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Hola, my name is Keith, and i live in the Mayan highlands of Guatemala, where
over the years I have taken a journey with the Cacao Spirit into the
understanding and use of Cacao/ chocolate for spiritual purposes... with my
teaching/ healing practice, with my personal inner work, and with others in
their inner work and in cacao ceremony as a part of the ongoing planetary
shift. I gave my chocolate business to my Mayan worker and friend, and he
now ships this cacao all over the world… see cacao sales below.

Here I share my understanding of cacao or chocolate as a multi-dimensional

teacher and facilitator for creative, spiritual, or ceremonial purposes. (This
is real chocolate… not the common processed type without the compounds
effecting consciousness.) How the “food for the shift” works and how to use
it. How to use cacao for ceremony; how to use cacao spiritually; how cacao
works in meditation; and how cacao works for inner processing. Included is
information on cacao, emotional processing, toxic cacao, and international
cacao sales. This understanding is intended for those who are impulsed to
journey with cacao, and those developing their own cacao usage in practice or
ceremony with others.

Teacher cacao was bypassed in the ‘60’s resurgence of medicine plants

because it does not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip,
but facilitates your own. There are Indigenous cacao shamans in Central and
South America who prefer cacao over psychedelics, but few have heard of
them. I am not here to speak for them. I speak from my years of
experience with cacao and cacao ceremonies since the Cacao Spirit began
teaching and partnering with me in the metaphysical work that I do. Many
tell me I have the best cacao for these inner purposes… I invite your
enjoyment through Cacao Sales below. May you find this information useful
for anyone’s cacao.

In a contemporary context, cacao is becoming known for its medical

benefits, as a ‘raw’ food, and with the ‘bean to bar’ chocolate makers. Here I
discuss spiritual and ceremonial cacao as a connection and partnership
facilitator with an open-hearted centering. On one level a creativity
facilitator; on another a practice facilitator, from yoga to meditation; on
another level a major multidimensional teacher in accelerated inner
transformation. Perhaps this is not the chocolate you are familiar with.

When not traveling internationally doing ceremonies and sessions, I teach in

Guatemala at one of this planet’s energy centers, Lake Atitlan. Many of the
spiritual travelers here experience that in this energy their stories come up
in an accelerated way. Drama. Some understand that one does not go into
the next dimension while carrying all this emotional and belief system
baggage. That ‘density’ is increasingly coming ‘up’, because it must, because
it’s time and because you made this choice before you were born.

You can feel and move your density internally through meditation or
processing, or you can objectify it in reality and feel it through trauma,
drama, pain and struggle. Cacao can assist in the inner process of connecting
to that density and to the divine light energy that assists in the
transmutation and healing.

Welcome to a different understanding of chocolate. Origional chocolate. A

cacao ceremony is an experience in a group energy… I could tell you about my
cacao ceremonies, but that would not tell you about anyone else’s cacao
ceremony, because cacao works with you where you are, and with the
ceremonial facilitator through where they are. Cacao brings the door but
doesn’t push you through it.
Years ago, cacao offered me this partnership… and I share this
understanding with others. I have become known affectionately as the first
non-indigenous ‘chocolate shaman’, and as the ‘real Willy Wonka’… may you
have as much fun!

You know, it is a circus out there on the new age banquet table. I know
people who after a ceremony or two call themselves cacao shamans and begin
doing their own cacao ceremonies. They use my writings as their own. Let
the buyer use their own discrimination. Injoy!

Background on Cacao

According to archeologists, the Cacao Spirit was one of the most powerful
deities in ancient Mayan cosmology. While the former Mayans and Aztecs of
southern Mexico and Guatemala are best known, there are contemporary
traditional Indigenous cultures in Central and South America who continue
cacao use in shamanic ceremony, preferring it to locally available
psychedelics. With today’s psychedelic buzz, you may not have heard much
of them. Although one of this world’s finest spiritual facilitators/ teachers,
cacao was ignored in the ‘60’s resurgence of medicine plants because it does
not act like a psychedelic – it does not take you on its trip, but facilitates
your own. It is Cacao’s choice to return at this time, and I am having fun
being part of that flow.

Over 200 cacao drinking jars dated 900 to 1000 years ago have been
unearthed in an 800 room Native American pueblo in Chaco Canyon,
northwestern New Mexico, USA. The nearest available cacao is more than
1200 miles (1920 km) south in Mexico. [February 4, 2009, page A14, New York edition of the
New York Times.] At 8 to 10 servings per pound (454 gm), that much cacao would

be heavy! With 2 major psychedelics (psilocybin mushrooms and peyote

cactus) much closer, why this huge expenditure of effort to obtain cacao…
what did they know?
There are contemporary Indigenous peoples who use cacao to facilitate a
type of collective lucid dream where all journey together in another
dimension. A story: Invited to visit… walking in past the lower trail
guardians (they don’t do tourists)… the shamans were not in the village. A 9
year-old led the way up to the caves. Through the limited Spanish on both
ends, it was shared that before they went to war with another people, they
spent a month meditating in those caves.

When does the war start? Last week. Over-shoulder glances to howling
laughter. So they used the term ‘war’ because that is how they understand
we solve our differences with other peoples. They sit in a circle, drink cacao
as they have been doing, and as a group meet the representatives of the
other people, who drank in another cave, in an adjacent dimension. Their
spirits connect in the same way - you go into their world with them. If one
doesn’t work in this way, they can't participate - there is no ceremony to
‘learn’, and there is no psychedelic cacao to take one there.

The medical profession suggests you eat dark chocolate, but they rarely
tell you (except in scientific papers) that commonly available chocolate has
little of the compounds they have been studying. Commercial processing
developed during the last 200 years eliminates them from real chocolate -
99%+ are missing in Hershey’s, 80% are missing in Lindt – so real cacao has
been all but forgotten. I wonder what that processing has turned those
compounds into? Traditional processing preserves these elements.

The instructions below will work with anyone’s cacao… however: cacao beans
themselves vary in the amount of active compounds they contain by a factor
of 4… occasional hybrids (most of the world’s commercial cacao is
hybridized) have only 25% of the goodies my cacao has… other hybrids are
fine for ceremonial use.
If you are buying “organic cacao”, sourced politically as organic and fair
trade, it is often from larger seeded, easier processed, hybridized varieties
- and may not be potent enough for ceremonial use, no matter how it has
been prepared. Just because it says ‘85% cacao’, has nothing to do with how
much and what proportion of compounds effecting consciousness are present
in that cacao. I knew a great organic brand, but it changed completely when
they sourced their cacao differently. Try it to find out. In my limited
experience, most organic brands have delightful taste and texture, but are
unsuitable for ceremony. I have yet to meet a chocolatier who showed real
interest in the active compound content of their product, tho I have known
them to buy my cacao for personal use with several thousand pounds of
prime raw cacao in their storeroom.

