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RUSSELL Town Hall, 53095 Route 25

Southold, New York 11971-0959
Fax (631) 765-1823
Telephone (631) 765-1889



Highlights of Accomplishments for 2010:

• Fiscal:
o Continued reduction of personnel through consolidation of
positions, attrition, etc.
o Adopted 2010 Retirement Incentive Program laws enabling
employees with option to retire early that helped to reduce payroll
o Maintained Aa3 Moody’s bond rating
o Developed fleet/fuel management system to promote efficiency
for Town vehicles and reduce maintenance costs
o Information technology communication upgrades resulting in
$20,000 annual savings
o Ongoing efforts to promote office efficiencies with evaluation of
contracts and services including the enforcement of the Town’s
procurement policy
o Year-end fund balance of approximately $5.8 million

• Legislative:
o Amended Accessory Apartment/Accessory structure legislation
to accommodate family members as well as promote affordable housing
opportunities to local residents
o Enacted Dark Skies legislation that regulates exterior lighting
o Amendments to Wetlands code to provide emergency
“temporary” permits as well as extending enforcement authority to zoning
o Revisions and clarification to Wireless Code that establishes
preferred or priority locations
o Satisfied requirements of Clean Water Act to reduce pollutants
entering Town’s waterways
o Night fishing parking permit restrictions for Town beaches
o Deer fencing permits in residential and non-residential zones
o Created Special Events committee to review and make
recommendations to Town Board
o Furthered MS4 compliance

• Environment and Planning:

o Southold 2020 Comprehensive Plan efforts moved forward with
adoption of Vision statement along with discussion with the public including
residents of Fishers Island
o Refined build out analysis methodology
o Land preservation initiative highlights:
 A total of 123 acres were preserved in 2010 with 29 applications
pending throughout the year that will yield a total of 560 acres
 Of the 123 acres preserved in 2010, the Town acquired 5
farmland projects totaling 93 acres at a purchase price of 6.6 million dollars
($4 million from Southold CPF)
 Town and County partnership executed purchase contract on
one open space project totaling 27 acres
 Received $870,000 Federal Farmland awards
o Storm water mitigation in Fishers Island (Lake Mobil)
o Processed 9,873 tons of leaves and brush into compost (up
o Collected 70 tons of household hazardous waste
o Partnership with local youth schools and youth groups to
promote environmental awareness
o Trustees processed 239 wetland applications
o Highway department worked with the Tree Committee to remove
dead and diseased trees
o Worked with residents of Orient to prevent Suffolk County Water
Authority from extending a water main into their community
o Participated in several community meetings to address the future
of Plum Island
o With community groups, worked with residents to create
solutions to improve water bodies (e.g. Goldsmith Inlet)
o Supported efforts of New Suffolk residents to preserve the
o Lobbied Suffolk County Legislature to dedicate Dam Pond
preserve to honor Ruth Oliva
o Continued efforts to work with the federal government and other
agencies to divert helicopters from flying directly over the North Fork
o Through a series of meetings with FEMA, continued emergency
preparedness planning
o With Town’s Youth Bureau, preliminary discussion to launch
recycling in Southold Free Union School District
• Personnel and Town Government:
o Continue efforts to make Town Hall user friendly for all patrons
o Wait time for completed application before ZBA public hearing
reduced from 3 months to approximately 1 ½ months
o Approximately 400 complaints were received by the Code
Enforcement officer, 250 cases were resolved without court action, 50
complaints were deemed unfounded and 50 cases were resolved through
court action and 50 cases remain open
o Enhanced training opportunities for staff, including cross training
of staff to learn additional functions within departments
o Installation of Municity software to coordinate activities between
departments (building, planning, zoning, etc.) to promote easier and more
efficient access to information and services to benefit constituents

