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March 2011

5:30 Soup and Bread Supper
Fed by the Presence of One Another: Forming Covenant Discipleship
groups. None of us travel our faith journey alone. We travel with Ash Wednesday (p.1)
God and with one another. Lent is often a time when we seek to do MARCH 13
things differently. We ‘give things up’ or ‘take things on’ for Lent. New Member Class (p.4)
What if instead we chose to form relationships during Lent? On this
first day of the observance of Lent, learn new ways you can become
more connected in the Hennepin community. Bill Mate, Dana Ancient Church Women (p.3)
Neuhauser and several others will share the gifts of becoming part of MARCH 16
a Covenant Discipleship group. For interested parents, Deb Roberts Lenten Supper/Activity (p.3)
will be leading a discussion around spirituality in the home and how - Singing with Sara Thomsen
to look at parenting as a spiritual journey.
Kids activities are planned for children ten and under.
New Member Class (p.4)
7:00 Ash Wednesday worship in the sanctuary
Blue Zones Class begins (p.4)
Young Adult Sledding (p.7)


BRUCE ROBBINS Lenten Supper/Activity (p.3)
- Mindfulness Meditation
A friend asked me the other day what brings me the most joy
and the most anxiety. And so I tried to search my heart — its MARCH 25
hungers, fears and joys. I had no immediate answers. Walk to Emmaus Potluck (p.2)
My joy comes when I see people’s lives touched by the Spirit, especially as MARCH 30
the fragility of life becomes clear...when I watch them hope and love and pray Lenten Supper/Activity (p.3)
for one another. Recently I saw a man hover near death, recover and then
- Bread Baking to
realize, “I have a new story to tell!” (Don’t we all, when we see with new eyes?)
My anxiety comes when I think of opportunities missed or of how much Feed our Souls
work remains unfinished. Sometimes, my heart hungers for signs of
accomplishment. Here is one: a couple of weeks ago, thirty-six retired United
Methodist bishops signed a statement calling our Church to eliminate all the
discriminatory language against gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered
people! Hennepin, as a Reconciling Congregation, has advocated this change
for more than 15 years. (See for more on this story).
And I could talk on and on about the grace and love that arises from people
in this church. There is no better antidote to anxiety in a hungry heart.
Can we tell this story to more people?
We have a calling and the chance to make such a difference. We do our best,
and yet we still get caught up in our institutional status quo. Even so, we can
trust that God provides for our hungry hearts. God gives us times of patience,
and of holy impatience, and calls us to live together through them both. May
you enter Lent in the days to come with a heart both hungry and satisfied.
3. A thrust stage needed for large
Here is the March 2011 !nSpire News- FOR CHURCH SANCTUARY services and performances
letter. There is much to read and learn 4. Task lighting for the chancel area
about in these pages. Thanks to all who This article is the first in a series to
provide information and a forum for 5. Ambient lighting for chancel area
have shared their articles or information 6. Storage in or near the Sanctuary
for this newsletter, YOUR newsletter! discussion about implementation by
the Trustees of recommendations from 7. Improved narthex lighting
The April 2011 edition deadline is 8. Improved narthex space and traffic
10:00 AM, Thursday, March 17th. the 1998 Sanctuary Task Force study.
Send your info to, HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE 9. Narthex restrooms
submit online at
In 1998, a Sanctuary Task Force pre- 10. Narthex drinking fountain
(Share Your Story) or drop off at church,
sented recommendations to the congre- 11. Reducing sanctuary drafts from
attn: Daniel, 612-435-1320.
gation. The recommendations followed air conditioning
extensive congregational and staff input 12. Increased lighting under and in
AROUND THE CHURCH through focus groups, surveys, and pre- balcony areas
CHRIS JACKSON, liminary discussions with architects In June, Trustees and the Hennepin
MINISTER OF ADMINISTRATION regarding cost estimates. The 1998 Task clergy (Bruce, Leah, Bill, Sally and
A story from Elie Wiesel: Force recommended changes to the Chris) discussed these recommendations,
sanctuary to address limitations in and provided their views for priorities
A man came and said to the rabbi,
flexible use, in access, in lighting, in from the Task Force recommendations.
