The Tell-Tale Heart

1. Acute: 2. Cunning (or cunningly): 3. Dreadful: 4. Hypocritical (or hypocrite): 5. Refrain: 6. Sagacity: 7. Stalked (or stalk): 8. Stealthily: 9. Suavity (or suave): 10. Veil:

Comprehension Questions:

1. What is the point of view of the story? How can you tell? 2. How was it that the murderer had such sharpened senses? What sense was the most over-developed? 3. What is the main thing that drives the murderer crazy at first? 4. What does he decide to do then? 5. What happens on the eighth night of checking on the old man while he sleeps? 6. Why are police officers sent to the house? 7. What reasons does the murderer give for why he is NOT a madman? 8. What, do you think, led to the murderer’s downfall? What things contributed to him getting caught?

9. Does the murderer really hear the heart beating? What might that sound actually be? 10. Who do you think the murderer is telling the story to? Or where is he when he relates this tale? 11. Does this story fit the typical plot structure of the “witch hat?” Fill out the plot chart below with your take on the events: 3. Climax:

2. Rising Action:

4. Falling Action:

1. Exposition:

5. Resolution:

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