The Gift of Free Will

In light of my earlier emails concerning people who manipulate others for their own advancement, would Gandhi be among them? Perhaps because he manipulated enough people into following him to take back their freedom peacefully from the British Empire in India, even though they left the control systems in place in all concurred states. And that is what we are dealing with today a SYSTEM that is designed to suppress humanity and allow the few to feed off the many like parasites. Gandhi was a Lawyer who simply acted as the “Good Guy” putting on the illusion that he was working for the better good of the people of India, replacing oppression with a covert system of oppression; this is in part how Luciferianism works. My book The Extortion System of the Ruling Elite went into a great amount of detail of how this control System worked and examined some things we could do to stop the harm. I found that exercising our dominion from God was very effective to a point and that point was unknowingly the Gift of Free Will. In the System of Laws everything comes back to the Torah of which in Genesis 1:26-28 God gives man Dominion over all the earth and over every living thing upon the earth. Dominion means to rule, which simply means that no man can be put under man’s rule. But that said the System is not man’s rule although created by man, they created an imaginary world upon which the actors within that world, PERSONS are things owned b y the State and thus slaves. The Language used is called Legalese and in of that is only interpretable by Lawyers within the SYSTEM. Let there be no mistake about this SYSTEM, it is a covert form of warfare against humanity, whereupon those involved within the SYSTEM are doing things to the detriment of man and more importantly all LIFE. It is a SYSTEM of anti-life designed to parasitically destroy all LIFE. Now back to the word Dominion. Dominion also means ownership. Thus it implies that we as man have a claim over the earth as our property. Thus if we have a claim as man over the earth and every living thing upon it, then that must mean that God must hold a claim over us as well. In relative terms this is expressed in a Divine Trust upon which is suppose to trump all other forms of trusts, mostly the one used by the Pope to enslave all human creatures. Dominion comes from the SYSTEM not from LIFE. We exist in the dream of LIFE as we animate LIFE by our Consciousness. Without Consciousness, LIFE could not be and in the end we are all one Consciousness experiencing itself in an infinite reality of LIFE within the Dream of Life. When we look at all the manifestations of LIFE around us we forget that LIFE and all the pretty

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shiny things there are the illusions of the Dream of Life. Each “thing” of life is unique until we recognize that we are all one and then we see the dance of life as extensions of who we are within an infinite realm of possibility. Dominion means to own or have ownership then what we are doing is subjugating part of ourselves and thus limiting the possibilities of what others may contribute to our well being, by enslaving them, although covertly. We cannot own LIFE for all LIFE has free will within its realm of existence and thus by us interfering with free will of another we end up hurting them and ourselves in the end. The Torah, Bible, Koran, Talmud and all the other books of Religion are based upon claim of ownership over all or some form of humanity to the benefit of the few over the many. Religions are part of the SYSTEM and are designed with a Good Cop / Bad Cop mentality, both working to draw you into a world of fiction and control, to benefit the few over the many, a Ponzi Scheme. Like only one Blood Line Family can lead the masses in running the Church or only One of an elite group of people can lead the many, yet no one questions how exactly they got to be in such an exclusive group to begin with, when we are all suppose to be created equal. The tricksters know that they must gain your consent in order to bring harm to you. That is what all these laws are about, along with all the complexity to confuse you of the simple truth. You didn’t create them, you didn’t sign them, you didn’t do anything to bring them about, yet you are being punished for breaking laws of which you had no say in of creating. Oh yes of course, you belong to a Society or a Country, do you not? Well actually you don’t, as I ask you where this Society or Country is and as you point at the earth I ask you, “Did the creator of the earth create that Country?” Nope all Countries etc. are created by man through their imaginary world. In fact all Countries, Societies etc. are merely creations of the imagination, they don’t exist in reality. Just the earth exists and no one can prove their claim over the earth, not even God or Allah the Lord of the Worlds, not God as per the first book second line of the Koran. Why is that you ask, the Dream of Life is an illusion and the SYSTEM does not