“I know that you know the Bible,
acoustics, bathroom locations, narthex The 1998 Task Force had not yet
maybe you can answer me. In the
congestion, and other concerns. engaged an architect to provide design
Bible it’s written that God asks
Adam, ‘Where art thou?’ Is it Concurrently, new east entry con- options for its recommendations. In July
conceivable that God didn’t know struction was being considered by the 2010, the Trustees selected two
where Adam was?” And the rabbi congregation. Since funds did not architectural firms respected for work in
answered: “God knew, Adam did appear available for both projects, the historical church restoration to present
not.” Do we know where we are? church decided to proceed with the proposals for options to address these
That is, do we know our place in east entry rather than the Sanctuary twelve areas. Subsequently, the Trustees
history? Do we know our role in Task Force recommendations. retained Kodet Architectural Group and
society? I can tell you my experi- Those recommendations have been appointed a steering committee to
ence...My place is measured by tabled since then. During subsequent interface with the architects.
yours. In other words, my place years, the church has succeeded, The Steering Committee members
under the sun, or in the face of through several capital campaigns, in are Larry Dunbar and Dan Meyer, chair
God, or in my own memory, is providing funding to retire construction and vice-chair of the 1998 Task Force;
measured by the distance it has loans and to fund capital needs of the Fred Blaisdell and Keith Sjoquist, Board
from you. In other words, if I see church which had been delayed while of Trustees representatives; Tom Flood,
a person or persons suffer, and repaying loans. Hennepin building/grounds director
the distance between us does not
shrink, oh, then, my place is not RECENT ACTIONS BY THE TRUSTEES and Barry Schaub, member of the 1998
good, not enviable. Where am I? In May, 2010, with improved condi- Task Force.
I am where you are, and if not, tion of Trustee capital funds and with The sanctuary, built 1916, has twice
who knows where or whether I am many priority capital projects completed, experienced major remodeling: in 1952
at all?” the Trustees again examined the 1998 and in 1980. This history of change
will be included in the next !nSpire.
(Chris’s words:) We are called to Sanctuary Task Force recommendations. Also included will be discussion of the
be the Church together, to move Twelve areas from the report were then process being used by the architect to
God’s loving and grand purposes identified: gather information from and about the
forward in this tiny corner of the world 1. Organ casement and surround church as a basis for its development of
at Hennepin Avenue. May we shorten (unfinished from the installation options. These options would then be
the distance between ourselves, and of the organ in 1980) considered by the church in addressing
between ourselves and God, and may 2. Chancel flexibility involving pulpit, these twelve areas.
we take care of each other as we see
the image of God and the spirit of
Christ in everyone.
2011 SPIRE BRUNCH church members are
welcome! Olga Viso,
HOLD THE DATE: MAY 14 director of the Walker
EMMAUS GATHERING Art Center is the
On Saturday May 14, 10:00 AM to
Learn more about joining a pilgrim Walk speaker, and brunch
to Emmaus on March 25 at Hennepin 12 noon, the Hennepin Foundation and
Board of Trustees will hold the annual follows the program.
5:30 mixer; 6:00 potluck; 7:00 program
in Border Chapel For more info, contact Spire Brunch, honoring donors who Be our guest!
Nancy or Keith Sjoquist 612-825-3576. give beyond the annual pledge. All
— Page Two —
MARCH 6 AT 11:00 AM
Does the anticipation
5:30 Share in a Plenty of Potluck Soups. Bread and Beverages will be provided.
of spring have you think-
6:15 Worship for Everyone
ing about things that are
6:30 Songs sung with intention, like seeds planted with care, can new and FRESH? If so, mark your
take root in an individual or community and flower into calendar for March 6 at 11 am to attend
unexpected fruits: simple joy, healing balm, increased sensi- the community screening of “FRESH the
tivity, awe and wonder, a re-enchanted and revitalized spirit, movie” in the Hennepin Art Gallery.
a grounding and centeredness, a deepening of compassion. This documentary, by Ana Joanes, offers
Singing feeds our hungry hearts in many ways. No previous new thinking about what we're eating,
singing or music reading experience needed. ALL AGES encouraged. and it may just be your call to action. You
MARCH 23 — FEEDING HUNGRY HEARTS: MINDFULNESS MEDITATION will be inspired by the actions of others,
including farmers, thinkers and business
5:30 Share in a Plenty of Potluck Soups. Bread and Beverages will be provided. people who are reinventing our food
6:15 Worship for Everyone system. Come, be inspired, stay for a
6:30 Mindfulness Meditation with Lisa Venable, M.A., an author, discussion, and leave feeling FRESH.
