An Essay on Spiritual Vampires Copyright 2010 Timothy R. Waggener This document may be released publicly.

An Essay on Spiritual Vampires
By: Timothy R. Waggener
In America many of us are trained and conditioned as children to work to attain the things we want. This is an inborn part of human nature which is not as prevalent in other societies. Keep this thought in mind as we jump into the topic here. Today's topic is "Spiritual Vampires." There are two types. The first type of spiritual vampire is the one most people talk about. This person is a spiritual vampire who drains your life force (or "Chi.") This can be recognized as a person you talk to who always leaves you feeling "drained." These people are harmless, and merely function in the way they have been programmed to function in their past lives. The second type of spiritual vampire is one you rarely hear about. They are powerful people spiritually, but are often weak minded. What this particular type of spiritual vampire does is they literally push energy into you. Once that energy is inside of you they "feed" off the energy as you begin to express it. This energy can be any emotion from love to fear to anger. Spiritual Vampires who cannot generate their own love require people who love them. Spiritual vampires who manipulate people with clever (or sometimes not so clever) actions require people to feel fear or anger. Do not mistake a person who missed "strokes" (positive and negative affirmations of acknowledgment) in their childhood, or who has bipolar disorder for a spiritual vampire. There are also psychological reasons for which people do this. However spiritual vampires do sometimes possess mental illnesses, or can have had bad childhoods. The process is that the spiritual vampire will use clever psychology to generate energy from another person, and then use that person as a catalyst to feed them energy. This normally takes place when the spiritual vampire wants something (using their power for personal gain) but all spiritual vampires will do this at least once every three days. Examples of this are things which are commonly done by people who are not spiritual vampires. If a spiritual vampire is low on "negative" energy they may make rude or accusatory statements. Once you get an internal reaction to this and respond they will continue with negative thoughts and emotions until you are truly upset. Often the spiritual vampire, being weak minded, will do things such as self project, lie, and use self defense mechanisms during the process. Recognizing one of these spiritual vampires is surprisingly easy, and revolves around their deadly "secret." You do not HAVE to feed them energy. See, the process of draining energy requires an emotional attachment fixated around the spiritual vampire. First, you must be consciously aware of the Page 1

An Essay on Spiritual Vampires Copyright 2010 Timothy R. Waggener This document may be released publicly. vampire. Second you must connect to them mentally. To establish this connection the spiritual vampire decides what kind of energy they want, and then uses psychology to connect to you. They will then proceed to stimulate your brain with the kinds of thoughts they want you to have. A classic example of this is a snide comment that for some reason has a stronger affect on you then a normal snide comment. The first "warning sign" of a spiritual vampire is that they really get under your skin, but for some reason you can't understand why. In many cases if any other person made the same comment you would not get nearly as upset. When this connection is established, the vampire will begin to feed. However in order for the connection to function on the spiritual vampire's end, it is required that you do something to acknowledge the connection. So here is the "deadly secret." Keeping a spiritual vampire from feeding on you is all about not establishing the connection. The first step is not to focus less on the person, but simply not to react. Spiritual vampires who feed on negative energy will look for a reaction. When they do not get a reaction they cannot feed. This forces them to go through "withdraw." Now, unlike the spiritual vampires most people talk about these "real" spiritual vampires are not just "souls" they are a literal inherited trait in human DNA. Their brains literally function differently than ours. The most interesting display ever is a spiritual vampire in withdraw. Their behavior changes instantly, and causes them to act like a crack head craving a fix. When I say that they act like a crack head, I do not mean that metaphorically This is a literal transformation which will take place EVERY TIME a spiritual vampire goes into withdraw. Words do not express how intense this transformation is, and it is different for different spiritual vampires. Spiritual Vampires rarely go into withdraw, and anyone who sees them act this way will be amazed by their behavior. In the case of mental illness they will not be amazed as this behavior may be normal for them anyway. When a spiritual vampire is attempting to make you angry and you do not engage them they will not become merely frustrated. They will start behaving "strangely." Their body speed will increase by about 40% and their emotions will go off the chart. Different spiritual vampires will respond differently. If you ever confront a spiritual vampire and there is a witness present, even a close friend of the spiritual vampire, and they observe the spiritual vampire in withdraw they will often be amazed and shocked that the spiritual vampire is "not them self" They will often comment that they've never (or rarely) seen the person act this way. If you do this properly you will be looking at the vampire, smiling and being friendly to them, and the vampire will be jumping up and down, becoming overly expressive, and all out behaving like a crack head. This trick works especially well if the vampire has not "fed" in two days. The reason for the extreme reaction is that the "real" spiritual vampires (who are a "race" of physical human beings, not the spiritual ones) have to extend energy to you in order to obtain a reaction. They simply follow the Page 2

An Essay on Spiritual Vampires Copyright 2010 Timothy R. Waggener This document may be released publicly. pattern of pushing and pushing energy into you to get a result. If they push in over half of their store of energy and you are filled with their energy and do not give them a reaction and do not catalyst their energy back to them they often still continue this pattern getting less and less energy. An intelligent spiritual vampire will stop before their energy gets too low, but then again most spiritual vampires are not that intelligent. The important thing to remember is the only thing that truly proves someone is a spiritual vampire is when they go into withdraw. The effect is amazing, and will not happen with normal people. It is also important to note that "Spiritual Vampires" are rarely aware of what they are. According to "Spiritual Racism" this type of spiritual vampire makes a great minion, but a horrible friend. ^.^ The most dangerous spiritual vampire is one who has become "spiritual." This is because they have learned to obtain alternative energy from spiritual sources and no longer require "feeding" on others. Spiritual Vampires are actually very skilled naturally at manipulating their environment Some become progressively good at it, especially those who become "spiritual." Even those who become spiritual often do not realize they are "spiritual vampires." As I said in the beginning paragraph, in America we are often taught, as children that we have a right to pursue the things we want. This is reflected in the Constitution where it is stated we have a “right to pursue happiness.” Spiritual vampires who grow up in America have often learned to tap into their “power” to manipulate their environment Keep that in mind when understanding how dangerous a spiritual vampire who has become “spiritual” and does not go into withdraw can truly be.

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