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This book is a product of Initiative Romania.

In putting together the Media Fact Book we have used audience data and
information supplied by The Romanian Association for Audience Measurement
(ARMA), The Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation (BRAT), The Romanian
Association for Radio Audience Measurement (ARA), TNS-AGB Data Research,
Alfacont, GfK Romania, Mercury Research, IMAS, Initiative Moldova (Evghenii
Crecesco) ARBOmedia, netBridge, CableDirect, Hollywood Multiplex, International
Advertising Association (IAA), The National Audio-Visio Council (CNA), The
National Institute of Statistics (INS) and The National Bank of Romania (BNR).

Acknowledgements to the following members of the team who significantly

contributed to this book:

Octavian Popescu – Managing Director

Alexandra Olteanu – Buying Director
Anca Fieraru – Senior Research Manager
Doru Panaitescu – Director of New Media
Rodica Caraghina – Senior Outdoor Manager
Marcela Tuila – Senior Print Manager

INITIATIVE MEDIA S.A, Bucharest, 2007

All rights reserved

This publication is protected by copyright. No parts of this book may be reproduced

without the prior written consent of the copyright owner.

Readers should understand that the data contained in the Media Fact Book is as
actual and accurate as the sources could provide it.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and considered a valuable input for
the future issues of this book.
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About Initiative . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .9

Media Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .10

Media Research . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .14

Television . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .19

Radio . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .23

Press . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .26

Outdoor . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .42

Cinema . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45

Internet . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .48

New Media . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .51

Romania - Economic Landscape . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .52

Professional Associations . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55

Legislation and Taxes . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .62

CNA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .72

Moldavian Media Market . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .78

Media Dictionary . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .85

editor’s foreword

Dear reader,

The 10th anniversary edition of Initiative’s Media Fact Book, the unique Media Annual Guide available
on the Romanian Market is here.

2006 was a great year for the advertising industry in general as well as for Initiative. 33% rate of growth
is amazing for an industry which had been trailing behind its CEE neighbors for too long. However,
business organizations – local or foreign - in almost every domain are fighting to keep up the pace and
make the most of the moment. The cost of business is also on the rise, affecting the marketing industry
maybe more so than other industries. Bucharest has become on of the most expensive cities for
business in the region. Some business costs are at par or exceed the likes of Budapest, Prague or Sofia.
Yet, foreign companies and private investors keep coming in. And the media market is no exception to
this trend. Long gone are the years when the cost and the offering of advertising in Romania did not dare
to compare to that of Hungary, Poland or Czech Republic. We walked that distance and it is very likely
that we’d go beyond in a couple of years.
With the power of purchase on the rise, with a sophisticated consumer in the big cities, with so many
that offers so much it is no wonder that our industry will keep thrusting ahead.

So, despite the fact that sheer audience returns will keep falling as people get busier, spend less time
at home watching TV or reading thus very reluctant in offering their most valuable asset to the
advertising community, their attention, the cost and the number of channels to reach them will rise. And
so should our interest in new media, innovation and out-of-the box thinking.
The norm is dying.

We are adapting to the new world of entertainment, information management and interaction which is
Initiative’s definition of the media business going forward.

Of course, there will be more TV channels with smaller audience shares, more magazines with a handful
of readers, more newspaper look-alikes, more free sheets, new Outdoor formats and more clutter. Did you
know there are more than 500 websites (advertising friendly) in Romania – out of a total of 30.000 - that
generate some 900.000.000 page views every month being used by 46% of the Urban 50.000+, 14-64?
And the numbers grow as you are reading this.

For 2007 we predict a 34-35% growth of our media market size, to nearly half a billion euros net.

It’s gonna be fun.

Wanna join the party and find out a lot more? Visit us or drop us a line at

You’ve been reading this for ten years now.

Tell us what you think. We’d love to hear from you.

Please enjoy reading and…expect more.

Initiative Team

initiative 7
about initiative

8 initiative
about initiative

Initiative Romania is an affiliate of Initiative I n i t i a t i v e R o m a n i a offers added value:

Worldwide, part of Interpublic Group of Co’s Proprietary products:
(IPG). Along with other reputed agency • Media Landscape – quarterly analysis of
networks such as Lowe & Partners Worldwide, the media market;
• Media Fact Book – starting 1997, Initiative
Lowe PR and Brand Connection, all part of Romania is the exclusive publisher of this
IPG, Initiative Worldwide is a truly global media annual guide, unique on the
network, offering capitalised brain synergy Romanian market.
and worldwide negotiation power in more than • Developing its own wireless communication
portal for efficient and smooth information
50 countries on 5 continents. management
2006 was again a celebration year for Leverage media knowledge and understanding:
Initiative, marking 10 years of successful • Media training – Presentation of media
Media Fact Book. basics (terminology, methods) and on-the-
job training in Initiative’s office.
I n i t i a t i v e R o m a n i a started operations 13 years • Media PR – Initiative can provide media
coverage to PR events organised by
ago as the first true media management clients upon request and project specific.
specialist company in the market. Currently 2006 was a dynamic and successful year of growth
ranking 3 r d l a r g e s t m e d i a a g e n c y in Romania, for Initiative increasing our business by 65%.
Initiative focuses on offering its clients We put forward to our clients a solid team of
thorough b r a n d a n d m a r k e t i n g t h i n k i n g , experienced media professionals with a deep
‘ideation’, commitment on delivery and understanding of client’s marketing communication
measurable performance, tested expertise needs and advanced knowledge of efficient and
a n d k n o w h o w along with a constant creative planning and buying.
challenge of – almost – every norm.
We are committed to create value for brands
As of 2007 Initiative enhanced its digital by engaging consumers at best prices.
expertise and offering in order to take brands
closer to their evolving consumer and into the Find out more about Initiative Romania at
future of marketing communication., call at +4021 301 01 00
or write to us at
The client portfolio of Initiative Romania includes
high profile clients such as: Orange, Reinert,
Raiffeisen Group, Berlin Chemie, EuroGSM,
Johnson&Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline, Pernod
Ricard, MOL, Sarantis, Georgia Pacific, Beres,
Carrefour (galleries), Provident Financial etc.
Initiative Romania offers the full array of
media services: quantitative research, media
strategy, conceptual and implementation
planning, buying, and employing the best data
and optimisation tools available in the market.

Initiative Romania offers enhanced quality

standards through usage of top-of-the-range
proprietary tools developed by Initiative
Technology and Futures such as Improve 2,
Radar and MATRIX.

initiative 9
media market

The Romanian media market has been growing More TV channels launched, others announced
accelerated over the past few years, in terms of both such intentions. New dailies emerged along with a
volume and diversification. Advertising budgets have new trend of gearing more towards tabloid-like
increased at all traditional media channels as well as content in order to attract and keep an increasingly
in Internet, cinema and place-based or new media. volatile audience seeking primarily entertainment to
The development of research tools (audience, the detriment of news and opinion. It is interesting to
lifestyle, traffic and socio-demographic profile of observe the development of Internet publishing from
Internet users), buying and selling policies followed the major Press players. The business press offering
the same trend. as well seems to become more competitive while
finer targeted. Radio continues to grow and few
Graph 1: Total Ad-spend by medium successful networks got a clear lead in terms of
(Mil €, rate card) 2000 – 2006 audience and geographical coverage. Given the
increasing clutter and migration of audience, new
media is booming in all its forms: digital, indoor of all
sorts, digital TV, etc.

Subsequently the audience fragmentation continues

across all types of media; the number and types of
media channels addressing niche audiences is
increasing and manage to attract more investments.

• Ad-spend by medium
For 2006 the total net advertising volume is
estimated at 363 mil € (33% vs. 2005). Initiative’s
estimation for 2007 is 485 mil € net.

Looking at the gross ad spend (rate card), the total

market in 2006 was 4.156.4 mil €, some 37% more
than in 2005. Although the gross numbers are far from
reality, especially where TV is concerned, they allow for
an overview of media trends and top investors:
advertisers, categories and brands (see graph 1).

Source: Alfa Cont, TNS-AGB, Initiative database

10 initiative
media market

Romania is still, as expected given its stage of Graph 4: Ad spend by medium (rate card) in 2006
economic development, a TV-driven market. In
2006, the TV spends maintained quite a similar share
of total media, around 90% at rate card prices. In
terms of net spend; Initiative has estimated an
increase from 2005, to cca 62%. TV inventory was
sold-out in 2006 in all peak periods: March-June,
October-December, as a consequence of
continuously increased demand from advertisers on
the basis of a flat offer - at best - of GRP inventory.
This also affected the quality of placement where
longer ad breaks had been replaced by more breaks,
shorter in length, which led to a decrease in the
average rating inside the ad break compared to the
average rating of the program.

Graph 2: TV Ad-spend seasonality in 2006

Source: AlfaCont, TNS-AGB, Initiative

Press continues to loose share in favor of TV while

internet&cinema grew by 59% vs. 2005. Radio
increased as well but at a lower rate while other
media channels maintained their shares.

Ad spend relies on continuously developing research

tools measuring audiences as well as lifestyle and
consumption. TV, press and radio already enjoy
reliable, industry-standard measurement. Internet is
next in line to implement a standardized and reliable
measurement system in the near future.

As the measurement tools develop, buying and

selling media gets more and more reliant on
Source: TNS-AGB audience performance, resulting into better budget
Graph 3: Ad spend by medium (rate card) in 2005
TV buying is based on guaranteed CPP, while
press, radio and cinema on discounted rate card.
For outdoor, discounts are not pre-determined –
the final cost is negotiated based on the period of
the campaign and the number of sites rented.
Internet buying is based on cost-per-view and

• Top investors 2006 vs. 2005

From 1999 till 2006 the biggest categories were

mainly in the FMCG sector; however, some top-
spending categories switched places in 2006.
Beer, Cosmetics, Milk Products and Carbonated
Soft Drinks lost at least one place in comparison
Source: AlfaCont, TNS-AGB, Initiative with 2005. Starting 2006 the Mobile
Telecommunications category climbs 8th places
and leads the 2006 chart.

As for advertisers, P&G maintains the leading

position from 1999 through to 2006. 2006 brings

initiative 11
media market

European Drinks&Food in the second position in TV. Press is dominated by advertising for
and Unilever follows in the 3rd position. mobile telecommunication and automotive, while
in the top of radio spend - media, automotive,
Looking only at the 2006 advertiser’s chart, the mobile telecommunication products and retail are
top spenders invested most of their media budget the biggest.
Top 10 Categories in 2006 vs. 2005 - all media (TV, Press, Radio) - Rate Card Budget
2005 2006
Category Exp. (000'€)) Category Exp. (000'€))
Beer 184.735 Mobile Telecom. Services 233.465
Cosmetics 149.448 Beer 229.126
Milk Products 149.341 Cosmetics 216.487
Domestic Appl., Electric.&Electro. 145.859 Hair Care 206.192
Hair Care 129.279 Cars & 4x4 Vehicles 173.651
Newspapers & Magazines 123.913 Milk Products 172.267
Carbonated Soft Drinks 121.109 Medical & Optical Prod.& Serv. 163.145
Medical & Optical Prod.& Serv. 119.436 Hygienics 159.166
Mobile Telecom. Services 114.375 Laundry Products 150.956
Hygienics 104.923 Carbonated Soft Drinks 149.339

Top 10 Advertisers in 2006 vs. 2005 - all media (TV, Press, Radio) - Rate Card Budget
2005 2006
Advertiser Exp. (000'€)) Advertiser Exp. (000'€))
Procter & Gamble 161.010 Procter & Gamble 260.380
Danone 107.187 European Drinks & Foods 194.977
Unilever 98.309 Unilever 146.353
European Drinks & Foods 86.938 L'Oreal 138.409
Coca-Cola Company 82.334 Danone 124.600
Kraft Foods Romania 75.089 Kraft Foods Romania 114.570
Quadrant Amroq Beverages 71.606 Coca-Cola Company 92.963
L'Oreal 71.575 Quadrant Amroq Beverages 88.433
Henkel 70.969 Henkel 81.762
Nestle Romania 56.689 Nestle Romania 79.558

Top 10 Brands in 2006 vs. 2005 - all media (TV, Press, Radio) - Rate Card Budget
2005 2006
Brand Exp. (000'€)) Brand Exp. (000'€))
Danone 104.904 Danone 115.539
Nivea 45.263 Orange 71.165
Connex/Vodafone 43.594 Garnier 62.044
Orange 40.508 Connex/Vodafone 60.330
Pepsi 39.984 L'Oreal 56.561
Altex 34.418 Pepsi 53.112
Coca-Cola 32.957 Jacobs 51.405
Garnier 31.377 Cosmote 51.176
Elita 30.656 Nivea 40.599
Jacobs 30.392 Germanos 38.769
Source: AlfaCont & TNS-AGB

12 initiative
media market

Top 10 Advertisers in 2006, by medium - Rate Card Budget

Television Exp. (000'€)) Press Exp. (000'€)) Radio Exp. (000'€))

Procter & Gamble 257.620 Orange 9.009 Ringier 2.987

European Drinks & Food 193.689 Vodafone/Mobifon 8.811 Group Renault 2.926
Unilever 143.256 Convergent Media/Intact 8.317 Convergent Media/Intact 2.504
L’Oreal 134.810 Media Pro 6.741 Orange 2.289
Danone 124.268 Ringier 6.162 Vodafone/Mobifon 2.197
Kraft Foods Romania 113.984 Group Renault 3.839 Media Pro 2.094
Coca-Cola Company 91.567 L’Oreal 3.599 Tiriac Grup Auto 2.060
Quadrant Amroq Beverages 87.390 Tiriac Grup Auto 2.847 Romaqua Group Borsec 1.824
Henkel 81.479 Romtelecom 2.802 Carrefour 1.755
Nestle Romania 78.467 Procter & Gamble 2.469 Eurial Invest/Trust Motors 1.531
Source: AlfaCont & TNS-AGB

Perspectives 2007

Based on its thorough market knowledge Initiative The overall radio spend will maintain the high
predicts a 34% increase of the advertising market ascending trend (+26%).
in 2007 generated mainly by TV inflation, by the
development of new media/digital and OOH. The OOH market is expected to grow in
Telecommunications, Automotive, Banking & sophistication (research) and volumes (+16%).
Financial services, Food, Retail, as well as new The advertisers become more interested in this
advertisers in the field of B2B or B2C services will medium.
increase their advertising budgets.
Internet, Cinema and place-based media continue
Based on a TV demand that exceeds supply the the accelerated growth, cca +52% vs 2006.
TV cost will increase in 2007. Expected TV
market growth is 45%. The overall growth of the Romanian economy will
continue and this will undoubtedly reflect upon the
The press market continues the consolidation offering of goods and services and the continuing
process under the umbrella of major International consumer education, where advertising and
publishing groups, yet fragmentation of audience promotion have an important role.
continues. The overall ad spend growth is
forecasted at 8%.

initiative 13
media research

Research is increasingly developing reflecting the in private households having at least one TV set,
sophistication of the advertising and media tools and without distinction based on race, language,
processes. Started just a few years back, local nationality or socio-economic status.
research tends to get aligned to European standards. The national panel includes 1.150 HH’s, (cca 3.000
Reliable and complex audience measurement, individuals) and representative as such for the total
industry-standard studies have been already population of 21.6 million.
established for television, press and radio. The size and the composition of the universe is
annually established through Establishment
• October 2001: the launch of the national TV Surveys.
people meter system. There are control procedures aimed to ensure the
• October 2002: the launch of the National panel is according to standards:
Readership Survey (SNA) for press.
• 2003: IMAS and Mercury Research were • The panel activity has been developed with the
appointed to deliver radio audience data. supervision of the Members’ Technical
• January 2004: the establishment of the new TV Committee (representatives of agencies, TV
panel based on 1.150 HH’s (vs. 750 initially). stations and advertisers).
• June 2004: the launch of the first wave of radio • Members are informed about the technical
audience data. parameters of the service (Panel Management
• October 2005: the launch of the first wave of SNA Report, Quality Report, Work Order etc.) on a
FOCUS (audience and consumption data). monthly basis.
• October 2006: the deliver of the first results of
SNA FOCUS Features of the service:
• November 2006: BRAT organised the first tender The households in the panel are equipped with a
for the technical solution of the future IAM. TARiS 4900 or TVM2 peoplemeter device (DFM
• September 2006 - January 2007, ARMA system). Where a telephone landline is not available,
organized the tender for the company which shall the polling operation is performed through GSM
provide SNMATV for ARMA members starting modems.
with January 2008. Minute by minute viewing data is delivered the
following day (by noon on workdays). The data for
Acknowledging the importance of media research in weekend is delivered on Monday and the data for
building a competitive and professional advertising public holidays is delivered the next workday.
market, Initiative is an active member of all relevant
associations supporting the implementation of Pollux is the systems employed for the management
audience research tools. Accordingly, Initiative uses of the TV panel. The system includes the following
all media research tools available as industry modules:
standard. • Panel management
• Data validation
• Quality report
1. TV
1.1. TNS AGB International – National TV Software:
Audience Measurement Service (SNMATV) InfoSys TV is an integrated analysis system:
In 2003, TNS and AGB Group, two of the largest • Daypart Analysis
TAM operators in the world created a joint venture. • Program Analysis
TNS AGB Int’l is the exclusive provider of TV • Commercial Monitoring
audience data on the Romanian market. • Audience Profiles
• Graphical Reporting
The data supplied by TNS AGB International • Planning & Optimisation
became the unique ‘currency’ used by television
stations, media agencies and advertisers in their TV Monitoring Service records and publishes
media transactions, given the reliability, detailed information on TV programs and
independence and transparency of the commercials aired.
measurement system.
The universe is all individuals aged 4 and over, living In the beginning of 2007 Audience and Monitoring

14 initiative
media research

data are available for 35 TV stations: TVR 1, TVR 2, • The application includes 2 major modules that
Pro TV, Antena 1, Antena 3, Euforia, Acasa TV, can be accessed from the main menu:
Prima TV, Kiss TV , UTV, Jetix, Discovery, MTV • Exploring Markets (target group definition and
Romania, B1TV, Realitatea TV, Minimax, TVRM, evaluation)
National Geographic, TVR Cultural, TV Sport, • Media Evaluation and Media Planning (media
Telesport, National TV, Pro Cinema, AXN, OTV, ranking, accumulation, duplication)
N24, Senso, Favorit TV, Hallmark, Atomic TV, Sport
Klub, Romantica, Kanal D, Antena 2, Eurosport. The main variables in the study are: age, sex, social
grade, area, and education level, shopping and
The Monitoring System is designed to record, store consumption behaviour, HH composition, children in
and digitally processes the transmissions of all TV HH, personal and HH income, HH expenditures,
stations. An archive of commercials is available at marital status, holidays, travel, ownership of mobile, where clients can view all the phone and home products, cinema attendance, PC
TV commercials monitored since 1999. and internet usage, smoking habits, pet ownership.

2. PRESS The study is delivered on a quarterly basis.

2.1. BRAT (Romanian Audit Bureau of Data is available upon subscription and is limited to
Circulation) - National Readership Survey BRAT members. Audience data is available only for
Romania (SNA FOCUS) BRAT member titles.
In 2005, BRAT organised a new tender for the press
audience measurement. In May 2005 BRAT 3. RADIO
announced the research companies appointed to 3.1. The Radio Audience Survey (SAR) is a
continue the work for SNA for the next two years. The syndicated research program in co-operation with
survey covers 229 titles (82 monthlies, 19 bimonthlies, the Radio Audience Association (ARA). In 2003,
48 weeklies, 69 dailies and 11 supplements). IMAS and Mercury Research were appointed to
The SNA universe is based on a 22.500 sample, implement the new radio audience measurement.
14-64 y.o., urban areas inhabitants, living in private The new service is available since June 2004.
households and being able to understand and speak The frequency of the study is two waves per year:
Romanian well (includes the Hungarian minority). March - April and September - October (8 weeks
Only one eligible respondent per HH is considered. each), for a four-year period: 2004 - 2007.
The sample is wide enough to make data valid at
local level, as well. The data is gathered by face-to- The universe covers the urban population, aged 11+.
face interviews. The fieldwork is carried on The sample size is 11.000 individuals per wave
throughout the year and the number of interviews is totaling 22.000 interviews / year (universe
balanced by the day of the week. The questionnaire 19.295.174 individuals).
covers the following categories: Sample structure:
• Primary media (local, regional and national a) 11 regions (quite homogeneous areas identified
newspapers, supplements, magazines - 229 through a multifactorial cluster analysis)
titles) b) 4 categories of towns and cities (over 200.000;
• Secondary media (TV stations, radio stations, 100.000-200.000; 50.000-100.000; lower than
cinema, internet, outdoor) 50.000) = 219 totally (106 in urban and 114 in
• Topics of interest rural areas)
• General consumption
• Yesterday time budget Data collection is performed at the respondent’s
• Socio-demographics residence, on a printed questionnaire. The audience
The audience indices are calculated through the measurement uses the ‘Day-After Recall’ method.
‘Recent Reading Method’, the best methodology at Respondents are assisted to recall as accurately as
the moment, internationally recognised and used. possible the listening sequence from previous day.

The Software is Sesame. Sesame is software for The questionnaire, developed by IMAS, includes the
media and consumer insights analysis and planning. following sections:
Its strong points are:
• Easy-to-use tables a. Mass media:
• Quick data analysis - Primary mass media (the stations listed by ARA).
• Title ranking based on specific indicators The main stations to be measured are:
• Simultaneous analysis and optimisation for up to Romanian public stations (national, regional,
10 media plans local); Romanian private stations; This section

initiative 15
media research

also includes questions regarding stations’ years in other 4 European countries and is widely
awareness, radio reception equipment and radio accepted and recognised. It fulfils the IFABC
usage habits. guidelines regarding the traffic measurement.

b. Mobile/PC/Internet usage (necessary for an The results for the traffic measurement will be
accurate audience segmenting): available for the first time in June 2007. BRAT will
provide to the members an application, available
c. Consumption and purchase behavior (necessary online, for the usage of these data.
for an accurate audience profile):
- Purchase intention regarding durable goods in The results for the audience and profiles of the
the next 12 months websites will be available for the first time in autumn
- Alcoholic beverages consumption 2007. The audience and profile results of the
websites will be available to the member through a
d. Socio-demographic: specialized media planning software.
- Respondent’s socio-demographic characteristics
- Household characteristics B. CONSUMPTION & LIFESTYLE RESEARCH

The processing and analysis of audience data is SNA FOCUS

performed with a specialized application of IMAS,
MasoR.7. The audience segmentation considers all In 2003 BRAT decided to develop a consumption
the variables in the questionnaire on the basis of survey based on the already established SNA
which the user can build specific target groups. research. SNA FOCUS field research was launched
in October 2005 and the first results were delivered
4. OUTDOOR in October 2006, thus replacing the TGI® service
A reliable, standardised measurement system is not (former consumer lifestyle survey). SNA FOCUS is a
available yet. The main OOH suppliers subscribed to syndicated research, controlled by the advertising
BRAT in order to establish an OOH department industry (BRAT).
within this organisation. This department will decide
about a specialised study, tailored to the market The research objectives reached by SNA FOCUS:
needs depending on the degree in which all parties obtain comprehensive information about media
interested join forces to start this endeavour. penetration, products and services purchase/usage
patterns and the socio-cultural behaviour. Types of
5. INTERNET media analysed: print, radio, TV, internet, cinema
The BRAT members working in the field of internet and outdoor.
founded a new department inside the bureau, aimed
to produce an internet audience study. The Information:
objectives set forth for this new department are the • Penetration of print titles / media channels
objectivity of measurement and standardisation, • Qualitative data referring to usage behaviour,
finalised in a Internet Measurement System. The product and services consumption, including
future IAM will provide to the market the results for brands
the traffic, audience and socio-demographics profiles • Qualitative data referring to socio-cultural
of the websites included in the survey. behaviour
In 2006 BRAT succeed in creating a solid Internet
Department with more than 60 members, between The description of the target group permits the usage
them all the major players in the online industry. of socio-demographics, consumption behaviour and
psycho-graphic variables. The information related to
In 2006, BRAT organised the first tender for the respondents’ lifestyle: purchase behaviour,
technical solution of the future IAM. BRAT received 7 information habits and sources, their attitudes and
valid offers. BRAT was assisted in the tender values are available, linked to the media usage.
process by an independent consultant, Mr. Manuel
Sala – Technical Director of OJD Iterativa Spain. SNA FOCUS has the same universe as SNA survey,
BRAT chooses at the end of the evaluating process urban area living people, 14 – 64 years old. At the
the German company Spring as the supplier for the end of the SNA face to face interview, the interviewer
next years. has to ask the respondent if he/she agree to fill in
another questionnaire, the consumption one
The method used for measuring the traffic, audience (FOCUS). The FOCUS questionnaire is self
and profiles of the websites is already used for many completed by the respondent; the interviewer had

16 initiative
media research

only to help the respondent to understand the way • 9 radio stations

the questionnaire has to be filled in and to collect the • 203 press titles (21 central newspapers, 69 local
completed questionnaire. newspapers and 113 magazines)

The SNA-FOCUS survey from BRAT will build the 2. MEDIA IMAGE – monitoring data for press, TV
complex profile of the specific media consumer in and radio.
one consolidated media resource. The research • Media Image Group is the only Romanian
combines media penetration data, product and monitoring agency that covers, beside the central
services consumption and with socio-cultural media, all the regional newspapers and
behavior. magazines in the 40 Romanian county capitals.
• The monitoring covers a total number of over 450
C. MEDIA MONITORING media channels (27 central dailies, 109
magazines, 301 regional newspapers, 9 TV
The services available with most of the specialised channels and 7 radio stations).
companies include: • The whole radio and TV broadcasts are recorded
• Advertising activity reports covering all media digitally and clients have access to the latest 14
(see each company below) days full program data. Media Image offers
• Special analysis reports: backsearch monitoring for a maximum period of
- trends, rankings four years in case of central newspapers.
- brand, campaign analysis • Beside English and French translations, all Media
- category, sector analysis Image Group reports allow access to all original
- producer, advertiser analysis materials (scanned articles, digital captures of TV
• Data reports: and radio news, talk shows). In parallel,
- at any level of detail customers have access to complete daily-
- for specific brands, products, categories updated web archives of their monitoring reports,
- for all selected media submitted to powerful search engines.
- for a specific day, month, year
• Campaign tracking: 3. MEDIAFAX – monitoring data for press, radio and
- monitoring and follow up on the implementation TV stations:
of any advertising campaign
Additional services: • Mediafax, the leading general and business
• Copy Service information provider in Romania, has been
• Early Warning Service: interested parties can be providing professional press clipping services for
informed about competitive advertisements just 9 years now, to more than 200 corporate and
gone on air, as early as possible. institutional clients.

