Wallace and Gromit

Questions for Review
1. Why can this be considered a short story? 2. What is the setting of the story? 3. Who are the characters of the movie? 4. Who is (are) the protagonist(s)? 5. Who is (are) the antagonist(s)? 6. What is the conflict of the story? 7. Which characters are round/dynamic? 8. Which characters are flat/static? 9. What is irony? Write an example of irony from the movie: 10. What is foreshadowing? Write an example of foreshadowing from the movie: 11. What is the mood in the movie? How does the director create the mood? 12. What might be the theme of the movie? 13. Write below the plot of the movie: 14. Draw and label a plot chart below with events from the movie:

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