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Rachel Nizhnikova

Portfolio: EDUCATION Boston University School of Management; Boston, MA Bachelor of Science in Business Administration Concentration in Marketing January 2012

Academic Project Intro Web Application Development; Grade: A September 2011-December 2011 Built a web application with form validation and CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Display) capabilities using MySQL, PHP, Javascript, XHTML, and CSS: (username: giorgios_admin password: giorgios) EXPERIENCE Yahoo! Burbank, CA June 2011-December 2011 Y!Design Intern in Ad Products Group Utilized HTML, CSS, and JavaScript while working within the limitations posed by the intranet to implement an improved persona program on the Yahoo! intranet beginning with Omnigraffle wireframes and design reviews with the Y!Design team Sketched wireframes for a self-service, display ad booking tool based on user experience research sessions involving Account Managers, Executives, etc. who manage search campaigns Drafted wireframes and brainstormed concepts for a Yahoo! tool that has login capacity for current Yahoo! employees who create content, and viewing ability for prospective employees Contractor Giorgios Ristorante; Milford and Merrimack, NH January 2011-Present Website Administrator and Social Media Manager Redesigned and managed the development and launch of (live October 2011); created a new information structure, designed aesthetics, oversaw web application development, and wrote copy while acting as a liaison between Giorgios Ristorante and their web developers who are located in Ukraine and Russia via asynchronous communication Aligned Giorgios business strategy with web strategy by creating new copy and designs for Giorgios email blasts, Facebook, Twitter, and as a solution to their complicated interfaces and confusing copy Consultant March 2011-Present Contacted for advice on a wide range of web and business strategies including, but not limited to, social media strategy, search engine optimization, branding, and marketing Transparent Language (TL); Nashua, NH May 2010-May 2011 Social Media Associate Assisted in managing over 30 Facebook and Twitter communities for over 30 languages: watch for trends on Facebook insights and Hootsuite, found language experts/bloggers, etc. Harvard Business Publishing (HBP); Watertown, MA June 2009-August 2009 Internet Marketing Intern Collaborated with senior management of all HBP divisions to develop the scope and strategy and then build out the skeleton and content structure of in alignment with the 2009 Harvard Business Publishing reorganization; launched January 2010 Compiled, edited, and scheduled a daily e-mail newsletter: the Harvard Management Tip of the Day SKILLS AND INTERESTS OmniGraffle, Adobe Dreamweaver and Photoshop, XHTML/HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, SQL, MySQL, Search Engine Optimization/Marketing, Cross browser issues/inconsistencies, Analytics tools: Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Coremetrics Professional ballet dancer with Dance Visions from September 2008-July 2010