inspirational speaker and spiritual psychotherapist. She holds FRESH celebrates the farmers, thinkers
a Masters degree from the Adler Institute and is a long- and business people across America
time student and teacher of Mindfulness Meditation. Her who are re-inventing our food system.
workbook, “What Would Love Say?: A Course in Spiritual Each has witnessed the transformation of
Self Talk” has guided clients to use mindfulness and spiritual our agriculture into an industrial model,
healing to work through fear and limiting beliefs. This session runs for 90 and confronted the consequences: food
minutes. The benefits of Mindfulness Meditation include improving the contamination, environmental pollution,
quality of your personal and professional lives. Mindfulness gives a sound depletion of natural resources, and morbid
approach for calming the mind, creating balance and reducing stress. obesity. Forging healthier, sustainable
Kids will be Praying with our Feet. Children will be invited to walk the alternatives, they offer a practical vision
labyrinth as they actively say their prayers and learn more about prayer. for a future of our food and our planet.

5:30 Share in a Plenty of Potluck Soups. Bread and Beverages will be provided. CHURCH WOMEN
6:15 Worship for Everyone
6:30 Bryce Johnson, Woodbury United Methodist Church, will Come learn about the strong, bold
share his sabbatical journey of learning to bake bread around women of the Church’s past. We’ll be
the world. Woodbury UMC members also built an outdoor learning some, discussing some, and
bread oven which now welcomes those in the community to praying together prayers that they
sacred act and art of bread baking. Bryce will share how this wrote. For an hour a month, you can
simple act has fed his and the congregation’s hungry hearts. nurture your soul and faith life by being
a witness to the ancestors of our faith.
Kids will make pretzels and explore the ways making food and eating food
Tuesdays from 7:00-8:30 PM March 15,
connects us to God and one another.
April 19, and May 24th in the Harrison
5:30 Share in a Plenty of Potluck Soups. Bread and Beverages will be provided.
6:15 Worship for Everyone OUR CHURCH LIBRARY
6:30 Organic Farmers Red and Nina talk about their connection to the earth Are you looking for a great bedtime
and why they chose to go into farming. story? Have you wondered about the
Kids will plant seeds and have activities around their connection to the relationship between archaeology and the
earth and to God. Bible? Do you want to better understand
daily life in Haiti, or find a new favorite
APRIL 13 — FEEDING HUNGRY HEARTS: WALKING THROUGH HOLY WEEK poet, or discover resources for some
5:30 Share in a Plenty of Potluck Soups. Bread and Beverages will be provided. serious Bible study? You can find a book
6:15 Worship for Everyone for any of those needs in our Church
6:30 Holy Week has been “Holy” and “Unholy” through the centuries. Many Library. You can explore the collection,
Jews across the world have reason to be frightened when this week read others’ reviews, find local book-
arrives. Bruce will take us through some of the tradition, good and bad. related events and create a “must read”
And he will try to help us prepare in creative ways for the week to come. library of your own by stopping by the
Kids will make prayer journals and will participate in other Holy Week Library page on the Hennepin Church
activities. website:

— Page Three —
The upcoming New Member classes
are March 13 & 20; April 3 & 10. I am so inspired with the JACK FISTLER, LEGACY GIVING
information that author Dan
Buettner shares in his book It is said that gifts open doors (Prov.
The New Member class is a two-part 18:16) enriching the lives of recipients
The Blue Zones. The many
class with the first focused on what and donors alike. Two new endowed
centenarians he interviews
United Methodism is, a brief history of funds in the Hennepin Foundation
seem so adjusted, grounded and
Hennepin Ave UMC, and a tour of the engaged with life and living well. I can affirm this wisdom.
church. The second part of the class is learn from these wisdom-filled folks. I Through her estate, the late Edna
focused on group discussion around the also feel motivated to incorporate some Downing provided support for church
book "Three Simple Rules" and using of these lifestyle lessons into my own school activities at Hennepin Church.
our spiritual gifts. The first week we life. I sense the Hennepin community is A longtime English and journalism
meet in the Dossal Alcove right next to overflowing with healthy lifestyle tips teacher, Edna and her mother were
the Social Hall and enjoy brunch. The and living well also. especially committed to church school
second week we have lunch together at I invite you to come and share your education. In her will, Edna stated that
the parsonage, right next door. Both wisdom or longevity interest with me in her mother, Mrs. E.C. Downing, was “a
classes are from 11am-1pm. If you want the upcoming 4-week Blue Zones book dedicated Church School leader for
to sign up or have questions, please study series, Sundays, March 20 & 27, more than twenty-five years and a fifty-
contact Pastor Leah ( April 3 & 10 at 11:00 AM in Rm 201. year church member.” In establishing
Learn how we can live well and live the Downing Church School Fund, the
or Kristyn Ebert ( by
long in a safe supportive community. Foundation gratefully recognizes both
email or phone (612-871-5303).
