Chapter Three ''''HO IS GOD?

BEFORE SHOWING AND PROVING \VHO AND WHAT God really is, we m ust first define God. According to Webster's Dictionary, God is:

A being worshipped by Ul.onotheists as the perfect, ornn ipoterrt, orrmiscierit., originator and ruler of the U111Verse.

A being of supernatural powers and attributes that is worshipped by a people.

Sorneone or sornething considered to be extrcrnelv valuable or irnportant.

Man's definition of God has always been just that, Man's definition. In the history of Man it has never revealed any evidence that arrybodys God, residing in any forrn other than Man, has given a description of himself, So it is safe to asvu rn e the only descriptions we have of God are provided by Man. Man's most earliest



questions were rnost likely: Why are we here? Where did we corne frorn and 'who is responsible? Man's atterupt to answer these questions and alleviate so me of his fears led to him creating an all-present, everywhere protector. Later on, this all-present, everywhere God was fostered to control the rnasses by teaching them that their behavior could direct God's actions.

This allowed a select group of individuals to become rnore irnportant and gain a large rncasure of control over the rnasses by deceiving thern into believing they were God's emissaries, m.essengers and interpreters, thereby laying the foundation of religions. Besides the belief in an invisible, ornrripote nt God, humans have also worshipped objects and elcrncnrs they felt were pivotal to their survival. Sorne of these objects and elcrnerits rn ost cormrionlv worshipped have been: the sun; water; and eventually sorrie enlightened scientists learned to worship the building blocks of all life-the atorn. There has also been humans whose position in society or their character inspired others to worship them, or hold thern in very high regard. A lot of them weren't worshipped in life, but in death; and religions, or unified systems of beliefs and actions, were patterned atl:er t.he-rn. In death, a lot of people took on a rernernbrance that was rnore fable than reality and worshipped 'what they ·were taught, not what 'vas real,

*- *" *- 27 *' * ""

'Who L~ GOD?

To best understand who and what God is, it is necessary to look back in history to uncover the foundation ofsorne of to day's beliefs. That look takes us back to Africa, Man's earliest civilization and discovery of hu man life.

The early African understanding of God was that God is the creative force (energy) that exists in everything, culminating in Man with his spiritual nature and God-like powers and potentialities. They understood that we are all of one origin and that ·the multiplicity of living things was sim.ply different levels of evolution and attributes of that one force. They believed that Man was the highest forrn and responsible for the caretaking of all other things.

Dr. Frances Cress Welsing also gives a sirnilar explanation in her book, The Isis Papers. "The African understanding of God was that it was the only and allin-one energy force that created and sirnu ltarieouslv was all energy in the Universe. This understanding recognized the God force as the source of all, the being responsible for all and the multiplicity of energy configurations in the Universe. Furtherrnore, the belief held that there are no energy configurations in the Universe that are not frorn God and that are not God. It was the African way to respect cornplctely this source of all energy manifest in and responsible for all

-Ii' '*' * 28 * *.

GODS, EARTH A.l\,ffi 85ERS

things. This is African spirituality. Spirit is Energy. Spirituality is the ability to get in touch w ith , not only the atc Source of all energy, but also the various multiplicity of energy configurations, wlrich include rnatter, plants, animals, etc. This 'was for Africans the essential cosmic connection-the pov,rer connection."

Later on, Man began to worship the life-giving principles of the sun and its relationship wrth earth. Man learned to give these principles riarries and to narrate stories of creation that are easily understood and remernbered. One such story was taught by the early Egyptians, 'wb en Egypt was all Original People and White civilizations had not yet developed.

One such story of creation is about Ptah and Atur:n.

Ptah first emerged from the prirneval waters called Nun in the form ofa hill. Then Atum (Atom), the Sun God, joined Ptah by sitting upon hirn; thus Aturn also emerged from the primeval waters of Nun. Aturn then absorbed the creative powers and thought of Ptah and divided his body into four parts that become Gods. Then there v,rere eight Gods; along with Aturn they become nine Gods in a farrrily called Ennead.

