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Exercitii cu diateza pasiva

Exercitiul 1:

1. The work will be finished today (by them). 2. Your bag has been found (by him). 3. My
friend will be invited to a party (by me). 4. The missing child has been found (by someone). 5.
My TV set will be repaired by a specialist. 6. Something must be done for him by his
coworkers. 7. Football is played all over the world. 8. I was frightened by the noise. 9. A new
house is being built round the corner (by them). 10. A new supermarket was being built in that
district last month, when I passed by.

Exercitiul 2:

1. The patient was prescribed some pills (by the doctor). Some pills were prescribed to the
patient (by the doctor). 2. I have been given a nice present (by them). A nice present has been
given to me (by them). 3. We will be shown the way by the policeman. The way will be
shown to us by the policeman. 4. English is taught to them (by me). They are taught English
(by me). 5. John has been lent two of my books (by me). Two of my books have been lent to
John (by me). 6. The Romanian film director was awarded the Great Prize (by the jury). The
Great Prize was awarded to the Romanian film director (by the jury). 7. The tourists were
shown the museum (by the guide). The museum was shown to the tourists (by the guide). 8. I
will be given a reward (by them). A reward will be given to me (by them). 9. I’m not always
told the truth by my friend. The truth is not always told to me by my friend. 10. I was asked a
difficult question by the teacher. A difficult question was asked of me by the teacher.

Exercitiul 3:

1. The children weren’t looked after properly (by them). 2. The doctor was called for (by
us).: 3. His odd behaviour couldn’t be accounted for (by us). 4. The house was broken into (by
burglars). 5. Don’t speak until you are spoken to (by someone). 6. His bed hasn’t been slept in
(by him). 7. John was laughed at (by us). 8. His proposal was objected to (by us). 9. Fire was
set to the shed (by them).

Exercitiul 4:

1. Has the TV set been repaired? 2. Will the letter be written in ink? 3. Haven’t you been
told to be here at 6 o’clock? 4. Were you frightened by the tornado? 5. Will the details be told
to him? Will he be told the details? 6. Has the dog been fed? 7. Was he shocked by the sight of
the accident? 8. Were you told about the meeting? 9. Do you think your request will be turned
down? 10. Would your work have been finished sooner if you hadn’t been interrupted by your

Exercitiul 5:

1. People will soon forget this book. 2. People mustn’t take away these books. 3. People
speak English all over the world. 4. All the visitors of the museum admire this painting. 5.
They have built this house out of stone and cement. 6. They held a reception in his honour. 7.
The teacher will tell the pupils where to sit. 8. My friend recommended me a very good
doctor. 9. The rescue party finally discovered the climber. 10. He hates people making fun of

Exercitiul 6:

l. Foreign languages are spoken in this hotel. 2. We were asked to show our passports. 3.
We were told very interesting things at the conference. very interesting things were told to us
at the conference. 4. The event was commented on by all the newspapers. 5. The letter will be
mailed as soon as possible. 6. Nothing has been heard about him since he left for Constanta. 7.
This piece of information must be treated confidentially. 8. The meanings of the new words
must be looked up in the dictionary. 9. When he arrived home he realized his wallet had been
stolen. 10. The professor’s lecture was listened to by all the students. 11. We will be given
detailed instructions about the paper. Detailed instructions will be given to us about the paper.
12. Many new blocks are being built in our district. 13. The museum was closed for repairs.
14. This stamp hasn’t been well stuck on the envelope. 15. America was discovered at the end
of the 15th century.