Edna and her mother.
BY JERRY GALE been initiated by Kate Johnson in
memory and honor of her late husband
The Hennepin Job Support Group started in the fall of 2009. Employment ministry Rev. Howard Johnson to support the
had been identified for several years as something that Hennepin should provide, ministries of Hennepin Church with the
usually when a member was unemployed/seeking a job. In the fall of 2009, the GLBT community. Rev. Johnson was
unemployed member was me and after being out of work for six months, I well-known to many Hennepin members
decided we really, really needed to start an employment ministry at Hennepin. One for his dedicated Methodist ministry
of the reasons for starting a job networking and support group at Hennepin was and interest in outreach to the GLBT
that most of the church-based job groups in the Twin Cities are held in the suburbs. community. Initial funding was provided
Except for holidays and an occasional snow storm, the group has met twice by Kate and other memorial gifts for
every month. We have had over 50 people in the group. Most have attended once Rev. Johnson; additional gifts, both
or twice but there are several regulars that have made almost every meeting. outright and deferred, are welcomed
Given our success, the Basilica asked the group to give a presentation February in order to fully endow this Fund for
18. We shared what we have learned from our monthly job support meetings: Hennepin’s Reconciling Ministries.
• We don't consider our group a networking group. (Contact Jack Fistler for information.)
• Our support group will listen to you and offer advice and support. Legacy gifts can touch lives in so
• It is a place to practice your elevator speech, have your resume reviewed and many ways. To plan a legacy gift or
practice interviewing. contribute to an existing fund with the
• It forces you to report to the group about what you have done in your job Foundation or Trustees, contact Jack
search since the group's last meeting. Fistler, Director of Legacy Giving, 612-
• Besides our concern about your job search, we also ask what you have done 435-1321 or
to take care of yourself mentally, physically and spiritually.
• A support group is not a counseling service. SPECIAL THANKS TO BAKERS!
• A support group cannot find you a job. That is still up to you. Thanks to the fabulous Cookie Bakers
• A support group is most effective when an experienced job counselor leads at Hennepin, we have a wonderful
the group. hospitality reputation. But we are
Regarding the last item, we used some Foundation funds in 2010 to hire Leslie running out of cookies pretty often. If
Philmon to lead the meetings. She has over 16 years’ experience in job counseling you signed up to be a cookie baker and
and has been a tremendous resource for the attendees. But, we could always use got a card from me, please accept my
more support. If you have job counseling skills and experience, please join us at thanks. I hope you put the dates on
our meetings in March on 3/14 and 3/28 at 7:00 PM in the Longfellow Room. your monthly calendar, and will be
Finally, I’d like to thank Julie Malmgren and Mike Demcisak, two church faithful in your baking, so we don’t run
members who have regularly attended the meetings and provided positive support out. You are what makes Hennepin so
to the other attendees. gracious!
— Page Four —
The Iona Community in Scotland is committed to searching for “new ways to At the end of 2010, the Steeple People
touch the hearts of all.” After returning from a pilgrimage this past fall to this tiny Surplus Store donated $25,000 to 28
island, also called Holy Island, I was struck with the beauty and simplicity of the non-profit organizations including
words and music of their worship. It was welcoming of all people, wherever they Downtown Congregations to End
are on their faith journey. Using a rotating theme for each day of the week, the Homelessness, the Bridge for Youth, the
community focuses on Welcome & Hospitality, Justice & Peace, Healing, Care of Groveland Food Shelf, Loring-
Creation, Commitment to Walk in the Ways of Jesus, and Celebration of Faithful Groveland Meals on Wheels, Project for
Community. Each worship service includes music, scripture, prayer, a way to Pride in Living and St. Anne’s Place (a
connect with fellow worshipers, offering and a call to live out in daily life the faith shelter for women). We also donated
we declare. two goats, two sheep and two trees to
At the beginning of 2011, our Many Voices worship service at 11:00 AM in the Heifer International. (The complete list
Border Chapel, began creating its worship around this simple liturgy. We rotate is available at the store). At Hennepin,
week to week the themes described above. On the Justice & Peace Sunday, we we gave grants to support the mission in
will engage in a hands-on act of justice like creating health kits for the Dignity Haiti, the Compass 180 Prison Ministry,
Center, which we did in January. On Healing Sunday we will be involved in and the Dignity Center. In addition, we
varying rituals of healing. Our hope is that this community of worshipers will gave vouchers worth $11,498 to clients
continue to welcome those for whom this experience of worship is helpful in their of the Dignity Center so that they could
own spiritual formation. We invite all Hennepin members to join us for worship at buy clothing and other essential items.