The Aturn and Ptah story of creation is also believed to represent the scientific principles of the acorn. All material things on earth consist of matter, all matter is cornposed of rriolecules and all molecules consist of

. '" * 29 * '".

Who is GOD?

atoms. Atorns are composed of the smallest unit of matter, called particles. The m.ajor three are protons, neutrons and electrons. The 'protons and neutrons are in the nucleus (the center) of the atom, while the electrons orbit the nucleus similar to how the planets orbit the sun. That is why ancient Mrikan high culture scientists described the atom (Arum) as the unrnovcd rrrover that created all things, because all things are made up of atorns, and 'when atoms corne in contact with earth's elements such as uranium (the Hill), they split and release energy, like rn ore Gods by Atum.

Before 10,000 B.C.E. (Before the Cornman Era or Before the Christian Era), Osiris, Isis and Horus became part of religious thought. Osiris had been a real person and king in the Nile Valley area. Osiris became a God and was represented by the Open Eye, as seen on the dollar bill. In the Judgment Drama of the Egyptian Book if the Dead, Osiris is seated on a throne and is attended by his wife, the goddess Isis. Their son Horus introduces the deceased, who rnust be judged and sentenced by Osiris, who is the Lord over the Unseen World.

The Statue of the Egyptian goddess Isis, with her child Horus in her arms, was the first Madonna and Child. This was the first Madonna and Child in hurnan history and they were Black. The religions of

... '*' 30 '*' ...


~he world took their concepts from the Black Egypt. This continued 'until 325 A.D., when Constantine started the great switch frorn the Black Christ and Madonna worship to the worship of White images. The "White Savior" perception was fostered in both Christianity and Moslelil religions. Michelangelo drew a White Madonna and Jesus, patterned frorn his own aunt, uncle and nephew.

The prophet Mohamnled was also depicted as a White Arab in most Moslem. countries. Egyptians were the first Africans to develop, then teach, an organized religious thought to not only their own people, but to others that traveled to their mystery schools. The belief that gods are supernatural spirits is as old as Man. Man has always had those who believed that things beyond their cornprehension were the results of intervention of a supernatural being they could not see, called God. There have always been those individuals that knew better. The Pharaohic line of ancient Egypt was supposed to be direct descendants from the Gods. Also, the rulers frorn ancient South Arner ica were believed to be descendants from. gods. Therefore, our ancestors rnu st not have believed gods to be supernatural, unseen ethereal beings worshipped today. The teachings of Man as God were taught in ancient Egypt's renowned rnystery schools. These teachings

Who is GOD?

'were kept in the mystery schools and temples, because to go outside with this knowledge would invite attack and persecution by the state and religious leaders.

The mystery schools were the first universities in history and they nude knowledge a secret. Anyone desiring to be priests and teachers had to obtain their

. knowledge directly frorn the schools. Moses learned at the mystery schools and became all. Egyptian priest and a hrcrograrnrnat. Jesus, after attending the school at Mt. Carrnel , went to Egypt for final initiation, which took place in the Great Pyramids of Cheops. The fundarnental psychology of the rnystery schools was "Man Know Thyself," as depicted on Inany of the ternple and pyrarrud walls. What is most ironic and tragic is that those who were put to death for teaching righteousness and the Godhood of Man were usually deified in death. Once dead, they were worshipped and made the central figure of a religion that contradicted their teachings, that God was within and Man was a living God. In fact, it was Jesus who said, "Ye are Gods," Oohn 10:32-35) and subsequently was killed for being a revolutionary.

Understanding the history of God and religion should make knowing thyself easier. If we carne frorn God (rnade in His image), "Why "Would not "We grow to be Gods? Does not every kitten grow to be like that

.'It '*' -* 32 -* '*' '*


from which it carne-the cat? Does not the puppy grow to eventually be a dog? And does not the leaf grow to be like the tree from which it carne(all in its image)? So why would not Man grow to be like his M.akerjFatherjlmage giver? Even caterpillars rrietarnorph into the butterfly frorn which it came. What

. we, the Nation of Gods and Earths, are saying is that knowledge, w'isclorn , understanding, culture and refinement bring about a metamorphosis in Man, making hirn a God.