The raw food folks usually pay attention to how their cacao feels… the
widely available raw cacao from Ecuador has 85-90% of the strength of
native Guatemalan cacao that moved north through Central America with the
shamans… or, others say that cacao originated in Central America – anyway,
the botanists consider it a different variety than the South American type.
Larger seeded hybrids are a cross between these two varieties. Most ‘raw’
cacao nibs work well in ceremony if you use a bit more. Be cautious with
nausea, the main consideration in eating more cacao containing more bitter
but less psycho-active ingredients.

Many South American types have a thicker pulp surrounding larger cacao
seeds that has been selected by people using that sweet-tart pulp, which is a
traditional fruit snack and premium smoothie ingredient. Look at the seed
size for the cacao you are buying, perhaps 10% of the world chocolate supply
comes from these smaller beans. The Guatemalan shaman-selected cacao I
offer has a thin pulp and small seeds that requires less than half the
fermentation time, generating less heat and acid in the process. If I could
go out and buy ceremonial chocolate this good, I wouldn’t be processing it
Real cacao, eaten as whole peeled beans finger-dipped in agave nectar, is
used in high-end yoga studios to facilitate that focus. There are ‘cacao bars’
that do not serve alcohol, where one drinks cacao/ superfood concoctions
and connects with others in the open-hearted energy cacao fosters – so
different than alcohol (which works as a social lubricant by suppressing
fear). I hear of traders on the stock exchange floor who prefer cacao to
coke for the clear focus without the crash/ recovery. A writer I know tells
me he can hold 3 separate story-lines in his head and weave his paragraphs
from that. With a cup of this cacao he holds up to 9 simultaneous story-
lines and produces easier quality. Creative facilitation, anyone? Connection
wherever you want to go.

That's right; in the drug department cacao with the goodies in it is one of
the best focus enhancers and creativity facilitators on the planet. Unknown
and untapped market, but not the one I'm interested in… I help the creative
folks move how they block their own flow. By the way, in my experience, the
addition of coffee to a cacao brew moves it out of the creative-as-
connective department and into the straight stimulant department… but
then I don't have a caffeine habit. As a stimulant, cacao synergy improves
coffee… another market. I remember experimenting for a visiting emotional
processing student who was into coffee… you know mocha, this was woke-a!
I sometimes put coconut milk, cardamom, chili, and vanilla in it.

Using my solid blocks of ground pure cacao… Using Cacao for Ceremony
or Inner Work… Ceremonial Preparation

Use 7 US ounces (0.2 L) water per person for a thicker 'Mayan Potion', to 10
oz (0.3 L) for a somewhat more liquid drink. (If rapid assimilation for
ceremonial purposes is not needed, you may thin the bitterness of the
chocolate with as much liquid as you'd like.) Heat (doesn’t need to boil)
enough chili/ red/ cayenne pepper (a spiritual accelerator) in the water for a
good tickle… more if you like, less if you don’t – finely powdered cayenne
does not need to be strained. The chili is traditional and the circulation
warming helps get the cacao into your bloodstream… but isn’t mandatory.
Cardamom (or cinnamon, the Mexican preference), and vanilla are flavorful
options; add vanilla extract at the end. Some like a pinch of salt. Cardamom
is a bit of a synergist.

Chop my block chocolate with a large knife into fragments about 1/4 inch (6
mm) or smaller in some dimension, so it softens easily in hot water. Per
person, added to that hot to less-than-boiling pepper/ cardamom water: 1 oz
(28 gm) cacao for a meditation assist, to 2 oz (57 gm) for a full ceremonial
dose. A 1-pound (454 gm) package of cacao does 8 - 11 ceremonial doses. An
eggbeater, whisk, or fork works to break-up the heat softened chunks.
After it has 'dissolved', add whatever sweetening you want. Many who know
cacao add no sweetening at all. With the current state of high energies, I
am using 1.5 oz (42.5 gm) given in one dose as a full ceremonial dose.

Until you know cacao, I emphatically recommend drinking 2/3 of a 2 oz.

ceremonial dose, and the remainder, slowly, 45 minutes to one hour later, if
there is no stomach queasiness at all – a few will get ill from all that bitter if
they drink a full 2 oz. all at once. Consume the remaining third according to
how you feel… a few will have nausea 5-6 hours later even doing it this way
so consider going easy at first. Some, but not all, with low body weight -
take less. Those needing detox or those clean and raw, take less first time -
the level of acceptable stimulation will guide you. If not about liver detox,
hours later nausea is usually overdose - it is intelligent feedback from your
body and your teacher. Early nausea is usually a message… we talk about
messages elsewhere.

Contraindications: Those who are toxic (as with an intervention like

chemotherapy), or need dietetic detox, may become nauseous 5-6 hours
after a large dose, as the bitter stimulates the liver… if so drink water!
Those into fasting or raw diet may overdose on smaller quantities. Lower
doses may also be needed for those with low body weights, or those who
regard themselves as sensitive, such as to drugs or energies... this could be
physiological or belief system based. Many antidepressants do NOT mix
with the tryptophan and MAO inhibitors in this cacao… Google your meds! – I
have seen some ripping migraines and lengthy vomiting, and it could be
worse. Heart conditions: cacao increases heart rate significantly, and is a
vasodilator, reducing blood pressure. Go easy at first with very low blood
pressure. No more than an ounce (28 gm) with pregnancy or breast feeding,
and not that much until you know cacao and understand your own pace with
it. If you get migraines from coffee, be cautious with cacao. Real chocolate
is fatal to dogs (and I hear parrots and horses) who genetically lack the
enzyme to metabolize theobromine… and so have a heart attack.

Many can feel it immediately (energetic blending with the Cacao Spirit), and
all are getting a buzz in 20 minutes or so. Deepest effects last 4 to 5
hours... Some prefer taking a full dose as two portions, several hours apart,
or just as you begin to taper from the first ounce or so – workable for day-
long focus holding. I have people begin drinking water about halfway through
a ceremony. Important: dehydration headache, including next day - drink
water! Some find larger amounts of cacao to be gently laxative 4 to 6 hours
later… this is normal.

Cows milk is said to block intestinal assimilation of flavanoids, perhaps

more… the Cacao Deva says no… If you want that flavor, use vegetable
based milk. In my public ceremonies it’s simply cacao in hot water, with
concentrated chili-pepper ‘tea’ and a choice in sweetening available for
individual cup and spoon addition. The spoon incorporates the sweetening
and helps keep the cacao in suspension while drinking.

Whole beans or pieces (nibs) will not melt in hot water… chew well or use a
blender. Blending works best with less water to produce a thick liquid… then
add more ingredients if smoothie making, or use additional water (it can
rinse the blender) to thin the thick blended chocolate for hot or cold
drinking. Beans alone without water do not grind well in the blender... as
soon as they get warm the cacao butter melts and everything sticks without
being finely ground.
Bringing cacao to a boil and simmering lightly for a few minutes will produce
a thicker, richer, and smoother brew with more dispersed floating butter
and fewer settling dregs. I also find that with boiling, the consciousness
effects are a bit milder. The Kuna boil their cacao for an hour or more; I
never tried that. Because of the increased thickness from boiling, use the
greater amount of water mentioned above.

