrangement is a bit mysterious (not thematic, not chronological), but there is an index for those seeking something specific. F128 2006-021404 0-8204-6915-7

From the miners’ doublehouse; archaeology and landscape in a Pennsylvania coal company town.
Metheny, Karen Bescherer. University of Tennessee Press, ©2007 305 p. $45.00 Current scholarship about company towns generally depict workers and their families as helpless victims cast hither and yon by economic and historical forces, says Metheny (archaeology, Boston U.). Suspecting that there was more to their experience than that, she examines issues of worker agency and working-class behavior in the mining town of Helvetia, Pennsylvania from 1891 to 1947. Oral and documentary sources and architectural, material, and archaeological evidence are among her sources. F208 2006-025282 0-8204-8651-5

Roots and routes; Bosnian adolescent refugees in New York City.
Mosselson, Jacqueline. (Intersections in communications and culture; v.10) Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2006 220 p. $32.95 (pa) Mosselson (international education, U. of Massachusetts-Amherst) explores such elements as education, diasporic ruptures, identify, and the ethnic enclave, drawing on interviews with Muslim women aged 16- 24 who left Bosnia after 1995 and are attending public high school or college in New York City. Readers elsewhere should know that in Massachusetts, root and route are pronounced the same. F132 978-1-59237-175-4

This corner of Canaan; curriculum studies of place & the reconstruction of the South.
Whitlock, Reta Ugena. (Complicated conversation; a book series of curriculum studies; v.19) Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2007 190 p. $29.95 (pa) Whitlock (adolescent education, Kennesaw State U.) contemplates Southernness and Southern place from her perspective as a Southern, white, female, lesbian, working-class, liberal, fundamentalist Christian, teacher educator. As part of a project to construct alternative Southern curricula, her aims are four-fold: “1) unsettling prohibitive nostalgia so as to disrupt rather than solidify identity/place norms; 2) homeplace as a site for the interrogation of the construction of identity rather than the consoling, pacifying mirror of identity; 3) queer Southernness, exemplified in the conjunction rather than the opposition of fundamentalism and queer desire; 4) grace that shatters rather than absolves traditional raced, classed, and gendered notions of Southern identity.” F220 2006-022009 978-1-58465-589-3

Profiles of New Jersey, 2006.
Title main entry. Grey House Pub., Inc., ©2006 414+ p. $149.00 (pa) Utilizing Grey House Publishing’s four-volume Profiles of America as a base for this volume’s data, then updating the material and adding fresh material on demographic information and community rankings, this work presents statistical profiles of all 799 Census-recognized communities and counties in the state of New Jersey. The profiles provide information on geography, ancestral and racial makeup, economy, housing, transportation, industry, education, population, health, religion, and climate. The 100 largest communities are compared by some dozens of data points. Hispanic origins are defined in terms of 23 background categories while Asian ones are defined in terms of 21. Comparative data is presented for each of these sub-category populations. Sixteen full-color statistical maps are presented at the back of the volume. F135 2006-010753 978-0-8135-3969-0

Jewish roots in Southern soil; a new history.
Title main entry. Ed. by Marcie Cohen Ferris and Mark I. Greenberg. U. Press of New England, ©2006 368 p. $29.95 Jews have lived in the U.S. South for over 350 years, and the Jewish community in the South has as distinct an identity as the region. Editors Ferris (Jewish/American studies, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Greenberg (Florida studies, U. of South Florida) bring together 13 contributions addressing themes including debates over uniqueness, personal histories from colonial and Confederate eras to the Civil Rights movement to today, intra-group tensions, Jewish-Black relations, writings by and about Southern Jews, and fusion cuisine. Eli Evans, a founder of Jewish studies, supplies the foreword. Period images are included. F220 2006-009705 0-7546-4454-5

History walks in New Jersey; exploring the heritage of the Garden State.
Rosenfeld, Lucy D. and Marina Harrison. Rivergate Books, ©2006 221 p. $18.95 (pa) Aimed at history buffs and walking enthusiasts, this volume describes 48 historical walks in the state of New Jersey. Sites profiled include Ellis Island, a Revolutionary War battlefield, the glassworks at Wheaton Village, and a number of ghost towns. Each walk features directions, information on tours, a brief history, and suggestions for additional places to visit in the area. Rosenfeld and Harrison have written eight guidebooks together. Rivergate Books is an imprint of Rutgers U. Press. F158 2006-045853 978-0-87169-964-0

Latinos in the new South; transformations of place.
Title main entry. Ed. by Heather A. Smith and Owen J. Furuseth. Ashgate Publishing Co., ©2006 292 p. $89.95 Over the past decade, Latinos have emerged as one of the fastest- growing ethnic populations in the southern states of the U.S. Twenty American academics contribute 13 chapters to a contemporary and multi-disciplinary examination of the reasons for, impacts of and responses to Latino migration into the U.S. South. Drawing on both theory and empirical field-based research, the chapters offer insight into the Latino experiences in a range of states, in both rural and urban environments, demonstrating that there is no one single story of Latino based transformation in the South but rather multiple stories and diverse outcomes. F229 2006-30570 978-0-8204-8694-9

A portrait of Elizabeth Willing Powel (1743-1830).
Maxey, David W. (Transactions of the American Philosophical Society; v.96, pt.4) Am. Philosophical Society, ©2006 91 p. $24.00 (pa) In life, as on canvas, she was strong-minded and sincere, an influential member of early Philadelphia salon society, an advisor to the nation’s first president and a dedicated correspondent. As rendered in artists’ paint she is a serious woman with rather strong features, apart from a slightly receding chin, and a decidedly cerebral presence. However, Maxey has found a rendering of the indomitable Elizabeth Willing Powel to be particularly illuminating about the experiences behind that impassive face, as a mother whose sons died early in childhood, a woman who spent much of her life a widow, and a talented and influential person who slipped quietly into obscurity upon her death. Maxey uses Powel’s own correspondence and other primary documents to discern how that particular rendering, a funerary allegory, made its way back to the Powel manse and expressed her grief as no other way could.

Inventing Virginia; Sir Walter Raleigh and the rhetoric of colonization, 1584-1590.
Moran, Michael G. (Early American literature and culture through the American renaissance; v.7) Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2007 261 p. $73.95 Moran (English, U. of Georgia) discusses not the physical aspects of the English colony, but the manner in which Raleigh advocated for it, particularly in his reports to the throne. A main goal is to reveal the importance of technical, scientific, and commercial communication during the Renaissance. Virginia as a garden, explaining a failure, the Roanoke Indians, and surveying techniques are among his topics.


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Scandal at Bizarre; rumor and reputation in Jefferson’s America. (reprint, 2004)
Kierner, Cynthia A. U. of Virginia Press, ©2006 246 p. $18.95 (pa) Kierner (history, U. of North Carolina-Charlotte) tells of a 1793 case in which Richard Randolph of Bizarre, Virginia, was accused of helping his wife’s sister terminate a pregnancy that he had also initiated. She shows how the scandal emerged and was interpreted within the social and cultural context of early republican Virginia. Jefferson was related to the family and played a supporting role in the story. Originally published in 2004 by Palgrave Macmillan. F250 2006-000320 978-0-252-07335-9

Across the continent; Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and the making of America. (reprint, 2005)
Title main entry. Ed. by Douglas Seefeldt et al. U. of Virginia Press, ©2006 222 p. $19.50 (pa) Without trying to deflate the myth, historians and anthropologists explore how the 1803-06 expedition to the west coast of what is now the US connects with society two centuries later. Their focus is on Thomas Jefferson, the US president who initiated the effort, and their topics include his fluid plans for the western perimeter, and his conflicted Legacy in American archaeology. The six essays were published clothbound to celebrate the bicentenary of the event. F594 2005-022233 0-471-26291-9

Coalfield Jews; an Appalachian history.
Weiner, Deborah R. U. of Illinois Press, ©2006 234 p. $25.00 (pa) What on earth were Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe and their children doing in the coalfields in the Appalachian Mountains, asks Weiner (history and family history, Jewish Museum of Maryland, Baltimore). The story she tells should unsettle commonly held views of both Appalachia and the American Jewish experience. F347 2006-010249 978-1-58980-346-6

Doc Holliday; the life and legend.
Roberts, Gary L. John Wiley & Sons, ©2006 528 p. $30.00 By the time of his death at age 36 in 1887, John Henry “Doc” Holliday was already a Wild West legend: dentist, gunslinger, outcast of a Southern family, “mad, merry scamp with heart of gold and nerves of steel...,” per Tombstone friend/sheriff Wyatt Earp. Drawing on newly discovered primary sources, Roberts (emeritus, history, Abraham Baldwin College, Tifton, Georgia) offers insights into the man, the legend, and the frontier period. The biography includes photos of Holliday, his family, friends, and his first cousin Mattie, a rumored early love who became a nun. F596 2006-015019 978-0-292-71471-7

Vanished Mississippi Gulf Coast.
Fraiser, Jim. Photography by Rick Guy and Jim Fraiser. Pelican Publishing Co., ©2006 104 p. $22.95 Before Hurricane Katrina hit, Fraiser and Guy wanted to preserve the history and architecture of the Mississippi coast in photographs. They finished just before the hurricane hit, but added information and photos of the ensuing damage. Presented here are 142 photos of the Mississippi Gulf Coast before and after Hurricane Katrina, along with text on the history, architecture, and culture of the area. Areas included are Ocean Springs, Pascagoula, Biloxi, Gulfport, Pass Christian, and Bay St. Louis. There is no index or bibliography. Fraiser, a federal administrative law judge, is the author of other books on Mississippi. Guy is a photojournalist who has previously collaborated with Fraiser. F549 2004-117624 0-7385-3385-8

Aryan cowboys; White supremacist ideology and the search for a new frontier, 1970-2000.
Schlatter, Evelyn A. U. of Texas Press, ©2006 250 p. $19.95 (pa) Schlatter (PhD, history, U. of New Mexico) examines the development of white supremacist right-wing groups in the American west since 1967, including the Idaho-based Aryan Nations, the Posse Comitatus, Montana’s Freemen, the Republic of Texas, and others. Her analysis focuses on the interaction of these groups with other ideological strands of American western identity, especially the way white masculinity has been defined in terms of the “West” as a symbol of freedom, an opportunity for conquest, and an escape from modern industrial society. F615 2006020371 978-1-890434-73-1

Marsh, Diann. (Images of America) Arcadia Publishing, ©2005 128 p. $19.99 (pa) US Grant rented a house in Galena, Illinois when he moved there to join his brothers in their leather shop. More than one family lived in a grand Italianate mansion, while others packed six children and two adults in a log cabin about the size of a modern kitchen. Galena was once a major stop for giant steamboats but became quite ordinary when farmers and miners clogged its river with silt and soil. Now it is a successful heritage tourism site, with fine antebellum buildings along its winding streets. This indispensable guide to Galena includes an engaging history of how the town built itself up, fell into disrepair, and then built itself up again, a host of period photographs of times when all the children were charming, all the men wore spats and all the women wore significant hats, and a set of well-arranged walking tours with maps. F586 2006-005187 978-0-87462-017-7

Latino Minnesota.
Roethke, Liegh. Afton Historical Society Press, ©2007 128 p. $24.00 Roethke, an art historian, has compiled a vivid portrait of the lives, struggles, culture, and history of Minnesota’s large Latino population. Complemented by many historic photographs, the text chronicles the arrival of immigrants and migrant workers in the 19th century, their work, neighborhoods, and social lives, continuing the narrative into the present. The book is designed for young readers (6th and 7th grade), and includes a selection of activities coded to each chapter. Printed in a horizontal format: 10.25x9.25″. F767 2006-040258 0-8061-3792-4

Devil’s Gate; owning the land, owning the story.
Rea, Tom. U. of Oklahoma Pr., ©2006 307 p. $26.95 It has an unlikely name, the Sweetwater River valley, and it occupies one of the most rugged of spaces in the rugged state of Wyoming. In it or near it masses of Native Americans hunted, a woman was hanged, migrants froze to death, and thousands of pioneers paused at the valley’s Independence Rock on their way to Oregon. Who owned the land then and owns it now has control of a vast repertoire of American history. Rea follows the stories of the land and how they changed according to who owned it, ranging from early settlers to one of the most prominent early ranchers who was instrumental in the only lynching of a woman in Wyoming all the way to the present, in which the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints operates a museum in honor of forebears said to have died of exposure in the valley in 1856.

Distinguished service; the life of Wisconsin governor Walter J. Kohler.
Reeves, Thomas C. Marquette University Press, ©2006 456 p. $45.00 This biography traces the life of Wisconsin Governor Walter J. Kohler, Jr. (1904-1976), who was elected to office three times and influenced the election of President Eisenhower. Reeves, a former history professor and fellow at the Wisconsin Policy Research Institute, describes how Kohler lost the US Senate race to fill Joe McCarthy’s seat, his role in the family company and its labor dispute, and how he served in the Navy during World War II, among other events. The biography draws from family documents, photos, interviews, and other sources. F589 2006-017100 978-0-87020-375-6

Cream City chronicles; stories of Milwaukee’s past.
Gurda, John. State Hist. Soc. of Wisconsin, ©2007 303 p. $26.95 Long-time historian of his home-town Milwaukee, Gurda here collects monthly columns he has written for the Milwaukee Journal and Milwaukee Sentinel since 1994. Each tells a story about the city’s past, within such sections as the early years, water, making a living, and winter. He includes an index but no bibliography.

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Troublesome border, rev. ed.
Martínez, Oscar J. U. of Arizona Press, ©2006 182 p. $17.95 (pa) A longtme resident of the border area between the U.S. and Mexico, Martínez (history, U. of Arizona) offers students and scholars an examination of selected topics that illuminate past and contemporary relationships in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. In the process, the text identifies the roots and traces the evolution of the strife that has characterized the region. The revised edition reflects dramatic changes since publication of the original work in 1988, with new coverage of current-day border issues of concern to the federal governments on both sides of the border including rapid population growth, environmental problems, undocumented migration, drug trafficking, and violence. F790 2006-005716 978-0-8165-2505-8

The photographer’s guide to the California coast; where to find perfect shots and how to take them.
Steakley, Douglas. Countryman Press, ©2006 96 p. $16.95 (pa) From California’s North Coast beaches to the Mexican border, a photographer who lives in the state has selected 118 favorite coastal locations. After describing his approach to taking pictures and general guidelines for improving one’s photos, Steakley offers specific tips for the selected spots featured in his stunning color photos. The guide includes maps and a list of locales by category (e.g., favorite state parks, lighthouses). F868 2006-922942 978-0-7385-3142-7

Yosemite National Park and vicinity.
Radanovich, LeRoy. (Images of America) Arcadia Publishing, ©2006 127 p. $19.99 (pa) Hundreds of b&w archival images take readers on a visual journey through the history of the Yosemite region in the Sierra Nevada mountains. The photos are arranged by location depicted into five sections. In addition to detailed photo captions, Radanovich has provided a one-page introduction for each chapter. Bibliographical references and an index are lacking. Historian Radanovich has written extensively on Yosemite National Park. F869 2006-016634 1-59714-040-6

Mestizo in America; generations of Mexican ethnicity in the suburban Southwest.
Macias, Thomas. U. of Arizona Press, ©2006 175 p. $19.95 (pa) Based on statistical data from the U.S. Census and firsthand interviews, Macias (sociology, U. of Vermont) examines the social integration of thirdplus-generation Mexican Americans. The author finds that the process of social integration for third-plus- generation Mexican Americans shares many elements with that of third- plus-generation European Americans. However, social forces related to ethnic concentration, social inequality, and identity politics have combined to make ethnicity for Mexican Americans more fixed across generations than it has been for other groups with multiple- generation histories in the U.S. F826 2006-019189 0-9788748-0-3

Ira Nowinski’s San Francisco; poets, politics, and divas.
Nowinski, Ira. Heyday Books, ©2006 127 p. $27.95 (pa) Three themes from Nowinski’s oeuvre are presented in this oversized volume (10.5x12″): beat poets, impoverished men in rooming houses (that were shortly afterwards destroyed as they watched), and the performers of San Francisco Opera. Photographed in b&w in the 1970s, the photos present a personal view of San Francisco’s North Beach neighborhood, on the one hand, and its internationally renowned cultural icons, on the other. Not indexed. F869 2003-059730 978-1-59223-126-3

Scottish shepherd; the life and times of John Murray Murdoch, Utah pioneer.
Merrell, Kenneth W. University of Utah Press, ©2006 230 p. $27.95 Born and raised in Scotland, John Murray Murdoch embraced Mormonism and set out for the Utah with his wife, Ann, in 1852, where another young Scottish woman, Isabella Crawford, would later join them in polygamous marriage. This narrative, told by a descendent of John Murdoch, describes the story of the three Mormon pioneers. The narrative’s subjects were not high-profile leaders, thus telling their story, avers the author, allows a window into the experiences of ordinary people involved in the early years of Utah Mormonism. F841 2005-025896 0-87417-663-8

San Diego then and now.
Hendrickson, Nancy (Then and now series) Thunder Bay Press, ©2003 144 p. $17.98 Fifty-year San Diego resident Hendrickson provides the brief text to this book, which compares photographs from the first half of the 20th century to the city’s scenes of today. Large b&w and color prints illustrate the changing faces of locales and historical fixtures including the Hotel Del Coronado, the Star of India, Spreckels Organ Pavillion, La Jolla, the Mission Valley, El Cajon Boulevard, and the Mission San Diego De Alcala. Oversize: 9.75x11.25″. F882 2006-022884 978-0-295-98622-7

Devils will reign; how Nevada began.
Zanjani, Sally. (Wilbur S. Shepperson series in Nevada history) U. of Nevada Press, ©2006 222 p. $29.95 In the middle of the nineteenth century the people who came to or came through Nevada did not necessarily do so with guns blazing. Some came as farmers, including a group of African Americans who made themselves successful in the Carson Valley. Some came as farmers but became miners, as did the Grosh brothers who found rich veins of silver alongside the gold in the Virginia Range. Some became farmers in neighboring Utah and to some extent in Nevada itself, including Mormons driven across the desert in order to practice polygamy in peace. Zanjani (political science, U. of Nevada, Reno) covers ten years of who moved in, who moved out, who moved in again, the decimation of the Native Americans, the legal and illegal ways of making big money, and the advent of territory status in 1861. F862 2006-022076 978-0-89997-398-2

River of renewal; myth and history in the Klamath Basin.
Most, Stephen. U. of Washington Pr., ©2006 292 p. $22.50 (pa) Playwright and documentary storyteller Most drew from oral history, written narratives, and historical documentation to create this composite of perspectives on the Klamath basin, which covers large parts of southern Oregon and northern California. The myths of Bigfoot and the trickster Coyote are set in the area, and Rosicrucian scripture describes a seven foot tall race of humans that lived on Mount Shasta. Ancient narratives from the numerous indigenous tribes in the region are woven with the political history of the many contentions over water distribution and salmon protection. Farmers from the U.S. and abroad, trappers, explorers, natives, and back-to-the-land urban transplants are among the characters who populate and inform Most’s stories. Some b&w photographs and maps of the region are included. F889 98-33603 978-1-57145-156-9

Best of California’s missions, mansions, and museums.
McKowen, Ken and Dahlynn McKowen. Wilderness Press, ©2006 344 p. $21.95 (pa) In focusing on three mainstays of tourism—missions, mansions and museums—this guide describes 135 of California’s historic and cultural treasures from Alcatraz Island to the Museum of Man. The text includes 24 self-guided tours tailored for specific groups, such as families, couples, and movie buffs, as well as trivia quizzes meant to forestall the question of travelers everywhere: “Are we there yet?”

San Francisco then and now.
Yenne, Bill. (Then and now series) Thunder Bay Press, ©1998 144 p. $17.98 This coffee table book illustrates how the famous downtown, streets, and neighborhoods of San Francisco have changed physically over the last 150 years. The black and white photographs on the left-hand pages were taken between 1850 and 1960 while the color pictures of the same area on the right-hand pages were taken in 1998.


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National Park, city playground; Mount Rainier in the twentieth century.
Catton, Theodore. U. of Washington Pr., ©2006 236 p. $18.95 (pa) Mount Rainier dominates the views from the Pacific Northwest cities of Tacoma and Seattle and in turn the inhabitants of those cities of played a definitive role in the evolution of the mountain and its environs as a National Park. Catton, an independent scholar, narrates this historical relationship over the course of the 20th century, examining how different actors influenced the region as a place for recreation, a focus of environmental conservation, and cultural symbol. F914 2006-010050 978-1-889963-89-1

The other campaign; La otra campaña.
Marcos, subcomandante. (Open media series) City Lights Books, ©2006 175 p. $8.95 (pa) Since emerging as armed insurgency group from Mexico’s Lacandon Jungle in 1994, the Zapatistas have constantly shifted their strategic focus in response to changing political conditions in Mexico. Their latest initiative is the Other Campaign, so named to indicate their opposition to and disdain for the Presidential electoral politics happening at the same time. As part of the Other Campaign, Zapatista spokesman Subcomandante Marcos and his compañeros have been traveling the country, seeking to forge connections with other indigenous and resistance groups. This volume contains the Sixth Declaration of the Lacandon Jungle, explaining the rationale of the Other Campaign, and a short interview with Marcos himself, further elaborating. The texts are presented in both Spanish and English on facing pages. F1408 2006-012990 978-0-292-71481-6

Empire’s edge; American society in Nome, Alaska, 18981934.
Jones, Preston. U. of Alaska Press, ©2007 158 p. $19.95 (pa) They were closer to Siberia than to New York, but those who came to Nome in its relatively late gold rush never forgot from whence they came. Jones (history, John Brown U.) shows how and why the white folk who left their homes for adventure in the north managed to bring their roots along with them and build an all-American small-town atmosphere in tundra, trackless frontiers and harbors frozen most of the year. The result was American popular music, flu pandemics, the Depression, high school football and women’s garden clubs nestling alongside grizzled prospectors’ cabin lifestyles and desperate efforts by Native Americans to retain their culture. The result is a cautionary tale about the imposition of empire by way of culture as well as an interesting story of mutual survival that took a long, long time to resolve itself in the cold. F1219 2006-024758 978-0-915703-62-3

Heroes and hero cults in Latin America.
Title main entry. Ed. by Samuel Brunk and Ben Fallaw. U. of Texas Press, ©2006 318 p. $22.95 (pa) Historians, an art historian, and an anthropologist, all specializing in Latin America, look at examples of heroes in Latin American history and at the same time consider the social and cultural as well as political conditions that raised them to such a position. Among the heroes are Simón Bolívar, Santa Anna, Emiliano Zapata, Augusto Sandino, Frida Kahlo, and Evita Perón. F1414 2006-034479 1-58367-151-X

Faces of Latin America, 3d ed.
Green, Duncan. Monthly Review Press, ©2006 238 p. $19.00 (pa) For general readers and students, this volume describes the culture and people of Latin America. Green traces the history and current state of economics, politics, land and environment, race, gender, and social movements, and culture and religion in the area. This edition has been updated to include material on events that have occurred up to 2006. Green has written other books on Latin America, as well as trade, development, and globalization. F1418 2006-004448 978-0-7425-4098-9

The last Pescadores of Chimalhuacán, Mexico; an archaeological ethnography.
Parsons, Jeffrey R. (Anthropological papers; Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan; no.96) U of Mich/Mus.of Anthropology, ©2006 377 p. $28.00 (pa) In the course of doing fieldwork there since the 1960s, Parsons has witnessed considerable environmental decline in the wetlands of the Valley of Mexico. In comparative context, he examines how aquatic resources (fauna and flora) are traditionally utilized locally. Images and tables feature such foci as boats and nets used by the pescadores (fishermen), remnants of marshlands, and a summary of ethnographic information from the 16th-20th centuries. The monograph includes maps but lacks a subject index. F1221 2006930458 0-7618-3582-2

Addicted to failure; U.S. security policy in Latin America and the Andean region.
Title main entry. Ed. by Brian Loveman. (Latin American silhouettes) Rowman & Littlefield, ©2006 367 p. $27.95 (pa) Why, asks Loveman (political science, San Diego State U.), does the United States continue to pursue policies that exacerbate Latin America’s woes rather than ameliorate them and that fail to promote Washington’s declared goals of promoting democracy, human rights, the war on drugs, and favoring free trade and increased foreign investment? The country case studies he presents attempt to answer that question by reviewing American policy towards Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Brazil in the post-Cold War years and describing reactions to those policies by Latin American political and economic actors, including the growing social movements of the region. In addition to the country studies, a number of papers discuss the overall security and defense policy of the United States and the European Union toward the Andean region. F1434 2006-008686 978-0-8165-2314-6

The sacred mushrooms of Mexico; assorted texts.
Title main entry. Ed. by Brian P. Akers. Univ. Press of America, ©2007 175 p. $28.00 (pa) These papers present new research in enthnomycology, the study of the role of fungi in societies, a discipline that most often focuses on hallucinogenic mushrooms. Five of the six articles are translations from Spanish that were previously unavailable in English. The sixth is a transcript of “The Sacred Mushroom,” an episode of the television series One Step Beyond. The transcript may record the only program in broadcast history in which the host ingested hallucinogenic mushrooms and demonstrated their effects for the viewing pleasure of the home audience. F1224 2005-046748 0-8061-3701-0

National narratives in Mexico; a history.
Florescano, Enrique. Trans. by Nancy T. Hancock. U. of Oklahoma Pr., ©2006 430 p. $65.00 In examining how national historical narratives have been constructed in Mexico, the author goes beyond the work of professional historians to examine conceptions of the past held by the state and in the imaginations of the common people. He traces the development of these varying narratives of the nation from the ancient peoples of Mesoamerica through the post-Revolutionary era. His work focuses how cultural influences of national and ethnic identity influenced evolving concepts of history and national memory amongst different contending groups of actors.

Precolumbian water management; ideology, ritual, and power.
Title main entry. Ed. by Lisa J. Lucero and Barbara W. Fash. U. of Arizona Press, ©2006 304 p. $55.00 Anthropologists, geologists, and other scholars explore how water was conceived, used, and represented in ancient Mesoamerica and what is now the US Southwest, and the mechanisms that were used to build upon the sacredness of water to enhance political authority. Among their case studies are formative period Central Mexico, classic Maya society, Mexico-Texcoco Lakes during the post-classic period, and the precolumbian Southwest.

Reference & Research Book News February 2007








Dissident women; gender and cultural politics in Chiapas.
Title main entry. Ed. by Shannon Speed et al. U. of Texas Press, ©2006 280 p. $22.95 (pa) Mexican and US anthropologists describe organizing efforts by indigenous women of Mexico in the region controlled by the EZLN, or Zapatistas. After presenting key documents, they consider such topics as the Zapatistas’ demands and the National Indigenous Women’s Movement, the politics of scale in Mexico, and contesting gender and ethnic identities through healing. F1435 2005-482050 1-85759-386-3

Beyond fragmentation; perspectives on Caribbean history.
Title main entry. Ed. by Juanita De Barros et al. Markus Wiener Pub., ©2006 299 p. $28.95 (pa) Historians from North America, Europe, and even two from the Caribbean itself, review and critique past scholarship on areas within the region colonized by the French, Spanish, Dutch, and English. Among the topics are books no one has read on slavery in the Dutch Caribbean, the historiography and methodology of the aftermath of slavery in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean, and the historiography of decolonization in the Anglophone Caribbean. There is no index. F2191 2006-926153 978-0-7618-3447-2

Lords of creation; the origins of sacred Maya kingship.
Fields, Virginia M. and Dorie Reents-Budet. Scala Books, ©2006 287 p. $60.00 Published in conjunction with an exhibition that opened at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art in September 2005, the catalogue uses art works to trace the development of the dominant cosmology of Mesoamerica from the Olmecs through the Maya Early Classic period. Most of the 152 figures are color photographs. Distributed outside the Museum by Antique Collectors’ Club. F1466 2006-010315 978-0-8047-5467-5

Cultural identity and creolization in national unity; the multiethnic Caribbean.
Title main entry. Ed. by Prem Misir. Univ. Press of America, ©2006 216 p. $32.00 (pa) Social scientists from the Caribbean, Britain, and North America, as well as novelist V. S. Naipaul and former Guyana president Cheddi Jagan, contribute to an anthology arguing that Creolization retards national unity and is a manifestation of ethnic dominance, and that each culture within a society should be respected and allowed to contribute to national development. F2230 2006-017975 978-0-8047-5519-1

Secret history; the CIA’s classified account of its operations in Guatemala, 1952-1954, 2d ed.
Cullather, Nick. Stanford U. Press, ©2006 176 p. $17.95 (pa) When the first edition was published in 1999, says Cullather (history, Indiana U.), his study concerned a secretive episode in the cold war in Central America, but now it reveals an early precedent for regime change and the global path of action pursued in the war on terror. He has not altered the text but appends some of the more significant documents that were released by the US State Department in 2003. F1887 2006-009312 978-0-7391-1775-0

Now we are citizens; indigenous politics in postmulticultural Bolivia.
Postero, Nancy Grey. Stanford U. Press, ©2007 294 p. $24.95 (pa) Indigenous political organizing in Bolivia symbolically culminated recently with the December, 2005 election of Evo Morales, an indigenous Aymara, to the presidency and, perhaps more importantly, indigenous movements are now widely recognized as playing a vanguard role in Bolivia’s resistance to the dictates of neoliberalism. Postero (anthropology, U. of California at San Diego) offers a window into the new Bolivian politics of indigeneity by analyzing the activities of Guaraní leaders involved in debates over national identity, multiculturalism, neoliberalism, and democracy at the local, municipal, and regional levels. F2936 1-902638-68-9

Planning the past; heritage tourism and post-colonial politics at Port Royal.
Waters, Anita M. Lexington Books, ©2006 125 p. $18.95 (pa) Waters (sociology and anthropology, Denison U.) presents a study of Port Royal, Jamaica, to explore how one post-colonial society has reconstructed its national history and grappled with its colonial past. Coverage includes Port Royal’s attractions as a site for development planning, the range of meanings discovered in its history, how it is perceived by different social and economic constituencies, how the telling of its history has changed over the years since Jamaica became an independent nation, why so much planning has remained unrealized, how the social memories of area residents compare with official versions of history, and what can be learned by an ethnographic approach to heritage tourism development. For students of historiography, piracy, Caribbean history and politics, and heritage tourism. F2122 2006-000864 978-1-55876-387-6

Where the earth ends; a journey beyond Patagonia. (reprint, 2000)
Harrison, John. Parthian Books, ©2006 401 p. $15.95 (pa) In this reprinted travelogue, a UK writer shares his experiences and personal and area history in trekking to Tierra del Fuego and Antarctica. Harrison (Royal Geographical Society) met the Yamana and Selk’nam, the last indigenous peoples of the area, who led a hunter-gatherer lifestyle until the 1920s. The book includes maps and photos (e.g., of a coming of age ceremony, Robinson Crusoe Island, penguins). Distributed by Dufour. F3031 2006-445266 0-297-84633-7

Razor’s edge; the unofficial history of the Falklands War.
Bicheno, Hugh. Weidenfeld & Nicolson, ©2006 838 p. $37.50 This is an unabashedly pro-British and pro-Thatcher narrative of the war between Argentina and Britain over the Falklands Islands, that focuses primarily on the military aspects of the war. While the author blames Argentine aggressiveness and perceptions of British weakness (justified in the case of many British politicians, the author argues) for the war, he is not beyond praising occasional Argentine officers for bravery and military competence on criticizing British officials and officers for incompetence, lack of planning, and other sins. His coverage of the air, sea, and land engagements of the war is detailed and comprehensive and attempts to understand the thinking of decision-makers on both sides of the war and at the different levels of command. F3442 2006-010681 978-0-87220-829-2

Inward hunger; the education of a prime minister.
Williams, Eric. Markus Wiener Pub., ©2006 352 p. $28.95 (pa) Born in the West Indies in 1911 (when it was still a British Crown Colony), Eric Williams went on to win a scholarship to study at Oxford and then taught political science at Howard U. In 1956, he helped found Trinidad and Tobago’s independence movement and became the state’s prime minister in 1962. In this autobiography, he reflects on his formative experiences, education, and political career. This reprint of a volume originally published in 1968 features a new introduction by Colin Palmer (Princeton U.). F2161 2006-001496 978-1-55876-401-9

Space and history in the Caribbean.
Lara, Oruno D. Trans. by Christine Ayorinde. Markus Wiener Pub., ©2006 166 p. $24.95 (pa) From the perspective of the New Archeology that challenges ethnocentric and colonial views, Lara (founder, Center of Carribean-American Research, U. of Paris), treats the Caribbean’s geographical and historical factors as they relate to the slave trade and current socioeconomic crises in a region that has long been exploited but not really discovered or conquered by Europeans. The book includes a map, historical and demographic data, and recommended readings. Originally published in French in 1986 as Les Caraïbes by Presses Universitaires de France.

History of how the Spaniards arrived in Peru; duallanguage edition.
Yupangui, Diego de Castro. Trans. by Catherine Julien. Hackett Publishing Co., ©2006 180 p. $45.00 Written by the son of the last Inca Emperor of Peru, the Relasçion de como los Españoles Entraron en el Peru (1570), an account of Incan dealings with the Spaniard following the arrival of Francisco Pizzarro— centering on the alliance between the authors’ father, Manco Inca Yupanqui (the half-brother of Atahualpa), and Pizzaro and how it unraveled—is presented here in English translation side by side with the original Spanish on facing pages. Translator and editor Julien (history, Western Michigan U.) also includes an introductory essay and explanatory footnotes.


