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Watton Rotary Club & Wayland Academy
Shop Local Photographic Competition 2020

if you can!

For the last few years Watton Rotary Club interpretation of the given subject. bee pictured above. There were 2 runners-
has held a Photographic Competition at This year has proved no exception with the up. Jessica Chapman produced an excellent
Wayland Academy for year 9 and 10 subject being "Wild Nature". The pupil’s close-up of a butterfly, and Maddie Collier,
pupils. Despite Covid, this year has been no interpretation and choice of subject matter a beautiful toad and both of these are on the
exception since tuition has been able to varied greatly and made judging the entries back page of this paper.
continue. In past years the photos produced very difficult. However the winner My congratulations to all 3 prize winners,
by the pupils have been of the highest deservedly was Franky Reeve with a very and also to all the entries.
standard with widely differing well seen photo of a feeding butterfly and Dr Mike Harvey

eagerly await being able, all be it in months upon end, we at "Wayland Mens
Watton limited numbers, to meeting up again at Shed" will be preparing for the day we
our hall in church walk. It is very much can open our door yet again and
(Loch Neaton) hoped that by the time this article goes to welcome back members old and new for
Bowls Club print our committee will have met to
discuss how and when our social
companionship, friendship, and a good
old cuppa tea. Any enquiries or for
Hopefully, with the continuing meetings will commence in the flesh, further information on "Wayland Mens
improvement in the pandemic situation we rather than on Zoom. Shed in Watton" or other Sheds in
will be able to start playing outdoor bowls A year ago, I was asked if I would like to Norfolk, I can be contacted on Tel:
again, at the Watton Sports Centre, by the become a member of the board on the 01953 881004,(Watton). Cheers, Richard
beginning of May. We are currently newly formed "Norfolk Sheds Network" Adams, WMS Laison Officer.
awaiting instructions from Bowls England this organisation was formed to Promote
on what the timetable will be and what and assist new Shed throughout the
restrictions will be in place. County of Norfolk, regrettably due to the A Quick Look
In anticipation, we have entered teams in Covid-19 our progress has been limited,
two local leagues, organised a number of as has the increase in the formation of Round
friendly matches, social events and weekly any new sheds during 2020. I am now By Orbiter
club roll-ups. We would also like to however pleased to report that since the Well that’s another month when there
increase our membership so if you are beginning of this New Year 2021 and the has been little to look round at, but there
interested in joining us please contact John increased popularity in the use of social are constant mentions of tunnels and
Hunter 01953882419 or Kevin Simpson media and the likes of Zoom and Skype lights at their ends, so perhaps we are on
01953882790. You can also find further new Shed are rising from the Covid our way to normality at last.
information about the club on our website Ashes. More and more of us have been given
at Last week NSN organised our first open our first jabs, though when the final
Zoom meeting to leaders of Norfolk doses will arrive there is no sign yet,
Sheds, the meeting was a success with though time passes quickly so maybe it
Wayland Mens the following sheds attending: Wayland, won’t be too long before we can settle
Nth Walsham, Cromer, Wroxham, down to our old ways. Time is one thing
Shed Social Group Downham Market, Swaffham, Norwich, that seems to vary – the future always
Church Walk, Watton. Wymondham, Acle, Harlston, and seems to take longer to arrive, the present
Having missed the March edition of Poringland-(Nr Norwich), four of these is literally here today but gone tomorrow,
Wayland News due to lack of anything sheds are in their early stages of while the past appears to shrink swiftly,
positive to say I now find myself formation but hope to be up and running so that it can be a bit of a surprise when
encouraged by the real possibility that with face to face meetings, restrictions we are reminded that lockdowns have
there might be some light at the end of permitting, in the near future. been with as for over a year already.
the tunnel, with some lockdown With so much talk of the expected rise in And as one year of the past goes quickly
restrictions being lifted at some time in Mental health problems brought about by the past seems to accelerate, so that the
the not-too-distant future. Like my fellow the Covid-19 lockdown where so many (Continued on page 3)
members of "Wayland Mens Shed" I of us have been forced to isolate for
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 2
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 3
(Continued from page 1) childishness, and is a sad reflection of you. You can have a look at our was defending our drainage policies: the examiner seemed to agree with
new millennium dawned over twenty modern ways. appropriately re-decorated foyer, Breckland planners that they go into too much detail and cover things
years ago yet could be an event from Back in the real world of viruses the old rekindle old friendships and start to that could be dealt with by planning conditions after permission is
only yesterday and our memories from adage of ‘You win some, you lose some’ regenerate our Auction Community. granted. We vehemently disagreed and can only hope our arguments will
the year 2000 are imprinted on us applies to the present ban on hair-dressers, Stephen & Barbara Roberts – Watton have persuaded the examiner of the need to retain our rigorous policies
indelibly, as warranted a landmark which has encouraged young ladies to Salerooms. on this topic;
unique to our generation. grow their hair in long styles probably At the end of the hearing, the examiner gave no indication of how he
At the present time, when nearly all inspired by the Duchess of Cambridge. . Of might decide each topic. On the day, our personal feeling was that he is
communal activities have been shut down course long hair does not suit everyone but Saham Toney more likely to require changes to our key policies on housing numbers,
it is good to recall those days at the start of it shows that the lockdown has been cruel density, infrastructure and surface water drainage, than he is to support
the new century when all sections of the to everyone. Neighbourhood them in the current form. If that proves to be the case, we will be hugely
community were brought closer by the At the time of writing the daily death toll disappointed, but at the same time, we feel we did everything possible to
many events that took place, many of them from Covid gives hopes that normal times Plan Update defend the Plan. Hence if some policies are amended by the examiner, it
under the guidance of the W.I. branches are on the way, but things change quickly Shaping the future of Saham Toney! will not be for want of us making a good case. The reality is there is
throughout the country, and quickly so by the time this reaches you anything As explained in the March issue of nothing to be gained from speculating on any conclusions the examiner
adopted by clubs, local councils, and may have happened. Not so with Norwich Wayland News, an independent might reach about what he heard, and we must wait for his report.
private enterprises, so that the next three or City, for they are well clear of all examination the Plan is underway, and The examiner still has to visit the village before writing his report and
four years were packed with all manner of opposition. If they can maintain present on 17th February, an online public cannot do that until Covid restrictions are lifted. He may have more
exciting events, not least the erection and form they will be back with the big boys hearing was held to debate the questions after his visit, so we can only be ready to address any new
lighting of beacons progressively once again. independent examiner’s initial questions issues he might raise.
throughout the whole of Britain. Soon And now as we reach the end of March, we on the main issues as he sees them. The As usual, if you have any comments or questions on any of this, or the
every hamlet, village and town were are not allowed to go anywhere or do hearing was an all-day affair which we Neighbourhood Plan in general, or if you'd like to be added to our
brought alive with a new community spirit, anything we would like to do, Spring is streamed live on our YouTube channel, mailing list, please get in touch with Chris Blow, Saham Toney
signs were repainted, footpaths inspected here and everything is coming up roses- where you can find a recording. Neighbourhood Plan Work Group leader on 01953 880915.
and brought up to a fine standard, flowers well it’s coming up. Each party – the Parish Council and Most importantly, stay healthy and safe!
planted on open spaces, and some of these Good afternoon. Breckland Council – was represented by
still bloom today. The festival spirit seemed 5 participants. On our side Councillor
to affect old and young alike and the Hinkins introduced our group and the Shipdham Knitters
summer saw a spate of Millennium Shows, GREEN : Parish clerk, Jill Glenn attended in case
Fetes and Fayres, public barbecues, dances, any administrative questions arose. With A History of Knitting Part1
Concerts , and all kinds of exhibitions STATION : help from our consultant, Rachel Hogger, Knitting is one of the world’s oldest crafts, the word originating from
involving local histories, giving older the work group Leader, Chris Blow, ‘knot’. It is said to have originated in the Middle East in the 5th
citizens an opportunity to bring out ancient STARFISH… answered the examiner’s questions and Century. The oldest artefacts are socks from Egypt dating from the
artefacts and photos of the past. Andrew Walmsley from the work group, 11th Century. Knitting travelled to Europe via the Mediterranean
Someone, somewhere, had the idea of What on earth? was on hand to provide any document trade route and then to the Americas. It first appeared in England
erecting a few sticks in the manner of the ‘What Three Words, that’s what!’ references that might come up and during the 13th Century, the first examples were felted caps worn by
scarecrows that farmers sometimes used to explains Stephen Roberts, Auctioneer at generally support Rachel and Chris. soldiers and sailors. Archeological findings from many European
help keep their crops from avian pests and Watton Salerooms. We found the day quite draining, not so cities show that it spread through the continent in the 14th Century
suddenly all parts of East Anglia were What3Words Ltd. have devised an much because the hearing ran for 7 hours, and in the 16th Century more widely through Great Britain.
staging scarecrow events, and soon these incredibly accurate way of finding and but because the examiner’s questions were Initially knitting was a male only occupation and when the first
developed into sideshows with many sharing exact locations anywhere in the ad hoc, meaning we had to think on our knitting union was established in Paris in 1527 no women were
private houses displaying these scarecrows world. They have divided the world into feet while trying to defend the Plan’s allowed. First knitting schools in England were established in York,
in their front gardens, though they had 3m squares and given each square a policies against the challenges he raised. Lincoln and Leicester in the late 16th Century. Early needles were
segued from bird-scaring articles into well- unique combination of three words. We’ve split the recording by topic into 7 made of copper although examples were constructed in wood, ivory,
dressed dummies. Often so life-like that Using their website or app, you can shorter videos, with links on our website, bone bamboo amber and iron. They were called ‘woods’, ‘skewers’
passers-by would wish good-day before search for and share what3word, so those wanting full or ‘wires’.
realising they were not addressing a live addresses for your home or business with details can watch those, but in summary, Queen Victoria knitted mittens and scarves which were sent out to
person. customers and delivery drivers, or use it the points of particular note from the British soldiers during thew Crimean War. Hand Knitting continued
Soon it seemed that most of the populace to direct family and friends to a meeting hearing were: well into the 19th century often used by people for an income.
had joined in the community fun, regularly point. But where the system really comes The examiner noted that while long, the During the 2nd World War, people were once again encouraged to
weekends became taken up by ‘open into its own is in a situation such as a Plan is very clear, with great depth to its pick up their needles and knit for the war effort, many also relying on
gardens’ or garage sales, with often a vehicle break-down, or if you get lost or evidence base. He also considers the Plan’s reusing unpicked yarn for their families.
donation to charity somewhere involved. need help from emergency services in an approach to housing ‘remarkably positive The first crocheted fabric emerged in Europe during the 19th
All these activities gradually faded away unfamiliar area or one without obvious and really refreshing’; Century. Earlier work identified as ‘crochet’ was commonly made by
with time, but many of their features have landmarks. At the same time, he was concerned nale binding, a different looped yarn technique.
lasted to become welcome parts of our The square named GREEN : STATION : about prescription in the Plan, and wanted By the 20th century knitwear was part of mainstream fashion.
daily lives. STARFISH is located just outside the to test if a more flexible approach would be For all Crafters everywhere: Take time to do what makes your soul
It has not been too easy to compile a Look entrance to Watton Salerooms and better; happy, Take care and keep safe.
Round when restrictions rule the roost, but Stephen says he couldn’t have wished for The examiner suggested that housing
at last there has been a modicum of change anything more appropriate for the numbers could be increased by allowing,
and now one nominated person can visit business. for example, four 1-bed homes in place of
granny in the care home, and even hold her GREEN, the colour associated with one 4-bed, but neither he nor Breckland
hand, which must be a good thing. But being environmentally friendly, fits could suggest wording for that to prevent
every rule seems to generate anomalies, so perfectly with the trade in second-hand the unlimited increase that would be
that while such contacts come, albeit with items as re-using is even better than possible if policies are reworded to allow
strict compliance methods dominating recycling. for ‘at least x’ houses, as Breckland
every visit, we turn on our televisions and Apart from a place where a train or bus planners want;
see a footballer score a goal, immediately stops, the word STATION can also mean The examiner doubted it is reasonable to
to be the centre of a deluge of his team- a place or position in which a person or ask all developers to check that sufficient
mates. all endeavouring to kiss and cuddle thing is normally located – The infrastructure exists before their
him. Salerooms is most definitely a ‘Green development is allowed to proceed. We
Not only is this a blatant offence against Station’. tried to explain that while an individual
the present Covid rules, but it is what once So, what about STARFISH? Well, it’s small site is unlikely to overwhelm village
was an offence of FA laws, known as more relevant than you might think. infrastructure, the Plan is trying to account
Ungentlemanly Conduct. Starfish have an amazing ability to for cumulative effects, and also reflects the
Another stupid habit that had crept into the regrow limbs that become severed or lack of infrastructure improvements over
game involved a goalscorer rushing over damaged. For this reason, they have the last decade or more;
towards his teams supporters and launching come to represent salvation from hard The examiner was concerned that an
himself among them. times, healing, renewal, regeneration, individual development could not be
I am not sure if is still the case, but at one and positive change. Exactly what we all refused simply because it was proposed at a
time a player leaving the area of play need right now! different time to that specified in the Plan.
would not be allowed to rejoin the game So, whilst the rainbow will forever be We argued that the policy allows flexibility
without the permission of the referee, so if associated with Covid-19 and the in this respect, and so does not need to be
six or seven players were thus involved the incredible work done by the NHS and amended;
game could be re-started without them. other key workers throughout the The examiner was concerned that our
Of course, strict application of these rules, pandemic, the Starfish has to be the policy on affordable housing did not deal
now that offenders had become so perfect symbol of post-Covid recovery. with the development of land (as a Plan
numerous would cause rioting and general The Salerooms are due to re-open on must), and should perhaps be deleted, but
mayhem among the spectators, but at least Monday 12th April when customers can two Breckland housing officers gave good
leaping into the spectators no longer occurs view entries for the auction on Tuesday reasons why that would not be appropriate.
while grounds remain empty. 13th. To find our more visit They even noted the policy sets out an
To older viewers, this type of behaviour ‘admirably clear approach’;
whenever a goal is scored is just Come along and see us, we’ve missed Perhaps the hardest part of the hearing
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 4
pots in a slug and snail hunt. I was surprised to sowing, watering and it's only early spring. We do despite a few clues had an an expected
In Your Garden discover that slugs can be about in early March. everything according to the weather so don't ending..Insidious Intent has Carol Jordan and
With Lotta potts For example before the middle of the month I despair if it rains solidly for ages. Tony Hill as portrayed in the TV series. The
April this year could be a challenge for those found the cat had brought a baby slug in and it was Things will catch up – except those that will just reader felt the characters plausible and considered
intrepid gardeners who start on Good Friday. As approaching me on the chair cushion. Spring keep on going and going. That'll be the weeds it a slick book well worth a read. McDermid has
this day falls on the 2nd it could be a bit of a brings the welcome and unwelcome. It was only then. Keep after them.. included a letter to readers at the end asking them
mixed blessing. As usual I advise caution as it is one slug but thinking about it I have also seen a to leak no spoilers. Darker Domain features DI
way too soon to be planting most things outside. bumble bee and two wasps as well. Karen Pirie interested in a young woman reporting
Hardy annual seeds might be the exception, If you go to the garden centre and manage to get Thought for the her father missing for 22years since the Miners’
assuming the weather is kind and is forecast to past the jolly bedding, look for perennials as this is Strike whilst her boss assigns her to a case of a
stay that way for at least a few days. a good time to plant. They'll need regular Month missing child and murdered mother which also
Hopefully we are now over the dramas that March watering but it's worth it. You might find some By Deacon Jen, Methodist Church, Watton happened around 1984.One reader finds
can bring; early on it was snow then severe frost that had been left too long and are on the 'last Daffodils, grass cutting, and, hopefully, warmer McDermid too much in the present circumstances
and before the middle of the month March chance' shelf. These are well worth looking at as weather are some of the things I look forward to at i.e the 3rd Lock down with 6 inches of snow
marched in like the lion with real gales and heavy most of them will just need a decent drink. It will the beginning of April. Yes, I do like cutting the outside so took a gentler and different option.
rain for a couple of days. Despite all this the early pay to knock them out of the pots as they are lawn! Of course, we also have Hot Cross Buns McDermid is part of a group who have written
hellebores, daffs, crocus and lungwort came into probably well pot-bound. This will prevent their and Chocolate eggs which for many is a visible modern versions of Jane Austen’s work and used
flower regardless. Amazing. I spent a day taking up water so if they are badly pot-bound put sign that Easter is here. And yes, I do, also, like Northanger Abbey McDermid’s homage to the
watching a couple of early tulips. The tiny kind them back and sink them in a bucket of tepid water Hot cross buns and chocolate eggs. Then, of novel of the same name, much enjoyed and highly
that are pretty bombproof when it comes to for a few hours. After that take them out of the pot course, there is Holy Week and the time of recommended. Obviously many more McDermid
weather. The first one was its full imperious 6” again and try to pull them apart a bit or remove all celebration on Easter Sunday. So, this is all novels have been read by members. If there is a
height and the second one had leaves just clear of the worn out compost. You might have the nice familiar and comforting, but what about the common view it appears to be the predictability of
the ground. By late afternoon its flower bud was surprise of being able to split them into two or unfamiliar? her work and the suggestion that she writes to a
2” through and showing colour. The next day both three separate plants – a real bargain! Either then In previous years, many people would be looking formula. This is up to readers to decide.
were in full cry. What happened to the other 8 of pot them up in good compost or plant them out forward to going away on holiday and meeting up For March we have a complete contrast in The
the 10 I planted two or three years ago is a according to what they are. Pot-grown evergreen with family and friends. But this year we are Butterfly House by Lucinda Riley, note the author
mystery. Must get some more. At the same time I plants and shrubs can also be planted, either as needing to wait a little longer. We are needing to as there are books with similar tiles. This is a
was thrilled by the numbers of buds that appeared individuals or for hedging. This is an expensive wait to know the joy and security of being with the seemingly innocent family saga but worth
daily on the trees – forsythia, the pruned wisteria, way to do hedging, better to wait for autumn and people we love and of the excitement of new, and completing for the later revelations.
something in a pot whose label has disappeared, get bare-root plants in bundles. If you check the old, places to visit. In the Methodist Church we
the amelanchier – so by the time you are reading gardening magazines these are widely advertised. have also been waiting for the building works, on
this over your hot cross bun all these buds should There's lots to be done in the veg plot. Sow broad the ramp at the front, to be finished, which will Wayland
be opening and we can fire the starting gun for beans, summer cabbage, Brussels sprouts, early enable more people to come into our lovely
spring proper. Oh and the joy that the clocks’ peas, calabrese, summer/autumn cauliflowers, church. Anagram Quiz
going forward brings with the increased daylight. sprouting broccoli, leeks, beetroot, radish, spring As we think of that first Easter 2000 years ago, we By the Ashill Puzzler
There's still quite a lot of maintenance-type tasks: onions, lettuce, rocket, turnips, kohl rabi, spinach, know there was a great deal of waiting. The Rearrange each group of letters to find
clean up borders, feeding as you go with general parsnips, Swiss chard, chicory, endive, carrots and Israelites had waited centuries for a Saviour to the title of a TV programme or series.
purpose fertilizer. The lawn should be treated for onions. Don't be ridiculous! If you have an come. The disciples had waited for Jesus to 1. DOG RIPER
moss and weeds and re-seeded if you have bare allotment and/or a market stall then go for it. demonstrate his power. Then there would have 2. SO HALLO PRUNE (4 , 3, 5)
patches and start that depressing weekly mowing Otherwise decide what you like to eat and what been waiting through the trial leading to Jesus’ 3. SHE HITS BLOUSES (5, 4, 5 )
routine. Other maintenance starts off with pruning you have room for, bearing in mind the things not death and then, amazingly, everything was 4. BENE HILL HIT TUNE (3, 4, 4, 4)
winter jasmine, which will very rapidly turn into a mentioned that will also take up space later; the completely changed through the resurrection. 5. LOONY BOLTS TUNA (3, 4, 3 4.)
tangled mess of stems, hydrangeas (this is because later sown peas, climbing and runner beans all of Because of that, we now have eternal life and 6. TORTOISE NO CANTER (10, 6.)
the dead flowers are normally left on over winter which are tender. The potatoes can be planted hope. 7. FLAWED MILE ITCH (4, 3, 7 )
to give a bit of protection to emerging shoots in now and earthed up completely covering the As we have lived through this difficult year, we 8. DEER IN ISLAND (6, 6 )
spring), so the pruning consists of removing these shoots to protect them from a late frost. Keep an have waited for so much to change, let us embrace 9. LET YOU FIND (4, 2, 4 )
dead heads. Any wall or support-trained plants eye on the spuds as the shoots will grow through the hope and joy that Easter has to offer. This may 10. FLOWERY WATTS (6, 6 )
will need to have new shoots tied in. These very quickly so earthing up can develop into a not take place as we would wish, but let us hold 11. SEEN CITY VILLA HUNGER (10. 9 )
include rambling and climbing roses, clematis and frequent job. As well as guarding against frost this onto the message that Easter brings. That is, that 12. WET GRAPE HOME (3, 5, 4 )
other climbers you may have. Otherwise any keeps the developing tubers from exposure to God loves each and every one of us. He is with us 13. SEEN THE EWE (3, 7 )
more spring gales will bring them tumbling down. daylight which turns them green and inedible. in the hard times and in the times of celebration 14. DOGFOX DINNER COKE (5,2.4,5)
This might seem a bit like stating the blindingly If you have a metre or so square you can commit and that He will be with us forever. 15. TUNE OF LYRIC
obvious but some of these tasks can be to permanent planting, why not try asparagus? 16. DREAM MINTS
overlooked. A year or two ago I left a clematis They are very easy to grow and ten crowns could 17. QUIET ANN OSCAR (5, 8 )
until it became totally out of control. Sadly it had be accommodated in this relatively small area. I Shipdham & 18. SLY TOTS OF FLY (6,6 )
to be given a haircut and I lost quite a lot of think people are put off as they believe they need 19.TELL LADY SHEIK ( 3,6,4)
flowers. Nothing like a bit of experience to keep to wait years to eat anything. Admittedly the District Book Group 20. LITHE DOG FOE (3,4,4)
the memory going. While you're about the standard instructions are to plant, take nothing the During February it was decided to comment on an
maintenance tasks turn over stones and piles of next year, a few spears the year after that then a author, Val McDermid a particular favourite with
decent crop thereafter. Plant one member although not all which involved Watton Society
breeders have now developed individual books rather than one. McDermid has
new strains that can be cropped written up to 50 books and television scripts. Quiz
from the year after planting. Obviously we cannot cover all but here are some Instead of our monthly report, Here is another
After they're in all they need examples: quiz. - John Ward
are water and weeding with a Two members, without realising, read the same Here goes.....
mulch in autumn after the ferns book, The Distant Echo, about four university 1. What is the most common name for British
have yellowed and cut. These friends who stumble on the stabbed body late one Pubs?
are pretty in themselves and night with repercussions over many years. The 2. Which song reached No.1 in the hit parade
placed strategically will give a characters had nicknames referred to as those or for the Rolling Stones in November 1964?
six or seven foot screen! given names which caused confusion. We agreed 3. Which athlete did Sharron Davies divorce in
If you've planted seeds they it was well written but too much like horror for our 2000?
will probably need to be personal tastes. It still merited finishing to find the 4. In which 1985 film was Tom Hanks mistaken
pricked out. This can be original killer and the twist in the tail. for a spy because he lost an item of footwear?
problematic if you can't give The Skeleton Road features DSI Karen Pirie of the 5. Which pop group was originally called the
them frost-free conditions. We Cold Case Squad who appears in several books. It Frantic Elevators?
all do it. The seeds don't look includes male remains of Eastern European 6. What is the name of the Muslim equivalent of
like many when the tiny bits of descent found in an Edinburgh building. Complex the Red Cross?
brown dust are scattered in a investigations with Piruie and her squad lead to 7. In which TV drama did Sarah Lancashire
pot or propagator then they all links with the 1990s Balkan conflict, war play Coral Atkins?
come up and need pots of their criminals, the Internal Criminal tribune, journeys 8. What was the title of the 1984 film which
own. If you are trying to Oxford University and Croatia and more. It was starred a young Patrick Swayze as the leader of
succession planting try to keep considered engaging and thought provoking with a gang of rebels fighting against a Russian
the quantities low so they don't informative content and a surprise denouement. invasion of America?
run away with you. If you Killing the Shadows culminates in a race against 9. What did Paul Neal change his name to when
overdo it and prick out all the time and a killer as vicious and clever as any in he took up firefighting?
seedlings there will be an McDermid’s books although much of it is 10. Which novel by Stephen Crane was set
almighty glut later. We all predictable. including the ending. This reader also during the American Civil War?
learn year by year on this one read and enjoyed A Place of Execution read by ----------------------
but until then give the seedlings two other members it concerns a 13 year old Finally
to friends. They may well do a school girl from a small Derbyshire village set in 11. What is the connection between all these
swap! the 1960s, the time of the Moors Murders. Despite questions.
So there we are, watching the the upsetting content it was felt the author led the
weather forecasts, planting, reader to believe the story to be fact not fiction and Answers to both quizzes on back page
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 5