Go easy on the caffeine or coffee in the hours before a ceremonial amount

of cacao... too buzzy, no focus. Coffee and cacao as mocha is fine… but a
poor combination in ceremony. The general agreement is that there is little
caffeine in cacao… it is mostly a sister molecule, theobromine (it takes a
sophisticated chemical test to tell them apart, hence the frequent
statements about caffeine in cacao).

Fasting before a ceremonial dose is not necessary – and I don’t recommend it

for first-timers as an empty system may accelerate assimilation and bring on
bitter-related nausea. Normal or light eating a few hours beforehand is
fine. Cacao acts as a food… few miss eating if using cacao over a usual

Ingesting more than 2 oz (57 gm) of this cacao is unnecessary and

undesirable for almost everyone. In my experience 5-7% of people given
this much cacao all at once will become nauseous enough to vomit. Cacao is
naturally self-limiting as higher doses soon produce nausea (any bitter in
sufficient quantity is emetic). Some friends gave higher doses a good test
to see if cacao can be used in the way that the purging with some
psychedelics is a natural part of the process… conclusion… all you get is sick.
The hard way to do a liver cleanse. Inner work while nauseous doesn’t go
very well, either… 
One ounce (28 gm) per person is enough for many inner activities and may
bring on deep emotional release. Certainly sufficient for open-heartedness.
Everyone is different. Many have experienced emotional release or
energetic blending with the Cacao Deva from munching one bean or from the
first sip.

A ceremonial dose taken after about 2pm may have you awake late, unless
you are tired from emotional release… although the occasional person can
nap on a full ceremonial dose (it is called resistance). If you allow your
density up, and then block its release, expect a ‘chocolate hangover’ the next
day until the energies dissipate or you get them repressed again. It is just
energy… it has to go somewhere. You will have 30-40% more blood flowing to
your brain with this cacao… no pharmaceutical drug does this. Your skin will
have almost double the oxygenation… touch is different if your intent or
heart is involved. The heart connecting also contributes to cacao being
called an aphrodisiac.

A larger or full ceremonial amount of cacao combined with aerobic activity

or a hot spring/ tub/ sweat could make anyone nauseous. Taking cacao on a
food or liquid occupied stomach, or with food, will slow assimilation - which
you might want sometimes. This works well with something like hiking, or
long hours of focused creative activity. Cacao has long been considered a
marvelous trekking nourishment (although the vasodilation might lead to
extra heat loss at sub-zero temperatures). Reminder: headache, including
next day - drink water! (Theobromine is diuretic.)

Taking a small amount of cacao just before sleeping (try 0.3 oz/ 8.5 gm of
my cacao) will help you remember your dreams… I find it works better than
alcohol or caffeine which are sometimes recommended for this purpose (I
first saw this from channeled Seth in the 1970’s). My suggestion is to drink
enough water to need to pee in the middle of your sleep time and to take the
cacao as you return to bed for the later stages of sleep. There are some
scientific papers on the benefit of cacao to tooth decay, as I remember… so
perhaps drink it unsweetened.
For something like Kundalini Yoga, with its active component, try 1.2 oz (34
gm). I have had a number of inquiries about using cacao for a dinner, party,
or gathering such as a wedding… and especially as a replacement for alcohol.
I have had delightful reports. For those who want to foster heart-centered
connecting in this way, I recommend 1.3 oz (37 gm), taken after the
volleyball or any intense aerobic activity… time it for an active period of 5-6
hours… activities such as driving are no problem. Drinking this much cacao in
the evening will have some sleeplessly awake late, so try an ounce (28 gm).
Taking with food will slow assimilation and prolong the active period – which
may work well for early afternoon drinking. Monitor carefully to prevent
overdose with second helpings, use much less for children, and consider
coconut milk/ cream, cardamom/ cinnamon, cayenne, and vanilla. You must
check for heart conditions and for use of prescription antidepressants
(where you may want to be able to Google the particular meds for
contraindication with MAO inhibitors).

Using Chocolate for Spiritual Purposes – As the Ancient Sacred Teacher

and Facilitator It Is… Spiritual Cacao

Several years ago while living in Guatemala, the cacao Deva/ Spirit impulsed
me to explore cacao. On first use, I understood cacao as a forgotten
teacher, and to use cacao as a facilitator with the personal inner-work and
processing that I had been trained to do and teach. We have been having
fun. I often go deep without cacao… I often use cacao – one of this world’s
wondrous assistants offered that I might enjoy using and re-introducing Her
in this way through my work. In the same way, She will partner with you in

For me, a major advantage to ceremonial cacao is that participants are able
to hold a good multidimensional focus for 4-5 hours, allowing more time for
deep work without mental or emotional fatigue. Many find that as their
meditational focus-holding ability improves and they learn to work on other
levels, a full ceremonial dose is unnecessary. I haven't used a full ceremonial
dose in a couple of months… except to test a new batch of cacao for public
sale and to host the occasional local ceremony, which isn't much in the
middle of the heaviest rainy-season in anyone's memory… as I write this I
am taking a break from international ceremonial travel delighting in my own
inner work, which is often without any cacao at all. Today I am writing,
without cacao - but sometimes I use about an ounce (28 gm) with food,
perhaps in a green smoothie. That's my flow.

You know the value of asking for help… try cacao with clear intent and
experience the cooperative partnership of “the food for the shift”.
Experience cacao with the meditation you use. Use, rather than judge…
trust where this teacher takes you! Use cacao to foster deeper intimacy
with your mate – as a connection and partnership facilitator. Use cacao for a
good buzz, good conversation, good yoga, good sex, emotional or energetic
intimacy, or to change your reality – the choice is yours. Use it as an
addictive stimulant… this teacher will take you there if that is a place you
have inner business!

Certainly, I call cacao a drug, as are all medicine plants… and like anything
else it is not for everyone. I get occasional e-mails from people, often into
raw foods, explaining that drugs aren't necessary or desirable for spiritual
purposes - that the body can do this on its own. However fine for them, I
don't work like this.

Whether such a statement is a high truth or a belief system judgment

doesn't matter to me. If Higher Self, the divine representation within, is
impulsing one to use cacao - be that for spirituality or to deal with their
addictive tendencies - that individual guidance takes precedence. I follow,
having no right-way to tell anyone. Of course, discrimination between the
voice of higher self, the voice of a belief system, and the voice of addiction
is required…
Cacao For Innerwork

Cacao is a heart-centered cooperative partnership facilitator, assisting in

conscious connecting wherever your intent or inner need goes. If you find
yourself with a repetitive thought or image… little daydream… about
yourself or another… take it inside, receiving it as yours, then follow
whatever your Higher Self is gently getting your attention about. As one
does with dream images, assume it is about you even if it is presented (so
you can receive it) as about someone or something else.