Reference & Research Book News February 2007

of Manitoba Pr. historians need not take an either/or approach to these issues and a renewed interest in the place of Canada in the “British World” is justified. Fodchuk. history education.. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –86– . Distributed by Michigan State U. U. and Chineses immigrants to these countries. discussing such topics as law and British culture in the creation of British North America. of Connecticut) presents an abridgment of both volumes of Livermore’s (Spanish and Portuguese. and identity. U. Johnston. material culture of the Ukrainian pioneers. 1966) of 16th-century author Garcilaso de la Vega’s historical narrative of the history and culture of his native Andes. ©2006 356 p. the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission of the 1930s and the negotiation of “Britishness. Univ.. Carleton U.. You’ll have access to the entire Book News database (over 200.8)—are examined in terms of how their individual characters influenced the process. U. posters and some remarkable photographs. This wild spirit. Title main entry. diaries. ©2006 131 p. Ed. he asserts that many of his findings remain applicable to other racialized minorities in the United States and Canada. Canada’s engagement in Somalia. Roman Paul. by Colleen Skidmore. Press. until the “Quiet Revolutions” of the 1960s prompted Canadian historians to begin to emphasize the North American origins of Canadian identity and history. according to the author. Trans. ©2007 230 p. and the racialization that has taken place. Academic but accessible to the general reader interested in the Incas and the history of Peru.” and Canadian Labour politics versus the British model from 1920 to 1950. travel writing. Hackett Publishing Co. novels. Fernando (political science. U. and history. Each of the British appointees to the office during this period—Lord Elgin (1847-54). Sir John Young. $39.. their immigration journey. FC26 978-0-8020-9385-1 Canada and the British world.95 (pa) This fascinating volume contains examples of women’s excursions into the Canadian Rocky Mountains from the late-19th through the mid-20th century. In 1957 she left Canada for China. plays. of Alberta) represents these women through their creative responses to their adventures in paintings. FC155 978-0-8020-3891-3 Here is hell. of British Columbia Press. through the lens of critical race theory. $85. Distributed by Michigan State U. but he challenges that interpretation of pre-deployment decisions and the operations in Somalia. $24. Canada) and their contributors it seems. FC106 978-0-7748-1345-7 A great restlessness. Sandwell (history and teacher education. Most assessment have been harshly critical of the commanders and troops in the field and senior military leaders in Canada.95 (pa) Winnipeg-based writer Johnston recounts the life of Nielsen (1902. ©2006 232 p. Title main entry. a mission that ended in recrimination and scandal. Fernando. Press. ©2006 156 p.000 reviews). Chinese Americans. the “Anglo-Saxon” and the construction of identity in the late 19th century. For editors Buckner (emeritus. by Harold V. Distributed in the US by University of Washington Press. U. $85. Despite their different approaches to and interest in history education. the histories of Chinese Canadians. by Michigan State U. of Toronto) establishes the context for the subsequent essays. or link to it from our newly revamped website: www. later Lord Lisgar (1868-72). Sandwell. of Manitoba. Distributed in the US by the U. Chinese Canadian and Chinese American political mobilization. 1847-1878. Title main entry. Skidmore (arts.00 These essays examine two areas of Canadian history: history and social studies as school subjects and history as an intellectual space. and the importance/role of ethnoculturally specific community groups in the life of racialized minorities.00 Comparatively examining Chinese-American and Chinese-Canadian communities in Los Angeles and Toronto. the difficulties they faced. of Ottawa) critically examines the Canadian government’s decision-making process that resulting in sending military forces to Somalia in 1992-93. of Texas Press. Introductions by scholars Robert Klymasz and John Lehr provide information on the culture and historical background. Canada) and Francis (U. of Toronto Pr. U. Trial subscriptions are available.booknews. of British Columbia Press. of Calgary. ©2006 173 p.00 The idea of Canada as a “British” nation is a theme that has long run through English Canadian historiography. Press. Ed.80).paratext. Univ. teachers from the British Isles in Saskatchewan rural schools in the 1920s. U. Lord Monck (1861-8). public memory. ©2006 475 p. U. beading. Dawson. where she remained bitter about Canada and Canadian communists until she died. York U..95 (pa) Marrying constitutional history and political biography. A new introduction and notes by Spalding place Garcilaso in his intellectual.00 Spalding (history.S. U. FC633 0-7748-1297-4 Race and the city.00 Substantially revising his 2003 doctoral dissertation for Carleton University. Distributed in the U. Ken Osborne (history. Canadian culture and identity at the British Empire Exhibition of 1924-5. culture. This was the period. $45. of British Columbia) English translation (U. letters. Fodchuk (a planning and landscape design professional in Canada) details the character of Ukrainian settlers in western Canada. and cultural contexts. of Alberta Press. Ed.com. Douglas Francis. In her introduction. by Karen Spalding.com. U. Dawson (political science. and Lord Dufferin (1872. migration.95 (pa) Using the symbol of the zhorma. visit www. of New Brunswick. women in the Rocky Mountains of Canada. by Phillip Buckner and R. all of the authors raise the possibility that the way history is taught as a fixed body of facts may be linked to deeper questions about the way knowledge. a stone mill used to grind grain into flour. The 19 papers presented exemplify this latter approach. competing visions of the First World War in Canada and Britain. of British Columbia Press.” Although his analysis focuses on ethnic Chinese populations. perhaps more nuanced than its predecessors. Messamore. $34. ©2006 361 p. Material was also drawn from memoirs and collections at the Shadro Museum and the Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village in Canada. of Washington Press. His own childhood is part of the story. and citizenship in Canada. who in 1940 became the first communist elected to the Parliament of Canada. $85. the life and politics of Dorise Nielsen. embroidery. $50. of Toronto Pr. this work analyzes the changing role of the governor general of Canada between 1847 and 1878. Garcilaso de la. For information about BookNews Online. Sir Edmund Head (1854-61).F3442 2006-016436 978-0-87220-843-8 FC246 978-0-7748-1305-1 Royal commentaries of the Incas and general history of Peru. $29. Vega. by Ruth W. that constitutional conventions for the governor general being worked out. FC3250 1-55238-197-8 To the past. respectively. abridged. Barbara J. FC581 0-88755-690-6 Canada’s governors general. FC219 978-0-88864-466-4 Zhorna. identity and power are created and sustained in the social system. and their material culture. responses to the Robert Baden-Powell’s Boy Scout movement in the pre-World War I era. Ed. Livermore. emeritus) concludes the volume with a synthesis of important topics in Canadian history education from the past and anticipated in the future. when the principles and practices of responsible government were being worked out. U. historical. Shanti. Faith. which is supplemented with color and b&w photos and drawings of the people and objects he describes. and was a major activist for women’s rights and economic justice. biography and constitutional evolution. U. ©2006 308 p. UK) concentrates on three major areas of concern: “the racialized nature of Canada and the United States and the institutions and processes within these countries that undermine racialized minority groups’ full access to political participation and substantive citizenship. with a powerful search engine. The U. Grant. of Calgary Press.

transportation. G73 2006-023743 1-59158-361-6 Teaching global literacy using mnemonics. the lifeways of aboriginal people on the Alberta plains a thousand years ago.. as well as a chronology. and East Timor. work. folklore and mythology. They include annotated lists of picture and chapter books. Cabor. hence the change of title. Shackleton. and activities of the various UN organizations and programs.00 (pa) Ebbesmeyer. the population. ENVIRONMENT. $35. $45. $380. and to strengthen reading. $27. lists of modern rulers.FC3661 978-1-55238-196-0 G63 1-4144-1089-1 Alberta formed—Alberta transformed. Wickham-Jones now lives on Orkney. maps. and conversion tables. or cultural turning points in the history of the region. Libraries Unlimited. The first volume explores topics prior to the official proclamation of Alberta. food and nutrition. Ebbesmeyer. 1905-1980. environmental. Distributed by Michigan State U. Her additional aims are to help teachers educate students about cultural differences. and Scott. personal appearance. education. Each entry also contains a bibliographic guide to further reading. G80 2006-047184 978-0-393-06259-5 GEOGRAPHY. and rural and urban demographic trajectories in 1996. a glossary. Ronald S.00 ★★★★ This five-volume encyclopedia opens with a volume dedicated to the United Nations and its various agencies. domestic and foreign trade. industrial sectors. the Ring of Brodgar. Heyking. Chapters are organized by continent and connected to the US National Geography Standards. using critical and creative thinking. health. of West Georgia) describes early Portuguese expeditions along the African coast. Ed. drawings. Micronesia. and the signing of treaties with Alberta First Nations. Co-published with the U. World Heritage Orkney. a retired teacher now at Missouri Baptist U. and Europe in turn. the social credit revolution of 1935.00 Aimed at student researchers at the high school and beginning undergraduate levels. and the media. as well as other international governance bodies from the International Atomic Energy Agency to the World Bank. Title main entry. oil politics and economics in 1951. G140 2006-389753 978-1-905119-06-6 Between the wind and the water. such as the record of a massive volcanic eruption over 7. political history and institutions. The text is illustrated throughout with b&w and color maps. Supplementary materials include biographical profiles. military rebellion in 1870. Amy Von. ©2006 216 p. a global history of exploration.) presents an historical survey of exploration. excerpts from primary documents. the coming and going of peoples into the 20th century. this two-volume work brings together a range of historians. As with the older edition. and photographs. foreign policy and the military. Pathfinders.00 Kurian (president. and the exploration of the Pacific.95 Fernández-Armesto (Spanish culture and civilization. human rights. Thomson Gale. weights and measures. of Calgary Press and distributed in the US by Michigan State U. history and identity in Alberta’s schools. national and provincial government conflict over oil in 1980. legal. and archaeologists. Caroline. ©2006 195 p. living conditions. maps. Stanley. U. demography. balance of payments. Felipe. including discussion of the country’s currency. Love (history. ©2006 2718 p.. contain 194 entries providing information on individual countries of the world. U. W. taxes and customs. Press. For this edition. each entry focuses on a particular country and includes statistical and descriptive information on such topics as the climate and weather.95 (pa) By examining history and social studies curricula and textbooks used in Alberta schools from 1905 to 1980. Each entry is broad in coverage. Joan. Title main entry. G80 2006-015162 0-313-32043-8 Creating citizens. work. including Columbus. economy. media. FC3661 1-55238-144-7 Worldmark encyclopedia of the nations. Skara Brae.Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. Windgather Press. 5v. Other topics include the Spanish discovery of the Americas. ©2006 162 p. of Alberta Press. Maeshowe burials. housing. Title main entry. 1500-1900) Greenwood Press.1800. the smallpox epidemic of 1781-1782. cultural institutions. Wickham-Jones. by George Thomas Kurian. (Greenwood guides to historic events. ©2007 3539 p. history. Tufts U. and sports.. social development. the economy.W. Livingstone. Da Gama. holidays. each of whom was charged with writing a study of a particular year in the history of the Canadian province of Alberta. by Michael Payne et al. experiences of World War I. entertainment and recreation. This volume also contains glossaries of religious holidays and special terms. a guide to abbreviations and acronyms. Cook. It describes the structure. Peary. $100. expanding the focus on culture for the 190 entries from the previous work and the new entries on the Marshall Islands. social. religion. Academic but accessible to the general reader. new sections have been include on flora and fauna. Love. She describes and discusses four great monuments on the island. the Bronze and Iron Ages.000 years ago. explains how to teach world geography using mnemonics. TOURISM G63 2005-027695 0-8160-6307-9 Encyclopedia of the world’s nations and cultures. etiquette. Asia and Oceania. The fourth and final volume of the set includes a reference resources section cataloging relevant titles for further research. Following a chronology and historical overview. which she has studied for three decades. diagrams. economic. economists. Burton.00 A product of the work of the Alberta 2005 Centennial History Society. education. This has resulted in a diverse set of 31 essays intended to give readers a sense of the broad sweep of Albertan history and varied ways it can be interpreted. Maritime exploration in the age of discovery. 4v. 2v. reorganization of the fur trade in the 1820s. and other images. 1415-1800. V on Heyking explores the process of curriculum and provides insights into current debates about the purpose and content of public education. and an annotated bibliography. community identity and the Golden Jubilee of 1955. Norton. ©2006 428 p. Fernández-Armesto. status of women. –87– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . comparative statistics for all countries. The U. science and technology. of Alberta) demonstrates the ways Albertans were inculcated into the culture and shaped into Albertans. Earlier editions have been cited in Books for College Libraries (third edition) and in Public Library Catalog. of Calgary Press. $535. Univ. and famous persons. political scientists. religions. Inc. Facts On File. global facts. public finance. The set is illustrated throughout with two-tone photographs. $25. $34. and places them in the context of the people who built them and lived among them. and stories linking mnemonics. Press. von Heyking (elementary education. selected because they represent key political. science and technology. sample activities and reproducible worksheets. this text covers the maritime exploration that drove European trade and imperial expansion during the period 1415. ethnic composition. covering Africa. and the arrival of antiquarians and archaeologists. health. ©2006 178 p. Ed. the legal system. national and local governments. Topics in the second volume include economic depression in 1913.00 (pa) An archaeologist specializing in the early settlement of Scotland. ©2006 808 p. 12th ed. The next four volumes. and a subject index. the search for a northern passage to China. from the first trail finders from gathering cultures and great empires to the great explorers of the 19th and 20th centuries. family life. tourism and recreation. International Encyclopedia Society) presents an “extensive overhaul” of his 2002 Encyclopedia of the World’s Nations. She includes Mesolithic and early Neolithic times. history. the Americas. the constitution.

outlines its main contributions/themes. pricing principles for natural and cultural attractions. communist and postcolonial settings. G155 978-1-84541-050-6 The cruise of the Brooklyn. by Eric Laws and Bruce Prideaux. $54. in the South Atlantic station. consider borders as tourist attractions and destinations. Gillespie begins with a description of Operation Deep Freeze and gives details about achievements. Edward Elgar Publishing. G463 2006-925351 1-60105-005-4 Tourism crises. (New directions in tourism analysis) Ashgate Publishing Co. and map the Antarctic. the squadron’s helicopter crews. Haworth Pr. and the recent all-female crew. $29. devotion. G860 2006-275178 0-7414-2912-8 Travel and tourism.95 (pa) Thirty international academics. (reprint. and faded from history soon after his death. flag-ship Brooklyn. literature. consultants. and international levels. by Melanie K. The book has been copublished simultaneously as Journal of Travel & Tourism Marketing. and Forsyth is a professor at Monash U. reviews the existing literature.95 Adding to his list of biographies. $99. a proud pioneering Antarctic air unit. H. Their topics include a historiography of tourism in Cairo.. first published in 1885. nos. Ed.95 (pa) The USS Brooklyn. national. $36. Sharpley. global and local perspectives. by Greg Richards. as barriers to travel and the growth of tourism. accommodations. and researchers contribute 19 chapters examining theoretical aspects of cultural tourism and its relationship to heritage and the arts as evidenced by case studies from capitalist. 2/3. why it a major social phenomenon and a significant factor in the economic.00 Designed as a companion text for undergraduate courses in travel and tourism. which lasted from 1881 to 1884. anthropology. participation and (re)presentation. G590 978-1-905172-09-2 Tourism in the Middle East. Title main entry. Some of the subjects covered include tourism demand forecasting. and heritage as a tool for formal and informal learning. The text is presented in facsimile form with no ancillary materials. this gives background on why tourism may be the world’s largest industry. Title main entry. policies. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –88– .) Sage Publications.95 (pa) Laws and Prideaux. who are specialists in the geography of tourism and recreation. G155 2005-031478 978-0-7890-3208-9 Cultural tourism in a changing world. S. and planes they flew are listed in the appendices. Infinity Publishing Co. ©2006 303 p. G155 2006-012522 978-0-7546-4775-1 Cultural tourism. This work. architecture. the history of the United States Navy Antarctic Air Squadron VXE-Six. $255. essaywriting and revisions. and boundaries as links of transit and contributors to the growth of supranationalism. 7) Channel View Publications. change and transformation. Coverage includes cultural policy and politics. and enable the reader to see that cultural tourism is a political process.G155 2006-042016 978-1-84376-104-4 G156 2006-023764 978-0-7890-3117-4 International handbook on the economics of tourism.border areas. personnel and locations named after them. There is no index.95 (pa) This account relates the experiences of Antarctic aviators who served in the US Navy VX-6 and VXE-6 Squadron from its establishment in 1955 to its decommission in 1999. and why it deserves serious academic study. Australia. last man standing? Smith. They examine tourism flows and the economic wellbeing of communities at the regional. both affiliated with James Cook University. for the most part. as well as the subsequent voyage to Africa and Madagascar. He was a modest man. G155 2005-935565 978-1-4129-2294-4 Captain Francis Crozier. reach the North Pole. Title main entry.. planning. Distributed in the US by Dufour Editions. knowledge and skills for success. ©2005 160 p. management responses and theoretical insight. the role of air transport. and suggests directions for future research.95 (pa) Initiated in 1991. Michael. The Collins Press. $64. issues of authenticity and commodification. the portrayal of the Arab world in tourism advertising. Courage. of New South Wales. Noel. says Smith. Compact and accessible. visitor management. by Larry Dwyer and Peter Forsyth. (Tourism and cultural change. discussing issues such as crisis communication. commercial flights to the area. 1885) Beehler. urban and rural tourism. W. employee safety. whose nearly four decades of sea exploration included three great expeditions to navigate the North West Passage. The 16 case studies and essays address such issues as the impact of globalism on the distinctiveness of place. who received scant reward. continuity. Title main entry. (Sage course companions. 2005. Channel View Publications. Ed. ©2006 275 p.. About 150 pages of b&w photos are provided. and public sector investment in tourism infrastructure. or at least a set of economic transactions that have political impacts. Smith & Mike Robinson. Smith recounts the life of Crozier (17961849). and planning in cross. and exams. This volume contains papers originally presented by ATLAS members at an October 2003 meeting held in Barcelona. $35. Gillespie is an architectural design consultant and freelance aviation writer and lives in New Zealand.00 Leading scholars summarize current thinking on the major topics in tourism economics. attractions. notions of community participation and empowerment.95 Bringing together case studies from Europe. Haworth Hospitality Press. those who died. ©2006 242 p. strategy. a journal of the principal events of a three years’ cruise in the U. the US and Southern Africa.. was taken from the pages of the ship’s on-board newspaper. by Rami Farouk Daher. Gillespie. vol. 19. Australia. destination management and communication. ©2006 495 p. tour operations. They find that many borders that have traditionally hosted large-scale tourism are becoming more difficult to cross due to concerns about safety and illegal immigration. ©2006 232 p. the Cultural Tourism Research Project of the Association for Tourism and Leisure Education (ATLAS) has drawn upon the expertise of 85 collaborators on five continents. and that places once forbidden to foreigners are now opening up and new destinations are becoming more commonplace. $99. never wrote a book. politics. The authors. Ed. the Brooklyn Eagle. present the latest research on crisis management in the tourism industry. crashes. Ed. and other fields—some in the West and some in the Middle East—offer perspectives besides typical Orientalist conceptions or the fear of military and political instability. including tips for lectures and seminars. Title main entry. Collectively the chapters reveal the contested processes of transforming and mobilizing culture for touristic purposes in relation to changing contexts. the men and women of the “Puckered Penguins” the ice pirates. by Helmut Wachowiak. and international research. environmental and socio-cultural conditions of destinations. Distributed in the US by UTP Distribution. and tourism and power relations in Jordan. extending south of the equator from. Richard. No subject index. made four cruises in South American water between the end of the Civil War and her decommissioning. Ed. ©2007 347 p.. Scholar’s Bookshelf. ©2006 341 p. ©2007 325 p. and in tourism management. and the 1999 Austrian avalanche disaster. tourism’s typical role in development. Editor Richards has directed a number of ATLAS projects for the European Commission. sacrifice. Title main entry. a wooden screw sloop launched in 1858 and decommissioned in 1889. and interpretation in cultural tourism. the SARS epidemic. G156 2006-017791 978-1-84541-043-8 Tourism and borders. $34. Ed. ©2005 513 p. Case studies look at the industry’s responses to the September 11th attacks. and was authored by one of the ship’s officers. alliances in the airline industry. Squadron commanders. retailing and marketing. this focusing on the idea that the study is necessarily interdisciplinary. $29. Each of 21 chapters follows a common format that addresses a particular topic’s importance. contemporary issues. A section explains skills students will need. and covers such topics as changes and increases in demand. describes the events of the third of these cruises. The material. historic flights. and methods for maintaining yield during crisis situations.95 (pa) Scholars of tourism. and contemporary issues such as exploitation and appropriation. Editor Dwyer teaches at the U. these articles discuss current issues and policies.

towards disaster resilient societies. how maps reflect global politics and history.S. ©2006 119 p. and culture. large-scale maps for numerous islands in the Pacific. ethnography. the projection of power is a polite way of saying military bullying. place.69 (pa) Historians Larosa (Rhodes College. and Thailand and national workshops were organized in those countries. The maps. Harwood. as well as the assumptions the surveyors incorporated into their work and the those its interpreters drew from it. Among his perspectives are the idea of improvement. Firefly Books Ltd. ©2006 192 p. Jeremy. $54. the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) initiated a project to increase understanding of how this natural disaster affected people who were particularly vulnerable due to social marginalization. the Caribbean.95 (pa) For those who retain primitive preference for paper maps and those who know enough to have a reliable low-tech reference available for when electronics fail.E. and Germán R. U. Doherty (history. 100 maps that changed the world. ©2006 448 p. v.E. Michael J. as well as providing accurate and fully up-to-date data.C. and more pages for the bigger states. and one that had profound implications for nationality. by Jörn Birkmann.) finds that the two are not that different. large scale (11. which measures.75″) world atlas. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Arthur Jay. Korea and Taiwan. ©2006 192 p. GA102 0-7165-3372-3 Moving forward post-tsunami. with maps that show careful attention to quality and clarity. staff and activities.95 In cartography. The maps are organized into sections on the ancient.00 (pa) In response to the tsunami that hit eight Asian countries in December 2004. (fold-out map included) Title main entry. in parallel with their locations. the environmental components of vulnerability. G1541 2006-051197 978-0-7656-1598-5 To the ends of the earth. College Cork) offer a critical assessment of the cultural and historical work of what he considers one of the most important intellectual endeavors of the 19th century. and the cult of genealogy. ©2007 280 p. to NASA’s Blue Marble Maps of the world. so Washington and Oregon are found on adjacent pages. It has been translated from Italian by Jeremy Scott (affiliation not cited). ©2006 829 p. the Mediterranean basin and eastern Mediterranean. ©2007 144 p. (CD-ROM and fold-out map included) Falchetta.. The volume contains every sort of map from drawings found in Idaho. Javeriana. Rutgers U. (reprint. Mejía. $35. Studies were commissioned in Indonesia. GA201 2006-001247 0-275-99135-0 Firefly atlas of North America.25x14.00 Composed around 1450. and Kazakhastan and Central Asia. southern Lebanon. Israel. voices of the vulnerable. and off the coast of Africa. designed to inform rather than dazzle.00 These 100 maps demonstrate that the history of maps is also the history of humankind’s changing relationship with the world. Canada & Mexico. United States. United Nations Publications. Bogatá. GA66 978-1-84682-036-6 Measuring vulnerability to natural hazards. classical. with a commentary and translations of the inscriptions. ordnance survey 1824-1842. by ESCAP. and translation. Cadhla. Larosa. National U. Fra Mauro’s map of the world has long been recognized as a masterpiece of western cartography and has been reproduced and cited in hundreds of books. Press presents this 13th edition of its fairly affordable. Portuguese. The text includes a chronology and a list of resources for further study. fieldwork.00 Justifiably renowned for the superb quality of their maps.. Irish Academic Press. No subject index. history. and Afghanistan. Praeger. including the Disaster Risk Index and a human security index. New to this edition are new maps of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa. $156. GB5014 2006-028268 978-92-808-1135-3 An atlas and survey of Latin American history. creating direct and proactive programs. turning to global. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Title main entry. United States. for example. Mexico. Sri Lanka.. and language. $75. clearly indicating physical features. ©2006 237 p. Colombia) present a synthetic portrait of the interaction between physical geography and human history since the first arrival of people in that part of the Americas later colonized by countries with a mostly Latin-derived language—primarily Spanish. GC222 978-92-1-120473-5 The Irish ordnance survey. Klinghoffer. the maps are grouped according to location in the country rather than alphabetically. race. 11x15″. cartography. culture and memory. projection is the technique of representing the curved surface of the earth on a two-dimensional map. southwest Asia. and shows how the manner of making maps through the ages have reflected the political philosophies and aspirations of those who commissioned and used them. Anglicization. Oxford U. $29. Inc. ©2007 169 p.00 Cadhla (folklore and ethnology. Maps are included reflecting current events. mimicry. G1105 978-1-55407-207-1 Fra Mauro’s world map. GA201 978-1-58297-464-4 Road atlas. $12. by The David Brown Book Company. 2005) Doherty. Piero. and investing in measures that are part of a sustainable economic and social system. The CD-ROM contains a high-resolution image of the map.000 B.5″) to make poring over the pages more satisfying. Distributed in the U. Sharpe. $26. 10. the age of empire. along with software allowing for “navigation” between the map and its inscriptions. Maps for 41 cities and a gazetteer is provided. and method. –89– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . handsome. Summary reports of the national workshops and a regional workshop held in 2005 are also included. She considers topographic and antiquarian vision. subnational and local approaches to indexing hazards. disability status. 2007. the role of social levels. Title main entry. Title main entry. M. ©2006 272 p. Published in an oversized format (11x14.G1021 978-0-19-531321-5 GA201 978-2-503-51726-1 Oxford atlas of the world. indicators of user needs. frameworks designed to measure vulnerability and promote disaster-resilient societies. this spiral bound atlas. Articles give basic principles and theories. of Ireland-Cork) discusses the many dimensions of Ireland that the survey measured and recorded. F&W Publications. The maps are detailed. in political science. $55. and medieval worlds. are linedrawn with gray-scale shading. the age of discovery.00 An atlas’s most important feature must be its maps. They show how these approaches apply with surveys including those of the Americas and Europe and case studies of programs. presents state and major city maps: a page for the small states. G1210 0-8416-2811-4 The power of projections. and French. Ed. Canada. 13th ed. national parks. age and gender. Four Courts Press. the emergence of folklore and ethnology. $39. (Terrarvm Orbis: History of the representation of space in text and image. Oxford U. Title main entry. and notable drives. ©2006 524 p. A color fold-out map is also included with the volume. including new maps of Iraq. An introductory chapter detailing the project and offering a summary of key findings and recommendations is followed by chapters describing the individual studies of the three countries. and readers will not be disappointed with these. Press. Gillian M.00 (pa) The contributors of these 24 articles advocate discerning the worst hazards. $49. Stiofán Ó. national. United Nations University Pr. translation. and the modern world.5) Brepols Publishers. $80.95 (pa) Though he does not aspire to a comprehensive study of the 1824 Ordance Survey memoir scheme. American Map Corporation. Tennessee) and Mejía (Pontificia U. the rural poor and popular culture. c. Civilizing Ireland. Supplementary material includes info on tourist attractions. Klinghoffer (political science. Ed. This in-depth examination of the document is the result of a collaborative effort between historians and scholars at the Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana and the CIRCE at Venice’s IUAV University.

business. Donald R. examining Sakha responses to Soviet and post-Soviet industrial environmental degradation. the development of environmental codes by trade associations. and died at Vallombrosa. U. with the 1962 publication of Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring. Valerie and Steve Kroll-Smith. and the complex response to the equally complex relationship between social perceptions and physical realities. margin notes. Gunter. associations. accessible.” His multi-sited analysis seeks to connect local experience with wider forces by looking at how the Sakha developed a “cows-and-kin” food production system in response to the collapse of the Soviet Union.00 (pa) From an anthropological archaeological perspective. by J. Wulfhorst and Anne K.C. factions. ©2006 189 p. Middlebury College) recounts his trip to Italy following pioneering conservationist Marsh. the problems superimposed by incomplete or erroneous information. a list of major figures. and corporations cooperate towards achieving environmental goals. GE197 2006-024499 0-275-98535-0 Building sustainable communities. of Arizona Press. standard-setting organizations. and paradoxes of environmentalism.95 Although he finds the achievements of the Environmental Protection Agency over the course of the past few decades to be impressive. U. GF21 2006-004723 978-0-8139-2576-9 Governing the environment. ©2007 322 p. they examine the building of trust in government and its destruction by what locals perceive as betrayal. $15.95 (pa) Much of American political thinking is based on the implicit assumption of the value of ongoing economic growth. Garett Hardin. and compares them to early Arabic historical descriptions of the town.95 (pa) In a series of case studies. “an ethnography of sustainability by exploring how communities balance adaptation and resilience in the crossfire of globalizing and modernizing forces. and argues that many of these activities distract from the hard work of creating a sustainable relationship with the natural environment. and failed health and education systems. and boxes on key concepts. and E. Pearson / Longman. David. Earlier versions of some of the material appeared in his 1997 The Age of Environmentalism. and offer reports and illustrations of the process from Europe. Liddick (administration of justice. and evidence of his influence in the Vermont landscape today.). With special emphasis on the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Ed. industrialized agriculture. in the words of Crate (human ecology. GE180 90-420-2123-3 A democracy built to last. Robert. social capital as a factor in response. Roderick Nash. Liddick. Pine Forge Press. of North Carolina. Susan A.95 Adopting the terminology of the hard right in the US. such as ecotourism. Edward. including economic disparities. ©2006 327 p. Greensboro) examine what happens when environments and communities collide and all the baggage of the past comes open. John. radical environmental and animal liberation movements. but also explains what they think and how they feel while they do it. groups. From there he looks at environmental and natural resource scholars who followed her during the 1960s and 1970s. Environmentalism. environmental justice & global citizenship. of Pittsburgh-Greensburg) explains not only how environmental and animal rights movements break laws. De Steiguer. Gunter (sociology. giving special attention to material excavated from the acropolis of Awdaghost.GE40 2006-006338 978-0-8165-2461-7 GE197 0-9777971-0-4 The origins of modern environmental thought. Holl analyzes the spatial organization of the inhabited space in medieval towns of West Africa. $75. GF676 2006-014199 978-0-7591-0739-7 Cows. A timeline. Elder. the literature of a prophetic tradition in conservation as exemplified by Marsh’s 1864 Man and Nature. They are not indexed. Lynne Rienner Publishers. Paul Ehrlich. Eisner (public policy and government. and Australia. The 14 papers are from a February 2004 Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship conference in Copenhagen. $39. Wesleyan U. F.25x8″) overview explores the recurring tension between conservation and preservation. Schumacher. an ethnography of sustainability. $24. ©2006 355 p. Eisner. ©2006 282 p. Peterson del Mar. the transformation of environmental regulation.D. (Anthropological papers. It considers a range of conservation and preservation movements as well as less organized forms of nature loving.00 This is an ethnography of the indigenous Sakha people of subarctic Russia and is also written as. Volatile places.of Anthropology. of Arizona) starts where most people do. $34. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –90– . environmental despoliation. of New Orleans) and Kroll-Smith (sociology.95 (pa) De Steiguer (natural resources economics and policy. GE180 2006-024722 978-1-58826-460-2 Eco-terrorism. of Virginia Press. and comparing the Sakha experience to Canadian indigenous experiences with diamond mining. Beattie. Applecart Books. ©2006 236 p. Haugestad. Title main entry. and globalization.95 (pa) The publisher’s Big Ideas series offers brief. This work argues that failure to recognize the impossibility of continuing economic growth in a finite world is what has given rise to a host of problems. concluding with a discussion of how to incorporate them into his conceived system of environmental governance. GE195 2006-016905 0-7619-8750-9 ANTHROPOLOGY GN2 2006-000280 978-0-915703-61-6 West African early towns. archaeology of households in urban landscapes.95 Elder (English and environmental studies. Vermont in 1801. He places the findings there with in the larger context of towns in the region. perceptions of fair treatment in crisis. dating to about 900-1500. North America. Crate. jargon-free summaries of ideas that shaped the 20th century and continue to shape the present. $29. GE195 2006-040862 978-0-582-77297-7 Pilgrimage to Vallombrosa. U. Augustin F. Lynn White. $17. kin. from Vermont to Italy in the footsteps of George Perkins Marsh.. ©2006 214 p. in the mountains of eastern Tuscany. and other realms argue for the importance of building sustainable communities. Editions Rodopi. Peterson del Mar has taught environmental history at colleges in Canada and the US and has published four books on social history. in 1882. a sociology of communities and environmental controversies. ©2006 168 p. U. ©2007 241 p. Holl. George Mason U. $26. ©2006 246 p. He first describes the historical development of the core public and private elements of his proposed framework in the US and at the international level. Green/Populist steps toward a livable future. (Globalization and the environment) AltaMira Press. $65. Praeger. Marc Allen.) argues that there is a need to integrate recent private sector innovations—advances in corporate environmental management. and the global dissemination of international environmental standards—into the public regulatory framework into a system of environmental governance wherein regulators. $59.95) U of Mich/Mus. He does not provide an index. The three sections focus in turn on Tuscany. Inc. This conveniently sized (5. (Under the sign of nature) U. no. J. also known as Tegdaoust. U.00 (pa) Scholars and practitioners in natural and social sciences. who was born in Woodstock. emphasizing the complexities. Among them are Barry Commoner. and individuals are included. It counterposes the idea of sustainability and sketches out how American politics might look if we were to prioritize sustainability.

. Aside from its value as social history. biological classification. and general and particular. ©2006 235 p. cultural anthropology. GN296 2006-019726 1-59874-034-2 Women in anthropology.” document institutional relations in the field. and philosophical modernity. U. psychology. Victor. Ed. All four sub-disciplines of the field—cultural. westerners.25 (pa) With an emphasis on the diversity of cultures around the world. ethnic boundary markers. Diane L. ©2008 594+ p. Grard. 12th ed. Conrad Phillip. 6th ed. relating his field and archival work to his ideas on anthropology’s history and the development of its theory. human osteology. Title main entry. sibling and cousin. U. particularly in a cognitive sense. culture. Pedagogical tools include chapter summaries. ©2006 173 p. $115. Wadsworth Publishing Co. contradictions under colonialism and paternalism. GN20 2006-013216 1-59874-083-0 Lab manual and workbook for physical anthropology. before they split off from the common evolutionary tree. and HIV. Westendorp. Clifford.. $113. Description and comparison in cultural anthropology. and hominid evolution. Frank A. and modernity. Coverage includes an examination of what our preverbal ancestors looked like and what their capacities were. the mere process of getting accepted to a doctoral program. of Toronto) looks at neo-primitivism. (reprint 2004) Wilcox. the affects of diaspora. but all of them were looked upon as odd creatures who did not really fit in. GN316 0-8020-9111-3 Anthropology. AIDS and cultures of blame in Africa. AldineTransaction. $29. Color photographs of skeletal remains are provided. (CD-ROM included) Kottak. the image of the body. highlighted key terms. Here he discusses how people there choose between and combine various causes both of the disease and of the illness and suffering it produces.95 (pa) They had no intellectual maps. Harrison (anthropology. and has been abandoned as not politically correct. historically situate anthropological “subjects. critical reflections on alterity. which eschewed generalization and evolutionary thinking. Canada) and Darnell (anthropology. The sixth edition adds chapters on human growth and development. Spiral binding and perforated pages. more than once. of Western Ontario. Rödlach conducted field work as an anthropologist in Zimbabwe during the 1990s. Ed. $119. University of Chicago anthropologist Redfield (1897-1957) was one of the first to challenge the historical anthropological approach. and. a rejection of primitivism that allows it to reappear in new and more acceptable forms. assessing his contributions to anthropological theory and social science methodology. Kottak. He comments on the work of Frank Boas and the construction of race in relation to the development of African American studies. McGraw-Hill. he says. and being taking seriously was monumental. Lexington Books. GN25 2006-922137 978-0-7618-3454-0 The neo-primitivist turn. GN281 978-0-7734-5682-2 From language as speech to language as thought. Salamone.000 B. $60. Left Coast Press. Edwin Mellen Pr.00 Primitive. pioneered by Franz Boas. Canada) place the papers into sections that grapple with the basic problems and issues of historicizing Canadian anthropology. Li. ©2006 292 p. $24.95 (pa) This supplemental textbook explores specific topics in-depth and provides exercises for applying the concepts of genetics. by Julia Harrison and Regna Darnell. Univ. $85. The four essays cover marriage and family. how we think and why we act as we do. by Maria G.. The work they produced challenged every sexist and ageist aspect of academia. this textbook introduces undergraduates to the study of cultural anthropology. The result is a memoir of a purposeful. Trent U. ©2006 295 p. insight-seeking. the ongoing role of the missionary. indirect rule. the great leap in evolution (40. In these 17 narratives by pioneering academics and other researchers. GN25 2006-046622 978-0-07-353094-9 Cultural anthropology. with a close focus on issues of race and ethics.95 (pa) A Catholic priest now at the Anthropos Institute in Florida. $27. fashion in the 1950s. Conrad Phillip. He show how it functions in the writings of postmodernist theory.95 (pa) This is a paperbound reprint of a 2004 book. $35. Angeline Westendorp-van Roosmalen. A “Living Anthropology” CD-ROM contains 25 video clips. This work examines his career. ©2007 349 p. McGraw-Hill. and sociology—to explore how the evolution of verbal communication and thought affect what we are. biological/physical. ©2006 247 p. Westendorp’s (1948-2001) text explores the evolution in humans from a species capable of verbal communication to one capable of verbal thought. $50. and linguistic—are covered. and consider comparisons with and connections to other national traditions. colonialism and the creation of ethnic identity. and how it should never again be. the exploration of human diversity. the transition from a hominid using a few words to improve communication to a species that can consciously control what goes on it its mind whenever and wherever it so chooses. a category invented by the modern West to denigrate other people. some of them never left. GN345 2006-045613 978-0-202-30861-6 Reflections on theory and history in anthropology. of Toronto Pr. autobiographical narratives and social history. GN21 2004-044182 978-0-7391-1777-4 Witches. views on death. About two dozen “Living Anthropology” video clips are found on the accompanying CD-ROM. and critical thinking questions. and analyses of three aspects of modern human life—from medicine. ©2006 259 p. –91– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 .00 (pa) Salamone (sociology.95 (pa) Goodenough (emeritus anthropology. $29. this textbook introduces undergraduates to the study of anthropology. each corresponding to a chapter in the text. (reprint. Ward H. many had no mentors. Cattell and Marjorie M. getting to the university in question. Iona College) examines his work in cultural anthropology over the past 30 years. 12th ed. Rödlach. Press of America. Title main entry. France. U. He was also important in the debates over the nature and purpose of social science in general.95 Published posthumously by his partner.). rituals and shamans. U. Li (English.00 Is there a distinctly Canadian tradition of anthropology? This is the overarching question guiding this collection these 21 papers seeking to set the development of Canadian anthropology and the activities and theories of Canadian anthropologist in historical perspective. They were delivered as the 1968 Lewis Henry Morgan Lectures at the University of Rochester. working life in anthropology. Left Coast Press. U. 1970) Goodenough. The 12th edition features a new chapter on the evolutionary origins of human culture. of British Columbia Press. literary and cultural studies. getting their field work and dissertation proposals approved nearly took superhuman powers. this also tells new academic women how it was. meaning in music and religion. they attribute causes that have meaning in their culture. and connections are made to prominent current issues and approaches. Like westerners. ©2006 338 p.05 (pa) With an emphasis on human diversity. Some of them went back to school. and quite a few had no help on that “second shift” of keeping a family together and relatively well-fed and clean. maturity. kindred and clan. In his studies of “transitional” Mexican peasant communities. archaeological. GN316 2006-046621 978-0-07-353095-6 Robert Redfield and the development of American anthropology. and intentional modification and anomalies. of Pennsylvania) illustrates some of the difficulties anthropologists have had in overcoming ethnocentrism when describing and comparing features of other cultures. the pervading note of Jazz..GN17 978-0-7748-1272-6 GN50 2006-92846 0-495-09399-8 Historicizing Canadian anthropology. Alexander.C. ©2006 246 p. ©2008 390+ p. ethnographic writing. Schweitzer.






