What kind of animals are a threat to box turtles?

2. How long can a Box Turtle grow? 3. What is the scientific name for a box turtle’s top shell? (Hint: starts with letter “C”) =boxturtl 4. Is a box turtle called a Land turtle or a Water turtle? ry/box%20turtle 5. What does an Ornate Turtle like to eat? 6. What can box turtles do that other turtles cannot do? 7. Do box turtles like water? 8. How many eggs may a box turtle lay? urtles/BoxTurtle/BoxTurtle.html

1. How long can a Snapping turtle grow? 2. What is the average weight of a Snapping Turtle? 3. Is a Snapping turtle’s habitat in fresh water or salt water? =AR0149 4. What do snapping turtles like to eat? lecoloring.shtml 5. Where do snapping turtles hibernate in the winter? 6. Can humans eat snapping turtles or are they poisonous? p?recordNumber=AR0149

7. In what state are snapping turtles illegal?

1. What do tortoises eat? 2. How long can a Desert Tortoise grow? 3. What happens to tortoises in the winter? 4. When baby tortoises hatch, should you put them in water? 5. Does a Leopard Tortoise hibernate? 6. How do you think the Indian Star Tortoise got its name? 7. How many years could a tortoise live?

1. How long can a Green Sea Turtle grow? 2. Which grows larger, male sea turtles or female sea turtles? ml 3. How are sea turtles front legs different than other turtles? 4. What do sea turtles like to eat? e/sea_turtles.php 5. What is something man uses that is a threat to sea turtles? They often get tangled in them? m 6. How much can an adult Leatherback sea turtle weigh?

7. Do sea turtles breathe underwater, like fish? Sea turtle video: Jeff Corwin: Galapagos turtle video .cfm?guidAssetID=B1B35F2A-5919-4A44-B9DBDBA206B4F25A Choose a photo to use as Wallpaper on screen.