them to finish flowering.

Great Hockham Derek Archer very kindly came by early one
morning and re-potted my mum's bonsai horse

Gardening Club chestnut, he was able to get it out of the pot

without breaking it, so once the tap root had been
cut back and all the lovely fibrous root all went
Corona Diary - March back into the pot, so it looks just the same but will
Although the rain seems to have eased a little its be ok for 5 years at least.
effects remain with us. There are fields I will soon need the help of a couple of really
everywhere containing persistent patches of water. strong men to move the 3 lovely stones I have for
One forlorn sight we saw was a heron standing the Japanese garden. Lets hope Boris doesn't hold
hopefully beside one of them. up that bit of gardening.
But Julie Brown is finding no impediment to I had edged the bed back in 1997 with individual
spring: foot long 4" half rounds, most of them have had to
Hello Ed My broad beans and garlic are both come out and be re-set enlarging the bed and
growing well. I was killing a little time at the replacing any that have rotten away, fortunately The weather has not helped Nigel Lincoln’s little attendance and it still would not get going, in fact
garden centre, waiting to be picked up, spent too not many. friends:After months of hibernation I am always on several occasions it looked as though it was
much money on a few packet of seeds, but we'll I have seen the female Sparrowhawk in the garden caught out by the speed at which the garden going to go out. As luck would have it, I had a rare
see what I can produce from them; carrots and a couple of times this week caught a blackbird, changes in the Spring, so this year I am determined attack of inspiration: the only way to keep it going
tomatoes, I thought cucumbers, but had put them also saw the Sparrowhawk herself being hunted by to be ahead of the game. The brief spell of warm turned out to be by dumping about 5 feet of 6 inch
back and as it happens has turned out OK as a big black bird, would that be a Kite? (ish) weather at the end of Feb gave me the RSJ on the top. This compressed it enough to get
Michael will grow from seed and give me some I need to get up to the village hall to finish clearing opportunity to have a quick look inside the bee the loose twigs to make contact with the fire bed.
plants to grow on. the leaves, they have been wet so long and have hives. One is queenless and will therefore die out Then more stuff on top, return the RSJ on top of
My joy this month has come from all the bulbs I not blown away. It will be a job soon to start (they can’t make a new queen until the weather is that and so on. But at least the whole lot was out of
have planted under a silver birch tree, first to show preventing the grass from growing in the gravel of much warmer); two are small but clinging on; and the way in one go – NO! The inevitable
were the iris, then snowdrops and funny little daffs. the carpark. two are looking quite strong. Last year’s honey is replacement bonfire is steadily rising Phoenix like
Then the crocus started to appear, masses of Had my covid jab on Thursday so have relaxed the nearly all gone, and probably just as well because I from the ashes of the aforementioned inferno.
golden and purple. They have been glorious and in last few days nursing a headache. have not been able to pick up any new jars from The other big job is the second bit of lawn edging
the sunshine we enjoyed as they opened their I have enjoyed Matt & Sue's Zoom quiz on a my usual supplier in Kent. on the opposite side of the drive. Big because to
petals to enjoy it too, lots of bees enjoying Wednesday evening even Tony has joined in. All the Spring bulbs are now appearing, including obtain maximum strength of the thing it’s a one-
themselves. I had no bread a few days ago so I made cheese a selection of rare hyacinths that we got from a mix job - when I start I have to keep going until the
The aconites have appeared one by one then more scones from a school recipe. I still have the recipe specialist grower in Cambridge. I ordered a dozen job is finished. I have grown tied of the times I
purple and white crocus, I have planted hundreds. book and the cooking apron I made in year one alstroemeria roots from a gardening magazine in have sworn never to do this kind of job again. Will
There is a clump of pure white waiting for the back in 1971/72. the autumn and potted them up – all but one have the mixer start? It now uses more Quick Start than
sunshine to encourage them to open. Best wishes to everyone, Julie started to appear and I am really looking forward to petrol. Well, my trusty 41 year-old mixer did fire
Purple anemones are appearing and the leaves and Jane Dalton is reminiscing: This month marks a a great show this summer. I have also made a start up and off we went - whereupon it started to rain.
buds of Thalia daffodil, scilla too. year since the first Lockdown on March 23rd on splitting perennials, such as a yellow geum and Carried on anyway, got it done.
Around the garden I have planted all the hyacinths 2020, therefore 12 months since we last met in purple heucheras, and taking cuttings from old Then there are our fish, sorry, were our fish:
I have ever had in pots, there are over 100. reality- seems a lifetime ago, doesn't it? favourites such as a ruby penstemon. The dahlia getting too big for the pond; bloke next door took
I am seeing bulbs appearing in the new bed I made Our thanks over the last month to Matt & Sue bulbs have survived pretty much intact in the them into his lake; give the pond the mother and
when I emptied and filled in the pond. Most of the Cunningham who have been hosting virtual get- garage and a few will be potted up soon to generate father of all cleanouts; then found I needed to
bulbs I put in are white hyacinth, grape hyacinth togethers with a Quiz each Wed evening at cuttings to increase my stash. The grass is looking replace the old flexible pipes which had become
are also showing flower buds. I did put in some 7.30pm. It has been very enjoyable and lovely to sorry for itself and needs a good rake over, about as brittle as a Brexiteer.
black tulips to contrast; I must seem obsessed with see those who are taking part – this takes quite a bit weeding and feeding – not my favourite job. We Onwards, ever downwards, Ed and Prue.
bulbs, as this is the time of year that I love in the of sorting out so "thank you" Matt! won’t mention the lumps and bumps caused by the
garden. February seemed to disappear a bit more quickly moles.
There are elephants ears showing pink flower buds
and lots of Tête-à-tête' daffodils in flower.
but then it is a shorter month. I have managed to
get out in the garden over the last week since the
On the veg plot, the netting has arrived for my
homemade fruit cage, peas have been germinated,
Watton Rotary
I have sent photos of iris bulbs I planted in pots in weather has improved: a joy! The allotment is
the autumn, the white are the painted lady, yellow looking quite ship-shape already. Even though
onion sets planted and potatoes are chitting.
Enough writing, lots to do outside. Nige Young Writer
are Katherine gold and the purple iris reticulata, gardening cripples my right hand, the effects of the I don’t know why, but Prue and I seem to be This year we have held a Young Writer
looking lovely, they may go into the garden. injection I paid for so dearly in December only constantly busy. Just because there have been a competition at Wayland Academy, and were
I have pots of Royal Navy, pink elephant and lasted about 4 weeks and I await X rays - this time couple of days of reasonable weather we feel we delighted to secure the services of local author
gypsy queen hyacinth in pots close to flowering on the NHS. must get out in the garden. One big job was the Joan Khurody as our judge. The competition
and 4 pots of tulips so I could see what they looked It is so nice to see colour in the garden again and bonfire: I know, put a match to it and get on with required entrants to submit a story, either fiction
like before they went into the garden and I could be able to pick a few daffodils for the house. The something else. If only. As always with these or non-fiction on the theme of ‘My Happiest
decide where. birds tell me spring is in the air. The first seed things at my age, the world seems to conspire Day’ in no more than 550 words. Finding a
A friend bought me a mixed bag of bulbs for potatoes are now in the Polytunnel. I am still doing against me. We always seem to be having bonfires, winner was a difficult task, but after much
Christmas which I planted in a pot, the grape exercises most mornings and trying to cycle round so we thought we would save up the stuff and just deliberation, Tia Sayer was declared the winner
hyacinth are showing flowers ready to strike up. the block when I can. Still haven't even lost a have the one big one. But now we have to be rid of with her story about Christmas Day. The runner
I have tried to plant my new beds in one or two pound but I'm losing a few inches! Since writing it if we want to plant up the vegetable beds up prize was awarded to Zoeanne De’Ath, who
colours together; I wonder how long that will last. last the Govt. has laid out their Returning from whereon it resides. Tried to get it going but it just wrote about a holiday in Whitby.
The good weather in the afternoons had allowed Covid Plan - so all being well we could be meeting would not stay alight (did I mention the rain?. Young Writer is a National Rotary competition,
me to work on the bed which will be Japanese up before too long. But who knows!!? Take care Then we had the snow. When we had had about a and the winning entry will progress to the next
themed, it is emptied of plants, I salvaged lots of and hope you all get your 2nd injections soon. All couple of ‘dry’ days we thought we had to go for round.
snowdrops and lovely aconites, I had to wait for the best, Jane Dalton. it. Talk about an effort, I needed to be in constant
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 6