The most important media monitoring companies are: • Mediafax Monitorizare, the specialized press
clipping department of the company, monitors
1. ALFA CONT – monitoring data for TV, press and more than 240 central, local and foreign
radio. They offer: publications, in both Romanian and English
• Detailed and summarized reports; languages, 10 national TV channels and 9
• Info regarding advertisers, manufacturers, national radio stations. Mediafax Monitorizare
brands, media names, reports regarding market also offers access to an archive of all press
cluttering (total ad minutes, number of breaks, articles monitored since 2001, through an
number of spots) etc; electronic interactive database, available online
• Copies of TV and Radio spots and programs on at
VHS video tapes or on CD
• Color and black and white copies of Theirs press monitoring products include:
advertisements on magazines and newspapers • Daily press monitoring reports – summaries and
(Xerox copies, scanned and/or printed) clippings of press articles published in the central
• Early warning service ( for new ads, different press, TV and radio newscasts
news or programs) • Daily local press monitoring reports – summaries
and clippings of press articles put out by over 140
Database starting March 1999 local publications although the country
The monitoring covers a total number of over • Event coverage reports - summaries and
227media channels: clippings of press articles published by the central
• 15 TV channels press covering a certain event

initiative 17
media research

• Media image assessment analyses – periodical

analyses, tailored to our customers’ needs,
assessing their media coverage both
quantitatively and qualitatively
• On-demand recordings of TV and radio
newscasts, talk-shows and programmes
• Transcripts of prime-time talk-shows

4. MONDATA Media – Outdoor Media Monitoring

InfoMONITOR software:
• 2 digital pictures for each side of a panel, 4
pictures in case of day and night campaigns
• High resolution, detailed pictures for each poster
and / or panel
• Pre-defined and / or user-defined reports for
each client
• High flexibility in selecting campaigns, panels –
multiple choices filters for selections
• Campaign monitoring results are delivered on
magnetic support (CD-ROM)
• Possibility to print out pictures directly from

5. EUROM MEDIA STUDIO – Outdoor Media

Monitoring – offers:
• Day and night monitoring, with 2 photos for each
monitorized side
• National roofing with monitorizing services
• Written reports with informations (about the day
and time when the monitorization was made,
about bilboard, poliplan and light status)
• Written reports about the client's monitorized
competition. Final reports are delivered on CD

Media Research Perspectives 2007

• Research remains an increasingly important tool

both for media owners, advertising agencies and
advertisers. It underlies the overall media
budgets and their respective allocation.
• The target groups are analyzed in a more
complex manner, beyond the traditional
demographic criteria. SNA FOCUS is the
research tool that analyzes the audiences from
the psycho-graphics points of views e.g. lifestyle,
brand and media consumption, attitudes towards
• The main 2007 event: In Autumn 2007 we will
receive the first results of BRAT Internet study,
which offers the data concerning audience and
profiles of the websites.
• Project 2007: IAB Romania intends to monitor
and to offer to the members data concerning
monthly consumption on on-line media (e.g.
general consumption on auto category etc)

18 initiative

Overview Sold-out inventory, clutter
Television remains the medium delivering the The number of TV advertisers respectively the
highest and quickest reach at national level, its number of GRP30’’ sold increased in 2006 by 8%,
penetration nearing 100%, acting as the main source generating clutter and sold-out.
of inexpensive entertainment for the overwhelming
majority of the population. The high clutter affected both Prime Time and Extra
Prime Time thus caused:
According to the Establishment Survey 2007,
developed by IMAS and TNS-AGB, the cable - Difficulties in keeping with the media plan;
penetration is 72% at national level and 84% in urban - Longer lead-times for booking;
area, one of the highest in the whole of Europe. - A decrease of audience inside the advertising
As the ad spend grew faster than the prices, a
dominant market feature is the frequent ‘sold out’ Subsequently, TV stations set out again to increase
along with abrupt escalation of clutter in the peak- the price increase significantly in 2007 (cca +45%)
periods, especially during Quarter IV. Consequently On the other hand, advertisers and agencies devised
another significant price increase laid in store for solutions to optimise exposure through quality of
2007 attempting to balance the decreasing inventory placement and alternative station selection.
against the explosive demand.
Graph 1: Advertising clutter evolution
New channel launches
In the past 12 months new TV channels were
launched making for a better targeting alternative or
complementing the major channels. They started to
be used in planning a lot more, according to the
needs of certain brands and advertisers. For
example, the share of spent (rate card) going to small
channels increased from 25% in 2004 to 48% in
2006. Also, the share of GRP30L (buying audience)
increased from 20% in 2005 to 32% in 2007 (Jan-Apr).
Leaders (as GRP30L) are Realitatea TV, National TV,
TVR2, Pro Cinema, Kiss TV and Antena 3.
Source: TNS-AGB
The trend will continue and accentuate in 2007.
There seems to be a significant price adjustment for Compared to 2005, the average no of TV
the thematic channels on the basis of increased advertisements a person (all urban, incl. guest) is
audience and volume of advertising. Certainly, the exposed to during the weekday, increased by 7.5%.
fine targeting offered by these channels would allow
some niche brands to be advertised there almost The average spot length used in 2006 is 25
exclusively. seconds, while the total insertions are grouped as
follows: 45% of 5"-20"; 48% of 25"-35"; 7% of
TV channels launched in 2006 and expected to other spot-lengths.
be launched in 2007:
Antena 2, Romantica, 9 Plus TV and Good Life Weekly TV clutter Daily TV clutter
Channel (lifestyle); Kanal D (generalist); Cinemax, Channels
2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
HBO Comedy and Movies 24 (movie); Anime+ and TTV 264 294 319 374 401 38 42 46 53 57
Kids Co (kids); Canal Teleshop and The Money Urban ProTV 85 88 99 99 103 12 13 14 14 15
Channel, WBS, The Business Channel and Fox incl. Antena1 67 66 68 75 78 10 9 10 11 11
Business Channel (business); Sport Klub, Info Sport, Guest
TVR 1 48 41 40 40 38 7 6 6 6 5
Eurosport and Sport One TV (sport); UTV, Kiss TV Acasa 22 32 40 55 52 3 5 6 8 7
(formely TVKlumea), VH1 (music). Prima TV 30 36 31 31 31 4 5 4 4 4

initiative 19

The audience inside the break decreased by 30-40% TVR1 ranks 3rd in terms of audience and
compared to the program audience. registers an abrupt growth during summer 2006
(due mainly to World Cup transmission) when
Graph 2: Audience variation inside ad-break (All, gets to the 1st place. Following the World Cup,
urban, 19:00-24:00) TVR 1 lost audience and returned to 3rd position.

The small TV channels also increased on some

segments, Realitatea TV (challenging Prima TV for
the 5th position), increasing its share in 2006 (by 7%)
mainly due to the professional news programs (in
partnership with CNN) and talk-shows.

Graph 4: Audience share evolution (All, urban, whole

day, 2006)

Source: TNS-AGB

Net TV budgets followed the ascending trends

established in the last years
The increase of net TV ad-spend (€) in 2006 vs. 2005
is estimated at 43%. Initiative’s estimation regarding
the net TV volume in 2006 is 223.8 mil.€. For 2007
estimated figures are net 324.5 mil.€ (+45%).

TV Viewing pattern Source: TNS-AGB

The annual pattern of time spent viewing TV has
remained constant, with peaks of viewership in Graph 5: Avg. rating evolution during the day / station
November - March at 5.5 hours/day. – All, urban (January – December 2006)
The time spent viewing registered in 2006 a slight
decrease (-2%). However, the average value is

Graph 3: TV Viewership / month, 2005 - 2006

Source: TNS-AGB

Pro TV (93% urban coverage) remains the leading

commercial channel in the urban panel. In 2006, new
entertainment programs e.g. Dansez pentru Tine and
Vacanta Mare, delivered constant high ratings. Still,
Source: TNS-AGB Antena 1, TVR 1 and Acasa TV managed to perform
better on some time intervals. At the same time, due to
TV Channels’ profile its programming, Pro TV delivers a good affinity
No significant changes from previous year. Leading against 18-49 y.o. target, being a good choice for
channels, in terms of audience, are Pro TV, Antena 1, many advertisers.
TVR 1, Acasa TV and Prima TV. The station’s target group is ‘18-49 y.o., urban’ also
used as a basis for its sales policy of guaranteed

20 initiative

GRPs. The local network currently includes 26 excellent choice for its upper profile.
stations: Alba Iulia, Arad, Baia Mare, Bistrita, Brasov,
Buzau, Bacau, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Deva, Acasa TV (89.5% urban coverage): Lacrimi de
Galati+Braila, Iasi, Miercurea Ciuc, Oradea, Pitesti, iubire (Romanian soap operas) was major hit in
Piatra Neamt, Ploiesti, Satu Mare, Sibiu, Sinaia, 2006. In many occasions this telenovela outscored
Slatina, Sighisoara, Timisoara, Targoviste, Tg. Mures successful prime time programs of other major
and Turda. stations. Popular South-American TV series are also
2007 brings decresing audience (mainly in EF and PT) a top choice among its audience.
and significant changes in programms structure (eg. Acasa TV broadcasts exclusively through cable. The
TEO and Vacanta Mare have been discountinued). large cable coverage in Romania is the reason for
Acasa TV ranks 4th in the top of TV channels.
Antena 1 (94% urban coverage) is the 2nd ranking Through the years, it developed loyalty amongst its
commercial station. Almost 50% of its programming audience. Still, beginning the last quarter of 2006, its
is based on local shows. Antena 1 has introduced audience dropped significantly.
new entertainment programs, acquired top movies Its programming and buying target group are
and refreshed its image. Some of the top-performing identical, ‘W, 15-49 y.o., urban’.
programs in Prime Time are Piata Divertis, Din
dragoste, Noaptea Erorilor, Genialii, and Ziua Prima TV (91.3% urban coverage) on the 5th
Judecatii. Their well-known audience buster Divertis position in the top of urban audience. Its top-
continues the undisputed success story. performing programs in Prime Time remain “Tradati
Antena 1 offers a wide range of local productions like in dragoste” and “Schimb de mame”. Even if
the soap operas „Secretul Mariei” and „Vocea inimii”; “Cronica Carcotasilor” remains a success story since
a sitcom „Fast Food”; fiction „Martorul”; animation 2002, a significant lost in audience occurs in 2006 (-
series „Animal Planet Show”. 11% on ‘All urban’ target). The channel re-positioned
The buying target for Antena 1 is ‘All, urban’. itself through a new visual identity and a new
The local network includes 22 stations: Sibiu, Pitesti, schedule focused on entertainment & sitcoms aiming
Ploiesti, Slobozia, Targu Mures, Targu Jiu, to attract a skewed feminine, young and upscale
Targoviste, Vaslui, Suceava, Galati, Iasi, Fagaras, audience. Its programming target group is ‘All, 15-44
Alexandria, Arad, Buzau, Cluj-Napoca, Alba-Iulia, y.o., urban’ while the buying target is ‘All, urban’.
Oradea, Deva, Braila, Brasov and Constanta. Arad, Further development of this channel is expected with
Fagaras and Buzau are affiliated stations. the support of holding group SBS.
In 2007 Prima TV sells GRPs based on 18-49 urban.
TVR 1 (99% urban coverage) is the main public
channel ranking 3rd in urban areas, delivering peaks National TV (84% urban coverage) was positioned
of audience through its successful programs based as ‘Everyone’s Television’, with programs aiming at a
on Valeriu Lazarov’s productions such as “Surprize- mass audience. The schedule is focused on movies,
Surprize” and “Cei mai iubiti”. Concerning football news and football. However, it seems that due to
transmissions like Liga Campionilor, Campionatul frequent changes in the programming policy and lack
European de Fotbal, TVR1 remains leader of of identity, building a loyal audience leaves to be
audience (1st place in summer of 2006). Its main desired still. This reflects in the advertising loading
advantage over Pro TV and Antena 1 stays in its under 100%. Currently, its programming target group
national coverage, including the rural audience. TVR is ‘All, 18-49 y.o., urban’.
1 sold GRPs based on urban target, while the rural
audience is delivered as added value. B1 TV (84% urban coverage) is still a small player,
In 2006 TVR 1 increased its share of budgets due to although it is part of the media-giant News
the exclusive broadcast of Eurovision and The Corporation. In 2006, its main programs delivering
Football World Cup. Its programming target group is audience peaks were “No Comment by Monica
‘All, 25+ y.o., national’ while the buying target is ‘All, Gabor/Columbeanu”, ‘Nasul’ talk-show and
urban’. Romanian old movies.
In 2007 TVR 1 sells GRPs based on 18+, urban.
Regarding changes at the program level TVR1 lost Kanal D Romania (71% urban coverage) is a brand
the National Football Championship to Kanal D. new mainstream entertainment channel launched on
18th of February 2007 by Dogan Media International,
TVR 2 (95% urban coverage) is the second public the Romanian branch of Dogan Yayın Holding
channel, with a focus on educational and cultural (DYH), Turkey's leading media-entertainment
programs addressed to a younger target (14-34 y.o, conglomerate, with operations in newspaper,
national). Its audience is still rather low but it is an magazine and book publishing, television and radio

initiative 21

broadcasting, printing and new media. market brands. Its target is 21-54 y.o, high income &
Centered on entertainment – locally produced or education, urban. For this channel PT interval is
acquired- , Kanal D Romania started with a mix of defined as follows 20:00-25:00.
classical formats for the Romanian market: Vacanta In 2006, Discovery Channel launched its new
Mare, the team of La Bloc sit-com as well as the exclusive Romanian feed (dedicated ad breaks,
broadcasting the National Football Championship - sponsorships and promo’s, unconventional
options 1 and 4. New entertainment formats like the advertising etc).
reality show NORA PENTRU MAMA and other In 2007 Discovery offers exclusive, new programs for
entertainment programs produced by top production the Romanian market.
companies from Romania and Turkey were
introduced as well. TV Sport (70% urban coverage) target Men, 4+,
The target of the station 18-49 Urban (both urban area and ProCinema (73% urban coverage)
programming and commercial) with the same buying target as Pro TV, are the major
sport, respectively movie channels. They are owned
Realitatea TV (88% urban coverage) is leader on and sold by Media Pro International (together with
the segment of News specialty. Its audience Pro TV and Acasa TV).
increased significantly due to detailed and qualitative
coverage of major social, political and economic TV Buying Perspectives 2007
events in 2006 and to its popular talk shows (“Cap si
Pajura”, “100%”, “Tanase si Dinescu” and “10 Fix”). The total net TV spend is predicted to increase in
Its programming target group is ‘25+ y.o., urban’ and 2007 by cca 45%.
its sales audience is 18+ urban area. 2007 TV parameters are estimated as:
- a drop of 10% in audience
MTV Romania (65% urban coverage), Kiss TV (TV - a drop of 6% in GRP inventory sold
Klumea) 55% urban coverage and UTV interactive - an increase of 4% in TV loading
television (37% urban coverage) are local music - an increase of 45% in CPP
speciality channels. Their main target is 15-34 y.o,
urban. Most advertisers’ budgets are expected to be
invested in the second part of the year (autumn -
Jetix, formerly known as Fox Kids, (61% urban when inventory is expected to be sold out). To limit
coverage) is the most successful thematic channel sold out consequences TV costs have increased
for children (4-14 y.o, urban area) together with significantly compared to 2006 while the stations’
Cartoon Network (60% urban coverage) and sales policy especially that of ProTV and Antena 1,
followed by Minimax (61% urban coverage). has been developed to include quite interesting
media packages:
National Geographic (75% urban coverage) • The local station network and speciality
launched its Romanian feed based on subtitled channels.
documentaries, with the possibility to insert • non-TV media such as Indoor, Internet, Cinema,
Romanian ads. Although the audience is rather low, Radio and Press.
its quality and loyalty are hardly matched by any
generalist station. In addition, the cost to advertise is
rather low which makes it a prime option for niche
brands. Its target is 20-50 y.o, medium-upper status,
Important note in relation to National Geographic is
the fact that the program feed that covers Romania is
not exclusive, thus including other countries as well.
It is therefore important to make sure that the TV ad,
subject of broadcasting, is copyrighted in each
country where the same feed is broadcasted,
according to the specs provided by the channel.
2007 brings sold-out periods starting in February.

Discovery Channel (78% urban coverage)

features a similar media profile as National
Geographic. Although the audience level is rather
low, the station offers a good environment for up-

22 initiative

Overview 2006 Summary
The commercial radio stations have a well-defined
position in urban area (targeting young people and Even if the public station Radio Romania Actualitati
adults, well educated, with medium and high (RRA) has nearly 100% national coverage and its
incomes) and continuously attempt to consolidate audience share is declining, still it stays the most
their position in rural area by enlarging technical popular in Romania. As of 2007 RRA has appointed
coverage, attracting new listeners, promotions, a privately owned sales agent for their advertising
sweepstakes, etc. sales (CLIR Media).
In urban areas, the leaders are two commercial
Over the past years the number of the radio licenses stations Europa FM and Kiss FM. Compared to
issued by CNA increased, so in October, 2006 there 2005, RRA and Pro FM’s audiences in urban area
are 623 radio licenses, where 3 have national decreased, while Radio 21’s and Antena Satelor
coverage. Just 87% of the radio stations licensed increased. Kiss FM and Radio 21 draw their
had started operations. Even so, commercial radio listenership from people aged 40 or less, medium-
stations cover 90% of urban Romania. high education and income, working, residing in
urban area. On contrary, people over 40 years of age
Top 10 owners of radio licences: living in rural areas prefer RRA, the public station.
1. SC SBS Broadcasting Media SRL with Kiss FM Radio 21 (Lagardere) takes the lead on the
and Magic FM - 57 licenses Bucharest market, while Europa FM (Lagardere),
2. ABC Plus Media with National FM and Favorit FM Kiss FM (SBS) are strong players on all the markets.
- 35 licenses Main radio shows (in terms of audience) remains
3. SC Canaris SRL with Mix FM – 34 licenses “Dimineata DeMenta” - Radio 21 and ‘Cronica cu
4. SC Compania de Radio PRO SRL with Pro Fm, Huidu si Gainusa’ – Kiss FM (both from Monday to
InfoPro, Pro Clasic – 30 licenses Friday, morning shows).
5. SC Audio Delta SRL with Micul Samaritean– 27 The growth of ad spends triggered by the increase of
licenses audience share led to frequent sold-out situations.
6. SC Realitatea Media SA with Realitatea FM and Private FM stations get the biggest share of
Guerilla – 27 licenses advertising budgets due to their fun, attractive
7. Mitropolia Moldovei si Bucovinei with Trinitas– 26 programs and flexible strategy e.g. packages with
licenses special discounts, involvement in BTL projects such
8. SC Radio Deea SRL with Deea – 23 licenses as concerts, contests, special events etc.
9. SC Radio XXI SRL with Radio 21 – 23 licenses Local radio stations are well represented and have
10.SC Minisat Telecom SRL with Radio Minisat – 18 good regional impact. They are either part of a larger
licenses national network, or simply local stations. These are
often used in promotions and product campaigns,
After years of extending their coverage and whenever advertisers go for geographically targeted
improving the programs, private radio market could campaigns.
be defined as completely developed. The following
years, we will witness a series of transactions, during Graph 1: Radio stations % Market share (All, urban)
which local stations will be absorbed/ assimilated by
radio networks.

2006 News

Starting 1st of February 2006 Radio Magic 90.8 FM

replaced Star FM (formerly Uniplus Radio).

In 2006 Intact Group launched Metropol 89 FM a

station for Bucharest focused on music and
information, and extended the network of Romantic
Guerrilla, Kiss FM and Magic FM extended their
networks, too.
Source: IMAS all 2005-2006

initiative 23

Graph 2: Radio stations % Market share (All, national) listeners are Weather News; Amusement
Programmes; Health Programmes; Horoscope;
Morning Programmes and Road News.

Radio gross ad spend

In 2006, total radio gross ad spends increased by
48% vs. 2005 while the net spend by an estimated
35%. Radio maintains its share (6% in the total ad-
spend). In 2006 Kiss FM (featuring a continuous
growth of audience share) was the station attracting
the biggest share of ad spend (29.5%), followed
closely by Europa FM (22.2%).

Graph 4: Radio ad-spend evolution 2005-2006

Source: IMAS all 2005-2006 (rank by 2006 figures)

Radio Romania Regional – aggregate stations

(Bucuresti, Cluj, Constanta, Craiova, Iasi, Resita,
Targu Mures, Timisoara).

Radio Romania Actualitati (RRA) remains the market

leader mainly due to its massive technical coverage.

Radio consumption
According to MASOR data (11+ y.o, national area)
the average time spent to listen radio is around 4.7
hrs/day in urban and 4.6 hrs/day in rural. In Source: Alfacont – MediaWatch (‘000 EUR)
comparison with 2005, the recent figures show a
significant increasing of ATS in rural area (+13%). Kiss Europa Radio ProFM Magic RRA Info Pro Guerrilla R.Total Others
During workdays a significant share of audience is Evol Evol Evol Evol Evol Evol Evol Evol Evol
made up by listenership while driving as well as while 55% 30% 70% 26% -16% -2% 68% 170% 9% –

at work. The percentage of the people listening to

radio at work is significant only for urban areas. In The Newspapers & Magazines remained the leading
conclusion, at national scale radio listening remains a spending category in radio advertising with the top
home-centered, family habit. In weekend TV is advertiser being Ringier still (26% of total spend in
preferred over radio. category). 2006 brings new entry in top 10 – “Auto
dealers and producers” (with advertisers like
Graph 3: ATS (min) - Radio listenership (All, national) Renault, Tiriac and Eurial Invest/Trust Motors), and
also out from top 10 in case of “Domestic appliances,

Source: IMAS all 2006

According to SNA FOCUS data (Jan 2006-Jan 2007)

– in urban area the main topics of interest for radio

24 initiative

Perspectives for 2007

The radio audience measurement system SAR (launched in 2004) continues to offer to clients and agencies
valuable information about performance thus effecting upon sales policies and planning.

The overall radio ad spend is expected to maintain the ascending trend (estimated net growth of 26%) despite
the relative constant share in total media market (approx. 5-6% from the net total).

initiative 25

PRESS established over the few past years:

The increase of net press ad-spend (€) in 2006 is
Overview 2006 estimated at 8%. Initiative’s estimation regarding the
The press market continued its development and net volume in 2006 is 71.3mil.€. For 2007 we estimate
consolidation, growing more specialised. Titles either a print market of 77mil.€ net.
get grouped under the umbrella of a big publishing According to Alfacont, the gross ad spend in press is
group or appoint a sales house to turn around their split between newspapers 51% (+23% vs 2005) and
sales performance. The market development magazines 49% (+11% vs 2005) of which monthlies
concerns both national and local press. and bimonthlies represent 56% and weeklies 44%.
It is noticeable that the number of supplements is
The development is reflected by the launch of new growing continuously (7% of total spend goes to
titles on one hand and by acquisitions on the other supplements) especially amongst newspaper titles:
hand. The major publishers increased their portfolio Businness, TV guide, Automotive, Arts, Cooking and
with titles in the following domains: business, women Art of Living are the main favourite themes among
lifestyle, shopping, leisure, lifestyle, home design, these supplements.
sports, automotive, etc. An obvious growth occurred in
the business area (real estate, insurance/banks and The publishers
retail) as a consequence of the economic Important international publishers are present on the
development. local market - Ringier, Edipresse, Sanoma Hearst,
However, the abundance of titles is not matched by the Burda, WAZ – as well as established local publishers -
evolution of circulation and readership which are MediaPro Group (Publimedia, Mediafax and Playboy
declining sharply on most segments, driving up the Romania), Intact, Saptamana Financiara, Ziua, etc. In
cost per thousand. May 2006, Realitatea Media takes over Catavencu
Group and currently owns: Academia Catavencu,
Attempting to consolidate their audience and to Tabu, Psihologia Azi, Aventuri la pescuit, 24-FUN, Idei
develop brands not just titles, in keeping with the in dialog, Cotidianul (daily), Superbebe, J’Adore,
European trend, the major Romanian publishers Bucataria pentru toti, Money Express, Business
created a web-world complementing the main media Standard, Bilant, Investitii si Profit.
product with a source of rapidly increasing audience,
often much bigger than that of the printed title. As an Some major publishing groups, such as Ringier and
example, the digital edition of Gazeta Sporturilor grew MediaPro have a wide range of categories in their
accompanied by,, portfolio: TV guides, lifestyle titles, business &, , economic titles, sports, top rated newspapers either
etc. Also, MediaPro Interactive will build the internet national or local, free sheets, etc. Other publishers are
dimension of the entire publishing portfolio, such as the specialized on certain categories: Edipresse – women attempting to become a major business lifestyle magazines, Business Media Group (BMG) –
portal. MediaPro Group has a portfolio of around 50 business magazines etc
web-sites plus new projects aiming to duble this Ringier, MediaPro Group, Intact and Realitatea
number by the end of 2007. Catavencu remain the dominant market players in
terms of both audience and advertising revenue.
One major endeavour of the industry that reflects the
maturity of the press market remains The National
Readership Survey (SNA) which evolved into SNA
Focus (a single source for press audience combined
with data about media habits and consumption
behaviour). The study is highly useful for all industry
players as it allows for more accurate targeting, efficient
budgeting and relevant media treatment. Reliable and
accurate data about circulation, audience and
consumption behaviour is available, helping the media
selection and planning process in a transparent,
practical manner. The data also allows most media
owners to tailor their sales policy according to the
audience performance and reader profile. Source: Alfacont
As a consequence the number of members in BRAT
and SNA is increasing. The obvious dynamic of the banking & insurance
Net press budgets follow the same ascending trend services category is due to mergers (eg. Unicredit

26 initiative

and HVB Tiriac, Wiena Staediche and line edition in July); Elle Decoration (September);
Unita&Agras/Omniasig etc) or to high increase in - Olivia was closed (March) and Deco Style (August);
press spend related to numerous banking products - Viva! Biografii (October) and Vacanta ta perfecta
being advertised (personal loan, mortgage, car loans became quarterly (December)
and SME loans). Thus ‘banking and insurance’ Burda Romania
became a top spending category with an increasing - Ioana Copilul Meu became Ioana Visul Copiilor
share of newspapers. The same tendency is carried (December);
on to the first quarter of 2007. - Launches/ re-launches: Burda (Romanian edition –
- Burda Monden; Locuinta Mea and Secretele
- Practic in Bucatarie launched in Rusia (March); -
Autoshow and Quatrorotte enters Burda’s portfolio
- Launched Unica Wedding (March) and Libertatea
Special Sanatate (October).
Sanoma Hearst
- Launched Casa si Gradina (September); Bine
pentru mine became Femeia de Azi (July); take
over and re-launches Femeia (October).
- Launch Target (May); Apropo (closed in October).
Source: Alfacont Business Media Group
- Launch Business Week (May); closed Class (April).
Women lifestyle titles attract the largest share of the - Extended B- 24- FUN’s network with launches in
gross ad spend in magazines, followed by Business Craiova and Mures bi-monthlies).
titles, Leisure & Travel and Home & Kitchen. Zile si Nopti
In terms of audience, among the 5 top scoring - Extended its network in 20 cities (weeklies and bi-
periodicals are DIY titles addressing topics such as monthlies).
cooking, home & garden. Other important categories in Other new publications: Prezent (January); Audio-video
terms of audience are TV guides, and sports titles. magazine (February); J’adore (February); Hipocrate
TOP 5 of magazines in term of audience (March); The Marketer (March); Le Monde Diplomatique
positioning (according SNA Focus Jan 06-07, target 14-64 (March); Expert Travel (June); Felicia (June); Galenus
y.o, urban area) (June); Laptop Magazin (July); Gorj Domino (September);
Net reach Net reach Readers Clever Travel (October); Kicker Sport Magazin (became
% (000) per copy weekly in October); Glamour (November); Light Magazin
Practic In Bucatarie 14.4 1305 4.5
(November); Luxury (December); Exclusiv (December);
Revista De Film Hbo 7.6 690 4
Monthly Practic-Idei Pentru Casa & Gradina 6.5 587 8.7
BBC Good Home (December).
Medicina Naturista 6.2 557 31
Bucataria Pentru Toti 5.9 536 n/a
Developments in Q1 2007
Tv Satelit 8.4 756 10.1 Edipresse
Lumea Femeilor 7.9 712 14.4 - Launched Elle Wedding (January) - annual;
Bi - Monthly Acasa Magazin 6.4 576 12.6 - Familia Mea Baby (January).
Ioana 6.1 554 9 Publimedia
Bravo 4.8 435 9.9 - Take over Media&Advertising from Mediafax and
Pro Tv Magazin 11.3 1021 12.2 re-launch in March as monthly supplements of
Libertatea De Duminica 10.7 964 4.8
Business Magazin; the same situation in case of
Weekly Gazeta Sporturilor De Duminica 9.2 835 26.3
Pro Sport De Duminica 8.3 749 14.5
Business Construct (re-launched in February as
Evenimentul Zilei De Duminica 6.6 599 14.2
monthly supplement of ZF).
Realitatea Catavencu
Source: BRAT - Launched Money Express (April).

