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EPC Contract and Project Management
The project phase of Engineering, Procurement and Construction is also known We qualify and select a suitable EPC contractor to build the turnkey system. Th bidding process, the EPC contract is awarded to the company whose proposal meets the project requirements and constraints.

Sunvolt generates specifications of the project for EPC contractor bidding. Equ chosen and specified in the documentation package. Milestones definition and acceptance criteria are also established by SunVolt. Selection of the EPC cont based on criteria including ability to meet project technical specifications, cost a schedule. The EPC contractor's technical expertise, project portfolio and reputa also considered. SunVolt handles the process of reviewing bids, clarifying requ negotiation of terms and conditions, and contract award.

SunVolt performs project oversight and tracks progress of the EPC contractor's regular onsite reviews. SunVolt representatives are available onsite for the dur the project to resolve any issues that may arise. SunVolt performs detailed aud milestone checkpoints before progress payments are released.

After the system has been commissioned, we closely monitor the system to ma performs to spec and process any warranty related issues with the EPC contrac the system is stabilized and performing optimally.

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