23 November 2010

MphasiS (MPHL IN)
Talk of pricing pressure is not evident from the 4Q FY11 results
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Price (23 Nov)
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Rating: 1

Target price: Rs765.00

MBFL.NS n.a. n.a.

What has changed?
• MphasiS announced a revenue increase of 5.2% QoQ and a net-profit rise of 4.7% QoQ for 4Q FY10, almost in line with our forecasts. The EBITDA margin contracted by 100 basis points QoQ as a result of increased manpower costs.

Market data
SENSEX Index Market cap EV 3-mth avg daily T/O Shares outstanding Free float Major shareholder Exchange rate 19,691.84 (US$bn) 2.84 (US$bn; 11E) 2.68 (US$m) 6.74 (m) 210 (%) 39.3 HP/EDS (60.8%) Rs/US$ 45.409 3M 1.6 (5.4) 6M (3.5) (23.3)

• Contrary to the market’s expectations, billing rates for application-service revenue were flat sequentially, and onsite rates improved from US$71/hour for 3Q FY11 to US$72/hour for 4Q FY11. This revenue stream (65% of total revenue for FY11) improved by 5.8% QoQ for the fourth quarter, and the gross-profit margin expanded by 140 basis points QoQ to 30.9%. • The gross-profit margin for business process outsourcing (BPO) expanded by 270 basis points QoQ to 17.4%, leading to a gross-profit increase of 18.2% QoQ. Infrastructure services (23% of full-year revenue) recorded a gross-profit margin decline sequentially. However, this business’s gross profit numbers are not strictly comparable as its third-quarter revenue included one-off revenue of Rs170m. • As manpower costs increased by 10.5% QoQ and administrative costs rose by Rs118m QoQ, Mphasis’s EBITDA margin declined by 90 basis points QoQ to 23.8%. In addition to increased costs, the margin contraction was attributable to the fall in the utilisation rate for the company’s offshore infrastructure-services operation to 66% for 4Q FY11, from 73% for 3Q FY11. • Mphasis recorded a forex gain of Rs130m, so other income overall rose steeply to Rs310m for 4Q FY11, from Rs174m. In addition, as the company still has tax credits, the effective tax rate rose from 7.4% for 3Q FY10 to 9.6% for FY10. • We have not revised our FY11 earnings forecasts, as we believe Mphasis is able to add clients across various revenue run-rate categories. We have revised down our FY12 EPS forecast by 3.1%, to reflect a modest upward revision to our taxrate forecast.

Performance (%)* 1M Absolute (2.2) Relative 0.1 Source: Daiwa Note: *Relative to SENSEX Index

Investment indicators
2011E 2012E 2013E PER (x) 10.4 9.7 9.1 PCFR (x) 14.9 11.3 10.3 EV/EBITDA (x) 7.8 6.5 5.6 PBR (x) 2.9 2.3 1.9 Dividend yield (%) 0.7 0.8 1.0 ROE (%) 32.1 26.5 22.7 ROA (%) 23.8 19.9 17.3 Net debt equity (%) net cash net cash net cash Relative to peers In line Relative to history In line Source: Daiwa forecasts

Income summary (Rs m)
Yr to 31 Oct 2010 2011E 2012E Revenue 50,366 60,743 70,065 YoY (%) 18.1 20.6 15.3 EBITDA 12,650 15,550 17,446 YoY (%) 12.1 22.9 12.2 Net profit 10,910 12,398 13,292 YoY (%) 20.1 13.6 7.2 EPS (Rs) 51.969 59.060 63.316 YoY (%) 20.1 13.6 7.2 CFPS (Rs) 32.482 41.097 54.239 DPS (Rs) 3.321 4.118 4.992 Source: Company, Daiwa forecasts 2013E 76,605 9.3 18,615 6.7 14,086 6.0 67.100 6.0 59.765 5.848

Price and relative performance
(Rs) 900.0 700.0 500.0 300.0 100.0 Rel to SENSEX Index 350 275 200 125 50 07/11 08/5 08/11 09/5 09/11 10/5 10/11

• We maintain our six-month target price of Rs765, based on a target 13x PER on our FY11 EPS forecast. Mphasis trades currently at what we see as attractive PERs of 10.4x for FY11 and 9.7x for FY12 on our EPS forecasts. Our FY12 earningsgrowth forecast looks muted given the upward revision to our tax forecast.

