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Silk Cotton Tree (ceiba petandra)
Near Moriah, Tobago

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Welcome to OMNI Travel Magazine

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the first edition of OMNI Travel Magazine. Our key function is to present
you with information that will assist in helping to:
• Protect the environment
• Promote local tourism
• Encourage support for local businesses

We have designed this magazine to fulfil the above objectives. It will serve as a local
vacation planner with holidaying in Trinidad and Tobago as its central theme. Additional
highlights will be eco tourism, historical sites, nature trails, vacation camps for children,
FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup Football schedule, travel destinations and places of
interest that can be visited in Trinidad and Tobago.

What also makes this magazine unique is the way information is compiled and pack-
aged under familiar headings for ease of reference and decision making. In addition,
the magazine contains extensive listings of some of the most useful phone numbers to
aid you while on vacation and even in your everyday life, making it an essential tool for
every household.

OMNI Travel magazine can be used to gather information on where to stay and what
to do with the unlikelihood that you will end up visiting the same places over and over

Have a safe and enjoyable vacation!!!


Elliot Ash



Managing Editor: ELLIOT ASH

Chief Writer & Visual Artist: KIELON C. HILAIRE

Administrator & Sales : TAMICA PORTER

Special Thanks: OMNI Team

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Feature Article: Why Vacation in T&T 6

Send us your photos 10

Feature Article: Financing your Vacation 11

Section A
What to do 15
Things to do listing 18

MSYA T&T Youth Sport Camps 22

Section B
Where to stay 23
Hotel & Guest house listing 27

Section C
How to get there 29

Feature Article: The Vacation Challenge 35

Section D
Upon arrival 37
Restaurant listing 40

Fifa U-17 Women’s World Cup Schedule 42

Business Classifieds listing 44

Medical & Emergency listings 46

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6 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

It’s vacation time! All your family and friends have decided to travel to England, Canada and the
US, and you’re the one who gets to wave them goodbye as they smile at you from inside the aeroplane.
As the plane takes off, you feel a peculiar emptiness inside you, and you begin to bombard yourself
with a range of concerns: Why is T&T so dull? There’s nothing to do here! I’m so sick and tired of this
place! It’s so ... normal. Gosh, I really wanted to go away with everyone.
A better question might be, Why don’t you go drink some tea and go in yuh bed? Chuts, man! If for
any reason you believe that T&T is so horrible, there’s a high chance you have never stayed in a first
world country for a long period of time.

Ever wondered why so many foreigners’ dream is to visit the Caribbean? It’s because there’s no
other part of the world capable of providing an individual with a completely unique experience as
the Caribbean does. When you’re in a Caribbean island everyday has the potential to be exhilarating
and imaginative, whereas in other parts of the world most citizens are highly focussed on societal
improvements and routine work—which are all magnificent by themselves—but do little in reminding
people that living life in general means that nothing should ever be consistently about work. Having
to put extreme effort into anything takes the fun out of it (picture a wannabe singer trying to sing a
Whitney Houston song). Because most T&T citizens don’t find it necessary to work till they drop,
it’s for this reason that Trinidad and Tobago has a slight edge over many other countries in the world.
Let’s find out why...

In Trinidad, since many citizens aren’t forced to take two or three jobs just to have something to
eat when the day comes, the average individual is under much less stress than someone in a more
developed country where food and electronics are dirt cheap but everything else like taxes and bills


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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 7

cost about half the price of a house. As a result, Trinidad contains a more carefree environment that
won’t even be replaced by a home away from home, not disputing the fact that there are countless
other places in the world with some remarkable
kind people.

Belly wise, if you ever leave T&T and expect

to easily find similar food to eat, you’re going
to be out of luck. Try asking a counter clerk in
some countries for a doubles and see what you
“What’s that, now? You want double fries?”
“Nah. Ah want doubles.”
“Oh, then we don’t have whatever you might be
referring to. Might I suggest our croissants?”
“Wha’ you telling me ‘bout Quasans? Gyad! I
want doubles!”
“Sir, I don’t know what else to tell you.”
“Fine. Yuh hah Bake and Shark?”
“I don’t know of what you speak, but we have
baked bread and fillet if you like.”
“Fillet? What de—!” Your eyes will bulge out
of your head. Then you’ll get mad and toss a
punch at the clerk, who will quickly duck and
yell, “Security!”
That’s right. A Trinidadian asking for food
outside T&T can be quite risky, particularly
when you take a chance and try some of the food
you aren’t too familiar with (no comment).

All-in-all, Trinidad does have all of the

more renowned things that many have come
to know: beautiful women (de men aite too), a
wide variety of flavoursome food, great liming
spots and recreation facilities, and simple human nature that could forever remain unmatched, but
the deciding factor of any country to vacation in should always be the mentality of the people; and
this is where Trinidad shines. The country’s unique strength lies in its unity.

Tobago, however, has its own special appeal. Though much smaller than Trinidad in size, Tobago
is one of the tourist pinnacles of the Caribbean. Home for some of the most renowned and captivating
eco facilities in the world, Tobago needs neither explanation nor verification. Historical sites, bird-
watching, out-of-this-world nature tours, there really isn’t that much else to say. With waters so clear
that you could see your reflection as clearly as if you were gaping in a mirror, to the glass-bottom
boat that takes you over a glorious ocean where magic happens and one particular part of the sea
alters from three feet deep to ninety in seconds flat, expect to be amazed in ways you never thought
were possible.

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8 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

In addition, Tobagonians treat all visitors as if they were their immediate family; they will truly
adore your company and might randomly tell you stories of when they were youngsters and such. The
cost of places to stay, food, and recreation may be slightly higher in most cases when compared to
Trinidad, but it’s honestly worth it. Think about it this way: how much extra would you be spending
if you were to take a family of six to a country that is thousands of miles away? Bottom line is this: If
relaxing, sightseeing, and constantly being close to the ocean is your kind of thing, Tobago is really
the only place you need to be. Spending time here will save you loads of cash while granting you a
five star Caribbean experience.

Most people never miss what they have until it’s gone. Not only this, but very often it takes
seeing something much different to realise what you really have. By all means, it could never hurt
to vacation in different parts of the world—in fact, it’s recommended—but even as you relish in
whatever sort of strange and electrifying experiences you may find outside Trinidad and Tobago,
know this: when you’re in another country, every hour or so, you’ll stand in one spot, stare into space,
and desperately try to conjure if there’ll ever be another place like home.


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OMNI Travel is inviting you to send us your photos
Did you have an enjoyable vacation in Trinidad and Tobago and want to share some
pictures with us? Send us your photos and we will publish some of them in our 2011-2012

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 11

Going on vacation can be one of the most rewarding experiences that can be had. There are several
reasons someone would want to do go on vacation: For solitude, rest and relaxation, to get away from
a consistently busy office life, to bring joyous moments to the lives of a family, to spend a roman-
tic evening with a loved one, or perhaps because that
person feels that he/she has been through enough in
life to automatically deserve a vacation.

No matter what your reason for wanting a vacation,

you can bet your bottom dollar that you will need
to have money in order to properly finance your
vacation. Don’t think for a second that because it’s
Trinidad or Tobago you’re not going to encounter
anything special and believe that all your hotel,
recreational and leisure costs should be dirt cheap.
You’d be surprised.

There are many ways in which you can finance your

vacation, but the most important thing to keep in
mind is that one method may be more suitable de-
pending on the individual and their personal status.
In any event, these would generally be your typical options:

Savings: There is nothing easier than planning for a vacation one year in advance and saving.
You only need to save an average of $500-$1000 per month in order to see that this dream comes
to life. Without a doubt, using personal savings in order to finance a vacation is the safest and most
effective means of doing so, but can also be one of the most challenging things to pull off. It is go-
ing to require a high level of diligence and dedication, perhaps the same degree of self-control that’s
required when saving for a house. E.g. Do I cut down on my late night clubbing from six nights a
week to five, or—here’s a crazy idea—maybe one? Unless you’re someone who’s wealthy enough
to be able to make paper kites with your money, if you’re determined to go on vacation via the sav-
ing method, you’ll find yourself occasionally having to make some really tough decisions.

Sou-sou: The classic Sou-Sou. Get a dozen of your friends (including yourself) to pay a fixed
sum of cash each month, for a set period of time, to in due course put together a monthly pool. Each

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 11 8/11/2010 7:25:25 Am

12 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

then takes turns collecting the lump sum of money (a.k.a. the Sou-Sou hand) as the months go by
till everyone gets their fair share. Contrary to what many people believe, a Sou-Sou is not a techni-
cal form of saving. It is merely a means of possibly obtaining money that is not yours (a loan) a few
weeks or months in advance before having to pay it all back on a timely basis; however, if all goes
well you get to do so without having to pay any interest. What do you know—maybe a Sou-Sou
really is a form of saving. Even so, when it comes to using a Sou-Sou to finance your vacation, a lot
is going to depend on the tides of fate. Is the Sou-Sou hand going to be large enough to aid you in
any meaningful way? How early in the payment cycle will you be collecting your Sou-Sou hand?
Would you be able to make your monthly payments after you have received your lump sum? Indeed
there may be a lot of chance involved in participating in a Sou-Sou, but you need to weigh the situ-
ation and decide if its rewards would favour you when you need them most.

Credit Card: To obtain a credit card these days all you really need to have is a steady financial
and/or employment record. Some people believe that credit cards are plain evil, yet the reality is
that most people just don’t know how to use them properly. They obtain one of these cards then
feel they’re on top of the world when they can vibrantly exclaim, “Charge it!” at any commercial
item that stands in front of them, never realising that a credit card should be most practically used
to manage their daily and monthly budget. When you overuse credit cards you can eventually find
yourself living pay cheque to pay cheque, and the moment you fall behind on payments your finan-
cial stability can be thrown into jeopardy. This is why having a good sense of judgment is important
when using a credit card. All-the-same, while on vacation, a credit card can be a great substitute for
walking around with excess cash. It’s safe, easy to use and fast!

Loans: If you have loads of funds in your bank account then this process is going to be the easi-
est for you. Simply stroll empty-handed into the bank and walk out smiling with a suitcase filled
with blue notes (well, not literally). Nonetheless, while taking a loan is an option you can exercise
to finance your vacation, you have options in deciding which institution to take the loan from.

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 12 8/11/2010 7:25:27 Am

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 13 8/11/2010 7:25:27 Am
14 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

Banks, Credit Unions and various other lending institutions all offer different interest rates and pay-
ment options. You will have to study these to determine which option suits you best.

UNIT TRUST CARD: If you are the holder of a UTC visa debit card you will have an additional
option. This card operates on the basis of the amount of cash you have, which means: no cash, no
payment. The plus with this card is that there are no charges on your balances, and you can save for
your dream vacation and earn interest in the process. A UTC card allows you to make payments at
any business that displays the visa logo.
Aside from all of the above, there are still other ways you can obtain money to finance your vaca-
tion; namely through borrowing the money from someone who trusts you enough, and of course
there’s always the chance that you may be working for a company that’s adequately generous to at
least partly cover the cost of your well-earned vacation.

However, if after reading all of this, you still cannot seem to find a way to make your vacation hap-
pen, you are always left with what could be the most difficult option: getting a second job that would
permit you to save money that you would not have been making in the first place. This way, you’re
guaranteed that nothing else in your life would be financially affected, though the same can’t be said
about the other vital aspects of your life. But, it’s a sacrifice. A sacrifice that would be worth it, even
if the only payoff you’ll receive is to put a smile on the face of someone who means the world to

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 15

Explore all of T&T

The months are counting down: April, May, June—they quickly turn into weeks: 5... 4... 3... 2 ... 1...
Finally, only a few days left: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, then ... it’s here! It’s here! July/August
is finally here! Vacation time! Woo hoo! No
more boss looking over your shoulder, no
more co-workers taking more than a causal
interest in your life, no more school and
studying with tombstone-sized textbooks,
and no more bustling through eight hours
of daily traffic or working on stressful
group projects as you madly scream, Why

But then reality strikes; all your exhilaration

is only going to last you a few weeks. Come
September, you’re going to be compelled
to commit yourself to eleven more months
of tedious work or school, or worse,
both! You think: Ah, what the heck;
might as well make good use of my
free time. That’s the spirit! Las Vegas,
here I come! Then you remember how
much money there is in your bank
account—question marks all over
your head. Ok then, La Vega, here I
come! Now what do you do?

First, know that it isn’t the end of the

world. Surely, your dream vacation
might be to travel to some far away
location, say, Antarctica, to at least
enjoy the complex panorama of
some exotic land, but ask yourself:
Have you honestly seen and done
everything there is in T&T?

T&T has a myriad of landmark gemstones hidden about the

country. Your job isn’t primarily to find them but more to know what you want your vacation to be all
about, then try to imagine all the things you would like to do for a set period of time.

You’ll be surprised to discover where a simple longing for fun might take you. But before you begin
anything, you should probably consider the following: Will you be going on vacation for a few weeks
or just for a couple of days? And who exactly will you be taking with you: the wife, the kids, the
girlfriend/boyfriend or just your self?