Documents; artifacts of modern knowledge.
Title main entry. Ed. by Annelise Riles. U. of Michigan Press, ©2006 243 p. $65.00 Pivoting on the document as one particular ethnographic artifact, mostly US anthropologists explore how ethnographers conceive, grasp, appreciate, and see patterns rather than engage in the experimentation and analysis that are standard methodology in the social sciences. Documents were chosen as the lens because of their very centrality to social sciences, and so as an extreme example of how ethnographic knowledge differs from other types of knowledge. GN345 2006-006854 1-4129-1442-6

Warfare and society; archaeological and social anthropological perspectives.
Title main entry. Ed. by Ton Otto et al. Aarhus University Press, ©2006 557 p. $83.95 Over the past few decades, military historians have begun to look at the social aspects of war, but the archaeologists and anthropologists here find that even these historians treat war as something set aside from other practices. Seeking to show how war is instead an outgrowth or extension of fundamental features of a society, they cover conceptions of warfare in Western thought and research, pre-state societies, the state, discourse and identity, and weaponry and material culture. Their time frame stretches from Neolithic Britain and Ireland to Bosnia in the 1990s. GN549 963-05-8284-8

An introduction to intercultural communication; identities in a global community, 5th ed.
Jandt, Fred E. Sage Publications, ©2007 444 p. $59.95 (pa) Jandt’s (communication, California State U.) textbook is designed for introductory courses in culture and communication at the sophomore or junior level in departments of communication, business, and anthropology, and assumes no previous course work in communication or culture studies. The fifth edition includes new “Focus on Theory” sections to highlight theory, and updated domestic and global examples, including new material on the effects of increased Muslim immigration to Western Europe, throughout the text. GN345 2006-025962 1-84545-282-8

Khanty mythology.
Kulemzin, Vladislav et al. Ed, by Vladimir Napolskikh et al. (Encyclopedia of Uralic mythologies; 2) Akadémiai Kiadó, ©2006 241 p. $55.00 Having among studied among the Khanty and written widely about them, Kulemzin (history, Tomsk State U.) led the team of scholars that produced this first treatise to appear in English about the Uralic speaking people Western Siberian people. They wrote it in Russian, actually, and Marja-Leea Hattuneimi translated it into English. The alphabetical entries discuss objects, ceremonies, activities and other matters pertaining to Khanty mythology. Introductory essays outline the sources of information and the traditional Khanty world view. Three poems are also included. Distributed in the US by ISBS. GN560 2005-036671 978-0-8203-2832-4

The Manchester School; practice and ethnographic praxis in anthropology.
Title main entry. Ed. by T.M.S. Evens and Don Handelman. Berghahn Books, ©2006 334 p. $25.00 (pa) Evens (anthropology, U. of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Handelman (anthropology, The Hebrew U. of Jerusalem) compile 14 essays on the extended-case method and situational analysis of the Manchester School of Anthropology, which was pioneered by Max Gluckman. The contributed essays, which originated in a workshop organized for the Biennial Conference of the European Association of Social Anthropologists in 2002, are by the editors and other former students and colleagues of Gluckman. They discuss theorizing and historicizing the extended-case method, followed by case studies of locations in Sweden and Africa. A reprinted essay by Gluckman is included. GN346 2006-006923 978-1-4051-2593-2

Caribbean and Southern; transnational perspectives on the U.S. South.
Title main entry. Ed. by Helen A. Regis. (Southern Anthropological Society proceedings; no.38) Univ. of Georgia Press, ©2006 154 p. $19.95 (pa) Six papers from the Society’s 2003 meeting in Baton Rouge, Louisiana explore the conceptualization of the US South, and its cultural and geographical affinities with the global South as represented by the Caribbean. Their topics include Southern African, and British influence in Bahamian foodways; hidden transcripts in diasporic ritual performance; and eastern Caribbean dimension of a Southern Problem. They are not indexed. GN575 2006-019278 1-84545-190-2

Ethnographic fieldwork; an anthropological reader.
Title main entry. Ed. by Antonius C. G. M. Robben and Jeffrey A. Sluka. (Blackwell anthologies in social & cultural anthropology; 9) Blackwell Publishing, ©2007 616 p. $89.95 As any student of cultural and social anthropology knows, fieldwork based on participant observation lies at the very heart of the discipline. Rather than simply present a compendium of fieldwork methods, Robben (anthropology, Utrecht U., the Netherlands) and Sluka (anthropology, Massey U., New Zealand) have produced an anthology that is intended to provide students with an overall context for fieldwork by gathering classic and contemporary writings presenting qualitative, subjective, and reflexive perspectives on fieldwork that will simultaneously illustrate the broad range of approaches, methods, problems, problems, experiences, and ethical issues involved. Thirty-eight readings are presented in sections covering fieldwork beginnings; fieldwork identity; fieldwork relations and rapport; perspectives of the “Other;” fieldwork conflicts, hazards, and dangers; fieldwork ethics; multi-sited fieldwork; sensorial fieldwork; reflexive ethnography; and fictive fieldwork and fieldwork novels. GN366 0-521-61406-6

Neo-nationalism in Europe and beyond; perspectives from social anthropology.
Title main entry. Ed. by Andre Gingrich and Marcus Banks. Berghahn Books, ©2006 303 p. $25.00 (pa) Prompted in part by the near-simultaneous rise of far-right parliamentary neo-nationalist parties in Europe, editors Gingrich (social anthropology, U. of Vienna, Austria), Banks (visual anthropology, U. of Oxford, UK), and their contributors undertook to analyze these movements through an anthropological lens that focuses on questions of historical consciousness, ideologies of identity, globalization, and the symbolism of nationalism. After a pair of chapters address theoretical and methodological concerns, case studies of neo-nationalist movements in Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Italy, and France are presented. These are followed by more general discussions of European neo-nationalism and a pair of comparative chapters discussing India’s Hindu-identity Bharatiya Janata Party and new rightists in Australia. GN641 2006-002146 0-415-77081-5

The Cambridge handbook of acculturation psychology.
Title main entry. Ed. by David L. Sam and John W. Berry. Cambridge U. Pr., ©2006 551 p. $50.00 (pa) Thirty-six international academics and researchers contribute 31 chapters to an edited text compiling and systemizing the current state of the art by exploring the broad international scope of acculturation. Coverage includes an overview of the main theories and concepts within the field; issues pertaining to research design, methodology and measurement; research findings, both general and specific, on the various kinds of acculturating groups that are found in plural societies; research findings from a variety of societies of settlement, where much of the investigative work on acculturation has been taking place; and applications, drawing upon both theory and empirical findings to address issues of work, school, society and health that may arise in plural societies as a result of acculturation. For scholars and graduate-level students in crosscultural psychology, and practitioners and policymakers working with minority ethnic groups and immigrants.

Muslim diaspora; gender, culture, and identity.
Title main entry. Ed. by Haideh Moghissi. Routledge, ©2006 238 p. $120.00 Episodic or consistent unity between Islamic communities in the West has more to do with their current situation than with a shared religion or culture, argue social scientists. They challenge the notion of a single homogeneous Islamic culture in 14 papers, all but two from a May 2004 conference in Toronto. Among the recurring notions that rise are that identity is always constructed in relation to others, and diaspora itself as an agent of social and cultural change especially for women.

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Cosmopolitan desire; transcultural dialogues and antiterrorism in Morroco.
Foster, Stephen William. (Alterations book series) AltaMira Press, ©2006 245 p. $75.00 Through a series of narratives and interpretations rather than formal ethnography, American independent anthropologist Foster looks to Morocco for answers to how encounters between Others shape people’s self-understanding and their life histories. Having visited Morocco often since 1970, he chronicles the country’s move toward Europe and the US and his own move toward the North African country from his native San Francisco. GN657 2006-023773 0-313-33246-0

Marshland communities and cultural landscapes.
Evans, Christopher and Ian Hodder. (The Haddenham project; v.2) McDonald Inst./Archaeol. Res., ©2006 509 p. $75.00 This is the second volume reporting on the archaeological investigations of the Haddenham project, which conducted landscape surveys at four sites north of Cambridge (UK) from 1981-1987, documenting shifting human settlement and land use patterns as Neolithic woodland transformed into Romano-British marshland. In this volume, Evans (director, archaeological unit, Cambridge U., UK) and Hodder (cultural and social anthropology, Stanford U., US) focus on the later periods investigated by the project, describing the material finds from Bronze Age, Iron Age, and Roman, and post- Medieval landscapes and commenting on their meaning for our understanding of landscape use, ritual, and other cultural practices. Distributed in the US by The David Brown Book Co. GN776 1-902937-31-7

Culture and customs of Zambia.
Taylor, Scott D. (Culture and customs of Africa) Greenwood Press, ©2006 148 p. $49.95 Emphasizing that culture is a thing of both continuity and change, this book presents a portrait of the African nation of Zambia’s culture and custom in manner accessible to the general reader. After an introduction to Zambia’s land, people, and history, chapters are presented on religion and worldview; literature and the media; art, architecture, and housing; cuisine and traditional dress; gender roles, marriage, and family; social customs and lifestyle; and music and dance. Also included are a chronology, a glossary, a selected bibliography, and an index. GN659 2006-025373 978-0-313-33163-3

A woodland archaeology; neolithic sites at Haddenham.
Evans, Christopher and Ian Hodder. McDonald Inst./Archaeol. Res., ©2006 389 p. $75.00 This publication (the first in a two-volume set) provides the details of sites excavated at Haddenham, north of Cambridge. Evans (Cambridge U. Archaeological Unit) and Hodder (cultural and social anthropology, Stanford U.), along with other contributing specialists, describe the results of the U. of Cambridge’s research excavations in the marshland environs of Haddenham, Cambridgeshire, along the lower fenland reaches of the River Great Ouse. They focus on long-term construction of the cultural landscape, regional environmental adaptation, and the changing interrelationship and constitution of ritual settlement over time. Methodology and process are explained, in addition to themes of community resolution, marginalization, and representation. Analogical commentaries from local and international sources are incorporated. Fieldwork was undertaken from 1981-1987, during the later phases of the Fenland Survey Project. Diagrams and photos are included. The book is intended for practitioners of British and European prehistory and wetland and landscape archaeologists. Distributed in the US by The David Brown Book Co. GN799 0-9539923-9-X

Culture and customs of Mozambique.
Ndege, George O. (Culture and customs of Africa) Greenwood Press, ©2007 133 p. $49.95 For general readers, Ndege (history, St. Louis U.) provides an overview of the culture and traditions of Mozambique, with attention to its geography, economy, and politics; religions and worldview; literature; media; art; architecture and housing; cuisine; dress; gender roles, marriage, and family; social customs; and music and dance. Its ethnic diversity—yet common cultural elements—as well as conflict between the traditional and modern aspects of life, are emphasized. Some b&w photos are included. GN772 90-76368-12-0

Beyond the site; the Saalian archaeological record at Maastricht-Belvèdère (The Netherlands). (CD-ROM included)
De Loecker, Dimitri. (Analecta praehistorica leidensia; 35/36) Faculty of Archaeology, Leiden, ©2005 300 p. $110.00 (pa) Beginning in 1985, De Loecker participated in the annual excavation program and used the experience as the basis of this, his doctoral dissertation, which he began in 1992. He also took part in a program between 1994 and 1999 investigating the cultural adaptations of Pleistocene hunter-gatherers in Northern Europe during the past 500,000 when climate fluctuations resulted in the ebb and flood of hominid presence. Here he summarizes the geology, palaeoenvironment, and dating; Middle Palaeolithic technology; sites and finds; and patterns of behavior and spatial aspects of technology. The disk contains site-specific data. There is no index. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. GN776 978-1-84217-214-8

A.F.L. Beeston at the Arabian Seminar and the other papers including a personal reminiscence by W.W. Müller.
Title main entry. Ed. by M.C.A. Macdonald and C.S. Phillips. Archaeopress, ©2005 179 p. $40.00 (pa) A personal reminiscence of Arabist Beeston (1911-95) and a revised bibliography of his work introduce a selection of his work. The first section contains five previous unpublished papers; the second section is a new edition of papers previously published in The Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies between 1971 and 1991. No index is provided. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. GN799 1-905739-01-X

Seminar for Arabian Studies; v.36, 2006; proceedings.
Seminar for Arabian Studies Meeting (39th: 2005: London, UK) (Seminar for Arabian Studies) Archaeopress, ©2006 299 p. $100.00 (pa) Before the 14 reports on recent archaeological work in Arabia, 10 papers honor the memory of A. F. L. Beeston (1911-95), a pillar of the profession, with personal accounts of him and studies on topics of particular interest to him. The reports include the Tylos burials in Bahrain, Arabic rock inscriptions of south Sinai, and Yemeni oceanic policy at the end of the 13th century. There is no index. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. GN805 0-7524-3764-X

Animals in the Neolithic of Britain and Europe.
Title main entry. Ed. by Dale Serjeantson and David Field. (Neolithic studies group seminar papers; 7) Oxbow Books, ©2006 178 p. $56.00 (pa) The 12 papers represent most of the presentations at the November 2003 symposium, held at the British Museum. There being no previous general book or collection of papers on Neolithic animals in Europe, the contributing archaeologists and curators have sought to suggest the breadth of the field and the research waiting to be pursued. Their topics include dogs and wolves in Britain, spent grain as cattle feed, ploughing with cows at Knossos, food or feast at Runnymede, and early Bronze Age auroch in west London. There is no index. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company.

Scotland’s hidden history, 2d ed.
Armit, Ian. Tempus Publishing, ©2006 190 p. $27.50 (pa) Armit offers a narrative of Scotland’s past anchored on monuments that the public can visit. His first chapter summarizes the entire period up to 1000 AD, and subsequent chapters focus on particular eras and structures within it. Among them are tombs of the first farmers, forts and farms of the Iron Age, the Roman interlude, and the Vikings. He includes map coordinates and directions to the sites, and in many cases photographs so visitors will know when they have arrived. Distributed in the US by Trafalgar Square Publishing.


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The Greenwood library of American folktales; 4v.
Title main entry. Ed. by Thomas A. Green. Greenwood Press, ©2006 1524 p. $299.95 Following the practice, if not the explicit policy, of the America Folklore Society, Green (anthropology, Texas A&M U.) organizes his anthology of folktales by geographical regions. The jokes, folktales, legends, myths, and personal experiences are designed to provide access to the range of narrative genres for educators, students, and researchers who require examples to illustrate these genres. For each narrative, he identifies the tradition bearer, literary source, date, original location, and national origin—to the extent that they are known. The four volumes tramp from the northeast to the northwest, and there they hop aboard that old cyberspace to finish the trip. They are paged and referenced separately, but the cumulative index in each volume facilitates the comparison of variants in different regions. GR111 2006-000652 978-0-313-33325-5

Legends of blood; the vampire in history and myth.
Bartlett, Wayne and Flavia Idriceanu. Praeger, ©2006 205 p. $44.95 Bartlett, a historian specializing in eastern Europe, and Idriceanu, a philologist in Romania, explore historical, literary, and religious origins of some of the features now associated with the vampire legend, and trace the development of those features down the centuries through the evolution of themes and the changes in media. Among their topics are the vampire epidemics, landscapes of magic, the witch, the magus, the power of the mind, and the undead. GT2846 2006-010111 978-4-7700-3020-7

Getting wet; adventures in the Japanese bath.
Talmadge, Eric. Kodansha International, ©2006 255 p. $22.00 Associated Press journalist Eric Talmadge has lived in Japan for 25 years, and his articles about bathing in Japan have appeared in newspapers around the world. In 11 engaging essays, he offers his reflections on the history and cultural significance of bathing, as well as on a wide range of bathing experiences—including bathing "theme parks" and a tub that dispenses electric shocks. He concludes with tub tips that address etiquette for those thinking of traveling to Japan. GT2853 2006-025398 978-0-7864-2670-6

Chicano folklore; a handbook.
Herrera-Sobek, Maria. (Greenwoop folklore handbooks) Greenwood Press, ©2006 334 p. $55.00 Herrera-Sobek has been researching and writing about Chicano folklore since the 1970s. Here she introduces the history, context, genres, and definitions related to the study. Abundant examples of folk songs (including the ten-strophe poem and the drug-smuggling ballad), proverbs and jokes, children’s songs and games, and folk theater are presented in both English and Spanish. Additionally, the author discusses folk belief, costumes, dance, medicine, ailments, art, and food in the politically conscious Chicano culture. One chapter discusses the work and methods of four generations of Chicano folklorists. GR166 2006-027919 0-313-33464-1

Food fight!; the battle over the American lunch in schools and the workplace.
Lautenschlager, Julie L. McFarland & Co., ©2006 246 p. $35.00 (pa) The story of lunch in American schools and workplaces is, according to this work, intimately connected with the industrialization and commercialization of American society. The author explores the development of the role of lunch in modern American food ideology, examining how the way Americans consume the meal has been manipulated by powerful interests ranging from progressive reformers drawing links between nutrition and industrial productivity to governmental officials treating lunch as a matter of national security to advertisers seeking markets for new products. GT3330 1-904965-07-5

The pied piper; a handbook.
Mieder, Wolfgang. (Greenwood folklore handbooks) Greenwood Press, ©2007 189 p. $55.00 Mieder (German and folklore, U. of Vermont) explores the folktale through its seven centuries of oral and written transmission and more recent appearances in such media as film, cartoons, and advertisements. Following the series format, he covers definition and classification, examples and texts, scholarship approaches, and modern contexts. Most of the scholarship on The Pied Piper is in German. GR320 2006-929927 978-0-495-09280-3

Death redesigned; British crematoria history, architecture and landscape.
Grainger, Hilary J. Spire Books, ©2005 519 p. $70.00 (pa) Not until the 1990s did scholars show much interest in the history of cremation in Britain, and none so far have focused on the changing architecture of crematoria. Being a specialist in that very thing, Grainger (fashion, U. of the Arts, London) traces the changes in the places of cremation from the late 19th century, when the practice began in Britain, to their privatization after 1970. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. GT3331 2006-389302 978-1-904965-04-6

Challenging gender norms; five genders among the Bugis in Indonesia.
Davies, Sharyn Graham. (Case studies in cultural anthropology) Wadsworth Publishing Co., ©2007 152 p. $27.95 (pa) Davies (anthropology, Auckland U. of Technology) describes gender diversity among the Bugis, the largest ethnic group in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. After exploring the concept of gender in general and whether it is considered important in their society, she explains that there are five genders in their culture, including masculine man, feminine woman, masculine female, feminine male, and androgynous shamans. Certain characteristics define them, such as lifestyle, behavior, clothing, social and ritual roles, sexual practices, and erotic desires. Her ethnographic research consists of interviews, conversations, and observations. In addition, she considers gender and biological sex, bodies, identity, sexuality, and marriage. GR337 2006-006229 978-0-8248-3079-3

Committed to the cleansing flame; the development of cremation in nineteenth-century England.
Parsons, Brian. Spire Books, ©2005 328 p. $70.00 (pa) For over two decades, Parsons has researched the London funeral industry, and is a specialist on the development of cremation. Focusing on Woking Crematorium, he traces the development of cremation from 1874, when the Cremation Society of England was founded, to 1902, which saw the opening of Golden Green Crematorium and the passing of the Cremation Act. His study is just a beginning, he says, and there are plenty of questions left for other historians. Distributed in the US by the David Brown Book Company. GT3930 2006-011057 978-1-84541-047-6

The three boys and other Buddhist folk tales from Tibet.
Title main entry. Ed. by Yeshi Dorjee. Trans.and John S. Major. U. of Hawai’i Pr., ©2007 223 p. $17.95 (pa) Bhutan-born and Indian-educated, Dorjee now teaches as a Buddhist center in California. Here he retells 15 traditional stories that he either learned as a child or heard from expatriate Tibetan monks at university in India. He also illustrates then with line drawings. The stories are not religious instruction or stories about Buddhism, but folk tales within a Buddhist culture. Major is a retired historian of East Asia in the US.

Festivals, tourism and change; remaking worlds.
Title main entry. Ed. by David Picard and Mike Robinson. (Tourism and cultural change; 8) Channel View Publications, ©2006 293 p. $49.95 (pa) Traditional local festivals that foster a sense of community have increasingly become a destination of organized tourism. Picard (anthropology, Sheffield Hallam U., UK) and Robinson (tourism and culture, Leeds Metropolitan U., Leeds) introduce 16 chapters by international contributors treating the issues involved in rediscovered, reinvented, or newly created events from Australia’s Camp Oven Festival to gay and lesbian pride festivals. For example, does global marketing compromise their authenticity and promote a postmodern sense of placelessness? Distributed in the US by UTP Distribution.

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African-American holidays, festivals,and celebrations; the history, customs, and symbols associated with both traditional and contemporary religious and secular events observed by Americans of African descent.
Gay, Kathlyn. Omnigraphics, Inc., ©2007 566 p. $65.00 (pa) Gay presents a reference guide to the wide array of annual events honoring the heritage of African Americans and people of the African diaspora who have immigrated to the U.S. The 109 entries in the book are arranged alphabetically by the name of the event. Each entry includes the date and location of observance; what or who the event commemorates and the type of observation; historical background; the process by which the event was created; a description of the event’s observance, customs, and symbols; listings of website and contact information; and suggestions for further reading. Also included are a chronology of the events and associated individuals/historical events; a monthly calendar of events; a geographical listing of the events; a bibliography; and alphabetical listing of organizations, their websites and contact information. The author’s credentials are not stated. GT4820 2005-028395 978-0-8165-2511-9

A manufactured wilderness; summer camps and the shaping of American youth, 1890-1960.
Van Slyck, Abigail A. (Architecture, landscape, and American culture series) U. of Minnesota Press, ©2006 296 p. $34.95 Van Slyck (art history, Connecticut College) offers an architectural history of children’s summer camps in North America from 1890-1960, while viewing the environment as something socially constructed for campers and their parents. She examines the camps’ roles in the social construction of childhood, as they were part of a trend in the beginning of the twentieth century of places that catered solely to children. She discusses social and cultural trends that influenced the camp phenomenon, those who owned, operated, and built them, and issues relating to race, gender, and class that affected their development. Her approach, which views architecture as a process, is a cultural one that considers the natural environment, outdoor areas, structures, program activities, and the use of Native American motifs. Many period photos are examined, as well as brochures, construction documents, and other literature. Family, well-baby, special-needs, and skill-based camps are excluded. GV193 978-0-7689-2445-9

Unmasking class, gender, and sexuality in Nicaraguan festival.
Borland, Katherine. U. of Arizona Press, ©2006 223 p. $45.00 Borland (humanities, Ohio State U.-Newark) explores the social and political elements in festivals in the provincial capital Masaya south of Managua. In particular show looks at how the festivals accommodated political power during the Somoza (19936-79), Sandinista (1979-90), and neoliberal (1990-2006) periods but also satirized and insulted parties, people, and positions that were unpopular.

Peterson’s Make summer count; programs & camps for teens & kids.
Thomas, Charlotte. Peterson’s, ©2006 466 p. $19.00 (pa) This guide for parents describes a wide variety of summer programs and camps that can help teenagers and children discover new interests, broaden their horizons, and even enhance their college applications. Organized alphabetically by name, the main part of the volume consists of detailed entries supplied by program staff members. These include descriptions of activities, facilities, application procedures, deadlines, costs, and contact information. Several introductory essays offer suggestions on how to pick the right program. GV199 978-1-933056-02-9

GV35 0-7524-3442-X

The world of the gladiator.
Shadrake, Susanna. Tempus Publishing, ©2005 256 p. $35.00 (pa) Shadrake covers all aspects of the Roman gladiators and their games in this detailed study. She describes the life of a gladiator from training and diet to social status and mortality rates and traces the history of the amphitheater along with the evolution of the gladiator. Shadrake and her husband run Britannia, a society specializing in the reconstruction and re-enactment of the gladiatorial spectacle. Pictures of those re-enactments are included in the text. Distributed in the US by Trafalgar Square Publishing. GV188 978-1-55783-691-5

Accidents in North American mountaineering; v.9, no.1, issue 59; 2006.
Title main entry. The Mountaineers Books, ©2006 107 p. $10.00 (pa) This collection of reports submitted by those involved describe a variety of accidents on rock, snow and ice includes analyses by the safety committees of The American Alpine Club and the Alpine Club of Canada that determine the reasons for the accident, whether human, equipmentrelated, or as a result of unexpected weather conditions. In the tradition established since 1946, the clubs also note themes and trends in accidents, such as a lingering avalanche season in Canada and a tendency to rappel off the end of the rope in the US. The result is a good learning tool for enthusiasts and a valuable series of warnings for novices. GV199 978-1-933056-01-2

The entertainment sourcebook, 2007.
Title main entry. Ed. by The Association of Theatrical Artists and Craftspeople. Applause Books, ©2007 668 p. $49.95 (pa) This alphabetical reference from the Association of Theatrical Artists and Craftspeople lists items and services needed for theater, film, television, or advertising productions or events and includes company names and contact information, descriptions of the items they carry, and types of payment accepted. Items range from antiques, clothing, costumes, and ethnic goods to fabrics, furniture, medical supplies, and paint and dyes, in addition to listing those who provide services such as moving and transport, prop and scene crafting, or theater spaces. About 5000 companies are listed. The book includes product and company indexes. GV191 2006-013391 1-59714-039-2

American alpine journal 2006; the world’s most significant climbs.
Title main entry. Ed. by John Harlin. The Mountaineers Books, ©2006 519 p. $35.00 (pa) The Journal has been presenting first hand reports by mountain climbers annually since 1929. In this issue, 17 long reports describe the trials and travails of first ascent and other important climbs around the world, followed a few hundred short reports of new routes in the world’s mountain ranges, organized geographically. Also included are reviews of 20 new mountain climbing books. GV199 2006-016637 978-0-7627-4008-6

Vertical world; conversations with the masters of rock.
Brown, Katie. Falcon Hill Press, ©2007 161 p. $19.95 (pa) Prominent rock climber Brown interviews nine of her fellow sport climbers—six men and three women—that are “some of the world’s best,” in her estimation. In the interviews, the climbers discuss technical and cultural aspects of the sport, some of their most memorable climbs and experiences, and related topics. The volume includes copious color photographs of the interviewees on the rock face and a few of them relaxing on the ground.

Past tents; the way we camped.
Snyder, Susan. Heyday Books, ©2006 145 p. $17.95 (pa) Published in conjunction with The Bancroft Library, U. of California, Berkeley, where Synder works, this pictorial essay presents a delightful history of early camping in the western US. As the author explains, after the Gold Rush camping changed from a necessity to a pleasurable, healthful—except for various critters and weather conditions—escape from civilization. The book includes rare period photos, diary entries, and recipes.


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Walking zero; discovering cosmic space and time along the prime meridian.
Raymo, Chet. Walker & Company, ©2006 194 p. $22.95 In 2003, Raymo (a former science and nature columnist for the Boston Globe) set out to walk across southeastern England along the prime meridian. As becomes clear in the opening pages of his book, his intent was less to recount his travels than to use the prime meridian—the zero line for geographical longitude and international time, as well as a line that runs close to the area of the first dinosaur fossil discoveries, Charles Darwin’s home, Isaac Newton’s faculty offices, and other important scientific landmarks—as a conceit to explore the scientific history of investigations into space and time. GV436 2005-055333 0-8053-0069-4

Sports in American life; a history.
Davies, Richard O. Blackwell Publishing, ©2007 485 p. $74.95 Davies (history, U of Nevada, Reno) traces the evolution of American sports, from disorganized and quaint origins to the present time when sports have become fully integrated into the political, social, cultural, and economic fabric of the country. The narrative is organized around the argument that sports, for good or bad, have been a significant social force throughout much of the history of the U.S. and a reflection of the underlying values and tensions of American society, including inspiring examples of courage, grace, drama, accomplishment, and depressing examples of brutality, racism, sexism, intolerance, homophobia, xenophobia, nationalism, greed, and hypocrisy. While accessible to the general reader, this academic text is intended for the serious student interested in examining the American past from the perspective of sports. Illustrated with b&w photographs. GV697 2005-035749 978-1-59486-190-1

Measurement and evaluation in physical education and exercise science, 5th ed.
Lacy, Alan C. and Douglas N. Hastad. Benjamin Cummings, ©2007 460 p. $94.40 This textbook for students of physical education and exercise science presents a practical approach to measurement and evaluation. The focus is on techniques and tools used in physical education settings in K-12 schools as well as in adult activity settings in non-school environments such as the workplace. The authors also discuss the role of measurement and evaluation in program development and assessment. The fifth edition contains a new appendix with some Microsoft Excel assignments that provide students with an opportunity to use statistics software. GV545 2006-025383 0-313-33810-8

Bowerman; and the men of Oregon; the story of Oregon’s legendary coach and Nike’s cofounder.
Moore, Kenny. Rodale, ©2006 432 p. $28.95 Running coach and Nike co-founder William J. Bowerman (1911 - 1999) had a profound impact on the world of track and field. Written in cooperation with Bowerman’s family by a runner whom he coached, this biography describes Bowerman’s life and career in great detail. Just a few of the topics covered: Bowerman’s WWII service, his invention of the waffle sole for running shoes, his innovative training methods, and the siege at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games where Bowerman was head U.S. track coach. GV706 2006-014426 1-898595-48-8

Arnold Schwarzenegger; a biography.
Krasniewicz, Louise and Michael Blitz. (Greenwood biographies) Greenwood Press, ©2006 156 p. $29.95 Krasniewicz (University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology) and Blitz (City University of New York) present the story of Governor Schwarzenegger’s life as the classic tale of the American Dream. They chronicle Arnold’s childhood in Austria, rise to bodybuilding fame, movie career in Hollywood, interest in politics, and election to California governor. A few black and white photographs are provided. GV573 2005-037144 978-0-631-22970-4

Amity in the Middle East; how the World Sports Peace Project and the passion for football brought together Arab and Jewish youngsters.
Whitfield, Geoffrey. Alpha Press, ©2006 170 p. $25.00 (pa) Based on his applied theology model, Whitfield (a retired UK Baptist minister, University chaplain, and psychotherapist) headed a football/conflict prevention project in which people of several communities and faiths miraculously cooperated in sponsoring mixed Israeli and Palestinian youth sports teams in the Galilee from 2001-2003. In this hopeful book, he includes a project diary, points for project consideration and evaluation, b&w photos, and list of the coaching teams. Distributed in the US by ISBS. GV706 978-87-7289-827-8

Sport and spectacle in the ancient world.
Kyle, Donald G. (Ancient cultures) Blackwell Publishing, ©2007 403 p. $81.95 In an overview rather than a comprehensive account, Kyle (history, U. of Texas-Arlington) looks at changes and continuities in sport and spectacle from the Minoans, Hittites, and Mycenaeans through the archaic and ancient Greek to the late Roman Empire. To facilitate the study’s use as a textbook, the bibliography emphasizes easily available works in English. GV583 2006-021461 0-275-99134-2

Gymnastics and politics; Neils Bukh and male aesthetics. (DVD included)
Bonde, Hans. Museum Tusculanum Press, ©2006 376 p. $72.00 Bonde (exercise and sport sciences, U. of Copenhagen) describes the life of the internationally renowned Danish gymnastic educationalist Bukh (1880-1950) and his pioneering masculine aesthetic. He emphasizes the interplay between Bukh’s gymnastic endeavors and his right-wing totalitarian ideologies as he worked in the international arena in Europe and Latin America. The accompanying disc contains photos and film clips of Bukh and some of his many tours and displays. Distributed in the US by ISBS. GV706 2004-011675 978-0-8204-7251-5

Big sports, big business; a century of league expansions, mergers, and reorganizations.
Jozsa, Frank P. Praeger, ©2006 181 p. $44.95 Jozsa (economics and business administration, Pfeiffer U.) details the history of professional sports transformations from the 1876 to the present, viewing it through an economic and business perspective, while looking at demographics and team performances. Focusing on relocations, expansions, and mergers, he brings together this information in one book for the first time. It describes changes, and the reasons for them, in Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, National Hockey League, and Major League Soccer, as well as alternative organizations and how they competed for fans, market share, and profit. Alternative organizations included are the American Association and Federal League, American Football League, World Football League, WNBA, Atlantic Coast League and North American Soccer League. The book was written for a general sports audience, and is a modification and extension of Jozsa’s dissertation from 1977 and his book Relocating Teams and Expanding Leagues: How the Major Leagues Respond to Market Conditions from 1999.

Revolt of the white athlete; race, media and the emergence of extreme athletes in America.
Kusz, Kyle. (Intersections in communications and culture; v.14) Peter Lang Publishing Inc, ©2007 214 p. $29.95 (pa) Kusz (kinesiology, U. of Rhode Island) sees media representations of white male athletes like Andre Agassi and Lance Armstrong and emerging white dominated sports such as NASCAR as evidence of a cultural “revolt” seeking to reestablish white hegemony by establishing a narrative of “other” whiteness that helps defuse the challenges to white normativity and supremacy in American culture. This cultural revolt is not some conscious plan on the part of white athletes, rather it constituted by and constitutive of a more pervasive white cultural revolt that has been taking place since at least the 1990s.

