Application Form and Guide Line for The VAT Market

Guide Line for Sellers for the V.A.T. Market
1. Each stall comprises a 7.5 feet space you will need to bring your own table. We have a limited number of table for hire at £3. You must let us know when booking if you need to hire a table. You can also bring your own gazebo no more than 7.5 feet (2.2m ) 2. A £3 deposit will be required (Cash only) when the stallholder sends in the completed application 3. All items second hand items must be present and as clean as possible and as good as new 4. Stallholder must fill your goods in your allotted space. They must not unreasonably block gangways or inconvenience your neighbours. If they do you will be asked to move them immediately. 5. If you need more space than a eight foot space, then you must book more than one stall 6. We will do our best to ensure that only one person selling your type of goods is at our market. You will be asked on your booking form what types of items you are selling. If on the day of the sale we find that you description of what you are selling is different from when you booked and is direct competition to other seller you might be asked to leave 7. Normally within a week before the event we will like to confirm your booking by phone and email. Payment of £5 will be accepted no later than 3 day prior to the event 8. Cancellations will be accepted up to three days before the date of the event but you will forfeit a £3 deposit We only accept cash payments for the stalls 9. The unloading time for this event is 12 noon. Stalls must be set up and ready to operate at least half an hour prior to the advertised commencement time of the event. The market start at 1pm and close at 4.00pm. There is no advantage in turning up particularly early and you must not start to pack away until the advertised finishing time. 10. Please leave your stall space tidy with any rubbish in bags or boxes. 11. Stallholder’s electrical generators will not be allowed on site without prior approval. 12. Stallholders shall not engage in any activity which, in the opinion of the coordinators, will or is likely to cause any nuisance to adjacent stallholders or the general public. 13. Stallholders shall not engage in any activity which, in the opinion of the coordinators, is deemed to be illegal or immoral. 14. It will be the Stallholder responsibility to sell only items which are safe for purpose and purchase 15. No alcohol is too be served or consumed at the stalls.


Application for Sellers for the V.A.T. Market
Contact Person: Mr Mrs Ms _________________________________________________________ Last Name ______________________________________________________________________ Group or Exhibitors Name __________________________________________________________ Postal address: ___________________________________________________________________ City ____________________________________________________________________________ Post code: ______________________________________________________________________ Phone No.: ________________________________________________________________ (Work)

__________________________________________________________________________(Home) Mobile No.: ____________________________________________________________________

Stall Descriptions
Type Please tick A not for profit business/company/group/organisation selling items A company/business/group /organisation selling items Selling Please tick Food Stall __________ Craft / Arts Stall ____________ Food Items_________________ Nearly new_________________ Electrical__________________ Other_____________________
A written description of the type of items you will be selling

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________

________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________
Disclaimer: The Content and programming for the VAT Market is subject to change from time to time without notice the VAT Market may modify this document or agreements at any time and such modifications shall be effective immediately upon publishing the modified agreement on the website or as hard copy document. You agree to review the agreement periodically to be aware of such modifications. In no event shall the VAT Market or its affiliates be responsible for no receipt of a the application from stallholders Declaration In making this application, I acknowledge that I have read the “Guide lines and agree to abide by them. This agreement extends to include all agents, or any other person engaged in setting up, operating and dismantling the stalls included in this application. Do you require a table cost £3.00 Yes No (tick as appropriate)

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Signature: ……………………………………… Date: ……………/…………/………….. Please return this form to Erica Tate Clapham Park Time Bank 109 Upper Tulse Hill London SW2 2RD