Developments in 2006 Other new publications: Business women lifestyle

Edipresse Group (March); MTV Magazine (closed in February).
- Launches: Familia Mea (April); Computer Bild (on-

initiative 27
AVERAGE REACH (%) REACH ('000) CPT (RON), All urban
TITLE PUBLISHER BRAT DOCUMENT GROSS All urban All urban 1/1 page 4c
Catavencu Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 64.836 20.477 4.4 395 55.1
Trustul de Presa
Agenda Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 59.417 7.600 1.8 164 77.45

Autosupermarket Unionpress Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 18.502 7.572 0.9 78 8.67

Banateanul Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 10.892 3.206 0.4 37 193.66

Banii Nostri Media ON Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 19.654 2.042 0.8 68 194.29

Bihoreanul Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 5.215 1.304 0.5 46 118.44
Business Magazin Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 16.301 3.578 0.7 62 205.22

Capital Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 48.478 8.248 3.4 308 58.42

Clujeanul Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 8.187 1.810 0.5 49 147.18
Evenimentul zilei de
Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 51.073 13.351 6.6 599 19.15
Evenimentul zilei Ghid
Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 175.478 40.437 5.8 525 18.53

Fanatik Fanatik Media Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 34.088 12.559 1.8 159 127.2

Gazeta Sporturilor de
Convergent Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 56.710 21.541 9.2 835 54.58

Gazeta de Maramures Carp Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 4.000 743 0.4 34 n/a

Ieseanul Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 6.004 1.724 0.3 29 245.54

Jurnalul De Bucatarie Editura Intact Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 110.308 23.768 5.1 461 24.12

Jurnalul Casei Mele Editura Intact Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 76.923 12.986 3.7 337 33.01

Jurnalul De Colectie Editura Intact Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 99.120 16.056 4.6 412 n/a

Jurnalul De Sanatate Editura Intact Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 84.960 14.038 5.3 476 23.36

Jurnal TV Editura Intact Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 150.908 28.643 6.8 616 15.03

Libertatea de
Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 250.745 56.807 10.7 964 17.4
Libertatea pentru
Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 186.308 52.267 5.6 508 42.24
Libertatea de
Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 511.213 103.382 12.5 1126 15.56
Obiectiv Vocea Brailei
Double P Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 7.038 1.299 0.5 44 n/a
Pro Sport de
Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 72.375 23.080 8.3 749 13.91
Pro TV Magazin Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 103.800 27.950 11.3 1021 15.55

Publi Tim Publicompact Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 26.746 256 1.2 109 90.11

Saptamana Saptamana
Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 27.198 6.046 2.6 232 71.09
Financiara Financiara

Sapte Seri Kopa Publicatii Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 60.000 96 1.2 104 74.54

Star G Publicatii Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 67.120 27.009 2.1 193 41.94

Story Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 48.240 20.586 2.3 209 85.45

TV Mania Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 144.538 38.892 5.7 515 43.42

VIP Grup Management Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 37.682 9.656 2.9 261 51.64

Zau G Publicatii Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 54.231 30.553 0.9 85 93.67

28 initiative
Acasa Magazin Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 56.550 8.309 6.4 576 18.96

Autoshow Burda Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 14.858 1975 1.5 138 61.47

Bravo Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 68.846 9.490 4.8 435 20.79

Bravo Girl Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 60.077 9.771 3.3 299 30.25

Ciao! Revista Ciao Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 55.731 15.869 3.2 289 44.37

Cool Girl Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 60.769 11.841 3.3 302 27.86

Ioana Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 82.515 26.207 6.1 554 19.45

Lumea Femeilor Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 73.654 18.492 7.9 712 13.24

TV Satelit Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 95.308 21.460 8.4 756 13.14

Zile si Nopti Brasov Zile si Nopti Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 22.154 117 0.4 32 30.75

Zile si Nopti Cluj Zile si Nopti Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.000 55 0.2 22 35.29


Auto Motor si Sport MotorPresse Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 21.133 6.363 3.5 315 35.31

Autoexpert Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.050 3.442 1.5 137 56.43

Avantaje Edipresse A.S. Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 43.941 9.896 4.3 387 40.29

Aventuri la pescuit Editura Milano Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.683 4.671 1.4 130 69.51

Beau Monde Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 30.000 9.509 1 87 131.91

Bolero Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 58.455 13.868 2 182 68.28

Bucataria pentru toti Athanor Publisher Statement (Jan - Jul 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 55.766 16.449 5.9 536 16.22

Caminul Hiparion Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.500 6.499 1.9 169 59.82

Casa de Vacanta Casa Lux Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 16.000 6.068 1.5 135 54.91

Casa Lux Casa Lux Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 23.833 6.038 4.1 369 27.42

Casa mea Hiparion Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 16.542 3.190 3.9 350 28.89

Chip Computer & Vogel Burda

Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 31.083 11.260 2.4 219 43.15
Comunications Communications
Cosmopolitan Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 54.556 10.742 2.6 237 81.8
Descopera Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 23.871 7.557 1.4 128 93.37

Domus Hiparion Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 17.375 4.294 1.3 119 82.23

Domus Util Hiparion Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 24.333 5.454 1.2 104 38.87

Draga Mea - Ghid

Casa Lux Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 17.000 8.078 2.7 247 20.48
practic in viata ta

Elle Edipresse A.S. Certificate (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 26.074 4.574 1.8 166 84.98

EuroInvest Euroest Invest Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 26.000 0 0.4 33 223.34

Eva Magazinul
Maxim Publisher Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.000 5.245 1.4 122 74.29

Farmacia Ta Galenus Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 94.000 8.112 3.4 304 18.88

FHM Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 33.400 10.485 1.8 166 104.94

initiative 29
TITLE PUBLISHER BRAT DOCUMENT GROSS NO.OF All urban All urban All urban 1/1 page

Monthlies – continuation
Go4it! Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 18.751 490 0.4 34 350.14

Gradina mea de vis Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.917 4.176 2.2 200 33.71

Ioana Locuinta mea Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 13.667 3.859 2.3 205 32.92

Ioana Secretele
Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 21.000 3.512 5.7 517 18.24

Ioana Visul Copiilor Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 17.000 7.300 1.7 155 54.45

Joy Edipresse A.S. Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 44.783 6.493 1.9 171 64.27

Level Games Vogel Burda

Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 24.000 7.864 1.4 126 53.51
Hardware & Lifestyle Communications

Look! Edipresse A.S. Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 25.500 5.538 1.2 112 62.94

Mami Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 26.667 7.315 1.7 151 65.58

Medicina Naturista Macri Press Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 26.108 8.130 0.9 83 177.68

Men's Health Burda România Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 24.500 11.178 6.2 557 13.37

Sanoma Hearst
National Geographic Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 24.643 5.890 3.8 340 56.99

PC Magazine Agora Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.765 7.869 2 179 43.15

Perfect pentru casa

Burda Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 12.417 5.635 0.9 82 81.98

Planul casei mele Hiparion Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 10.050 2.427 1.3 118 71.54

Playboy PBR Publishing Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 30.500 12.916 3.7 337 57.38

Popcorn Edipresse A.S. Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 43.500 5.822 3.8 344 19.6

Practic - Idei pentru

casa. gradina. Casa Lux Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 90.000 26.558 6.5 587 14.36

Practic in bucatarie Casa Lux Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 359.167 66.236 14.4 1305 10.33

ProMotor Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 22.544 3.106 3.1 280 42.58

Psihologia Azi Brand Development Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 20.000 6.069 0.9 86 101.42

Revista de Film
HBO Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 169.833 0 7.6 690 22.87
Sana Edipresse A.S. Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 14.600 3.891 0.6 57 105.82

Slab sau gras Galenus Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 32.000 7.084 0.7 64 52.95

Tabu Catavencu Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 27.650 12.261 2.5 224 72.77

Tonica Galenus Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 27.000 6.978 0.5 45 74.37

Unica Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 55.241 15.211 3.8 339 43.91

Viva Edipresse A.S. Certificate (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 27.250 6.969 2.4 213 56.28

Xtrem PC Romas Comercial Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 25.383 9.894 1.7 157 26.82

Source: BRAT & SNA Focus (Jan 06-07). The chart contains only the publications that are members of BRAT, have audience data
and/or circulation audit in 2006.

As expected, the high circulation titles have low CPT on ‘All, urban’, while the niche titles have higher
CPT. The CPT comparison is relevant only amongst magazines in the same category, addressing a
similar audience e.g. teenagers (Bravo Girl, Cool Girl), up-market lifestyle female audience (Elle,
Cosmo), automotive (Auto Motor & Sport, Pro Motor), male (FHM, Playboy) etc The following titles are
BRAT members, but not SNA members yet.

30 initiative

Adevarul Economic Adevarul Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 5.276 1.670

Apropo Publimedia International Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 28.150 13.435

B 24 FUN Bazar Media Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 60.000 22

Bazar Banatean Inform Media Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 16.290 328

Bine Sanoma Hearst Romania Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 77.313 35.482

Bucharest Business Week Anamcara Media Group Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 12.091 60

CamionSuperMarket Unionpress Odorhei Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 11.862 5.330

Gazeta de Sud - Ghid TV Media Sud Management Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 41.157 2.068

Gazeta de Sud ed de Duminica Media Sud Management Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 4.292 648

Indiscret in Oltenia Best Media Group Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 6.135 1.248

Jurnalul National de Duminica Intact Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 47.976 4.858

Libertatea pentru femei Ringier Romania Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 186.308 52.267

Monitorul de Botosani - ghid TV Mediapress Certificate Jan - Jun 2004 7.032 659

Monitorul de Vrancea - Ghid TV Trinec Serv - Focsani Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 6.346 1.088

Povestea mea Edipresse Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 45.769 6.371

Prezent Greek Media Group Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 18.409 11.226

Pro Sport de Duminica Ringier Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 72.375 23.080

Psihologia Azi Brand Management Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 20.000 6.069

Redesteptarea Redesteptarea Press Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 7.137 192

Sibianul Publimedia International Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 4.177 1.284

Sport Plus Plus Press Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 15.991 3.609

Ziarul de Iasi - Ghid TV Grupul de Presa Medianet - Iasi Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 14.746 2.457

Ziarul de Mures Aurliv GM Publisher Statement Jan-Jun 2006 3.880 780

Ziarul de Vrancea - supliment TV Nord-Est Distribution - Focsani Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 5.600 818

Ziarul Financiar Publimedia International Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 20.507 2.771


Business Adviser Apulum 94 Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 10.000 47

Cariere Editura Cariere Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 7.504 3.500

Communications Publishing
Computerworld Romania Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 4.125 0

eWeek Agora Media Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 7.000 0

Oblique Magazin Oblique Media SRL Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 100.000 0

Pont Inform Media Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 40.037 0

Sapte Seri - Craiova Kopa Publicatii Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 15.000 102

Sapte Seri Cluj Kopa Publicatii Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 20.000 99

Sapte Seri Timisoara Kopa Publicatii Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 20.000 100

Zile si Nopti Timisoara Zile si Nopti Brasov Certificate Jul - Dec 2006 10.962 204

initiative 31

100 Femei de Succes (annual) Ringier Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 78.000 21.717
300 cei mai bogati romani (annual) Ringier Certificate Jul - Dec 2006 114.721 44.175
Autospecial - catalog Burda Romania Certificate Jul - Dec 2005 19.000 7.072
Barbie Egmont Romania Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 25.000 5.608
Best Magazin Master Communications Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 6.200 0
BLU Sensiblu Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 150.000 0
Bucharest Cream of the Crop Creamvertise Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 19.167 0
Bucharest in Your Pocket IYP Romania SRL Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 16.667 41
Burda Burda Romania Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 17.000 5.360
Business Review Business Media Group Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 11.435 0
Carticica Draga Mea pentru copii Casa Lux Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 90.000 25.427
Catalogul Ultra Pro Computers K Tech Electronics Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 62.714 0
Ce se intampla doctore Publimedia International Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 38.619 12.741
Cinemagia Business Media Group Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 30.000 0
Colectia Carticica Practica Casa Lux Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 150.000 40.005
Computer Bild Edipresse A.S Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 19.333 6.228
Connect MTR Press Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 19.766 5.172
D.Sign Publimedia International Certificate Jul - Dec 2005 13.678 0
Deco Style Edipresse A.S. Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 13.200 5.568
Doxi CD Press Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 39.500 4.813
e-finance Finmedia Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 7.600 872
Familia Mea Edipresse A.S. Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 25.800 8.854 Press Pro International Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 8.400 30
Flacara Publicatiile Flacara Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 7.200 4.753
Food&Bar Business Publishing Group SRL Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 14.000 167
Hotel, Restaurant, Bar Expert Crier Media Group Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 15.000 208
Hustler G Publicatii Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 44.167 23.332
Ideal décor MC Media Agency Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 15.000 4.788
Idei in dialog Catavencu Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 13.300 6.116
InfoConstruct Infoconstruct Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2005 20.000 0
Ioana Horoscop Burda Romania Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 19.000 5.606
Lucru de mana (biannual) Edipresse As Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 20.000 3.878
Magazinul Progresiv Crier Media Group Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 26.000 260
Market Watch Fin Watch Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 10.000 0
Maxim PBR Publishing Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 21.067 11.570 Press Pro International Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 14.100 35
Misiunea Casa Leon Consulting Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 15.000 6.413
My City Bucharest (quarterly) AdVision Comp. SRL Certificate Jul - Dec 2005 30.000 0
Oferte Speciale Oferte Speciale Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 50.047 0
Olivia Edipresse A.S. Certificate Jul - Dec 2005 23.600 6.160
PC World Communications Publishing Group Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 14.651 7.221
Pharma Business Business Publishing Group SRL Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 16.000 140
Pharmakon Ruve Press International Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 17.130 0
Piata Business Publishing Group SRL Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 25.000 389
Princess Egmont Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 18.667 4.317
Psihologia Azi Brand Development Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 20.000 6.069
Rebus Publicatiile Flacara Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 60.000 18.146
Stop to Shop Tycoon Media Press Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 15.000 0
Supercar Supercar Certificate Jul - Dec 2006 13.620 4.338
Taifasuri Taifasuri Media Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 69.654 16.076
Tango Zada Media Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 25.000 10.708
Terra Magazin CD Press Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 130.613 4.804
The One Publione Media Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 22.883 10.876
Tonica Galenus Certificate Jan - Jun 2006 27.000 6.978

32 initiative

Atac Info Media Press Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 11.659 4.345
Averea Media Promovalores Certificate Jul - Dec 2006 44.583 16.930
Bucharest Daily News Daily News Grup Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 2.052 109
Curentul Dramiral Media Group Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 12.109 7.085
Jurnal Banatean Inform Media Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 7.350 512
Monitorul de Neamt Grupul de Presa Accent Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 3.394 307
Monitorul de Roman Grupul de Presa Accent Certificate Jan - Jun 2005 1.161 75
Obiectiv Vaslui EMI Press Publisher Statement Jul - Dec 2006 3.497 282
Observator de Constanta 2x1 Holding - Constanta Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 1.197 522
Societatea Argeseana Vasicos Media Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 7.262 1.507
Sport Total Frigo Media Publisher Statement Jan - Jun 2006 19.584 10.830

Source: BRAT

DAILIES In June 2006 Publitim migrate to Inform Media and

Gazeta de Bucuresti had the last issue in November
TOP 5 of dailies and supplements in term of 2006.
audience positioning (according SNA Focus Jan 06-07,
target 14-64 y.o, urban area) Developments in Q1 2007

Adevarul Holding
% (000) copy - Re - Launched Averea (March) as Click (with its
Libertatea 15.4 1389 5.1
supplement - Click de duminica).
Jurnalul National 10.5 947 10.2
Realitatea Catavencu
Dailies Gazeta Sporturilor 9.2 827 11.3
- Launched Business Standard (May).
Evenimentul Zilei 8.4 759 10.5
ARBOmedia increased their portfolio in 2007 with 1
Pro Sport 6.8 614 7.9
more local title (Replica Hunedoreana).
Libertatea Weekend 12.5 1126 2.6
Jurnalul Tv 6.8 616 4.8
Evenimentul Zilei Tv 5.8 525 3.6
Jurnalul De Sanatate 5.3 476 5.1
Jurnalul De Bucatarie 5.1 461 4.9

Developments in 2006

- Launched Compact free sheet (May).

ARBOmedia sales house extended its activity and

is the exclusive seller for a portfolio of 40 local titles
(Monitorul de Alba; Observator Aradean; Top Pitesti;
Ziarul de Bacau; Crisana; Monitorul de Botosani;
Monitorul Expres; Obiectiv Vocea Brailei; 24 de ore;
Buna ziua, Ardeal; Observator de Constanta; Gazeta
de Sud; Viata Libera; Semnal de Ilfov si Giurgiu;
Impact in Gorj; Gazeta de Hunedoara; Semnal de
ialomita si Calarasi; Ziarul de Iasi; Informatia de
Maramures; Zi de zi; Ziarul de Mures; Monitorul de
Neamt; Monitorul de Roman; Gazeta de Olt;
Republicanul; Monitorul de Prahova; Informatia Zilei;
Salajeanul; Tribuna Sibiu; Monitorul de Suceava;
Gazeta de Teleorman; Renasterea Banateana;
Acum; Obiectiv Vaslui; Gazeta de Valcea; Monitorul
de Vrancea; Uj Magyar Szo, Gazeta de Bucuresti,
Ziarul de Sibiu and Publitim).

initiative 33

TITLE PUBLISHER BRAT DOCUMENT GROSS NON-SOLD All urban All urban urban 1/1 page 4c


7 Plus N&V Press Group Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 19.770 8.689 0.8 74 181.16

Adevarul Adevarul Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 33.670 8.354 5 449 29.26

Adevarul de Arad Inform Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 24.261 395 0.6 58 168.76

Trustul de Presa
Agenda Zilei Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 4.809 664 0.3 29 122.16

Arad Expres Inform Media Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 14.883 0 0.4 39 203.04

Bihari Naplo Inform Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 14.257 457 0.5 43 183.63

Cotidianul Certificate (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 20.217 7.975 1.4 129 114.21
Anotimp Casa de
Crisana Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 9.227 797 0.4 38 156.18
Presa si Editura
Media Sud
Curierul National Certificate (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 7.211 1.996 1.3 120 109.25

Cuvantul Liber Inform Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 8.000 521 0.2 17 461.78

Editie Speciala
Editie Speciala Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 20.104 1.180 0.6 55 167.65

Evenimentul zilei Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 89.566 22.792 8.4 759 26.8

Szatmari Friss
Inform Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 10.636 490 0.1 13 607.99

Gandul Crucisatorul Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 40.170 9.702 2.5 226 63.8

Gazeta de Olt Click News - Slatina Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 2.443 136 0.2 17 233.43

Media Sud
Gazeta de Sud Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 31.248 1.240 2 181 105.79

Gazeta Sporturilor Convergent Media Publisher Statement (Jul- Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 103.822 28.558 9.2 827 27.31

Hunedoreanul Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 5.989 1.442 0.4 32 169.44

Impact in Gorj GNC Pres-Gorj Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 3.025 415 0.6 51 69.17

Solpress - Satu
Informatia Zilei Certificate (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 13.151 290 0.6 51 174.24
Informatia Zilei - Solpress - Satu
Publisher Statement (Jan - Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 3.029 377 0.3 32 141.11
Maramures Mare

Jurnalul Bihorean Inform Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.760 835 0.5 50 198.36

Jurnalul National Editura Intact Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 97.332 17.432 10.5 947 25.62

Libertatea Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 321.040 61.295 15.4 1389 18.16

Monitorul de Mediapress -
Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 7.151 446 0.7 62 105.61
Botosani Botosani
Monitorul de
Interpress Suceava Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 8.863 525 0.4 37 176.43
Monitorul de Trinec Serv -
Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 5.097 794 0.3 26 224.79
Vrancea Focsani
Monitorul Expres -
Monitorul Expres Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 2.493 435 0.3 26 194.61
Obiectiv Vocea
Double P Media Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 5.205 1.009 0.5 44 208.29

Pro Sport Ringier Romania Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 111.082 33.080 6.8 614 27.84

Timpress Timisoara Publisher Statement (Jul - Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 14.713 766 0.4 39 136.93

34 initiative

TITLE PUBLISHER BRAT DOCUMENT GROSS OF NON-SOLD All urban All urban urban 1/1 page 4c


Romania Libera Societatea "R" Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 70.195 13.801 3.5 320 52.19

Szatmari Friss
Inform Media Certificate (Jan-Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 11.156 482 0.1 12 660.03

Timis Expres Inform Media Certificate (Jan-Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 24.648 0 0.5 41 31.07

Timpul Inform Media Certificate (Jan-Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 9.227 964 0.3 27 297.75

Transilvania Expres Tipotex Brasov Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 9.554 1.414 0.7 62 173.42

Casa de Presa si Editura

Tribuna Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 15.938 603 0.9 85 107.98
Tribuna - Sibiu

Viata Libera Viata Libera Galati Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 10.428 885 0.7 62 235.74

Ziarul Ziarul C.N. Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 36.874 13.151 2 177 73.24

Ziarul de Bacau Mediabac - Bacau Publisher Statement (Jan-Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 2.353 741 0.3 24 238.05

Ziarul de Iasi Grupul de Presa Medianet Publisher Statement (Jan-Jun 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 11.837 1.726 0.4 39 334.54

Ziarul de Roman Nord Est Group - Roman Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 1.520 97 0.2 20 60.23

Ziarul de Vrancea Nord-Est Distribution - Focsani Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 5.141 685 0.2 14 301.14

Ziarul Financiar Publimedia International Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 20.507 2.771 2.1 190 96.73

Ziua Ziua Publisher Statement (Jul-Dec 06) Jan 06 - Jan 07 27.182 7.391 2.8 249 63.53

Source: BRAT & SNA Focus (Jan 06-07). The chart contains only those publications that are BRAT members, have audience data
and/or circulation audit in 2006.

Most newspapers came out with various Regional and local publications
supplements covering various topics such as TV Following the increasing demand for more efficient
guide, automotive, health, real estate, leisure, local advertising, most local titles improved their
lifestyle, home, decorations and architecture, finance quality and subscribed to BRAT.
and business etc. The TV guide supplements, Inform Media extended its portofolio at 9 titles
usually released with the Friday edition, are the most distributed in 6 counties (West region of Romania)
popular causing the newspaper circulation to double ARBOmedia developed its portfolio of local titles to
almost. Supplements are in keeping with the overall some 40 titles, thus offering quite significant
audience fragmentation trend. geographic coverage.

initiative 35

Local Titles
Informatia de Alba
ALBA Unirea
Monitorul de Alba
Adevarul de Arad Gross:24.261 returns: 395 Jul - Dec 2006
Observator Aradean
Nyugati Jelen
Arad Expres Gross:14.883 returns: 0 Jan - Jun 2006
Curierul zilei
Evenimentul Muscelean
Realitatea Musceleana
Buletinul Pitestenilor
Ziarul de Arges
ARGES Top Pitesti
Impact de Arges
Observatorul argesean
Argesul Liber
Arges Expres
Societatea Argesana Gross: 7.262 returns: 1.507 Jan - Jun 2006
Onesti Expres
Observator de Bacau
Ziarul de Bacau Gross: 2.354 returns: 616 Jan - Jun 2006
Monitorul de Bacau
Gazeta de Bacau
Jurnalul Bihorean Gross: 15.760 returns: 835 Jul - Dec 2006
Crisana Gross: 9.227 returns: 797 Jan - Jun 2006
Bihoreanul Gross: 5.215 returns: 1.304 Jul - Dec 2006
Bihari Naplo Gross: 14.257 returns: 457 Jul - Dec 2006
Gazeta de Oradea Gross: 2.756 returns: 744 Jul - Dec 2004
Auto Info
Realitatea Bihoreana
Informatia de Vest
Piata Bihoreana
Bazar Banatean Gross: 16.290 returns: 328 Jan - Jun 2006
Pont Gross: 40.037 returns: 0 Jan - Jun 2005
Jurnalul de Dimineata
Gazeta de Bistrita
Zile si Nopti
BISTRITA Atac de Bistrita
Monitorul de Botosani Gross: 7.151 returns: 446 Jul - Dec 2006
Monitorul de Botosani - ghid TV Gross: 7.032 returns: 659 Jan - Jun 2004
BOTOSANI Actualitatea Botosaneana
Jurnalul Dimineata Botosanilor
Jurnal de Botosani si Dorohoi
Obiectiv Vocea Brailei Gross: 5.205 returns: 1.009 Jul - Dec 2006
Obiectiv Vocea Brailei-Ghid TV Gross: 7.038 returns: 1.299 Jul - Dec 2006
Monitorul de Braila
BRAILA Arcasu'
Semnal de Galati si Braila
Viata Brailei

36 initiative

Local Titles
Transilvania Expres Gross: 9.554 returns: 1.414 Jul - Dec 2006
Informatia Brasovului
Gazeta de Transilvania
Monitorul de Brasov
Monitorul Expres Gross: 2.493 returns: 435 Jul - Dec 2006
Buna ziua Brasov
Pretul Zilei
Monitorul de Fagaras
Brasoi Lapok
Zile si Nopti Gross: 22.154 returns: 117 Jul - Dec 2006
Viata Buzaului
Jurnalul de Calarasi
Semnal de ialomita si Calarasi
Timpul Gross: 9.227 returns: 964 Jan - Jun 2006
Sud Vestul
Clujeanul Gross: 8.187 returns: 1.810 Jul - Dec 2006
Buna ziua Ardeal
Ziarul Clujeanului
Auto Business
Adevarul de Cluj
Gazeta de Cluj Gross: 4.075 returns: 1.590 Jan - Jun 2003
Saptamana Clujeana
Sapte Seri Gross: 20.000 returns: 99 Jan - Jun 2006
Monitorul de Cluj
Piata Imobiliara
Piata de la A la Z
Informatia saptamanii
Zile si Nopti Gross: 15.000 returns: 55 Jul - Dec 2006
Telegraf Constanta
Cuget Liber
Observator de Constanta Gross: 1.197 returns: 522 Jan - Jun 2006
Jurnalul de Constanta
Seara de Seara
Observator Covasna
Cuvantul Nou
Szekely Hirmondo
Jurnalul de Dambovita
Ziarul de Dambovita
DOLJ Gazeta de Sud Gross: 31.248 returns: 1.248 Jan - Jun 2006
Gazeta de Sud - ed de Duminica Gross: 4.292 returns: 648 Jan - Jun 2006
Gazeta de Sud - Ghid TV Gross: 41.157 returns: 2.068 Jan - Jun 2006
Sapte Seri Craiova Gross:15.000 returns: 102 Jan - Jun 2006
Editia speciala de Oltenia Gross: 20.104 returns: 1.180 Jan-Jun 2006
Indiscret in Oltenia Gross: 6.135 returns: 1.248 Jul - Dec 2006
Prima Ora in Oltenia
Cuvantul Libertatii

initiative 37

Local Titles
Viata Libera Galati Gross: 10.428 returns: 885 Jul - Dec 2006
Monitorul de Galati
GALATI Zile si Nopti Galati, Braila
Jurnal Giurgiuvean
Semnal de Ilfov si Giurgiu
GIURGIU Giurgiuveanul
Informatia de Giurgiu
Giurgiu Expres
Impact in Gorj Gross: 3.025 returns: 415 Jan - Jun 2006
7 Zile
Gorj Domino
Adevarul de Gorj
Informatia Gorjului
Obiectiv Gorj Magazin
Adevarul Harghitei
A Nap
Heti Hirheto
Uj Kelet
HARGHITA Vocea Muresului si Harghitei
CamionSupermarket Gross: 11.862 returns: 5330 Jul - Dec 2006
AutoSupermarket Gross: 18.502 returns: 7.572 Jul - Dec 2006
Harghita Nepe
Udvarhelyi Hirado
Cuvantul Liber Deva Gross: 8.000 returns: 521 Jul-Dec 2006
Hunedoreanul Gross: 5.989 returns: 1.442 Jul - Dec 2006
Gazeta de Hunedoara
Zile si Nopti Deva
EuroPiata Hunedoreana
Servus Hunedoara
Gazeta Vaii Jiului
Semnal de Ialomita si Calarasi
Tribuna Ialomitei
Jurnalul de Ialomita
Mesagerul de Urziceni
Gazeta de Sud-Est
Ziarul de Iasi Gross: 11.837 returns: 1.726 Jul - Dec 2006
Ziarul de Iasi - ghid TV Gross: 14.746 returns: 2.457 Jul - Dec 2006
Ziarul de Iasi - ghid IT
Ziarul de Iasi - ghid Auto
Ieseanul Gross: 6.004 returns: 1.724 Jul - Dec 2006
Evenimentul de Iasi
Opinia Studenteasca
Flacara Iasiului
Jurnalul de Est
Monitorul de Iasi
24 de ore

38 initiative

Local Titles

Gazeta de Maramures Gross:4.000 returns: 743 Jul - Dec 2006

Informatia Zilei Maramures Gross: 3.029 returns: 377 Jan - Jun 2006
(H) Ora Locala
De toate pentru noi
Jurnal de Vineri
MARAMURES Zile si Nopti Baia Mare, Satu Mare
Glasul Maramuresului Gross: 7.954 returns: 471 Jul - Dec 2005
Graiul Maramuresului
Piata de la A la Z
Banyayideki Uj Szo
Viata Maramuresului

Gazeta de Severin
Obiectiv Mehedintean
Jurnalul de Mehedinti
Piata Severineana

Ziarul de Mures Gross: 3.880 returns: 780 Jan - Jun 2006

Cuvantul Liber Tg. Mures
Zi de Zi
MURES Zile si Nopti
24 Ore Muresene
Vocea Muresului si Harghitei
Jurnal de Sighisoara

Monitorul de Neamt Gross: 3.394 returns: 307 Jul - Dec 2006

7 Zile
Realitatea Media
NEAMT Ziarul de Roman Gross: 1.520 returns: 97 Jul - Dec 2006
Monitorul de Roman Gross: 1.161 returns: 75 Jan - Jun 2006
Gazeta de Neamt

Gazeta de Sud - editie Olt

Gazeta de Olt Gross: 2.443 returns: 136 Jul - Dec 2006
Gazeta Oltului

Telegraf de Prahova
Monitorul de Prahova
Republicanul Gross: 2.011 returns: 435 Jul - Dec 2006
Opinia Romaneasca
Gazeta de Prahova
Informatia Prahovei
Agora Campus
Viata Prahovei

initiative 39

Local Titles


Graiul Salajului


SALAJ Gazeta de Salaj

Magazin Salajan


Informatia zilei Gross: 13.151 returns: 290 Jan - Jun 2006

Szatmari Friss Ujsag Gross: 11.156 returns: 482 Jan - Jun 2006
Gazeta de Nord - Vest

Glasul Satmarului

Tribuna Sibiu Gross: 15.938 returns: 603 Jul - Dec 2006

Sibianul Gross: 4.177 returns: 1.284 Jul - Dec 2006

Ziarul de Sibiu

Monitorul de Sibiu

Tribuna Sporturilor

De toate pentru toti

Topul firmelor din Sibiu

Zile si Nopti Sibiu


Informatia Saptamanii

Hermannstadter Zeitung

Obiectiv Sibiu

Sibiu Business

Monitorul de Medias

Monitorul de Suceava Gross: 8.863 returns: 525 Jul - Dec 2006




Obiectiv Suceava

Teleormanul Liber

TELEORMAN Gazeta de Teleorman

Informatia Teleormanului

Curierul de Valcea

Arena Valceana


Mica Publicitate


VALCEA Ziarul de Valcea

Gazeta de Valcea Gross: 5.141 returns: 685 Jul - Dec 2006

Monitorul de Valcea

Obiectiv Valcea

Viata Valcii

Vocea Valcii

40 initiative

Local Titles
Agenda (weekly) Gross: 59.417 returns: 7.600 Jan - Jun 2006
Publi Tim Gross: 26.746 returns: 256 Jan - Jun 2006
Renasterea Banateana Gross: 14.713 returns: 766 Jul - Dec 2006
Banateanul Gross: 10.892 returns: 3.206 Jan-Jun 2006
Uj Magyar Szo - national Gross: 8.516 returns: 3.840 Jul - Dec 2005
Redesteptarea Gross: 7.137 returns: 192 Jul - Dec 2006
Focus Vest
Zile si Nopti Timisoara Gross: 10.962 returns: 204 Jul - Dec 2006
TIMISOARA Sapte Seri Timisoara Gross: 20.000 returns:100 Jan - Jun 2006
Fotbal Vest
Bazar Banatean
Jurnalul Banatean Gross: 7.350 returns: 512 Jan - Jun 2005
Banat Business
Agenda Zilei Gross: 4.809 returns: 664 Jan - Jun 2006
Timis Expres Gross: 24.648 returns: 0 Jan - Jun 2006
Obiectiv Tulcea
Tulcea Expres
Obiectiv Vaslui Gross: 3.497 returns: 282 Jul - Dec 2006
VASLUI Pareri Tutovene
Monitorul de Vaslui
Adevarul de Vaslui
Monitorul de Vrancea Gross: 5.097 returns: 794 Jul - Dec 2006
Monitorul de Vrancea-Ghid TV Gross: 6.346 returns: 1.088 Jul - Dec 2006
VRANCEA Ziarul de Vrancea-Ghid TV Gross: 5.600 returns: 818 Jul - Dec 2006
Ziarul de Vrancea Gross: 5.141 returns: 685 Jul - Dec 2006
Milcovul Liber

Source: Initiative & BRAT

2007 Perspectives

• A number of rate card tariffs get switched from EUR to RON.