Now that you have a fairly good idea of how to get started, why not take a look at some of our

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16 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

In the east/NORTH EAST

In Trinidad there are a number of places to get your boat sailing, even literally. Paria Waterfall is
a good example; this popular destination
is accessible by foot but can be far more
exciting when you’re able to commute by
boat. In the end, it’s quite worth it as you
come face-to-face with one of Trinidad’s
most vibrant waterfalls, which can easily
invoke a flurry of natural passion within
you. Or perhaps you’re a lover of river-lime
and cultural art? Then how about visiting
the Lopinot Historical Site? Few places
offer you the simplicity of being able to
have a picnic, view an ancient mud-oven,
and to visit a secret cave plus the cemetery
of a noble hero. And if you’re more of an
in-house sort of person and posses interest
in science and technology, the National
Science Centre—with its many tours and
showings—might even awaken you from the dead as you slowly come to terms with the little things
that are currently influencing the future of the world.

North/ North West is the side of Trinidad that just might bring out the wild side in you. There’s
so much nature and wilderness to be seen in these areas that you can possibly run into a grown
man swinging through the forest on multiple
vines. Whether or not you’re inclined to
feel like Tarzan, this should not affect your
decision to visit places within the vicinity.
There’s the illustrious Gasparee Caves,
which you can only arrive at via a cool
boat ride that departs from Chaguaramas
Bay. Covigne River Trail is also quite the
fascinating place, and is a vivid extension
of the Nutmeg Vale Tour. The tour allows
you to hike up a branch of the Cuesa River,
where a trail then takes you through coffee
and nutmeg plantations, a twisting gorge,
and up a waterfall to a cool green pool where
you can play splashing games in the water.
Need something a little more subtle? Try the
Royal Botanical Gardens; plants, trees and
tranquillity will easily become your favourite
pastime. However, if none of the above places are not alive enough for you, you’re always welcome
to visit the Emperor Valley Zoo.

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 17

In south
Somewhat surprising, south is the place to be
if you ever want to experience the majority of
events that are unique and grand. Bubbling mud
volcanoes (Devil’s Woodyard), riveting water
parks (Harry’s), the Indian Caribbean Museum
(a cultural delight), and others like San Fernando
Hill, the Waterloo Hindu Temple (located in
central), Quinam Recreational Park, and the Pitch
Lake. There’s so much to do that you’re likely to
find yourself wrestling in hot mud, splashing in a
pool of water, learning more about India, hiking to
the top of a hill, praying to a God, picnicking and
playing hopscotch in an open field, and making
fake toolum balls from fresh scoopfuls of pitch. For
the truly adventurous, why not make it your duty
to have fun at ten different places in the southern
lands in the space of one day?

In tobago
Tobago, as expected, is a completely different boat
altogether. Before trying to evaluate all the things
you can possibly do while you’re in Tobago, it can
be more efficient to try to figure out all the things
you can’t do. There are just so many ways to pass
the time. Tobago is well-known for its crystal
clear waters and tourist activities. Swimming,
Watersports, Fishing, Sailing, Yachting are just a
few of the oceanic things you can participate in.
On land, however, you can experience wild life
and bird sanctuary via the Tobago Rain Forest,
as well as the Tobago Museum, which focuses
on art, artefacts and military attractions. And let’s
not forget that you can also participate in other
bizarre activities like crab and goat racing. All in
all, Tobago is the sort of place that you can only really figure out everything you want to do the
moment you get there and witness the magnificence with your own eyes.
So now, after taking everything into consideration, what do you want to do? And if you’re still not
sure, check out the following pages for a complete listing of things to do plus tour guides within
T&T. You won’t be disappointed.

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18 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

Things to do

North East Tabaquite and is undoubtedly one of area near the Quinam beach. Includes
the most renowned places in picnic shelters, an information centre
Aripo Caves/ Cottage. A Trinidad. and nature trails. 622–3217.
cave in the Northern Range of 650-2207, 290-5509.
Trinidad and Tobago containing a Waterloo Hindu Temple.
notable bat roost and other dwelling Indian Caribbean Museum. The temple in the sea is the vision of
invertebrates. Museum dedicated to the preservation one man returning from India during
of the material history of over one World War II. He had a narrow escape
Asa Wright Nature million descendants of East Indians. from a German torpedo and vowed to
Centre. A small resort, buried 673-7007, 756-2734. build a temple to thank God for his
among mountains deep in Trinidad. escape.
Famous for its amazing diversity in La Vega Garden Centre.
animal & plant species & history 667- Beautiful garden that’s perfect for POINT-a-Pierre Wild Fowl
4655, 4961. experiencing serenity and all that Trust. Located on oil refinery lands,
nature has to offer. 679-9522. the Wild Fowl Trust is a sanctuary
Galera LightHouse & for endangered birds, including the
Family Park. Trinidad’s oldest Nariva Swamp. Several different Scarlet Ibis. 658-4200 ext 2512.
lighthouse built in late 1890’s located species of birds inhabit this swamp, one
on the north-eastern tip of Trinidad of the largest wetlands in the Caribbean. Devil’s Woodyard. Live
where the Caribbean sea meets the 620-1989. bubbling mud volcanoes.
South Oropouche Lagoon. A scenic North
mangrove swamp that lies just over
Caroni Bird Sanctuary. 5 km / 3 miles from the attractions Cathedral of the Holy
A preserver of nature, wildlife, and of San Fernando. A huge variety of Trinity. One of the oldest
various birds such as the Scarlet Ibis. exotic birds and butterflies can be landmarks and first Anglican Church
645-1305 found here, including a number of in Trinidad, originally built to cater
endangered species. for British forces on the island.
Fun Splash Water Park.
The Fun Splash Water Park features Pitch Lake. Natural churning Cathedral of Immaculate
attractions for everyone. Daredevils asphalt. You may walk on the surface Conception. One of the oldest
will want to try the Turbo Slides and of the pitch but heavy objects such as Catholic churches in P.O.S., with
Aqua Twisters 647-0350, 469-4819. cars, will sink. 651-1232. grand towers framing the entrance.

Quinam Recreational Emperor Valley Zoo. Where

Harry’s Water Park. Harry’s
Park. An eco park in a forested exotic insects and animals are on
Water Park is located in beautiful
display. 622-3530, 622-5344.

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 18 8/11/2010 7:26:26 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 19
For places without phone numbers, call a tour guide on pg21 for assistance
pool that shimmers like a mirror. 634- and technology on display.
Royal Botanical Gardens. 4364. 642-6112, 642-9371.
Established in 1818, the Royal Botanic
Gardens primarily features roughly Golf Course/Macqueripe Paria Waterfall. A popular
700 trees, 13 percent of which are Trail. Delight in the beauty of destination for hard hikers. This
indigenous to Trinidad. 622-1221. nature. A nature trail that affords beautiful waterfall is accessible only
breathtaking views of Tucker Valley on foot or by boat along the north.
The National Museum. and the North Coast. 634-4227.
History and artefacts all in one. 623- Maracas Waterfall. WEST
5941/0339. Beautiful waterfall located in the
Northern Range just north of St. Know your Country
The Red House. Constructed Joseph. Tours. (Port-of-Spain). Drive
between 1904 and 1906 and is around Trinidad in a comfortable tour
Mount St. Benedict. The
currently the seat of the Parliament of bus. There are several packages to
oldest Benedictine Monastery in the
Trinidad and Tobago. choose from. 624-9839, 623-2341.
Caribbean. Built in the early 1900’s, it
lies on the foothills of the Northern
North West Trinidad & Tobago Cy-
cling Federation Summer
Cazabon Bamboo. A natural Camp. Dates: July 26th-August
treasure and work of art. Come 20th, 2010. Venue: Arima Velo-
learn why famous Artist Michel Jean drome. Time: Mon to Fri 9am-
Cleaver Woods
Cazabon was inspired and mesmerized 3pm Further info 721-9656.
Recreation Park. Popular
by the magic of Chaguaramas. 634- nature trails prove a leading attraction
4227 /4312. Tobago

C h acac h aca r e Arnos Vale WATERWHEEL &

Lighthouse Tour. Built in NATURE PARK. A 12-acre estate
1896 and still in operation. Head just off the Arnos Vale road. Discover
out of the mainland by boat landing birds, butterflies and iguanas. You
on Perruquier Bay, then wander to can pick and eat your own mangos
the highest point on the island. 634- and citrus fruits. This farm is a
4227/4312. birdwatcher’s paradise and birds are
fed daily. Guided Tour available. 660-
Chacachacare Salt Pond 0815.
Tour. A hyper-saline pond with
peculiar flora. Head out of the Argyle Falls. 600-foot
mainland by boat to Chacachacare, waterfall, set against the background
of this parkland, as does the visitors
land at La Chapelle Bay, then take a of an old cocoa plantation.
centre where you can learn more
leisurely walk to the Salt Pond with about the island’s earliest descendants
a lovely view of the Caribbean Sea. Botanical Gardens. Ten
via a series of interesting exhibits.
634-4227/ 4312. acres of tropical trees and shrubs
sloping down from the Claude Noel
De Freitas Ranch. Private
Chaguarmas Military Highway to the downtown area.
property structured for holding river
History and Aviation Entrances to the garden are located
limes & horseback riding. 667-
Museum. Military and aviation just off the Claude Noel Highway and
museum. 634-4391. from Gardenside Street. 
Lopinot Historical Site.
Edith Falls. A majestic waterfall Bon Accord Lagoon. Popular
Has a mud oven, artefacts, old time
within exotic bamboo clusters. 634- for birdwatchers. Some boatmen take
guitars. You can have picnics &
4227/ 4312. visitors to a small coral white sand
beach inside the Lagoon called No
Fort George. Overlooking Port- Man’s Land for barbecues.
of-Spain, the fort dates back to the Mannette Ranch. This
earliest British days built in 1800’s. Buccoo Reef & Nylon
property lies on the Arima River and
Pool. This is a protected marine
has sheds for cooking and liming.
Gasparee Caves. An park between Pigeon Point and
extraordinary cave system on one Buccoo Point.  Daily tours by
of the offshore islands. See natural glass-bottomed boats allow even
National Science Centre.
wonders like sinkholes and a crystal non-swimmers to see the reef life.
All sorts of advanced science

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20 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

For places without phone numbers, call a tour guide on pg21 for assistance
Flagstaff Hill. Located at the frequented for bathing. Their century or early 19th century. The
northern tip of Tobago reached via attraction lies in the mineral deposits water wheels and related machinery
an unpaved road from the crest of the that have coloured the stony backdrop, were used to grind sugar and were
hill before reaching Charlotteville, It a gold and silvery hue, to give these fabricated in Scotland.
was the site of an American Military falls their name.
look out and radio tower during World Tobago Museum. African art,
War II. Grafton Caledonia artefacts, western hemisphere native
Wildlife Sanctuary. Wildlife art, historical museum & military
Fort Bennett, Black Rock. area and bird sanctuary. attraction. Tour guides available.
This small, picturesque fort located
at the end of a sloping road, hedges Little Tobago. A tiny island Tobago Rain Forest
a cosy headland. Fort Bennet was off the coast of Tyrrel’s Bay, also Reserve. Hiking, wildlife and bird
reported to have been built by the known as Bird of Paradise. Over time sanctuary. Tour guides available.
Dutch between 1628 and 1636. Tour it has been transformed into a wildlife
guides available reserve popular among birdwatchers. Two River Waterfall,
Goldsborough. A little way
French Fort Scarborough Mt. Irvine Kimmie Museum. off the beaten track, but it is worth
On May 24th, 1781, French troops Paintings & art collections. the hike as you admire the flora and
under General Blanchelande invaded fauna along the way. The cascading
the island. They occupied the hilltop Mystery Tombstone, flow splashes down into the huge
known as French Fort, as it overlooked Plymouth. The inscription on pool at the base, which then narrows
the British defender’s redoubt at this 18th century tombstone has long at its edge to flow downstream as
Concordia, northwest of Fort King two separate waterways. Tour guides
George. Today, French Fort is used to available.
transmit television and radio signals.
This site gives you a panoramic view The Sisters Rock, off
of Scarborough and environs. Bloody Bay. A cluster of closely
spaced rock pinnacles in the Caribbean
Fort James, Plymouth. This Sea just off the Bloody Bay area. You
fort was named after Jacobus (James), can get a good view of these rocks
the Duke of Courland. The British from the Bloody Bay lookout. These
army maintained a picket post here. rocks plummet to more than 130 ft.