Source: Bloomberg, Daiwa

Forecasts revisions (%)
Revenue change Net profit change EPS change Source: Daiwa forecasts FY11E FY12E FY13E 0.0 0.0 n.a. 1.5 (3.0) n.a. 1.5 (3.1) n.a.

Catalysts and action
• We maintain our 1 (Buy) rating on Mphasis. Mpahsis had cash and liquid investments of US$365m for 4Q FY11 (an increase of US$40m compared with 3Q FY11), which we believe could be used for acquisitions over the next few quarters. If these acquisitions prove earnings-accretive, we believe they could lead to a rerating. In addition, the cash could be used potentially to buy back shares equating up to 10% of its net worth. Under U/S-77A of the Indian Companies Act, shareholders’ approval is not required and a repurchase could be done with a board resolution. If the company carries out a buyback, then we believe it could buy back 2.8% of its shares at the current share price, which would be earnings-accretive.

Fair value
Valuation (Rs/shr) Methodology Key assumption Source: Daiwa forecasts 765.00 - As above On FY11 EPS of Rs58.21


Global Equity Research

1 38.8 n.2 21.7 20./(exp.030 0 14.0x 11.635 127 632 8.100 67.886 3.000) 0 (3.567 2.) Offshore revenues (US$ m) 2009 35 4 39 19 60 23 31.099 2.026) 15.7 31.056 3.0 7.615 (3.968 2012E 16.522) (2.820) 13.) – YoY % EPS (adj.500 19. MphasiS has recorded revenue in excess of Rs10bn per quarter.965) 0 0 (1.013 1.6 15.561) (1. int.284 2.054 9.491 2.0 207.718 19.347) 16.4 48.200 17.072 53.) Onsite based engineers (No.041) 1.700) 0 (3.087 9.9 78.219 12.0 48.760 (2.5 22.590 2010 12.195 0 16.a.886 3.802 24.) Net-profit margin % (adj.026 (3.2 6. n. 6.612) 500 (7.a.7 3.665) (2.637 (1.6 12.6 7.487 50.650 2011E 18.) EBIT margin % (adj.000 4.8 16.730 1.791) (1.605 0 (51.260 11.969 51.181 (7. and we expect HP+EDS to account for 71% of its revenue over the next few years.420 810 2011E 50 6 56 20 67 25 44.659) 2010 1.099 2.965) (2.254 20.991) 0 (133) (733) 1.9 17.820 (2.Company background MphasiS is a 60.733 1.E.3 9.6 2.181 435 390 335 475 507 650 14.354 45.0x 6.3 190.9 24.283 2010 14.7 21.358 23.981) (1.1 33.490 23.200 88.086 67. n. MphasiS – financial summary Profit and loss (Rs m) Year to 31 Oct Application development Application maintenance Others Total revenue Other income COGS SG&A Other op.3 21.268 18.5 25. expenses EBIT Net-interest inc.030) 8.542 3.959 17.398 12.550 2012E 21.7 18.0 21.2 6.420 17.100 5.491) 0 0 (1.992 0 45.786 0 9.933 980 2012E 60 7 67 19 66 24 52.6 7.) – YoY % EBITDA margin % (adj.453) 0 58 (418) 468 108 0 1.1 13.214 19.4 19.422 9.639) (1.) EPS (reported) (Rs) EPS (adj.089 222 0 50 2011E 14.0 20.9 12.608 2.0 20.7 34.627 (1.420 1.445 23.886 16.6 35.292 63.728 2.6 20.0x 16.321 11.6 7.467 1.910 51.500 36.1 20. n.291 2.067 867 667 467 267 67 Nov-07 Nov-08 Nov-09 25.265 17.0 26.) (Rs) DPS (Rs) EBIT (adj.342 15.317 PER bands (Rs) 1.065 0 (46.362) 0 12.667 3. It derives two-thirds of its revenue from financial services.241 18.087 43.946 8.118 13.728 (641) 0 9.267 1.) 