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Richard Spiegel Barbara Fisher codirecrors Thomas Perry administrative assistant

Alison Koffler, Teacher

Ellen Kirshbaum, Principal Public School Repertory Company


Stephen E. Phillips, Superintendent,

Alternative High Schools & Programs

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the NY State Council on the Arts

My Heart Vs. My Mind

My heart vs. my mind

They both fight all the time My insides are tearing apart For my mind says now and My heart says give it time Time to make up my mind Time to make him mine Will he ever be mine or am I just wasting my time

Maybe I should listen to my mind

It hasn't failed me yet, not one time, Or, better yet, let's make a bet,

If by the time my heart falls apart He's not locked back in my arms

I'll Iisten to my mind, and give it time Only time for my heart to mend What he tore apart

My mind vs. my heart

Should I listen to my mind?

Should I listen to my heart?

What's the key to set me free,

from falling apart,

Or! Should I listen to my heart And keep us from falling apart


Heart & Soul Set Me Free

Give me your heart and soul And I'll give you my all

Your heart and soul can set me free See, with your love r can be me

Until then, I don't know when I'll live again

Your heart and soul that's all I ask for Your heart and soul that's all I'm living for Give me your heart and soul

Cause I can give you more

More than you ever had before

Heart and soul set me free

Free to be who I want to be

I could no longer suffer in this affair I t's a one party situation

That's getting no where

My heart and soul belongs to you

Maybe you can train your heart to love me too


Nobody's Fool

Woke up this morning

with a new thought in mind Thought about leaving you for the very first time

A ball of confusion storming in mind Should I leave you

or just continue trying

I do love you, but not with lust and that's a must

There's no fire burning in this passion

Only the thought of hurting you keeps flashing Why do I worry about hurting you all the time Why not keep myself in mind

If I please you I'll be denying myself a good time If I hurt you I won't know what to do

to comfort you We've been together so long

But, I can no longer prolong this situation that is so wrong.


Waiting Too Long

Here I stand alone

It's better than sitting by the phone waiting like always for you to show You never showed, you never came Tell me who's to blame,

oh what a shame that you're throwing it all away I'm standing right here waiting for your return You left one day

without even so much as a kiss good-bye Tell me why did you leave me here to die?

Was it a lie when you told me you were all mine Or did it just die? the storm inside

You promised me you love me

and not even a kiss good-bye

Why? Why? Why? Why?



I Can't Get You Off My Mind!

I remember when you were here We used to laugh and cry together, No matter what type of weather We were always together

I t's hard at times, when I need someone to turn to And you're not there as you were before

Why aren't you knocking on my door like before Love is cruel and so untrue

Why don't you come home

And I'll be there only for you .

All I want is your body on or close to mine

Baby, I want you to be strong for me all the time Your body and mine become as one as we fall for love I think it's sent from up above

Weare as one when we make love

Our bodies entwined

Can't seem to find the reason why I can't seem to get you off my mind So many times I've tried

I can't get you off my mind.


I'm Breaking Loose

I'm tired of waiting and begging you please to stand by me

No! you're too busy with whom? The guys bull! I'm nobody's fool I'm no longer waiting

I'm breaking loose and there's no stopping me now Cause I'm turning around

That's my love kept me in all the best stores And now I'm ready for the world

I'm breaking loose

Yes me! I don't want you any more

So baby don't come knocking on this door Cause you won't be welcomed any more

See there's someone out there who can give me more Cause this girl's too fly for you jive guy

Wine me and dine me

and that will be all

cause this heart has turned to stone I don't want you anymore


I Am a Person

I am a person who trusts a few people, Whose insides are nearly dead,

I am a person who's seen many horrors And wish they'd come to an end.

I am a person who's seen friends suffer Who helplessly watched dreams die

Yet most of these times I could do nothing But sit up at night and cry

I am a person who has loved many But I was left alone

My heart was broken

My feelings destroyed

And I was on my own

I am a person who trusts a few people I wish my pain would end

I trust and love my family only And anyone I call a friend



Your smile is what keeps me going in the morning Your cheerfulness makes me smile

When I feel I can't move another inch in life You'd help me walk a mile

Your compassion is what I love about you Your innocence I love even more

When I feel all paths are closed in lifeYou'd open a whole new door

You cared for me, when others would not You'd hold me when I'd start to cry You've always seemed to care about me And I've always wondered why


Always Mine

We would probably spend a lifetime in each other's arms

We'll argue, fight, fuss,

But at the end, it's just us

Love is tricky, full of surprises, we'll just have to roll the dice If they land on seven,

We're in heaven

If they land on eight Let's make a date

But, if they land on nine Y ou'li always be mine!



I get the languor of wine when I think of you

The atrocious temptation when I kiss you

Our love is like a misty memory of a dream When we awaken

We enjoin our bodies so passionately

This paper explains the infinity of my love The hunger for one's touch

To penetrate into your skin making you whole Just passing by your mind that

I love you


I n Search of a Song Volume 208


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