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Exercitii cu constructiile verbale

Exercitiul 1:

1. I expected you to come earlier. 2. He wanted me to help him. 3. She made me understand
what had happened. 4. I think him to be a good husband. 5. I heard her scold/scolding her
child. 6. John admitted the fault to be his. 7. I rely on you to lend me some money. 8. I
watched them playing football. 9. I saw him speaking to his friend. 10. Mother would like me
to become a doctor. 11. I understand her to be a very good teacher. 12. 1 knew him to be a
very busy man. 13. I saw some children playing in the park. 14. I supposed him to be able to
drive a car. 15. He made me miss the train.

Exercitiul 2:

1. This problem is too difficult for me to solve. 2. This is a good book for you to read. 3.
This fact is important for you to bear in mind. 4. This is a valuable piece of advice for you to
take. 5. The time has come for us to have a heart to heart talk. 6. The people were impatient
for the match to begin. 7. I have closed the window for you not to catch a cold. 8. This is the
main thing for us to do. 9. I ordered a taxi for her not to miss the train. 10. This is a strange
thing for her to have said.

Exercitiul 3:

1. It is necessary for him to be present. 2. It is recommendable for you to read this book. 3.
It’s time for us to meet again. 4. It’s time for you to start learning foreign languages. 5. It is
possible for the plane to be delayed. 6. It is impossible for him to have said that. 7. It is
possible for me to buy a car. 8. It is advisable for you to resign. 9. It is important for you to
come to the office at once. 10. It is necessary for you to study the matter seriously.

Exercitiul 4:

1. He is expected to arrive at 2 o’clock. 2. He was heard to repeat it several times. 3. She

seemed to be satisfied with me. 4. He was expected to resign. 5. She (was) proved to be a liar.
6. She was said to be ill. 7. He was believed to be a brilliant surgeon. 8. She was thought to be
unable to win the contest. 9. They are sure to have had an argument. 10. She happened to
make three spelling mistakes in her letter.

Exercitiul 5:

1. The plane was seen landing. 2. The baby was heard crying. 3. The boy was found
breaking the window. 4. She could be heard typing. 5. She was seen lying on the beach. 6. She
was seen fainting. 7. The peasants were seen working in the field. 8. The child was heard
breaking the vase. 9. She was found digging in the garden. 10. The hunters were heard

Exercitiul 6:
1. Daca vremea va permite, vom urca pâna la vârful muntelui. 2. Intrucât ploaia incetase,
am plecat la cumparaturi. 3. Concertul fiind terminat, publicul a parasit sala. 4. Dupa ce
avionul a decolat am incetat sa fumez. 5. Decizia fiind luata in favoarea mea, am plecat acasa
linistit. 6. Intrucât râul crescuse in timpul noptii, ne era teama sa nu avem inundatii. 7. Toata
lumea fiind acasa, ne-am asezat la cina. 8. Intrucât noroiul imi stricase pantofii, a trebuit sa-i
schimb. 9. Scrisoarea fiind scrisa, am mers sa o pun la posta. 10. Intrucât soarele rasarise, ne-
am grabit spre plaja.