OMAN – An Overview

UAE and Yemen. . •  Muslim Dominating country.Introduction •  Oman lies in Arab peninsula. •  Oman is 4 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT +4) and 1hrs 30 mins behind Indian Clock. •  Neighbor of Saudi Arabia.

in 1970. It has had close ties with Britain since the 19th cent. The country opened its bases to international coalition forces against Iraq in the 1991 Persian Gulf War and to U. Qabus bin Said overthrew the strict regime of his father. obtained the use of ports and airfields in Oman in exchange for economic and military aid. in the south. In 2003 the lower house of the advisory council was freely elected for the first time.S. forces mounting strikes against Afghanistan and Osama bin Laden in 2001. Sultan Said bin Timur. Oman came under Ahmad ibn Said of Yemen.. instituted a program of liberalization and modernization. . and put down (1975) leftist guerrilla forces operating in Dhofar prov. In 1981 Oman joined other Arab Persian Gulf nations in founding the Gulf Cooperation Council.S. In 1980 the U. In 1996 the sultan announced a new basic law that provided for a legislature with limited powers and guaranteed basic civil liberties for Omani citizens.HISTORY Occupied by Portugal in 1508 and Turkey in 1659. founder of the present royal line. in 1741.

Currently Ruling Sultan: Qaboos bin Said Al Said .Governance •  Ruled by Sultans. •  The ministers are selected by Sultan. •  Capital is Muscat •  The current government is named as Islamic Absolute Monarchy.

013(2009) •  Growth rate is 9.ECONOMY •  Main source of income comes from exporting oil and gas. •  GDP was $53.395 billion(2009) •  Per capita Income was $18.38Rial or 1Rial=Rs.a.2 % p. . 121). •  Currency is Rial ( 1US$=0.

.Working Culture •  Working hours 40-48 hours per week •  Every Friday is non working day •  The standard business office workweek in Oman begins on Saturday and ends on Wednesday. •  19 eventual holidays per year.

•  Visa can also be issued after arriving in Oman. . •  No visa related work is done on Thursday or on eventual holidays.Visa and Passports •  Passport with minimum validity of 6 months are required in order to apply for visa.

. Buddhist.RELIGION •  Above 95% people follows Islam. Zoroastrians and Christians. •  Other religions includes Hindus.

•  Liquor or pornography is not allowed to be brought into the country. Dressing in this particular manner ensures respect from the locals. •  One should fix the fare before boarding the taxi.DO’s and DONT’s •  Women travelers have to follow specific dress codes. Being an Islamic country. while traveling one should cover one's legs and arms and women should wear a scarf around their head. •  Homosexuality is prohibited by law. .

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