The Art of Bonsai

By Brian Lucy expensive, the pot should be placed earth and tip over the root and earth ball
Pioneered in China more than a outside, out of direct sunlight and will easily fall out. There are numerous
thousand years ago, perfected in Japan, wind, watering regularly. After about ways to remove and clean the root ball,
Bonsai is now practised throughout the two weeks position in the garden, my preference is to hold the tree by the
world. It is not an easy or instant hobby, where it only gets the morning trunk and 'dunk' it up and down in
but a time consuming slow hobby, the sunlight. The tree should soon start fresh water, then with a sharp pair of
rewards however are great. budding and the "leader" bud is then scissors or Bonsai pruners remove
Practically every tree can be Bonsaied, nipped out, this will stop the height about half of the roots, repot in a clean
some with ease others with patience. and produce the girth to the trunk and container remembering to place a
There are many styles each with a force dormant duds to grow, these can piece of fine plastic mesh over the
Japanese name and each style suits a be nipped out as required. Many hours drainage holes to keep insects out.
particular pot or a personal preference. can be spent in nurseries looking for Remember it is the hair roots that feed
The Bonsai season begins in March, suitable trees to work on, however, it the tree and these have to be
the end of the dormant season for the is forbidden to acquire trees from the encouraged. Bonsai, like other plants
majority of trees, when re-potting and wild -without permission. need the correct amount of trace
root pruning is carried out. When By stopping the height and general elements, these are present in most
working with young trees or seedlings development the tree can be controlled composts, but are soon used up,
an ordinary shallow plastic pot can be from an early stage. This process therefore feeding is required, but be
used. The first root pruning is done continues throughout each growing cautious, overfeeding can damage the
when the tree is about one year old, season until the required form of the root system. Only healthy trees should
when the roots are exposed and one bonsai is achieved. Once the tree has be fed, not weak or ailing trees. If a
third cut off, especially the tap root-the become established it will require less tree droops in hot weather it is usually
anchor of the tree. Then re-pot in fresh attention with only the larger leaves due to lack of water and the container
compost. I use my own made up being removed, some trees i.e. the should be immersed in water until air
compost -one part multi-purpose, two Sycamore (Acer pseudoplatanus) can bubbles do not appear.
parts John Innes No2, a sprinkling of be de-leafed completely twice in a These are the basic rules of the art of
Bone meal a slow release fertiliser and growing season to reduce the leaves to Bonsai, there are many other points that
grit to give a good drainage, which is half their normal size. When the pot is are picked up year by year. Also
most important. I retain the plastic root bound or every 3 or 4 years it will personal preference comes into play with
pots for the first couple of years, need re-potting. tree shapes, pots and the tools to
because frost resistant pots are To do this place hand over the top of the maintain the trees.

Watton Any donations please can be sent by
the Just Giving page Paul Weatherill
Rotary Shelterbox or by the Watton Rotary
web site, all money goes direct to the
Roundup - Shelterbox Charity . Paul Weatherill

Shelterboat Norfolk &

The boat has been built around a
Shelterbox for a challenge hopefully
this summer to raise awareness and
funds for the Shelterbox charity which
is endorsed by Rotary International for
helping people who have lost their
homes and property in natural disaster Hospital
situations and wars. Rotarian David Watkins has continued
The boat has been built from scratch with weekly visits to NNUH taking
by Nigel Tubby who was a aircraft biscuits to the Covid Nursing Staff.
engineer back in the nineteen fifty’s . Delivery of toilet bags has stopped for
We plan to use wind and oar to sail the moment as NNUH have advised
from Hickling Broad to Norwich they do not require any more for the
which is approximately 50 miles and moment.
includes getting across Bredon Water Watton & District Rotary Club, Press
near Great Yarmouth which will be & Communications Committee.
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 7
of th oldest, weakest stems to the base.
Ashill & Holme Vegetables, Fruits & Herbs: March is a busy time
for propagating vegetable seeds. If you have a
heated propagator, heating pad (or even the airing
Hale Garden cupboard) you can start your tomato seeds going.
Once they have germinated and put on their first

Club true leaves put them in individual pots with

multipurpose compost. Also you start germinating
lettuce, coriander, parsley, peas for shoots,
Spring is in the air and we will meet again soon
With the government’s announcement of a parsnips, turnip and beetroot sometime in March
roadmap out of the current lockdown we are able under glass.
to plan for when the garden club can once again Towards the end of the month sow tender
hold physical meetings and discuss all things vegetables such as runner and French beans,
gardening. In the meantime with Spring very much courgettes, pumpkins and squashes under glass,
in the air below are some tasks you can take on as planting out after risk of frosts in late April.
your gardens are starting to spring into life. March is the time to plant out those first early
Gardening jobs for March /April Trees, Shrubs, potatoes that have been chitting away over the last
Flowers and Lawn: month.
Now is a good time to move evergreen shrubs, To encourage healthy new growth, tidy strawberry
such as Choisya, Hebe and Pittosporum. As the plants now, remove dead, damaged or diseased
soil begins to warm up the roots will be able to re- leaves. Also plant out any runners that you potted
establish quickly. up and stored last year.
Now is a good time to invigorate perennials. Lift In addition to such herbs as basil and parsley sown
and divide summer flowering perennials such as under glass, you can begin to sow hardy herbs
Helenium, Rudbeckia and Michaelmas daisies. direct into outdoor beds.
Done every few years, this helps maintain healthy, Wildlife Gardening: March is the start of the main
vigorous growth. It is also a good way to propagate breeding season for garden bird. So think about
more plants and share them. leaving out material like wool, fresh straw, moss
Towards the end of the month you can deadhead etc to help them with nest building.
your daffodils by pinching off the flowers and seed Put out specialist food or wet meat based cat or
capsules as they fade. Leave the stems to die back dog food for hedgehogs emerging from
naturally with the foliage as they both hibernation.
photosynthesise helping to feed the bulb for next Spring is a good time to sow hardy cornfield
year’s flowers. Also water the bulb for at least 6 annuals such as corn marigold and cornflower in
weeks after flowering to prevent soil drying out as sunny areas of soil in your garden to help
next years flower bulbs are developing in the bulb. encourage pollinators.
Now that flowering has finished prune viburnum x Website:
bodnantense cultivars, cutting out up to one in five Email:

to the future of humanity but for the next fifty years or

The Grand so would be seen solely as a great boon and is still a
dominant part of our everyday existence.
Seven Five As we moved further into the new epoch we began to
reap the rewards of the things begun in the pre-war
By Ken Knowles days such as radio and cinema shows, and after 1952,
Anniversaries seem to occupy a great part of our lives, television, which transformed the home life of
and last year an important one for the whole nation virtually the entire population. Radio ruled the roost at
came to bring memories of the end of the Second the end of the war, with comedy shows featuring
World War seventy five years ago which would have nearly every one of our leading stars, while recorded
been celebrated much more had the country not been music provided entertainment for most listening fans,
locked in the present battle against the Covid with discs now being produced in unbreakable
epidemic. materials, in the new speeds of 45 or 33 r.p.m. form,
Although the war did not end completely until a year which afforded reproduction of finer quality than the
later on all fronts, victory in Europe meant the end of old ten-inch shellac ones.
the war for the major part of the British population, By about 1960 it seemed that every teenager had one
and most of our memories stem from 1945 and is the of the new transistor receivers, many of them battery
year that heralded a vast change in everyone’s habits operated, so that radios went everywhere with their
and lives, although these did not begin to register fully owners who kept in close touch with the ever
for a year or two, as rationing of food and clothing changing styles of performance, which ranged from
was still in operation. ballads, big bands to solo artists, and modes that
In 1951 the country celebrated an event called the became known as folk, rock and roll, skiffle, country
Festival of Britain, and in London folks flocked to and western, hip hop, and settled into a new type of
Earls Court to the first of the Ideal Homes d.i.y music played by small groups of lads, later
Exhibitions, in which they could learn about and becoming world famous as the Beatles, the
purchase the many innovations that were now Tremeloes, the Rolling Stones and numerous others.
becoming available to bring us all a new way of life, While mums and dads spent their leisure hours glued
particularly for working class families who were now to their television sets and youngsters toyed with their
able to enjoy the new facilities that were becoming radios and their new mobile phones, people
available at prices they could afford, such as fridges, increasingly found a desire to take holidays, either in
washing machines and microwave ovens. the traditional seaside boarding houses or in the new
By the mid nineteen-fifties a new style of shopping holiday camps that had spring up all round England,
emerged in the bigger towns with covered malls foreign package holidays were becoming the norm for
where folks could shop for food, clothing and most many, and with the blossoming trade in motoring it
small items while out of town outlets opened in many soon seemed that the whole country was on the
areas where the new craze for do-it-yourself projects move ,a trend that was only halted by the recent
could be catered for. These became increasingly pandemic. greater revolution was taking shape, which
popular as more and more people joined the ranks of is now widely referred to as the computer age, in
the motoring sector which was rapidly beginning to which children and adults alike are armed with
dominate the country. personal devices that keep them in constant touch
As the sixties came there was an increasing rise in the with the outside world sometimes to the extent that
desire for home ownership and new building sites they seem to be lost should they mislay their smart
were being developed all around the country and this phone/cum camera/cum lap top/cum everything.
in turn helped the D.I.Y. industry even further, Perhaps the most important part of the period was
persuading many men to under- when we joined the European Union (and spent 50
take projects previously solely the work of the years getting out of it), and the change from pounds,
professionals. These D.I.Y. tasks were greatly assisted shillings and pence to decimal currency, the switch
by the increasing use of plastics and soon the world from Fahrenheit to Celsius and the metric system of
became a synthetic one, with plastic window frames, weights and measures, these latter changes being
garden fences, doors, gates, table tops ,crockery, and welcomed by the younger section but constituted a
in fact almost everything could be found with a man- headache for us older folk.
made content, even clothing.. Thus we reach the end of the 75 year era with
All this dependence on plastics and its knowledge now at the click of a button but is this a
indestructibility would later be recognised as a hazard Good Thing?
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 8
stick em unda har, leave har

