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“Paving Your Way to Entrepreneurship”

February 2011I Hotel I Gujarat

Day 1, day, February 2011 One-Day Business Opportunities Seminar for budding entrepreneurs in Tier II and Tier III cities across the country. We identified basic obstacles faced by prospective investors seeking to own a franchise and some challenges faced by franchisors seeking to recruit them as franchise owners. Obstacles were categorized as three gaps: an informational gap, a relational gap and a capital gap. These one-day seminars address all three gaps and include sessions on: Fundamentals of Franchising– • • What franchising is (and isn’t) and how to evaluate franchise options. What is it really like to be a franchisee? Current franchisees will share their experiences and advice. What are franchisors looking for? Prospective franchisees will hear first hand from experienced franchisors. Franchisors and supplier members will also have tables to distribute information on their concept or information on services they can provide to a potential franchisee. What questions do you need to ask before signing on the dotted line? What resources are available? What are the requirements for financing in this economic climate? Are special programs available? Experiences in Franchising -

Legal Aspects of Franchising – • • Funding and Technical Assistance –

Business Opportunity Seminar: an independent evaluation of franchising and whether it is right for your business
You have already been running a successful business for some time and feel ready to expand, but are not sure how best to achieve your long-term business aims.
Franchising may provide the vehicle to grow your business. In partnership with other skilled individuals you could begin to develop a national network with a recognised brand and make your business a household name. Similarly, Franchising can present such an opportunity - the chance to start your own business under the umbrella of an established brand and a proven business format.

Attend the Indian Franchise designed one-day prospective franchisor seminar • • Association's (IFA) specially be in the best position to assess whether franchising is the best route for expanding your business. About the Speakers The speakers for the seminar have a broad knowledge of the Indian franchise sector. Learn about: . Anyone considering starting their own business will find this seminar vitally important. together with a Franchise India consultant and others. • • • • Start exploring new business relationships An excellent way to meet & learn from like minded people Sharing your perspectives with other companies To identify your market opportunities and business partners AGENDA 1. With specialists from the IFA.How to find the right fit in business ownership . this seminar will give guidance. Nurturing entrepreneurship: Be your own Boss .Financing options .2011 Trends in franchising . the contributors are positioned to answer any franchising query. having worked with established Indian franchised businesses for a number of years. provide cautionary notes and should put a clear structure into your research. whether you have started to evaluate opportunities or are right at the very beginning. develop or grow and have considered franchising as a method of doing so. be in the best position to assess franchising and decide whether it is right for you Who should attend? • • If you are unsure about whether franchising is right for your business or if you are looking to expand. ( INR 5000. In addition guest speakers from Government of Gujarat and established franchisees will illustrate both sides of the franchise relationship.Setting up corporate structures and tax entities Discover new and unique franchise opportunities Talk individually with each franchise representative Meet with a franchise attorney Entry to this seminar is by invitation & by admission fee.Franchise research and selection strategies . / $ 250 from overseas visitors ) seats are limited & available on first come first served basis . Whether you have considered franchising or not. this seminar will provide the clarification that you need.

This seminar is an excellent opportunity to get free information. About IFA 5. 11:00 Coffee 11:15 Franchise Opportunities Available and How to Evaluate Them Presenter: British Franchise Association A look at who franchises in the UK. Briefing about manage your own Business 3. the franchisor and the market place. and how to avoid them. the possible returns for you and how to develop your business plan. the types of opportunities available and how to assess yourself. 11:40 Franchisees View Point Presenter: bfa Member Case Study A bfa member franchisee explains why they chose franchising and their specific franchisor and the potential downsides of franchising.). 12:10 The Franchise Agreement Presenter: bfa Affiliate Solicitor An experienced bfa Affiliate franchise lawyer takes you through the main pitfalls in franchise agreements. Starting your own brand Franchising : Start. Business opportunity in various sectors. 4. One Day Seminar Programme Synopsis 9:45 Registration and Coffee 10:00 Welcome and Introductions 10:05 What is Franchising? Presenter: British Franchise Association 10:30 Financial Considerations Presenter: bfa Affiliate A bfa professional looks at how much investment is involved. This year IFA would be targeting 30 cities in India. talk to other local new business starters and swap experience and contacts. 12:40 Open Forum Session Presenter: Facilitator 12:55 Buffet Lunch 13:40 How Do Franchisors Choose Their Franchisees? Presenter: bfa Full Member A bfa member franchisor gives their view on what they look for in franchisees and why they believe franchising is a good option. Run and Business Opportunity Show (Multi City Show in India to reach small and medium business community in Tier II & Tier III cities of the country & cater to an entrepreneur who cannot be got to otherwise & can capitalize tremendous potential in these cities.2. .

14:40 Raising Finance Presenter: bfa Affiliate Banker An experienced bfa Affiliated franchise banker guides you through the sources of finance. . costs involved and the financial decisions you’ll need to make.14:10 Franchisees View Point Presenter: bfa Member Case Study A bfa member franchisee explains why they chose franchising and their specific franchisor and the potential downsides of franchising. 15:10 Open Forum Session Presenter: Facilitator An overview of the day and a last chance to clear up any unanswered questions. 15.30 Close Presenter: Facilitator An overview of the day and a last chance to clear up any unanswered questions.

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