A story from an early ceremony: A fellow complained that he had a story-

line stuck in his head, and if he could just get rid of it, he could get with
what we were doing. I suggested his Higher Self was trying to get his
attention about something… so what's the story? “I'm riding my bicycle
along one of the canals in Amsterdam, going into a café, and smoking a big
spliff.” So what's the feeling? “I'm totally free.” In the moment… in the
flow… in the magic. We went inside and soon found that he had being free
‘hooked’ to smoking. He wasn't smoking at this time, so therefore he
couldn't be free. After unhooking at this subconscious level he sat there,
grinning, free. I told him not to re-hook it to cacao.

‘Dark shadow’ density (fear, pain body, blocks, issues, conditioning, belief
systems, resistance, emotional toxicity) that needs to be released, or its
location in your body, will be brought to your attention. Whatever message
you need will come… just like life! Your even scarier ‘light shadow’
magnificence… where you are ready to open/ connect/ expand will also be
more accessible, if that is what’s up. Many in my ceremonies sit in the
proverbial pillar-of-light and blissfully broadcast that higher-dimensional
frequency, making my job easier – that’s holding space!
Some systems of healing can work through suspending disease conditions
long enough for healthier patterns to be adopted by the whole system.
Cacao often, for example, suspends repression in a selected area (at the
head of the queue from a Higher Self perspective) and allows what one
needs to work with to bubble to the conscious surface as images, feelings, or
through assistance from the body consciousness as physical symptoms. It
can be very subtle or it can be a flood-of-tears popped cork.

In using cacao, you work with the density that She helps bring to your
attention in the usual way. In feeling it, or with awareness of its location in
your body, get close to it, move to or into it, and let the knowing unfold.
Feel it to the bottom! As much as possible hold non-attached surrender and
pass on the judgment and fixing. Then bring in the light. Give the density to
whatever portion of your higher reality or the guides you are working with…
and it will transmute. That transmuted energy and the higher energy flowing
into the newly opened space heals you. Do both… transmute the old and call
in the replacement. These things are often in layers like an onion... the next
layer will be up in its own time.

Afterwards, remember to drink water! It is a standard concept in release

work that the physical analogues to the energies you moved enter the
bloodstream… if you drink… you pee… they are gone. Water is also a
metaphor for flowing emotion and can foster your continuing work in the
energies for the next several days after ceremonial use. Many have density
up next day and have an opportunity to follow it if they do not reject it as
something negative.

This medicine plant assists in accessing physical, mental, emotional, psychic,

or spiritual arenas… as you require. Set your intent, perhaps as an issue you
choose to work with, and cacao will facilitate connection with wherever you
source your guidance, internal and external… however you experience it. The
magic and a deeper focus flow.
Cacao brings the door but doesn’t push you through it. For many, this
fosters a significantly different trust and use relationship than with
psychedelics. The type of intimacy facilitated by such trust may be an asset
in working through issues where fear is involved. After all, the literal
translation of the conquistador era Indigenous word for drinkable chocolate
was ‘heart blood’ (so I've read) - and isn’t the fluid that flows through the
heart… love? …”The food of the Gods”. This is the meaning of ‘Theobroma’
the scientific genus name for cacao (by Linnaeus himself, the originator of
scientific nomenclature). What would a god’s food be, besides love?

What would love do… help with your fear? Find out. Find some fear, or
other density… inside… cacao, Higher Self, and your body consciousness will
show you where it is... (possibly dense, dark, agitated, contracted, tight, or
just painful enough to notice)… sit down with it and get to know it… listen to
what it has to say to you, this is not the time to tell it where to go, or to fix
it - enough of fighting against it… feel it… feel the fear… begin learning to
trust this process. Then step out of the way, bring in your light, open your
crown and bring it right down into your heart… put your arm around your
fear… let the light flow, it knows what to do. You don't have to work with
fear… beyond letting it go - you might have to work with the part of self
(like an inner child) that is holding on to the fear, however. Soon many can
feel fear on the ‘cellular’ level… I call it ‘squeamy’… squirm + scream… feels
like individual cells wanting to run right out of the body. Some have
experienced this in life; here it’s done consciously in meditation. A note…
there are several emotional processing techniques that promise you freedom
from your density without having to feel it… a workable introduction for
those in terror of such feelings.

We are all skilled density movers by creatively objectifying ‘external’

mirrored reality and then experiencing it through trauma, drama, pain, and
struggle. You can go within and feel it in meditation, or you can manifest and
feel it in reality. Your choice. In these times, this process is accelerating -
as many understand. Imagine a higher-dimensional blissful grin spread over
your face while a wave of old often-played-out density is deeply felt with
full non-attachment, then released/ transmuted first at energetic and
emotional levels and eventually at core/ spirit.

Cacao would help you experience this choice to partner with your own higher
and denser energies, and the accelerated liberation this makes possible.
Cacao is in no way necessary for this process, but it can facilitate
experience in what we already understand within… with an open-hearted
centering. When you can laugh and cry at the same time, you are very close…
sample your mastery.

Intentional cacao use is a relationship, a partnership - you are dancing with a

being. It’s physical form is called cacao. And as with intimate or business
partnerships, your issues, your emotional and energetic density, will come
up… manifesting physically or emotionally. Yes, you will play out your stuff
with cacao, like any other parent-partner-lover-teacher. With cacao density
comes up relatively gently, and in a way you can work with it, or choose not
to. A natural tendency for many is to assume that the clearing process, if
negative, is about the cacao… many in relationships think it’s about the other
person as well - you may know this as blame.

Some into avoiding or repressing emotions are not going to be happy with
regular cacao use, especially if they have completed much of their physical
level purification and are otherwise ready to continue detox in emotional
arenas. If you view cleaning up your emotional and vibrational toxicity as an
imperative for these times, you might find cacao to be an asset. To an open

Cacao headaches:

•a. The theobromine in cacao is diuretic, and headache is a typical

physiological signal for dehydration…
•b. Cacao may work with you through the emotional body, and water is often
needed to “keep things flowing”, as literal metaphor and more… headache can
be the re-hydrate indicator here as well…

•c. Cacao is a partnership facilitator. One of the things that it helps you
communicate with is your subconscious. As Carl Jung pointed out, the
language of the subconscious is symbols, images, and metaphors (as you
probably won't allow yourself to hear it directly, as voices in your head). In
this culture, a head-heart/ left-right brain disconnect is the norm. Here a
headache is the perfect metaphor - the head hurts because it is attempting
to meet an expectation that it understand and solve reality - for which it is
not the appropriate tool. Even with heart and higher input, the head is not
the tool for things like directing one’s journey.