Keep an eye out for the Tha sumwhere quiet, an she might bring
off some chicks, then fatten em up
fer Chrismus. Thet larst bit dint goo
Ovington down tew well, but I did see har
ridin har bike down tew Doddies

first insects of Spring Crower

By tha Boy Sid
the nex morning. So I wos earble
tew tell Horry she wos orlrite an he
cud stop worritin.
I hear thars a cupple in tha willage
Hare yew orl gittin on then, hev wos jist celerbrearted thar diamond
yew bin locking yoreselves away wedding—cor blarst thas 60 years.
like the ole Govmint hev sed, or hev Thar hed a card from tha Queen, but
yew had enow on it? Horry sed it wos a sympathy card
Mind yew thas gitten better not a congtatulearshun wun. Hees
accordin tew the local pearpa, an allus a bit funny abowt marriage, an
sum onus hev hed a needle stuck in dint hold wi it himself, cud be why
our arms, sumwhere or anutha. hees lived as long as he has.
Horry wos lucky he jist went up tew Well thas time tew git back tew
tha doctors in Watton fer his, me an wuk, got a bit of hedging an ditchin
tha missus hed tew goo tew tew dew, while thas tew wet tew git
Thetford fer ours, but thet went on tha land propa. So dew you fare
orlrite an we hent hed no trubble tew kip well and of corse. Dew yew
like they sed we might git. kip a troshin.
Never mind tha medical stuff, tha Regards Boy Sid.
ole weather hent bin tew sharp hev
it, git a cuppla fine days an goo ter
hell iffen thet dunt pour wi rearn
agin. We hent gitten on tew well wi St Mary’s
tha cultiveartin yit, did git tha last
o’ tha beet away, hed tew goo tew
Bury, cos tha Wissey wun shut. Church
Farmer he say thet he ont grow beet
enny more if tha price dunt goo up a
bit, git a better return on taters he Sunday
say. Still a fare owld amownt o’
wuk tew dew tew git them in and
git ‘em up agin. Service at
The pub hev run owt of beer agin,
During March and April we are often
treated to spells of warm weather,
which we treasure after the wet and
their boltholes! A popular species- the
red admiral- is not as tough as it looks
and generally can’t survive our UK
not smooth like that of a bee. Bee-
flies are distinctive ‘flies in a bee’s
clothing’ and have a fuzzy ginger
so we’ve hed tew rely on Horry’s
home brew, which is gitten betta 10am by
tew be honest, an thas cheapa.
cold weeks of winter- it is a sign that
the seasons are changing. The Earth is
approaching the time in its orbit
winters, as it can’t cope with a frost.
Nearly all individuals we see each
year have either migrated here from
body and long proboscis (see picture
above) which they hold out in front of
them in flight, which you often notice
Heese torkin about settin up wun o’
these micro-breweries in his shud, Zoom
but I carnt see him tearkin a lot of Sadly, due to the current guidelines
around the sun when our hemisphere southern Europe, or they are the as they fly past you. They are really notice of tha regulearshuns can and for everyone’s safety, St Mary’s
‘leans’ towards the sun, exposing us offspring of adults who did so earlier attractive insects close-up and yew. Church is still closed, but we are now
to warming rays for longer each day. in the summer. However, it is looking fascinating to watch- if you want to He cum rownd tew mine tha otha holding our 10am Sunday Service by
This change in temperature and day increasingly likely that red admirals tempt them into your garden, plant nite, (had a bottle or tew wi him, so Zoom. Every Sunday, the meeting
length kicks off an incredibly can survive here along the south coast some primroses or grape hyacinths in he new I’d let him in). He sed he links can be found on our website
complicated sequence of events from of England and on the Scilly Isles, as a sunny spot. Bees and butterflies will wos worrit abowt tha ole Cowncil page, or on
the moment the days lengthen in early our winters gradually get warmer. enjoy these but also lungwort, winter- Chairmawtha, cos he hent sin hide our Facebook page
January, like a set of dominoes Another newcomer to our Suffolk flowering box (Sarcococcus), nor hair of har fer sum time, nor @StMarysChurchWatton. We look
toppling over, that means by now springs could be the hummingbird crocuses, anemones or- if you have heard har hollerin up tha rood. I sed forward to seeing you all there! Keep
there is enough heat and daylight for hawkmoth- these tropical-looking the room- a pussy (or goat) willow. tew him I sed “Hev yew bin rownd checking our website for any future
us to see the first insects on the wing! visitors love buddleia, red valerian To sit and watch these early visitors tew see har then?” “No” he say updates.
So far in March I have had regular and salvia in the garden but normally in the garden is a real pleasure and a “Thas more than my life is wuth
visits to my garden from early only turn up from summer onwards- good reason to pause for a while and tew goo an bang on har door, dew
bumblebees, buff-tailed bumblebees
and a few honey bees, and we have
had lots of reports of brimstone and
but February saw a surge in reports
from the southern counties so it looks
like they can now hunker down to
think of the warmer months ahead!
If you have any questions about your
garden wildlife, feel free to ask us at
yew think shees orlrite Sid?”
I dint know, but tha nex day she
St Mary's
cum rownd wi wun o’ har ole hens
peacock butterflies on the reserve too.
All of these insects have the ability to
hibernate in winter, along with small
survive a UK winter too.
Along with bees, look out too for
female drone flies (a type of hoverfly)
the reserve in person, by e-mail
( or
phone (01842 863400) and we would
thet dint seem tew be tew well. I
thort thet mite be egg bownd, but
150 Club
coon’t feel enny eggs in har, so I set
tortoiseshell and comma butterflies
too- so worth keeping an eye out
during your walks for these. Speckled
which are beefier than the males and
are capable of hibernation, so emerge
earlier than the males which need to
be glad to help.
With best wishes for a happy Spring!
Written by Heidi Jones (Visitor
har on tha floor an she just went
uner tha tearbal and set thar. I
reckon she wos broody so I sez tew 1st prize £50 - ticket number 34 –
wood butterflies hibernate too, but hatch from a pupa. Like other Experience Officer, RSPB har ladyship thet she orta goo an see Mrs Green
seem to need things to be a bit hoverflies (which emerge later in Lakenheath Fen). ole Doddy up Carbrooke rood an 2nd prize £25 - ticket number 41 -
warmer before they venture out of Spring) they have a jerky, fast flight, get sum eggs wos bin fertilized an David Riley

