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March 5, 2011 - March 5, 2011, The Afro-American A1


MARCH 5, 2011 - MARCH 11, 2011

WHUR to Hold Radiothon to Help
First Lady’s Vacation Meal Assault on Unions is an Local, National, International
Sparks Controversy A2 Attack on Basic Civil Rights A7 Community See

Clarence Thomas Stars in Banks Face Abandoned

Sexually Charged Memoir Property Fee
By Zenitha Prince
Washington Bureau Chief
Prince George’s Delegation Proposed Bill
By George Barnette have brought down the property value of
D.C. Unmasked & AFRO Staff Writer homes. Both parties say neighborhoods are
Undressed, the memoir of being destroyed because of it.
Lillian McEwen, a former A bill being discussed in the Maryland “The banks were not very cautious about
judge and ex-girlfriend Senate could place accountability for the state how they were taking care of the assets they
of Supreme Court Justice of foreclosed properties on the owners – the were backing with these loans,” Michael
Clarence Thomas, hits the banks. Cerrito, chair of the Legislative/Political
shelves March 5. But, as The bill, sponsored by the Prince George’s Affairs Committee of the Prince George’s
the author told the AFRO, County’s delegation, would give the County County Association of Realtors, told the
this book is definitely not Council authority to collect a $75 registration AFRO. “In many cases they’d shut off the
for the G-rated crowd. fee each year from owners of abandoned utilities which would cause more damage to
While the tale chronicles the foreclosed property in the county. The money the property and it drove the price down. It
often painful journey of the collected would go into a fund to help maintain made it harder for the average buyer to buy the
writer from the despair of a abandoned properties. house because the condition of the house was
dysfunctional, abusive home Residents and realtors alike have been so bad.”
to the travails and triumphs complaining about how distressed properties Continued on A8
of a Capitol Hill and judicial
career, it is a trail marked
with sex – lots of it. And
Thomas figures prominently
– literally and figuratively –
in this tale. McEwen gushes
over Thomas’ prowess
and “fantasy [package],” Courtesy and AP Photos
describing his body as Former District judge Lillian
“coffee-bean ... velvet- McEwen shares details about
covered cement.” He was a her sex life with former
“national treasure,” she said, boyfriend, now-Supreme Court
one she shared with other Justice Clarence Thomas, in her
women in ménages à trois new memoir, D.C. Unmasked &
and in a voyeuristic pleasure Undressed. ©Dreamstime
palace. And she described her
then-lover as being “easily
aroused,” with a “strong
interest in pornography.” Suitland High Fights Jack and James Johnson:
In a one-on-one interview
with the AFRO, McEwen
shared her thoughts about for Arts Program Connection Goes Beyond
Thomas, about love and lust,
Continued on A5
By George Barnette
AFRO Staff Writer
force. “I mentioned to [Council
Chair Ingrid Turner] this morning
that I was at a fantastic program and
By George Barnette
The Prince George’s County I want to commend you all from
AFRO Staff Writer
Council held a town hall budget Suitland High School for being
meeting at Prince George’s here,” Toles said. “That’s what it’s
On Nov. 19, 2009, James F. Johnson, no relation to Jack Johnson, was
Community College on Feb. 28. all about.
officially sworn in as director of the Department of Housing and Community
The purpose of the meeting was “This morning I spoke with your
Development (DHCD) after serving in that role as interim head for a year. On
Hear the AFRO on The Daily to inform the public on the budget principal and he warned me, ‘They
that day, there was nothing but effusive praise for a man who was a close friend
Drum, Wednesday at 7 p.m. process, but it quickly turned into a will be there’ and he was correct,”
of former Prince George’s County Executive Jack Johnson.
session to save busing for magnet she continued. “I’m proud of you
“James Johnson brings over 34 years of experience in program management
programs in Prince George’s all.”
and administration and is an excellent candidate to serve as director,” Jack
Johnson said in a statement. “He possesses the required skills, talents and
The school that showed up in
the greatest numbers was Suitland “People all over the demonstrated experience to be successful and I am confident that he will
continue to be an asset to the citizens and residents of Prince George’s County.”
High School and in particular, it’s
Visual Performing Arts (VPA)
country know of our James Johnson’s relationship with the former county executive stretches
further than his time as DHCD director. From 2003-2008, he served as special
program. Students and teachers program.” assistant to the former county executive. Their previous relationship may have
alike swarmed the meeting dressed
contributed to the former county leader’s sticking with James Johnson during the
in purple to fight for their program. Many of the speakers asked the
rough stages of his tenure in late 2009.
“People all over the country council not take away the program.
The results of an audit by Prince George’s County Office of Audit and
know of our program,” said Councilman Will Campos, D-Dist.
Investigations released in October 2009 showed DHCD was failing in its
Jean Fadiga, a music teacher at 2, says the council has a delicate
mission to provide adequate federal funding in Prince George’s County and
Suitland. “They sang for President balance to manage the county’s
may have been improperly funding several community housing development
Obama’s inauguration. They sang funds after it first goes through the
for ‘Christmas in Washington,’ school board and county executive. Continued on A5
Ted Turner’s television program, Then it’s their job to create final
this year under the auspices of numbers that make sense for the
the president and for the previous entire county.
administration under President and “I can see your passion, but
Mrs. Bush. when you say we’re trying to take
“Our choir has won numerous this away from you; we’re not,”
awards, international competitions Campos said. “We get put in a tough
and they’re well known,” she situation where we’re told ‘this is
continued. “Our students have where the money is, this is what we
the highest GPA at Suitland High want done and this is what we want
School. They’re actually pulling the cut.’ Then, ultimately, we have to
school up.” figure out how it is that we make
Councilwoman Karen Toles, due. We have to balance that.”
D-Dist. 7, attended the Black Despite that, the council
History Month ceremony the school members all appreciated the turnout
produced earlier in the day and as they said it greatly helps to show
came away very impressed with the which programs are important to the
performance. However, she seemed county’s residents. They ask that the
to be just as pleased that the school community continue to reach out to Courtesy Photo/Prince George’s County Government
Join the AFRO on showed up to the meeting in full James Johnson, shown here with Jack Johnson, gets sworn-in.
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A2 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011

AFRO National Briefs

First Lady’s Vacation Meal Sparks Parenthood target minorities, and claim that
Controversy twice as many black babies die from abortion
Radio host Rush Limbaugh recently took procedures than from violent crimes, AIDS,
to the air waves to criticize first lady Michelle heart disease, cancer and motor vehicle
Obama’s eating habits. accidents combined.
According to a report by Vail Daily, the first “I do understand that it is a provocative
lady dined on a pickled pumpkin salad, arugula, message, but it is a message that’s sourced in
braised ancho-chile short rib with hominy, wild fact; it is not hyperbole. It is a truth that needs
mushrooms and sautéed kale while visiting to be confronted. It is one that needs to be
Vail, Colo. with daughters Sasha and Malia. talked about in our community,” Pastor Stephen
During his Feb. 21 radio broadcast, Broden, a board member of the nonprofit, told
Limbaugh called Obama a hypocrite for eating MSNBC.
short ribs amid her “Let’s Move” campaign He said that more babies are aborted than
targeting childhood obesity. Limbaugh are born each year in New York City.
inaccurately calculated the short rib to be 1,500 A Planned Parenthood spokesman took the
calories; Vail Daily later reported the ribs to be ad’s message as a direct attack on the clinic.
about 600 calories. “To refer to a woman’s legal right to an
“If we’re supposed to go out and eat abortion as a ‘genocidal plot’ is not only
nothing, if we’re supposed to eat roots and absurd but it is offensive to women and to
berries and tree bark, show us how,” Limbaugh communities of color,” Planned Parenthood
said. “The problem is – spokesman Christine Quinn said in a statement.
and dare I say this – it “Every woman deserves the right to make
doesn’t look like Michelle health care decisions for herself and I will
Obama follows her own continue to fight to protect this basic right and
AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta
‘nutritionary’ dietary President Barack Obama waves as he arrives at the White against this sort of fear mongering.”
advice.” House in Washington, Feb. 22. Prior to its removal, the billboard was
He went on to critique scheduled to remain up for three more weeks,
the first lady’s physique, a national security issue,” Huckabee added. “It’s according to CBS.
saying her body is not like an economic issue, but it is a national security
models on the cover of issue because at the trend we’re going, we better Super Slim Models Fail to Sway Black Women’s Self-
Sports Illustrated magazine hope we don’t have a war with anybody because Perception
or baseball player Alex we’re not going to have anybody who can pass A new study led by a University of Florida researcher
Rodriguez’s girlfriends. the physical to wear the uniform. That’s pretty shows that African-American women are less likely to develop
Criticism of the scary. So, rather than us condemn Michelle negative body images based on media ideals.
appearance of the Obama, I think we ought to be thanking her and According to the report, earlier studies showed a negative
president’s wife has surface praising her for what she’s done.” correlation between extremely thin models and women’s
in other quarters. perception of their own bodies. However, the recent study, N.Y. Black Anti-Abortion Billboard led by Heather Hausenblas found race also plays a factor in
a news blog, recently Removed women’s body dissatisfaction and the media’s influence.
posted a cartoon depicting A contentious anti-abortion billboard in “We’re bombarded with media images of what’s considered
an overweight Obama Manhattan that linked Blacks to excessive ideal. We wanted to measure the influence of race on how
gorging on hamburgers abortions was removed by an outdoor advertising that makes women feel about their bodies,” said Hausenblas,
and demanding President firm Feb. 25, CBS News reported. who conducted the research with doctoral student Ninoska
Obama “shut up and pass The ad, created by pro-life nonprofit DeBraganza, in an interview posted on the school’s website.
the bacon.” AP Photo/Virginia Postic, File organization Life Always, showed a Black girl “We know that African-American women report less body
However, former In this Jan. 27 photo, First Lady Michelle under the text, “The most dangerous place for an dissatisfaction overall than Caucasian women, who are the
Republican presidential Obama discusses nutrition at Fort Jackson African-American is in the womb.” most affected of all ethnicities. But to my knowledge, no study
candidate Mike Huckabee is in Columbia, S.C. to promote healthy The message prompted an outcry from both on media influence had ever taken the ethnicity of the models
defending Obama. eating. She was recently criticized by Rush Black activists and city residents. into account.”
According to a CNN Limbaugh about a meal she ate during “They don’t have to single out African- Hausenblas showed two sets of images to 31 White and
blog report, Huckabee told vacation. American children. They could have said the 30 Black undergraduate students. Both sets of photographs
reporters, “I do not think most dangerous place for a child is in the womb,” featured White female models, but one set showed extremely
she’s out there advocating that the government take over our Byron Wright, a Brooklyn resident told an NBC reporter after thin women with bodies generally considered “media ideals.”
dinner plates. In fact she’s not. She’s been criticized unfairly by spotting the ad from his office window. The other set included photos of women with more average
a lot of my fellow conservatives.” The Rev. Al Sharpton applauded the advertising company builds.
He also supported the first lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. for removing the billboard and reportedly cancelled a planned While African-American women reported no change in
“If you really want to talk about obesity, let’s talk about it as protest. body dissatisfaction after viewing both sets of slides, the White
“They got a lot of attention, but they may not have gotten a participants said they experienced more body dissatisfaction
lot of support,” he told CBS. after observing the “media ideal” models.
But Life Always representatives said the bold billboard
was designed to spark discussion about disproportionally high Spectator Asks, ‘Who Will Shoot Obama?’
Your History • Your Community • Your News Black abortion rates. Ga. GOP Rep’s Failure to Condemn Draws Fire
The Afro-American Newspapers They said that abortion clinics including Planned Rep. Paul Broun (R-Ga.) is receiving national attention after
Baltimore Office • Corporate Headquarters a spectator at one of his recent town hall meetings in Athens,
2519 N. Charles Street Ga. asked, “Who will shoot Obama?”
Baltimore, Maryland 21218-4602 According to The Athens-Banner Herald, the question came
410-554-8200 • Fax: 1-877-570-9297 after the congressman first asked who had driven the farthest to attend the Feb. 22 town hall meeting. After the attendee blurted
the comment, the crowd began to laugh.
Founded by John Henry Murphy Sr., August 13, 1892 Without apparently condemning the comment, Broun,
Washington Publisher Emerita - Frances L. Murphy II according to the Banner-Herald, nevertheless responded
Chairman of the Board/Publisher - John J. Oliver, Jr. by stating, “The thing is, I know there’s a lot of frustration
Executive Assistant - Takiea Hinton - 410-554-8222 with this president. We’re going to have an election next
Receptionist - Wanda Pearson - 410-554-8200 year. Hopefully, we’ll elect somebody that’s going to be a
conservative, limited-government president…who will sign a
Director of Advertising/Sponsorship Development & Sales
Susan Gould - 410-554-8289
bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.” After the incident drew national headlines and criticism
Advertising Manager - Robert Blount - 410-554-8246 toward Broun for not immediately condemning the comment,
Sr. Advertising Account Executive - Annie Russ - 410-554-8235 he released a statement Feb. 23 expressing his thoughts after
Advertising Account Executive the spectator’s question and his reason for not condemning it.
Marquise Goodwin - 410-554-8274 “I was stunned by the question and chose not to dignify
Director of Finance - Jack Leister - 410-554-8242 it with a response; therefore, at that moment I moved on to
Archivist - John Gartrell - 410-554-8265 the next person with a question,” Broun said in a statement,
Director, Community & Public Relations according to The Politico newspaper. “After the event, my
Diane W. Hocker - 410-554-8243 office took action with the appropriate authorities. I deeply
regret that this incident happened at all. Furthermore, I
Executive Editor - Talibah Chikwendu condemn all statements — made in sincerity or jest — that
E-mail: threaten or suggest the use of violence against the president
Managing Editor - Kristin Gray - 410-554-8277 of the United States or any
Washington Bureau Chief - Zenitha Prince - 202-332-0080, ext. 119 other public official. Such
E-mail: rhetoric cannot and will not be
Global Markets tolerated.”
Director - Benjamin M. Phillips IV - 410-554-8220 According to The Washington Post, Secret
Washington Circulation/Distribution Manager Service officials got in contact
Edgar Brookins - 202-332-0080, ext. 116
with the person who made the
Baltimore Circulation/Distribution Manager
Sammy Graham - 410-554-8266 comment and found that it was
an “elderly person who now
Production Department - 410-554-8288
regrets making a bad joke.”
Broun drew criticism last
Washington Office month for one of his tweets
1917 Benning Road, N.E. • Washington, D.C. 20002-4723 during President Obama’s State
202-332-0080 Fax: 1-877-570-9297 of the Union address. According
General Manager to Politico, Broun tweeted, “Mr.
Edgar Brookins - ext. 116 President, you don’t believe in
Office Administrator - Mia Hayes-Hawkins - ext. 112
the Constitution, you believe in
Customer Service, Home Delivery and Subscriptions: socialism.”
410-554-8234 The next day, he declined to
Customer back down from his comments,
Billing Inquiries: 410-554-8226 telling CBS News, “I stick by
Nights and Weekends: 410-554-8282 that tweet.”
November 1, 2008 - November 7, 2008, The Washington Afro-American A3

Jennifer Hudson and Relatives Identify Body of Her Slain NephewA3

A2 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 5, 2011 March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011 The Afro-American
By Alan King sport-utility vehicle sought in from a neighbor about a suspi- posted fliers bearing his photo-
In Praise Of Black Engineers
AFRO Staff Writer connection with the murder of
Hudson’s mother and brother.
cious vehicle. The man noticed
the vehicle while walking his
graph around the city. On
Sunday, Jennifer Hudson asked

