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RET Antennas System

For the remote control of the electrical downtilt of our SlimLine antennas Remote Control Units
according to different protocols: AISGv1.1, 3GPP/AISGv2.0 MDCU module
The unit is totally housed inside the antennas with no parts protruding
out of the antenna housing.
The tilt indicator rod on the antenna stay visible when RET Units are
installed and manual tilt changes are still possible.
Easy to install thanks to the captive screws.
Version 1.1 & 2.0

The MDCU (Multi-Device Control unit) module is designed for

SlimLine antennas (with type 58xxyyy) to permit RET control
for each frequency band of the antenna. It is a compact
module that houses the electronic control board that drives
the motors pre-installed by the factory inside all the
There is one module per antenna whatever the number of
independent variable tilts in the antenna.
Triple band RET antenna type 5880000
SlimLine antennas can be delivered with the RET-MDCU unit with MDCU fitted in it
already fitted in place. In this case the unit is fully
commissioned and no extra work is needed on the field. The
unit can also easily be installed in MET antennas on the field.
Note: MET = Manual control of the Electrical down Tilt MDCU module
RET = Remote control of the Electrical down Tilt
DT 5394 - Ed E- page 1/1 - We reserve the rights to modify our products without prior notice. - Several patents pending regarding this product

Product Codes & Control Protocols

MDCU part number Antenna code using this module
(Only the antenna codes for the MET versions are shown here. For the codes for
AISGv1.1 AISGv2.0/3GPP antennas delivered as RET, refer to the antennas individual data sheets)

MDCU-A0001 MDCU-G0001 5860100 5860110 5860102 5860112 5861100 5861110

(Dual Band Antennas)
5834100 5834110 5834102 5834112 5832100 5832110
5829100 5829101 5863100 5863110 5863703 5863903
5860703 5860903 5832903 5834903
MDCU-A0002 MDCU-G0002 5880100 5880110 5880102 5880112 5880713 5880903
(Tri Band Antennas) 5876100 5878100
MDCU-A0003 MDCU-G0003 5820100 5820102
(Single Band Antennas)

Technical Data
Input control port Male AISG 8 pin connector for control data and power supply of the unit.
Daisy chain port Female AISG 8 pin connector. All the 8 pins are wired to the corresponding pins of
the input control connector.
Connector type IEC60130-9 Ed 3.0
Power supply +12V (pin1) or +24V (pin 6) DC.
If both voltages are supplied, the unit is powered by the 24V line.
Compatible with 10V…30V on pin 6.
Power consumption Stand-by: 0.5 W
During tilt change: 4 W typical / 10 W max.
Data lines RS485
Control protocol HDLC (level 2) and commands/responses (level 7) as per various standard,
including software upgrade by the download functionality
Data rate 9.6 kbps for AISG
Tilt change duration Typically less than 15 seconds (may depend on antenna type)
Tilt change capability 50000 minimum
Dimensions (approx) Depth: 75 mm Width:80 mm Height: 18 mm
Weight 150 g
Installation The unit is fitted inside the antenna and fixed with captive screws.
Before inserting the unit inside the antenna, there is no need of prior registration
of either the unit or the antenna mechanism to a dedicated position.
A calibration procedure is not needed before using the RET-MDCU the first time.

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