Several of our members have been member recalled marching 80 deliver to each one as there were There were some thoughts of the
Do You teachers and there were small children along the road to no collection boxes downstairs. small amount of pay that was
recollections of arriving at the local park for play and Several members had left school often received in those early days
Remember…? Victorian buildings housing large
classes of small children with
exercise. No Health and Safety in
those days! There were memories
at what we would now regard as a
very young age (the earliest was
with money needed to pay
mother's for housekeeping and
(First Days At scarce resources. Classrooms were
sometimes divided into sections
of those outside toilets, ink
monitors and who could forget all
13) but somehow then it was
never difficult to find a job. Office
having to save up for weeks to
buy the clothes you wanted to go
Work) so that up to three classes could
take place with a different activity
those little bottles of milk for
every morning break?
junior, factory work, working in
retail, housekeeping,
out in. Weekly pay received in a
small brown envelope……….,
As is the norm these days the going on in each section. You can Did you know that Watton had apprenticeships, were all possible. cheques and monthly salaries
March meeting of the Inner Wheel imagine the noise. A lot of one of the first primary schools in Some with moving on to day came much later.
Club of Watton took place on ingenuity was needed in addition the country to teach French to it's release or courses at the local This is a brief account of our
Zoom hosted by Club President to keeping the boiler, often youngest children? collage for further training or memories, perhaps it will stir
Beryl. In addition to the usual located in the middle of a Holiday jobs delivering mail were progression through your own some of yours and, like us, you
discussions of the business details classroom fed with coal in order mentioned by several. There were hard work on the job all brought will enjoy the journey
of the club, President Beryl had to keep everyone warm. A no post codes in those days so results and job satisfaction. Brenda Davis
suggested members share their caretaker who in addition to his sorting had to be done by hand One member remembered being Club Corresspondent.
experiences of going to work for duties was given to serenading a although this was usually done by left in quite a small room with a I am always pleased to answer
the first time. class with hymns caused some the regular staff. If you were large and noisy machine to counta enquiries about Inner Wheel Ring
Of course, for a lot of us that it is amusement. Not all schools had unlucky enough to have 20 storey very large amount of coinage, she 01953881792 or e maill
a long time ago but a lot of their own play spaces and one flats on your round you had to can hear the noise to this day!.
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 9
annually, sometimes more. She felt that accumulator nor battery and possible a Australians were taken to hospital for
Dolly’s Deceit she contributed to this by helping in the small fire which needed no coal nor Dolly’s Deceit bee and wasp stings in 2017-18 at a rate
By Sue Hart house. During her stay she always cleaning. She also looked at the price of five per 100,000, twice the rate of
Dolly wound her thick, waist length visited a couple of nieces and their being asked, not a lot, but more than Great Aunt Dolly, four feet tall, hospitalisation for spiders (2.7 per
hair, still chestnut with little sign of respective husbands who lived fairly Dolly had, apart from the burial money Upon my father came to call, 100,000) and snakes (2.4 per 100,000).
grey in her 70s, into a rough bun as near. The husbands tended to be quite she kept strapped under her clothes. She High-heeled shoes upon her feet, Bee stings accounted for 927 hospital
she had every day of her adult life. generous. It helped with stretching the would write to the family the very next Hair still chestnut, never neat. visits, and wasp stings 329. One
She pulled on the two and a half inch pension and she always went home day and post the letters when she went unlucky person was recorded as having
heeled shoes she always wore to add with a few extras. Bert Bloy had known to collect the pension, two whole weeks ‘Come in Dolly, have a drink, been stung by both on the same day. No
to her four feet eight inches and them all, having had many an ear worth, she thought. As she lay in bed Walking gives a thirst I think. one was stung by a hornet.
stepped nimbly over the cobbled yard clipping and finger shaking from their Dolly suddenly thought of a plan, if she Cigarettes are on the shelf Most of the 666 recorded
towards the privy behind the wash elderly, but still fearsome, mother when played her cards right she could afford a Do sit down and help yourself.’ hospitalisations for spider bites
house. She grinned as she he’d been cheeky or tried to climb their few luxuries next winter, maybe even concerned the widely distributed
remembered her younger nieces and apple tree as a boy. stop buying Woodbines in packets of My father peering through a crack, redback spider. Sydney’s funnel web
great nieces finding it necessary to ‘Do you give them my regards and I five and breaking them in half. Saw Dolly filling up her bag. spider, the most deadly in the world,
cling to the wall as they teetered hope they’re down soon.’ Sure enough Dolly was up very early ‘Help yourself’, is what he’d said accounted for just 25 hospitalisations.
towards the flatter path at the side of The following week Dolly packed her and wrote to all her brothers and sisters And always generous was that Fred. Brown snakes were the most commonly
the cottage. Returning to the kitchen bag, this time she did lock the door. She and nieces and nephews. listed venomous snake species on
Dolly rinsed her hands and splashed walked a few miles to the nearest The years passed and the word went Fourteen siblings Dolly’d had hospital reports. Only seven cases of
some cold water on her face from a station, caught the train to Kings Lynn round that Dolly was breathing her last, Now lived alone but was not sad, bite by taipan – the most venomous
bowl balanced on an orange box in then another which chugged over the loudly gasping and wheezing, about to Woodbines and Guinness pleasure snake in the world – were listed. Two
the middle of her larder, she would river, through the fens and actually left succumb to ‘the family chest’, aided by gave cases were logged as “contact with
top up the buckets in which she kept Norfolk, just, taking her a few miles the beloved Woodbines. The adult Spent all on those, why should she powered lawnmower” or “bitten or
the fresh water drawn from the pump over the border into Lincolnshire,, members of her large family gathered at save? crushed by snake” as well as a
in the yard, shared by the group of almost as good as going abroad in her bedside, crowding into the tiny venomous snake bite.
cottages later. Dolly picked up her Dolly’s eyes. bedroom with its immaculate white- Dolly’s sweetheart, handsome Jack, Not included in the report were almost
shopping basket and purse and went She had a lovely time, Horrie gave her work cotton bed covers and brass Went to war, did not come back. 2,000 cases of people being bitten or
out of the back door with no thought a small packet of Woodbines every day bedstead, to watch the little lady leave Dolly never found another, crushed by a non venomous snake.
of locking it behind her. and always bought her a bottle of this world. The doctor had been so this She went home and nursed her The report also listed 73 cases of people
As she walked at a brisk pace along Guinness from the pub opposite his must be the end, nobody remembered mother. being stung by jellyfish, including 41
the road from West Raynham to shop which he visited nightly. Dolly having anything to do with people who were stung by irukandji
Helhoughton her mind was full of One evening Dolly went to the smart doctors. Suddenly her eyes opened and Sister Aggie with broken heart jellyfish,- the most deadly on earth -
what she would do with the small home of her niece Ellen. She had heard she sat up. Came to recover from Cupid’s dart. and 63 people stung by stingrays..
pension she was about to collect. that Ellen and her daughter, Anne, were ’What you doing here?’ she said. ‘I’m Two sisters lived in their cottage Experts say it's a myth that Australia is
Thank goodness she grew so much in away for a few days as it was the school not going yet you know’, She glanced home home to world's deadliest species
her large plot at the side of the cottage holidays, they would be home by knowingly at one or two of her nearest Then Dolly was left all on her own. A report by the CSIRO in 2019 said
and neighbours gave her eggs. Dolly Friday and Dolly was going to have and dearest and their spouses. ’You can that while the venom of Australian
had to make a little go along way Sunday dinner with them. Ellen and keep your eyes and hands off Mother’s As long as there were ciggies and snakes had high toxicity levels, they
which included breaking her beloved Fred also had a business, a small café stuff.’ There was much shuffling of feet stout, could not be called the deadliest in the
Woodbine cigarettes in half. She and shop. Dolly didn’t mind at all that and a couple had the grace to blush. She didn’t worry, wanted nowt. world because the annual death toll
ignored the fact that she thus created they were away. Fred was an extremely Although it was a different cottage the These were friends on a chilly night, from snake bites was “practically
two butts as she saved these and generous host especially when it came contents were those they had grown up Little money for heat and light. nothing”.
rerolled the ‘fag ends’ when times to alcohol and tobacco, possibly with and having become more worldly .So if you are planning a trip down
were especially hard. Her ‘ration’ of because of his own indulgence in the they realised there were one or two But every winter Dolly wrote under – once Covid is over – then fear
the Woodies and the Guinness she former. Dolly was settled into an ‘nice’ pieces in the form of copper To some of the family a little note: not.
drank never lasted the week. On armchair in the elegant sitting-room kettles and clocks although nobody was ‘Dear Fred, dear George, dear Horrie
pension day she always had to go with a full glass, an ashtray by her side likely to fight over the stuffed birds in too,
round to the back of the pub in her with a well stocked cigarette box glass domes. I really don’t know what to do.’ Out & About
own village in the evening to pay her nearby on a side table. Fred went out to A few months later Dolly did breathe
debts to the kindly landlord to cover refill the glasses, on his return he spied her last and the family gathered at a ‘I can’t afford to pay my bills. Watton.
the cost of extra supplies she’d had. Dolly through the crack in the door. Her local hotel, following her burial in the There’s nothing there for winter’s ills. As some readers may remember I
He had known Dolly all his life and almost empty handbag was open as she family plot in the village churchyard. I wonder if you could just help me, wrote a small article for the February
often felt sorry for the little lady, not scooped cigarettes from the several The funeral money had not been It’s cold out here too dark to see.’ edition where I moaned on about the
forgetting the fact that her spending boxes in the room Fred and Ellen had enough and as usual they had all rubbish being deposited at the side of
in the course of a few months added been in ‘good ‘ service and had grand contributed with the refreshments paid No-one knew about the others, our country lanes in and around
up, especially when members of her aspirations based on what they had seen for by one of the more affluent, better Not sisters, nieces, nephews, brothers. Watton and surrounding Villages, in
large extended family visited. in the large houses of their youth. This educated nephews who liked to impress Till Dolly died and all found out particular the dump of Toxic waste
Having collected the pension from the had included decorative boxes and was already wondering if His They’d paid for all the fags and stout. oil and engine oil filters my wife and
tiny Post Office Dolly went to make containing cigarettes and cigars for the Lordship on whose estate it was, would I came across in Sparrow Hill
her purchases in the only shop which enjoyment of guests although not quite sell the cottage for a few hundred In euphemistic middle age (Peddars Way), Thompson in early
sold just about everything. on the scale practised by Dolly. Fred, pounds. He looked round at the Those left remember childhood days. January, so you can imagine my
‘Hello Miss Dolly my woman how by this time in the evening quite assembled company, We think of Dolly with a grin, thoughts when on the 5th of this
are you today?’ Mr Bloy the owner mellow, laughed and was to dine out on ‘Well’ he said, ’she’s finally gone, poor Clever lady to take them in! month (March) when walking down
asked her. the story for years to come. old girl, still she didn’t do too badly. I Crows Lane, in Merton
‘What is it champagne and caviar or Dolly tottered back the mile and a half paid for her electricity to be connected Sue Hart September 2000 We can across an almost identical
the usual?’ to meet her brother in the passage, and her bill every winter.’ dump of Toxic old motor oil and
‘I’m doing, ‘said Dolly using the ‘I guess Fred gave you a drink or two,’ There was a sudden silence following a filters lying in the undergrowth
quaint Norfolk phrase. Their entire he said, looking at her flushed face. She sharp intake of breath from those Letter from clearly visible only 1 meter from the
conversation was in the Norfolk was about to say she’d had a cup of tea, assembled, then they all spoke at once road, on both occasions the dumps of
vernacular still spoken by most noting the telltale bulge of a Guiness ‘But so did we—we did—I did too, she Australia Toxic Waste were only a few meters
people in the villages in the 1950s bottle in Horrie’s pocket, but thought wrote----‘ Then the truth dawned, poor By Chris O'Connor from streams of clear water running
although education and travel were better of it. The family had a reputation Dolly, crafty Dolly, had written the Australia is home to the 11 most into the local rivers in the area and a
beginning to change that. for being, not mean, but extremely same letter to everybody and all had venomous snakes in the world, the serious danger to our wildlife.
He noted that Dolly bought even less careful, often through necessity and she paid for the connection of her deadliest spider in the world, and This and the previous find have both
than usual and suddenly realised why. knew that they looked after her well. electricity. As it had worked the first some of the most venomous marine been reported to the Environmental
‘You’re off gallivanting soon I She was the only fit one left to remain time she had managed to have life. And yet according to a recent Agency who are taking this matter
reckon.’ single and she had cared for their electricity bills paid for the rest of her study Australians are twice as likely very seriously and have asked me to
‘Yes,’ Dolly smiled, never a beauty mother and an ailing older sister for life, in other words they had kept her in end up in hospital because of a bee or pass on their details and request that
he suddenly caught a glimpse of what many years. This left the others to leave Woodbines and Guiness for several wasp sting than an encounter with any member of the public that find
might have been youthful charm. As a home, make their lives, raise families years. any other venomous creature.. any more dumps of this Toxic waste