• The number of business dailies will grow (eg. Business Standard, etc)
• More newspapers will join the layout transition from bleed page to compact.
• Competition between top quality newspapers category (Cotidianul, Gandul, Ziua, Romania Libera), will
grow, as the newspapers are constantly revamped both in terms of layout and editorial. Promotional
initiatives are expected to become more sophisticated. Interesting and unique is Cotidianul’s promotion
where the newspaper is sold at a higher price on Monday and Wednesday but accompanied by books.
This promotion triggered a 150% circulation growth.
• A new trend emerges, the so-called „intelectual tabloids” which are high-circulation newspapers such as
Adevarul, Evenimentul Zilei and Jurnalul National seeking to boost their circulation through promotional
campaigns such as ”Win a president salary” (Evenimentul Zilei) or „Cash Mania” (Adevarul) etc
• The acquisition trend on local press continues, which started a couple years ago, continues. Inform Media,
MediaPro, WAZ and more recently German group EMI will continue to expand in this market.
• The free publications will continue their expansion.
• More and more publications understand to go digital (on-line editions, blogs, mobile phone content, etc).
SATI – BRAT, the new internet measurement tool will help media agencies and clients alike to use the on-
line magazine editions (especially on daily newspapers).

initiative 41

Overview A number of specialized, independent Outdoor
The increasing outdoor market was stimulated by the suppliers account for quite a significant share of
development of advertising market; the perspective market as shown at ‘Others’. Among the best known
of EU integration and by the imminent ban of tobacco are: Mistic Media, Wizard, Itineris, Amco, Media
advertising. The major tobacco companies (PMI, Communication etc.
BAT and JTI) increased their support of existing
brands and launched new brands. New entrants on The main OOH formats
the tobacco market also invested in the quest for According to SNA FOCUS data (Jan06-Jan07), the
quick awareness (eg. China Tobacco – Dubliss, main types of outdoor advertising observed by 14-64
Gallagher, Sovereign). individuals living in urban areas are large posters on
streets/buildings, advertising in bus shelters and on
The lack of inventory and the struggle of these transit vehicles. 6.5 mil persons are exposed for
advertisers for impact and differentiation were more than 3 hrs/day to outdoor advertising.
triggered the development of unconventional, special
projects, especially in core city centers. The The estimated total number of outdoor sites in
competition in terms of creative execution and the Romania is over 20.000. Usual OOH formats are
related production led to an increase in budgets classic billboard, backlit, citylight and bus-shelter.
invested in this type of campaigns. Regarding the urban furniture, only a limited number
of sites and models are installed currently by the
In order to absorb the budget increase the outdoor main OOH companies. The first in urban furniture
companies updated their existing networks by was News Outdoor with round poster stands and
transforming standard billboards in backlits or by prisms. News Outdoor also replaced the citylight
upgrading the size of their billboards (4X3 and 1.1X1.6m with a new, bigger one 1.2X1.8m. Still, the
5.04X2.38 become bigger). Also, they the mesh introduction of this new format of citylight on a
installation expanded rapidly across most cities. standardized market affects to some extent the
Despite this development, the demand could not be planning and production budget for citylight
met entirely. campaigns.

The main OOH spending categories in 2006 are:

Telecommunications, Tobacco, Retail and
Banking/Financial Services, Automotive. Starting
Jan 2007 Tobacco advertising is banned but the
remaining inventory has been already booked by
other clients expanding their OOH investment.

The estimated net value of the Outdoor market

(media only) in 2006 was is 39 mil.€, a 30% increase
compared to 2005 (Initiative’s estimation). For 2007
we predict an increase of 15%.

According to statements gathered from major OOH

companies active in the Romanian market, the
Romanian Outdoor market structure is:
• EPA Media (with Euromedia and Betacons):
44% market share;
• News Outdoor: 13% market share;
• Affichage (including Churchill View and RBN):
10% market share
• Klass: 9% market share
• Effect Media (property of Multireklama): 8%
market share
• Imperial: 4% market share
• New Age: 4% market share
• Others: 8% market share

42 initiative


initiative 43

Place-based media / Indoor Impression Graphics ROMANIA

Formerly operating as Hecht Romania, the company
The development of place-based media, mainly is now part of Impression Group, no 1 in Europe;
indoor, really took off in the recent years. Services include Outdoor digital prints; Outdoor
Media owners developed such networks in schools, Offset (up to 6 colours) / Screen-printing (up to 4
university campuses, medical centers, fitness colours); Indoor digital prints
centers, even in hospitals, in pubs and in business
centers thus offering a wide range of target touch- ELLERHOLD - Offset: up to 6 colours; Screen-printing
point opportunities. The main suppliers for illuminated signs (e.g. bus
OOPS network uses A3 formats inside the shelters, rooftops) and urban furniture are: Eltrix,
restrooms of restaurants, pubs and fast foods, being Klass Prodexport, Plasty-Prod, Arcomat and
the first to launch this concept. Aerocompozite.

Monopoly TV developed a network of plasma Developments in 2006

screens (with different type of display) placed inside
malls, major hypermarket and supermarket centers, - A notable rapid development of building-
pharmacies, clinics, airports, fast-foods (McDonalds, mounted ‘TV screens”. The number of suppliers
KFC) and gas stations. Also the development of had tripled over 2005. The main suppliers in this
retail banking offered the opportunity for plasma TV field covering Bucharest and the biggest cities
networks installed in bank branches all across the are: Phoenix, Efect, Media Advertising, Vision
country. Monopoly TV develops the system both in Media.
terms of content and interactivity with the consumer - The mobile affichage become more visible due
at the point of purchase introducing also the ‘digital to Mobil Affiche company whose vehicles get
poster’ in interaction with the mobile phone. busier with orders from various advertisers also
thanks to the possibility to use the vehicles for
Also interesting for fine targeting needs is the offer unconventional displays.
concerning advertising inside elevators at business - A syndicated outdoor study did not emerge in
centers and selected residential buildings. 2006. Yet the main suppliers offer their own
OOH production suppliers - EPA Media ordered the first research study for all
subway stations in Bucharest. The objective of
Over the past year, the Outdoor production the study is the measurement of efficiency for
registered a constant growth, major international advertising campaigns using this media channel.
companies entering the Romanian market. - Phoenix Media, specialized on TV screens
Subsequently the market could access more conducted a study in order to asses the city
efficient, and sophisticated production facilities areas with the biggest audience for this media
delivering innovation and improved quality. This support.
serves well the increasing market demand for quality - Affichage conducted an evaluation study for their
sites (e.g. meshes, cubes, backlit and special billboards as well.
Perspectives 2007
Last two years brought a significant increase in terms
of number of digital print machines (40 of them in - The following advertising categories are
Bucharest and in the big cities). Main production expected to intensify their OOH communication:
suppliers already had a wide range of print machines Banking and Financial Services;
with different resolutions, formats and materials (e.g. Telecommunications; Retail; Automotive
flat bed). - Street furniture is expected to develop focusing
on Bucharest in the beginning;
Main production suppliers: - The TV screen network will continue to increase
faster compared to all other outdoor media types;
A&M INT’L - Outdoor digital prints and Indoor digital - The authorities’ pressure to align to EU
prints standards will also increase the regulation of the
OOH market, (dimensions, placement in keeping
AVANTGARDE PRINTING - Outdoor digital prints with the urban planning requirements,
authorization, etc).
BIG PRINT - Outdoor digital prints

44 initiative

According to NCC (The National Cinema Centre) the decreasing trend recorded since 2001 continues in 2006
in terms of number of active cinema halls and number of tickets sold. Yet, the average price of ticket is thriving
(by almost 20%) in 2006 compared to 2005.
General 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006
NCC abs. val. abs. val. chg% abs. val. chg% abs. val. chg% abs. val. chg% abs. val. chg%
No of
active 259 230 -11% 191 -17% 155 -19% 85 -45% 73 -14%
Admission 5.726.248 5.316.388 -7% 4.527.054 -15% 4.002.349 -12% 2.829.563 -29% 2.777.000 -2%
Gross Box
Office 15.415.730 20.122.043 31% 22.451.583 12% 24.872.000 11% 24.423.454 -2% 28.280.000 16%
admission 0.26 0.24 -8% 0.21 -13% 0.19 -10% 0.13 -32% 0.13 0%
ticket price 2.69 3.78 41% 4.95 31% 6.21 25% 8.60 38% 10.20 19%
As expected, American blockbuster productions Media Pro Cinema (with Hollywood Multiplex
attracted the highest number of admissions Bucharest Mall, Hollywood Multiplex Lotus Oradea,
irrespective the year analysed, followed in order by and Cinema Pro) is the main market player, with
European productions, then Romanian ones. 47% estimated market share in 2006.

Graph 1: admissions evolution Hollywood Multiplex Bucharest Mall (10 screens)

remained the main market player, with 40% of the
total gross box office. Also, according to
( the number of
unique visitors of HM site increased permanently
(going for as much as over 100.000 visitors in the last
30 days). The most visited day of the week (on
average) is Saturday.

Hollywood Multiplex’s sales policy has several

• Audience Delivery Package (ADP) –
commercials are featured on all screens, at all
movies, with the option of excluding children’s
movie. Advertisers buy a guaranteed number of
Source: NCC – Yearbook Cinema 2001-2005 admissions which are monitored by the tickets
In 2006, Cinema accounted for some 0.21% of the • Film Package (FP) – commercials are featured
total net media spend (770.000 Euro according to at specific movies selected to match the brand
Initiative’s estimation). For 2007 we estimate a 30% positioning.
increase (around 1.000.000 Euro – net figures).
RADEF used in present just 39 screens from all
Main players on the market (estimated figures): 317 (the others are rented or closed). There is an
intention for 2007 to sell the entire network to a
Market Share% Admissions BO RON
HMO 32% 40%
single buyer. This state owned organization faces
Movieplex 24% 32%
multiple challenges in a decreasing yet
Cinema PRO 3% 3% competitive market and there’s a visible trend of
Lotus 5% 4% decreasing the number of effective running
Others 36% 21% screens.

initiative 45

Catalina Advertising is the main sales house for Profile of movie goers (SNA FOCUS Jan 06-Jan
this network. Catalina Advertising offers 10 first class 07 /Target 14-64 y.o, urban area by BRAT)
locations in seven cities and 18 second class
locations. • Only 13% of the population 14-64, all urban
went to the cinema in the last 12 months.
Cable Direct with Movieplex Bucharest (11 Concerning frequency of visits to cinema 75%
screens), the Glendale Network (Cotroceni- of the movie goers went to the cinema once
Bucharest, Tomis Mall-Constanta) plus some others per trimester or often.
in big cities such as Braila, Pitesti, Satu Mare, Zalau,
Iasi. In the fall of 2006, Cable Direct also lost an Graph 2: Frequency of cinema visits
important screen, Glendale Constanta.

Movieplex compete on the cinema market with

Multiplex. Concerning number of unique visitors is on 3rd place after and
(with 13.000 visitors in the last 30 days). The day
with the most visitors is Wednesday. As regards the
sales policy, Cable Direct is in position to offer more
competitive advertising packages.

Where the sales policy is concerned, Cable Direct

offers great flexibility to its clients, combining
packages where commercials are placed at all
movies for a guaranteed number of admissions, but • Cinema goers – main characteristics: youth (71%
also unique price per spot package. between 14-29 y.o); lonely (66% persons without
For the first time, Cable Direct offered its cinema partner); high education and income (35%
clients the opportunity to create an association with a university degree and 31% has over 150€ per
movie of their choice across different media including family member) see graph 2 page 47
TV, radio and Internet. • They are interested in traveling, new technology
and fashion see table page 47
All cinema advertising sellers offer their clients • According SNA FOCUS (BRAT) most of cinema
combined packages including the opportunity to goers (65%) usually go to a traditional cinema
advertise and promote off-screen. due to low incidence of modernized cinema
theatres countrywide and also because of a
• Hollywood Multiplex – sponsored premieres, lower ticket price. Still, going to a multiplex
special events (private broadcasting, product cinema increased at 27% in 2006 (the answers
launches, press conferences etc), product sampling DK/NA were not taken into account). Most
at the entrance in halls, mini-stands placed in the multiplex goers are young: 80% are 14-34 y.o.
hallway, posters placed in the Multiplex Hall or in Over 55% of them are women and 44% have
Shopping Centre Halls, branded program leaflets high social status (AB).
and cinema tickets, inflatable, stickers, banners,
spots on LCD, premium card partnership, interactive Cinema advertising split by industry
contests on the net (at etc.
• Catalina Advertising – places banners, Advertising categories do not change much as
posters, rents the available space for promotions compared to previous years. The biggest spenders
or other interactive programs are : Auto, Beverages, Alcohol (beer), Cigarettes.
• Glendale Network – offers nation-wide There’s plenty of room for new challengers who
campaigns, based on movie associations, both rediscovered the benefit of this captive audience:
on and off screen FMCG, healthcare, real estate, banking etc.
The seasonality of cinema goers directly influences
the seasonality of cinema advertising. The peak
periods are April - June and November - December.

46 initiative

Graph 3: Movies goers - profile (Affinity index)

Main Topics of interest Cinema visitors in the last 12 months

Univers (000) Affinity Index % Vert.

Tourism (Travels/Holidays) 895 128 75.3

Internet 827 204 69.5

Fashion/Beauty 808 121 68

Computer/Software/IT 807 181 67.9

Culture/Music/Theatre/Cinema 786 146 66.1

Sport Events 704 115 59.2

Science And Technique 678 130 57

Tests/Games/Crosswords 549 125 46.2

Auto Motor 544 132 45.7

Economic/Finance/Bank/Stock 499 127 42


initiative 47

Overview Key Internet clients in 2006
In 2006 the Romanian Internet market showed The major advertisers on Internet are especially from
strength and significant potential: Telecomm, Automotive, Banking and IT/Electronics/
- More than 30.000 Romanian websites Communication categories, with brands whose
generating more than 900.000.000 page views target is a frequent Internet user. FMCG advertisers
per month (source: also increased their Internet spend, a trend that is
- Computer sales evolution is encouraging: over expected to continue.
900.000 PC per year reported by EITO
(European Information Technology Observatory), CARS /
60% more than in 2005. TELECOM FINANCE AUTO IT TRAVEL
- Access to Internet is consolidating rapidly
through consolidation and sophistication of
provider companies along with continuous Romtelecom Bank Daewoo Nokia KLM
expansion of triple-play offers (TV, Internet and
Voice) for residential subscribers. Zapp Allianz Renault Microsoft Air France
- The number of Internet connections is steadily
growing, 135% versus 2005 Orange BRD Citroen Panasonic British
- Out of 3.3 million Internet connections reported Airways
at the end of 2006, aprox. 55% (1.8 million) are
broadband. Vodafone ABN Amro Romcar Canon
- Increased security over Internet and rapid spread
Finansbank /
of ‘plastic money’ has helped e-commerce to Cosmote Credit Porsche HP
develop. Today there are more than 400 online Europe
stores, totalizing yearly sales of 42 mil. USD
(according to Dot Commerce, Romcard). EuroGSM Banc Post Autoitalia Ultrapro

Online advertising budgets ING Group Chevrolet Phillips

Online advertising has grown its share in total ad
spend from about 2.400.000 € in 2005 to over BCR/Erste Midocar Sony
5.400.000 € in 2006. The predictions for 2007 are
about 8.5 mil. €
Internet is preferred mainly due to its select audience OTP Suzuki Samsung
(relatively younger, more affluent and trendier, with a
natural inclination toward experiencing and trial). Banca Honda IBM
Graph 1: Net adspend evolution – 2001-2007
Unicredit Mol


Source: Arbomedia

Amid FMCG advertising on Internet, Beer and Soft

Drinks are the highest spending categories followed
by Confectionery and Beauty products.

Interbrew P&G Perfetti

Brau Union Avon Finetti

2001: 100.000 € 2005: 2.400.000 € Coca Cola Unilever Dr. Oetker

2002: 200.000 € 2006: 5.400.000 € Pepsi ColgatePalmolive PizzaHut / KFC
2003: 600.000 € 2007: 8.500.000 €
2004: 1.000.000 € Source: IM estimation Source: Arbomedia

48 initiative

Top players in Internet sales Top 20 most visited sites according to (more
than half are news websites):
As compared to 2005, the market split is significant, • Download sites:,
more and more publishers invested big bucks in • News:,,,
valuable content, attracting bigger and bigger,,,,
audiences. 8 vendors share the market as compared,,
to 4 in 2005, and the number is expected to double • Portals:,,,,
in 2007.,
• Entertainment:,
1. Netbridge Investments – (monitors • Dating:
the traffic on Romanian sites, vendor for 100+ • Lifestyle:,
websites): inventory of 300 mil. pageviews • Business/Trading:,,
2. ARBOmedia (media sales house for 150+,
websites): inventory of 240 mil. pageviews • Sports:,,
3. Adevolution (online sales house for 100+ • Auto/Moto:
websites): inventory of 170 mil. pageviews • E-learning:
4. MPInteractive (Digital division of Media Pro – • Jobs:
biggest TV media group - owns 20+ websites):
inventory of 100 mil. pageviews Consumer insight
5. SMInteractiv (online sales house for 20+ Internet penetration
websites): inventory of 41 mil. pageviews 36% of population in urban area uses Internet, where
6. Media Café (online broker for Yahoo!, MSN 24% of them at least once a week according to the
inventories): inventory of 3500 mil. pageviews Internet Monitor survey of GfK Romania 2006 (all, 15+).
7. Rol Networks (online publisher with 30+
websites): inventory of 44 mil. pageviews Graph 1: Internet usage frequency
8. Internet Corp (online publisher with 5
websites): inventory of 45 mil. pageviews

Online formats & most visited sites

• Banners remain a widely used format: rectangle,

leader-board, full banners.
Although intrusive ad formats are a significant
draw-back for Internet consumption with negative
consequences for brand perception and future Source: GfK Romania Internet Monitor 2006
traffic, still some advertisers use them in the form
of: over-layers, automatic rollovers, sticky ads, The Internet penetration rate in Romania is 23%. By
interstitials, video. contrast, the highest penetration rate in Europe is
• Other formats used are: around 75% in Sweden and Norway.
- E-newsletters Concerning the location for Internet usage, “home
- Advertorials access” increases vs “access from public places”.
- Site and section sponsoring
- Site branding Place for using the
National Urban Area
- Online contests/games Internet Base: 2.727 internet Base: 2.208 internet
- Online sampling campaign, promotions with users users
temporary dedicated sites etc Home 52% 58%
Blogging is not yet critical for Internet campaigns in Public places 25% 23%
Romania due to low coverage/use and also due to Office 25% 25%
difficulties in designing and maintaining such Friends, relatives 15% 15%
campaigns. Some blogs of famous journalists have
School 10% 9%
begun to include online advertising, and there are
paid professional bloggers who attract small budgets University 5% 5%
for non-conventional online campaigns. Mobile phone 3% 2%
There are also contextual advertising formats Other places 3% 3%
available based on CPC model, still having a small
share (less than 1%) of the total online adspend. Source: GfK Romania Internet Monitor 2006

initiative 49

The Internet users in urban areas spend online some 2007 Perspectives
13.8 hours a week. The number is 12.4 hours a
week at national level. These numbers show a 46% - Main investing categories largely the same as in
increase vs. 2005. 2006: Telecommunications, Automotive, Banking
and IT/Electronics/Communication. FMCG,
Regarding internet usage purpose: news readers tourism and online shops expected to grow.
migrate to the Internet (12 of the top 20 sites are - Interactivity with the consumer is expected to
news sites). improve through special projects based on
promotion, newsletters, etc. Transaction-based
campaigns will begin to play an important role in
National Urban Area using Internet not only as a branding tool but also
as a sales outlet.
Internet usage - Contextual advertising is rapidly expanding
purpose - The number of internet publishers and vendors is
Base: 2.727 internet Base: 2.208 internet
users users expected to continue to grow in 2007
- Market and online ad spend monitoring tools to
be designed by joint industry comitees (BRAT –
Romanian IFABC, IAB Romania etc)
E-mail 61% 64% - Google entrance on Romanian Internet market
will affect positively online advertising share of
budgets, while competition between vendors will
Info about events 49% 50%
be affected by this big entrance in a - still -
emerging market.
Reading news 47% 49%

Chat 46% 47%

Info about jobs 26% 27%

Reading sport news 20% 20%

Interacting with 18% 19%


Check timetables 13% 14%

Reading forecast 13% 14%

Buying things 9% 9%

Stock exchange info 8% 9%

Banking services 4% 4%

Others 17% 16%

Source: GfK Romania Internet Monitor 2006

50 initiative
new media

With an increasing number of Internet and mobile valuable information for mobile users. Depending on
phones users, Romania is on it’s way in the new the technology used, these platforms either allow
digital world. The rapid ascension of “the digital downloading packages directly form Internet while
consumer” reflected by the Internet penetration others allow permanent connection where users
(23%), the 82% penetration of mobile telephony simply browse the necessary information by
(82%) together with an obvious change in lifestyle accessing various WebPages.
have caused a decline trend for traditional TV
audience. Mobile TV is a big challenge for mobile operators,
three out of four big mobile operators already have
New technologies emerge and although net reach is the service running. Only one of the operators,
still small, the trend is sharply on the up. Hence the Orange, has more than 18 TV channels available on
interest of advertisers which drives the market and mobile devices, while Vodafone has only 7 TV
the media spend. Among digital media channels stations. The late entrant, Cosmote, is rapidly
SMS/MMS, Bluetooth, Digital TV, mobile content and expanding this service using the top notch I-mode
mobile TV are already here and can be used for technology (trademark of NTT DoCoMo, Inc) in order
advertising. to catch up with the leaders of the digital ‘race’.

SMS/MMS is a widely spread activity for Romanian

mobile users. Advertisers use this opportunity so
SMS advertising is on the rise, however no
measurement data is available yet. While privacy
protection is arguable, SMS advertising is used as a
tactical component especially for “teen” and “youth”

Bluetooth technology enables advertisers to reach

customers in various traffic areas, such as malls,
university campuses and other places. Although this
high end technology is rapidly expanding, not all
users are aware of its usage and benefits.

Some pioneering campaigns using Bluetooth

technology proved that the opening rate is good
(more than 10%) and according to predictions, the
penetration of Bluetooth enabled mobile phones
shall grow in the following years. Two operators
(MVCom and ProxyCast) share this incipient market
with mobile units that cover certain high traffic areas
such as malls, big stores, university campuses or
even retail chains (Altex).

Digital TV is rapidly expanding in Romania: four

operators (IPTV, Boom TV, Dolce, UPC) and
targeting new houses areas (Romtelecom’s Dolce
service has the biggest communication budget and
the largest coverage), dealing with some 100.000+
customers. The growth rate is expected to skyrocket
over the next few years, while analog TV audiences
will decrease. TV-on-Demand has a very low rate of

Mobile content is rapidly gaining momentum: several

big websites already developed mobile platforms
allowing mobile devices to connect and provide

initiative 51
economic landscape


Romania – Geographical and administrative Graph 1: Population by age – evolution

Romania is the largest country in the Balkans and the

13th in Europe, with an area of 238.391 square km
(92.043 square miles).

Romania is a Republic, according to the Constitution

of 2003, the president being elected by universal
vote every five years for up to two mandates. The
two-chamber Parliament, the Senate and the
Chamber of Deputies, are the people’s supreme Source: The National Institute of Statistics
representative body and the only law-making
Labour Force 2002 2005
authority. Both chambers hold equal and
complementary responsibilities. The official Inactive population 53.8% 54.4%
language is Romanian. Since 1st July 2005 - Active population 46.2% 45.6%
National currency is Romanian RON Employed 42.4% 42.3%
(1 RON = 10.000 ROL). Unemployed 3.8% 3.3%

Bucharest Municipality is the political and Source: The National Institute of Statistics
administrative capital of Romania (1.940.486
inhabitants). Other major urban centres are: Iasi, Employment
Constanta, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, According to the data supplied by the National
Craiova, Galati, Ploiesti and Braila. Institute for Statistics, the unemployment rate tends
to decrease.
Based on the INS data the population was Graph 2: 2006 Unemployment rate evolution / month
21.565.119 inhabitants (90.4 inhabitants/square km
and 2.9 persons/household) of which 54.9% in urban
areas and 45.1% in rural areas. The decrease of
around 6% compared with previous Census (1992)
is a result of the population negative natural evolution
and of the migration abroad.

Life expectancy: 2005

Total population 71.35 years Source: The National Institute of Statistics

Male 67.86 years Salary

Net nominal average wage per economy in 2006
was 862 RON (about 245€). Compared to 2005, the
Female 75.06 years
net salary was by 16.8% higher.
Source: The National Institute of Statistics Graph 3: 2006 Medium net salary evolution / month
Romanian population is composed of Romanians
(89.5%), Hungarians (6.6%), Gypsies (2.4%) as well
as Ukrainians, Germans, Serbs, Turks (1.5%).
By religion, the population is predominantly Orthodox
(86.8%); Romano-Catholics is 4.7%, Reformats -
3.2% and other religions - 5.3%.