Where Corporate America Meets and Encourages Black Talent

Jennifer Hudson and other The white, 1994 Chevrolet dog. According to the Chicago for the public’s help in finding
relatives positively identified Suburban with Illinois license Tribune, the boy had been shot her nephew. In her MySpace
multiple times in the back seat blog, she thanked fans and sup-
of the vehicle. The SUV, regis- porters for their prayers and
By Lango Deen President Wanda Denson- Engineering
tered to Hudson’sat Morgan
murderedState of the millennium,
offered a $100,000 rewardmany to
Special to the AFRO Low, were also recognized and longtime
brother, chairman
was towed with ofthe Executive Vice baby boomers
anyone were heading
who returned the boy
for innovation, career the Council
boy’s of Engineering
body inside and is being President of towards retirement and there
“It’s been 25 years of advancement and diversity Deans of Historically
processed by evidence Black
techni- Booz Allen was a need
Since the for younger
inspiration,” Ted Childs, a programs. “Boeing considers Colleges
cians and and Universities.
workers. The body Hamilton Lloyd professionals
Hudson – who to take their
gained stardom
retired diversity executive at diversity to be a strategic “It was
was laterplanned
removedtoand coincide
taken to Howell, left, placeappearing
after in the workforce.
on “American
IBM Corporation, said Feb. advantage in attracting the the Cook County Medical
with observance of National received the Idol,” and thenfor
“Demand won an
19 at the 25th annual Black best talent available and Examiner’s
Engineers Week office.and to serve 2011 Black Academy
STEM professionalsher
Award for hasrole in
Engineer of the Year Awards enabling innovation by
Hudson and other family
historically as a fitting tribute Engineer of the the movie Dreamgirls
grown considerably in the
– has
members arrived at the Medical Year Award at stayed out of the public eye.
in the Washington, D.C. bringing together different to those close to Black History past 25 years, and it will only
Examiner’s office mid-after- the 25th annual The Chicago Tribune report-
The Black Engineer viewpoints,” said Norma Month.”
noon to identify the body. Julian King, Jennnifer Hudson’s nephew. continue
ed to expand,”
that a parade of carssaid
of the Year Awards Clayton, vice president Billthe
Granville was a high- BEYA event in Taborn. “Our advancements
Given choice between look- slowly past her family’s home
(BEYA), produced by Learning, Training and ing directly at the bodywhen
ranking oil executive or A spokesman for the office the murdersWashington, DCin
but is being held come from
Monday intrepid
morning, engineers
past the
Career Communications Development for Boeing. he attended on Feb. 19.
viewing it onBEYA in 1987.
a wall-mounted told the newspaper that Hudson jail for parole violation after
Photo by Glenwood Jackson Studio and technologists, from
news vans, reporters and curi-
Group, showcases African- “Many Boeing people have He filed a positive report with business executives bold
ous onlookers.
American talent in science, received BEYA awards over
Courtesy Photos
Mobil. Mobil’s CEO, seeing
Corp., has co-hosted BEYA to recognize the significant enough to take chances.”
Jennifer Hudson and her mom, Darnell Donerson who
technology, engineering and
was killed, as well as her brother, Jason.
the years, and the awards are “She held hands with her family.
that diversity and inclusion
for more than aItdecade,
was obviously
and a verythese
contributions emotional
African- moment.” And BEYA
Neighbors stood
has become
quietly and
math and provides students a terrific confirmation that we made business sense, wrote corporate attendance reaches American engineers and an important hub for these
reflected on the
with pathways to lucrative are on the right track.” a letterscreen,
to othertheFortune “remained strong for her fami- being convicted of attempted intrepid engineers and bold
video family chose to the executive levels of leaders not only make to violence.
technical careers. InX584859
Howell’swas acceptance 500latter.
CEO’s, telling them ly” and was clearly its leader. murder and vehicular hijack- executives
In front oftothe
connect with
the body of her 7-year-old plate found on the According to the management. business, but to society.” Hudson’s
“She held hands with her fami- ing. Cook County records show
“It’s Monday,
an opportunity to speech, heWest said Sidehe felt honored he had discovered a talent one another.
men in“It’s exciting
ly,” “You see these major thatIn
hethe mid-1980s, when
nephew just hours Chicago’s after Tribune, Hudson said, “Yes, home, heavy
the spokesman said. “It pleaded guilty to both
after his at a highwaslevel foundofin a to be selected
police receivedasa the 7 a.m. 25th call development
that’s him.” program he be around,”
and Steward said.
hooded sweatshirts came“It’s
was obviouslyget
corporations excited – BEYA was initiated, Black
a very emotional charges in 1999. He was also
intelligence and capital Black Engineer of the Year. “I thought they should support. Raytheon, Lockheed, Boeing representation among the contagious.”
kiss the twin white crosses bar-

ACORN Fights Back

moment.” convicted in 1998 for posses- ing the names of Donerson and
with business people who wake up everyday excited to The rest, as they say, – these major
The boy players
– the son ofand
Julia nation’s 1.6 million engineers
sion of a stolen motor vehicle.
are interested in science, make a difference,” he said. is history. Top defense Jason.
– Additional reporting by
their CEO’s,” David
Hudson, Jennifer’s sisterSteward
– had waswas
He only 2 percent
released from– 32,000
prison in
mathematics and engineering Howell, a Philadelphia native, contractor, Lockheed Martin
“Everybody is sick of going
Garland L. Thompson
said. missing
been “And they areFriday,
since there 2006 after serving By
men and women. theyears
seven turn
Leader Calls Voter Registration Fraud Charges ‘Bogus’
through stuff like this,” Artisha
and who never get an praised the BEYA culture when a relative found Julian’s for the attempted murder and West, a former resident of the
opportunity to recognize or and shared a little-known grandmother, Darnell car hijacking charges. area told the Tribune. “We all
By Alanwith Kingone another,” story:
and DallasHe was Cowboys one ofplayersthe No wonder Obama’s campaign is Donerson, 57, and his uncle, The boy remained missing have to stick together. All these
AFRO David
Staff Writer Tony Romo and Terrell Owens, trying to distance him from the Jason Hudson, 29, shot to death through a long weekend in young children are dying, and
Steward, founder among the names submitted to group, saying, “Barack Obama in his grandmother’s home in which police and volunteers
chairman of candidate John“It’s exciting to be around.”
election officials. Never Organized with ACORN.” the 7000 block of South Yale
for what?”

St. Louis-based
McCain’s attack on ACORN – Hurd said those workers, who But Obama’s ties to ACORN run Avenue.
Associated Community
Worldwide Technology Inc., youngdoing
were thoseinthings
athletes without
Jim Ellis’ long and deep. He taught classes An Amber Alert – a desig-
Organization for Reform Now – ACORN’s knowledge or permis- for ACORN. They even endorsed
who attended the event. “It all African-American swim nation for high-risk missing
confirms the success of the sion, were fired. him for President. children – was issued Friday
shows the intellectual capital team, depicted in the 2007
organization, the head of the “The evidence that has sur- But now ACORN is in trouble. after Julian was discovered
in the Black community and film so farstarring
facedPride shows they Terrence
faked Reporter: There are at least
group says. missing after the murders.
the “This
is testimony to the work forms to get paid for work the
in the Black Howard. Howell lauded they 11 investigations across the Police arrested William
we’ve done and andsuccess
the value we’vewe inspiration
didn’t do, notoftoEllis’ stuff quiet
ballot country involving thousands of Balfour, the missing boy’s step-
bring to this society
had,” Maude and thisof
Hurd, president struggle
boxes.” ACORN,against racismshe said,and is the potentially fraudulent ACORN father and estranged husband
country and the world.”
ACORN, said in an interview bureaucracy.
victim of fraud, not the perpetra- forms. of Julia, at his girlfriend’s
withOver the past two decades, Howell
the AFRO. tor of it. serves as volunteer Announcer: Massive voter Southside apartment several
BEYA hasthisputattack
mindswe assistant coach the for
onlyDC Heat,
together with majorthat
had just announced employers
we had
Hurd said
youth arebasketball
the chargesteam.
them- Saving money.
fraud. And the Obama campaign
paid more than $800,000 to an
hours after the murders.
Balfour’s mother, Michele, has
such as IBM
registered 1.3 Corp.,
million Booz new vot- On behalf
selves. Andof Booz Allen
factcheck. org ACORN front for get out the vote told reporters that her son had
ers,” she
said. “That’s
Boeing, Northrop
that someone’s
just to say Hamilton,
running scared
he has supported
Negro College
So easy you can do it Jason Hudson
Pressuring banks to issue risky
nothing to do with the slayings.
Balfour remains a suspect in
Grumman, NASA, the
of ACORN’s
National Security Agency
president on the

tick- UNCF
nor its
His involvement with
Fund and Lincoln University.
been found guilty of,
charged with, casting fraudulent
or even
in your...well you know.
loans. Nationwide voter fraud.
Barack Obama. Bad judgment.
Blind ambition. Too risky for
and the U.S. Navy Recruiting is not unusual in
et, lashed out at ACORN in the votes.” America.
Command to promote job this community. BEYA
final debate against Barack The problem came about pri-
Obama, contending in science,
the group “is has a history
marily becauseofofpersuading
the way Since McCain’s comments,
technology, engineering and
on the verge of maybe perpetrat- ACORN operates. employers to recognizeRather than ACORN’s 87 offices have been
ing one (STEM) fields. frauds in
of the greatest the
on volunteers, of engineering
it pays peo- bombarded with threats and
voter theme
history in ofthisthe 2011
country, departments
ple, many of them at historically
poor or unem- racist mail.
maybe STEMdestroying Conference
the fabric of Black
to sign upand new voters. The day after the presidential
was “Listen, Learn, Lead.”
democracy.” universities.
The idea was to help both those debate, vandals broke into the
Throughout, the three-a non-partisan being The HBCU and
registered Engineering
those doing organization’s Boston and Seattle
Webevent, students
site, found thoseand claims to Deans’ Roundtable has
the registration. offices and stole computers.
be “exaggerated,” presented
with “no evi- fostered
Maud cooperation
explained, “We have a After a Cleveland representative BREAD NOT ON THE LIST

dence discussions and
of any such democracy- between
zero tolerance hiring officers
policy for deliber- appeared on TV, an e-mail was
events focusing on career
destroying fraud.” and even a new industry-
ate falsification of registration.” sent to the local office saying she
Hurd believes
development, the McCain
diversity Most news
academic account neglect
partnership: AMIEto “is going to have her life ended.”
charges were politically
and science, technology, motivat- point out that
(Advancing Minorities ACORN is A worker in Providence, R.I.,
ed. required by law to turn in all reg- received a threatening call say-
engineering and math Interest in Engineering). LEFT RIGHT
She said, “Because it’s low- istration forms. And they also fail ing, “We know you get off work
education. Scholarships,
to note that it was internships,
the organiza- at 9” and uttered racial epithets.
and moderate-income people,
More than 100 companies donation of
and people of color, I believe the tion, in many instances, that first laboratory A caller to one office left a
campaign thinks supportingthose equipment
brought the phony and loans of
registrations message on the answering
the rise of young
voters are going to vote Blacks into professionals for faculty
to the attention of authorities. machine, saying: “Hi, I was just
Democratic, careers
whichwere is noton neces- positions
The McCain have all camp come out of
apparently calling to let you know that
display at the BEYA Job Fair,
sarily true.” the
interested in those fine Barack Obama needs to get
of several is norecruitment,
stranger to BEYA
points, is the brainchild
preferring to air mislead- hung. He’s a (expletive deleted)
controversy. and retention of
ads thatCommunications
seek to link Obama nigger, and he’s a piece of
For held at the
38 years, theconference.
non-partisan Group to ACORN, CEOtherebyTyroneundercutting
Taborn, (expletive deleted). You guys are
The Black
organization hasEngineer
fought forofsocial the who also publishes
his political support. a number fraudulent, and you need to go to
Year Award, along
and economic justicewith others of diversity
for low- McCain: I’m titlesJohnincluding
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presented during the ceremony Black Engineer & Information
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ACORN has over the years seen lege, he moved Chicago.
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There, Obama met Madeleine it is realized come to our country, consume
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the Chicago every natural resource there is,
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branch of America
ACORN. or Native
He was so and make a lot of babies. That’s
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2011 Black Engineer
and baseless as this one.of BEYA’s
What did firstACORN
event was held
in Chicago one else to pay for your hospital
the With
Year,the was presentedelection
presidential to February
engage in?1987 Bullyingat Morgan
banks. bills for your kids. I jus’ say let
less thanHowell,
two weeks executive
away, State University
Intimidation tactics. in Disruption
Baltimore. your kids die. That’s the best Before age five, every room is a classroom.
ACORN’spresident of Booz
detractors Allen
allege the “The timing
of business. ACORN of the forced move. Just let your children die. Fun learning opportunities are everywhere. Simple things like
Hamilton. Twenty other
organization has engaged in mas- banks to issue risky
event was not accidental,” home loans. Forget about paying for hospital counting and identifying shapes activate a child’s learning ability,
sive voter registration
category award winners, fraud after The same types
said Eugene M. DeLoatch, of loans that bills for them. I’m not gonna do and help them enter school more prepared. That’s why PNC
the reported discovery of bogus caused the financial crisis we’re it. You guys are lowlifes. And I
including Boeing Senior Vice veteran dean of the School of founded Grow Up Great and its Spanish-language equivalent Crezca
names, such as Mickey Mouse in today. hope you all die.”
con Éxito, a 10-year, $100 million program to help prepare young
Hurd thinks the hate calls will
children for school and life. Pick up a free bilingual Sesame Street™
cease soon.
“Happy, Healthy, Ready for School” kit at a PNC branch. It’s filled
“In two weeks, I think these
attacks will be over. But I think it with all kinds of simple, everyday things you can do to help a child
will be harder for us to get our learn. Together, we can work with our communities so an entire
name back on good graces generation won’t just grow up... but grow up great.
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131SVBWB 1/27/11 9:16 AM
March 5,
5, 2011
2011 -- March
March 11,
5, 2011,
2011 The Afro-American A3