Headaches are common with cacao… who else tells this truth in such a direct
way without a big trip. Who else will stand up in your reality and lay what
you need to hear on the line, straight. In your face… from behind it… Ouch.
I have seen many headaches lessen or stop following heart opening and
integration work.

More stimulation than you want is overdose. Above that nausea begins. A
bit more cacao and you will throw-up. Cacao is bitter… enough of any bitter
will produce nausea, and with more become emetic. At around 3.5+ oz (100+
gm), the average person will be miserably awake and throwing-up repeatedly
for hours, perhaps much of the night. (I've had the occasional person in my
ceremonies who doesn't listen to me, because they know that in the drug
world, if a little bit’s good a whole lot’s better. I have learned to strictly
monitor cacao availability.)

Consider also that lower-dose nausea may be a metaphor – for something

one wants to throw out, or for something coming in: “I can't stomach that.” -
for whatever life issue cacao is assisting to surface. Those who have been
resisting such messages from themselves for some time may get a rather
forceful heads-up, especially if they are headed toward manifesting
something far less desirable.

I've had the occasional person in a ceremony leave early... throw-up... return
open and without judgment... deal with their issue... have some more cacao...
and continue ceremony in a powerful way. Rarely, cacao in normal dosage will
work along the lines of some plant psychedelics, where physically purging
parallels purging on other levels. I don't see this too often, but it can be
lengthy and uncomfortable, however effective.

Your chocolate shaman says… Enjoy!

Toxic Cacao and Emotional Detox

For a portion of the raw foods movement, cacao is considered a toxic

addictive stimulant to be avoided. Here's what often happens: cacao brings
messages to the surface consciousness about inner reality in need of
healing. Raw foodies are trained to use their body to monitor dietetic
choices… to understand negativity that they feel through their body as
feedback about physical toxicity. Oops… messages misunderstood… bad
cacao. You think the symbolic keys to your emotional toxicity saying dig here
for inner healing gold are going to feel like the coastal coconut I opened for
today’s lunch? Cacao does not work the same with everyone. Others on a
raw diet experience “the best day ever” from cacao consumption.

Many into raw foods are physically clean and their consciousness is ready to
move into emotional detoxification, a next step in a common progression.
From cleaning the physical body to cleaning the emotional body. Their
emotional and psychic channels are clogged or disconnected, like most
everyone else, so through their clean and perceptive physical bodies cacao
flows a map of their next step in healing. Of course, if you don't have that
understanding personally, or you have a support system telling you that your
emotional cleansing process is instead harmful toxic symptoms, you will have
no idea what to do with the metaphors to your inner healing that cacao and
other levels of your being have presented you with. Keys to basic ‘Know
Thyself’... which you may understand as important in most any spiritual

Many have had the experience of, for instance, doing a liver detox, and
having someone tell them that their cleansing reactions are a sign that the
detox program is bad for them. I get this exact situation from quality raw
food instructors not trained in emotional and spiritual detox. Raw teachers
tell me about the folks who are toxic following cacao ceremonies and I tell
them about the folks who when shown how to cooperate with ‘what's up’ and
follow their ‘toxic’ symptoms, are able to use those messages to lead them
into their next step in life-changing inner healing and growth.

With cacao as in life, if you don’t listen to the messages, they get louder.
More than one raw teacher tells this very story on their web-site… (well, not
quite this way)… about why they stopped using cacao: the unwanted and
misinterpreted-as-toxic messages eventually became intolerably loud and the
obvious option was divorce. Perhaps they have played out the same scenario
in other life arenas… as issues scripted from within, and not about whomever
is playing the other end of that script for their own purposes. Or one can
blame their damn ex and in writing about that toxic addictive bitch, believe
they are talking about the cacao. Without the training I received to clean
up my inner act and then teach, long before my introduction to cacao, I
wouldn’t have understood what to do with the friggin metaphors, either.

If you do not want to hear what your caring subconscious mind would have to
say to you, as the consensus reality teaches us all, you may not like cacao,
and She may see to it that you keep your distance. In addition, cacao works
with you where You are… if you want an addictive stimulant… if you use cacao
that way… you got it! Is that about you or the cacao? You may not be
familiar with native teaching styles that have so much respect for who you
are as an individual on your own sacred journey that they trust and allow you
to have that journey finding your own way… with guidance always available if
you ask… and consider that as unconditional… love… the same teaching
method God-Goddess has always and is today using with you.

I really appreciate the preparation work that fasting and raw foods
teachers have done for me in working with many of those I see! Cacao is one
assistant in the progression from using a physical substance like food to do
your detox and healing, to partnering in meditation with a multi-dimensional
divine light energy to do your detox and healing. Cacao as a divine energy?
Sure, centuries ago… sure, traditional shamanism… today, cacao as multi-
level facilitating consciousness - the divine energy and resultant
empowerment are your own… Old age and new age.

Clearing emotional issues, cacao or not, gets you out of your own way, so who
you really are and the gifts you have can come through… can come and get
you - you won't have to look for them. One does not go into the next
dimension while carrying all that emotional and belief system baggage. That
‘stuff’ is increasingly coming ‘up’, because it must, because it’s time and you
made this choice before you were born… a facilitator like cacao is going to
present you with it and with the higher connectedness to move it in more
elegant ways than playing it out as externally manifested drama. As with
raw detox, many need personal assistance (I certainly did) in understanding
the process as it is outside of the consensus reality box and easy to judge as
not something you want to go through… however wonderful in the longer

There are those for whom the stimulation from cacao is not something they
want in their day. Dandy. Maybe their message is also to stop overdosing
and use less. Another non-indigenous cacao healer I know gives people one
morsel – just a taste - of her chocolates and they often go into spontaneous
emotional release. There are those for whom what surfaces in emotional
detox is not something they want in their day, as the conditioning to repress
such issues leads. Dandy. Their path or schedule is different. There are
those who are discovering that emotional or density detox is a logical
extension of physical detox and they and their worlds are drawn into these
understandings. Dandy, and as I experience it, that is where so many are
today. Raw has prepared them well. Cacao is one option among many, and for
some makes an excellent partner in this portion of the journey.

OK, lets look at a few other things common on the toxic cacao sites I've
looked at.

•This typical example was copied to me by one of the toxic cacao raw
teachers to illustrate the harmful effects of cacao: From Paul Nison’s site [I couldn’t find it there and with the raw site where I did
find it, Google flashed me warnings about numerous pages on the site that
loaded viruses into their servers… perhaps a hacked site] “I ate a bunch of
cacao last night because I kept hearing such great things about it from
other raw foodists. I felt like I was on some serious drugs last night, and did
not feel well at all!! I woke up at 6am with an awful headache and threw up.
Now I feel so sick!!” An overdose story given as intelligent understanding
about cacao… Would you consider a pizza binge as intelligent understanding
about the overall nature of a raw food diet?