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Sports in society; issues & controversies, 9th ed.
Coakley, Jay. McGraw-Hill, ©2007 676 p. $88.13 (pa) In this textbook, Coakley (U. of Colorado, Colorado Springs) outlines the role of sport in society, using sociology as a lens. Chapters, which present sociological research and theory, are organized around issues and their relationships to everyday life, including the economy, religion, the media, politics, class, race, and gender. Aimed at college students who have not taken courses in sociology or sport-science, this edition has been rewritten and updated in terms of statistics, and shortened by placing additional materials on the related website. Additions include boxes that address sports and people with disabilities, discussions of health and obesity and deviance, more on performance-enhancing substances, player-fan violence and sexual misconduct, gender ideology, genetic issues, media rights, and other topics. Coakley’s objective is to make sports more democratic and accessible. GV709 2006-021460 0-313-32453-0

The economics of association football; 2v.
Title main entry. Ed. by Bill Gerrard. (An Elgar reference collection) Edward Elgar Publishing, ©2006 928 p. $425.00 Gerrard (sport management and finance, Leeds U. Business School, UK) brings together 53 seminal and contemporary academic articles on the economics of association football (soccer), from the first 1969 study of the retain-and-transfer system by Peter J. Sloane to a number of works first appearing in the literature in 2003. In the first volume of the two-volume collection, papers explore determinants of attendance demand at different levels of analysis; examine the “sporting production function” (the relationship between team performance and playing and coaching inputs), focusing on the technical efficiency of the sporting production function and the impact of managerial change on team performance; and analyze the players’ labor market and transfer system, paying particular attention to the role of anchor-and- adjustment valuations and the impact of 1995’s Bosman free agency ruling by the European Court of Justice on the econometric analysis of transfer fees. The second volume contains papers that explore how the promotion-and-relegation (based on sporting performance) league structure of European football, which contrasts with the fixed- hierarchy structure of most North American sports leagues, influences economic competitive balance between leagues; examine industrial performance as a function of the relationship between wage costs and team performance and the relationship between team performance and team revenue; and discuss betting and the informational efficiency of markets. Since the bulk of the preceding concerns British football, the second volume also includes a small selection of international contributions to the economics of football. GV840 978-0-9539840-3-9

Sports and the physically challenged; an encyclopedia of people, events, and organizations.
Mastandrea, Linda and Donna Czubernat. Greenwood Press, ©2006 173 p. $75.00 Wheelchair athlete Mastandrea and her sister, Czubernat, authored the 169 entries in this encyclopedia describing significant people, terms, events, and organizations in the history of disability sports. The volume opens with a timeline of firsts beginning with the 1870s participation of schools for the deaf in sporting events. The entries that follow are alphabetically arranged and contain from a paragraph to about two pages of information. Topics include the Americans with Disabilities Act, Blind Sailing International, the Paralympics and its precursors, U.S. Disabled Ski Team, and 10 types of wheelchair sports. This reference will be useful for students researching sports and the physically challenged and is appropriate for a general readership. GV711 2006-024882 978-0-470-01098-3

The stormrider guide Europe—the Continent.
Title main entry. Low Pressure Ltd., ©2006 214 p. $29.95 (pa) This surf guide to Europe has been split into two volumes in this edition, this one covering Portugal, France, Spain, the North Sea nations, and Morocco, with a new chapter on the Mediterranean. The text is presented in both English and French. Provided are general discussions of the surf, ocean environment, and surf culture, as well as for each specific country, along with detailed break reports. Also included are travel information, many color photos, and detailed relief maps. More thorough descriptions and new regions have been added. GV863 2006-012901 978-0-7425-5169-5

Coaching science; theory into practice.
McMorris, Terry and Tudor Hale. John Wiley & Sons, ©2006 332 p. $45.00 (pa) Using their experiences as coaches, McMorris and Hale (motor behavior and sport science, U. of Chichester, UK) provide a textbook on coaching theory and its practical application for first and second level students in coaching science/studies and physical education in the UK, in addition to coaches and those studying for national governing body awards. First addressed are socio-psychological factors and the psychology of skill acquisition from a coaching point of view, rather than lab research. Subsequent sections discuss exercise physiology, developmental factors, and the integration of physical, technical, tactical, and psychological training and practice. GV712 2006-019738 978-1-4051-5290-7

Ambassadors in pinstripes; the Spalding world baseball tour and the birth of the American empire.
Zeiler, Thomas W. Rowman & Littlefield, ©2006 217 p. $24.95 (pa) Zeiler (history, U. of Colorado, Boulder) relates how, in 1888 and 1889, two baseball teams, toured the world under the sponsorship of Albert Spalding, and places their story in the context of American imperialism. He describes their “expression” of free enterprise, modern communication and transport, culture, and nationalistic values. He discusses the teams in the context of market capitalism and business ethics while in Chicago, ideas about the new American West and transportation and communications as he follows them to Hawaii, questions of identity while in Europe, and nationalism upon their return to the US. GV1029 978-1-55407-231-6

Sports mega-events; social scientific analyses of a global phenomenon.
Title main entry. Ed. by John Horne and Wolfram Manzenreiter. (Sociological review monographs) Blackwell Publishing, ©2006 199 p. $34.95 (pa) At the same time that competition among cities to host sports megaevents, such as the Olympics and World Cup, become more fierce, the evidence of economic and other benefits of hosting becomes less convincing. This collection of specially commission ed essays investigates that conundrum, asking why governments and cities bid to host these events and if the events ever deliver the benefits that their proponents proclaim. Horne (Scottish Centre for P.E., Sport and Leisure Studies, U. of Edinburgh) and Manzenreiter (East Asian Studies, U. of Vienna) introduce the essays with an overview of the sociology of sports.

Inside Ferrari; unique behind-the-scenes photography of the world’s greatest Formula One team.
Maurice, Hamilton. Photographs by Jon Nicholson. Firefly Books Ltd., ©2006 287 p. $39.95 Photographer Jon Nicholson, with the help of Formula One sportscaster Hamilton, pays tribute to the Scuderia Ferrari F1 team in the 300 color images collected here. The photos, taken between 2003 and 2005, showcase the Maranello, Italy factory, catch engineers and other crew at work, and capture the ruby red racecars in action in test races and the real thing. The final section takes a close look at the orange-clad Ferrari “family” in both professional and celebratory moments. Historical background and captions support the images. Oversize: 10.5x11.5″.


Reference & Research Book News February 2007

STATISTICS H61 2006-017537 978-1-4129-4027-6 Concept mapping for planning and evaluation.. Miodrag. GV1853 2006-927403 978-0-7546-4333-3 Computer games. they provide real-world examples from their experiences consulting for the Centers for Disease Control. statement analysis and synthesis. the Charleston. and state governments. and recent revivals of classic dances.00 (pa) Seventeen international academics.95 Mitrasinovic uses the example of theme parks to explain the properties of privately-owned publicly accessible space. $60. and there are more examples. a history and reference. Keith F. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –98– . $79. conditions and techniques that extend throughout the social realm. Ralph G.95 Most take him for a minuet man. computers. Kane. parental and retailer responsibility. a specialist whose credits include a quarterly journal devoted to the circus arts. ©2006 164 p. gender. Savannah College of Art & Design) chronicles the “sexual revolution” in video games. 2v. the cake walk. with commentary pitched to the fascinations of the audience. Not indexed. Youth and Media. the Latin dances. who reads it. review boards. Case studies and interviews with 23 industry leaders. Ernest. and the much more seriously intentioned Buffalo Dance and Ghost Dance. Ashgate Publishing Co. of Western Australia) outlines. Scarecrow Pr. published in 2004 by Ed. including the ways that elements of daily life are represented and that players mediate the symbols in a game with their minds. narrative and play. ©2006 256 p. This is a translation of the original French edition. Charles River Media. Now audiences. and the generation of numerous interpretable maps and data displays. and independent scholars contribute 14 essays designed to help academic game studies bridge the boundaries of academia to speak directly to the gaming public and other interested parties. how to develop research proposals that are empirical and in the field of social science. ©2006 262 p. Giordano (adjunct history and American studies. breakdancing. but George Washington very well could have waltzed on his first Inaugural Day. Mitrasinovic. Greenwood Press. qualitative and quantitative methods. animal trainers. art of the spectacular. 2d ed. Brathwaite (game design. Chapters address sex across cultures. researchers. musicians. ©2007 200 p. and why. $149. offer tips in an interview format on lessons this ancient game of strategy has for business success today. cybersex. from arcade games to the present. by Nate Garrelts. $39. and at any time of the day or night someone on this planet is donning a long-beloved white polyester suit and shooting a right forefinger into the air. The creator of the Hot Coffee mod for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas discusses his role in the controversy surrounding a sex minigame embedded in the best-selling game. GV1623 2006-026183 0-313-33756-X Developing effective research proposals. GV1469 2006-278761 0-7456-3401-X The contemporary circus.95 Concept mapping. and hit an emotional and even spiritual spot unreachable by any other art form. Knowing an opponent’s style (confrontational/ concessionary) and approach (direct/oblique) is a tactical advantage. including politicians. McFarland & Co.. and examples of five finished proposals. $24. and dancers as well as instructors in schools for all the above. and controllers. story telling.00 Punch (education. why and with whom across the years from the “fair terpsichore” and “set dances” so complicated they required flash cards to country dances. rock and roll. the initial essays examine how adult-oriented digital games have entered society and the controversies surrounding them. head of a French multinational corporation. ©2006 319 p. industry attempts at self-regulation. Title main entry. H62 2006-924245 978-1-4129-2125-1 Sex in video games. yet in-depth view of a controversial subject. Here they present the methodology of concept mapping as a means of generating a conceptual framework for planning and evaluation in social research. Polity Press. The text then approaches the games as they might be studied absent the controversy. India. exploring ethical issues. and why humility can win out over ego. Economica as Psychologie de la Bataille.95 Karpov. v. by Diane Carr et al.. there remains the “disciplinary promiscuity” of where to situate game studies. and past and present litigation. Cornell U.GV1449 2006-020994 978-0-275-99065-7 GV1801 2006-020841 978-0-8108-5734-6 Chess and the art of negotiation. the polka. acrobats. GV1469 2006-025163 978-1-58450-459-7 SOCIAL SCIENCES (GENERAL). Albrecht. ©2006 210 p. guidelines for development. a hybrid form of public space that is emerging in urban environments worldwide. of London’s Centre for the Study of Children. Karpov.95 Presenting a broad. and writing. Praeger. unstructured sorting of statements. including detailed descriptions of the collaborative and individual creative work involved. (Essential resources for social research) Sage Publications. Title main entry. Developed from a research project called the “Textuality of Video Games” at the U. He argues that the process of systematic totalization that brings these two types of spaces together are values.95 (pa) Despite the lasting popularity of computer games (called such in the UK whether played on a PC or dedicated console). ancient rules for modern combat. augments his case studies of productions of leading circuses. jitterbug. “a consulting and support company for social and behavioral researchers and managers”) and Trochim (policy analysis and management. ©2007 761 p. Albrecht.00 A couple of monkeys and a clown car no longer does a circus make. Commentators include directors. the Virginia Reel. public space. This edition includes sections on reviewing literature and academic writing. multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis. The meaning and culture of Grand theft auto . and more on ethical issues and getting started in proposals development. $34. and parents. (Applied social research methods series. $35. theme parks. ©2006 116 p. Brathwaite. examining how players meaningfully and purposefully play Grand Theft Auto games. Giordano. journalists. and fetish games. as used by Kane (president and CEO. critical essays. Mary and William M. City U. Some screen shots are featured. designers. academics. and Japan. Trochim. swing. the National Institutes of Health. Anatoly and Jean-François Phelizon. a world chess champion. and other aspects. clowns. and Phelizon. Brenda. of New York) takes a good long look at how we danced. theory and literature. Tips include: why it’s best to negotiate in your own time zone. Social dancing in America. text. for graduate students. seek out the truths behind fantasy and reality. $110. U.) refers to a process of representing ideas in pictures or maps that involves the steps of brainstorming. followed by ragtime. Punch. a condition that emerges from convergences of the globally emerging socio-economic systems and that is based on the idea of systematic totality. GV1469 2006-023510 978-0-7864-2822-9 Total landscape. K. disco. $64.50) Sage Publications. Focusing on the immensely popular and controversial Grand Theft Auto series of digital games. educational and therapeutic games with sexual content. Clog dancing was “made easy” in publications by 1873. Ed. Concept Systems Incorporated. The relationship between theme parks and privately-owned publicly accessible spaces offers insights into the ethos of total landscape. A glossary has also been added. this collection of 13 essays analyzes what defines this genre and its role playing. He describes what a proposal is. owners and performers expect the circuses they watch and perform to bend the quality and quantity of space and time. and game aficionados provide a broad perspective. the two-step. Ed. In order to show how the methodology can be applied in practice. and various users around the world weigh in on sexual attitudes and gaming in China. as well as the various legal definitions of obscenity. ©2006 296 p.

and basic methodology. $59. course-based action research in the social sciences. Anfara and Norma T. $134. qualitative methods.95 Bailey (sociology. Ed. research design. All exercises and case problems are online. She gives practical steps in making observations.E. Sage Publications. Morse. Multiple time series models. ©2006 207 p. University of California-Riverside) introduce researchers and students to different approaches for modeling multivariate time series data. Berman. ©2007 288 p. purpose. and the. They outline selecting a method. Louisiana State U.) provides a textbook on statistics for public management and policy analysis students. statistical techniques. HA29 2006-020300 978-0-87289-301-6 Readme first for a user’s guide to qualitative research. ethics and truth are addressed. and applications. organizations and publications.. v. Evan M. He discusses how transcripts are interpreted and subject positions are constructed to create identities. Examples are drawn from real data. 2d ed. Schostak. M. Data analysis skills are illustrated through computerbased analysis instead of hand-based calculations. $36. 2d ed. and a glossary of frequently encountered terms and concepts. 2d ed. especially about the use of a theoretical framework.g. $41.00 The editors (a pair of anthropologists at DePaul U. They focus on the actual work policy makers do within historical and institutional contexts. taxonomies. Pine Forge Press. quantitative research methods. $16. Carol A. infrastructure such as theory and traditions of inquiry. ©2007 406 p. incorporates changes in software. of Kansas) presents three volumes containing around 500 alphabetical entries that provide an overview of issues and concepts related to measurement and statistics in the social sciences. experimental methods. descriptive statistics. of Iowa) combine their experience teaching public policy making to graduate students. as is the role of the anecdote and transforming the interview into writing. ©2007 99 p. and to connect the university to the community. the arithmetic mean or Charles Babbage) to 4000 words for more detailed treatments of important topics (such as aptitude tests). data and data reduction techniques. and how it can be a means of representing the world. and values of the work. Sharpe.95 (pa) Berman (public administration. Patrick T. teachers and researchers in education present a guidebook. Title main entry. Ed. The new edition divides the chapters into 16 to include more explanation of topics. It integrates applications of data analysis and statistical methodology into the text. using classic ethnographies. creating memos and descriptions. and new sections on the shape of distributions and probability distributions are added. HA29 2006-011888 1-4129-1611-9 Encyclopedia of measurement and statistics. understanding ethics and using paradigms in this edition while continuing her focus on the entire research process. $44. Mertz. three appendixes provide a step-by-step presentation of basic concepts of statistics and measurement. U. practicality.95 (pa) Intended for advanced undergraduate and graduate students who are beginners in qualitative research methods. The book is aimed at students and researchers in education. data analysis and coding. addressing the term itself and calling it an “interview. and economics. tables. a collection of Internet resources. conceptualization and measurement. $89. and tests by name. and graphs. psychology. and do not consider analyzing policy itself.. Williams. and participatory action research—within the social sciences as a means of building public interest partnerships between institutions of higher education and local community-based organizations. H62 2006-024105 978-1-4129-2743-7 Essentials of statistics for business and economics. The entries range in length from 500 words for simple definitions or biographies (e. University of Texas-Dallas) and Williams (political science. ©2007 563 p.95 (pa) Brandt (political science. Sage Publications. South-Western College Pub. and using typologies.. Anker Publishing Co. UK) describes the process of interviewing. (Quantitative applications in the social sciences. She covers the history of field research and status characteristics along with defining such concepts as the naturalistic setting. Lyn and Janice M. ©2006 189 p. Title main entry. selecting a topic. Bailey. –99– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Some of the topics are liminality and the study of a changing academic landscape. HA30 2006-010016 1-4129-0656-3 Theoretical frameworks in qualitative research. The headings in the reader’s guide give a sense of the scope of the encyclopedia: biographies. and emphasizes methodological choice. graphs. ©2007 309 p.) present a series of nine case studies illustrating the use of course-based action research— encompassing community-based research. Inc. Manchester Metropolitan U.148) Sage Publications. Richards. the role of language and meaning in the process. critical events. inferential statistics. (quantitative analysis and management science. this volume explains qualitative inquiry and describes the many methods that can be used. community-focused experiential learning. It covers assumptions. et al.. ©2007 178 p. ARIMA. The authors provide an overview of techniques and how they work with different research goals. Brandt. Biggs. visual representations. storytelling. purposes. using examples. Title main entry. concepts and issues in measurement. Each chapter begins with an article on statistics in practice. including simultaneous equations. Finally. and there are new case problems. Sage Publications.” He considers its complexities. and John T. computer topics and tools. $34. HA29 2004-111060 0-324-22320-X Interviewing and representation in qualitative research. interval estimation and hypothesis testing methods have been changed. David R. Focus is on VAR models as a generalization of these other approaches. samples. has new sections on writing and more detail on the integrity of qualitative methods. a framework for understanding social workers at midlife. and vector autoregression (VAR). and their experience in government contracting and consulting to produce a textbook on public policymaking in the US. Salkind.00 Salkind (U. political science. $38. charts. by Nila Ginger Hofman and Howard Rosing. Selden and Lelia B. interviewing. U. The book can be used in advanced undergraduate and graduate courses on time series analysis. abstracting. prediction and estimation. Virginia Technical University) gives advanced undergraduates and graduate students more advice on techniques for analyzing data.95 (pa) Anderson et al.95 Political scientists Biggs (Department of Homeland Security) and Helms (educational policy and leadership. Anderson. evaluation.95 (pa) Schostak (education. The aims of such projects are to educate students through their participation in research activity that meets the needs of community-based organizations. (Conducting educational research) Open University Press. ©2007 1193 p. Inc. of Cincinnati and Rochester Institute of Technology) provide an introductory textbook on statistics for business administration and economics students. H62 2005-030919 1-4129-1416-7 Essential statistics for public managers and policy analysts. statistical tests. charts. H62 2006-531187 978-0-335-21240-8 The practice of American public policymaking. concepts and issues in statistics. abbreviated 4th ed. H62 2006-034017 978-1-933371-09-2 Pedagogies of praxis. In this edition. Following the entries. accessibility. analysis induction. a new procedure for two sample inferences is used. examples and exercises describes ethics.95 (pa) Finding that their graduate students seemed unsure about the role of theory in qualitative research. taking field notes and leaving the field. Helms. Ed. and data collection. coding. error correction models. and a look through the Kubler-Ross theoretical lens. It also has more examples and three new chapters on research design. and distributions. sampling. probability. especially in departments of sociology. to empower community members. and the political implications of doing so.H62 2006-007756 978-1-4129-3650-7 H97 2006-000170 978-0-7656-1775-0 A guide to qualitative field research. $395. This edition contains software overviews and advice. John. choosing evaluation criteria and preparing the final manuscript. or advanced statistics. by Neil J. and visual displays. The index does double duty as a glossary. CQ Press. and beginning a project. by Vincent A. 3v. ©2007 214 p.

00 Daniele (mathematics and computer science. HB75 2006-901299 0-324-53666-6 Mathematical tools for economics. the ethics of randomized field experiments. Chapters include a summary of basic concepts. ©2006 913 p. connects earlier ideas to newly discussed ones. including the Popper-Lakatos methodology of scientific research program. As an economist. including integration. the sociology of scientific knowledge. presenting articles connecting past core concerns about economic methodology to new fields of investigation in feminist economics. papers by Chicago School leader Milton Friedman and Austrian School leader Friedrich Hayek (whose 1944 critique of economic planning. simultaneous linear equations. Inc. evolutionary spatial price equilibrium. ©2007 593 p. whose theories are valuable for their attention to the macro-dynamics of the capitalist system and for their “critical realism. is echoed in the title of this collection) account for the majority of the papers. Together. although works by others such as Chicago School figure George Stigler. linear economic models. and programs and their implementation and management with social science methods. Economics in the shadows of Darwin and Marx. Langbein. questions and problems.00 Billed as a successor to Bruce Caldwell’s three-volume The Philosophy and Methodology of Economics. quadratic forms and positive definite matrices. Daniele covers the traffic equilibrium problem. and key terms and concepts. and constructivism. and “do it yourself” exercises. Although not for the faint of heart. by John B. Stanley L. microeconomics. major tenets. $64. generalized inequalities. the Road to Serfdom. The publisher also offers a range of ancillary products designed to accompany the textbook. a statistical guide. Laura. Darrell A. followed by seven dealing with theories of unemployment. 7th ed. ©2006 1695 p. In its place. Ed. covering the necessary essentials of matrix algebra and differential equations. of Catania) analyzes dynamic networks and evolutionary variational inequalities. design issues. Ed. Blackwell Publishing.95 (pa) Brue (Pacific Lutheran U. Recent developments in economic methodology. ©2006 253 p. ©2006 259 p. $49. U. Geoffrey M. microeconomics and macroeconomics.95 (pa) Arnold (California State U. HB135 2006-026293 978-1-4051-3380-7 ECONOMICS HB71 2006-048146 978-0-202-30908-8 Economic philosophy.95 Turkington (economics. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –100– . the agent and philosophy of the mind. of Western Australia) provides a semester’s worth of intermediate-level material. HB99 2006-011741 978-1-84542-497-8 Dynamic networks and evolutionary variational inequalities. ©2006 150 p. she offers the possibility that. $24. Edward Elgar Publishing. (The international library of critical writings in economics. 2v. Title main entry.00 Garnering praise from former Prime Minister Thatcher in the foreword for their “brave” championship of free-market economics. economics can make substantial advancement toward science. Langbein (public administration and policy. Public Works Policy & Management) deconstruct its meaning as the assessment of the effectiveness of public policies. Davis. $100. including a study guide and a Web site with instructor materials. tips for dealing with problem/missing variables.. Buchanan. applications features. Brue.E. a leading figure of Cambridge University’s economics faculty for 30 years. Networks become dynamic when the constitutive elements of the phenomena associated with the fixed geometry of networks are considered to be evolving over time. American U. they present some of the seminal works of this counter-revolution. Grant. of Hertfordshire. HB145 2006-048186 978-1-84376-929-3 The evolution of economic thought. weak convergence. programs. Daniele. including margin definitions. the editors and their colleagues at the UK’s Institute of Economic Affairs were instrumental in the intellectual “counter-revolution” (quoting Thatcher again) the elevated free-market economics over Keynesian and social democratic economics. The final volume turns to newer issues related to models and assumptions. Hodgson. Meade. U. Virginia School political economist James M. working with numbers and graphs. U.. the evolutionary financial model. a chapter summary. The approach of the text involves addressing the questions of historical background. $154. references.HA97 2006-005777 978-0-7656-1367-7 HB131 2006-002681 978-1-84376-352-9 Public program evaluation. Patrizia. and infinite dimensional duality. and evolution. including the basic concepts. Coverage includes a description of each major type of evaluation. ©2007 365 p. The book was first published in 1962. Each chapter contains a variety of pedagogical features. and issues of economic language and ideas. AldineTransaction. The text covers the standard topics in macroeconomics. normative themes. focusing on the math behind optimization. quasi-variational inequalities. it might seem easier for him to do with Marx. U. with obsolete concepts cleared out of the way. and formalism in economics and concludes with a trio of papers exploring the current of economic methodology. and projected dynamical systems. and methodological pluralism and open systems investigations and addressing overarching core issues of old and new methodologies including the nature of rationality. continuous time in differential equations and discrete time in difference equations. at San Marcos) presents his undergraduatelevel introductory textbook on economics. and then describes dynamic analysis. by Philip Booth and John Meadowcroft. Marxist and postmodern approaches. 3v. HB95 978-1-84542-082-6 The road to economic freedom. which appeared in 1993. On the new companion website. closing with material on dynamic optimization. HB171 2005-936181 0-324-31502-3 Economics. He then covers functions of many variables and optimization as well as comparative static analysis in optimization problems. South-Western College Pub. Editor Davis (history and methodology of economics. econometrics. $121. new chapters on economic thought before 1500. $670.) and Felbinger (editor. and Nobel Prize winner Sir John Hicks are also presented. and contributions of economic schools. and has added chapter questions. realism. and links to websites are given. this material is supported by extended appendices on definitions and properties. (New dimensions in networks) Edward Elgar Publishing.) and Grant (Linfield College) collaborate on this textbook on the history of economics. Sharpe. self-tests. Putting the valuable parts of Marxian and Darwinian theory together brings one very close to the institutionalism of Thorstein Veblen. concise ed. Joan. new biographies of economists. $100. Title main entry. and Randy R.” but Hodgson suggests that the explanatory rubric and basic philosophical outlook of Darwinism is even more valuable for the explanation of socio-economic phenomenon.95 (pa) Rather than simply presenting a definition of program evaluation. both static and dynamic. In this two-volume collection. takes readers “behind the scenes” of economic philosophy and exposes the dogmatic content of economic orthodoxy. the Netherlands) has organized the 71 articles such that early papers engage similar concerns raised in the earlier collection. government regulation and the size of government.. of Amsterdam. The 20 papers contained in the second volume explore the economics of government.95 (pa) Robinson. and meta-analysis of others’ research. Turkington provides both exercises and answers and a concise list of further reading. Edward Elgar Publishing. He keeps his explanations uncluttered as he describes matrix algebra and linear economic models. These and other ideas are explored in a series of 11 loosely connected essays.00 “All social scientists in the twenty-first century somehow have to settle their accounts with both Darwin and Marx. and the international economy. South-Western College Pub. This edition also contains a section on Amartya Sen. ©2006 265 p. Turkington. 193) Edward Elgar Publishing. the rhetoric and discourse approach to methodology. UK). The first volume opens with 11 papers on monetary policy and price stability. Roger A. The second volume is transitional in nature. M. Robinson. this edited set presents more recent work in the field. $375. ©2007 543 p. essays on institutional and evolutionary themes. international capital theorist James E. use.” declares Hodgson (business studies. The bibliography is also reader-oriented and comprehensive. Working through a variety of examples. benefits. Arnold.

basic economics with an attitude.HB171 2006-020252 978-0-7425-5430-6 HB501 2006-050914 978-90-04-14937-3 Economic literacy. and considered in light of the result towards Marx was tending. Free U. Moomaw (business administration. Indexed by author only. some chapters have been reorganized. economic. The majority of the articles are relatively new. of Paris-X. production and cost. and spatial dynamics.95 (pa) Believing that a half century has been plenty long enough for postKeynesian economics to focus on methodology and theory. but retained the purpose of presenting a unified model of the perfectly competitive Walrasian economy. Weaver. Holt and Steven Pressman. U. Hampshire College) introduces mainstream. rural entrepreneurship success determinants.00 This is an English translation of Que faire du ‘Capital’? (1985). They have also brought back the myth and reality chapter that was omitted from the ninth edition. by Albert N. Link. (Historical materialism book series. Kerans. science. consensus economic analysis to the non-economist. $190. He covers neoclassical microeconomics and Keynesian macroeconomics. and knowledge flows from universities and laboratories. he suggests.00 Link (economics. and that. Title main entry. of Massachusetts at Amherst) presents a “considerably revised” version of Walrasian Microeconomics: An Introduction to the Economic Theory of Market Behavior (1988) for the purpose of defending the relevance and importance of the Walrasian theory of market theory. $24. Bowles teaches at a university in Canada. and consumption. clarified arguments. Edward Elgar Publishing. environmental economics. $155. Other new material has been added. $100. v.95 (pa) The publisher’s series provides concise histories of the growth and influence of ideas that shaped the 20th century and continue to shape the present.) and Blinder (economics. imperfect competition.. the county-level role of socioeconomic factors in entrepreneurship development. Patrick and John Kearney. government’s infrastructure policies. Economic and Social Research Institute. philosophical. The 23 articles are organized into four sections covering government’s direct support of R&D. and government and the economy. This mini-text (5. without change. and international economic relations. William J. ©2006 701 p. New York U. ©2006 238 p. Bidet. by Richard P. small and medium enterprises and territorial networks in Romania. and Alan S. South-Western College Pub. interacting markets. $154. Trans. and updates to the section on microeconomics and the virtues and limitations of markets have been made. practitioners explain both the importance of and the techniques for testing the wellwrought ideas against evidence concerning distribution. economic welfare.) present this economics textbook. ©2007 340 p. by Peter Nijkamp et al. financial integration and investment performance in the European Union. the Netherlands). social obligations. The book concludes by arguing that the advocates of global capitalism have erred. (New horizons in regional science series) Edward Elgar Publishing. $32. This reconstruction. determinants of regional differences in new firm formation in Western Germany. and foreign direct investment and learning regions in Central and Eastern Europe. including traditional loyalties. foreign direct investment profitability of EU firms in Romania. Katzner. 10th ed. Rowman & Littlefield. seeing this as a necessary step for readers move beyond being passive consumers of others’ economic conclusions. 2d ed. no subject index. HB171 2005-030807 978-0-7656-1329-5 Turning the world right-side up. HB501 2006-043567 978-0-582-50609-1 Entrepreneurship. and TraistaruSiedschlag (head of the Centre for International Macroeconomic Analysis. community and democracy. HB615 2006-040019 978-1-84542-451-X An introduction to the economic theory of market behavior. Ed. employing a slightly irreverent tone and highlighting debates within the field. of North Carolina at Greensboro) presents a collection of key scholarly articles examining entrepreneurship—narrowly defined here as the innovative and risk-taking activities that are specific to small firms—and how various innovative-related behaviors are affected by technology policy. we are heading for an impoverished future. inequality. seeing “corporations and the economists who act as their apologists [as] the cultural driving force in contemporary society. a who’s who. labor power as commodity. as well as the categories of labor-value. more commonly known as general equilibrium theory. U. he seeks to explain it. Sharpe. Katzner has corrected errors. entrepreneurship. A final chapter considers some alternative assumptions and methods of analysis. dynamics and equilibrium. ©2006 226 p.to late-1990s. ©2007 327 p. (The international library of entrepreneurship. reveals Marx’s inability to resolve problems evident in his theory’s Hegelian genesis but not necessarily visible in later editions and works. methodological individualism and the theory of price determination. Donald W. and biology point the way toward the reform of economics and also recommend that we need to build democratic institutions from the ground up.E. it opens up the possibility of giving the theory an adequate formulation that resolves the problems arising from Capital’s Hegelian origins. and political dimensions. $168.. and added a new chapter on price determination. they simplify the chapters on stock and bond markets. Inc. looking at the real world. –101– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 .00 Nijkamp (economic and economic geography.” HB615 2006-044014 978-1-84542-308-7 Empirical post Keynesian economics.95 (pa) Weaver (emeritus. They suggest that recent holistic developments in physics. business investment.25x8″) examines capitalism both as an ideology and as an economic system. Paul. A timeline. in which Bidet (political philosophy. Ireland) present individual and cross-country analyses of empirical evidence related to the spatial dimensions of investment. HB501 2006-404269 1-55266-182-2 Economics. markets in isolation. capital.14) BRILL. ©2007 202 p. principles and policy. by David Fernbach. Ed.00 Katzner (economics. Ed. economics and history. The presentation develops through chapters on utility maximization and the theory of demand. microeconomics from a Walrasian perspective. such as global capitalism. ©2006 361 p. as well as theories of international economy. U. 4) Edward Elgar Publishing.F. and boxed readings are included. and poverty and inequality. ©2007 269 p. relying on locally produced knowledge instead of that of economic “experts. In this edition. Blinder. $22. government’s leveraging of R&D. Fernwood Publishing. the fixed-factor-supply economy. knowledge spillovers and regional growth. Capitalism.). Jacques. Once these problems are revealed. lessons and implications for the enlarged EU. Title main entry. M. models of the firm. regulation and antitrust.. Baumol. Bowles. ©2006 796 p.95 Baumol (economics. drawing on the writings of leading thinkers such as Adam Smith and Karl Marx. Frederick S. Oklahoma State U. $15. and knowledge spillovers. investment. and respect for the environment. The analyses are used to draw out lessons for economic growth policy in the European Union. HB171 2005-923685 0-324-22113-4 Exploring Marx’s Capital .” lay much of the blame for widening inequality and the hollowing out of democracy at the feet of neoliberal economists whose claims to scientific legitimacy exhibit a reductionism that elevates economic values above all others. and productive labor. having been published since the mid. (Big ideas series) Pearson Education. and Princeton U. Rather than avoid jargon.95 (pa) Social policy academic Kerans and social anthropologist Kearney. Title main entry. and exploring current issues as well. which begins with an introduction to the topic and ends with a discussion of the US in the world economy. Specific topics include European integration and Japanese direct investment in the Central and East European countries. HB172 2006-040926 978-1-84542-510-4 Entrepreneurship and technology policy. France) approaches Marx’s major work as would a historian of science following its development through successive divisions in order to reveal the Hegelian roots of Marx’s dichotomous treatment of market and capital. chemistry. Princeton U.

