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Managing Innovation
Trimester 1, 2011

First Assignment

Weight Due date Brief description
“Case 40% 9 am This 4000 word assignment will
assignment” Monday 11 involve the analysis of a “case
April study” and a series of questions to
be answered about the case. Details
Week 6 about exactly what is expected will
be posted on DSO.

This assignment should be done by a team of between 3 and 5 members (or two after
discussion with Anne). Please let Anne know by email who your members are once you have
formed a team.

Individual assignments will only be accepted after permission has been formally granted to
work alone (this is because discussion within the team is a key part of the learning
experience). If you want to work alone, please contact Anne by phone (+61 3 92445546) to

The essay should be lodged in the DSO Example_Innovations discussion forum rather than
using DSO’s lodgement facilities, though your declarations can be lodged using those
facilities (if this doesn’t work, send them to Anne with the words MPM712 DECLARATION
in the subject line).

Assignments are put online so that others in the class can read and comment on the
innovations you have analysed. It also allows you to see how other students tackled the same
task (and to learn from this).

You should also email Anne a second copy of the assignment at , headed MPM712 (or 912) ASSIGNMENT 1.

Anne will email back a comprehensive feedback report to be distributed to the team. Do not
send a paper copy of your essay.


The case study for this assignment involves the comparison of two innovations.

Identify two different but related examples of innovation (using the definitions given in the
Study Guide). The innovation might be a product, a service, or a process. The first should be
successful and the second unsuccessful. How you define “related”, or success/ failure will be
up to you, and will be an issue that contributes to your mark for this case study.

Using information you gather from commercial sources (eg the Internet, newspapers, press
releases, firm websites), in addition to the theory and literature you have studied in the unit,
discuss the reasons for the success or failure of the two innovations. You should then arrive
at some conclusions on the basis of this discussion.

All sources should be appropriately cited using Harvard (author/date) referencing

conventions for both intext citations and references.

Make sure that you do not relay exclusively on websites for your citations, as this will lead to
lower marks.

Remember there are multiple goals for this assignment: team learning; individual learning; a
source for class online discussion; and importantly “a chance for your team to show off”
about your growing mastery of the innovation literature and your own thinking.