Fort King George. Built in the puzzled passers-by. It records that The St. Giles Rocks. In 1968,
1780s, this is Tobago’s best-preserved Betty Steven’s was a mother without the proprietor of Charlotteville Estate
historical site. The early prison, bell knowing it, and a wife without letting presented a group of large rocks,
tank, several cannons, barracks and her husband know. also known as the Melvilles to the
officers’ mess are located within well- Government of Trinidad and Tobago
manicured grounds with magnificent Rainbow Waterfall, for the establishment of a wild-life
coastal views. Tour guides are Goldsborough. A trek of about sanctuary.
available here. one mile takes you to this waterfall,
which produces lovely torrents in the Turtle Watching. During
Fort Milford. Ideal for rainy season. nesting months, March-August, huge
enjoying a Tobago sunset overlooking endangered leatherback turtles return
the Leeward cost. It is alleged that a Richmond Great House. to beaches where they were born to
settlement of Dutchmen under the African art, artefacts, manor/ country lay their eggs. 668-7337.
protection of the Duke of Courland house.
was briefly located here. Tobago Hospitality and
Speyside Reefs. The various Tour Operator
Fort Monck. Fort Monck reefs off Speyside vary in depth. The Association
was established in 1681 by the shallow reef areas are excellent for
Courlanders, who at the time were snorkelling while the deeper areas are Alison Bascombe Betsy’s Hope,
under the command of Colonel Franz great for scuba diving. Glass-bottomed Roxborough 660-6208, 794-3555
Monck. They were new to the  island boats conduct snorkelling tours from Bertil Taylor Bloody Bay tours, Tobago
but they died shortly after arrival from Blue Waters Inn and Scuba Diving can 660-7836, 763-2524
attacks by Indians and diseases. be arranged through any Dive Shop on
Collin Sampson 660-0292
the island.
Gold & Silver Waterfalls,
Main Ridge. These trickling falls Speyside Waterwheel. This
are not the cascading kind normally wheel was erected in the late 18th Colum Armstrong, Native Son Tours

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 21
639-0628, 784-5951 (868) 675-1619, 621-
2931, Andrew Welch Rooks Nature Tours David Rooks
Curtis Lovelace 639-0547, 772-9274
Eco specialist rookstobago@yahoo.
Darlington Chance Bloody Bay Biards Rental Auto Rental
com (868) 756 8594, 352 1222 David
660-7823 734-4534 639-7054 Hollison Biard
Darren Henry 639-4559, 767-9298 Blue Crab Alison Sardinha Bed &
Sensational Tours Destination
Breakfast daisysflowers@hotmail.
Dexter James Bloody Bay 660-7852 Management sensationaltours@
com (868) 639-2737 Alison Sardinha
Edith Eva Marie Thomas 639-3957 (868) 676-2937, 687-
Caribbean Holidays Destination 7832. 676-3008 Gerard Nicholas
Ellis Clarke 660-4851, 682-9147 T&T Site Seeing Destination,
631-2000 743-7173 Darren Friday
Errol Roach 639-8982, 765-1768 Management
Caribbean Discovery Tours 680-8591,628-1051 Charles Cavarlo
Esther Lyons 660-5774 Personalised Eco/ Academic Wildlife,
Ted’s Sunshine Enterprises,
Fabrizio Ceppi Prospect caribbeandiscoverytours@yahoo.
Destination Management sunshine@ 639-1476 com, (868) 624-7281, 620-1989, (868) 639 0547, 639
Fitzroy Quamina Bloody Bay Stephen Broadbridge
0697, 678-1838, 639 9906 Theodore
639-5480/ 660-7836 763-2524 Classic Tours & Travel Destination Greig
Frankie Leander 660-4426, 763-3765 Management infoclassictoursltd@
The Pathmaster Active Nature Tours, 639-9891, 680-7993, Trevor
Gaston Jackson 660-7608 797-9367 Environmental Education, Research
A k a n
Harris Mc Donald 639-0513 759- Support,
Extreme Tours Transport, Nature (868) 621-0255, 374-7847, 621-0255
0170 669-4974, Andy Whitwell
Jeb Mc Eachnie Kings Bay, 740-7749 Lutchman Heera
Delaford 660-6228, 757-4281 The Travel Centre, Destination
Fabrizio & Claire Management 688- Management info@the-
Junior Thomas 639-5359, 660-7847 7650 Tobago, (868) 622-0112,
Katharina Dumas kathrinadumas@ Good Time Tours Destination Mgmt. 639-8795, 689-7343, Catherine de 639-5395 756-0407, (868) 639 6816, Gannes-Martin
Natalie Armstrong Native Son Tours 688-7596 (868) 639 6841 Frederica Tobago Travel: Destination
639-0628 784-5951 Adams Management,
Patrick Dankou info@yes-tourism. Gail’s Exclusive Tour Destination (868) 639-8105, 639-8786 Randal
com 639-0628 683-0038 (868) Rostant
Peter William 754-6507 638-5085 638-7148 Suzan Gail Trinidad & Tobago Sightseeing Tours
Mohammed Destination Management carvalho@
Randolph Springer 660-5327
Hew’s Tours T o u r (868) 628-1051, 622-9205
Rueben Clement tourtobago_eco@
Operator h e w l e t t e @ t s t t . n e t . t t , Emile Joseph, 631-
(868) 680-9775, Hewlette Hazel Tobago Now Tourism Services
8920 477-4795
In Joy Tours Destination, Mgmt. & Destination
Simon Mc Letchie Store Bay
Cultural 639-1476, 639-1476
Local Road, Bon Accord 639-0265,
(868) 633-4733, 753-2775, 633-1771 Transmax T r a n s p o r t
Lorraine Pouchet 678-0758
Lagniappe Duty Free Duty Free 631-0751 Orville Dillion
Trinidad and Tobago
sales/ items TVP Tourism & Hospitality
Incoming Tour Operators
639-0326, 631-0620 Marlene Alfred Video Services totalvideoproduction@
Libby Tours Destination Management (868) 686-9696 Demi
All TAB-Services Destination Mgmt (868) 622-2493, 624-4886, (868) JohnCruckshank (868) 631 622-2493 Libby Mosca Valley Island Experiences Specialist,
0176, 688-5148 Ray Sloper Nanan’s Bird Sanctuary Tours, Nature Destination Management, Eco-
4 A Rentals Auto Rental & Bird Tour Specialist nantour@tstt. Cultural Tours islandexperiences@ 688- (868) 645-1305, 681-1671,, (868) 625-2410, 627-1076,
5498, Angela Richards 645-1305 Winston Nanan 756-9677, Gunda Busch-Harewood
AJM Tours Destination Management OMAR Taxi Service Yes Tourism Destination Management, 639-2881 Transport,Tours omartaxiservice@ sales@yes-
Sintra Bronte (868) 737-4422 Omar (868) 631-0286, 357-
Mohammed 0062 631-0287 Patrick Dankou
AD Travel Ltd Destination
Management, asalandy@ Paria Springs Eco Community Eco (868) 487- Specialist Adventure Hiking Mountain
0572, 622-731 Alice Salandy Biking Birding rooks@pariasprings.
com (868) 622-8826, 620-8240 628-
Banwari Experience Destination,
1525 Courtenay Rooks
Management banwari@

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22 O M N I T R A V E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

T&T Youth Sport Camps 2010 is here!

Running from August 2nd to August 20th,
The camps are free and open to all of
the nation’s children between the ages of 7 and 17.
Continuing the Sport Company of T&T’s drive to engage the nation’s youth in sport and
provide avenues for talented up-and-comers to enter the sporting world, this year’s camps
will build on the activities of the previous years.

Certified coaches will engage the campers and teach them the fundamentals of the 15
featured sporting disciplines (including
athletics, basketball, cricket, cycling, football, golf,
gymnastics, hockey, netball, rugby, sailing, swimming, table
tennis, tennis, and volleyball)
at more than 100 locations across Trinidad and Tobago.

As always, lunch will be provided for the happy campers, ensuring that they are properly fueled
for a full day of athletic endeavors. Similar to the 2009 camps, in which sporting icons such as
Njisane Phillip and Denesh Ramdin made appearances, this year’s campers will get to participate
in motivational talks with some of their favourite sporting heroes. At the close of the camps, the
children will receive certificates commemorating their participation in the 2010 T&T Youth Sport
Thursday July 28th, 2010 is the registration deadline and parents may pre-register by
calling the following numbers: 623-1954, 623-2448, 623-9515, 624-2860, 625-4248.

Pre-registered children will be assigned to the venue and sport of their choice, and parents/guardians
must submit a completed and signed registration form on the first day of camp in order to complete
the registration process. All parents/guardians must submit a completed and signed form
along with a copy of their I.D. in order for their child to be admitted into the camp.

We look forward to another year of fun, excitement, and athletic discovery with the nation’s youth at
the T&T Youth Sport Camps.

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 23

Imagine, you’ve always

been a Toconian

Where to stay? This question is perplexing because your options could either be many or limited.
But then again, if you’re like many Trinbagonians you will have relatives, friends and family all over
Trinidad and Tobago. So a decision to send your children to one place or another may not be all that
difficult. “But what about me?” you may ask. “I could send the children someplace safe but there
might be no space for me, the adult. After all, there’s absolutely no way a grown woman like me is
sharing a bed with my uncle ... again.” Well, if that’s the case, there are other options (which will
be discussed shortly). But in the meantime, let’s not forget that you will always have the choice of
staying at home and, from there, you can also explore a portion of the beauty that is Trinbago.

Now imagine: you’ve always been a Toconian (a humble resident of Toco) and for some strange
reason your dream vacation is to spend two weeks in Point-Fortin; it’s going to be quite nonsensical
to have to travel from Toco to Point-Fortin on a daily basis. Not only would the money you’ll be
spending on commuting be sufficient for buying an entire week of groceries, but it’s also going to
take you so long to get from point A to B and vice-versa, that travelling in itself is literally going to
become your ultimate vacation experience. But as most people know, there are endless ways around
this predicament. Essentially, why not pay someone to spend the night with them. W-what? Pay?

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 23 8/11/2010 7:26:52 Am

24 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

Before you jump to conclusions, let’s clarify what is meant by paying someone to spend the night.
Hotels, guest houses, inns, beach resorts, apartments, there are so many of them littered all over
Trinidad and Tobago that there is one to suit every need. But as with nearly everything else, money
and comfort is going to have a huge part to play with respect to your final decision. As a result, here’s
what you can do:

Research as many places as you possibly can that are situated within the vicinity you’re planning
to spend your vacation. Make your cell phone, the internet, word-of-mouth, and surprise in-person
appearances to the respective places your closest friends; this is to ensure that you obtain a realistic
feel of the hotel/guest house you plan to stay at. The last thing you’d want is to stay in an alleged 3-star
hotel, only to find out, once you’re comfortably resting in your hotel room, that the hotel’s 3 stars are
the GIANT rat, the ssssing Mapepire beneath your bed, and the freaky room-service attendant who
consistently peeps at you through a hole in the wall.

As long as you follow the basic guidelines above, the next step in concluding where you should stay
is relatively easy. After matching money with comfort, you’ll definitely need to pair geographical
areas and cardinal points with your personal finesse. To help you decide on this, feel free to use the
following recommendations as a means of simplifying your search process:

What’s in the East? East-side Trinidad isn’t laden with places you can spend the night, unless you’re
counting your in-laws house, but there are contemporary-style lodges like the respectable 22 room
Palm’s Hotel nestled on the Eastern Main Road Arouca, and the Bel Air Airport Hotel that boasts
almost thrice as many rooms with poolside TV-watching, restaurant and bar, and private retreats. And
there’s also Holiday Inn that’s situated just a stone
throw away from Trincity mall. But wait, there’s more!
Thinking about spending some time romancing with
your loved one on the beach? Here’s a highly valid
option: D’ Coconut Cove Holiday Beach and Eco
Resort. Yeah, the name’s a mouthful, but it’s a small
price to pay considering that you get to experience
massage therapy and to take part in eco activities like
turtle watching. Finally, who can forget the simply
beautiful Hosanna Inn in St Augustine; one of its
huge advantages is that there’s no drinking allowed so
you’re unlikely to spar with any man spirited enough
to want to fight you with a toilet seat.

How staying in the east will affect your pocket? With

the average east hotel costing around $500 or $600
per night (the top-tier ones costing about double the
amount), you’ll be sure to get your money’s worth on
most occasions.

What’s in the North? Many of the things you can do

at the north coast pertain to nature; it’s for this reason
that these are where the majority of beach houses,
eco resorts and getaway villas reside. Acajou Hotel
is certainly one of the premier places to stay when
referring to the north. How many places are there
in Trinidad where you can find a bunch of beautiful
cottages strewn across the gleaming sands of the beach,
while you’re able to listen to the cryptic melodies of
insects and animals that possibly never existed before?

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 24 8/11/2010 7:26:56 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 25

The experience is undoubtedly superb, but at $1250 per night, Acajou hotel might certainly be the
big 5-star hotel of the north coast. There are more budget-friendly options, however. Las Cuevas
Beach Lounge offers about half of what Acajou has to offer for two-fifths the price. Not a bad deal.
And places like Blanchisseuse Laguna Mar and Mt. Plaisir Estate are prime locations where couples
can relish in scenery that romances the sea.

How staying in the north will affect your pocket? Prices for north-side places vary a lot. This all
depends on whether or not the owner of the hotel or guest house is more into commercialism or
retirement (as quite a few guest houses aren’t prioritized to only make money). Expect to pay a good
average of roughly $500 per night if you prefer to stay at any lodge where the bedbugs won’t bite.

What’s in the South? When referring to the south,

anyone who can name at least ten hotels or guest
houses off the top of their head probably deserves
some sort of award. Believe it or not, geographically
speaking, south has less places to stay than any other
in Trinidad. If anything, Paria Suites and Royal Hotel
are presently the two main suites in South. At $800 per
night, both places offer you much more than a basic
place to sleep. Nestled in the heart of San Fernando,
the Royal Hotel is equipped with 60 air-conditioned
rooms that are perfect for any event, most notably
A warm welcome awaits you at
facilitating you with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Alicia’s Palace. The perfect place
laundry service. Paria Suites, on the other hand, seems to combine leisure and business at
to be more equipped for couples and weddings. Then
there is the lovely Cara Suites Hotel in Point-a-Pierre a price you can afford.
where their website invites you to “Sink into one of
their comfortable armchairs in the lobby at the end of a
busy day and watch the sun set over the Gulf of Paria.”
This is a definite option if you want to experience 5 star
quality at affordable prices. You can choose standard
or executive room and enjoy the finest amenities

How staying in the south will affect your pocket? $600

seems to be a good average for hotels in south. There
aren’t many places to draw a complete analysis from,
but you can be certain that prices will hardly be high
enough to break your piggy bank.