In Psalrns 82:6 God carne the assembly of gods. Who were those gods? We, the Original People are those Gods. We must rernernber that no mysterv god ever described himself; Man described this mystery and what Man rnost closely and correctly described IS the Supreme Being-Black Man. Suprerne rrieanirig "most high" and Being rncan ing "existence." I see everything coming from that energy that creates and becornes everything, we being the highest manifestation, not a nrystcry god. Even the gods of religion were the Original People-us.

When God let us make a Man (Bible date: 4004 B.C.), the Man that we made (God and Us) was the White Man. His docurnented history only goes back 6,000 years. We have dynasties and pyrarnids rnuch older than that. We have knowledge of ourselves; the

.... '*' 33 ,*,,,.

Who is GOD?

planet vv~ live on; the sciences; and can give or take life, both mentally and physically. We are the creators of all, because the clcrncrits it took to make us have always existed, and have created every other thing. Surely, Man is the highest rnanifestatiori, the Suprerne Being, for other creations are controlled by those ele rrrerrts while we are the controllers of those elements. That is how we are God and you, my brothers and sisters, are also Gods and Earths if only you would learn to believe in yourselves' the vvay you believe in dead individuals, and the distorted teachings built around thcrn.

-*'., =* 34 *" '*' '"

~~ Chapter Sour


WHO [S EARTH? SHE IS CO-OWNER, CO-MAKER, cream" of the planet Earth, Mother of Civilization, Queen of the Universe"

A lot of debate has gone on about the Black Wornan being referred to as Earth, and not Goddess" I personally do not take offense to the Black Wornan being called a Goddess; however, I do feel Earth is a rrro re appropriate narnc for the following reasons:

We refer to the Black Wornan as Earth because she receives procreation input and brings forth life, sarrie as the earth receiving the sun"

Like the earth, Wornan is BLade of three-fourths water.

Her menstrual cycle is sirrrilar to the rriooris cycle around her, appro.ximately every tvventy-eight days"


Who is EARTH?

Womans role as child-bearer nude her originally revolve around Man, who 'was provider and protector, like earth revolves around the sun.

Plus, during the procreation stages, a Wornan can only sustain the pov,er of one Man (sun) at a tirne , one pregnancy from one male every nine months; sirnilar to how earth can only survive one sun.

Black WOllIen have always been associated with Mother Earth or nature because like the earth changes seasons and is constantly changing, so does the Woman. Women are thought to be rnore ernoriorial and constantly experience a change of feelings and emotions like the earth constantly changes (seasons); also, how nature constantly brings about changes. Men are thought to be less ernotional and rnore constantly the same-v-Iike the sun.

We know that the Black WOll1an is Mother of civilization because it has been proven and featured in the 1988 cover stories of Newsweek and USA Today that all wornc.n originate from Mrican Worne n. Eve, or Mom to modern humans, appears to have lived only 140,000 years ago in a region of South Africa inhabited by the Kung bushmen, pioneering genetic research suggests. The finding was nude by comparing the generic evolution of Caucasians, Asians, modern Pygrnies and Kung. "It scorns clear the base of our evolutionary tree

"" >II< *- 36 * -* "'"


is African," said Allen C.Wilson, professor at the University of California, Berkeley. DNA aids evolutionary studies because it keeps our historical records. The evidence for the findings is contained in the genes oftoday's populations. Various professors and scientists used DNA "fingerprinting" to reveal historical rnurations in the DNA of rnitochondria, the "powerhouses" of cells. The rrro re rnuracions, the older the population. The Kung appears the oldest of all. Mitochondria are cxtrcrncly i rnporrant to researchers because they are only passed by m.others to their children, allowing family trees to be constructed.

The findings presented at a rneeting of the H'urnan Genorne Project found that:

While still in Africa, the first rnen roarncd far froul horne and WOlnen stayed ho me.