any time and to invite those they know who may enjoy this worship style. Since 2003, we have given $89,000 in
We are also seeking musicians to add to our worship life. If you play an vouchers to the Dignity Center, and
instrument (flute, drums, guitar, violin, etc.), and would be willing to offer your since 1979, grants and vouchers have
gifts for music every now and then, please email me at In the totaled $780,000. If you’ve donated or
meantime, we ask that you keep this growing community in your prayers, that we bought items or volunteered, you can
may continue to listen to the movement of the Spirit among us and that those who feel proud of these accomplishments,
would find the Holy in the beauty and simplicity of this service will be welcomed and we sincerely thank you for your
and find a home. donations, time and efforts.


FOR SOCIAL JUSTICE! Combine an entertaining evening with a worthy cause at the fifth annual fund-
April 30, 2011 raiser for The Dignity Center, featuring the Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus. Special
guests, Hennepin Chime, Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church’s bell
Become a Patron Today! choir, will join the chorus at this inspiring concert at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, April 30
Please become a concert patron and at HAUMC.
support the important work of The Proceeds from the concert, “Raising Voices for Justice,” benefit The Dignity Cen-
Dignity Center. Patrons enjoy reserved ter, a unique outreach ministry of HAUMC that helps homeless and poor people
parking, a pre-concert reception from regain stability. Suggested, tax-deductible donation is $25 per person at the event.
5:45-7:15 PM at Summit House, 400 Celebrating its 30th year, the award-winning Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus has
Groveland Ave (Jeanne Audrey Powers’ built a solid reputation for musical excellence and adventuresome programming.
apartment) VIP sanctuary seating, and a This dynamic organization, which changes lives and builds communities
Twin Cities Gay Men’s Chorus CD. Levels through music, is pleased to support The Dignity Center’s mission by offering a
of tax-deductible donations are: program of uplifting music at this event.
The Dignity Center serves hundreds of poor and homeless adults in the Twin
• Bronze Level $100-$249
Cities, providing support, counseling, encouragement, opportunity and resources
• Silver Level $250-$499
for people as they move toward self-sufficiency. To help a client move from home-
• Gold Level $500-$999
lessness to minimal stability costs $600 a year.
• Platinum Level $1,000-$4,999 The need for its services has risen dramatically. In 2010, the Dignity Center re-
• Benefactor Level $5,000 and above ported record numbers of clients and amazing success stories:
You may write a check to the Dignity • 5,000 client visits, a 25% increase over the previous year.
Center with a notation “TCGMC” or • 5,000 hours of donated time from over 75 trained volunteers from the metro
donate online through PayPal or credit area, HAUMC and other congregations.
card at or call • 75% of clients made progress in key focus areas such as employment, hous-
612-871-5303. With your permission ing, education, and medical or health issues.
your name will be listed in the concert • 250 clients achieved their goals on the road to self-sufficiency.
program. Donor vouchers for admit-
Do your part to support the work of The Dignity Center by attending the con-
tance will be sent to you. Thank you in
cert, making a donation, or volunteering. For details, visit or
advance for your generous support!
call the church office at 612-871-5303.