• Community Development and Improved Community

o Increased civic engagement through continued dialogue with
hamlet communities and mobile Town Board meetings (different venues,
days of the week, times)
o Teleconferencing abilities between Town Hall and Fishers Island
o Improved Town website to foster community awareness and
involvement through creating “Southold Happenings” scroll box. Monthly
one-half page advertisements in Suffolk Times “Town of Southold
Happenings-Mark Your Calendars”.
o Supported efforts of the Census 2010 to ensure accurate count
o Renovations to the Peconic Lane Community Center included
installation of new heating and air conditioning
o Installation of irrigation system at Strawberry Fields Fairground
as well as beach grass beautification at several beaches
o Delivery of 27,594 home-delivered meals to homebound elderly
along with 980 hours of residential repair services to seniors
o Expanded representation of community service providers at
Human Resource Center
o In conjunction with Suffolk County Office for Aging, provision of
1,042 shelf stable meals to seniors to promote emergency preparedness
o Construction of new basketball court at Cochran Park
o Town Historian decorated lobby of Capital One Bank to feature
local pictures of hamlets
o In partnership with Anti-Bias Taskforce, development of initiatives
to address bullying and bias in schools
o In collaboration with Eastern Long Island Geriatric Center of
Excellence, established focus group to for town-wide senior community
needs assessment.
o Hosted informational meeting regarding deer management
o Published 2010 Youth Bureau Resource Directory
o Updated affordable housing registry

• Economic Development:
o Partnership with Suffolk County Department of Labor to co-locate
services at the Human Resource Center in Mattituck to assist unemployed
o The enhanced Deer Management program resulted in 162 deer
harvested with 145 being donated to the food pantry
o Engaged services of consultant, Nelson, Pope and Vorhiss to
assist with writing of Economic Chapter of Comprehensive Plan that
includes exhaustive analysis of inventory of local businesses as well as
recognition of economic impediments
o Ongoing discussion with Chambers of Commerce and Southold
Business Alliance

Implementation of Goals 2011

• Fiscal:
o Maintain Aa3 bond rating
o Install and implement Fleet and Fuel Management system
o Acceptance of online credit card payments in Tax Receiver’s
o Adhere to Town multi-year budgeting to ensure long term fiscal
management of the Town
o Development of aggressive marketing for compost and mulch as
well as volume-based contract pricing at Landfill

• Legislative:
o Enact Intrusive Noise legislation
o Enact Special Events legislation

• Environment and Planning:

o Continue efforts towards completing most draft chapters of the
Comprehensive Plan with concomitant public meetings
o Implement Mattituck corridor study recommendations
o Continue assertive measures to maximize land preservation
o Develop extensive education and outreach to promote recycling,
reuse and reduction
o Implement recycling collection and disposal at Town parks
o Continue to mitigate Coastal Erosion
o Adopt MS4 Storm Water Management Plan
o Installation of additional street drainage for Storm Water
Remediation program
o Explore renewable energy opportunities for Town assets (e.g.
o Improved stewardship of preserved land, hire of part-time Land
Management Specialist
o Support adoption of Rules and Regulations for Community
Preservation Fund Acquisition and Stewardship
o Implementation and management of Orient Aquifer,
Hashamomuck Pond, Goldsmith Inlet, Goose/Town/Jockey and Richmond

• Personnel and Town Government:

o Continue efforts to make Town Hall user friendly for patrons
o Thorough review of Town waste management policies with
recommendations to promote efficient and user-friendly recycling and
disposal methods
o Enhance training opportunities for staff
o Hire Senior Engineer
o Implementation of Municity to foster enhanced efficiency of
departments through greater information sharing
o Improve and re-design the Town’s website to foster greater
access to Town information and services including allocation of resources
to hire consultant for assistance
o Expand videoconferencing capabilities
o Enable residents ability to register for recreation programs online
o Implementation of employee evaluations

• Improve Community Relations & Interaction with Town Govt:

o Continue dialogue with residents through hamlet community
meetings and mobile Town Board meetings
o Complete renovations and open Peconic Lane Community
Center for the public by late Spring
o Additional provision of meals to seniors at Peconic Recreation
Center to enhance senior nutrition to households living in Eastern sections
of Town
o Development of Housing and Human Services Resource
o Secure grant funding to establish Naturally Occurring Retirement
Community as well as Chronic Disease Self Management program
o Along with the improvement of the Town’s website, explore
additional tools such as social networking sites to provide information to
o Continuation of Teen Wellness workshops to promote youth
o Expand recreational program offerings including ability to access
internet and WiFi

• Economic Development:
o Host economic forum to foster business retention and expansion
o Continue partnership with Suffolk County Department of Labor to
assist residents to find gainful employment
o Expand Deer Management program
o Promote affordable housing opportunities through educational
forums to residents (e.g. education of Town’s new accessory apartment
code, Habitat for Humanity, Family Service League’s Home Share Long
Island, etc.)