What’s in West/North-West? If you ever hear

someone say they’re having a hard time finding a
place to stay in the west, they really can’t be referring
to Trinidad. Your options are near endless. Not only
this, but west is practically where the heart of Trinidad
lies, which means that you can encounter the best of
the best within this area. In translation, expect to come
across all the powerhouses like Hilton, Cascadia,
Chancellor Hotel, Crowne Plaza, Hotel Normandie
and Hyatt. Most lodges in west Trinidad cater for busy
people who need to be at centre of everything, those
who love sightseeing and shopping, in addition to
those who can afford to use real money to replace the
fake ones used in a typical game of Monopoly.

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 25 8/11/2010 7:27:08 Am

26 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

However, this doesn’t mean that spending time in the west is always going to throw you into
bankruptcy. While it would be tough to find any other part of Trinidad where the cost of room and
board can possibly mirror the value of a return plane ticket—to Japan! (just kidding)—there are still
a handful of Inns and guest houses that provide for people who still need to live on a budget. Inn-
a-Citi, Caribbean tourist Villa, Carnetta’s Inn, Coral Cove Marina, and James Holiday Resort are
perfect examples. They probably won’t be able to facilitate you as a 4 or 5 star hotel could, but they
are definitely not to be easily ruled out.

How staying in the west will affect your pocket? With many hotel rates averaging at $800-$1000 per
night, you’ll probably have multiple holes in your pocket once your vacation is over, but the sacrifice
can be worthwhile. Just keep in mind that if you search well enough, you can find several other fine
villas in the west just like Inn-a-Citi Place that charges an average of $250-$500 per night.

What’s in Tobago? Tobago is frequently termed as the one of the most beautiful and exotic islands
in the world. Consequently, if you think hotel prices in west Trinidad are high, then you aint seen
nothing yet. As a tourist haven, expect the opportunity to stay in some of the grandest hotels available
in the Caribbean to date. Arnos Vale Hotel is a nice way to start things off, as it’s a great place
for bird-watching and other nature related activities. The major advantage with places in Tobago
is that the country is so small and the places are so close together that it hardly matters where
you stay, geographically, because many things are within walking distance of each other. You are
certain to encounter a fusion of nature, oceanic seascapes and eco tourism on almost all occasions.
Nevertheless, though staying at some hotels and guest houses might cost you an arm and a leg, there
are still many like the Belleviste Apartments and the Sandy Point Beach Hotel that would treat you
well for $450 or $500 per night. You can also get a round-the-country-tour from as little as $500 per
car load. A visit to Nylon Pool and Buccoo Reef could cost approximately $50 per person, and jet
skiing costs from $150 per person.

How staying in Tobago will affect your pocket? Staying in some places could make you broke. A
$1000 average per night for a good hotel is not something that everyone can take lightly; however,
many quality hotels in Tobago are unmatched.
Whether or not any of the above recommendations would do it for you is your decision. You’re
always free to stay where you want; that is, as long as you don’t choose a hotel containing the giant
rat that might gnaw you while you sleep.
The following pages contain a listing of hotels and guest houses for you to choose from.

Inn-a-Citi Place Bed and Breakfast offers you affordable accom-

modation in North Trinidad. From here you can explore nature
trails, historical sites and many more in the western peninsula.
Exotic food on the avenue and in St James. Inn-a-Citi place is
your home away from home, all rooms air conditioned, cable,
spacious and comfortable. Choose Inn-a-Citi place 622-0415,
683-6132. 15 Gaston Johnson Street, St James. Email:info@in-

Kariwak Hotel is located a mere 5 minute walk from the

airport, the beach and a few shops, and is truly the oasis of
the lively Crown Point area. Conceived and constructed in the
early eighties, Kariwak is a family run establishment with a
reputation for its unassuming flair and tranquil atmosphere.
639-8442. Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point, Tobago.
Email: Website:

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 26 8/11/2010 7:27:13 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 27
NORTH Cascade 634-2040 L’orchidee Boutique Hotel.
Coral Cove Marina Hotel. 3 Coblentz Gardens, St Anns 750-
Las Cuevas Beach Lounge. Northern side of Chaguaramas Bay 6099, 621-0618, 621-0063, 621-0613
Las Cuevas 669-6945, 636-4837, 634-2040 Monique’s. 114-116 Saddle Road,
796-3145, 684-2530 Maraval 628 3334
Courtyard by Marriott.
Maracas Bay Hotel. Maracas Invaders Bay, Audrey Jeffers Nemoy Guest House. 22, Gallus
Bay Road, Maracas 669-1914 or Highway 627-5555 Street, Woodbrook 623 4133.
CrewsInn. Point Gourde, Par-May-La’s Inn. 53 Picton
Chaguaramas 634-4384/5 Street, Newtown 628-2008.
AcAjou Hotel. 209 Paria Main Crowne Plaza. Wrightson The Carlton Savannah. 2-4
Rd, Grande Rivière, Toco 670-3771 Road, P.O.S. 625-3361/8 Coblentz Ave 621-5000.
Mt. Plasir Estate Ltd. Grande Fondes Amandes House. The Royal Palm Suite Hotel.
Riviere, Toco 670- 2217 Tours 9b, Fondes Amandes Rd. 7 Saddle Road 628-5086/9.
Fondes Amandes House, St. Ann’s Williams Villa. 69 Luis Street,
Turtle Watch Inn and Grill.
624 7281 Woodbrook 628-6724/0824
420 Toco Main Rd, Toco 634-2189
Forty Winks. 24 Warner Street, West Palm Hotel. 125 Western
Salybia Nature Resort,
Newtown, P.O.S. 622-0484 Main Rd, Chaguanas 634-2426
Gingerbread House. 8 Carlos
Plaza Del Este
Street, Woodbrook, POS 627-8170 SOUTH
Green Oak Tower Hotel. 267 Paria Suites. South Trunk Rd, La
Santa Cruz Old Road 675-1593 Romain 697-2742
Alicia’s House. 7 Coblentz
Gardens, St Ann’s 623- Halyconia Inn. 7 First Avenue, Swambers Inn. Southern Main
2802, 624-8651, 621-1017 Cascade 623-0008, 624-6481 Rd, Enterprise 672-5720
Alicia’s Palace. 1 3/4 Mile Post, Hilton Trinidad & Cara Suites Hotel Southern
Lady Chancellor Road, St. Anns Conference Centre. Lady Main Road, Point-a Pierre 659-2272
624-8553 Young Rd 624-3211 Harry’s Guest House.
Carnetta’s Inn. 99 Saddle Road, Baywatch Boulevard, Mayaro 652-
Maraval 628-2732, 622-5165, 622- Hotel Normandie. 10 2038
2 8 8 4 Nook Avenue, St Anns 624-1181 Marion’s place Inn and
Cascadia Hotel and Hyatt Regency Trinidad. #1 Catering Service- 15 Railway
Conference Centre. Ariapita Wrightson Road, P.O.S. 623-2222 Avenue Point-a-Pierre 659-2584
Rd 623-4208 Royal Hotel. 46-54 Royal Road,
Inn at 87. #87 Woodford Street, San Fernando 652-4881
Chaconia Hotel. 106 Saddle
P.O.S. 622-4343, 622-1376 Tradewinds Hotel and
Road, Maraval 628-3210
Inn-a-city Place. 15 Gaston Member’s Club. 38 London
Chaguaramas Hotel and
Johnson Street, Woodbrook 622 0415, Street, St. Joseph Village, San
Convention Centre. Airway
683-6132 Fernando 652-9463/9114
Rd, Chaguaramas 634-4227, 4312,
2424, 4349 Kapok Hotel. 16-18 Cotton Hill,
St. Clair 622-5765 EAST
Chancellor Hotel. 106
La Calypso Tourist Bel Air Airport Hotel- Outside
Saddle Road, Maraval 628-3210
Accomodation. 46 French the perimeter of Piarco International
Cloblentz Inn Boutique Airport 669-4771/3, 4013/4
Street, Woodbrook 622-4077
Hotel. 44 Coblentz Avenue,

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 27 8/11/2010 7:27:16 Am

28 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

639-8574 Stonehaven Bay 639-9377

D Coconut Cove Holiday Conrado Beach Resort- #9 Rainbow Resort- Milford Road,
Pigeon Point Road, Pigeon Point 639- Crown Point 639 9940
Beach and Eco Resort- 33-36 0145 Rovanell Resort- Store Bay
Calypso Rd, Manzanilla 691-5939,
Crown Point Beach Hotel- Local Road, Crown Point, Tobago
374-8220, 664-0845
Crown Point, Tobago 639-8781, 639- 639-9666, 639-0625
Holiday Inn Express Hotel 8782, 639-8783 Sanctuary Villa Resort-
and Suites- 1 Exposition Drive
Crusoe’s Holiday Grafton Estate, Scarborough -639-
Trincity 669 6209
Apartments- 33 Store Bay Branch 9556/7989
Hosanna Hotel- Santa Margarita Road 639-7789
Circular Rd, St Augustine 662-5549, Sandcastles Holiday
Cuffie River Nature Retreat-
5541 Apartments- Castara 635-0933
Scarborough 660-0505
Hotel Carries On The Bay- Sandy Point Beach Hotel-
Enchanted Waters- 198-202
Eastern Main Rd, Manzanilla 668- Sandy Point Village, Crown Point
Shirvan Road, Buccoo 639-9481
5711 639-8496
Footprints Eco Resort and
Palm’s Hotel- #35 A Eastern Sandy’s Bed and Breakfast-
Spa- Culloden Bay Road via Golden
Main Road, Arouca 692-4532, 692- 5 Robinson Street, Scarborough 639-
Lane 660-0416
4530, 692-4528 2737
Golden Thistle- Store Bay Rd,
Pax Guest House- Mount St Seaside Garden- Eleonore
Crown Point 639-8521
Benedict, Tunapuna 662-4084 Neuhaus, Buccoo Point 639-0682
Grafton Beach Resort- Black
Piarco Int’l Hotel- 8-10 Golden Speyside Inn- 189-193, Windward
Rock 639-9667
Grove Road, Piarco 669-3030 Road, Speyside Village 660-4852
James Holiday Resort- Crown
Point 639 8084 Stonehaven Villas- Stonehaven
Bay 639-0361

Arnos Vale Hotel- Scarborough,

Tobago 639-2881 Jimmy’s Holiday Resort- Store
Storebay Holiday Resort-
Arthur’s by the Sea- Milford Bay Beach Road, Crown Point 639
Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point
Road, Crown Point 639-0196 8292
Bacolet Beach Club- Bacolet Jonston’s Apartments- Store
Summerland Suites- Roberts
Bay 639-2357 Bay 631-5160/1, 639-8915
Street, Bon Accord 631-5053/4/5
Beach House Castara- The Kariwak Hotel and Holistic
Sunshine Holiday
Beach House Apartments, Heavenly Haven- Store Bay Local Road,
Apartment- Bon Accord 639-
Bay, Castara 660-7702 Crown Point 639 8442
Belleviste Apartments- La Grande Courlun-
The Hummingbird Hotel- 128
Scarborough 639-9351 Stonehaven Bay, Black Rock 639-
Store Bay Local Rd 635 0241
Blanchisseuse Laguna Mar The Palms Villas Resort-
Beach Resort- Paria Main Road, Signal Hill, Old Road 635-1010
Blanchisseuse 628-3731 Man-O-War Bay Cottages-
Charlotteville 660-4327 Tobago Island Suites- Corner
Blue Haven Hotel- Bacolet Bay, of Auchenskeoch & Shirvan Road,
Scarborough 639-2357 Manta Lodge- Manta Lodge,
Mount Irvine 639-0979
Speyside 660-5268
Blue Waters Inn- Speyside 660- Top Ranking Guest House-
2583 Mount Irvine Bay Hotel and
Top Hill Street, off the Windward
Golf Club- Scarborough 639-
Castlewhite Hotel and Road in Speyside Village 660-4904
Holiday Resort- Windward Road Toucan Inn and Bonkers -
Studley Park 660-2905 Papa Joe’s Place- Corner George
Crown Point 639-7173
& Guy Streets, Canaan 715-7272
Christina’s Guest House- Bon Tropikist Beach Hotel and
Accord 639 7834 Resort- Crown Point 639-8912
Plantation Beach Villas-
Coco Reef- Crown Point 639-8571,

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 28 8/11/2010 7:27:18 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

How are you travelling to
ay reach your destination
So after days, weeks or months of planning, your general idea of
a perfect vacation in Trinidad or Tobago is finally realised; you’ve
9- already decided exactly where you’re going, all the activities you
want to do, and which hotel, villa, guest house or momma’s house
you’re going to stay at with respect to how much money you have
ay to burn. The only predicament is that after doing all of this, there’s
still one major thing you need to carefully consider before your
sweet vacation officially gets on the way: how will you get to
where you want to go, and what’s the most efficient way of doing so?
9- It doesn’t take a genius to come to terms with the reality that your means of transportation would
certainly vary depending on where your final destination is located. For instance, a private automobile
re may be quite suitable for an east-bred family of four intending to spend a three week vacation at a
guest house in Blanchisseuse. But now try picturing a get-together of 100 people coming from the
same area who would like to do the same thing as the nuclear family. Would you prefer to be sitting
in one of 25 cars stringing along to Blanchisseuse in an orderly line, or within one of 5 huge maxi
taxis that could very well take you to and from without you ever having to constantly look through
the rear glass of your vehicle to wonder if vehicle #24 secretly fell off a cliff? The point is, having 25
cars transport that many people makes as much sense as having a Cruise ship take you from D’abadie
to Arouca at any point in time; it’s simply ridiculous!

