Aunas Manzoor

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I want to be a member of telecommunication team where I could implement my electronics and telecommunication related knowledge with best efforts. I knew right away that yours is the kind of company to which I would very much like to contribute.

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 Stood first in college exams of inter college. Won first position from inter college final exams. Aarranged a one month seminar on Microprocessor and Microcontroller Member of blood donor society in University

Computer Languages: Engineering Software: On board tools: Others: Java, C++, Assembly, BASIC Electronic workbench, MATLAB, National instruments MULTISIM, LABVIE, PROTEOUS, MPLAB Oscilloscope, Pico scope, EPAL-27,CPAL, SPEEDY33, PIC16F84A-87A, 8085 Good communication skills, Leading qualities, Quick understanding qualities

(OCT, 2007 - TO CONTINUED) (GOVERNMENT COLLEGE UNIVERSITY, FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN) Currently I am studying at Govt. College University, Faisalabad in 8th semester. I am a member of IEEE’s technical and managerial society in IEEE-GCUF branch.

(AUG, 2005 - TO AUG,2007) (UMAIR INTER PUBLIC COLLEGE, PENSRA, FAISALABAD, PAKISTAN) I did my FSc pre-engineering and got first throughout my college carrier in college exams and final exams. I received there a shield for extra-ordinary performance.




Basic electrical engineering Network Analysis

Semester6 Function Generator.Electronics Electronic devices and circuits Digital logic and Design Linear ICs Digital Electronics Analog Electronics Electromagnetic Theory - Communication Signals and Systems Analog Communication Digital Communication Digital Signal Processing Microwave and Antenna Data Communication and Networking(DCN) Control systems RF and Microwave Engineering Wireless and Mobile Communication Network Security and Cryptography Microprocessor Interfacing Techniques - Programming Introduction to Computing and C++ JAVA basics Assembly Computer Architecture Others - Calculus-1 Calculus-2 Complex Transformation Linear Algebra PS/IS Communication Skills Engineering Economics Probability Methods PROJECTS .Semester3 Power supply for DC motors - Semester4 Common emitter amplifier . AM modulation and demodulation Panel REFERENCES Will be furnished as per requirement .Semester5 Seven segment display using basic AND logic without using ICs .