They nude a rna ss exodus together out of Africa about 70,000 years ago, probably first to the Middle East.

HUl11ans arrived in Europe and displaced the Neanderthal about 35,000 years ago; fossil evidence agrees.

It is also thought that srnooth-talking Hornosapicns made non-speaking Neanderthals extinct by rnating vvith their wornen to produce genetically defective children, vvhorn they treated as "village idiots."

.• '* 37 '* ....

who is EARTH?

Even the very basis of religious belief is based on the Black Wornan and Child. The first Madonna and Child. was actually the Egyptian Goddess Isis with her chi ld Horus. As Europeans became rrio re nationalistic, they developed a psychological need to create God in their own irnage and the complexion of religious icons changed from Black to White. When Europeans began to colonize the world and enslave people of color, they imposed this new irnage of God upon those they conquered. Michelangelo's painting of Adam. and Eve in the Sistine Chapel in Rorne, Italy, is accepted as the legitimate likeness of the first couple. Michelangelo's aunt and uncle were the rnodels for the painting in 1508. Like the image of Jesus and his disciples painted by Leonardo da Vinci, in his painting, The Last Supper, models posed as the disciples for the 15th century painting. The worship of mother and child spread over the world. In Egypt, it was Isis and Horus; in Asia, Cybele and Deoius; in pagan Rorne , Fortuna and Jupiter. Even in Greece, China, Japan and Tibet, there were counterparts of the Madonna rnade up long before the birth of the Prophet Messiah Jesus. Constantine started changing the irnage of Madonna and Child to White images in 325 A.D.

Our Earths are teachers and builders, they teach the children to build a stronger nation. Our Earths are vvi se

• ",*, 38 '*' ".


and intelligent, very civilized leaders wb o study to gain knowledge of themselves, their surroundings and the sciences. Earths have their O'Nn lessons, have classes amongst thcrnsclvcs where they discuss and try to find solutions for local and global problems. They unify our Nation,-keep our seeds mentally and physically strong by reflecting all knowledge obtained. Earths carry thernselvcs wich the utmost respect and make sure that others see thern for a lot 1110re than their physical worth. We love and respect all Black Wornen and our Earths are held in very high esteem for we know when you educate a 'worria n , you educate a farnily.

Like her lessons teach: The Earth is a Queen and Mother of Civilization. It is through her that our existence is continued. The universe is everything, but there would be no physical existence without Earth. The 'Nation ofCods and Earths raises the Black's level of awareness, her level of self-csteern , and her level of responsibility. We counter-attack the negative teachings and influences that have led our worricn avvay from their true nature: which are civilized, intelligent role rnorlcls for the rest of the planet. We spark their mental so that they can bee orne rrierrtal giants and nuke the world respect thcrn as precious and wise partners, and not objectify thern as physical conquests or only as physical possessions. We show and prove

*' .. ". 39* * *'

Who is EARTH?

that 'weak parenting leads to a weak Nation. We show and prove that being with other than a strong and intelligent Man leads to population control; those that want to control our mrmbcrs know that lesbianism helps to do that. We show and prove that lewd behavior leads to lewd treatrnent by others. We especially teach Men the proper treatrne nr of Wornen. The 'wise rnari knows that you should not just sleep with a Wornan, you should also teach a Wornan so that she can teach the babies. We understand that the duty of people with knowledge is to teach those without. Earths learn and teach civilization, righteousness, the science of herself, and the science of everything in life; which leads to love, peace, and happiness. Here an Earth expresses her understanding:

"First and forernost, as the Mother of Civilization, I am the bearer oflife on the planet earth. Syrnboli callv, Earth is the only planet which carries life and gets its food and energy frorn the sun. So as the Original WOlnan, I, too, carry life and also get Illy food (knowledge) fr0111 the center of my universe- the Black Man (sun). As the Original Wornan, I arn Queen who acknowledges God and builds beside hirn in order to create peace and destroy lies and falsehoods taught to our children by the 85ers and the Ten Perce nters. I keep the horne and children, as well as help my Black


Man sustain the family. SECONDARY, BUT ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY!!" (Queen NaturalBlack Earth)

.. '*' * 41 * '*'.

