Imaan(faith) – Part 2( Uniqueness of Allah

You should read also the part 1 which I send you the week before.; both of them are very important.

Please read this article it is a very good way to prove that Allah is the only God. (1) We cannot say that Allah is made of something or else He would have been created. Allah has not been created, Allah exists without appearing from an origin, He exists without start and he will exist for all the time. From all eternity nothing existed except Allah. (2) We cannot say that Allah is on something or else He would have been carried. Allah does not need anything; He does not need something to carry Him. He is independent of everything. We cannot say that Allah sits on the Throne which he has created. Allah did not created the Throne so that He sits on, Allah created the Throne to manifest His power. Allah does not need anything nor The Throne. The one who said that Allah is in need of some thing is a Kafir(disbeliever). In some verses of The Holy Quran, it is translated as: Allah is established on the Throne (See surah 7 verse 54), this does not means that He sits on the Throne, “Istawa ralal Arsh”- can be interpreted in different sense among the sense which is possible is to sit, to establish, “Istawa” can also means to show His Kingdom, to dominate. So what should we choose between these??? We should choose to show his Kingdom or that he dominate Al-Arsh. “Rala” can means to climb up but here it means superior and to dominate, it does not means to climb up here. We should understand it together with the Tafseer-of-Quran(explanation of Quran). The text which are not clear we should explain them with the text which are clear. The text which are clear are those which we called “wihkam”. “wihkam” means that this does not bring any confusion in the comprehension; like the verses 4 of surah 112: “And nor anyone is equal to Him.”, “lailaka mis lihi shai”- nothing is same as Allah. , like “do not give to Allah any comparison” , like “ there is no imagination over the subject of Allah.”- said by one among the great Sahabas. (3) If Allah was comparable with something He would have not been unique. Thus, Allah is uncomparable. (4) We cannot say that Allah is a body or else we will be contradicting the Quran which says: And nor anyone is equal to Him (Surah 112 Verses 4). And whoever contradict the Quran is a Kafir.

(5) Hazrat Ali (R.A) said that: (a)”The One who has created the time is not dependent on the time.” So how can someone say that Allah depend on the time, when He Himself has created the time. (b) “The One who has determined the quantity, there is nothing which determine him in quantity.” (c) “The One who has given form and description to things, there is no how about his subject.” We cannot even say that Allah has a form. (d)”He exists without appearing from an origin, He exist without start” (6) Sayyiduna Abdullah Bin Abbas (R.A) said, “ Meditate if you want about the creation of Allah, but do not think about how is Allah.” There is no how about the subject of Allah. (7) Imam Ahmad bin Hambal (one among the four Imam that we can follow) use to say that nothing resembles to Allah, Allah is not a body. One among the great Ulemas of Hambali in these time said that the one who said that Allah is a body is a Kafir, even if he said that Allah is a body but not like the other bodies, he is Kafir although. In addition the Ulema said that the word body is given to define those which have a thickness, a length, a depth, a quantity, a size. And Allah is exempt from all these. There is no text in the Sharia which attribute to Allah the word body. (8) We cannot say that Allah is somewhere or we to say that Allah is in the sky. This is wrong. We(humans), we are in a place, for example we are in the school, the house, We cannot attribute to Allah a place. We cannot say that Allah live in the sky. The Qiblah for the Salaat(Namaaz) is the Kaaba (this does not means that Allah lives in the Kaaba). The Qiblah for the invocation is the sky, this is because the Al-Rahma of Allah come from the sky and the Rahma of Allah come from the Malaika and the Malaika come the sky. As the sky is the place of the Malaika who come with the Al-Rahma of Allah, so we raise the hand towards the sky. (9) The Malaika does not help Allah. Allah does not need anything. We (Sunni) these types belief of saying that Allah is helped by the Malaika, does not exist for us. Allah does not need anyone nor anything. (10) When we said that Allah can do everything, but we cannot say that Allah can get a child(Quran: He begetteth not, nor is He begotten 112:3) or to say that Allah can sit on a mosquito or to say that Allah can kill Himself; all these types of

Belief is impossible. This is Kufr to think like that. We (Sunni), we know that Allah can do everything but not these things stated above. (11) There is a Hadith which says that Allah on the last Days, Allah will asked to Jahannam(hell), “Are you fill” and the hell will say whether there are more, then Allah will put His “Quadam” in the hell and it will crack and will say enough. There are some translators who wrongly translate the word “Quadam” as the foot. But Allah does not has a foot. The word “Quadam” here means the last group, it does not means the foot. And according to some Ulemas the last group would be Yahjood and Magjood (Gog et Magog). In another Hadith it is said that Allah will show to the Kafir and will put the idols which they used to pray into hell. And how can some people say Allah will put his foot in the hell??? Allah does not has a foot and the word “Quadam” in this Hadith mean the last group. (12) In french: Celui qui croit que Allah est sur quelque chose, en quelque chose ou de quelque chose, il est Kafir. Parceque: Si Allah etait sur quelque chose, Il serait porter. Si Il etait en quelque chose, Il serait limiter. Si Il etait de quelque chose, Il serait engendrer. Tout ceci est impossible et c’est du Kufr.

“By reading this article we can find that the God is Unique. And By saying that God is Unique we can find that whatever resembles to something or to human(in whatever the way) is not the God. So who is the God? There is no one except Allah who can be the God.”

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