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Exercitii cu fraze conditionale

Exercitiul 1:

l. I will greet 2. you will be. 3. she will be. 4. I will lend. 5. will you promise? 6. you will
not pass. 7. it goes on. 8. you take. 9. I will buy. 10. you will not find.

Exercitiul 2:

1. I knew. 2. I moved. 3. Would you buy? 4. he would not make. 5. you were. 6. I gave up.
7. I would buy. 8. he would take. 9. I wouldn’t do. 10. would you go?

Exercitiul 3:

l. you would have read. 2. I had worked. 3. you wouldn’t have got. 4. I had known. 5. he
had tried. 6. you had invited. 7. I would not have made. 8. he had realized. 9. I had not told.
10. I would have answered.

Exercitiul 4:

l. It would have been. 2. I were. 3. I will answer. 4. he would have told. 5. you had driven.
6. he will get. 7. he leaves. 8. I saw. 9. I would have answered. 10. you will be.

Exercitiul 5:

1. If it rains, the streets will be wet. 2. If it rained, the streets would be wet. 3. If it had
rained, the streets would have been wet. 4. You will catch the train if you take a taxi. 5. You
would catch the train if you took a taxi. 6. You would have caught the train if you had taken a
taxi. 7. Will you be angry if I take your pencil? 8. Would you be angry if I took your pencil?
9. Would you have been angry if I had taken your pencil? 10. What will you do if you meet
John? 11. What would you do if you meet John? 12. What would you have done if you had
met John?

Exercitiul 6:

l. You will see him if you wait. 2. If a beggar asked you for money, would you give him
some? 3. What would have happened if you had driven at a high speed? 4. We won’t go for a
walk if the rain doesn’t stop/unless the rain stops. 5. I would like the play more if it were
shorter. 6. If dinner is not ready in time, I will eat at a restaurant. 7. If you hadn’t shut the
window I would have been cold. 8. I would knit another sweater if I had more wool. 9.
Mamaia would be an ideal place for a holiday if there weren’t so many people there. 10. I will
be disappointed if I don’t find out the truth.