The first volume explores entrepreneurship as a form of human action. $44. and gender. HB615 2006-028313 0-275-98986-0 World population prospects. regional influences. suggesting that the phenomenon of cultural evaluation is more important and widespread than is generally recognized. Cannon. He also explores the significance of the study of reviews for wider theoretical concerns in sociology. HC10 978-1-84673-012-2 Henryk Grossman and the recovery of Marxism. the business system. Ed. Saul. and regime change in population policy. Rick. Title main entry.00 (pa) This third in a series of three companion volumes provides a detailed analysis of the results of the United Nations’ World Population Prospects 2004. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –102– . Yu is also the author of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Hong Kong (1997). HB849 2006-935146 978-0-7391-1176-5 The Cairo consensus. Ed. They contend that fertility tends to be depressed where vested interests impede female access to the workforce.00 This three-volume set (edited by a group of scholars from Babson College) brings together 32 essays exploring the topic of entrepreneurship. movies. examining the influence of various factors on entrepreneurial behavior. Title main entry. ©2007 768 p.00 Cannon’s book describes successful strategies for small business CEOs and managers and start-up entrepreneurs. women’s empowerment. ©2007 222 p. HB1061 2006-007573 978-0-8047-5486-6 Entrepreneurship. import/export data. venture capital financing. Europe. ©2006 268 p. HB701 2006-019429 978-0-252-07352-6 The new generation of Europeans. and Japan look at possible a correlations between fertility and female welfare in Japan. demography and families in the enlarged EU. the researchers met in Brussels to present summary reports on each of the themes they had pursued. $24. Country entries are organized by region.00 Held in Cairo in 1994. books. leveraged development. $109. Stanford U. involving end-user benefits.. DC) presents the first full sociological treatment of reviews (such as for restaurants. business planning. the economic development of a small open economy. the International Conference on Population and Development signaled a shift in the focus of population policy from environmentally influenced demographic targets to feminist and humanist goals relating to reproductive health and rights. the production of reviews. It provides analyses of the risks involved in trading with or investing in 152 countries. Tony Fu-Lai. how healthy they will be. American U. 3v. the 2004 revision. $45.00 Social scientists from the US. and government policies that have led to economic success. immigration and ethnicity. small-firm growth strategies. Yu. etc. Feng Chia U. sales and marketing. ©2006 441 p. Press.00 (pa) Kuhn (political science. (Praeger perspectives) Praeger. teaming. The bibliography is annotated. HB846 2006-011575 978-0-7425-4703-2 The handbook of country risk. Many case examples are incorporated. 8th ed. social capital. the engine of growth. ten keys for achieving marketplace leadership and operational excellence. Australian National U. and broad-based development. Title main entry. of Illinois Press. how many children they will have.95 (pa) Blank (sociology. ©2006 301 p. Country entries overview main economic indicators and conditions for market access. Critics. Population Division. business. ©2007 245 p. U. venture teams. how many there will be. v. customer service. which insists on the tendency of the rate of profit to fall as central to capitalism’s inability to maintain growth without periods of sharp economic contraction. a guide to international business and trade. ©2006 389 p. including cognition. a longtime member of the Polish Communist Party whose studies of Marx’s Capital highlighted and expanded upon the crisis theory of capitalism. He covers externally focused strategies that position the business in the marketplace and managerial and operational strategies for implementation of this goal. and higher where easy labor market accessibility and childcare support make it easier women to balance family and career. standard of living and purchasing power statistics. Cannon is a marketing and strategic planning consultant specializing in startups and small businesses. pricing.. HB615 2006-046991 0-7734-5606-6 The political economy of Japan’s low fertility. It also documents data sources used and methods applied in the preparation of the 2006 Revision. $25.. and the entrepreneurial exit. Ed. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. open economy. and information on foreign exchange regulations and attitudes to foreign investors. Edwin Mellen Pr. The thesis challenges some strongly held popular beliefs.HB615 2006-018355 0-275-98904-6 HB848 92-1-151409-6 The entrepreneur’s strategy guide.00 From 1999 to 2004. He explores the characteristics of review texts. He follows ten “keys” to create success. Tom. investment processes and outcomes. Blank. Distributed in the US by Stylus. risk.3: Analytical report. Grant. audience responses and the effects of reviews on the wider social world. The final volume considers contexts that can be connected to the concept of place. by Maria Minniti et al. (Population and sustainable development series) Earthscan Publications Ltd. Introductory articles overview regional and global economic trends. In this study. the European Observatory on the Social Situation. with particular attention paid to the role of technical practices. problem solving. ©2007 261 p.) and rating systems. democracy surveys. Utilizing new institutional and Austrian theories. The remainder of the volume is in English. and linking growth strategies with profit plans. ethnicity and entrepreneurship. and society. $60. Halfon. An executive summary of the results has been translated into the six official UN languages. addressing such topics as franchising. $300. United Nations Publications. the sociology of reviews.00 (pa) This handbook will be used as a resource by companies developing international trade and by entrepreneurs and their advisors concerned with international investment. and government in Hong Kong. Halfon teaches Science and Technology in Society at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State U. Those 16 reports are published here. Halfon investigates just what made this transition possible and stable. In September 2004. and outsourcing. $129. and what challenges to their social cohesion will arise. among them migration. Earlier versions of the 11 chapters were presented at international conferences and/or published in various journals. ©2006 195 p. Rowman & Littlefield. $45. production. entrepreneurship in transition economies. and national legal and policy regimes. Kuhn. by Frances McCall Rosenbluth. GMB Publishing. infotechstrengthened channels and supply chains. by Wolfgang Lutz et al. The second volume switches focus to issues of the entrepreneurial process and includes chapters on idea generation. ratings. Lexington Books. Title main entry.) presents an intellectual biography of Henryk Grossman (1881-1950). what kinds of families they will have. 2006. institutions. HB3581 2006-001115 978-1-84407-352-8 Studies in entrepreneurship. Taiwan) analyzes the transformation of Hong Kong into a small. Demography. Title main entry. $105. Praeger.95 Yu (economics. in Washington. women’s empowerment. and provide risk assessments. with regional overviews preceding the entries. and Family investigated such questions as who Europe’s future citizens will be. ©2007 332 p. he considers in turn the Chinese entrepreneurial spirit. entering global markets.

Masaaki. In addition to detailing these problems and suggesting solutions. HC79 2006-025241 978-1-57444-564-0 The second twentieth century.00 Balzat presents a revised version of his PhD thesis.. Manor (director. and the international community has failed to prioritize water and sanitation in its development programs. and individual consumers (a microperspective). United Nations Development Programme. U. Title main entry. experts. economiccultural developments. Stupak. Indonesia.HC59 2006-045197 978-0-8213-6201-3 HC79 2005-058950 978-1-84542-616-3 Aid that works. $39. innovations. and other topics. the starting point for such interventions involves removing obstacles at the local level that prevent the poor from competing economically. national security issues. 122) CRC / Taylor & Francis. Ed. by David S. As technology changed.00 (pa) The United Nation’s Human Development Report for 2006 rejects the view that the widely recognized global water crisis is about absolute shortages of physical supply. The model is applied in a comparison study to a sample of 18 OECD member countries—16 European nations. $26. the institutional framework conditions and the measurable innovative performance in different countries. and institutional analysis at the micro. implementation. Institut d’Etudes Politiques. Title main entry. pose obvious challenges to development efforts and programs. he discusses models of innovation as development process of science and proposes a discrete knowledge dynamics that expands innovation dynamics to cover wider knowledge transfer behavior in society. secession and regionalist movements. in the view of the editors (two from Singapore’s Nanyang Technological U. ©2007 301 p. a nonlinear perspective.00 The poverty reduction and resource conservation approach favored by Reed (director. concerns.00 (pa) Dealing with the issue of sustainability in a rapidly urbanizing Southeast Asia requires. ethical issues and concerns. Title main entry. development. urban heritage conservation and tourism development. (Public administration and public policy. France) the 20th century was part of a universal cycle of social organization characterized. $30. The report further argues that few countries treat water and sanitation as a political priority.. U. and Uganda in order to draw out their lessons for successful development in fragile states. HC59 2006-007608 0-8179-4742-6 Escaping poverty’s grasp. by James Manor. In this text. negotiating technology issues. of Sussex) presents case studies of a range of development projects in East Timor.00 Beginning this work with an examination of the diffusion of technological innovations. improving management of their natural resources. Institute of Development Studies. and nations. and Zambia. (New horizons in institutional and evolutionary economics) Edward Elgar Publishing. Germany. Cultural and economic developments discussed include the university and the global knowledge economy. states. $15. Marshall Cavendish Academic.political developments. and barriers of technology transfer. The first set of papers address environmental and infrastructure developments. and supporting institutions. The behavior of firms in the course of innovation. Edward Elgar Publishing. After describing this approach in some more detail. and the other from the U. particularly information and communication technology. $139. the U. $90. ©2006 206 p. in July 2004. Hirooka. ©2006 390 p. by Tai-chee Wong et al. the author discusses the specifics and usefulness of NIS benchmarking and then introduces an NIS-derived model that allows for a comparison and evaluation of the performance level of national innovation systems in highly developed countries. Earthscan Publications Ltd. HC79 2006-009672 978-1-84407-371-9 Human development report 2006. of Augsburg.00 (pa) For Rosa (economics and finance. the environmental foundations of poverty reduction. suggesting that the innovation paradigm exists within a definite time span with nonlinear causality. and diffusion trajectories. later. ©2006 426 p. successful development in fragile states. that the world’s poorest are paying the highest prices for water. ©2006 389 p. scholars. moral geographies of squatting in Kuala Lumpur. Also included in the volume are 31 statistical tables relevant to more general indicators of human development. (Directions in development) The World Bank. and other issues. Macroeconomics Program Office.S. Among the social and political topics addressed are population development. The nonlinear nature of these trajectories make it possible to make timing judgments related to participation in innovation. managing change and measuring performance. ©2006 422 p. specifically looking at public use of urban forest and related conservation issues in Singapore. urban development and change in Southeast Asia. of Southern California) put it in their preface. the nine chapters of this handbook on the management. Japan) finds that they are of a logistic nature. Distributed in the US by Stylus. groups. Hirooka (Institute of Technoeconomics. They have thus structured the 14 papers on urban development and change in the region around these three broad issues. urban water management. (Hoover Institution Press publication. policies and institutional arrangements need to be aligned at the subnational (meso) and national (macro) levels. and integration of technology in public administration settings are “configured to challenge the reader to consider technology form several perspectives: markets and the public sector (a macro-perspective) and organizations. Civil Society and Governance Program. and participating in political processes. ethnicity and the city. Afghanistan. instead tracing the roots of the crisis to poverty. recognition the intertwining relationship of physical environment. Rosa puts forward an economic theory of technology that suggests the growth in large organizations were the unintended consequences of aggregate individuals reacting to the technological possibilities of their time. World Wildlife FundInternational) and his colleagues is based on the following premises: poverty-environment interventions require rigorous economic. Following an overview of the basic elements and development of the national innovation systems (NIS) concept. urban transport. Rosa. Balzat. Distributed in the US by ISBS. $155. York College of Pennsylvania) and Stupak (formerly. technology’s contribution to quality. technology fusion by existing industries. inequality. Within this time span exist technology. meso. HC79 978-981-210-307-9 Handbook of technology management in public administration. those suffering from weak institutions and capacity and vulnerable to conflict. 547) Hoover Institution Press. and to analyze the structure of innovative efforts. Reed. ©2007 859 p.” The chapters discuss the culture of technology.95 As editors Greisler (business. by expansion of large corporate and state organizations and. as well as flawed water management policies that exacerbate scarcity. For economists. international competitiveness of industries. and unequal power relationships. by the fragmentation of these organizations. Ed. David. El Salvador. and technology and the professions. ecological. $85. ©2006 187 p. poverty and the global water crisis. Later. these policy and institutional changes can only be effected by building alliances between rural communities and a wide range of advocates. terrorism. South Africa. and evolution of innovation paradigms are also explored in terms of innovation trajectories. and a case study of Nike as a global production network. how the information revolution shapes business.00 (pa) Fragile states. HC79 2005-044217 1-84376-578-0 Challenging sustainability. and macro levels of society. In seeking to determine the causal factors that drove this cycle. completed at the U. he reports on experiences in trying to implement such interventions in China. these forms of organization no longer made any sense and thus fragmented. United Nations Publications. the report also discusses water competition in agriculture and the management of transboundary water resources. and urbanization in Burma (Mandalay and Rangoon). He considers the consequence of this fragmentation for the (doomed) European Union. organizational behavior. Innovation dynamism and economic growth. Markus. Greisler and Ronald J. Ed. JeanJacques. until the late 1960s. and Japan—to gain insights into the ability of countries to develop and absorb new technologies. Mozambique. beyond scarcity: Power. HC59 0-230-50058-7 The economic analysis of innovation. Cambodia. of Western Australia). –103– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . extending the concept of national innovation systems. and social. and policymakers.

Examples are Oprah Winfrey. Robert. studies in political economy. Alan Greenspan. paradoxically.HC79 0-8493-9358-2 HC103 2005-004599 1-85109-749-X The office process redesign language. (Studies in economic reform and social justice) Blackwell Publishing. of Lausanne) and Sherwood-Smith (former head of the computer science department. Title main entry. taxation and regulation. $175. apply modern analysis to problems of natural resources economics. which aims not for “redistributionist Robin Hood schemes. He looks at how the tax relief acts passed by Congress and signed by Reagan and the budget cuts to such programs as the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act helped reverse the upward mobility and employment gains made by African Americans in the 1960s and 1970s. $28. 2v. How these leaders wield power in the political arena is also discussed. management books. “hurting our nation. and the Industrial Revolution as a whole. ©2006 152 p. $60. national aspirations. according to Ehrenberg (political science. Donald Trump. ©2006 150 p. The Independent Institute) builds upon his earlier analysis of the political economy of the “military. racial fear. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –104– .. unemployment among African Americans. and the West Indies identify discontinuities between national aspirations and local implementation of sustainable development strategies. endangering our future and that of our children. career path. Press. Kateri. the US. and traits. HC106 2005-057116 978-1-57675-387-3 What’s left?. Among the issues they explore is whether local knowledge. ©2005 884 p. Phil Knight. Higgs. Long Island U. An index is included in the second volume only.00 In this encyclopedia. ©2006 204 p. Drexler.00 These three volumes form the middle third of a nine-volume set examining the role of the Industrial Revolution in shaping American history. polity. resources and the new economy. attacks on the welfare state. Okoye. Bethune Cookman College) analyzes the budget and tax policies of Ronald Reagan’s administration and its impact on African American unemployment. will discuss agriculture and meatpacking. making it harder for individuals to get a fair shot at the American dream. The Swiss publisher is EPFL Press. these three place their focus on three of the most important industrial sectors: textiles. Utopianism. Chiazam Ugo. but also offers more positive assessment’s of the influence of Marxist utopianism in the works of Walter Benjamin. and cold war. University College Dublin) turn the seemingly oxymoronic concept of an e-office with people into a viable option. and they represent a variety of industries. OPRL. war. Many of the case studies come from Africa. 23 prominent figures in the contemporary business world are profiled. and Andre Gorz. strengthening authority. which is both an approach and a language for office process redesign. societal impact. autobiographies. Quotes. organizations. non-renewable exhaustible resources and property taxation.) believes that utopianism has played a generally positive role throughout human history and wonders what the future of socialist utopianism can be after the collapse of Marxist-Leninism. communications. $185. Univ. Gilded Age art and literature. interviews.” He describes the emergence of this extremist paradigm amongst policy-makers and economists and proposes his own “we’re in this together” alternative. ©2006 154 p. Ernst Bloch. US capital formation of the 1940s as wartime socialization of investment. Chappelet. leadership style. $69.00 (pa) Whatever the differences among the American right. most of them in the US. environmental impact. DC). and Ted Turner.95 (pa) Luzkow (Fontbonne U. (Polemics) Rowman & Littlefield. and actions are undermining national aspirations or whether they are simply being ignored at the national level with detrimental consequences to sustainable development.industrial-congressional-complex” and its effects on the wider economy. U. Chappelet (public management and information system. movers. Moss. Ed. major entrepreneurs and companies. scheduled for 2007. and steam shipping. Swiss Graduate School of Public Administration. ©2006 166 p. US distribution is by CRC. immigration’s impact.95 Geographers and other earth scientists from Britain. and moral defense of inequality. tested. President Reagan’s conservative fiscal policy. skills. Warren Buffett.00 Higgs (political economy. The remaining three volumes. with discussions of their personalities. John. and profit rates of US defense contractors.00 Economists and political scientists. and the Modern Era. as well as information on biography and their personal lives. ©2007 515 p. $35. and information for the entries was drawn from research texts. by Kevin Hillstrom and Laurie Collier Hillstrom. HC85 2006-018481 978-1-4051-5995-1 All together now. While the first three volumes separately discussed iron and steel. operated and adapted effectively. lives of the workforce. innovations and inventions. Martha Stewart. Title main entry. and shakers. HC79 2006-927251 978-0-7618-3545-5 Servants of wealth. common sense for a fair economy. ABC-CLIO. Lee Iacocca. and sections on criticism of them and their future impact are included. Congress’s role in military procurement. biographies. Ehrenberg. (Management of technology series) CRC Press. He describes how Marxist utopianism was distorted for distinctly nonutopian ends in Stalin’s Soviet Union and Mao’s China. Oxford U. $124. HC106 978-0-7618-3100-6 Icons of business. company information. according to Bernstein (a senior economist and director of the Living Standards Program at the Economic Policy Institute in Washington.” but for reconnecting a “flexible economy to the living standards of all. Each volume is divided into ten narrative topical chapters synthesizing the historical literature on origins and developments. and society presented in Crisis and Leviathan: Critical Episodes in the Growth of Government (1987) by collecting ten of his essays subsequently published in peer-reviewed journals that extend and refine the ideas of the 1987 book. Luzkow. by Jennifer Hill et al. $65. $35. ©2006 323 p. Jared. HC79 2006-926065 978-0-7546-4605-1 Industrial revolution in America. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. aspirations. Bill Gates. Press of America. local implementation. by Laurence S. Richard Branson. Their remarkable success in achieving this plutocratic goal over the past few decades came about through the fashioning of a broad ideological assault on liberalism that rested on militarism. unusual perspectives on a classic problem. railroads. allows hands-on managers and staff to communicate and approve requirements of an office and to design internet-based office systems so that the office processes can be generated. Marxism. Topics include institutional antecedents of the modern military procurement system in the US rearmament program of 1940-41. Sam Walton. and timelines are incorporated. $12. the movement is united by their support of aggressive state power to advance the interests of the rich. labor organizations and reform movements. Univ. 3v. Individuals were chosen if their companies were successful market leaders.00 (pa) The extreme “you’re on your own” individualism that currently guides economic policy-making in Washington and much of our national discourse is. mining and petroleum. ©2006 221 p. and automobiles. Jean-Loup and Michael Sherwood-Smith.00 (pa) Okoye (political science. (Greenwood icons) Greenwood Press.95 With this detailed explanation of OPRL. Ashgate Publishing Co. Ed. Press of America. Title main entry. simulated. Bernstein. ©2006 396 p. the political economy of the Cold War. HC102 2006-031209 0-313-33862-0 Depression. public opinion as a predictor of US defense spending. the right’s assault on economic justice.” HC106 2005-022028 0-19-518292-8 Natural resources. Ed. and the revolt against history. an encyclopedia of mavericks. and from Austrian capital theory to ecological economics. Their topics include a comparative political economy approach to farming interest groups in Australia and the US. The development of each of these pillars of the new right’s ideological campaign is described in individual chapters. Jack Lawrence. Herbert Marcuse. and. HC103 2006-020728 978-0-7425-4205-1 Sustainable development.). and company websites.

Alan. U. This transition. Topics covered include the manifestations of central government power in the province. Catherine. of California at Berkeley) argues that Europe had inherited a set of institutions particularly well suited for the task—a coordinated capitalism of solidaristic trade unions. Fay. ©2006 207 p. Bolivia’s indigenous population. social protection. The report recommends greater spending on infrastructure. Co-published by the World Bank and Stanford U. this volume is meant for general readers. and growth-minded governments working together to mobilize savings. HC130 2006-047623 978-0-8213-6676-9 Bolivia. He discusses CEOs and stock options. water and sanitation. Press. They describe the Greek pursuit of an “Iron Egnatia” in Balkan Europe. HC153 2005-028037 978-0-8135-3854-9 Frontier Goias. Ed. $25. transportation systems. Eichengreen (economics and political science. $99. past telecommunications networks. ©2006 297 p. this volume presents empirically based studies that assess a variety of initiatives to improve environmental quality. sustainable development. McCreery. populations that threatened state power. the distribution of wealth. ©2006 538 p. high school and college students. obstacles to trade and industry. finance investment. Reynolds (Cato Institute) provides a guide to the growth and distribution of income and wealth in the US. Ashgate Publishing Co. While these institutions worked well when brute-force capital formation and technology acquisition were important to growth.. $35. The contributors use case studies of both large and small nations to provide an interdisciplinary critical overview of environmental planning in the Caribbean. He offers a descriptive treatment of state-building in Goiás in an effort to fill a hole in the understanding of the national history of Brazil. Ed. Press. governance is examined in chapters discussing the efficiency and transparency in public administration. tax collection. early technological visions of a united Europe. electricity systems in the Baltic region.95 (pa) Investigating why poor women and men decline to use family-planning services. HC155 2006-924968 978-0-7546-4391-3 The European economy since 1945. urban planning. and improving the framework for private participation in infrastructure. Eichengreen argues. Georgia State U. Press. Maternowska.. $50. physical development planning. during the 19th century the province of Goiás occupied a frontier position in terms of the statebuilding project of the Brazilian elites. and land policy. gender issues. Science History Pubns. M. rural development.00 (pa) Jointly produced by the World Bank and the Inter-American Development Bank. stock raising.00 Although it lies at the physical center of Brazil. greater government responsibility for regulating and overseeing infrastructure provision. ©2006 231 p. ©2006 335 p. transaction costs and aid effectiveness. of California at San Francisco) conducted fieldwork in the Haitian slum of Cité Soleil during the three years following the first coup overthrowing President JeanBertrand Aristide. David. pension reform. Ed. Press. HC188 2006-005165 978-0-8047-5179-7 Infrastructure in Latin America and the Caribbean. a remarkable feat in itself as Cité Soleil represented a major part of the base for Aristide’s Lavalas movement and was under siege by the Coup supporters. (The Princeton economic history of the Western world) Princeton U. public policy options for the well-being of all. management and sustainability of the public debt. and ecotourism. the influence of the Swiss Gotthard Railways.). Employing a political economy of fertility framework. as well as work and income. (Greenwood guides to business and economics) Greenwood Press. and labor mobilization and control. she examines how structures of power determine (and deform) demographic policies as they filter down to the program level and finds a dynamic of reproduction and resistance in which local popular movements challenge traditional public health initiatives as unresponsive to the needs of the poor. poverty and the politics of population in Haiti. the building of European power grids through such means as IG Auschwitz. and the results of two decades of large technical system studies. pest management. Eichengreen. 1850-2000. Science History Publications USA is a division of Watson Publishing International. the financial system. land and law.HC110 2006-021343 978-0-313-33688-1 HC182 2006-033480 978-0-8213-6662-2 Income and wealth. agriculture. coordinated capitalism and beyond. transnational infrastructures and the shaping of Europe. medical anthropologist Maternowska (U. ©2006 221 p. the energy resource sector. Title main entry. and stabilize wages at levels consistent with full employment in Western Europe and wholesale nationalization and central planning in the East. water pollution. and prone to conflicts based not on the needs of the European Union but on past economic and political events. cohesive employers associations. Networking Europe.95 In keeping with the aim of the Urban Planning and Environment series. and recommendations to fix wage or income inequality. HC240 2006-050648 0-88135-394-9 Environmental planning in the Caribbean. Stanford U. this report examines infrastructure issues in Latin America and the Caribbean. The volume starts by reviewing issues and providing recommendations connected to economic policy. the idea that the middle class is declining. which has tended to focus on areas connected to the export sectors. The World Bank. $26. productivity and competitiveness. The topics covered include participatory planning. political decentralization. by Jonathan Pugh and Janet Henshall Momsen. ©2007 130 p. (Directions in development.00 (pa) The editors (all of the World Bank) present a report that is intended to contribute to the debate over Bolivia’s economic and social development policy. by Vicente Fretes-Cibils et al. and trade and integration policies. including discussion of macroeconomic management. They argue that context is central to environmental planning in this region and focus on the interaction between local and global relations of power. 1822-1889. ©2007 495 p. Title main entry. according to McCreery (history. education and health. Reynolds. and claims that average wages have not increased. (Rutgers studies in medical anthropology) Rutgers U. Infrastructure) The World Bank. It then turns to issues of social inclusion and exclusion and social service provision in chapters that address poverty and inequality. arguing that these perspectives are often influenced by a misunderstanding of basic concepts and measures. Barry. and justice and public security. and includes a discussion of the income of the top one percent. greater attention to infrastructure maintenance. He addresses statistics purported by the press and economists. using consumption as a measure of living standards. $55. Finally. Title main entry. –105– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Dutch power relations. a shift came in which increases in efficiency and internally generated innovation became more important for economic growth. $55.00 As part of a series aiming to improve economic literacy and decisionmaking.00 Discussing the rapid “catch-up” growth of both Western and Eastern European economies in the first decades following the end of World War II in his chronological narrative of the European economy. $47. Marianne and Mary Morrison. He then explains those concepts and measures. HC240 2006-010251 978-0-691-12710-1 Reproducing inequities. or as a review for graduate students and those in business. meant that those same institutions that had once worked well for European growth became greater constrains on the economy beginning in the 1970s. The report finds that regional infrastructure has fallen behind what should be expected based on the region’s income and lays much of the blame on governments that have relied solely on the private sector for financing and management. recent developments and key challenges.50 The authors of these ten articles contend that infrastructures integrated across Europe are fraught with the intentions and fears of history. environmental degradation. by Erik van der Vleuten and Arne Kaijser.

Hong Kong. fiscal and political decentralization. the establishment of the European Monetary Unit and subsequent performance of the Euro. charity and credit. Edwin Mellen Pr. the effects of free trade arrangements on social welfare and urban employment. and the political economy of altruism. Ricardo. Ed. modeling environmental cooperation on reciprocal emission reduction via virtual market systems. judicial reform. Lora (principal adviser. HC340 978-0-7734-5580-1 Heterodox views on economics and the economy of the global society.ed. Press. employment and unemployment. $130. In the process. and economics and management. pension and social assistance systems. Aalborg U.95 (pa) Two directors of the Justice Office of the Conference of Religious of Ireland (CORI Justice) and an economist at Trinity College Dublin present a work that continues in the tradition of CORI Justice previous publications on Irish social policy by alternately exploring issues of principle and paradigm.1) Wageningen Academic Publishers. population and demographic change. Asia’s innovation systems in transition. who examine innovation systems and competence. followed by case studies of four innovation systems in Thailand. Examples of topics discussed in the 19 contributions include money.00 Records of particular parish paupers tend to be rare. Piveronus. 5th ed. policy. and order in the European Union. theory. HC244 978-90-76998-96-1 Social policy in Ireland. modeling relationships between inequality and market maladjustment. and others. Russia’s alternative to corporate concentration and to the command economy. grooming habits. ©2007 446 p.. and economics from Europe and Asia. ©2006 289 p. measurements and trends of poverty. practice. ©2006 168 p. Individual chapters focus on political reform. Title main entry. which was founded by a Romanian economist for the purpose of discovering and testing new ideas in economics and the social sciences more generally. Alannah. summarizing the objectives of the reform. Each paper focuses on a particular area of institutional reform. ©2006 468 p. Title main entry. Meijer et al. and Singapore. Tringhua U. The World Bank. science and technology. Keele U. Indonesia.” HC390 0-8213-6575-4 The state of state reform in Latin America.HC241 2005-035222 0-7546-4805-2 HC260 978-1-905785-02-5 The economics of European integration. food. perceived inflation and actual price changes in the Netherlands. $85. and consumer practices of Britain’s middle-class urban males during the period. and educational reform.) finds that taken together they can offer deeper insights into what it was like being poor in 18th-century England than more general studies of the phenomenon. Ed. and the EU’s past and future development as a guide to the successful economic integration of other regions of the world and for the improvement of global economic governance. Essays were originally given as papers at the First Asialics Conference on Asian Innovation Systems and Clusters held in Bangkok in Spring 2004.00 (pa) Declaring the past couple decades as an era of silent revolution for state institutions in Latin America. India. taxation reform. bring together 12 essays by scholars in business. HC260 2006-017471 978-0-8214-1702-7 The reinvention of capitalism. as expressed in his The Capitalist Manifesto (1958). They discuss how national systems have upgraded their production structure through empirical examples. alienable. HC260 0-7190-7504-1 The experience of urban poverty. budgetary institutions. rural development. men. and identifying obstacles to their implementation and effectiveness. but Tomkins (history. Denmark. $99. HC412 2005-031680 1-84542-713-0 The cut of his coat. ©2006 399 p. thus increasing social justice and welfare. by Eduardo Lora. practice and problems. by G. Title main entry. health policy. $49. Lansing Community College) argues that Kelso’s theory. cost projection of emissions reduction. Ashgate Publishing Co. 1860-1914. $154. Co-published by Stanford U. The Netherlands) presents the latest edition of his text designed for students in courses following European integration and for those with a professional interest in the subject. by Bengt-Ake Lundvall et al. The book.. analyzing general practices. and Korea. ©2006 446 p. Willem. tax reform. $60. describing and measuring their scope. $35. housing.building systems in Asia. ©2006 252 p. and policy learning in China comprise the final section. Research Department. Rotterdam. Distributed in the US by Enfield. the economic challenge of sustainability. Inter-American Development Bank) presents 12 papers reviewing and assessing key aspects of institutional reform. Erasmus U. 1723-82.00 (pa) This volume contains revised papers from the eighth conference of the International Society for Intercommunication of New Ideas.95 Molle (international economics. migration. Most of the papers are “heterodox” in their views of economics and the global economy in that they either reject mainstream neo-classical analysis or supplement it with insights from other social sciences. He describes how the theory was implemented through the issuance of negotiable. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –106– . Molle. and financial sector reforms and impact of monetary policy shocks in Nigeria. public administration and public employment reform. and consumer culture in Britain. extending this idea to the claim that if labor owned enterprises. and heritable vouchers representing ownership in construction. Science-based innovation in Japan. developed in connection with the networks GLOBELICS and ASIALICS. Brent. and recent policy developments. ©2006 322 p. became a major element in the Russian transition of the 1990s. China) et al. Kentucky) examines the costume. retail. Peter J. productive development policies and supporting institutions. parish.00 Lundvall (economics. The text has been revised throughout to reflect changes in course requirements. is meant for academics and postgraduate students and national and international policy organizations. the result would be greater efficiency and productivity and worker-owners would have incentives to expand both profits and wages. rev. social capital and well-being. or focusing on specific problems. and comparing and contrasting reforms and their results for the different Latin American countries. Piveronus (history. the implications of the European Union’s social inclusion indicators.95 Shannon (English. Liffey Press. and features new material on the ongoing integration of the new member states and the new forms of association with the recent accession countries of Central and Eastern Europe. the effect of changes in corporate ownership structure on performance. Ed. He re-evaluates the long-overlooked changes in male sartorial and consumer habits in order to discern why the Victorians seem heavily invested in denying men’s relationship to consumerism. dress. v. (New horizons in the economics of innovation series) Edward Elgar Publishing. empowering “ultimate owners” as a means to improve corporate governance. new statistical information.. neoliberalism and education. privatization and regulation. and light industries and presents a generally approving assessment of the effects of Russia’s “People’s Capitalism. Ohio University Press. principles. freedom. Press..95 In contrast to Marx. Ed. Shannon. (Mansholt publications series. family policy. Tomkins. financial reforms. evidence-based policy-making. Twenty-two contributions discuss such topics as equality.. Distributed in the US by Dufour. she addresses the issue of the character of the old poor law and the balance of alternative welfare or survival resources. Transylvania U. which they view as being in transition. economist Louis Kelso proposed a binary theory of economics which identified both labor and capital as the sources of added value. Title main entry. pluralism. $38. by Sean Healy et al. Manchester U. Distributed in the US by Palgrave Macmillan.

and energy use and greenhouse gas emissions. the financing of Chinese bank restructuring. Lexington Books.95 Over the course of two volumes. ©2006 305 p. Ed. systematic. Chinese and US economists evaluate the impact of China’s 2001 entry into the World Trade Organization on the Chinese and world economy. Title main entry. transition. the coal industry and the environment. these 11 papers describe the dramatic changes in Chinese economy and society since 1978. International Conference on “Transition. Virmani. Open U.00 While most analysts trace the growth in Chinese industry to the economic reform policies of 1978. Title main entry. Individual chapters discuss the causal factors behind Chinese economic growth. Underpinned by the interrelated themes of stability. efficiency in jobmatching. the performance of city economies. and all are in print and available. Tokyo) places it in the context of a century-long development trajectory. ethnic minorities. and specialized HC427 2006-041791 978-1-84542-768-9 Development under stress. $60.’s Center for China Studies.00 (pa) The “turning point” of the Chinese economy to which the editors (professors of economics at The Australian National U. the individual papers explore critical developments in Chinese politics. of Peradeniya. Michigan. politics. Saman. Distributed in N. Kelegama. and projects India’s economic future. and globalization in China. thus generating structural shifts towards more capital-intensive and technologically sophisticated industrial structure and the expense of labor intensive manufacturing and agriculture. democratic. $75. We prepare entries from bound books only. China’s environmental problems. by Yanrui Wu. They analyze the challenges and opportunities faced by China and other countries. They describe the sources of growth. Sophia U. HC424 2006-027542 978-0-7619-3536-0 Economic and social transformation in China.00 Between 1978 and 2004 the Chinese industrial sector grew to nearly half the GDP while the agricultural segment declined from about 28 percent to about 13 percent. critical social issues of gender. Virmani (principal adviser. Drawn from those presented at the July 2005 conference. The volume’s 13 chapters collectively provide a grand overview of the perceived current status and future challenges of Chinese economic and social development. the impact of the gust-worker system on poverty in urban China.. by Ross Garnaut and Ligang Song. and economic environment that the government has constantly operated under can explain why the one island has not prospered while the other two have. America by Independent Publishers Group. They present 17 papers analyzing the domestic and international economic ramifications of this structural change. (Routledge studies on the Chinese economy) Routledge. (State and society in East Asia) Rowman & Littlefield. $69.00 Hu compiles material from the China Studies Reports of Tsinghua U. Sri Lankan economy in transition. discuss China’s current economic problems.00 In this study. and development in postcolonial Sri Lanka. urban unemployment and social security. $135. (The Chinese economy series) Ashgate Publishing Co. Ed. ©2006 305 p. and soon even more astonishing changes will come in an explosion of domestic consumption. Hennayake teaches geography at the U. culture. Particular attention is paid to the significance of culture in conceptualizing development indigenously. and development in postcolonial Sri Lanka. by Czeslaw Tubilewicz. challenges and opportunities. explores India’s place in the global economic and political order (proposing the likelihood of a Sino-American-Indian “Tripolar Century”). ©2006 357 p. Title main entry. Propelling India from socialist stagnation to global power. Grove. considers lessons drawn from China’s experience with economic reform. and Globalization in China” (2005: Perth. business cycles. –107– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . military. and offer recommendations to policy makers.) Ed. He argues that the stressful political. Growth. $125.1: Growth process.A. ©2006 390 p. Ed. health insecurity. never galleys. coordination in regional development. Increases in exports have grown at an average of 18 per cent from 1979 to 2004. the exchange rate debate. In this first volume he analyzes the overarching trajectory of Indian macroeconomic growth from Independence to the 1980s. The text is an expanded and updated version of her doctoral dissertation. Title main entry. The second volume focuses more narrowly on specific areas of reform. Ed. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Chicago. banking reform and management on a macroeconomic scale.) refer in the title of this book is the point at which surplus labor from rural agricultural sectors ceases to be available. forcing real wage increases and real exchange rate appreciation. education. and economic inequality. and explores links between managerial practices in contemporary rural firms and traditional Chinese business practices. Sri Lanka. China’s role in the international currency system. HC435 2006-541031 81-7188-530-6 Critical issues in contemporary China. population change and food security. $40. HC427 0-7315-3763-7 The Chinese economy after WTO accession. ©2006 211 p. which are also addressed broadly by the introductory chapter. Arvind. rural migration and public security. and the economic development brought on by globalization.95 In 18 papers revised from presentations at an August 2003 conference in Ann Arbor. Routledge. corruption. Grove (liberal arts. Academic Foundation. Hennayake. Colombo) Sri Lanka had per-capita income levels similar to those in South Korea and Malaysia. particularly its emerging role in the world economy as both producer and consumer. Linda. and territorial integrity. an influential Chinese policy think-tank directed by him that has often had policy recommendations adopted by the Chinese political leadership. ©2006 269 p. and need to make policy decision-making more scientific. Nalani. ©2007 276 p. prospects from 2005 to 2020. privatization and its consequences. of Hong Kong. demographic change and the labor supply constraint. health. Governor of India) reviews the economic history of India. poverty reduction efforts. Planning Commission. institution building as a “second transformation” of the Communist Party. sustainable development. HC427 2005-035223 0-7546-4482-0 Economic growth. and examines the political economy of Indian social welfare and voting. $124. ©2006 419 p. aging population concerns. Sage Publications. ©2006 241 p. Specific topics include constraints and policy options for economic growth. The author also describes the explicit political program that attempted to mediate between development and local culture and examines how certain development projects have been contested by local populations. Asia Pacific Press.95 During the late 1950s. $100. labor scarcity and trade expansion. says Kelegama (Institute of Policy Studies of Sri Lanka. W. by Shuming Bao et al. Hennayake investigates the intricate and complex relationship between politics..HC424 2006-009835 978-0-7391-1155-0 HC427 2005-034794 0-415-38067-7 Culture. national savings and natural capital. the comparative comprehensive national power of China versus other world and regional powers. All books cited here are new. HC427 2006-008484 978-0-7425-5354-5 A Chinese economic revolution. analyzes major aspects of India’s economic reform. rural entrepreneurship in the twentieth century. inter-regional fluctuations in output. v. and for 30 years after independence implemented consistent measures to improve the physical quality of life. HC427 2006-002906 0-415-39584-4 The turning point in China’s economic development. changing patterns in China’s agricultural trade after accession to the World Trade Organization. changing demand for resources. $79. by Angang Hu. (Advances in Chinese economic studies series) Edward Elgar Publishing. China) presents nine chapters that are intended to collectively address the critical political and socioeconomic issues facing China in the reform era. uneven economic development. and Taiwan Strait relations and the prospects for reunifications. Her case study is the Gaoyang weaving district from its rise in the first decade of the 20th century to the present.00 Tubilewicz (China and international studies.