boy he vaguely remembered her and sadly, fight in wars. When the younger members of the The study which took place recently Oil and items to notify them on Tel:
‘walking out’ with a local lad who’d When Dolly returned to her cottage, her family brought up by ‘not mean but showed more than a third of the 3,520 0800 80 70 60, Serious Incident
disappeared to the trenches and like small case much heavier than when she careful’ and extremely astute, adults people admitted to hospital for reference No:1896552.
so many was now just a name on the left there was an important looking heard the story they laughed heartily contact with a venomous animal or The Local constabulary and
war memorial. envelope on the mat, along with a and drank many a toast over the years plant had been stung by a bee or a Breckland Council have in turn also
‘I’m off to see that Boy Horrie next couple of hand written ones which she to the seemingly innocent little old wasp. About one in five were taken to been notified. It is believed that the
week and some of the others no doubt’. recognised as coming from two of her lady who had got the better of hospital for a spider bite, and 17.3% culprit is most likely an unlicensed
‘That boy Horrie’ was her youngest sisters. ‘them’. One or two upon reflection had been bitten by a snake. Some and unregistered individual carrying
brother, Horace. Now in his 60s the She sat down to read the former. did begin to wonder if their own 13.6% had been bitten by an ant, tick out vehicle servicing in the Watton
youngest of 15 children would bear the Electricity was coming to the village at offspring shared other genetic or caterpillar, and 11.2% had been Area. Thank You.
title until he or his siblings had all last and, having experienced its joys for characteristics than stature with stung by a marine animal. Richard Adams
departed this life. Horrie and Ivy, his two weeks Dolly dreamed of lights Dolly. Just seven people sought hospital
wife had a grocer’s shop and Dolly which came on at the flick of a switch, Sue Hart treatment following an encounter
went to stay for at least a fortnight a wireless which need neither with a venomous plant.
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 10
CUXHAVEN. Encountered slight cloud
So it seems likely that Fred wrote that at 4,000 ft. vis. 5 miles, at 540 00' N 040
letter on the 2nd April 1940. I just love 00' E. At 530 55' N, 090 00' E at 0546
the description of a “war with orange hrs. 10,000 ft. to sea level cloud 10/10
peel” and one can visualise Fred sitting vis. 50 yds. [Essentially they flew into a
on his bed in the barrack block perhaps massive cloud bank!] At 070 50' E
or maybe in the NAAFI with a cup of cloud 6,000 ft. to 600 ft. 6/10ths this
tea, writing his letter. arivracft returned owing to bad
A new pilot joined Fred's crew as a weather. In a turn over the North Sea at
replacement for Glyn Harries, Flying low level the starboard engine
Officer Theodore Moseley Hunt momentarily failed and the pilot in
(pictured right) who seems to have turning the petrol cocks lost control of
been known as “Joe”. the aircraft. The aircraft struck the sea
Fred distorts the timelines to protect his ripping the tail wheel off and bending
family from some of the grim truth the tips of the starboard airscrew. The
about events here at Watton in his pilot regained control and climbed
letters and this is amply illustrated in through cloud to 10,000 ft. and
the next letter: returned to base, landing at WATTON
at 0732 hrs.
“'A' Flight. 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Watton
Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. So, Fred was not on leave. He was
Well I arrived back OK, but that later onboard the aircraft that hit the water! Flying Officer ’joe’ Hunt
train did run from Hitchin. But still, 4 That must have been just about as scary
of us went out to tea when we got as it can get. But Fred's reasons for the know what it is like to lose some of your
Thetford, so it was not so bad. Since I aircraft hitting the water differs pals, 9 in all from our Sqdn. and 6 from
L to R Fred, F/O Glyn Harries (see first letter) Sgt. ‘Bish’ Bareham have been back though, they made sure somewhat from the official account in the other Sqdn. As for sleep and meals
that I caught up with the hours I lost the ORB. So who is telling the truth? we get them when we can. Well it is
while on leave, as I have been down to The original duty was submarine attack nearly time to get our orders for
The Letters of Fred's 'regular pilot' was Flying Officer fly every day, even early Friday and maybe they just saw a Flak Ship tomorrow, and I dont like the rumour
Glyn Harries (above, middle) On morning. I have just got back from a and a target of opportunity and went for going round so I suppose we will be up
Freddie Thripp Monday, 1st April, 1940, Harries took 4hr trip, no dinner again, and on a it. It was not uncommon to have again at about 1 o'clock. Cheerio for
There are no letters home from Fred in the place of another pilot as Fred Sunday too. I think I have had about 5 engines cut after bombing because of now. With Love. Fred
1939 (that I have) but he was continuing explains above. The ORB (National meals since Thursday, not bad. But boy the way fuel was gravity fed to the
his training at Cranfield. Unfortunately Archives: AIR-27-681-12) records the oh boy, did they have fun while I was engine and because of the flight profile The accounts in the ORB (National
the Operations Record Books (ORBs) Harries' loss along with that of Sergeant on leave. One of our machines engines, attacking a ship, which meant the Archives: AIR-27-681-12) make it very
contain very little in 1939 as well, so we Herbert H Kelleway, Leading cut out while attacked a Flak ship, but aircraft encountered a period of zero clear that the raid he Fred talking about
must draw a veil over Fred's training Aircraftman Eric L Wolverson of came in again, after the machine had gravity for a second or two as they where the squadron is in the limelight
and continue eavesdropping on his whom Fred wrote “The operator was hit the water, ripped his tail wheel off, went over the top of the ship. On the again took place on the 4th April - the
communications home during April another good chap and he had only and bent the tips of his props, other hand maybe Fred just same date as Fred's striking the sea
1940 and these ones are amazing in returned from leave the day before.” meanwhile trying to dodge some exaggerated a bit, but personally, I adventure - though it does seem he is
some of the facts they reveal. From the ORB: fighters. It was 2 of our chaps that went believe Fred's account as he has no responding to reports in the newspapers
The letters, by and large, are undated, over to photograph Sylt, and the only reason to exaggerate whereas if the and he is scathing about the accuracy of
so the only indication of dates are the “Nine aircraft took off from Bodney to thing in the news was correct, was that Pilot and crew were not obeying orders, the reports. (Nothing changes!!)
events he describes when they can be attack shipping off Danish coast at they had heavy A/A's and fighters, they to the letter, there may have been some The account of the crash from his own
correlated with entries in the ORBs 1100 hrs. . . . . some small Flak Ships did not drop any bombs either. They trouble for the pilot. I leave you to squadron “and we had one today doing
such as in the following letter: were attacked, no hits were observed said said that they could see hardly any make up your own mind on this! the same thing taking one Sgt. to
but some bombs were observed to fall damage done at all. Another one of our Fred's last letter from April gives Scotland on pass, with 2 new
'A' Flight, 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Watton about 50 yds short. F/L Hall, Sgt. New machines got a dozen or so holes in it indications that the losses the squadron replacements. We do not know what
Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. Batt and F/O Harries forming a including one in the tank. Well I think are experiencing are beginning to take happened yet but the pilot got away in
Here we are again or at least again. section, at position of Danish coast saw this is all for now. With Love. Fred” their toll on the way Fred is feeling: his 'chute, the other three it is hard to
What with flying and rugby, we are 4 ships taking evasive action in pairs, 2 say anything about as they can not
nearly all physical wrecks. If you don’t mile apart. Attacked northernmost I think this must have been written on 'A' Flight, 82 (B) Sqdn. RAF Watton identify them properly yet, they were in
hear about anymore Sylt efforts, and ships at 3,000 ft. Bombs released from the evening of Sunday 7th April 1940 Norfolk such a state, as the machine went into
across the front page of everything, you F/L Hall's and F/O Harries' aircraft. 4 since in April 1940 Sundays were 7th, Dear Mum Dad Rene & Harry. the ground and exploded. The pilot is
can rest assured that there is quite a bit – 250 lb also fell 50 yds short of the 14th, 21st, and 28th and the only flying Well after another full week of activity, half mad still so they have to wait for a
of action going on. We all got in about vessel. Third aircraft did not release in the Summary ORB (National I have found time to write once again, while to get the whole story.” The
15hrs last week and they were not on bombs. Bombing carried out under Archives: AIR-27-681-11) is on late of course, but better than not at all. same ORB tells us this happened on the
this side of the world. One of B flight A.A. fire. F/O Harries seen to leave the Sunday 7th April: Our squadron has been in the limelight 8th April which must have been when
pilots got hurt in a car crash the other target I minute later and not seen six “Six aircraft standing by from 0530 again. Those battleships that were Fred was writing this letter. Pilot - Sgt
day, and as my pilot was the only one minutes later. Aircraft returned to ships hours at 3 hours notice, Ops 683. supposed to have been "bombed"was the Bennett managed to bale out. Sgt Ian
spare, he took his place on one of those to search for F/O Harries. Could not Operations cancelled. Air Firing result of our mob. But they did not hit Nairne Murdoch Observer, Sgt George
trips, and is still on it as far as we find any trace so returned to base programme carried out between 1030 any of them, though they were very Chapman Observer. U/T. and AC2
know. He bombed with the rest of them, landing at 1500 hrs.” and 1600 hours by both flights.” close to them and may have buckled John William Kempton WOp/AG were
then next time they looked round to them a bit. Two of us were over there at all killed.
reform formation, he was missing and Fred's sentence “Then when they go So this is the only occasion Fred can about 5.30 to 6. in the morning looking The other loss was from 21 Squadron
still is. The operator was another good over in the middle of the night when no have flown for four hours on a Sunday. for subs, but we did not see any, and we and the crash about which Fred talks,
chap and he had only returned from one can see them they cannot fly with But the rest of it does not fit well and I were over Cuxhaven, but too much low was on the morning of the 6th April at
leave the day before. Then when they the extra weight of their medals.” gives think the leave he refers to must have cloud for safety, but I heard the Gerry about 0405hrs when the aircraft struck
go over in the middle of the night when us a remarkable insight into the morale been in May. But one thing is clear, this W/T stations banging away telling trees on the Merton estate and two of
no one can see them they cannot fly of the squadron. The comment refers to letter is a great example of Fred every body we were there. The other the crew – P/O Ian Stapledon (Pilot)
with the extra weight of their medals. I the night bomber force, usually the shielding his family from the truth crew managed to get under the cloud in and LAC John Brayfield Ball (Wop/
don't know what the weather has been Wellington squadrons. It seems clear while at the same time being desperate Wilhelmshaven and saw the ships, and AG) were killed instantly and are
like in Beds, but we have had the lot in that the Blenheim Boys felt rather to tell them what happened: had stuff slung at them from old buried at St Mary's here in Watton. The
the last few days, We had hot sunshine, neglected while they were undertaking blunderbusses to big berthas, but got Observer Sgt Walter John Wetton was
rain snow, hail, gales, and finished up what was probably the most dangerous “But boy oh boy, did they have fun away with it. The other squadron had 2 found alive impaled on a branch, but
tonight with a thunderstorm. We had 4 task of daylight raids. In later years the while I was on leave. One of our machines on an early morning effort, died later from his injuries. He is buried
more operators posted to our squadron Blenheim and its crews became known machines engines, cut out while and one piled in a few miles from the at Heckington near Sleaford.
today, so it should relieve us a bit more amongst themselves as the forgotten attacked a Flak ship, but came in drome, all three killed, with only the W/
now. We have changed over to summer bomber. There has been speculation again, after the machine had hit the T op. in any decent shape, and we had All of this is taking place in April
routine now, so that we are supposed to that this was because the losses in the water, ripped his tail wheel off, and one today doing the same thing taking 1940 – during the period of the so
get up at 6.30, but it is usually about daylight force were really very high and bent the tips of his props, meanwhile one Sgt. to Scotland on pass, with 2 -called Phoney War when
sometime after 7 before we do, then we to focus on them in the publicity would trying to dodge some fighters.” new replacements. We do not know supposedly nothing much of
have to carry on till 4.30. Well as long have been bad for the country's morale. what happened yet but the pilot got interest was happening. I will
as we do not get too many cloudless The ORB (National Archives: AIR-27- away in his 'chute, the other three it is
days, we will be happy, and as we soon From the Summary of the ORB
remind you of Fred's words
681-12) records the following entry for hard to say anything about as they can
hope to get into Coastal Command, (National Archives: AIR-27-681-11) 4th April 1940: again: “If any one still says that
not identify them properly yet, they
then things will be different. Well I for the 2nd April the weather is were in such a state, as the machine they do not know that there is a
think this is about all the news for the described as follows: “Aircraft type and No.: Blenheim went into the ground and exploded. The war on tell them to wait till I home
present, so will say cheerio as usual. “Local Weather:_ Wind S.S.W. at 10- P6895, Crew: F/O Hunt, Sgt Crawley, pilot is half mad still so they have to next and I will let them know what
With the love of me. Fred 15m.p.h. backing to S.S.E. Cloudy LAC. Thripp, Duty: Attack on wait for a while to get the whole story. it is like to lose some of your pals,
PS Excuse the writing as there has been during most of the day. Thunderstorms submarines, Time Up: 0416, Time If any one still says that they do not 9 in all from our Sqdn. and 6 from
a war on with orange peel, and every at 1240, 1405, and 1545 hours. Cloud Down: 0732. Details of Sortie or know that there is a war on tell them to the other Sqdn.”
couple of seconds you have to duck or base 1,000 ft. Visibility 4 -6 miles Flight: This aircraft went to attack in wait till I home next and I will let them
get hit. decreasing in rain to 2,000 yds.” area west of HELIGOLAND to
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 11
This event would take place in
Watton Evening Wi the lady’s parlour,
withdrawing room and be

