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March 28, 2008

Dear Partner,

How are you and all that concerns you? I trust we are soaring on new levels in every area
of our lives.

This is Resurrection Month and I think that Resurrection Month should always be dedicated
to celebrating LOVE. I know socially and in secular settings Love is always in the air in
February because of Valentine’s Day. However, the LOVE we are talking about this month is
a superior LOVE, it’s an everlasting LOVE, it’s a LOVE that is worth taking a deeper look

John 3:16 For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever
believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.

This LOVE came at the instance of God

The verse starts with God who SO LOVED …… that expression refers to one who LOVES
MUCH. Isn’t it awesome that we were loved with God’s kind of LOVE? Well it’s even more
awesome that He poured it out on us in MUCH measure! Hallelujah. You see God is Jehovah
Jireh – whatever He does (and all He does is GOOD), He does it in MORE-THAN-ENOUGH

This LOVE was targeted at all of mankind

Look again at that verse and look at the target of that love. All love has a target. When a
man is in love with a lady she becomes the target of his affection and all he does. Well we
are the target of that LOVE from the Father. Have you not read it in the Word that He is
mindful of YOU. Wow! My literal understanding of that is that the Fathers MIND is FULL of
Nkechi. I don’t know about you but if I were you, I’d put my name there and say that the
Father’s mind is full of me!!
You know as believers, we ought to recognize that the LOVE of God was targeted at ALL
OF MANKIND this season and always. That means that we should be vessels of His
LOVE to those who do not yet know HIM and preach the Good News Gospel of His LOVE
to them. A lot of us give up on our loved ones even when they are at the point of death,
it does not occur to us to reach out to them with the love of JESUS. In the verses
preceding verse 16, we see this and also see it John 12:32:

John 3:14 And as Moses lifted up the serpent in the wilderness, even so must the Son of
Man be lifted up,
John 12:32 And I, if I am lifted up from the earth, will draw all peoples to Myself."

A simple truth that is seen here is men cannot be drawn to the Father if the Son is not
lifted up! Lift up Jesus in your words, your actions, and your attitude for His LOVE was
targeted at all of mankind so that more and more of mankind can be drawn unto Him.

This LOVE is all about GIVING, sacrificially

Another look at the verse shows us that because He LOVED, He GAVE. That’s the unique
thing about God’s kind of Love, It is a GIVING Love. God’s LOVE loves MUCH and it also
GIVES MUCH. I love to love people with God’s love and so I just find out that I’m addicted to
giving! I look out for GODLY OPPORTUNITIES to give and display God’s LOVE and if I don’t
see one, then like someone with an addiction, I CREATE a GODLY OPPORTUNITY to give!
After all, I have the Spirit of God in me. May your testimony be the same in Jesus Name!
Needless to say, I do not lack at all because the cycle continues and continues……
Someone says I do not have MUCH. No!!!!! Much is an expression defining the VALUE of
your Gift to you not the amount of your Gift. God did not sacrifice Jesus and the
innumerable company of angels so that He would give MUCH, did He? No! He gave His
PRECIOUS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON who had been with Him before the beginning. Now that is
Giving Much. Continue to give your Precious seeds and spread the love of God around!

This LOVE is experienced through faith

Isn’t it interesting that the verse tells us that He loved the WORLD (plural) and then
narrows down to WHOSOEVER (an individual, singular) BELIEVES IN HIM. That’s the beauty
of this LOVE. It is a REALTONSHIP not a RELIGION. People are still dying and going to a
hopeless eternity without God yet they were in the “WORLD” but did not believe to become
a “WHOSOEVER”. Thank God I am a “WHOSOEVER” and I will be committed to preach this
Gospel in season and out of season, whether I feel like it or not, so that I can bring out as
many “WHOSOEVERS” from the “WORLD” as I can before Jesus comes back for His Bride.
Everyone can receive faith to believe in Jesus because Jesus is most eager to see men
drawn unto the Father. Wouldn’t you want the highest return on an investment you made?
The highest return on the sacrifice of Jesus is in the highest number of souls believing in
Him and coming home to the Father.

This LOVE guarantees you a glorious life, forever.

The verse talks about life more abundantly and what can I say? Glorious life as God Himself
has it is our benefit because of LOVE pursuing us and embracing us never to let us go
again. The Enclosed tape “The Vision of the Resurrected Life” says much more! Enjoy it!

No wonder it is said that it was not the NAILS that held Jesus to the Cross but LOVE did. He
had a choice to submit to God’s will or take the easy way out. He chose the more difficult,
more painful, more humiliating option – just because of His LOVE for me……..and YOU too!

Like I mentioned last month, our tenth Anniversary comes up on the 4 th of April, 2008! We
will be airing the Tenth Anniversary Episode on the 5 th and 6th of April depending on which
station you are watching on. Don’t miss it!

Always, do remember to fill out the Partnership slip indicating your monthly Partnership
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Love unfeigned,

Pastor Nkechi