•It kills animals. If… as with dogs, parrots, and horses… their genetics do
not include the metabolic enzyme that handles theobromine - they eat cacao,
have a heart attack, and die. So is that about the cacao or the genes? Bad
cacao, down boy… I learned in high school that this variety of incomplete
truth along with a sensationalist (it kills animals) appeal is a manipulative
literary device called yellow journalism… …need I mention that cacao
can help? Perhaps you can relate to my sense of humor.
•Animals do not eat cacao… so therefore you shouldn’t either. Maybe
cacao’s purpose does not have to do with feeding animals, except through
the pulp. Maybe cacao’s purpose would help you get to the place where you
could address your concerns directly with the Cacao Deva… the Spirit, the
consciousness behind the form. Believing one gets answers to such questions
solely at isolated mental levels is a fear-based toxic addiction and consensus
reality norm – need I mention that cacao can help? 3 gold stars if you got
that someone with this major addiction, and in denial about it, might be
rather negative about anything that would be a threat to their habit…

•Native people do not eat cacao, except ceremonially. Go visit the Kuna.
In the late 1990’s it came to the attention of medical researchers that
these tropical island Indigenous Panamanians did not have the expected
high-salt-diet = high-blood-pressure, and when the cause was understood to
be cacao, the current scientific interest in chocolate was born. The
Islanders drink chocolate as their primary fluid intake. Chocolate not pulp,
and mostly traditionally processed. Yes, I know there are raw websites
where the author repeatedly explains how much research they have done,
and then tells you that no native peoples consume cacao except

I have looked at a few papers in the scientific literature on the Kuna and
their cacao. I mentioned earlier:
Some papers are not publicly online, and therefore cannot be Googled –
here I suggest Chevaux KA, Jackson L, Villar ME et al. Proximate, mineral,
and pro-cyanidin content of certain foods and beverages consumed by the
Kuna Amerinds of Panama. J Food Composition Analysis 2001;14:553-63 for
those who would accept the native-peoples-not-consuming-cacao
authoritative statements repeated on the toxic cacao raw food websites.
Check it out for yourself.

In Costa Rica I know of Indigenous peoples who consume cacao, in and out of
sacred ceremony. Yes, I know there is a photo of a Costa Rican Bribri child
eating cacao pulp on the website of a raw foods teacher who spends a lot of
time in that country, and he uses that photo to reinforce his argument that
native people do not eat cacao. My experience, and also what I've heard
from others who work with Indigenous peoples in this area, is different.
Perhaps it’s a tribal difference. It is my understanding that there are also
people, Indigenous and not, in southern Mexico who consume locally
processed cacao on a regular non-ceremonial basis. Cacao travelers passing
through my town in Guatemala have told me of their time with them,
whatever that’s worth. Also other natives in Panama and the remote
Mosquito of Honduras and Nicaragua.

Now… I have an agenda-driven story myself: More than once upon

this time there was a person of great understanding who cleaned out
with raw foods and the body became amazingly physically perceptive…
this one influenced many and may have had a website or few to assist…
naturally, to minimize life dramas and bring increased fulfillment,
Higher Self wished that certain inner issues on the life-purpose
schedule… be cleaned up… as the physical house was in order, it was
time for the mental and emotional houses… and so brought gentle
teacher cacao into this one's field… there being a kindred resonance
between them…

Teacher cacao found many channels disconnected or clogged in the

emotional and psychic departments, nothing unusual here, but found a
finely perceptive physical body, most unusual. Through cacao’s forte of
facilitating communication with other levels… in this case the
subconscious… some inner resistances were gently suspended (perhaps
you know this as grace)… and along this now-ready body pathway flowed
one metaphor after another to spread before this one a map of the
inner density ripe for healing… for cacao respectfully presents one with
choices to be made from your own empowerment… magnificent, even
magical, wouldn't you say? Understandable that cacao was once
considered divine…
Alas, the symbolic messages about inner density, naturally a tad on the
negative side, were misinterpreted as the toxicity itself… for feeling
feedback about toxicity through the body was an important part of this
one's healing roadmap… and this one had never been taught about other
whispers from within… perhaps you haven’t either…

Cacao presented new metaphors… louder metaphors… more specifically

pointed metaphors... not only did they go nowhere with the surface
consciousness, but deep within they aroused a great uneasiness, as that
part of this one knew where each metaphor pointed and had the
supreme task of keeping this one ‘safe’ by protecting that programming,
keeping selected pathways closed or restricted, and keeping a one-way-
only lid on certain emotional depositories… As the great one continued
to consume cacao, this situation became entrenched resistance, like an
inner war… so soon the relationship with cacao was terminated, as you
might imagine under these circumstances…

But all did not live happily ever after… a disturbed inner part remained
and was worried that teacher cacao would return… in order to protect
this one, and in league with other parts-of-self, a plan was hatched…
projection and blame arose from within and pounced on a mind
defenseless without the knowing truth of the heart… the mind, having
experienced similar painful scenarios from other areas of life, bought
the whole story… and as you may have guessed, soon a new plan arose…
cacao vendetta… toxic cacao… spread the word!

And that word fit right into the larger plan, keeping people not ready
for the next cleanse away from cacao, and keeping them out of the
ceremonies of those who taught it. Thank you toxic cacao. Others left
the raw fold, whether leaving raw eating or not, because they dared to
consider that one's beliefs about food have more causal impact in
physical reality than the food itself… opening the door to cleaning up
other beliefs and fears. It's all good.
Perhaps some of these toxic cacao folks would like to look into their
addictive substance that never requires more, year after year. If you go
through cacao’s door… and have addictive issues… will you judge it in blame,
get lost in it in addiction, or choose to use the healing potential available in
the light. Those who believe that choice is just about the cacao, will surely
have difficulty with the personal level on which this facilitator works.

About that level… why do you suppose real cacao waited until now to again
become better known, and with whom is She working? My ceremonies and
groups, in which cacao is not necessary and often unused, but helpful for
many, are training and experience in navigating that level – it’s not for
everyone. In contemporary lingo, we could say this is one way of blending
your expanded normal consciousness with higher dimensions for the practical
purpose of remembering and using the flowing inner art of healing and
creating ones reality in partnership with Higher Self and the Light.

Absolutely, cacao can be used in an addictive counter-productive manner, and

I know people who do. If you don’t want to deal with those issues, don’t eat
the teacher. Those issues will arise in another way, as one put them there
for good reason. There are many ways to address ones inner density… and
always, trauma, drama, pain, and struggle are popular and time tested - you
can even do them with cacao. That’s ok… cycle through it ‘till you’re done.

Notes for Head and Body… Notes Bin

De-fatted cacao powder, raw included, sometimes has a poor compound

balance for ceremonial purposes… try it. Use less as most of the butter (up
to 50% of the cacao weight) has been removed through hot hydraulic
pressing. It is removed commercially so that the remaining cacao can be
ground much finer without melting. Many chocolate products, like bars, have
some, all, or extra butter added back for smooth texture.