Clarence Thomas
Continued from A1
AFRO: It’s quite possible ...
LM: You have to remember
that I am not the only person
sees is a façade. So who is the real Clarence
Thomas – as you knew him?
LM: Clarence, like most of us, is wearing a
who was active with Clarence mask that is firmly affixed because of his age.
mental illness, suicide and about evil and the AFRO: If Clarence Thomas during this period of time…. The real Clarence, at this point, I don’t really
will to survive it. had not been a Supreme Court What happened was when know what he is, because there is a point in
Justice would he have figured Anita Hill testified against time when the person themselves – you don’t
AFRO: So I’m guessing that this book is so prominently in this book? Clarence’s confirmation in the even know what’s important to you, you don’t
going to make retirement more exciting. LM: Yes. The reason is Senate, that door got opened know what your values are, you don’t know
LM: Most definitely [Laughs] because he was without a as far as his sexual life and what your heart really tells you, you don’t
doubt the most important personal relationships with know what your real personality structure
AFRO: At the end of your book you seem relationship that I had other women. Even though he and is after you’ve been hiding yourself and
to suggest why you wrote it, but what were than the relationship with my Lillian McEwen the Republicans tried to shut transforming yourself over so many years. But
your reasons? And why now? daughter’s father. I was married it, there were women who the Clarence that I knew and appreciated and
LM: It’s a book that I had always planned to the same man for about 13 years, and the were lined up to testify about what it was he that I hoped would remain the true Clarence
to write and had always been pressured to relationship with Clarence lasted about six had said to them or what kind of working certainly is not sitting on the bench. He’s a
write. I never understood why it was that my years, so he was an important part of my life. relationship they had had with him and that person with a wonderful sense of humor who
friends and family kept saying, ‘You’ve got to sort of thing. So the door was already opened listens to people, is compassionate, cares about
write a book, Lillian.’ And really it wasn’t until AFRO: Was it love or just lust? pretty wide before it became time for me to his family and is loyal. The person who’s on
I finished the book that I realized that my life LM: It’s a little difficult for me to tell the write the story of my life. the bench is the person, however, who started a
was kinda unusual. I wasn’t really thinking of difference between the two in the way that transformation when I knew him.
it that way while I was living it. The impetus I lived my life. Mostly what happened was AFRO: You seem to suggest throughout
for my retirement was really the same as the that if I was in an intense sexual relationship your book and in your statements a little while Read Full Interview on
impetus for writing the book as a catalyst. And with someone for a significant length of time ago that the Clarence Thomas we (the public)
that is, one of my best friends in life had died – and by that I mean more than three months
and it made working at the position I had very or so – I began to love that person; I began to
difficult. And then my mother was dying at
the same time. My brother died within a few
weeks of my mother’s death and it just seemed
be emotionally attached to that person. And
it wasn’t anything that I could really help. In
Clarence’s situation, I had known him and
Jack and James Johnson
Continued from A1
like it was time to assess my life and figure become really good friends with him for many
out for myself what was important. It was also months before we had a romantic relationship. organizations (CHDO). Jack Johnson was indicted last month. In the
time to relieve a lot of stress that I had been “The lack of controls in the CHDO indictment, it was alleged that Jack Johnson
feeling for many years from the pressure of AFRO: Have you had a call or do you certification process and the process of and James Johnson were cohorts in receiving
reporters, the pressure of a public description expect a call from Justice Thomas – or his disbursing CHDO funds may result in money under the table.
of what our relationship had been between wife, Virginia – about this book? improper certification and disbursement In the indictment, James Johnson wasn’t
me and Clarence. And I just thought it was LM: Well, seeing as how she called Anita of federal funds, potential liability, and the named specifically; but it indicated the
time for me to tell my own story in my own Hill ... [LAUGHS] after so many years for compromise of the programmatic intent of the Director of DHCD, referred to as Public
words…. The book is an assessment of my something that she probably shouldn’t have CHDO grant,” the audit said. Official A in the indictment, had several
own life. expected, there’s no telling what’s going to Then HUD asked for $2 million back wiretapped conversations with the former
happen with Ginni Thomas in reference to from the county in early 2010 because the county executive. On Oct. 24, 2010, the
AFRO: Throughout your book you talk a call to me about this book. But certainly I DHCD missed a spending deadline for HOME indictment claims Public Official A, met at
about some of the mechanisms you used to expect no such communication or call from Investment Partnership Program funds. Jack Johnson’s residence to discuss HOME
cope. Had you ever before this book, looked Clarence. He’s not going to be happy. James Johnson’s performance was funds available for various projects, including
at your life, assessed it and dealt with some of questioned by then Council Chair Tom one for a particular developer in which the
the underlying issues? AFRO: You did something that was, Dernoga, D-Dist. 1, and County Executive DHCD had secured $1.5 million in HOME
LM: The only reason that I was able to perhaps, improbable to some people which Rushern Baker, who was then on the campaign funding.
survive and flourish and become as successful was to make Clarence Thomas into a sexual trail. They both thought a change in leadership “Why don’t me and you go to his
as I was, was because I, throughout my entire creature – and you were pretty descriptive. was necessary. “Failing to secure those dollars house together ... so he can’t wiggle out of
life, had been engaged in a constant search So, why take the chance in terms of giving is like forgetting to dial 911 when your home [anything],” Jack Johnson said. “We’ll go one
of how to live my life, how to view myself in all those details and airing your time and life is burning down,” Rushern L. Baker told the night next week. Then we’ll do 1.5 and you
relation to other people and how to become together? Washington Post. “One in 24 homeowners and I should get five hundred together.
the kind of a person that I had some kind LM: Well, what chance do you think it is? face foreclosure in our county; it’s an “If I can get myself about three hundred,
of respect for. So it was really a long-term The chance that I would be ridiculed or hated administrative tragedy when we fail to capture I’ll be in good shape.”
process of finding these means by which to or that I would be despised or judged to be a every dollar we can.” James Johnson hasn’t been charged with
figure out how to live my life. slut? [LAUGHS.] Is that the chance that we’re James Johnson’s survival through the anything and federal authorities haven’t
talking about here? [LAUGHS.] controversies may have become clearer when commented on his involvement.
A6 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011

Community Calendar
March 3-13 March 4 Center, 1333 H St., N.E. D.C. D.C. 7:30-9:30 p.m. In this Robinson High School, Quest: Five Stages on the
Washington D.C. Café Groove For Teens 6-7 p.m. Witness this mash- thought provoking dance 5035 Sideburn Road, Fairfax, Road to Romance
Independent Music Festival Publick Playhouse, 5445 up of poetry, dance and live musical, learn how today’s Va. 12 p.m. The Psi Alpha The Bridge, The Majestic
2011 Landover Road, Cheverly, Md. music that tells the story of youths are challenged by Alpha chapter of Omega Psi Movie Theater, 900 Ellsworth
Various locations. The 7 p.m. In this monthly teen a young woman’s coming of decades of troubles and find Phi will host their annual talent Drive, Silver Spring, Md.
annual Washington D.C. program, experience the mix age story. $15-$20. For more out how you can break the hunt, hosted by the Robinson 9-11:15 a.m. In this message
Independent Music Festival of dance, poetry and visual art information: 202-399-7993. chains. $20-$25. For more Minority Student Association. series, learn where you are
will run with the annual film from local youths. For more information: 202-388-1274. Guests are urged to bring at on the road to romance
festival and spotlight the information: 301-446-3232. ‘When Will It End? Slavery least one canned food item. and discover strategies that
flourishing local music scene. Now, Slavery Then’ March 5 For more information: 703- will help you navigate to
For more information: dciff. Paige In Full Kelly Miller Middle Omega Psi Phi Annual 489-6467. where you want to be. For
org. Atlas Performing Arts School, 301 49th St., N.E. Talent Hunt more information: www.

Chocolate Lovers Festival

Old Town Fairfax, Main
St. and University Drive,
Fairfax, Va. 8 a.m.-10 p.m.
Tantalize your sweet tooth
at this event that celebrates
all things chocolate. For
more information: www.
Love 2 Dance Summit
Joe’s Movement
Emporium, 3309 Bunker Hill
Road, Mt. Rainier, Md. 9 a.m.
Celebrate your love of dance
with the community at this
fun-filled day of workshops,
performances and more. For
more information: 301-699-
To shop, explore & more, 1819.
March 7
NOBCO HIV Awareness
Washington Marriott

Estée Lauder Wardman Park Hotel,

2660 Woodley Road, N.W.
D.C. 10 a.m. The National

free 7-pc. gift

Organization of Black County
Officials (NOBCO) will host
an HIV awareness session
for more than 100 future
One free gift /bonus per customer, while supplies last. leaders during the Annual
Legislative Conference of

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MOISTURIZER Club Liv, 11th and U
streets, N.W. D.C. Bring
some Bourbon Street flavor
to D.C. in this Mardi Gras
celebration. $10-$15. For more
information: mardigrasdc2011.

March 11
Shaquille O’Neal Presents
the All Star Comedy Jam
Lincoln Theatre, 1215
U St., N.W. D.C. 8 p.m.
Comedians Corey Holcomb,
Aries Spears, Michael
Blackson and Henry Welch

come to D.C. for this night
THEN, of laughs. $33-$73. For more
CHOOSE information: 202-397-7328.
Wellness Works!
Greater Mt. Calvary Holy
Church, 610 Rhode Island
Ave., N.E. D.C. 10 a.m.-2 p.m.
WARM & SUNNY COOL & FRESH Learn how to lead a happier,
healthier life through stress
reduction, exercise and healthy
eating at this workshop series
for the entire family. For more
information: 202-889-7296.

GET MORE: AKA Women and Girls’

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Together, both gifts total Girls’ Conference featuring
a $140 value. workshops, panel discussions
and more. For more
information and to register:

March 12-13
Travel and Adventure Show
Returns to D.C.
Washington Convention
Center, 801 Mount Vernon
Place, N.W. D.C. Various
times. Exhibitors from a wide
variety of exotic and exciting
destinations across the world
will display thousands of
travel opportunities, ideal
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Advertised merchandise may not be carried at your local Macy’s & selection may vary by store. Prices & merchandise may differ on
Shop, share and 1020456
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March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011, The Afro-American A7

Assault on Unions is an Attack on
Basic Civil Rights right of workers to organize and bargain
( collectively.
– It looks like “Cairo has Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin, a
come to Madison,” said self-described “Tea Party governor,” leads
conservative Republican the most egregious of these efforts. Upon
Rep. Paul Ryan, as 50,000 election, he signed into law millions in
citizens took over the state’s tax breaks for business. Then, pointing to
Capitol building. He got the the budget crisis, he demanded not only
spirit right, but the location harsh concessions from public workers
wrong. In Madison, folks — dramatic hikes in what they pay for
wearing Packers jerseys stand pensions and health care — but crippling
together with folks wearing limits on their right to negotiate, limits on
Bears colors. Madison is any pay increases and an annual vote to
Rev. Jesse Jackson this generation’s Selma, the see if the union survives. As if to flaunt
Sr. epicenter for the modern his power grab, he exempted the unions
battle for basic human rights. — police and firefighters — that endorsed
In 1965, the drive for basic him in the election.
voting rights was stalled in the U.S. Senate. President Johnson The right to organize, to bargain
pushed Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. to stop demonstrating. collectively and to strike are basic human
Instead, Dr. King went to Selma. Selma was not a big city, but it rights enshrined in international law. To
held a mirror to the nation. There, on Bloody Sunday, peaceful this day, the U.S. champions independent free trade unions civil rights movement, people of conscience are holding vigils
demonstrators were met with dogs, clubs and hoses, and touched across the world — even as Walker and his ilk seek to crush and protests in support. This is a Martin Luther King moment.
the conscience of a nation. Two days later, Johnson, invoking them at home. With the U.S. suffering more extreme inequality The effort by the governor and his right-wing allies to divide
the famous words, “We shall overcome,” introduced the Voting than Egypt, and the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens private sector workers from public sector workers is an old
Rights Act. Five months later it was signed into law. United giving corporations and billionaires a free pass to distort trick. In the South, race was used to divide. The tricks perfected
Today, the assault on basic rights is accelerating. The our elections, unions are virtually the only counter that workers in the South — right-to-work laws, barriers to unions — are
economic collapse caused by the gambols of Wall Street have. That’s why the right has targeted unions; that is why now coming north.
destabilizes public budgets at every level, as tax receipts every citizen has a stake in their survival. Madison, like Selma, is not a major city. It isn’t Chicago or
plummet and expenses caused by unemployment rise. Yet In Wisconsin, the public employees accepted the harsh New York or Los Angeles. And it isn’t Cairo. It is the epicenter
Wall Street gets bailed out, and working and poor people are concessions demanded by the governor, but rejected the attack of the battle for America’s democracy, and it is as American as
squeezed to pay to clean up their mess. on their basic rights. Teachers, nurses and other public workers Lexington, Concord, Gettysburg, Montgomery and Selma.
In states across the country, conservatives have used this stood up. Democratic state legislators left the state, blocking
occasion to assail public workers and their unions. They the effort to ram the legislation through. Students, ministers and The Rev. Jesse Jackson is a civil rights leader, former
demand not only rollback of pay and benefits, but push laws to progressives rallied to their side. The demonstrations are now presidential candidate and president of the Rainbow/PUSH
cripple — if not ban — public employee unions, destroying the entering their second week. Across the country, just as in the Coalition.

‘To Be Equal’
The Growth of Black-Owned Businesses: Entrepreneurship by Necessity
“I had to make my hair care and cosmetics business that revolutionized the beauty number of Black-owned businesses, annual sales increased by
own living and my own products industry, created good paying jobs, and made her a 55 percent to $137.5 billion.
opportunity! But I made it! wealthy woman and philanthropist. I recently called on federal, state and local governments
Don’t sit down and wait for Like Madam C.J. Walker, many African Americans may to develop a “hyper-focus” on Black- and minority-owned
the opportunities to come. have turned to entrepreneurship in the years covered by the businesses. Every city, county, and state needs to have a plan
Get up and make them!” Census Bureau study because of high unemployment in our that focuses on small and minority business. There is a spirit
– Madam C.J. Walker, communities. The fact is Black unemployment never got back of entrepreneurship out there that needs to be nurtured and
trailblazing African-American down to where it was before the recession in 2001. So in effect, energized.
businesswoman. what we are seeing is a bit of entrepreneurship by necessity. While the Census Bureau report is generally good news,
we know that Black businesses
There is a silver lining in still make up only 7 percent of
the dark cloud of the great “Black-owned businesses are also often hampered in their all companies and they tend to
recession. A new Census be smaller and have lower gross
Marc H. Morial Bureau report reveals that revenue growth by a lack of capital, connections and contracts.” receipts than other businesses.
from 2002 to 2007 the number Black-owned businesses are also
of Black-owned businesses in the United States increased There’s also an economic independent streak, particularly often hampered in their revenue growth by a lack of capital,
by 60.5 percent to 1.9 million – more than triple the national among emerging generations in the Black community. Building connections and contracts.
rate. According to Census Bureau Deputy Director Thomas a business gives great satisfaction and cushions them from the What I hope this report says loudly and clearly to the
Mesenbourg, “Black-owned businesses continued to be one of shock of losing jobs because of economic down cycles. investment community is that you are missing an emerging
the fastest growing segments of our economy, showing rapid New York State leads the country with more than 204,000 market in the United States. If minority businesses are growing
growth in both the number of businesses and total sales during Black-owned businesses, followed by Georgia and Florida at a faster clip than overall businesses, imagine what the growth
this time period.” respectively. From 2002 to 2007, nearly four in 10 of these rate would be if those barriers were eliminated or lowered.
The reasons for this are many, beginning with the long businesses operated in the health care and social assistance; We need the investor community to look at this report and
history of African-American entrepreneurship in response to and repair, maintenance, personal and laundry services sectors. recognize that they are missing an incredible opportunity.
poverty, high unemployment and discrimination. Consider the The retail trade and health care and social assistance sectors
case of Madam C.J. Walker, the daughter of slaves who, in the accounted for 27.4 percent of Black-owned business revenue. Marc H. Morial is the president and CEO of the National
early 1900s, turned her dream of financial independence into a The survey also found that in addition to an increase in the Urban League.

Running on Crazy If Tunisia kicked down the air bombings of a French airliner over Niger and of a Pan by security forces on June 28 and 29, 1996 in Abu Salim prison,
door of the Arab imagination Am airliner over Lockerbie, Scotland. Once he compensated Tripoli. It wasn’t until 2004 that Gadhafi publicly admitted to
by showing it was possible to families who lost relatives in those attacks, Gadhafi became the Abu Salim killings. Relatives of the murdered men have
topple a dictator, Egypt drew persona grata and money and business deals came and went refused compensation in place of judicial process.
a blueprint of non-violence along with high-level dignitaries. One of Gadhafi’s crimes that I was aware of during my visit
for the house of revolution Gadhafi was a guest of the leaders of Italy and France and was the disappearance of former Libyan foreign minister turned
that detailed how to demolish former British Prime Minister Tony Blair — with businessmen dissident Mansour Kikhia. Egyptian agents abducted Kikhia
a stubbornly entrenched in tow of course — visited Libya soon after Gadhafi’s during a visit to Cairo in December 1993 while attending a
dictator and now in Libya a rehabilitation. meeting of an Arab human rights organization he had helped
mad man is trying to burn Oil, business and arms deals have always trumped the rights found. Kikhia had asked for Egyptian security protection while
down the entire house rather of the Libyan people who long suffered his crimes yet rarely in Cairo but agents of now toppled Egyptian dictator Hosni
than face eviction. if ever saw compensation let alone the same attention and Mubarak’s regime handed Kikhia over to agents of Gadhafi’s
For 42 years, Col. condemnation as that of the crimes that kept Libya a “pariah” regime, who spirited the dissident to Libya, where he is believed
Mona Eltahawy Moammar Gadhafi’s antics state for so long — until Gadhafi learned to bribe the world’s to have executed and buried in the Libyan desert.
have blinded too many to a conscience into forgetting. I interviewed his wife Baha Omary Kikhia in 1994 as she
brutality they finally see on full display as he desperately tries I visited Libya in September 1996 for the 27th anniversary visited the region trying to find out what had happened to her
to quash the most serious uprising against his rule. If too many of the “revolution” — a military coup that a 27-year-old Gadhafi husband. I think of her now as I hear many Libyans I know
chose to not see, Libyans have known all too well. led to topple the monarchy and since which he has ruled. Some whose relatives have been disappeared in Libya wonder if
Half the struggle for Libyans has surely been getting the were optimistic that Gadhafi’s “revolution” could herald a new they’re still alive, hoping for the best as they hear of Gadhafi’s
world to move beyond “Gadhafi the Clown,” a role he seems to Libya but it didn’t take long for his brutality to stamp out any all-out attempt to quash the uprising.
have uninhibitedly embraced. Who hasn’t been distracted by the such hopes. And so I watch in awe at the breathtaking courage of
eclectic wardrobe, the Kalashnikov-armed female bodyguards, During the 1970s, police and security forces arrested Libyans, rising up again — it is an insult to think this is the first
and the tents he would pitch at home and abroad for talks with hundreds of Libyans who opposed Gadhafi or those the time, for they long have resisted Gadhafi’s tyranny and bloody
officials. authorities feared could oppose his rule: violent suppression crackdowns on dissent.
A source of embarrassment for Libyans, Gadhafi has never of student demonstrations, imprisonment and disappearances The Tunisian revolution left every Arab dictator in fear,
been a joke: disappearances, a police state, zero freedom of of every political and social group you can imagine from Egypt’s toppling of Mubarak left them terrified — even one of
expression and poverty for at least a third of the population of academics to journalists, Trotskyists to members of the Muslim the U.S.’ best allies in the region could fall. And here they watch
country tremendously wealthy thanks to oil. Brotherhood, all labeled “enemies of the revolution.” In case a psychopathic dictator unleash his full horror on pro-freedom
For years, Gadhafi squandered that wealth on causes and anyone questioned Gadhafi’s bloodlust, there were even a demonstrators and still fail to terrify them into submission. The
radical violence abroad that he chose because they epitomized number of televised public hangings and mutilations of political Italian foreign minister has said reports that 1,000 people have
the “enemy of my enemy is my friend” school of diplomacy. In opponents, rights groups say. been killed in seven days of uprising are credible.
2003, just as the U.S. became mired in Iraq and its non-existent In the 1980s authorities introduced a policy of extrajudicial The price of toppling Gadhafi will be steep. But Libyans will
weapons of destruction, Gadhafi realized no one was scared executions of political opponents abroad, termed “stray dogs.” topple him and in doing so they will bring down with him the
of him anymore and voluntarily gave up his weapons of mass What is believed to be the bloodiest act of internal repression castles of fear our dictators thought they had fortified.
destruction programs. under Gadhafi’s rule occurred just a few months before I arrived
When the world has paid attention to his crimes it has in Tripoli with a group of journalist from Cairo. Very few, if any You can read more from Mona Eltahawy at www.
invariably been to those against non-Libyans such as the mid- of us, knew though. More than 1,000 prisoners were shot dead
A8 The
The Afro-American,
Afro-American, March
March 5,
5, 2011
2011 -- March
March 11,
5, 2011

