Select the GTSTRUDL folder 4.Activate the GTSTRUDL program.. . in order to activate GTSTRUDL.Click on the “Program” Option...If you have a GTSTRUDL icon in the computer desktop just click on it.. 1. to display all application folders 3.STARTING GTSTRUDL This example shows how to enter GTSTRUDL and set the dimensional units. Otherwise activate the “START” function and all Windows basic options will be shown 2.

The upper line includes the following three options: “New” shown above. as shown in the image below.. and Existing and “Recent” shown below.The starting GTSTRUDL menu is displayed.5. .

The “New” is useful to start a new GTSTRUDL working session. The “Recent” option is used to re-start a working session selecting from one of the previous GTSTRUDL sessions. • • . The “Existing” options is used to look for GTSTRUDL files. to select one to start a working session. Also offers • Activate the “Model Wizard” and you will be guided in the construction of a prototype structural model. and you will go to the main GTSTRUDL window. Activate command mode. Activate “GT-Menu” and you will go to the graphics facility for modeling and display. shown below. The next window. where to work with menus and/for commands.



as indicated in the image shown below. in the upper window control goes directly to the GT-MENU environment. opening the GT-Menu environment.6.When the “GT-Menu” option is selected. ..

. activate the “Units” function and set every relevant unit as needed. as indicated in any of the GT-Menu tutorials available. to create a new structural model.You are now ready to begin the generation of a structural model. As an initial step it is useful to set the dimensional units.7... In that respect. From this point proceed to tutorial number 2.The previous operation opens the GT-Menu environment. 8.

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