Sustainable Business Leader Program  Case Study 

  Howard/Stein­Hudson Associates, Inc., Boston, MA 

Company Description 
Howard/Stein-Hudson Associates, Inc. (HSH) is an engineering firm that provides consulting services in the areas of transportation planning, traffic engineering, civil engineering, and public involvement/strategic planning.  

Sustainability Challenges 

A number of sustainability challenges specific to  HSH were identified by the SBLP and the  business, including:  • Inefficient lighting and energy practices  • Inefficient employee water use  • Lack of formal waste management plan  • No long‐term sustainability management  plan 



SBLP­Recommended Solutions 


After initial assessment, the SBLP recommended  a number of solutions, which were later  translated into a Sustainability Action Plan:  • Undergo an energy audit and retrofit of  lighting, switches, power strips, etc.  • Reduce IT power consumptions through  computer settings, nighttime power  down, and more  • Install faucet aerators, eliminate bottled  water, & create water conservation  signage  • Switch to non‐disposable dishware  • Implement commingled recycling  • Apply language surrounding  sustainability into company handbook 

As a result of participating in the SBLP and  earning SBLP certification, HSH achieved great  gains in their environmentally sustainable  business practices, including:  • Reduction of overall energy consumption  by 12,856 kWh per year  • Cost savings of $2,681 annually  • Improved water conservation through  both physical and behavioral changes  • Reduced waste and pollution through  new recycling program (convinced  landlord to implement building‐wide  recycling), phase‐out of bottled water and  other disposable products, and more  • Improved company organization,  accountability, and strategic decision  making surrounding sustainability  initiatives

Greenhouse Gas Emissions  Reductions:  Energy Savings:  Cost Savings: 
Carbon Footprint  20,355 lbs. CO2e/year       = 2 cars off the road  = CO2 sequestered annually by 2 acres of pine forest  12,856 kWh saved/year 

$2,681 saved/year 

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