Ben’s Chili Bowl Commemorated in Exhibit Abandoned

By Tia Lewis
Special to the AFRO
director of George Washington
University’s Special Collections
Research Center, speaking about
There is, perhaps, no name more the uniqueness of Ben’s. “Unlike Continued from A1
synonymous with Washington, D.C., than corporation that may have a room Despite the previous headway it has made on
Ben’s Chili Bowl. Known for its half smokes full of files this is a family where the foreclosure issue, Prince George’s continues
and spicy chili, the 53-year-old restaurant has you will find things in their home, to struggle with the menace. The county still leads
been a pillar on the U Street corridor since in their office spaces so as you the state with over 700 foreclosure properties
its opening and is now being preserved and are cleaning up you will find for a rate of 1 in every 456 housing units. In
celebrated in an exhibit at George Washington something related to the business.” comparison, Montgomery County has only 157
Dr. Raiford credits the longevity foreclosed properties, 1 in 2,325; Baltimore City
of the restaurant to “perseverance has 140, 1 in 2,102; and Baltimore County 117;
Community members peruse the and community interaction,” while 1 in 2,804.Dorchester County rates second in the
Ben’s Chili Bowl exhibit at George Dr. Demczuk uses the old adage, state with 1 in 1,036 housing units.
Washington University’s Gelman “what goes around, comes around” “We’re still dealing with a pressing economic
Library. to qualify Ben’s endurance. crisis that we’re slowly coming out of,” said
“This concept of if you give Councilman Mel Franklin, D-Dist. 9. “We’re still
Photos by William Atkins / The George
back to the community, if you are dealing with the effects of the foreclosure crisis
Washington University. part of the community, if you do good, it good that has particularly impacted Prince George’s
will come back,” Demczuk said. It rings true, County and the budget.”
as “in 53 years, Ben’s has never been robbed.” Despite majority support for the proposed
Even with such an extensive record of legislation, not all members of the council agree
success and giving back to the community, that this is the way to go on the issue. “That’s a
Ben’s treasure is still its food. “They brought touchy subject,” said Councilwoman Karen Toles,
the American ideal food, the hotdog, and what D-Dist. 7. “I do know that it’s a big issue and we
Virginia Ali, Ben Ali’s widow views they’ve done is introduced new culture by have to attack it in some way, but I don’t know
the display case holding pieces from adding chili to it. It’s the Trinidadian culture the best way to do that as of yet.”
the Ben’s Chili Bowl collection at meets America,” added Dr. Raiford. “It’s a This would be the second time county officials
GW’s Gelman library. good example of differences coming together confronted the issue of abandoned properties. A
to make something great.” law passed in 2009 requires foreclosed properties
University’s Estelle and Melvin Gelman Ben Ali’s children have continued to add be registered with the county. Under CB-11-
Library. on to the legacy. The eatery has since added 2009, debtors must register a property within five
Located on the seventh floor of the Ben’s Next Door, which touts a different menu calendar days of filing an order or complaint to
Africana Research Center, the display but maintains the Chili Bowl atmosphere, and foreclose a residential property in the county.
shows information such as payroll a visitors’ center above it. Ben’s Chili Bowl The debtor would be charged $50 for each day
records from the eatery and photos of Members of the Ali Family view the display also has a location at Washington National
case holding pieces from the Ben’s Chili Bowl that the notice is not filed.
its famous patrons, including President Stadium and an online store. However, under the new law, misdemeanor
Barack Obama, Bill Cosby and former collection at GW’s Gelman Library. From front “We are looking into retailing, franchising
to back: Sage Ali, Virgina Ali, Vida Ali and charges could be filled on anyone who remains
District Mayor Adrian Fenty. The and expanding all the gifts Washingtonians negligent. County council members would prefer
archives give visitors a glimpse into Sonya Ali. have given us,” says Nazim Ali. “[We will that civil penalties be given instead of jail time.
the life of the late proprietor and famed restaurant in the city. It’s a reflection of continue to look for] the opportunity to do
restaurateur, Ben Ali and the growing legacy America’s progress,” Demczuk said. more with what [we] have been given.”
of the Ali family.
Dr. Bernard Demczuk, assistant vice
president of the District of Columbia Relation
In 1958, Ben and Virginia Ali used $5,000
to begin renovating a building at 1213 U St.
Ali said he is thankful and glad to share the
legacy of his father and the restaurant through
which is now the historic landmark, according the exhibit. “It feels incredible. I am happy
Suitland High
Continued from A1
at George Washington University and friend to the restaurant’s website. Even during that the history of Ben’s and the family will
of the Ali family, categorizes the restaurant’s challenging periods such the 1960s riots, the continue to be available for students, scholars them to help get through the budget process.
success and its founder’s roots as “the city’s drug epidemic in the mid 1970s, and and historians for years to come.” “We need your ideas, we need your thoughts
American Dream.” the late-1980s’ U Street Metro renovation, the The exhibit at George Washington and we need your prayers,” said Councilman Mel
“If you think about it, this is the great family-owned eatery has kept its doors open. University will be open until mid-summer. Franklin, D-Dist. 9. “We look forward to serving
American story. You got segregation in “This is a business that’s 50 years old. This For information, go to you. This is a customer service business and you
Washington in the ‘50s and now look at it is a business that’s stayed in one place for To purchase food or gifts from Ben’s, visit the are our customer. We look forward to this process
today. You got probably the most diverse this time,” said Dr. Meredith Evans Raiford, website at and hearing much, much more from you.”


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March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011, The Afro-American B1

Photos by Rob Roberts

he Congressional Black Caucus Foundation (CBCF) honoured Black History Month by hosting the Second Annual Avoice Heritage
Celebration on Feb. 9, at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Nortwest Washington, D.C. Reps. Chaka Fattah from Pennsylvania and
Donna Edwards of Maryland co-emceed the evening along with mistress of ceremonies Andrea Roane, WUSA-TV morning Honoree Ronald Dellums
Rep. Donald Payne anchor. The dinner and awards program honored the following for their work in preserving African-American legislative with Andrea Roane.
(D-N.J.), CBCF chair, history and for their commitment to cultivating minority civic engagement, public discourse on African-American history, or the
speaks to the guests. preservation of important historic artifacts through philanthropic or programmatic support: Distinguished Individual Award to
Debra Newman Ham, Ph.D., a specialist in African-American history and culture and currently a professor of history at
Morgan State University; CBC Member Preservation Award to former Rep. Ronald Dellums, one of the 13 founding
members of the Congressional Black Caucus and former mayor of Oakland, Calif., and Distinguished Corporation
Award to the Coca-Cola Co., in recognition for its long history of recognizing the role of African-American
history through its outreach and communication strategy. The intimate evening also served as a fundraiser
for Avoice: African American Voices In Congress. The Avoice Virtual Library is a premier source of
information about historical and contemporary African-American policy issues important Rep. Donna Edwards (D-
to researchers, academics, educators and students. “African American members of Md.) and Dr. Elsie Scott,
Congress have helped shape this nation through legislation that has enhanced the president/CEO, CBCF Inc.
American experience for all,” said Rep. Donald M. Payne, D-N.J., CBCF chairman.
Rep. James Clyburn (D-S.C.) “Capturing and preserving the history of the litany of contributions are
and Rep. Donna Edwards Former CBC member Ronald essential to understanding our history, the history of
(D-Md.). Dellums received the CBCF the nation and to preserve the legacy of change
Member Preservation Award
by African-American members
from Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.) Rev. Walter Fauntroy and
of Congress for future
Rep. John Lewis (D- Ga.).

Former CBC
Rep. John Lewis presents the member Ronald WUSA9 News Now morning
Distinguished Corporation Award Dellums, stand- anchor, Andrea Roane, holds up
Louis Scott, Dr. Elsie Scott and Rev. Walter to Norman Ross, director, Federal ing, greets a the Avoice award.
Fauntroy, former CBC member/D.C. delegate. Government Affairs, The Coca Cola fellow Caucus
Co.; as Andrea Roane looks on. founder Rep.
John Conyers

Rep. Donald Payne(D-N.J.), Rep. Chaka Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas), Ronald
Fattah(D-Pa.) and Rep. Emanuel Cleaver Dellums, Preservation Award recipient, Rep.
III (D-Mo.), chairman, Donna Edwards (D-Md.) and Rep. Donna M.
Congressional Black Caucus. Christensen (D-V.I.).

Members of the CBC with the honorees, Norman Ross, Ronald Dellums
and Dr. Debra Newman Ham along with Dr. Elsie Scott (far right).
Rep. Edwards presents the Distinguished
Rep. James Clyburn (2nd, right) with some Individual Award to Dr. Debra Newman
congressional interns: Amilca O' Conner, Prince Ham, professor of history, Morgan State
Sefa-Boakye and Camille Migirt. University; Andrea Roane looks on.

Photos Courtesy PNC Bank

Eugene Robinson
listens as Dr. Khalil
Gibran Muhammad
describes his plans
for the 80-year-old
Schomburg Center.

Greater Washington Board of Trade VP for Government Relations, Daniel

Flores; PNC Bank Regional President Michael N. Harreld; GEICO VP of Terri Copeland, community development market manager,
Public Affairs Rynthia Rost; Washington Post Associate Editor Eugene PNC Bank; Dr. Khalil Gibran Muhammad; and Debra Stepp,
Robinson; and PNC Bank Retail Market Executive Richard Bynum. ASALH member.

ore than 150 business and community leaders on Muhammad, 38, is currently history professor at Indiana
Feb. 15 attended PNC Bank’s Black History Month University and is the author of an acclaimed interpretive
gumbo, Hoppin’ John, mac-and-cheese and collard green
event, featuring keynote speaker Dr. Khalil Gibran book in African-American studies, The Condemnation of
rolls – all catered by Le’Jon Williams of Catering by Chef.
Muhammad, the incoming director of The Schomburg Center Blackness: Race, Crime, and the Making of Modern Urban
Attendees also were entered into a raffle to win a copy of
for Research in Black Culture at the The New York Public America, published by Harvard University Press. A great-
Dr. Muhammad’s book, or Eugene Robinson’s new book,
Library. The talk, entitled “Looking Backward, Moving grandson of Elijah Muhammad, Dr. Muhammad was selected
Disintegration: The Splintering of Black America. The event
Forward: Why Black History Matters More Than Ever in the from a pool of more than 200 candidates to succeed Howard
was held at PNC Place, the bank’s beautiful new regional
Age of Obama,” was moderated by the Washington Post’s Dodson Jr. as the next director of The
headquarters in downtown Washington, D.C.
Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Eugene Robinson. Dr. Schomburg Center, the world’s leading
repository of the global Black
experience. In addition to
enjoying the talk, guests were
treated to a lovely cocktail
reception comprised of

Corey A. Griffin, president and CEO, 2GIP; Adrena Ifill, DoubleBack Productions, Maria Nagorski, executive director, Fair Chance; Tina Campanella, executive
LLC; Sylvia Cyrus, executive director, Association for the Study of African director, Quality Trust for Individuals with Disabilities; Dr. Carolyn B. Rudd,
American Life and History (ASALH); and Robert Stanton, senior advisor to the president & CEO, CRP, Inc.; and Liz Cammack, director of development, Quality
secretary, U.S. Department of the Interior. Trust for Individuals with Disabilities.

David Bowers,
vice president
and Washington,
D.C., impact
PNC VP of Corporate market leader
Communications Sonia for Enterprise
McCormick holds the Community
fishbowl while Eugene Partners, poses Rynthia Rost, VP of Public Affairs, GEICO; Barbara Lang, president/CEO, DC
Robinson selects the a question to the Chamber of Commerce; Andrew Russell, executive VP, PNC Bank; Gerald Lang;
winner. speakers. and Angie Fox, president/CEO, Crystal City Business Improvement District.
B2 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011

Local Stationary Company Caters to People of Color
By Stephen D. Riley
AFRO Staff Writer

Allyson Yuille doesn’t look quite like Martha Stewart.

Her skin is a tad darker, her lips a bit fuller and her style of
dress somewhat different, but her ambitions remain the same.
The Los Angeles native made the near 2,700-mile trek from
the West Coast to the East, arriving in Washington, D.C. in
2006 before transforming herself into one of today’s most
interesting entrepreneurs. In February, Yuille launched Sweet
Potato Paper, a stationary company that provides customized
lines of invitations for people of color just in time to
coordinate with Black History Month.
Although the company is still fresh, Yuille’s craving for
Sweet Potato Paper actually began in 2009, when she was
busy planning her own wedding. After scavenging through
several invitations trying to find a Harlem Renaissance theme,
all that the 31-year-old could find were conventional invites.
“From family reunions to anything that had to do with people
of color what I found was really stereotypical,” Yuille said. “It
was either outdated or had some sort of fist or Kente cloth.”
From there, Yuille took matters into her own hands.
She gave up her search and simply styled her own invites,
prompting a clamoring from friends and family who also
wanted more personalized invitations. With a background
as an advertising and marketing director, Yuille applied her Courtesy Photos Sweet Potato Paper offers stationary for every occasion.
efforts and intuitiveness to her new craft. “I taught myself how In February Maryland resident Allyson Yuille launched event.”
to do a lot of different things by reading different books and Sweet Potato Paper, a stationary company that provides Sweet Potato Paper has a chance to be a trendsetter. With a
using it surprisingly to learn a lot of the design software that’s customized lines of invitations for people of color. name and service that’s unique among its peers, staying power
out there.” seems certain for the newborn business. Perhaps its arrival
The illustrations for Sweet Potato Paper serve several falls just in time for a wakeup call to stationary companies
business women over the past few years.
multi-cultural celebrations. From Día de los Muertos to everywhere. “We’re not the minority anymore,” Yuille added.
“My whole goal is I really want to be, and I hope this
Christmas, the stationary company’s range of diverse “The number of Latinos and African Americans together make
makes sense, like an urban Martha Stewart,” Yuille said. “I
invitations is unmatched. Since its launching, things have up a majority of America but yet there’s not a lot of things out
want to be the person who can talk about hostessing parties but
gone “really well” for Sweet Potato Paper without any there for us.”
focused on the different types of parties for people of color. I
major advertisement. Although business has blossomed so
want to do that for every culture: just really highlight the way
far, Yuille’s plans for success aren’t finished. She has a goal For more information Sweet Potato Paper visit www.
that they celebrate and how invitations and different things
in mind and it’s modeled after one of the most successful
can be used to successfully promote that particular culture’s

When Will the Financial Tide Turn Towards Average Consumers?