Whenever someone in T&T speaks of vacationing between or within each island, there’s a high
possibility that either ferries, planes, tour buses, water taxis, coaches and maxi taxis will be used. But
you see, knowing about every last one of T&T’s various transportations or having travelled aboard
all of them millions of times could never epitomize to the core of fun. After all, whether or not you
ort- are indigenous to T&T or you are a happy camper visiting Trinidad and Tobago for the very first
nt time, you’ll still be on a vacation. And the word vacation usually means lighten up, throw all your
baggage out the window (not the real ones, though), just forget about everything strenuous and allow
rts yourself to fall topsy-turvy into a bizarre frolic. So here’s the deal: You don’t need to wait until you
arrive at your vacation spot before freeing up, so to speak. Once you decide how you’re going to get
ay there, the only thing left to do is to start having fun while on-board the respective transport vessel?
Here’s how:
Maxi taxis: Arguably the most popular way to travel throughout Trinidad, maxis are quite often
esort- the first choice for vacationers in a huge bunch. They’re efficient, speedy, can take you to almost any
hot-spot within Trinidad and Tobago, and all you need to do to hire one of them is wave your hand as
er they swiftly approach and you can chat with the driver to make an appointment on the spot. But the
d, real question is: are maxis fun? You bet they are! Chances are that if you hire a maxi taxi to drive you
around, opportunities for having a good time can infinitely be what you make of it.
Whether it’s telling jokes, conversing idly, listening to music via the maxi taxi’s uproarious speakers,
- stopping off for tasty doubles, a dozen Kiss cakes, two bake and shark, a cold beer or a can of
Fruta, the inconsistent nature that anything can happen at any time makes the whole Trini maxi taxi
and experience one-of-a-kind. One important note though, if you intend to hire a maxi driver to become
your chauffeur for the entire day, then be prepared to pay for the quality experience. On average,

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 29 8/11/2010 7:27:19 Am

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 30 8/11/2010 7:27:21 Am
O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1
if a driver has to take a group of 24 people from Port-of-Spain to Toco then a price around $1500
currently seems to be the norm. No biggie, if everyone chips in $62.50 then the cost will quickly seem
much less daunting.

Tour Buses: The Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC), in addition to their standard bus
services, offers tours to some of Trinidad’s most popular attractions. A.K.A. Know Your Country
Tours. Passengers are taken to various destinations on the selected itinerary and depart from both
City Gate in Port-of-Spain and the PTSC terminus in San Fernando (though you can catch up with a
bus within the capital). These tour buses range from $40-$80 per person and are able to take you to
sightseeing places like Blanchisseuse, Maracas Beach, Mayaro, The Asa Wright Centre, and to many
other areas that are quite interesting but too annoying to spell. Like maxi taxis, tour buses may be
more suitable for a gang of family and friends to utilise as
a means of getting to a vacation location; however, keep in
mind tour buses won’t provide you with food whatsoever,
therefore it will be in your best interest to cook a lil sometin’
like curry rice, mayo salad and Massala duck to accompany
you. Just don’t forget the Pepto Bismol.

The routes of tour buses may be somewhat linear in

comparison to maxi taxis, but the ride makes up for it by
being more relaxed and cosy as you are tamely driven around
the country. Probably not the best transport selection for a
group of party-goers, but it’s perfect for those who greatly
appreciate culture and history. For the very least, with all
the comfort and sightseeing riding a tour bus brings to you,
you just might obtain a pre-vacation experience before the real one legitimately starts. Call (868) 624-
9839 should you need to find out more about the tour buses.

Coaches: These rides are perfect for two types of people. Those who enjoy travelling on an
aeroplane and those who have never travelled in one. Why? Out of character here—because they’re
awesome! Where else in T&T can you get a long distance ride for $10 that’s fully air-conditioned,
equipped with aircraft type seats, built in DVD players and A.M/F.M radios? While San Fernando
to Port-of-Spain (via Victoria Village) and San Fernando to Port-of-Spain (via Mon Repos) are
the only main routes, coaches are probably the most luxurious means of public ground transport
available in the country at the moment. The only qualm is that there aren’t more of them around.
Regardless, if you plan to have your vacation some place
close to Port-of-Spain or San Fernando you really ought
to give one of these buses a shot. N.B: The first Coach
Stop Northbound for both routes during the morning peak
period (5:00a.m. to 9:00 a.m.) will be the Eric Williams
Medical Science Complex at Mt. Hope, while the first Stop
Southbound for both routes during the evening peak period
(2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.) will be the Gasparillo Flyover.


for custom made living room sets. Re-upholstering at reasonable prices.
Cushion sacks made to order. 38 years experience 678-0832

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Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 32 8/11/2010 7:27:22 Am
O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1
Water Taxis: Though water taxis have only been recently introduced, they provide an
alternative mode of transportation that is convenient and comfortable to many. Its primary service
runs between San Fernando and Port of Spain at the following two locations:
* Port-of-Spain: Wrightson Road, Port-of-Spain (next to the Breakfast Shed)
* San Fernando: Flat Rock, Lady Hailes Avenue
Tickets can be purchased for $15 at both terminals up to the same day of travel.

Being aboard a water taxi is similar to travelling

on the Inter Island Ferry. And though the water
taxi isn’t quite the mother of all ships, it does
hold its advantages over all modes of ground
transportation. Picture all the exhilaration you
can experience while comfortably sitting in
your water taxi, envisioning all your friends
being stuck in traffic as the water taxi speeds
you to your destination in 45 minutes flat; you
laugh out loud. Main drawbacks, however,
are that the ride can seem too short, and
that you would most likely need additional
transportation to take you to your final vacation
spot once you hop off at one of the limited taxi stops; minor disturbances, nevertheless.

Inter Island Ferries: Ferries

operate solely to take passengers from Trinidad and Tobago and are probably the closest thing,
interior wise, to travelling on an aeroplane. You usually need to purchase tickets from an
authorised retailer or travel agency in order to book your spot, and fortunately there are many
of them in all corners of Trinidad and Tobago. In Trinidad, ferries arrive and depart from the
Government Shipping Passenger Service opposite
the Twin Towers on Wrightson Road in Port-of-
Spain. In Tobago, however, the terminus is in
Scarborough. Tickets usually cost anywhere from
$50 to $100 for a one-way trip depending on the
ferry you choose to board. Schedules change
frequently so it is advised that you check the
Port Authority’s website,, which
lists sailings for the current month and the month
ahead. There are several places where you can
buy tickets. Call (868) 625-4906 for Trinidad
schedules or (868) 639-2416 for Tobago’s in the
event that you are interested.

Now for the fun part: While travelling on the ferry there is ample room to have many times
the fun you can ever experience on an aeroplane. There are buffets above the vessel that are
loaded with Caribbean cuisine, different types of seats to sit on depending on the mood you’re

Kenny Boodoosingh Tennis Academy

(St Augustine club) 2 McCarthy Street, St Augustine
Offers professional tennis for beginners, intermediate, advanced and tournament
players. Contact Kenny 784-4976, Pro shop 662-2260, home 662-7331. We also
have quality tennis equipment on sale.

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 33 8/11/2010 7:27:23 Am

34 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2010 VOL 1

in (couches included), you can play a couple games of All Fours with your friends—hang some
Jack—if you like, and if you happen to be on-board the ferry all by yourself, you can always sit
back and read a book, stir up conversation with someone interesting on the ship, watch television
or listen to music via your personal mp3 player as the boat tranquilly drifts over cool waters for
the subsequent two hours and a half. Add all of the above to the reality that you will also have
storage to store a few of your travelling bags, in addition to feeling comfortable throughout the air-
conditioned ride (minus possible seasickness of course—walk with Gravol tablets and take them at
least 30 minutes before sailing), and you’ll certainly have a travelling experience that’s quite hard
to compete with.

Airbridge: What more can be said about an aeroplane? Even if you’ve never travelled in one,
you’ve most likely seen the interior of a plane on television. Air bridge tickets can be purchased
online and through travel agents, etc. Alternatively, visitors can continue to arrange airbridge
flights via websites that provide services such as airport transfers, accommodation reservations,
tours and car rental brokerage service. Airbridge flights are on a single-class Bombardier Dash
8 aircraft, and flight duration is roughly 25 minutes. Visitors are advised to allow a minimum
connecting time of 20 minutes for domestic flights. Tickets cost TT$300 (US$50) per person,
return trip. Children between ages 2 and 11 enjoy a 33% discount, $200 (US $50), while infants
pay only $30 (US$5) for a return trip.

Travelling via plane between Trinidad and Tobago can be quite efficient. However, consider this:
you’re going on a vacation and 15-25 minutes of airtime is all you get? C’mon! Where’s the
fun in that? Surely you’ll arrive ten times faster than if you take the Inter Ferry, but you really
can’t expect to have any sort of grand entertainment experience on a 15 minute flight, except if
you happen to be travelling on an empty stomach; in this case, listening to the rumbling of your
stomach could end up being yours and everyone’s biggest amusement. Also, if you’re prone to
motion sickness or are downright scared of travelling by air, you might need to walk with your
doggie bag.

In a nutshell, taking a plane ride from Trinidad to Tobago or vice-versa can be the most
exhilarating experience for a child or if you, the adult, are travelling solo and are not keen on
planning a vacation with all the thrills and frills. But a plane is always guaranteed to get you where
you want to go in the shortest possible time.

Ultimately, deciding how you’re going to get to your final vacation spot is going to come down to

where you plan to stay, how long you plan to stay there, how much you’re willing to spend, and a
lot is going to depend on your personal style, the mood you’re in, and what tolerance you have for
the advantages and disadvantages of each mode of transportation. Whatever way you choose...

Have a happy trip!

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 34 8/11/2010 7:27:24 Am

O M N I T R A V E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 135

Everyone needs a vacation. Wrong! The truth is that everyone

wants a vacation. While there’s nothing wrong with wanting
to relax and endure something fun, if for no other reason,
because you feel like it, those who are desperately in need
of going on a vacation often find themselves putting up with
some very intense signs. It’s easy to ignore these signs and
coerce yourself into accepting that you’re simply going to get over it then everything will soon be all right, but
when things in your life get to the point that you start contemplating whether or not you should scream or bite
people, you really ought to evaluate your decision. Fast! But it doesn’t ever need to come to this. If you ever find
yourself in the latter position, before making a discreet trip to a psychiatrist it might do you good to take The
Vacation Challenge. A simple test. Ten questions. All multiple choice. No right or wrong answers. Just a private
therapy session between this magazine and yourself. It certainly won’t be a final judgement, but it could very well
give you a slight indication as to how far off your name is from being imprinted on the psycho list. Ready?

1. How many hours do you spend doing any sort of work each week?
○ a. 40 or less
○ b. 41-60
○ c. 61-80
○ d. Bordering 100 (A.K.A. Need help!)

2. How many hours do you spend pursuing or studying tertiary/secondary education per
○ a. 40 or less
○ b. 41-60
○ c. 61-80
○ d. Bordering 100 (You better win a scholarship or else!)

3. Do you work and go to school at the same time?

○ a. Yep/Nope.
○ b. Yeah, it’s tough, but I’m managing.
○ c. For heaven’s sake, no! My life is enough headache as it is.
○ d. Can I call you back next year? I haven’t slept in five days (Your family is secretly
arranging your room in a psyche ward as you speak)

4. If you were to count the number of times you smile each week. What would the number
most likely be?
○ a. Ha ha ha. I can’t count that. Hee hee! It’s too much.
○ b. I smile, but only in response to something nice or funny.
○ c. Can I count the upside down ones?
○ d. Big boys don’t smile! (Hugs are cheap these days. Then of course you have the second
option of being beaten with a baton to put the smile back on your face)

5. Relationship status and/or Family life?

○ a. It’s all good/ No complaints in any departments.
○ b. Eh. What family doesn’t have its challenges?
○ c. I wonder how much you can get for a child or husband these days?
○ d. Honey, can you do me a favour? ... No! I hate you! (Dr Phil starts at 6)

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 35 8/11/2010 7:27:27 Am

36 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

6. On one of your good days, whenever you come face-to-face with something you don’t like,
○ a. Simply smile and ignore the element.
○ b. Frown sarcastically, but don’t let it get to you.
○ c. Snort like a pig.
○ d. Say, “Ah doh like yuh! Yuh old dog! Yuh so ugly yuh face could break glass!” (There
are others like you ... hopefully not in heaven or left on earth)

7. When was the last time you had a fun experience that you remember as though it were
○ a. Err, yesterday.
○ b. What month was that again?
○ c. Does 1980 count?
○ d. Fun? What’s that? (Happy hour is at 10. No charge for ladies)

8. Besides working and school related activities, how often do you get out the house?
○ a. Once per week
○ b. Once per month
○ c. Once every six months
○ d. Mind your business! (Does your Grandma scowl at this?)