The population is primarily young, the dominant age

group being 0-44 y.o. (61.2%). Source: The National Institute of Statistics

52 initiative
economic landscape

ROMANIA – Macro-economical indicators Graph 6: Average inflation curve

Exchange rate
Graph 4: Average exchange rate evolution

Source: The National Institute of Statistics

Consumption market
Source: BNR In 2006 was registered an increase of HH spends for
consumption with 110% according “Consumer
Foreign investments Tracking Study of GfK Romania – FMCG ROL)
Foreign investment reached over 9082 mil Euro in In the Drink and Food classes - Juices, Instant
the 2006 (+74% increased). In 2007 FDI is estimate Coffee, Fruit Yogurt and Chocolate Tablets/Bars are
to decrease with around 25% compared to 2006 (in the products which registered the highest increase in
absence of major privatizations). The most attractive terms of volume in comparison with 2005. In the Non-
economical sectors remain like in 2006: Auto, food class – significant increasing are registered by
IT/telecommunications and Buildings (green-field). liquid Toilet Soap, Hair Shampoo, All Purpose
Cleaners and Detergents.
Graph 5: Foreign investments evolution
Investment in advertising vs. in-home
consumption for FMCG
Apart from building and distinguishing amongst
brands, in an emerging market as Romania where
the power of purchase is on an ascending trend, the
advertising spend contributes beyond doubt to an
overall growth for each category advertised.

Source: The Romanian Agency for Foreign Investments and

The National Bank of Romania

Inflation reached 5% in 2006 and was estimated
4.3% in 2007.
National Commission of Prognosis estimates the
next variations in comparison with the last year: 0.2%
- January; 0.5% - February; 0.8% - March; 1.21% -
April; 1.41%-May; 1.61% - June; 2.27% - July; 2.27%
- August; 2.48% - September; 2.99% - October;
3.81% - November; 4.3% - December.

initiative 53
economic landscape

January – December 2006: Advertising investments vs. in-home volume of consumption for Fast
Moving Consumer Goods

Graph 7: Advertising expenditure vs consumption per category

Source: Advertising expenditures – Alfacont; Volume of consumption - GFK Romania

Observation: in analysis were not included brand group and mixed communications (eg. the same spot/layout
for ground and instant coffee)

The consumption rose significantly for most products, mainly for some drinks and hygienics while few some
other food products lessened. As competition is fiercer each year, advertising spend grew skyrocket for certain
products such as edible oil, mineral water, toothpaste, detergents and shampoo.

54 initiative
professional association

Advertising professional associations promote the The IAA works for the freedom of companies to
interest of the industry either as a whole or that of a compete through responsible commercial speech,
certain domain. They support fair competition, and it fights for consumer choice made possible by
enforce good practice and ethics, implement and commercial speech which informs, inspires and
manage research tools as an industry standard and empowers individuals to raise their sights and reach
organise industry events and competitions such as for the life they want.
festivals, seminars, training necessary for a highly
professional industry. IAA Romania was founded in 1993 to serve the
Initiative Bucharest is an active member of all interests of the advertising industry in Romania. It
major industry associations: IAA, ARMA, BRAT, includes companies that advertise for their own
ARA and IAB. products/services, media and advertising agencies.
Its role is to promote in Romania the international
International Advertising Association (IAA) advertising standards and, in order to do this the
Association has achieved, in the thirteen years since
The International Advertising Association is a one-of- its creation, a series of significant actions. As a
a-kind strategic partnership which champions the trilateral forum, IAA provides an exchange of
common interests of all the disciplines across the full opinions between members.
spectrum of marketing communications - from
advertisers to media companies to agencies to direct On behalf of its members, the IAA is dedicated to:
marketing firms - as well as individual practitioners. • championing the freedom to advertise
responsibly without unwarranted restrictions in
The International Advertising Association has grown the overall market, or by specific product
from a tripartite organization (advertisers, agencies category;
and media) into a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership • fighting for consumers’ freedom to exercise their
which champions the common interests of all right to choose in a free market society;
enterprises involved in the branding process. The • continuously developing and implementing
IAA has become a brand champion because all programs designed to raise standards through
aspects of responsible commercial communications leading edge professional development for the
which contribute to a brand’ reputation need the marketing communications community of the
freedom to flourish without unwarranted restrictions. future.
• providing an effective worldwide network for the
Now, the IAA draws its members on a local, regional exchange of local market knowledge,
or global scale from enterprises and individuals that professional skill-set innovations and best
are committed to brand building, and value practices in brand building through a variety of
commercial communications as vital to the success communication platforms, which include a world-
of their business. class Website.
• advertisers • becoming the preferred portal/source for best
• advertising agencies practices in brand building communications;
• media companies • delivering state-of-the-art professional
• corporate communications development for the marketing communications
• marketing research companies community of the future.
• package/label design studios • encouraging the freedom for advertisers and
• sales promotion consumers to engage in the exchange of
• public relations personal information, based on mutual respect,
• interactive marketers and agencies which delivers added value to the individual;
• direct marketers
Membership Advantages:
The IAA is uniquely positioned to intercept emerging
cross-border trends before they become obvious, • global information on critical problems that affect
and to provide marketing communications advertisers and advertising agencies, media and
professionals with an international, multi-industry other related specialized services.
forum for the global exchange of knowledge, best • an international network of the marketing
practices, professional development, intelligence, communications managers, who can connect
experience and ideas. with each other for contacts, references.

initiative 55
professional association

• contacts with governments and/or other advertising for tobacco and beverages;
associations of the industry, in order to promote • IAA organized the “Positioning - Differentiate or
the advertisement’s and the free information Die” Seminar with the well-reputed Jack Trout as
flux’s value, to encourage the practice and the main guest;
acceptance of the advertising self-regulations. • IAA started a partnership with the Faculty of
• publications on critical problems. Communication and Public Relations within the
• professional development. Bucharest University;
• congresses, symposiums and conferences. The • The IAA Board issues a regular newsletter for the
IAA Global Advertising Congress is an members.
Association’s biennial summit meeting that won
the reputation of the world’s greatest • IAA School
communication and marketing managers’
meeting. - As the Romanian advertising industry
development is far beyond the marketing
A Board elected in 2007 currently runs the IAA's educational system capacity of providing
Romanian Chapter: professionals in this domain, the IAA
Romania developed the “IAA School” project
President: Felix T`taru (Managing Director, GMP); in order to build up educational programs for
Vice-President: Alexandra Olaru (Communications preparing individuals for the marketing
Director, Unilever SCE); communications industry of the 21st century.
Secretary: Cristina Simion (Managing Director, - The IAA School has a set of values and
Edipresse); standards, agreed by the entire Romanian
Treasurer: Cezar Dumitru (Senior Brand Manager, advertising industry and will benefit of the
Ursus Breweries); implication of the specialists and the
Programme Directors: practitioners in advertising, for a real training
Narcis Horhoianu (Associate Marketing Director, of the specialists.
Procter & Gamble Romania); Dan Petre (Managing - The educational programs in marketing
Partner, D& D Research); communications meet the IAA’s professional
Afrodita Blasius (Managing Partner, Bridge standards and will prepare students for
Communication); global marketing communications.
Diana Flutur (Managing Director, Odyssey
Communication); IAA Romania Office
Claudia Iacobu]` (PR Manager, QAB). IAA Romania has its own office space, allocated by
the Bucharest City Hall. The office has almost 500
Over the last years, the IAA Board undertook few sqm usable space and is located in a representative
important initiatives to the benefit of the entire location, in a historical building, situated in the
industry: downtown.
The administrative center has offices for the entire
• EFFIE Awards in Romania. – EFFIE is an annual IAA team and for the board members official
award presented to recognize the year’s most meetings, a library and archive for the IAA members.
effective advertising campaigns – campaigns The IAA School courses will be hosted in this
that have delivered superior results in meeting location.
the objectives they were designed to achieve.
Both RAAA and IAA jointly organized the EFFIE “How advertising works” book
Awards first edition, in 2004, followed by the IAA Romania will publish the “How Advertising
second and third editions in 2005 and 2006. Works” book for the Romanian market.
• The IAA representatives worked together with The original book “Wie werbung Wirkt” was originally
the authorities to revise the Audio-visual Law. published in Vienna in 2001 and it will be adapted for
The proposed amendments have been the Romanian market.
presented to all IAA members, for their input. The book will be distributed free to the opinion
• The IAA representatives worked close together leaders in communication, authorities and in
different advertising norms, such as: product with communication schools but it will also be available in
CNA on putting placement in reality shows, the the bookshops.
ban of medical endorsements in TV Source: Irina Iliescu, IAA
commercials, rules for advertising and
teleshopping, advertising for medicines and

56 initiative
professional association

The Romanian Audit Bureau of Circulation audit period. Through the Declaration, the circulation
(BRAT) figure may be made public before the audit and used
in negotiating the advertising contracts.
BRAT is a non-profit organization aiming to supply The use of the Circulation Declaration offers a
the advertising industry with accurate information on significant competitive advantage to the publications
press circulation figures and press audience. BRAT already having an Audit Certificate by using, under
has members among the major actors in the the BRAT authority, the circulation figures 8-9
advertising industry e.g. print editors, advertising and months in advance.
media agencies and their clients, selling houses. Based on the Circulation Declaration, the advertising
Beside circulation data, BRAT is able to provide agencies and the advertisers can build advertising
additional data such as press audience studies, strategies and allocate budgets using real circulation
outdoor and Internet studies etc. Currently BRAT has figures. The Circulation Declaration is recognized
211 members: 157 press publishers, 26 advertising internationally as an instrument through which the
agencies, 5 sales house, 10 advertisers and 13 web publications' current circulation figure can be made
publishers. public and exploited, being guaranteed that such
figures are monitored and will be audited for
The management of BRAT (since 16 March 2007) confirmation shortly.
consists of:
• Silviu Ispas (ArboMedia) – President b. National Readership Survey (SNA)
• Arina Ureche – General Manager BRAT It is carried out in compliance with the international
• Daniel Secarea – Print Audience Project Manager standards. The method used for calculating the
• Daniel Firez – Circulation Audit Project Manager audience data is the Recent Reading Method. The
• Adrian Motirlichie – Internet Project Manager main indicator is A.I.R. (Average Issue Readership),
representing the average number of persons who
Board of Directors – members: read / browse through a copy of a certain publication.
SNA includes 229 titles in total: 82 monthlies, 19
• Media agencies: Anca Fieraru (Initiative Media), bimonthlies, 48 weeklies, 69 dailies and 11
Laura Dobre (Mindshare), Dan Balotescu (Media supplements.
Investment) The SNA questionnaire includes questions regarding
• Magazines: Mirela Iordache (Burda), Szilard primary media (press), secondary media (TV, radio,
Meszaros (Edipresse), Claudiu {erban (Ringier cinema, Internet, outdoor), general media
Romania) consumption, purchase behavior, buying decisions,
• Central newspapers: C`t`lin Tolontan socio-demographic data etc.
(Convergent Media), Monica Popescu (Ziua),
Cosmina Noaghea (Publimedia International) c. SNA FOCUS
• Local newspapers: Grui]` Ien`[oiu (Solpress), BRAT published for the first time the results of the
Mihaela Rugina (Viata Libera) general consumption survey, named SNA FOCUS,
• Free copy: Alex Sandulescu (Bazar Media), in October 2006. SNA FOCUS is a complex study
• DSA: Marius Gheorghe (Media Investment). combining media consumption with products and
• Internet Department: Daniel Dragomir (UPS) services consumption.
The products and services consumption
Ongoing projects measurement is based on methods valid at
international level, which ensures information
a. Circulation Audit credibility, standardization, comparability and
The Audit Certificates include detailed information, independence. Combining circulation data, audience
on calendar months, regarding the printed copies, data and detailed reader’s profile, BRAT provides a
the sold copies, the copies given away for free, the comprehensive description for any print title making
copies sold through barter and the copies returned the planning job easier and more accurate.
for each audited publication. The survey includes more than 300 product
Starting on the first semester of 1999, the categories and deliver results for aprox. 3.000
publications for which the Audit Certificates had been brands.
issued submit a quarterly Circulation Declaration BRAT provides the data, based on specialized
upon own responsibility and under BRAT's authority. software, only to subscribers, DSA members.
The Circulation Declaration includes the most recent
circulation figures, the editors being granted the
opportunity to update such declarations monthly.
Then the figures are certified by audit during the next

initiative 57
professional association

Future projects Des Supports De Publicite (CESP) from France, in

order to conduct an audit regarding SNMATV. The
Internet Audit Department audit took place between 5th of October 2005 and 20th
The Internet advertising market evolved rapidly since of December 2005. The audit concerned the
a couple of years ago. Although the Internet construction of the panel, data production and reporting.
investment in Romania is marginal compared to
other media, the annual growth rate is stunning. The Association members – 2006:
Given the ascending trend of Internet, an
independent measurement becomes necessary. • 32 media&advertising agencies and sales
2007 will be the first year when BRAT will provide to house: Initiative Media, Grey/MediaCom
the market the results regarding the traffic and the Romania, Tempo, MindShare, Media Insight,
audience of the websites. This will create for BRAT a Media Direction, Media Link, Media Planning
new stage of development, being the first step for the Group, Team Advertising, International Media
advertising industry in Romania to gather all the Shop, International Sport Management,
strategic information about media in one single Optimum Media Direction, Zenith Media, Imager,
source. ARBOmedia, McCann, Carat Romania, FCB
Source: Arina Ureche, BRAT Bucharest, Optimedia, Starcom Media, Odyssey
Communication, Velvet Media, Media-Tique, DBV
The Romanian Association for Audience Media House, Cable Direct, Splendid Media,
Measurement (ARMA) CO. GE. P., Media Investment Communications,
Media Audits, Brand Connection, C.L.I.R. Media,
ARMA's main goal is to provide its members with United Media Services.
impartial, accurate and objective audience data for • 4 major TV stations: Pro TV, Prima TV, TVR
the Romanian broadcast media. 1 and Antena 1.
The Association is mandated by the industry to • 30 smaller TV stations: Acasa TV, TVR 2,
monitor the audience measurement research TVR Cultural, Realitatea TV, TV Sport,
(National Service for TV Audience Measurement – Discovery Channel, Jetix, TV Klumea, MTV,
SNMATV) in compliance with the international Minimax, National Geographic Channel, TV
standards and in full transparence towards market. Romania de Miine, B1 TV, National TV, Favorit
TV, N24, OTV, Senso TV, Pro Cinema, Euforia
Current management is ensured by: TV, AXN, U TV, Antena 3, Telesport, Eurosport,
Lucia Romaniuc (Pro TV SA) – President Kanal D, Etno TV, Romantica, Sport Klub,
Board of Directors – members: Cristina Florescu Hallmark Channel.
(P&G), Anca Molnar (Unilever), Giulia Burlui (Coca- • 10 advertisers: Procter&Gamble, Henkel,
Cola), Mihai Trandafir (Bv McCann), Oana Petroff Unilever, Nestle, Vodafone, Elite, Danone, Coca-
(MindShare), Mihaela Dumitru (Prima TV), Bogdan Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, Ursus Breweries.
Cernusca (SRTV) and Rares Anita (Antena 1,
Antena 3, Euforia TV), Lucia Romaniuc (Pro TV SA). In March 2005, ARMA General Assembly decided to
Also attend Board of Directors meetings: Mr. Mihail modify the Statute in order to permit to the foreign
Vartosu (Strategic Advisor Grey Group Balkans), Mr. legal entities to become members of the Association.
Nicu Laita (Team Advertising) – ARMA Technical
Committee President and Costin Juncu – In December 2005, ARMA General Assembly
Managing Director ARMA. decided to modify the Statute in order to create a
new category of members, respective “associate
Starting 2004 ARMA is the only owner of the members – legal entities”. In this category of
copyright upon the TV audience databases, as members are included all the legal entities which are
resulting from the contract with TNS-AGB not advertising or media agencies, TV stations or
International SRL on October 20th, 2003. The advertisers and which are interested in getting the
contract was signed after a public tender monitored SNMATV data.
by a Parity Commission (5 CNA members, 5
representatives of advertising agencies and 5 From September 2006 to January 2007,
representatives of TV stations) as stated in the Law representatives of the Association were members of
no. 504/2002. COMPAR (Paritary Committee) in charge with the
selection of the National TV Audience Measurement
In 2005 year, the Association has appointed an Service (SNMATV) provider starting with January 1st
independent auditor, respectively the Centre D’Etude 2008 till December 31st 2011.

58 initiative
professional association

ARA’s major goal is to use a different methodology in

The winner of the tender process is the company order to obtain: an accurate map of radio positioning,
GfK Romania which shall provide SNMATV for a continuous measurement of radio market; trends etc.
ARMA members starting with January 2008. The Source: Lacramioara Loghin, ARA
contract with GfK Romania was signed on February
15th 2007. Details about the tender process, the The Internet Advertising Group Bureau (IAB)
contractual provisions and about the new SNMATV
you will find on
Source: Costin Juncu, ARMA IAB Romania is a professional society, non-
governmental organization, apolitical, autonomous,
The Romanian Association for Radio established at the end of 2006, who aims to protect
Audience Measurement (ARA) and promote professional interests and investments
in the online advertising market in Romania, to
ARA was founded in March 2004. elaborate industry standards and to create a self -
settlement background.
The management of ARA (since 17 March 2006) IAB is a “must” for the internet advertising market’s
consists of: self-settlement, as shown by the experience and
examples of other countries. In other markets, IAB
• Nora Marcovici (Kiss FM) - President standards have led to a thriving level of trust shown
• Lacramioara Loghin (Kiss FM) – Executive by digital market advertisers, and a growth of
Director investments in online advertising as compared to
other countries – where implementation of IAB
Board of Directors – members: standards has been delayed.
IAB Romania is currently working on affiliating to IAB
• Radio stations: Marius Strambeanu (Europa (
FM), Carmen Petcu (SRR), Nora Marcovici (Kiss
FM), Marius Dobre (Pro FM) IAB Romania – main objectives:
• Media agency: Cristi Parvan (Zenith)
• promotion of interactive advertising industry;
ARA members: • implementation of international standards on the
• 15 Radio stations: SRR, Europa FM, Radio 21, national market (dimensions of banners – size in
Pro FM, Kiss FM, Magic FM, Radio Total, Radio pixels etc), recommendations size of files, actions
Guerrilla, Delta RFI, Radio Romantic, Info Pro, taking place within the banner, recommendations
National FM, City FM, Radio Deea, Radio Itsy- about pop-up, pop-under and overlayers,
Bitsy standards for counting actions of a campaign etc.
• 12 Media&Advertising agencies and sales • development and promotion of instructive
house: Initiative Media, McCann, MediaCom, programs for the advertising clients and for those
Starcom Media, MindShare, Media Insight, who wish to develop publishing projects or online
Zenith Media, Optimedia, Media Investment, services, for a better understanding and follow of
Tempo, Team Advertising, Clir Media. the basic guidelines of online advertising
• to conduct and sustain studies about efficiency
ARA’s main duty is to manage the results of the and power given by online advertising. Offers
Radio Audience Survey (SAR) run by IMAS and data and analysis – beginning with the universe
Mercury Research as assigned through a public of internet users and ending with the investment
tender organized by CNA in 2003. value (rate-card) in this industry, online campaign
SAR is established for four years (2004 - 2007). It measurement and evaluation methods,
provides audience measurement for radio stations at indicators of click-rates or conversion rates (lead,
national level, based on a sample of 22.000 action), actions for detecting click fraud (human
individuals / year. There are two surveys per year – or non-human actions, on purpose or not)
spring and autumn – with 11.000 interviews each. • to create and actively promote deontological
code of online advertising market in Romania.
Future projects • IAB Romania is currently working on affiliating to
IAB Europe, and is set to have a direct and
A new public tender will take place at the beginning extended collaboration with all local or
of this summer to establish the new research international similar associations which have
companies which will provide the Radio Audience common objectives regarding online advertising:
Survey for 2008-2011 period. IAA, BRAT, RAC, ARMA etc.

initiative 59
professional association

Managing Board of IAB Romania: sessions and workshops for the employees in the
industry are just a few of its initiatives. The
Subsequently to the General Agreement on the 23- association aims to build a communication platform
rd of November 2006, the following Board of for the member agencies that are selected on the
Directors has been chosen: basis of financial and service-providing performance.
President: Ovidiu Florea - managing director,
Media Investment RAAA's main objectives are to formulate rules
and regulations governing the activity of agencies
Board of Directors – members: and to help members improve their performance
Advertising clients and media agencies: • Exchanging ideas and projects that can lead to
Ana-Maria Bogdan - e-Business Director, Altex improved results for member agencies.
Oana Petroff - Managing Director, MindShare Media • Promoting the values of advertising
(WPP) effectiveness.
Cristi Parvan - Research Director, Zenith Media • Playing an important role as guarantor for the
interests of the advertising business in planned
Web Editors and media sales houses: or contemplated legislation within the area of
Mihai Seceleanu - Managing Director, Internet Corp interest to the advertising business.
Orlando Nicoara - Managing Director, MediaPro • Seeking ways of harmonizing procedures,
Interactiv systems, contract and other international issues
Val Voicu - Managing Partner, AdEvolution 2.0 to ease business between EU members and with
other countries.
List of members: Active Soft, Adactive Media, • Supporting the principal of self-regulation
AdEvolution, Altex Impex, ARBOmedia, Artmedia wherever possible.
Insight, Avantaj Net, Barracuda Networks, • Developing international educational
Convergent Media, Ejobs Group, Ethos, Gemius opportunities.
Research, HotNews, Imedia Plus Group, Inform • Setting up task forces to investigate these and
Media, InfoTurism Media, Initiative Media, Internet other specific projects and concepts of mutual
Corp, Ismart V.R. Consulting, Kinecto International, benefit to agencies, in particular in emerging free
Kondiment Service, LegalNET, Magnetique economies.
Marketing, Matrix Communications, Maximize Maintaining an open forum to discuss further ideas
Communications, Media Insight, Media Investment, and projects that may be of benefit.
MediaPro Interactiv, Media Direction, Metropolis
Network, Mindshare Media, Netbridge Investments, In present - over 35 of advertising and marketing
Next Advertising, New Media Agency, communications agencies operating in Romania, OgilvyOne, Online Sport, Publidif are currently in membership of the RAAA (141
Intex (ROM NET), Realmedia Network, Ringier Romania, ADDV Euro RSCG, Agency One
Romania, Marketing Communication, BAAS Mediaplus,
Rol Online Network, Senior Software Development, Babel Communications, Brands & Bears, BV
Splendid Media Interactive, SQUAD Media, Starlink McCann Erickson, CAP,
Media, Touch Communication & Media, Triumf Cohn&Jansen – Ashley, DDB Bucharest,
Doras Prodcom, Vodanet Media, Websens, Foote Cone&Belding, FOSS Advertising, GAV
Webstyler, White Image, Zenith Media. Scholz&Friends, Gavrila&Asociatii, Genius Advertising,
GMP Advertising, Graffiti BBDO, Grey Worldwide
Source : Romania, Headvertising, Leo Burnett&Target,
Lowe&Partners, Mercury Promotions, Notorious
The Romanian Advertising Agency Association Advertising, Ogilvy & Mather, OgilvyOne Romania,
(RAAA) Profil Communication Marketing, Prospero, Proximity
Bucharest, Publicis
RAAA (affiliated to EACA - European Association of Saatchi&Saatchi, Scala JWT, Spotlight, TBWA
Communication Agencies) was founded in June /MERLIN, Tempo Advertising, Violet Advertising,
2000, setting out to sustain the interests of the Young&Rubicam/Team Advertising). These agencies
advertising agencies, where the relation with the handle more than 80% of all advertising placed
Parliament and the advertisers' community is by Romanian agencies.
concerned. Organizing advertising festivals and
contests (Ad'Or, Effie Awards), seminars, training In November 11, 2005 RAAA voted to expand the

60 initiative
professional association

Board of Directors from 4 to 7 members (the decision the advertising field;

was taken due to the growth of the association and in - create a business environment similar to the
order to insure better representation). The next step European one, at least in where advertising is
- RAAA elects a new Board of Directors: Adrian Dura concerned;
of ADDV Euro RSCG – President, Radu Florescu of - following the obvious trend: self-regulation in the
Saatchi & Saatchi - Vice-President, Tereza domain.
Munteanu of Young&Rubicam/Team Advertising - Source:
Secretary and Victor Dobre of Scala JWThompson -
Treasurer. Board Members are Serban
Alexandrescu of Headvertising, Mihail Vartosu of
Grey Group Balkans and Ioana Iordache of Leo

Romanian Advertising Council

(RAC - Members of Alliance)

Romanian Advertising Council is a professional, non-

governmental, non-profit and independent
organization founded in 1999. It aims to develop the
advertising sector in Romania, to create and develop,
within the legal framework, ethical self-regulatory
governance in advertising in the spirit of fair
competition, to ensure consumers’ protection and
general public interest against negative effects of

Members of RAC:
• Advertisers: ABN Amro, Altex, Asociatia Berarii
Romani, Beiersdorf, Coca-Cola Company,
Colgate-Palmolive, Cosmote, Coty Cosmetics,
Danone PDPA, Elite, Glaxosmithkline, Heineken,
Henkel, Kraft Foods, Master Foods, Nestle,
Ozone Laboratoires, Quadrant - Amroq Berages,
Procter&Gamble, Telemobil, Terapia, Unilever,
Ursus, Vodafone, Walmark.

• Media: Antena 1, BV McCann Erickson, Dogan

Media, Grey/MediaCom, IAA, Lowe&Partners,
NetBridge, Pro TV, RAAA, Ringier, Scala
Thompson Communication, TBWA Bucharest,
Team Advertising.

Current Board: Mihaela Ungar of Colgate Palmolive

– President, Adrian Dura of RAAA – Vice-President,
Radu Budes of IAA– Member, Volodymyr
Semenikhin of Kraft Foods – Member, Roxana
Corha of Nestle – Member, Ecaterina Safarica of
Procter&Gamble – Member, Alexandra Olaru of
Unilever - Treasurer.
Concerns on the fair competition and information
leverage at governmental levels brought several
focus points for RAC activities:
- representation in relation to the state authorities;
- effective lobby;
- offer fast and effective legislative information in

initiative 61
legislation and taxes


1. ADVERTISING TAXES due the tax set by the present article, excepting those
• The Health Tax was first stipulated by Law no. advertising and publicity services run through written
467/2002 that modified and completed Government and audio-visual mass-media.
Ordinance no. 22/1992, regarding the financial support (11) The publicity run through written and audio-visual
for health protection. The legal provisions regarding mass-media, in the meaning of the present article,
the taxes borne by the companies commissioning corresponds to the activity of the advertising agents,
advertising campaigns for tobacco products, cigarettes according to the CAEN classification, which means the
and alcoholic beverages stipulated by Government publicity run though newspapers, publications, radio,
Ordinance no. 22/1992 were in force up to 1th January television and internet.
2007, when they were abrogated by Law 95/2006 (2) The tax set by the present article, named below the
regarding the reform in the health field, published in the tax for advertising and publicity services shall be paid
Official Journal. to the local budget of the administrative-territorial unit
where these services are performed.
According to article 363 letter c of Law 95/2006, the (3) The tax for advertising and publicity services is
legal persons that obtain revenues from advertising calculated by applying its % to the value of advertising
activities for tobacco products and alcoholic beverages and publicity services.
shall contribute with a quote of 12% from the value of 4) Its % is set by the local council, between 1% and
the revenues, after the deduction of the VAT. This 3%.
contribution represents an income to the Public Health (5)The value of advertising and publicity services
Minister’s budget. includes any payment, current or future, for advertising
and publicity services, except for the VAT.
• The Cinema Tax is settled by Government (6) The tax for advertising and publicity services is paid
Ordinance no. 39/2005 regarding the cinematography, at the local budget, until the 10th of the next month
published in the Official Journal no. 889/09.12.2002 following the validation of the contract for advertising
and modified by Law 328/2006. and publicity services.