Cacao powder is yummy in a blended mix of 2-3 medium avocados, a ripe

banana, a can of coconut milk, cardamom, vanilla, and maple syrup, pitted
dates, or honey (in order of preference) for sweetening… chocolate-avocado
mousse! Thicken by adding the cacao powder last until the blender begins to
create an air pocket. Serve in a parfait or wine glass topped with a
raspberry or few, or shaved coconut. You can use my ground cacao with a
slight loss of textural smoothness, but often an increase in flavor. In this
case, first blend or boil the ground cacao with the coconut milk.

Coconut milk is delicious with cacao… with cardamom and vanilla making a
fine gourmet drink… but would slow assimilation ceremonially. One ounce (28
gm) cacao to a pint (0.5 L) of water for a decidedly rich social drink… add
one can coconut milk per half-gallon (2 L). Drink too much and you will be up
late… The first time I took this to a pot-luck, there were complaints as it
was more popular than other more preparation-intensive dishes… 

Almonds are a standard addition to many Mexican chocolate products. For

funk-sional Mexican molé, a chocolate sauce that is often not sweet, work
cacao with warmed nut butter and chili… sesame/ tahini the flavor-
coordinating key… season with garlic, cinnamon, anise (half the cinnamon),
cloves (half the anise)… sweeten with soaked raisins… thin with raisin soak-
water. I like some cardamom and ginger. Drizzle over dinner or dip veggies.
For this fun, hang in Oaxaca’s (Mexico) 20 de Noviembre Market after (if
needed) you’ve done some inner-work clearing beliefs about sugar, so
objectification from that big one is not intrusive. (This molé is without the
usual non-olive flavorful oil addition as there is already enough oil for me… in
the same way try pesto with 20% oil, remainder water… enjoy more green
stuff that way. An all-cilantro pesto has a reputation for heavy metals
Cacao is an excellent synergist… most known is combining with psilocybin
mushrooms. A full dose of each together is overdose! Try 1.3 oz. (38 gm) 40
min. to an hour after taking a psychedelic in moderation. I have used lower
doses of cacao topped off with some caffeine drink as needed for 18+ hour-
a-day automotive driving. Central American roads require a good focus.
Cacao is often combined with other superfoods, notably Maca. My favorite
is with Mucuna pruriens, especially a concentration like that from Ultimate
Superfoods. Regular Mucuna, try Agape Tea and let me know.

Cacao also synergizes well with Ujuxte/ Maya Nut/ Ramon Nut – from the
largest tree in the Central American rainforest and a staple of the lowland
Maya before they became corn planters (barely discovered as a superfood) –
check out Maya Nut Institute/ The Equilibrium Fund for one of the most
needed and cleanest environmental organizations around. You might have to
come to Guatemala for some… the roasted nut tastes a bit like chocolate…
great smoothie ingredient.

Cacao is a wonderful facilitator with today's tantric/ goddess temple

pathways. The increased bloodflow from cacao assists with sensitivity and
sensation, the focus/ connecting qualities help you feel and stay with the
movement of the energies and with your partner, and the heart centering
pulls those energies upwards. With ‘bottom up’ tantric practices where
sexual energies are to be elevated through all your issues into other realms...
consider also using cacao to partner with your own higher-dimensional
existence and invite that presence to transform and open the energetic
pathways in a ‘top down’ tantra you may find both ancient and in easy
harmony with today’s so-available magic. …The root will party right along.
Then invite your ‘terrestrial mother’ up to unite with the ‘celestial father’
you’ve brought down into your heart. Overflow with the progeny of their
divine mating. Know self as a luminous lantern of divine light. Engage your
partner from this elevated resonance, knowing that your energies can be
guided to similarly meet.
If you want to remove the cacao butter from ground cacao like mine, or
from finely blended beans, make your hot chocolate with hotter water (but
not boiling which will disperse the butter) and then let cool in a wide-mouth
container with an occasional short slow stir in the beginning of cooling; after
cooling, optionally refrigerate and then lift out the solid butter. You may re-
heat, stir, and re-cool the butter in additional water to clean it up. Re-add
butter to chocolate treats, use cosmetically, or make a chocolaty fragrant
medicinal salve for friends… melts at body temperature. If your drink is
going to cool or be refrigerated and you do not want the butter to separate
or plug the container neck, use water less than 120°F (49°C) to soften the
shaved cacao. A customer in a local restaurant once got up and left
offended without paying when served a cup of my cacao as hot chocolate,
because of the butter droplets floating on top of the brew… a first meeting
with real cacao…

A link for the compounds in cacao from a raw foods perspective:

And from a related commercial site with many references and abstracts:

Another site covering the psychoactive compounds in cacao:

Discussing what happens to processed cacao and the effect of real cacao on
the heart from the American Heart Association:

A scientific resource link from an industry promotional organization:

You might like checking out this somewhat more approachable paper: This paper offers quantified
research on the comments of the western-trained medical doctors in the
Panamanian hospital system in the San Blas Islands Autonomous Territory.
Doctors who in 15 years have not seen a heart attack, strokes and other
cardiovascular problems are almost unknown, cancer is low, diabetes (with
overweight native American white flour and sugar eaters) is 39% of normal,
and blood pressure is low even at advanced age and high-salt consumption...
all this in a population that has double the old folks, as many Kuna’s work on
the mainland and later in life retire back to the islands.

The medical scientists have noticed that after decades in a mainland

environment with processed cacao and whatever one would say produces the
above ubiquitous maladies, they receive the full benefits, even late in life,
after they return to the islands and to regular consumption of local
traditionally processed cacao. All the medical/ scientific buzz about
chocolate began when someone noticed the high-salt-diet islanders do not
have high blood pressure. The early studies determined it was the cacao and
not genetic. The Kuna’s drink a bit less than an ounce (25 gm) of cacao a day,
I believe.

A note: with all the scientific study of the Kuna’s generations of traditional
cacao consumption, I have not seen any negative effects reported in the
literature. The Kuna’s do not live longer than anyone else; they die from the
results of AIDS, infections (like malaria and tuberculosis), long-term
parasite complications, and accidents (tho not auto, no roads in the San
Blas). The medical scientists have noted that most of us do not live in a
tropical environment with the same prevalence of such infectious disorders,
and over the past decade they have been looking into cacao.

I know several folks off their high blood pressure medication with regular
lower-dose cacao use... cacao works where 5 prescription medications at once
do not. There is also much in the scientific literature about cacao lowering
bad cholesterol and raising good cholesterol, that the increased blood-flow
to the brain may delay dementias like Alzheimer’s, and some about cacao as a
heavy metal chelator, binding and removing them from the body.
Considerable scientific research has used special cacao provided by
M&M/Mars Company who developed and patented a process for this cacao
after the early medical research in Panama with the Indigenous Kuna and
their cacao. You can read all about their Cocoapro chocolate (50% missing)
on their website… they add a bit of this cacao to M&M’s (now 97% missing,
formerly 99% missing), and to Dove Dark Promises (95% missing). If you eat
about 15 Promises (and don’t get sick), you will get about the buzz from a
Lindt bar (80% missing). Mars does not sell their 50% chocolate as such…
they recognize it acts like a pharmaceutical drug, even though it is less
potent than most chocolate was 200 years ago. I wonder if their lawyers
decided that 5% strength chocolate was enough. 