~ Chapter 3ive


THE 85ERS ARE THE MASSES; THEY FIGURATIVELY represent the eighty-five percent of the planet without full knowledge ofthernselves. The vast rn.;tiority of the planet does not have knowledge of their own origin, their true history, and they especially do not understand God and their relationship to God. They fail to realize that all the elements needed to create the universe exist within them and is thern. About eightyfive percent of the planet has been led away fro rn its own divinity and taught to spend their- lives searching externally for sornething that has always been internal. These are the people that are continuously led in the wrong direction and hard to be led in the right directi ori. The 850/0 are the people we spend our lives trying to reach and teach, to awaken them to the real



knowledge of Self so that they can experience life at its fullest.

We, the T-Jation of Gods and Earths, love our people, so our mai n duty is to lead our people toward true knowledge. The 85ers represents the m.ajority of the whole planet, so we bring knowledge, wisdom. and understanding to all the people on planet earth. Unlike a lot of scholars and elitists, we do not separate ourselves from the masses; we rernairi in the trenches trying to free our people from. a rnental slavery and teach the other b urnan farn i lie s so they can also practice freedom, justice and equality. Our battle to help the 85ers is a constant battle because there are those 'who want to keep the people rne ntally blind, worshipping what they know not, so that the 85ers can be used as tools of and slaves to the deceivers.

The Ten Percenters are the deceivers. They are the slave makers of the poor, they trv and keep the people mentally dead so that they can get rich from the people's labor and ignorance. The Ten Percenters are the people that taught us to believe in a mystery that only manifests itself in its superior Whiteness. Most Ten Perceriters do possess sornc knowledge but they keep it hidden £raIn the masses, especially frorn the Original People. Ten Perc enters do not warit the Original People to know their glorious history, natural holiness, or proclivity for

... '*' 43 '*' ...

Who Are the 85ers and Who are the Ten Percenters?

greatness. The Ten Perc enters have wrestled control of the planet from the Original People with lies, deception, trickery and an indoctrination of White Strprerriacv. Even though Ten Percenters can be of any race, they usually take advantage of the rnasses with the sarne trickknowledge perfected by the White Man.

Ten Percenters are natural enernies of the people, for they are selfish bloodsuckers of the poor. It was the Ten Percenters that arrived on the continent of Africa and taught Blacks to turn the other cheek and worship the White rnans irnages. Afterwards carne slavery and the fleecing of Africa's resources. Even today, Whites mine billions of dollars of Africa's resources every year. Ten Perceriters know that people can be taught to subjugate t.hernselves when you darnage their psyche. For example: [1] The Ten Percenters killed Jesus for teaching freedom, justice and equality. He taught against organized religion (Iohri 10:34, "Ye are Gods"), and was turned into a religion after his death. We even celebrate capital puriishrnenr for standing by your principles by wearing the cross. [2] Islamic Arab invaders made converts turn against non-converts, enslaved Blacks, and even today treat Blacks as second class. Arab Musli rns were enslaving Africans before Europeans. Both religions that are not ours originally, Islam and Christianity, have us worshipping White People .

•• *44***


[3] We are psychologically taught that we are inferior, even in Heaven. If Jesus's son is supposed to be White and we teach our children to worship White images, it rnentally says Whites are even preferred by God. Muhanuned is also presented as White. [4] Everything we see and hear from the media supports a false White superiority. For example: White representing innocence virgin, holy, heavenly-and Black representing evil, bad, soiled and death. It is written like that in the dictionaries. Black representing death is more nonsense. Black represents life and White represents death. Snow brings death to a nirnals and vegetation; when you die, your body turns white. Ghosts are thought to be white, and even whiteness of skin is frorn albirrisrrr-v-a disease. Original People have hue, which is why we were called hue-mans.