Italy) presents a critical analysis of the major areas of debate amongst the Vietnamese leadership concerning national development strategy and an assessment of Vietnam’s doi moi renovation process. 10) Routledge. University Press Limited. World Bank) and Mahmud (economics. V. ©2006 295 p. $5. Governor of India) reviews the economic history of India. ©2005 173 p. which is seen as the central challenge in its development agenda. but the identified reasons are perhaps interesting. There is no index. institutions. Mexico. economics. a human rights perspective on basic health service delivery. Masina. and recommends activist policies for productive diversification and enhanced competitiveness of the economy.HC435 2006-541031 81-7188-531-4 HC460 2005-029313 978-0-7890-2744-3 Propelling India from socialist stagnation to global power. Brazil.E. while also exploring the South Korean and Japanese models of state strategic development guidance. value-added tax and customs duty reforms. workers. HC810 2006-025730 978-0-8213-6796-4 Growth and poverty. The tables are arranged under sections on basic indicators and national accounts.M. it identifies Morocco’s binding constraints to growth. She began making observations in malls and interviewing managers. and investment climate. ©2006 289 p.00 Having studied consumerism in Singapore and Kuala Lampur. especially those of the 1990s. Cairo) returned to Cairo to find similar developments there. Abaza (sociology. and other mundane matters. Among her findings is that consumerism does not necessarily equate with homogenization because Egyptians do it differently than. ©2006 309 p. for example. Mona. and policies.A. HC905 978-0-8213-6537-3 Vietnam’s development strategies. There is no index. ©2006 182 p. present comparative studies on such issues as comparative advantage recycling.). HC440 2006-414387 984-05-1755-4 Water governance for sustainable development.” Topics include the sources of rising inequality in Bangladesh. ©2006 107 p. by Sylvain Perret et al. of Pretoria. or just the numerous poor crowding the streets. The final papers explore practical tools and approaches to institutional. HC800 2005-036769 978-1-84407-319-1 Elite perceptions of poverty in Bangladesh. Planning Commission.P. Title main entry. and South Africa. Virmani. (A World Bank country study) The World Bank. of Dhaka Bureau of Economic Research seminar on “Accelerating Growth and Poverty Reduction in Bangladesh. $25. The editors (professors of agricultural and environmental economics at the U. American U. he looked at overarching macroeconomic and political economic issues. and public but soon realized that consumer culture thrived away from the glitter as well.00 Masina (international political economy. and domestic and global financial integration. productivity. of Sussex. this collection presents 16 papers that explore global water politics in terms of recent changes in governance. the impact of tariff reform on Indian industry. their domestic live-in servants. cross-country analysis of employment/poverty linkages. Measuring and analyzing elite perceptions of the poor. Indonesians and Chinese. He discusses the ideas that have formed the Washington Consensus of the international financial institutions and the ideas of the repackaged post-Washington Consensus following in the wake of the East Asian financial crisis (the dominant perspectives in the debates). South Africa) first present two keynote papers that review two major issues of water governance: institutions and economic viability. $50. Academic Foundation. citizens’ views of basic service delivery. foreign direct investment reform. the development experience of Bangladesh. and a lack of confidence in the efficacy of state anti-poverty programs. Fatemi (president.2: Policy reforms.95 Emphasizing African case studies. and household welfare by country. opportunities and challenges. UK) asks whether the Bangladeshi elite believe poverty to be a priority. analyzes major aspects of India’s economic reform. some high performers are beginning to emerge. connections between political regimes and poverty reduction. customs tariff reform. U. and policies in Southern Africa at the local level of communities and irrigation schemes and at the regional/basin level. and participation of non-governmental organizations in the delivery of social services. Individual chapters discuss food and agriculture policy. The disk contains the background studies on which the final report is based. These include the perception that the poor don’t pose a threat to the elites. $34. Bangladesh) present 12 papers from a joint World Bank/U. HC444 2005-024435 0-415-34311-9 Fostering higher growth and employment in the Kingdom of Morocco. whereas in this volume he offers more detailed analysis of particular areas of reform. Applying the innovative procedure Growth Diagnostic. Cairo’s urban reshaping. Hossain. Earthscan Publications Ltd. U. and contain industry-specific studies of the textile and apparel industries of Vietnam and of US apparel imports. fertility decline under poverty. economic structural differences. Naomi.) has organized the papers into four sections that provide a contextual overview. U. and financial resource flows. HC440 2006-345188 984-05-1735-X Globalization and East Asia. cuisines. Abaza. in coffee houses. economics and political studies of the Middle East and Asia (S. the sheer extent of poverty means that even the elite have multiple encounters with the poor. Virmani (principal adviser. and 14 countries have achieved average growth rates over five percent since the 1990s. Pietro P. $105. (Social. (CD-ROM included) Title main entry. A final chapter discusses future research directions. by Sadiq Ahmed and Wahiduddin Mahmud. Chicago. whether through extended family connections to their home villages. micro-finance experiences.00 (pa) The study investigates the low economic growth rate in the North African country. Eastern Oregon U. $69. of Naples. trade flows. HC830 90-04-15277-6 Changing consumer cultures of modern Egypt. Millennium Development Goals.00 (pa) In this year’s data collection. Hossain (Institute of Development Studies. International Trade and Finance Association Conference (12th: 2002: Bangkok. South Asia Region. University Press Limited. France.E. (CD-ROM included) Title main entry. the political economy of Bangladeshi development. Title main entry. ©2006 152 p. He argues that it is incumbent upon Vietnamese leaders not to unreservedly accept the diktats of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank and to pay greater attention to the possibilities suggested by the other two conceptual frames of development. It’s perhaps not surprising that poverty is found to not be a priority for the elites. Morocco. and the idea that Vietnam can somehow further the socialist transformation promised by leaders such as Ho Chi Minh while still embracing market-friendly reforms. ©2006 485 p.S.95 Over the course of two volumes.. Thailand) Haworth Pr.. $134. America by Independent Publishers Group. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –108– . of Dhaka. development outcomes. relative industry efficiencies. $89. The World Bank. Arvind.00 Ahmed (director. entrepreneurship. Distributed in N.. $125.02 (pa) In Dhaka. The World Bank finds Africa doing great: conflicts have declined. (Routledge contemporary Southeast Asia series. Distributed in the US by Stylus. Africa development indicators. Ed. economic. In the first volume.95 (pa) First presented at the 12th International Conference of the International Trade and Finance Association (May/June. Poverty Reduction and Economic Management unit. 2002). public enterprise performance and strategy. The next six papers explore governance. the capital city of Bangladesh. institutions. ©2006 315 p. the 16 revised studies contained in this text explore aspects of the economic performance of East Asian countries over the past few decades.101) BRILL. and policy-related issues of water governance in found in Tanzania. discuss trends in international finance. and projects India’s economic future. Ed. v. economic performance has improved. the belief that poverty is a consequence of national underdevelopment. 2006.

. Ed. Human Sciences Res. the chapters summarize and analyze economic and social developments in the realms of macroeconomic and microeconomic reforms. the cross-cultural implementation of an information system. M.95 The 19 papers presented by Padayachee (development studies. In this guide for business leaders and project managers. and management consultancy at U. implementing an ambulance dispatch system. the Army’s Communications-Electronics Command. HD30 978-0-7734-5615-0 Knowledge intensive business services.HC905 2006-473162 0-7969-2123-7 HD30 2006-003567 1-59904-412-9 The development decade? Economic and social change in South Africa. Sage Publications. Edwin Mellen Pr. The volume lacks bibliographical references. by Vishnu Padayachee. who had largely embraced neoliberal economics and reform.00 Bringing together scholars from a mix of disciplines. labor supply and demand. Utilizing different analytical frameworks and methodologies. local municipal economic development. U. and analysis of modern information systems are addressed. outlines several offshore delivery engagement models. COMMERCE HD30 2004-351841 1-59140-259-X IT application service offshoring. ©2006 370 p. of KwaZulu-Natal. Mario. culture. Both successes and failures are included. $32. population health. –109– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 .) explains how knowledge management techniques developed by and for corporations can be used by national. Edward Elgar Publishing. Most of the cases were previously published in that journal or in others edited by him. Edwin Mellen Pr. information technology governance within the airlines industry. HD30 2006-005776 978-0-7656-1728-6 The art of organisational problem-solving. and learning processes. HD30 2006-029150 978-0-7619-3525-4 PRODUCTION. Ed. which brings together concerns about philosophical issues. notes Khosrow-Pour (editor-in-chief. by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour. and local governments. Wolfgram (Cardinal Stricht U. ©2006 279 p. information technology and organizational performance in corporations. Ed. but all agree that the evolution of KIBS is strongly associated with new interorganizational forms and that different country institutions shape the characteristics of these forms. analysis of interaction and behavior. 1994-2004. Council. Lewis. Wolfgram. and change within the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. state.. Ed. McNabb. His discussion. The contributors examine various KIBS sectors. Title main entry. he discusses the practical considerations involved when moving IT operations to another country. ©2006 316 p. the human side of IT. Kawalek. The 36 case studies address electronic commerce.E. he illuminates the complex relationships between local culture. David E. environmental conservation and cultural survival in Cameroon. $69. A former professor of information systems at the Pennsylvania State U. Title main entry. gender and social security. and outsourcing systems management. ©2006 233 p. small business-to-business e-commerce. $129. and social movements. Cases on information technology planning. Idea Group Publishing. management consultancy and R&D services. INDUSTRY. Idea Group Publishing. and end-user computing issues. local ecosystem type. The text is based upon his 2005 dissertation. communication. Distributed in the US by Independent Publishers Group. accounting information systems. HC995 0-7734-5638-4 Cases on information technology and organizational politics & culture. He covers the foundations of knowledge management. IT in developing countries.. and knowledge management systems in the public sector. such as computer services. and the Virginia Department of Transportation. organizational forms and national institutions. ©2006 413 p. Response Books is an imprint of Sage India.00 (pa) Volume six in this series collects experiences with implementing and managing information technology in the business and government sectors. a blueprint for innovation in government. Specific topics include building automation into existing business processes. industrial innovation and clustering. HD30 2006-003568 1-59904-409-9 Global development and remote African villages. ©2006 471 p. this volume explores the nature and evolution of a range of Knowledge Intensive Business Services (KIBS). and offers cautionary tales about the dangers of overlooking crucial issues. and the South African Communist Party. $69.95 (pa) McNabb (business administration. the Congress of South African Trade Unions. suggests the need for more attention to the impact of information technology on organizational politics and culture. library networking at a Venezuelan university.95 (pa) This volume presents 21 cases illustrating how companies and organizations have planned. Each case is followed by some questions for discussion. ©2006 364 p. ©2007 325 p. and development and conservation priorities. and a wide range of issues related to systems development. the informal economy. ©2004 628 p. Knowledge management in the public sector. of Manchester.95 Kawatek (systems theory.95 (pa) The spread of information technology into wider and wider areas of organizational functioning. John Paul. He presents 25 real-life cases that illustrate various aspects of the relationship between information technology and organizational politics and culture through examining an integrated online library resources automation project. change management. $119. Sharpe. by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour. critical thinking. eliciting the requirements for intelligent systems in law enforcement. $39. Editors Miozzo (innovation studies) and Grimshaw (employment studies) both teach at the Manchester Business School at the U. and the introduction of networked personal computers in a local government offices. Drawing upon a review of the literature as well as field research in remote Cameroonian villages. the alignment of business strategy with business structure. environmental conservation. design. HD30 2005-049717 1-84542-236-8 Annals of cases on information technology. of Sheffield in the UK) presents methodological principles for managing process improvement in organizations. Wolfgram aims to identify the reasons why so many conservation projects fail in Africa despite the involvement of local people. South Africa) review the results of the so-called “development decade” in South Africa. and explains how best to staff and organize offshore teams. business process automation. Pacific Lutheran U. epistemology. is set within the context of his overall goal of integrating inquiry as an integral component of management action in practice. rural development. Title main entry. Three case studies look at NASA. $34. Idea Group Publishing.95 (pa) Mario Lewis is a senior consultant within the offshore software delivery industry in Bangalore. and implemented various applications using information technology. Mehdi. Steven A. Inc. He describes what types of work can be offshored. He concludes with a discussion of the need for locally designed and implemented projects for biodiversity and sustainability. Khosrow-Pour. Title main entry. the ten years following the fall of Apartheid during which the country was governed by the alliance of the African National Congress. how to think about what we are doing in management. and human development projects in Cameroon since 1992. transforming government with it. $110. design and implementation. an insider’s guide. poverty and inequality. by Marcela Miozzo and Damian Grimshaw. Journal of Cases on Information Technology). to name a few. $149. Khosrow-Pour is editor-in-chief of Journal of Cases on Information Technology.95 In this study.) has been involved in research.. designed.

corporate trainers. HD30 2006-022334 978-1-4129-2687-4 Strategic ambiguities. lecturing. an accelerated approach.95 This resource for business and IT professionals provides an accessible overview of the business and technology issues involved in service-oriented architecture (SOA). Each of seven chapters concludes with a business case and discussion questions. Petter.95 (pa) Angwin (strategic management.to late-1990s. role playing. Gottschalk. what every leader needs to know about responsibility. ©2007 312 p. communications.ed.95 Developed as a technological tool for engineers. Sections on development and perception discuss the relationship between development and creativity and address the question of how assumptions affect development. Marks is a veteran software and technology services expert. Eric A. accepting change and conflict. This text for business and IT professionals describes how a three-tier architecture of performance management. from NASA to Southwest Airlines to the Olive Garden. This third edition offers expanded material on development. Open University Business School. Managing by accountability. ©2006 378 p. This edition also has additional lessons. Einolf. and strategy. Lessons learned focus on purpose. Haskins. James T. ©2007 218 p. marketing or sales because you hear gentle snoring from the front benches? Glawson and Haskins (both business administration. Pennsylvania State U. Blackwell Publishing.) offers lessons learned. by Jane Henry. Khoshafian is vice president of BPM Technology at Pegasystems. $69.95 (pa) This management economics textbook was designed specifically for accelerated and on-line courses at the upper undergraduate and MBA levels. $24. and concept. and benefits. accounting. corporate strategy and character. strategic planning based on learning principles that keep discussions brief. 3d rev. concepts and lessons. ©2007 90 p. HD30 2006-017155 0-8493-5360-2 Creative management and development. and operating environments. and helping others develop personal accountability. design and methods. ©2007 335 p. Inc. on ways to develop and sustain creativity and innovation in organizations. and progress. Pr. and 32 case studies in this edition.. HD31 2006-927104 1-4129-2247-X Service-oriented architecture. and team innovation. a field guide for professors. and a strong IT service infrastructure can support the top priorities of any enterprise. a comprehensive guide to achieving managerial excellence and improved decision making. HD31 2006-028566 0-275-99332-9 The strategy pathfinder. and Karl W. and internal change.95 Dealy shares how the role of personal accountability has shaped his career at Burlington Northern Railroad. complexity. Praeger. while material on style and culture looks at the way in which cognitive style and personality type affect problem-solving. Material in sections on creativity and cognition offers a systemic view of creativity. for business students. and Mark E. anti-terror investigations. as well as competitor analysis. The third edition features new material on human capital measurement. service oriented architecture (SOA) is based on principles that may also be used to guide the management of business operations. vision development. Eisenberg. The result is a full course on teaching adults in a single volume. Duncan et al. The authors’ modeling approach is general and may be applied to all industries.HD30 2006-012371 1-59904-308-4 HD30 2006-930451 978-0-7618-3562-2 Knowledge management systems in law enforcement.E. The methods are organized into seven sections dealing with various areas of management (operational. ©2006 640 p. Marks. and return on investment. Drawing on their half-century or so of combined experience with what works and what does not in the classroom. Auerbach Publications. Cambridge U. by Eric M.. from causes in the external environment to the industry setting. Title main entry. and consultants. using alternatives such as case studies.S.99 (pa) Do you pause in the middle of your lecture on management. $55. business process automation. leadership. ©2006 259 p. $28. Sharpe. HD30 2006-003847 978-0-7656-1779-8 Strategic planning. by Taylor & Francis. and progress reviews. Sage Publications. The unique textbook doesn’t provide any exercises. technology platforms. positioning. role analysis.95 These essays written over the last two decades reflect Eisenberg’s development of a new aesthetics of communications that explores language and communication in the construction of social structures and personal identities. about strategy formation and strategic planning in private and public organizations. architecture. they cover the fundamental elements of teaching and adult learning. managing a degree program or non-degree client program. Its non-mathematical approach emphasizes the links between economic analysis and other business topics such as marketing. Ziegenfuss. James G. philosophy. Univ. He recommends setting personal expectations high. essays on communication. governance. cases. of Virginia) intend to motivate professors. Distributed in the U. $130. 3d ed. integrity—and results. managers. They aim to make the readers the “producers” of the strategy by tracing what happens in a strategy path. M. HD30 2005-034273 978-0-471-76894-4 Teaching management. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –110– . Inc. mainly from the mid. Khoshafian. $39. $79. outcomes. Sample topics include asset reuse. and use graphics for explanations. U. finance. William G. of Warwick. HD30 978-0-521-68986-1 Management economics. and identifies the most common mistakes committed by well-intentioned leaders.00 Henry (human resources and change management. ©2006 184 p. HD30 2005-032596 978-1-4051-2613-7 A handbook of management techniques. $79. working with executives. Press of America. and grade and pay structures. core concepts and micro-cases. U. course and class planning. organization. mentoring and counseling students. The book is meant for executives.95 (pa) Gottschalk (Norwegian School of Management) takes the knowledge management concepts already used by businesses and applies them to the analysis of criminal information and knowledge through a stages of growth model which begins with police officers as knowledge workers and culminates in artificial intelligence to support police work. Forgang. Clawson. and managing your teaching career. and Michael Bell. and Bell is founder of an SOA modeling firm. David. Roles of those in an organization are discussed. Dealy. $39. incorporate real micro-cases from around the world. Michael. $59. and identity. Setrag. Ed. UK) collects book chapters and journal articles. Eisenberg has added framing chapters and head notes for this text to provide students an intellectual and historical context for the essays. Armstrong is an independent management consultant and bestselling author. including innovative strategies. ©2007 438 p. treating accountability as a verb. John Wiley & Sons. and value shops. and students.00 (pa) Ziegenfuss (management and health care systems. Sage Publications.00 (pa) This resource for business students and managers in all industries describes over 100 systematic and analytical methods they can use to improve decision-making and managerial performance. and change. Armstrong. Ed. and so on). evaluating and being evaluated. Idea Group Publishing. trainers. research. accounting.S. managing discussions. Angwin. ©2006 494 p. living the integrity imperative. decision-making. describe. The author experienced or observed the cases and presents them as composites. organization and identity. ©2007 354 p. financial. using technologies. working with the press. action learning and experience. and consultants to use effective teaching methods to create dynamic business courses and classes. Kogan Page Ltd.. a planning and implementation guide for business and technology. UK) et al. $42. 2d ed. HD31 2006-017490 978-0-7494-4766-3 Service oriented enterprises. technologies and techniques. Title main entry. but does summarize research studies on professional skills. The essays are arranged chronologically and follow the evolution and application of Eisenberg’s new definitions of communication. M.

Kendall/Hunt Pub. ©2006 290 p. and managers is incorporated with a discussion on companies and how they create profitability. creating people-profit opportunities in your organization. as well as expanded coverage of technologies such as radio frequency identification. ©2006 256 p.95 Three consultants with SAS International provide a roadmap for planning a business intelligence competency center with defined tasks and processes for supporting and promoting the effective use of business intelligence across an organization. business process management. they define what “knowledge work” actually is and how participants do their jobs. HD50 2006-009840 978-0-89106-196-0 Essentials of supply chain management. HD45 2006-030362 1-4221-0427-3 Knowledge at work. Davies-Black Publishing. “Open Innovation” is a business paradigm in which firms import external ideas for use in their own businesses and also allow their un.00 First described by the author in a 2003 book of the same name. this text offers practical advice on how to prevent problems and also explains how to lead and support project teams when things go wrong. Woods (communication studies. ©2006 276 p. Marshall U. et al. sourcing. Nickson is a bid manager. The book lacks a bibliography. value. $16. HD38 2006-010630 1-4221-0279-3 Destination profit. then look at each of the four levels of involvement and how they relate. Co. accountability. of California at Berkeley. They provide summaries and. Chesbrough is Executive Director of the Center for Open Innovation at the U. and simulation modeling.. DeFillippi. Chesbrough provides a diagnostic instrument for assessing a company’s current business model and suggests ways of overcoming barriers to creating a more open model. as individuals. A number of ready-to-use practical methods and exercises are provided to help executives to both develop their own capacity for innovation and encourage and reward it in team members. setup reduction. ©2005 177 p. $35. 2d ed. Cawood and Bailey are both associated with consulting firms. School Press. alignment.utilized ideas to be used by others. He traces stages of career development and describes the cultural context of organizations. $21. ©2006 183 p. and the processes and conditions of participating in the knowledge economy. Sloane is the author of 15 books on lateral thinking puzzles and problem-solving. The leader’s guide to lateral thinking skills. Gloria J. increasing speed. ©2006 198 p. 2d ed. Michael.95 For students. $34. Edward. et al. HD53 2006-009810 0-7494-4797-4 Open business models.. HD50 2006-271025 0-7575-1687-4 Harvard business review on supply-chain management. Hugos. John Wiley & Sons. He also provides a checklist of actions to avoid when under pressure.95 (pa) Consultant Sloane takes Edward de Bono’s concept of lateral thinking—a set of approaches and techniques designed to find radically new solutions to problems—and shows how business leaders can use it to transform their organizations. Kogan Page Ltd. Harvard Bus. a powerful action plan for dramatically improving quality. Other topics include (for example) building relationships with suppliers. ©2006 211 p. The authors are consultants with experience in manufacturing and reducing cost and waste. Miller. The nine chapters move readers through key concepts and definitions. ©2006 263 p. $84. David. developing functional maturity. Nickson presents real-life examples of recovery from project disasters in a variety of industries. and delivering. HD53 2006-002734 978-1-4051-0755-6 Lean Six Sigma that works. making effective presentations. The volume opens with a description of a partnership model that was used successfully by Wendy’s International and Tyson Foods when they were crafting a supply chain partnership. Their process is then outlined through concepts of awareness. Blackwell Publishing. cost.95 This book describes a process for maximizing business growth that focuses on an organization’s employees and providing them with an engaging work experience. how to thrive in the new innovation landscape. aligning incentives in supply chains. ©2006 226 p.) offers an exploration of the relationship between communication competence and career success and discusses the characteristics of an advanced communicator that are key to success in the workplace. Advice from CEOs. Sloane. Henry. $19. intellectual property.95 (pa) Carreira and Trudell combine ideas of lean manufacturing with Six Sigma in a guide aimed at managers of Six Sigma projects. $29. Using a number of case studies from around the world. –111– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Carreira. and what to do in an initial management position. Woods. No bibliography is provided. Particular attention is paid to issues relating to the management and protection of intellectual property. consultant. They describe lean Six Sigma methodologies and the basic tools of each strategy as well as how to utilize these tools in areas such as engineering analysis. and tools for measuring and coordinating supply chain performance and operations. (Essentials series) John Wiley & Sons. 2d ed.95 (pa) Aimed at project and risk managers. and adaptation. Nickson. Title main entry. They also discuss customer satisfaction. concluding with advice on maintaining and advancing an existing supply chain. The book concludes with a discussion of communication and celebration. questions for reflection and discussion with each chapter. Paul.95 Here the authors look at knowledge workers themselves. and rework. making.95 (pa) In this second edition. Drawing upon interviews and a review of the literature. $29. and the author of several books. Chesbrough.HD38 2006-003355 978-0-470-04447-6 HD49 2006-013219 0-7494-4780-X Business intelligence competency centers. virtual and global knowledge work and learning. Bill and Bill Trudell. and trace the increasingly complex ways in which workers interrelate at all levels. political dimensions. creative collaboration in the global economy. Cawood. $37. The book lacks an index. Robert J. HD38 2006-015562 978-0-8144-7347-4 Employee development at the workplace. and describes four example company experiences. HD38 2006-041768 978-0-471-77634-5 Project management disasters & how to survive them.95 (pa) This resource for managers contains eight articles on supply-chain management that were originally published in the Harvard Business Review. the characteristics of project-based knowledge work. School Press. indirect expenses. In this text. waste.’s Kellogg School of Management) offers insights from his twenty years in logistics and supply chain management to business executives and managers building and operating supply chains. Updates include new chapters on Information Technology and creating supply chains for competitive advantage. The guide explores benefits and potential pitfalls. and increasing responsiveness to fluctuating customer demands. and reducing waste. achieving empowerment in a continuous learning environment. Kogan Page Ltd. operations for planning. consultative maturity. ©2006 240 p.. executives. unlocking the creativity and innovation in you and your team. communities. Bailey. achieving interactive maturity. Scott and Rita V. assembly lines. a team approach to maximizing competitive advantage. for students. identifies what to consider when setting up a BICC. (The Harvard business review paperback series) Harvard Bus. $26. AMACOM. organizations and industries. and profit. Hugos (Northwestern U.

$74. Stephen J.00 Featuring 15 contributions from economists. and offer steps to take in determining strategy and evaluating risks for turnaround. $29. taking care of people. ©2006 302 p. Klann (training. purchasers. He describes the process and provides tools and a practical model for developing character through leading by example. taking responsibility for actions. and Webster is a researcher at the U. knowledge. Greensboro) explains how to develop character in subordinate leaders at all levels of an organization. $27. ©2007 212 p. setting challenging yet realistic targets. They close with a series of articles on being a story pioneer. a disciplined approach to diagnosing and confronting management challenges. Ed. Runde. describe their views on quiet leadership. Prentice Hall. The authors are affiliated with the Leadership Development Institute at Eckerd College. Craig E. Trade and service marks are covered in addition to patent-related concerns. a management consultant and co-author of the bestseller. They conclude by looking at ways that leaders can help build conflict competence at the organizational level. creative. 3d ed. This is a joint publication of the Jossey-Bass Business & Management Series and the Center for Creative Leadership. The 19 contributions share experiences in connection with learning from failure. $29. treating the customer right. Jossey-Bass. the work environment. this volume looks at the measurement and management of intellectual property (IP) and intellectual property rights (IPRs) from a variety of perspectives. Wheatley.HD53 2005-052981 1-84542-112-4 HD57 2006-020996 978-0-7879-7913-3 The management of intellectual property. ©2006 218 p. and Tim A. They describe how leaders of all types of organizations can lessen their destructive responses and actually come to embrace conflict as an opportunity for growth. and organizations that were snoozing standing up.95 Joiner and Josephs (founders of ChangeWise) describe a skill set they call “leadership agility” that helps business executives to effectively steer their organizations amid conditions of rapid change and mounting complexity. Wheatley has been a management professor and consultant since 1973. and when companies need enduring brand identification. They also explain how anyone can develop this vital competency. managing high-potential talent. how you and your organization can manage conflict effectively. The emphasis throughout is on creating organizations that are adaptive. and elements related to new experiences. Blanchard on leadership and creating high performing organization. $25. and S. Klann. developing charisma with caution. ©2007 217 p. HD57 2006-042803 978-1-57675-344-6 Leadership and the new science. $34. Kogan Page Ltd.95 Consultant Silverman describes how her methods produce results from once-tired managers. education. The One Minute Manager. Case studies and suggestions for further reading support the text. by Doug Crandall. government. ©2007 397 p. remembering that progress itself motivates. Real-life examples are drawn from interviews with business leaders as well as the authors’ decades of consulting experience. ©2006 333 p. Hopkins. organizational learning. Adair. and the military. of Melbourne. Ed. inspiring a team. The final chapter summarizes the lessons learned by the authors from 100 completed assignments into advice on managing three types of troubled businesses. ©2007 359 p. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. and training. and coaches of troubled businesses. John. and create a culture in which the story is the new currency and seamless organizational change is just a narrative away. HD57 2006-018176 978-0-13-234772-3 Becoming a conflict competent leader. HD57 2006-020991 978-0-7879-8470-0 Leadership and motivation. getting answers and ideas in research. chaos theory. Blanchard. treating employees’ right. and leading change. values. HD57 2006-016469 0-7494-4798-2 Wake me up when the data is over. management scientists. how organizations use stories to drive results. They show how organizations use stories strategically in difficult times. HD57 978-1-58798-287-3 Leadership lessons from West Point. and lawyers. consultants. She and her contributors advocate using the fine and time-honored art of storytelling to rev up their day-to-day operations. one must be motivated and select people who are also self-motivated. Joiner.00 Consultant Adair interprets the work of Herzberg and Maslow to mean that to motivate. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –112– . Jossey-Bass is an imprint of Wiley. He also believes in treating everyone as an individual. formerly bored and detached employees. gathers contributions from founding associates and consulting partners of The Ken Blanchard Companies to offer a new vision of ethical leadership. and finding all five sides to every story.95 (pa) Wheatley describes some recent discoveries in scientific fields such as biology. and evaluation. by Derek Bosworth and Elizabeth Webster.00 Writing for leaders and managers in corporations. Center for Creative Leadership. Title main entry. $19. Editor Bosworth is affiliated with the Oxford Intellectual Property Research Centre. (New horizons in intellectual property series) Edward Elgar Publishing. Along with his instructions on applying this wisdom Adair supplies a list of recommended reading.” based on the concept that 50 percent of motivation comes from within and 50 percent from the environment. Margaret J. Jossey. creating a motivating environment. Gene. Flanagan. Ken. The third edition features a new chapter in which the author reflects on lessons learned from recent news stories.. Crafting solutions for troubled businesses.99 Blanchard. ©2007 322 p.95 Teachers at the U. Title main entry. Silverman. military academy. BeardBooks. discovering order in a chaotic world. Bill and Stephen Josephs. build teams and networks. accountants. providing fair rewards and giving recognition. HD57 2006-025136 978-0-7879-8773-2 Building character. and leadership intention. mission. Jossey-Bass. strengthening the heart of good leadership. $130. The focus is on private sector issues such as the private costs and benefits of alternative strategies. five levels of mastery for anticipating and initiating change. Contributors offer insight on the characteristics of a high performing organization. discuss the challenges and pitfalls that arise near the zone of insolvency. HD56 2006-022818 978-0-7879-8270-6 Leadership agility. Jossey-Bass is an imprint of Wiley.95 A father and son team of consultants draws from 25 years of turnaround management—helping financially troubled businesses achieve maximum value—to offer strategies to potential lenders. rather than on the policies of government or international bodies. ©2006 135 p. and resilient in times of chaos. $24. An organizational assessment instrument is included.95 Runde and Flanagan explain the importance of developing “conflict competence” as a key leadership skill. both past and present. handle project management. Jossey-Bass. Jossey-Bass. $29. and quantum physics and explains how understandings gleaned from this “new science” may be applied to the world of organizations and management. Douglas Hopkins. and socializing new leaders. Eighteen chapters set forth the author’s conceptual approach. ©2006 288 p. model and deliver leadership. Jossey-Bass.Bass is an imprint of Wiley. He has also developed a system he calls “ActionCentered Leadership. lay out the diagnostic process necessary to obtain an understanding of a financially troubled business. Lori L.S. the fifty-fifty rule and the eight key principles of motivating others. when markets and people need definition. influencing moral philosophy. HD57 2006-026719 978-0-7879-8151-8 Leading at a higher level.

