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Event Status: Unverified

Event Ref No: XXXXXXXX

Incident Details Reported Date: XX/XX/XXXX
Incident type: Crowd control/management
Further Class: Other
Start Date/Time: XX/XX/XXXX 19:00
Location: GreenValley police station,
95 Wilson Rd, Green Valley

Involved Party Details

Involved Veh Details: Reg No: State:

Event Narrative: Time: Commenced 1900 hrs, ceased 2030 hrs
Date: Wed 2 March 2011
Location: GV Police Station
Creating Station: Green Valley
Updating Station: Green Valley

Created Date Time: XX/XX/XXXX XX:XX

Creating Station: Green ValLey

Between 3pm and 3.30pm an (incident) occurred at the Hoxton Park High School in Wilson Rd,
Hinchinbrook that resulted in the arrest of six persons with charges emanating including; Affray,
Assault Police, Resist Arrest, Hinder Police, Intimidate Police and Fail to Comply with move on

Three police officers were injured, none sustaining serious or life threatening with one officer re-
quiring treatment at Liverpool Hospital. The remaining two by NSW Ambulance Service for facial
injuries and secondary OC spray contamination.

A number of persons believed to be friends, family and supporters of those arrested began arriving
at the Green Valley Police station and forming outside on the western side of Wilson Rd, directly
across from the police station from about 4.30pm. The behaviour at that time of those persons inside
the police foyer caused them being directed outside to wait for the charging of those in custody.

Continual increases in the numbers of persons associated with this group was noted between 6-7pm
with police estimates of 80-100 persons, mostly males, Middle Eastern appearance, 18-50 years
old with most forming on the western side of Wilson Rd. The demeanour of those present was
intimidatory towards both police and members of the public. Several attempts by police to utilise
community leaders who had approached police and agreed to assist in resolving this situation failed
to achieve the objective of peacefully dispersing the group, with the community leader informing
(police) they refused to leave or disperse.

About this time, two additional police crews from Liverpool LAC (Local Area Command) as well
as two highway patrol vehicles from Fairfield were deployed to Wilson Rd and the immediate sur-
rounds to increase the police presence and provide high visibility. Simultaneously all Green Val-
ley crews were advised to return to the Green Valley police station. A request from (Green Valley
police) was broadcast for available dog units to contact and attend Green Valley police station. The
Green Valley commander A/Supt XXXXX, Chief Inspector XXXX and Inspector XXXX deter-
mined police would soon issue the group with a move on direction once sufficient police were avail-
able should the situation escalate whilst dispersing persons.

Shortly thereafter, Insp XXXX went outside the Green Valley police station for the purpose of
observation and assessment of the crowd numbers and demeanour and it was noted the number of
persons was now about 80. A number of these male persons appeared agitated and displayed ag-
gressive body language. Several male persons then stepped on to the roadway in a direction towards
Insp XXXX’s position, who in turn went back inside.

Inspectors XXXX and XXXX and several other police were a short time after standing at the
counter area of the station when about 10 male persons from the larger group pushed open the front
doors and entered the main foyer area. Police approached and instructed the persons to leave the
station and commence to escort them whilst maintaining a dialogue.

These persons were escorted out through the door with police then faced by about 20 or more of
the male persons from the same collective group. Police were confined to a small area against glass
panels and a number of those males were highly aggressive, both verbally and physical gestures
with clenched fists, some lurching forward and several younger males being held back by others. At
this time police were a minority and did not have a safe distance between themselves and the male

Police were faced with a real danger and possibility of a volatile and violent confrontation resulting
in a call for further urgent assistance to ensure police containment. Police were able to command a
degree of compliance by some within the group to move back without resorting to the use of physi-
cal force or use of arms and appointments with their attention being bought to the existence of

The older males were sent to convince some males to retreat somewhat where the group began to
move back to the western side of Wilson Rd. Police formed up on Wilson Rd directly outside and
with the exception of a small number of males who were staggering across the road area achieved a
distance between themselves and a group of males of about 10 metres.

During this time numerous additional police vehicles from neighbouring LACs arrived including
Cabramatta, Liverpool, Fairfield, Blacktown, Penrith, St Marys, Parramatta, Holroyd, Rose Hill and
specialist resources including SPG (State Protection Group), dog units, traffic services and highway

A chronology of events is as follows:

7.51pm: Urgent assistance called on police radio

7.56pm: PORS (Public Order Riot Squad) notified and placed on standby

7.57pm: Dog units to continue red with others proceeding to downgraded Code Blue
7.57pm: Situation contained with safe distance established

7.57pm: Road block Wilson Rd b/w Green Valley Plaza and Green Valley Rd

8.01pm Crowd dispersing, further direction for cars still en route to downgrade to Code Blue

8.04pm: Green Valley police advises VKG (police radio) situation at present is under control and no
further cars to proceed to the incident

8.05pm: Confirmation no injuries to police

8.12pm: Wilson Rd reopened to traffic. Police maintain HVP (high visible presence) and police
deployed to areas where crowd dispersed

8.15pm: Police attempt to issue a move on direction from two groups of males from the subject
group from McDonald’s restaurant car park, off Wilson Rd. One male arrested for resist arrest,
assault police and intimidate police. One female arrested and taken to Green Valley station issued
a CIN (criminal infringement notice) for offensive language. It is not known whether these two
persons belong to the original group of male persons.

8.18pm: Green Valley charge room closed and arrangements for any new prisoners to be taken to
Fairfield or Cabramatta due to number of persons in custody

8.32pm: Except for small number of males remaining, crowd leave the area. DOI (Duty Officer in
charge) appraised

8.42pm: DOI advises ORU and Executive notified.

9.30pm: The five persons originally charged from the incident at Hoxton Park High were released
with police arranging their escort from the Green Valley police station by cars driven by community
leaders. Police vehicles maintained high visibility patrols of the immediate area with crews progres-
sively released back to their areas and normal duties. Green Valley duty officer advised police radio
the job was finished and concurrently Green Valley was re-opened for fresh custodies. All Green
Valley officers were reminded of officer safety conditions when responding to incidents during the
remainder of the shift. Radio was advised that Green Valley was to be notified of all incoming jobs
from simless mobile sources and any jobs having suspicious detail.

As a precautionary measure, the Green Valley station supervisor was placed in an alternative of-
fice away from glass walls facing Wilson Rd and the Green Valley police station front doors were
locked with a sign indicating “Please knock for police attendance”. No further incidents at the time
of completing this report. There were no injuries to police from this particular incident and nil
known to any individual within the group of persons referenced or any other members of the public.