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important Topics for 2011 Board Exam

Unit - 1 Full - including Central Problems, Economic Problem, PPC, Positive & Normative Issues,
Micro & Macro Economics
Unit - 2 Meaning, Schedule Properties of I.C., Concept of MRS

Determination of Consumer's Equilibrium through IC with its condition

Determination of Consumer's Equilirium with utility analysis

in case of one commodity & two commodities

Concept of expansion & Increase, Contraction & Decrease,

Movement and Shift of DD Curve & SS Curve.

Factors affecting demand & Elasticity of DD.

Numericals on Ed & Es though Proportionate method or total

Expenditure method

Short Note on geometric or point method of Measuring Ed or Es

Relationship b/w following:
(a) AC & MC (b) AVC & MC
(c) AC & AVC (d) TP & MP
(e) TU & MU

Definition & Diagram of various Type of Costs

Numericals to calculate various cost

Determination of Producer's Eq. though TR & TC approach and

MR & MC approach (both In theory & Numerical form)

Law of Variable Proportion OR

Returns to a factor

Definition & Diagram of various degrees of

Ed & Es
Why does Law of Demand OR Law of supply operates

Factors affecting Supply & Es

Various features of Perfect Competition, Monopolist

Competition, Oligopoly & Monopoly and their Implications
[Also in distinguished form]

Shape of AR, MR & TR under difference Mkt situation

Factors lead to creation of Monopoly with its merits

& Demerits

Various cases of Change in DD & SS and its impact on Eq.

Price & Eq. Qty.

Definition & Function of Money & Central Bank

Process of Credit Creation with the help of example

(Both in theory & Practical form)

Objection & importance of govt. budget

Meaning, Example & Diff. b/w Capital Receipts, Revenue

Receipts, Capital Expenditure, Revenue Expenditure,
Direct Tax, Indirect Tax

Calculation of Different deficit in govt. budget &

their implications

Meaning & components of BOP

Difference b/w BOP and BOT

Meaning & Merits & Demerits of Fixed Rate of Exchange & Flexible
Rate of Exchange

Source of DD and SS of foreign exchange & how they are affected by FER
Definition of App. & Appreciation in FER autonomous & accomodating
items in BOP

Determination of Equilibrium of Income & Employment through AD & AS approach,

Saving & Investment approach [Also in Numericals form]

Multiplier - full concept including Numericals

Inflation & Deflation - Meaning Diagram

& Remedial Measures [Monetary & Fiscal Policy]

Derivation of Saving curve from Consumption Curve and vice versa

6 Marks Numerical on Calculation of Domestic Income & National or Income

to calculate Personal Disposable Income.

3 Marks Numericals to Calculate NDI & value added

Treatment of Different item in NIA

Small Questions based on the Concept of Intermediate & final goods, Factor
income - Transfer Income, NY at current prices constant price.
Double counting, GNP & Welfare