and Joe Tidd.. Jossey-Bass. Claremont McKenna College) assemble 15 chapters on leadership and management practices. Scott G. and Sebenius (business administration. Epstein is a professor of management at Rice U. Riggio. Jay A. and nothing but the truth. planning on the left side of the brain and managing on the right. Jossey-Bass is an imprint of Wiley. Karen L. key tasks and capabilities. provides 52 tips for assuming a new leadership position. Contributors are scholars and researchers based in the UK. $300. HD57 2005-033968 978-0-7879-7638-5 The creative enterprise. of Navarra. based on papers given at a conference held at the Kravis Leadership Institute at Claremont McKenna College in February of 2005. There is an author index. Honda. U. research for change. and creativity. HD58 2006-019604 978-1-4129-2746-8 Meeting the innovation challenge. by Alan Hooper. Sage Publications. of Sussex. ©2007 219 p. Praeger. in this fictional narrative about a young management consultant struggling to launch his practice. Silos.HD57 2006-928397 978-0-7546-2612-1 HD57 2005-037737 0-13-187338-5 Leadership perspectives. of Northumbria at Newcastle. business process reengineering in government agencies. and spirituality. Discussions involve both abstract theory and explicit practical techniques. Reed. Jossey-Bass is an imprint of Wiley.95 White. using examples of past and present leaders. case studies. and the challenge of becoming a great leader.95 For advanced undergraduate and graduate courses. speaking to an audience.) and Tidd (technology and innovation management. researchers. The bite-size chunks and practical style suit the busy lifestyle of managers who have five minutes while standing in line or need guidance on a specific problem. Aimed at managers. UK) explores general principles and debates in AI and how it is a tool for change and development in organizations as well as a research methodology. and communicating research to an audience. this set brings together 31 chapters by academics and practitioners in management. ©2006 392 p. There is no subject index. Davila is a faculty member at IESE Business School. including managing and organizing data gathering. U. discipline. and coverage includes relationships. ©2007 200 p.00 (pa) With an emphasis on the role of senior management. leadership consultants. Journal of Cases on Information Technology) presents 21 case studies of such organizational efforts intended to illustrate the pitfalls and opportunities of business process reengineering project implementation and management. The volume serves as a resource of current research for managers and executives. by Tony Davila et al. Isaksen (Creative Problem Solving Group. organization. organizational culture. and professionals. Jossey-Bass. Australia. workflow-supported invoice management. ©2006 211 p. leadership for transformation and growth. risk-taking ability. business. ©2006 563 p. the effect of leader and follower emotional intelligence on performance and attitude. which adds the idea of setup to the tactics and deal design steps in the process. and reengineering distribution for a beer distributor. drawing on his own experience as a leader in various capacities. Joseph. Khosrow-Pour (editor-in-chief. Claremont McKenna College) and Riggio (leadership and organizational psychology.00 Conger (leadership studies. Patrick. Sebenius. offers his thoughts on leadership. there is a 35-page section presenting a model for combating silos. reorganization of a department of motor vehicles. overcome them. J. AMACOM. Financial Times Prentice Hall. managing innovative organizations and people.95 Lax. reengineering efforts within a showroom wholesaler. developing the next generation of leaders. and others in the US and Singapore. Otazo. each take a different perspective: strategy in the first.. and Ronald E. Reed (health care for older people. Business students. cross-national interaction. a management consultant. Isaksen. mammals. an appetite for talent. They also show their approach in practical examples and real cases. among others. this volume describes appreciative inquiry (AI) as a research framework rather than an organizational development tool. distance learning and Web-based training. White. ©2006 286 p. Idea Group Publishing.99 Dr. qualitative focus shared by the entire leadership team. power failure in management circuits. the necessary characteristics of each side. Lencioni. ©2007 402 p. he says. delegating responsibility. and Sloan Management Review. Ashgate Publishing Co. John Wiley & Sons.. and organizational psychology from the US and Europe who discuss how to be innovative and design organizations and management infrastructures to enhance creativity. addresses the issue of silos. –113– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Chapters then trace the stages of research and implications for using the AI approach. the executive as coach. leadership. followed by creativity at individual and team levels. Jan. Harvard Business School) discuss their approach to negotiation. ©2007 680 p. social innovation. UK) outline the need for taking a systemic approach to change and transformation and then offer a variety of practical suggestions and resources.95 (pa) The growing importance of information technology has spurred business and other organizations to attempt to fit their organizational structures and processes to best take advantage of information technology solutions. start-up companies. Title main entry. but no subject index. HD58 2006-007901 978-1-59139-799-1 3-D negotiation. David A. They describe how to identify barriers to agreement.. Contributors work in the fields of organizational behavior. ©2006 357 p. and practical leaders are the intended audience. the barriers that create organizational politics. B. and advice on managing and organizing around a single. information systems redesign within a state social services agency. and presence. The volumes. managing oneself. HD58 2006-030628 0-275-98685-3 The practice of leadership. a leadership fable about destroying the barriers that turn colleagues into competitors. Harvard Bus. HD57 2006-031371 978-0-7879-8305-5 Cases on information technology and business process reengineering. how to use the creative potential of people. they are compiled here to present in one source the best public writing on the subject of leadership. motivating a team. psychology. technology. educators. Internet-based workflow systems. and Canada. powerful tools to change the game in your most important deals. Specific examples relate to the Silicon Valley. of Illinois. Ed. $250. the text is also suitable for postgraduate study and post experience training in change or innovation management. design value-creating deals. and researchers. this text presents an integrated model of creative leadership in private and public organizations. 3v. U. politics & turf wars. imagination. identity and difference. of Management. and others.. Specific topics include: the psychodynamics of organizational totalitarianism. and intellectual property. Ed. and Shelton is affiliated with a management consulting company. $18. Topics include a health board’s enterprise system implementation. and Stanford U. Ed. the process of innovation. leadership studies. $69. No index is provided. power. $22. historical background. He describes.00 In three volumes. a broad perspective. academic researchers. HD58 2006-003563 1-59904-397-1 The nature of leadership. Title main entry. an investment banker. ©2007 233 p. reptiles. After the narrative. setting clear boundaries with employees. analysis. HD57 2006-001051 0-470-01499-7 The truth about being a leader. Conger. School Press. and James K. $29. Chapters address implementation of its described ideas and consider leadership development and selection.95 Lencioni. $50. an executive coach. and understand problem solving-tactics. president of the U. by Mehdi Khosrow-Pour. $21. $60. and the theory of charismatic leadership. Inc. The two sides of a successful leader require a cold and disciplined nature akin to a reptile and a warm and nurturing mammalian nature. Otazo. and tracking relationships.00 The 33 essays in this book were all previously published in peer-reviewed books and journals such as Harvard Business Review. and execution. $69. HD57 2006-015403 978-0-8144-0894-0 Appreciative inquiry. Topics include environment. and requirements for dealing with crises and diversity. including having an innovative perspective. Title main entry. which combine the viewpoints of large companies and small start-ups. organizations (including teams and ethics). Lax. Spain.

self. ©2007 390 p. 3d ed.50 Aimed at adult education and human resources development practitioners. this book focuses on the psychological side of PR. $34. HD59 2006-008147 0-7494-4407-X Organizational change. and lessons from the game of poker.perpetuating.5x6″) guide compiles tips on business negotiation from the author’s weekly newsletter. the cultural and political contexts. chief learning officers. the international perspective. international economic advisers. The book’s audience is students in intermediate or advanced courses at the undergraduate or postgraduate level. ©2006 184 p. ideology. HD58 2005-058111 978-0-273-69598-1 Workplace learning. Robert W. HD58 2006-045878 0-566-08728-6 Positive performance improvement. To mention some examples.. Rowden. Following a brief overview of adult learning theory. Cross. of Phoenix. social processes. Thirteen chapters briefly describe the benefits and techniques of positive thinking. the glossary and references have been expanded. power. and implementation. offers basic advice to people seeking to be more assertive at work and in relationships. and cites the “Love Bug” e-mail virus and Christ’s gospel as examples of effective use of communication tools. $32. Also addressed are “problem people” and tricky situations such as giving criticism. truth. this text integrates theory and practice about workplace learning.50 (pa) As a complement to books that detail the functions involved in public relations practice.99 (pa) Jackson and Carter (management. of Florida). HD58 2006-046472 978-1-57524-268-2 Informal learning. (PR in practice series) Kogan Page Ltd. and terrorist groups are discussed for the purpose of shedding light on technology in organizations. Incorporating research from positive psychology. appreciative inquiry. and assertively making and refusing requests. Skills and attitudes of informal learners are detailed. Self-quizzes and exercises are included in each chapter. $19. $29. UK). a trainer and consultant. Beder (formerly of the U. Norman and Pippa Carter. Jackson. stability operations by the US military is explored in terms of compartmentalization and learning. and sports psychology. $60.00 (pa) Cross discusses informal learning. Topics treated are semiotics. U. Free market missionaries. business studies undergraduates. He describes the definition of the concept. planning. of Gloucestershire. and Zarkin (Westminster College) engage in some of the major theoretical debates within the political science field of organizational learning. principles and practice. the way the Catholic Church has responded to liberation theology is related to theories of dogmatic organizations. negotiation philosophy.. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –114– . They discuss the causes and nature of change. leadership.95 (pa) UK-based Bishop. speaker. There is no subject index. $26.95 (pa) This pocket (4. Sue. listening. of Leicester. One-page tips are presented in sections on practical hints. and those studying for more specialist degrees.. Gerson. and decision-making. pro-business think tanks. Green draws on biologist Richard Dawkins’ concept of memes to explain how ideas can be self. U. and learning at the organizational level. communicating with honesty and spontaneity. Bishop. $50. efficiency. delivering confidently to convey power and status. In this edition. Kenney (Pennsylvania State U. Richard F. Pfeiffer is an imprint of Wiley. The book is aimed at decision makers. Green. as well as senior and middle managers. rationality. and Fleming (human resources management. Ashgate Publishing Co. Ed. corporate influence over economic education.95 Suggesting that we are currently witnessing a revolutionary shift from democracy to corporate rule representing a wholesale change in cultural values and aspirations.95 Through examinations of a wide range of divergent organizations from the European Union to Colombian drug cartels. rediscovering the natural pathways that inspire innovation and performance. Beder. and democracy. Senior.HD58 2006-018818 0-7494-4821-0 HD58 2005-030093 978-0-89106-203-5 Develop your assertiveness. the corporate manipulation of community values. executives. by M. and designer of corporate performance systems. Sharon. and Robbie G. ©2007 292 p. HD58 2006-027162 978-0-7879-8169-3 Rethinking organisational behavior. The guide includes a synopsis of the chapters. Distributed in the US by Stylus.. Media and Communication in Australia) argues that this shift is the product of a deliberate strategy by corporate executives. Kogan Page Ltd. $99. Andy.). he designed the first business degree program offered by the U. discussion of the European Union’s food policy is used to address questions about orders of learning. and culture are not emphasized. Traditional topics like motivation. Davies-Black Publishing. boundary. Each chapter concludes with a special “challenge” section that encourages readers to apply what they have learned and make positive changes in their organizations. and design. Pfeiffer. the 13 case studies presented by Brown (U. The final section covers how to implement informal learning in an organization. He goes on to address such topics as cognitive processes. Jay. and ideological academic constructs that are complicit in the campaign. ©2006 281 p. knowledge. structuring. The book is aimed at MBA students. A communications expert writes in terms of communicating one’s “inner brand” and managing the communication environment. and being interviewed. (The professional practices in adult education and lifelong learning series) Krieger Publishing Co. ©2006 436 p.) explores some of the internal and external factors that influence workplace learning. Cross is a strategist. Beasor. and there are case studies and an appendix charting the development of the ideas discussed the book. Ashgate Publishing Co. ©2007 146 p.95 In this resource for human performance technology (HPT) professionals. Financial Times Prentice Hall.99 (pa) Senior (education. Open U. 2d ed. She charts the development and institutions of this ideological campaign from the 1970s onwards. a poststructuralist framework. being aware of body language. Gerson. UK) provide a textbook on organizational behavior that is contrary to traditional approaches and instead uses the framework of contemporary social theory. There is no index or bibliography. UK) present a textbook on organizational change. Negotiation Update. Tom. who have mobilized their enormous financial and political resources in order to promote a free market ideology that trumps values of individuality. HD58 2006-050106 978-0-273-68359-9 Great negotiators. consultants Richard and Robbie Gerson describe their Positive CORE model for performance improvement... a new paradigm for optimizing your workforce. and why learning ecosystems are better than training programs. $69. Financial Times Prentice Hall. of Wollongong School of Social Sciences. Title main entry. Rowden (Florida Atlantic U. and list of the author’s networking contacts. leadership. taking a theoretical and practical approach. how it benefits organizations. ©2006 219 p. It addresses the assumptions that management of organizational behavior hinge on and gives different starting points that are tied to poststructuralism. Leann Brown et al. ©2006 289 p. Earthscan Publications Ltd. The final chapter examines some methods organizations can use to promote workplace learning. 2d ed. $17. annotated bibliography. how the most successful business negotiators think and behave. their approach to improving organizational effectiveness focuses on identifying and building upon the strengths of individuals. in addition to stories about use in companies. ©2006 260 p. a chartered occupational psychologist. glossary. ©2006 128 p. which he argues is the way that workers learn most of the time. planning and preparation. structure.. practical examples. and training managers. HD59 2005-032451 978-1-84407-334-4 Organizational learning in the global context. asking for a promotion or raise. Barbara and Jocelyne Fleming. HD58 2006-003154 0-7546-4842-7 Effective personal communication skills for public relations. describing the public relations campaigns. justice.

and the current chairman of the board or CEO. bar coding. including legal documents and tax issues. $24. nepotism. Sheridan et al. internet and marketing strategies. an expert in the area of risk management. Atlantic Publishing.00 (pa) This directory consists of a listing of about 13. Sourcebooks. lobbying. Laury and Gun Denhart.” After explaining how derivatives have impacted financial activities and benefitted investors and other market participants. the implementation of the European CSR strategy in Italy (the Corporate Social Responsibility-Social Commitment Project. The second half of the book contains 11 sample business plans for manufacturers. how to build business partnerships that strengthen your community. and those on energy and land use cover efficiency. Magee. 3d ed. emissions and contaminants. Kogan Page Ltd. how small and grassroots nonprofits can tackle evaluation and talk results. cost-benefit analysis. HD60 2006-023011 0-7494-4643-9 How to buy and/or sell a small business for maximum profit. corporate responsibility and innovation.00 From “absenteeism” to “zoning ordinances. legal and regulatory requirements. checklists. and capital markets touts the development of derivative instruments as “perhaps the most significant aspect of capital markets in the last 20 years. Hammel (co-founder. product costing. documentation.500 companies who are involved in public and government affairs. Title main entry.. ©2007 176 p. and revenues are also listed. supplier diversity.95 (pa) An early chapter in this workbook poses 100 questions for defining business goals. and even emerging and declining “management fads. stock trading. value-added tax. Subsequent chapters help flesh out each section of the business plan. financial derivatives (instruments used to trade or manage assets). (The swaps & financial derivatives library) John Wiley & Sons. corporate philanthropy. and the public sector. a roster of public affairs executives. fleet management. Edward Elgar Publishing. valuation and other measurement issues. profits). joint ventures. Their foundation or corporate giving programs and political action committees. Darnay and Monique D. the overall business environment. and regulatory and environmental affairs.95 (pa) Consultants Festen and Philbin address the unique evaluation challenges faced by grassroots and smaller nonprofit organizations. and construction. human resources. $125. Columbia Books Inc. It covers the evaluation of a business and its profitability. ©2007 1037 p. investor relations. The editors have sought to cover most aspects of business activity and concerns. Listings of individuals include their job title and contact information. 2v. pregnancy in the workplace. ©2006 506 p. valuation. a step-by-step guide. and transitioning to a new owner. models. (The social venture network series) Berrett-Koehler Publishers. Ed. $499. Festen. the authors (all of Bocconi U. They give advice on and examples of best practices in chapters addressing each stakeholder group: customers. Indexes are organized by industry and location.000 corporate individuals and about 1. Information in the volume was taken from a yearlong review of government. baby bonds. Joseph A. profiting from best practice. Hanna Andersson children’s clothing company) argue that businesses do best when they “grow local value” by partnering with all the various stakeholders in the business in order to promote the “triple bottom line” (people. consultants.. and financial projections. contributions. A CD-ROM. containing forms in the book and a sample business plan. and future directions. and recycling. process efficiency and funding and investment. Companies with major operations in the US are presented alphabetically and with contact information. the Italian experience with CSR and typical CSR manifestations in Italy. owners/investors. by Valerie S. due diligence. 2007. safety and employment issues cover travel plans in London.” In order to give a better sense of scope.. the Sarbanes-Oxley Act. Hazelgren. Ed. a wholesaler. corporate communications and public relations. press. 25th ed. $24. occupational health and safety and the changing world of work. Thomson Gale. accounting practices. legal and regulatory aspects. $12. and methodologies for quantifying and managing the various types of risk. is included.00 In this successor to Swap Financing (1989) and Swaps and Financial Derivatives (1994). a landscaper. green labeling. and Brian J. Business Alliance for Local Living Economies) and Denhart (co-founder. HD60 2006-012799 978-1-84542-782-5 Risk management. Jossey-Bass. company/employee partnerships. debt financing. the evolution of the concept of CSR. neutral waste. HD62 2006-023713 978-0-7879-7906-5 The sustainable enterprise. Major company name changes are also noted. Title main entry. planet. ©2007 136 p. office automation. and workplace anger. application service providers. business education. biometrics. ©2007 1216 p. Perrini. Satyajit. employees. The accompanying CD-ROM contains technical documents and trial valuation software. and meeting agendas. a European perspective. HD62 2006-013810 978-0-910627-53-5 Growing local value. Marcia and Marianne Philbin. Topics include trading greenhouse gases and reporting. $21. ©2006 250 p.00 (pa) Writing for other small business entrepreneurs. community concerns such as brand integrity. Inc. Ed. entrepreneurial networks. Title main entry. Richards has also written articles on business and finance. operations management. record retention. HD60 2006-031101 978-1-57675-371-2 Encyclopedia of small business. and a pharmacy. Hammel. $79. business organization. Supplemental materials include sample forms. core issues in business management such as risk management.00 Although originally rooted in the United States because of the limited role of the American state in the economy. Covello. in-depth review of risk management principles. the Federal Trade Commission. this guide details the steps in the process. HD62 2006-022623 978-0-7876-9112-7 Developing corporate social responsibility. ©2006 1327 p.. management questions. (CD-ROM included) Das. the environment. Francesco et al. health. by Jonathan Reuvid. René V. communication systems. examples of specific topics follow: advertising budget. government and research. organizational structures. Drawing upon their extensive experience working with such organizations. 3d ed. they describe “rolling evaluation”—an approach that allows organizations to ask and answer a limited number of questions each year and gradually build on what they learn. $249.. by Arsen J. capital and financing options.HD59 1-880873-51-6 HD61 2005-302083 0-470-82165-5 National directory of corporate public affairs. and note if they are federal registered lobbyists. including human resources. Australian Graduate School of Management) presents an accessible. ©2006 283 p. Das (MBA. Includes advertising pages from corporate sponsors. fellow businesses. HD62 2006-026987 978-1-4022-0763-1 The complete book of business plans. nonprofits. water supplies and climate change.95 (pa) For novice entrepreneurs wanting to buy or sell a small business. Then he shifts to organizational.95 This accessible and attractive treatment of what is becoming an increasingly important item on the business agenda includes 14 legal overviews written by a team of corporate attorneys and two dozen other articles from a range of experts in business. the relationship of CSR to firm competitiveness. and other public sources as well as answers to questionnaires sent to companies. Articles on transport. negotiation. vendors. Italy) of this book note that the “global center of gravity” for corporate social responsibility (CSR) thought and practice has shifted to Europe. 2d ed. (CD-ROM included) Richards. brand equity. They provide a portrait of the current state of CSR in a series of ten essays that describe the European perspective on the role and responsibilities of business in society. 2d ed. –115– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . This edition includes new individuals and updated annual revenue and Public Affairs Council contribution figures. $100. Level best. ©2006 231 p. political action. simple steps to writing powerful business plans. national public policies and ongoing initiatives in the field of CSR.” this two-volume encyclopedia presents 605 alphabetical entries intended as an information resource for the small business owner in the United States or the general student of business. sales and marketing.

explains the evolution of Lean Sigma from Six Sigma. and how nonprofits try to shape the way government services the public and promotes the civic. the problems cover a variety of topics including scheduling and earned value measurement systems. 2d ed. ©2006 360 p. value and contract management. and topics such as competition. Umea U. Blomquist.S. AMACOM.based industries. a practitioner’s guide. Ed. ©2007 461 p. a management consultant and faculty member of ISPI’s HPT Institute and Boise State’s School of Engineering. Title main entry. who work in construction management. for measuring performance. $29. discusses the management of nonprofit organizations and how people involved can make them stronger by using better management techniques. from developing goals and objectives through producing a workable schedule. 2d ed. quite a few can be useful in the classroom or in professional seminars.50 (pa) Eighteen American academics. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –116– . and careers. an exploratory study. Tomas and Ralf Müller. corporate governance. HD69 2006-019147 978-0-7879-8534-9 The performance consultant’s fieldbook. managing the project team. religious. Title main entry. HD69 2006-023022 0-7494-4832-6 Lean Sigma. ©2007 164 p. Hale describes becoming a performance consultant and cost. They discuss such factors as the relationship between environmental complexity and governance style. roles and responsibilities. websites. Entrepreneur Press. Pfeiffer is an imprint of Wiley. theory-grounded study examining the middle managers’ roles in project-based organizations. methodological notes. They reviewed the literature for best practices and theory. corporate. and other fields. $34. international nonprofits and on how state government finances and regulates nonprofits. HD62 2006-020658 1-932531-73-4 Kerzner’s project management logic puzzles. The second edition reflects the many developments since publication of the 1999 edition and offers a more in-depth understanding of how government regulates. architecture. of Reading) bring together 19 chapters by contributors from around the world. defining the discipline.g. e. Bangs. $14. Eugene Steuerle. costs. New material includes discussion of trends affecting nonprofit-government interactions and new chapters on the roles of U. $159. and he provides answers to serve those who have to be assured of their quality and recommends publications for those who want to take the next step in the critical path. explain some of the challenges of managing a software development team that only communicates across the Internet. collaboration & conflict. 3d ed. John Wiley & Sons. and bidding. U. (CD-ROM included) Hale. of Amsterdam. organizational development consultants. The book features their survey and interview instruments. Pfeiffer.95 Lowe (commercial project management.99 Wedgwood. Organizations. Fundamentals of project management. a PhD-level consultant/master black belt in Six Sigma and Lean Sigma.95 (pa) This practical resource for managers explains how to keep projects and initiatives on track and get them completed on time and under budget. He describes the process from before start-up to raising money. Kogan Page Ltd.00 Floor explains how retailers can remain competitive in the global marketplace through the development of a strong. Project Management Institute. independent brand identity.95 (pa) Khazanchi and Zigurs. Wedgwood. and a free trial subscription to the online edition. finances. and a CD with corresponding tools and figures. U. performance measurement. by Elizabeth T.. James P. ©2007 268 p. Kerzner’s particular expertise is in getting readers to think logically in spite of themselves. more examples. Blackwell Publishing. ©2006 469 p. The text includes examples of data collection sheets. The third edition features new information on risk management and a discussion of the hazards of estimating time.95 (pa) Program and portfolio management studies typically identify selection/planning techniques or how return-on-investment decisions are made. This edition contains a section on understanding costs and cost drivers.HD62 2006-025103 0-87766-732-2 HD69 2005-030939 978-0-471-79346-5 Nonprofits and government. who specializes in helping improve the management of small businesses and nonprofits.95 (pa) Consultant Kerzner (systems management. David H. Deepak and Ilze Zigurs. by David Lowe. $45. Prentice Hall. Judith. ©2006 193 p. Ranging from simply discerning who did what from where and with how much to using project complex time management skills. Floor. a focus on measuring results and people performance. HD69 2006-280090 1-930699-83-2 Commercial management of projects. Most of the chapters are oriented towards construction as an example. culture. of Manchester) and Leiringer (construction management and engineering. how to build successful retail brands in a changing marketplace. Blomquist and Müller (professors of business administration. and cultural life of the country. trust. are given). researchers and nonprofit professionals contribute 12 essays exploring the collaborative and conflicting relationship between nonprofits and government. Kerzner. ©2006 218 p. He concludes with some forecasts about the future of retail brands. outsourcing. Ian D. with emphasis on managing people. Baldwin-Wallace College) steps through 100 logic problems designed to hone thinking skills of project managers.effective programs for improving performance. the author applies project road maps and other tools to solve a wide range of real-world problems. engineering. $34. $59. $19. Ed. HD69 2006-021756 0-13-239078-7 Non profits made easy. new material on sustaining change and social systems and norms in the workplace. ©2006 98 p. HD69 2006-279944 1-930699-57-3 Branding a store. Ko.95 (pa) Bangs. Boris and C. Based on her experience in the private and public sectors. The book’s objective is to contribute to the broadening research to include management of project-based organizations. industries. Consultant Floor has taught brand management classes at the U. but not an index. HD69 2005-019143 978-1-4051-2450-8 Middle managers in program and project portfolio management. They discuss aspects of commercial management. HD69 2006-019308 0-8144-0879-6 Patterns of effective management of virtual projects. Chapters focus on external. Using the stories of such successful international retailers as Wal-Mart and Tesco as examples. and tested their ideas with focus groups from five companies. the book explains techniques for performance interventions and expanding their role in an organization. Project Management Institute. and human resource development professionals. and general and individual project environments. ©2006 103 p. financial management. and why this business methodology has outlived Total Quality Management and other quality improvement approaches. ©2006 453 p. Intended for trainers. and the current state of knowledge about projects and issues relating to practice in project. presents a revised and updated edition of her volume on performance consulting. a topic usually spread across a variety of fields. practices. Intended to be a practical guide rather than a primarily technical reference (though equations. and oversees nonprofit activities. Consultant and trainer Lewis (The Lewis Institute) covers each step of the process. and resources. There is no index. and other resources are listed. $19. Although most are intended for entertainment and to help wind down after a busy day of managing project. Lewis. tools and techniques for improving organizations and people. Sweden) report on their qualitative. footnoted references. and conducting periodic reviews. he shows how an understanding of consumer emotion can give retailers an advantage in the battle for business. facilitates.. not further identified.00 (pa) Hale. Harold. $50. and strategic and business planning. and author contact information. constructed a frame of patterns to propose an integrated approach. Urban Institute Press. conflict management. Khazanchi.

” this World Bank publication presents case studies of each country that analyze the distributional patterns of growth. HD75 2006-042196 978-0-8213-6515-1 Environmental economics and investment assessment. he discusses its implications for real-world issues of business. and Vietnam as countries that have been “relatively successful in delivering pro-poor growth.E. Ed. School Press. (reprint. M. 3d ed. and workforce development. HD82 2006-048227 978-0-8047-5709-6 Delivering on the promise of pro-poor growth. market failures. by K. displacement attributable to neoliberal land tenure reform in Laos and Thailand. –117– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . Harvard Bus. ecologies. $39. Uganda. Ed. Title main entry. HD75 2005-024132 0-7656-1473-1 The origin of wealth. Mackin. Indonesia. Bennett L.00 Economists. Title main entry.95 Beinhocker (a senior advisor to McKinsey & Company. a practical guide for nonprofit organizations. Aravossis et al. In this updated edition (dates are not given for previous ones). the race for resources in the late frontier. and the radical remaking of economics. as well is issues of sustainability and sustainable development.00 (pa) Economists from academia and various banks. a management consulting firm) has written this work in order to introduce a broad audience to what he believes is a revolutionary new paradigm in economics and its implications for our understanding of the creation of wealth. Title main entry. innovation and resource-based growth in Latin America. Hecht. the authors delineate the skills needed by the modern project leader and discuss the importance of careful planning. He begins with theory and fundamentals. U. $30. Anne.95 An environmental planner who turned from government work to writing. HD259 2005-058121 978-0-471-74346-0 Developing affordable housing. business scholars.95 (pa) Hackett (economics. Distributed in the US by the U. policy. evolution. Steven C. and sanctions for regulatory compliance. recognizing interdependencies and thinking long term. Sharpe. Ed. and issues in the economics of sustainable local communities. $30. the papers link the issue of developmentinduced displacement to the activities of multinational corporations. policy. Broadly speaking.00 Affordable housing is as crucial to providing opportunities for Americans as education. The World Bank. complexity. and the sustainable society. India. insights and lessons from country experiences. and the science. the political economy of environmental regulation and resource management. ©2007 253 p. neoliberal economics. 2d ed. ©2007 369 p. ©2004 163 p. which was once so abundant as to be thought limitless. according to the McArthur Foundation’s president. Hackett. Ghana. the economics of market allocation. of Michigan Press. ©2006 348 p. HD75 978-0-7748-1205-4 Natural resources. Brazil. measurement and analysis of benefits and costs. Topics on the economics of sustainability are addressed last. and Costa Ricans of African descent displaced by the establishment of national parks.. theory. v. neither curse nor destiny. ©2007 281 p. by Peter Vandergeest et al. in chapters covering an introduction to the concept of sustainability. Gower Publishing. rather than on technical considerations. He describes how the growing field of complexity theory allows for evolutionary understanding of wealth creation. U. he covers the entire development process: from determining project feasibility. Specific topics discussed include the World Banks involuntary resettlement policy in a large mining project run by a Canadian transnational company in Peru. The US office of WIT Press is Computational Mechanics. Americans and their land. In addition to giving his audience a tour of this field of complexity economics. Distributed in the U. ponder whether being rich in natural resources helps or hinders development. externalities. and comparative advantage and trade intensity. and now. and policy interventions. healthcare. The studies also seek to analyze the influence of national policies and other conditions on growth and its distribution. and environmental conservation. the effect of greenhouse gas emissions trading on investment decisions for biomass-to-energy production.) presents the new edition of a textbook introducing environmental and resource economics to an undergraduate audience. Hecht formerly taught at Georgetown U. both within and outside Latin America. ©2006 527 p.S. the founder of One Economy Corporation presents a practical guide for nonprofit organizations to develop housing options for the underserved. where he created a housing and community development clinical program. 3d ed. $29. $44. by Ashgate. sources of public housing funds. Wendy et al. in which business designs co-evolve with the evolution of technologies and organizational innovations. Greece in 2006 for the first international conference on the links among the three domains. creating economic incentives for environmental protection and resource management. Maloney.. Tunisia. ©2006 818 p. regulations.95 (pa) This resource for senior managers focuses on the leadership aspects of project management. and economics of global climate change. and through new case studies of diverse situations. covered in chapters discussing value systems and economic systems. ©2006 251 p. enforcement. Humboldt State U. Following a profile of the current status of real estate availability. 1996) Briner. $85. the house built on abundance. monitoring. The next five chapters are presented under the heading “policy” and discuss the economics of marine capture fisheries. India’s Narmada damn project as illustrative of displacement’s local (project-specific) and global (policy-oriented) effects. $29. HD82 2006-005594 1-57851-777-X Development’s displacements. $120. $215. of British Columbia Press. Title main entry. (WIT transactions on ecology and the environment. Ed. and theory and concepts in the economics of natural resource systems. the gendered aspects of development and displacement in the Sudanese oil and energy sectors. moving from family farm to city early in the republic. and tax-exempt status. They then describe each stage of the project management process.HD69 95-30772 0-566-07785-X HD79 1-84564-046-2 Project leadership. Law Center. Makin traces the history of the relationship between European immigrants and their descendants in the US and the land they came to. of Washington Press. Beinhocker. and others made their way to Mykonos. HD191 2006-008014 978-0-472-11556-3 Environmental and natural resources economics. from start-up to completion. by Timothy Besley and Louise Cord. insights from South Africa into decision support for long-term water resource management in semiarid areas. UK) present nine case studies of population displacement induced by development projects and programs around the world. (Latin America development forum) The World Bank. sustainable economic development. She looks at carving up heaven in colonial America. Inc. John Wiley & Sons. Only authors are indexed. ©2006 524 p. and funding challenges.98) WIT Press.00 The editors (all of York U. by Daniel Lederman and William F. and methods for comparing the sustainability performance of corporations. to rehabilitation/construction. minimizing fuel consumption through optimum material selection by a car frame production company.00 (pa) Citing Bangladesh. Drawing upon lessons learned in their research and consultancy work. Eric D. and cultures at risk. economies. issues in sustainable production and consumption. The 33 papers published discuss such topics as economic aspects of modern environmental policy. Among their perspectives are trade structure and growth. Required forms and checklists are included.

particularly its focus on transaction costs. HD1691 2005-057075 978-0-7546-2371-7 Markets & institutions in real estate & construction. how this agrarian configuration unraveled under challenge from settler peasant communities. $275. and new policy directions. from 1982 to 2005. Ed. and the text concludes with a discussion of emerging issues.00 (pa) The agricultural reform unleashed by Russian Prime Minister Petr Stolypin in 1906.95 (pa) Ball (urban and property economics. the material is presented in a nonspecialized manner. Only a name index is provided. Isett. preservation and the valuation process. He offers guidance for light investing in real estate and gives advice on retiring with high income from real estate.) on the economics of population growth and food demand. a trust fund providing start-up capital to every child. ©2006 200 p. the most salient feature of which is the institutionalization of a “commons sector” that preserves and enhances common wealth.545) Hoover Institution Press. and a directory of national and state resources and websites is included. Press. (Hoover Institution Press publication. and merchant in Qing Manchuria.0 has become obsolete because it damages the environment and widens inequality. $24. land rights in Canada and South Africa. A series of regional chapters explore overall trends in food economics around the world. $89. Because the course and ones like it tend to attract international relations and other non-economics students. 3d ed. and how the new social formation shaped peasant economic behavior and established the limits of economic change and trade growth. HD1382 0-9786292-0-5 The economics of water quality. Barnes (cofounder and former president of Working Assets Long Distance) suggests that Capitalism 2. Topics focus on industrial and agricultural sectors. ©2007 402 p. Among the proposals proffered are a series of ecosystems trusts. William Easter and Naomi Zeitouni. Berrett-Koehler Publishers. or renters. objections to urban regeneration partnerships. $94. of Minnesota) compile 34 journal essays in this collection focusing on the economics of water quality. the cost and benefits of improvement projects. buyers. Reynolds. tax laws. HD1415 2006-025722 978-1-4051-0596-5 A common hunger. Douglas et al. along with line drawings of building styles and a discussion of the costs and benefits of these properties. and related environmental issues. policy tools. Christopher Mills. He calls for an upgrade to Capitalism 3. Williams. Ball.economics movement. including regulation. agricultural development (emphasizing improvements in technology for commodity production. Title main entry. ©2007 418 p.. the role of real estate agents. the pervasiveness of large construction firms.0. This edition has an expanded valuation section and case studies of how the sales comparison and income capitalization approaches are applied. subsidies. a national fund based on copyright fees that supports local arts. and why market processes are the best way to deal with housing problems. HD1333 1-55238-192-7 Historic properties. a real estate investor. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –118– . HD1375 2006-001144 978-1-4051-1099-0 State. Reynolds is an appraiser specializing in historic properties. standards. environmental. the creation of private property in Russia. The essays. a guide to reclaiming the commons. The authors open with chapters exploring trends in food demand and population growth. The book will be useful to real estate holders. Peter. Williams analyzes the Stolypin reforms and its social and economic effects.00 Easter and Zeitouni (U. various environmental issues connected to crop and livestock production. Distributed in the US by Michigan State University Press. liability. and international differences in the home building industry. the design and comparison of tools for protection. 16441862. agricultural development. A chapter each is devoted to the sales comparison. Applying the theoretical framework of the law-and. consist of economic studies of key water quality issues of importance in recent years and economic and social aspects. $15. The spill zone. U. Joan G. University of Reading) examines housing markets in different parts of the world. 1906-1915.00 Isett (history. suggesting that the lessons may be applicable to future efforts of illiberal regimes to institute liberal reforms. was “reform in the direction of liberal democracy” in the estimation of Judge Williams (US Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit) even if chosen and implemented by a Tsarist government that couldn’t possibly be considered liberal or democratic. ©2006 271 p. and markets of consumption and production influenced by public policy. forecast what a property will be worth 3 years from now in minutes. Ross.95 This volume emerged out of a course taught by the authors (of the department of agricultural.95 (pa) Likening the economic system to a computer operating system. Fairweather offers a comparative history of the two former British colonies focusing on how indigenous peoples are reclaiming rights to the land and an equitable share in the wealth-producing resources they contain as a means of confronting the legacies of poverty left by their dispossession by European colonists. a share per citizen mutual fund that pays dividends to all Americans. Appraisal Institute. Michael. (The international library of environmental economics and policy) Ashgate Publishing Co. and restrictions. Ed. and policies. water contamination that crosses national boundaries. provides a model for forecasting a home’s value. of Calgary Press. including legislation. Fairweather.HD1289 2006-013322 978-1-57675-361-3 HD1387 2006-040661 0-922154-87-2 Capitalism 3. Information on government agencies concerned with regulation and restoration is given.Manchus.95 (pa) A South African historian and archivist living in Ottawa. $39. ©2006 260 p. and pollution permits and nutrient trading. Southgate. and cost approaches. a risk-sharing pool for health care that covers everyone. followed by a chapter on food insecurity. $65. Stanford U. programs. ©2006 320 p. Article authors are agricultural economists and scientists based at universities and government organizations around the world. $40. Stephen F. Blackwell Publishing. taxes. sellers. It discusses how the application of the highest and best use principle is modified for historic properties and also provides an overview of the preservation movement. Then. LLC. Barnes. ©2006 592 p. Univ. the role of agriculture and globalization. of Minnesota) explores the relationship of the sociopolitical structures that shaped peasant lives in northeast China during the dynasty. such as polluters’ actions and incentives. ©2006 195 p. by K. and the management of transboundary water quality. His analysis highlights divergent trends among commercial and residential brokers. The book will be of most interest to academics and graduate students and is recommended for libraries serving business schools. which was aimed at the widespread privatization of peasant communal lands. Blackwell Publishing.95 Ross. Judith. HD1537 2006-011775 0-8047-5271-0 Liberal reform in an illiberal regime. $22. income. court decisions. peasant.00 (pa) For appraisers and general readers. this book describes the preservation and appraisal process of historic properties. no. and the role of agriculture in economic development are in turn examined. ©2006 182 p. She explains how the region’s social landscape early during the period was largely shaped by policies of the Qing ruling house to defend its homeland against occupation by non.0. and a limit on the amount of advertising. Monarch Group. HD1333 2006-000554 0-8179-4722-1 The world food economy. impacts of food consumption on living standards. and development economics at the Ohio State U. The essays also make recommendations for improving incentives.

