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Discussion questions
1. Molly had always wanted a little sister, but Chole isn’t exactly what she had in mind.
What did Molly hope Chloe would be like? How does Chloe make Molly feel in the
beginning? How does she feel about Chloe in the end? What helps Molly to change her mind?
2. Do you have a sibling? Is he/she like you? Or different than you? If you don’t have
a sibling, do you think you would like to have one similar to or different than you?
3. Chloe annoys Molly when she eats her crayons. What things annoy you?
How do you let the people around you know you’re unhappy?
4. Molly and Chloe like to dance together. What do you like to do with your
siblings or friends?
5. Why do you think Chloe likes to be near Molly when she is practicing her keyboard?

6. Molly wanted her little sister to be just like her, but Chloe was different.
What do you do when you do not get what you want?
7. What was your favorite part of the book?
8. Do you think you are more like Molly or Chloe? Why?
List three things you have in common with one of the characters.


Micah Player was born in Anchorage, Alaska, and spent his childhood bouncing across the United States
with his six brothers and three sisters, his eyes peering out the window of the family van, sketchbook firmly
in hand. He and his wife live in a little town by the sea in Southern California. They have two boys and
several Casio keyboards. Chloe, Instead is his first picture book. Visit Micah at
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