— Page Five —
LAY LEADERS’ RETREAT: connected to the whole, and that HENNEPIN MAKES IT HAPPEN!
many people are a part of several
CULTIVATING SPIRITUAL VITALITY communities. These can include every- While Hennepin’s 2011 UMCOR
BY BOBBIE KELLER thing from boards and committees to Sager Brown mission team served there
What is spiritual vitality and how can specific-interest groups such as the in January, the 2010 Sager Brown stats
we further cultivate it at Hennepin Sanctuary Choir, the Knotty Quilters or were released which include:
Church? This was the main theme as adult education classes, to informal • 3,006 volunteers
Administrative Council members and groups that spring up spontaneously. • $6,685,272 relief supplies shipped
other lay leaders gathered at Koinonia In the coming year, the Hennepin
congregation will focus on building Impressive as those numbers are, also
Jan. 28 and 29 for their annual planning
connectional communities sharing God note Hennepin’s own 2010 UMCOR
retreat. Julie Delene, founder of the
consciousness, after the example of Sager Brown stats which include:
consulting firm Move As One, facilitated
the process. Jesus, in the hope that this will • 28 volunteers at Sager Brown; too
Last year, Bishop Sally Dyck asked all strengthen our spiritual vitality and help many volunteers to count at Hennepin
churches in the conference to formulate us reach new people. • 1500+ kits assembled and shipped
ministry plans based on two Gospel To begin the process, retreat partici- at a value of nearly $20,000
initiatives: cultivating spiritual vitality pants divided into small planning
Here are some of the particulars of
and reaching new people. Hennepin groups, each centered on one of 10
Hennepin’s own UMCOR Sager Brown
Church leaders set goals in both areas Community Actions for 2011. Among
but did not make the progress they had the actions are:
• Days after the Haiti earthquake last
hoped. • Connect every person to a specific January, Haiti disaster donations
At the retreat participants discussed part of our community. purchased kit items and members
spiritual vitality and agreed it means • Engage communities in specific assembled 1000 health kits. Funds
something different for everyone and ways to connect their worship were tapped again and 22 sewers
for each of us at different moments in experience to their daily lives. were recruited to sew receiving
our lives. Divided into small groups, • Discover our own individual gifts blankets, washcloths, baby gowns
they pasted magazine pictures on poster and perspectives to recognize and and jackets to make 100 layette kits.
board to illustrate what spiritual vitality appreciate contributions. • In April, United Methodist Women,
meant to them. Those boards have been Members of the congregation, espe- using funds from their budget
on display in Carlson Hall on Sundays cially those on committees, will hear created 50 birthing kits.
during February. more about the 10 action items and • In November, utilizing Project 52
The group agreed Hennepin Church how they can participate in coming and Hennepin Heartwarmer Funds
is full of smaller communities, each weeks. designated for UMCOR kits, Life
Adventures volunteers created 50
PROJECT 52: 2010 UPDATE Haiti Reconstructs more birthing kits.
BY RODNEY BACON Grace Children’s Hospital (Haiti) • In December, with school supplies
Healing Hands for Haiti purchased from those same funds
Formed in 1987 by Geoff and Sandy Kissy Eye Clinic, Sierra Leone
Popham, the concept of this program is last July, and with bags sewed by
to contribute at least $1 per week to Each of the above projects received at volunteers, members assembled 250
support various local, national and inter- least $491, with The Dignity Center school kits.
national outreach programs. The follow- topping the list at $2,584 and the 3 • Additional layette, sewing and birth-
ing eighteen projects will share $13,472 Haiti projects collectively receiving the ing kits were created throughout the
which was received from 59 HAUMC next highest amount of $1,800. year by individuals in the UMCOR
households: The 2011 Project 52 brochure is now Sager Brown Partnership.
available. Participants select the project(s) It is truly the members of Hennepin
Compass 180 Prison Ministry they wish to support, knowing that
Habitat for Humanity and their friends that have made the
100% of all contributions go to the min- HAUMC/ UMCOR Sager Brown Partner-
Neighborhood Involvement Program istries they have selected. To participate,
Groveland Emergency Food Shelf ship such a significant ministry! And the
simply fill out the pledge form in the mission continues. HAUMC has already
The Dignity Center brochure, designate the projects to
Community Meals fielded a 21 member mission team to
which you wish to contribute and indi- Sager Brown in January, 2011; your gifts
Children of Parents with Leprosy cate the payment plan you prefer. Your
UMCOR/Sager Brown continue to come in; shoppers watch for
check(s), made payable to “HAUMC – sales; and sewers are back at work. On
St. Petersburg Russian Church Bibles Project 52”, can be mailed to the
Dmitrov Autism Project behalf of those many individuals whose
Church, put in the offering plate or left lives are touched by this ministry, the
Moscow Church Ministry, Russia at the front desk.