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want anyone to realize that, for how can you own something that is not real? Can you own an illusion? What is real is your life force that animates this world and that is what the parasites are harvesting through all this illusionary stuff. They have put this together as a way to get your compliance in giving them the parasites life through a fictional illusionary reality manufactured for their needs, not yours. Yesterday Adrian Salbuchi released a video through Jeff Rense’s website called, “Free Will, The Global Power Elite's Achilles Heel”. He made the simple point I have been making for a while now in that we must turn our backs on the SYSTEM. What he touched on was the fact that we all have free will which is independent of any Religion and self evident. It would seem that the true nature of this planet is that we all have free will, all LIFE has free will. Any interference in that free will causes imbalances of which nature as were works to correct. This massive imbalance is of power and ethics is now coming to the forefront of humanity and is being expressed all over the world; the simple realization that we are all one and we do have free will. We don’t need a political economic system to run our lives for us, we simply need to communicate with each other and find ways to distribute the goods and services to others without claim of anything over them. We don’t leave people dying in the street because they have no water, we leave them there because the system has no use for the people so they let them die. Love does not abandon and we together find ways to make life better for those in need where everyone’s needs for life are met, that is what we were meant to do for each other. Love knows no boundaries. So what is working out there to stop the slaughters perpetrated by these Parasite Bankers and their minions? Well firstly don’t buy into their fictional world. Your name for example is hearsay. Although it is useful to make use of a name for identifying yourself to others, it is in truth a hearsay as you are not the name, so don’t tell the police, judge, official or anyone that wants to enslave you, your name if you happen to make use of one. Secondly tell them that you do not want to contract with them. That has got to be one of the best things to say, because everything they do is based upon a contract. They may threaten to hold you for a year in jail unless you comply with them by giving them your name, which is an enticement into slavery as it is really a NAME they want you to accept, which is a person in their imaginary world. So don’t go there. You can state that they are interfering with your free and by what authority do they have to do that? They have no authority to do anything to you without your consent. So never sign anything and never answer their questions, never give them a name and never make a claim of ownership over anything. As they have no claims that they can truly make either. To claim

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ownership over anything is to cause you to fall into the world of fiction upon which you disconnect yourself from the whole, that being the ocean of consciousness LIFE that your are. Thus you become a thing and thus things can be owned. When we are truly the ones creating this reality through our own thoughts and creative forces together, we can simply create a better dream for ourselves and that is what they are the most terrified of, is that we wake up to the mere fact that by refusing to give the SYSTEM or LIFE force energy, we divert that energy into creating freedom for ourselves and others. Eventually the SYSTEM falls apart because no one is left there holding it up for the parasites to feed off of. Is it going to be easy? Nope, not at first, but if you simply don’t fall for their intimidation tactics and stay in truth, things will go much easier. Typically they will release you within a couple of days if they cannot get you to admit to being a NAME or get you to claim ownership over an ID etc. They cannot interfere with your free will. Those that do, are going against the total consciousness reality of LIFE and will dealt with by forces outside of the Dream of Life, I would suspect. However it is our cooperation with the SYSTEM that gets us into trouble and causing harm to others on a large scale to begin with. It is set up and maintained to benefit the few over the many. So stop being a mindless drone and start saying no to all the bullshit. Money or Mammon in all its forms will have to come to an end at some point. It is a means of control of the many by the few. We are all created equal so why should others benefit from our labor without contributing themselves? The vast levels of inequality and control created through the monetary system must be abolished. Those that would use law to siphon trillions of dollars off for themselves at the expense of humanity as a whole are only getting away with it because you believe in their fictional world and give them system consent to enslave you. At some point you are going to either wake up and start fighting back or become a discarded slave of the system, cut off from all resources needed to sustain your life. Remember Lucifer and Satan are simply two branches of the same tree. Satan does the harm, while Lucifer aka JESUS and other names spout out words of Love, If only you follow them into their world of fiction to be destroyed by the Parasites, not saved by some Savior ( Jesus the Morning Star notice ownership and Venus being the morning star is worshiped as Lucifer ). When did that ever happen, that a population was saved? What is going on in Israel today is only a model of what is to come. Using fiction to divide humanity, The Chosen Ones ruling over the world using Zionism as a front to convince us that only a small

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amount of people are involved in all this. There are millions involved in creating this SYSTEM and extorting the masses of their LIFE. There is a common theme to leave the masses with nothing and the few with everything. It is so sick and twisted, yet they hide behind the SYSTEM pretending to be the victims, while their bank accounts flourish with bribes, kickbacks and outright white collar theft. All commercial law is based upon the Talmud, which is a book about Master/Slave relationships and you are not the Master. David Icke and others say that there are Reptilians behind all this, an alien species manipulating humanity. Perhaps he is right, but what I see are other people just like you and me doing the manipulation and destruction. Mainly the Jewish people through their puppet controlled Governments around their imaginary world. I am not simply blaming the Jews for all this, it is primarily a problem where a few of us have elevated themselves above the rest of us and have covertly worked to make everyone their slaves. By us taking actions not to cooperate with those in these imaginary positions of power, we take our power back and our freedom back. They need us to consent with their plans to make it all work. It is voluntary slavery, so don’t buy into it! Remember always that Free Will is a gift based upon the truth that we are all one and not the illusions within the Dream of Life. If you can get past the color of skin, position of power, the languages, the mannerisms and all the other prejudicial bullshit, you will see that we are all one. I think earth is a very powerful illusion and perhaps we come to learn how to love others in the most trying of circumstances. We have an entire Universe to play in and we are being denied that by allowing ourselves to be enslaved by these tyrants. Turn your back on them and start questioning their authority, as they have no authority. Adam and Eve took from the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge because they forgot that they were the Tree of Life.

January 28, 2011 rob

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