Survey Finds Hopes High Among Wealthy, But Still Low Among Working Households
By Charlene Crowell University of Michigan have to its highest level in three than negative economic Unfortunately, the same the survey to more favorable
NNPA Columnist tracked consumer trends and years.  For the first time in developments.”  cannot be said for many job and income prospects
opinions.  In their most recent more than six years according Also, a new report consumers and homeowners among upper income
For more than 60 years, survey, released recently, to the survey, “consumers from the Federal Deposit with mortgages. For households.
Thomsen Reuters and the consumer confidence rose reported hearing more positive Insurance Corporation (FDIC) example, while consumer Another example: a new
examined bank profits.  In confidence is climbing, it report from the Mortgage
the last quarter of 2010, isn’t rising equally across all Bankers Association
lending institutions covered households.  The Reuters/ shows that the number of
by this federal regulatory University of Michigan study homeowners currently in
agency netted $21.7 billion.  found that confidence in the some stage of the foreclosure
Moreover, 62 percent of these economy rose by nearly 10 process increased during the
institutions reported growth percent among consumer third quarter of 2010.  As a
in their quarterly net income households with earnings of result, more than five million
from a year ago.  Compared $75,000 or more.  But, among homeowners with mortgages
to their $1.8 billion net loss lower income households, that are 60 days or more
in the fourth quarter of 2009, confidence fell by 1.4 delinquent remain at risk of
it is clear that banks are in a percent.  This difference in foreclosure.
recovery mode. perspective was attributed by The financial troubles fall
more heavily on communities
of color too.  For example,
a 2010 CRL research report,
found for every 100 African-
American homeowners,
11 have either lost their
Lt. Col. A. Phillip Waite, Commander and Conductor homes or at imminent risk
of foreclosure.  For Latino
families, the figures are
even worse – 17 of every
100 Latino homeowners are
affected by foreclosures. 
These widespread
foreclosures have drained
an estimated $350 billion
from communities of
color.  Additionally, alternative
financial services such as auto
Sunday, March 6 title and payday loan stores
are heavily concentrated in
Lonestar these same communities of
color.  And, in these highly-
visible neighborhoods, the
Country Music Rockers people who frequent them
with become poorer from the high
fees assessed.
Guest Emcee Jenni Chase In 2011 and beyond if
98.7/WMZQ Today’s Country these troublesome trends
continue, they will worsen
the racial wealth gaps that
are already too broad.  The
Institute on Assets and
Social Policy (IASP), part of
Brandeis University’s Heller
School for Social Policy
and Management, reported
last year that the wealth gap
between Whites and Blacks
was now $95,000, compared
to $20,000 in 1984. 
It seems that while some
been accomplished, there is
Concert begin at 3 p.m.; Doors open at 2 p.m. accomplished.
A UNIVERSAL RELEASE 18th & D Streets, NW, Washington, D.C. the Center for Responsible
Lending’s communications

Nearest Metro: Farragut North

manager for state policy
, For more information, please call our concert line: and outreach. She can be
CHECK LOCAL LISTINGS FOR THEATERS AND SHOWTIMES 202-767-5658 or visit our website: reached at Charlene.crowell@
MOBILE USERS: For Showtimes - Text ADJUSTMENT with your ZIP CODE to 43KIX (43549)!
March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011, The Afro-American B3

Guitarist of Legendary Go-go Band Talks New Career in Pop, Rock

By Gregory Dale humbling to meet people from other cultures when I traveled there before and we just started writing. It was a good vibe
AFRO Staff Writer the world meeting people from the music and movie because it was away from everything else. Then after we ran
[industries]. It was also grueling at the same time because it’s out of money, we came home and had all these pop tunes that
Go-go music may have been what originally spurred a lot that people don’t see outside of what they see on stage we wrote. We then met other people who were interested in
guitarist Valentino Jackson’s career, but his distinct versatility and on television. working with us. So that’s how that basically came about.
didn’t allow him to stay moored to the genre for long.
After picking up a guitar at just 4 years old, the Maryland AFRO: It’s safe to say that “Da’ Butt” is E.U.’s signature AFRO: You’re among the godfathers of Go-Go music,
native got his start playing with local bands across the song. Explain the creation of that track. with Chuck Brown, Rare Essence and a few others. What are
Washington, D.C. region before he even hit 13. While in VJ: Well, Spike Lee came to the 930 Club [where we were your thoughts about Go-Go today?
junior high school, Jackson joined the Experience Unlimited performing] and said, “I want you guys in my movie.” We VJ: Go-Go has changed considerably, from back in the
Band (E.U.) and the group performed at various clubs across were like, “Who’s this little short guy?” [Laughs]. We had no day with Chuck Brown, Rare Essence and Trouble Funk.
the area. Though the band drew a sizeable following in their idea that it was really him. But our lawyers were there and Most of those groups still perform but play music more so
hometown, they experienced tremendous success after their they did the research and sure enough, it was. Then, Marcus for the “grown and sexy” crowd – the people who grew up
performance of “Da’ Butt” in the Spike Lee “joint” School Miller, who wrote for Luther Vandross, wrote the song and around our era. [Older audiences] appreciate going to those
Daze. Jackson later went on to pursue pop music and worked collaborated with us. Marcus was a great guy. We really shows because we’re playing music that they’re familiar
with a bevy of notable artists. He was inducted into the Rock enjoyed working with him. with, along with the Go-Go flavor. But at the same time, they
and Roll and Go-Go Halls of Fame. wouldn’t dare see some of these younger groups – no offense
Now, Jackson, 55, is a member of the pop/rock group AFRO: Explain your crossover into pop music. Was it to Backyard and other bands – because they act like a bunch
NYC. The group recently released their first single “Dance something that you always wanted to pursue? of wild animals. I respect them as musicians but at the same
My Tears Away,” which was distributed by the Sony Red VJ: I’m very broad-minded with music. I’m not just time, they’re stuck in that realm. I look at it and say, “Wow, it
label. The AFRO spoke to Jackson about his career and his looking for one particular style or sound. At an early age, really has changed.”
plans with the group. I started playing rock and roll, so I knew the technique in
how to capture those sounds. Then, I ran into another band AFRO: So what’s up next for you and NYC?
AFRO: You got started with E.U. while you were still in member who played with the group Starpoint, and he also VJ: Right now, we’re just letting this single run its course.
high school. What was that experience like, being with this joined our band. We would collaborate from time to time We have another single with E.U. called “Shake the Snake”
band at such a young age? and [we became close]. After we finished the tour, we got that should be out in June at the latest.
VJ: It was a humbling experience for me. It was very on a plane and flew to South Beach, Fla. We had never been

Homecoming Comes Early for Two Famed MICA Alums

By Kristin Gray On an uncharacteristically Salvador and an ornate bust of anything and they’d say, ‘Oh, which he admits is “not easy”
AFRO Managing Editor mild February afternoon, the late rapper Tupac are only that’s a student that’s really to do, “but it’s for my school.”
celebrity makeup artist Reggie a fraction of the artwork on into art.’ We spread love; Perhaps best known as
The Maryland Institute Wells and famed “alter ego” display. thank God it was the ‘60s, a the tour de force behind
College of Art’s campus is photographer Derek Blanks It’s a legacy of time when you could spread media mogul Oprah’s glam
bustling with individuality returned to their alma mater, craftsmanship and creativity love. So they were smoking squad, Wells is the author of
and a hodgepodge of which at 185 years old is one that Wells, a 1971 graduate, is and spreading love at the makeup how-to guide Face
students fully immersed of the nation’s oldest and fiercely proud of. same time.” Painting and his work has
in myriad forms of artistic most prestigious art schools. “The biggest honor I can He lets loose a hearty appeared on the covers of
expression. Within minutes, Walking through the maze- ever give is to come back laugh that echoes down the Essence magazine 108 times.
it’s apparent that cliques and like hallways of the Eddie to this school and give a empty hallway before adding, Most recently, he debuted the
social pecking orders have and Sylvia Brown Center, speech…I was so blessed to “I felt really comfortable here cosmetics line Hissyfit, which
little room at the Bolton Hill Wells absorbed the mash- get a four-year scholarship,” and not overwhelmed.” aims to take the mystery
neighborhood school, where up of student artwork that said Wells as he reflected on The school’s Black out of flawless makeup
students with rainbow-colored lines nearly every surface of his time at MICA. “Because Student Union is gearing up application.
locks or a face pocked with the window-laden building. we were artists, you could for its annual benefit fashion Not bad for a “little
piercings fail to raise an Today, multi-hued patchwork, be a fool, you could be show in April and the two colored boy from Pulaski
Photo by Courtney A. Bonaparte
eyebrow. pastoral images from El outspoken, you could do Celebrity makeup artist notable alumni are back to Street.”
and Baltimore native direct a promotional photo “I’ve got 36 years in the

Ford Theatre’s ‘History on Foot’ Reggie Wells preps a

model during a recent
shoot. The Emmy Award-
winning makeup artist has
business right now. After 36
years you really have a story,”

Walking Tours Returns for Spring   photo shoot at the returned to MICA for the said Wells, who is working on
Maryland Institute second time in three months, an autobiography detailing his
College of Art.
Tours offered March through August Continued on B5

From March through

August 2011, Ford’s Theatre
Reader’s Corner
‘True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself’
Society presents its “History
on Foot” walking tours By Kam Williams
“Investigation: Detective Special to the AFRO
McDevitt” and “A Free
Black Woman: Elizabeth “Writing my first book was an adventure [which] comes from
Keckly.” Led by costumed my heart with love… This is not an autobiography. It’s a journey
actors playing historical that I am still taking to love and accept myself just as I am.
characters from Civil War I want you to walk this road with me. You can never be
Washington, the tours guide happy until you understand why you’re doing what you’re
patrons from historic Ford’s doing. If this book helps people find those answers, it has
Theatre to different sites succeeded.”
throughout downtown, Excerpted from the Acknowledgements (pgs. v-vi)
Photo by Gary Erskine
Washington, D.C.
Danielle A. Drakes as Elizabeth Keckly in “A Free Black
Beginning March Whenever I’ve interviewed Janet Jackson, I’ve always had
Woman: Elizabeth Keckly,” one of the “History on Foot”
23, Ford’s offers the the sense that
walking tours offered by Ford’s Theatre.
assassination conspiracy I was speaking with a very grounded individual for someone
walking tour “Investigation: who was born inside the bubble of celebrity and has lived her
Detective McDevitt” with whole life in the limelight. Thus, I am not surprised to discover that she would seem as real
two tours on April 15, the
and equally accessible in her autobiography.
anniversary of Lincoln’s
Janet co-wrote True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself with ghostwriter to
the stars David Ritz, who has also penned memoirs with Ray Charles, Marvin Gaye, Aretha,
The popular tour
Etta James, B.B. King, Smokey Robinson, Natalie Cole, Lang Lang, Snoop Pearson, Billie
“A Free Black Woman:
Elizabeth Keckly” will Holiday, The Neville Brothers and Don Rickles. The prolific Ritz credits his uncanny knack for
begin on April 2. Both the genre with an ability to become one with his subjects by “absorbing himself into the artist’s
tours transport visitors very heart and soul.”
on a 1.5 mile interactive Such is certainly the case with True You, an unusually humanizing tome in which Janet is
historical journey through forthcoming about the host of challenges she’s had to face in the public eye over the years,
the city during the era of ranging from bouts with depression to overeating and yo-yo dieting. Despite her phenomenal
President Lincoln. singing and acting career, the five-time, Grammy-winning pop icon freely admits to having
struggled with self-esteem issues.
Ford’s Theatre is Fortunately, Janet has finally broken free of the negative mindset, and she now has some
located at 511 10th St., sound advice for folks who might themselves be battling similar demons. She even shares
N.W. $15 for individuals; some of her favorite, health-conscious recipes, an imaginative, mouth-watering menagerie
$12 for groups of 20 or with names like Strawberry Clouds, Oatmeal Pancakes and Cauliflower Popcorn.
more. For tickets, contact Of course, this bio wouldn’t be complete without her reflections about growing up a
Photo by Gary Erskine Ticketmaster at 800-554- Jackson. Not to worry, such fond reminiscences are here in abundance, especially about
Michael Feldsher as Detective James McDevitt in SEAT or visit www.fords. her late brother, Michael, as well as family photographs featuring Janet from infancy to the
Investigation: Detective McDevitt, one of the “History on org. Groups of 20 or more present, and at every stage in between.
Foot walking tours offered by Ford’s Theatre. can reserve tickets at 202- Truly Janet!
B4 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011

More Sports on

Washington Catholic Athletic Conference Championship Game

DeMatha Wins Third-

Straight WCAC Title
By Stephen D. Riley Jones said. “We have three seconds left, but sophomore
AFRO Staff Writer guys back there that will put forward D.J. Fenner’s
your shot on the glass if you two attempts fell short as
The atmosphere was don’t go up strong.” DeMatha celebrated. Miami Heat’s
circus-like. Moments before Grant (career-high 17 “I’m just proud of my LeBron
the start of the Washington points) in particular, gave guys,” Turner said. “Playing James drives as
Catholic Athletic Conference Gonzaga fits early. The with the chips down, playing New York Knicks’
(WCAC) championship, there athletic swingman displayed without our leading scorer, Carmelo Anthony
was a distinct buzz in the his full arsenal in the first to be in a position to tie defends in the first
air. As an evenly split crowd half with a long quarter of an NBA
continued to fill American three-pointer basketball game
University’s Bender Arena and a ferocious in Miami, Feb.
on Feb. 28 for their third- dunk that sent the 27, 2011. The
straight helping of a Gonzaga DeMatha faithful to pair represent the
vs. DeMatha title game, the a standing ovation. rebirth of the classic
anticipation was mounting. Gonzaga didn’t rivalry between the
Nearly 3,000 patrons were have an answer for Miami Heat and
on hand in expectation of a DeMatha’s size to New York Knicks. 
good game, but they never got open the game as its
it. Instead, they witnessed a best big man, 6-foot- AP Photo/Alan Diaz
great one. 6-inch sophomore Pro Sports Commentary
For the third consecutive forward Kris
year, the DeMatha Stags
(25-7) upended its rival, the
Jenkins, played less
than two minutes ‘Melo’s Trade to Knicks Officially
Gonzaga Eagles (24-7), in
the conference title game,
claiming its sixth WCAC
of the game with a
badly sprained ankle.
“I tried to give my
Restores Miami/New York Rivalry
championship over the last teammates what I
seven years with a 51-48 had but it wasn’t By Stephen D. Riley For ‘80s babies, such as myself, who
victory. much,” a somber AFRO Staff Writer missed out on all the classic rivalries from
After exploding to a Jenkins said after the our birth decade, the closest thing we had
16-point lead in the middle game. “I just tried to It’s only been a week since Carmelo to an intense rivalry was the Miami and
of the third quarter, the Stags encourage them and AFRO Photo/John Moore Anthony got traded to the New York Knicks, New York series. Fast forward nearly 10
appeared set to make it two- cheer for them and it Sophomore guard Nate Britt and but the NBA and all its fans are still going years later, and free agency has restored this
straight blowouts of the worked pretty well. the Gonzaga Eagles couldn’t survive giddy. ‘Melo in the Big Apple? Come on, classic automobile. Who needs Mourning
Eagles in WCAC title game. We only lost by three DeMatha in the WCAC Championship what else could you ask for? Big time stars and Ewing when you got ‘Bron and
DeMatha’s size advantage and we still had a game on Feb. 28. are supposed to play in big time cities ‘Melo? Sure, Carmelo didn’t bolt to the
was evident early as its trio of good look to tie it at (sorry small market munchkins)… it’s what Knicks through free agency, but it was his
6-foot-8-inchers dominated the end.” the game and send it into the league is all about. Think Jordan in impending free agency status that helped
inside. Senior forward Jenkins sprained his left overtime our guys never quit. Chicago, Magic in Los Angeles and Bird in him finagle his way to New York.
Mikael Hopkins, sophomore ankle in Gonzaga’s semifinal They’re winners, even in this Boston. Now, remember The league now has
center BeeJay Anya and win over McNamara on Feb. loss they’re winners and I LeBron in Cleveland? become real life fantasy
junior forward Jerami Grant 27 but started the second could be no more proud to be ‘Melo in Denver? Amar’e “Big time stars are sports where your favorite
took turns swatting shots,
collecting rebounds and
half after DeMatha got out
to a 27-17 halftime lead.
their coach right now.”
DeMatha will play
Stoudemire in Phoenix?
Boring, I know, but thanks
supposed to play in big players actually end up
on your favorite teams.
finishing strong inside, a After nearly two minutes of Theodore Roosevelt (25- to free agency, the league time cities… it’s what LeBron opened the door
theme the trio has played hobbling, Gonzaga coach 5) in the city title game is going back to the ways when he bolted Cleveland
continuously throughout the Steve Turner pulled the plug on March 7 at the Verizon of the big billboards. the league is all about.” at the height of his
year. on Jenkins’ night and went Center. Roosevelt defeated Some say free agency popularity. If he can leave,
“Rebounding and blocking with what he had. Perhaps Eastern on Feb. 26 in a 62-60 is bad for the association. anybody can leave.
shots …we have the potential inspired by Jenkins’ effort, the victory to claim the District Critics rather see big-time stars rot on Like it, love it or hate it—this is the new
to be as good a defensive Eagles rallied from 16 points of Columbia Interscholastic mediocre teams rather than compete for era we live in. Small market teams have a
team as you could possibly down and had a chance to tie Athletic Association (DCIAA) championships. But ironically, those same slim-to-none chance to retain their stars and
have,” DeMatha coach Mike the game with less than 10 championship. critics are the ones tuning in to all the big big market teams have all the advantage.
showdowns. We got our first glimpse of While it looks bad on the surface, the league
UDC Women’s Basketball the now renewed Miami/New York rivalry
on Feb. 27 as the Knicks escaped the Heat
will adjust; it always does. Think 2004 and
what Detroit did with its four forgotten stars