According to article 13 of Government Ordinance no. Art. 271 - The tax for posting with advertising and
39/2005, the cinema tax is a contribution of 4% applied publicity goal
to the value of the advertising minutes bought from (1) Any person, who uses a billboard, a poster or a
public and private TV stations and that is added to this posting structure with advertising and publicity goal, in
price. a public place, owes the payment of the annual tax set
by the current article, towards the local budget of the
The cinema tax is due either by the advertising agent, local public administration authority where the
the intermediary company that buys the advertising billboard, the poster or the posting structure is placed.
minutes or the economical operator that acquires the (2) The value of the tax for posting with advertising and
advertising minutes. The advertising agent, the publicity goal is calculated annually, by multiplying the
intermediary company or the economical operator are number of square meters or the fraction of the square
obligated to provide the National Centre of meter of the advertising and publicity posting area by
Cinematography with a list of all the agreements the amount set by the local council, thus:
concluded, including their price and the name of the a) for a poster at the place where the person runs an
selling agents. economic activity, the amount is between 0 and 23
• The Local Advertising Tax is settled by the Fiscal b) for any other billboard, poster or posting structure
Code, valid starting 1st of January 2004, with several for advertising and publicity, the amount is between 0
modifications and completions. and 17 RON.
(3) The tax for posting with advertising and publicity
Chapter 6 - The tax for using advertising and goal is calculated based on the number of months or
publicity vehicles and material the fraction of month in a calendar year when the
posting is performed.
Art. 270 - The tax for advertising and publicity (4) The tax for posting with advertising and publicity
services goal is paid annually, in advance or on a quarterly
(1) Any person, who benefits from advertising and basis, in four equal instalments, until the 15th of March,
publicity services in Romania, based on an agreement June, September and November.
or other settlement concluded with another person, (5) Local councils can impose to those individuals who

62 initiative
legislation and taxes

owe the tax for posting with advertising and publicity who comes into contact with the advertising and may
goal to give an annual declaration at the speciality affect his economic behaviour, harming his interest as
department of the local public administration authority. a consumer, or that may harm a competitor’s interests.
According to article 23 letter b of Law 148/2000, the
Art. 272 – Exemptions breach of this interdiction is considered contravention
(1) The tax for advertising and publicity services and and it is sanctioned with a fine from RON 1.500 - RON
the tax for posting with advertising and publicity goal 4.000
are not applicable for public institutions, except for Law defines subliminal advertising as any
those cases when they promote economic activities. advertising that uses too soft stimulus in order to be
(2) The tax set by the current article, named below the consciously perceived, but that can influence the
tax for posting with advertising and publicity goal, is not economical behaviour of a person. According to article
applicable for a person who rents the billboard, the 23 letter b of Law 148/2000, the breach of this
poster or the posting structure to another person; in this interdiction is considered contravention and it is
case, the tax is paid by the latter. sanctioned with a fine from RON 1.500 - RON 4.000
(3) The tax for posting with advertising and publicity Law defines comparative advertising as any
goal is not applicable for those posters, billboards or advertising that explicitly or implicitly identifies a
any other advertising means placed inside buildings. competitor or its goods or services offered.
(4) The tax for posting with advertising and publicity Comparative advertising is prohibited only if at least
goal is not applicable for the billboards of power one of the following conditions is accomplished:
installation identification, warning or traffic a. the comparison is misleading, in the sense that it
announcements and any other public utility and may mislead the person whom it targets or influence
educational announcements. his economic behaviour;
(5) The tax for advertising and publicity means usage b. it compares goods or services with different
is not applicable for the posting on transport means destinations or purposes;
that are not meant for advertising and publicity through c. it does not compare, in an objective way, one or
their construction. more essential, relevant, provable or representative
features – including price - of goods and services;
2. Romanian legal framework on advertising d. it generates confusion in the market between the
advertiser and a competitor or between trademarks,
2.1. Law no. 148/2000 on advertising commercial names or other distinctive signs, goods or
The provisions of Law 148/2000 apply to the content of services of the advertiser and those belonging to a
advertising materials and advertising messages, competitor;
including those broadcasted as part of television e. it discredits or denigrates trademarks, commercial
programmes. Law’s purpose is to protect the names, other distinctive signs, goods, services or other
consumers from the negative consequences of activities or situations of a competitor;
misleading and comparative advertising. f. it compares products with different indications, in
According to article 5 of Law 148/2000, advertising is the case of products with a geographical indication;
prohibited if: g. it unfairly takes advantage of a trademark’s
a. it is misleading; reputation, of its commercial name or other distinctive
b. it is subliminal; signs of a competitor or the geographical indication of
c. it prejudices the respect for human dignity and a competitor’s product;
public morality; h. it presents goods or services as imitations or
d. it includes discrimination based on race, sex, copies of certain goods or services bearing a protected
language, social origin, ethnicity or nationality; trademark or commercial name;
e. it is offensive to religious or political beliefs; i. it violates any other provisions of the Competition
f. it prejudices honour, dignity and an individual’s
private life; Law no. 21/1996.
g. it uses superstitions, credulity or fear of persons; According to article 23 letter b of Law 148/2000, the
h. it prejudices people’s security or encourages breach of this interdiction is considered contravention
violence; and it is sanctioned with a fine from RON 1.500 - RON
i. it encourages prejudicial behaviour to the 4.000
environment; According to article 16 of Law, advertising regarding
j. it stimulates the trade of goods or services products and services for minor is prohibited in case:
produced or distributed that violate legal provisions. a. it contains elements that may cause physical,
Law defines misleading advertising as any moral, physical or intellectual damage to minors;
advertising that, in any way, including its presentation, b. it indirectly encourages minors to purchase
misleads or may mislead a person whom it targets or products or services by exploiting their lack of

initiative 63
legislation and taxes

experience or credulity; provided by Law no. 504/2002 on audiovisual, which

c. it affects the special relationships between minors suffered several completions and modifications in
and parents or teachers; order to reach a form that is compatible with European
d. it, unjustifiably, show minors in dangerous regulations.
According to article 23, letter a of Law 148/2000, the According to article 1 letter h of Law 504/2002,
breach of this interdiction is considered contravention advertising represents any form of message
and it is sanctioned with a fine from RON 500 - RON broadcasted on basis of a contract with a natural or
1.500. legal person, public or private, in return for payment or
According to Law 148/2000, advertising for drugs or other benefits, in connection with a trade, business,
psychotropic substances is interdicted and the breach craft or profession, in order to promote the supply of
of this interdiction is considered contravention and it is goods or services, including immovable and intangible
sanctioned with a fine from RON 1.500 - RON 4.000. property or broadcasted for self-promotional purposes.

Law 148/2000 also prohibits advertising for any type of Advertising must observe the following general terms:
arms, ammunition, explosives and pyrotechnical a. does not prejudice the physical, psychical or moral
methods and advertising for medical products development of minor children;
wherefore a prescription is necessary. The breach of b. does not prejudice human dignity;
this interdiction is considered contravention and it is c. does not include any discrimination form on basis
sanctioned with a fine from RON 500 - RON 1.500. of race, religion, sex, nationality and sexual orientation;
According to art. 10 of Law no. 148/2000, as further d. it is not offensive at the address of religious or
amended and completed, the explicit advertising for political beliefs of on-lookers and listeners;
tobacco products is prohibited if broadcast in radio and e. does not encourage a conduct that can damage
television shows and on travel tickets for public public health or safety;
transportation. f. does not encourage a conduct that can damage
the environment;
Art. 101 of Law 148/2000 prohibits explicit advertising g. does not encourage a indecent or immoral
for alcoholic products on thte first and last page or conduct;
cover of printed materials from the written press and h. does not promote directly or indirectly occult
on travel tickets for public transportation. practices.

In addition, any form of advertising of tobacco and Advertising may not cause any moral, physical or
alcoholic products in public education institutes and in intellectual damage to minors and must observe the
health institutes or at a distance less than 200 meters following special terms:
from the entrance thereof, measured on the public a. it must not directly instigate minors to purchase a
road is prohibited. Advertising of tobacco and alcoholic product or service by exploiting their lack of experience
products is interdicted in publications mainly or credulity;
addressed to minors and in theatres before and during b. it must not directly encourage minors to persuade
shows targeted to minors. their parents or other persons to purchase goods or
Advertising of tobacco and alcoholic products is also services that represent the object of the advertising;
prohibited if: c. it must not exploit the special trust that minors have
a. it is addressed to minors; into parents, teachers or other persons;
b. it shows minors consuming such products; d. it must not unjustifiably show minors in dangerous
c. it suggests that alcoholic and tobacco products situations.
have therapeutical properties or a stimulant, sedative
effect or means to solve personal problems; As regards advertising, Law 504/2002 prohibits the
d. it provides a negative image on abstinence; following:
e. it evidences the alcohol content of the alcoholic a. advertising that harm the legal interest of the
products in the purpose of stimulating the consume or consumers;
it makes a connection between alcohol and driving a b. any form of advertising for cigarettes or other
vehicle; tobacco products;
f. does not contain warning inscription, in Romanian c. advertising for medical products and medical
language, for the tobacco products. treatments wherefore a prescription is necessary.

2.2. Law no. 504/2002 on audio-visual Advertising for alcoholic beverages must observe the
The general legal framework on advertising is following terms:

64 initiative
legislation and taxes

a. not to be addressed to minor children or show visual works, in the direct or indirect financing of a
minors consuming alcoholic beverages; programme with a view to promoting their name, trade
b. not to establish a link between the alcohol mark, image, activities or products.
consume and the improving of physical and psychical (2) The content and scheduling of a sponsorship
qualities or the capacity of driving vehicles; programme must not be influenced by the sponsor so
c. not to create the impression that through the as to affect the editorial independence of the radio-
consume of alcohol, social or sexual performances can broadcaster.
be obtained; (3) Sponsored programmes shall not urge to selling,
d. not to suggest the idea that alcohol has therapeutic buying or renting the sponsor’s or a third party’s
qualities or that it is a stimulant, sedative or a means to products or services, especially through promotional or
solve personal problems; commercial references, to these products or services,
e. not to encourage the exaggerated consume of made during these sponsored programmes.
alcohol or set in a negative light the refrain from the (4) Sponsorship shall be clearly separated by
consume or moderate consume of alcohol beverage; advertising; sponsorship notices shall not contain
f. not to indicate that a high degree in alcohol advertising messages.
represents a quality of beverages. (5) When a reference to the sponsor of the programme
is contained in a promotional notice, the reference shall
2.3. National Audiovisual Council’s Decision no. be short and minor.
187/2006 concerning the regulation of the content (6)The sponsorship notice shall not contain any
of audiovisual programme services connection with the advertising for the sponsor’s
services and products.
Up to 2006, the advertising activities were regulated by
the following NAC decisions: Art. 103.
1. Decision no. 254/2004 concerning advertising, (1) News or political debates programmes can not be
sponsorship and teleshopping, published in the Official sponsored; the whole programme service can not be
Journal, Part I, no. 668/26.07.2004; sponsored.
2. Decision no. 519/2005 concerning the assurance of (2) Audiovisual programmes can not be sponsored by
a correct information and pluralism, published in the natural or legal persons whose main activity is the
Official Journal, Part I, no. 888/04.10.2005. manufacturing or trading of products or the providing of
services whose advertising is forbidden.
In 2006, both of those NAC Decisions have been (3) The sponsoring of programmes by natural or legal
abrogated by Decision no. 130/2006 regarding the persons whose activities include the manufacturing or
Regulation Code of the Audiovisual Content, published trading of medical products or medical treatments may
in the Official Journal no. 250/20.03.2006. be performed only by promoting the name or image of
the respective person.
On the 14th of April 2006, Decision no. 130/2006 was
abrogated by Decision no. 187/2006 regarding the Art. 104.
Regulation Code of the Audiovisual Content, published Between 6.00 – 22.00 hours it is prohibited to
in the Official Journal no. 338/14.04.2006. broadcast programmes sponsored by companies
whose names or trademarks are identical to the name
At present, the advertising activities are regulated by or trademark of an alcoholic beverage.
the above mentioned Regulation Code of the
Audiovisual Content, which has been modified by the Art. 105.
NAC Decision no. 194/2007, published in the Official (1) In case of programmes destined to children, there
Journal, Part I, no. 152/02.03.2007. shall not be perceived any connection between the
name, trademark or image of the sponsor and the
Hereinafter, we shall present the articles from the name of the programme.
Regulation Code concerning the sponsorship, (2) The programmes destined to children may not be
advertising and teleshopping activities: sponsored by natural or legal persons whose activities
include the manufacturing or trading of medical
Title VII Sponsorship, advertising, teleshopping products, medical treatments or food supplements.
(3) The programmes destined to children may not be
Chapter 1 - Sponsorship sponsored by natural or legal persons who organize
Art. 102. games and contests prohibited for children.
(1) Sponsorship means the participation of a natural or
legal person, not engaged in radio or television Art. 106.
broadcasting activities or in the production of audio- (1) Each time a programme is sponsored, this shall be

initiative 65
legislation and taxes

clearly identifiable by the public, within the credit titles the public by their trade mark, producer or specific
at the beginning and/or the end of the programme. marketing; these restrictions do not refer to the names
(2) Within sponsored programmes with a duration of of companies that produce goods or provide services.
more than 30 minutes, excepting sports transmissions, (2) Programmes on cultural products and services or
the name, trademark and logo of the sponsor or the those dedicated to education are exempted from the
name or image of a representative product shall be provisions of paragraph (1).
broadcast for maximum 60 seconds of the whole (3) Programmes on automobiles and IT products are
programme duration, without making any commercial exempted from the provisions of paragraph (1) on
reference or connection to the advertising for the condition of presenting several products of the same
sponsor’s products or services; in the case of type, within the same programme, for information
programmes with a duration of less than 30 minutes, purpose.
the maximum broadcasting time is 30 seconds.
Art. 113.
Chapter 2 - Advertising and teleshopping (1) It is prohibited to present the qualities, others than
Section 1 trademark and price, of products or services offered as
General provisions prizes in quiz shows.
(2) Cultural products and services are exempted from
Art. 107. the provisions of paragraph (1).
Advertising and teleshopping shall serve the interest of
the public, by observing the rules of fair information Art. 114.
and competition. (1) The information presented by advertising spots or
by teleshopping programmes shall not mislead the
Art. 108. public, directly or by omission, in the following
Any form of promotion of products or services, which respects:
suggest or incite the public to renounce similar a) the characteristics of the product, especially the
products or services, motivating that the latest become nature, identity, features, composition, quantity,
useless or inadequate, is prohibited. durability, origin or source, as well as the methods of
manufacturing or production;
Art. 109. b) presentation of effects or qualities the product
(1) Advertising that suggests the public to renounce does not effectively have;
fruits, vegetables or natural foods is prohibited. c) the price or tariff ; these shall be presented in full,
(2) Advertising and teleshopping for consumer goods including the value added tax (VAT) and all
invoking medical approvals or recommendations is supplementary taxes related to final purchase;
prohibited; hygiene products are excepted. (d) the conditions of product distribution or service
(3) Advertising and teleshopping for hygiene products, supply.
featuring doctors and medical practices, are (e) the suggestion that the product holds special
prohibited. characteristics, while in reality all similar products hold
such characteristics.
Note: Article 109 par. 3 shall come into force on (2) Any information or warning broadcast as videotext
September 15, 2007 shall be presented static and legible and shall have
sufficient duration, to be clearly understood by the
Art. 110. viewers.
Comparative advertising is possible only by observing
the provisions of Advertising Law no. 148/2000, with Art. 115.
the subsequent alterations and completions. Advertising or teleshopping related to a special offer
shall indicate, clearly and non-equivocally, the date
Art. 111. when the offer ceases or, if case be, the fact that the
The duration of advertising and teleshopping does not special offer is limited to the available services or stock
constitute a reason for justifying the circumventing of of goods. If the special offer is not yet started, the
the obligations to inform correctly the public on the starting date of the period during which the special
promoted goods or services. price or other specific conditions are applied shall be
indicated clearly and non-equivocally.
Art. 112.
(1) It is prohibited to broadcast programmes, other Art.116.
than teleshopping, which present goods or services (1) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping
that are clearly identified, or that may be identified by featuring news presenters is prohibited.

66 initiative
legislation and taxes

(2) The broadcast of announcements of public interest situations than those under art. 120.
and charitable appeals promoting products and (2) In case of advertising for alcoholic beverages, the
services is prohibited. isolated advertising spot shall be broadcast only
between 23.00 – 6.00 hours.
Art. 117.
(1) The advertising package shall be clearly separated Art. 122.
from the rest of the audiovisual programme, in sound The isolated advertising spot shall observe the
and image, by neutral advertising screens. following conditions:
(2) Within an advertising package only one a) the spot duration shall not surpass 30 seconds;
promotional package may be broadcast. b) during the whole duration of its broadcast it shall be
(3) In the case of advertising spots using characters, accompanied by a visible warning sign consisting of a
backgrounds or situations from broadcast capital letter “P” in a transparent circle, placed in the
programmes, besides the separation conditions lower right part of the screen.
foreseen in paragraph (1), the mention “Advertising”
shall be inserted during the whole duration of the spot. Art. 123.
Art. 118.
During football games, the broadcasters may Art. 124.
broadcast advertising mini-spots while observing the In case of live transmissions, the advertising shall not
following conditions: affect the integrity of the respective programmes.
a) the mini-spots duration shall not surpass 10
seconds; Art. 125.
b) maximum two mini-spots per each half of the Products and services placement is allowed in
game; audiovisual programmes only during films and series,
c) these shall be inserted in the natural breaks in the by observing the following conditions:
game; a) it should naturally fit into the audiovisual
d) during its whole duration, the advertising shall be production;
accompanied by a visible warning sign consisting of a b) overdue visibility shall not be given to the product
capital letter “P” in a transparent circle, placed in the or the service, such as the mentioning of the trade
right lower part of the screen. mark of a product or its presentation in close-up or
from an angle that allows full view of the trade mark.
Art. 119.
During sports competitions, the broadcasters may Section 2
transmit advertising logos while observing the Advertisement for alcohol
following conditions:
a) the logo shall be inserted only during Art. 126.
announcements on the replacement of a player or on (1) Any form of advertisement for distilled alcoholic
the score; drinks is prohibited within television programme
b) the insertion duration shall not surpass 10 services between 6.00 – 22.00 hours.
seconds, and the total broadcast duration shall not (2) Any form of advertisement for distilled alcoholic
surpass 2 minutes of the whole transmission; drinks is prohibited in radio broadcasting programme
c) the logo shall be placed above or under the area services between the following hours:
where the information specified in letter a) is broadcast a) 6.00 – 8.00 and 10.00 – 22.00, from Monday to
and shall not exceed the dimensions of this area. Friday;
b) 6.00 – 22.00, on Saturday and Sunday.
Art. 120.
Within television programme services, isolated Art. 127.
advertising spots shall be broadcast only when the For the purpose of the present Code, the distilled
pauses available for inserting spots between the alcoholic drinks are those defined by the Order no.
fragments of a program, such as the breaks between 268/441/117 of April 10, 2003, of the Ministry of
the rounds of a box or tennis match, are very short. Agriculture, Nourishment and Forests, the Ministry of
Health and Family and the President of the National
Art. 121. Authority for Consumers Protection published in the
(1) By way of exception, within television programme Official Journal of Romania, Part I, no. 573 of August
services, two isolated advertising spots can be 11, 2003, with the subsequent alterations.
broadcast between 20.00 – 06.00 hrs in other

initiative 67
legislation and taxes

Art. 128. Art. 136.

The broadcast of advertisement for alcoholic drinks In case the advertising for juices and soft drinks is
that promote violent, aggressive or antisocial illustrated with fruits and/or vegetables, the quantity of
behaviour or attitudes is prohibited. fruits and/or vegetables shall be precised in
Art. 129.
The broadcast of advertising spots for alcoholic drinks Art. 137.
featuring minors is prohibited. (1) In case only fruits or vegetables flavours are used for
the food manufacturing, it is prohibited to use images,
Art. 130. drawings or any other form of representing fruits and/or
It is prohibited to broadcast promotional plant parts.
announcements or competitions that include (2) In case fruits or vegetables flavours are used
references to the name or trademark of a distilled exclusively, this fact shall be mentioned in the
alcoholic beverage; within competitions it is prohibited advertising spots, verbally and in writing, with the
to offer prizes sponsored by companies producing syntagm „with taste of…” or, by case, „with flavour of…”
such beverages.
Art. 138.
Art. 131. (1) Foods and food supplements shall not be ascribed
The broadcast of sports transmissions sponsored by characteristics of prevention, treatment or healing of
alcoholic beverages producers may be broadcast only diseases and no such characteristics shall be referred to.
between 23.00 – 6.00. (2) Foods shall not be ascribed characteristics that
they do not hold.
Art. 132. (3) Advertising for foods intended to children shall not
Sports events taking place on the territory of Romania present celebrities, personalities, medical practitioners,
which do not respect the provisions of the Law no. popular characters, such as those of cartoons, fairy-
148/2000, with its subsequent alterations and tales, stories and similar contexts; advertising for
completions, concerning tobacco products and natural foods is excepted.
alcoholic beverages shall not be broadcast by (4) Advertising for foods shall not use nonfoods
broadcasters licensed in Romania. intended for children, such as toys, stickers, and
similar ones.
Art. 133. (5) Between 06.00 – 22.00 hours, during each given
In advertising spots for alcoholic beverages the use of hour, one of the advertising packages shall end with
characters, scenery or situations from the broadcast the following warning: “For your health, avoid
programmes is forbidden. excessive consumption of salt, sugar and fat.
Note: Article 138 par. 4 shall come into force on
Art. 134. September 15, 2007 and article 138 par. 3 shall come
The advertising packages that promote products of into force on 1 January 2008.
distilled alcohol shall end with the audio and visual
warning “Excessive consumption of alcohol seriously Section 4
damages health”. Advertising for medicinal products

Section 3 Art. 139.

Advertising for foods Any form of promotion, within the broadcasting
services, intended to stimulate the distribution,
Art. 135. consumption or sale of medicinal products and
Advertising for food shall observe the following medical treatments shall be considered audiovisual
requirements: advertising for medicinal products and medical
a) it shall not encourage excessive consumption treatments.
of food;
b) precise affirmations regarding nutrition (for Art. 140.
instance, the effects of vitamin C) or health (for (1) Advertising and teleshopping are permitted only in
instance “it promotes healthy digestion”) shall rely on the case of medicinal products and medical treatments
solid scientific facts and shall not create deceptive available without medical prescription.
ideas regarding nutrition or healthy benefits of the food. (2) The ads shall warn the public about the possibly
harmful content of the products that are available
without medical prescription.

68 initiative
legislation and taxes

Art. 141. the use of such medicinal products or treatments is

Advertising and teleshopping of medicinal products prohibited.
containing psychotropic or narcotic substances, within (2) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping
the meaning of the international conventions, are featuring medical practitioners or pharmacists who
prohibited. recommend or express medical assent to foods
intended for children, medicinal products, medical
Art. 142. treatments, vitamins, food supplements, nutrients or
Advertising of medicinal products shall encourage the dietary supplements is prohibited.
rational use of the medicinal products, by presenting (3) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping for
them objectively, without exaggerating their medicinal products, vitamins, food supplements,
therapeutically properties. nutrients, dietary supplements and medical treatments
is prohibited if the presentations contain
Art. 143. recommendations or agreements issued by medical
(1) The promotion of medicinal products within the associations.
audiovisual broadcasting programmes shall include
the following: Art. 145.
a) the name of the product; (1) Advertising messages for medicinal products or
b) the common name, in case the product contains a medical treatments shall not be directed to persons
unique active ingredient; under the age of 16.
c) the therapeutic indication (the affections for which (2) The broadcast of advertising for medicinal
the medicinal product is used); products, vitamins, food supplements, nutrients,
d) the warning: “This product may be purchased dietary supplements and medical treatments within the
without medical prescription. Read the prospect programmes dedicated to children or in the advertising
carefully.” windows preceding or following such programmes is
(2) By derogation from the provisions of letter d) of the prohibited.
previous par., the advertising for medicinal products (3) Sponsorship of audiovisual programmes dedicated
broadcast as reminder, shall include the warning: “It is to children by producers and distributors of medicinal
recommended to read the prospect carefully.” products, vitamins, food supplements, nutrients,
(3) To the sense of the present decision, reminder dietary supplements and medical treatments is
means an advertising spot that cumulatively means prohibited.
the following requirements: (4) Advertising and teleshopping for products and
a) it is a part, continuation and/or completion of the treatments curing sexual dysfunction or sexual
same advertising campaign for a certain medicinal problems or for breast boost shall be broadcast only
product, produced within the same programme between 22.00 – 6.00 hours, and shall be
service; accompanied by warning stating that these products
b) it reminds to the audience elements of the are not intended for children.
message presented in the main spot of the advertising
campaign; Art. 146.
c) it has a duration no longer than 10 seconds. (1) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping is
(4) The warnings mentioned in paragraph (1), letter d) prohibited in case of:
and paragraph (2) shall be broadcast by observing the a) products for the treatment of alcoholism;
following requirements: b) clinical treatments for hair loss;
a) in case of the main advertising spot the text shall c) hypnosis, hypnosis therapy, psychology,
be presented at the end, audio and visual, lasting at psychoanalysis or psychiatry;
least 6 seconds; d) medicinal products whose cost is compensated.
b) in case of the reminder, the text shall be presented (2) Within advertising or teleshopping it is prohibited to
during the broadcasting of the spot so as to ensure a mention therapeutic indications referring to diseases
clear perception of the message. such as:
a) tuberculosis;
Art. 144. b) sexually transmitted diseases;
(1) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping for c) other serous infectious diseases;
medicinal products, vitamins, food supplements, d) cancer and other tumours;
nutrients, dietary supplements and medical treatments e) chronic insomnia;
presented or recommended by personalities of the f) diabetes and other metabolic illnesses.
public, cultural, scientific or sports life or by other
persons who, through their celebrity, may encourage

initiative 69
legislation and taxes

Art. 147. Art. 150.