2009 12.1 26.260 468 0 9.587 22.340 0 17.519) (4.547) (1.9 30.1 23.316 4.060 59.760 1.295 49.992 15.091 3.192) 0 10.453 0 32.455) (2.7 6.5 79.033 642 2010 38 5 43 21 60 26 36.022) 9.323) (2.3 21.546 (1.386 (1.a.988) 0 (6.7 Key assumptions Year to 31 Oct Offshore efforts (m Man-months) Onsite efforts (m Man-months) Total efforts (m Man-Months) Offshore billing rates (US$) Onsite billing rates (US$) Blended billing rates (US$) Offshore based engineers (No.254 59.2 6.181 0 1 9.851 15.197) (1.a.615 2.785 0 12.930 70.099 42.292 13.0 76.935 (340) (7.195 154 0 8.1 25.836 0 0 0 3 3 3 15.512 3.799 3.331) 2011E 2012E 2013E 7.614 2.969 3.9 8.268 1.8%-owned subsidiary of Hewlett Packard (HP) and one of the premier IT-services companies in the Tier-II space.200 88.362) (4.594) (6.635 (1.060 4.737) (1.9 22.182 2.261 60.323) 0 13.023 14.316 63.730 15.349 74.984 2.185 21.5 26.910 10.5 37.852) 0 0 (837) 1.366 0 (33.367 28./others Pre-tax profit Tax Min.6 24.986 68.211 19.4 28.748 76.6 2.089 0 12. n.041 0 3 12.126) Cash flow (Rs m) Year to 31 Oct Profit before tax Depreciation and amortisation Tax paid Change in working capital Other operational CF items Cash flow from operations Capex Net (acquisitions)/disposal Other investing CF items Cash flow from investing Change in debt Net share issues/(repurchases) Dividends paid Other financing CF items Cash flow from financing Forex effect/others Change in cash 2009 9.637) 11.171 55.175 18.659 Key ratios Year to 31 Oct Sales – YoY % EBITDA (adj.035 (1.892 15.7 207.211 42.900 9.7 38.a.) ROAE (%) ROAA (%) ROCE (%) ROIC (%) Net debt to equity (%) Effective tax rate (%) Accounts receivable (days) Payables (days) Net interest cover (x) Net dividend payout (%) 2009 2010 2011E 2012E 2013E 123.9x 21.461 0 0 0 14.347 (3. Daiwa forecasts Daiwa Research Update 2 .049 2013E 17.099 30.0 18.7 net cash net cash net cash net cash net cash 6.3 48.743 0 (40.022 (641) (1./others Net profit (reported) Net profit (adj. div.) EBITDA (adj.195) 11.887 66.892 32.652) (1.8 19.412) (24.064 7.285 2.981 18.1 13.243 44.102 1./others Shareholders' equity Minority interests Total equity & liabilities Net debt/(cash) 2009 1.1x Nov-10 Source: Company.314 18.026) (2.308 32.035 454 369 11.3 78.438 60.6 9.340) 12.4 7.340 77 0 8.089) 6.633 1.446 2013E 24.898 16.753 15.522) 0 14.950 26.1 22.848 16.342 0 0 0 59.086 14.) – YoY % Net profit (adj.) Assoc/forex/extraord.325) (6.144 2013E 72 9 81 18 64 23 62.901) (4.706) (468) 8.7 32.192) (4.5 76.886 15.839 2.212) (4.349 74.608 (3.096 21.819 (4) (6.177 18.615 Balance sheet (Rs m) As at 31 Oct Cash & short-term investment Inventory Accounts receivable Other current assets Total current assets Fixed assets Goodwill & intangibles Other non-current assets Total assets Short-term debt Accounts payable Other current liabilities Total current liabilities Long-term debt Other non-current liabilities Total liabilities Share capital Reserves/R.102 (1.013 12. Since the acquisition of EDS by HP.318) (15.639 0 (26.5 2./pref.200) 0 (2.263) 1.6 22.6 20.2 30.536 14.554 18.398 59.285 43.044 2.030 193 0 5.