9. Which of the following appeals most to you at this very moment?

○ a. Roses, water, cotton balls.
○ b. The sun, the moon, the stars.
○ c. Knives, 9mm, Chinese Chopper.
○ d. Atomic Bomb, Explosion, Mutilation (Your name will be first to call if world war 3

10. When you hear the word vacation the first thing you think of is...
○ a. Family, fun and friends.
○ b. A chance to speak with no one but nature and yourself.
○ c. It’s a waste of time; it’ll all be over too soon.
○ d. Vacation is for slackers! Life is all about hard work! (Good luck dying alone)

A= 1point, B=2 points, C=3 points, D=4 points

*If you score a rare and perfect 10 it means that your life is too nice and perfect
and a number of people might snarl at you. No matter what you do or where you
go, you’ll have a knack for turning any moment into a vacation.
*If you score between 11 and 15 points you are in no need of a vacation. You make
life seem easy.
*If you score between 16 and 25 points you probably don’t need a vacation, but it
could be a simple matter of the last straw breaking the camel’s back.
*If you score between 26 and 35 points you are in desperate need of a vacation.
Stress is mounting upon you like whip cream on a sideways banana.
*If you score between 36 and 40 points you are on the brink of insanity. If you
don’t take a vacation tomorrow, your health and everyone else’s could be in dire
jeopardy. Your brain is likely to short circuit soon, and you are probably already
thinking about walking around town, grumbling and doing horrible things with
your middle finger.

Hope you had a good laugh : )

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 36 8/11/2010 7:27:28 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 37

Eat, man. Eat!

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 37 8/11/2010 7:27:34 Am

38 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

COMPUTERS FROM $3400, Fully loaded, Affordable prices,

Repairs & upgrades. NO INTEREST PAYMENT PLAN

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 38 8/11/2010 7:27:37 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 39

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 39 8/11/2010 7:27:48 Am

40 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

A La Bastille- Ariapita Avenue & De Trincity, 640-5464. The Falls West 7888
Verteuil Street, Woodbrook 622-1789 Mall Westmoorings 632-2378 Chaguaramas Hotel & Convention
A Pang Restaurant- Royal Palm Blue Moon Tavern- Long Circular Centre- Western Main Road,
Plaza, Maraval, 622-7212 Mall, St. James 628-8379 Chaguaramas 634-2379
A N K Enterprise- High Street Bois Cano- 16-18 Cotton Hill, St. Chan Wai Kui- 14 Queen Street
Princes Town 655-3447 Clair 622-5765 Arima 667-7601. 17 Queen Street
Alaska Dairies- 73 Ariapita Avenue, Botticelli’s- Grand Bazzar, Valsayn Arima 667-2387
Woodbrook 622-8811 663-8733, 663-8733 Chelsea’s Seafood Rib & Steak
Al-Saharey- West Mall Bougainvillea Restaurant & Catering- House- Valpark Shopping Plaza,
Westmoorings 633-3852 85 Rivulet Rd, Point Lisas 636- Valsayn 645-8800, 663-8800
Ali’s Doubles on the Hill- 36 Vista 4837/8310 Cheryl’s Cuisine- 123 Edward Street
Road, San Fernando 653-9329 Boulevard Chinese B B Q- 85A P.O.S. 627-6213
Ali’s Hot Doubles- 13 Harris Street, Cipriani Boulevard, P.O.S. 625-0410 Chip N Dip- 29 Frederick Street,
San Fernando 652-6875 Breakfast Shed- Wrightson Rd, P.O.S. P.O.S. 623-9464
Amanda’s Grill- 3 Frederick Street, 624-3404 China’s Garden Restaurant &
P.O.S., 627-0135 Buccaneer’s Cove Restaurant Bar- Lounge- Railway Rd, Siparia 649-
Royal Palm Hotel, Maraval 628-5087 2495
Ambrosia Restaurant & Lounge-
Pierreville 630-2725 Buffet King Restaurant- Centre Point China Palace- Ellerslie Plaza,
Mall, Chaguanas 671-8795, 672-9483 Maraval 622-5866
Amin’s Restaurant & Roti Shop- 10
Gooding Village, San Fernando 652- C J’s Restaurant & Bar- 11 Royal Rd, China Town Foods- Alyce Glen
5108 San Fernando 652-5006 Shopping Centre, Petit Valley 633-
243 Southern Main Rd, Marabella 3000. 42 Indpendence Square, P.O.S.
Caesar’s Restaurant- 35-37
658-1691 625-7329
Independence Square, P.O.S. 627-
Angelo’s Restaurant- 38 Aripita 5 0 9 5 Chinese Grill Up- 188 Southern
Avenue, Woodbrook 628-5551 Main Road, Marabella 658-5326
Cafe Caribbean-Valpark Shopping
Apsara Restaurant-13 Queen’s Park Chinese Lantern- Western Main Rd,
East, P.O.S. 623-7659 Westmoorings 637-1627
Aquarium Restaurant & Pub- 37 Chinese Wok- 181 Eastern Main Rd,
Naparima Mayaro Rd, San Fernando Tunapuna 662-296. Trincity Mall
652-4176 Trincity640-3542.
Atherly’s By The Park-104 Gooding Chow’s Chinese Restaurant13
Village, San Fernando, 652-0873 Southern Main Road, Curepe 645-
Azanna’s Halal Cuisine- 4 Eastern Centre, Valsayn North 663-9958
Main Rd, Curepe 663-2485 Chutney Rose, The Indian
Martime Centre, Barataria 675-4917
Restaurant- Fitt Street & Aripita
Baltarzzar Restaurant & Bar- Edgar Atlantic Plaza, Point Lisas 679-7104
Avenue 628-8541
Street & Southern Main Rd, Couva, Cafe Noir- Upper Floor, Mucurapo
636-1294 City Grill- 3-5 Frederick Street,
Plaza 31 Mucurapo Rd, St. James
P.O.S. 627-8129
Barbecue Wok- Shoppes of Maraval, 622-4227
Maraval, 628-0088 Columbo Restaurant & Club- 20
Calabash Creole Restaurant- 47
Gransaul St., San Fernando 657-5353
Batimamzelle Restaurant- 44 Henry Street, P.O.S. 624-9097
Coblentz Avenue, Cascade 621-0591 Copper Kettle Hotel & Restaurant-
Callaloo Cafe & Restaurant - Henry
66-68 Edward Street, P.O.S. 623-
Beefeater- West Mall, Westmooring St., P.O.S. 627-4072
637-1082 Candy Centre & Café- 40 High
Long Circular Mall, St. James 628-8938 Cottage Restaurant & Bar44 Main
Street, Princes Town 655-3573 Rd, Point Fortin 648-3329
Trincity Mall, Trincity 640-8839
Canton City- Diego Martin Main Rd, Creative Cookin St. Mary’s Junction,
Bee’s Grill House- 16 Pro Queen Diego Martin 633-6435
Street, Arima 667-7691 Freeport 673-6235
Canton Palace Restaurant & Lounge- Creole Cuisine- Frederick Street,
Bell Pepper Cuisine- Atlantic Plaza, Cross Crossing Shopping Centre,
Couva 679-7513 P.O.S. 625-6232
San Fernando 652-5993, 657-3925
Blimpie Sub & Salad Restaurant- Creole Kitchen- 22 Boissie Village
Cantonese Wok- 23 Eastern Main No.1 Maraval, P.O.S. 628-8627
Main Road, Chaguanas 672-2378. Road, Sangre Grande 668-3115
50-50A Maraval Road, Newtown, D Bocas Restaurant- 15 Chacon
P.O.S. 627-2378. Eastern Main Rd, Carmen’s Cuisine- 40 Charlotte Street, P.OS, 627-3474
St. Augustine 663-5464. UWI St. Street, P.O.S. 624-0781
D Coal Pot- 131 Eastern Main Rd,
Augustine Campus, St. Augustine Cathay Town Restaurant- 219 Arouca 642-3403
663-2378. Trincity Mall City Pulse, Papouri Rd, Diamond Village 653-
D Grill Restaurant & Bar- 13

Omni Travel mag 2010.indd 40 8/11/2010 7:27:50 Am

O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 41

Wickham St., Point Fortin 648-1257 Harvey’s Restaurant- 240 Eastern 671-9754
D’Eattery- 49 Main Road Point Main Rd, Barataria 638-7882 Mangoes Restaurant & Cocktail
Fortin 648-3663 Home Style Curry Cuisine- 85 Lounge- 64 Independence Square,
Dani’s Chinese Fast Food- KKK Western Main Rd, St. James 628- P.O.S. 62-MANGO (626-2646)
Plaza Couva 636-9649 6539 Melange Restaurant- Corner Ariapita
Dee Balo’s Roti Shop- 76 Charlotte Homestyle Delight- 57 Mucurapo Avenue & Cornelio Street,
Street P.O.S. 624-7684. 13 Huggins Street, San Fernando 653-0779 Woodbrook 628-8687
St., P.O.S.623-2256. 12 Saddle Rd Honey Grille Restaurant and Bar- Nature’s Own-West Mall,
San Juan 638-7684 French Street (opposite the Westmooring 637-8161. Long
Dopson’s Roti Shop- Marli Street Woodbrook Secondary School) Circular Road St. James 628-6902
(between Maraval Road & Picton Woodbrook New Shay Shay Tien Restaurant- 81
Street) Newtown Hong Kong City Restaurant Cipriani Boulevard P.O.S. 627-8089
Driftwood Restaurant & Pub- 38 Tragarete & Maraval Roads, P.O.S. Nu Horizon Chinese Take-Away-
London St., St Joseph Village San 622-3949, 622-3939 Church Street, Chagunas 671-3193
Fernando 652-9463 Horace’s Garden Restaurant- 6-8 Nu Wok Restaurant- Eastern Main
Eagle’s Chinese Restaurant & Bar- Farah St., San Fernando 657-8331 Rd, Sangre Grande 668-6284
44 Elanor St., Chaguanas 665-6825, IL Colosseo- 47 Ariapita Avenue, Paprika Restaurant & Bar- 201
665-1948. Park Street, P.O.S., 625- Woodbrook 623-3654, 623-0731 Western Main Rd, Cocorite
8220 Imperial Garden- Highland Plaza Patraj Roti Shop- Black Chain Street,
Voyager Mall, P.O.S. 627-2131 Glencoe. 633-6430. Grand Bazaar, El Socorro 638-2479. Tragarete
Eat IT for Grilled Foods- 2 Scotts Valsayn 662-6971 Road, St. James 622-6219
Street, San Fernando 653-2848 Indigo- West Mall, Westmoorings Rib House- 60 Western Main Road,
Ellersie Plaza, Maraval 622-8080 632-0451 St. James, 628-5716 98. Eastern
El Pecos- 68 Ariapita Ave, Irie Bites- 68 Ariapita Avenue, Main Road, Tunapuna, 663-5929.
Woodbrook 628-9908 Woodbrook 622-7364 Diamond Vale Shopping Plaza,
Fai’s Chinese Restaurant_ 94 Eastern Islands Restaurant & Roti Shop- Diego Martin, 632-5591 Araipita
Main Road, Tunapuna 645-6868, Tardieu Marine Compound-Western Avenue & De Verteuil Street,
645-6672 Woodbrook, 628-6861 . 1 Fitt Street,
Festak African Restaurant & Lounge- Woodbrook 625-3869
106 Frederick St., P.O.S. 623-4101 Soong’s Great Wall Restaurant &
Full Inn Chinese Restaurant- Lounge- 97 Circular Road, San
Southern Main Rd, Claxton Bay 659- Fernando 652-2583, 653-3834
4166 Sweet Lime Restaurant- 19-23 corner
Main Rd, Chaguaramas 622-3949 French St., & Ariapita Av,
Gil’s Chinese Restaurant- Gasparillo
Junction Gasparillo 658-4457 Jenny’s On The Boulevard- 6 Woodbrook 624-9983. South Trunk
Cipriani Boulevard, P.O.S. 625-1807 Road, La Romaine 653-9985
Giovanni’s Ristorante Italiano- 10
Macoya Road, Tunapuna 645-0216 Joe’s Pizza- Starlite Shopping Plaza, Taiyuan- 13 Naparima Mayaro Road,
Diego Martin 633-0941. Western San Fernando 652-1607
Golden Palace Chinese Restaurant &
Main Road, St. James 628-3431. Tambu Bambu Restaurant- 78 High
Lounge- 212 Southern Main Rd,
Shoppes of Maraval, Maraval 628- Street Street, San Fernando, 657-
Marabella 658-6557
7402. Chaguaramas 634-2332 2435
Golden Stars Restaurant & Lounge-
Kam-Po Chinese Restaurant & Tamnak Thai Restaurant- 13 Queens
Western Main Road & Naipaul
Lounge- 53 Ramsaran Park, Park East, Port of Spain, 625-0647
Street, St. James 622-6026
Chaguanas 665-4558, 671-3705
Golden Terrace Restaurant & Valpark Chinese Restaurant- Valpark
Kam-Wah Chinese Restaurant- 74-76 Shopping Plaza, Valsayn 662-4540,
Lounge- 83 Cipero Street, San
Maraval Road, Maraval 628-8888, 622-5474
Fernando 657-7415
Gourmet Creole Restaurant- 47 Veni Mange Restaurant- 67 Araipita
Karamath’s Roti Shop- 157 Coffee Avenue, Woodbrook 624-4597
Western Main Rd, St. James 628-
Street, San Fernando 653-3142
1027 We Foods Roti Shop- 1 Gordon
Kenny Wongs Chinese Restaurant- Street, P.O.S. 623-5541. Duke & St.
Grill-X Restaurant- 96 Frederick St.,
18 Eastern Main Rd, Tunapuna 645- Vincent Streets, P.O.S. 623-5540
P.O.S. 628-1720
Grillers- 45 Independence Square, Wheelhouse Pub- Western Main
Kolumbo Restaurant- 36 Sutton Road, Chaguaramas 634-2339
P.O.S. 624-0652. 31-31A Mucurapo
Street, San Fernando 653-7684
Rd, St. James 628-1027
Kurry Korner- Excellent City Centre
Happy City Chinese Restaurant- 31
Food Court, Port of Spain 627-8410
High St., Princes Town 655-0605
Lolita’s- Ramsaran Street, Chaguanas

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42 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

Trinidad and Tobago Welcomes you all

We welcome all visitors to our lovely shores, particularly those teams that are
participating in the FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup. It is our privilege to host
such a tournament and despite the intensity of competition, that you also experience
our warmth and friendliness , we love you all.


