A long long time ago, there is a five brother who calll pandawa. They live at sma negeri 1 kingdom. They are handsome and famous. But they havent girlfriend yet. One day the talk about their love problem. So lets checkthis out

Werkudara : hey first brother...we already adult now. But, no one between us who have a girl friend. You know, almost every night i have a wet dream, so that s prove that i have already beeing adult yudhistira : yeah...i also wanna find a girlfriend too, but who??? arjuna : you know guys, there s a princess from smart 2 kingdom, who named princess kampung dalem . But there s rumour that she is a daughter from dark relationship (hubungan gelap) between batara kala and dewi sinta. Nakula, sadewa : so why we not go there??? Yudhistira : oke lets go! So finally they decided to go to the kindom of smart 2 . But, before they arived to smart 2 kingdom, they must past the jungle of dedemit and friends. There is a lot of monster inside that. But they arent afraid.

Nakula and sadewa : guys , be carefull!! There is a lot of monster here. Watch out Yudistira : yeah guys! I ve got a bad feeling. Werkudara : dont worry mamen, we still have a secret power!! Arjuna : look!! There is a monster !!! Together : ciaaaaaatttt !!!!

..They arived to smart 2 kingdom with safely.. have you already have a boyfriend yet?? KD : not yet. Yudistira : finnaly guys we come to smart 2 kingdom... hey she s mine!! Yudistira : i am the oldest than you can call me KD Introducing their self to princess Yudistira : oke KD. yeah. i am so curious about princess kampung dalem. arjuna : Boooooo!!!! .i am single why you ask me like thhnat. so she must be mine!! Werkudara : what?? I am the most handsome guy between you all!! Yudis. And meet princes kampung dalem for the 1st time.. where we can find princess kampung dalem??? Nakula sadewa : betul-betul (gaya upin ipin) Nakula : hey now we act at english drama! Sadewa : o yeah!! So we must translate betul-betul3x to english Nakula sadewa : true-true 3X Yudistira : so where is she?? Werkudara : so let check arround Princess kampung dalem coming out Arjuna : is that princess kampung dalem?? Nakula sadewa : woo. Arjuna : i wanna you to be my girlfriend Nakula sadewa : no way!! She s mine. :D Werkudara : me too bro!! My heart beating so hard!! Arjuna : but there ss a little problem. nakula sadewa.. its beautiful!! Werkudara : are you princess kampung dalem?? KD .

. And the winner will be mine.. And arjuna go to the KD and tell her about arjuna s feeling. i ll tell my feeling to you. they marry and and have alot of childreen. Arjuna : okey if that you wants. KD : what is that handsome??? Arjuna : do you want to be my girlfriend?? KD : yeah :D why not Lagu cant smile with out you. Arjuna : KD.and arjuna be the winner..... The end :P ... After that Arjuna and Kd have a happy life 4 ever. Lets do it!! Duel time So they fight until the last breath.i only can servis for one man...KD : hey-hey calm down man. And ive already complete your request. KD : dalem.. Arjuna : i come from far away to find you. nakula and sadewa back to their country and they hope they will find their true love. yudistira werkudara .. you must be duel to be my boyfriend.. So.


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