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Ltd and it may only be distributed in Taiwan to institutional investors or specific investors who have signed recommendation contracts with Daiwa-Cathay Capital Markets Co. related to the recommendations or views expressed in the Report. or use by any person. and may be subject to change without further notice. and will not accept any responsibility or liability whatsoever for any use of or reliance upon this publication or any of the contents hereof. *Affiliates of Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. affiliates. Ltd. Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holdings Group Limited (460 HK). recommendation. officers and employees from time to time have trades as principals. servants and employees except where the publication states otherwise. Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co.. is or will be directly or indirectly. Ltd is a subsidiary of Daiwa Securities Group. Japan Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. and/or its non-U. Glorious Property (845 HK). Any view. Recipients of this research in Taiwan may contact Daiwa-Cathay Capital Markets Co. Neither this publication. you are recommended to seek your own legal.html. as it does not take into account the specific investment objectives. China Kangda Food Co Ltd (CKANG SP). Recipients of this research in Australia may contact Daiwa Capital Markets Stockbroking Limited in respect of any matter arising from or in connection with the research. China Kangda Food Co Ltd (834 HK). employees. Consequently DAIWA expressly disclaims any and all liability for. distribution. Seoul Branch Hong Kong This research is distributed in Hong Kong by Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited (“DHK”) which is regulated by the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission. Investment Banking Relationship For “Investment Banking Relationship”. is made or given as to its accuracy. Ownership of Securities For “Ownership of Securities” information. While the information in this report has been compiled by DAIWA in good faith from sources believed to be reliable. The following are additional disclosures. or are to be construed as. West China Cement Limited (2233 HK). review and analysis.. Ltd and Daiwa Securities Group Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. International Taifeng Holdings Limited (873 HK). servants and employees. affiliates. Ltd. Ltd (GGH SP). AIA Group Limited (1299 HK). its parent. no representation or warranty. Recipients of this research in Singapore may contact Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited in respect of any matter arising from or in connection with the research. DAIWA its officers. constitute.com/report_disclosure. Ltd. Ltd. This research report is not to be relied upon by any person in making any investment decision or otherwise advising with respect to. indirect. represent nor warrant the accuracy or completeness of the information contained herein or as to the existence of other facts which might be significant. The views expressed in the report accurately reflect the analyst’s personal views about the securities and issuers that are subject of the Report. dissemination. Ltd. or based on or relating to any such information contained in or errors in or omissions in this report. nor any of its respective parent. as amended from time to time. for the purposes of this section shall mean any one or more of: • Daiwa Capital Markets Hong Kong Limited • Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited • Daiwa Capital Markets Australia Limited • Daiwa Capital Markets India Private Limited • Daiwa-Cathay Capital Markets Co. • Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. China Automation Group (569 HK). We and our group companies. financial situation and particular needs of any person. The Affiliates of Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. in and buy sell the securities thereof. Patel Engineering (PEC IN).us. distribution or use would be contrary to any statutory legislation. or regulation which would require DAIWA and its affiliates/ group companies to any registration or licensing requirements. Sijia Group Company Limited (1863 HK). Australia This research is distributed in Australia by Daiwa Capital Markets Stockbroking Limited and it may only be distributed in Australia to wholesale investors within the meaning of the Corporations Act. nor any content hereof. printing or reliance on this publication for any other purpose without our prior consent or approval is strictly prohibited. or its or their respective directors. officers.* has lead-managed public offerings and/or secondary offerings (excluding straight bonds) of the securities of the following companies: China Zhongwang Holdings Ltd (1333 HK). holding. Strides Arcolab Limited (STR IN). and that no part of the analyst’s compensation was. Great Group Co.us. Greens Holdings Ltd (1318 HK). please visit BlueMatrix disclosure Link at http://www2. This publication and the contents hereof are intended for information purposes only.. Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited and its representatives are not required to comply with Section 36 of the Financial Advisers Act (Chapter 110) (Section 36 relates to disclosure of Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited’s interest and/or its representative’s interest in securities). copying. Ltd. holding. unless expressly provided. Ltd. tax or other advice and should rely solely on your own judgment. DAIWA is committed to providing independent recommendations to its Clients and would be happy to provide any information in response to any query from its Clients. have long or short positions. Recipients of this research in Hong Kong may contact DHK in respect of any matter arising from or in connection with this research. India This research is distributed by Daiwa Capital Markets India Private Limited (DAIWA) which is an intermediary registered with Securities & Exchange Board of India. Fantasia Holding Group (1777 HK).html. or dealing in. expert investors and institutional investors as defined in the Financial Advisers Regulations and the Securities and Futures Act (Chapter 289). Tong Yang Life (082640 KS). please visit BlueMatrix disclosure Link at http://www2. except to the extent expressly provided herein. Relevant Relationship (DHK) DHK may from time to time have an individual employed by or associated with it serves as an officer of any of the companies under its research coverage. Daiwa Research Update 5 . opinion or advice expressed in this publication may not necessarily reflect those of Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co.. DHK market making DHK may from time to time make a market in securities covered by this research. subsidiaries or affiliates. express of implied. Singapore This research is distributed in Singapore by Daiwa Capital Markets Singapore Limited and it may only be distributed in Singapore to accredited investors. This report does not recommend to US recipients the use of Daiwa Capital Markets India Private Limited or any of its non – US affiliates to effect trades in any securities and is not supplied with any understanding that US recipients will direct commission business to Daiwa Capital Markets India Private Limited.daiwacm. Ltd in accordance with the Operational Regulations Governing Securities Firms Recommending Trades in Securities to Customers. Hontex International Holding (946 HK). Ltd and Daiwa Securities Group: Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co.S. Ltd in respect of any matter arising from or in connection with the research. This report is not to be considered as an offer or solicitation for any dealings in securities. affiliates. Taiwan This research is distributed in Taiwan by Daiwa-Cathay Capital Markets Co.com/report_disclosure..daiwacm. of company(ies) mentioned herein or be engaged in any other transactions involving such securities and earn brokerage or other compensation or act as advisor or have the potential conflict of interest with respect to any recommendation and related information or opinion. or have other interests in the securities of the company under research including derivatives in respect of such securities or may have also performed investment banking and other services for the issuer of such securities.DISCLAIMER This publication is produced by Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co.com/report_disclosure. DAIWA prohibits its analyst and their family members from maintaining a financial interest in the securities or derivatives of any companies that the analyst cover. This report is not intended or directed for distribution to. officers. the securities mentioned. Investment Banking Relationship Within the preceding 12 months. or have positions in. an offer or solicitation of an offer to buy or sell any of the securities or investments mentioned herein in any country or jurisdiction nor.html.