International Cacao Sales

***Note: local prices for cacao have gone up 40% since the last bean
purchase (speculators with $billions in the commodity markets ... and
now Ivory Coast trouble...) so email for updated prices before ordering!

Delivered by the Post Office to any address.

Available as: •hand peeled whole beans with broken pieces (nibs),

•finely ground in a solid block of pure cacao, or

•mixed, specify pounds of each

Shipped in one US/ Guatemalan pound (454 gm) bags.

To USA, Canada, and S. America in US Dollars:

Cacao Net Weight Your Cost Delivered

Pounds Kg $/Pound $/Kg Total

6 2.7 13.67 30.07 $82

10 4.5 12.00 26.45 $120

21 9.5 10.50 23.10 $220

41 18.6 9.76 21.50 $400

To Europe, Australia, and the rest of the World in US$:

Cacao Net Weight Your Cost Delivered

Pounds Kg $/Pound $/Kg Total

6 2.7 17.00 37.80 $102

10 4.5 14.50 32.00 $145

21 9.5 12.60 27.80 $265

41 18.6 11.70 25.65 $480

The available quantities are chosen to maximize value from the Guatemalan
postal system’s official shipping weight categories – so more than 41 pounds
requires a second box. No sales of less than 6 pounds - it is a 45 min boat
ride each way (on a calm day) to the post office… And please, no
intermediate weights… that throws the box into the next higher-priced
shipping category without sufficient sales to pay for it.
Available as mostly whole beans with cracked pieces (nibs) - they keep
better, and a good chew or a blender with water is all that is needed for
preparation. Or available finely ground in a solid block - or mix your order -
please specify pounds (454 gm) of each.

How it works: In PayPal you can send money to Enter

your shipping name and full post office or street mailing address. Include a
note with your email address! and tell me how much cacao you want as
peeled beans/ ground blocks/ or each mixed. When the money appears in
my account, I confirm by email with you and contact Isaias for shipping. I
email you when your order has shipped. He gets a certified return receipt
from the post office. Postal shipping times average about 3 weeks to North
America or Western Europe.

Those in foreign countries who need an invoice in their own language to pick
up the cacao, you may do the PayPal form that way in US$ and email me with
your choice in cacao type (include shipping address) in English. Referring to
the cacao as roasted (tostado in Spanish) takes it out of the agricultural
product category and into the cooked food product category where
importation regulations are much easier, especially if you are ordering whole

Also available is simple paper retail packaging, of blocks or peeled beans, in

pound or half-pound, with a great graphic… inquire. Cacao in blocks, and bulk
or pound bags of peeled or unpeeled ‘raw’ beans can be shipped by air to a
major airport in quantities of 50 kilos or more… inquire. Prices get better
above 100 kilos. Just getting started here.

About Lava Love Ceremonial Grade Mayan Cacao

This Guatemalan cacao is harvested, fermented, and dried in virgin Pacific
coastal rainforest mountains by Mayan people. [20+ years ago roads were
bulldozed into these mountains to remove the select hardwood species of
value, leaving the canopy intact. The booming Indigenous population then
used this access to under-plant in coffee and bananas, sometimes cacao –
that’s typical coastal virgin where the rainforest still exists… it is relatively
untouched only in remote high-slope areas.] On old botanical maps of the
native cacao-growing regions of Central America, the largest areas indicated
are Pacific Guatemala… where this cacao comes from.

When I need cacao, the Cacao Deva (consciousness/ Spirit behind the form)
tells me where to go to get the beans with the compounds and energy best
suited for the work I do. That’s my ‘certified’… I have walked into the
mountains, into steamy coastal-plain towns on market day, and into city
wholesale markets… over the last several years I have been buying cacao a
few hundred pounds at a time. Every trip for cacao is an adventure.

After sufficient nibbling and communication with the cacao Deva, I almost
always buy the small-seeded criollo (wild/ native) variety that has spent
millennia with peoples using this plant for spiritual purposes. These beans
have undergone the traditional fermentation process with the sugary pulp
that surrounds the seeds. The seeds sprout and then die in this hot acidic
ferment, the same as with almost all ‘raw’ cacao and all chocolate. The
transformation into chocolate continues enzymatically as the beans are
dried. With standard chocolate, roasting finishes the flavor.

This chocolate is traditionally processed to assure full potency. A quick

light toast over a wood fire (beans need soaking or toasting/ roasting to
remove the husks, the almond-like papery skins) and the beans are
individually hand-peeled by Kaqchikel Mayan women in an Indigenous
community. This gives income directly to these women, and is often the only
independent income they have. Hand-peeling allows the few moldy beans per
pound to be removed rather than machine incorporated as nibs – for me an
essential consideration with this cacao. And besides, this supports Mayan
chickens as well.  The women are paid by bean weight before peeling, so
there is no incentive to include poor beans.

This cacao is not ‘raw’ (but, then, neither is most raw cacao… another story).
I have communicated about raw preparation with the Cacao Deva and
experimented for years. As I understand it, She requests fermenting and
husk removal, and toasting/ roasting for that removal is fine and optional,
although it is much preferred for regular use. Because traditional cacao is
usually dried on the ground, there can be surface bacteria and molds – a
simple bacteria-killing toast is the only way I’ll peel. This cacao and its
preparation works for us and the metaphysical work that we do. Wild-
crafted in the old way from non-hybridized and non-plantation under-story
trees in an ancient tropical rainforest, this is straight-up traditional cacao.

Our cacao in blocks is ground in an antique mill used only for cacao… it comes
out just warm enough (just above body temperature) to be soft, and is
spooned into bags to harden as it cools. Attention: This cacao has not been
'tempered', a heating process common with chocolate products, so the cacao
butter begins to separate within the blocks, first appearing as little white
rings and soon turning much of the block dusty gray. This is completely
normal. It can be slowed by refrigeration, or reversed by re-melting – put it
in a black bag in the sun.

With all my international ceremonial travel, I have given this business to

Isaias Mendoza, my 22 year old Mayan worker/ brother/ ’son’ of 7+ years.
We go for cacao together, I help with the contacts through my work, and I
get great cacao for my ceremonies. All sale proceeds are his, I volunteer my
time. His extended family does all the peeling. Isaias is shipping directly to
Enjoy this sacred Food for the Shift! Keith

This cacao ships all over the world – contact Keith at
or in Guatemala, Isaias at 5094-5053.