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 Build a line follower that traverses the race track (black line on a
white surface) in the least possible time.

It consists of two rounds:
 Elimination Round:
• All the teams are provided with an arena and they have to
complete the track in the least possible time with minimum
• Two runs are provided, best of them is considered for
• Only the teams qualifying the elimination round will be
allowed to participate in the final round
 Final round: Based on the theme of Musical Chairs
• Groups of 4 teams will be made on a random basis (based on the no. of
qualifying teams).
• The track will have 4 pole positions from where each team of a group will
start. These positions will be allotted on a random basis.
• All teams will start their machines simultaneously.
• A bot will be deemed out if another bot bumps into it from behind or
approaches very close to it from behind during the course of its run.
• The run would be of 4 mins split into 2 parts of 2 mins each. In the first
part all bots which do not cover the stipulated min number of laps will be
eliminated. In both parts bots can be bumped-out.
• All bots surviving at the end of 4 mins will proceed to the next round.
Round Rules:
• A bot is said to have been bumped-out (eliminated) if a bot from behind it bumps
into it. This bot will be removed from the course by the organizers.
• As soon as a bump occurs, all bots will be paused by the organizers.
• As soon as the bumped-out bot is removed from the circuit, the run will be
• The eliminations will continue till the last running bot is found out.

Corrections to Path:
Each team will be allowed two corrections to the path of their bot if the bot does not cross
any section of the track after diverting and does not bump into any other bot.
The bot must be lifted and placed at the same point on the track from where it had
In case any other bot crosses the point before the diverted bot has been replaced, then the
diverted bot will be deemed eliminated.
Incase a bot runs haywire and bumps into another bot by going off the track or skips a
portion of the track, then the bot will be disqualified and the entire run would be re-
started with the remaining bots.
More than two diversions will lead to disqualification.

 The length and layout of the track will be revealed before 2 days
of the event.
 The width of the line will be constant (3cm) throughout the track
with a possible error of 5%.
 For final round the track will consist of sharp & smooth turns,
circular stretch, S-shaped bends.
 The track will be of black line on a white background.
However, the black color may not be completely uniform and
there might be slight variations.
 The track may have distractions by means of different lighting
mechanisms. It robot should be able to maintain its motion on
the track despite these distractions.
Robot specifications:
 Robot must be fully autonomous. No external aid to the bot is
 The bot must fit into a cube of 25 cm x25 cm x 25 cm at all
times. It may not expand at any point during its run beyond
these dimensions.
 The power supply for the bot should be contained on-board, and
should not exceed 12V between any two points in the circuit.
 The teams may use ready made sensor kits but use of Lego kits
and other ready made parts are not allowed.
 Any damage to the arena by the robot will lead to its immediate
Keep in mind:
 The participants will get maximum 15 minutes of setup time for
calibration and testing prior to the competition and accordingly
the event progresses.
 In the setup time, participants can boot their microcontroller or
any other logic device on-board the bot and have the program
ready for execution.
 Only two minutes will be given to each team to calibrate their
sensors after their first trial.
 Human operators are not permitted to enter any information into
the bot during the event. The bot must not communicate with
any wireless device also.
 The time is measured using a stop-watch or with the available
equipment. In any case the time recorded by the judges will be
 The time will start with the foremost point of the robot touching
the start line and will end with the rearmost point of the robot
touching the finish line.
 Penalty time for rules violation will be decided on the day of the
• A team can have maximum of 4 members. Members can be from
same or different colleges.
• Every team member should bring their college id cards
compulsory to prove their identity.
• All the required accessories are to be brought. No assistance is
provided from the organizers.
• Prior to the start of the event, time to charge the batteries is
provided. Further no extra time is provided once the event starts.
• Teams may repair their robots in between the matches. The
robot must be ready by the time the team is called for the play.
No extra time will be provided there after.
• Change in any of the event rules, arena updates will be
informed to the participating teams in advance. Please
check the website for any changes and updates.
• Decision regarding scoring and judgments is final by the event
coordinators. No arguments are entertained and they are
straightly disqualified from the event.
 Participation certificates to all.
 Merit certificates to the first and second teams.
 Attractive cash prizes to be won.

(Pololu 3pi robots at LVBots challenge 4.0)

Team Robozenith
Chandra Sekhar J
Register online by mailing your details to:
(Mention your -team name, college name, team members’ info with
contact details in a .doc file with event name as the subject of the

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