5-Sep Hasely Crawford Stadium 18:00 1 TnT vs Chile

5-Sep Hasely Crawford Stadium 15:00 2 Nigeria vs Korea DPR
5-Sep Dwight Yorke Stadium 16:00 3 UEFA 3 vs Mexico
5-Sep Dwight Yorke Stadium 19:00 4 South Africa vs Korea Republic
6-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 19:00 5 New Zealand vs Venezuela
6-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 16:00 6 UEFA 1 vs Japan
6-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 16:00 7 UEFA 2 vs Brazil
6-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 19:00 8 Canada vs Ghana
7-Sep Rest Day
8-Sep Mannie Ramjohn 19:00 9 Tnt vs Nigeria
8-Sep Mannie Ramjohn 16:00 10 Korea DPR vs Chile
8-Sep Dwight Yorke Stadium 16:00 11 UEFA 3 vs South Africa
8-Sep Dwight Yorke Stadium 19:00 12 Korea Republic vs Mexico
9-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 16:00 13 New Zealand vs UEFA 1
9-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 19:00 14 Japan vs Venezuela
9-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 16:00 15 UEFA 2 vs Canada
9-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 19:00 16 Ghana vs Brazil
10-Sep Rest Day
11-Sep Rest Day
12-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 18:00 17 Korea DPR vs TnT
12-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 15:00 20 Mexico vs South Africa
12-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 18:00 18 Chile vs Nigeria
12-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 19:00 19 Korea Republic vs UEFA 3
13-Sep Mannie Ramjohn 16:00 22 Venezuela vs UEFA 1
13-Sep Mannie Ramjohn 19:00 24 Brazil vs Canada
13-Sep Dwight Yorke Stadium 16:00 21 Japan vs New Zealand
13-Sep Dwight Yorke Stadium 19:00 23 Ghana vs UEFA 2
14-Sep Rest Day
15-Sep Rest Day
16-Sep Mannie Ramjohn 16:00 25 1st A vs 2nd B
16-Sep Mannie Ramjohn 19:00 26 1st B vs 2nd A
17-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 16:00 27 1st C vs 2nd D
17-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 19:00 28 1st D vs 2nd C
18-Sep Rest Day
19-Sep Rest Day
20-Sep Rest Day
21-Sep Ato Boldon Stadium 19:00 30 W26 vs W28
21-Sep Larry Gomes Stadium 16:00 29 W25 vs W27
22-Sep Rest Day
23-Sep Rest Day
24-Sep Rest Day
25-Sep Hasely Crawford Stadium 15:00 31 L29 vs L30
25-Sep Hasely Crawford Stadium 18:00 32 W29 vs W30

Group A Group B Group C Group D

Trinidad and Tobago (TRI) UEFA 3 New Zealand (NZL) UEFA 2
Nigeria NGA) Mexico (MEX) Venezuela (VEN) Brazil (BRA)
Chile (CHI) South Africa (RSA) UEFA 1 Canada (CAN)
Korea DPR (PRK) Korea Republic (KOR) Japan (JPN) Ghana (GHA)

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 43

FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup FAQs

Where can I purchase tickets for the FIFA U-17
Women’s World Cup 2010 Trinidad & Tobago? Is it possible to apply for tickets online without a
Tickets can be purchased online via or credit card?
by calling 1-800-FANS No, all online purchases must be accompanied by
credit card information for payment.
Which teams are competing?
A total of sixteen teams will be participating inclusive Can I use a relative’s or friend’s credit card to pay
of the host country Trinidad and Tobago, eleven teams for my tickets?
have qualified thus far. The final round of group No, the person purchasing tickets must also be the
qualifications (UEFA) ends on June 26, 2010. Please cardholder
follow the link for a list of teams that have qualified
When will I be charged?
so far:
Payment is deducted from the credit card as soon as the
transaction is processed.
What is the match schedule? How and when will I know if my ticket purchase
Please follow the link below to view the official was successful?
Match Schedule: Shortly after the completion of your online purchase
tournament/competition/01/11/81/20/fu17wwc2010_ you will receive a confirmation email. For telephone
matchschedule_05062010.pdf orders, you will be given a confirmation number by
our ticketing agents upon completion of placing your
What categories of tickets are available and what order.
are the prices of each category?
What information do I have to provide along with
Ticket categories and prices are as follows:
my purchase?
Opening & Closing games -
You will need to provide your full name, date of birth,
Category 1 (covered stands) - $60.00TT
nationality, National Identification card number/
Category 2 (uncovered stands) - $40.00TT
passport number (whichever you will walk with as
Group games
your form of identification for collection of tickets)
Category 1 (covered stands) - $40.00TT
and a printout of your purchase confirmation.
Category 2 (uncovered stands) - $20.00TT
How and when will I get my tickets?
Is there an age restriction for entry of children?
Tickets will be distributed at the Dr. João Havelange
Can my child sit on my lap?
Centre of Excellence, Macoya, Trinidad on the
There is no age restriction for entry of children.
following dates:
Children above the age of two must have their own
Phase 1 – Saturday June 26, 2010
ticket and seat in the Stadium.
Phase 2 – Saturday July 31, 2010
Phase 3 –Saturday August 28, 2010
Is there any reduced ticket price for my child?
No, ticket prices apply to both adults and children.
What if my ticket is lost, destroyed or stolen?
When can I purchase tickets? Please make every effort to keep all tickets safe. If
Tickets go on sale from June 1st, 2010 and continues your ticket has been stolen or lost please contact our
throughout the duration of the tournament Ticketing Office at 1-800-fans.

Is there a limitation on the maximum ticket one Can I choose where I sit?
person can purchase? No, any person can purchase Once you are in the area of the stadium that corresponds
any number of tickets with your ticket category, you can sit in any seat within
that area.
What methods of payment are accepted?
VISA is the preferred method of payment. I am a visitor to Trinidad for the tournament
and I have purchased tickets, how do I get
What currency will be used for my ticket accommodation?
purchase? Please follow the link below for options on
Tickets are priced in Trinidad and Tobago dollars accommodation within Trinidad and Tobago http://
however US currency is acceptable at an exchange rate
of 6TTD = 1USD hotels-resorts/

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44 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

heavy equipment Health Care Services HAIR DRESSING SERVICES

For affordable renting of pains- shoulders, back, legs, feet, Studio. Specializing in
backhoes. Call 754-4385 sleeplessness, sciatica. You don’t have relaxers, curls, braids weaves,
to live in pain 759-1597, 627-4750. etc. Economical prices. Call
TUITION Natalie for appointment 747-4175.
CXC MATHEMATICS English Flowers and Plants
A, Science, Personal attention, All landscaping plants available
small classes, $200 per month, at $3 and up. Durantas, Ixoras, Red
Arima, Arouca, Curepe 712-6314 Marble, Pink Ground Covers, Yellow
Learn to play the PIANO Ground Covers, Hemagraphics,
and STEELPAN with Bria Snowcreepers and lots more. Different
Music Associates in San outdoor plants to choose from. We also ALLESIA NICHOLAS
Fernando. Get Certification. have indoor plants. Wholesale or retail The Nubian Stylist.
325-0541, 373-6447, 478-0344. purchases. Landscapers, Plant Shops, call, Specializes In: Loc’s Maintenance,
email or visit us, 730-1455, 382-9391 or
Extension, Creations, Repairs,
Animals Braids. Unbraiding, Twist, Corn
Rows etc. 718-7668/ 335-9209
Business Opportunity
Would you like to become your own health & beauty
boss? Would you like to work on your
HAIR & NAILS is you for
own time and make as much money
all your beautiful occasions.
as you want? Then AVON is the
Satisfaction guaranteed!! Contact
business for you. Just for $100 you can
Onika Balbosa 717-0786
become an AVON representative. For
further details 730-1455, 382-9391,
Registered Rottweiler email: Lopez Unisex Beauty
Spa your on stop for a totally
Stud Service and pups available
new you. Offering nail and hair
from Zeus of Mount Olympus Computer Sales & Services
services, acrylic, airbrush, ice nails,
or Hans Titan of Olympia. Also pedicures, braids, locs, twist and
Pro-Plan and Purina pet food COMPUTERS FROM $3400, more also massages. Petit Bourg
at the best prices. 774-7531 Fully loaded, Affordable prices, 733-6295, 751-0104, 322-4794 Tue-
NO INTEREST, PAYMENT PLAN, Thur 10am-5pm, Fri-Sat 10am till
Miscellaneous Repairs & upgrades INTERACTIVE
TRADERS 620-8389
$490, 4x6 $740, French doors: 36x8 Auto electrical ZACKIE’S AUTO GARAGE
$1030, Solid Sheet door: 36x80 for excellent autobody straightening,
$1200, R.H.S: 4x4 $380, 4x6 $580. ACW Auto Electrical painting services. We specialise
Contact: 662-8933, 397-4723. Services for conversion wiring, in crash car repairs, mig welding,
alarm, installation etc. LP#93B chasis repairs for vans and
Upholstery Services Saddle Rd, Lower Santa Cruz. Call cars. One year guarantee on
779-3812, 330-5660 & 322-0711. painting. 765-2573, 295-1832
made living room sets. Re-
upholstering at reasonable prices.
Cushion sacks made to order.
38 years experience 678-0832

Business Services
Professional Typing
Services offered. Resumes,
School projects etc. Prompt
and efficient. Call 730-7040

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 45

Taking care of your Hair on vacation

You’re going on vacation, and there are only three days left. Amidst planning everything else, it’s only now
that you realise that you forgot to plan for your hair.
So what are your options? Having a superb hairdresser
is key, but you better be sure that your stylist is very
reliable because you will have to make arrangements
to visit them either before or on your return from va-
cation. You do not want all your pleasant memories
of your
vacation to evaporate as a result of one unpleasant
time at the hairdresser.

Nonetheless, it seems that nowadays the preferred op-

tion is to braid your hair. Of course braiding would not
apply to everyone, particularly as it depends on factors
such as the texture of your hair, your personality, job
status, and whether or not your hair is long or short.

It is suggested that you consult with a professional

dresser for a more comprehensive evaluation of what
your options entail. But note that this should not be a casual discussion, but one of substance, as there are many
issues that need to be covered before, while on, and after vacation. The time spent at a good hairdresser will
be well worth the sacrifice.
Listed on the previous page are some hairdressers that you can call and consult with for advice. Questions and
Bldg Construction House Plan Services
To advertise
in this magazine
Call 640-6802


management services in construction,
architectural designs: residential and
Offers first class installation of
commercial buildings. Consultation
sliding windows, showcases,
services available. 475-9341 email:
awnings, doors, suspend
ceilings, commercial shop
fronts, steel windows, mirrors, Anthony P.J Lewis Designs &
and aquariums. See us first for Construction
best quality and prices. Visit #1 House Plan Designs. Are you an Ceiling Installation
#5 Eastern Main Road, Five owner of a property? Have a plan in
Rivers, Arouca, call 642-1715 mind but unsure how it would look/ MOHAN’S ROOFING
We do Affordable fit? Plans prepared for town and SERVICES. We install all
House Construction, Extensions, country approval. Anthony 304-4051. profiles of sheetings, gutters,
Roofs, Retaining walls, tiling, soffits. Call today for your fee
Fences. Get Estimates. Call Land For Sale estimate 756-3539, 673-0953.
Mr. Mack at 750-3727.
Winston Williams Call us first
Construction. Foundation Stunning Texas land from Quality installation and maintenance
to Fixture. Renovations, approximately 5,000 sq.ft. free of steel roof, gypsum, PVC ceilings,
Plan, Drawings etc 675- access to marina, country club, pool, laminate flooring. Also welding,
1085, 726-2990, 366-1949. tennis court & golf course 370-4399 fabricating 322-5854, 293-8890

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46 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

Health and Safety Tips

Zwwwwwwwzzzz … Zwwz Zwwz …. Zwwwwwwwzz … Z … Zwwwwwwwzzz ...…
Zwwwwwwwwwwwwzzzz! “Oh gosh! Lee meh alone, nah! Ahhhh!” Ok, then (sarcastic tone).
Another one bites de dust.

If you’re familiar with the infamous Zwwwzzing

sound you certainly know what a mosquito is; it’s
clearly in the running for being the world’s most
annoying pest. Now picture one of the little gremlins
putting a big bite on your “neneng,” causing you to
madly smack yourself across the face; and on top of
this you’re left to wonder how long it will be before
you contract dengue fever. Makes you mad, doesn’t
it? Now think of what would happen when you go
out in public to enjoy your vacation, only to have to
spar with a seemingly invisible mosquito; not a pretty
sight to those unaware that a microscopic creature is
literally trying to suck the life out of you. Had you
walked with some kind of insect repellent, this never
would have happened. Zwwzz! Zwwzz! “Ah go kill
yuh lil tail!” No need to swear; just prepare.