Maria’s Children, Russia UMCOR Sager Brown Partnership says
The recipients thank you for your thank you to the many individuals and
India Partnership Potatoes generosity!
UMCOR Africa Sustainable Agriculture groups who make it possible.

— Page Six —
Faith in Action Team 6:30 PM
TUESDAY, MARCH 1 Local Outreach 6:30 PM Meet other 20 & 30 year olds, get
India Partnership 11:00 AM Job Support Group 7:00 PM outside and enjoy the last of the snow!
Stretch and Smile 1:30 PM TUESDAY, MARCH 15 Meet at Hennepin at 2:00 PM on March
Communications Ministry Team 6:00 PM Stretch and Smile 1:30 PM 20th for one last sledding adventure.
Reconciling Committee 6:30 PM Foundation Board 6:00 PM Bring a sled if you have one! We’ll plan
Dignity Center Steering 6:30 PM Global Outreach Team 6:30 PM to be done around 4:00 PM. If, by any
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 2 Multigenerational Committee 6:30 PM chance of luck, there is no snow, we’ll
Kjerringsleppets 5:30 PM Finance Committee 7:00 PM find a place to go hiking instead. :)
Susanna Wesley Circle 7:00 PM WEDNESDAY, MARCH 16 Please RSVP to Leah Rosso so we know
Senior High Girls’ Book Club 7:00 PM Senior High Girls’ Book Club 7:00 PM you’re coming ( or
THURSDAY, MARCH 3 THURSDAY, MARCH 17 you may sign up at the front desk.
Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM April !nSpire Deadline 10:00 AM
Prayer Shawl Ministry 1:30 PM Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM
Labyrinth 3:00 PM Labyrinth 3:00 PM RECONCILING MINISTRIES
Administrative Council 6:00 PM Staff Parish Relations 6:00 PM ROB GAMBLE, CHAIR
Book of Acts Bible Study 6:00 PM Shared Ministries 6:00 PM 2nd Sunday Brunch: 10:45 – noon in
Lydia Circle 7:00 PM Book of Acts Bible Study 6:00 PM Dorcas Alcove, off the Social Hall.
FRIDAY, MARCH 4 Peace Through Justice Forum 7:00 PM Reconciling Committee invites LGBT
Alanon 10:00 AM FRIDAY, MARCH 18 members, parents and allies to gather
Life Adventures Luncheon 12:00 Noon Alanon 10:00 AM for Brunch! Pick up your breakfast for
SUNDAY, MARCH 6 Life Adventures Luncheon 12:00 Noon $5.00 and join us. Committee meeting
All Church Worship at SUNDAY, MARCH 20
follows at Noon.
8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM Regular Sunday worship at
God’s Children Sing 9:45 AM 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM Sing a New Song
Breakfast 10:30 AM Sunday School 9:45 AM Sing a New Song is a time for LGBT
Library Board 10:45 AM Breakfast 10:30 AM individuals, families and allies to gather
FRESH the Movie 11:00 AM Blue Zones Class 11:00 AM for worship, fellowship, Bible study and
UMW Leadership 12:00 PM New Member Class 11:00 AM begin planning for General Conference
Community Meals 4:45 PM Peace Through Justice Forum 11:00 AM 2012 in Tampa. Contact Rob Gamble at
TUESDAY, MARCH 8 TUESDAY, MARCH 22 or pick up an
Stretch and Smile 1:30 PM Stretch and Smile 1:30 PM application at the Reception Desk.
Children’s Council 6:30 PM Adult Nurture 6:00 PM
Russia Partnership 6:30 PM $250.00 scholarships, depending upon
Dignity Center Steering 6:30 PM
Food Service Committee 6:45 WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23
the number of applicants, are offered for
Koinonia Board 7:00 PM Senior Council 10:00 AM Sing a New Song, Reconciling Ministries
WEDNESDAY, MARCH 9 Haiti Partnership 6:00 PM national gathering Aug. 25-28 at Sawmill
Trustees 7:00 PM Creek Resort at Huron Ohio. Early Bird
~ ASH WEDNESDAY~ Registration total of $500.00 before
Little Kids, Big Fun 5:30 PM Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM May 1. There are registration rates for
Steeple People Board 5:30 PM Labyrinth 3:00 PM children and students. See
Soup and Bread Supper 5:30 PM Science and Faith Roundtable 7:00 PM for more info.
