Supplier Guiding Principles

February 23, 2006 Stuart Kyle Director, Workplace Accountability The Coca-Cola Company

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We are local and we are global. We are invited into people’s daily lives. bottling partners and the communities we serve. 2006 . We are resolved to make a difference in the world – for our consumers.EVERY DAY. LEADING WITH HUMBLE CONFIDENCE. mind and spirit. PEOPLE PORTFOLIO PARTNERS PLANET Being a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. ALL DAY. Bringing to the world a portfolio of beverage brands that anticipate and satisfy peoples’ desires and needs. BEING A TRULY GLOBAL COMPANY. February 24. Nurturing a winning network of partners and building mutual loyalty. We are trusted to refresh their body. Being a responsible global citizen that makes a difference. We have a clear and inspiring vision for the future: OUR VISION FOR SUSTAINABLE GROWTH PROFIT Maximizing return to shareholders while being mindful of our overall responsibilities. which makes us truly global and allows us to build unique relationships between people. customers.The Coca-Cola Company We aspire to be the most respected company in the world by: REFRESHING THE WORLD .

COMMUNITY Our commitment is to invest time. ENVIRONMENT Our commitment is to conduct our business in ways that protect and preserve the environment and to integrate principles of environmental stewardship and sustainable development into our business decisions and processes. improve the quality of life and foster goodwill in communities through locally relevant initiatives. where a highly motivated. distributors and local communities WORKPLACE Our commitment is to foster an open and inclusive environment based on recognized workplace human rights. In doing this we provide sound and rewarding business opportunities for customers. 2006 . productive and committed workforce drives business success through superior execution.OUR CITIZENSHIP FRAMEWORK FOR HOW WE CONDUCT OUR BUSINESS MARKETPLACE Our commitment is to provide products and services that meet the beverage needs of our consumers. suppliers. February 24. expertise and resources to provide economic opportunity.

2006 .Supplier Quality Management Define Requirements .Brochure Quality Systems Quality Programs Supplier Guiding Principles Purchased Materials .Services Process Monitoring and Control Finished Product Management Food Safety (HACCP) Chemical Residue and Contamination Control Traceability Scientific & Regulatory Affairs Notification of Regulatory Actions Notification of Process Change Auditor Access Security Confidentiality Code of Business Conduct Clearly communicate Company Requirements Consolidates into one reference Ensures consistency February 24.

2006 . • employs more than 300.000 people.Workplace Accountability at The Coca-Cola Company … Some key statistics… The Coca-Cola system: • sells over 1 billion servings of our beverages daily in over 200 countries. February 24. • is targeting assessments at over 10.000 supplier facilities globally. • produces in over 860 facilities located in over 150 countries.

• suppliers authorized by the Company. and • operations producing Company products … comply with local law. health and safety February 24. 2006 . A particular focus is placed on… child labor forced and prison labor abuse of labor freedom of association and collective bargaining wages and benefits working hours and overtime environment.Workplace Accountability at The Coca-Cola Company … A minimum requirement that all … • direct suppliers to the Company.

Workplace Accountability at The Coca-Cola Company … Why have Workplace Accountability… A part of our business model: • Be a responsible global citizen that makes a difference • Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. 2002 February 24. Enhances our business and demonstrates that we listen: • Employees • Shareholders • Customers • External stakeholders • Consumers Announced January 29. 2006 .

• Contract … all suppliers have appropriate contracts in place.Workplace Accountability at The Coca-Cola Company … What Implementation Looks Like… Our supply chain will … … at a minimum. 2006 . Report … progress through metrics / information. • Measure. • Audit …verify facilities are in compliance. Inform. February 24. • Correct …all necessary corrective actions are taken. be in compliance with local laws … respect basic human rights and Freedom of Association … be able to demonstrate that Key Actions… • Communicate … every facility is aware of the requirement.

… clear roles aligned to existing work. 2006 . • Oversight and governance provided by Corporate.Workplace Accountability at The Coca-Cola Company … Roles … who is responsible • The person that authorizes / selects the supplier is responsible for it. February 24. • Division Presidents are accountable for performance within their Divisions.

The risk are real: • Many suppliers have significant gaps on first assessment Our approach appears effective: • first re-assessment shows an average 60% reduction in findings. Able to drive improvement. look for the grain of truth. February 24. Continuous improvement: • de-authorization rates are low. promotional materials.Workplace Accountability at The Coca-Cola Company … We have learned a lot… Take a risk based approach: • developing Asia. Engage and address stakeholders and their concerns: • be transparent. 2006 .

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