UDC Blasts Urbana in Senior Day, with a 91-86 victory, and personally, I loved
it. Broadcasted live on ESPN, the game
during their championship chase.
‘Melo’s out in Denver, ‘Bron’s out in

Season Finale brought back memories of the two clubs’

classic battles from the late ‘90s—minus
Alonzo Mourning, minus Pat Riley and
Cleveland and Deron Williams is in (gasp)
New Jersey. It was “all good” just a year ago
but things never stay the same forever. But
By Perry Green their winning season with usual double-double, scoring minus Patrick Ewing, but perhaps even more change is good too; just look at New York
AFRO Sports Editor an impressive 19-9 record (a a team-high 19 points with appealing in its second installment. and Miami.
seven wins improvement over eight rebounds; she will
The University of District last season) but also honored end her career with more
of Columbia women’s their most veteran leaders than 1,400 points and 1,100
basketball team couldn’t with Senior Day. rebounds, along with 78 game
have ended their season Team captains Lillian wins, the most by any player
Howard University Women’s Basketball

Doyle Named MEAC Player of

better than they did Feb. 27, McGill and Niqky Hughes under current UDC head
crushing Urbana University’s both were named to the coach Lester Butler.
Lady Blue Knights, 84- Independent Invitational Hughes followed McGill

the Week
60, for third place in the all-tournament team after with 17 points on 7-of-9
Independent Invitational outstanding performances in shooting. The graduate
Women’s Basketball Classic what will be their last home student transferred from
in Washington, D.C. game as a collegiate athlete. North Texas last season and
UDC not only sealed McGill fell just shy of her made an immediate impact,
scoring more than 250 points By AFRO Staff
this season.
UDC will miss both Saadia Doyle, forward
seniors, but they have much with the Howard University
to look forward to next women’s basketball team, was
season. Freshman forward named the Mid-Eastern Athletic
Dohnay Banice proved that in Conference (MEAC) Player of
the season finale, scoring 18 the Week on Feb. 28 after an
points on 9-of-12 shooting, impressive week of play. Courtesy Photo/Howard University
along with five rebounds. The redshirt-sophomore Howard redshirt sophomore Saadia Doyle averaged 20
She had also scored 15 points from Atlanta, Ga., led the Lady points and 10 rebounds during a two-game span to end
against King College in the Bison with an average of 20.0 February.
tournament opener. points and 10.5 rebounds,
Banice helped UDC carry shooting 51 percent from
a 13-2 home record this year, the field and 92 percent from free-throw line in two wins over Bethune-Cookman College and
Courtesy Photo/UDC but they’ll have to play away University of Maryland-Eastern Shore. She scored 22 points with 10 rebounds in a 54-39 victory
UDC head coach Lester Butler (left), Mrs. Virginia McGill, from the District when they against Bethune-Cookman on Feb. 21, then followed up with a double-double of 18 points, 11
senior center Lillian McGill, A.D. Patricia Thomas, senior participate in the NCAA rebounds and one steal during a 53-50 loss to UMES on Feb. 26.
grad Niqky Hughes and Regina Brown pose for UDC Regional’s scheduled to begin Doyle also eclipsed the 1,000-point career mark on Feb. 26, becoming only the second player
Senior Day photograph on Feb. 27, 2011. March 11. in school history to score at least 1,000 points during just their second year of play.
March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011, The Afro-American B5

Homecoming Comes Early for Two Famed MICA Alums

students still look like my doesn’t become dated where MICA’s Black Student 16 at the Brown Center’s for more updates on the
Continued from B3
old classmates. I think I take it could easily compete with Union hosts their annual Falvey Hall, 1301 W. Mount show. Visit and
rise from humble beginnings. the youthfulness from the somebody that’s graduating in benefit show, “Genuine Royal Ave. Tickets: $15, to learn
“I didn’t start off as a makeup students and I try to either 2010 versus 2000.” Articles: Designs That Give students; $20, general more about Blanks and Wells.
artist; I started off as an art keep my work fresh where it a Damn” at 8 p.m., April public. Visit
teacher in Baltimore City. See more A&E on B7
I didn’t get trained to be
a makeup artist, but thank SHOP FRIDAY 9AM-1OPM & SATURDAY 9AM-11PM. HOURS MAY VARY BY STORE.
Wells is as humorous
as he is charismatic, but
jokes come to an abrupt halt
when makeup is the topic of
discussion. A kaleidoscope of

eye shadow pots, lipsticks and
brushes ranging from tiny to
gargantuan transform MICA’s
mundane classroom into a
makeup lover’s daydream.
He commands the attention
of several freelance makeup
artists tapped to assist with

the two-day photo shoot and
demands perfection at all
“Never let anyone see you
with dirty makeup…We don’t
always get everything we
want” – some of the gems he
shares with the young women.

At times his tone is
just short of a quip, but the
experience was an inspiration
for Baltimore-based makeup
artist Chimére Smith.
“I'm in awe of [Wells’]
ability to want to give
aspiring artists… a chance to
learn and grow. He is serious
about his commitment to
MICA and seems to truly
enjoy teaching makeup
students how to hone their
craft,” said Smith. “He even
advised me on the next steps
I should take in my artistry. OPEN 9AM-11PM
This man has influenced
celebrity makeup artists Sam
Fine and AJ Crimson. I'm just
honored to add my name to
the list.”
As Wells and his team
of makeup artists glamorize
a bevy of slender models,
Blanks tinkers with a
camera and adjusts the
studio’s lighting as a small
assemblage of MICA
students looks on. The
2000 graduate experienced
a meteoric rise to fame in
2009 when his alter-ego
photo shoots, which feature
digitally blended images
5O%-8O% OFF
of one person engaging in
different scenarios, garnered
international acclaim.
Even the outspoken “Real
Housewives of Atlanta” FREE SHIPPING AT MACYS.COM
fawned over their photos with $99 online purchase ($8 flat-fee shipping with
during a two-episode blitz purchases under $99). No promo code needed;
featuring Blanks’ work. exclusions apply.
“I didn’t realize how much
[alter ego shoots] caught on
until I started seeing different
Internet blogs and everybody
had an alter ego. I was at
home in Atlanta, Ga., and
went into the mall, and the
store’s name was Alter Ego,”
said Blanks. “When I thought
about doing it, I wanted to
do something different and I
wanted to do it on celebrities
because….I thought it would
be that much more intriguing.
It seems to be my claim to
fame, as they say.”
The Mississippi-born
photographer’s portfolio is
a who’s who of Hollywood
stars. He captured stunning
images of actress Angela
Bassett for the cover of
Essence’s March 2011 cover,
but is also an illustrator
featured in national galleries
and publications.
Despite his dynamic
photography and bourgeoning
success, Blanks is still
the consummate southern
gentleman and, perhaps, a
bit shy. His return to MICA
is likely an inspiration for
current students, but Blanks
said he is equally rewarded.
“Coming back to campus FIND MACY'S EVERYWHERE! Shop, share and connect anytime.
made me realize – over
10 years ago when I was
OPEN A MACY’S ACCOUNT FOR EXTRA 20% SAVINGS THE FIRST 2 DAYS WITH MORE REWARDS TO COME. Macy’s credit card is available subject to credit approval; new account savings valid the day your account
here – that the school has is opened and the next day; excludes services, select licensed departments, gift cards, restaurants, gourmet food and wine. On furniture, mattresses and rugs/floor coverings, the new account savings is limited to $100;
changed completely but the application must qualify for immediate approval to receive extra savings; employees not eligible.
N1020032A.indd 1 2/18/11 3:42:44 PM
will serve without Court
supervision. All un- State of Maryland on
known heirs and heirs January 31, 2011.
whose whereabouts are Service of process may
unknown shall enter be made upon Laverne

Montgomery, 1720 22nd
B6 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011
their appearance in this
proceeding. Objections
to such appointment (or
Street SE Washington
DC 20020 whose des-
ignation as District of
August 1, 2009 - August 7, 2009, The Washington Afro-American B7
to the probate of de-
Columbia agent has
cedent¬s will) shall be
been filed with the Reg-
filed with the Register of
Wills, D.C., 515 5th
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
ister of Wills, D.C.
The decedent owned
la 202-332-0080

Buy it • Sell it
the following District of
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Colombia real property:
20001, on or before Au-
Swap it
it •• Lease
Lease itit
719 Kennedy Street NW
gust 18, 2011. Claims Washington DC 20011
against the decedent
Rent it •• Hire
it Hire itit
Claims against the de-
shall be presented to the cedent may be pre-
undersigned with a copy sented to the under-
to the Register of Wills signed and filed with the

rr ee ss uu ll tt ss
or filed with the Register Register of Wills for the
of Wills with a copy to District of Columbia, 515
the undersigned, on or 5th Street NW 3rd Floor
before August 18, 2011, Washington DC 20001
or be forever barred. within 6 months from the
Payment Policy for legal notice LEGAL NOTICES
heirs or legatees of the
date of first
Payment Policy for legal of this notice. (Strike