Ash Wednesday Worship 7:00 PM FRIDAY, MARCH 25
Joy Circle 9:00 AM Emmaus Potluck 5:30 PM
Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM SUNDAY, MARCH 27 The March Hunger offering goes to
Labyrinth 3:00 PM Regular Sunday worship at One Great Hour of Sharing. Last year,
Book of Acts Bible Study 6:00 PM 8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM Hennepin members gave generously to
Lydia Circle 7:00 PM Sunday School 9:45 AM the United Methodist Committee on
FRIDAY, MARCH 11 Breakfast 10:30 AM Relief (UMCOR) to support the work of
Alanon 10:00 AM Blue Zones Class 11:00 AM hurricane recovery in Haiti expecting
SUNDAY, MARCH 13 Singing in the Light 4:00 PM 100% of their gifts would be used as
Regular Sunday worship at MONDAY, MARCH 28 intended. This is possible only because
8:30, 9:00, 9:30, 11:00 AM, 5:00 PM Hospitality Committee 7:00 PM UMCOR relies on a separate source,
Sunday School 9:45 AM Fine Arts Committee 7:00 PM One Great Hour of Sharing, to cover
Breakfast 10:30 AM Job Support Group 7:00 PM administrative costs in all of its many
Blood Pressure Screening 10:30 AM TUESDAY, MARCH 29 ministries: responding to disaster,
Reconciling Ministries Brunch 10:45 AM Stretch and Smile 1:30 PM fighting hunger, alleviating poverty,
Youth Council 10:45 AM THURSDAY, MARCH 31 providing relief supplies and offering
New Member Class 11:00 AM Thursday Bible Study 11:00 AM hospitality to refugees and immigrants.
Salon se Leve 2:00 PM Labyrinth 3:00 PM
— Page Seven — Nonprofit Org.
Hennepin Avenue United Methodist Church U.S. Postage
511 Groveland Avenue PAID
Minneapolis, MN 55403 Permit No. 2906
Minneapolis, MN

Feeding Hungry Hear ts

Sunday Worship Schedule

March 6 sunday at five supports spiritual formation using principles of
8:30 AM Communion Service the twelve-step recovery tradition. We share our stories of hope
9:00 AM Sacred Journey and healing in an inclusive, informal, holistic community —
welcoming all seekers wherever they are on their journey.
9:30 AM Sanctuary, Bruce Robbins, Preacher
We are a diverse group of pilgrims. Some of us have no
11:00 AM Many Voices
previous experience in recovery, while others have decades.
5:00 PM Sunday at 5: A Spiritual Gathering of Recovery Some are long-standing members at Hennepin, others have no
March 13 history with the church at all. We come from a variety of faith
8:30 AM Communion Service traditions. We are men and women, black and white, gay and
9:00 AM Sacred Journey straight; teenagers, college students, parents, and grandparents.
9:30 AM Sanctuary, Bruce Robbins, Preacher What binds us is our belief in the principles of recovery —
11:00 AM Many Voices shared by all great faith traditions including accountability and
5:00 PM Sunday at 5: A Spiritual Gathering of Recovery responsibility, hope and faith, gratitude and service, honesty
and humility, prayer and meditation, love and healing. We
March 20 open with readings from a variety of traditions, listen to an
8:30 AM Communion Service inspiring song or two, and then listen to each other. Everyone
9:00 AM Sacred Journey who wishes is invited to share – and anyone can choose to
9:30 AM Sanctuary, Bruce Robbins, Preacher remain silent and simply listen.
11:00 AM Many Voices We sit in a circle facing each other. There is a lot of laughter.
5:00 PM Sunday at 5: A Spiritual Gathering of Recovery It is also a safe place to shed tears. Regardless, you’ll see many
heads nodding in empathy and recognition. What is said in our
March 27 circle stays within the confines of our hearts. Just before six, we
8:30 AM Communion Service take a few moments of silence – then join hands and recite the
9:00 AM Sacred Journey serenity prayer. Afterwards, we enjoy fellowship over coffee,
9:30 AM Sanctuary, Leah Rosso, Preacher tea, cocoa and homemade shortbread.
11:00 AM Many Voices Please come join us, won't you? Come be part of this new
5:00 PM Sunday at 5: A Spiritual Gathering of Recovery community as we grow into the mystery of God’s healing love.

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