1. The Protagonist: Rupam 2.

Identify the Problem: Rupam was given the task of carrying out a thorough study of the filing system of the Marketing Department of Tasty Foods Manufacturing Company. He found that the company had three broad product groups Widgets, Gizmos and Riffraff s. There were 4 filing clerks one for each product group and one for the General Manager s correspondence and administrative affairs pertaining to the Marketing department. On studying the system Rupam could recognise the following problem: Gizmo Filing o The Gizmo filer, Kamini, was heavily loaded with work o She feels that the GM filing department handles very little work Widget Filing o Bablu feels that the backlog is inevitable o He is having enough load of work o Feels that managers and executives don t appreciate their work at all o Feels that they are also asked to do a lot of other work which only further hampers their task of filing Riffraff Filing o Salma feels that they are also asked to do a lot of other work which only fu rther hampers their task of filing o Junior staff in the office are taken advantage of by the seniors o She is planning to leave the job if the organisation doesn t provide her another lady to assist her GM Filing o Keshav feels that it is the most difficult of the filing jobs because of the complicated nature of the correspondence he handles o Was unhappy about the way the GM orders him o Claims to work late and finish his work 3. Define Parameters and develop Alternate solutions: The problem revolves around Human Resource Management of the organization. Here, to solve the problem existing we have to consider the following parameters: o o o o o Performance measurement Performance appraisal Employee training & motivation Restructure of Management style (MBO) Hiring & recruitment of valuable salesforce

Alternative Solution:

o o o o There is certain financial constraint for the company Work is easily divisible/ not divisible The company is not doing extensive training of its sales team Motivation of the employee is lacking 5. thereby encouraging healthy competition 4.o o o o o Appoint additional employee to assist the existing employee Recruit high performing sales force who can stand the test Provide training to the existing sales force Motivation in the work should be created by some incentives attached for achieving a certain target. . Make a Contingency plan. Make any Relevant Assumptions necessary to arrive at alternative solutions. given the parameters and assumptions. 6. Evaluate the Alternative Solutions and pick one as the best.

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