Advertising for medicinal products shall not contain any The broadcast of programmes or teleshopping
statement which: presenting cases of cure of serious illnesses by using
a) shall give the impression that a medical conventional or unconventional treatments, in case the
consultation or surgical operation is unnecessary, in medical diagnosis and its attesting documents are not
particular by offering a diagnosis or by suggesting certified by the Romanian Medical Practitioners’
treatment by mail; College or if no representative of this body is present in
b) shall suggest that the effects of the medicine are the programme or teleshopping, to medically certify the
guaranteed, are unaccompanied by side effects or are results, is prohibited.
better than, or equivalent to, those of another treatment
or medicinal product; Art. 150.
c) shall suggest that taking the medicine can (1) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping
enhance the health of the subject; suggesting that it is necessary for everyone to
d) shall suggest that the health of the subject could be supplement their diet with vitamins and minerals or
affected by not taking the medicine; this prohibition those supplements can better physical or mental
shall not apply to the vaccination campaigns supported functions that are normally good is prohibited.
by the pharmaceutical industry and approved by the (2) The promotion of food supplements, dietary
Ministry of Health; supplements, vitamins and nutrients within the
e) shall suggest that the medicinal product is food, a audiovisual radio and television programmes shall
cosmetic product or another consumer good; include, compulsorily, the following warning: “This is a
f) shall suggest that the safety or efficacy of the food supplement. Read the prospect carefully.”
medicinal product is due to the fact that it is natural; (3) The minimum duration of the warning mentioned at
g) could, by the description or detailed representation par. (2) shall be of 3 seconds, and shall be broadcast
of a case history or symptoms, lead to erroneous self- at the end of the advertising spot; on television
diagnosis; channels the warning shall be presented in sound and
h) shall suggest, in improper or misleading terms, image.
recovery; (4) In the case of the reminder, the text foreseen in par.
i) shall use, in improper, alarming or misleading (2) shall be presented during the broadcasting of the
terms, images, pictorial representations or photos advertising spot, to ensure a clear perception of the
showing changes in the human body caused by message.
disease or injury, or by the action of a medicinal
product on the human body or parts of it; Art. 152.
j) shall underline that the respective medicinal Audiovisual programmes, advertising and
product is authorized by the National Agency of teleshopping dedicated to weight loss and control
Medicine. products and treatments without therapeutic
indications shall observe the following requirements:
Art. 148. a) there is trustworthy scientific evidence for any
(1) The broadcast of advertising and teleshopping of statement on the benefice effects of the products or
natural products and treatments that are not treatments;
accompanied by written and audio warning is b) where specific amounts of weight are claimed to
prohibited, as the case may be: have been lost by individuals the period over which the
a) “product not certified by medical practice”; loss was achieved must be stated;
b) “method not certified by medical practice”. c) the amount of weight loss and the period over
(2) In case the natural products and treatments are which it took place should be compatible with generally
medically verified, the Romanian Medical Practitioners’ accepted good medical and dietary practice and not
College shall certify. refer to unrepresentative properties of the product or
(3) The warning foreseen in paragraph (1) shall be medical service being offered;
placed at the end of the advertising message. d) for low-calorie foods and drinks, if presented as
part of slimming regimes, it must be stated that the
Art. 149. product leads to weight loss only as part of a
Advertising and teleshopping for homeopathic calorie/energy control diet;
medicinal products and treatments are permitted only e) specially formulated products intended for use in
for those products and treatments certified by the calorie restriction diets, products, which, according to
Ministry of Health or by the Romanian Medical the producer’s instructions, totally or partially replace
Practitioners’ College. the daily diet, shall be promoted under the name “total
diet replacement for weight loss” or “partial diet
replacement for weight loss”;

70 initiative
legislation and taxes

f) for low-calorie foods and drinks, no reference shall lawyers are hired) shall observe the professional
be made to the rate or amount of weight loss as a result norms of barristers.
of the use of those products, or regarding the reduction
in the sensation of hunger or the increase in the Art. 158.
sensation of satiety. (1) Any form of advertising for private or public
providers of public medical services is prohibited.
Art. 153. (2) The participation and the interventions of doctors in
(1) The promotion or presentation of products and programmes on medical themes shall observe the
treatments for slimming or weight control must include deontological principles of the Medical Deontology
the written and audio warning, with duration of at least Code adopted by the Medical Practitioners’ College in
5 seconds, “consult your doctor before starting the Romania.
diet”; diet must be presented or promoted only as a (3) Drugs that may be identified by mark or commercial
short-term measure. name, medical treatments, and public and private
(2) Testimonials or specific case histories justifying the medical consulting rooms providing public services
diet are forbidden. shall not be recommended during audiovisual
programmes on medical themes.
Art. 154.
Advertising and teleshopping for any kind of product or Section 6
treatment for weight loss or control shall observe the Teleshopping programmes
following requirements:
a) they shall not be directed to people under 18 and Art. 159.
shall warn the public on this aspect by means of a (1) The teleshopping programme consists of
written and/or audio insertion; broadcasting to the public direct selling offers regarding
b) they shall not be broadcast within the programmes the supply of certain goods in return for payment,
directed to children or the advertising breaks preceding goods that are available only by means of a remote
or following such programmes; contract.
c) they shall not be directly addressed to obese (2) Within the meaning of the present Code, by remote
persons, shall not include case histories, where contract is meant a contract concluded between a
persons that were obese before using the advertised trader and a consumer intended for the provision of
products or services speak about or present; products or services, within a trade system organised
d) they shall not suggest or state that being by the trader, that uses exclusively, before and upon
underweight is adequate or desirable. conclusion of the abovementioned contract, one or
more distance communication techniques.
Section 5 (3) The offers broadcast shall abide by the provisions
Political Advertising and Advertising regarding the of the Government Ordinance no. 130/2000,
practicing of certain professions concerning the legal status of remote contracts,
adopted and modified by Law no. 51/2003 and of the
Art. 155. Government Ordinance no. 85/2004 on consumer
(1) For the purpose of the present cod, the advertising protection for the conclusion and development of
spots that promote a party, a politician or a political remote contracts on financial services, approved with
message are considered political advertising. its modifications by Law no. 399/2004.
(2) Political advertising is prohibited, except during
elections campaigns. Art. 160.
(1) Teleshopping programmes shall be readily
Art. 156. identifiable as such and clearly separated from other
(1) Advertising for public notaries offices or for any form audiovisual programmes by means of neutral optical
of practice of the legal profession is prohibited. and acoustic windows.
(2) Advertising for executors and judicial experts is (2) The teleshopping programme shall not contain and
prohibited. will not be interrupted by advertising spots.

Art. 157. Art. 161.

(1) Active members of the Bar are not allowed to The provisions of art. 160 shall not apply to programme
produce or to moderate programmes dealing with legal services exclusively dedicated to teleshopping.
cases still under investigation or in Court.
(2) The participation and the interventions of lawyers in
audiovisual programmes dealing with legal cases still
under investigation or in Court (cases in which these Details of these regulations can be consulted on

initiative 71


Foundation visual authorisation decisions;
The National Audiovisual Council was founded in • to issue regulatory normative decisions, in order
1992 (under the stipulations of the Audiovisual Law to accomplish its attributions;
no. 48/1992, abrogated in 2002 by Law 504/2002 • to draw up instructions and issue
and completed by Law 402/2003) in order to provide recommendations for the development of the
a legal framework for setting and maintaining a activities in the field of audio-visual
competitive and free audiovisual market in the communication.
The Council is authorised to request and receive
Role and mission from radio-broadcasters and distributors of audio-
The National Audio-Visual Council (NAC) is a public, visual programme services any necessary data,
autonomous authority, under the control of the information and documents in order to accomplish its
Parliament. Its role, established by law, is to protect attributions, having the obligation to keep the
the public interest in the field of audio-visual confidentiality of the data that are not of public nature.
communication, under the conditions provided by
Audiovisual Law no. 504/2002, published in the The Council issues decisions, instructions and
Official Journal no. 534 of July 22, 2002. recommendations in the presence of at least 8
members and with the vote of at least 6 members, in
The National Audio-Visual Council (NAC) is the only order to fulfil its functions and attributions.
regulatory authority in the field of audio-visual
program services in the terms of and by observing The Council’s decisions with a regulatory
the provisions of Audiovisual Law. character, including their motivation, shall be
published in the Official Journal of Romania, Part I.
The National Audio-Visual Council (NAC) has duties The other decisions, including their motivation, as
where the broadcast licensing, the content and the well as the instructions and the recommendations
advertising are concerned: issued by the Council shall be made public.
• the observance of a pluralist expression of ideas
and opinions in the program services transmitted The documents with a regulatory character, issued
by radio broadcasters under the Romanian by the Council, can be contested in the
jurisdiction; administrative contentious court by any person
• ensures pluralism of information sources of the estimating himself/herself prejudiced by them.
• favors of free competition in the broadcasting Decisions with individual character are communicated
field; to the interested parties and come into force on the
• a fair balance between the national and date of their communication, if not otherwise foreseen.
local/regional or thematic broadcasting services;
• ensures protection of human dignity and of minor
children; The Members of the Council
• ensures protection of the Romanian culture and The Council is made up of 11 members. The NAC
language, as well as of the culture and languages members are assigned by the Parliament, on request
of ethnic minorities; of the Senate (3 members), the Chamber of Deputies
• ensures transparency of mass communication (3 members), the President of Romania (2
means from the audio-visual sector; members), the Government (3 members).
• ensures transparency of its own activities.
The current members of the National Audiovisual
Competences Council are:
The Council has the following competences: • Ralu Filip - appointed by the Chambers of
• to establish the conditions, procedure and criteria Deputies for the 2001-2008 period, appointed
for the granting of audio-visual licenses; President of NAC for the 2002-2008 period;
• to establish the procedure for the granting of the • Attila Gasparik - appointed by the Senate for the
retransmission authorisation; 2006-2012 period, elected vice-president by the
• to issue audio-visual licenses and retransmission other members of NAC;
authorisations for the operating of radio and TV • Constantin Dutu - appointed by the Chambers of
programme services and to issue the audio- Deputies for the 2006 – 2012 period;

72 initiative

• Dan Grigore - appointed by the Government for the 2006 - 2012 period;
• Ioan Onisei - appointed by the Chambers of Deputies for the 2006 - 2012 period;
• Rasvan Popescu - appointed by Senate for the 2006 - 2012 period;
• Radu Teodorel - appointed by the Government for the 2003 - 2008 period;
• Gelu Marian Trandafir – appointed by the Presidency for the 2006 - 2012 period;
• Cristina Trepcea - appointed by the Government for the 2002-2008 period;
• Emanuel Valeriu - appointed by the Presidency for the 2001-2008 period;
• Grigore Zanc - appointed by Senate for the 2004-2010 period.

Sadly, the President of the National Audiovisual Council, Ralu Filip, passed away suddenly in May 2007. Attila
Gasparik became the Interim President of NAC.

The list of broadcasting licenses issued by NAC for the main TV and Radio stations:


Alba Iulia, Alexandria, Arad, Bacau, Baia Mare,

Bistrita, Brasov, Bucharest, Buzau, Cluj- - CME Romania BV (Olanda) – 90.1057%;
Napoca, Campina, Constanta, Deva, Focsani, - Adrian Sârbu – 4.7857 %;
Galati, Gheorgheni, Iasi, Miercurea Ciuc, - Rootland Trading Ltd (Cipru) – 4.9485%;
Novaci, Oradea, Piatra Neamt, Pitesti, Ploiesti, - Grigoruta Roxana Dorina – 0.08%;
Satu Mare, Sibiu, Sighisoara,Sinaia, Slatina, - Petrovici Liana – 0.08%.
Targoviste, Targu Mures, Timisoara, Turda,

- CME Romania BV (Olanda) – 90.1057%;

- Adrian Sârbu – 9.8135%;
ACASA TV Bucharest SC PRO TV SA - Rootland Trading Ltd (Cipru) – 4.9485%;
- Grigoruta Roxana Dorina – 0.0811%;
- Petrovici Liana – 0.0811%.
- CME Romania BV (Olanda) – 90.1057%;
- Adrian Sârbu – 4.7857 %;
BUSINESS CLUB Bucharest SC PRO TV SA - Rootland Trading Ltd (Cipru) – 4.9485%;
- Grigoruta Roxana Dorina – 0.08%;
- Petrovici Liana – 0.08%.

- CME Romania BV (Olanda) – 90.1057%;

- Adrian Sârbu – 4.7857 %;
PRO TV INTERNATIONAL Bucharest SC PRO TV SA - Rootland Trading Ltd (Cipru) – 4.9485%;
- Grigoruta Roxana Dorina - 0.08%;
- Petrovici Liana – 0.08%.

- CME Romania BV (Olanda) – 90.1057%;

- Adrian Sârbu – 4.7857 %;
PRO CINEMA Bucharest SC PRO TV SA - Rootland Trading Ltd (Cipru) – 4.9485%;
- Grigoruta Roxana Dorina – 0.08%;
- Petrovici Liana – 0.08%.

- CME Romania BV (Olanda) – 90.1057%;

- Adrian Sârbu – 4.7857 %;
INFO SPORT Bucharest SC PRO TV SA - Rootland Trading Ltd (Cipru) – 4.9485%;
- Grigoruta Roxana Dorina – 0.08%;
- Petrovici Liana – 0.08%.

- Dogan Media International GMBH (Germania)

– 96%;
- Milliyet Verlags-Und Handels GMBH
KANAL D Bucharest S.C. DOGAN MEDIA INTERNATIONAL S.A. (Germania) – 1%;
- Enteralle Handels GMBH (Germania) – 1%;
- Yasar Begumhan Dogan Faralyali – 1%;
- Mehmet Ali Yalcindag – 1%.

- Sandi Oana Monica – 35%;

- Negoescu Gabriela Aurora – 30%;
TELESPORT Bucharest S.C. TELESPORT INTERMEDIA SRL - Nicolau Hora]iu – 20%;
- Chimoiu Claudiu Marin – 15%.

initiative 73


Alba Iulia, Alexandria, Arad, Bacau, Baia Mare,

- Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 40.491%;
Botosani, Braila, Brasov, Buzau, Bucharest,
- Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 35.491%;
Calarasi, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova,
- Lazar Mihai – 10%;
Deva, Galati, Giurgiu, Hunedoara, Iasi,
- Anca Raluca Gheorghe – 5%;
ANTENA Medgidia,Medias, Miercurea Ciuc, Oradea, S.C. TV ANTENA 1 S.A.
- Funda]ia Umanist` Dan Voiculescu – 4.532%;
Pitesti, Ploiesti, Ramnicu Valcea, Sfantu
- Grivco SA – 4.476%;
Gheorghe, Sibiu, Sinaia, Slobozia, Suceava,
- Tipografia Intact SA – 0.004%;
Targoviste, Targu Jiu, Targu Mures, Topolog,
- Sangold (Omi) Distributie SA – 0.004%.
Tulcea, Vaslui.

- Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 48%;

- Oancea Sorin – 25%;
- Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 21%;
News&Current Affairs Bucharest SC ANTENA 3 SA
- Funda]ia Umanist` Dan Voiculescu – 5%;
- Compania pentru Cercet`ri Aplicative [i
Investi]ii SA – 1%.
- Crescent Comercial & Maritime (Cyprus)Ltd. –
- Voiculescu Corina Mirela – 28%;
- Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 22%;
- Grupul Industrial Voiculescu si Compania
(Grivco) SA – 15% ;
- Compania pentru Cercet`ri Aplicative [i
Investi]ii SA – 1%.

TVR 1 Bucharest Societatea Romana de Televiziune

TVR 2 Bucharest Societatea Romana de Televiziune

TVR INTERNATIONAL Bucharest Societatea Romana de Televiziune

TV ROMANIA CULTURAL Bucharest Societatea Romana de Televiziune

TVR Bucharest Societatea Romana de Televiziune

STUDIOURI TERITORIALE Cluj-Napoca, Craiova, Iasi, Targu Mures Societatea Romana de Televiziune

Alba Iulia, Braila, Bucharest, Campina, - European Radio Investments Limited

Comanesti, Constanta, Iasi, Miercurea Ciuc, (Anglia) – 99.6838%;
Nasaud, Oltenita, Orastie, Petrosani, Piatra - Romanian Broadcasting Corporation Limited
Neamt, Slatina, Targu Mures, Zalau, (Anglia) – 0.3162%.

- European Radio Investments Limited

(Anglia) – 99.6838%;
- Romanian Broadcasting Corporation Limited
(Anglia) – 0.3162%

- Bluelink Comunicazione (Cyprus) Limited

– 54.998645%;
- Federatia Petrom a Sindicatelor Libere
Aiud, Bucharest, Brasov/Postavaru, Campia Independente a Asociatilor si Ligilor Apolitice
Turzii, Cernavoda, Cluj-Napoca, Campulung, din Ramura Industriei Petroliere – Romania -
REALITATEA TV Constanta, Corabia, Craiova, Delta, Deva, SC REALITATEA MEDIA SA FSLI PETROM – 25.001346%
Faget, Medias, Predeal, Ramnicu Valcea, - Petrom Service SA – 10%;
Suceava, Timisoara, Vaslui. - Global Video Media SA – 10%;
- Luca Liviu – 0.000003%;
- Toroipan Gheorghe Cristian – 0.000003%;
- Luha Eugen Gheorghe – 0.000003%.
- Bluelink Comunicazione (Cyprus) Limited
– 54.998645%;
- Federatia Petrom a Sindicatelor Libere
Independente a Asociatilor si Ligilor Apolitice
din Ramura Industriei Petroliere – Romania -
- Petrom Service SA – 10%;
- Global Video Media SA – 10%;
- Luca Liviu – 0.000003%;
- Toroipan Gheorghe Cristian – 0.000003%;
- Luha Eugen Gheorghe – 0.000003%.

- Zonemedia Broadcasting Limited – 51%;

ROMANTICA Bucharest S.C. ROMANTICA TELEVISION S.R.L. - Realitatea Media SA – 36%;
- Global Video Media SA – 13%.

Alba Iulia, Baia Mare, Beius, Brasov,

Bucharest, Constanta, Iasi, Hunedoara, Piatra - Micula Ioan (Suedia) – 50%;
Neamt, Ploiesti, Resita, Targoviste, Targu - Micula Viorel (Suedia) – 50%.

74 initiative


- Micula Ioan (Suedia) – 50%;

- Micula Viorel (Suedia) – 50%.

- Micula Ioan (Suedia) – 50%;

- Micula Viorel (Suedia) – 50%.

B1TV Bucharest SC NEWS TELEVISION (ROMANIA) SRL - News TV Romania BV (Olanda) – 100%.

OTV Bucharest SC OCRAM TELEVIZIUNE SRL - Diaconescu Cristian Dan – 100%;

- Progloff Eugen – 20%;

- Dinescu Mircea – 20%;
- Prigoana Vasile Silviu – 15%;
Calafat, Campulung Moldovenesc, Mizil, Turnu
ETNO TV S.C. ETNO FOLCLOR MEDIA SRL - Gardus Rares Alexandru – 15%;
- Opris Paul 15%;
- Bejinariu Camelia Dorina – 10%;
- Medaru Mircea Marian – 5%.

- Chandler International SRL (asociat unic

Anghel Ilinca) – 70%;
- East Broadcasting Media SRL (asociat unic
East Broadcasting Company Network LLC, al
MTV Bucharest S.C. MUSIC TELEVISION SYSTEM SRL c`rei asociat unic este Nagy Csaba Attila)
– 20%;
- Haarmann Grup SRL (asociat unic Grigore
Iorgu) – 10%.

- Urdareanu Sorana Lavinia – 97%

- Dumitrescu Victor Andrei – 3%

- Petre Mihai Bacanu – 38.59%

- Friceag Bogdan – 35.33%
- Cristodorescu Gilda – 13.04
- Search Chemicals SRL – 6.52%
- Pelin Lucretia – 3.26%
- Pelin Vasile – 3.26

- Elran (D.D.) Investments Ltd. (Israel) – 34%;

- Milomor Trade & Communication Ltd (Israel)
– 34%;
- RP Explorer Master Fund (Ins. Cayman)
– 20%;
- Reuven Behar (Israel) – 4%;
- Druic` Constantin – 1.5%;
- Velicescu Adrian – 1.5%;
- Rosenfarb Eyal Yosef (Israel) –1.5%;
- Noam Jonathan (Israel) –1.5%;
- Jacoby Daniel (Israel) – 1.33%;
- Maor Meir (Israel) – 0.67%.

- Prigoana Vasile Silviu – 20%;

- Gardus Rares Alexandru– 20%;
- Prigoana Honorius Adrian – 20%;
METEO TV Bucharest SC REAL TOP MEDIA TV SRL - Mihalache Dumitru – 10%;
- Progloff Eugen – 10%;
- Minea Gheorghe – 10%;
- Pricop Cristina Laura – 10%.

- Prigoana Vasile Silviu – 20%;

- Gardus Rares Alexandru – 20%;
- Prigoana Honorius Adrian – 20%;
TARAF TV Bucharest SC REAL TOP MEDIA TV SRL - Mihalache Dumitru – 10%;
- Progloff Eugen – 10%;
- Minea Gheorghe – 10%;
- Pricop Cristina Laura – 10%.

SENSO TV Bucharest SC SENSO TV SRL - Anca Vlad – 100%

initiative 75



Adjud, Arad, Bacau, Baia Mare, Bistrita,

Borsec, Botosani, Braila, Brasov, Buzau,
Bucharest, Calarasi, Campulung, Caransebes,
- European Radio Investments Limited
Cluj-Napoca, Constanta, Craiova, Dobrogea
(Anglia) – 99.6838%;
KISS FM Sud, Focsani, Gheorgheni, Giurgiu, Iasi, SBS BROADCASTING MEDIA SRL
- Romanian Broadcasting Corporation Limited
Neptun, Oradea, Petrosani, Pitesti, Ploiesti,
(Anglia) – 0.3162%.
Ramnicu Valcea, Resita, Satu Mare, Sibiu,
Slatina, Suceava, Targoviste, Targu Mures,
Tulcea, Zalau

KISS FM Braila SC Tehnic SRL - Prelipcean Gheorghe – 100%

- Lagardere Active Radio International SA

(Fran]a) – 84%;
- Ovidiu Zegheru – 6%;
- Petru Berteanu – 3%;
Alba Iulia, Alexandria, Arad, Bucharest, Buzau,
S.C. EUROPE DEVELOPPMENT - {tefan Bogdan Teodorescu – 3%;
EUROPA FM Draganesti, Giurgiu, Satu Mare, Slobozia,
INTERNATIONAL ROMANIA SA - RFM Entreprises SAS (Fran]a) – 2%;
- Lagardere Active Management SNC
(Fran]a) - 1%;
- Lagardere Active Broadcast SA
(Monaco) – 1%.

- Corsum Invest A.S. (Cehia) – 80%;

Alba Iulia, Bistrita, Bucharest, Deva, Onesti,
RADIO 21 SC RADIO XXI SRL - Lagardere Active Radio International SA
Petrosani, Pitesti, Sebes, Sinaia, Turda
(Fran]a) – 20%

Arad, Baia Mare, Beius, Bistrita, Blaj, Brasov,

Brad, Bucharest, Campia Turzii, Comanesti,
Constanta, Craiova, Delta, Deva, Faget,
- Micula Ioan (Suedia) – 50%;
NATIONAL FM Giurgiu, Lugoj, Marghita, Oradea, Petrosani, S.C. ABC PLUS MEDIA S.A.
- Micula Viorel (Suedia) – 50%.
Pitesti, Ploiesti, Resita, Sibiu, Slatina,
Targoviste, Targu Jiu, Targu Mures, Timisoara,
Turnu Magurele, Varatec, Zalau
Alba Iulia, Arad, Bacau, Brasov, Bucharest,
Buzau, Campina, Cluj-Napoca, Constanta,
PRO FM Costinesti, Deva, Hunedoara, Mangalia, SC COMPANIA DE RADIO PRO SRL Media Pro Management SA – 100%;
Medgidia, Ploiesti, Predeal, Satu Mare, Slatina,
Targu Mures, Timisoara

INFO PRO Arad, Bucharest SC COMPANIA DE RADIO PRO SRL Media Pro Management SA – 100%;

PRO CLASIC Bucharest SC COMPANIA DE RADIO PRO SRL Media Pro Management SA – 100%;

- Poligraf SRL – 65%

RADIO GUERRILLA Bucharest SC POLIFONIC SRL - Regent House Printing&Publishing
(RHP&P) – 35%

- Voiculescu Camelia Rodica – 40%;

- Voiculescu Corina Emilia – 39%;
- Grupul Industrial Voiculescu [i Compania
ROMANTIC FM Bucharest GRUPUL MEDIA CAMINA (G.M.C.) SA (Grivco) SA – 10%;
- Sangold (Omi) Distributie SA – 10%;
- Funda]ia Umanist` Dan Voiculescu (membru
fondator [i pre[edinte – Dan Voiculescu) – 1%.

RADIO TURDA Turda SC Pansatelit Comunicatii SRL - Todea Marius Alin – 100%

- Radio France International (Fran]a –

Pre[edinte Cluzel Jean-Paul Philippe)
– 9.9655% ;
- Asociatia Cultural - Stiintifica “Delta”
(Pre[edinte Dan Alexandru Stoichescu)
– 0.0345%
Bacau, Bistrita, Blaj, Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, - Cinel SRL – 58% (Cancescu Aristotel Adrian
Constanta, Covasna, Gheorgheni, Mangalia, – 60% si Cancescu Aurelian Alexandru – 40%);
Oradea, Sfantu Gheorghe, Sighisoara, Targu - Bran Vasile - 29%;
Mures - Rus Alexandru - 13%.

MIX FM Bucharest, Campina, Miercurea Ciuc, Sinaia SC Radio Tampa SRL - Rusu Nicolae – 100%

MIX FM Alba Iulia, Arad, Sibiu, Slobozia SC Canaris SRL - Rusu Bogdan Aurelian – 100%

RADIO STAR Fagaras, Predeal SC Radio Tampa SRL - Rusu Nicolae – 100%

76 initiative


- Cinel SRL – 58% (Cancescu Aristotel Adrian

– 60% si Cancescu Aurelian Alexandru – 40%);
RADIO BRASOV Brasov, Fagaras SC Radio SRL
- Bran Vasile - 29%;
- Rus Alexandru - 13%.

- Bluelink Comunicazione (Cyprus) Limited –

- Federatia Petrom a Sindicatelor Libere
Independente a Asociatilor si Ligilor Apolitice
din Ramura Industriei Petroliere – Romania -
- Petrom Service SA – 10%;
- Global Video Media SA – 10%;
- Luca Liviu – 0.000003%;
- Toroipan Gheorghe Cristian – 0.000003%;
- Luha Eugen Gheorghe –0.000003%.

- Comac Limited – 51% (Cipru)

- FSLI – 39%
- Cornel Nistorescu – 7%
- Andrei Dan Anghel – 1%
- Calin Ionut Anghel – 1%
- Alina Tudora Mantea – 1%

- Micula Ioan (Suedia) – 50%;

- Micula Viorel (Suedia) – 50%.

- Prigoana Vasile Silviu – 20%;

- Popescu Gabriel – 20%;
SPORT FM Bucharest SC SPORT FM RADIO SRL - Popescu Simona – 20%;
- Prigoana Honorius Adrian – 20%;
- IIva Sport Regent SRL – 20%.

- Tataru Nadia – 90%

- Tataru Constantin Felix – 10%

- Elran (D.D.) Investments Ltd. (Israel) – 34%;

- Milomor Trade & Communication Ltd (Israel)
– 34%;
- RP Explorer Master Fund (Ins. Cayman)
– 20%;
- Reuven Behar (Israel) – 4%;
- Druic` Constantin – 1.5%;
- Velicescu Adrian – 1.5%;
- Rosenfarb Eyal Yosef (Israel) –1.5%;
- Noam Jonathan (Israel) –1.5%;
- Jacoby Daniel (Israel) – 1.33%;
- Maor Meir (Israel) – 0.67%.

- Progloff Eugen – 20%;

- Dinescu Mircea – 20%;
- Prigoan` Vasile Silviu – 15%;
ETNO FM Bucharest SC ETNO FOLCLOR MEDIA SRL - G`rdu[ Rare[ Alexandru – 15%;
- Opri[ Paul 15%;
- Bejinariu Camelia Dorina – 10%;
- Medaru Mircea Marian – 5%.

- European Radio Investments Limited (Anglia)

– 99.6838%;
- Romanian Broadcasting Corporation Limited
(Anglia) – 0.3162%.

RADIO DEEA Bucharest SC RADIO DEEA SRL - Iancu Andreea – 100%


initiative 77
moldavian media market


INITIATIVE MOLDOVA – Short presentation Top Categories, Advertisers

INITIATIVE Moldova, established in June 2002, is Shops category increased their advertising activity
an affiliate of INITIATIVE Worldwide (Interpublic and bypassed Mobile Telecommunication in
Group). It is the leading media management agency “Category” chart in 2006. Banks and Financial
in the Republic of Moldova. Being a full range media Operations had grown significantly over the last year.
agency INITIATIVE is specialized not only on FMCG products increased their activity as well.
planning and buying (which are the core services). The list of TV top advertisers remained almost the
But also on additional services such as product same over the last several years.
placement, outdoor advertising, sponsorship, direct Procter&Gamble maintains the leadership in
mailing, online advertising, PR-coverage, post-buy “Advertiser” top, followed by Moldcell, Efes Vitanta
and competitive analysis. Moldova Brewery and Voxtel.

Following INITIATIVE’s global philosophy ‘expect Media Research

more’, the agency has a pro-active attitude, a wider
scope and a deeper understanding of media in order Even if media research is an important and integral
to deliver the most qualitative and cost-effective part of media market, unfortunately reliable and
solutions to its clients. complex audience measurement in Moldova had
been established only for television. The radio, press
INITIATIVE Moldova has in it’s client portfolio both and outdoor measurement is either incomplete or
major local and global clients, such as Voxtel GSM under elaboration.
(France Telecom / Orange), LG Electronics, Tempo
GSM, Dirol Cadbury, Canon, supermarket chain Alina Consumption and lifestyle research
Electronic, Group SEB, Plaza, Bucuria, Mary Kay.
TNS Moldova (part of the TNS Ukraine) measures a
MOLDAVIAN MEDIA LANDSCAPE comprehensive range of consumer characteristics
(target persons between 12–65 y.o. and residence in
The Moldavian media market continued to grow fast in 10 major cities), such as:
2006. Advertising budgets had continued to increase - Demographics
in all major media, especially on TV and in outdoor. - Lifestyle
Many regional TV and radio stations obtained - Media usage
licenses in order to widen their broadcasting on new - Product and brand usage, etc.
regions of country.
Despite specialists’ predictions the switch from the The data is being collected during face-to-face
minutes’ rate-cards to GRPs’ ones didn’t occur. interviews twice a year (spring’s and autumn’s
Several new major advertisers entered the market. waves). The software package – Galileo – gives the
The total net advertising volume on Moldavian opportunity to build different kind of data tables,
market in 2006 was estimated at 13.7 mil USD containing useful consumer information. For
(+61% vs. 2005). example:
- Readership of newspapers and magazines
Graph 1: Ad-spend by medium - TV viewing behaviour
- Radio usage behaviour
- Cinema attendance
- Attitude to different types of advertising, etc.