html. non-U. Germany This document has been approved by Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited and is distributed in Germany by Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited. As a result. In some cases. commodity prices. nor does it reflect DCMA’s views at any time. Eurex and NYSE Liffe. we will collect a trading commission* for each transaction as agreed beforehand with you. "1": the security could outperform the local index by more than 15% over the next six months.html.us. Readers should consult their financial advisors to determine whether any such recommendation is consistent with their own investment objectives. Research Analyst Conflicts For updates on “Research Analyst Conflicts” please visit BlueMatrix disclosure link at http://www2. financial situation and needs. In addition. Iceland. * The amount of the trading commission cannot be stated here in advance because it will be determined between our company and you based on current market conditions and the content of each transaction etc. Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited is authorised and regulated by The Financial Services Authority (“FSA”) and is a member of the London Stock Exchange. any recommendation it makes is risky and appropriate only for sophisticated speculative investors able to incur significant losses. we may require collateral or margin requirements in accordance with an agreement made beforehand with you. This publication is intended for investors who are not Retail Clients in the United Kingdom within the meaning of the Rules of the FSA and should not therefore be distributed to such Retail Clients in the United Kingdom. the benefits of the Financial Services Compensation Scheme may not be available. but may not reflect events occurring after its preparation. It may not be accurate or complete and should not be relied upon as such. of OTC derivatives handled by us. Ownership of Securities For “Ownership of Securities” information please visit BlueMatrix disclosure Link at http://www2.com/report_disclosure.us. Customers wishing to obtain further information about this report should contact DCMA: Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc. Ltd.daiwacm. "3": the security is expected to perform within 5% of the local index (better or worse) over the next six months. This report does not recommend to U. Japan .109 Memberships: Japan Securities Dealers Association. we ask you to pay close attention to the following items.S. and are not aware of any material relevant conflict of interest involving the analyst or DCMA. and to take responsibility for your own decisions regarding the signing of the agreement with us. The following explains the rating system in the report as compared to relevant local indices. In addition to the purchase price of a financial instrument.com/report_disclosure. Financial Futures Association of Japan Japan Securities Investment Advisers Association Daiwa Research Update 6 . Since commissions may be included in the purchase price or may not be charged for certain transactions.com/report_disclosure. and did not receive any compensation from the issuer during the past 12 months except as noted: no exceptions. employees of Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited and its affiliates may have positions and effect transactions in such securities or options and may serve as Directors of such issuers. Ltd and/or its affiliates and is distributed by Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited in the European Union.daiwacm.daiwacm. It reflects the preparer’s views at the time of its preparation.html. and no part of the compensation of such analyst(s) (or no part of the compensation of the firm if no individual analyst[s)] is named on the report) was. 32 Old Slip. we are obliged to advise that the protection afforded by the United Kingdom regulatory system may not apply. "2": the security is expected to outperform the local index by 5-15% over the next six months.us. Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited is duly licensed and regulated by the Dubai Financial Services Authority. Unless this report says otherwise. the loss could exceed the amount of the collateral or margin requirements. director or advisory board member of the issuer(s) covered in the report. Norway and Switzerland.html. Additional information may be available upon request. Dubai Branch.html. Neither DCMA nor the preparer has any obligation to update this report or to continue to prepare research on this subject. real estate prices.daiwacm. if you are a non-resident of Japan.. we recommend that you confirm the commission for each transaction.S. Liechtenstein. When making an actual transaction. Dubai This document has been distributed by Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited. Regulatory disclosures of investment banking relationships are available at www2. Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited may.) If you decide to enter into a business arrangement with us based on the information described in materials presented along with this document.S. "4": the security is expected to underperform the local index by 5-15% over the next six months.us. the amount of the transaction will be in excess of the required collateral or margin requirements. based on the beliefs of the author of the report. Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited and its affiliates may. entities. This report is not an offer to sell or the solicitation of any offer to buy securities. There is a risk that you will incur losses on your transactions due to changes in the market price of financial instruments based on fluctuations in interest rates. please be sure to carefully read the materials presented to you prior to the execution of agreement. by Daiwa Capital Markets America Inc. to the extent permitted by applicable UK law and other applicable law or regulation. There may be a difference between bid price etc.us. recipients the use of any of DCMA’s nonU. Financial Square.com/report_disclosure. Unless applicable law permits otherwise. from time to time.uk. as well as a process for doing so. stock prices.. New York. effect transactions in the Securities before this material is published to recipients. In addition. please thoroughly confirm accounting and tax treatments regarding your trading in financial instruments with such experts as certified public accountants. perform services for or solicit business from such issuers. New York 10005 (telephone 212-612-7000). (DCMA). The views about any and all of the subject securities and issuers expressed in this Research Report accurately reflect the personal views of the research analyst(s) primarily responsible for this report (or the views of the firm producing the report if no individual analysts[s] is named on the report). Ltd. the securities discussed in this report may not be eligible for sales in some jurisdictions. "5": the security could underperform the local index by more than 15% over the next six months.S. in particular. Ordinarily in such cases. Our conflict management policy is available at http://www. Investment Banking Relationships For “Investment Banking Relationships” please visit BlueMatrix disclosure link at http://www2. and/or have a position or effect transactions in the Securities or options thereof and/or may have acted as an underwriter during the past twelve months for the issuer of such securities. participate or invest in other financing transactions with the issuers of the securities referred to herein (the “Securities”). exchange rates. Most countries throughout the world have their own laws regulating the types of securities and other investment products which may be offered to their residents. affiliates to effect trades in any security and is not supplied with any understanding that U. Financial instruments firm: chief of Kanto Local Finance Bureau (Kin-sho) No. we may also charge a maximum of ¥ 2 million (including tax) per year as a standing proxy fee for our deposit of your securities.S.us. are not (nor are any members of their household) an officer. Should you enter into investment business with Daiwa Capital Markets Europe’s affiliates outside the United Kingdom. customers wishing to effect a transaction in any securities referenced in this material should contact a Daiwa entity in their local jurisdiction. and ask price etc. For derivative and margin transactions etc. The principal research analysts who prepared this report have no financial interest in securities of the issuers covered in the report. depending on the content of the transaction. and others. DCMA Market Making For “DCMA Market Making” please visit BlueMatrix disclosure link at http://www2. Daiwa Capital Markets Europe Limited has in place organisational arrangements for the prevention and avoidance of conflicts of interest. Corporate Name: Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. to the extent permitted by law.html. Chi-X.com/report_disclosure.additional notification items pursuant to Article 37 of the Financial Instruments and Exchange Law (This Notification is only applicable where report is distributed by Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co. Before engaging in any trading.S. is.com/about-us/corporate-governance-and-regulatory.daiwacm..daiwacm. recipients of this report will direct commission business to such non-U. Related financial products or services are intended only for professional clients and no other person should act upon it.United Kingdom This research report is produced by Daiwa Securities Capital Markets Co.com/report_disclosure. Research Analyst Certification For updates on “Research Analyst Certification” and “Rating System” please visit BlueMatrix disclosure link at http://www2. or will be directly or indirectly related to the specific recommendations or views contained in this Research Report. Niederlassung Frankfurt which is regulated by BaFin (Bundesanstalt fuer Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht) for the conduct of business in Germany.daiwacm. United States This report is distributed in the U.

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