HD1795 2006-019925 978-0-8165-2500-3 Clusters in urban and regional development. (Latin American silhouettes) Rowman & Littlefield. entrepreneurial dynamics. ©2006 242 p.00 (pa) Segar. by Elizabeth H. of Aberdeen. the software cluster in Oslo. public utilities. sample forms. U. He also examines the connection between population growth and agrarian structure. institutional. Oakes is a professional writer who has published more than 20 books. such as bankruptcy processing and sweep accounts. and directing and protecting organizational performance. offers 25 lessons on the impact of credit and collections policies on revenues and customer satisfaction ratings at not-for-profit water. Williams (work organization. Ed. HD2341 2006-005603 978-1-84542-520-3 The hidden enterprise culture. and delinquent account actions.00 Aimed at high school and college students who are planning their future careers. environmentalists. and state apprenticeship councils. ©2006 1032 p. 3d ed. reports. HD1795 2006-043948 978-0-7425-5356-9 Balancing collections performance and service ratings. Title main entry. were often decisive for the political and economic development of the countries involved. ©2006 304 p. These entries are followed by a section on apprenticeships by eligibility (such as those for disabled workers) and listings of schools. this collection of 11 papers critically reviews the theory and evidence concerning the economics of spatial agglomeration (or clusters). connecting this topic to issues of labor mobility. The main part of the material is organized alphabetically by career field. how privatization structured politics in Central and Eastern Europe. Colin C. Hallie. and workplace etiquette. ©2006 203 p. and natural gas utilities.95 (pa) The national privatization strategies urged by the neoliberal Washington Consensus on the transition countries of Eastern and Central Europe. Eric Van. San Diego) presents a history of eighteenth century Mexico that concentrates on the societal and economic aspects of the hacienda. She discusses the impacts of El NiñoSouthern Oscillation events from 1997-1999 and the institutionalization of neoliberalism and free-trade principles under the Salinas de Gotari and Zedillo administrations. $125. Williams. ©2006 400 p. and that competent and independent market regulators are central to the growth of capitalism and democracy. account books. UK) seeks to measure just how large a phenomenon such underground activity (akin to formal employment and profit-seeking ventures) is in western societies and consider what the policy response to it should be.00 The economic scale of underground entrepreneurs. and managers with information they can use when formulating policies and operational procedures.00 Previously published as a special issue of the journal Urban Studies. Ferguson career resource guide to apprenticeship programs. directors. Ed. U. and the renewal of automotive and metal clusters in the old industrial region of Styria in Austria. He considers how the Guadalajara region became internally integrated. by K. of Arizona Press. interviewing skills. ©2006 263 p. A final chapter covers other collection resources. U. and the place of clusters within wider geographic networks. HD3611 2005-055187 0-415-36011-0 Hacienda and market in eighteenth-century Mexico. selecting prominent leadership. –119– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . and also details his model at the end of the book.95 (pa) Van Young (Latin American history. He argues that governments need to recognize such activity as a “hidden enterprise culture” that is an asset to be harnessed by providing a means for underground entrepreneurs to legitimize their businesses. In this work. legal. tax records. especially in the context of economic development. U. HD4885 978-0-8160-5573-9 The imperfect board member. Nageswara Rao. Jossey-Bass is an imprint of Wiley. $110. of California. Schwartz. Volume one opens with several informative essays on such topics as volunteer work. Focusing on the human dimensions of climate variability and change and the social implications of institutional change. Jossey-Bass. assessing the impact of policies at municipal and cooperative utilities. Early chapters analyze the results of a pilot study on how various policies are linked to results. respecting owner expectations. Oakes. eclipses that of General Motors or any other Fortune 500 firms. by Andy Cumbers and Danny MacKinnon. ©2006 357 p. HD4140 2006-010114 978-0-7425-5308-8 Weathering risk in rural Mexico. their decision-making. with tips on the principles. U. Jim. Lessons contain tables. The next section explores the relationship between clustering and knowledge and innovation. U. $34. Editors Cumbers (human geography. this reference describes apprenticeship opportunities in 55 fields. of Glasgow. principal of a management consulting and training company. might be useful to other researchers. There is no index. $65. The findings. and implications of their actions. Young. he argues that privatization is not necessarily connected to the quality of capitalism and democracy. she looks at farmers’ experiences in the Puebla-Tlaxcala Valley. including archives. $22. Brown.00 Eakin (geography. including the geographic definition of clusters. and worked calculations. privatization schemes that encourage foreign direct investment are more likely to accelerate capitalism and democracy. wastewater. Andrew Harrison. (Urban studies monographs) Routledge. American Water Works Assn. of California. Assessing the political. this book describes seven disciplines of governance to aid board directors of non-profit and forprofit organizations. $110. as well as the farmers’ adaptive strategies. and academics. Seger. 2v. those that conduct all or part of their business off-the-books. The final set of papers consist of empirical studies looking at the development of biotechnology clusters in Scotland. based on micro-level studies. HD2745 2006-019149 978-0-7879-8610-0 The politics of greed. Steven E. (World social change) Rowman & Littlefield. censuses. the rural economy of the Guadalajara region. UK) and MacKinnon (human geography. Title main entry. realities and challenges. 2d ed. and watershed management grapple with challenges in effectively allocating water resources. including board-management interaction and healthy board relations.HD1698 2006-413288 81-7708-106-3 HD2766 2005-057106 978-1-58321-416-9 Water resources management. policy makers. job centers. of Leicester Management Center. $50. (Delhi). and court cases. entrepreneurship in the underground economy. 1675-1820. the growth of the urban market as a catalyst. environmental studies. Title main entry.95 Using a story about a fictional board member. Ferguson Publishing. and economic change. discovering the seven disciplines of governance excellence. and appendices provide 45 credit and collection policies and collections agency requests for proposals. argues the late Schwartz (formerly of the Berkeley Roundtable on the International Economy).. and the expansion of commercialized agriculture to supply the market. agriculture. while lessons cover new account requirements. Norway. Brown details concepts such as reflecting on organizational results. $34.00 Indian economists specializing in drought. UK) open the volume with papers that address broad conceptual and theoretical concerns. market conditions as incentives for clustering. New Century Pub. Eakin. and the ways that different theorizations of clustering can inform each other.. Ed. The brief lessons provide local officials. Santa Barbara) uses ethnographic data she collected from three agricultural communities in rural Mexico to demonstrate that economic and climatic change are connected. ©2006 111 p. ©2006 232 p. $55. The book is based on many sources. Brown is associated with a leadership development firm that specializes in governance. Edward Elgar Publishing. climatic. electric. current account tasks. The information is based upon interviews with people currently working in those jobs. rapid privatization may generate owners resistant to state regulation of markets and may provoke popular backlash. and institutional environments that were forged with privatization. No index is provided.

Voydanoff explores the complex interconnections between the domains of the workplace. but also discuss such proposals as education savings account and literacy programs for the adult workforce. and organizational behavior. Creedy. coping strategies. professional. of Oklahoma). encouraging stronger labor unions. U. Through real-life anecdotes. ©2006 181 p. and distance learning programs. this volume examines the issues with caring for children and aging parents at the same time. union leaders. $29. 3d ed. Lawrence Erlbaum. confidence intervals around the simulated results and feedback effects on the wage distribution via labor demand. of Melbourne. of Dayton) is also the author of Work and Family Life (1987). $24. Voydanoff (U. (The reference shelf. Unger. including the development of an American Fair Trade Plan. family life. Bailyn. grade 9 and above. HD5724 2006-040295 0-312-35522-X Senior executive reward. The approaches and proposed methods are not model. and the economic role of high-skilled foreign workers. Both subject and author indexes are provided. Lotte. ILR Press. by David Ramm. often anecdotally. Similarities and differences between husbands and wives are detailed. Sandy. HD4904 2006-010550 0-8058-5621-8 Tough choices or tough times. Harlow G. Here he offers advice and resources to people. and corporate governance in the US and Europe. health care professionals. Pepper uses real case studies and examples to consider economic models. Byron L. federal elected officials.).50 (pa) In a complex society like the US. a guide to success through alternative education. Dorgan. he argues for policies that would increase the rewards for low-skilled Americans and reduce the work disincentives that so many other workers face. HD5724 2006-024006 978-0-87766-731-5 Making America work. addressing the trade deficit with “import certificates. The appendices contain contacts for accreditation and co-operative education programs. $19.00 (pa) This volume contains reprints of 26 articles from respected publications that examine employment in the U. the economic rewards from work are determined by a combination of market forces and government policies. Portland State U. Voydanoff. he highlights jobs not requiring a Bachelor’s degree in the fastest growing industries and compares expected yearly earnings for each level of education attained. considering alternatives to four years of higher education. 2d ed. the author analyzes the strained relationship between the employer’s goals for competition and the employee’s needs for healthy and productive personal and family lives. HD4904 2006-029720 0-8058-4604-2 But what if I don’t want to go to college?. and yearly salaries for about 700 jobs. Using a conceptual model based on ecological systems theory. both of the Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research at the U. up to and including a four-year degree. National Center on Education and the Economy (U. and hurts the world’s environment. He discusses on-the-job education and explains different forms of co-operative education. psychologists.95 This volume covers the theories and practices relating to the compensation of senior executives. including vocational/technical high schools. and managerial employees. Jonathan Barry. and occupational health psychologists. the “new” Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce presents a new report analyzing the state of American education and presenting recommendations for restructuring to meet the challenges of an economically globalizing world. and describing the effects of being “sandwiched” on their well-being.” repealing tax breaks that encourage job exportation. $29. $130. (Series in applied psychology) Lawrence Erlbaum. key models and practices.S. Pepper is a chartered accountant who specializes in senior executive reward. Using U. Inc. and community. Margaret B. Her analysis focuses on the allocation of resources and fulfillment of demands both within and across the boundaries of this trio of seemingly disparate worlds. no. exploring interconnections. Edward Elgar Publishing. Neal. psychology. MIT) offers this update to her 1993 monograph in a new climate in which the challenges to professionals balancing work and life are greater. she integrates recent research in family studies. John and Guyonne Kalb.95 Senator Dorgan (D-North Dakota) issues a broadside against the North American Free Trade Agreement and other free trade policies of the United States long embraced by politicians from both major parties.specific. employment outlook. Facts On File. Patricia. the report of the New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. community colleges. $34. ©2007 169 p. $17. Gower Publishing. Urban Institute Press. and interviewing. HD5724 2006-017187 0-8242-1062-X Work. In particular. and the taxation of international executives. as well as a chart displaying the required education.00 Creedy and Kalb. They present data from both members of couples and analyze work and family roles by giving a profile of these couples.95 (pa) Composed of former cabinet secretaries. that current free trade policy has had damaging effects on the economic health of the nation. and government policies should be changed both to encourage greater work effort and to reduce economic inequality. ©2007 367 p. v. ©2006 86 p. Other materials include advice on selecting a career. discussing their prevalence. employee share schemes.95 (pa) In this study. ©2007 196 p. and Leslie B. ©2006 277 p. sociologists. Aiming to combine practical and academic viewpoints. the establishment of a Federal Trade Department. the evaluation of tax policy reform. while an explosion of research into the “work-life” problem has brought wider attention to the issue. Department of Labor’s 2006-2007 Occupational Outlook Handbook is reproduced in the appendix. He argues. Hammer. Pepper.78. from a variety of perspectives.4) H. Distributed by Ashgate. The book is aimed at students.. distorts American foreign policy.S. tax and accounting. ©2006 429 p. human resource managers. focusing particularly on technical. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –120– . A section of the U. school superintendents. and workplace supports. Martin’s Press. The text includes detailed descriptions of how labor supply models can be used in building behavioral microsimulation models and discusses the development of new methods for evaluating policy reforms.50 (pa) Focusing on dual-earner couples. St. The authors address topics related to interpreting results from microsimulation.) single out the workplace as the place for change and draw from a threeyear study of about 300 couples called Working Couples Caring for Children and Aging Parents—one of the first comprehensive national studies on the group. Each of four thematic sections is introduced by editor Ramm (affiliation not cited).95 Unger has worked for the New York Herald Tribune and The Times of London. they provide recommendations on standards and assessments for “high performance” schools. redesigning work for productive and satisfying lives. how corporate greed and braindead politics are selling out America. says Forman (law. Wilson Company. income distribution. such as welfare measurements. and setting a ceiling on trade deficits. Department of Labor statistics. sociology. and industrial organizational and occupational health psychology. HD5701 2006-007960 978-1-84542-881-5 Take this job and ship it. the book includes her suggestions for policy making and starting an employer/employee dialogue around the demands of work and home life. HD4965 2006-926066 978-0-566-08733-2 Jobs in America. ©2006 184 p. effects on work and well-being.W. $89. policymakers. Neal (Institute on Aging. and governors. local “living wage” laws. family. ©2006 246 p. $32. John Wiley & Sons. Title main entry. $50. applying.) and Hammer (psychology.S. Forman.95 (pa) Bailyn (management. HD5715 2006-036204 978-0-7879-9598-0 Working couples caring for children and aging parents. ©2006 327 p. and the larger community. A sampling of topics addressed includes health care costs. Portland State U.HD4904 2006-006526 978-0-8014-8998-3 HD5715 2005-055521 978-0-8160-6557-8 Breaking the mold. As with the previous America’s Choice: High Skills or Low Wages!. describe behavioral tax microsimulation methods and review the use of those models for evaluating text policy reforms. sociology. New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce. Ed.S. He includes with a list of recommendations for addressing these problems. corporate CEOs. Labour supply and microsimulation. Along with her findings.

HD6053 2005-055933 1-84542-664-9 Convergence.HD5819 2006-027543 978-0-7619-3545-2 HD6054 978-0-7748-1319-8 Employment and unemployment in India. temp agency placements. Barbara Budrich Publishers. –121– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 . $29. HD6060 978-3-938094-90-7 Palestinian labour migration to Israel. Upjohn Institute. Trauth. Distributed by the U. creating a Palestinian reserve labor force. Gleason. It charts the life courses of women who constitute the first wave in a profession designed for and by men and in which formal codes of conduct and subtle cultural norms promote masculine values. and social changes of the late 20th century. The contributors describe the personal. Title main entry. he further argues. College.00 Farsakh (U. $525. and Europe. employment—encompassing part-time employees. leadership and leadership styles. particularly in construction. ©2006 242 p. GLOBALIFE—Life Courses in the Globalization Process. the impact of gender role attitudes on women’s life courses. Each entry concludes with a list of references and a list of key terms with their definitions. barriers. from polar winds to tropical breezes. the proportion of casual labor. cultural.00 Twenty-three European and American academics and researchers contribute 17 chapters to one of four books stemming from the 1999-2005 international and multidisciplinary research program. Globalization. In this work. Title main entry. HD5856 2004-028439 978-0-415-33356-6 Successful professional women of the Americas. She analyzes whether that difference affected the career course of men and women during the economic. HD6060 2006-005789 1-59140-815-6 Encyclopedia of gender and information technology. and other thought to be imbued with equality. discussing employer decisions to hire contingent workers. ©2006 475 p. $85. persistence and diversity in male and female careers. although this may not have been the specific intention of Israeli leaders. the culture and personal characteristics that seem most likely to produce success. subcontracted employees. ethics.00 (pa) Nonstandard. a process of “bantustanisation” has taken place. Japan. She analyzes women’s encounters with this culture and raises questions about the stresses common to many Canadian women. Drawing upon the most recent set of NSS data. $120. land and occupation. as well as country studies for Canada. ©2006 1371 p.E. Daniela. multiple-job holders. Coverage includes an overview of women’s employment in times of globalization. and feminism. political. Japan. Other entry topics include theories for improving women’s opportunities to have careers in IT. The text examines how women in 13 industrialized societies navigate work and family careers in an era of globalization and rising economic uncertainty. Jean McKenzie. Edward Elgar Publishing. by Eileen M. does context matter in an era globalization? Grunow. (Law and society series) U. economic. uncertainty and women’s careers. exits. many of them including interviews and literature reviews. Ed. researchers. Mexico. Sage Publications. or contingent. Ed. thus “releasing” Palestinian labor to be absorbed by the Israeli economy. $28. labor union responses. Brazil. Grunow (sociology. Since the introduction of the Oslo accords in 1993. $95. Ed. by Hans-Peter Blossfeld and Heather Hofmeister. ©2006 250 p. Yale U. King’s U. funded by the Volkswagen Foundation. the legal framework influencing contingent work. while West Germany promoted a single-provider model with the other partner focusing on the domestic sphere. especially in the agricultural sector. Argentina and Chile. ©2005 264 p. W. 2v. methods of studying women and IT. perspectives on contingent work in the United States. Europe. and Australia. of British Columbia Press. Mathew (Center for Development Studies. students.00 Leiper (sociology. Farsakh. social-democratic. he reveals the impact of various structural economic reforms on such areas as employment generation. of Washington Press. (The Routledge political economy of the Middle East and North Africa series) Routledge. the US. emeritus) examines women lawyers’ attempts to reconcile their professional obligations with other aspects of their lives. and family-oriented welfare regimes.) finds that they represent greatly different normative and institutional settings for male and female employment: Denmark has actively fostered a dual-earner model. of Massachusetts) describes the political and economic determinants and dynamics of Palestinian labor migration to Israel between 1967 and 2000. ©2006 284 p. E. and a summary discussion of women’s careers in an era of uncertainty. and other issues. discussion as to why men dominate the field.95 (pa) In this study. He argues that Israeli determination to consolidate its holdings over Palestinian land prevented the Palestinian economy from absorbing its own work force. by Betty Jane Punnett et al. Noting that traditional economic migration theories fail to adequately explain Palestinian labor migration because they don’t take into account political factors that help shape economic decision making by Palestinian workers. self-employed consultants. mentors and the big picture.00 Derived from studies carried out by the contributors. education in general and in specific places or levels. practitioners. the contributors of these 13 articles examine how women find success in locales as different as Barbados and Canada. Thiruvananthapuram) analyzes trends in employment and unemployment in the post-reform Indian economy. Leila. Title main entry. For academics. These entries frequently describe specific government or NGO efforts to bring women into the IT sector. Distributed in the US by ISBS. Hanover.00 Drawing from more than 1100 surveys and hundreds of interviews from the Successful Women Project. and the “feminization” of the labor force. post-socialist. Idea Group Publishing. where women’s expectations are not being met as much as they had hoped. an international comparison. Title main entry.) presents a synthetic overview of the literature on nonstandard employment in the United States. There is no index. U. ©2006 349 p. Gleason (Pennsylvania State U. Mathew. social support. liberal. Most numerous are the entries on women and IT in individual countries or of women minorities within their countries. the impact of public programs such as unemployment insurance. social. ©2006 166 p. of Western Ontario. and day laborers—has been growing rapidly from as early as the mid-1970s. by Sandra E. Leiper. the 213 entries of this twovolume reference describe the experiences and potential for women in the field of IT. Though the two countries share active state engagement in gender relations. $22. $160. Particularly interesting are the results from nations thought to be particularly paternalistic. emerging tendencies during the post-reform period. The 295 contributors teach at universities mainly in North America. he points to the specificity of the Israeli occupation and its implications for Palestinian economic development and labor force absorption as the main factor determining Palestinian labor migration.T. promising benefits to employers but increased risk and lower wages for employees. women in the legal profession. and organizational constructs of their success in terms of theory and empirical findings of the project. He concludes with a discussion of the future prospects of business processing outsourcing in India. Trauth is at the Pennsylvania State U. HD6054 2005-031734 1-84542-437-9 The shadow workforce. and the European Union.90 (pa) The complete subtitle is: Does context matter in an era globalization? A comparison of gendered employment mobility patterns in West Germany and Denmark. and policymakers. where women nevertheless find niches that will afford them professional and personal success. HD5854 2006-026650 978-0-88099-288-6 Bar codes. country-specific studies examining women’s employment entries. Ed. Edward Elgar Publishing. and job mobility in conservative. labour.

99 (pa) Morton. the interconnection between work in different spheres. The work is also notable in that it explores unionization at the “independent” companies on the periphery of the electrical and metal trades industries. They emphasize five themes: the nature and definition of work. and pension wealth at different individual levels of earnings. developed a form of community organizing rooted in the unemployed and union organizing struggles of the 1930 and aimed at wholesale transformation of the union movement at the national and international levels. The essays are a result of a workshop held at the Policy Studies Institute in London in autumn of 2003.00 (pa) Many policymakers have proposed the use of investments in equities as a component of proposals on reforming Social Security. of Essex. $50. HD7125 2006-024631 978-0-88099-290-9 A new sociology of work? Title main entry. Along the way. The 13 contributions address such topics as tailoring employee training and standards to meet customers’ expectations. retirement-income systems in 53 countries. the UK. who makes good use of his extensive experience. academics. what employees hear. ©2007 234 p.HD6279 2006-027906 978-0-7879-8117-4 HD6971 2005-036833 0-275-98703-5 Training older workers and learners. (The history of communication) U. Moseley. Munnell. noting that if public policy assumptions about one or more of the pillars are based on incorrect premises. and Machine workers and places it in the context of national and international developments. ©2007 238 p. how the pursuit of market magic shapes the system. what to do once you are approved. and New Zealand— discuss conceptualizing and re-examining the topic (including the feminization of labor markets). aiming to generate debate and research that will refine definitions. Reference & Research Book News February 2007 –122– . Jossey-Bass is an imprint of Wiley. and your right to legal and other representation. U. (Law. Alicia H. Northern Illinois U. Her goal in this work is to describe these pillars and their interrelationships in the US setting. Latin America and the Caribbean. treatment of pensioners under the personal income tax and social security contributions. retirees (or not) and learners. 1900-1950. Radio. William Sentner. maximizing the workplace performance of an aging workforce. Eastern Europe and Central Asia.operation and Development) provides a compendium of facts and analysis of retirement-income systems of 53 countries around the globe. Middle East and North Africa. Contributors—sociologists from Canada. $29. family. collect 13 essays that look at the nature of work and ways of theorizing and researching it. UK) et al. and creating environments that unlock potential. ©2007 390 p. replacement rates. the author worried that it would never see light as a single work and so began breaking it down into separate volumes. West Virginia U. funded by the Economic and Social Research Council. Praeger.E. Jossey-Bass. Australia. Edward. promoting authentic engagement with customers. The text opens with a comparison of retirement-income systems across countries. $25. the reasons you may be denied benefits. and legal forces that shaped the rise and fall of labor radio. ©2006 171 p. and Machine workers. Carol. $25. Elizabeth. They then describe the transitions OWLS go through and conclude with some specific training strategies aimed at transforming older workers into high-level learners and performers. Title main entry. labor and the struggle for democratic radio.00 (pa) This resource for practitioners provides tools and guidance for training and re-training older worker-learners (OWLS). Sass. socioeconomic.95 Weisbrod (U. Nolo. She discusses how a militant minority. $25.00 (pa) In stark contrast to the present. $99.00 Originally intending a general history of organized labor in Latin America and the Caribbean. including Communist president of District 8. she describes the political. ©2006 175 p. David A.95 (pa) Pettinger (sociology. spatial. its embeddedness in other social relations. Radio. HD6955 2006-280064 978-1-4051-3903-8 Nolo’s guide to social security disability. of Connecticut School of Law) argues that individual security is supported by three interrelated foundational pillars: the family. FonesWolf (history. Rosemary. Feurer. Editor Maruca is a freelance business writer and a Principal at the Center for Executive Development. the author of this book seeks to identify the proper way to structure such a reform by examining the experiences of the United Kingdom. and Canada with their recent introduction of equity into their programs. economic. of Illinois Press. reaching its peak in the late 1950s. Alexander. and Steven A. HD6508 2006-006962 978-0-252-07319-9 Grounding security. Praeger. the means of applying for disability benefits for adults and children. privatized work such as childcare and schooling. (CD-ROM included) Morton. She concludes her analytic tour with an argument for public responsibility for security on liberal assumptions. appeals. Whitehouse. (The working class in American history) U. The present work provides descriptive narratives of the organizational evolution and political and economic activities of the organized labor movements in the neighbor countries of Peru and Ecuador. She also explores how an eventual anticommunist backlash allowed employers and more right-wing forces in the Congress of Industrial Organizations to challenge and eventually roll back the gains of the United Electrical. 3d ed. challenging the public and private spheres through volunteering and community work.95 Leading consultants. the fine points of impairment and ability. Organization for Economic Co. justice and power) Ashgate Publishing Co. In plain English he explains the programs associated with disability. The World Bank. then policy approaches related to other pillars will not have the desired effects. ©2006 145 p. and commodification and remuneration. HD7091 2006-013335 0-7546-2355-6 Waves of opposition. of Illinois Press. W. the greatest level of detail concerns the years 1948-1990. describing the parameters and rules of pension schemes and calculating the value of pension entitlements for workers on different levels of earnings. proving you are disabled. and temporal dimensions. Ed. (Sociological review monograph series) Blackwell Publishing.00 (pa) Feurer (history. The CD-ROM includes information on how the Social Security Administration categorizes and defines medical disabilities. and a summary results table giving relative pension levels. ©2005 247 p. Weisbrod. $34. and understanding who decides your claim and how they decide. Each country report includes information about qualifying conditions. Social security and the stock market. ©2006 307 p. $39. Robert J. and international comparisons. Wayne State U.) relates the history of labor’s engagement with radio and its competition with business groups to influence the American people through the medium from the 1920s through labor radio’s decline in the 1960s. ©2006 — p.. $40. benefit calculation. Suggesting that this is a “promising” approach “due to the high expected returns on stocks and the diversification of the program’s funding sources beyond the payroll tax. organized labor once had a strong voice on American broadcast radio. Fones-Wolf. HD7091 2006-048232 978-0-8213-6764-3 Radical unionism in the Midwest. guides applicants and recipients through one of the world’s largest bureaucracies. private insurance. by Regina Fazio Maruca.) and Dessinger (a workplace learning consultant) begin with an overview of some common characteristics of OWLS as workers. HD6490 2006-000327 978-0-252-07364-9 What managers say. insurance and the state. and Joan Conway Dessinger. James L. followed by reports for individual countries grouped by region—high-income OECD countries. HD6642 2006-026018 978-0-275-97741-2 Pensions panorama. Although prior eras do receive treatment. $140. getting benefits during the application process. how age and education matter as much as work experience. Ed. rather than at the already well-studied large corporations. getting & keeping your benefits. and business people explore issues involved in the management of front line employees from a variety of perspectives. and government (through state provision of social security and the like). ©2006 320 p. Moseley (instructional technology.” but warning that it would also introduce a host of challenges. connecting with your front line (so they’ll connect with customers).00 (pa) Whitehouse (Social Policy Division. by Lynne Pettinger et al.) examines the radical union organizing of District 8 of the United Electrical. Upjohn Institute. HD7105 2005-058495 1-4133-0410-9 A history of organized labor in Peru and Ecuador.

00 Hunter. (Johns Hopkins studies in the history of technology) Johns Hopkins U. and fruit and vegetable juice.. retirement. The editors summarize current trends in travel spending in the introduction and at the beginning of each section. selling. a set of metal manufacturers called the pivotal producer durables formed networks of machinists. enjoyed a 24 percent improvement in health care and gotten 31 percent better educated. $35. owning. HD7287 978-1-933588-08-7 The cottage ownership guide. Hunter. ©2006 256 p. income. ©2006 107 p. This volume summarizes data from the most recent (2004) release of the survey dealing with consumer spending on apparel. and has also written on real estate investing.. to resell for a profit. He presents a practical guide for individuals considering investment in a second home. ©2005 178 p. The area covered includes Canada and the US and particular issues concerning purchasing. airline fares. race) as well as by product category (gasoline. Douglas.95 (pa) Haden is with an advertising agency and book publishing services provider. Not the case? According to this comprehensive report. 2d ed. with examples such as firearms. –123– Reference & Research Book News February 2007 .95 From 1790 to 1860.e. and relocate. utilities.. retiring to. HD7287 978-1-933588-11-7 Who’s buying for travel. (The who’s buying series) New Strategist Pub. and bequeathing a cottage. Then they present the same data by product. (The who’s buying series) New Strategist Pub. HD7287 978-1-933588-17-9 Networked machinists. HD7289 2006-013814 978-0-910627-74-0 Who’s buying apparel. this is also a fascinating look at who thinks what is worth buying in America today. Alex Lichtenstein (history. The date is from the 2004 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey. regardless of your age. renting. to use as a vacation property. who spends how much on what. Among these are age. towing charges. $59. 3d ed. so you can find out what the trends are on virtually everything an average American household buys or consumes. household type.. that the technological knowledge and skills of the industry were embedded. (CD-ROM included) Title main entry. U. tobacco use and transportation. down to hosiery and pet food. taxis. firms. the Consumer Expenditure Survey is an ongoing. alcoholic beverages. $94. (The who’s buying series) New Strategist Pub. HD8039 2006-006959 0-252-07386-X Who’s buying for pets. nationwide survey of household spending. $39. provides a guide to buying and owning a cottage. skateboards. among which are new and used cars and trucks. executive summary of household spending. Inc.. personal care. ©2006 123 p. The data are also broken down by demographic characteristics (age.95 (pa) Drawing data from the 2004 Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey.. of Illinois-Chicago) contribute a substantial introduction putting the work in context. locomotives. and it was in these networks as a whole. high-technology industries in Antebellum America. race. most of these increases for your household were involuntary. $21. Along with being a boon to researchers. jewelry. by New Strategist Publications editors. bus and train fares. Inc. from 2000 to 2004 you should have received 11 percent more services paid for by property taxes.00 (pa) When Archibald left graduate school at Berkeley to work in the nearby Oakland shipyard as part of the war effort in 1942.. financial products and services. ski chalets. The remaining tables are organized by product category (i. ©2006 125 p. HD8039 2006-009628 0-8018-8471-3 Who’s buying.95 (pa) The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX) is an ongoing study of the day-to-day spending of American households. Ed. David R. health care. parking fees. or region. $49. lodging. He focuses on waterfront properties for personal use and does not discuss condos.. Title main entry. New Strategist Pub. survey and inspect it. region. He has invested extensively in residential and commercial properties in five states. (The who’s buying series) New Strategist Pub. Title main entry. Two types of statistical tables are presented: those that show the average annual spending of households on each major product and service category in 2004 and indexed spending tables that compare the spending of particular household (age) segments with that of the average household. rent. or to convert into a rental property for monthly income. and so on).95 (pa) This volume reports on data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey. education level. and personal finance. the ongoing nationwide survey of household spending. the best customers. rather than in any constituent of them. Title main entry. and the like are not included. Bicycles. $25. Haden. ©2006 311 p.95 (pa) Produced by the Bureau of Labor Statistics.e. 4th ed. HD7287 978-1-933588-22-3 The second homeowners handbook. and so on). driven 13 percent more.95 If logic works. and product-specific spending. housing. HD7289 hd1379 978-0-9696922-5-6 Who’s buying alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. mortgages. (The who’s buying series) New Strategist Pub. Non-alcoholic drinks include carbonated drinks. Rice U.. a study in social disunity. Title main entry. entertainment. education.. 3d ed. No index is provided. children’s shoes. test the location. Cottage Life Books. a complete guide for vacation. Her sociological account originally published that year focuses on the various racial. and investment.. (The who’s buying series) New Strategist Pub. and so on). market share.. Brown U. hand down & retire to your waterfront getaway. Jeff. reading. this volume presents tables of data pertaining to household spending on pets in such product categories as food. sharing. Inc. Title main entry. build on land. how to buy. Inc. Inc.95 (pa) This volume provides an overview of American household spending on travel. airline fares. Inc. and machine tools. income. gender. and clusters of individuals or firms. who writes about a variety of topics. says Meyer (sociology and urban studies. gifts.. income. and veterinary care. share. Wartime shipyard. There is no index. recreational expenses. coffee and tea.. $49. Archibald. He uses advice from owners and industry professionals to describe how to choose an area.95 (pa) Figures are presented showing average spending for beverages. ©2006 61 p. sell. age. HD7287 978-1-933588-20-9 Who’s buying transportation. vehicle finance charges and insurance. total spending. Following an overview of general trends is a set of tables describing spending within various demographic groups. ©2006 347 p. income. supplies. Based on the Survey’s most recent (2004) release. Inc. ©2006 244 p.. $59.) and Eric Arnesen (history and AfricaAmerican studies. Katherine. ©2006 598 p. Tables of data are organized by demographic characteristics (i. the report presents tables showing consumer spending on transportation products first by household or consumer characteristic. $59. Title main entry. and education level. ©2006 81 p. Meyer. income level. of Illinois Press. Alcoholic beverages are divided between those consumed at home and at bars and restaurants. 11th ed. The data are taken from the most recent (2004) release of the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Consumer Expenditure Survey (CEX). The tables are preceded by brief analyses of spending trends.). Distributed by Firefly Books. Atlantic Publishing. U.. women’s apparel. hiking boots. she encountered a society very different from anything she had experienced before. ethnicity. either to live in. and other hierarchies within the workplace.HD7287 978-1-933588-05-6 HD7287 978-1-933588-21-6 Household spending. dry cleaning. $59. search for a property. 3d ed. Along with such largescope revelations as this comes hundreds of details on apparel. 2d ed. or using the cottage as an investment property. He traces the emergence and elaboration of the networks through the period. finance. Press.

of Maryland) describes it. College London. makes for frustrating and confusing reading. and transport identify changes occurring in fresh food retail supply chains through the lens of packaging logistics.00 Drawing on archival research in the Netherlands and Britain. HD8081 2006-021761 1-59332-136-8 Appetite for change. sociologists and historians draw upon their international field experience to examine the change in food systems around the globe. Batalova. Prohibition. Title main entry. Ed. U. historians and economists from their graduate training through their public careers. and marketers”). U. the author’s decision to use lengthy bulleted lists instead of paragraphs throughout this hefty volume to convey each sentence of personal narratives. v. ©2006 268 p. He describes the development of the counter-cuisine. and the future. (Carter G. decision makers. LLC. HD9198 978-90-04-15599-2 Skilled immigrant and native workers in the United States. by decade. of Virginia Press.00 Practitioners and researchers in European logistics. and opinion leaders with an overview of the economic factors and market forces at work at each stage of the agricultural supply chain. and assess the impact on US food ways. They closely detail the rise and eventual fall of the Popular Front among the workers.00 Hilson (Scandinavian studies. agricultural marketing system. from W. HD9005 2006-029851 978-0-8014-7329-6 The segregated scholars. They explain packaging logistics. tea was by far the most important. ©2006 180 p. 6th ed. to find their fortunes.. retail. The contributors offer a cultural perspective on markets. gender. $80.HD8045 978-91-89116-71-9 HD9000 2006-010813 978-0-7591-0914-8 Political change and the rise of labour in comparative perspective. journalists. Mary. and an organic foods component addressing issues of food production and distribution. Holcomb Hathaway.95 (pa) Along with the counterculture of the 1960s arose a counter-cuisine that. a “therapeutic” component advocating improvisation. Woodson institute series) U. v. $37. Batalova addresses concerns that skilled immigration measures passed by Congress since 1990 have had a negative impact on earnings of US-born skilled workers and professionals. The volume is organized chronologically.E. Liu finds that of all the Chinese goods traded by the Company. how class became an issue and soon so did immigrant status. Although global concerns are considered when most relevant. v. Superior) and Ross (late Minnesota Historical Society) trace the lives of the immigrants who came to the Duluth docks for any or all of these reasons. and present two in-depth and 10 shorter case studies. Sample topics include price determi