advertisements decedent who do not re- AFRO Classified minimum ad rate is $26.74 per col. inch
Superior Court of
ceive a copy of this no-
preceding sentence if no
real estate.)
1 Col. (an inch consists of up to 20 words). Mail in your ad on
notice advertisements the District of
Columbia tice by mail within 25 Earl Banks Inch form below along with CHECK or MONEY ORDER to:
Effective immediately, The Afro Civil Division days of its first publica- Personal
American Newspapers will require Case No. 2011CA733 tion shall so inform the Representative(s) Up to WASHINGTON AFRO-AMERICAN CO., 1917 Benning
Register of Wills, includ- 410-929-8793
prepayment forimmediately, The
publication of all legal
ing name, address and
Road, N.E., Washington, D.C. 20002-4723, Attn: Clsf. Adv.
Ineice R. Mease
20 Words Dept.
Afro American Newspapers
notices. Payment will be accepted Applicant
ORDER OF Date of Publication: Date of first publication:
in the form of checks, credit card or February 18, 2011 February 25, 2011
will require prepayment for
money order. Any returned checks will
CHANGE OF NAME Name of newspaper: Name of newspapers
Afro-American and/or periodical:
publication of allprocessing
be subject to a $25.00 legal notices.
Ineice R. Mease having
filed a complaint for Washington Law The Daily Washington
1 2 3 4 5
Reporter Law Reporter
Payment will be accepted
and may result in the suspension in
of any judgment changing
Geonii Dillan-Joel Maurice A. Butler The Afro-American
future advertising at our discretion. Joan D. Stanard 6 7 8 9 10
the form of check, credit card Mease name to Geonii
Dillan-Joel Butler and Personal
2/25, 3/4, 3/11
Superior Court of
or money order. Any returned having applied to the
court for an Order of
202-726-5982 the District of 11 12 13 14 15
checks will be AD NETWORK
subject to a Publication of the notice 301-871-9409 District of Columbia
required by law in such TRUE TEST COPY PROBATE DIVISION
Ad Network Classi- Drivers-
$25.00 processing fee and may Paid CDL cases; it is by the Court REGISTER OF WILLS Washington, D.C. 16 18 19 20
fieds are published in Training! No 20001-2131 17
this 8th day of February 2/18, 2/25, 3/4
Administration No.
result in the suspension
65 newspapers. Credit Check,ofNoany
Expe- 2011.
ORDERED, that all per- Superior Court of 2010ADM78
future advertisingrienceat
our dis- sons concerned show the District of Grace R. Gwaltney
25 words $175 (For TRAINERS EARN 49¢/ cause, if any there be, Columbia Decedent NAME
Civil Division Glenwood P Roane SR
more than 25 words MILE! 888-417-7564 on or before the 13 day
of March 2011, why the Case No. 0001307-11 #971309 ADDRESS
there is an additional CRST EXPEDITED prayers of said com- IN RE: 217 Exchange Avenue
charge of $7 per plaint should not be Chinyere C.M. Memphis, TN 38105 PHONE NO.
LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES granted; provided that a Ahaghotu-Nwani Attorney
copy of this order be Applicant NOTICE OF CLASSIFICATION
Call Drivers Needed NE
published once a week
(Room, Apt, House, etc.) INSERTION DATE:
for three consecutive
(410) 554-8200 regional van freight weeks before said day
Chinyere C.M. Ahaghout- AND NOTICE TO
in the Afro-American.
All ads must be Lease Purchase options JUDGE
Nwani having filed a com- UNKNOWN HEIRS
plaint for judgment changing
prepaid Great pay & home most
weekends. 866-231-
2/18, 2/25, 3/4
Chinyere C.M. Ahaghotu-
Nwani name to Chinyere
Glenwood P. Roane SR,
C.M. Ahaghotu and having change Avenue, Memphis
0697 Superior Court of applied to the court for an Tennessee 38105 was ap- Order of Publication of the pointed personal repre-
the District of
District of Columbia notice required by law in
such cases; it is by the Court
sentative of the estate of Legal Advertising Rates
PROBATE DIVISION Grace R. Gwaltney, who
HELP WANTED- Washington, D.C.
this 18th day of February
2011. died on December 12, Effective October 1, 2006
AUCTION 20001-2131 ORDERED, that all persons 2009 without a will, and
DRIVERS Administration No. concerned show cause, if
any there be, on or before
will serve without Court
Championship 18-hole
Ashley Turton the 25th day of March 2011,
supervision. All unknown
heirs and heirs whose
why the prayers of said
Royal Virginia Golf TRUCK DRIVERS Decedent complaint should not be whereabouts are unknown (Estates)
Alan B. Frankle Esq shall enter their appearance
Course. Louisa, VA WANTED!
751 Rockville Pike
granted; provided that a
2011 PAY RAISE!UP copy of this order be pub- in this proceeding. Objec- 202-879-9460/61
(between Charlottesville Suite 7 lished once a week for three tions to such appointment
& Richmond.) Includes TO $.52 PER MILE! Rockville, MD 20852 consecutive weeks before
(or to the probate of de-
said day in the Afro-
clubhouse, equipment HOME WEEKENDS! Attorney
American Newspapers. cedent¬s
cedent’s will)
will)shall be filed
shall be
NOTICE OF with the Register of Wills,
that pursuant to SCR
205(b) notice be sent to the D.C., 515 5th Street, N.W.,
AUCTION: Wednes- HEARTLAND EX- NOTICE TO applicant¬s creditors by reg- 3rd Floor Washington,
day, March 16 www. PRESS 1-800-441-4953 CREDITORS istered or certified mail and
D.C. 20001, on or before
AND NOTICE TO that proof of service of mail- a. Order Nisi $ 60 per insertion $180.00 per 3 weeks (434) www.heartlandexpress. ing be made in the manner August 25, 2011. Claims
UNKNOWN HEIRS against the decedent shall b. Small Estates (single publication)
525-2991(VAAF93) com Daniel Turton, whose
provided in SCR Probate $ 50 per insertion
Rule 19(b). be presented to the under- c. Notice to Creditors
address is 800 A Street JUDGE signed with a copy to the
SE Washington DC A TRUE COPY TEST: 1. Domestic
AUCTION-Construc- Register of Wills or filed $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
20003, was appointed 2/25, 3/4, 3/11
tion Equipment & LAND FOR personal representative with the Register of Wills 2. Foreign $ 60 per insertion $ 180.00 per 3 weeks
Superior Court of with a copy to the under-
Trucks, March 11, 9AM, SALE of the estate of Ashley
Turton, who died on the District of signed, on or before Au- d. Escheated Estates $ 60 per insertion $ 360.00 per 6 weeks
Richmond, VA. Excava- January 10, 2011 with a Columbia gust 25, 2011, or be for- e. Standard Probates $ 125.00
tors, Dozers, Dumps & RURAL MOUNTAIN will, and will serve with- Civil Division ever barred. Persons
Case No. 557-2011 believed to be heirs or
More. Accepting Items LAND?BARGAIN! out Court supervision.
legatees of the decedent
Daily. Motley’ Auc- Under $1,000/ All unknown heirs and IN RE:
Kyle Damien who do not receive a copy
h e i r s w h o s e
tion & Realty Group, Acre. Spectacular whereabouts are un- Washington of this notice by mail
804-232-3300, www. private,?secluded moun- known shall enter their Applicant within 25 days of its first a. Name Changes 202-879-1133 $ 80.00
ORDER OF publication shall so inform, tain acreage! Vast trails, appearance in this
PUBLICATION the Register of Wills,
b. Real Property $ 200.00
proceeding. Objections
VAAL#16. dramatic views,?level to such appointment (or CHANGE OF NAME including name, address
mountain tops! Ready to to the probate of de- Kyle Washington having and relationship.
explore/?play. Excellent cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe filed a complaint for
judgment changing Kyle
Date of Publication:
February 25, 2011
filed with the Register of
AUTOMOBILE financing. Call owner Wills, D.C., 515 5th Damien Washington Name of newspaper: 202-879-1212
DONATION now 877-526-3764 Street, N.W., 3rd Floor name to Kyle Damien Afro-American
Jones and having ap- Washington Law Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
20001, on or before Au- plied to the court for an Reporter DOMESTIC RELATIONS
DONATE AUTOS, gust 18, 2011. Claims Order of Publication of Glenwood P. Roane SR
TRUCKS, RV’S. SERVICES/ against the decedent the notice required by Personal
law in such cases; it is
LUTHERAN MISSION MISC. shall be presented to the
by the Court this 15th
a. Absent Defendant $ 150.00
undersigned with a copy 401-526-1889
SOCIETY. Your dona- to the Register of Wills day of February 2011. TRUE TEST COPY
tion helps local families AD FUNDS or filed with the Register ORDERED, that all per- b. Absolute Divorce $ 150.00
TIGHT??? - Check out of Wills with a copy to sons concerned show 2/18, 2/25, 3/4 c. Custody Divorce $ 150.00
with food, clothing, cause, if any there be,
THE DAILY CLASSI- the undersigned, on or
shelter. Tax deduct- before August 18, 2011, on or before the 22nd Superior Court of
ible. MVA licensed. FIED CONNECTION. or be forever barred. day of March 2011, why the District of
For $199 per day - Get Persons believed to be the prayers of said com- District of Columbia To place your ad, call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 262
LutheranMissionSoci- plaint should not be PROBATE DIVISION
Ad Placement 5 Days heirs or legatees of the Public Notices $50.00 & up depending on size 410-636-0123 decedent who do not re- granted; provided that a Washington, D.C.
or toll-free 1-877-737- Per Week in 14 Major ceive a copy of this no- copy of this order be 20001-2131 Baltimore Legal Notices are $24.15 per inch.
8567. Daily Newspapers in tice by mail within 25 published once a week Administration No. There is no flat rate — 1-800 (AFRO) 892
days of its first publica- for three consecutive 2011ADM0099
Washington, Maryland weeks before said day Levitha Hedgepeth
For Proof of Publication, please call 1-800-237-6892, ext. 244
tion shall so inform the
DONATE VEHICLE: and DC. Space is Register of Wills, includ- in the Afro-American Suggs
Receive $1000 GRO- limited - Call now for ing name, address and Newspaper. Decedent LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES LEGAL NOTICES
CERY COUPONS, immediate placement to- 205(b) notice be sent to APPOINTMENT,
Date of Publication:
Your Choice, NOAH’S day 410-721-4000x19 or February 18, 2011 the applicant's creditors NOTICE TO SUPERIOR COURT OF SUPERIOR COURT OF SUPERIOR COURT OF Superior Court of
ARC, NO KILL Animal visit our website: www. Name of newspaper: by registered or certified CREDITORS
mail and that proof of AND NOTICE TO
Shelters. Advanced Afro-American
service of mailing be UNKNOWN HEIRS
Washington Law Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C. Washington, D.C.
Veterinary Treatments. Reporter made in the manner pro- Jacqueline Suggs, 20001-2131 20001-2131 20001-2131 20001-2131
Free Towing, IRS Daniel Turton vided in SCR Probate whose address is 4517 Foreign No. Foreign No. Administration No. Administration No.
Personal Rule 19(b). Arkansas Ave NW 2011FEP000017 2011FEP13 2010ADM1264 2011ADM140
TAX DEDUCTION. Representative JUDGE Washington DC 20011, Date of Death Date of Death Estate of Henry B. McCall
Non-runners 1-866-912- 301-217-0505 (Attorney) A TRUE COPY TEST: was appointed personal January 9, 2010 March 16, 2004 Mary J. Thompson aka
2/25, 3/4, 3/11 representative of the Deceased Henry Brisco McCall
GIVE TRUE TEST COPY Rose Ann Lee Harriett H. Banks
NOTICE OF Decedent
REGISTER OF WILLS estate of Levitha Hed- Decedent Decedent
2/18, 2/25, 3/4 gepeth Suggs, who died NOTICE OF NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT,
Notice is hereby given NOTICE TO
Superior Court of COLUMBIA without a will, and will OF FOREIGN OF FOREIGN CREDITORS
the District of serve with Court su- AND NOTICE TO
FREE VACATION District of Columbia Washington, D.C. pervision. All unknown REPRESENTATIVE REPRESENTATIVE filed in this Court by
Ometta Nixon for stan-
VOUCHER. UNITED PROBATE DIVISION 20001-2131 heirs and heirs whose AND AND
dard probate, including Carolyn Awkard, whose

Washington, D.C. Foreign No. NOTICE TO NOTICE TO address is 803 Festival

whereabouts are un-
the appointment of one
Court, Mitchellville MD
20001-2131 known shall enter their or more personal repre-
FOUNDATION Free Administration No. Date of Death appearance in this Ira Darnell Lee whose Earl Banks whose ad- sentative. Unless a com- 20721 was appointed
dress is 2 Retinue personal representative
Mammograms, Breast 2011ADM0075 March 16, 2004 proceeding. Objections address is 5536 Fourth
Court, Unit 103, Bal-
plaint or an objection in
of the estate of Henry B.
Harriett H. Banks Street, NE Washington accordance with Super-
Cancer Info www.ubcf. Pearl M Butler
to such appointment
DC 20011 was ap- timore MD 21207 was ior Court Probate Di- McCall aka Henry Brisco
Decedent shall be filed with the
info FREE Towing, Attorney NOTICE OF Register of Wills, D.C.,
pointed personal repre- appointed personal re- vision Rule 407 is filed McCall, who died on
November 20, 2010 with
sentative of the estate of presentative of the in this Court within 30
Tax Deductible, Non- NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT 515 5th Street, N.W., Rose Ann Lee, de- estate of Harriett H. days from the date of a will, and will serve
Runners Accepted, APPOINTMENT, OF FOREIGN 3rd Floor Washington, Banks, deceased, by the without Court supervi-
ceased on February 22, first publication of this
NOTICE TO PERSONAL D.C. 20001, on or be- Orphan's Court/Register sion. All unknown heirs
1-888-468-5964 CREDITORS REPRESENTATIVE fore August 25, 2011.
2010, by the Register of
of Wills Court for Bal-
notice, the Court may
take the action here- and heirs whose
Wills/Orphan's Court for whereabouts are un-
AND NOTICE TO AND Claims against the de- Montgomery County, timore City County, inafter set forth.
NOTICE TO State of Maryland, on known shall enter their
BUSINESS cedent shall be pre- State of Maryland. Admit to probate the

CREDITORS January 31, 2011. appearance in this

Maurice A. Butler and sented to the under- Service of process may will dated October 29,
proceeding. Objections
OPPORTUNITY Joan D. Stanard, whose Earl Banks whose ad-
dress is 2 Retinue
signed with a copy to the be made upon Ira Dar- Service of process may
be made upon Laverne
2007 exhibited with the
petition upon proof sat-
to such appointment (or
address(es) are 1228 Register of Wills or filed nell Lee, 5536 Fourth to the probate of de-
Court, Unit 103, Bal- Street, NE Washington Montgomery, 1720 22nd isfactory to the Court of
Quincy Street, NW with the Register of Wills Street SE, Washington
cedent¬s will)
cedent’s will) shall
shall bebe
timore MD 21207 was DC 20011 whose des- due execution by affida-
Washington DC 20011 & with a copy to the under- DC 20020 whose des- vit of the witnesses or
filed with the Register of
ALL CASH VENDING 14105 Huckleberry Ln, appointed personal re- signed, on or before Au- ignation as District of Wills, D.C., 515 5th
ignation as District of otherwise.
ROUTE! Be Your Own Silver Spring MD 20906 presentative of the gust 25, 2011, or be for- Columbia agent has
Columbia agent has 0
Ordered any interested
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
estate of Harriett H. been filed with the Reg- Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
Boss! 25 Machines + were appointed per- ever barred. Persons
ister of Wills, D.C.
been filed with the Reg- person to show cause 20001, on or before
sonal representative(s) Banks, deceased, by the believed to be heirs or why the provisions of
Candy All for $9995. Orphan's Court/Register legatees of the decedent The decedent owned
ister of Wills, D.C. September 4, 2011.
of the estate of Pearl M. The decedent owned the lost or destroyed will Claims against the de-
877-915-8222 All Major Butler, who died on June of Wills Court for Bal- who do not receive a the following District of the following District of dated October 29, 2007 cedent shall be pre-
Colombia real property:
Credit Cards Accepted! 6, 2003 with a will, and timore City County, copy of this notice by
5536 Fourth Street NE
Colombia real property: should not be admitted sented to the under-
will serve without Court State of Maryland on mail within 25 days of its 719 Kennedy Street NW to probate as expressed signed with a copy to the
January 31, 2011. Washington DC 20011. Washington DC 2011. in the petition Register of Wills or filed
supervision. All un- first publication shall so Claims against the de-
Furniture in the absence of a will
known heirs and heirs Service of process may inform the Register of Claims against the de- with the Register of Wills
cedent may be pre- cedent may be pre- or proof satisfactory to with a copy to the under-
whose whereabouts are be made upon Laverne Wills, including name, sented to the under- sented to the under- the Court of due execu- signed, on or before
unknown shall enter Montgomery, 1720 22nd address and relation- signed and filed with the tion, enter an order
Cherry Bedroom Set. Street SE Washington signed and filed with the September 4, 2011, or
their appearance in this ship. Register of Wills for the determining that the de-
Solid Wood, never used, proceeding. Objections DC 20020 whose des- Date of Publication: District of Columbia, 500
Register of Wills for the
cedent died intestate.
be forever barred. Per-
District of Columbia, 515 sons believed to be
brand new in factory to such appointment (or ignation as District of February 25, 2011 Indiana Avenue NW 5th Street NW 3rd Floor,
Appoint an unsu- heirs or legatees of the
to the probate of de- Columbia agent has Name of newspaper: pervised personal repre-
boxes. English Dovetail. been filed with the Reg-
Washington DC 20001 Washington DC 20001
decedent who do not re-
cedent’s will)
cedent¬s will) shall
shall bebe Afro-American within 6 months from the within 6 months from the ceive a copy of this no-
Original cost $4500. Sell filed with the Register of ister of Wills, D.C. Washington Law date of first publication date of first publication Register of Wills tice by mail within 25
for $895. Can deliver. Wills, D.C., 515 5th The decedent owned Reporter of this notice. (Strike of this notice. (Strike
Clerk of the
Probate Division
days of its first publica-
the following District of Jacqueline Suggs preceding sentence if no tion shall so inform the
Call Tom 240-482-8721 Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
Colombia real property: real estate.)
preceding sentence if no Date of First Publication Register of Wills, includ-
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C . Personal real estate.) March 4, 2011 ing name, address and
20001, on or before Au- 719 Kennedy Street NW Representative Ira Darnell Lee Earl Banks Names of Newspapers:
Personal relationship.
LEATHER LIVING gust 18, 2011. Claims Washington DC 20011 703-304-7699 Personal Washington Date of Publication:
Claims against the de- Representative(s) Representative(s)
ROOM SET. In origi- against the decedent
cedent may be pre-
202-531-5145 410-929-8793
Law Reporter March 4, 2011
shall be presented to the REGISTER OF WILLS Washington Name of newspaper:
nal plastic, never used. undersigned with a copy sented to the under- 2/25, 3/4, 3/11 TRUE TEST COPY TRUE TEST COPY AFRO-AMERICAN Afro-American
Orig price $3000, Sac- signed and filed with the REGISTER OF WILLS REGISTER OF WILLS Michael R. McCarthy Washington Law
to the Register of Wills Date of first publication: Date of first publication:
rifice $975. Can deliver. or filed with the Register Register of Wills for the Esq Reporter
District of Columbia, 515 March 4, 2011 March 4, 2011 1304 Rhode Island Ave Carolyn Awkard
of Wills with a copy to
Call Bill 301-841-7565 the undersigned, on or 5th Street NW 3rd Floor Name of newspapers Name of newspapers NW Washington DC Personal
and/or periodical: and/or periodical: 20005 Representative
before August 18, 2011, Washington DC 20001 The Daily Washington The Daily Washington
or be forever barred. within 6 months from the Law Reporter Law Reporter
Signature of
date of first publication
HELP WANTED Persons believed to be
heirs or legatees of the of this notice. (Strike
The Afro-American The Afro-American
3/4, 3/11, 3/18
Petitioners/Attorney REGISTER OF WILLS
3/4, 3/11, 3/18
3/4, 3/11, 3/18 3/4, 3/11, 3/18
decedent who do not re- preceding sentence if no
ceive a copy of this no- real estate.)
tice by mail within 25 Earl Banks
days of its first publica- Personal
tion shall so inform the Representative(s)
The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011, The Afro-American B7
Superior Court of
Balfour Beatty Construction
A Chat between a Journalist and a
the District of
District of Columbia Balfour Beatty Construction is soliciting bids and material quotes from
PROBATE DIVISION qualified District of Columbia Certified Business Enterprises,
Washington, D.C. in the following construction disciplines: asphalt paving, site utilities, site concrete,
20001-2131 unit pavers, pavement markings & signage, high-security chain-link fences and
Administration No. gates, landscaping, masonry, misc. metals, carpentry, overhead doors,
2010ADM0623 tiling, flooring, painting and wall coverings, misc. specialties/equipment/ By Kam Williams
Sarah Ellen furnishings, for the following project: Special to the AFRO
Henneghan NPR Headquarters
Decedent 1111 N. Capitol St., NE, Washington, DC
Bid Date: March 30, 2011 @ 2:00 pm
Gloria Johnson
Project is slated for completion in Nov., 2012. To find out how to view Louis Cameron Gossett Jr. was born in
1300 Mercantile Lane
Suite 139
documents for this project or for further information, please contact Coney Island, Brooklyn on May 27, 1936, to
Bennie Kovach with Balfour Beatty at:
Largo, MD 20774 Balfour Beatty is an Equal Opportunity Employer Helen Rebecca Wray, a nurse, and Lou Sr., a
NOTICE OF Pullman porter. Lou’s stellar career started in
MBE/WBE 1953 while he was still in high school, when
Subcontractors and Suppliers
CREDITORS Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC, Miamisburg, he landed a role in the Broadway production
OH is interested in receiving quotes from qualified
MBE/WBE subcontractors and suppliers for the
of Take a Giant Step. Courtesy Photo
Donna R. Washington, Alexandria Sanitation Authority Advanced One of a select group of actors to Lou Gossett Jr. in a scene from The Grace Card.
whose address is 1417 Wastewater Treatment Facility State-of-the-Art Ni-
Webster Street NW trogen Upgrade Program in Alexandria, Virginia, win both an Academy and Emmy Award,
Washington DC 20011, bidding on March 17, 2011. Opportunities are he is best known for his Oscar-winning pilots in the world, not to eat, because they fly like darts.
was appointed personal
representative of the
available for Specifications Divisions 2, 3, 4, 5, 6,
7, 8, 9, 10, 12, 21, 22, 23, 26, 28, 31, 32, 33 and performance as a gunnery sergeant in the film classic, So, I didn’t have any breakfast. After we landed, I felt
estate of Sarah Ellen 40. Plans available online:
An Officer and a Gentleman, and for his Emmy-winning kind of woozy when I climbed out of the plane. After I
Henneghan, who died
on June 17, 2010 with a Please Fax quotes to 937-910-9910 attention Nick portrayal of the character Fiddler in the historic TV- assured everyone that I felt fine, I walked 50 yards to my History • Your Community • Your News