Before going on any vacation, just like you’re required to prepare for everything else, there are steps
you need to take—before, during and after your vacation—to ensure your safety and congeal your
maximum health.

What to do before your vacation: Depending on how long you’ll be going on vacation, carrying
some form of insecticide is a must; all mosquitoes must die! In addition, no matter what happens,
make the following items compulsory to be included in your travel bag: Pain killers, cold medicine,
prescription drugs (if needed), a first aid medical kit, emergency rations, a toothbrush, a list of all
medical and emergency numbers (included in this magazine), and of course your cell phone and
portable radio.
In addition, when abandoning your house for more than two days it is imperative that you inform a
highly trustworthy individual who would be able to occasionally look after things while you are gone,
better yet, occupy your premises until you return.

If the latter isn’t possible, your safest bet would be to

secure your house as tightly as possible and hope that you
have a good neighbour who would do much more than
just watch. Finally (and this is sort of a stretch), it would
be advantageous to have a good health or life insurance
policy depending on which part of T&T you plan to
visit. While it’s unlikely that anything terrible would
happen to you, you never know when an agitated agouti
might turn carnivorous
and leap out from a Las
Cuevas bush to eat you.

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Medical &
E -E 2-0 2
100 1V0OVL O1L 1 47

What to do while you’re on vacation: These procedures will change with respect to where you’ll be
spending your vacation. For example, if while liming on the sands of Maracas Bay you see a shark
poke its head above water, then common sense will tell you that you should probably not step foot into
the sea; in fact, it might be better if you simply turn the other way and run.
On another note, if you have your friends or family with you (especially if any of them are
under age or perhaps under the influence) make every attempt to be the responsible one who keeps
things under control. Nothing could spoil your vacation faster than aggressive police intervention or
a morbid accident that can bring you one step closer to your maker.
Crime is another factor that you need to consider. Avoid walking around on your own where
possible, especially if you’re quite unfamiliar with the area or the vicinity seems questionable. Though
having a black belt in Taekwondo is a definite plus, never forget that criminals usually have a nice,
black GUN: Hiyah! ... Bow!

What to do after your

vacation: After a long
day (or several days
or weeks) of fun and
interesting activities, the
last you thing you need is
to immediately dive into a
full day of stressful events.
Just like a cool down
is required following
an extensive exercise
routine, the same applies
upon returning from your
vacation. It doesn’t matter
if you’re the CEO of
some huge company or an
equally important house-
wife, do allow yourself to
experience at least one day
of physical and emotional
restoration before getting back into the routine of your everyday life. As the simplest example, never
plan your vacation in such a way that once you return home on Sunday at midnight, you have to get up
at 3:00 a.m. to reach to work for 6. You’ll be so tired that you’ll be falling asleep on everyone.

In summary, it’s never exceptionally difficult when it comes to being safe, yet it’s quite easy to do
nothing to protect yourself and end up being sorry. Stick to the guidelines above and your vacation
would certainly go much more according to plan. To help ensure that you are able to protect yourself
no matter where in T&T you choose to vacation, it may be in your best interest to take a look at the
Emergency listings that are listed on the following pages. It includes phone numbers for most of the
major health, protective and emergency facilities within Trinidad and Tobago.

Indulge Nail & Make-Up Studio

Press Ons, Tips, Manicures, Pedicures, Make-up for all
occasions, Arima. Appointments only 743-1589

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48 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

Barataria/El Socorro Police Station

Moruga Police Station 655-2030
Princes Town Police Station 655-
Blanchisseuse Police Station 669-
Western Division 2231
San Fernando Police Station 652-
Maracas Bay Police Station 664-
Divisional Headquarters, St. James 2561, 652-2564
628-8377 St. Margarets Police Station 659-
Morvant Police Station 624-3737
Carenage Police Station 637-3123 2530
Matura Police Station 668-5411
Four Roads Police Station 637-3860 St. Mary’s Police Station 656-6606
Maraval Police Station 629-2001 San Juan Police Station 638-3322,
Ste. Madeleine Police Station 652-
Patna Police Station 632-0486 3348
San Juan Police Station (Sub Station)
St. James Police Station 622-3695 Tableland Police Station 656-3430
West End Police Station 637-4226
Santa Cruz Police Station 676-8888 Southwestern Division
P.O.S. Division
Eastern Division Divisional Headquarters, Siparia Erin
Divisional Headquarters, St. Clair Rd, Siparia 649-2353
Divisional Headquarters, Sangre
622-4655 Cedros Police Station 648-2747
Grande 668–2505
Belmont Police Station 624-1848 Erin Police Station 649-5888
Biche Police Station 668-9044
Besson Street Police Station 623- Fyzabad Police Station 677-7777
Manzanilla Police Station 668-2062
1395 Guapo Police Station 648–2403
Matelot Police Station 670-8220
Central Police Station 625-1261 La Brea Police Station 648-7444
Mayaro Police Station 630-4333
Port of Spain Special Unit 625-8008 Oropouche Police Station 677-7544
Rio Claro Police Station 644-2332
St. Barbs Police Station 623-0929 Penal Police Station 647-8888
Sangre Grande Police Station 668–
St. Clair Police Station 622-1343 Point Fortin Police Station 648-2426,
648-0200, 648-4932, 648-3337
Woodbrook Police Station 628-9171 Toco Police Station 670-8256
Santa Flora Police Station 649-5555
Valencia Police Post 667-9030
Siparia Police Station 649-3946
Northern Division
Divisional Headquarters, Maloney Central Division
Gardens, Arima 667-3563, 643-1222
Divisional Headquarters, Railway Northern Division
Arima Police Station 667-3563, 667-
2910 Rd, Chaguanas 665-4294
Brasso Corner Police Station 636– Belmont 624-4222
Arouca Police Station 642-4870,
2735 Morvant 625-8039
Caroni Police Station 662-4291 Woodbrook 622-3575
Cumuto Police Station 643-9357
Chaguanas Police Station 665–5271, Diego Martin 637-9222
La Horquetta Police Station 643-
3857 665-0200 Santa Cruz 676-0414
Malabar Police Station 643-2358 Couva Police Station 636-2333 Chaguaramas 634-4344
Maloney Police Station 646-6504 Cunupia Police Station 665-3080 Roxborough 660-4369
Maracas/St. Joseph Police Station Freeport Police Station 673–0026,
665-0200 Central Division
Piarco Police Station 669-4366, 642- Longdenville Police Station 665–
1826 Arima 667-3148, 667-3571, 667-
4366 2909, 667-3222
Pinto Police Post Station 667-5217 Chaguanas 665-5719, 665-5728,
Southern Division
St. Joseph Police Station 662-4038 Divisional Headquarters, Harris 665-5729, 665-8077
San Raphael Police Station 643-8773, Promenade, San Fernando 652-2858 Piarco Airport 669-4226, 4678
643-8000, 643-8001 Sangre Grande 668-2222, 668-0100
Tunapuna Police Station 662-4978, Barrackpore Police Station 654-0609
San Juan 638-4053, 674-0101
645-0200 Cap-De-Ville Police Station 648–
Tunapuna 662-4707, 645-0400
North Eastern Division
Gasparillo Police Station 650–2193
Divisional Headquarters, Morvant
Marabella Police Station 652–2830 Southern Division
Mon Repos Police Station 657-9769

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O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1 49

San Fernando, Bye Pass 652-2675, Medical Air Services Association San Fernando General Hospital 652-
2676, 2677 628-8108, 622-4616 3581
San Fernando Sub Station 652-3200 Avantar Ambulance 683-5507 Hospitals - Private
Couva 636-2255, 2864 758-4155(Central)
Medical Associates 662-2766
Mon Repos 657-4000 Emergency Ambulance Service 653-
St. Augustine Private Hospital 663-
5620, 653-4343, 799-5519 (South)
Point Fortin 648-2245, 0100 7274
Princes Town 655-2222 HOSPITALS - Public Valsayn Medical Centre 663-3252
Rio Claro County Council Rd 644- West Shore Medical 622-9878, 622-
2232, High St 644-2000 P.O.S. General Hospital Accident &
Emergency Dept. 623-7181, 623-
Siparia 649-2222 2327 Sajeevan Medical Complex 671-
9297 665-8201 (Private- Central)
Tobago Arima District Hospital 667-
4714/15, 667-0207, 667-3479, 667- Cross Crossing Medical Centre 652-
Crown Point Airport 639-8556, 6976 4411, 652-4412
0106, 0186 Eric Williams Medical Sciences Gulf View Medical Centre 652-
Scarborough 639-2222, 2333, 1000, Complex 645-4673 (HOPE), 645- 7102, 653-2022 
1001 2640 Tobago County Hospital 639-2551,
Roxborough 660-4369, 4900, 5100, Sangre Grande General Hospital 639-2552
5101 668-2273, 668-2221, Emergency NEMA
668-2288 NEMA Tobago: (not ODPM as yet)
Ambulance Services
660-7489, 660-7657
Mayaro District Hospital 630-
EHS 624-4343 1258/9  Office of Disaster Preparedness &
Management (ODPM) 640-1285,
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Mt. Hope Maternity Hospital 662- 640-8905, 640-6493, Emergency
Complex 662-2249, 662-1014 7006 640-8653

You are on your way to your

much anticipated vacation, all
alone, driving, and you run out
of gas in the middle of nowhere.
Complete darkness. Your tyre
goes flat, and that’s when you
realise you forgot the spare at
home. Through the shadows, an
unlikely car then speeds along
the roadway, only to collide
head-on with you. You’ve now
been involved in an accident,
half alive, and need to reach a
medical facility as soon as pos-
sible. By some miracle, you still
have enough energy to drive
yourself safety; however, an
even stranger thing happens: As
you begin to race your battered
body to the hospital, some ban-
dits suddenly ambush and pul-
verise you, then steal both your
cell phone and vehicle. You’re
left crawling in the middle of
the street. What would you do?

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50 O M N I T R AV E L M A G A Z I N E - 2 0 1 0 V O L 1

While it’s very rare that so many horrible things will ever occur to you at once, unless you’ve walked under seven
ladders and broken seven mirrors all in the space of a day, fate has a habit of giving you unforeseen circumstances
to maul over when you least expect. How you handle each challenge doesn’t necessarily affirm who you are as
a person, but it’s imperative that you at least know how to deal with some of the most basic occurrences that can
most likely take place with respect to having a vacation. Take a read:

Being late for your flight: Reaching late for your flight may not always be your fault; after all, numerous emer-
gencies can arise and many things can go wrong; there’s hardly anything you can do in this event.

In a more typical case, it’s necessary for you to pack your bags and important documents at least two days before
your travelling date, and to wake as early as possible on the day of the flight. Getting to the airport two or three
hours before the time of your flight is highly recommended—yes, even if it’s just to travel to Trinidad or Tobago.
You’d be surprise how many people show up late.

Finally, making sure that your designated driver will at least be sober enough to pass a breathalyser test on your
big day is also of great importance. Having to knock down a police officer to ensure that you arrive on time to
catch a flight should never be entertained. If anything, performing the latter will only ensure that you arrive much
later than you already are ... three years late.

Flat tyre: First response should be to try to change the tyre yourself. If you either don’t have the know-how or
you forgot to pack a spare, your next move ought to be to seek assistance from the next saintliest-looking person
who passes by—scratch that (might be a wolf in sheep’s clothing)—instead, if possible, call an emergency
number that specializes in car repairs and see if they can come to your rescue. On the other hand, it is very pos-
sible that you may have gotten your flat in an area where your cell phone receives no reception or the battery is
dead or because you forgot to put money in your prepaid phone; if this is the case, your last resort will be your
awareness of where the closest gas station is located.

Car Accident: Stay calm; don’t panic. If while travelling your vehicle is involved in a smash up, you should
by all means contact an emergency health service provider and the police immediately. The order of who you
should contact first logically depends on whether or not anyone was severely injured. Things can be a little
trickier if you are badly wounded in an accident, as you would certainly need assistance from a third party.
That’s why it can’t be stressed enough that you should always wear your seat belt, never drink and drive, and
always stay a couple kilometres below the speed limit. Or maybe you can just say, “What the heck” and pay a
daily $5000 in ticket and accident fees for the rest of your life. The choice is yours.

Medical Emergency: Apart from the basics like carrying along a first aid kit and required medical supplies, it is
highly advantageous that you know how to react in two particular instances. 1. In the event that someone suffers
a cardiac arrest, knowing how to perform CPR on a victim significantly increases the chance of saving their
life. 2. The Heimlich Maneuver is quite the respectable lifesaving trick as well; it’s perfect to carry out on those
individuals who might easily choke on food.

Securing Cash and Jewellery: It cannot be stressed enough that securing your valuables is quite important.
When going on vacation, do resist the urge to look like the late but elegant Princess Diana. Leave all your jewel-
lery at home because when thieves are done with you, you’ll be looking more like Wilma from the Flintstones.
Also, keep cash to a minimum and use Linx as often as possible. Reserve what little money in your possession
for emergency purposes while not keeping all in the same place. And if you’re ever confronted by a bandit with
a gun or a knife, by all means step away from the bandit. Rinse and repeat: step away from the bandit! Money is
worth much less than your life.

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Braids. Unbraiding, Twist, Corn Rows etc.
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