Moldova is a television driven market. TV still gives

the highest feedback on the advertisers’ investment.
Being a low-cost and accessible entertainment for
the majority of the population, TV delivers the highest
reach at national level. The increase of net TV ad-
spend in 2006 vs. 2005 was 37.3%.
Source: AGB Moldova & Initiative

78 initiative
moldavian media market

The first TV sales house – Video International Commercial share of the major TV stations
Moldova – appeared at the end of 2005 and
developed its activity through 2006. The new ORT- Moldova once again holds the leading position
professional approach and modern technology of in terms of commercial share, while NIT and STS
selling the channels’ advertising time had a good decreased.
influence on the market. Now the sales house is
representing several major stations as follows: ORT, Graph 3: Major TV stations commercial share (%)
STS (since March, 2006) and MTV (since October,
2006). It is expected that in 2007 some other
channels will join the sales house.

The Moldavian TV market includes:

National stations:
1. ORT-Moldova
2. Moldova 1
Regional stations:
1. STS
2. NIT
3. Pro TV
4. Muz TV Source: AGB Moldova
5. NTV
Cable stations:
1. TVC-21 Average ratings of the major TV stations
2. Ren TV
3. N 4 The best rating delivery station on Moldavian market
4. TNT was ORT-Moldova, followed by STS and NIT.
Local advertising spots may be aired only on TV Graph 4: Major TV stations average whole day
stations that have the broadcast license for Moldova. ratings (Av Rtg %)
Both ORT-Moldova and Moldova 1 have the best
penetration being available in most Moldavian
households. The regional stations are on air in all
major cities of the country. At the same time the cable
stations are broadcasted only in the capital.

Audience share

TV viewing share however differs a lot comparing to

the stations’ penetration.ORT-Moldova retains the
leading position in terms of audience.

Graph 2: Audience share

Source: AGB Moldova

Advertising clutter evolution – no. of seconds

The number of advertisers respectively the number

of minutes sold increased (17%) in 2006 compared
to 2005. This was the reason of frequent clutters,
especially in the first and fourth quarters of the year.
Even new more expensive rate cards didn’t spot
advertisers from October-December clutter.

Source: AGB Moldova

initiative 79
moldavian media market

Graph 5: Advertising clutter evolution per month (No. Penetration: 70% and Share: 5.26%
of seconds) Content: 100% re-transmission of the STS (the first
Russian TV station with exclusively entertainment
profile). Movies, entertainment shows, soap operas,
sitcoms, TV games, comedy shows and others.
Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks
completely replace the Russian ones.

The station target is the mass-viewer.

NIT (Rus/Ro)

Broadcasting: air and cable

Penetration: 80% and Share: 4.24%
Source: AGB Moldova Content: Digest channel (Russian TV stations – NTV,
TVC, Darial TV and others); local news in Romanian
NATIONAL STATIONS and Russian, movies.

ORT- Moldova (The First Channel in Moldova) (Rus) Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks did
The absolute leader in audience share and in ratings. not completely replace the Russian ones.

Broadcasting: air and cable The station target is dominating by the young and
Penetration: 92% and Share: 37.84% middle-aged people.
Content: 100% re-transmission of the ‘Pervyi kanal’
(Russia) – the biggest state-owned station in Russia. Pro TV – Pro TV (Moldova) (Ro/Rus)
Movies, entertainment shows, soap operas, TV
games, comedy shows, sports and others are the Broadcasting: air and cable
highlight of this station’s schedule. In addition to that, Penetration: 55% and Share: 0.82%
the Moldavian broadcasting company inserts local Content: re-transmission of the Pro TV (Romania);
programs (in Romanian and Russian). local news (in Romanian and Russian),
entertainment and political shows.
Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks
completely replace the Russian ones. The station Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks did
has local inserts. not completely replace the Romanian ones.
ORT - Moldova target is mass-viewers,
predominantly middle-aged – 45-59. Stations profile for Moldova – young people – 25-34
y.o, with middle and high income

Moldova - 1 (Public Moldavian Television – NTV (Rus)

Moldova) (Ro/Rus)
Broadcasting: air and cable
Station has the widest penetration in Moldova. Penetration: 8% and Share: 3.45%
Broadcasting: air and cable Content: re-transmission of the NTV (Russia);
Penetration: 97% and Share: not available entertainment and political shows, TV games, talk-
Content: Local news in Romanian and Russian, shows, analytics, cognitive programs.
social programs, movies, serials, local cultural, sport
and entertainment shows. The most popular Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks
programs are News broadcasts (19:00 and 21:00) completely replace the Russian ones.
and evening movies.
Moldova -1 is mostly preferred by the advanced age Stations profile for Moldova – middle aged people –
population – 65+y.o. 30-44y.o. with middle/high income.


STS (The First Entertainment Channel) (Rus) Broadcasting: air and cable
Type of broadcasting: air and cable Penetration: 18% and Share: not available

80 initiative
moldavian media market

Content: based on re-transmission Muz TV (Russia). should not exceed 20% of the hour. Advertising of
Local programs (in Romanian and Russian). the tobacco brands is prohibited on TV, while spirits
may be advertised between 22:00-06:00.
Advertising policy: the local advertising breaks did Sponsorship of both news and political programs is
not completely replace the Russian ones. prohibited. There is no restriction on the language of
TVCs. About 60% of all local TV spots are in
Target groups profile: young people – 15-35 y.o. Russian.

CABLE NETWORKS/ STATIONS TV Buying Perspectives 2007

Sun TV – is the biggest and widely spread cable The overall TV ad-spend would keep an ascending
network in Chisinau. trend in 2007. In order to reduce the clutter and to
Beside the most popular Russian and Romanian TV avoid the “sold out” situations, sales house and TV
stations, some well-known international stations such stations have implemented the following conditions:
as CNN, Discovery, HBO, Animal Planet, Eurosport, • the rate card prices are the subject to increase
Euronews are included into the cable packages. • seasonal coefficients for high cluttered periods
Cable network is an alternative and cost-effective (October, November, December) have increased
way to reach urban audience. • discounts for non cluttered periods (January,
Share: not available July, August) have been introduced
Content: 100% re-transmission of the Ren TV, TNT, • for floating or low-priority placement the
and local movie station – N4 (in Russian). advertiser is offering additional discounts

Advertising policy: in Prime Time the local advertising TV research

breaks completely replace the foreign ones. On N4 Since December 2003 AGB Moldova (part of the
are presented local advertising breaks only. AGB Ukraine) has launched peoplemeter audience
measurement service in Chisinau (150 households).
TVC 21 (Local) (Rus)
Broadcasting: cable Starting from the 1st of September 2005 the new
Penetration: 13% and Share: 0.44 % panel covering the rural areas as well as urban had
Content: 100% local – movies, analytical programs been installed.
and news (in Russian) In the beginning of 2006 the panel 4+ y.o. consisted
of 300 households.
Target group profile: young and middle-aged people
– 18-40 y.o. Peoplemeters distribution:
Chisinau – 92 units;
Ren TV (SUN TV) (Rus), N 4 (SUN TV) (Rus), Center: 32 units – in the urban area and 39 units – in
TNT (SUN TV) (Rus) the rural area;
* Source AGB Moldova North: 49 units – in the urban area and 32 units – in
the rural area;
TV buying system South: 27 units – in the urban area and 29 units – in
the rural area.
In 2006 the traditional way of selling advertising time
by minute was kept. At the end of 2005 Video Characteristics of the service:
International Moldova – a part of the biggest Russian • each household is equipped with a TVM1 or
sales house, Video International Russia – appeared TVM2 peoplemeter device
on the Moldavian media market. It is selling the • minute-by-minute viewing data is delivered
advertising capacities of three TV stations in electronically the night after the data is collected
Moldova: ORT-Moldova, STS and MTV. The sales of • 7 TV stations are included in the survey (TV
other TV stations are made through internal sales viewing, programs and advertising analysis):
departments. ORT-Moldova, NIT, STS, Pro TV, TVC 21, NTV
and N4)
TV pricing policy • The software package (Arianna) offers: TV
viewing analysis, spot monitoring, campaign
Most of the TV stations have different advertising evaluation, advertising expenditures, post-buy
sales policies for local brands versus foreign brands. and competitive analysis.
Cost of media is almost double for international
advertisers. The average amount of advertising P&P Studio also is providing TV monitoring data but

initiative 81
moldavian media market

has no opportunity to measure the audience. Russian or Romanian-based radio stations.

The biggest commercial radio stations obtained new
RADIO licenses last year. This fact let them cover new areas
both urban and rural. The enlargement of the
There are more then 20 radio stations available in coverage attracted the new audience and as a result
Moldova. Most of them are re-broadcasting either bigger advertising budgets.

Table 1: Radio Coverage

Radio Freq. Format Source of broadcasting Penetration Cvr.%, all urban

Antena C 102.3 FM Musical Local Multi-regional 10.95

Avto 88.6 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 20
Avto Radio 103.2 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 24.8
Balti 103.5 FM Musical Local Balti 9.1
Europe Plus Moldova 106.4 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 26.05
Hit FM 101.7 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 46.3
Kiss FM 100.9 FM Musical Romanian + local inserts Multi-regional 18.8
Love Radio 89.6FM Municipal Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 9.25
Na 7 Holmah 105.2 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 18
Nashe Radio 101.3 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 16.85
Pro FM 106.9 FM Musical Romanian + local inserts Multi-regional 8.35
Radio 21 - HIT RADIO 102.7FM Musical Romanian + local inserts Multi-regional 8.05
Radio Moldova 72.02 FM Public Local National 18.15
Radio Noroc 99.7 FM Musical Local Multi-regional 14.65
Radio Nova 105.9 FM Musical Local Multi-regional 5.95
Retro FM 89.1 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 22.9
Ruscoe Radio 103.7 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 53.8
Serebreny Dojdi 107.9 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 24,5
Univers FM 92.8 FM Musical Local Multi-regional 2.05
Vzrosloe Radio Shanson 87.6 FM Musical Russian + local inserts Multi-regional 25.6

Source: TNS Moldova, MMI 2006/1 & MMI 2006/2 Radio research
TNS Moldova (part of the TNS Ukraine) provides
Most of the radio stations (except the state-owned radio audience measurement twice a year (spring’s
Radio Moldova) broadcast in FM frequency range and autumn’s waves) based on face-to-face
and have a private ownership. Russian-speaking interviews, covering major Moldavian cities. The
stations are traditionally more popular than the local software package is Galileo.
or the Romanian-speaking ones.
Several new radio stations are expected to appear PRESS
on the market both local and foreign. Some of the Printed press is a part of the media mix for the
actually researched stations are expected to be communication campaigns in Moldova. The press market
dropped from the research in favour of other, more continued to develop in 2006. The new titles were
popular. launched during the last year.
The total radio ad-spend is expected to be increased. There are daily newspapers, weekly newspapers and
monthly magazines available for the advertising exposure.

82 initiative
moldavian media market

Table 2: Magazines (Monthly local editions) Table 4: Newspapers (Daily editions)

Cvr. % *, Cvr. % **, Title Circulation Cvr. % *, Cvr. % **,
Title Circulation all urban all urban
all urban all urban
Aquarelle 4 000 14.1 11 Makler -
Kishinevskyi 15 000 (Fr) 58 57.4
Auto Expert 3 500 4.1 3,7 vypusk
Auto Market 3 000 4.9 3.3
Flux 6 100 12.4 11.9
Bank/Finance / Komsomolskay
11 000 7.7 6.1 9 500 22.5 26.6
Profit a Pravda
CHEF 12 000 2.2 1.4 Moldova 5 000 8.5 7.8
9 000 n/a n/a Nezavisimaya 6 517 14 17
Oficial Moldova
Obiectiv AV 1 000 0.7 1 Sport Curier 4 000 10.5 11.6
Ostap 3 000 1.8 1 Vremea 8 800 11 11
Promo Plus 10 000 1.3 1.3 Source: TNS Moldova, *MMI'2006/1, **MMI'2006/2
Siesta Chisinau 6 000 4.3 2.4
Viata Ta n/a 3.2 1.8 The Russian newspapers with the local inserts
VIP magazin 4 000 10.4 6 (containing local ads) have traditionally higher
circulation than the Moldavian ones. Advertising of
Source: TNS Moldova, *MMI'2006/1, **MMI'2006/2 both tobacco products and alcohol beverages in
newspapers is allowed.
Table 3: Periodicals (Weekly editions)
The well-known magazines Newsweek, Cosmopolitan,
Vogue, Men’s Health, GQ, Elle etc. are presented on
Title Circulation C vr. % *, Cvr. % **,
all urban all urban the Moldavian market in the formats published either in
Antenna 60 000 42.8 46 Russia, Romania or Ukraine. The local Moldavian
Argumenty I Fakty 21 000 38.8 34.6 magazines have turned to glossy quite recently.
Shans 15 500 23.5 23.5
Press research
Spros I Predlojenie 10 000 n/a n/a
Audience measurement is done by TNS Moldova
SUN TV 10 000 16.1 14.6 (part of TNS Ukraine) twice a year. The panel covers
Jurnal de Chisinau 21 000 9.6 8.3 urban population aged 12-65 y.o. The sample counts
Timpul 12 000 9.6 7.5 1.215 individuals. The software package is again
Logos-Press 11 000 14.4 10.7 Galileo.
Trud 12 000 16.4 12.9
Sms Market 5 000 n/a n/a
Following the trend of overall ad-spend increase and
Kishinevskie Novosti 8 500 14.1 13.4 new legislation restrictions, the outdoor budgets had
Kommunist n/a 7.7 6.3 grown during the year. In 2006 the big advertisers
Saptamina 18 000 12.2 10.7 had placed their visuals on less usual OOH
Literatura si Arta 16 000 8.4 6.4 (brandmauers, roof signs) more often than in 2005.
Teleradio 23 500 n/a n/a Most of the OOH advertising supports are located in
Capitala / Stolitsa 4 500 5.1 5.5
Chisinau (80 - 85% out of total number of supports).
The main OOH sizes are:
Moldavskie Vedomosti 6 000 6 5.6 • Billboards (6 x 3 m)
Moskovskyi Komsomolets n/a n/a n/a • Large Billboards (10 x 4 m, 8 x 3 m, 12 x 5 m)
• Citylights (1.2 x 1.8 m)
Ofis 8 000 5.4 5.4 • Public Clocks (4-sided, 1 x 1.9 m / side)
Eco 5 500 n/a n/a • Brandmauers
Komsomolskaya Pravda - 65 000 59 49.4
• Neon Panels
Tolstushka • Roof Signs
Makler - Beltskyi vypusk 36 000 12 11 • Fence
TV Programe / TV Programmy 32 000 19.8 11 • Bridge

Source: TNS Moldova, *MMI'2006/1, **MMI'2006/2

initiative 83
moldavian media market

Besides Chisinau, OOH supports cover 8-9 major 2007 PERSPECTIVES ON THE MOLDAVIAN
Moldavian cities, main transport routes and resorts of MARKET
the country. Audience measurement and
independent monitoring for OOH are not available at It is obvious that in 2007 the Moldavian media market
the moment. will continue to grow fast. The experts believe that the
new advertisers, agencies and media stations will
CINEMA launch their activity on Moldavian market. The
average media inflation is predicted at the level of
In 2006 cinema had one of the smallest total ad- 40 - 60%. Both local and foreign advertisers are
spend at Moldavian media market, but it should not estimated to increase their advertising budgets.
be ignored. Patria cinema network was the biggest
advertiser in this sector till 2006, but as it was As for Initiative Moldova, the agency is going to keep
expected, the other cinemas had joint their forces its leading position, to increase its solid professional
and made a competitive network on behalf of Flacara team, strengthen the relations with the actual clients,
– Gaudeamus. gain new ones and ensure maximum return for
clients’ media money.
Profile of movie goers
Source: Evghenii Crecesco- Initiative Moldova
51.3% of the population 12-65 y.o. had visited
cinema during 2006.
63.15% of movie goers are either medium or heavy
cinema users.
Movie goers are especially aged between 16 and 39
y.o., have a high or middle income level and high
education studies (according with TNS Moldova,
MMI 2006/1 & MMI 2006/2).


The Moldavian internet market is still under the

development, but it has a big potential. The number
of internet sites, as well as advertising capabilities, is
growing from year to year. The number of
households equipped with personal computers and
internet connection is in continuous up-growth. The
main advertisers in Moldavian internet belong to the
following categories: IT companies, mobile
telecommunication services, cars/auto related and

PC penetration and usage:

- there is at least one PC in approximately every
fifth household
- about 15% of households which had no PC are
going to buy it in the nearest future.
- the average use of PC in urban areas tends to
- the majority of PC users (83.3 %) had access to
the computers at home and/or work
- only 21.3% of PC users did not use internet in
their activity in 2006. The other 78.7% used the
World Wide Web with the different frequency and
from different places

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media dictionary

Traditional media - advertising terms specific levels of expenditure with a media owner /
sales house.
Advertorial Clutter
It is a subtle form of communication, used in print, by There are 3 main types of advertising clutter:
which the strengths of the advertisers’ brands are (1) The overall market clutter – the total number of
communicated in an editorial format. The feature is ads seen or heard by a person;
clearly marked as an advertisement. It should be in (2) The competitive clutter – the total number of ads
line with the editorial style of the publication. seen or heard by a person for competing brands;
Affinity Index (3) The media vehicle clutter – the length of each TV
Is an efficiency indicator in media planning. It shows break or the number of ads contained within a
how a specific program / medium performs on a publication.
specific target group compared with a reference Commercial Break
target group. E.g., for TV, the specific target group of Is a break in a TV or radio transmission during which
a brand (expressed as TRP) versus a broader, ads are broadcast.
reference target group e.g. ‘All Urban’, that is the Competitive Analysis
buying TA (expressed as GRP). The affinity index = A periodical (monthly, quarterly, yearly) monitoring of
TRP/GRP and it should be higher than 100% in order the competitive advertising activity: ad-spend,
to optimise the TV buying. campaign period and weight, channel mix, strategy &
Agency Commission tactics etc.
A percentage of the net cost of advertising paid by Cost per Thousand (CPT)
advertisers to advertising agencies that manage their The cost of achieving a thousand contacts with
advertising budgets. readers / viewers / listeners.
Audience Cost per Rating Point (CPP)
The number of homes / individuals in a specific target The cost of a media vehicle (or media schedule) for
group viewing, listening to or reading a particular reaching one rating point (1%) of the specific
media vehicle. audience.
Audit of Circulation Commercial
The detailed circulation analysis of a publication, run Any announcement that is broadcast with advertising
by a specialised audit company. This information purpose, an advertising spot.
becomes public and is a useful working tool for the Coverage
publications themselves, media agencies and The proportion (expressed as %) of a target
advertisers. audience that has any opportunity to see / hear the
Average Frequency specific ad.
The average number of times a target is exposed to Daily Monitoring
the advertising message. Daily follow-up of an ongoing TV campaign, to keep
Barter it within the planned parameters: spot broadcasting,
A station / publication exchanges its adtime / update of audience performance (GRPs, TRPs) vs.
adspace with other merchandise. Instead of selling planned, budget status – supplementary spots are
the program to a station, its supplier gives the added if the budget under-performed or budgets are
program to the station in exchange for commercial cut if the budget over-performed.
time during that program or during other programs of Day-Part Segments
the station. Time bands that have associated levels of audience
Billboard delivery. For the Romanian market the standard day-
American term for either the advertising on poster parts are:
boarding or the sponsor’s mark around a television - Day Time: 07:00 – 16:00
programme (usually static company logo). - Access Prime Time: 16:00 – 19:00
Bleed - Prime Time: 19:00 – 23:00/24:00
For print – running an ad to the edge of a page, - Late Fringe: 23:00/24:00 – 25:00
leaving no margin. The day parts may vary from station to station and/or
Circulation in weekdays and weekend.
Number of copies of a given issue of a publication Diary
that is distributed, either paid or for free. A log kept by members of a consumer panel to
Client Volume Discount (CVD) record their viewing, listening, reading, purchase,
A further discount for those advertisers that achieve consumption and other lifestyle habits etc. Used

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currently for radio, press, consumption study. Implementation Planning

Double Page Spread Producing a detailed media plan that is to be bought
Two full pages of immediately adjacent advertising. within any given market, following the media
Effective Frequency strategy.
The level of coverage and frequency calculated to Impression(s)
deliver the optimum awareness / sales performance The actual exposure of an individual from the TA to
for a given creative / campaign. the advertisement.
Effective Reach Media Fragmentation
The percentage of the target that is exposed to the Increase in the availability of media choice. The
ad a sufficient number of times to produce a positive process can be seen through the increase in the
change in awareness, attitude or purchasing number of print media titles, and more recently
behaviour. through the rise in the number of television channels
Efficiency (such as satellite broadcasting, cable). The media
The relationship between circulation / audience and support becomes more targeted on a narrower
cost, most commonly expressed as Cost Per niche.
Thousand (CPT). Media Vehicle
Equivalent Any advertising – carrying medium such as
In TV and radio, the advertising expenditure, CPT television, a magazine or an outdoor site.
delivery for each commercial length is often Media Plan
expressed as an index on 30” or ‘30” equivalent’. For A detailed media schedule containing the list of spot
Romanian TV, the standard cost indices are: / print layout placements for a period of time (TV
10” 15” 20” 25” 30” 35” 40” 45” 50” 55” 60” station / title, date, day, program, time, ad break /
50% 70% 80% 90% 100% 120% 150% 170% 180% 190% 200% page number), estimated GRPs and costs. The
media plan reflects the implementation of the media
Flight strategy.
Period of advertising activity. Net/Net Expenditure
Flowchart 1. Rate card minus all the discounts and benefits;
A yearly calendar of campaigns of a client. It shows 2. Net/net Cost/GRP x Rating of the program.
the active periods by medium, by brand / product, Net Expenditure
and the campaign phasing. It is the graphic Net/net plus the agency fee and the health and
representation of the annul strategy. cinema taxes, but excluding VAT.
Gross Rating Point (GRP) Net Reach
The sum of ratings achieved by a specific media Is the percentage of the target audience that was
vehicle or schedule. 1 GRP = 1% of the target reached by the message at least once during a
audience having at least one opportunity to see the period of time (e.g. a 4-week campaign).
commercial. GRP is a general media currency. Net reach is 1+ coverage.
GRPs = Net reach x OTS. Net reach = GRPs / OTS.
Gross Expenditures Optimisation
Refers to rate card budget, with no discounts, taxes A method of schedule planning / building using a
or agency commission applied to it. computer program to produce an optimum schedule
Guaranteed CPP according to criteria set by the planner / market.
Is the dominant TV sales policy on the Romanian OTS / OTH
market. The cost for placing a spot results from the The opportunity to see / hear an advertisement by
amount of rating points recorded by that spot. the target audience during a period of time (e.g. a 4-
The net/net cost of a spot = Cost / Point (All urban) x week campaign).
Number of rating points recorded. Based on the OTS = GRP / Net reach.
budget committed by a client to a TV station, on the Panel
share it represents of the total etc, the agency Sample of people who are used for regular (keep
negotiates a Guaranteed CPP with the media owner, diaries, PM etc.) or periodic (repeated interviews)
for that client. research. The advantage of panels is that they allow
Guaranteed GRP the tracking over time of viewing, listening or product
The station commits to deliver a specific amount of consumption.
audience – GRPs – for a certain campaign. Peoplemeters
Horizontal Road Blocking Advanced monitoring tools that record the status of
Placing a TV or radio commercial at the same hour the TV sets within a panel household, by member of
on different channels. It builds the reach of a family, on a continuous basis.

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media dictionary

Phasing program, without being announced as advertising. It

Strategy of alternating the weekly weight of a records the rating of the program and has maximum
campaign in order to obtain greater media efficiency. impact. Its cost is higher than regular advertising. By
Post-Buy Analysis CNA decision, a TV station may broadcast maximum
The evaluation of a schedule’s achievements after its two solo spots per day.
running, compared to the planned level. The analysis Strategic Media Planning
covers TRP and GRP performance, OTS, coverage Providing a media solution to marketing plans,
and frequency, airing time, the actual position in establishing communication goals, media choice,
break, analysis of the used TV channels and seasonality and targeting.
programs, trends etc. Target (universe / audience)
Premium Positioning The people or the market a campaign aims to reach.
Preferential placement of ads in specific media e.g. TGI (Target Group Index)
for print, positioning might mean the placement of the A deeper analysis of the audiences, considering,
ad to face editorial, on the right page, on the back beside demographics, the qualitative,
cover or inside cover etc. For TV, this might mean the psychographics criteria such as lifestyle, media
choice of the break or the choice of the position consumption, brand consumption etc. The index
inside break – first / last etc. emphasises the analyzed target group’s behaviours
Rate Card versus a reference, broader target group.
A medium’s price list. Rate cards are issued Target Rating Point (TRP)
periodically and show the prices charged for various Is the percentage of audience recorded by a program
timeslots, programs, press modules. / issue of a publication against a particular target
Rating Point group.
The percentage of audience recorded by a particular 1 rating point = 1% of a target group reached by that
program / issue of a publication. program.
1 rating point = 1% of a target group reached by that Universe
program. A group of people whose total number represents the
Readers per Copy ultimate potential reach of a piece of activity
The average number of persons that read a copy of (advertising, research etc) e.g. ‘All housewives’.
a publication calculated by dividing average Vertical Road Blocking
readership of an issue by circulation. Placing a TV or radio commercial on various
Outdoor Site timeslots on the same channel, on the same day. It
An outdoor location where one or more poster panels builds the frequency of a campaign.
are placed. Weight
Share of Audience The size of the advertising burst or campaign
The percentage of a viewing audience watching one measured by the GRP delivery.
channel out of all the TV viewing, at a given period of
time. Online - advertising terms
Share of Expenditures (SoE), Share of Spend (SoS)
The brand’s or group of brands’ advertising weight Ad Server - A computer, normally operated by a
expressed as a percentage of expenditures of a third party, that delivers and tracks advertisements
defined total market or market segment, in a given independent of the web site where the ad is being
time period. displayed. Use of an ad server helps establish trust
Share of Voice (SoV) between an advertiser and publisher since the
The brand’s or group of brands’ advertising weight statistics are maintained by a objective third party.
expressed as a percentage of GRPs, number of Banner Burnout - A term used to describe an event
pages, of poster sites etc. of a defined total market or when a banner has been shown to the same
market segment, in a given time period. visitor(s) to the point where the click through rate has
SNA FOCUS dropped dramatically. Rotating banners helps to
It is a consumption survey based on the already reduce banner burnout.
established SNA research. The research objectives: Clicks - The number of click through that have
obtaining comprehensive information about media occurred as a result of a user clicking on a banner
penetration, products and services purchase and being redirected to an advertisers web page.
patterns and the socio-cultural behaviour. It is a Click Through Rate - The percentage of
syndicated research, controlled by the advertising impressions that resulted in a click through.
industry (BRAT). Calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the
Solo Spot number of impressions. For example if a banner was
An advertisement placed in the middle of a TV click on 13 times after being displayed 1000 times,

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the banner would have a click rate of ( 13 ÷ 1000 = Impressions - The number of times a banner ad
.013 ) 1.3%. This is also commonly known as a was requested and presumably seen by users. It is
banners click rate. often hard to obtain an accurate impression count as
CPM - Cost per thousand (CPM) is one of the online they can be undercounted due to issues relating to
payment models by which advertisers pays for every cache or overcounted due to requests that were not
1000 impressions of their advertisement. Prices completed.
typically range from $1 to over $50 per thousand Inventory - The number of ad spaces available for
impressions. This is an ideal method of payment for sale on a web site during a certain time frame.
advertisers who want to guarantee only the number Determined buy taking into consideration the number
of people who sees their banner. The "M" in CPM is of advertisements on a page, the number of pages
from the Roman numeral for 1000. The Roman with advertisements and the number of page views
numeral M was derived from the Latin word "mille" during a specific time frame.
meaning "thousand". Island Position - A advertisement that is
Frequency - A term used to describe the number of completely surrounded by editorial material with no
times the same advertisement is shown to the same adjoining advertisements to compete for the
visitor during a particular session or time frame. This audiences attention.
can be accomplished through the use of cookies. Landing Page - The page on a web site where one
House Ads - A type of banner advertisement that a is taken after clicking on a advertisement. While this
web site publisher runs in an ad space when no can be any page, it is often a page designed to
paying advertisement is available to fill the space. expand on the service or product mentioned in the
Typically filled with an advertisement promoting one initial advertisement.
of the web sites services, products or features.

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