February is the month where WI’s nationally show their served on low-decorative
support for a cleaner, greener world that works for everyone. tables, it became known as
They show this support by wearing and sharing ‘Green ‘low’ tea.
Hearts’ So for our meeting this month it seemed apt to The Duchess, as Lady in
welcome Chris Bell, Forecasting Director of Weatherquest Waiting and a lifelong friend of
UK, and lecturer in Meteorology both at UEA. He is also Queen Victoria, to whom she
seen as a weather presenter on BBC Look East. introduced to the idea, and so
Chris has spoken to our WI previously, our talk this year was doing gained an influential
about Climate Change, and Chris readily accepts he is no supporter. The trend, with royal
expert but sees climate change from an operational weather backing, became a fashionable
forecasters’ perspective. pastime of the upper classes.
Less than ten years ago science was still in its infancy This ‘so called’ At Home tea
regarding Climate Change. Weather forecasting is short-term quickly spread throughout the
conditions, days, weeks, even months; Climate Change is aristocracy, on a given day of
long-term, looking to the past and into the future. Like most the week the hostess would
things, everyone reads statistics and uses them to get their remain at home to receive her
point across. But on a world with huge temperature visitors and serve tea,
differences – on one day, 2 years ago, the American Weather sandwiches, and cakes, it was
Service satellites recorded -65oC in Antarctica and +48.3oC not uncommon to visit two or
in Phoenix USA, all forms of forecasting and statistics are three ‘afternoon teas’ during bit.
open to abuse.
Chris gave a lot of clarity and explanations regarding the
one afternoon. One should allow 30 minutes at each tea for
politeness. HOWS It was the first time that Larry had
been able to play cricket in the
Industrial Revolution, the emission and uses of ‘Greenhouse These events were highly formalised, and the Baroness current season, as the Squire only
Gases’ – where we, as humanity, are and could be in the
future if we do not readily accept change. It will be the large
demonstrated, to the amusement of the ladies, who joined in
with various teacups, saucers and a wonderful array of
THAT! permitted his staff to have a half-day
off on Saturdays once the harvest had
populations living close to the oceans that will suffer, leading napkins, the ‘Etiquette’ of correctly folding ones’ napkin, By John Egerton been brought in, and this was the
to displacement, and its those displacements that will cause ‘crumbs belong on the floor not on your gown’; your posture, Larry walked to the wicket swinging annual fixture between the Squire’s
conflicts. to sit upright and show interest in the conversation, no elbows his bat with a carefree air. It was two XI and the Village. Although Larry
For our March meeting we were joined by Baroness on the table; folding the sugar into your tea – no stirring minutes to five o’clock and it was the worked for the Squire he was never
Bolsover, alter ego of Linda Jane Holmes (Pictured), who, as allowed! Finally, the correct way to raise your cup and saucer last over of the innings, the Squire invited to play for his team, which is
the Baroness gave a hugely entertaining talk on the history of to your lips – sip not slurp – and to use your napkin to was bowling and there were four why they found themselves on
‘Afternoon Tea Etiquette’. daintily dab at one’s lips. balls left. There was no love lost opposite sides.
Mid 1840’s – Anna Russell, the 7th Duchess of Bedford The Baroness rounded off the evening with some fun between Larry and the Squire, which In those days (the year 1902) the
complained of ‘having a sinking feeling’ in the afternoon, historical facts: Joseph Tetley and Walter Whittard became dated beck some years to when the relationship between employer and
between breakfast and dinner, the Victorians taking dinner the first tea merchants to sell directly to the aristocracy. So Squire had purchased en exotic shrub worker was not always particularly
anywhere between 8 and 9pm. The Duchess started calling called ‘finger sandwiches’ came about during this period – to and instructed Larry, as Head friendly, and it was at the local Town
for a pot of tea and some light food be brought to her private be no longer than a lady’s middle finger and no thicker, and Gardener, to plant it in a position Goose Fair that contracts for the
quarters. The idea was so successful, it became a routine. The of course the ubiquitous Victoria Sponge made its where Larry knew it would stand no following year were arranged. Thus
Duchess began to invite a few friends for tea in the afternoon. appearance. The Baroness was highly amused by descriptions chance of survival. at the Fair the employer could give
A new social event was born, the guests could catch up on the of twenty-first century portion sizes, in the days of Victorian Larry had been proved right, for notice to worker or vice versa.
latest gossip, discuss recent events, and meet with friends. ‘Afternoon Tea’ all portions would be dainty, just a nibble! despite all his efforts the shrub had However, in Larry’s case, part and
withered and died. The Squire never parcel of the job was the use of a
forgave him, not for losing the shrub, cottage for him and his wife, and
Rotary Cake but for being right.
Anyway, Larry had four balls with
with a child on the way it would not
be too clever if he should fall out
Decoration which to make his mark in the game.
The first one he missed completely,
with the boss.
The game continued with the
but the next two he drove through the Squire’s team batting, and the Squire
Competition covers for four runs. Last ball, and was in, part of the last wicket
As we were unable to run our usual Young Chef the Squire glared at him as he partnership, and the Village team
competition at Wayland Academy this year due to unleashed a bouncer, which Larry were one run ahead. The bowler sent
COVID restrictions, we arranged a virtual Cake managed to time perfectly and pull down a harmless looking ball, and the
Decorating competition. Pupils were asked to bake for six. Squire stepped out and sent it high in
and decorate a standard sponge cake and then take As he took his place at the table to the air towards where Larry was
photos of it. The photos were sent to us for judging. partake of the tea provided by the fielding.
Our judge, Chris Rowe assessed each entry for theme, ladies of the village, the Squire’s wife It was a fairly simple chance, but as
decoration and actual cake. Her only regret was that whispered in his ear “That was a fine the ball came down Larry realised the
she couldn’t eat any of them. The winner of the six you scored , Larry. I think that import of the moment. If he caught
competition was Bella Jarvis, whose cake looked deserves en extra cream cake with the ball his team would win, but he
yummy, according to our judge. Joint runners up were your sandwiches”, which did not might be out of a job. Well, it’s only
Jack Stadius Horn and Lauren Hudson. Mike Gicquel endear Larry to the Squire one little a game. Isn’t it?
The Wayland News April 2021 Page 12