will, and will serve with-
out Court supervision.
Scott by March 16th by 5:00 pm. Contact tele-
phone 937-910-9900. miniseries “Roots.” dressing room, closed the door behind me, and lost my
All unknown heirs and Ulliman Schutte Construction, LLC
In 2006, Lou decided to devote his energies meal from the night before. Nobody knew. That ride was
h e i r s w h o s e 9900 Springboro Pike
whereabouts are un- Miamisburg, Ohio 45342 to fighting social ills, so he founded the Eracism exciting, but, boy, you have to be in shape for that one.
known shall enter their
Equal Opportunity Employer Foundation, a nonprofit designed to create a “conscious I’d never do it again.
appearance in this
proceeding. Objections offensive against racism, violence and ignorance.”
to such appointment (or
Toward that end, the organization has sponsored KW: Children’s book author Irene Smalls asks: What
to the probate of de-
cedent¬s will) shall
cedent’s will) shall bebe
programs focused on youth mentoring, anti-gang makes you get up in the morning with a smile on your
filed with the Register of
Wills, D.C., 515 5th violence initiatives, and diversity sensitivity training face?
Street, N.W., 3rd Floor
sessions at its Shamba Centers. LG: Meditation and prayer. I have a checklist for
Wa s h i n g t o n , D . C .
20001, on or before Last year, Lou published his aptly entitled the beginning of the day, and another one for the end of
September 4, 2011.
autobiography, An Actor and a Gentleman. Here, he talks the day. It’s also very nice to be this age and to wake up
Claims against the de-

cedent shall be pre-
about his new movie, The Grace Card, a faith-based tale every morning with something to learn. School is never
sented to the under-
signed with a copy to the of reconciliation and redemption. out. There’s always something new to learn.
Register of Wills or filed
with the Register of Wills

with a copy to the under- KW: …What interested you in “The Grace Card?” KW: Irene also asks: What is the one skill an actor
signed, on or before
LG: Actually, The Grace Card’s aim is the same as must have to be successful today?
September 4, 2011, or
be forever barred. Per- that of the foundation, the elimination of racism. How LG: First of all, an actor’s aspiration has to be the art,
sons believed to be

heirs or legatees of the synergistic and opportune is that? It seems to me that if not the job. Then he has to be relatively naked to be able
decedent who do not re-
we can create a society where racism just can’t thrive, to take onto himself aspects of the character and to make
ceive a copy of this no-
tice by mail within 25 it’ll go away. My concept is to teach children everything everything look like it’s happening for the first time. Easy
to say, hard to do, but that’s the aspiration. I never want

days of its first publica-
tion shall so inform the from self-respect to respect for elders and the opposite
Register of Wills, includ- sex to a dress code to how to conduct themselves and to see an actor acting. I want to see him being.
ing name, address and
relationship. how to live in harmony with the planet. When you start
See full interview on

Date of Publication:
March 4, 2011 teaching kids these things at a young age, even before
Name of newspaper: they start school, it sticks. It’s our responsibility to
Washington Law teach our children and to prepare them for

Donna R. Washington
the next level, just like Jews do in temples
Personal and synagogues. That’s not happening right
202-277-6480 now, and you don’t see it onscreen often.
TRUE TEST COPY But The Grace Card is a perfect example of
3/4, 3/11, 3/18 what I’m talking about. The magic word is
“forgiveness.” And from forgiveness comes
healing. We have to do the best that we can,
with God’s help, to clean up our act, and to
eliminate the negatives which prevent us
from seeing the “Sunlight of the Spirit,” and
then let the kids copy that. They have nothing
to copy right now.

KW: Editor/legist Patricia Turnier asks:

What has the feedback been like about your
lovely autobiography?
LG: It’s amazing, when I visit churches
and schools to speak about the book and
about the work that I just discussed, the
audience is like a sea of bobble-head dolls.
Everybody agrees that we have to take the
responsibility for ourselves and for raising,
mentoring and teaching our children so they
have appropriate role models to imitate.
That’s the natural function, and the way it
used to be. It seems like we abandoned our
responsibilities when times got hard.

KW: Patricia also says: I was stunned

when I once heard you say that despite the
fact you received an Oscar, it took you a year
and a half to find another interesting movie
to work on and that you never made more
than 1 million dollars for a picture.
LG: I still haven’t.

KW: She asks, what advice do you have

for aspiring minority actors or actresses to
negotiate the optimal movie deal?
LG: The optimal movie deal depends
Strictly Personal on how important you are. You need to get
some performances onscreen to prove your
Pen Pals worth, so that there’s an advantage when you
negotiate. That’s when leverage comes into
Looking for girl 19-29. Contate William, good pay, clean play. If you know that you have a name that’s
apt., white male, 410-458-2480. bankable, then you can get some money for
--- yourself.
Truthful man seeking spiritual pen pals. Womb my emana-
tion. Law is unification. Breath, knowledge and conscious- KW: Dante Lee, author of “Black
ness! William Piggie, P.O. Box 565, Pittsboro, N.C. 27312 Business Secrets”, asks: Is it important for
an actor to also be an entrepreneur?
Lonesome Hearts - Pen Pals LG: Oh, it’s absolutely necessary.
It’s very important for each successive
To have a notice published in the Strictly Personal Section,
generation to push
write the message you want printed in the space below.
the envelope further
Enclose ten dollars ($10.00), check or money order for 25
than the previous
words. NO CASH PLEASE. Additional words will cost 50 one.
cents each.
KW: Attorney
Tim Plunkett asks:
Did you really fly
in the fighter jet in
“Iron Eagle?”
To answer a Lonesome Heart notice, enclose a check or mon-
LG: I did. I knew
ey order for $2.00 for each letter you wish to have forwarded. Tom Cruise had
NO CASH PLEASE. Be sure to include the fox number of lost his lunch when
the person you wish to contact. they put him in the
cockpit. And I was
All letters, queries and notices should be sent to: warned by the Israeli
2519 N. Charles Street has the best-trained
Baltimore, MD 21218
B8 The Afro-American, March 5, 2011 - March 11, 2011

Faith Pulse
Black Church Group Finds Fault with
h 4 -7

Bank On DC program
Special to the AFRO

The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a faith-based

4 Days Only!
Friday thru Monday coalition of 34,000 churches comprised of 15 denominations

OOscar MMayer Meat
M t BBologna
l a and 15.7 million African Americans, is not pleased with the
or Deli Creations
Cracker Combo District of Columbia government savings plan, Bank on DC.
3.9 to 16-oz.
Selected varieties.
ea In an issued statement, NBCI called the initiative an utter
SAVE up to $2.50 ea. CLUB PRICE
failure that does not serve the African-American community.
“Last summer, NBCI asked one of the participating banks
– United Bank – to sponsor a comprehensive financial literacy
program. They refused, pointing to their participation in the
Bank on DC Program. They have done nothing for D.C.
residents. This is why we have protested their banks and plan
4 Days Only! to protest all participating banks as we know they are not helping District residents,” said Rev.
Friday thru Monday Anthony Evans, president of NBCI, in the issued statement.

88¢ Although, Bank on DC aims to decrease the number of households with little to no access
VALUE Starkist Solid
S. B
PACK White Tuna
5-oz. Selected varieties..
to banking services, NBCI is doubtful that this program will be capable of achieving its goals.
According to a press release, NBCI’s doubt stems from the “empty” partnerships with local

SAVE up to $1.11

banks that do not require the commitment of substantial resources in order for the institutions
to claim that they’ve fulfilled their obligations under the Community Reinvestment Act.
Rancher’s Reserve® NBCI offered its own solutions: open financial institutions in low-income neighborhoods,
Beef Ribeye Steak offer courses in financial literacy and work with non-profits who provide financial literacy
lb Or Boneless Ribeye Steak at $6.99 lb. programming. They believe these initiatives will help restore trust among consumers who are
Club Price weary of banking institutions.
4 Days Only! NBCI is a coalition of 34,000 African-American and Latino churches working to eliminate
Friday thru Monday racial disparities in healthcare, technology, education, housing, and the environment. Their

Fresh Perdue
Whole Chicken LLay’s
a ’s or Lay’s
La ’s
Kettle Chips mission is to provide important wellness information to all of its members, congregants,
Or Fresh Perdue Whole
Cut Up Chicken $1.49 lb.
8.5 to 11-oz.
Selected varieties.
churches and beyond.
SAVE up to $2.00

Church Briefs
Compiled by Herb Quarles
Club Price
Special to the AFRO

HU Chapel Services
Bishop Vashti Murphy McKenzie will be the guest
preacher during the 11 a.m. worship services on March 6 in
4 Days Only! Cramton Auditorium, Howard University, 2455 6th St. N.W.
Friday thru Monday
She is the presiding prelate in the 13th Episcopal District of
the AME Church in Nashville, Tenn.
Gatorade or 2 GET

Lipton Tea
49 80% Lean 1FREE
BUY 1 GET Smithfield
8/20-oz. bottles Gatorade or
12/16.9-oz. bottles Lipton. EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE
Selected varieties.
Chapel Services are broadcast the following week each
Sunday at 11 a.m. on Howard University radio station,
WHUR-FM 96.3.
SAVE up to $6.99 on 3 CLUB PRICE

Ground Beef EQUAL OR LESSER VALUE Sliced Bacon
Club Price
Or Small Pack $2.99 lb.
Club Price
12 to 16-oz. I n th e D e
Recordings of Chapel services may be ordered by mail
with the Media Ministry Order Form. Recordings are also
Selected varieties.

tch available immediately after the worship service or may be

Mix & Ma purchased in person Monday through Friday between 10 a.m.
Courtesy Photo and 5:00 p.m. Call 202-806-7280 or visit
Bishop Vashti Murphy Information for additional information. The e-mail address is
McKenzie will speak
4 Days Only! at Howard University
ZBC: Healing Prayers

6 99
Friday thru Monday

Worship Services on

1FREE The Health Ministry at Zion Baptist Church will

Jumbo Raw BUY 1 GET Sweet Strawberries
Gulf Shrimp or Blueberries Signature Cafe® March 6. participate in the Black Church Week of Prayer for the
1-Pint Blueberries Chicken Tenders
Healing of HIV and AIDS in partnership with the Bayard
21 to 25-ct. Shell-On.
or 1-lb. Strawberries. SAVE up to $3.00 lb. lb
Club Price Previously Frozen. Club Price SAVE up to $4.99 on 2 CLUB PRICE
Rustin Project from 12:30 to 2 p.m. on March 6 at 4850 Blagden Ave. N.W. where the Rev.
Keith W. Byrd Sr. is pastor. It will follow the morning worship service and is open to the
The Bayard project is an in-depth initiative for at-risk African Americans in the District
of Columbia. Its aim is to increase access to and use of HIV prevention and testing services,
prevent new HIV infections, address HIV/AIDS stigma and homophobia and provide a model
for controlling the HIV/AIDS epidemic in the nation's capital.

Club Price
Entenmann’s Line Sale
Selected sizes and varieties.
Club Price: $2.50 ea.
SAVE up to $6.98 on 2
99 Club Price
Red Delicious,
Gala or Fuji Apples
SAVE up to $1.00 lb.
1 99
Club Price
3-lb. Bag Safeway
Yellow Onions
SAVE up to $2.00 ea.
Church Anniversary Celebration
The celebration of the 120th
anniversary of Peoples Congregational
UCC will continue with a Founders
Day Jazz Café Brunch, hosted by the
January-February-March Birthmonth
Club of the church, from 11 a.m. to
2 p.m. March 5 at 4704 13th St. N.W,
where the Rev. Dr. Michael Murphy is

349Club Price
Lucerne® Milk
Gallon. 2%, 1%, Skim Delux
or Fat Free.
Club Price
Nabisco Snack Crackers
or Toasted Chips
5.5 to 10-oz. Selected varieties.
Club Price: $2.00 ea. SAVE up to $3.58 on 2
Club Price
Edy’s Ice Cream
1.5-qt. Selected varieties.
Club Price: $3.00 ea.
SAVE up to $3.98 on 2
the senior minister.
The Rev. Geoffrey A. Black will
be the guest preacher during the 10
a.m. Founders Day Worship Service
on March 6. Holy Communion will
be served and a reception will follow
the service. All are welcome. Call
the church office at 202-839-5511 for
additional information.
Black was installed as president
Club Price
6 Yoplait Yogurt
4 to 6-oz. Selected varieties.
Club Price: 60¢ ea.
SAVE up to $2.00 on 10
4 99
Club Price
DiGiorno Pizza
14.8 to 32.7-oz.
Selected varieties.
SAVE up to $1.50
59 Club Price
¢ S
1 to 15.25-oz. Selected
vvarieties. SAVE up to 41¢
and general minister of the United
Church of Christ in April of last
year. He was previously a program
staff member in the UCC’s Office for
ET Church Life and Leadership.
Must Bu
During his career he has served
GET as assistant chaplain at Brown
University, associate minister at St.
Courtesy Photo

The Rev. Geoffrey A. Black
12-Pack Coca-Cola Albans Congregational UCC in St.
Fridge Packs
12-oz. cans. bags of Albans, N.Y; pastor of Congregational
Selected varieties. The Snack Artist™ C
pss UCC of South Hempstead, N.Y.; lecturer in the Field Education Department of Union
8.5 to 13-oz. Selected varieties.
Theological Seminary in New York; protestant chaplain at Adelphi University; and is currently
is a member of the board of trustees of Lancaster Theological Seminary.
Offer valid with Safeway Club Card between 3/2/11 - 3/8/11. Four (4) participating Coca-Cola 12-packs and two (2) bags of The Snack Artist™ Chips must be purchased
n a single
g transaction
tran sact
ction. Li
transaction. mit two (2) FREE The Snack Artist™ Chips per transaction. Plus tax and deposit where applicable.

Pric Ecumenical commitment, concern for equal justice, African-American empowerment, and
community improvement have shaped Black’s ministry in the church and in the communities
Always great 13 erry
d y

EVERYDAY Club Card That’s our promise...

49 2
it ev

u t
e oun

in which he has lived.


LOW PRICES that’s Ingredients for life.
1 59

He is married to Patricia Williams-Black and they have one daughter, Makeda Black, who
resides in Hyattsville, Md.

Prices on this page are effective
2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Wednesday, March 2 thru Tuesday, March 8, 2011.
AVE. NW., 514 RHODE ISLAND AVE. NE, 322 40TH ST. NE., 6500 PINEY BRANCH RD. NW, 2845 ALABAMA AVE. SE, 1747 COLUMBIA RD., NW AND 1601 MARYLAND AVE. NE SAFEWAY STORES. ITEMS OFFERED FOR SALE ARE NOT Please send your church news to Kristin Gray at or by mail to the
Washington AFRO at 1917 Benning Road NE, Washington, DC 20002

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