[5] The bloodsuckers have even made billions off of our ignorance. For example: Storeowners rriake about 60% of their revenue during Christmas. Economically depressed families struggle even harder for Chri strnas. They say it is for Jesus's birthday, but it is not. Christrnas started in ancient Babylon. "Babylon" is derived frorn the Hebre'w word "Babel," which rriea n s: confusion, chaos, vanity, nothingness. Nilnrod was the ruler of Babylon. He was the first son of Cush, who was the son of Ham (2470-1934 B.C.E.). Ham was

.,. * 45 *,,. ..

Who Are the 85ers and Who are the Ten Percenters?

one of the sons of Noah (2970-2020 B.C.E.). Nirnrod was a great hunter and he taught the pale nun to believe he, Ninlrod was the creator. Ninlrod would cut the head off a conquest and hang it on the branch of a tree; they would shrink and sit there bobbling, a lot like Christrnas balls on Christmas trees. Nimrod was rnarr ied to his mother, Sernirarnis. When Nimrod died, she said the tree frOITI which his conquests hung embodied his spirit. Every December 25th, which was the birth date of Nimrod, gifts were supposedly left under the tree for Nirnrod. See, this is another case of knowledge being twisted and fed to the masses for material gain.

[6] The Masons are also people with knowledge, which they use for personal growth and control over the rnasscs. The narne , "Masons," represents the keeping of knowledge a secret. After stonemasons built the pyrarrrids , they were killed so that they could not reveal the secrets. The science behind the Masons' and other secret societies is that (to thern) religion is but a tool to control the rnasscs. Knowledge is their only God, through which man himself will become God. Lucifer is their personification of wisdom. It was Lucifer who tempted Eve to entice Adam to eat of the Tree of Knowledge and thus free Man from the bonds of ignorance. The rnystery hidden from the masses is that

.**46* ••


there are societies whose members feel they are the only mature minds, that the rnasses are like sheep, totally dependent upon the shepherd. The able intellects are taught the literal, exoteric interpretations, while the rnasses worship the five senses. The elect are given knowledge of the rnysteries and are i ll urn iriatc d, and are known as The Illuminati, or the Illuminated Ones. The purpose of these Ten Percenters is to control church, state and freedom of the rnasses-'world domination is the ultimate goaL

Ten Perceriters, for their own gain, have flooded the United States with drugs, created the AIDS virus and started an epidernic in Afiica. They are responsible for creating aggressive birth control rneth ods for population control, and for encouraging hornosexuality because it adds to the population reduction. The Five Perc enters fight against the Ten Percenters because they pull the strings that have the 85ers, the masses, dying and living in rnisery without knowing why. Other organized Ten Percenters deter rni ned to bring about a New World Order with thernselves at the Iiclrn are: The Order of the Quest, The Jason Society, The Qabbalah, The Knights of Colurnbus, The Jesuits, The Ancient and Mystical Order of Rose Crucis, The Illurrrinati , The Nazi Party, The Executive Mc mbcrs of the Council on Foreign Relations, The Group, The

.. '*' * 47 * ....

Who Are the 85ers and Who are the Ten Percenters?

Brotherhood of the Dragon, The Rosicrucians, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, The Trilateral Cornrnission , The Bilderberg Group, The Open Friendly Secret Society (The Vatican), The Russell Trust, The Skull and Bones, The Scroll and Key, and The Order. The Ten Percenters spoon-feed the 85ers a constant diet of lies and deception until they can no longer distinguish between fiction and reality. So we , the Nation of Gads and Earth, also k nowri as the Five Percenters, counter-attack the Ten Percenters by teaching the rnasses by word ofm.outh, our schools, literature, rnusic, and our ways and actions. It is a hard job w itho ut fringe benefits. The Nation of Gods and Earths is not a tax=cxcrnpt organization. We do not solicit donations, 'we do not charge for our knowledge or admission to our schools. Our reward is the upliftrnerit of our people. We have no nationally recognized leader; we are all leaders. We have no ulterior m.otive; wejust want the masses to see with clear eye vision and stop the bloodsuckers frorn using and abusing the people for their ow n selfish gain .

• " .. 48 .. ".

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