Please Support
YOUR Local
Rotary Photgraphic Competition Runners Up
Jessica Chapman’s excellent close-up of a butterfly, and Maddie
Collier’s beautiful toad. 2nd and 3rd place pictures in the competition.

time who expressed surprise and disappointment at seeing them

Councillor's Chat suddenly gone.
Not only will these trees make the High Street more attractive and
welcoming to residents and visitors, they will help offset the
With Cllr Claire Bowes carbon footprint, in line with Breckland Council’s Environmental
As I write the Government’s Covid Vaccine programme has seen Agenda, which was recently given cross party support.
more than 24 million people in the UK receive at least one dose of For those interested the trees planted so far are 6 Prunus Avium
a coronavirus vaccine in part of the biggest inoculation Plena (Wild Cherry) and 6 Prunus Accolade.
programme the country has ever launched. In roll out terms we As well as the trees giving a display of both Spring and Autumn
rank fourth in the world with 38.6 doses given per 100 residents. colour, the blossom provides an early source of nectar and pollen
There have been a number of negative news stories about the for bees; whilst the cherries in late summer/autumn are are a food
safety of the Covid vaccines, all so far have been debunked by source for birds, including the blackbird and song thrush. The
scientists and medical experts. Media focus is now on the foliage is the main food plant for caterpillars of many species of
AstraZeneca (Oxford) vaccine as a number of EU member moth, including the cherry fruit and cherry bark moths, the orchard
countries have suspended its use. However medical and scientific ermine, brimstone and short-cloaked moth.
advice, including that from the European Medicines Agency Finally a reminder that local elections for Norfolk County Council
(EMA) and the UK’s medicines regulator, has said there is no and the Norfolk Police and Crime Commissioner, will be taking
indication that the vaccine causes blood clots. In fact the number place in May. Polling day is May 6th. If you are not already
of reported clots in those who have received the vaccine is no registered to vote you can do so online at
higher than seen in the rest of the general population. The WHO article/3422/Register-to-Vote or
has also backed this up in support of the AZ vaccine. Personally
speaking and despite the scare mongering, I was happy to receive The deadline to register to vote is Monday 19th April
the AZ vaccine a few days ago and encourage all to take You may prefer to vote by post. If you have not already registered
advantage of the vaccine offer as soon as you receive it, to protect for a postal vote this link will take you to the application form.
yourselves, your loved ones and to help us win the fight to control
this virus and to regain our social and economic freedoms. You should post your completed form to Electoral Services,
Breckland residents are encouraged to access symptom-free covid Breckland Council at the address given before 5.00pm on Tuesday
testing which has been launched in the District and was piloted in 20 April 2021.
Watton. The asymptomatic testing programme is being delivered Please be assured that polling station voting on 6th May will be
in partnership with Breckland Council and Norfolk County conducted safely under coronavirus restrictions. Breckland
Council’s Public Health Team. People without Covid-19 Council’s Returning Officer is taking additional steps to ensure
symptoms can book online ( I that public health advice around physical distancing, proper hand
am very pleased to see Cherry trees back adorning our High hygiene and the use of face coverings is strictly followed.
Street. Claire Bowes District Councillor, Watton Ward
They have been planted with funding from Breckland Council’s
Market Town Initiative, which supports projects that encourage County Councillor, Watton Division,
footfall back into Breckland’s Market Towns.
As a Breckland Council member for Watton I was very pleased to 07789796937
propose and support this particular project, following the removal Promoted by Christopher Kemp on behalf of Claire Bowes and
(not by Breckland) of the original trees a few years ago, which Mid-Norfolk Conservatives both of 8 Damgate St, Wymondham,
were not replaced. I was contacted by a number of residents at the Norfolk NR18 0BQ


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